Sacré collège! (1983) - full transcript

Boys in a strict 1952 all-boys school rebel by having sex with each other - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Get up!

It's time!


Marechal, Ferinel, refectory!

No, stop!

Father, I entrust to you these children.

Take care of their souls and their bodies.

Their bodies... their bodies.

Hey, don't push!

Quickly! We'll be late.

If you stayed in the boarding house
during the Easter holidays,

whilst your friends went
to their parents

it's for the following reasons:

Decaux, take your drawing skills somewhere
other than the walls of the toilets.

Rioux, you were caught three times
stealing biscuits in the kitchen.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.
It'll backfire on you, you'll see.

Marechal, if you don't mind!

Your knowledge of the natural sciences
is deplorable.

Chemistry passable, History
lamentable, Divinity...

And please try harder in PE.

Morin-Dubourg, you'd to better to take
more care of your essays

than your dress sense.

Your air of superiority exasperates me.

Lesieur, just because you're named
after a brand of cooking oil

doesn't mean you to have to use the
corridors and bannisters as skating rink.

You may eat, because none of you
is in a fit state to receive communion.

Your bodies and souls are impure.

After lunch, we'll play some ball.

That'll be a good use of your energies.

At eleven, I'll take mass.

Today we're at the beginning of the
month of Mary, and to sanctify it.

Morin-Dubourg and Marechal, you'll
collect flowers to decorate the altar.

You will be helped by Rioux and Ferinel.

Afterwards, you'll be servers for mass.

And don't be like you were last Sunday.

- Don't forget your cruets. Understood?
- Yes.

What have you got in your hands?

Come on! Stand up! Stand up!

May I remind you that the bell
also announces meal times.

Those who are late won't get dessert.

After lunch, siesta.

Yeah! Yeah!

Go on, quickly! Hurry along.

Hey, what did you do wrong?
The priest didn't say.

I didn't do anything. I stayed because I
have no family and don't know where to go.

Come and play with us!

Go on, Ferinel... Run!

Rioux pass it... go on!

Give it to me... Quickly!

Go on... Oh la la!

Throw it! Over here!

Ow, ow!

- Ow, That hurts.
- What's wrong?

Come over here.

Take care, that's it.

Let me see your knee.

What are you doing here?
You're nothing to do here!

- It doesn't hurt too much?
- Ow!

I've brought you a casualty.

Rioux fell and split his knee open.

Apparently it's not too bad. But
I hope there won't be complications.

I'll leave you to look after him.

Ow, ow!

Oh, those children!

Here... yeah! Yeah!

Yeah... go on!

Go on... get a move on!

Ow, it stings!

Yeah, go on!

Go on!

I'm keeping this one.

Are you going to give it to me?

Cool! I've found another.

Hey look, I've found a great one!

That gives me four or five.

Careful, I'm in the tree!
Gently, gently...

Pass it to me. Go on...

OK, take my flower then. Voila.

I'm trying to collect them.
I've found a great one. Look!

Cool! Wonderful!

Hey, look after them.

- I'll pick them and you look after then, huh?
- Yeah, yeah...

Look at the bouquets we'll have.

Go on, careful!

Watch out below! I'm going to jump.

Gently, I'm going to fall.

Oh look... another pretty one!

Come on! Come on!

- Shall I put it there?
- Yes.

Rioux, Morin-Dubourg, Marechal,
where are you?

Ah, there you are.

- Where are Morin-Dubourg and Marechal?
- They went that way.

Very good. Go and find them.

Marechal, Morin-Dubourg...
Marechal... where are you?

Quick, quick, hurry up!

OK? Are you ready?


Ah... finally, there you are!

What were you up to?

Come quickly to the chapel.
We're late for mass.

Get a move on!

I'll have you!
We won't be bothered, huh?

I'll give you fingers... big ones!

Don't stop, or I'll tell the priest.

The priest already warned
you that it'd backfire.

Fucking rich kid!

Spread your bourgeois arse.

