Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Friends Forever (2002) - full transcript

Sabrina is off to Witch Academy and Sabrina has a secret that makes her fear she'll never be accepted at her new school... or in life. She's half-witch and half-mortal. Now, Sabrina has to prove to her teachers, classmates, family and most importantly, to herself that she belongs. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Here's the deal.

If you're anything
like me--

and let's both hope
you're not--

you've probably
found yourself wondering,

"hey, why can't i
be this way

"instead of that way?

i'd have more friends

"if i were such and such

"and not whatever.

Maybe i'd be more popular,
more accepted."

My name's sabrina,
and i'm a witch--

more or less,
give or take.

Sometimes i don't know
what i am.

I guess that's what
this is about, basically.

It's about not knowing...

and finding out.

This is where it starts--

right at the beginning.

♪ For she's
a jolly good witchlette ♪

♪ for she's a jolly good
witchlette ♪

♪ for she's
a jolly good witchlette ♪

♪ which nobody can deny ♪


You're all so nice.

Enjoy the party.
Have some punch.


Where is it?

Why isn't it here?

Our little sabrina,

13 years old.

So, we going to get
to the gifts

before she hits 14?

It'll come, sweetheart.
Be patient.

have some cake.


I'm counting calories.

Of course, those kind
of calories don't count.

Maybe it won't come.

Maybe they know
about me--

about what i am,

about what i'm not.

Every witch
or warlock gets one

on their 13th

But i'm not like
every witch.

I'm different.

you're special,

and don't ever
forget it.

It's here!

Uh, sabrina spellman?

That's me.

Uh, sign, please.

It's here!
It's here!

Greetings, sabrina.

I am enchantra,

queen of the witches.

It's a hologram.
She can't see us.

Show some respect.

Like this?

I've come to wish you
a happy 13th birthday

and welcome you
to witchdom.

And tell
that pile of fur

to show some respect,

before i rip
his tail off.


Your wand is enclosed.

Use it wisely, child.

Oh, our little sabrina.

My very own wand.

I can't wait
to use it.

But you must--wait!


Sabrina, dear,

a witch uses magic wisely.


Ok, ok.

Here goes.


Sure. A little humor
at the cat's expense.

Ha ha. Ho ho.

Good night, everybody.

Good night,
uncle eustace.

Just think--monday...
witch academy!

I know you'll love it
as much as we did.

We're so proud
of you.

Uh-huh, yeah,
proud, ditto.

Very nice,
but too red.

Gimme that!

Whatcha doing?

Just reminiscing.

Most outstanding student,
class of 1643."

"Hilda spellman,

most outstanding,
class of 1644."

the headmistress?

Miss hag? Ha ha!

Oh, how she loved us.
And why not?

We were outstanding.

Don't forget me,

winner of
the magic amulet.

Given to me
by great grey tabby

of west forest

for wisdom
and bravery.

Yeah, whatever,

And, sabrina,
we know you'll follow

in our family tradition.

Hey, sabrina,

i know what
you're thinking.

"Both my aunts voted
most outstanding...

"will i measure up?
Can i do it?

Can i take
the pressure?"

That's not
what i'm thinking.

It's not? More like,
"here i am, 13,

going to the academy.
What do i wear?"

No, it's not that.

No? How about--

what's gonna happen
when they find out...

i'm not all the witch
i could be?

Look at the star.
I'm only half a witch.

They'll know the minute
they see i can't fly.

Oh, hilda,

look at the campus!

It's as beautiful as ever.

Such a wonderful
atmosphere for learning.

Hilda, hilda, hilda!
There's miss stench!

And miss fetid!
And miss reek!

It isn't so bad,
is it?

Everybody looks
kinda... nice, huh?


Those shoes are not
part of the uniform.

Whoa! Who's
the ugly brute?

I beg your pardon?

Uh, lovely

Miss hag!

You haven't changed
a bit!

You remember us?

Most outstanding
student, 1643.

And '44!

Yes, i remember.

You were the only students
of '43 and '44.

That was us.

And this is
our niece.

Sabrina spellman,

your next
most outstanding student.


Sabrina, eh?

