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-What's wrong?

What's wrong?


-Miss Laras?

I'm Raynard, a friend of Bagas.

I usually set up the tools

when he's handling his cases.

He's moved to another city.

Yes. I called Bagas earlier.

He couldn't help me.

He's the one who told me to meet you.

What's the matter?

I'm dealing with a case,

but this one is very hard.

I need someone
whose power is greater than mine.

What's the case?

This man's wife experienced
a strange phenomenon three days ago.

After that day, she got sick.

She couldn't get out of bed.

The doctor couldn't figure out
what got her sick.

And when her husband got back from work,

he saw that her appearance had changed.

She's been possessed
by a highly negative energy.

An evil spirit?


I'm still trying to find out
who this spirit is.

But from what I've seen,

it clearly wants to control a human's body

and live inside it.

I've tried removing the spirit
using various methods,

but it's very difficult.

I've used all of my tools and methods.

-Mr. Raynard.

-This is Laras.
-Come in.

Come in.

This way.

It's this room.

What's your wife's name?


No one comes in until we're done.


Happy birthday.

I hope that you'll always be happy

and that all of your dreams come true.

Happy birthday, dear.

Happy birthday, dear.

I wish you'll have a long life,
become even prettier,

and be loved by a lot of people.

Oh, right! I have a present for you.

-Me too!
-So, who wants to go first?

Come on, let's get the presents.

Come on.

Uncle Aiden's first, or Aunt Maira's?

This is from me. So, which one's first?

It's the iPad that you've always wanted!

-Thank you, uncle.
-You're welcome, dear.

Now, look.
What did you get from Aunt Maira?

Open it.

So pretty!
This is your fashion brand, right?

This is Aunt Maira's brand, Kayla Kids.

For children.
It'll look really pretty on you.


Try it.

I made it just for you.

So, no one can copy you.

What should you say to your aunt?

Thank you.

Vanya. Come here, dear.

Vanya, Aunt Maira bought a cake for you.
Let's blow out the candles first.

She still needs time.

I also have something for you.

Can I open them now?

Open your eyes now.


I couldn't wait to give this to you.

This is my second edition of Sabrina.

I know that your late daughter, Kayla,

really liked the first edition of Sabrina.

So, I looked for the maker,

bought the rights,

and made this second edition just for you.

As a token of my love to you.

And this one is special.

This is the big version.

The only one in this world for you.

I hope you can play with Vanya

and it could bring you two closer.

But it's definitely hard for her,

accepting the fact
that her parents are gone.

Especially at such a young age.

Plus, she has to live
with a stranger like me.

I understand.

And I understand how she feels, too.


that's life.

We have to pray a lot,

and be patient.

Thank you, dear.




Ditho has a new game.

-Let's check it out.
-Let's go.

What game is that?

It's called Charlie, Charlie.

He was taught by his brother.

We can ask anything
to anyone who's already dead.

If our question is answered,

that pencil will move by itself.


Charlie, Charlie.

Can my grandma come here?


you guys believe me, right?

-Who wants to ask her?
-I do.

Charlie, ask Ditho's grandma.

Is Ditho naughty?

Charlie, is Ditho a scaredy cat?

-Charlie, does Ditho wet his bed at night?

Enough! The game is over!

-Ditho wets his bed.
-Ditho wets his bed.

-He wets his bed.
-My bed stays dry!

-Ditho wets his bed.

-Ditho wets his bed.
-Go away!

-Ditho wets his bed.
-Ditho wets his bed.

-Ditho wets his bed.
-Ditho wets his bed.

Charlie, Charlie,

we'll end this game here.

Tell Grandma that we're done playing.

What are you doing?

We have to pray first.

So the entity that we've called

can go back to its realm in peace.



My brother said,

dead people and spirits
are called entities.

So your grandma really did come?

-Did you see her?

-I did.

Using an entity detector app.

If an entity is present,

it will blink in green.

And the entity can be seen there.

Can I borrow it?


Here. I still have one at home.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Charlie, Charlie, can we play?

Charlie, Charlie, can we play?

Charlie, Charlie, can we play?

Charlie, Charlie, can we play?


Can my mom come here?

My mom is okay, right?

I miss you, Mom.

I really miss you. Do you miss me?


can I see you?

Can I meet you?


It's late, why aren't you asleep?

There's been a short circuit,
so I'm bringing a flashlight here.

What are you playing this late?

Entity detector?

Ditho said we can see dead people
with this.

