Sabotage (1996) - full transcript

An ex-Navy commando (Mark Dacscos) is framed for a bungled mission to save hostages from terrorists in which he survived being shot 7 times by an assassin (Tony Todd). Years later, he is hired to protect a weapons distributor and his wife, only to have the same assassin kill them. This sets him on a mission with the assigned FBI agent (Carrie Anne Moss) to bring the killers and conspirators to justice. Graham Greene appears as Dacasco's former commander. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Come on! Move it! Move it!

We're in position....

Recon 1 in command.
There is activity at the first building!

Come on! Get down!
We have not whole day!

- Recon, Give us your positions!
- Proceeding to the first building!

Copy, Lieutenant!
- Copy!

This pace is wired up completely!

Beware, Recon!
They are inside the walls!

Recon 1 in command!

Copy Lieutenant!

We have secured the first building!

Recon 1. This is Tollander. Proceed to
second building and secure positions!

Go away with you!


Recon 1, Do you copy?

Recon! What the hell
is going on out there?

Recon 1, in command.
I have them at shot!

Recon 1, This is ToIIander.
What is the status of hostages?


Recon 1, hoId position. We have a UN
negotiator coming in.

Repeat! Hold your positions!
Hold you fire!

Who the fuck is that?

ToIIander. Did you send someone in?

Didn't send anyone in, Bishop!
No one!

I am telling you. He is one of ours!

Repeat! We did not send anyone in!
Hold your positions!

He is against the terrorists.
He has opened fire!

Get them out!
Send your team in there, now!

Man! I'm going in!

Who the fuck are you?
Are you carzy?

- Nothing personal, Bishop!

Ouch! Just business!

Sorry, Love!

November, 9748 Charly, by Tower!

N9748C Flight is authorized
to land on runway 07!

N 9748 Charlie. Runaway 07.
Roger that!

Home sweet home! What is
"home" for you, Bishop?

Right there!
Pass it to me!


November 9748 Charlie, You're
cleared to taxi to Bay 31 A.

A good day!
- And you, thank you!

November 9748 CharIie.

So you're having a good day?
That is about to change!

Mark this is Smith. Confirm position.
The captain says it is 31 A!

31 A confirmed!

This job, means need to look
smart and not like hired beef

We are not hired beef!

Consider this as an advance. Get some stuff
for you and buy a new pair of shoes!

Clasic like yours?

No, new!
- Thanks, this is comfortable!

Contact Senator Todd and tell that
I'm meeting him next week!

Excuse, Mr. Trent. We'll be
disembarking in a few minutes!

- Michael!

Right, Michael!
- Forgive my husband!

Mrs. Trent, Your car will be waiting
to take you directly to your club!

Do you play Michael?
- Mrs. Trent?

Golf, of course!
- No!

That's a failing on your part ...
So as calling me Mrs. Trent.

Now Michael, Fix me a drink.
I like a Tequini, a Martini....

I'm not a bartender, Mrs. Trent!

State of the art protection!
I really wish you wear armour!

Everyone assumes we do!

They compensate.
- They, who?


We're opening the doors.
Bring the cars around.

I spy with my little eyes, something
that begins with the letter "B"


Ah! Ouch...!

One Mississippi ...
Two Mississippi... It's bang.

Two seconds is a mile and a
half away and may be 2!

Got him!
- I don't see anything?

He's on the roof!
- They are firing Bishop! Firing!

Keep her down! Keep her down!
- He is on the roof!

Dedicated little bastard.
Aren't you mine?

Very good, Mr.Bodyguard!

It's your lucky day, Mr.Bodyguard.

Hold it!

Hey! How're you doing?

Oh you know you've got speed.
You're 30 seconds early!

- Why?

I shoot you if I have to!
- No, No. You won't ...

...But if you did at that distance,
my upper part will be your best bet.

But then, may be I'm wearing armour?

I said don't move!

You know hitting my head is
rather difficult target...

...specially when the cock in
your revolver is not armed.

That makes the first shot
needing double action.

No no. Head's going to be
terribley difficult to make!

