Sable (2017) - full transcript

A young woman's dreams of moving to Wyoming are halted when her unstable boyfriend accidentally kills a man. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪ Flute sound can be heard ♪

♪ Ominous flute mixed ♪

♪ Music continues, no
other sound can be heard. ♪

SABLE: (V.O.) I liked to keep
to myself during the summers.

It got lonely.

Until I made up
my own little world.

Peaceful, beautiful...

I could do anything I
wanted for as long as I wanted.

Time meant nothing.
Days just breezed bye.

SABLE: (CONT) Sometimes I wanted
people to join. To notice me.

To say everything
is going to be alright.

I hope they come soon.

[Ominous street sounds]

[BG noise, ominous thrum]

LANDON: (under
breath) What the fuck?


[Door sound]

LANDON: Stay in your car.
Stay in the Goddamned car.

You okay?

Yep, I'm fine.

Oh, Goddamn it.

LANDON: (under breath) Fuck...

What's going on?

Just waiting.

For who?

My boyfriends
picking me up.

Well, if you need I
can give you a ride.

I'm fine. Thank you though.

SABLE: Nope, I'm okay, thank you..

- SABLE: I understand.
- CAR MAN: I'm trying to help. Just trying.

Nope, let go of me.

- CAR MAN: Stop. Just...
- SABLE: Let go of me, let go!

SABLE: (muffled) No...
get off me....


Where the fuck were you?

You said five minutes!

That was 20 minutes ago?!

What the hell was he doing?

What do you think honey?


Aw fuck... I'm sorry sweetheart.

SABLE: It's ok. It was just,
it was too fucking close, can we go?

SABLE: (CONT) Can we please just leave?
Please? Please?

Hold... hold on.

Oh shit...

Can we go? Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Hold on.

No, no, no... fuck! Fuck! No!

He's fucking dead.

What? What did you do?

LANDON: What did I do?
I didn't do anything

I cracked him
once he went down!

What are we
supposed to do now?

LANDON: I don't know.
I can't leave him here.

No shit so what's your plan?

I don't have a fucking plan.

Car, get the keys out
of the car. Pop the trunk.

We're stealing
this guy's car now?

Babe, pop the trunk.

Son of a bitch.

LANDON: [grunts] Sorry buddy.


SABLE: You're a fucking
genius, aren't you.

Don't you know it.

We got to go, ok.

LANDON: [softly] We need
to, yeah.

♪ Drum roll ♪

♪ Intense guitar music ♪


[Phone Buzzes]

Oh, just ignore it.

[Phone Buzzes]

Who's it say?

Who's it say?


- DIANA: Really?
- COLTON: Oh Fuck.

Relax, it's nobody.

Why is she calling you?!

COLTON: Would you just relax?
It's nobody.

[knock on the door]

Colton! It's me, open up.

What the fuck...

Who's that?

You don't wanna know.

Really Colton, come on?

You gotta bounce, right now.

Fucking kidding me.


I'm not coming back.

- COLTON: Like now.
- DIANA: You pathetic shit!

you are so sweet after sex.

Yeah, fuck you!

Relax, I'll call you.

COLTON: What the fuck are you doing?
Did you break my front door down?

We need your help.

Put on a shirt.
Let's go. Come on.

COLTON: So I guess this means
you're paying for my front...

[ominous music]

Hello Colton.

What the fuck do you want?

We need your help.

Fuck you.

Okay let's start again.

Yeah? Why the fuck should
I help either one of you?

Because we're in
some serious shit.

Got your letters,
what happened to Wyoming?

That's where we're supposed to
be. That's where we're heading.

I need to talk to you.

COLTON: That's a first.
SABLE: Please.

Colton, I need to
speak to you privately.

Five minutes. It's all I ask.


Yeah. Sweet too. You want some?

Fuck am I
supposed to do with these?

Help us.



♪ Ominous flute ♪

♪ Emotional piano and violin ♪

LANDON: So you gonna help me?

You don't even know what it is.

I don't need to know
what the fuck it is.

Yes you do.

All right, you know
what, humor me, what is it?

It's not just the car.

COLTON: Yeah, I know it's
not just the car. What is it?

What the fuck is it?

What the fuck did you do?

He's dead. I killed him.

♪ emotional piano
and violin continues ♪

You killed him?

Who the fuck did you, You know
what, I don't even want to know

what the fuck you
did, the less I know

this shit the better.

COLTON: You and Sable better
just get out of here man,

COLTON: (CONT) I don't want to
have anything to do with this.

LANDON: We can't go anywhere else!

you handle this shit, ok...

LANDON: (CONT) We need
you to handle this for us.

Well now's your chance
man. Go to fucking Wyoming!

We can't go to Wyoming with
this shit hanging over our


Look. You don't owe me a
god-damn thing. I know that.

But do this for me...

and I'll... I'll be
out of your life for good.

Man, you already
are out of my life.

You only come around
when bad shit happens.

COLTON: How long's it been?
One, two, three years?

I forget.

Sable's been
keeping me in check.

The withdrawals
have been a bitch.

Shut the fuck. I don't want to
hear about your sad sob stories.

alright? I deal with drug
addicts all the fucking time.

Fuck you with the drugs.

Fuck you!

Fuck! Stop! Hey stop it!

I'm sorry. Settle down.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

[heavy breathing]

Can you still...

