Sabrina (1995) - full transcript

While she was growing up, Sabrina Fairchild spent more time perched in a tree watching the Larrabee family than she ever did on solid ground. As the chauffeur's daughter on their lavish Long Island estate, Sabrina was invisible behind the branches, but she knew them all below... There is Maude Larrabee, the modern matriarch of the Larrabee Corporation; Linus Larrabee, the serious older son who expanded a successful family business into the world's largest communications company; and David, the handsome, fun-loving Larrabee, who was the center of Sabrina's world until she was shipped off to Paris. After two years on the staff of Vogue magazine, Sabrina has returned to the Larrabee estate but now she has blossomed into a beautiful and sophisticated woman. And she's standing in the way of a billion dollar deal. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Once upon a time...

on the north shore
of Long Island...

not far from New York...

there was a very,
very large mansion...

Almost a castle...

Where there lived a family
by the name of Larrabee.

There were servants
inside the mansion...

and servants outside the mansion.

Boatmen to tend the boats...

and six crews of gardeners...

Two for the solarium...

the rest for the grounds...

and a tree surgeon on retainer.

There were specialists for
the indoor tennis courts...

and the outdoor tennis courts...

the outdoor swimming pool and
the indoor swimming pool.

And over the garage...

there lived a chauffeur by
the name of Fairchild...

imported from England years ago...

together with a Rolls-Royce...

and a daughter named Sabrina.

♪ In the moonlight ♪

♪ When the shadows play ♪

♪ When the thought of
what could happen ♪

♪ Takes your breath away ♪

♪ Sighs and whispers ♪

♪ Quiet laughter in the air ♪

♪ Can make it seem that
love is everywhere ♪

Among other things...

the Larrabees were noted
for the parties they gave.

Few people any more give
parties the way they did.

It never rained on the
night of a Larrabee party.

The Larrabees wouldn't
have stood for it.

♪ In the half-light can we trust ♪

There was Maude Larrabee...

who inherited the
Larrabee Corporation...

when her husband died on the
13th hole at Pebble Beach.

Sweetheart, go talk
to Colonel Morgan.

He looks bored. Senator.

Have I got somebody
I want you to meet.

Maude was on the cover of Fortune.

There was Linus, the older son...

who graduated from Yale at 19...

and took his mother and
the company for a ride...

on the fibre-optic highway...

and turned a

family business into
some serious money.

I just don't feel like buying
any more networks this year.

There's never anything good on.

I said the offer expired at 10:00.

It's 10:08, Robert.

Linus was on the cover of Time.

But most of all...

there was David...

the younger son...

who was in and out of many schools
and even more relationships.

He was handsome and charming
and funny and romantic.

It's so rare to meet such
a beautiful woman...

with your sense of
humour and irony...


and hair colour.

David did a Gap ad.


Sabrina, come down.

She made him laugh.

- You have to finish packing.
- Am I witty?

I wonder if Paris
is far away enough.

No, really. Do you
think I'm funny?

Hilarious. You should
host a talk show.

Sabrina, the full-time
observation of David Larrabee...

is not a recognised profession.

Get out of that tree.

I'll be there in a minute.


It's just you, Sabrina.

Hello, David.

I thought I heard somebody.

No, it's nobody.

♪ How can I remember things
that never happened ♪

♪ Arms that never held me ♪

♪ Lips I've never kissed ♪

♪ How can I remember ♪

♪ Why do I keep seeing ♪

♪ Someone's face before me ♪

♪ Eyes that say they know me ♪

♪ Shining through the mist ♪

♪ Eyes that I remember ♪

♪ I don't know why ♪

♪ Or when or where ♪


You've spent more of your
life up that tree...

than you have on solid ground.

You know how lucky we are
that Mrs Larrabee...

has friends who have
a job for you...

so you can have this
European experience?

The time in Paris will
be so good for you.

If your mother were
alive, she'd be so happy.

- It's what she always wanted.
- What if he forgets all about me?

How can he forget someone
he doesn't know exists?

I didn't mean that.

I just meant...

there's much more to you
than this obsession.

I hope you know that.

Thanks, Dad.

Good night.

♪ How can I remember things ♪

♪ That never happened ♪

♪ Arms that never held me ♪

♪ Lips I've never kissed ♪

I need more help out here.

Where you going? It's early.

It'll take me half an
hour to get out of here.

I got to check on the Tokyo market
before it closes. Good night. Bye.

Linus, Andrea Colson told
me you just fired her son.

He's an idiot.

But she was a bridesmaid
at my wedding.

- She's one of my best friends.
- This is business, Mother.

Listen, I got to drop something
off in David's room.

When he surfaces from this
week's love of his life...

tell him I put his suspenders
back in his closet.

You're not leaving now.
You'll miss my fireworks.

It's okay, Mother. I had a pony
ride and I got my face painted.

Good night.

David, David.

Come in.

I came to say goodbye.

- What?
- Don't come out.

If I look at you, I might not
be able to get through this.


Please don't say anything.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Paris...

and I'll be away a long time.

I don't expect you to think
about me while I'm gone.

You haven't thought about
me while I was here.

I just want to say...

I think I know you better
than anybody else.

I mean, whatever they think
or say, I know the truth...

that you're a wonderful person...

Kind and generous and...

And, for what it's worth,
know that someone...

very far away is thinking of you.

So, if there's anything
I can ever do.

Could you bring me one of those
little Eiffel Tower paperweights?

Oh, my God.

Oui, oui, oui, oui. Ca va?

Ca va. Bonjour.

Welcome to Vogue, Sabrina.
You speak no French, yes?

- No.
- No?

I mean, yes, I don't.

Sorry. Please, could you
repeat the question?

We have many shoes, you
see. Very, very important.

But the most important is
Louboutin, Manolo, and Umberlin.

You know, I speak very
good the English.

Maquillage. Maquillage.

You food and clothes the
place goes to shoot.

When we need it tell,
need it tell, okay?

You'll tell. And all the
days, most important,

Louboutin, Manolos, Umberlin.


Belt. Belt.


Ingrid, hurry up.

I'm putting in my contacts.

No, no. Another one.

Another one. No.

No, no. No. Another one.

Another one. The nice one.

Sabrina, la machine.



Don't worry for Martine.

I tortured her. Now
she tortures you.

Succeed, you'll get someone
of your own to torture.

But you've only been
there for two weeks.

I doubt every single person in
Paris thinks you're an idiot.

Only because I haven't
met them all.

Sabrina, you're being much
too hard on yourself.

Give it a chance.

Now what matters is
you're away from here...

Experiencing new things...

getting another view of the
world, finding new friends.

And not constantly thinking
about you know who.

Morning. Morning, Tom.

She's fine.

She hasn't adjusted
completely, but she...

- She's miserable. I knew it.
- I told you not to send her.