Excuse me!

And look, you use two hands to hold
the revolver, and I use only one.

Shut up, Shut up or I'll shoot!
- Oh, calm down love! Have it ...

...your way.

He has a gun!
- What the hell happened?

Let's go!
- Thank you for coming!

See you later!
- Coming!

Do not touch!
You should not you play with food!

Be happy! Please!
These are yours!

Let's take these plates!

Wait! Reply me!

It spreads everywhere now!
- I know ... nanny is home today ...

HeIIo ... Mrs. NieIsen.

Mr. Putley. Yes sir.

Of course I appreciate your
confidence sir.

See you in 20 minutes.
Yes Sir! Thank you!

Agent Castle!
- Mr. Putley. Sir, I just arrived.

I'll find out who is holding the suspects.
- Detective Seargent Harris

Has he been informed that
we are taking over?

Apparently not.

I want you shooting all over the terrace.
- Excuse! Detective Harris?

Detective Sergeant Harris!
I'm a little busy right now.

Special agent Castle, sir.
- A Fed?

We should've the place clean.

You are not here to give me any hassle
about jurisdiction, Mrs. Castle?

No, Sir the jurisdiction is very clear.
- Good.

The instance the first bullet crossed the
airport, this becomes a matter of the Bureau.

I have a dead man who never got
within 2 miles of your airport!

Detective Harris, would you
give me a coffee please?

What? Fuck yourself!

Then you're of not use to me whatsoever.

Pull out your men. Seal the roof.
FBI team will arrive in 20 minutes.


Is that the suspect over there?
- Yes, he is there.

9mm Baretta, modeI JFS,
large magazine capacity...

Capable of four autaomatic fire.

Muzzle velocity?

350 meters per second, but I always think
it is impressive in feet! Don't you?

It is my gun, not my penis,

Special Agent CastIe.
- A Fed?!


How long did you work for Trents?
- For 12 days!

Who hired you?

His chief of security, Jack Marker!
Now he is dead!

Did you receive any briefing regarding
any of Mr. Trent's enemies?

He had them.
- That's evident!

Do you know you're played dead?

Pay the salary!
- Afraid not this week!

Can I ask you something, Agent Castle?
- Hm....

Why do you have ice cream
all over your notes?

It's my daughter's birthday today!

But you're here...
Dedicated or ambitious?

Mr. Bishop, In most
successful assasinations,

bodyguards are killed with
with their principles.

And those who aren't,
half are involved with murder.

Straight for the jugular!
- Where will I see you?

At the Trent's estate!
That if you're not holding me.

I don't know you that well,

but I will have to confiscate your weapon.
You won't need it! We are taking over now.

Sure Doc! Keep it warm for me!
- You are free to go!

Thank you for your time!
- And I thank you!

Fifteen dollars!
- Here, keep the rest!

Thank you!

Bishop to Queen's knight 2!

Bishop to Queen's knight 2!

I wonder what you learned
at the Naval Academy!

As always, you mistake ...
- Improvisation for artistry.

Michael..... Michael..... Michael....

Appear as an angel,
casting shadows of my past.

How are you, my dear?
- I'm alive, professor!

And you?

Bureau and our whole espionage empire
are conspiring to bore me to death.

I find it hard to believe you?

As far as I remember, your simplest
games were the ones we dreaded most.

Battle of Judah! Biblical
version of the Gulf War.

An army inspired by God, and you
collide with advanced technology.

Lord was with Judas,
but he could not drive the

inhabitants from the plane, because
they had chariots of iron.

Judges, 1:19! Old testate!

Even though you were on the side
of the angels this time?

An old heathen like me?

I prefer men of iron
instead of clay idols.

Simon ...
- I heard all about Jeffry Trent!

Television networks were full
of him. They are shocked!

It's also very tedious.

I'm a bodyguard professor, I'm
not supposed to lose my client!

Poor Michael, a samurai
without his Shogun!

Marco! Refreshments!

Have we no manners?

Is silent! But very
very beautiful!

Well Michael, Shall we discuss
this ridiculous move of yours.

