Sachaai (1969) - full transcript

Ashok and Kishore (Shammi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar respectively) are two room-mates, living in a hostel. While Ashok takes to crime and dishonesty, Kishore is honest to a fault. When Kishore finds that his dad (Rajan Mehra) has been taking bribes, he leaves home angrily. Ashok and he disagree on a number of issues, mainly involving honesty, and both agree to meet each other after a period of three years, and see what life has had an effect for them. Kishore gets into bad company inadvertently, and is unable to free himself, and gets deeper and deeper into crime. While Ashok realizes it is not worthwhile to pursue a criminal career, and becomes a police inspector. Kishore is now known as the notorious Baghi Sitara, and Ashok is assigned the task of apprehending him. The two do not know who the other is. Kishore comes to know of this assignment and his men kidnap Ashok, but Ashok manages to escape. Kishore must kill Ashok in order to carry out his nefarious activities. After three years the two have an emotional meeting, delighted to see other. What will be the outcome when they come to know that they each other's mortal enemies? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Raja.. Ramesh.

Yes, sir.
- Sleep.

- Yes sir.

- Present sir.

Sleep. Shut it down.. shut it down.

- Present sir.

- Yes sir.


Good evening, Sir! - Good evening.
Where did you go at night?

Sir.. - Go to bed. - Yes, sir.
- Okay, sir. - Go to bed.




What is there in your wallet?

lt is empty.
- What is this? - This is a watch.

The man is like a cannon and
the watch is just this much?

lt is not mine.. wife.. wife.. wife.

lt won"t even be sold in the
flea market. Get lost! Get lost.

Get lost from here.
- Yes..

Don"t make any sound. Otherwise..

l won"t make anything. Hail lndia!

Hail lndia!

Sir you.. l won"t
make anything. Kishore..

There is a hooded thief
in your room.

what are you saying?

My father is there,
and he has a pistol in his hand.


lf he has a pistol in his hand,
we have four hands too.

No.. No.. - Come.
- No.. No.. l won"t come.

You are unmarried. You go.

l have a wife.. one..
and l have four to six children.

Go. l will leave now.

Hands.. up..

l am not the warden, l am Kishore.

Hi! Kishore.
- What is this?

What could l do, friend?
l went out with a pass.

l came back through the pipe.

When l came back, l met the warden.

When will you rectify your ways?

lf l didn"t take
your responsibility.."d be chucked out
of this hostel long ago.

See, friend. lf you do a
good deed, don"t show it off.

Ashok. l am telling
you for your own good.

This is our last year
in the college.

And then these reports
and complaints of yours.

This is a college,
not a wrestling arena.

What you say is perfectly correct.

But l am a crooked
fellow since many years.. will l change
myself just like that?

At least you can try..

A lion can try a lot,
but he can"t be a donkey.

But Ashok..
- Good night.

Did you do my homework?

So you were that hooded thief?

Yes, sir.
- Why are you stammering like that?

You sang poems in the hostel.
l have forgiven you.

True, sir.
- You danced in the hostel!

l have forgiven you.
- very true, sir.

You cleaned the
wallets of other students.

l have forgiven you.

Sir, your character,
it is very strong.

why do you spoil your habit?

Forgive me this time too.
- Have you thought me to be God?

No.. Have you thought me to
be the god of forgiveness?

No sir. - Get out of the
hostel right away. Get out!

Think about it.
lf you chuck me out of the hostel..

..the spring from this
hostel will disappear too.

lf there isn"t any criminal here,
whom will you forgive?

Shut up!

Sir.. Sir l apologise
to you on his behalf.

Kishore. You are a
responsible student.

l have forgiven each and
every mistake of his, due to you.

But the water has
gone above the head now.

Please, sir. How many days
are left for the exams now?

l.. l take his responsibility sir.

lf he does anything
against the discipline again..

..l myself will chuck
him out of the room.

Be assured, sir,
l will go away from here myself.

Please, sir. l beg you.
Forgive him this time.

Please, sir.
- Kishore.

You always take
advantage of my soft heartedness.

Ashok. Apologise!

Sir, with my hard heart..
l will.. l will..

- l will repent.

very good. But this
is my last warning.

Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.

Tell me. Are you ashamed now?.

No, not at all, sir.
Of which mud are you made up of?

Think about it, Ashok.

Why is your brother
making you study..

..even after almost starving there?

Because there is a..
- Need.

Because there is a need of
educated people in lndia.

You joke on almost any matter.

l haven"t opened up
a shop for crying.

See, Kishore. ln our friendship
going back to crores of years.. always showed
me the right path..

..but l always took the wrong..

Destination. - Destination.
But about the right path..

- lt is one and the same.

What is your problem is
walking to the right destination?

Which you have to
walk on the wrong one.

You like truth. l love falsehood.

See ,Ashok.

lf you don"t agree to
it today, you..

.. will accept it
someday or the other.

That there are roses
on the path of truth.

And there are only thorns
on the path of falsehood.

You go and see two flowers.

l will go and see one
flower and four thorns.

Come on. We will have some tea.

l had starved and collected
this money to give it to you.

But what can l do? lt is my
brother"s last year in the college.

lf l don"t pay his
fees till tomorrow..

..his year will go a waste.

lf this is the matter,
you"ll always be a temporary clerk.

Sir! You are my master.

Whom will l beg to,
if not my master?

Even l have some problems.

My son studies in the college too.

My son"s college studies is more..

.. important for me than
your brother"s studies.

You can make your brother
study even then, if you wish to.

l will make another clerk
permanent in your place.

No. Sir. No! Here, take this.
- Keep it on the table there.

l don"t touch such
wealth with my own hands.

Okay, sir.

My brother will pass
next year. Next year.

These are only seventy rupees.
what about the rest?

l could manage only
this much this month, sir.

l will give you the rest
thirty the next month, l beg you.

Okay! Okay. What a time has come?

People take credit for bribery too!

Shobha"s mother! Shobha"s mother.

What is the matter?
- Take these seventy rupees.

Keep them inside.

Where did this money
come from on a holiday?

Why do you care about
kernels when you eat mangoes?

You shouldn"t think about
where wealth comes from.

Yes. You should always keep
an account of where it goes to.

One two.

Tell me, sir.
How is Shobha"s study going on?

Sir, what can l say now?.

l have taught damsels
of higher families.. the art of dance.

But l haven"t seen
such a talented girl.

lf this continues..

..she will glorify her teacher"s
as well as family"s name.

But sir.. When will that day come?

l have heard that even common girls..

..set up ten to twenty
thousand rupees in the film world.

l am learning dance as a hobby.

l don"t want to become an
actress after learning dance.

What is the problem in that?

Dancing is an art and a talent too.

Don"t you know?. There was that..

..Ramdas cobbler"s daughter,
Ramdei in your school?

They used to beg and
eat twice in the day.

Today, that same Ramdei is playing.. lakhs of rupees as Miss Rambha.

l had seen Ramdas moving
in an lmpala just yesterday.

That rogue answered my
greeting with a single finger.

Mother, please explain it to daddy.

To stop seeing such fake dreams.

l don"t want to become
an actress or anything.

Don"t worry, dear. God
has given us everything.

When we can eat twice with respect..

..why do we need to
dream about lakhs and crores?

The people who are fated
to travel in carriages.. will they know
the worth of a motor car?

Can l come inside? Please do.

Does Ashok stay in this room?
- Yes. Who are you?

Me? l am his elder brother.
- Oh! Greetings.

Bless you.
- Where has he gone to?

He has gone out since morning.
He will be back by evening.

Till evening?

But l have to go back to
Pune by the next train.

Please tell Ashok that l"d come..


..and l couldn"t arrange
for his fees.

l had collected the money.

But l had to give to an
officer for my promotion as a bribe.

Bribe? Who was that fool?

What is the use in
taking anyone"s name?

Make Ashok understand
my helplessness.

Please don"t worry.
l will explain everything.

Shall l leave now?

Won"t you have any tea or something?

May God keep you happy.

Dharamdas! How come you
are in Bombay?

Sir, didn"t l tell you?
My brother was in a college?

He studies in this hostel itself.

Okay. So you"d come to
pay his yearly fees?

How could l give him the fees?

l had taken a day off to come
and explain my problem to him.

See, Dharamdas.

Give the rest of the
money quickly, okay?


- Bless you, son. Bless you.

- Are you studying? - Yes.

At least you should have
told me about your arrival.

Son, your college
called me all of a sudden.

My college? - Yes. Even l am
an ex student of this college.

There is the annual function of
your college, isn"t it? - Yes.

l have been chosen as
the chief guest for that.

ls it so? This is very good.

Even l am taking part in
that function. - Good!

Son, the person who went
out of your room now..

Who was he?

He was the brother of
my friend Ashok.

very poor and deprived.

He had saved some money as
fees for his brother"s studies.

But he had to give them to some..

officer for his promotion.

The wrong breeze is
working in the world.

Taking a bribe from some poor man?

Ram.. Ram.. Ram..

This bribery is
making our country hollow.

The sir takes a bribe
from the clerk.

The clerk takes a bribe
from the peon.

And the peon takes a
bribe from the people.

Ram.. Ram.. Ram..

lt is the wealth of someone else.
And miracle of someone else.

Kishore, my friend,
congratulate me. Congratulate me!

Elder brother was fooled this time.

Not the money.. yes. Hello.
He didn"t send the money and l..

..didn"t get the form
to sit in the finals.

Ashok, at least meet father first.
- Yes?

Father. This is Ashok.

Uncle. Greetings. very
pleased to meet you.

Bless you.
- Thank you.

What is it?
- Your brother had come.

ls it?
- Yes.

He has given some money
for your fees.

Do you mean to say that l will
have study for the examination?

Okay, Kishore. l will leave now..

..Meet me in the
Shalimar hotel in the evening.

Uncle, please have
something before you leave.

No. l am in a hurry.
- ls it so?

Tell me son. Did you take
this money from your wallet?

No. Your brother gave it to me.

l can understand everything.

You sing the song of truth
all through the day and night.

But you don"t stop lying for
the sake of your friend too.

lf my brother had come here,
without seeing my beautiful..

..face, he wouldn"t have..
What is that? - Left.

He wouldn"t have left from here.

Okay. l understand.
Go now. Get the form.

Friend, why do you wish to
misfire your father"s hard..

..earned money on the false
friendship of your false friend?

First of all, l won"t be passing.
l promise you.

And even if l do pass,
the quicksand..

..beneath my feet tells me
that l won"t be getting any job.


Then do any business.

But it is not necessary that
l pass for the business that l do.

We can do it even after
failing and drinking cold water.

What kind of business is that?

Moving materials from here to there.

You started your rubbish once again?

Go and bring the form quickly.
Or else the office will close.