Go on... spread it... good!

Yeah... go on, shoot!

That's good, you little slut.

The priest was right.

You're really greedy!

The next time you want a sponge
finger, come and ask me!

You haven't seen Rioux?

No no, I haven't seen him.

Ok! It smells of burning here.

Ooh! Come on, quick, quick.

Meet me during the siesta at 15h
in the greenhouse - J-C. Decaux.

Aim better... Missed!

You keep on losing.

Were you waiting for me?

No, I've just got here.

Here, have my knife.

You're very kind.

That didn't bother this morning?
I was sorry for you.

Here, have my marbles.

What if we throw them in the water like
at the Trevi Fountain?

- OK.
- Come on!

- It'll be a secret.
- Between us.

But we must never take them out.

- Have you done anything silly today?
- No, not yet.

Are you coming?

A kiss.

Come towards me... come on!

Yeah, go on!

Oh no.

You see, Ferinel? I'm winning.

Oh shit, the gardener.

- Do you think he saw us?
- I don't know.

- What if he tells the priest?
- Don't worry, that's my problem.

You go first, we'll meet at the river.

Go on, suck me.

Let's hope the priest doesn't catch us.

What're you doing there?

Go and play elsewhere.

It's forbidden to play in the hall.
I've already said.

You see? They're already there.

Let's go, come on!

Aah... It's cold!


Go on!

Gently... don't push me...

- Some of us aren't here yet, huh?
- Go on, push him, push him.

- It's cold!
- Let him come.

Hey, Lesieur, are you coming?

- Come and bathe.
- I'm going to dive from the tree.

Go on!

So, what're you doing?

I'm coming.

You're all sitting down.
Are you not going to bathe more?

Go on, throw him in the water.

Get his buttocks wet.

In the water, in the water...

- Go on!
- Watch out, I'm going to jump.

- Push!
- Stop it!

Hey, Ferinel, are you coming?

Come on!

I've got stuff in my hair!

- Rioux, Morin-Dubourg, come here!
- Come on!

Go on, come with us.

- Pass me a towel, please.
- I've been in the water enough.

I'm going to dry my arse off!

Decaux, you've stolen my towel.
Give me a towel, please.

Can I have a towel? I haven't got one,
as per normal. It's not fair.

Yeah, nice and calm in the sun.

Without the priest.

- Ah, that's good.
- With the sun and everything.

What're they doing over there?

- What shall we do. Stay here?
- Of course.

- Where's Morin-Dubourg?
- He's getting dressed. He was cold.

Always the same with him.

- No, I think he's poorly.
- Really?

Morin! Come with us.


Everything OK, Ferinel?
Are you in charge?

Leave some for the others.

My go, my go!

I love being helped out.

But what is he doing?

- Hey, come back with us.
- Lesieur, come on!

It's good, Rioux, huh?

Hey, Morin, it's good, yeah?

Morin only sucks something if it's useful.

I'll stick this in your hole.

Stop, stop!

You're wicked!

Who's gone back in to the water?

Quick, he'll catch us.

Wait for me!

Hey, stop, stop!

I'm going to sit down.

Stop! That's naughty.
I was already dry.

- In the water!
- I'm going to push you too, you'll see.

Careful of my towel!

Go on!

Yeah, go on! Push him! Push him!

No, stop! Not me.

Go on, push him!


Go on, put him in the water.

Go on!

No, no, no.

- No, you're not getting out.
- Let me get out.

- Oh, it can't be true.
- Morin's got his shoes wet.


Get undressed!

Marechal, can you bring me my shorts?

Yeah, there you are.

Thank you, that's very kind.

Ok guys, it's time to go.

We'll be late. Hurry up.

Hey, wait for me.

Oh, go without me!

Hey Ferinel, piggy back?

Alright then.

Come on!

Hello Father!

Please, Father, may I have a word?

Of course, Brother. What is it?

Let's go to my office.


Ow, you're hurting me.

Go and find something in the kitchen.