Who do you want to see?

Do you miss someone?

I want to see my mom again.


I, too, have lost a child once.

When I miss Kayla,

I just pray for her.

I have something for you.

Wait in your room.

Back then,

Kayla had a favorite doll.

Its name was Sabrina.

When Kayla hugged Sabrina,

her fear and sadness would go away.

Because they were friends.

And now,

this special Sabrina doll
made by Uncle Aiden

can be your friend.

So, when you feel sad

or when you miss someone,

try hugging this doll.

You'll feel much calmer.


Sabrina is your friend.

Thank you.

You're welcome, dear.

Now get some sleep, okay?


can you turn on the music box?

Of course, dear.

Now sleep, okay?

Has the sales report
for the Sabrina doll come out yet?

And what's the result?

Surpassed the target?

This is excellent.

Start the preparation
for the second batch immediately then.

Vanya, come down, dear.

You'll be late for the playdate.

Valerie is already waiting.


Dear, you know what?

The Sabrina doll

is a hit in this week's sales.

Amazing. It's a big step up, you know?

Congratulations, dear.

And you know what?

It did much better than the first edition.

This is an achievement for me.

Your parents would be so proud of you.

I hope so.



Beautiful like I said, right?

Aunt Maira is good
at picking things for you, right?

I'll make more for you.

Okay, go on.

-You'll be late.

I'm putting Sabrina in your care.

When I get back home,
I want to play with her again.

Of course. Now, go on already.

-Let's go. We're off.

Wait, Uncle.

Let's go.

Bye, Auntie.

Miss Nur, why did you move Sabrina?

It really surprised me. How annoying.

-Hello, dear.

How's the office?

You know,

today I got a Sabrina export deal
to another country.


Congrats, dear.

-Are you hungry?
-I'm starving.

I cooked something special for you.









Vanya, dear, what are you doing here?

Someone dragged me, Uncle.

Who? There's nobody here.

You must be spending too much time
playing with your iPad.

Daydreaming and imagining
until you're affected.

-What were you playing?
-It's nothing.

It's time for dinner.

I'll hold on to this iPad.
You remember, don't you?

We have a deal
about when you can play with it.


Let's go.


Thank you for coming.

I missed you.

My daughter.

It's time to sleep.

Don't be sad.


I'll never leave you again.


Wake up. It's already noon.

After taking a bath, we'll have breakfast.

Yes, Auntie.

Isn't it good?
If Sabrina wears these clothes,

she'll look like me.

Pink or blue?

Thank you.

Miss Nur, please get me
that jam over there.

Morning, dear.

Morning, dear. How wonderful.

Where's Vanya?

She's still in her room.

Vanya, stop playing.
Let's have breakfast already.


Let me just check upstairs.








Vanya, you surprised me!

What are you doing here? Come out.

Why are you playing here?

It's dangerous.

Besides, you're really rowdy.

Yeah, because the two of us are playing.

You're joking.

Can Sabrina even play tag?

I'm playing with my mom.

Dear, your mom is in heaven.

But the Charlie, Charlie game worked.

Mom came to accompany me, Auntie.

Yes, ma'am. I understand.

The problem is,
it has really disturbed Vanya.

Also, that game is
not good for your son either.

I'm just asking you

to tell Ditho not to play that game
with Vanya again.

I hope you could understand.

Ditho's just helping me to meet my mom.

Why is Uncle stopping me from playing it?

His intention is good, Vanya.

Your uncle and I know

that you haven't accepted
your mom's death, right?

But you can't stay like this forever.

Your uncle and I are not asking you
to forget your mom.

No. Absolutely not.

Your mom will always be
in your heart forever.

But if you keep being like this,

you'll suffer the consequences.

You won't be able to focus at school,

you'll always feel sad,

and you won't be able to play
with your friends.


If you need a friend

to share stories with,

and to stay with you
while you're studying or playing,

you can always come to me.

I really love you.

Uncle Aiden and I

will always be there for you.

We're a family.

Vanya, where are you going?

To meet my mom.

I feel bad for her for acting like this.

I understand. Me too,
I also feel bad for her.


I'll take some time off from work,
and so will you.

Vanya needs a new atmosphere.

We'll go on a vacation.

-Is it deep enough?


Now you're just playing with me.


It's so we can put more shells in.

-Got it.
-Uncle, the hole inside

has to be bigger, okay?


Auntie, now we have to find the shells.