LANDON: You don't know
how hard it's been.

Your mom. Everything.

LANDON: Do you have any
idea how hard it is to stay

from the fucking bottle?

Yeah, and whose fault is that?

COLTON: Man, I told you.
We agreed a long time ago.

COLTON: You don't come into my
life, I don't come into yours.


You have this girl,

COLTON: (CONT) who comes into your
life and she takes care of you.

COLTON: (CONT) I don't want
anything to do with this.

LANDON: If you kick us out
right now we are royally fucked.


So... do we have something?

♪ emotional violin and piano ♪

Give me a second.

SABLE: [under breath] Come on.
Come on.

♪ emotional violin
and piano continues ♪

So how do you think it went?

Well he's thinking
about it. That's a good sign.

He's a smart kid, Sable.

Despite all this bullshit.

Yeah, you're
right. He is smart.

That's why he's
not gonna do this.

♪ ominous flute ♪

[door slams]

♪ music continues ♪

♪ light guitar starts ♪

♪ violin grows louder ♪

SABLE: (OS) What happens
if he doesn't help us?

Then we make a clean break
for it. All the way to Wyoming.

No. no no no. We can't.

We've got enough
to get us there.

No, we can't do it like
this though. Remember.

Nothing from this life.

It's gonna haunt us forever.

Andres Szandor.


COLTON: Andres Szandor.
That's your ticket.

Why does that
name sound familiar?

Who the fuck is Andres Szandor?

you want me to help you guys?

You get
acquainted with him.

Just get to the
point - what do you want?

Uh. Where do I start? Hmm.

He is a guy I used to know.

COLTON: (CONT) He's very
wealthy, well traveled... uh...

COLTON: (CONT) A bit eccentric,
but then again who isn't when

COLTON: (CONT) you're
worth as much as he is.

Respect is earned with Andres.

COLTON: (CONT) He's a man who
knows what he wants and he

COLTON: (CONT) knows how to get it.
Of course, everybody enjoys

COLTON: (CONT) a challenge,
but when he fails, he well...

COLTON: (CONT) Let's just
say, nobody likes to fail.

♪ dramatic music ♪

He's our answer.

You want me to
help you guys out?

You get
acquainted with him.

And do what?

Well, not you who
has to do anything.

Eh, but you.


Jesus, just...


LANDON: Get to the point.
What do you want us to do?

Ok, well, it's
relatively simple, alright.

You go in, you
mingle with this guy a little,

Pretty much
gut him for as much money

as you can get.

LANDON: Hah. That...
That's your fucking plan?

She's not a fucking' escort.

I don't know what kind
of jobs you think we used to do,

But that ain't it.

Ok, first of all, you're in
this fucked up situation not me,

and, uh, secondly, if
you'd let me finish,

maybe I could
help you get out of it.

Andres Szandor...
of Szan Enterprises?

That guy?

The same.

How do you know that?

I read.

COLTON: No, what you read is
just the tip of the iceberg.

Why don't you tell me
exactly what I would need to do.

LANDON: No no no.
No, no, no, this is done, ok.

This is over.

I'm gonna take care
of this shit myself.

LANDON: I'm taking
care of this on my own.

Alright, that's
fine enjoy jail time.

COLTON: Cause God knows you
left a shitload of evidence.

COLTON: Here's what's gonna happen.
You reject my offer,

You scramble around
looking for other options,

you get frustrated.

One of either
two things happens.

One, you get busted in Wyoming.

Two, you get busted here.

Either way, you get busted.

Let's just hear him out.

We have no other options, okay?

Just. Come on. Come on.

Good girl.

Don't! Ever say that again.

Ok, Well,

Here's the deal.
Can I continue without

being interrupted?


[chair being set down]

COLTON: Here's the deal.
He's a regular at this one club,

right? Ritzy as
all hell. Sable goes in,

she introduces herself,
right? You mingle with him,

do that, charming thing
you do that got this guy hooked.

COLTON: Right.
Now the whole point of this,

is to make him want you to stay.

I've seen it happen
with a number of girls where

he offers them a certain
amount, to make them stay with

him forever
in his mansion.

You know, his little
fantasy, whatever he has.

COLTON: (CONT) I don't know how
much this amount is that he offers,

but I'm pretty sure it's
safe to say that it's enough to

get you guys to Wyoming
to build a... a farm or whatever

it is you
two want to do.

I'm still not following you.

How the fuck do you think this
thing is gonna go down?


I mean she's not doing it. Right?


LANDON: Who... who is Andres?
Ok how do you know this guy?

COLTON: All you need to
know is that I know him.

SABLE: Ok, so, we won't ask any
more questions, but why him?

Then. I mean you really think
this guy is gonna shell out a

SABLE: (CONT) shitload of
money after just a few days?

Rich stay rich by
being stingy assholes.

We don't have time for this, ok.

We don't have time. Even if we
go along with this bullshit plan

I got a car outside with
a dead body in it that's rotting

away, so we can't
be dicking around here.

You're right, so accept it.

Wait, what do you
get out of all of this?

You know, what.

No. What'da you say, you
do your old man a solid. Ok?

You take care of this
shit, we head off to Wyoming.

All's good.

Haha, yeah, like all the
solid's you've done me, right?

Look, this is 100% guaranteed,
ok. There is no way this can

fail. And when it
works, what I want, is my cut.