You're not like
your aunts, are you?

No, there's
something different

about you,
isn't there?

I, uh...

look over there!

Who is it?


If you'll excuse me...

isn't miss hag

You must be portia.

It's such a privilege
to have you here.

I'm sure it is.


Excuse me!


You have to tell us--

where did you buy
your clothes?

Ha ha! All custom-made,
of course.


I'll never be like her.

She's so... perfect,

so popular, so together,

so... so...

so so-so.

Oh, our little girl...

off to witch academy.

Study hard.

Make us proud.

Bye, salem.

You're as good
as any of 'em,

if not better.

That would be thumbs-up
if i had thumbs.

Hey, wait for me!

I'm hungry!

Good morning, witchlettes.

Good morning, miss hag.

In honor of our first day,

we have
a special visitation.

You are all, of course,
fine young witches.

You are all gifted
and skilled.

You have spent years

the witchly arts.

You know many things...

but you still have
much to learn!

And that, my dears,
is why you are here.

In the weeks to come,
you shall learn

the 3 principles
of witchdom.

A witch
uses magic wisely.

A witch is true
to her friends.

And a witch is true
to herself.

So it is written
on the tree of wisdom.

The what of which?

The tree of wisdom
in the witches' realm,

where all truth
and knowledge grows.

Oh, that tree.

These are but a few
of the things

you will learn
at the academy.

The best among you
will be rewarded...

the golden wand.

That is too cool!

I wonder
who's gonna get it.

Well, portia,
for sure.

My family always gets
the golden wand.

It goes so nicely
with my hair.

But some of you
will not excel.

Some will not keep up.

Some will fail
to become true witches.

I think you know
who you are.

I know i do.

Hey, watch who's tail
you're squishing!

What?! Salem!

What are you doing here?

Uhh, i'm so glad
to see you.

Well, you've got
a funny way of showing it.

How many times
must i tell you

to watch the fur?

Wait, whoa, hold.

not glad.
Not glad to see you.

You are not supposed
to be here.

You didn't think
i'd let you go somewhere

as cool as witch school
alone, did you?

Well, i gotta admit,

i was starting to feel
sort of lonely.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

One question--
where's my picture?


Heh heh heh. Ooh.

Don't do that!

Give me that!

Heh heh heh heh.

I meant to do that.

Clean that off
right now!

You're not gonna
get me in trouble.

And don't use
your tongue.

I don't want slobber
on my wall.

Tomorrow's my first day
of classes,

and i want to be rested
and ready.

No, no, no! Like so.

Oh--oh--oh, dear.

Oh, now, portia,

um, bluebirds?



Oh, right idea,

wrong species.


Let me try again.

I know i--


Will you lose
the fish?

Oh, my, my, my.

Give me one more chance.
I can do it. You'll see.

Very well, dear.

But let's do try
for a bird this time, eh?

Oh, well,

that's different,

Very, uh,

you promised!

A cat's gotta eat.


Frog in the throat.

Saved by the bell.

Spell of energy,
spell of wisdom,

spell of transmogrification.

Spell it?
I can't even say it.

spell of courage!

Uh, um...



oh, drat!


"Quanto, indignatious,

"dermina meritorium,

ut dunque honorarius."

Hmm. Very good, child.

What a show-off.

The relocation of an object
from one point to another.

Let's see...

portia, demonstrate!

Up and across!

Good work, dear.


Britney, full circle!

Hey, i'm--



Oh, it's a start.

I'm so sorry,

That was so totally

Oh, you'll get it.

Is that whispering i hear?

Sabrina, up, around,
and across!

Here goes nothing.

What's her problem?

Maybe she's not
all the witch she could be.

Let us all remember--

this is a witch academy,

and we are all here
to learn.

Don't worry,
we'll both get it.

Thanks, britney.

You stay here,
or i'll call zelda

to come and get you
right now!

Yeah, right, sure.

And that headmistress?
Bad as she looks?

Who's the one
with the hair?

Her, i could do without.

You know, salem,
this isn't easy.

I don't need you
giving me more grief.


Ptoo! Ptoo!

You just made magic!

Did i? I did?

I did!

