Sabotage (2014) - full transcript

An elite DEA team raids the safe house of a drug cartel and hide $10 million in the plumbing. When they go back to retrieve the money it is not there. The team is under investigation for the missing $10 million. Then after a couple months the investigation is lifted. The team trains together again and then celebrates at a strip club. Then one of the team is murdered. He wakes up in his RV on railroad tracks. Then a second team member is nailed to the ceiling. The third team member is gunned down at his remote cabin. There is a female City of Atlanta investigator in charge of the murders. After investigating the cartel angle, the twisted truth comes to light. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
BRUJO: Tell John to come.
KAREN: John, please! John!

He won't come for you!


Come find me, John!


No! Find me! Find me!

Help me! Help me!

He's not coming.
He's not coming.
He's coming.



He's not coming for you.
Please stop!
Please! Please! Please!

He's not calling,
he's not coming!

Why isn't he coming?
He doesn't love you.


P! ease, John.
Bitch, you're all done.


John, John...
Tell him to come right now.

Come get me, John.




Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


Three out. Arm the charge.

Don't blow your
balls off, okay.

Hey, don't worry.
They're made of brass.

Are they as big
as your wife's?


Who the fuck
dropped ass?

That was me.
Better check your
fucking drawers.

I think that was brisket,
wasn't it?
Wasn't that brisket?

Open a fucking window!

Hey, shut the fuck up!
Concentrate! It's payday.





Hell, yeah.


Look at you.


Done a roll call?

Breacher and his men
are all accounted for.

How much
is in there?

We're about
to find out.

DC will be very happy.

Okay, be ready.

MAN 2: Acknowledge.

MAN 1: Roger.





Fuck that! No!
I'm going to hit
you fucking raw.

Okay. Come here, baby!

Come on.

All right, come on.

Lizzy, radio check.

Do you copy me?

I hear nothing!

What are you
talking about?

I can only hear your
heartbeat. Come on!


God damn it, Lizzy!
Do you copy me?

Bad call, boss,
sending her in.

Oh, relax.

She knows how to take
care of her business.

SNIPER: I got movement.

Second story,
front window.

Center lock.

I'm taking the shot.







BREACHER: Here we go!
Let's move, let's move!


Come on! Move it!
Stack it up. Stack it up.

MAN: Puta!


OFFICER: Shots fired.
Delta side.

SUGAR: Neck,
stay close with me!
NECK: Already out!

Hey! Hey, where's my shit?
I'm going in!

You're not going in!
I know where the money is!
Do you?

OFFICER: Let's go long!

TRIPOD: Fuck, Lizzy!
You look hot, baby! Whoo!

BREACHER: Stack up.

get the window!
On it.

BREACHER: Let's go.

GRINDER: Tripod, clear.

Breach. Breach!

BREACHER: Get in there!
Move it!

GRINDER: I got high!
SUGAR: Okay, I got back!

NECK: Come on, y'all!

GRINDER: Clear right!

BREACHER: Cut the lock.

Lizzy, there's
a fucking gate!

No shit. Take this.
Got it.



MONSTER: Anybody hurt?
LIZZY: I'm good.

BREACHER: Tripod! Demo!

LIZZY: Aw, shit,
I think I broke a nail.

GRINDER: Double up!
Give me the charge.

LIZZY: What are
we doing, boss?
BREACHER: Demo set.

Three, two, one!


shoot the fucker!

TRIPOD: Target down!
Good shot!

BREACHER: Get moving!

NECK: Get inside!

BREACHER: Breaching shotgun!
MONSTER: Pop it!

MONSTER: Move it!

where's the money?

Down that hall.

LIZZY: Spider hole
in the ceiling.

MONSTER: Target down!
Move it!

LIZZY: Watch your head.
TRIPOD: Good shot.

Popped his gray.
NECK: Meat shower.

GRINDER: Target.

GRINDER: Let's move!

TRIPOD: Saw shit
like this in Iraq.

LIZZY: Door is on the right.

Stand clear!

Moving up.
Everyone, get out
of my fucking way!

MONSTER: Kick it,
Tripod, let's go!

BREACHER: Keep it tight!
NECK: I'll take the back.

SUGAR: Pyro, I'm behind you.

BREACHER: Cover your sides!
MONSTER: You got it, boss!

LIZZY: Clear.
Let's move.

OFFICER: Clear. Clear.
Move it up.

LIZZY: Look what
Mama did for you.

MONSTER: Holy shit.
Uncle Sam gets his.
It's time to get ours.

Come on, kids,
let's get paid.

I guess you blew
the right scumbag.

I guess I did.

GRINDER: You're going
to make me sick.
Let's go.

Come on,
Monster, let's go!

On it, boss.

Bags, some rope!

LIZZY: Yeah. Bags over here.

NECK: Rope, bags!

BREACHER: We've got
three minutes.

SUGAR: Smoke, cut that shit!

Really? Really?


Breacher, it's Watcher.
What's the delay?

Well, we're cutting
through an obstacle, sir.

It's going to
take a while.
Roger that.

GRINDER: Incoming.

Need any help?
We have active shooters.

So just hold back
until it's all clear.

Who wipes their ass
and puts the toilet paper

on the outside of
the fucking bowl?

Hey, get the water
line off the toilet.

GRINDER: Hurry the fuck up!
NECK: We're working on it.

GRINDER: Today, Monster.
BREACHER: Come on,
hurry up, guys. Let's go.

LIZZY: Incoming.
Three, two...


Two mikes
and we're through.

BREACHER: Two minutes.
Oh, God!

What's taking you
so fucking long?
Go, go, go.

NECK: Let's go,
I want more money.

You're getting somewhere now.

LIZZY: Here you go, babe.


NECK: Fuck!

LIZZY: What happened?

NECK: Man down!
MONSTER: Who's down?

NECK: Smoke's been hit!

GRINDER: God damn it!
How'd that happen?

BREACHER: Smoke Jennings
is down! Taking fire!
Son of a bitch!

Medical, stand by.
We may have a problem.

BREACHER: Neck, render aid.
I got it.

Get his head down.
FLOYD: Get your man
out of there.

Tripod, get in the rig!
Stay with me.

Got it!
BREACHER: Monster,
hurry up.

BREACHER: Monster!
MONSTER: Let's go.
We need more money!

the dude's fucked up!

