Sabtu Bersama Bapak (2016) - full transcript

It's a story about a young man looking for a love learning, about a man who learned to be a father and a good husband, about a mother who raised them with love and about father who left a message and promised to always be with them. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

I might have to leave you next year.

Why? Don't you love me anymore?

Did I do something bad?
I promise to be good.

Please don't leave.

You didn't do anything bad.

It's not your fault, it's just that...

God is calling me.

But don't be angry with Him.

Don't be angry with me.

Also, don't you ever blame yourself.

No one is to blame.

I'm going to miss this.

What do you mean?

Your cooking.

Won't you miss me?

Is there a word beyond "missing"?

I don't think so.

Then I can't answer your question.

Satya, Saka, it's me.

I'm just going to some place.

I'm not leaving you.
But let's promise one thing.

Be good.

Study well.

And listen to your mother.

Don't worry about raising them.

I've got it all planned out.

Even when I'm no longer around.

But I won't be able to watch them grow.

Or attend their graduation ceremony.

Or be at their wedding.

I will do all that for you.

I promise.

I'm sorry.

That's enough.

You should rest.

3 MAY 1956 - 11 DEC 1992

Satya and Saka, my children,

I've never left your side.

Take good care of your mother.

Heaven lies at her feet.

Don't ever let her feel lonely.

I will always be by your side.

We will see each other every Saturday.

You must study hard on weekdays.

Come on!

I'm so tired.

Mom! It's Saturday!

- Let's go see Dad!
- I want to see him, too!

I love you both.

Remember one thing.

In our family, the first and last person
to believe in us is ourselves.

And this is for you, my love.

Your cooking is wonderful.

Trust me.

So when will it be?

When will you open a restaurant?

We have too many trophies.

No. We just need bigger walls.

- Mom, look!
- Wow, Saka!

Dad, look! I won my Taekwondo match.

- Me, too!
- Yes, they both won.

I'm so proud of you both.

I know you will do very well in life.

Thank you for making me proud.



One more...

Here's your drink.
One fried rice coming up.

Yes, thank you.

It's done, these...

Excuse me?

Can I take your order?

Wait. Not you.

I was calling for him. The one in black.

That one. I hope you're not mad. Sorry.

- Hi. Can I help you?
- Hi.

- What's your order?
- Anything will do.

- Anything?
- Anything.

- How about you?
- The same.

- Yes.
- So three orders of anything?


Be careful not to get hypnotized, miss.

It's quite dangerous here.

Please check your wallet and belongings
before you leave.

I'm just reminding you.

There's been some incidents.
A suspicious individual...

What are you doing?


Mom, help!

Stop it!

- He tried to hypnotize that girl.
- Stop it.

Instead of serving, he hypnotized her.
He's dangerous.

I believe that life
should be well-planned.

Because we only live once.

We can't turn back time.

So plan everything. It's important.

Plan, plan, and plan.

Especially if you're getting married.

Become a father.

Every step you take...

you bring your wife and children with you.

Aren't you tired of this
long-distance relationship?

I'm just sad every time
you go back to Borneo.

I'm not going back there.

I've been reassigned.
Off the North Sea Coast.

The headquarters is in France,
either in Bordeaux or Paris.

It depends on where I'll be stationed at.

So I think we should break up.

We break up...

and then we get married.

Oh, my God...

Not like this.

Not like this!

Redo it. I don't like it when you do that.

You scared me to death.
I've waited for you for three years.

Now, do it again. Okay.

Risa, will you be my wife?

- But what about my career?
- We'll figure it out together, okay?

One step at a time.

As long as I'm with you.


Risa Uri Atmaja...

will you be my wife?

Yes, I will.

Come here.

Excuse me, sir, ma'am.

Sorry, but it's getting late.

We're about to close.

So maybe you guys better get a room.

Could I see the owner, please?

The owner did leave you a message.

- Specifically for this lady.
- Yes.

Welcome to the weirdest family in Bandung.

Come here.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

I will miss you very much.

Grow up to be fine gentleman.

Because age is just a number.

And no one knows how long do we have.

Let your soul mature,
along with your morals.

It's not your spouse's job
to make you complete.

But it's your own duty.


It's done.

It smells nice.

The color looks a bit different.

You must have missed an ingredient.

Here we go. My version of ketupat sayur.

- Give it a try.
- Yes.

Look at what I made.


My special ketupat sayur.

Seven times nine equals sixty-three.