-Come on.
-Let's go.

-Oh, yeah.

Uncle, if you're done digging,
help us find the shells, okay?

All right.


Gosh. You have a lot of shells, Vanya.

I lost.

Of course. It's me we're talking about.

Auntie, I want to look
for shells over there.

Maybe I'll find even more.

If I find more than you,

you have to sleep with me tonight, okay?

Okay, auntie.

Be careful, dear.


I'm looking for shells, Mom.

Look. That's a lot of shells, right?

Mom, would you help me look for shells?

Who are you talking to, Vanya?

My mom.


It's just the two of us here.

There's three of us. She's behind you.

Do you miss your mom?

I've told you.

If you miss her,
you can pray for her, right?

Mom is waiting near the hole.

The one in the hole is Uncle Aiden.

No, Auntie.

That's it. I'm going to look
for more shells.

To give to my mom over there.

Wait here, okay?
I need to talk to Uncle Aiden.










How did you get in there?

Someone dragged me.

Someone dragged me.


I don't know but someone dragged me.





It's me.

Calm down.

It's me. Who did this to you?




You have to see it for yourself.

You have to see it.

What are you seeing?

Maira, are you okay?

-Lock the door.

Vanya, wake up, dear.

Wake up.

Uncle, Auntie, what's wrong?

What's that?

What was that?

Where did you get that necklace?

From Miss Laras.
She gave it to me as a precaution.

We have to call her again.
Ask for her help.


Excuse me, is Miss Laras here?

Oh, wait.


Miss Laras.

-How are you, Miss Laras?

I'm good.

This is Raynard, my husband.


Sorry I didn't invite you to our wedding.

Everything happened so fast.

How are you?

I haven't heard from you
since your wedding.

I'm good.

Sorry for not keeping in touch.

A lot has happened after we got married.

Let's talk inside.


How can we help you, Maira?

So, it's about Vanya,

Aiden's niece,

who we've considered as our own.

She still can't accept her mother's death.

She secretly played
the Charlie, Charlie game

to communicate with her mom.

After that incident,

she started acting weird.

She feels physically close to her mom.

At first, Aiden and I didn't believe it.

But we saw it with our own eyes.

-What did it look like?
-Her mom.

It has two faces.

The front side is her mother,

and the back side

is a terrifying face.

What Vanya did is fatal.

Those who are dead
should be left in peace.

Those who have left
should never be called back.

Because if we call something
that's been gone for a long time,

and then they come,

it usually invites something negative.

I'll help you, Maira.

But first, I need to talk to Vanya.

Vanya, dear.

Come here. We have guests.

Go on, say hello.

I'm Miss Laras. This is Mr. Raynard.

Friends of Uncle Aiden and Aunt Maira?

That's right.

Uncle Aiden and Aunt Maira

invited me here to play with you.

Play? Play what?

Charlie, Charlie

to talk to your mom.

This has to be done to know
whether the one who's coming

is really her mother or not.

Yes, Miss Laras, let's play.

-What's your mom's name?

Do you have a picture of her?

-Can I see it?
-Of course. Let's go.




please ask three questions

that could only be answered by you
and your mom later.

Can you do that?

Usually, if there's a different entity,

one of the answers would be wrong.

Let's start.

Charlie, Charlie, can we play?

Try again.

Charlie, Charlie, can we play?

Mom is here.

I want to ask

among the fairy tale princesses,

is Snow White my favorite?

My favorite princess is Cinderella.

Two more questions.

Back then, before I went to sleep,

you always whispered to me,

hoping that I'd have good dreams.

Isn't that right, Mom?

When I didn't want to eat,

you always said to me

that I wouldn't grow bigger.

Yes or no, Mom?

She always said that I shouldn't get sick.

Now, go play in your room, okay?

I want to talk to your mom.

What do you want to play, Miss Vanya?

The one where we cut and glue some papers.

I know. You want
to make a star, don't you?

No. Flower.

Come on.

All of the answers were correct.

It's Andini. We'll send her back.


I'll help you return
to your peaceful realm.

Are you willing to let me help you?


forgive Vanya

because her ignorance called you here.

I'll help send you home.

Are you willing to?

Andini, do you hear me?

I will help send you home.

Miss Vanya.

Don't go too far from me.

Miss Vanya.

Miss Vanya.

Andini wouldn't go home.

Let's force her to go back.

The Almighty who rules the universe
and creates life.

Miss Vanya.

Don't go too far from me.