Not getting paid
ain't gonna help him.

Yeah? Now we're
just like them!

Shut your fucking mouth!
This isn't what
we fucking do!

I'll take your cut.

Shut the fuck up!
Do your job!

NECK: Hang in there.
Just a little hickey, baby.

MONSTER: Keep the
money coming!

Come on, Breacher.
Come on, come on, come on.

MONSTER: One mike!
TRIPOD: Fuck, open your eyes!

SUGAR: How's he doing?
NECK: He's cleaned up.

We gotta move him, boss!
Get him out of here now.
Get him up.

A little help, Grinder!

FLOYD: Breacher?
Breacher, give me status.

BREACHER: Stand by.

I have men coming out.
Call up Medical.

FLOYD: Are you
in the money room?

Let's go!

MONSTER: Come on, come on.
Get some more, get some more.

how much money do we got?

About $10 million.

That's enough.
Go and help Monster.
On it!

BREACHER: Okay, Tripod.
FLOYD: John.

MONSTER: Come on,
come on, come on.


Moving it in.

Last spark.

BREACHER: Our man is out.
Let's go.

MONSTER: It's in. It's in.
LIZZY: Go, go, go! Move!

FLOYD: God damn it, John!
Talk to me.

We're through.
All right, stack up.

BREACHER: Team, move.

Monster, stay left.
Heads on the swivel.

Coming out.

LIZZY: All right,
who dropped ass?

GRINDER: Holy shit!



SUGAR: Stop splashing!

TRIPOD: Here we go.

LIZZY: Come on, boys.

GRINDER: This better
be worth it!

TRIPOD: Fucking nasty.



LIZZY: Where's the
fucking money?

NECK: Are you fucking
kidding me right now?

TRIPOD: We should
check in the water.

SUGAR: What'd she say?
TRIPOD: Check in the water.

LIZZY: The fucking
money's gone.

SUGAR: What the fuck you mean,
check the water?

TRIPOD: Right behind you.

SUGAR: What happened
with the money?

NECK: What do you mean
there's no fucking money?

LIZZY: Look at the rope.

MONSTER: It's been cut.

TRIPOD: Just check down there.
Check down here.

GRINDER: Oh, fucking shit.

NECK: Who the fuck else
knew about this shit?

MONSTER: Come on.

GRINDER: It's not in
the fucking water, man!
It's not in the fucking water!

MONSTER: No fucking way!

GRINDER: Who fucking
cut the rope?

SUGAR: Why don't you all just
shut the fuck up and let's go?

Hold up, you guys.
Hold up.

What the fuck is that?


GRINDER: We just wasted
our whole fucking career

for this shit and
there's nothing here?

SUGAR: This ain't good.
Let's walk.

TRIPOD: Check the water.

We sold ourselves
out for this.

LOU: We got a little problem.

$10 million is missing.

STAN: Now listen.
You all did a
fine job in there.

We're not arguing that
you've got a good
record with the DEA.

None of that
matters right now,

'cause all we need to do
is find out where
that $10 million is.

And that's why
you're here.

It was a big, giant
fucking stack of money.

How do you know,
exactly down to the dollar,
how much was in that room?

LOU: Well, the FBI was

carrying on
a parallel investigation.

Did you ever see
the $200 million?

Did you guys hear me
say I want my lawyer?

LOU: You know what
would clear your ass?
If you'd take a polygraph.

No poly.
No poly?

That's weak.
That's sad.

Your ass is
going to prison.

When money is
supposed to be there
and it goes away,

and it looks like to us,
it was a setup.

It may not be,
and we're going
to find out.

And I know you had
a friend who died.

And that's awful,
and it's going
to be more awful

if it was because
of money.

My friend did not die
for fucking $10 million.

We lost a man,
we lost a brother.

And you don't give
a shit about that.

LOU: It was
Wharton's idea,
wasn't it?

You were just
following the lead
of a respected supervisor.

I mean, John is
like your daddy.

You were doing
what you had to do.

Fuck you.
You don't know my daddy.

This agency saved your ass.
You were going nowhere.

You were a question
mark coming in here.

And you have been better
than any of us ever dreamed.

And you've
always outperformed.

We're trying to
save that career.

STAN: This is
your family, Joe.
This is your family.

See, I'm not a thief.

If that cartel finds out that
you took $10 million,

they're going to
slit your throat
from ear to ear.


I gotta pee, man.

Say what?
I gotta piss.

Then go pee.

Man, he got cameras all over.
There's no way I can go.

Oh, dude, really?

Piss, man. What the hell?
What you think?

I'm not going to
stick my dick

where your dick
been sticking in, man.
I ain't putting it in there.

Yeah, the problem is,
your shit probably
fit in there.

My shit don't fit in there.
I need a thermos or some shit.
Look at this.

AGENT 1: You threw a bottle
of piss in my lap.

AGENT 2: Man, it's got
a cap on it.

Morning, Breach.

Hey, good morning.

Oh, man, thanks, Breach!

Breakfast of
champions, huh?

Here's your DVD, man.
Appreciate it.

And don't piss in
my bushes anymore, okay?

I have a surveillance camera.
I see it all.

No, that was him.
I've got a bottle.

I'm not using that bottle.

I ain't sticking my dick
nowhere your dick
has been, damn that.

You didn't say
that about Rebecca.

When you fuck Rebecca?

I fuck them all.

Just follow that truck.
I'm gonna deal with you.

AGENT 2: So you
think he did it?

AGENT 1: I don't know if
he did it. I just know I hear
stuff, that's all I'm saying.

They're looking
for something.

But they haven't
found anything,

or else we wouldn't
be following him
around like this.





Why don't you just
pull the pin on this?

You're never going
to be able to spend
that blood money anyway.

Do it for your team.

Do it for your country.

Do it for yourself.

Retire. End it.
End the pain.


Fuck you, Breacher.

I hate it as much
as you do, sir.


Tactical god.

Why don't you wash
your fucking hands?

That's a new suit?

Why do you rock
that off-the-rack,
cheap-ass JCPenney shit

when you can
afford Armani?

In fact, why aren't you
on a yacht in the Caymans?

I know what
you're trying to do.

The jabs, the jokes.

But tell them
I'm not going to bite.

What'd you tell
Smoke Jennings' wife?