Wow, you scored 100, Rian!

That's amazing! Give me a hug!

See? You're good at math.

Can we play outside now?

Sure, but wear a jacket.
It's cold outside.

Okay, go.

Go on, your dad is calling.

- Hello?
- Hi, honey.

By the way,
I'll be in Paris for three days.

- Really? When will you be there?
- I just got here.

But I'll spend this whole day at HQ
helping them with the pipe designs.

So I won't be home until tomorrow morning.

- And what?
- Nothing. It's nothing.

By the way, I made you
something very delicious.

- Really?
- Guess what it is.

Roasted chicken?
I'm craving for that right now.

Sure. It's a roasted chicken.


Come home soon, okay?

- See you tomorrow.
- Okay.

I don't understand your language.

- Why not tell her about your situation?
- She'll be worried.

We're heading straight.

We need to search for it first.

When will we buy it, Mom?

We'll stop later, okay?

Can we have ice cream later?

You may.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- I'd like one whole chicken, please.
- Chicken?

- Can you hold this for me, please?
- Okay.

Mom, why not scratch
my soccer team off the list?

Because you haven't passed the test.

I'm sure your dad is fine with it.

We'll tell him together, okay?

Is it ready?

The total is 10 euros.

- Here.
- Thank you.

- Thank you!
- Thanks, madame, kids, Spiderman.

Watch your step.

Thank you, sir.


Did you know?

Someone in finance just confessed
his love to Mirna who sits on that corner.

I think it's Bimo.

- From the 5th floor?
- Yes.

- Did she accept him?
- Of course she did.

That means, the only one
who's still single in this department is...

That's the thing.

- Morning, sir.
- Morning, Wati.

- Had breakfast yet?
- Yes.

- Have you found a girlfriend yet?
- Shut up.

Good morning.

I'm still single
since I entered this room, Firman.

Thank you and good morning to you, too.

What is it with you?

I'm just here to go over
your schedule for the day.

- Three items.
- Okay, what's the first one?

First, we have a meeting with Gunter

regarding the potentials
of Eastern Indonesia.

- The second one?
- Okay.

The second item is
next year's forecast meeting.

- Okay.
- The third item?

- The third one is, you're still single.
- Get out!

Such a nosy people.

No respect for their boss.

- When will you have a girlfriend?
- I see you're still single!

You wanna stay single forever?

Thank you for your caring so much
about finding a match for me.

I don't have any problem finding
a girlfriend. I just started looking.

Rather than trying to set me up
with someone, try solving this.

If you keep asking me
when I'll have a girlfriend,

how much of your salary
will I cut down next year?

Let's think together.

Math? How about a language problem?

What do you call someone
who's still single and alone?

How about a language problem?

We're truly concerned for you.

You should smile more.
You look cute when you smile.

But you look constipated when you pout.


Have you found anyone to cook for you?

You're 30 now.

You should find someone this year.

Stop coming here all the time.

If you spend your weekend here,
you won't have time to date.

Mom, come on.

Can't I come home anymore?

Who's going to look after you?

I can take care of myself.

- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

Is something wrong?


I won't be able to watch them grow.

Or attend their graduation ceremony.
Or be at their wedding.

I will do all that for you.

I promise.

I'm sorry, dear.

You must tell the children.
They should know about this.

If Satya finds out about this,

he will feel really bad
about living abroad.

And if Saka finds out...

he will sacrifice his future
to take care of me.

He should focus on finding someone.

But they only have one mother.

Once the tumor is removed...

everything will be okay.

No one needs to know about this.

Don't act dumb
when you're around a pretty girl.

I never do that.

Your jaws were on the floor
at that pretty customer.

Be cool.

It's not like it's your first time
seeing a pretty girl.

What's wrong with this girl, anyway?

Can I take you home? Be my husband.

I promise I'll stop going to clubs.

- What is it?
- You look dumb.

Yes, boss. Firman was right.

Actually, if I may add,

your looks make the ladies go away.

What's wrong with this?

This collar is from the 1940s era.

Confused? Here, let me show you.


This is well-dressed.

- And this...
- Wati. Listen to me.

Not all women are as materialistic
as you are.

Besides, all our customers
are running a small business.

If I wear a suit and tie everyday,
they will feel intimidated.

They'll feel reluctant to meet me.

Well, you have a point there.

But here's the thing, boss.

You're in a high position now.
The director of this company.

It's time for you to stay
behind the desk all day.

Inside a nice and cool office.