Mr Tom, maybe this not for me
to put my hands in this...

but when I first come to
this country, I am alone...

like Sabrina.

I just weigh more.

So, I ask to God, "Why I am here?"

I say, "Why, God?"

But there is no answer.

So I stop crying.

It takes 11 years.

Thank you, Rosa.

- Did she mention David?
- Just that life without him...

is a "hopeless abyss of
misery and despair."

I believe those were her words.

Raise your leg.

Yes. Ooh, yeah.

Have a drink with me.

- Fairchild.
- Good morning, sir.

Hey, Linus.

Got a minute?

David, does it ever
occur to you...

that you're an officer of
the Larrabee Corporation?

Listen, Linus, I met someone.

Do you recall the address of our
building? It's 389 Park Avenue.

Hey, I'm not kidding.

Your office is on the 48th floor.

- This is really somebody.
- So what's the problem?

Well, I've invited her for
dinner here Friday...

and I don't want you
and Mother to...

Listen, this girl is
smart. She's really smart.

Well, that certainly
hasn't come up before.

Listen, Linus, she's a real woman.

- She's not a, you know...
- Transvestite?

She's not a bimbo. She's a doctor.

- Paediatrician, actually.
- How did you meet her?

I was at this party,
and the host's

kid got sick with something.

I rushed him over to
Lennox Hill Emergency...

and she was the resident on duty,
and we just hit it right off.

How'd the sick kid make out?

When you guys meet her, just
try to make me look good.

I mean, I know I look good, but
try to make me sound good.

Mention my accomplishments.

My qualities.

You can be creative.

Lie, okay? She says
her folks know you.

- What's her name?
- Tyson. Elizabeth Tyson.

Tyson Electronics Tyson?

- Tyson I don't know Tyson.
- Here's a toughie.

Which one works for a living?

Wow, great hat, Mother.

Good morning, blue eyes.

Bring her around. We'll try
and make you look good.

You guys work Sundays now, huh?

It's Wednesday, David.

Guess what.

David's taking out Patrick
Tyson's daughter.

- Well, well, well.
- Yes, sir?

Mack, give me Harvey.


Harvey, I want you to start
buying up chunks of Tyson stock.

Not so much that anybody
would notice. That's it.

I hope she doesn't
look like Patrick.

For once your father didn't lie.

- You are lovely.
- Thank you.

- I'm Maude.
- Pleasure.

I've heard a lot about
you from my father.

- And you're really a doctor?
- No, he made that up.

She was just promoted to
assistant head of paediatrics...

and I told her the hospital
can count on us...

for a couple million dollars.


Is he a world-class
philanthropist, or what?

Just squeeze.

I like Louis.

He's funny and sweet and
such a good photographer.

But someone is in the way.

Is it this David you
mentioned casually...

40 or 50 times when
you first came over?

He sounds, perhaps,
like an illusion.

He keeps me company.

You think so?

Illusions are dangerous people.

They have no flaws.

I came here from Provence...

alone, uneducated.

For eight months... No,
more than that... a year...

I sat in a cafe, I drank coffee...

and I wrote nonsense in a journal.

And then, somehow...

it was not nonsense.

I went for long walks...

and I met myself in Paris.

You seem embarrassed
by loneliness...

By being alone.

It's only a place to start.

Dr Forrest, dial 118, please.

Dr Forrest, please dial 118.

- I'm sorry about your party.
- It's okay.

Are you hungry? I'm starving.

Tell you what I'll do.

I'll draw you a hot bath,
whip us up a superb omelette.

Do you have eggs, cheese,
green pepper, tomato?

No green pepper. No tomato.

Oh, well, then I'll
just whip us up...

a somewhat superb omelette.

David, you are the best.

You mean, making a hot bath
and an omelette are...

roughly on par with saving a
five-year-old kid's life?

It'll save my life.

God, you're easy on me.

Okay. Then why don't you marry me?

Okay. Why don't I?

- Don't kid about stuff like that.
- Okay...

why don't I?

You sure you know what it is?

Yeah, that thing where you
hang together a lot...

and sleep in the same room...

and button each other's
hard-to-reach buttons...

Then I accept.



Mr Larrabee?

David, what a nice surprise.

He's in a meeting.
He's at lunch...

Rapid gain would...

Ron. Ron. I need to talk to you.

I'm in a meeting.

When was the last
time I came here?

You're right.



I wondered why I
was suddenly being

treated with so much respect.

Something bothering you, David?

You been pushing me into this
relationship with Elizabeth

so you could engineer
a merger with Tyson.

Pushing you? I could burn in hell
for the lies I told about you.

You begged me to make you look
good in front of Elizabeth.

You never said a
word about planning

to make an offer to Patrick...

"Talk about my
accomplishments," you said.

"My qualities. Be creative."

"Lie," you said.

I can't do this, Linus.

I'm not ready to make
this kind of commitment.

Oh, I see. She must have asked
for an actual wedding date.

I don't know what came over
me. She was healing children.

I was in a tuxedo.

I'm not in any position
to take care of a wife.

Elizabeth is a doctor and
a millionaire, David.

She won't be a burden.

You don't deserve her, but
she appears to love you.

Doesn't that worry
you a little bit?

I mean, about her mental health.


Oh, man.

This is all just a coincidence.

- It's an opportunity.
- "Opportunity."

What do you expect me to do?

Disqualify myself from a
billion-dollar merger...

because I might have
family connections?

What are you doing? It
was just a question.

Look at this thing.

Not a scratch.

Is this some new way of
changing the subject?

No one in the world has a
flat-panel screen this size...

except Patrick Tyson, and the
damn thing's indestructible.

He's sitting on the hottest
technology in town...

and everyone on Wall
Street knows it.

We've got so much competition on
this merger that any advantage...

Wait a minute Linus, you're
talking about my life.

I pay for your life, David.

My life makes your life possible.

- I resent that.
- So do I.

Look at yourself.

You went to law school.
You never took the bar.

You went to business
school. I can't

get you anywhere near the office.

You studied languages
you don't speak...

instruments you don't play.

You have a series of girlfriends
you never see more than twice.

Do you see a pattern here?

Who are you to lecture
me about closeness?

Your idea of a long-term

is giving your date a
chance to order dessert.

I don't have time for dessert.
I'm too busy with this company.

You're a grown man,
David. Finish something.

Elizabeth Tyson's the best thing
that ever happened to you...

and you told me so yourself.

I would like to propose a toast.

To my baby girl...

Dr Elizabeth Tyson, talented MD.

And to my future son-in-law,
David Larrabee, lucky SOB.

Just kidding, David. Just kidding.

Just kidding.

No, we're all very
lucky. We're very lucky.

Not only is this the joining
forever of two gorgeous people...

but two gorgeous companies.

Hear, hear.

I want to wish you all the luck
and happiness you deserve.


may your first child
be a masculine child.