That he died
for a good cause,
making you rich?

Tell them you
let me disarm you.

Give me the fucking gun.


Come in.

Have a seat, John.

It's over.

I'll go and
clean out my desk.

I'm not firing you.

The investigation is over.

No one's been exonerated.

DC just lost their appetite.

Who do you know
in Washington, John?

Got a picture of a senator
fucking a goat, maybe?


The only thing anyone
in law enforcement has
is their credibility.

It's like virginity.
Once it's gone,
it's gone forever.

When did you lose yours?


What if I gave you
your team back?

Don't fuck with me.

No one wants you, John.

I've got nowhere
else to stick you.

Mind showing some
leadership this time?





There you go.
You're back in the game.

They don't
fucking let us train.
They don't let us shoot.

I mean, I can't even
carry a fucking
gun in here, dude.

We're sitting on
our asses, rotting.

It's punishment, bro.

Don't let it
get in your head.

Just deal with it. I am.

Who's winning?
Get down.

Get the fuck
out of the way!

SUGAR: In the middle of
my goddamn game!
MONSTER: Fuck me!

Country-ass motherfucker!

Why you acting all
Jethro on that shit?
You gonna play?

PYRO: We're reduced
to a fucking rubber
gun squad, bro,

I feel like
a fucking parolee.

Why is he tattooing a dick
on your back, Pyro?

You know what, bro,
this is a fallen soldier.
Fuck you, man.

Will you fucking
dial it down?

I just lost a buddy
down range!

NECK: Easy, easy,
killer. Hell!


(WHISPERS) It does kind
of look like a dick.


The expert has spoken.

Bro, if I turn around

and see a fucking dick
in the mirror, you're dead.

It doesn't look
like a dick.

LIZZY: Get off my ass, man!

MONSTER: You might wanna
listen to this.


GRINDER: It's a fucking
piece of shit.
LIZZY: Fuck you.

'Cause all
the company she keeps
is rubbing off on her.

All the fucking

Man, you need
a Xanax or something.

SUGAR: Why don't you
go home and fuck
your mama again?


Come on, man.

You were slightly
amusing in the field.
Here, you just suck.

I will out-fight,

and out-work you
on my worst day.

PYRO: See, I don't
wanna fuck you, Lizzy.

Crack whores
are not my thing.

Hey! That's my wife, yeah?

Bro, you bought a fucking cow
when the milk was free.

Let's do it, pussy.
Come on, let's go bareback.

Wear a mouthpiece
and head guard
if you want.

I'll still fucking
dismantle you!

Okay, now
I want to fuck her.


Out cold, bitch!

SUGAR: She got you.


What the fuck
is going on here?

This place looks like
a fucking crack house!

You shouldn't be here.
What are you doing here?

The investigation is over.

We're back in business!
NECK: No shit?


BREACHER: Here are
your credentials.
Fucking finally!

LIZZY: Whoo! Gimme!

SUGAR: How'd you
manage this, boss?
NECK: Ain't that pretty?


SUGAR: I told you!
I told you motherfuckers!

And you, put a shirt on.
NECK: Here we go.

You're just jealous.

NECK: Good to
have you back, boss.

Is that a dick?


LIZZY: It's a self-portrait!
Where's the fucking mirror?

GRINDER: It's not done.

MONSTER: Let's go!

Morning, boss.


MONSTER: Morning, Daddy.

Good to be back.

What took you
so fucking long?

NECK: I'm embarrassed
you don't have decent shit.

SUGAR: Who's got coffee?

NECK: Knock the dust off!

Are you fucking
kidding me?

You promised you'd
use the down time
to work on yourself.

I'm fine.


Give me the weapon.


I can train...

I'm training.

Why don't you go play daddy
somewhere else, huh?

Come on.

NECK: Slow the fuck down!

MONSTER: Shut the fuck up!

GRINDER: Hurry the fuck up!
LIZZY: You're moving too fast.

PYRO: Sweetheart, shut up!
NECK: So slow.

NECK: You need to skinny up,

Get that chicken wing
out of the way.

Fucking get in
your own lane.

SUGAR: Y'all seriously
taking giant-ass steps.

Give me room.
Give me room!

Little room.
Little room!

Contact right!


SUGAR: Hi! We're home!

Thank you!

SUGAR: Fuck, y'all didn't
even stutter, man!

Slowest fucking pie
I've ever seen in my life.

Whenever you're ready!

NECK: Come on,
open the door, let's go!

Make a decision!

MONSTER: All fucking day.
Let me pie this fucking door.

If there's pussy in there,
you'd already be in there.


It won't kick itself.
Punch it!

GRINDER: Breaching
the fucking door!

MONSTER: What the fuck
are you doing?

LIZZY: Seriously!
Fuck you!

First in the room?
That's the way to
wait for the team there.

Very nice. Very nice.
That's not how
you fucking do it.

You going to get in
my fucking way every time?

All right,
secure from exercise!

This one is down.

Yeah, I got him.

What about him?

GRINDER: And who is that?
Somebody's got to dig
that fucking corner.

MONSTER: No shit!

second guy in the room.
PYRO: It was you!

I was number three!
You got this guy.

That's your
fucking corner!
BREACHER: Be quiet.

He's dead!
third one through!

Guys, shut up!

You should have
dug the corner.
BREACHER: Shut up!

Shut up. Grinder.

You have to
take that corner.

You breached.

You immediately turn
and you go for it.

That's your responsibility,
and you cover that corner.

There's no argument here,
so let's run it again.

Fucking asshole.
LIZZY: Told you.

BREACHER: Come on, guys.


PYRO: Fuck it!
Why don't I run
it by myself?

I'll show you
fuckers how to do it!

MONSTER: Oh, fuck off!

So what happened?
You used to be
good at this.

Yeah, well,
six months of finger pointing
and recrimination happened.

You weren't around.
You didn't have our backs.

Well, not by choice.

That's your
fucking excuse?

When did you ever
listen to the rules?

We're not a team anymore.

Just a gang.

And there is no trust.
There is no trust.

We're going to
get it back. I know.

We're still a family.

Yeah, I wish
I could believe you.

So now we don't
trust each other?

In what we do,
there is only trust.

I trust you!

Each and every one of you.

With my life.

And I'll prove it to you.
Kick the door.

Kill the bad guys.
Don't kill me.