See, friend. Someone"s wealth,
someone"s miracle.

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it
nicely with my own eyes."

"lt is very difficult to find
out who is good and bad in it."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it
nicely with my own eyes."

"lt is very difficult to find
out who is good and bad in it."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"We have seen
worshipers of truth starving."

"We have seen people who
tell lies enjoying life."

"On the bed of flowers.."

"The false man doesn"t get any
rest even on the bed of flowers."

"The true person gets sleep
even on thorns in a moment."

"Oh, friend!"

"Oh, friend!"

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it
nicely with my own eyes."

"lt is very difficult to find
out who is good and bad in it."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"The one with a clean heart
comes up even after falling down."

"Look at the moon.
lt drowns and then moves ahead."

"The one who"s stars shine.."

"He has been supported by everyone."

"Who has clasped the
falling man and supported him?"

"Oh, friend!"

"Oh, friend!"

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it
nicely with my own eyes."

"lt is very difficult to find
out who is good and bad in it."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Every morning is the
festival of colours for me."

"Every evening is the
festival of lights for me."

"This world is for two days.
lt won"t go with us."

"ln this world.."

"ln this world, there is
a different way to live."

"Burn in a strange fire,
see it is something else."

"Oh, friend!"

"O friend!"

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it
nicely with my own eyes."

"lt is very difficult to find
out who is good and bad in it."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

Dear students. l was very
happy by this celebration.

l even saw nice acting here..

..and heard nice
thoughts too. l believe..

..that the greatest victory of
man is to have good thoughts.

Therefore, l give this trophy.. my son, Kishore.

Ashok, you"d come home with
me too. We"d have real fun.

What will you do here without me?

Don"t worry about
lucky people, my friend.

They settle their
parties wherever they sit.

You think about yourself, okay.

lt is very difficult to live
right in this wrong world.

You whistle has blown, my friend!

Come on. Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself. Look after
yourself. We"ll meet again!

Look after him.

Two rupees.

10 for 5.


You will get eight
at the price of one.

Listen, friends, buy it..

Put two rupees.
You will get it increased.

You will get it increased.

You will hit a jackpot!

You will get it together.
You will get it increased.

Put a fistful, you will
get back a whole bundle.

Number five goes empty.
Number five goes empty.

Number five goes empty.

Number.. number four.
Don"t worry. Try it again.

The circle works again.
There is not loss.

You will get it increased.
You will get it.

The lucky people will get it.

Speak parrot, speak.

Oh, son of saints.

Open your mouth and tell us
what is there in your mouth.

what is the state of the
poor Chaman on your lips?

Sir! who are you speaking
about, sir?

l will tell you. l will tell you.

The parrot says that
the one sitting..

..with me is named Chaman.
- ls this parrot magical?

This parrot used to live on the Sun.

when the Sun became hot he
flew and reached the moon.

When two men got down on
the moon from the Apollo 11 ..

..and wandered around, it
came on earth to Dhoom..

..Dhaam Ram Chahel
Pahel Ram Mucchad Singh.

..Dhoom Dhaam Ram Chahel
- Pahel! - Pahel Ram Mucchad Singh.

You have got such a nice reward.
- very good.

lf you have fallen at my feet,
give me alms too.

l will give you. l will give you.

Do you have change for a ten? No?

Keep the whole note.

lt is written here that you
deal in numbers and numerical.

- l deal in roulette.

And it is written here
that you will be caught..

..and you will be mixing dough..

..for seven years in
the government canteen.

Seven years?

Please show me some solution,
please do! - There is a solution.

lt is written in
this that you should..

..unravel the mystery of
the numbers.

l should unravel the mystery?
That means l should speak?

Yes. Speak it out. - The matter
is that if the number three..

..comes three times, the
fourth time thirteen comes.

lf four comes three times,
the fourth time fourteen comes.

lf five comes three times,
the fourth time it is fifteen.

This is the matter. But
please keep this to yourself.

Bless you! Bless you!

You please me! You are
released from your sin.

And very soon, a beautiful girl..

..will knock on the
doors to your heart.

l will leave then.

Otherwise, the girl
will keep on knocking.. the handles of the door
and l will be sitting here.

l will leave now, okay?
l will leave!

She will knock actually.

You will get eight times your bet!

Twenty rupees on number five.
- Number five? Twenty rupees?

Number.. number..
number.. number.. five.

One hundred and eighty rupees.

One hundred and eighty rupees, sirs.

Your twenty has come here.
Here.. come here.

The circle starts again.

Bet sirs, bet, bet!
You get eight times your bet!

Bet a fistful, take a whole bundle!

Bet it quickly! Bet it!
- Twenty rupees on number nine.

Number nine.

Twenty rupees? Think about it.
Think about it again.

Number.. number.. number nine!

One hundred and eighty rupees.
- One hundred and eighty rupees.

Two hundred. l won"t
let you win this time.

Bet it. You will get
eight times your bet.

Two! Two! Two! Two!

Boy! Send two Sprites with soda.
- Twenty rupees! Twenty rupees!

l am having a hoarse throat.

The number two.
- Number two.

Number two? What? We
have set our number.

Number two? - Hey! Hey what is this?
Let me go! l have set my number!

What is the matter?
- What is the matter?

l bet and l won the money.

And how did he earn the money?

He emptied my wallets.
He was winning all the time.

l think that he has
found out about our trick.

Won"t Dhoom Dhaam
Ram Chahel Pahel Ram..

..Muchhad not know about it?

Okay! So you are the one of that
sun moon and Apollo 11? - Yes.

Boss! This man is very crooked.

The one who can fool
me can fool everyone.

He can fool you too!
- Shut up.

Will you work for us?
- What will be the job?

The job will be to bring scapegoats.

Trick them and take the salary.
- That"s it?

And to make the ones
who go crying happy.

You mean, singing and
dancing and all that? - Yes. Yes.

Okay. Agreed. But on one condition.

l won"t return
whatever l have earned now.

Okay. Agreed.
- What will be the salary?

25%/ percent of the total winnings.

25%/. Okay. Okay!
- Okay!

lt will be fun when two
crooked people sit together.

l thank you so much! You
fulfilled my brother"s trials.

Shobha! Dear Shobha!
- Mother! Mother!

l will take a party
from brother today.

He has already promised me that..

..whenever he passes,
he will treat all my friends too.

See. My Kishore has come.

Kishore, son, how are you?
- What is this, mother?

Why are you making a face?
You have passed first class.

Won"t you let me
kiss your forehead too?

The happiness of passing
is incomplete, mother.

My friend Ashok failed.
- That"s it.

The whole world"s pain is
in brother Kishore"s heart.

Brother. The one who
worked hard, passed.

And the one who didn"t, he failed.

No, Shobha. You don"t know.

lt was more important
for Ashok to pass than me.

He is from a poor household.

He has all the
responsibilities of his brother.

Forget other people"s sorrows.

First, go upstairs and
tell dad your good news.

He is waiting since
such a long time..

..that you will pass
and become a big man.

Go! Daddy will be so happy! Go!

Sir. Here are the rest
of the thirty rupees.

You have come at the right time.

l need this money urgently today.

Sir, but please keep me
permanent from next month.

See. l don"t keep
anyone"s gratitude on my head.

But Dharamdas, don"t think
that l asked you for a bribe.

l have just fulfilled my needs.

You haven"t
fulfilled your needs, daddy.

Say that you have taken the fire..

..from someone"s
burning funeral pyre..

..and kept the kitchen
flame of your house burning.

Kishore. What are you saying, son?

You? - How do you know my son?
- Why are you asking him? Ask me.

This is my friend
Ashok"s elder brother.

l understood why Ashok couldn"t..

..get the money on time
during the examination admission.

Sir. l.. l will leave now.

Daddy. You hold a
big post in the office.

The government pays you one
thousand rupees every month.

Then why are you making us eat
bread of sin by taking bribes..

..from a common clerk
who earns one fifty rupees?

Whatever l am doing,
l am doing it for my children.

You are a child now.
You are immature.

You won"t be able understand
the ways of the world as yet.

You are right dad.
l am a child. l am immature.

Therefore, l couldn"t
understand till date..

..that the perks and leisure
we stay in the foundation..

..of that is placed on
the bones of the poor.


l see that you have learnt
rebellion staying with others.

Just think. What
happens in one thousand?

Your fees. The family dues.
Shobha"s studies.

The petty expenses to
stay in society.

Money is needed for all
these things at every step.

All these are your needs, dad.

But who will understand his needs..

..whose salary is just
one hundred and fifty?

Who has to feed his
family twice in a day.

Who has to pay the rent for his
house and make his brother study.

l had come to give you the
good news of my passing.

l am repenting now.

l have studied due to
the money earned in sin.

Fie on such studies!
l spit on such a degree.

Which has been achieved by
the sighs of someone poor.

What is the matter?

why are there loud noises in the
house on such a joyous occasion?

You heard the noise. Mother.

But listen to what has been
going on the house silently too.

Daddy has been teaching me by
taking bribes from poor clerks.

You tell me. Will such an
education be of any use to me?

Will l be able to show my
degree to anyone proudly?

Son.. please don"t be angry.
- l won"t leave my anger, mother.

l will surely leave
this house though.


Shobha. You know what
our father is up to.

He has dealt in other"s
helplessness and become rich.

l won"t stay in that house..

..which has the stink of bribes,
greed and tyranny.. it"s leisures and perks,

That"s enough. There is a
limit for gibberish too.

Mother.. l am going.

lf you wish, you can
come with Shobha and me.

l will work hard and
feed the two of you.

Brother. Why are you so adamant?

lf Daddy has committed any mistake..

..why are you giving him
such a huge punishment for it?

l"m punishing myself not him.

Now, even the walls of
this house come to bite me.

l feel like choking in
the air of this house.

l don"t care and nor am l
related to dad"s wealth.

Kishore! Kishore, my son!

Brother! - Kishore! - Brother,
please don"t do like this.

Nobody can stop me now.

Even drinking the water of
this house is a sin for me now.

l am taking these trophies with me.

This is the earning of my
hard work and my brains.

There is no place for
such earnings in this house.


Kishore, please stop.
- Brother, please stop.


Did you see, dear?

The greed for wealth has
shown us this day today.

lt is good in a way, mother.

When Kishore isn"t here, dad will..

..come to know that
the earnings of..

..sin cannot buy the
happiness of a child.


Save me! Help me! Thief! Thief!
- Shut up! Shut up! - Thief! Thief!

l will kill you! l will kill you!

Thief! Thief! Thief!

Aren"t you ashamed to
do such a bad thing?

Aren"t you scared of God?

Dear.. Dear..

What happened? what happened?

That thief was trying to
snatch this chain from my neck.

This uncle drove him away.