My wittle baby's
all gwowed up.

Don't want to be late
for cauldron class.

Oh. Do not leave
this room.

Sure. If you need me,
i'll be here... starving.

Eh. Beggars
can't be choosers.


Sabrina, over here!

Who, me?

Come on!


Eye of newt and sumac vine,

mugwort, henbane, tamarind.

What are
the next ingredients?


The bookworm's
gonna know.

Touch of nettle,

serpent's egg,


Mantis leg?

W-w-what was that?

You didn't say
"mantis leg," did you?


Nicole, watch out!


Eww! Eww!

You can do
a better job

ironing that blouse,
my dear.

Everyone is to look
her best always.

I'm going to take
a wild guess and say...


Don't just stand there!
Do something!

Try your wand.

I don't know
where it is.

Ah, very good, uh...

i could've done it

I was only trying to--

i don't need
your help!

Could she be
any weirder?

It's no use.

You are now learning the first
principle of witchdom.


Magic must always, always
be used wisely.

In the weeks
and months to come,

you will learn
the other principles.

A witch is true
to her friends.

A witch is true to herself.

When you have learned
these things,

you will truly be all the witch
which you can be.


Watch where
you're tossing that.

I really miss home.

And zelda and hilda.

It's so hard here.

Not just
the classes,

but the girls.

I'm trying
to make friends,

i really am,
but hard as i try...

i guess it's 'cause
i'm not like them.

I'm only half a--

are you that worried

what those
other girls think?

I don't know...
maybe... not really.


She'll see you!
What'll she think?

Quick, hide!


a stuffed kitty.

He's so old
and worn.

You must've had him
since forever!

Yeah, heh, gotta be
kinda careful.

He's ready
to fall apart.

So, what's doin', brit?

I just came
to invite you

over to
portia's room.

We're having
a slumber party.

Wanna come?

Are you sure?

Sure, i'm sure.

Yeah, ok.
I'd love to.

I wasn't like that
when i was a teenager.

Of course, things were
different 400 years ago.

Sabrina, come in.

Come on up and try
my sparkle braids.

Oh, uh, yeah.

Hey, just washed
my hair,

and i can't do
a thing with it.

Oh, come on up here!
Look at you

walking around
like a half-witch!

Uh, i'm a little stiff,
that's all...

from that accident
on the broomstick.

that was too funny.

Yeah, hysterical.

I'll stay down here
where it's soft.

I saw that nicole
talking to you.

So, is she weird,
or what?

And so unfriendly.

There's something bogus
about her for sure.

Let's fix your hair.


Cool, brina!
Ha ha!

Look at this.

"Chapter 13--
love potions."

"How to make your
fairy tale come true."

Should we mix up a batch
of that for nicole?

Can you picture her

dancing at the ball
with a prince?

Ha ha ha ha!
Skating like a princess

in a frozen wonderland!

Swimming through the sea--
ha ha ha--

like a mermaid.
Ha ha ha!

"Potions to gain
full witch powers."

Now, that's what
the weirdo needs.

Yeah, right. Heh.

Yes, yes, good, good.

"Potions to gain
full witch powers."

"Heart of palm,
butterfly dreams,

morning dew, 2 drops."

Something's wrong!

You need

Ix-nay on
the ess-may.


It's all right now.

Mm-hmm. Good, good.

Thank you, nicole.

They always have
the antidote

on the next page.

Brina, hurry!

We'll be late
for lunch!

Spider smoothies


Then let's go.

I can't believe
that nicole girl

was talking
to you again.

You know what i think?
I think she's a half-witch.


In our school?

No, no, no.
No way.

It couldn't be.

Not a chance.

She's always reading,

like it doesn't
come natural.

I bet if you looked
at her hand,

you'd see a half-star.

Can you imagine?

A half-witch...
right in our class?





are you coming?

Uh, yeah,
i'm coming.

Come in.


Um, nicole?

I need to talk
to you.

Hey, sure.

Well, it--
it's about me--

something about me,
you see,

and, uh,
it's, well, me.

You're a half-witch.

Shh! Hush! Shh!

No one can hear.