You don't have to come to the market.
That's this freaky creature's job.

You got it? It's time you focus.

Focus on strategies,
board meetings, and presentation.

- That kind of stuff.
- I know, Wati.

You don't have to buy groceries.

The bottom line is. you have to be cool.

Even our interns dress better than you.

I'll take all of these.


Saka, I remember you refused to go
to school wearing your old shoes.

Remember this.

In our family, your pride comes from here.

And it will affect others out there.
Not from what we wear.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

I take this only. You can leave the rest.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

He's not buying them?

Remember not to put too much salt.

Maybe that was the problem.

I will try making the dish again.

How are you? What are you up to?

I've been pretty busy.
There's always something to do.

Good for you, Mom.

Or Satya will be worried
if you have nothing to keep you busy.

Afraid you'll get lonely.

Okay, then.

I'll get back to my chores.

Sure. Give my regards to the boys.

- Okay. Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

Won't you miss me?

Is there a word beyond "missing"?

I don't think so.

Then I can't answer your question.


Mom, Dad's here!

Hey, come here, kids!

Is it cold outside?

I missed you!

You want a kiss, too?

Come on, get inside.
Rian, can you shut the door?

- Honey?
- Yeah?

- What happened to your arm?
- It's nothing. Just a pipe fell on me.

- It's nothing?
- It is.

- Please help me with this.
- We have something to tell you.

Okay, but let me shower first.

- Where's your ring?
- Well...

It slipped out when the pipe fell on me.

Don't worry. I'll get another one
that looks exactly the same.

Kids, tell me later
after I've showered, okay?

- Okay!
- Honey?

You haven't told me the whole story.
What happened to your arm?

I want the chicken first.

- Give me a slice.
- Okay.


That's enough.

I was going to give you the skin.

So what about your arm? How did it happen?


I think it happened a week ago.

But it's not that serious.
Just some bruise. Nothing's broken.

It's just the doctor wanted me
to use this sling.

I know it's serious.

But what's important is that I'm fine.
I was paid for the job. It's all good.

What's going on with Miku?
Did he get into the soccer team?

He can join in the tryout next year.

So he didn't get in.
You can't keep doing this.

Only losers aim for another chance.

Don't be too soft.
You have to push him harder.

- Okay.
- What is this?

Rian's math homework.

Math homework?

But this one is wrong.

It's fine. I wanted to encourage him,
so I let it pass.

No. If he made a mistake, he has to know.

You have to be tougher about this.
He has potential, you know?

But he won't see that
if you're too soft on him.

Fine. Are we having dinner or not?

No. Let me talk to them first.

Miku, Rian!

Hey. Miku, Rian, I have a story for you.

Listen carefully.

Keep going. Squat. Right leg.
Keep on going.

Don't jump. You can't jump.

Keep going.

Lift, then kick.
Don't kick from your leg down.

- Come on, hurry!
- I can't.

I'm just a little boy.
You never let me win.

No one will hand you your victory
even when you're a grown-up man.

You must seize your victory,
not ask for it.

If your grades are low, then study harder.

Not strong enough?
Train yourself to be stronger.

- Want to have a break?
- Nope! I want to give it another try.

Let's go!

Start from the bottom.

Stand up, lift, and kick.

Put some strength into it. Kick.

That's the story.

If I could do it, then you two can.

Rian, you must be better at math.

Miku, you have to pass
the soccer team tryout.

Wati, Firman.

What do you think? How do I look now?


You look like...

- You.
- But the cooler version.

- More fun.
- Right.

Watch this.

That is the gym pose.

- Seriously?
- Absolutely!

I've never gone to the gym.
How about this?

Oh, my God! That pose!
I totally have a crush on you.

- Really?
- Yes, sir!

That's right. You're more fun.

- This is an action pose.
- You're right.

I have one more.

- Brilliant!
- One more pose. Watch this.

- That's insane!
- Imaginary beard style.

Look at Dewi.
She's about to divorce her husband.

No. Please don't do that.

You're too awesome.

- Are you done?
- There's still...

I think he's done.
He needs to reply to you, right?

Right. I sent you a lot of emails.

It's okay. I'm fine with that.

- We'll continue later, okay?
- Sure.

Don't be sad? All right then.

Honey, look at this.

In three years,
we'll have paid off our mortgage.

- Yeah.
- And in three years,

we will have enough
for the kids' education.

We're on track.


Can you stop working offshore?

What if you were to take an office job?