Come on. Ask for
uncle"s blessings. Come on

Okay, brother. We will leave now.

May God look after you.

Hey, my suitcase?

Are you mad that you
are laughing at my loss?

Not me. You are mad to put
your hand in a stranger"s fire.

So, is it a sin to do
good to someone?

When you will understand this,
you will become a big man.

You fool. This is the new world.

The one who walks on the right path..

..he doesn"t get the path.

And the one who
walks on the wrong path..

..the destination itself
comes to him.

lt is someone"s money
and someone"s miracle.

Ashok, you?
- My friend, your bag.

Did you steal it?

Go! l am not some ordinary, common..
- Useless. - Useless..

..thief. See, he was
taking this bag away.

As soon as l saw it, l understood
it immediately that this..

.. suit case belongs to my
truthful friend and nobody else.

Hey, You"d gone home isn"t it?
Why did you come back?

l had to leave it forcibly.
- Okay. Come with me.

Where? - l am not taking
you to an orphanage.

l am taking you to my house,
Royal Palace. Come!

And such a house that
there"s everything here!

Look, Look.

Hey. This is a very good house.

From where did you get all this?

God gives one
whatever he wants after all.

lf he wants sugar,
he gives him sugar.

You tell me. Why did
you come to Bombay?

Ashok. l have left my
house and come here.

Hey! Have you decided to
leave all material wealth?

Not leaving material wealth.
l am looking for a job.

l fought with father.

Afight? An honest and
innocent person like you fought?

And that to with his father?

Ashok. l saw the true
colors of my father.

He used to take bribes from
poor people and fill his coffers.

And on top of that, he
didn"t even spare your brother.

Wonderful! Your father is
really fit to be revered!

His principles and mine meet.

Even he thinks that if the
world can be fooled, it should be.

My friend, we two great..
- People.

We two should be able
to teach you something.

See. Keep your results to yourself.

The enjoyment that exists in
the starvation of a good man..

..doesn"t exist in the
buffet of a bad man.

lt seems that you have
become a sage permanently.

"Hail Shyam! Hail Ghanshyam!"

What is it?
- "Hail Shyam! Hail Ghanshyam!"

Forget the hymns and come to den.

ls it something special?
- Obviously.

But this person"s face
seems to be new and matters..

..of business aren"t
discussed in everyone"s presence.

Look, Kishore. Don"t go
anywhere till the time l return.

lt"s your own house.

There is beer in the
fridge and whiskey in the bar.

lf you want to succeed in life,
both are necessary.

And if not, drink cold
water and sleep on the Dunlop.

lsn"t it? Come on. This
much is enough for you, okay?

"l have held this bottle
of alcohol since so long."

"l have held this bottle
of alcohol since so long."

"Come on, drink it. lt has.."

"Come on, drink it. lt has.."

" has the nights
of beauty in it."

"Come on, drink it. lt has.."

"Come on, drink it. lt has.."

" has the nights
of beauty in it."

"The bottle of liquor is lying
in front of you since long."

"The bottle of liquor is lying
in front of you since long."

" has the nights
of beauty in it."

""Come drink, it has..""

""The nights of beauty in it,
come drink it has..""

""Come drink it has..
The nights of beauty in it..""

"Floating in the sea today
is the shadow of beauty."

"The drunkard turned today
the path of the moonlight."

""Of the moonlight..""

"Come and sit in the
shadow of my hair for a while."

"You will have the
enjoyment of beauty."

"Come and sit in the
shadow of my hair for a while."

"You will have the
enjoyment of beauty."

"Oh, butler, the surrounding.."

" is so sad."

"l have come thinking
that the wine shop is near."

""The wine shop is near..""

"l have kept that
one drink for you."

"ln which is kept the sweetness
of my beautiful lips."

"l have kept that one drink for you."

"ln which is kept the
sweetness of my beautiful lips."

"The bottle of liquor is lying
in front of you since long."

"The bottle of liquor is lying
in front of you since long."

""Come, drink, it has..""

""Come, drink, it has..""

""The nights of beauty in it..""

""Come, drink, it has the
nights of beauty in it..""

"Everything in this
life is unfaithful."

""lt is not trustworthy.""

"lt is not trustworthy."

"You came in the wine shop,
forgetting the world."

"This one moment is so lucky for us."

"You came in the wine shop,
forgetting the world."

"This one moment is so lucky for us."

"The bottle of liquor is lying
in front of you since long."

"The bottle of liquor is lying
in front of you since long."

""Come, drink, it has..""

""Come, drink, it has..""

""The nights of beauty in it..""

""Come, drink, it has..""

""Come, drink, it has..""

""The nights of beauty in it..""

Ashok. l am very happy today.

You put a nice show and
better scapegoats too.

Here. This is your account.

Twenty five percent,
five hundred rupees.

And this is yours.
- Wow! That"s great!

Boss, today such a
ready scapegoat came.

All his pockets were full.

And Ashok cut the goat such!
We cut him such, we flayed him!

He didn"t even have a
single penny with him.

l think that if he goes
out to the crossroad..

..he will have to beg
for alms to go home.

very good! very good!

Look. l am going, tell sir.

lt is someone"s money
and someone"s miracle.

Hey, Kishore! Where are you going?

Give the cobbler
your suit measurement.

Then give the tailor
your show measurement.

They will understand it
between themselves. - For what?

To make you a man, my friend.

lf you wish to stay with us,
we need this fire.

This old quality trousers and
old shirt won"t do. - Take this.

You keep this pride of credit.

What is the matter of
credit in this?

You helped me so
much in my college days.

l just brought some clothes for you.
What is bad in that? Take it.

Ashok. l won"t wear
clothes with which..

..the body will be covered,
but the soul be stripped naked.

l saw everything in the Carnival..

..and understood everything.

Your lifestyle is the result
of conning, gambling and lies.

Conning and lying is an art.

Brains are needed to understand that.

Art! very good! Such
good thoughts in this era!

Tailor and cobbler.
You search for another house.

The story here has
lengthened a bit, isn"t it?

Come on. Have your food.

l won"t have the food.
- Why?

Food earned by sin doesn"t
become blood after going inside.

lt becomes poison!

Which party is he a member of?
- Go away from here.

You say that the food of a
friend"s house is poison?

This isn"t a good thing.
Come on, eat the food.

lf l had to eat food
like this, l wouldn"t..

..have left my parents
and my sister.

Please don"t be so adamant.
l won"t let you go hungry..

..from my house.
For the sake of our friendship!

We don"t have any
friendship or relation from today.

Kishore.. Kishore.. Kishore..

Kishore. My friend!
Please listen to me!

How did you say that we
don"t have any relation?

lf not love, let it be hatred.

But how can you break the
relation of so many years?

For God"s sake,
please don"t follow me.

l don"t want to turn back and
see from the path that l walk on.

Don"t turn back, my friend. But
how can you finish friendship?

l agree that we think differently.

But in a thunderstorm..

..if moving on a single raft
if a sage and a snake can..

Adjust. -..then why
can"t we two do it?

lf only you be as good
a person as you argue.

l am bad.

But l am better than
those good people..

..who call themselves good
and think bad for others.

My friend.. You have
left your house.

Neither do you have a job,
nor a place to stay.

l ask you. lf you leave me,
will you..

..make a bed out of
truth and sleep on that?

My friend.

Goodness isn"t a vitamin pill..

..with which you will
wipe away your hunger.

At the most, l will
die of hunger, isn"t it?

But l am ready for that too.
- You fool!

Life is inviting you with
her open embrace and you..

You wish to sleep
in the lap of death?

What you think to be life, Ashok.. my eyes, it isn"t life,
but worse than death.

l know that the journey of
good and truth is very long.

But just how travelers
cover thousands of miles..

..and reach the place of worship..

..and take the
blessings of God and forget..

..all the sorrows of their journey.

There will surely be
such a day, Ashok.

l will become a big man in
the world due to my goodness.

And God forbid, you may be
eating the food of the police.

lt may be possible
that this is upturned.

There is a lot of strength in money.

lt can buy man"s religion,
conscience, everything.

What if one day, this
society becomes my slave..

..and then you..

You may be taking your empty
bundle of good and truth..

..moving in the unknown
darkness of being unknown..

..may God forbid, ebbing
in the pond of your tears.

This isn"t possible.
- Why? Why isn"t it possible?

very good, Ashok.

You walk on your path.
l will walk on my path.

l will bet for three years.

You walk on your
principles for three years.

And l will walk on my principles.

We will meet each other
under this great soul"s shadow.

And we will see what
you are and what l am.

Agreed, my friend.

But will you be able
to hold the wounds..

..of this fake world, without
the support of your friend..

..with the support of only
your truth, for three years?

Truth is such a twig, Ashok
that can cross an ocean too.

And bad is a bad scare.

lt can"t face even one
fell swoop of thunder.

That will be known. Do you bet?

Three years from now.
- Three years from now.

This same place.
- This same place.

This time.
- This time.

This time.
- This time.

"May you have the thorns of truth."

"l will have the
flowers of falsehood."

"l will take that path which
will have colors on every step."

""Colours at every step.""

"There are a lakh
paths for falsehood.."

"..but there is just one
destination for truth."

"The one who fears God, all
his problems are cleared off."

"Oh Friend!

"Oh friend!"

"Oh friend, l have seen the world."

l have seen it properly
with my eyes."

"lt is difficult to realise."
- "Who is good and bad here."

"l have seen it
properly with my eyes."

"l have seen it
properly with my eyes."

"l have seen it
properly with my eyes."

"l have seen it
properly with my eyes."

Sir. l wish to see the
carnival one day too.

You see my face everyday.
Am l anything less than the carnival?

What happened, Chaman?
What happened to you, Chaman?

What happened? Did you mother die?

My mother died even before
l was born.

Then did you come from the sky?
Why are you crying?

l am crying for the dancer
who ran away with her brother.

Are you mad?

Does a girl run away
with her brother?

Neither have l become mad
and nor you.

l have found out that one of her..

..brothers is a very
big thief and dacoit.

The two of them met and stole
all the wealth of the carnival.

l came here with
whatever was left here.

Hold me! Or l will die! You twigs!

First you were crying
for the dancer. Why now?.

l am crying for the
owner of the carnival.

When he came to know that the
dancer has washed him away..

..he has dried clean all of us.
- What are you saying?

l am telling you the truth.

The carnival owner was
the father of the dancer!

He ran away inside the night
without giving anyone anything.

The tent owners are searching
for us with knives and daggers.

Okay. - Run away from here.
- very good! Wonderful idea!

What an idea!
lt is better for brave people.. us to escape
from the back door.

We will run away from
here somewhere..

..make the carnival.
The maidens are with us.

And they have..
- Wealth.

Someone"s money, someone"s miracle.