What the fuck
did you say to him?



How did we do, boss?

Good. Good job.

I guess
we don't suck.


It's time to do
the Lord's work.




Shots! Beers! Come on!

All right,
who's gonna get this round?


I'll get the fucking round!

Why they call
you Pyro, honey?

'Cause I hooked a flashbang
in a meth lab,

burned down
the whole fucking
apartment building.


NECK: That's why
we don't let him have
the bangs no more.

You about burned my
ass up, you bastard.

We call him Pyro
'cause his ass burns.



Yeah, whatever, asshole.

NECK: Get of here.
Get out of here.

I would hit that.
Fuck yeah!

To Lizzy,
my favorite evil bitch.

Evil bitch!

No, fuck that!

Let's drink
to Smoke Jennings.

That motherfucker
died for our sins.

Fuck yeah.

Smoke Jennings!



SUGAR: This is one
for the homie that
can't be here.

Smoke Jennings.


You know,
we missed you.

You're the heart
and soul of us.

Don't ever forget that.

They almost won.

It's fucking bullshit
and you know it.

We're here,
aren't we?

We held out

as a team.

It's just that,
that thing that we did

was for nothing.

Let it go.

You hear me?

Let it go.


You know what?
I can do this shit
better than all y'all.


Get the fuck
off the stage!

Get the fuck
off the stage!


Let's go,

Get the fuck back!


PYRO: Good night,

NECK: All right, let's go.
We gotta roll,
we gotta roll!

LIZZY: Whoo!

NECK: Sorry about
your bouncer, man!

LIZZY: Thanks for
the lap dance!

SUGAR: Have a nice night!
GRINDER: Son of a bitch
with a weak-ass right.











What the fuck?

What the fuck?

No! What the fuck?

Fuck! Fuck!




Tom worked for me.

John Wharton.

Caroline Brentwood.

Can you help me
with next of kin?

There's some ex-wives.

So, what happened here?

Train versus Winnebago.

Train won.

So why is
Homicide involved?

Well, some sucker's
got to write it up.
Guess that's me.

Anything else I can do?

Start sweeping
for body parts.

JACKSON: Caroline, hey,
I found the torso.

Coming to you!

Oh, geez.

JACKSON: Look at this.

You can smell
the alcohol from here.

Yeah, right.

Your man's
been drinking.

We did have
a team celebration.

As soon as I get
this place locked down,

I need a statement
from you.

You know
who that is, right?

Some Fed who thinks
his shit don't stink.

That's John Wharton.

He's a drug war god.

What... He looks
a little down, Darius.

Why don't you
go suck his dick?

That ain't right.

Well, you're making
cow eyes at him.
That ain't right.




Stripper's here!
Ooh, yeah!

Aren't you a little
old for this shit?

Caroline Brentwood.

I'm looking
for Eddie Jordan.

LIZZY: Neck!

I brought you a present.

GRINDER: Oh, shit.


Look at the water.


No, thank you.

Have a fucking
drink for my friend.
We buried him today.

That's why I'm here.
You wanna go
somewhere private?


Fuck that.
This is family time.

You just get
the fuck over here

and make it clap
for Uncle Daddy.

Look at you,
got the whole FBI getup.

You got your badge.

You dumb fuck,
that's the lead investigator

in Pyro's accident.
Am I right?

It's a fucking stripper!

LIZZY: She's not
the stripper.

She's an
APD investigator.

NECK: Damn.
We'd welcome you.

But I just want to know
what the fuck you
doing here right now.

Well, I'm sorry to
rain on your bro down.

I just need to get
a quick statement.

Neck, lawyer the fuck up!
Don't say shit!

You know it, Sugar!

Neck hates cops
because the Columbian police

beat the living shit out of
him for not paying a tranny.

Dude, you fucking
gotta bring that up
every fucking time!

I got worse PTSD
from a dude in heels

than anything I got
in that fucking place.

LIZZY: I'll strip
for you, honey bear.


NECK: Get her, Grinder.

I'm good, thank you.

Pull your fucking panties
out of your ass, sweetheart,
and take the beer.

It's a party.

Well, since you
put it like that.

I like the way you play.
Now lick it off.

One step closer,
I rip your fucking
balls off.

NECK: Get her,
baby bird! Get her!

Hey! Shut the fuck up!

MONSTER: Boss, come on!

Come on,
settle down, shut up.

This is my fucking house,
okay? She's a guest!

MONSTER: Guest, my ass.
Come on. Let's go inside.

Hit that, Breach,
get some!

the shit out of that.

Whose round it is?

ALL: Pyro's!


I've been chasing
your man three days
for a five-minute interview.

Can you do
something about that?

You some kind
of a big deal?

Yeah. I've been around.

I speak to him tomorrow,
or I go over your head.

I will make it happen.

Your friend's here.

I wouldn't bother.
Tips are lousy.

CAROLINE: Liquor store's
cleared by arrest.

We present to
Nichols on Tuesday.

Suspect has taken a plea.

Who says?
Nichols' office.

Funny how they do that
when they're on video.

Train versus RV.
It's ruled accidental,

so I'm thinking this
is not our problem.

I just have one
interview to do on that.
I'll knock it out tonight.

It's accidental.
Who cares?

Right, so no one should
interview the last guy
who saw him alive?



Breacher. Gotta go.

Breacher. Damn.

He's sexting me.

(CHUCKLES) All right, man,
just go. Go ahead.
Want to see?

Get out of my face
with that, man.

He's a natural
blond, you know.

Get out of my face.
Oh, yeah.

I don't want to hear
nothing about that.

You are dirty.


CAROLINE: I've known
some cops in my time,

but your people
don't seem like cops.


They're the best undercover
agents in the DEA.

Work hard,
play hard, right?


Look who's talking.

You enjoy your cups.

Why do you say that?

Your skin.







It's me!


Shit, no light.

Come on.

You don't need that.

I'm a cautious girl.


Wake up,
you drunk fuck!

You got right. Move.





Let me clear this.



Where the fuck is he?

CAROLINE: Oh, fuck!


Would you help me up, please?

Can you help me up, please?

Thank you very much.

Well, we found him.


You smoke?

Only when I find
my witnesses nailed
to the ceiling.

Right. I'm gonna leave.

No, you're not.
You're not fucking leaving!