I'm the last room
on the hall.

what's the big deal?

I'm a half-witch,

worse things to be.

No, there's not!

If the girls
find out--

oh, promise
not to tell.

That's why you came?

To make sure i'd keep
my lips zipped?

I won't jeopardize
your friendships.

Thanks, nicole.

You're the best.

You care so much
what they think.

They're my friends.

They'd never
accept me

if they knew.

You know, nicole,

you could be
their friend, too.

Heh heh.
I don't think so.

They're fun.

All you need
is a little,

well, uh, fixing up.

You really think?

I don't think.
I know.

♪ Da da da da na ♪

♪ da da da da na ♪

♪ da da da ♪

♪ ooh ooh ooh,
sabrina ♪

♪ da da da da na ♪

♪ da da da da na ♪

♪ da da da ♪

♪ ooh ooh ooh ♪

ok, now all you have
to work on is attitude.

You know, the whole
witchy kind of thing.

Sort of, um, bubbly--

like this.

I don't really have
to toss my hair, do i?

Just try it.


Uh, you almost had it.

More like, hi!


Oh, hi!

Hi, you!


I think
she has it.

So i said
to miss stench,

there is no way i can do
my homework and my hair

all in one night.

Hey, girls.


Uh, nicole and i

have been
practicing zaps.


And low!

What's say we go sit
in that tree over there?

Well, come on.

I told you
this was a bad idea.

What's the matter?

You can fly,
can't you?

No. I mean, yes.
I mean, i--

of course you can.

Unless you're just
half a witch.

Well, well, well.

♪ Nicole
is a half-witch ♪

♪ a half-witch ♪

miss hag?

Yes, miss stench?

It's about nicole.

What about her?

She's a half-witch.

I know.
Is there a problem?

Well, i'm afraid
the other girls

have found out,

and you know
how they can be.


how can you sleep

at a time like this?

3:00 in the morning?

Oh, i don't know--
comes kind of natural.

They're torturing her.

It's not right,

and it's
all my fault.

They never
would have found out

if i hadn't
made her fit in.

She was happy
keeping to herself.

What to do
or how to help her.

One question--

who are we
talking about?


Oh, right, right,
of course.

Ooh. Tsk, tsk,
tut, tut.

Pity, pity.

Now could we
go back to sleep?

Salem, you are
not helping!

What do i know?

I'm a cat,
not the tree of wisdom.

There has to be
something i can do,

something i can--

what did you say?

Tsk, tsk, tut, tut,

pity, pity.

Back to sleep?

Thank you.

Hey, glad i could help,

whatever i did.

I really, really,
totally apologize.

You kept my secret
through it all,

and you're a completely
honorable person.

And what's more,
i know how to fix things.

You tried fixing things
once before.

This time we go
to the tree of wisdom.

What?! Even i'm
not that crazy.

All of our problems
come from being half-witches.

There's got to be a way
to make us whole.

The tree of wisdom
will know the answer.

But the witches' realm
is totally out of bounds.

We sneak in tonight
after the lights go out.

Nobody will know
we're gone.

But we're half-witches,

which means half-mortals,

and mortals are
forbidden in the realm.

Nicole, this will
fix everything.

I know it will.

You think? Really?

I know.

We can do it




I never had
one of those before.

One of what?

A friend.

Now, how do we get
to this forbidden place?

Well, that is
a tiny problem.

I'm sure
i saw a book.

Not this one
or this one...

what about this one?

That's it!

to the realm of witches.

Oh, brother,
not that way--

that way.

There's the gate!

If we can get that far,

i know we can get in.

How hard could it be?

But how do we get
from here to there?


well, we could...
try this.

"The incantation
for passage to the realm--

"mutatitis grandis ut."

Is this it?

If it isn't,
it ought to be.


How are we gonna get in
without a pass?


We did it!

We're here!

And we're


What was in
those cauldrons?

Who cares?

We are in!


but what are we in?

Warts installed!

2 for one--today only!

Wrinkle cream!
Adds wrinkles instantly!

No, thank you.

You look like
a nice girl--

loving, caring,
and friendly.

Oh, um, well--

i can fix that.