You are troubling yourself
and me needlessly, lnspector.

l am not a smuggler.

l am just a
superintendent of an office.

We have proper proof that you
have generated a large amount..

..of black money
by accepting bribes.

Look at this, sir.
So much gold and money!

What? Tell me! From where did
an superintendent of the office..

..get so much gold and money?
- lnspector..

This is not my personal apartment.

l am a tenant. lt is possible
that landlord has hidden it here.

lt is a very good excuse.
But it is very weak.

lt won"t work.

All l know is that truth
doesn"t need any shelter.

The decider is the almighty.

The almighty decides
after our death.

lt is here that the
decisions are taken as we live.

Apply the handcuffs!
- Mother!

Have mercy! Please have mercy!

Our respect of the house
will be thrust in the dust!

l have a young daughter.

There will be a hundred
obstacles in her marriage.

l am sorry. l sympathise with you.

But l am the servant
of the law. Come on.

Please come on.

Are you going to prison?

So what? Big leaders
have gone to prison.

Mother! Brace yourself, mother.
Brace yourself.

Daddy"s deeds bore fruits for him.

What will be done by your cries now?.

Our happy family is burnt!

lf Kishore would have
been here at this time..

..there would be some
kind of support.

For us, all the paths of
the world have closed down.

Mother.. So what if the paths
of the world have closed down?

The door to God is still open.

See, mother. l set
everything on it"s place.

Dear. We left the
house and the city too.

Why should we
decorate strange walls now?.

Mother. You have tied
sorrow to your breast.

We will have to stay in the
color that he keeps us in.

Yes, dear. We will have
to live till we breathe.

Dear.. What kind of life is this?

There is ration for
a few days at home.

And there is only darkness ahead.

Mother. Please don"t worry.
l have learnt dancing.

l will do any job in
a dance academy.

l am not rotten that
l cannot feed two people.

The burden that my son had to lift.. daughter is lifting it today.

Mother. You have started
crying again.

We cannot smash our heads
against the walls of fate!

This wall can be broken
by patience and change.

lf God wishes, we will meet
brother Kishore somewhere.

lf we were fated such, why
would be leave the house?

lf your dad had listened to him..

..we wouldn"t have to see this day.

Forget it, mother.
lf man didn"t take birth..

..there wouldn"t be the
problems of joy and sorrow.

New lndia Dance academy.

"The heat of Love."

"The tracks of the train."

You know that we are
making three films.

There are six heroines
in each movie.

That means, there are
chances for eighteen heroines.

You can"t be compared at all!

You will be a top
heroine for the movie 007!

Please stand up.
The height is good too.

Have a seat. You are the
best for a Muslim social movie.

You have chances..

Why did you come? Are
you dreaming of films too?

No. She is my mummy.
- Mummy..

That means, an obstacle in progress.

lf you wish to
progress in the film line.. will have to keep
your mummy with your daddy.

- Greetings.

Hey! lf simple girls like
you come in the film line..

..all the accounts of
the film world will change.

- l am coming.

There is spring everywhere.
There are lot of spices outside.

But the whole program
should be cleared by evening.

Because in the morning,
the landlord..

..the furniture man,
the fake jewelry man..

..the laundry man..
- And the policeman.

We should do this quickly.
You are ready, isn"t it?

l am ready.
- That is good.

Should l call them one by
one or the whole lot together?

One by one. Sit on the chair then.

You are the producer.

The producer will have to
stand till the movie is done.

Hold the telephone. Number one!

Please come.

What a gait!
By God, it is so fragile!

Please meet him.
Look at her nicely.

Look at her closely.
Every organ of her body is a poem!

She is a top heroine for our..

..first production,
"The tracks of the train."

Your name?

Kalavati Joginder Kaur Kumar.

Kumar. very good!

There are many boys with
his name in the film line.

But you are the first girl.

Think that you have
become a heroine!

- Really.

lf our sir sees someone with love..

..think that she is
already a heroine.

Should l make her sit on the chair?
- Come.

You have brought the
hundred rupees as fees, isn"t it?

- Yes. Please have a seat.

Bring it. Here you are.

But tell me. ls money taken
to work here, or it is given?

Which circles of taking and
giving are you moving about?

These hundred rupees are for
the photos and all that. - l see.

Your meter will
start after the contract.

How many lakhs..
- Give a pose..

Not romantic, tragedy pose,
of a solemn hymn.

lt"s done. Come on! Come on!
- Please take care of me.

We will take care of you.
- Please give me a chance.

Yes. We will give
you a chance. Yes, yes.


lt is a good start.

The ram number two, l mean the
sheep number two, please come.


Your name?
- Shobha.

Do you know any dancing and singing?
- Yes.

l"d learnt all kinds of
classical dances at home.

Manipuri, Kathakali,
Bharatnatyam (dance forms)..

l have completed studying all these.

You seem to be from a good family.

Won"t your family members
have mind you working in films?

They used to mind sometime.

But now, the situation
in the house is not good.

- l understand.

Look.. lf you give me
a job in your company..

..l assure you, l will bring
glory to your company"s name.

Even we have that hope of you.

The fees for admission
in our dance academy.. just a hundred rupees.
- Hundred rupees?

l don"t have hundred rupees.

The bangles in your hands will
surely be for hundred rupees.

Here you are.

They are real, aren"t they?
- They are real. But..

l should get the job.
- That is the matter of the talent.

lf you move into our..
- Thoughts.

You will surely be a heroine.

- Greetings.

Tomorrow morning. Okay? Go.

Friend, the girl seems to be a cow.

ln our business,
cows, sheep and goats.

All are one and the same.

lt is good that we earned something.

Tell me, Kishore.

Are you still singing
about good and truth..

..or did you learn
something about the world too?

Where have l learnt it till now?.

Okay. Tell me. Who
gave you my address?

l came looking at the board of
such a huge store for a job.

l didn"t know that you
were the owner of this store.

You can become the
manager of some orphanage.

You aren"t able for
a job of some firm.

You have to lie at
every step in business.

l am asking you for a job.

And you are teaching me
the ways of the world.

The fact is..
l cannot give you a job.

My business is very new and..

Do one thing, Shekhar.
- What?

Keep this with you.

And give me a hundred
rupees or so to fight life.

what do you think l am?

Can"t l give my college friend a
hundred rupees just like that?

Don"t make me a beggar.
- A beggar?

l am making you a guest.
Here. Take this hundred rupees.

And have some food first.

lt seems that you are
hungry since four days.

Not four days. l am
hungry since two days.

Take this. Go.
- Keep this bag.

Boss. Which note did you give him?

The same one.
- The same one.

lf this note works, our
hard work will bear fruit.

We can do a lot of
work with this man.

Conman! Betrayers! They say
something and do something.

A loss of two
hundred rupees in one day.

Raju! Keep this carefully.
- There was a film company here.

l am tired of giving an
answer to anyone who comes here.

l don"t know what the
boys and girls today think.

l didn"t understand what you say.

l don"t have the need
to explain it to you.

There isn"t any film company here.

Thieves, dacoits and looters have..

..looted the money of boys and
girls and ran away from here.

They fooled us too!

Give me one plate.
- A hundred rupees note!

l don"t have change. Take
the token and have food.

Take change later.

Why are you starting like a machine?

The plate is ours as
well as the stomach is.

l am very hungry.

l have met the God of
food after two days today.

Are you hungry since two days?
Are you unemployed?

Think it to be such.
- Mister!

This fake note will not work.
- Fake note? What do you mean?

No meanings! Take out another note.

This is the only one l had.

Where should l bring
another one from?

Then wash your hands and
come to the police with me.

Why do you clutch the hand
of someone who is eating food?

Have l opened an
open house for conmen?

why are you shouting?
Show me the note.

Go. Sit on the counter. - Okay.
But you are responsible for it.

- They come to eat for free!

Eat nicely. But from
where did you bring this..

..hundred rupees note
while you are unemployed?

There is a store nearby,
Truthful Agencies.

His owner is my friend.
l took it on credit from him.

lt doesn"t matter. Eat.

Who says that it is a fake note?
This is a real note.

l will make the
hotel owner understand.

This will be your good deed to me.

Otherwise, l would
be hungry today too.

Who can stay hungry when l am here?

What is bad in this note?
- Has it changed?

Hey! You change the
number of the glasses.

Come on. Give me the change.
- Should l cut your money too?

Do you want to go up so soon?

Here, brother. The rest of the money.

Thank you, very much.
Can l know your name?

l tell my name only to the police,
not to the people.

What has this world come to?

Even if a friend helps a
friend it is by a fake note.

A proper man becomes a criminal.

- Greetings.

Why did you come here, dear?
- l"m looking for job.

There isn"t any special vacancy here.

Ebb of hope rushed through me
looking at your dance academy.

l thought that l would
get some support here.


Yes. All responsibilities
of the house are on me.

For my mother, l am the only support.

ls it so? What do you know, dear?

l have learned the art of dancing.

l know every kind of classical dance.

lf you wish, you can give me
a chance to teach your girls.

l will be very grateful to you.

Please don"t be disappointed, dear.

l can give you a job
as a dance teacher.

But you will have to work very hard.

l am not scared of hard work.

l am just scared of unemployment.

You aren"t unemployed any longer.

Start your work from today itself.

Thank you.

Why were you so late in your lunch?

Your city is a strange one, Shekhar.

Why? What is the matter?

People don"t know difference
between a real and a fake note.

Didn"t you get change
for a hundred rupees?

- l got the change. - Why
has your face fallen then?

But l got food with insults.
- How?.

You knew that l was
hungry since two days.

When l sat on the
table and started eating..

..the counter person
started shouting at me.

This note is a fake! l was stunned.

A honest man meddled in between..

..and told him to see carefully,
the note was real.

After that, the counter
person apologized to me.

Here is the rest of the change.

Why are you embarrassing me?

Will you move in such
a huge city all alone?

Keep it. Keep it with you.

We have got a trunk call from Agra.

We have to reach the money
to the factory at this time.

Okay. Take my car and go to
the factory with the money.

l have a police
commissioner"s party at my place.

So, whom should l send
such a huge amount with?

Kishore, will you do
something for me?

Tell me. - l have to reach a
lakh of rupees to Agra right now.

l cannot trust any stranger.
Therefore, l tell you.

Take my car and
reach this money there.

l am scared, Shekhar. What if
something happens on the way?

Hey! You are the worshiper of truth!

Why does truth need any proof?

Give me the bag. Take this.

Here are the keys to
my car. Best of luck.

Here. Share it amongst yourselves.

They wish to have fun
with their friend"s wife.

Brother! Will you search a thief,
rogue or pickpocket for me?

l am a thief, rogue and pickpocket.

But l have only one ambition.

l should give your
hand in someone"s hand..