It's from Serpico.


Tell Yoshi to bring
the Port de Bello.

Ahora? Oui.

- You're quite a linguist.
- Yes.

I travelled a lot before
I married Patrick.

I was a stewardess.

Now they call them
flight attendants.

Oh, really?

I bet I could still get your seat
back in the upright position.

Whenever they try to be funny,
it comes out perverse...

or terrifying.

- I see.
- You'll get used to it.

To be sure to tell you
that she misses you...

and sends all of you her love.

But what does she say
about the engagement?

You didn't tell her.

I don't know how. I
don't know what to say.

You say, Darling Sabrina...

la vida es sueno.

Your life is a dream,
and now it is over.

I know, because we Spaniards...

My dearest Sabrina.

Although I am sure this
will come as a shock...

it is my belief that what
I am about to tell you...

is all for the best.

I know how strongly you have
always felt about this...

and so I have been
reluctant to write.

I am in Paris, but you
are somewhere else.

I'm sorry, Louis.

I shouldn't have done this.

I would like to help...

but what you have to fix,
you won't fix it in bed.

You have to fix it here.

Dear Dad.

This is my last letter from Paris.

I may even be home
before you get it.

Don't worry about picking me
up. I'd like to surprise you.

Amazing. It's gone by so quickly.

Gertrude Stein said...

"America is my country, and
Paris is my home town."

I'll always feel that
way about Paris.

I want so much for you to
know what it's meant to me.

It's turned cold out,
but I don't feel cold.

Across the street, someone
is playing "La Vie En Rose."

They do it for the tourists...

but I'm always surprised
at how it moves me.

It means seeing life through
rose-coloured glasses.

Only in Paris, where
the light is pink...

could that song make sense...

but I'll have it in my
pocket when I get home...

and I'll take it with me
wherever I go from now on.

Love to you, Dad.


- Hey. What are you doing?
- Drove out with Maude.

Have to be here for
her birthday party.

- Might as well stay over.
- Yeah? What'd you get her?

Portable fax machine.

You sentimental fool.

Hey. It's easy for you.

She's so glad you
finally set a date...

you'll never have to
buy another present.

That's not what she says.

I got her a little Picasso.

Having it wrapped in town.

- What did that cost me?
- I don't know.

So who's the new bidder
on Tyson? Unisat?

And a couple of other companies.

Cash or stock options?

I love it when you talk dirty.

Come back here. Excuse me.

- What's that?
- A dog.

- Why?
- It's Elizabeth's gift to Mother.

She feels guilty about
missing the party.

She's stuck at some UCLA seminar.

I got to go pick up
Maude's present.

I want you to know
something, Linus.

I'm glad about Elizabeth.

You should be. She's terrific.

She's smart, independent,
pretty as hell.

- Why don't you marry her?
- Go on.

I'm kidding. Kidding.


How are you?

I'm great.

How are you?


I'm just surprised
to see you here.

Well, you know me.

Don't you?

Can I give you a lift?

Are you on your way home?

- Yes.
- Well, that's convenient.

Are you sure you wouldn't mind?

You know, I can't remember
the name of your street.

Dusoris Lane.

What? That's where I live.

- Small world.
- Big lane.

- You don't recognise me, do you?
- Yeah.

Of course I do.

You're my neighbour...

on Dusoris Lane.

And you're David.

I sure am.

- One of the lesser Larrabees.
- Oh, in what way lesser?

Pretty much every way,
but, please, no pity.

I could have sworn I knew every
pretty girl on the north shore.

I could have sworn you took
in more territory than that.

- Ouch.
- Although that was a while ago.

I heard somewhere that you're
engaged to be married.

Oh, yeah, I am, but we're both...

very busy, busy people...

and it's been very
difficult to set a date.

So, come on. Give me
one clue. Just one.

Oh, no. This is too much fun.

- Please.
- There's your driveway.

I was just gonna say that.

Would you like to
come in for a drink?

What a good idea.


Looks like you're having a party.

Tomorrow night.

They used to have
lovely parties here.

Then you've been to them.

But I saw the lights
from a distance.

What's the occasion? It's too
late for an engagement party.

Oh. No, no. As a
matter of fact, my

fiancée is in
California this week.

It's actually a birthday
party for my mother...

but you probably knew that.


Party's at 9:00.

Will you come?

Do you really want me to?

Very much. If you'll
tell me who you are.

Hello, Sabrina.

Hello, Linus.


- Have a good time in Paris?
- Yes. Thank you.


You look all grown up.


- Why does he keep saying that?
- I need to go find my father.

I'll get my bags later.

- Wait a minute.
- Thanks for the ride.



- What are you talking about?
- No.

Sabrina. My sweetheart.

I brought you a scarf,
Joanna. A real Paris scarf.

- I'll show you how to tie it.
- Has he seen you?

- Yes. No. Who?
- Your father.

Oh, Sabrina.

For going out.

For staying in.

For laughs.

Better than Christmas.

Who took these?

I did.

I hope this hangs out
before tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night is Mrs
Larrabee's birthday party.

Yes. I've been invited.

- By whom?
- By David.

Of course, he didn't know it
was me when he invited me.

Now that he knows?

I'm still invited, I guess.

Maybe I'll try steaming it.

Dad, please?

I promised myself years ago...

all of those years,
hundreds of times...

thousands of times...

and now I'm invited.

Excuse me.


You're here.

Yes, I am. That's true.

You look beautiful.

So do you.

Look good.

Fabulous party, Maude.

I'm so sorry Elizabeth
can't be here.

So am I. She gave me a dog.

I can't believe I'm here.

I went to a party once
in a villa in Provence.

I didn't know a single person.

Rothschild was there. Everyone
was speaking in French.

I could hardly understand a word.

But I felt more comfortable
than I do now.

Here. Drink this as
quickly as possible...

and it won't seem
so strange to you.

- Whoa. David.
- Better?

Not yet.

Trust me, it will be.

- Which Rothschild?
- Bubba.

Oh, is that funny?

Did Elizabeth pick out her dress?

We're still doing the
guest list. 600 so far.

That's just on our side.

That's not a wedding, it's a town.

Stop. It's going to be wonderful.

Elegant but simple.
Lavish but tasteful.

Cheap but expensive.

- Hi.
- Nice seeing you again.


$23 a pound.

They'll be gone in five
minutes. Eat fast.

You are a princess.

For you.

- Who's that?
- Who?

That girl. The one with David.

Oh, well, that's...

That's just...

Oh, my God.

That's Sabrina.

David's known her since
she was two years old.

She didn't have that dress
when she was two years old.

She's drinking champagne
and eating seafood...

and her hair is washed
and her lips are red...

and her teeth are white, and
he made a song for her.

I don't like it.

Well, Sabrina.

- When did you get back?
- Yesterday.

Happy birthday, Mrs Larrabee.