The reminder that requests
State contraband reports, Jess?

Hello, Lindsay! It's me, Can I
speak to Melissa for a minute?

Mr Putley, We are preparing ourselves!
- There's some company for you to catch!

- Secret company!

Jess, introduce yourself
to my daughter!


Hi Melissa, this is Jess!
Work together with your mom.

Apparently CIA had Jeffry Trent
under surveillance for the past year.

Now in the interst of
inter-departmental corporation

and to help keep company smooth,
and even hiding in my underworld jobs

I've given them permission
to observe your operation.

Observe, nothing more!
- I understand Sir.

Have fun, Castle!

Nice piece of work on Mr. Trent.

The fact is that the assasin
not only blown his heart out...

but has put a gate
through him!

Oh I'm sorry! He is Mr. Hickey!
And I am Nicholas Tollander!

Let me guess! You're the officer
in charge of research?

Yes, Special Agent Castle!

Why is the Agency interested
in our dead body now?

Jeffrey Trent amassed a fortune!
Computers, missile guidance systems.

Few mismanaged defence contracts...

and recession almost put
him out of business.


So he quit living a life of good,
patron of humanitarian actions ..

In war torn countries like Bosnia, South
Africa... and flying injured orphans out...

At the same time, his financial problems
began to mesteriously clear up...

Believe Agent Castle,
he was running guns!

Now understand how delicate
the situation is!

So he was running guns?
Who wanted Trent dead?

A short list.. Lybians, Iranians...
- Check!

Iraqis, Germans! Any number of
swindled businessmen, Spurn lovers...

Why this sudden obssession
on who killed Trent?

I would've never recommend you for the
job if I knew you become so upset!

I'm not!
- Good, Michael!

It's Chess gives us the luxury of seeing
all the men anticipating all moves....

Life isn't so forgiving...

I never show the shooter
who put me in this chair....

Was he one of theirs, one of ours...

Some bureaucrats suddenly
disliked my lifestyle....

Made me a security risk....

I thought I was protected
by our rules...

Indifference to chance is a
great vanity in any game....

Was Trent indiffernt to chance?
- Jeffery was indifferent to everything!

But Jeffery was seduced by power....
Wanted to be the king of the arms deals!

Certainly didn't care who got
trampled on the way to the cognition!

And now his kingdom is up for grabs!

Long live...
- The White queen!

The fare?
- 25 de dollars!

- Thanks!


It's all yours!

I'll wait in the car! Bye!

Won't you stay?

No! I think a man's first case
should be a personal thing...

Besides you need the car ready.
Good luck!

I appreciate your concern,
Agent Castle!

I feel safe if...
Bishop protects me!

Oh I'm afraid it is not so
simple, Mrs Trent!

Our investigation is still on going!
- I want Bishop as my head of security!

After all he was the only one
who reacted this morning.

All of the others ... ah they just...
- Died?


Can I get my gun back now?

Get down!

Get down!

Get down!

Give me the gun!

Where the hell are you?

Another one for your collection, Castle!
- Thank you!

You are a one hell of shot my boy ...

...but did you have to
kill my only lead?

I'm sorry! May be I was
shooting in fear.

Who is he?

His name was Elliot Holden!

He was a former Trent employee!

He also used to be Mrs, Trent's
favourite past times!

Yes, get it to a ballistics please!
- May I see that?

This is my investigation Mr. Bishop!
- Trents were my responsibility.

Put this on!


This is not the man who killed my client!
Really? Enlighten us!

Rifle butt is too short for his size.

You see that mark here?
- Yeah! What about it?

It's called an "idiot guide"!

He was too close to the
scope when he fired!

- An amateur's mistake!

Look Mr. Bishop! In this
morning you didn't jackshit,

and now you're full of answers.

Let me show you something, Castle!

See that green mailbox?
- Yes!

Set the scope at dead centre!

Are you on?
- Yeah! I'm on! So What?

You son of a bitch, this is vital
evidence! Should have you arrested!

Take a look at your mark.

The sights are off.