Miss Vanya, I've been looking for you.

Open the crossing so Andini can go back.

To the Almighty who rules the universe,

the creator of our dimension and theirs.

The guard between two worlds, open
the crossing door so Andini can go back.

She's called here,
we'll help her to go back.

Open the crossing door
so that Andini can go back.


Vanya! What happened to you?



Are you okay, Laras?






In the name of God,
nothing could stand in His way.

His greatness can't be degraded
and beaten!

We seek refuge
in the All-Hearing and All-Knowing

from all cursed evil.

Ruler of heaven, earth,
and all in between.

Give me your power to remove
what doesn't belong in this body!

There will be no power but Your help!

Let go!

It's on its way out. Let go!

There will be no power but Your help!

There will be no power but Your help!

There will be no power but Your help!

There will be no power but Your help!






Vanya, wake up, Dear. Vanya.

Vanya, wake up.


Dear? Come, slowly.

Are you okay, dear?



Let's go outside!


-Let me get her.

-Aiden, Miss Nur!

Miss Nur!

-She's still alive.
-Let's bring her.

The Sabrina doll.


The situation is much worse
than we thought.

The entity that has been staying
with you is not Andini.

It was a demon's child
that disguised itself as her.

And it's better

for you to see it for yourself.

We'll begin the commission ritual.

Miss Laras will tell you telepathically.

This happened a year ago.

What's your wife's name?


No one comes in until we're done.


In the name of the Almighty God
who couldn't be beaten.


you're the true owner of your body,
not anything else.

Not the evil spirit
that's controlling you.

I'm not a spirit.

I'm different.

Did you see?

Are you scared?

I'm Baghiah.

One of the demon's children

in the spirit realm.

And you can't drive me out.




Stop sounding like Andini.

Andini is gone. She's dead!

You killed her from the inside.
You took her soul.



Hey, demon's child. Do you see this?

It's a piece of yellow bamboo
wrapped in Moringa leaves.

With these two elements,
the archipelago ancestors and yours made

a sacred vow to not disturb each other.


And whoever broke it will be destroyed!



-Don't come in, Mr. Arka!

Mr. Arka!

We seek refuge from the devil!

Whether it's a human or a spirit.

We seek refuge
from the evil of its followers

and the evil of all that rebel!

Nothing is entitled to control
this human body.

Nothing is entitled to control
this human body.

There will be no power but Your help,
the ruler of heaven and earth.

There will be no power but Your help,
the ruler of heaven and earth.

There will be no power but Your help,
the ruler of heaven and earth.

There will be no power but Your help,

the ruler of heaven and earth.

It's gone.

If the demon has stayed in a person's body

for more than two days,

the soul inside will die.


means wrongdoing, the evil.

We never knew how it approached Andini
and took control of her body.

But its old grudge

from failing to control Andini's body

makes it want to return now.

When we found out that Vanya's mom
is the same Andini,

we both got suspicious

that this has to do with Baghiah.

But we kept hoping that it was wrong.

We hoped it was really Andini

because all of Vanya's questions
were answered correctly.

And at that time, I couldn't sense
Baghiah's energy at all.

It will look for any means

to come back to this world.

It's cunning.

If Vanya calls for Andini,

it will appear as Andini.

Baiting Vanya, attracting her attention,

disturbing all of you,

so you will come to us.

For what?

To meet Laras and get revenge.

This is Baghiah's big plan

because back then, I stopped it
from controlling Andini's body.

Now it's back
to control another human body

so it can live as a human,
just like it wanted.


to kill me.

At least for a while, I beg you

do not return to that house.

I've sealed that entity inside it.

And you have to find another house.

If you return to that house,
it will be very dangerous.

I promise

to solve this case with Laras thoroughly.

We don't have much time.

We don't know how long
that lock can hold Baghiah inside.


I don't think I can face this demon.

Its power is much stronger than before.

And it wouldn't just harm me.

It could harm you too.


you have to remember.

Humans are much nobler

than the demon and all of its descendants.

And you were given
an amazing gift from God

to be in between the two worlds, Laras.

You're stronger than the fear
that that demon had inflicted upon you.

Our meeting was not a coincidence.

The Almighty had arranged it.

Together, we're united and stronger

in helping those in need.

We have the same vision,
mission, and heart.

Our faith and belief in the Lord
is much stronger than that demon.

Laras, we can defeat any demon together.

But we can't use the same method
and tools.

We need something out of the ordinary.