We can still stay here.


That makes things longer than three years.

I'm sure that is okay, right?

- We can't turn back time.
- I know.

That's what your dad always told you.
I can get a job, too.

Honey, we tried doing that
when we just got married.

And, sure, we had more time with our kids.

But we weren't making that much.

The fastest way to realize our plans
is for me work offshore.

I know. But if we both work here,
I'm sure we can catch up.

We won't be away from each other so much.

If I work offshore, at least one of us
can stay home with the kids. You.

If we both work, who's looking after them?

Let me provide for my family.

Even if it's far and dangerous,
I can deal with it.

Don't worry about anything.
Just sit nicely.

If my dad could do it, I can too.

- Your turn.
- Are you done?

- Yes.
- Okay.

Hold on.
I call dibs on the girl named Ayu.

Why not all of them?

But she's the prettiest one.

Fine. Okay. Don't worry.

- Don't be jealous.
- Sure.

- Okay.
- Wati. Firman. Let's go.

All right, then.

- Good morning, everyone.
- Morning.

My name is Cak...


I... I...

I'm the Deputy Director.

Yes, my name is Cakra.
I'm the Deputy Director.

- What division, sir?
- Singles division.

I meant Micro Finance Division.

Yeah, sorry. I'm just very nervous.

This is unusual,
it's just that I have big balls...

Sorry, that's not what I meant. I mean,
because of my biggest shyness, so...

So, that's why...

Sorry, I am a bit...


Relax. No one will remember
it ever happened. Right?

What was it that's "big"?

Salman. Sorry, we're in a meeting.

Is that so? Okay.

He's pissing me off.

Don't listen to him.

Just forget about it. Okay?

How are you? Are you well?

I am well. Actually...

I have a crush on a girl.

Praise be to God, it's not a man.

I'm serious, Mom.


Don't come to Bandung
at the end of July, okay?

I'm going to Padang
with my high school friends.

But, you have someone
looking after you, right?

I mean, you're all going together?
Is it safe?

Of course it's safe.

Then please be careful on your way, okay?

I just wanted...

to tell you about my crush.

Keep me updated, okay?

I love you.

I love you, too.


- Congratulations, you are hired.
- Thank you, Mrs. Dupont.

Please call me Susan.

Now, your start date.

Can you start next Monday?

Of course.

Great. Excuse me?

- Yes, madame?
- He'll show you your office.

- Okay.
- Come this way.

Thank you very much.

Hello, Ika?
I'm coming to get the kids, okay?

Why are you working, Mom?

Listen to me, kids.

I have to work.
I have to help your father.

And by helping him,
the four of us can be together again.

Like before. You'd like that?

It's about to rain. Let's go.

- Do we have to do this now?
- Just go!

- No...
- Just go!

- No, no...
- Go!


Did I startle you? I startled myself, too.

I'm not usually like this.
But because you startled, I did, too.

I'm usually worse
when I get startled. Like that.

Anything I can do for you, sir?

Don't call me sir. Call me by my name.

You see Ms. Dewi? She calls me by my name.

Try it.

Anything I can do, Cakra?

So melodic.

Okay, so here's the thing.

- I want to eat you.
- Sorry?

I mean, I'd like to eat you
this afternoon.

I mean, it'd be good to eat you
on a good day like this.

No, not that either. I mean...

you and me, go to lunch.

I would like to take you out to lunch.

With you.

In the afternoon.

How about at 11,30?

Perfect, my job will be done by then.
I'm free for you.

Where should we go?

How about TwoStories?
That's where the cool kids hang out.

People like us.

You're cool.

I'm cool.

I'm awesome. You're even more awesome.

I like your style.

I don't like my style.

Okay for the lunch.

Great. I will go there, now.

Actually, it's that way.

To be honest, I should go that way.

So how did you get into banking?

My major has to do with it. So...

- Ayu?
- Cakra.

I asked Salman to come along, okay?

It's fine.

- Been here long?
- Yeah.

- About an hour.
- Oh.

- You already had lunch?
- Yes.

- Sit down.
- Okay.

What do you want to order?

It's fine. Later.

Sorry, just a moment.

So where were we?

You were telling me about how you went
into banking because your major...

Right, because it was my major.

Okay. Well, I went into banking
for the pretty girls.

- I'm sorry, what?
- I'm just kidding.

How about we call Saka?

Relax. The surgery won't take long.

Are you ready?

I'm ready.

Remember, honey, we never troubled
our parents when we were younger.