Telescope sight does not match the eye!
A professional wouldn't use the weapon!

And he didn't.

What's that for?
- The "idiot guide"... Your's.

Hey, Mikey. Give you a lift?

You took me for a ride once Nick.

Hey Mikey. I'm hurt over here!
Your court martial wasn't personal!

I told them that I believe you,
but someone had to pay

or the heat still would've persued.

I guess there wouldn't have been an
initiative if I hadn't pulled through.

Yeah! Bad form on your part.

Mikey between you and me?
Do you know the mess with Rifi?

Before my time.
- "Before my time". Good answer.

So you're not involved
in this mess Mikey.

You left this at the airport.
- Home, sweet home.

Why not you get in?
I'll give you a ride.

Sherwood, Kill that fucking light!

Your daughter..... How old?
- MeIissa turns five today.

And she had chocolate
cake for her birthday?

With vanilla icing.

You're in over your head.
Someone's playing you Castle!

Mr. Bishop. Leave this to
the paid professionals

and don't leave the town.
Yeah! I know that well!

Cash or card Mr... Orsava?
- It'll be cash.

- Thank you.

- Well I'm to inform you that they...

With what?
Would you like me to stay?

Should the bodyguard prove troublesome...
- That's only because....

Oh! You have them wired my usual fee
to the same Ireland account...

Two days will be sufficient.


Lindsey... Wake up.
Why don't you go to your bed?

What time is it?
- It is real late.

Your boss called. He said to see
him first thing tomorrow.

That figures. Goodnight!
- Goodnight!

I love you baby!

Who you are trying to
get away from, Bishop?

Court Martial,
Deposistion Nicholas Tollander.

Fired without honor!

Report, Castle!
- Sir!

I've got agents canvassing the airport
hotel with Eliot Holden's photos!

But I'm not convinced that he shot
Trent. Besides calibre 22 ....

Ballistics claims that scope
was changed before he dropped it...

...And when accidentally fired by us.
- I didn't see these findings sir.

There's a copy waiting for
you since 9 this morning.

You said Holden and
Mrs. Trent were involved?

They had a brief affair but it
ended when he got fired 6 months ago.

That seems pretty cut and dry to me.
A crime of passion.

Didn't frustrate job.

One of Trent's bodyguards
pointed out inconsistencies...

I don't know we assigned
a bodyguard to this case.

Case is closed

Subtitles by
Hemantha Sudasinghe (Sri Lanka)

How're you doing, Lou?
- I'm fine.


You know, the first time I signed a
report, I was anxious for weeks.

I get wondering if some...
you'd send was jab up Mikey's ass ..

Charming! Get to the point,
Mr Tollander!

You read Mikey's file?
- I sure did!

Good! Then you know about that
little incident in Bosnia?


Mikey had a mission to rescue four
Serbian officers that were being...

held captive by some Muslim
terrorists. It went sour!

I also read that your testimony
earned him a dishonourable discharge!

Come on! They wanted to put the man into
Leavenworth. I saved him from that!

I like Mickey.
A real stand up guy.

I just don't know what happened to him.
- Your point...?

My point is Agent Castle, that the
Agency believes, as a matter of fact...

we know that Trent armed
those terrorists....

Bishop wanted to avenge against Trent?

You think he conspired with Elliot
Holden? Get real!

I'm just trying to keep
an open mind here.

I find it a little bit convenient
that Mikey is working for Trent..

And that he also underhand whacked Holden
before you got a chance to question him.

He was in the line of fire.
- In the line of fire...

I got you!

You know. I hadn't thought about that.
It a hell of an alibi, then?

Have a nice day.

Come on! Oh Lady!

Come on! Hurry!
What's it?

Come on, Come on!

Hey! How're you doing?

Very tempting.

Here he goes now.

Mr. Bodyguard.

- This is Gamble. Target is still viable.

Any laundry?
- One load. It's in room 302.

Where are you?
- Yorkdale lnn.

Will pick up you in 15 minutes.

I need a van rolling. Yorkdale Inn.
Room 302.

What happened?
Gamble loses our reputation?