I've prepared something for you.

The day after we met Baghiah,

I did tirakat and asked for guidance.

I also asked for the Creator's protection

to defend myself
in case another demon comes.

And I went to an inland
in the south of Java

to find an heirloom which was hidden
by the demon itself

because it knew

that it could be defeated
with this heirloom.

Getting rid of it is not enough

because it will certainly come back.

We have to destroy it forever.

Use this heirloom
when Baghiah shows its true form.

Not when it's in Andini's body.

Vanya, we're safe now.

You don't have to be scared anymore.

Miss Laras
and Mr. Raynard will help us. Okay?

After we arrive at your grandparents',

we can walk around the factory.

You will like it.

There are lots of dolls and toys there.

Let's put your picture here, too.

Now you're a part of Kev's big family.

The wife of the owner of Kev Toys.

Thank you.

I know that Baghiah is good
at hiding its existence.

But, I'm sure it's not here this time.

No way.

He has controlled this house.

Choosing this house
to settle in and using it

as a stepping stone to lure us here.

The energy did come from here initially,

but now it's gone.

It must be using something here
as its medium.

This house is just a shell.

And that thing surely has gotten out
before you locked this place.

-The Sabrina doll!
-The Sabrina doll!

Is it okay if we go inside, dear?

It's okay. Today's a day off,
so there are no workers.

I also want to tell you

that you can't make
any phone calls inside.

We did that on purpose
so the workers can focus.


I haven't been here for so long.

I've already forgotten.

It was when your grandparents
were still here.

-Let's go over there.

-Vanya, be careful.

Uncle, where's the light?

Is this a sewing room?

Yes, this is the room for sewing,

finishing dolls, making the dresses,

attaching the legs, eyes,
and everything else.

Can I try sewing?

Do you want to try sewing?

I'll prepare it first.

But, let Aunt Maira teach you how to sew.

Because I can't do it.

Okay, then I'm going
to the bathroom first.


Want me to take you?

-I'll take her.

Sorry, the number you're calling
is outside the service area.

They can't be reached.

I'll wait here, okay?

Okay, Auntie.

Auntie, turns out it's locked.

Vanya, come here.


Aiden, it's here!

We have to get out! Hurry!

Let's go!


Aunt Maira!


Vanya, go get some help.


Sorry, can I help you?

-Miss Laras!

Where's Aunt Maira and Uncle Aiden?

Inside. Aunt Maira is trapped.
That demon is here!

Please look after her.
Don't go in. It's dangerous.





-Maira's inside!

Aiden, when I say smash,

smash it hard!

God, everything that's in heaven
and on earth is Yours!

There will be no power but Yours!



Can't wait.

To kill.







Laras, run!


You'll be dead on the spot.




There will be no power but Your help.

As long as you're terrified,

I won't back down. Won't back down!







Mr. Raynard.

Where's Maira?

They're gone. Come on.

Nothing else should be worshipped
but You, the Eternal.

We seek refuge in You from the evil
of demons and its children.

Open the door!

Laras, you're pathetic.

Then. Now.

You. Will.







Go, die!




Get it, Laras.

You can do it!

Get it, Laras. Get it.

You can do it, Laras.

Laras, get it. We can do it.

We can! We can defeat this demon together!

Get it, Laras!

In the name of God whose force
and power is the greatest.

You could get me out of this body.

But not from any other bodies.

No. You're not entitled
to any human's body!

When I first came into this world,

I possessed Andini's body.

Because someone called me.

Someone invited me.

I have the right to claim my reward.

My reward!

This is excellent, Arka.

Your toys are selling really well.

-Thanks, Dad.

This is not good enough, Aiden.

Try making another one.

A toy that could be sold
according to our target.

Yours is still far below the average.

Look at Arka.

What are you going to make next?

Here. I already made the sample.

-Yes, Aiden?

This is my newest design.

This won't work, Aiden.

This is the eighth time
you rejected my design.

You never even once rejected
Arka's design.

Aiden, I know

which one will waste funds
and which one will get it back

and make a profit.

Aiden, Mom and Dad got into an accident!

Let's go!

According to this will, "I hereby state

that the company's shares
of PT Kev Toys with the amount of,

one, 60 percent to Arka Kev,

son of Bramantyo Kev.

Two, 40 percent

to Aiden Kev, son of Bramantyo Kev."

So you want your brother

to get out of your way
of becoming the only heir?


You want him sick or dead?