We must not trouble our children now.

Not startled, right?

No, I wasn't.

How are you, Ayu?

I'm fine.

Just a little busy.

I'll get to the point. So...

I'd like to ask you out to lunch again.
How about it?

Well, I can't today.

What's the matter?

Salman has already asked me out to lunch.

That's great.


Have fun, okay?

Right, I'll be going, then.


All right.

Stinky beans! Come, come! Get it!

Just get in line.

Calm down. There's more downstairs.
Just get in the line.

The Lord of Stinky Beans.

What's the matter?
Don't you like stinky beans?

- I failed.
- Failed?

Going for lunch?

Don't use your lunch time
to date your boyfriend.

Hi, going out for lunch?

- Yes.
- Want some stinky beans?

No, thanks.

You're new here, aren't you?

Sort of.

Are you avoiding Chakra?

I don't think
I should share this with you.

You absolutely should.

You can give me some hints.
You know, some clues for senior.


I kind of feel bad saying this.

Don't feel bad. Just relax.

You can trust me.

So, it's because...

I just find him to be a bit odd.

And I have had a bad experience
with an odd guy like him. So...

Let it out. Tell me everything.

So, I had a senior in college
who had a crush on me.

You're pretty popular, aren't you?

And he was a bit odd, like Cakra.

Like, really awkward.
Which can be cute sometimes.

But he became really possessive with me.

He'd sit outside of my house all day.

Be patient, okay.

Well, thank you.

Go on. It becomes more interesting.

The dog that used to guard my house...

he poisoned it.


That's terrible. Why would anyone do that?

That's why I prefer to hang out
with normal people.

Cakra is pretty normal, you know.
He never killed any pet.

- Really?
- Yeah.

But I don't know about humans.

But I honestly won't mind
being friends with anybody.

As long as we can have good conversations.

So, you enjoy
your conversations with Salman?

You have a very sweet smile.

Keep that in check or you'll get diabetes.

All right.
You can keep this as a souvenir.

Okay. Have a good lunch.

Miku, don't go too far!

Yes, Aunt Ika.

Hey, Martin.

You won't be coming as scheduled?
But it's been two weeks.

You said it wouldn't be
more than two weeks.

You should have been home by now.

Rian, I'm hungry. Can we eat?

Would you like a sandwich, boys?


Come on. I know a great sandwich place.

It's close by.

You'll love it.

I don't know, I was on the phone
and they were gone.

Who's gone missing?

My friend's children.

- What are their names?
- Miku, Rian?

Risa, I'm so sorry.

Who are you, madam?

- We just received the report.
- Where are my boys?

Risa, I was on the phone for 5 minutes.
When I came back, they were gone.

Rian, where did you go, sweetie?




I lost the kids.

Hi, Mom? How's Padang?

It's fun.

Are you okay? Are you well?

I'm fine.


I need to hang up now.

My friends want to take me
for a walk outside.


I love you, Mom.

I love you, too.

- Madam, can you come with us?
- What?

Come with us.

Just a moment. I'll keep you updated.
Pray for their safety, okay?


Miku? You...

- Where were you guys?
- Afternoon, Inspectors.

How did you find them?

I know these boys.
They're my customer's kids.

And then?

When I saw them walking
with a suspicious man...

Don't leave like that again. Okay?

Promise. Promise me, okay?

I was so scared.
Your father is really angry at me.

When I walked up to them,
the man ran away.

So then I called the police.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

No problem.

- You want some coffee?
- How did it happen?

I left the kids with Ika
when I went to work.

We got lucky, you know that?

Thank God the kids are all right.

We talked about this.

Why won't you listen to me?

- I just wanted to help you.
- I don't need your help!

We talked and talked about this.
I just need you to be a good wife.

Don't change our plans.
Make sure the kids are safe.

Make sure their math is correct.

Make sure you cook properly!

Satya, do I mean anything to you?

You think I wanted to lose them?

Am I that low?

You have failed as a mother.

- Where are you going?
- Away from you.

Take care of the kids.

- You want to leave them like this?
- I've never left them.

You are never here.
Once you're here, nothing is enough.

Because you never listen to me!

My father taught me
everything I asked of you.

It's been proven. Was he wrong?

I never said that.

But you're not your father.
You're the father of Rian and Miku.

So you're saying
I'm not as good as my father?


It's no use.

It's no use?
So our marriage means nothing?

Everything I've worked hard for
for you, Miku, and Rian means nothing?