For a minute I didn't
recognise you.

- It's the haircut.
- To say the least.

Some surprise, isn't she, Mother?

She certainly is, son.

Dance with me.


While the music's playing.
It's harder when they stop.

Come on.


You know, I've been to every
party you've ever had.

Right there, watching
from that tree.

Like a bat.

And now here we are, dancing
in front of God and everyone.

I should have paid
more attention to you.

I don't know what I
was thinking of.


It feels so good to hold you.

Does it?

Do you know how beautiful you are?


You're dazzling.


Suddenly back in my
life and dazzling.

Am I back in your life?

I don't think you realise
what you've done to me.

Then you better tell me.

You're changing everything.

She's like a sister
to him, Patrick.

I have a sister. That's
not how we dance.

It's Sabrina. Go and see.

I can't believe this is happening.

You're absolutely transformed.

And you're exactly the same.

You were perfect. You still are.


Let's go some place we can talk.

We are talking.

Some place else.


I haven't seen you in years.

I'm not sure I ever saw you.

Come with me.

For a little while.

- We could just go...
- To the solarium?


It has to be the solarium.

And you bring a bottle
of champagne...

and you put the glasses in the
back pockets of your jacket.

I don't think there are any
back pockets to my jacket.

You were paying attention.

And the orchestra will play...

"How Can I Remember?"


I'll have them do that.

And then afterwards...

I'll wake up.

Great. Thank you very much.

Appreciate it. See you later.

- You got a minute?
- Not right now, actually.

- I have an appointment.
- Sure you do.

David, what are you doing?

Are you insane?

Right smack dab in front
of your prominent...

and paranoid future in-laws...

you are hustling the
chauffeur's daughter.

- We were dancing.
- Stop dancing.

I can't have a drink and a
dance with an old friend?

Do I look stupid?

I never thought of myself
as stupid, but maybe I am.

- I didn't do anything.
- You were planning to.

- How do you know?
- You're kidding, right?

David, you're like my own son.

I am your own son, Mother.


I endured 21 hours of hard labour
to bring you into the world.

The doctors begged
me to take drugs...

but I kept saying I wouldn't
do anything to hurt my child.

Well, I've changed my mind.

You screw up with Elizabeth,
and I'll kill you.

I don't know. There's
something about Sabrina.

I think... I know
this sounds crazy...

But I think I'm falling
in love with her.

- Oh, God.
- Listen, I didn't plan this.

I can't help it. She's so...

Something. Sensational.

The last time you found
someone sensational...

it cost the family a million
and a half dollars.

- This time it's different.
- Oh, that's so original.

What about Elizabeth? You
finally find the right girl...

Who's got the right parents
who own the right company.

- You asked her to marry you.
- Actually, she asked me.

Mother, go outside and
blow out your candles.

Can't we send somebody?

What do you think Sabrina wants?

She's lived her whole
life above that garage...

with her nose pressed against
the glass or in that tree...

watching us at parties.

Now you invite her to one.

You're in your Rolex
jacket or whatever.

You tell her to meet
you in the solarium.

She knows you'll show up
with a bottle of champagne.

That has nothing to do with it.

She knows what's coming. The
jet to Martha's Vineyard.

The cottage full of
food and flowers.

House seats to some sold-out
show. Drinks at the Carlyle.

A day or two of that,
she'd fall for Noriega.

You don't know her. You don't
know the way she makes me feel.

I can't be engaged to somebody
when I feel like this.

- David, sit down.
- I can't talk about this now.

I have to be some
place. Just sit down.

- What?
- I sat on the glasses.

Don't move. Get Dr
Calloway. He's at the bar.

- Who put glasses on the chair?
- I'm bleeding.

- Could we talk about this later?
- Oh, my God.

Linus, stay with him.

Darling, don't worry.
Just elevate something.



Sabrina. She's waiting for me.

I'll take care of her.


Hello, Sabrina.

I have a message from David.
He won't be able to make it.

He sent me.

I'm sorry. You're upset.

Of course.

Yes. No.

I don't know.

I'm a little tired.

Why didn't he come?

He was on his way. He
had a slight accident.

He sat on a champagne flute.

- Is he okay?
- He's in the emergency room.

Emergency room?

It was a sharp flute.


That's a little joke.

Should I drive over to see him?

He'll be fine.

Couple of stitches. You
can see him tomorrow.

- What's this for?
- Part of the message from David.

They've sent you to deal
with me, haven't they?


Like a lawyer in a movie.

He goes to the
unsuitable waitress...

or showgirl or
chauffeur's daughter...

and says the family is prepared
to offer you $100,000...

to stay away from their son.

"No," she says. "150,000."



A million.

No self-respecting
lawyer would offer less.

No self-respecting waitress...

would take it.

Good girl.

I've loved him all my life.

Have you?

I thought I was over it.

Surprise, surprise.

You don't object?

Object? To you?

Look at you.

It's as though a lovely breeze has
swept through this whole house.

Even though the breeze...

comes from the general
direction of the garage?

It's the '90s, Sabrina.

So they say.

♪ How can I remember things
that never happened ♪

♪ Arms that never held me ♪

♪ Lips I've never kissed ♪

They played that the night
before I left for Paris.

They often do play that.

He was dancing right
here with someone.


He often does do that.

And tonight you
wanted it to be you.

I don't know why or when or where.

It's all in the family.

♪ I feel suspended ♪

♪ In the air ♪

Somewhere between the
dream and the memory

I never thought of
you as a dancer.

Crazy about it.

Call me Bojangles at the office.

In all those years, I
never saw you do this...

Meet a girl here with champagne.

Never did it before.

You never had to before.

Is it impossible to believe
that I want to dance...

with the prettiest
girl at the party?

Thank you.

Yes, it is impossible to believe.

Then you don't know me.

I almost forgot.

The rest of the
message from David.

Thanks. I needed that.

- What am I doing?
- No, I apologise.

No, I should never have... You
have my handprint on your face.

Maybe it's better if you pick
up your messages in person.

You'll see David tomorrow.

Good night.

Mack, I'm gonna stay out
here for the next two days.

Cancel whatever I've
got and reschedule.

Have the plane stand by for
9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning...

and set up the Vineyard cottage.

I don't know. Flowers,
candles, singers.

- Wonderful party, Linus.
- Thank you.

Call David's secretary. It's
the only thing she ever does.

Why not? Hell, I'm up. You're up.

You weren't? Well,
call her anyway.

Thank you very much for coming.
Good to see you. Good night.

Jesus. A dog.

What is there, an epidemic
of sleeping sickness?

Okay, listen.

David can't stand pain, so I want
you to give him a combination...

of morphine and...

I don't...

Okay, not morphine, but
something strong...

and mixed with a sleeping
tablet like Halcion.

They haven't proved that, Frank.

We have no idea.

Maude thinks they were left
on the chair by some guest.