..who does hard work and labor..

..and earns money from
that and lives.

l met a very good and
innocent boy in the restaurant.

l felt like catching him
and bringing him home.

But l was ashamed of myself.

This business is something
like this.

Come on! Follow him!

Thief! Brother! Thief!

That"s strange. A
thief in a thief"s house?

See, brother! Thief!
- See..

You? But through this window..

See, some hoodlums are following me.

l have a lot of money.
lt is someone"s money.

Please hide them.

Did you see that, l was speaking.. you about this boy.
Come with me.

Sit down. Show me the notes.

These notes are fake.
- Fake?

Who gave it to you?

The same one who gave me
the hundred rupee note.

That note was fake too.
- What? - Yes.

This is the note from the morning.

l had changed it with my real note.

Because l had seen
innocence and honesty in your face.

And the people who are
following you..

..aren"t hoodlums,
they are the police.

Police? What will l do now?.

What will happen? Anyone
must have printed the notes.

But they are with you now.
You will be caught.

And do you know what is the
punishment for printing notes?

Seven years.
- Prison?

Punishment, for me?

l think that even looking
at someone"s money is bad.

God! l have been
stuck in such a problem.

Open the door.


Don"t worry. You hide here.

Hide here? Why should l?
l didn"t commit any crime!

l will prove to them that
l didn"t print these notes.

l will go to the police
and tell them everything.

Don"t be a fool.

You will become old in prison
while proving your innocence.

But it"s possible you
won"t be heard even then.

You haven"t dealt
with the police as yet.

Give me. Give me this bag.
- No. How is this possible?

Someone does and someone pays?
- Don"t talk foolishly.

lt is one and the same for me
to go to prison or on the bus.

Open the door!
- But promise me one thing.

You will take care of my
sister Meena after l have gone.

Please don"t worry.

Open the door!

No, brother! What are you doing!

Please don"t worry. The
police is my old friend.

Brother! - Open the door,
or else, l will break it!

lnspector! - Who came in
this house climbing the wall?

The door was closed.
l came through the window.

You? what is there in this box?
- For what you have come.

Oh! Fake notes. So our
suspicion was correct.

My hands are here.

l have worn this
bondage so many times..

..and removed it so many times.
- Take him away!

Wait. Please close the door.

lf it is open, the
thieves come inside.

ln this world, friends
become enemies.

And a stranger leaves
the freedom for someone..

..and takes the
choking air of the prison.

l have seen this world now.
l have understood it now.

l will see that Shekhar now!

Come. l will lay out
the food for you.

ln the happiness that
l sent your brother to prison?

No. Because for the
first time a good man..

..has stepped inside
the four walls of sin.

No. l am not good.

The one who has gone
to prison is good.

You stay here. l will come quickly.

Police! A raid! What are you saying?

Did you find me to be put in danger?

You were a boy from a
good and comfortable house.

Why do you wish to print fake
notes and become rich overnight?

This is rubbish.

My notes were real. You
must have changed them.

Kishore. You"d come
starving and naked from home.

Did you intentions
change when you saw wealth?

l can give my life for a promise.

But l cannot even look
at a stranger"s wealth.

lf you have any humanity
left in you go to the police..

..and accept the crime
of printing fake notes.

And have that innocent
Prakash freed.

Who is this Prakash?

My sympathiser.
He stays in this city.

Oh! That rogue of the
first order, Prakash?

Kishore, otherwise, you sing
tunes of truth and goodness.

And you make friends
with such common criminals?

He is my enemy. lt is
good that he is in jail.

You should be in jail.


l am silent due to our
old friendship.

Otherwise, l can ruin
your life by accusing you..

..of changing notes and
printing fake currency.


The roots of truth are in hell.
You cannot even touch me.

Get lost from here.

Or else, your ashes will fly
in the breeze of this city.

May it be so!

But before that, you will have
to come with me to the police.

You will have to accept your crime.

Come with me!
- l am coming. l am coming.

Wait! lf you love your life,
go away from here.

Wait! lf you love your life,
go away from here.

Shekhar. l won"t listen even..

..if l have to give
my life for Prakash.


What happened?
why are you so scared?

Tell me! What happened?
What happened?

l couldn"t even crush an
ant below me in my life.

But l killed Shekhar
for my safety today.

Murder! You killed Shekhar!

The police must be
searching for you then! - No.

Yes. - Only the dead
and me know this secret.

How did this happen? How
could l do such a huge sin?

l will go mad! Meena, l will go mad!


What happened?
- Did the police release you?

what will the police release me?
l myself left the police.

l fooled the police and ran away.

But Meena, we should go
away from here quickly.

lt isn"t safe for us to stay
here for even a single moment.

But where will we go?

There is such a big world. You two..

Go there. l will reach there.
- But.. please listen.

l don"t want to
listen to it now. Later.

Change your
appearance first. Hurry up.

Why? whom are you
mourning as the sun sets?

l just remembered a friend.
- Who is that?

The same Kishore.
- Okay! That Nekiram Sachaichand?

He must be starving somewhere.
- God knows what"s his situation.

See, when we ourselves
are in the thin of things.. can he be in
the thick of things?

The hundred-rupee note is finished.

What will we do about
the dinner for night?

These bangles are left now.

Give it to me. l will
arrange them quickly.

Or else. Keeping
stolen things with us..

..means that wherever we are,
we aren"t far from prison.

Sell them and make
arrangements to eat and drink.

And also
arrangements to sleep at night.

Go quickly. Come quickly.
l am hungry.

Don"t worry. l will be right back.

Who knew that the kitchen would..

..ask for fire and the
utensils will ask for grain one day?

Don"t worry mother. l will
arrange everything. - How?

We have two silver glasses,
isn"t it?

l will sell it and
arrange for the ration.

And then, l will be getting
my salary in a couple of days.

We will work our lives for
a couple of days like this.

Yes, dear. Hunger is a huge thing.

We have to sell everything for this.

Give it to me. l will sell it.

lt is time for you to go to work.

May God give him happiness!

He took your bangles too!

What are you looking
at the bangles, sir?

Look at the one who is selling it.

lt is made up of real gold.

Have some patience.
We only deal honestly here.

helplessness is dealt in, sir.

Those were the days.

These bangles would
clink in my wife"s wrists.

lf only she"d be alive today.

You"d see that even a fairy
didn"t have such fair arms.

Did your wife expire?
- She did! She did!

She was from heaven, she went there.

When you will die, you
will certainly meet her.

And you will see that l
am really crying for her.

What is the cost?
- Two hundred and ninety rupees.

Two hundred and ninety, that"s it?

You have to show your face
to my wife after your death.

And she has a say in heaven, sir.

Raise it a little here.
lt will be helpful there.

Okay. You make it a
total three hundred.

l have these two silver glasses.

Let the gold be sold first.
l will look into silver later.

Whose bangles are these?
- They are golden bangles.

Did l ask you
whether your silver glass.. made up of silver or not?

Then, why do you ask me
whose bangle is this of?

Sir! These are my bangles!

They are yours?
- Yes! - He was selling them!

How can he sell them?
They are my daughter"s!

This conman snatched these from.. daughter by giving
her the greed of a job.

Why are you lying in old age and
arranging for a ticket to hell?

You take out two hundred
and ninety.

No. Sir! You call
the police quickly.

Thief! Thief! Catch him!

Run! run!

- What happened?

We are caught.
- How?.

That girl"s mother
came to the shop where..

..l went to sell the bangles.
She recognized the bangles.

The police are chasing us! Run!

Catch them!
- Thief! Thief! Catch them!

Catch him!


"The season of spring has passed."

"The season of spring has passed."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"The hope of my love
is breaking slowly."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"Clutching your
memories to my heart.."

"..l have been waiting
for you since long."

"Clutching your
memories to my heart.."

"..l have been waiting
for you since long."

""ln your separation..""

"ln your separation, it has
been years that l smiled."

"The season of spring has passed."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"My heart was burning
in the wet monsoon."

"Your sorrow was ebbing my heart."

"My heart was burning
in the wet monsoon."

"Your sorrow was ebbing my heart."

"l was standing with
my heart afire.."

"l was standing with
my heart afire.."

"The pain was just
twisting and turning."

"The season of spring has passed"

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"You will come one day
and fulfill your promise."

"You will settle the
ruined city of my heart."

"You will come one day
and fulfill your promise."

"You will settle the
ruined city of my heart."

"l have been living
till today in this hope."

"l have been living
till today in this hope."

"That you will embrace me one day."

"The season of spring has passed."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

The hope of my love
is breaking slowly."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

"My beloved hasn"t come as yet."

Thief! Thief! Catch him! Catch him!

Thief! Thief! Catch him! Catch him!

Who is this insolent man?

You! You are the producer
of New lndia Dance Academy..

l was searching for you.
l was searching for you.

You have my bangles.
- Your bangles..

All that was the
handiwork of my partner.

l spoke a lot to him.
He was a wretch.

But what can be done? lt is fate.

l had to come here, so l did.

lf l wish, l can give you
to the police right now.

Yes. You can do that.

But before doing that,
take your bangles.

You had still kept these bangles?

See? lf l were a thief,
l would have sold them.

But l knew that you are
a good woman..

..and such a thing
shouldn"t happen to you.

Please forgive me.
l misunderstood a good man.

l committed a huge mistake.

Sister! Your mother
has met with an accident.

Sister! Your mother
has met with an accident.

She is in the hospital.
- Accident!

Come. Will drop you to the hospital.


What happened to you, mother?

Tell me mother,
what happened to you?

Thank God that she survived.

lt has been a very serious accident.

The other wounds will be cured.

But l am afraid that she
will lose her eyesight.

Her nerves have already
been ruptured.

What will happen to me,
mother? What will happen to me?

Dear, have some patience.
What is the use of crying?

Are you her relative?

Yes? No. l am not their relative.

lt will be enough for me
if l can be their sympathiser.

You care for her too.

All the problems of the
world are falling on me.

why is the world joking
with me at every step?

Fate is never merciless.
Man becomes a devil.

He fills darkness
for light in his life.

The one who has snatched
your mother"s eyesight..

..even he was a devil.

lf God empties this world
from such devils quickly.. is better.

What right do these
people have to live?

They set afire to other"s
happiness for their happiness.


""Please forgive my crimes,
please clear my conscience.""

""Please forgive my crimes,
please clear my conscience.""

""Jesus, my God! Oh my almighty!""

""Give me a eye to see
the beauty of life.""

""l have come embarrassed,
give me shelter now.""

""Give me shelter now.""

""Please forgive my crimes,
please clear my conscience.""

""Jesus, my God! Oh my almighty!""

""Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva.""

""Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva.""

""Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. ""

""Take any test, try me
in anyway that you wish.""

""Show me your way in your way now.""