Of course you do, of course.

LANDON: So she just goes and smiles
at this guy and he forks over a

suitcase full of money?
Is that what I'm hearing?


How much we talking?

He doesn't even fucking know.

Oh my god.

He doesn't know. Ok, fuck that.
Ok, there's too many unknowns.

One week. That's all I'm saying.
Give it one fucking week. Ok?

Just feel it out, see how it is.
Ok. You got nothing to lose ok?

And when... when it works,
which I know it will, 100%.

COLTON: (CONT) You guys will take
your money, I will take mine,

we will go our separate
fucking ways, and we never

have to see each other
again. How does that sound?

Alright, what if I don't get any
money from him within a week?

I mean, what if I go to
this stupid club and he doesn't

even notice me?

[under breath]

Your call baby.

SABLE: [inhales] I do
not feel good about this.

Let me focus.

[crickets chirping]

Do you trust him?


Your son.


I want to.

SABLE: I mean,
we're going into this completely blind.

He's either a genius
or a sadist. We have no clue.

Or both.

[crickets chirping]

Why does he hate you so much?

Now that's a long story.

LANDON: Let's just say when I drink
I'm not exactly the nicest guy.

LANDON: I used to take it out
on him and his mother a bit.

LANDON: I mean we had...
we had some good times. You know?

When I was clean.

[car engine in the distance]

When his mother
cheated I just... I...

I flipped
and relapsed and...

he didn't
take it too well.


Look at those two guys,
you see those two guys?

They don't have women.
Ok. they're going into this

place to meet women.

This guy is not just gonna hand
you a suitcase full of money.

He's gonna
want to screw you.

SABLE: Ok, he's not gonna screw me
so, so go ahead and relax on that,

and every guy walking
into any bar ever is just trying

to pick up women.

LANDON: So what, would you tell
me what this guy owns a couple

sports teams? And what?
Is a rich daddy or something?

It was just in the
paper that he was buying

up a bunch of businesses.

Nothing remarkable about that.

How'd you remember that?

He reminded me of you.


Hey, you there?

♪ drums and electronic guitar ♪

Yeah, she's going in.

COLTON: Well that's good.
It looks like we are both keeping up our

end of the bargain, so far.

Did you take care of it?

Hmm? Oh,
Yeah, the car is.

What about the body?

Just about.

He's doing it

Thank God


Hmm. Hey listen.

I know you got that macho
bullshit about you but, uh...

Sable's a big girl she
can take care of herself.

You don't need uh...

LANDON: Colton she's on it.
Ok I'll call you later.

♪ Drums and Electric Guitar ♪


That's a shame.
Got such a pretty nose.

Alright buddy. Judgement day.

[Axe Chop]


I can't believe
we're doing this shit.

SABLE: We? You're the one in the
tight dress going in to pick up

Some dude? Come on.
It's me doing this.

We're the ones
that have no choice.

This guy crosses the line, I'm..

I'm killing him.

I know you are baby

Let's just get this over with.

[Car door opens]

[Car door closes]

Well how to do I look?


Fuck. I hate your kid.

Hmm, I know.

SABLE: Mmm, ok. I'll call you.

Be careful.

♪ Dance Music ♪

♪ Loud Dance Music ♪

[Crowd Mingling]

Who are you with?

Excuse me?

No one looking like you
comes to a place like this

all by their self.

Well I do.

I find that very surprising.

Why is that?

Well, usually the type
of women who come here

dealing with a
certain set of circumstances.

Like what? Since you feel
like you know me already.

Like a, wife
to a boring husband

Divorcee out on the prowl.

Sexy, young girlfriend.
With a not so sexy boyfriend.

So they crave a release.

What's stopping me
from slapping you right now?

Two Armand de Brignac?

If you wanted to,
you would've already.

ANDRES: And besides, a
cultured, lovely young lady

never makes a scene in public.

SABLE: Don't be too surprised.
And you didn't really need to buy me

a drink. Thank you though.

Who says I did?

SABLE: Alright, let me tell you
about the type of men that come

in here since we're
swapping assumptions.


They're husband to a dull
wife, a pathetic loner just

looking to get lucky.

SABLE: Or a wealthy bidder just
trying to get the highest prize

they can
between their legs.

So, which one do I
think you are? Since I know

that you're one of them.

Maybe, I just come
here to make new friends.

Ha! Men like you do not
make friends with women.

Do you know me?


So what do you know?

I know that you would have
at least asked me my name.

SABLE: But you don't care about that.
Nor do you care about

my marital status, my job,
where I'm from. Or anything else

that you just deem trivial.

So if you'll excuse me...

Ah, ah.

Andres Szandor.

Well Andres, I'm gonna go.
But enjoy the rest of your

night with your ladies over...

I don't, think so.

You don't wanna
stop talking to me.

Who do you think you are?

ANDRES: I'm Andres,
but you heard that the first time.

You've got to be joking me.

On the contrary.

You're going to stay here,
enjoy our conversation,

drink the champagne I got you.

Let's get down to
what we really want.

There seems to be some sort
of misunderstanding here so let

me make it
perfectly clear, I don't

ANDRES: Care? about my status,
or profession, my sign, my star,

my moon. whatever the fuck
else there is to care about.

What are you
even talking about?