He's not gonna sue his own mother.

Well, he's not me.

Wait, you're not going to
work that way, are you?

- Give us a moment?
- Sure, Mr Larrabee.

Tyson say anything after
I left last night?

He wondered where
everybody had gone.

Maybe I should talk to Sabrina.

And say what?

"Sabrina, you're very lovely...

but David has a short
attention span.

He's just jerking your chain."

Can I say that to a woman?
"Jerking your chain"?

- When's Elizabeth due back?
- Thursday.

Should we try to get
her back sooner?

I don't want him trying to
break off the engagement.

This all happened in 24 hours.
I can make it unhappen in 48.

I like Sabrina. I always have.

But I'm not about to kiss
off a billion dollars.

I don't care what she
did to her hair.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I'll take you up to see David.

Thank you.

Can he hear me?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Did the dry cleaners
have your car?

- How do you feel?
- I didn't get there.

Did I?

- Are you in a lot of pain?
- Am I in a lot of pain?

Look at your little hand.

Guess what happened to me.

I know.

I know. I feel awful.

Me too.

How do you feel, Linus?

You're falling a little
behind here, David.

Do you want me to stay with you?


We got you a terrific nurse and
a two-day supply of red Jell-O.

He really should rest.

- Isn't Mr Linus going in?
- He has other work today.

Oh, very good, madame.

I'm sure he'll be more
responsive next time.

Don't worry.

See you.

Thank you.

You know...

I was wondering.

We have this summer cottage
on the Vineyard we never use.

I want to put it on the market.

I was going to have a
few pictures taken...

the kind that make it
look bigger than it is.

I understand you have an
interest in photography.

I thought you might
like to take them.

Trip would be no trouble.

Helicopter could pick us up
here. Plane's at Republic.

Is that a lot to ask?

Saves all that time
fighting traffic.

And all those tollbooths.

No, thanks.

Something to drink,
Miss Fairchild?

- Sabrina.
- What a beautiful name.


Sorry. Can I get you something...



Mack, anything from Granger?
Anybody else at SEC?

No, tell him I'll call him
back as soon as I can.

So that really is
a beautiful name.

How did you get it?

My father's reading.

It's in a poem.

"Sabrina fair, listen
where thou art sitting...

under the glassy, cool,
translucent wave...

in twisted braids of lilies
knitting the loose train...

of thy amber-dropping hair."

- Amber-dropping hair. That's...
- Carol.

I'm sorry.

It's an incredible aeroplane.

It's beautiful.

I've never seen anything like it.

Ah, yes.

Don't you ever look
out the window?

When do I have time?

What happened to all that time
we saved taking the helicopter?

I'm storing it up.

No, you're not.

So your little poem...
What does it mean?

It's the story of
a water sprite...

who saved a virgin from a
fate worse than death.

- Sabrina's the virgin.
- Sabrina's the saviour.

Is it always like this?

I don't know. I haven't
been here in years.

How can you have a place like
this and never come here?

Gee, I don't know. I guess I...

I just never had anybody
to share it with.

I guess.

You could always hire somebody.

No, wait, not me.
The house, please.

You're in the house.
It humanises it.

I don't like having my
picture taken. I come out...

looking depressed.

Are you depressed?

Maybe that's not exactly
the right word.

What is the right word?

I don't know.

Lonely, maybe.

- You think that's funny?
- No.

I just expected you to
say something else.

No, I suppose you're
right. It is funny.

Linus Larrabee is lonely.

I'm sorry. I made
you uncomfortable.

Let's get the outside.

Do you want a view from the house?


- Which one?
- All of them.

More isn't always better, Linus.
Sometimes it's just more.

Pick one.

I don't know anything about...

Don't take a picture. Just look.

Ocean, ocean, ocean, ocean.

Quaint little fishing
village. Ocean, ocean.

Lighthouse. Guy going
into the lighthouse.

There's a job for you.

What must that be like?

What kind of a guy takes a
job keeping a lighthouse?

Every time I look through
a camera, I'm surprised.

Like finding yourself
in the middle

of a story, like you just did.

What kind of a guy takes a
job keeping a lighthouse?

I think I've been taking
pictures all my life...

long before I ever had a camera.

Excuse me.

Well, call him back, Mother.
Raise the offer half a point.

No more. Here? Lousy.

So far, I'm more
affected than she is.

I damn near cried twice.

I'm running out of time here.
I don't know what to try.

Okay. Finished.

We'll have some lunch,
and then you probably...

oughta get a look at the
island while you're here.

You miss Paris?

Not yet, but I will.

- You liked it there?
- I loved it.

You'd probably hate it.

What? Why?

It's all about pleasure.

They work hard. They just know
when to quit and enjoy themselves.

What a beautiful building.

Nobody builds with brick any more.

That's late 1800s.

In Paris, they'd
consider that brand-new.

- I hope they don't tear it down.
- They won't.

I own it, that whole block.

I donated it to the village
as a halfway house.

You know...

jails are full of guys
that never had a break.

Look at this guy picking cans.

They get back to the wall,
commit some petty crime.

They're stuck. They're outsiders
for the rest of their lives.

It's not fair.

The only chance they'll ever
have is a halfway house...

that'll help them get
their feet under them.

Excuse me.

- Could you take a picture of us?
- Yeah.

It's that one.

Are you done?

I don't think I can eat any more.

It's too late to free them.

You know, you are not exactly
what people say you are.

Oh, yeah?

What do they say I am?

You know.


that you're the world's
only living heart donor.

Oh. That.

And... how does this one go?

He thinks that morals are
paintings on walls...

and scruples are money in Russia.

That's droll.

- And then there's my favourite...
- No, I get the picture.

It's enough.

Do you remember the rainy
afternoon we spent together?


My father had...

Had driven your mother and David
into town for a music lesson.

How old was he?

I don't know. Fourteen, fifteen.

- That would be the oboe.
- The oboe?

It was a misunderstanding.

He thought he was gonna
get to take hobo lessons.

It was a rainy afternoon?


I was afraid, and I
came into your house...

and tried to turn on a
lamp, but I got a shock.

I thought I'd been
struck by lightning.

And you stayed with
me all afternoon...

till my father came home.

And you didn't cry.
You were a brave kid.

I was more afraid of you than
being electrocuted. Everybody was.

Is that the reason you
never got married?

You probably don't
believe in marriage.

Yes, I do.

That's why I never got married.

David, on the other hand,
believes in the tooth fairy.

- That's why I like him.
- Well, I like him too.

Matter of fact, I love him. I
don't know what to do with him.

When he was a kid, he used to
love to come into the office.

He'd sit behind my father's
desk and write memos.

Then he'd read the ticker tape.

One day, he just stopped.
I can't figure out...

Are those the only things
people say about me?

It was a nice day.

You were a little tough
on me, I thought.