""Show me your way in your way now.""

""Please forgive my crimes,
please clear my conscience.""

""Jesus, my God! Oh, my almighty!""

""Let me live for others now.
l have lived for myself till now.""

""Let me drink the
blood of my heart.""

""l have drunk the
liquor of happiness now.""

""l have drunk the
liquor of happiness now.""

""Please forgive my crimes,
please clear my conscience.""

""Jesus, my God! Oh, my almighty!""

""Oh, my almighty! Oh, my almighty!""

Hard work and labour
is God"s worship.

Who is it?
- Me..

l didn"t recognise
your voice. Who is it?

Think that l am your son.

Son! l don"t know where
my son will be right now.

lf he"d be with me
right now, why would..

..l be sad about my
losing my eyesight now?.

l would have seen the
world through his eyes.

This world is not worthy to be seen.

Think that l am your son.

The doctor has told
you to eat fruits.

l have brought some fruits for you.

But why do you sympathise with me?

l have heard that the ink of..

..sin washes off with the sympathy.

The God who created night,
created day too.

Dear.. This is you.

Even though you aren"t
related to me.. are serving me like a son.

And there was that sinner who made.. blind for his own need.
May God forgive him.

Mother. That sinner has died.

He has died? How do you know?.

l knew.. him very well, mother.

l burnt his funeral
with my own hands.

This is very bad.

Even he must have been
the son of some mother.

Mother.. how are you, mother?

l am all right, dear.
- Mr. Ashok.. you?

Dear.. do you know him?
- Yes.

Dear, he is a very good man.

He has been serving me very nicely.

May God make him live my age too.

No! l am not worthy
of these blessings.

Your mother"s heart is so pure.. doesn"t wish bad
for even your enemy.

Who is man to think
badly about anyone?

This life of four days is
less for goodness itself.

Why should we earn sin?

Please give me in the name of Allah.

Hey.. hey. Where are
you moving inside?

Will you take money, or
will you take the apartment?

Swimming pool..
- Yes. Swimming pool. Correct.

Oh! Teacher! You!

This is great! Oh! Wow! Wow!
- This is rural.

Have Kishore and Meena reached?

They have reached
today morning itself.

l will call them right away.
Hey! Meena! Kishore!

Close the door.
- The door.

What is it?

Look. The seer has come to meet you.

Seer? Why does he wish to see me?

Son. You have
stepped into a new world.

l have come to bless you.
- Surely, seer. Surely.

Which new world, seer?

Dear. You have left the
locality of the false goodness..

..and settled yourself in the
pure locality of the bad men.

Dear, see the..
- Oh! Brother! Brother!

How did you disguise
yourself like this?

l couldn"t recognise you at all.
- Really!

The glasses to recognise me
haven"t been made till now.

lt is good that you
reached a safe place.

- Yes? - These grams won"t do.

Will some eatable be
arranged with this?

Why not? l will bring it right away.

Yes! Meena! Feeding a
seer is a very good thing!

Listen.. - Yes? - This is a new
place. Be a little careful. - Yes.

And we should start our business..

..on some auspicious day.

Day after tomorrow is
the full moon night.

We will start our business
from day after tomorrow itself.

You won"t like country liquor.

l will arrange for
foreign liquor for you.

Thank you. Kishore.

Thank you. Kishore.


One should commit the first
theft in light in a new city.

And then, even you will have
a rebirth day after tomorrow.

What do you mean?

Day after tomorrow, we teacher..

..and disciple will go
in search of our hunt..

..on different roads
at the same time.

Give me whatever you get,
thinking that it is my fees.

And l will donate to
you whatever l get.

ls there no other way in this
world to fill one"s stomach?

You had a way but..

..before your killed Shekhar.

But how did you come to know that?

Just how every new child has his.. written in the municipality.. soon as he is born,
just like that..

..l get the news of every
theft and every murder first.

l assure you. l didn"t
want to kill Shekhar.

He wanted to kill me.

His dagger killed him in the scuffle.

The god who has
written the horoscope..

..of the saints and seers, the same..

..has written the horoscopes
of thieves and dacoits too.

Whether Shekhar was killed with..

..his own knife or
whether you killed him.

Whom all will you go on telling this?

You will be tired of proving your..

..innocence but nobody
will ever believe you.

But the situation..
- What about the situations?

You are a kid now.
Nobody can fight against fate.

lf one could fight, we
wouldn"t become dacoits and looters.

All of us would do some nice job.

Therefore, enjoy in
whichever place you are.

Become a man. Tomorrow
is the full moon night.

You have taken my eyes,
but gave me a good son.

- Yes, mother?

Have you prepared Ashok"s room?
- Yes, mother.

Ashok - Yes? See son.
Don"t leave my side ever now.

The world yearns for
a mother"s shadow.

Will l leave that
shadow after getting it?

Please don"t worry.

l will leave now. lt
is time for the factory.

Okay, dear. - Mother. l am
late too. Shall l leave?

Go, dear, go. Take this milk.
- Okay.

Mr. Ashok..

Will you keep on crushing iron
even after studying till BA?

l am looking for a good job.
l have seen an advertisement..

Of a job in the
police force yesterday.

l have typed its application
and put it in my pocket too.

why have you put it in your pocket?

Because, today is my birthday.

l thought that this new
year would start nice for me.

By the way, l will
post it today itself.

Why didn"t you tell us
earlier that it"s your birthday?

l would make some sweets for you.

l would bring some gifts for you.

You have done so much
for me. ls all this less?


Your youth has taken another
step towards old age today.

Why are you making
me wear this garland?

So? Should l make her wear it?

You will be the one
making her wear it one day.

Either today, or tomorrow.
Okay. l will leave now.

The peon goes to work first.
- Ashok!

ls it your birthday today?
- Yes! Yes. Mother.

But l don"t celebrate it ever.
- Come on.

Dear. l had made this
ring on my son"s birthday.

l didn"t sell it even
in hunger and bad luck.

Take this. Son. This is for you.
- Mother! Why is this needed?

l do not celebrate
my birthday at all.

Don"t refuse it now. Here, take it.

Thank you, mother.
- Bless you.

l am not worth this.

But god knows whether it lightens.. life in the days to come.

l will keep it and come.
l will be right back.

Who is it?

Hey! Who is it?

Who is it?

Didn"t Ashok lock the house?

Brother! The bell for the
holiday has already rung.

Haven"t you heard that hard work..

..and labor is the
work of God? l thought..

..that l"d do
tomorrows work today itself.

That is all right.
But today is the day..

..that your hard work
is about to rewarded.

That means, today is
the day of your salary.

Come on! We will take it! Come on!

Hey, are you seeing
your face in these notes?

l am seeing the difference
between yesterday and today.

l had money yesterday too.
But the happiness that.. there in these
that money didn"t have it.

So, we will have a tea
party in that happiness.

- Not one, two. - So, come on!

- Wait!

What is the matter? Are
you testing your digestion?

You are just eating it as
long as l have been seeing..

..l don"t know what the matter is.

Ever since l have been
eating from my hard earned money.. appetite has doubled up.

Maybe because l have worked hard.

Well. Right now, you"re
eating it wrongly! - How is that?

l"ll be paying the bill, isn"t it?
- That is not the matter.

Even l can pay the bill.
But l am a peon..

..and you are a bit higher than me.

But in today"s world,
the upper people.. the money of the peon.

But you"re not of that quality.
- What should l bring now?.

Bring the bill now.
- What should l bring now!

Come on. How much is it?
- One ten. One ten. One ten.

Give four altogether.

Friend.. Brother..

You can see, isn"t it?

l am sorry. l can"t see
clearly during the night. - Okay.

Hey, put the light on.

Hey, Who is it? Thief! Thief!

Did he take something?

My wallet. My wallet!
- Your wallet? - Yes. My wallet.

Did the thief really take it?
- What happened?

lt hailed as soon as
we shaved our heads.

As soon as we came inside,
his wallet was stolen.

l don"t care about my
wallet being stolen.

All l am sorry is for
is that l couldn"t..

..give mother my
first hard earned money.

Did you listen to that, mother?
- Yes, dear.

The person who stole
my Ashok"s wallet..

..may God kill him where
he won"t even get water.

Please see. The clothes
and all are just rummaged.

Has he taken something else too?

He has taken it.
He has taken the ring.

Congratulations, Guru.
Congratulations, Kishore.

Congratulations to everybody.

The two of us had a
successful first strike.

Here. This is my earning today.

And teacher, this is my
fee for your teaching.

Hey. This seems to be real.
- l got only papers.

And you got silver. You
will enjoy life from today.

- Check if this fake or real.

This weighs a lot.

And there is a name etched on it too.
- A name?

Yes. There is a name etched on it.

Hey. The letter K is etched to it.

Worked out on some
similar named person?


Dear, did you come so early today?

l was very late in returning.

l can hear someone
close in this voice.

Kishore.. dear! - Mother?
Mother.. what happened to your eyes?

Tell me, mother! What
happened to your eyes?

Please don"t ask anything, son.
Don"t ask anything.

Many mountains of sorrow
fell on us after you left.

Your father was sent to prison.

We were ashamed of facing people..

..and therefore, we left
the city and came here.

Shobha, had to look for a job.

A motorcar trampled me down.

My life was saved,
but l lost my eyes.

A mother"s eyesight
is her children, son.

Please don"t cry. You
have come now, isn"t it?

What will l be sad about now?. Dear..

Tell me. where were
you since so many days?

Mother. After l left the house
l saw many colors of this world.

What do you work as, son?

l don"t slave for anyone, mother.

l borne wealth just like
now the world does it.

Where is Shobha?

She has gone to the
vegetable market.

Okay. Mother. l will leave now.
l will meet Shobha later.

Will you go so soon, son?

Yes, mother. My business
takes place in the night.

l have to keep an account
of my partners in the day.

Give my love to Shobha.

You don"t worry.
l will have you cured.

You will be able to
see again, mother.

Okay. l will leave now, okay?
- Bless you, son.

He just came and then left.

Hey! A Government letter!

Hey! The police
commissioner has written to you.

Has he opened your old file?

Shut up! Shut up!
- Open it up quickly.

Athief will stop thieving,
but not conning.

l have won it! My friend!

l had applied to
join the police force.

l have got a letter from there.

ls it so? - Yes! - very good!
- Shouldn"t we have a party?

No! l have to tell Shobha first.

You have to tell Shobha first?
lt isn"t your fault.

The English has
taught you, ladies first!

Shobha! Shobha!

What is this? What has happened?

l am very happy today.

lf it was something so joyous,
you should have been patient.

You should have reached home.

lf l wouldn"t meet you,
you"d tell mother.

This thing can"t be told to mother.

There are some such special things..

..which can be told to
only special people.