For other matters,

you could probably pay with money.

But your money is useless

for this supernatural being
which will carry out this mission.

Then, what can you give in return?

What does it ask for?

It wants a human body.

And to live in the human world.

What does that mean?

Taking your brother's life

and living inside his body.

The supernatural.

You, who like cigarettes.

You're one of the spirits.

I'll give you anything you want!

We'll open a passage for you to go

inside of Arka Kev,
son of Bramantyo Kev's body.

You may take his soul from the inside

and control his body.

It's hard. Arka is hard to possess.

But I have another body to use.

To execute your plan successfully.

We will use his wife's body.

His wife? For what?

To possess it.

Take her soul, then control her body
and live in it.

But my target is not his wife.

But with her body,
you will achieve your goal.

The goal is achieved. Arka is dead.

The only heir.

But something got in my way
of claiming my pay.

Of getting my reward.

We seek refuge in You from any evil
that is seen or hidden.

From any evil at night or noon.


We seek refuge in You from any evil
that is seen or hidden.

I'm thirsty for a human body.

Not mine!

There will be no power but Your help,

the ruler of heaven and earth.

Not mine, either.

There will be no power but Your help,

the ruler of heaven and earth.

There will be no power but Your help,

the ruler of heaven and earth.

There will be no power but Your help,

ruler of heaven and earth.

Aiden, don't empty your mind!





Are you okay, Maira?


Wait here.


Look whose body I'm controlling.

This body is stronger.


Laras, now you will




Open it!


Open it! Open!

Laras! Open the door!

Laras! Open it!

Laras, they've taken everything from you.

Your husband.

Your child.

Don't let them take more.

Laras, open it!

There will be no power but Your help,
ruler of heaven and earth.

Laras, die!

There will be no power but Your help,

ruler of heaven and earth.

There will be no power but Your help,

ruler of heaven and earth.

There will be no power but Your help,
ruler of heaven and earth.

There'll be no power but Your help, God.

There will be no power but Your help!


Get the Sabrina doll.

Bring it here immediately.


There'll be no power but Your help, God.

There will be no power but Your help,
the Almighty God.

There will be no power

-but Your help.
-I seek refuge in You

from the demon and all things evil.

I seek refuge in You from the demon
and all things evil.

I seek refuge in You
from the demon and all things evil.

I seek refuge in You

from the demon and all things evil!

There will be no power but Your help.

-There will be no power
-There will be no power

-but Your help!
-but Your help!

-There will be no power
-There will be no power

-but Your help!
-but Your help!

-There will be no power
-There will be no power

but Your help!

Give me the doll.

-There will be no power but Your help!
-There will be no power but Your help!

There will be no power but Your help!

There will be no power but Your help!

There will be no power but Your help!

You are the ruler

of both worlds.

There will be no power but Your help

and no one defies Your will.

There will be no power...





Laras, are you okay?


Do you want to see me die?

You first, demon!



Every time I finish a case,

I always think about the lesson I can take

as something to guide us in the future.


This time, I saw

that the envy and jealousy
that has been buried for a long time

can destroy a person's good side.


To the deepest pit of darkness,

no matter how scary
the demons are out there,

people's evil hearts are more terrifying.



Aunt Maira?

Aunt Maira?

Aunt Maira?

Aunt Maira?



Vanya, my love.

I have to go now, dear.

Where are you going?

I have to return to the afterlife.

I've accepted all of the things
that had happened.

And now,

my life is not here anymore.

Do you want to make me happy?


I don't want to see you being sad anymore.

You're lucky to have Mama Maira.

And you'll be okay.

Mama Maira loves you.

Do you understand, dear?




What's wrong with you, dear?

I dreamed of meeting my mom.

It's really my mom.

She's happy now.

And she doesn't want
to see me being sad anymore

when I remember her.

I'm lucky to have you

who is kind, loves me,

and will take care of me forever

and become my mother.

Mom, don't ever leave me, okay?

I love you.

I will never leave you, Vanya.

This scar will forever be visible.

A proof that I've finished
a big case with you.

Living with someone like me
will never be easy, Raynard.

I know.

Living with someone like me
will not be easy, either, Laras.

But with you,

I could improve the gift
that God has given me.

Ever since we met,

you've been taking care of me,

completing me,

and now I'm not facing all of this alone.

What is it, Laras?

A case involving dolls. One family.

Worse than Sabrina.

Subtitle translation by Diajeng Tyagita

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