You're in this now.

What are you
talking about?

I'm a Fed.

See you.

You're an asshole.

let's cut him down.

From a preliminary
investigation, I have
a cause of death.

Massive hemothorax.

From a right
stab wound.

This, where
my finger is...

That's how far the knife
went inside his chest.

CORONER: And they
gutted him like a pig.

Hey, Doc,
this guy's a trained guy.

Who could walk up on
a trained guy like that?

Somebody that had
better skills than he had.

He knew exactly
where he was stabbing.

Boo-yah! Got some hairs.
Not the victim's.

Show me.
Right here.

And here's some more. Here.

Can you bag those?

I'll take them
to the lab myself.


Thanks, guys.

ASSISTANT: You got it.

You know, in Northern Ireland,
the IRA nailed snitches
to the kitchen floor.

How do you know
shit like that?

Some research
I was doing.

Okay, so you put out a BOLO
for Lucky Charms guy.

Hey, take a criminalist
and sweep the RV's cab.

For what?
What am I looking for?



They're dead and we're not.
What are we doing?

We D-up and
present a hard target.

Like taking showers
with full body armor.

Well, we need
fucking intel.

Who'd they send up?
Well, who do you think,

Check the board!

Could be Soto!
Could be fucking Romero!

It could be fucking...
They could be...

They may be... Fucking...

Any of this
a surprise to you?

Just let it go, huh?

Surprise to you, Sugar?

I don't really know
what you're talking about.

Guess I'm the only one
with any fucking balls here.

It's the goddamn money.

MONSTER: Just let
it go, all right?

We had to go fingering
the devil's pussy.

It's an occupational
hazard when you
fight the cartels.

Oh, really?

You see any other
Feds getting smoked?

It could happen to anyone.

You believe
that, chief?

Or is that just some shit
you're spitting in case
this place is bugged?

Always assume that
someone is listening.

So shut the fuck up.

I ain't gonna
fight you, boss.

Where the fuck
are you going?


I'm bored.

You're not going out.

It's not safe.

They're hunting us.

I can take care
of myself.

Give me
that fucking...

Give that back to me.
Give that back to me!

What's this, huh?

Is this chewing gum?


What the fuck
you need this for?

What the fuck do
you need this for?


Get out of my way.
No, Lizzy.


It's the stripper.

Can we talk inside?

LIZZY: What the fuck
do you want?

Just some background
information on
your unit.

So I can develop
some suspects.

You know
what we do, right?

This special
operations team?

Well, to be honest,
I have no idea.

Why don't you tell me?

We covertly



I guess that
would make you
some enemies, huh?

Any one come
to mind?

Any particular guy

that might nail Special Agent
Jordan to a ceiling?

Are you really
this stupid?

Ma'am, I'm not your friend,

and I'm not your colleague.

So don't bully me.

Or I'll slap you

with a 48-hour jail hold.

And by the
looks of things,

you can't hack a day
without your favorite
controlled substance.

So let's keep it nice,
shall we?

And yes,
assume I'm stupid.

Paint me a picture.


I took these
in Juarez.

They're friends of mine.

And this is what
the Rios-Garza cartel does

to indicate that
you've pissed them off.

you're so in over
your fucking head.

You need more
than a Glock and
sensible shoes.

Walk away.

Walk away.

I'll show myself out.
Thank you for your time.

It's our pleasure.

We're gonna have
to each get two jobs

just to put him
through school.

CAROLINE: Have you
considered prostitution?

Hey, what's up?
More black hairs.

And look.

A beautiful thumbprint
we got off the steering
column of the RV.

It's not the vic's.
Boo-yeah! Linkage.

You just said

That's my thing.
Don't jack my thing.

I heard the lab tech
say it. (LAUGHS)

I didn't hear it.

Bullshit, you heard it.

Well, if she said it,
she got it from me.

Due to the staging
of Special Agent
Jordan's body,

we believe
there's a connection
to the Rios-Garza cartel.

DTO. Rios-Garza Drug
Trafficking Organization.

We don't use
the term "cartel."

Thank you, sir.

It seems that Special Agent
Roberts' death

was not an accident.

We have recovered
physical evidence linking
the two crime scenes.

I would like to have
a copy of those files,

if you could make
those available for me.

Yes, sir.
Today, would that
be all right?

Yes, sir.
Thank you.

Investigator Brentwood,
what exactly do
you want from us?

Well, learning about
the victims helps me
find the suspects.

Maybe these murders
are blowback from
cases they worked on.

You want access
to DEA case files?

It would help.

Are you asking for
investigatory support
or access to our records?


Look, maybe
there's someone

I can liaise with,
someone who...

Investigator Brentwood,

your agency needs to
draft a formal letter
requesting assistance.

Any documents you want
access to will need to
be specifically cited.

Specifically cited.
What information
do you need?

Incident report numbers.
File numbers.


And how are we going
to know those numbers

if we don't know
those numbers?

If you don't know
really what you want,

what are you
doing here?

Two murders of DEA agents

have happened on my watch.

And it's my job to
investigate them,

and I'm asking for your help.

Just have the chief
fire off a letter, and
we'll see what we can do.

Thank you
for coming in.

Have a nice day, y'all.

Fucking US Attorney
and their own general counsel?

These guys are scared.

Hey. You're Brentwood,
you're Jackson, right?

BOTH: Yeah.

You working the agent
nailed to the ceiling?

What do you know about that?

The DEA is a dysfunctional
family, all right?

No one's going to talk
family business with you.

Who are you?
Got a card?

Ask yourself
why it happened.

Everything happens
for a reason.
Think about that.

Stop leaving your
shit on my seat.

That's not mine.

It's not some porn
you're hiding from
your wife?


That's not mine.

It's not mine.

STAN: You're out here saving
these adrenaline junkies

that mean absolutely nothing
to this department.

BREACHER: I would take
a bullet for those guys.

Hmm. You'd take a bullet.

Would you take
10 million bucks?

Would you take
$10 million?

Where's the money?

Don't fucking
scream at me!

Where's the money?
You dumb fuck, you!

Look at you!

With your fucking
48% body fat.

And, you, scrawny
little bastard!

Fuck you guys!
LOU: Go to the gym, John.

Fucking liar.
Fucking liar!

He's a fucking liar.

What? Caroline,
where you going?