Okay. So l am just someone
special till now in your eyes.

l can only think
what you are in my eyes.

l can"t tell that to you.
- Then you..

Till when will you
speak to me like this?

Till the time l wish it.

A person thinks with his own brains.

Shobha, l may be crazy. But there
are many things in my heart..

..which are just cramped up inside.

This distance isn"t good.
- You are a tall and strong man.

But you are a bit thick-headed.
- What?

- Shobha.

ls the distance wiped now?.
- No.

lt is wiped out now.
- Okay. Tell me the good news now.

Hey! l had almost forgotten.
Look at this. My appointment letter.

l have got the job of a
police inspector. - Really! - Yes!

Thank you, God!

Now. Come with me.
- Where? - wherever l take you.

lf we get a couple of days
of love in such a huge city.. is all right.

""A couple of days of
love are better than..""

""..are better than..""

""..are better than a
hundred years of life.""

"A couple of days of love.""

""A couple of days of
love are better than..""

""..are better than..""

""..all the happiness of the world.""

""A couple of days of love.""

""A couple of days of
love are better than..""

""..are better than..""

""..are better than a
hundred years of life.""

""A couple days of love..""

""This earth is due to love..""

""..and this sky is due to love too.""

""This earth is due to love..""

""..and this sky is due to love too.""

""This world is moving due
to the support of love.""

""Love is the moth, love is the fire.""

""Love is everything..""

""Flowers, buds, the
moon and the stars..""

""..all are just symbols of love.""

""A couple days of
love are better than..""

""..are better than..""

""..are better than a
hundred years of life.""

""A couple days of love..""

""A couple days of
love are better than..""

""..are better than..""

""..all the happiness of the world.""

""A couple days of love..""

""This love is a
beautiful secret of two days.""

""This love is a
beautiful secret of two days.""

""This is the musical instrument..""

""..which has the heart
beats as its music.""

""Whether it is the song
of the moth..""

""..or it is the
request of any other bird..""

""..what they call love, is
just one and only one voice.""

""A couple days of
love are better than..""

""..are better than..""

""..are better than a
hundred years of life.""

""A couple days of love..""

""A couple days of
love are better than..""

""..are better than..""

..all the happiness of the world.

""A couple days of love..""

""A couple of days of love.""

l will give mother
the good news first.

Why should you give the news?
l will tell her.

Why? was it you who
joined the police, or me?

Are you acting haughty as a
policeman right now?. - Why not?

l have double rights. - How?
- First of all, it is my mother.

Secondly, you are mine.

- What is the matter?

Mother. We will have
to leave Mr. Ashok now.

What are you saying? - l am telling
you the truth, mother.

Mr. Ashok has got a
job in the police force.

ls it so? - Yes. - You
have given me such good news.

l will give you some good news too.

My son Kishore had come.
- Really?

Why did brother go
without meeting me?

He will be coming
almost every day now.

He has really become a big man now.

God listens to everyone.

He listened to my sons a bit late.

But at least, he did listen.

Okay. So you have become
a police inspector now.

Yes, mother. With your blessings.

These are the blessings of God, dear.

Who blessed him.

Come on. Present yourself to him.

Mother. You have snatched
the words from my mouth.

Look, l have arranged
for the worship-plate.

Okay. Come on, dear.

You people go. l have just
returned from the temple.

l have to go to the office.

Thief! Thief!
- Catch him!

Mother! Mother!

Friends. Kishore is the
rightful owner of this seat.

ln our clan, the person
who kills two people..

..and handles a big heist,
this seat is to be given to him.

Kishore. Your name
isn"t Kishore any longer.

Your name is the
Rebellious Star from today.

Hail the Rebellious Star!

Shobha, the people who have to go..

..don"t come back ever.
Only, their memories linger.

What do l have except
mother"s memories now?.

l don"t know what has
happened to this world.

The cost of human lives
is lesser than an ant too.

God save the mother of
that killer who borne him.

very good, Kishore!

The old woman"s soul
will be very happy with you.

You gave her nirvana.

She must be tired of her blindness.

Teacher, the nearby areas have the.. Rebellious Star
etched in their minds.

Why shouldn"t they have it?

After all, he is the
bravest of the brave.

The Rebellious Star?
- Yes.

The same dreaded
criminal who has made life..

..difficult for the common
public as well as the police.

According to our information,
he has..

..ran away from here
towards the north.

Ashok. l am giving you a
great responsibility. - Yes sir.

lf the Rebellious Star
is arrested by you..

..the public, it will be
the betterment of the public.

The police will earn a good name.

And you will be promoted too.

l assure you. l will think
duty to be dearer than my life.

Bringing the
Rebellious Star dead or alive.. my religion now.
- Well said.

The police there have
been told about this.

lt will help you in every way.
Here is the file of this case.

Wish you all the best.
- Thank you, sir.

Friends. All of you
share the five lakhs out..

..of the ten that were
stolen from the bank.

And keep the rest of the
five lakhs in our gang"s fund.

what will you do of the fund
when the gang isn"t there?

what are you saying?
- My people have just found out.

The police have
chosen some inspector..

..Ashok to arrest our gang.
- Ashok!

Why were you shocked by this name?

No! Just like that. l remembered
an old friend with same name.

lf only he"d be with me right now.

The two of us would have
looted the whole world.

Where is he nowadays?
- l don"t know.

Well, forget the
memories of the old friend.

We have to finish
lnspector Ashok first.

You people set your traps too.
- Yes. Boss.

And yes, Madan. Tell
Meena to be careful too.

lnspector Ashok"s death is our life.

His life is our death.

The Rebellious
Star"s life has become..

..death for the people and
an insult to the police.

But apprehending him
is a risky job too.

The life has no worth in
the path of duty, Shobha.

With your requests to God,
l will surely apprehend him.

wherever there are good intentions..

..there are God"s blessing there.

With God"s blessings, l have a
friends blessings too, Shobha.

lf only he"d be with me today.

He would be very happy to see me!

Who was he?
- He was a messiah of truth.

Friend. Please take
me to help you too.

No. Chaman. l am working
for the police, not you.

So what if you are the police man?

Even l am the servant of the people.

l will work without any pay.

lt is possible that l will catch
the Rebellious Star before you.

Catch a fly and show me first.
- A fly?

Here.. -Come on l will come too.

Catch it. - See. lt is in the tea.
- Come on! - l will come too. - Okay.

Shobha, l will leave now.

l will right to you as
soon as l reach there.

Take care of yourself.

Shall l leave?

No, darling. Please don"t touch me.

l have vowed that
till the time l don"t..

..apprehend the Rebellious Star,
l won"t touch you.

Excuse me, sir.
- Yes?

lt"s an honour meeting you.
Are you lnspector Ashok?


l am the private secretary to
the Commissioner of police here.

But.. there isn"t anyone in khaki?

lt is sir"s order that
l should receive you all alone.

Because the Rebellious
Star"s people are everywhere.

Correct. l will come right away.

Please come, lnspector.

What is the matter? The
commissioner uses a small car?

Shut up and sit down. Come on, Sheru.

That means has it started?

Come on!
- Help! She is eloping with a man!

Not here, up there. Oh!
- The snake bites too.

l am going.

Please tell me which is this place?

l am feeling very hot.

Don"t worry. We will cool you down.

- Who is this new passenger?

He is a first class passenger.

He is Ali Baba"s treasure for us.

lnspector Ashok.
- lnspector Ashok?

Pleased to meet you.
- Shut up.

What should be done with him?

The Rebellious Star will decide this.

Lock him up carefully.
He is priceless.

lt is expensive. But why do
you take the trouble of locking..

Come on! Come on!
- No.

He cannot be him.
- What are you seeing?

l am seeing that what the
astrologer had said is true.

And what did the astrologer say?

He had said that you will
die at the hands of some..

..gentleman some, gentleman wretch.

What?! You are calling me a wretch?

Not you. But the one
who will kill me.

l will just tell you how a
gentleman kills a wretch.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
- Shut up!

Baldev, Tie him up!
- Baldev.. Baldev..

Tie my hands too,
otherwise l will run away.


l have brought the
Kohinoor diamond today.

The Kohinoor diamond?
You created a problem.

lt"s a bad omen.

The one who gets
it"s shadow is finished.

But we will finish it today.
l have got the lnspector Ashok.

lnspector Ashok? How many
lnspector Ashok"s are there?

Meena has just
caught an inspector Ashok.

l have tied him up in
the dark dungeon right now.

What? lnspector Ashok?
- Yes! - No! However.

The Rebellious Star
will decide this.

My people are bringing
him with them.

Tie him up in the dark dungeon too.

Okay. Come on.

Bring him in too!

Tie him up! Tie him up
with this wretch too.

Two are better than one.

All of them will be stunned
when they see two inspectors.

- Yes.

Rebellious Star..

We were waiting for you.
Do you know?.

We have caught two
inspector Ashok"s.

Two lnspector Ashok"s?
- Yes.

And the teacher says that
Rebellious Star will decide.

Come on upstairs.

Where did the two go?

These two have disappeared!

Teacher! Teacher! - What is it?
- The two have ran away.

This inspector was very smart.

The police have
found out about our den.

We will have to
leave our place quickly.

But where will we go?
- Go and tell everyone. Go.

Madam. You need a motor,
l need a passenger.

Money is saved in the bus.
Time is saved in a taxi.

What do you say,
should l open the door?

Okay! Come on! Quickly!

Hey, why did you stop it here?

This is the house of my sir.

l will just give him
yesterday"s account.

Please bring the madam
inside with respect.

Hey! What is this?

- Why are you shouting?

- Here it is.

lt is a major problem.

What happened?
- Meena is caught. - What?

Yes. l saw it with my own eyes.

A Khaki clad person made her
sit in a taxi and took her away.

This means that the
police is still following us.

What is new in this? The police
has been chasing us since years.

l am worried because of Meena.

What if the police torture
her and she spills our secrets?

Meena is my sister. l know
that death cannot scare her.

That is all right. But woman
is the name of a weak thing.

lf Meena shows her weakness..

..the bullet from my gun
will silence her forever.

- What are you saying?
- She is your sister.

Till the time she keeps
our secrets in her heart.

Not after that. Come.

No! l am not
connected to those dacoits.

Surely. Tell me that you didn"t
have a hand in carnival theft.

You know the Rebellious Star nicely.

Rebellious Star? l
haven"t even heard his name.

You have heard it now, isn"t it?

Tell me where he is straight away.

You cannot save yourself
from the clutches of the law.

There is a distance
of just ten seconds..

..between your life and death.

Tell me the whereabouts
of the Rebellious Star.

Your life will be spared
as a Government witness.

Otherwise, l am helpless.

l will just count ten, Rosy.
One. Two.

Three. Four. Five. Six.
- No!