Me giving the kids education
means nothing?

This house means nothing?

Everything means nothing?

Everything I've given means nothing!

All my hard work is for nothing!

Satya, enough.



Hey, boys. Are you studying?

Yes, Mom.

Want to play hide-and-seek?

Yes, we do!

So your dad is hiding in the bathroom.

But here's the key.

You can only open it
after you've counted to 100.

Here. You hold the key.

I have work out of town.
Just for a bit. I will be home soon.

Bye-bye. Start counting, kids.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine,

ten, eleven, twelve...


I had a fight with Satya.

I don't know what to do.

I've tried to make him happy.

I've done everything I can
for him, your son.

But I...

I don't think I'm the one for him.


Listen to me.


I'm there with you.

Hugging you.


Yes, Mom.


Come here, my dear.

I'm sorry, Mom.


Where are you...

If you ever feel lonely...

or feel I'm too far from you...

imagine me right here.

Hugging you.

Like this.

What do you think of my pancakes?
Is it good?

- Not too bad.
- Mom's pancakes are better.

Where does Mom work?

She always dropped us at Aunt Ika's
before she went to work.

- Aunt Ika?
- Yes.

Finish your pancake, okay?

Hello, Ika? Yes, this is Satya.

By the way, do you know where Risa works?

Hi, Rian, Miku, what are you doing?

- We're eating pancakes.
- Good boys.

- When are you coming home?
- I'll be home soon.

- Let me call you back. Okay?
- I miss you guys so much.


Be good, okay?


Risa? Where are you?


- Do you know where she is?
- No.

Why didn't you ask her?

What's so hard about it?

So our marriage means nothing?

All I've worked for for this family
is for nothing?

Me giving the kids education
means nothing?

This big house means nothing?

Everything means nothing?

Everything I've given means nothing!

All my hard work is for nothing!

You're not your father.
You're Rian and Miku's father!

What's wrong with you, Son?

You lied to me.

What do you mean?

Everything you taught us every Saturday.

I did everything, but it's all wrong.

- What was wrong?
- You lied to me!

Everything is just a big lie!

I taught you to plan for your future.

But never forget about your present.

You told us we should always plan ahead.

In fact, life sometimes doesn't go
according to plan.

- You never said that.
- Satya!

Listen to me!

Never forget the present
with your family here.

I'm sorry. I wasn't there for you.

But you must be there for your family.

Come here, Son.

I've missed you so much.

I'm right here, in your heart.

I miss you, Dad.

Please forgive me...

Sorry, boys.

What are you watching?

Come on, Dad's almost home.

- Get ready.
- Is that Mom?


Maybe that was the problem.

Okay, I will try making the dish again.

Does she work out like this often?

Quite often, when you're away.

Since when?

It's been a while.

She said it helps her to stay fit,
so she can take care of us,

clean the house, and cook for you.

Also, you'd love her even more.

Thank God.

It's over.

Get some rest.

So all he does is mope around.

He's just staring into space
in his office.

- Good morning, everyone.
- Morning, boss.

- Wati.
- Yes, sir?

- Report, please.
- Okay.

- Firman?
- Ready.

So, Bank Indonesia's interest rate
dropped 25 percent from basic point.

And we're entering a dry season now.

Which is good. Why is this good?

Because it's a good time
to go out to the sea.


Salman just asked confessed to Ayu.


- The interest rate went down, huh?
- Come on, boss!

Relax. According to my informant,
Ayu hasn't give him any answer.

That's why Salman is uneasy.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Here's your chance!

- What should I do, then?
- Come on, boss!

What a pretty flower.

Sure, it is.

You like the food?

Yes, it's good.

What a pretty flower.

We already talked about that.


I'm terrible at these things.

So, here's the thing, Ayu.

I would like you...

to be my girlfriend.

No, no. I mean, hear me out...

I'm not looking for one.

But more of a life companion.

That's what I meant. And I see that...

in you.


I think I'd feel more comfortable if...

if we stayed as a friend.

Of course. I get that.

Good, we can be friends.

I mean, a life companion is,

we are friends and you're alive.

Life companions.

Right? You're breathing, right?
That means you're alive.

- Seriously, though, the flower...
- Stop it.

We talked about that already.

I believe life needs to be well-planned.

Especially when you have become husbands.

Every step you take...

you bring your wife and children with you.

Be a strong and kind man.

Worthy of your wife and children.

May you find a woman
as strong and as kind.