It happens.

It didn't go.

He was awakened by a kiss.
- Only fools ...

What really woke the princess
Sleeping Beauty up?

He woke her and took off.
- You're sick

9 months later still asleep,
she gave birth to twins.

One of them looking for nipple
to milk sucked the spinning finger

got the needle out from
her finger... So she woke up.

You should get yourself fixed.
She never had kids...

Ok. What do you want to watch?
"Beauty and the Beast" or "Jungle books"?

Maxi wants to see this one!
- A spy movie? Where did this come from?

Eli gave it! She says
Sean Connery is a buff!

A buff?

Mommy are you a spy?

No mommy is not a spy and Max
and you should see Cinderella.

Hellow. Castle. Castle or Max

Come in.

Got the report Sir. We are just
finishing up with Holden's body now.

Castle, when was the last
time you saw the bodyguard?

When I dropped him off at his hotel.

Let me know if you hear from him.
He is wanted for questioning.

Is that all, Mr. PutIey?
- Yes.

Hey, Castle.

From where did you get that?
Are you crazy?

Cardboard, scissors, photobooth ...
Fine in a class, but a little tough!

You've identified the sniper?
The real one?

This case is closed Mr. Bishop.
- Oh really?

Agent Castle!

Hi! Mr ToIIander... Shouldn't you
be on a plane back to Langley?

I'd love to! But I heard Bishop
whacked somebody last night!

I want him for that.
- You're not authorised to act domestically.

Ah! Well... that's the beauty
of Code Red operations!

No! It's not Code Red!
Don't let me tell someone!

You are threatening me,
aren't you Agent?

Do I need to?
- Let me give you some advise!

Mikey Bishop is a contract
killer out of control.

I suggest that if you hang a
little while with him, he will

whack your body armour...
becuase anybody he uses...

....ends up dead!
Have a nice day!

No one uses me.

Someone tried to hide
me in ice last night.

They were professionals.

They have access to
"Keener Kleener" crew.

No lables on the clothes.
Everything untraceable!

And you think they were sent by
Trent's killer? Now it's a conspiracy?

I hadn't been long enough in
the town to piss up anybody else!

Don't underestimate yourself.

So what do you think?

Whatever I think I think that solving this
case makes me look like everybody is a hero.

I know there is a big difference between
closing a case and solving it!

Don't give me that crap!
Only thing you close is coffins!

I read your file Mr. Bishop!

What did you do for the Naval Intelligence
that was too 'hot' for official record?

3 Years and no record?

What did I do?
Everything they told me to!

What do they offer you for
closing down this case, Castle?


And what do you think that you
get with that? Respect?

Security. Does that
disappoint you Mr. Bishop?

If it dares tell me how many daughters you
can raise out of that travelling bag of yours

None! So do not lecture me, unless
you can reach into that bag

and pull out hair braces or

house with a back yard to swing a
set of fucking chop of birthday cake!

How long do you think you
can play by the rules?

This isn't a game!

I'm the one who has to go home every single
night and look my little girl on the face

Alright! You go ahead. Collect
your dirty pieces of silver.

Hand over the gun, Bishop!
- Excuse me?

I said hand over the gun!

Now this is going to be a habit.
- Yeah, one I'm tired of too.

All I need is a video enhancer!
- Where did you get that?

Bank machine.

You busted into an automatic teller
machine? I'm a law officer, Bishop!

Then act like one insted of
a god damn politician!

Thank you.

That's about the time of hit. And that's
the snap he's going in the backyard.

To the next frame.

Keep going.

Keep going.

What is him? What is wrong?

Jason Jarvis Sherwood,
Appeared to be trained from 1974-1976.

Special forces 76,
till his retirement in 83.

Then he went freelance. Confirmed hits...
- ...Abdul Komhani, Iranian Secret Police.

Karl Borgan, Uranium Technology Dealer.
Happie Albert, American Oil refiner.

You know him?

Sherwood was the reason I spent
three years in the hospital.

I need to make call,
You have a quarter?

- Professor, it's Bishop.