I guess you're used to being
treated very carefully.

- When will you have the pictures?
- Tomorrow.

Could you drop them by the office?


Well, good night,
then, Sabrina fair.


My father once asked David...

why he stopped coming
to the office.

And David said, "What
do they need me for?

Linus is there."

Listen, I do real work
in the real world.

David watches from
the north shore.

I know you work in the real world,
and you're awfully good at it.

I'll bet you haven't made a wrong
move since you were three.

But that's work.

Where do you live, Linus?

It was a nice day.


It's open.

- Where were you? In town?
- On Martha's Vineyard.

Linus wanted me to
take some pictures.

Linus did?

I love so many things
about you, Dad.

But you know what I
love best of all?

You became a chauffeur because
you wanted to have time to read.

All my life, I've pictured you...

sitting in the front seat of
a long succession of cars...

waiting for the
Larrabees and reading.

We had baked clams.

Linus baked them.

I used to be so afraid of him.

It's appropriate.

- What was he like as a child?
- Shorter.

I look out the window...

and I see someone, and
it is a young woman.

So I say, "What is a young woman
doing in the courtyard...

at this time of night?"

So I am looking and
looking, and I see Sabrina.

She's talking. Who
is she talking to?

A man. Not her daddy,
because he's not as tall.

It was Linus. Sabrina
went out with Linus.

- It was Mr Linus.
- Sabrina went out with Linus?

- That's too weird.
- I thought the guy was gay.

- Mr Linus is not a gay.
- It's not "a gay." It's just gay.

Linus Larrabee is gay? That
makes me like him better.

Linus Larrabee is a heterosexual.

- He's still sleeping.
- Oh, is that normal?

When you're taking what
he's taking, it is.

He wakes up from time to time.

- Has he asked for anyone?
- Bert and Ernie.

Could you tell him
Sabrina was here?

I could tell him the pope was
here, but it wouldn't make a dent.

I have to go into the city,
but I'll be back by 7:00.

Could you tell him?

Quarterly reports from Publishing
will be online at 4.00.

International wants
a teleconference

at 5:15. Harvey called.

You know that old brick building
that we own out at the Vineyard?


You ever heard me
referred to as the

world's only living heart donor?

Have the Rons find out if
there's any tax advantage...

to donating that building
to the town out there.

- If there isn't?
- Then forget it.

Oh, and I want two
tickets tonight...

for whatever Broadway show
nobody can get tickets for.

And a table at the
Carlyle for drinks.

- For whom?
- Me.

I know. I seldom
go to the theatre.

- Seldom?
- I'm not a theatre buff.


The most difficult tickets will
be for a Broadway musical.


That means that the
actors, periodically...

will dance about and
burst into song.

Forget the thing about
the tax advantage.

Tell the Rons I want that
building donated to the town.

And I want it used
as a halfway house.

Sabrina Fairchild.

Come in.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Sit down. Make
yourself comfortable.



It's big.

This is where I do that real
work in the real world...

instead of living.

You remembered.

Doesn't come up every day.
Would you like some coffee?

No, thanks.

Some of these are very good.

- Don't sound so surprised.
- I'm not.

This is an unusual
view of the house.


you said you wanted
it to look bigger.


No, you have...


You've got to admit,
it's beautiful.

I probably would...

if you'd let me.

I found myself in Paris.

A friend said that.

- You were missing?
- Yes.

I once was lost and now am found.

- You're making fun.
- It's my turn.

- You're very photogenic.
- That's because I'm handsome.

No, that's not it.

But not as handsome as David.

Nobody's as handsome as David...

even David.

Don't tell him that till
he's fully recovered.

Are you sure I can't
get you anything?

Café au lait, snails,
French fries?

- Theatre tickets?
- Theatre tickets?

I thought I'd take my
first step towards...

What is all that French stuff? The
good life? Knowing when to quit?

Maybe it's a bad idea.

No, it's a good idea.

It was my favourite
food in France.

There's this little
place in Pigal.

I ate there at least twice a week.

It's good. Enjoy.

It's really so much better
if you eat with your hands.

- Do you mind?
- No.

Not since I made that contribution
to the NYU burn unit.

It's good. Very good.

It's interesting. Have to
try it with soup sometime.

I used to walk
everywhere in Paris.

I used to walk from Montmartre
to the centre of the town.

Along the Seine, there's
a four-mile walk...

that goes from Isle Saint Germain
to the Pont d'Austerlitz.

It takes you past all
the bridges of Paris...

twenty-three of them.

And you find one you love
and go there every day...

with your coffee and
your journal...

and you listen to the river.

What does it tell you?

That's between you and the river.

It's funny. Listening
to you talk makes me...

Makes me wonder if I should...

- What?
- I don't know.

Something's different.

I feel different.

At work, I don't...

I love the action...


sometimes I wonder...
Lately, especially...

Been wondering...

what it would be like...

to spend some time in a place
that I love like that...

and not just a few days...

but for a real change.

Actually, I think I've been
thinking about it for a long time.

I just... I just didn't
know it until...

- you...
- What exactly are you saying?

I'm not sure.

I do what my dad did.

He did what his dad did.

My whole life, I've been...

I never chose.

The past gets deeper,
more familiar.

- But...
- You're not thinking about Paris.

No, you're probably right.

How could I be?

Am I a lost cause, then?

I don't like to think of
anyone as a lost cause.

What time is it?


I forgot. I told the nurse to
tell David I'd look in on him.

He's probably sleeping.

- We can go.
- No, you're right. I can...

Come on. Let's walk a little.

Was there anything you
didn't like about Paris?

How expensive everything is.

Well, I'd have to learn how
to say, "I'm just looking."

How do you say, "This
is what I want"?

How do you say...

"I'm looking at what I want"?

I don't remember.

I brought you some tea...

and I brought you some flowers
to brighten up your room.

Have you been watching
Remains of the Day again?

She can handle herself
with him, you know.

She's not a little girl any more.

It's just she seems... I don't
know... Displaced right now.

She doesn't belong
in a mansion. She

doesn't belong above the garage.

Most people live in between.

Have your tea and try to sleep.

- Hi.
- David.

- How are you feeling?
- Great.

Just felt like getting
out of bed for a while.

Mack says you went to the theatre?

Just dinner.

Moroccan, on the floor.
Lots of cinnamon.

- What's the word from Calloway?
- I'm healing fast.

I just can't eat on the floor yet.

It was good. Thanks.

You heading back to the city?

No, it's getting kind of late.
I think I'll sleep out here.

Good night.

Good night, Linus. Thanks.



I've been thinking about you.

Have you? What were you thinking?

I think we never had that
drink in the solarium.

We never did. You sent Linus.

Are you sure you should
be walking around?

David, what's going to happen?

I could scare us up some
champagne, couple of Dixie cups.

I'm through with glasses.