ANDRES: What you're concerned
about is what's in my pants.

whether that's my dick or my wallet

we have yet to find out.

ANDRES: But you are here for something.
Trust me.

I know people.

ANDRES: So why don't we just forget
about all that and just talk?

I mean nothing wrong with a
little, human to human talking.

Is there?

I guess not.

[Glass cling]

♪ Dance Music ♪

[Glass cling]

[City traffic]

[Sigh] Hmm, Bitch!

[Breath out] Still no word?

[Sigh] Nothing.

ARI: Sable's going to be alright.
Andre's not going to do anything

irrational in public.

LANDON: How the fuck do you know?
You don't know Andr...

Don't tell me he's
one of your clients?

No [Chuckle] no. Not this one.

But I've heard of him.

Him? Tell me what you've
heard cause I haven't heard

dick from my boy.

You've been
drinking haven't you?

Well I'm certainly glad you
picked up the phone before you

picked up another drink.

LANDON: Just tell me what
you heard about him alright.

I don't, fucking
know why I came here anyway.

Read about him in the papers.

ARI: I don't think he's somebody
you want to hang out with.

Look Landon,
I don't wanna get into this.

But just remember
the last time you went out.

ARI: You lost your job.
Lost your place.

And you lost your Daughter.

No! You do not fucking
talk about my daughter!


- ARI: Ok! ok.
- Landon Ever!

Calm Down. I'm not
trying to judge you.

You're my friend.

I Know that Ari.

I'm sorry Ari, I'm sorry I'm
just, just, fuck I'm on edge,

I gotta get back she
could be home any minute.


I'm here for you.

You don't shoot
our wounded buddy.

[Sigh] Fuck!


[TV Static]

[Door opens]

SABLE: (Excitedly) I'm home.

Where were you?

You dropped me off,
you know where I was.

Why didn't you
answer your phone?

SABLE: Cause, I was working it.
And I can't hear shit in that

fucking place.

I called you like twenty
times, you couldn't step outside

and answer your phone? Or
go to the bathroom and call me

back? You didn't even
know I left your ass there.

What's wrong with you right now?

I came into the bar. I saw
you in there. I saw your hands

on him, I saw his hands
all over you. Playing the part

pretty good aren't you?

Have you been drinking?

You know what? Go back to
your rich boyfriend. He can

give you the shit
I can't give you.

This is why you can't drink.
Because you become a different

person. I don't even
know who you are right now.

LANDON: Well I see this thing
ending in a bad way. You and him

in his bed, and his
bed is optional.

How dare you, how dare you
this is all your fault. I have

to do this in
order to save your ass!

Oh, for saving
you from being

[Glass break]

♪ Low Dramatic Music ♪

LANDON: Look it's just,
let's just get the fuck outta here, fuck

all of it, fuck Colton, fuck
all of it, he probably took care

of it. Let's just go.

SABLE: Honey, baby. I would love
nothing more than to just leave.

And leave all this shit behind.

But we can't. And you know it.

SABLE: I know Colton said he'd
handle all this, but you know

he doesn't trust us. He has
to have some sort of collateral

over us we just
have to see this through.

And get rid of all this.

LANDON: What do you know about this guy?
What he's capable of, what

he, fuck, what he wants?

I don't really know I mean
he doesn't say very much about

himself. Just seems like a...

rich loser who wants company.

He's just lonely he's harmless.

Yeah so is Ted Kazinsky.


I'm being serious they're
the most dangerous kind.

I really doubt your kid. Would
put us in this kind of trouble.

SABLE: Colton just wants the money.
It's easy for him and it fixes

our problem. Gets us out
of this shit, gets us on the

road so we can finally live
start our lives. I'm sick of

living like this.

Hey, hey

Listen to me. The minute
you feel something's off, the

minute, you sense something's
wrong, you bail out of there.

Cause I wasn't
kidding about killing him.

Hey. I wasn't kidding.

So you do whatever you have
to do to make him comfortable

And if things get out of
line I'm pulling the plug on

this you got that?
Are we cool on that?

SABLE: I promise you baby.
It's going to be fine, ok?

He's some rich idiot.

LANDON: Hmm [Kiss]

SABLE: It's gonna be fine.
I'll be okay don't worry.


I just kept going and going.

I'd only stop when I
couldn't feel anything at the

end of my arm.

Then I knew it was
over, I had to quit.

I wanted to feel numb.

I drank to be numb.

And um.

And I would hit to feel again.

My kid saw too much.

His old man was
a pathetic loser.

I need a cigarette.

LEADER: Okay guys.

I think let's end
right there for now.

Alright, see ya.

AA GROUP LEADER: (Softly) Hey.

That was very
brave of you right now.


Brave is being a ten year
old boy and getting the snot

kicked out of you
every night by your old man.

It's brave.

My kid was brave.

Hey Landon?

The worst loneliness

uncomfortable with yourself. Remember that.


[Cars passing by]

You're leaning against my car.

Oh I'm sorry.

It's okay. Okay.

Aren't you cold?

Everybody thinks LA
is a haven of heat.

I'm okay, I actually
quite like the cold.


I know.

Course you do.

I'm Sable.

I know. I don't think
I've ever heard you say

anything but I've seen
you in the back of the room.

I like to listen.

Not exactly light

Yeah, light

That shit just
kinda bores me.