Your jewels here on earth
and later in the afterlife.

We can never turn back time.

So plan everything. It's important.

Always plan ahead.

- What are you doing?
- I found you through your credit card.

You're staying in this hotel?

Can we talk?


Hear me out first.


I admit that I was wrong.

I need you.


None of this is about...

It's not about who is right or wrong.

Then what?

I need you, but I don't need you
to be as perfect as your father.

Because the moment we got married,
I had already accepted you.

I gave you everything I could.

The best of me.


I'm still not enough.

I don't need you to cook
perfect meals for me.

Because your salty food is not
the reason I fell in love with you.

But it's your beautiful heart.

I just realize...

that I don't need a better you.

But one thing I can promise you...

from now on,
I will be the best person for you.


Will you take me as your husband again?

I'm sorry for being an idiot.

- I'm the one who should apologize.
- I'm the one who was wrong.

How's the kids?

They're fine.

Everything will be fine, right?


- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.

- Saka.
- Hey, Mom.

- Is it ready? I want that.
- It is ready.

Give me a plate.

- You should wait a bit. It's still hot.
- It's fine. I'm used to it.

You can eat something else first.

- I already cooked egg and tofu.
- But I want this.

Careful, it's hot.

How are you doing, Mom?

I'm fine.

You look pale.

I'm trying a skin whitening product.

Does it look good?

You look pale, Mom.

Mom, I'm serious.
Did something happen to you?

- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?

I'm okay.

How is it going with...

Who was it?

Total failure, Mom.

Nobody wants me.

So, Saka hasn't got married yet?

It's all right.

- Want me to introduce you to someone?
- Mom...

- I don't want it to be arranged.
- It's nothing like that.

Just a casual meet-up.

First, I have picked them for you.

Second, you have their parents' blessing.

So you won't compete with anyone.


- Do you still have more?
- The chicken?

No, I mean your friend's daughters.

There is still one.

Sure, why not?

She lives in Jakarta.

Her name is Retna. She's really pretty.

You can meet her there.

- Do you have more?
- You should meet one girl at a time.

I meant the chicken, Mom.
I want more chicken.


Mrs. Tyas?

I think it's a go.

We can introduce our kids to each other.

- Klaus, thanks for coming.
- No problem.

What is it?

This is my request
to be reassigned to Paris.

I'm not supposed to tell you,
but I've prepared a position for you here.

It'll be though without you on the rig.

My work is important to me,
but I need to think of my family.

You're a lucky husband.

I know.

Okay. I'll keep you updated.

Thank you very much.

I just met with Klaus.

So, how is it going?

I think he has a position
for me here already.

- That fast?
- I think so.

- Why didn't you do it sooner?
- I never thought about it.

Thank you.

- Honey.
- Yes?

How's your work?

- My work?
- Yeah.

Susan said that...

it seems that my proposal
has been approved.

It's grown back?

It's on the left this time.

Are you ready?

I'm sorry, honey.

I think I won't be able
to keep my promise.



What a coincidence.

- Yeah.
- What are you doing here?

Waiting for a friend.
I have an appointment to meet up.

Me, too. Waiting for a friend.

- Really?
- It's a girl.

Actually she's not my friend.
But I don't want to brag.

- A date.
- Really?

Yeah, she is.

And she loves flowers, so much.

We lose track of time
talking about flowers.

Great, then I'll be waiting
for my friend over there.

I don't want to bother your date.

- I'll make a call first.
- Okay, sure.




Why is it you, Ayu?

Why, Saka...

would be you, Cakra?

Supplement for men!

We got snake and crocodile pills!

Care to try some, sir?

No, thanks.

From the looks of you,
I bet you have a weak one.

- Two minutes, tops?
- No, thank you.

Come on. It helps
to make you well-endowed.

How do you know that I'm not well-endowed?

That's enough.

So it is true, then?

When I was little...

my dad got ill.

And he began to leave all these messages.

Imagine that.
She rejected me in the morning.

But then she called me after school.

And I was excited.
I thought it was good news.

You know what she said?

She just wanted to reject me again.

He's a bit weird. He even poisoned my pet.

- That's terrible. Really.
- Exactly.

I drank a poison once.

By accident. I thought it was syrup.

When I drank it, it tasted really sweet...

Why do they call you Retna?

It's my full name, Ayu Retna Ningsih.

And why Saka?

It's a nickname.

I had a lisp when I was small.

So when someone asked my name,
I always said "Saka".