Not so fast,
my pretty.

Jar of heartlessness,
just for you--

guaranteed to turn you

selfish, mean,
and uncaring.

Um, thanks,
but, uh, no thanks.

Get your
delicious apples--

golden red.

The last apple i had
didn't agree with me.

Let's get going.

Potion palace,
unfair to newts!

Potion palace,
unfair to newts!

Union now,
union forever!

Have you ever been
any place like this?

There is no place
like this.

How will we find
the tree of wisdom?

I don't know.
It could be anywhere.


Anybody home?


Excuse me,
tree of wisdom?


Anybody there?

Guess we're barking
up the wrong tree.

And we can't find it
for the forest.

Looking for something,

The tree of wisdom.

Do you know
how to get there?

A magic portal
can get you anywhere.

Care to try one?

But which?

That's for you
to discover.

What have we
got to lose?

That's what
i'm afraid of.

Wrong door?

Wrong door.



This is pretty cool.

But how do we
get out of here?

That was close.


Ok, buster!


That was close.

Wanna try another?

You pick.


What is it?

I'm quite busy,
as you can see.


Oh--oh, yes!

Well, i'm sorry,

i'll--i'll go.

Uh, just wanted
to mention

2 girls are missing,
that's all.


Oh, um, you're busy.

I'll come back.

What did you say?

I was just doing
the bed check, you see,

and, well, 2 were empty--
the beds, that is.

Except one had
a fur sort of thing,

sort of snoring.

What? How?

Well, sort of like a...

not that--
the girls.

Where are they?

Oh, them.
Well, they're gone.



Hey, watch it,

Um, nicole?


Nicole, look.




let's do it.

How? Who?

Well, sabrina,
i'd say,

and nicole,
i guess.

Where did they go?

Well, i found this,

and it was open to this.

A map?

they went there.

Not the witches' realm.

You got it, sister.

But sabrina, nicole--

they're just students.

W-well, yes,
they certainly are.

Who knows what
might happen to them

in the witches' realm?

G-g-get me the phone.


No, no, no,
no, no, no, no!

More to your left!

No, no,
your other left!

I'm surrounded
by incompetents.

What is it?!

Oh, that tickles.

Quiet, will you?!

I'm so sorry

to bother you
on a weekend,

your awful

Get to the point,
miss hag.

Well, funny thing--
ha ha--

you're going
to have to laugh.

It seems 2 of our
students have, uh--

have what?!

Left the academy
and entered

the realm of
the witches and--


She took that well.

She lost them?!

That fool!

She can't even
control a couple

of 13-year-old

Tsk, tsk.

Don't those children

what this means?

Oh, yeah,

it's a shame,
but, uh--

it simply isn't safe

for half-trained

to be in the realm.

Both, straining: yeah.

Speaking of safety
and such--

i can't hear
myself think.

Yes, of course.

I have
that problem, too.

Come here,
you fools.

And put down
that rock!

They went through
the magic portals!


Stop lying down
on the job

and get them
out of there quickly!

Then bring them to me!

Love to.




I want them here
within the hour!


And find
another rock

to replace
the one you broke.

Nicole, i'm all for
dancing with princes,

we ought to be
looking for the tree?

Mind if we cut in?

Half-witches around,
have you?

About your height,
your age?

Hey, sorry--midnight.

That's when
i turn into a frog.

That was the last door.

And no tree of wisdom.

If we're gonna be
back by breakfast.

Do you--
do you see anything?

Lots of trees,

b-b-but none of 'em
look too w-wise.

Just an old owl--
nothing to be scared of.

And that?

Only a crow--

nothing to be
scared of.

Th-that was something
to be scared of.

Is it coming?

We're ok now.

Do you really
think so?

Do you really
think we're ok?

'Cause i'm thinking
maybe i was wrong.

I know it was my idea
to come here,

but maybe it wasn't
such a good idea.

We should have
stayed back there

and faced our problems.

'Cause when i
brought us out here,

i got us
in over our heads.

Yeah. I'd have
to say you did!


We gotta work some magic

and get ourselves
out of here.

We're half-witches,

What are we gonna do?

The vine!