Why don't you contribute?
Everybody has a story to tell.

I'm a fixer.

A fixer? What's that?

It means I like
to fix things?

Can you fix yourself?

Yeah. My thing was pills.

It's been two years now.

I actually just got myself
full of something to remind me

about where I came
from and where I'm going.


Thank you.

Two years huh?


Did you start
when you were eleven?

Ha ha, shut up.

So now I just like to come
in and see how I can help.

I get it. You're one of those
people who comes down here and

looks at us like we're a
charity case, right is that it?

- SABLE: No, no, no
- LANDON: That how you get your kicks?

Not at all. I just..

No I think that's it. You
come down here, you don't say

a goddamn thing. You sit in
the back of the room and look

for the most fucked
up guy you can find.

♪ Rising uplifting music ♪

I'm sorry.

I just get a little angry
sometimes mostly at myself.

I can see that.

Quite the
self-esteem you have sir.

It's one of my
charming qualities.


There's a lot of people
in there trying to change

themselves, and better
themselves, but you...

You're the only
on that makes me think.

What do you mean?

I think you have potential.

Potential? How so?

For us to get along.

Why? Place is full of
fuck-ups. Some in there

worse than I am.

That's one of the perks
of being a good listener.

I know you're a user.
I know I'm a fixer. There's a

lot to play with here.

Like what?

I think we can be friends.

Go home.

I'm old enough to be your dad.

You aren't.

And don't ever,
say that again.


Wanna go for a walk?

♪ Low Piano Music ♪

This is beautiful Andres.

It gets me through the day

SABLE: With a place like
this I would never leave.

Sometimes, I don't want to.

So much work to do.

But I do love nights like this.

What's work for you?

We shouldn't talk about work.

Or politics, or religion.

Let's just enjoy the moment.

I really am.

Growing up I hated
cities, just wanted...

Open space. That was
quiet and I could relax.

I loved fields.

But I could get used to this.


ANDRES: My parents always
gravitated towards big cities.

I Got used to it.

ANDRES: But. In the summers we
used to vacation in the mountains.

It was beautiful.

There was this, little village.

Pathway running through the
bottom of this valley. Trees on

ANDRES: (CONT) either side.
Sunlight coming through the leaves.

It was magical.

You know, in the, in the
cities I always felt small.

But there I felt, powerful.

I felt Invincible.

I'm not lying when I say
I know exactly how that feels.

When you can stop
and just see no people.

There's no distractions
around you, you can just...


To the escape.

To the escape.

[Glass Cling]


ANDRES: I work so much I can never
get back to places like that.

It's too bad, I miss it.

I thought we weren't
supposed to talk about work.

We aren't.

Starting without me?


Why are you all dressed up?

All for you

Oh la la.


KAREN: [Laughing] Oh come
on, stop it, stop, no.


Sable, this is Karen.

My daughter.

Oh! Hi, it's very
nice to meet you.


Hi, nice to meet you.

You too!

KAREN: [Softly] Alright
I'm going to head in.

Oh! Before you go.

I have something for you.



Almost, as beautiful, as you.

KAREN: Merci. {Thank you.}

Be Safe.





- SABLE: You too.
- KAREN: Nice to meet you.

So. Your daughter.

That's my Karen.

She's stunning.

Get's it all from her mother.

And where is she if I may ask?


We were young.

I had a lot of growing up to do.

So did she.

How old is Karen?

Just turned eighteen.

You must be very proud.

What was the gift for?

Oh, she, finished school early.

She deserved it.

You seem like a
really good father.

I have the means to
take care of those around me.

I take care of
those who need it.

And what about those
who try to abuse it?

I can usually, figure
out that type pretty quickly.

I have to go.

You do? Already?


ANDRES: Moments like these
are always so fleeting for me.


Business. keeps me
on a tight schedule.

Can I see you again?

That'd be my pleasure.

ANDRES: Marco will uh,
show you the way out.

Good Evening.

SABLE: [Softly] Goodnight.

Can I finish my champagne?

Okay thank you.

Why not.

Is he always that
short with people?

He's a very busy man.

[Exaggerated accent]

He's been balancing
his business with um...

Immediate family.

Has proven to be, difficult.

You know I haven't seen
him smitten by a woman...

since Karen's mother.

What makes you say that?

I just hope you know what
you're getting yourself into.

Excuse me?

I'll leave you to your...

[Exaggerated Accent]


Beast right?


COLTON: Yeah man I told
ya I don't disappoint.



What's it gonna be?

I'ma get three of
these. And the usual.

Well uh, I got you the
usual, but uh, that's just a

sample it's on the house.

You gonna tease me with
that shit and not have more?

Come on.

COLTON: Yeah relax man I got
plenty of that, alright I just

Uh, gotta get it
first, I got a plan.

Yeah, I don't believe that shit.

Oh? Why you say that?

[Lighter flick]

KEVIN: Word on the street
is you gonna close up shop.

♪ Ominous music escalates ♪

I don't know where you're
getting your information from

But, I'm just keeping
down low right now man.

I got plans.

Yeah what's that?

What you got going on?

COLTON: Oh yeah I got plenty going on.
I can't say what it is right now

but just trust me. I got people
that are going to owe me a lot.

Yeah we'll I'll believe
that shit when it's coming

out your ass.