I see.

Not going to. Relax.

No more flower talk.
Aren't you seeing Salman right now?

- Why did agree to meet me?
- I didn't want to disappoint my mother.

And I haven't given Salman an answer.

Just my luck.

You don't date much?

Mostly because of different principles.

I have different principles
from most girls. So, I liked them.

You said you were gonna marry me!

Wait a minute. Don't be angry.

You complete me.

I am nothing without you.

Please don't go.

I don't care!

- Thank you.
- Interesting.

Interesting. Very interesting.

- Why is that so?
- Everyone is different.

Me, personally, I'm not looking
for someone to complete me.

Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

You find someone who completes you?

I am responsible for completing myself.
It's no one else's responsibility.

For example...

I don't always pray.
So I look for a pious wife.

What's the difference?
Who's going to lead?

Another one. I have a lavish lifestyle.

So I look for a wife
that's good with money.

But I will just end up the money.

A strong relationship
requires two strong people.

And it's our own responsibilities
to be strong.

That's what my dad taught me.

I prefer to have faith in myself first.

If not...

how can I lead my own family?




I want you to be my girlfriend.

But before you give me an answer,

you deserve to know...

that with you...

I don't want to play around.

I'm not looking for something temporary.

God willing...

I can be a good partner.

Can I ask you something?


What makes you interested in me?

Your shoes.

It's already late.

Can I take you home?

- Sure.
- Okay.

Which way?

Okay, come on.


Hello. Peace be upon you.

Mom, you tricked me.
You knew it all along, didn't you?

Take good care of your mother.

Heaven lies at her feet.

Never let your mother feel lonely.

Whatever you wish to treat me with...

I am ready.

I am strong.

Don't do this ever again, Mom.

I only have one mother.

No more secrets.

Don't exert yourself. Okay?

Take it easy.
Everything has its own time. Okay?

You shouldn't rush it.

Okay. Be well.

- Ayu.
- Where are you now?

I'm in Bandung.
My mom is not feeling well.

Tell her I said hello.

What's up?

I want to give you my answer.

And that is?

I want to say it in person.

I'm in Bandung, too. At my mother's.

Peace be upon you.

Upon you too.

Is Ayu home?


Who is this?


my boyfriend.

Yes, her boyfriend.

Is that true?

- Ayu?
- Yes?

Is there time to alter the dress?

I think it's too big for me,
don't you think?

- There's still time.
- Right?

Ask the tailor to come.

- Just some small adjustments?
- Yeah.

- So how is it going?
- It's ready.

- I'm nervous.
- About getting married?

My tips for you.

You can win Cakra's heart
with their mother's cooking.

Because her cooking means everything
for Cakra and Satya.

I've been learning it
for eight years and still suck at it!

Why don't we learn together?

Have a taste.

See? Her cooking is the best.

Actually, I made this.

You made this? Not bad.

Time to eat!

Rian, Miku!

You're good at cooking.

Of course.

- Saka, the meal's ready!
- I'm here.

We're going to eat later, Mom.

How is it, Ayu? I see you're really good
at replicating Mom's cooking.

Your cooking is good, too, sweetheart.

They're so romantic.

That's us, eight years from now.

We were you, eight years ago.

And this is us, 'til the day we grow old.

We're not that old, right?

- Ayu.
- Yes?

Isn't it a pretty flower?

Answer me.

- Yes, darling.
- Am I right? Yes!

He's being nice to you, right?

- Everything okay?
- Of course.

- Saka.
- Yes, Mom?

Actually, there's another message
for you from Dad.

Another one?

- I thought we'd seen them all.
- There's still one.

Where is it?

It's here.

This is my last message.

I've recorded all my messages.

The ones that I feel
are important for you.

I hope they have been helpful.
For whatever the reason.

If you're watching this...

that means you're about to get married.

My job is done.

Your job has just begun.

Make them happy as you've made me happy.

Thank you for that.

My children. My wife.

I'm sorry for everything.

I'm sorry.

Have you finished all?

This is the last one.

Keep it.

Give it to them when they get married.

I still don't understand...

why you're doing this.

All these tapes.

I can't let you go just yet.

This is my last effort
to stay here with all of you.

I will try...

to help them remember all your messages.

Don't see it as a burden.

I will be their past on a TV screen
who refused to disappear.

And you are their future.

Don't ever forget that.

Dad! I want to be with you!

Okay, easy now.

Come here.

I love you, my children.