Why the fuck
didn't you tell me

you were under investigation
for stealing from
the Rios-Garza cartel?

Get in.

I need a drink.

I need you to be
straight with me, John.

No, you be
straight with me.

Why do I have to find out
through the grapevine

that you linked
the deaths of my people?

They're linked,
I'm sorry. My turn.

Did you steal
the money?


And fuck you
for asking.
Don't be such a girl.

Your agency thinks you did.
So does the Rios-Garza cartel.

Why do you think
they're killing your guys?

Spend enough
time on the job,
the job bites back.

That's bullshit.

You going somewhere?

One of my guys
quit the team.
He's off the grid.

I gotta warn him.

Okay, grab your stuff
and I'll drive.

They're going to continue
to fucking kill people,

and kill fucking
innocent people

and women and children
in Mexico and
the United States

unless you have
guys like me!
LOU: Son!

That's a fact.

Motherfucker, I quit.

Last fall, an 8-year-old girl
vanished from her bed.

No leads.

Only her daddy's bullshit
about hearing black voices.

And he's a drinker.
Joins AA the week
after she disappears.

He profiles, too.

Domestic abuser, all that.

And I can't find enough

for the DA to file.

Do you see where
this is going?

Just because you're
not in jail doesn't
mean you didn't do it.

You're awesome
on a road trip,

you know that?

Yeah, I've heard
that before.

BREACHER: That's it,
right there.

It's beautiful.

Watch out for
booby traps.

CAROLINE: Bullshit.

BREACHER: I'm serious.

This could take
your leg right off.

Here's the trip wire.

Why is he so paranoid?

Maybe he doesn't want to
get nailed to a ceiling.



It's John!

There's something off.



Unit 2150.

Send me two units
and an ME to my location.

AK brass.

The guy hit
the trip wire.

Right there.

Looks like
he bled out.

Here, hold this.

What's that?

They're world-class assholes.

Give me the weapon.
I don't trust you.

Well, you know,
it was getting
heavy anyway.



Hey! (GASPS)

How you feeling?

I'm sorry?

Well, now that
you got sucked
into our world.

They're Kaibiles.


Special Forces.


Rios-Garza Organization
loves to use them
for high-power hits.

You know, McNeely was
a fucking Navy SEAL.

He was 10 times
the operator that
I'll ever be.

What chance do
you think I got?

See, they're the best
assassins that money
can buy.

Honey, I worked gangs
for eight years.

Streets have rules, okay?

You steal money,
doesn't matter
who you are,

you can be a cop,
you could be God,

they will get you.

I came here
to help you.

No, you did not.
To help you understand.

You came here 'cause you
think you're gonna be next.

You came here to
steer me, okay?

If you want
to help me,

and if you don't
want to get nailed
to a ceiling

or run over
by a train,

you need to break
free from your buddies

and tell me something
I don't know about
John Wharton.

Because I can't
read him.

Tell me something
I don't know.

Two years ago,

we arrested
Edgar Rios in Juarez.

He was
an old-school drug lord,
ran all their operations.

It was a big deal.

We're handing him
over to the Mexicans

when some broad
pulls her shit
and dumps him.

Cartel didn't
want him debriefed
by our intel people.

Problem solved.


But they had
a bigger problem.

They wanted the man
who can get the man
that nobody can get.

John gets a call

from the bad guys.

They snatched his wife
and kid right out of
his house on Lake Lanier.

They're holding
them in Juarez.

They make him an offer.

"Surrender yourself
to the cartel and
your family lives."

John's family is everything.

John was married forever.

His son Jacob was
his best friend.

Love you, Dad.


They tortured Karen
and Jacob to death.

There's video.
Evil shit.

No! No! No!

They mailed pieces of them
to his home for weeks.

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

went down there. Alone.

Hunting the man
who killed his wife.

John, we're coming in!

He didn't find him.

We're here to
bring you back home.

This isn't going
to bring them back.

TRIPOD: Come on.
Let's go home.

MONSTER: John is
obsessed with finding
his wife's killer.

It's like a cancer
in his soul.

Caroline, we lost John
when they died.

Go home.

Go home now.

I was just
trying to help.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


Wait up. I didn't
know about your family.
John, I'm sorry, I...

Now you know.

They sent me her face.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

So this isn't creepy.

Someone else get killed?

I brought
a peace offering.

Let me show
you something.

Your shooters.
They're Guatemalan
Special Forces.

They came in
through Juarez
with stolen visas.

ICE alerted,
ran surveillance.

But lost them
outside of Atlanta.

Now, you said
you had prints.

Yeah. We got one
at the RV,

and one outside
McNeely's cabin.

But no NCIC hits.

See if these match.

Pretty please.

ICE took them off
some beer cans inside
their hotel room.

Should I have these?


Then why'd you
give them to me?

I don't want anything
to happen to you.

Holy shit.

No way.

Don't say a word.


What happened to
"I'll never date a cop"?

Who said anything
about a date?

Evil harlot.

I can't believe
you said that.

You dirty,
dirty girl.

So I got a present for you.

Check that out.


Bad guys.

Dude looks like
Mario from Donkey Kong.

Who's the metrosexual
with the... You've got...

Prints, records,

Did he leave it on
your night stand?

You don't want to know.


Get in the car.
You all right?
'Cause you walking funny.

You're just jealous.

Is he a big dude?

Like, is he big?

That's inappropriate.

Was it good?
Shut up. Shut up.

Is he ripped,
like a six-pack?

Shut up.

Just wondering.
'Cause he's, like,
a legend.

You're good to go.

It's a match.

Thank you, Tish.
Okay, I'm going to write out
a warrant-affidavit.

You put out a BOLO,
armed and dangerous.

Yeah, and what you
gonna tell the judge?

That we got slipped
some Secret Squirrel
ICE file?

That's exactly what
I'm going to tell him.

Once they're in custody,
we can get as many
print cards as we want.

Doesn't matter
how we get there,
as long as we get there.

Do we know
where they are?


So we still
got no target?

What the hell are we
doing sitting here?

We could be drinking beers,
throwing dollars
at something naked.

We're standing by.

For what?

Apparently, the boss
got that investigator
lady working for us now.

Ain't that right, boss?

Is that true?

Hey. Grab a vest.

What's up, partner?