[Door knocking]

♪ Intense Music Rises ♪

Alright you gotta,
just, hide in the back. Ok?

You good?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Gun Cocked]

Who is it?

It's Sable.

[Heavy Breathing]

[Door Open]

Hey so...

Whoa! Hey, What's going on?

Can we talk?

I'mmmmm, Kinda in the
middle of something right now.

Then handle your
shit and let me in.

Alright, meet me
on the roof in ten.

The roof?


COLTON: Exit, down the hall,
climb up just ten, give me ten, okay?

Alright, ten minutes.

[Door close]

Yo we good?

Yeah, yeah we're good.

I found this knife
yo it's dope as shit.

I cut a bitch.

Yeah it was a gift.

It's nice.

Who's Landon?

[under breath]
It's uh...

It's just some guy I know.
Will you put that shit away man.

Yeah I want this.

You want it?

Got four G's?

[Knife click]

KEVIN: Uhh... no.
COLTON: Yeah I didn't think so.

I know you still be bringing
bitches around while we're doing

business is kinda offensive.

COLTON: I didn't mean no disrespect,
but it's just my dad's girl

you know
she', she got some issues.


Eh, your dad?

It's complicated.

Look, I gotta jet but...

We'll be in touch, alright?


Alright dude.

We good right?


[Door closes]


LILIAN: I don't know
if I can take anymore.

But I'm going to.

Go for it. Take and hit it.

LILIAN: No. I cannot take a hit.
ZAK: Why?

No. You know what happened
last time I get really paranoid

and weird.

ZAK: No it's fine,
we'll take a little swim, it'll be nice.

If I go swimming when I'm
high I'm going to think there's

sharks in the pool.

Wait, there's a
shark right there.



LILIAN: I hate sharks.
It's gonna get me.

ZAK: Okay fine,
fine I'll smoke it.

You smoke good,
you, you, you relax.

Where's Colton?

What did he do now?

MOTHER: What is that?
Is this yours?

It's nothing.

Uh, Colton
actually gave that to me.

Is that so?

MOTHER: I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where is he?

He took off after he got into
a fight with dad, I don't know

where he went.

What did Landon say?

Mom. I don't fucking know, ok
they fight all the time, how am

I supposed to keep track.

ZAK: Yeah I mean, with all due
respect, your Husband is kind of

a prick.

I know.

Dad went down to the corner.

Again? I told you to
stop him when he's going.

He took off so fast, ok
I'm just sitting here with Zak.

Yeah it's, true.

Sweetheart, listen.

MOTHER: You're the only thing that's
holding it all by a damn thread.

Your brother and Dad
are literally killing me.

It's not like we're
getting anything else.

And that goes
for you too Zak.

Yeah, No,
like, that or, just

We're done, with that.

Don't be a wise ass.

Just have fun.



He had fresh ones.


I uh, I saw some on his
arms and on his face like usual.

MOTHER: [Under breath]
I'm going to kill him.

ZAK: You think she's going
to throw away my pipe?

LILIAN: Oh my god, babe,
shut the fuck up, okay?

I'm sorry.

We'll get another
pipe, it's not a big deal.

Let's just drink some
more, and go in the pool.

Alright let's do it.

And, let's just
try to have a nice day.


Hey, hey sorry I took so long.

It's okay, it's business.

COLTON: Hey SABLE: I get it.

Take a load off.

SABLE: Thanks, I kinda started a
fire up here sorry man it's cold.

COLTON: Hey it's
alright, I understand.


SABLE: So this is
your special place?

COLTON: It is,
it is as you can see, beer?

Yeah. Actually, totally.

I think you need one.

SABLE: Yeah, seriously.
(he laughs)

SABLE: Well it's nice that you
got a spot like this at least.

COLTON: Well. SABLE: Thank you.

COLTON: It's nice
that you got my dad.

Enjoy that?


SABLE: He never listens to me,
always just assumes the worst.

COLTON: [Long drag] Yeah.

SABLE: I guess you
know how that is huh?

So why'd you pick Wyoming?

Honestly I don't even know
anymore, it's just, where I

always pictured myself
being as a little girl.

I mean, these stars up here.

God it's, shit
compared to out there.

Wow. That sounds
incredibly boring.


You're an asshole.

Truly boring, like milking
cows boring that's all I see

happening in Wyoming.


You're such a jerk. It's the
state, with the least number of

people in it.

Oh, that's the appeal?

SABLE: Mmhmm. Doesn't that sound
like absolute heaven to you?

It does to me.

You're a weird one.


You should really
get yourself a girl Colton.

Yeah, well I have one.

Oh, really?


But I'm not
gonna talk about her.

SABLE: Well who knows,
maybe one day she'll get to

meet your stepmom.

Ha, funny.


So I, think you're
right about Andres.

How's that?

He's just a puppy dog,
it's all, smoke and mirror.

It's just a front for him I mean

When you strip it all away the

rich bravado, and the mansions,

cars, and the nice suits and all

of it. He, he's just looking for


So you were right, all along.

I guess I was.

Oh and he's got the cutest

daughter, oh my goodness she's

beautiful and smart and god does

he love her. Takes care of her

It's weird cause, he doesn't

like, he doesn't seem like that

bad of a guy.

COLTON: (V.O) Wow,
getting to know the family huh?

Uh, just her.