We could hobble down to the
solarium and pick right back up...

- I meant after that.
- After that?

Well, shucks. Whatever.
I don't know.

Don't you?

Well, not exactly. Is that so bad?

We can talk about all
that later, can't we?


But tomorrow.

I really think you
should rest now.

Good night, David.

- Good morning, sir.
- How was the theatre?

- Come in, Mack.
- That bad, huh?

I want you to get me two tickets
on Air France to Paris.

One in my name, and one in the
name of Sabrina Fairchild.

That's it.

- What day are we flying?
- Tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot. The
Tysons are here waiting.

- Did we have an appointment?
- It's not in my book.

They showed up. I put
them in David's office.

Is my mother in yet?

I got the same thing with a
nephew. I gave him a huge office.

He's never there either,
so we use it for lunches.

These are the invitations.

We thought we'd use
recycled paper.

- Why does it always look dirty?
- Oh, Maude.

Now, which do you like,
the taupe or the buff?

What's the problem, Patrick?

No problem from our point of view.

I feel like a... what's that word?

When a lot of guys are after you.


I was thinking more "debutante."

Somebody else wants to be in
bed with Tyson Electronics.

You know Intermedia?

Impressive proposal.

Cash, stock...

and they don't want to tell
me how to run the business.

Well, how flattering
for you, Patrick.

How did you leave it?

I told them we're practically
family, you and I.

I couldn't possibly entertain
their offer at this time.


But Elizabeth came
home last night.

She called David.

- We got the impression...
- You. You got the impression.

I got the impression
that he wasn't

as anxious as he should be...

to see her.

But he's not himself, Patrick.

He's been injured.

He's on very heavy medication.

He wants to be perfect
before he sees her again.

That's what I thought.

Good morning.

Listen, would you mind
another trip into the city?

I've got some business that
I'd like to discuss with you.

- Business?
- Yeah.

I was wondering if you could
meet me here this afternoon.

I don't know. There's
something I ought to do.

It would mean a great
deal to me if you could.

That little leprechaun was
making a veiled threat.

There was no veil.

Should we do something?

It's under control.

I'm going to Paris tomorrow.


It's a long story.

- I like long stories.
- You won't like this one.

Try me.

Things have been
progressing with Sabrina.

We've bonded.

We've been confiding
in each other.

Last night, over a
handful of chicken...

I told her I thought my life was
in need of some radical changes.

I told her I was thinking
about getting away...

moving to Paris.

She thought that was a great idea.

- And she believed you?
- More than that.

I think she'll want to go with me.

How do you know?

The same way I knew fibre optics
would replace coaxial cable...

that Intel's chip would
change the industry...

that Cindy Crawford's House
of Style would be a big hit.

I just know.

So here's the way it'll play out.

Sabrina will go to Paris with me.

A wiser David will
return to Elizabeth.

I'll come back from Paris
to sign the papers.

The merger will close.

We'll make a very
large sum of money...

and you can buy a
house in Tuscany.

I have a house in Tuscany.

What happens to Sabrina?

She grows up.

You're going to ditch her?

My goodness.

How did you think this was
going to happen, Mother?

Did you think there was
some sweet way to do it?

I don't know what I thought.

I just don't want Sabrina to be...



In all these years, you've never
once seen the face of somebody...

the day after we've taken
over their business.

You're at the hairdresser
or celebrating.

I think I'm getting old.

I feel terrible.

Take a pill.

Watch it. I'm still your mother.

And you taught me
everything I know.

I didn't teach you this.

Excuse me. I have
some calls to return.

♪ Closer together ♪

♪ Now ♪

Miss Fairchild. He was
expecting you much earlier.

I'll let him know
that you're here.

Maybe this isn't such a good
idea. Don't tell him I'm here.

But he pays me to tell
him. Sabrina Fairchild.

I was beginning to worry.


That's a favourite
question of yours.

Didn't you want to come?

I asked you first.

I asked you second.

I've been...

I've been wandering around
Manhattan all afternoon.

It's something to do...

with maybe...

never seeing you again.

That's ridiculous,
because we don't...

We don't have to...

Well, except by accident, and...

How could that be a problem?

If two people...

I asked you first.


what you said... whatever it is...

Makes what I was gonna say...

obsolete, I think.



Okay. I like irrelevant.

Do you?

Who cuts your hair?



Yeah. Why? You think I
should go to your barber?

- No, but...
- Tony was my dad's barber.

He's 94.

Maybe his hand's not
as steady as it...

As it used to be.

It's just that it's all...

So what's irrelevant?

I want you to come to Paris.

- You mean go to Paris.
- I want you to come to Paris...

with me.

You're really going?

It's your fault.

You convinced me that there were
some things missing in my life.

Like what?

Like a life.

I didn't think you were listening.

I was.

Will you come? Don't say no.

Will you?

- I just got back.
- So?

Say yes now.

- We can leave tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

- I have to talk to David.
- Just come away.

He'll get the idea
in a week or two.

You are formidable, aren't you?

- In business dealings...
- This isn't business.

Didn't you once say
everything is business?

No, but it sounds like me.

What will you tell him?

I did knock.

Here are the tickets.

And the other things are
being taken care of.

And good night.

So it is.

You want dinner?

I could order in.

I don't understand what happened.

- I hardly know you.
- Oh, yes, you do.

I wasn't even interested.

Gee, thanks.

I was interested in David.

He was so much what I wanted
that I had to escape...

and I did, to Paris.

And I wrote in my stupid journal
and I cut my stupid hair...

and I came back
stupider than ever.

I'm so happy.

You've made me so happy.

I can't do this.

What is it?

- You were right.
- About what?

About everything.

Everything that mattered.

It was all a lie...

Everything I said to you...

from the moment I brought the
champagne into the solarium.

I don't believe you.

I was sent to deal with you.

I sent myself.

And I did a hell of a job.

There was a marriage.

There was a merger.

You got in the way.

The plan was to take
you to Paris...

then leave...

to get you out of the way.

I think there's no other...

What other things are
being taken care of?


She said, "other things."

An apartment for you in Paris...

and a bank account.

How much?

500,000 francs.

Your first offer was better.

You can have more.

I don't want more.

I don't want any.

You went to all that
trouble just for me?

The helicopter and the jet...

It was no trouble.

Was I really so bad
for David, so wrong?

The chauffeur's daughter.
Isn't that all over?

That's not it.

It's about a piece of plastic.

- Plastic?
- Nothing personal.

May I?

Paris is always a good idea.

I was happy there.

You would've been too.

I'll drive you home.

I'm flying home.

He shall have music
wherever he goes.

You're better.

Oh, yeah.

Much better.

Stitches come out tomorrow.

How about you?

- Where you coming from?
- Town.

Long evening.

I thought we were gonna talk.

I was planning a big
stitch-removal celebration.

- I thought we'd go down to...
- I was with Linus.