That ICE file your
boyfriend gave you
had a credit card.

I linked it
to a cell phone.

That cell phone is live
in an apartment building.

That apartment building,
Narco knows about it.

It's a Rios-Garza
safe house.

Okay, enough
energy drinks, partner.

While you've
been saving mankind,
I drafted an affidavit.

I sent it to the clerk,
judge signed it.

You'll be needing that.

Yes, you're right.
I need that.

You're right.
I'm sorry. I was excited.

Try and arrest
him without it, huh?

I got excited about it,
but we gotta go
kick some doors, baby.



Multi-level residential.
Four units.

Brick and masonry.
Fortified with
barred windows.

Steel security doors.
You got an iron fence
around three sides.

All right,
what's the plan, boss?

We blue angel up the back.

Single point dynamic entry.
Explosive breach.

We don't know
what unit they're in,

so we clear
the whole structure.

All right, let's smoke
these motherfuckers and
get us some dinner then.

Two mikes out.

SUGAR: Two out, copy.

We're at the
rail road tracks.

Here we go, stand by.

LIZZY: Roger that.

We're not here to
make arrests, right?


They killed two
federal agents already.
They're not fucking around!

No matter what,
we all go home tonight
at the end of this mission.



You know what you're
doing with that thing?

I was in the Army.

It's the wrong way up.
It's not the wrong way up.

You got to rack it
all the way back.

Come on.

I know how
to rack a gun.

MONSTER: Heading right.

Keep your hands up.
Let me see your hands.

Stay right there.

Stay on the bed, kid.

Shitty closet!


Good! Let's go!

MONSTER: Ready to go!

BREACHER: Don't stop!

GRINDER: Going left!
LIZZY: Right!

GRINDER: Got your back.

Got a bathroom! Clear!

All clear!

We're all set, boss!
BREACHER: Keep moving!

LIZZY: Stay tight!

GRINDER: One on the couch!
LIZZY: I got left.

Put your hands up!
MONSTER: Going left, boss!

SUGAR: Closet, clear!
Let me see your hands!

Anyone else in here?

SUGAR: Coming around.

Anyone else in here?
Just my kids.

Kids in the back!

LIZZY: There are kids.
SUGAR: Door!

LIZZY: Stay right
where you are!

BREACHER: Just keep them up.

GRINDER: I got high.
Get low!

BREACHER: Don't move.
LIZZY: Clear.

GRINDER: Checking for mice.


We're clear!


Just stay on the bed.

Stay on the bed.

SUGAR: We're clear!
BREACHER: Keep moving.

BREACHER: Stack up!

Okay. Ready?

Yup. Door.

SUGAR: You get him!
Go, go, go. Let's roll.

Okay, move it!


MONSTER: We're tight, pop it!

LIZZY: Asshole down!

We're clear!

LIZZY: Fuck!


LIZZY: Target down.
Move! Move! Move!



LIZZY: Clear!

Sugar, let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa!
Cálmate! Easy! Easy!


LIZZY: Good kill, baby.
MONSTER: Come on!

I got the hostage.

Going right!

LIZZY: Clear!

We're clear!
SUGAR: Clear!

Good fucking gunfight!
God damn!

SUGAR: Hey, boss!

You might want
to get in here!


LIZZY: Ta-da!

You got your kit, babe?

Right, we're secure.
I'm gonna ID these guys.

So which asshole are you?

Lizzy, don't fucking
do that!

Liquid meth! Hell yeah!

GRINDER: You're one
fucked up bitch!

Yeah, it's meth.

LIZZY: This is one
for the books.

MONSTER: Breach.

It's not them.

GRINDER: It's not
the Kaibiles!
LIZZY: What do you mean?

What are you
talking about?

You mean we killed
six motherfuckers
and it ain't them?

Well, check again!


No! Still not them!

Dead man walking!
Fuck me!

Fucking shit.



Stay tight.
Behind you, brother.

All right,
it's clear.

Get EMS in here.

There's a lot of bodies.

What the fuck
are you doing here?

It's my job.

You used me.

Breacher, God damn it!

What the fuck
is going on here?

Clean up,
aisle three.

God almighty!

What's wrong?
Son of a bitch
is snagged!

Gimme a knife.
I'm gonna cut
the son of a bitch.

The hell you are.
That's a new anchor.

Damn, it is heavy,
Yeah, it is!

All right,
keep pulling.

What the hell?

Jesus Christ!
Stay back, son!

Turn around.
Don't look.

CAROLINE: How'd they die?

Looks like a gun fight.

Can you give me
race and sex?

Male Hispanics,
all three.

Why the chicken wire?

As their bodies bloat,
the wire cuts them,
releasing the decomp gas.

They never float
to the surface.

JACKSON: Yeah, great tip.
I gotta remember that one.

Okay, how long
they been dead?

A week.
You sure?

A what?
At least a week.

If it's the guys
that we think...

They've been dead
more than a week...
Wait, are these the...

The military guys
from the cartel?

You think this is them?
The Guatemalans.

I think it's them.

He said they've
been dead for a week.

It can't be
the Guatemalans.

CAROLINE: That's why
we need to find these tattoos.

The guy at the cabin
had a tattoo on
his left shoulder.

And if we have a match,
then they're part of
the same gang, right?

The killers
are the victims?

It just can't
be that, Caroline.

Tattoo, left shoulder.
Have we got anything?

Ah, nice!

We got it.
Darius, come see this.

This is our guy.

JACKSON: That's it?

Who the hell
killed them?


DOCTOR: Here we go.

CAROLINE: What you got?

Thumb's missing.

Right here.

Okay, so that explains
how we got thumbprints
in Roberts' RV, huh?

JACKSON: Looks like
we're working late.

Look, if they've been dead
a week already, right?

They sure as hell
didn't nail Jordan
to that ceiling.

Or drive Roberts
over the train tracks.

CAROLINE: The Guatemalans
killed Tripod McNeely, okay?

Then somebody kills them,
uses them for cover.

Come on, Darius,
think about it.

Who killed the
cartel hit men,

sprinkles their DNA
over two separate
crime scenes,

wants us to
think they're alive?
Who do we like for this?

Everybody! We like
everybody for this one!

John, please! John!

BRUJO: Tell John
to come for you!
John! Please, John!

Tell him come for you!

Come find me! John!