How do you know him
anyways, cause you guys,

aren't the same,
you're not like him.

Does it matter?

How's it going
with him anyway?

I don't know, it's
kinda hard to tell.

He invited me over to
another one of his houses

on Thursday though.

Wait, did you, um,
just say his other house?

Yeah it's this huge mansion
off Multiview. Looked it up

online and that
place looks huge.

Well, wait, did you,
his house on Multiview?


Sable that's it.

What's it?

His house on Multiview, ok
whatever you did, he loves you.

COLTON: He's now invited
you, into the house.

How do you know
this from, a house?

Do you, do you see what I'm
saying, it', it's what I told

you before about the lady
friends, he invites them in.


You've done it. Whatever
you're doing it's working.

This is the big payoff.

What am I going to have to
do, you're starting to make me

[Laughing uncomfortably]

[Laughs] You're not going
to have to do anything...

Would I be this
excited if it was anything bad?

Yeah maybe since you
know you're gonna finally

get your cut.

Okay, you got me good, but look
listen, he likes you, that's

what's important. You're
getting in, you're gonna get the

pay I mean, there's
nothing to worry about.

Clear free man. Trust me.

That's all I'm
trying to do Colton.

[Lighter flick]


ZAK: Okay, there's no backing out now.
This is premium shit.

Colton's premium stash.

ZAK: (CONT) Hard to come by.
Clean. And not cheap.


We're going to do
it together remember?

LILIAN: Didn't it make you throw
up the first time you tried it?

ZAK: Yeah, that's not gonna happen to you.
Don't worry about it.

It's perfectly measured out.
And I'll suck up just enough

ZAK: (CONT) for a well
tailored billion bounce.


[Under breath] It's just
having it right there...

ZAK: Hey,
hey don't look at the needle, okay?

Don't even think about it.

See I'm just going to have
you lay down, close your eyes,

and I'm going to
take care of the rest okay?

You have no idea
babe, none at all.

About what?

The rush. No words can describe

it I swear to fucking god, it's
the most amazing thing ever.

You're scaring me...

I'm sorry, okay.

Remember, Labor Day weekend?

Your party?

Yes, I remember.

Yeah, you remember right?

Ok. Compared to
this, that was shit.

What are you talking
about that was a great party.

ZAK: I Know. I know, I know.
It was incredible.

But after you try this shit
that will be an after thought.


I'm telling you.

Babe, this will be a
bonding experience for us, okay?

Just you and me.

Doing this together.

I don't want you, to miss out
on the experience of doing this

with me. [sniff]

My brother would kill you
if he knew where you got this.

[lighter flick]

I want you to close
your eyes baby okay?



I wanna see it.

All of it.


♪ Dramatic Music ♪

Give me your hand.


Here we go.

One... two... three.



ZAK: Yo, Colton... Yeah it's me.

ZAK: Hey, um that was the
premium shit you gave me right?

Wasn't it?

Cause, no, no man, no
not, everything is not okay.

Will you, please, come, will
you please come down here again?

I need, I need your
help okay? I got, doesn't matter

who it is.

Alright, I gave her some,
I gave her a hit, and I woke up

and she wasn't breathing, okay
and, I don't know if she's dead

or if she's just OD'ing or
if she's just not there, and

I don't know what the fuck
to do man I'm freaking the fuck

out man, can you just come
down here please, can you, just

can, can you please?

Colton, please.

I don't know what the
fuck to do man, come on.

Okay, can you call me
back? Can, five minutes okay?

Shit, fuck!


ZAK: I fucked up.. [Crying]

Nothing gold, can stay.


She was, magnific.


I always thought
she was into you first.

She had no idea
my feelings for you.

She was just faking
interest, to get to you.

Some things never change.


Are you sure you
want to do this?

Do you have
another option? Hmm?

Let it go.

Mi amore, let it go.

MARCO: The kid, doesn't
know, how deep she is.

You saw it in her eyes.

You liked her.

She doesn't deserve this.


Prep the men.

Andres please just...

Prep, the men!

[Picture Slam]

[Clears throat]

♪ Nature Sounds ♪

Hi poppa.


ANDRES: What are you
doing home so early?

I'm, just getting
ready for tonight.

Special occasion?

You could say that.

I just wanna look my best.

Well you always look wonderful.

I just hope they're, worth
it, this um, special someone.

Whoever they are.

He is.

You're spending a
lot of time out here now.

They need special tending.

If you don't give them the...

Care, attention they deserve...

They don't grow up right.

I know what you
mean, I've had your tomatoes.

When did I lose you Karen?



You're happy?


Well that's all
that's important.

And you're...

safe? Always?

Of course, I have you.

I won't be here forever.

Telephono, Andres.

I'm busy.

I'm afraid it's a bit urgent.

We're not done talking.

[Indecipherable Mumbling]

What was all that about?

[Bird Squawking]

MARCO: Since when did you become
such a beautiful young lady?

Knock it off, Marco.

What was up with him?

Ah, he's got a lot on
his mind, just a little,


It doesn't have to
do with me does it?

No. Course not.

MARCO: Wie Gehts? {You good?}



Mmhmm. Yes.



I hope you know what
you're doing, Hase {Rabbit}.

What do you mean?

Well you know ever
since what happened to Mamma.

MARCO: (CONT) Andres has taken
such special care of you.

I know, Marco, you
only remind me every day.