Seven, - The rebellious Star!
- Eight. - Nine

- And my brother..

Someone has shot her!
She has been shot!

Take her to the hospital immediately.

Send the police down below, quickly.

Rebellious star, learn
to live like a brave man.

Meena was my sister.

l killed her for my principles.

What can l do?

The ones who spill
the blood of others..

..can spill the blood
of their close ones too.


Today is the 15th August.

Today"s day is a very
symbolic day for me.

l have written the legend
of dacoits..

..with the blood of my sister.

15th August?
- Yes. Fifteenth August.

lt is good that you
reminded me today"s date.

l remembered a forgotten date.

What kind of promise?
- One of meeting an old friend.

Three years ago,
we two had promised.. meet each other
on this day itself.

l will move now. My friend
must be yearning for me. - Go.

The plan that l have made to
apprehend the Rebellious Star..

..if that plan succeeds.. is just the
matter of a couple of days.

This isn"t a Rebellious Star,
he is a problem to the life.

Whenever l see, you are
saying the Rebellious Star.

lt is a responsibility.
- That is all right.

But why do you forget
that Shobha is coming?

We have to go to the
station to receive her.

Shobha is about to come today?

You have come?
- Yes. l have come.

Couldn"t you come to
receive me on the station too?

Shobha, you know
why l have come here.

l have work sometimes.
l have to shoot sometimes.

You have to shed blood sometimes.

- No. You don"t have to shed blood.

You go. - l"ll go. l want to
speak a lot to you. Come on.

You go! Wow! Come on, friend.

l was about to come to the station.

l was dressed up too,
when all of a sudden..

..the commissioner called up,
and l was called there.

Please bring some tea quickly, son.

l will have some tea
quickly and then leave.

The commissioner has called me.

Today, we had freed mother lndia..

..from the chains of slavery.

And we had promised
ourselves that we will..

..keep this day"s
respect all through our lives.

We will have to keep the
promises that we took today.

15th August, 1969 is
dearer to us than our life too.



67.. 66..

What are you thinking about?

lt is three years already?
Three years?

Shobha, l have to go somewhere.
- Where?

To keep my promise.
To meet my friend.

You have to go to the commissioner.

The commissioner can wait.

My friend shouldn"t wait.
He shouldn"t wait. My friend!

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it nicely,
with my own eyes."

"lt is difficult to
recognise who is good or bad here."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it nicely,
with my own eyes."

"lt is difficult to
recognise who is good or bad here."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Every morning of mine is
the festival of colors."

"Every evening of mine is
the festival of lights."

"This is the world of two days.
lt is not going with us."

"Whose heart is pure.."

"Whose heart is pure
climbs even after falling down."

"Look at the moon that
sets and moves ahead."

"Oh, friend!"
- "Oh, friend!"

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it nicely,
with my own eyes."

"lt is difficult to
recognise who is good or bad here."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"May you have the thorns of truth."

"l will have to flowers of lies."

"l will tread on the path which
has color on it"s every step."

"There are a lakh of ways for lies."

"There are a lakh of ways for lies."

"There is just one
destination for truth."

"The heart which fears God thinks.."

"..that every problem is easy."

"Oh, friend!"
- "Oh, friend!"

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"l have seen it nicely,
with my own eyes."

"lt is difficult to
recognize who is good or bad here."

"Oh, my friend,
l have seen the world."

"Oh, my friend..""

Please say something.

When the heart of two friends are..

..talking to each other
why should the lips work?

l couldn"t even think that
you would change so much!

But you are just strong as before.

Okay, tell me. Did you marry or..

l will be marrying very soon!

Okay. Tell me how the to
be sister-in-law will be?

ls she ebony, fair, tall, broad?
- She is like a Goddess.

lf you see her, you will
go crazy. Okay. Tell me.

Did you meet your dad?
How is your mother?

How is your sister?
- All of them are all right.

What did you do in these three years?
where all did you go?

What did you learn and teach?
Tell me!

l did all that
in three years which..

..l wouldn"t have been able to
do in three hundred years too.

Life took may turns.

lt is a colorful story, my friend.

Some girl has come in your life?

Have you found some
better friend than me?

Not a friend, my friend.

But l certainly have found an enemy.

He is thirsty for my
blood and l for his.

He is searching for me.
And l am searching for him.

Tell me who he is.

Why shouldn"t l
finish my friend"s enemy?

Don"t be excited, my friend.

l have learnt how to color my
hands with the enemy"s blood.

You are saying this?
- Yes. l am saying this.

No. You used to step
lightly on the floor.. that your feet
don"t crush any ant.

You were a very..
- Non-violent.

You were a non-violent person.

You are joking.
- l am not joking.

He isn"t a man who
doesn"t walk with time.

l think..

The world can change,
but my friend can"t change.

Everything can change. Look at me.

l picked so many pockets,
looted and thieved.. many places and
people in these three years.

You can"t think about all that.

You had told me that
the bad buffets..

..don"t have the fun
of a honest starvation.

Truth is the twig that
can cross an ocean too.

To hell with the truth!
And to hell with the good.

ln the world where
there is no place..

..for good, it is stupidity
to be good in that world.

Listen to the whole thing,
my friend.

Do you remember? l used to dance..

..listening to the radio
during my college days?

l dance just like that,
listening to sounds of bullets.

l have become a very big man.

l have become the leader of a
gang of hoodlums and thieves.

You must have heard the name
of the Rebellious Star. - Yes.

My friend! l am him!

You! You are Rebellious Star?

Yes. Ashok. l am him.
My enemy is a ClD officer.

Till the time l
don"t whet my forehead..

..with his blood, these
eyes won"t get any sleep.

Forget these things.

Tell me. What has gone on with you?

My story is very interesting too.

l have spent these three
years in helping people..

..serving the poor
and supporting justice.

Helping people, serving the
poor and supporting justice?

You are saying all this?
l won"t believe it.

How will you not
believe it, my friend?

lf a person like you
becomes a devil..

..then can"t a devil
like me become a man?

Wow! Time takes a nice turn too.

l wore your disguise
and you wore mine.

Okay. Tell me. What
do you do nowadays?


l am searching for an enemy too.

He is chasing me,
and l am chasing him.

One of our death is
playing hide and seek.

Why? His death is
playing hide and seek.

Quickly tell me who he is.

My friend"s enemy
will die at my hands.

No, my friend..

l will do this good
work with my own hands.

Give me your pistol.

Whether it is your gun or mine.

The friend will be handy.

As the friend wishes it.

Hands up, Kishore.

What joke is this?

This isn"t a joke. This is reality.

l am that officer
whose blood you thirst for.

That ClD officer? lt is you?

That means, two friends
will challenge each other?

You can"t make me forget my
duty for my friend"s sake.

Don"t forget, Ashok.
l am your oldest friend.

l think my duty to me
more than my friendship.

lf you are my friend, you
will help me in my duty.

Look, Ashok. This is
the question of my life.

Will you hang me and
fulfill your duty?

Remember those college days..

..where l helped you at every step.

Hands up, or l will shoot!

No, Prakash! No!

My friend!

Driver, come quickly!

Welcome, Rebellious Star.

Here, have this.

Where is the teacher?

Rebellious star, l have come.

l have brought a very
beautiful and fragile gift for you.

lnspector Ashok"s fiancee.
- Where is she?

Go. Go and have a close look.

She is very good bait.

- Brother?

Shobha? Brother?

Teacher. She is my sister.

A girl is always someone"s sister.

Meena was my sister too.

What are you staring at? Kill her.

Prakash! - Athief and
dacoit"s conscience is just money.

He isn"t anyone"s brother
and neither anyone"s son.

He doesn"t have any
sister nor any mother.

So, brother. You have
become a thief and a dacoit?

You had left your
house for your principles.

Mother, father and sister.

You had kicked the perks
of life just because.. didn"t like your
father taking bribes.

Tell me. Tell me. Did you do
all this to be become a thief?

Do your work.

Emotions don"t have any
importance in our religion.

Take this revolver. Take it!

Guru, Guru.

The police have surrounded
us from all four sides. - Yes.

The police have come?
Kishore. We don"t have much time.

Clear the enemy from the path first.

l will settle with the
police till that time.

You go that side. l will go here.

Shoot me.

The hand which tied the
sacred thread of fraternity..

..on my hand, how can
that hand shoot his sister?

The hand on which l used to tie the..

..sacred thread, wasn"t the hand..

..of a thief, dacoit and murderer.

Many of our people have died.

Leave with the others.
l will stop them.

Surrender yourself to the police.

Shobha, you run away from here.

l am not a criminal
to run away from here.

Shobha, my life is ruined as it is.

But you have your
whole life in front of you.

Run away from here!

Ashok! Ashok!





Do you know whom you want to shoot?

l know him very well,
Shobha. He is my friend Ashok.

Brother! Don"t you know that
he is my life partner too?

Ashok! Ashok! Ashok!

The man whom you want
to kill is a dacoit..

..later and my brother first.
My only brother!

Your lone brother! But
he is my only friend too!

My lone friend!

Will you kill your friend?

l wish that he should kill me.

But this time, l am not Kishore"s
friend, but the servant to law.

You don"t come in between, Shobha.

You have to decide what
you want to sacrifice.

Either your love or your brother.


- Ashok.

Surrender yourself to me, Kishore.

l don"t want to be the
murderer of my friend.

How did you decide from
now itself that l will die?

l wish that l should
become the aim of your bullet.

But l don"t wish that you should.. accused of killing
a friend too.

lt doesn"t matter. One friend"s
death will be another"s life.


Kishore! Kishore!


This moment is so beautiful.

Even if l am dying,
l am dying in my friend"s embrace.


The bullet that killed
you was the bullet of law.

But the embrace, in
which you are dying.. your friend"s embrace.

Okay, tell me something
before l die. who won?

Did lies win or did the truth win?

You won, Kishore.

You taught me the lesson of truth.

But friend, you forgot everything.
l remembered it.

No, Ashok, you have won.

lt is very easy to be bad from good.

lt is very difficult
to become good from bad.


l couldn"t give you
anything in life.

Today, l will give you one
last present while dying.

That present will become the
vermilion on your forehead.


Ashok, l am leaving
Shobha in your care.

Don"t think her to
be a dacoit"s sister.

Don"t give the name
of enmity to life..

..long friendship in
the last moment of life.

My friend!
- My friend!

Okay.. now l will..

- Move!


Cry as much as you wish today.

Maybe the truth
behind your tears will..

..stop my soul from wandering about.

My friend! l am going.
- Leaving memories?

Memories! Here.. see this. See this..


- Brother!


"Lies have a lakh of paths."

"Lies have a lakh of paths."

"There is just one
destination to truth."

"The one who fears God thinks
that all problems are simple."