Oh, no!

We had a good time,
didn't we?



I love you, John!




Who the fuck
is hunting us?

LIZZY: Who do
you think, Breach?

It's one of us.

It's you!

Or it's Grinder!

Or Sugar!
Or my dear
loving husband!

Is it you, bitch?

LIZZY: No, I keep track
of the people I whack.

Neck and Pyro
ain't on the list.

See, I think
that she's right!

I think she's fucking right.
Nailed it.

So which fucker
is it, huh?

Fucking crazy!
I mean, why?

You know why, Breach.
It was the fucking money.

SUGAR: Amen.

'Cause some of us
are getting paid,

and the rest of us
are just getting dead.

Oh, bullshit!

Keep your hands
where we can see them.

This has been fun,
but I'm out of here.

I see any of
your fucking faces
and I'll kill you!

Ammo's cheap.
My life ain't!

It's over.

LIZZY: Where'd you
bury it, Grinder?

Now we fall apart?

We scatter to the wind?

LIZZY: Yeah,
I like that idea.


Yes, sweetheart?

I've been
fucking Sugar.

SUGAR: What the fuck
are you doing?

That's not what
we talked about!

Look, man.

Look, it is
what it is, dude.

What do you want me to say?
You want me to say I'm sorry?

Is it gonna
make it any better?

You fucker!
I'm going to kill you!

Monster! No!

I thought you were
my fucking friend!

Boss, I'm gonna kill him!
I'm gonna fucking kill him!

Get the fuck
out of here!

Why the fuck would
you do that shit?

Get the fuck
out of here!

Fucking have a nice life,
you fucking cunt!

You deserve each other!

I warned you.

We fucked up.

We fucked up,
didn't we?


What do you want?

Can we talk?

We stole the money.

It was Breacher's idea.

We thought it
would make him happy.

It was $10 million in cash.

Went back for it that night,

but when we got there,
it was gone.

DEA, they wanted
to throw us
in a hole

and throw away
the hole.

Crawled up our asses
with a microscope
for six months.

Nobody broke.

So who has the money?

It's Lizzy.

Or Monster or Sugar.

I don't know.

She's playing one
against the other.

What do you want to do?

Fuck them all.
Let them hang.

After I lost my family,

I asked myself what
was I fighting for.

The answer was simple.

My team.

I wanted them to get
something out of all of this.

But instead,

I destroyed them.

Agent Phillips is
going to the DEA.

I'm not telling you
it's gonna be okay.

Because it's not.

Not for you.



Hey, John.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

I would have
stepped up
if you didn't.

You're doing
the right thing.

I ride this
ship down.

I ride it down.

But you,

you could still
have a life after this.

Doing what, John?


This is all I do.

And it's over.

We can protect you.


Get down!

BREACHER: Stay down.



Tell me again.

We were up the block,
heard gunfire.

We made contact with
a female DEA agent.

Female DEA agent?

She left in a vehicle
with a black male.

You heard gunfire!

Sir, she badged us.
She was legit.

JACKSON: She left.

Is this the woman you saw?

Yeah. That's her.

You said "black male"?

Yes, sir.
A red vehicle.

That's your guy, too?


What's all this?

She's bailing.

She'll never make it.
Every cop in Georgia's
looking for her.

She won't get far.

Yes, she will.

MONSTER: Do you think
that he loves you?

What do you think the plan is?
To just go run
off and make babies?

Well, you're gonna
be needing this.

Just give me my shit

and quit fucking around.

Don't do it! Monster!


Fuck you!


Oh, fuck.

Baby, I'm sorry!



Baby. Oh, God.

Lay down.

I'm sorry, Monster.
I'm sorry.



Oh, Jesus!


I'm going to kill her.



LIZZY: Hey. I fucked up.

I didn't mean
for this to happen.
I don't know what to do.

Where are you?

Are you alone?
Yeah, I'm alone.

Who would I be with?

Can I see you?
Meet me inside
the parking structure on 4th.

Thanks, Breach.
I'll see you soon.

That motherfucker!

Parking garage?


This ain't his first rodeo.

Since he wants
to be a hero,

let's give him
somebody to save.

Federal agent!
Get out of the fucking car!
Did you hear me?

Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking door!

LIZZY: Get out of
the fucking car!

There she is. Get down.


He's down!
He's down!

Who the fuck is
that in the car?


It's that bitch!

BREACHER: Go, go, go!


Hold your ass, sweetie!
Here we go!

Jesus Christ!

Take the vest!

Put it on the dash
and stay down!

Fuck me!

handle that motherfucker!


Oh, fuck!

Oh, baby, I fucked
that bitch up!

Jesus Christ!


Get the fuck out of the way!

LIZZY: We lost them, Sug!

Oh, shit.

We're gonna make it, baby.
We're gonna make it!

Fuck, he's still coming!


Let's give him a 180!


BREACHER: Turn around!
Turn around!

CAROLINE: I can't make it!

SUGAR: Baby,

kill that motherfucker!


Shoot the fucking engine!

Fucking die!

Watch out!

LIZZY: Now, get us
the fuck out of here!


I got no eyes!

I can't see shit!






Drop the weapon, Lizzy!



Okay. Okay.


Hey, Breach.

You killed my team.

Why, Lizzy? Why?

Because they stole
my money! Huh!

They fucking robbed me!

After everything
I put up with!

It was my money
and they took it,
and I couldn't find it!

I said, "Fuck them."


I took the money.
I took it.

You took the money?

What does
that mean?



This is about
fucking Mexico?

Your family is
never coming home!

What is she talking about?

And nothing you do

will ever change that!

You hear me?

What the fuck
was that?



Just be a good
girl and walk away.


Hey! Hey!

What the fuck...

I can't.

Pull it together.
You okay?

Okay, you hurt?
No, I'm okay.

All right,
just take it easy.

Where's Breacher?
He's right there.

Where the fuck is he?
He was right there.

We've got three vics.

We've got to find him.


Find Breacher!

OFFICER 1: You heard her,
spread out!

Check the truck!
OFFICER 2: On it. On it.

No! Nothing!

I don't see him.
I don't see him.

What the fuck happened,

What the fuck
did you do?
















You're mine.


BRUJO: Your wife.

I was the last
to have her.

You can't take that back.

I can take your family.

But I'm not like you.