Together, nicole!

Just a little more,

We did it! Whoo!

I can't
believe it!

We're safe.

We're all right.

Yeah, but i kinda wish
we had a shower.

Next time,
be more specific.

Come on,
we gotta find that tree.

If only we had
some sort of sign.

"Tree of wisdom,
500 feet."

What are we
waiting for?

Let's go!

"Tree of wisdom"--
straight ahead.

"You're almost

One wish per person.

No mortals.
All transactions final.


I didn't know

the tree
was so popular.

Come on, come on,

the tree doesn't
have all day.

Next. Name.

Sabrina spellman.

Nicole candler.

Sabrina spellman?

Salem's sabrina?

Uh, yeah.

Hey, flat-ears,

get your tail
over here.

It's salem's


Saley told us
all about you.

How you wait on him
hand and foot,

obey his every command.

He told you that,
did he?


Oh, w-what do we do?

I don't kn-know.

State your wish.

Uh, hiya.

Um, uh, yeah, hi.

Well, hurry it up,
will you?

I got leaf blight here,
and it's itchy.

Oh, is it itchy!

Wanna help me out with
a little teensy scratch?

I guess. Ok.


Oh, that's nice.

Ah, that's nice.

Thank you,
thank you, thank you.

So, what can i do
for you girls?

Well, it's like this.

We, uh--
my friend and i--

spit it out!

Well, let's say we have
these friends, right?

Right, a couple of friends
with a little problem.

That's it.

They're sorta
half-witches and--


Do they know
their witchcraft?

Uh, sure.

If they want to
get out of the realm...


We better go.

And fast.

Stop right there!

Y-yes, sir.

Come back here.

I know who

the half-witches

You do?

The half-witches
are... you.


I got 3 out
of 9 lives left.

I'm not throwing away
any more.

I only got 2!

Good help
is hard to find.

So, what's
the big deal

about being
a half-witch?

I got a cousin's

Got another's

Well, as long as
we're confessing,

i'm part pigeon,

W-we were wondering
if you could...

if you could
make us whole.


You sure about that?

You don't wanna be
a half anymore?

You're 2 halves who
want to be a whole?


All right,

if you're sure
you're sure.

Stand back a little--
right there.

"Quod era dimidius,

nunc sum universus."

What once was half,
let now be whole!

I'm--i'm whole!




Wh-wh-what happened?

Two halves
make one whole.

You became
a whole witch,

leaving her mortal,
and as you know,

there can't be
no mortals

in the witches'

Turn her back!
Fix her!


No exchanges,
no refunds.

All spells final.

Why didn't you tell us?

Why didn't you stop us?

True wisdom
cannot be told,

only earned.

I'll change her back

I'm a full witch now.

You'll need
more magic than that!

Only a magic amulet

can overturn
a wisdom spell.

A magic amulet?

Where do i get a...


There she is!

Oh, no, no, no!

I'm a whole witch,
aren't i?




Little miss half-witch
flew the coop.

Guess she couldn't
take the pressure.

Aww, poor thing.

Well, no way
she was ever going

to be accepted here

The only one
who's unacceptable

is you, portia.

Ohh, that really
scares me.

Ha ha!
Then how about this?


Or this?

Or this?

Put me down!

Put me down!

My ha-a-a-air!

Hey, take it easy,


What's wrong with her?

She could just
zap it back.

Oh, i don't know.

Maybe she just not
all the witch

she could be.


Nicole was turned
to stone,

and it was all
because of me.


And you know why?

Because all
i cared about was

what those horrible,
awful girls thought.

I wanted them
to like me.

to accept me!


I'm trying
to tell you--

i know!

You do? Why didn't
you say so?

Spike and flat-ears
told me.

They said my amulet...

would save her!

Oh, salem, thank you!

You don't know
how much this means.

This whole thing
was my fault, and--

all right, let's not
start that again.

We gotta get going.

Excuse me.

Closed for the night.

Come back first thing
tomorrow, 13 o'clock.

I'm not here
for wishes. I'm--

she's gone!


they took her.

Who? Who took nicole?

And... i've got to--

save it, honey.