You know, of all the
girls I've known...

And I've known some...

Is that a song?

You're the only girl I
danced with only once.



How could I have forgotten?
Was there champagne?

I was eight...

and you were taking
dancing lessons...

and I was homework.

I'm leaving town, David.

I think I knew that.

I won a ticket to Paris.


- One way?
- Yes, come to think of it.

Travelling alone?


You have a good trip.

- You're here.
- So are you.

Call Seattle and Tokyo. Tell
them to stop construction.

Then get the Rons and
Tysons, and tell them...

there's an emergency meeting
on the merger here at noon.

Take this Paris ticket in my name
and transfer it to David Larrabee.

I need to see my mother...

I need to see my mother
as soon as she gets in.

Good morning, David. Can
I get you some coffee?

No? Okay.

I got a surprise for you.

Yeah? I got one for you too.

I've watched you do
business for years...

but I thought there was a limit
to how sick you could...

How could you, Linus?

How could you do what you
did to me and to her?

How could you go that far?

What the hell makes you
think you have the right?


Listen, David.

I tried something,
and it didn't work.

I mean, it worked, but
it didn't really work.

I want you to go to Paris today...

with Sabrina.

- What?
- This was a business tactic.

But it got out of hand.

Somehow I lost my focus.

I screwed up everything...

but I know it can be fixed.

I manipulated her...

I confused her...

but she's loved you all her life.

You're what she really wants.

You're what she's always wanted.

Go with her. It's not too late.

Things will work out.

She'll make you happy.

I don't want her to have
to leave here alone.

What about Patrick and the merger?

You'd blow a billion
dollars for this?

I see.

Get going.

Go on. Don't miss the plane.

Miss McCartle, I want to see
you in my office right away.

Where is it?

When your mother and
I first came here...

she cooked, I drove, and
we had no expenses.

After a couple of
years, we had $15,000.

I was driving Mr Larrabee,
Senior, at the time.

He never closed the
window between us.

He transacted a lot of business
on the daily commute...

and I paid attention.

When he bought, I bought.
When he sold, I sold.

Dad, are you telling me you
have a million dollars?

A little over two million.

Your mother and I were
happy here, Sabrina.

We always dreamt of what it would
be like to do this for you.

Two million dollars might have
exceeded our expectations.

But then, you've
always exceeded mine.

I know what his instructions
were, but it's a mistake.

I'm giving you new instructions.
There's been a change.

Just get started.
I'll call you back.

Thanks for getting
here so quickly.

I need to tell you a story.

And I need for you to tell me...

how it's gonna turn out.

All those years...

you made all that money...

and you never told any
of us how to do it.

I'll tell you now, Joanna.

Marry me for my money.
People do it every day.

I'm not amused, Thomas...

and I have a great
sense of humour.

Then marry me for love.

Emergency what?
What's the emergency?

Darling, if I knew.

I'm sure there's a perfectly
good answer to that question.

I've got my dress.
It looks fabulous.

- What the hell is going on?
- In a minute, Patrick.

What are we waiting for?

- What's with Siegfried and Roy?
- Just a minute, Patrick.

We've known each other
for a long time.

We may have played hardball
on occasion, but...

I think we have a
healthy respect for...

our individual business abilities.

We saw the potential
of this merger,

and I don't think
anybody doubts...

it would have been an
enormously successful venture.

Would have been?

The purpose of this meeting is to

inform you that my
brother David...

Is late, as usual. Sorry.

- Sorry, everybody.
- What are you doing here?

Elizabeth and I have
decided to elope.


- David, where's Sabrina?
- So are we merging?

Who's Sabrina?

- You didn't go with her?
- Obviously not. Here I am, right?

She's probably having her
beverage service right about now.

- Who is?
- Sabrina.

- Who's Sabrina?
- The chauffeur's daughter.

- Don't call her that.
- She was after David for a while.

Then, apparently, she
switched to Linus.

She seems to have decided that
he was the one with the power.

- Is that what he told you?
- He told me everything, Linus.

You didn't see her before she
left? You didn't talk to her?

Sure. I said goodbye. I think
I wished her luck. Maybe not.

I told her I felt funny accepting
my brother's hand-me-downs...

and I said don't take
it personally...

and that you've always been very

generous to your
women in the past.

I was sure she'd be more than
compensated for whatever.

- I told you. He loves her.
- Who?

- Is he packed?
- Yes.

- Is who packed?
- You are. Just one bag.

Wait. You packed my clothes?
You went to my apartment?

I took her.

We were in your underwear drawer.

It was like touching
the Shroud of Turin.

Sign this. It's your authorisation
for the completion of the merger.

And this.

Gives me the raise I deserve for
the new position I'm assuming.

There's a car waiting
for you downstairs...

a helicopter at East 60th.

The plane ticket's been
changed to the Concorde.

It leaves in exactly 39 minutes.
You just might beat her there.

Go, Linus. Don't think.

- She must absolutely hate me.
- She'll get over it. We all do.

This is crazy.

You expect me to just drop
everything and walk out of here?

- Running would be better.
- I think you're all nuts.

Linus, you know I love you.

No mother could be prouder.

But I think it's time that
you ran away from home.

But sign these first.

If you'll excuse me...

it appears I have a
previous engagement.

Now, Patrick, the debt burden
this merger will accumulate...

is gonna make it essential to

restructure a couple
of divisions...

that are generating cash drains.

I've done a very quick review of
last quarter's performance...

of each division
of both companies.

When did you ever...

You've copied me on the company's
financial statements for 17 years.

You just assumed I couldn't read.

Go ahead. Say it.

You don't deserve her.

I don't.

I know that.

But I need her, and I
don't need anything.

Time to run for it.

I just want to make her happy.

13 Rue des Beaux Arts.

Your attention, please.

Last call for Air France Concorde
supersonic flight to Paris...

now boarding at gate 34.

Air France wishes you
a pleasant flight.

First time on the
Concorde, Mr Larrabee?


But not your first time in Paris?

It's my first everything.

"Paris is always a
good idea," you said.

You said I'd be happy here.

You couldn't have
meant without you.

How did you know where to find me?

Your father.

I told him I need you.

I told him I'd make you happy.

I promised him.

I thought it was all a lie.

So did I.

But something happened.

It was a lie...

and then it was a dream.

I don't know how to believe you.

- How can I ever...
- Because you know me...

better than anyone else.

I think you know I love you...

and you promised...

if there was anything
you could ever do...

Once upon a time...

on the north shore
of Long Island...

not far from New York...

there was a very,
very large mansion...

almost a castle.

I've been following in
footsteps all my life.

Save me, Sabrina fair.

You're the only one who can.

On this very large estate,
there lived a small girl...

and life was pleasant there...

and very, very simple.

But then one day...

the girl grew up...

and went beyond the
walls of the grounds...