No more riddles. I want to know the
connection between Tollander and Trent?

Bosnia. You remember Michael.
You were there!

Trent financed the terrorists.

Common knowledge!
But no one asked who was....

Who financed Trent? The Agency?
- What was there agenda, Michael?

Every group, very person
has a socialising agenda

The hostages were Serbian officers.
They used be trusted by the Muslims.

Not the type of people we
usually go into rescue.

There was no rescue mission.
- Very good Michael! Not the first time

Tollander had tried liquidating
an embarrassment, as I well know.

I'll be outside.

You think Tollander put you
in that wheelchair Professor?

I wouldn't be surprised to
find out this case.

Sherwood was his triggerman
for a long before today.

Call an ambulance!

Where is Sherwood?

Castle... Castle... No Castle, it'll
be alright. Nice and easy... Breath...

You'll be alright Castle...
Nice and easy... alright, breathe

You'll be alright, You'll be alright!
Nice and easy!

I feel like being hit
by a sledgehammer.

Yeah! I know the feeling!

I have an address for us!

A problem..... Gentlemen... is
that your thinking... is very bad

How the hell do you think
we should think?

Not like fucking amateurs!

Fuck you my boy!

If you want Bishop and the woman,
you have to make them come to you!

Sherwood... It's me.

It's better be fucking important.

To put this gate!
- Yes, put it here.

Hey, Norm.
- What have we got?

I want snipers covering this
back alleyway here.

And killer zone from here to here.
- Castle. You got a problem.

I'll say when...

Oh Shit! We've got to get them out of there!
- That's alright. I'll get two of my men!

Two of us in civils. We should go!
- Let's go.

Easy! Easy! It's probably
just the neighbor's cat again.

Honey! Our car!
- What?

Somebody is watching.
Don't look back at the house!

Check it out, do the watch still?
- Yeah, Yeah!

Okay! Shit! Thank you for
a nice date!

- Kids playing ball of hockey.

Are they still watching? Are we clear?
- We are clear.

No. Okay!

How are we? Are we clear?
- Yeah.

Guys! Get out of here!
Fast! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

It's the party time! Cover the door!
Putley in safety! Give me the gas mask!

Come on! Come on!

Move it! Move it!

Get up! On your feet!

Get moving! Get moving!


No! No! Please!

Put the gun away or
I'll snap her neck!

Put it away!

Come on! Come on!

No! No!
Stay down!

Stand up fucker!
Stand up!

Put her down!
- Come on honey!

Take your shot Castle.
- I can't. I don't have a clear shot!

Shoot me, CastIe!
- Look out!



Should've taken the shot.
Come on!

There are a couple of
gentlemen flying down from

Washington to talk
to you Mr. Putley!

Good! I'll brief them of your
abuse of authority.

Your disregard for the chain
of command. They'll be ....

overjoyed to hear that you orderd a raid
on one of the Bureau's own safe houses!

Or you were protecting a
known contract killer.

I was holding Sherwood in custody!

Now I'm holding you Sir!
- I couldn't trust your abilities....

as an investigator. Your ambition
was getting in the way....

My ambition? Is that why you
assigned me to this?

That's not the only reason, Louise.

You're fucked!

Incompetent bastard, isn't he?

That's not the only reason.
It sounds like a threat!

He doesn't have anything
to threaten me with.

Call home, Lou.

Max wants to play a game.
- Would Max like some pop-corn too?

Yeah. With cheese!

Ok you pick a game. I'll go
and get some pop-corn.


Come on baby!
Pick up.

Come on! Pick up baby!

Let's go.

Agent Castle! I heard about
Putley. Congratulations!

Get out of my way, Tollander.

I also knew there was something
wrong about him.

I went along with you on this.
If I go down, you go down with me.

You're not going down.

You're going under a witness-
protection programme.

Credt card, driver's licence, social
security number. Whole your life.

Ahmed Bekbay?
- The computer picks it. Not me.

Sign up or sign off.
I won't make this offer again!

You're a prick, Tollander.

Come on now, Gord.