Enchantra's castle.

Then that's where
we're going.

You can always find
a new friend.


Just kidding.

Boy, this is
some castle.


You hear that?

Uh, you're
imagining things.

I got a horrible
allergy to bats.

How can we get in?

There's gotta be
a way.

Nobody's getting in
or out of there

except for those...
ugh, those bats.

That's it!

What's it?

I'm a whole witch

I'll transform us.

Not into--


Do you have any idea

how embarrassing this is
for a cat?

One more try.

I'm sure
i can get it.

Forget it!
I'm outta here!

What if you make us
into liver bits?

Salem, we have
to rescue nicole.


Ok, ok. Oh...


Of all the things
we could've been...


Why'd it have
to be bats?


We have liftoff!




After them!

I'll sound the alarm!

You sounded it
last time.

It's my turn!

Is not!

Is too!
Is not!

Is too!

Is too!

Is not!

Uh, they're
not here.

Come on!

Hold on.

What do you bet
they're hiding in here?

They always hide
in armor.

Ooh, good thinkin'.

You know, you're gonna
have to pay for this.

Me? It was your idea.

Was not!
Was too!


See? I told you

we shouldn't go
for the obvious.

Only one thing--

i'm allergic
to caterpillars!


Come on!

Salem, we're trapped...

like rats!

Speak for yourself.




Uh, craven,

i'm stuck!

You go, girl.


Whoa! Aah!

Get outta the way!

I ca-a-a-an't!

This is
all your fault!

Is not!

Is too!

Is not!


Oh, no!


Over there!
I see them!

I saw them first!

The amulet!

i need the amulet!



Please, let it work.


It didn't work.

Oh, man, am i gonna
get that spike.

I paid 20 bucks
for this,

and nothing, nada,

You bought it?!

Is he gonna get
a piece of my fur!

Good thing i wrote
him a bad check.

It's a fake?

The whole thing?
The award?

The great grey tabby
of the--

none of it is real?

Well, not in
so many words.

Oh, what have i done?

I'm so sorry.

Nicole, you were
the best friend i ever had!

And i lost you because
i wanted to be a full witch.

I wanted to be accepted.

And look what it got me.

Well, i don't want
the powers!

I don't want
to be a witch!

I'll turn myself
to stone.



There is another way.



That was
the strangest thing.



You're back!

It's you! Nicole!

Your star--
it's still half.

And yours, too!
Isn't it great?

What happened?

I feel
awful stiff.

Hey, long story.

First you were stone,
then you weren't.

Enchantra reversed
the spell.

But how? Why?

Why? Because
you learned

a very valuable thing,

one which some witches
never learn.

You learned
the 3 principles

a witch
uses magic wisely,

a witch... is true
to her friends.

And a witch...

is true to herself.

And honestly,

some of the girls
around here

never figure that out.

At least, not truly.

They never understand it
deep inside.

But you do.

My young friends,
you have something

far more powerful
than mere magic.

We do?
Like what?

A friendship
strong enough

to last forever.

And whether witch
or not,

that's a thing most anyone
would love to have.



What can i say?

I'm a very
emotional cat.

Oh, brother!

Did you ever think
we'd make it here?

Not for a second.

I'm so proud,
i could bust wide open.

You know what a mess
it makes.

And the golden wand--

for being all
a witch can be and more--

goes to...

sabrina spellman!


Did i hear wrong?

Did i hear her
not say my name?

Sit down, portia!

Well? Go on.

Atta girl, brina!

Thank you, ma'am.

Some of us treated one of
our classmates very poorly.

We refused to accept her

because she was
a half-witch.

But there's no shame
in that,

and i ought to know

i'm a half-witch, too,

and proud of it!

I'm proud and honored
to be witch and mortal.

That's why i want
to share this

with someone who earned it
as much as me--

nicole candler!


Oh, my!


Brina! Brina! Brina!

You da one!
You da one!

Do the wave!
Do the wave!



Go, sabrina!


That's it. That's how
i found out who i was

and who i wasn't.

That's how it happened
for me.

Maybe something like it
has happened to you,

if you're anything like me.

And let's both hope
you're not.

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