After you're transferred to
my custody, Mr. Hickey.....

...will take you anywhere
you want to go!

Thanks for no thanks!

Enjoy it.

- Yeah.

- Yes I am.

Very good, Mr. Hickey.
Very nice!

You know where the files are.

Mr Hickey...
Once this is over I want you to...

destroy Mr. Sherwood and his.....
personal effects.

No! Wait!

Bend! Bend her!

Bend her!
- I read in a book....

Don't shoot lady!

You bastards, where's my daughter?
- I'm not at liberty to say.

Then you're of no use to
me whatsoever.

Castle... we're gonna find her.

Fuck you! Fuck you!

We want Bishop. New
Highway 9, Side Road 7.

They got my daughter, and
I'll trade her for you!

You'll be set up.
Understand how they think.

They're using your
daughter as a pawn.

You and, Sherwood and Tollander
You all are the same.

Killing me solves their problem.

You won't get Melissa back.

Found this in the evidence room.
It's from the safe house.

Tollander was there with them.
I think he and Sherwood are in it.

Trent was working for the Agency,
And when he went out of...

...control it was Tollander's
job to eliminate him.

And they used Elliot Holden to
disguise it as a crime of passion.

Got anything up the shit yet?

This game started a long time ago.

We're getting close. Slow down.

Don't hesitate this time. If you get
the chance, take the shot!

MichaeI, I...

Hey look. If we live,
you can bake me a cake!

If we live, no alternative
to arrest your ass!

Agent CastIe! PutIey finally cracked
and the Agency found your daughter!


CastIe! No!

- Mommy? Mommy?

Come here! I got you!
I got you!

Hold on to me Okay. Put your legs
around me. Hold on!

I'm afraid!
- You're gonna be ok sweetie!

Opening a door or a window will
create a hell of a blast!

This one is wired too.

Mr Bishop! You played
an excellent game!

Nice come back from Bosnia!

How many times did I shoot you?
- Seven!

Lucky seven! Ouch!

- It's okay!

Disappointment Bishop!

I didn't think you'd succumb
to such desperation!

You're dead now!


We're going out through the basement.

Kill the light, Castle.

Get down!

Come on! Let's go, let's go!
- Come here, Come here, I got you!

Let's go, CastIe, come on!

I'll go down first!
Then I'll get her!

Did you catch her?
Watch your head!

Hold on to Mike Okay.
Watch your head.

It was fun so long as it lasted!

Are you okay, Melissa?

Are you all right? Let me see.
Keep your eyes shut.


Got him!

Mommy, he said a bad word?

Listen to elsewhere
right now sweetie!

Bishop, nail the fucker!


One Mississippi...

Two Mississippi...

Nice try though.
- Three Mississippi...


I thought the queen was Susan Trent?

Classic Mr. Blacksheep.
What finally tipped you?

Bosnia. Assassination acted
like a rescue mission!

When you mentioned Sherwood's
name I knew for certain.

Aside from Castle and myself....

the only people who knew
Sherwood was involved

was those who were inside
the conspiracy!

You decided to hit on Trent too.
- Suggested dear!

Crippled old cronies aren't allowed
to do more than....

...suggest, submit, recommend.

You wanted Tollander because you
think that he put you in that chair!

Trent and Sherwood?

Three of them cut me out
a very lucrative business.

You knew I would trace this
back to you Simon!

Why set yourself up like that?

Come, Michael!
Haven't you figured it out yet?

I am sick, Michael
...Sick of these people!

Sick of myself, sick of
what's left of my soul!

I want to end all this!

And you my dear... my favourite
of my children instruments... dark angel!

You have to do it, Michael! For
the woman, Castle knows too much!

You have no choice, Michael!

Or I'll design a play to take
her and her daughter out!

You can't escape!

We both are made from the same
bloody mould Michael!

The pawn. How dissatisfied!

You're free forever now!

I won't be a target!
I'm staying on the board!

Let's go and see my daughter.
Bishop would you drive pelase?

Son of a bitch who put him on that
chair should have done a better job!

I wish I had....!