Well I only mention it because

I care about you.

I want what's best for you.

I'm watching you.

Then I need you to trust me and
give me space. I know what I'm


You know what you're dong?


You remind me every day.

- MARCO: Ahhh!
- That's true.

That didn't hurt.

That was nothing.




Alright, I gotta go Uncle.

[Clears throat]

See you around.

Alright, alright.

♪ Dramatic Music ♪



Wow. This place is insane!

How many houses do you have?

Oh I, flip
houses for a hobby.

SABLE: Just a hobby?
Scared to know the profession.

Would you like some wine?

Yes, absolutely.

Ah, red or white?

You're the expert, you choose.

I love that dress.

Thank you.

[Fire crackling]

Thank you.


[Glass Cling]

You look, beautiful.

Andres, I'm, I'm really
just not that type of girl.

♪ Low Dramatic Music ♪

Of course you are.

Or else you wouldn't be here.

ANDRES: I mean let's stop
bullshitting each other.

[Metal Rattling]

SABLE: I just think that maybe
we should take things a little

slower. At first,
you know get to know

each other a little more?

ANDRES: Would you like
me to take it slow in

compensating you as well?

What do you mean?

Well, I don't think
you're here for my good looks.

Or my charm.

[Nervous Laughter]
I don't know what you're saying.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

No, no.

It's fine.

I'm not offended.

ANDRES: I know you didn't mean
to, deflate my ego.

My wallet maybe.

But not my ego.

I really don't
know what you're talking about.

ANDRES: I just like getting what I
want, when I want it.

I can see that.

Stand up.

Excuse me?

I said, stand up.

I don't know...

Stand, up!

SABLE: You know what, maybe I,
I should go, this was all a big mistake.

I'm, I'm. I'm so sorry.

Please forgive me.

Wait here.

[Loud Thud]

[Door loudly open]

Sweetheart. I'm so
sorry I frightened you,

please sit down.

I think I'm okay.



What's in the briefcase?

I think you know.

Know what?


It's a business proposition.

I thought we weren't
supposed to talk business?



You're scaring me.

Two hundred thousand.

And you wouldn't
even have to touch me.

Just tell me what
I would have to do.

You'll know.

But um...

First, ah, answer me this.

Who is it?

Who's who?

I know you're not here for me.

And you're a god girl, inside.

So who is it? Hmm?

A sick kid?

A sister going through a rough
divorce? A Grandma with cancer?

Just tell me what I have to do
to get the money, and never see

you, again. Ever.

I'm glad you asked.

We are ready.

What was that?

Do we have a deal?

You still haven't even told
me what I would need to do.

ANDRES: First I want you
to agree unconditionally.

No, no fuck this I'm
done playing with your games.

Don't, curse at me.

You know, you know what.

I'm going to take this.

ANDRES: (CONT) And I'm going
to put this right over here.

By the door.

ANDRES: (CONT) So that when
you leave you can take it.

ANDRES: (CONT) I mean we're just
talking semantics now. I know you

want it... So why fight it?

I already promised you
I wasn't gonna touch you,

so when it's over,
you can just take it.

And never, see me, again.

No, hidden motives. No games.
You can just take it and go.

What do you get out of all this?

Do we have a deal?

It won't be hard.


No tricks.

You'll be a wealthy woman.

[Glass clinks as it's set down]

And you'll get
home at a decent hour.

So do we have a deal?


Now what?



♪ Rising Intense Violins ♪

Who are you?



What's going on, who's here?

[TV continues in background]

Who's here?

COLTON: [Softly] I don't know.


Whoa, did you tell
your dad about me?

No I didn't tell my dad

Don't lie to me.

I swear - I didn't tell him.

[Knocking] LANDON:
Colton, open the door!

Who's here?


COLTON: Jesus Christ!
LANDON: Colton open the goddamn door!

[Door Open]

Tell your bitch to leave.

COLTON: Whoa! LANDON: Sable!

KAREN: Who is this?
COLTON: Ok just because

we're blood doesn't mean
you get to come in here

and tell me shit.

LANDON: Sable!
KAREN: Is this your dad

- COLTON: Leave!
- KAREN: or something?

Get her out, now.

Baby I'm going to need you
to wait in the other room.

LANDON: No, completely out!
Get her completely out!

COLTON: Ok, I'm going to need you
to wait outside for one second.

Okay, while I deal with him
it's not going to take longer

than a second I promise you.


COLTON: Will you fucking
wait for one second!

COLTON: One, fucking second,
okay I promise you that we will

We're, We're gonna get this
money, we're gonna get out of

this city. We're never
gonna fucking look back, okay?

Okay. Okay.

COLTON: [softly] I
promise you baby.


[Door open]

Sable's missing.


LANDON: And I know you had
something to do with it.

COLTON: I didn't have
anything to do with it,

I don't know
where the fuck she is.

She was at your house. She said
something to you, I need to know

what she said.

Okay, relax, I'm sure
she's fine, she's probably

with Andres or something.

I'm sure she's fine.

Her phone is turned off.
She never turns her phone...

COLTON: Well maybe it's because
she wanted to get fucking away

from your drunk ass or whatever
the fuck you're trying to do,

okay you're freaking the fuck...

LANDON: Fuck you Goddamnit!
This is your deal bitch,

you set this shit up. You did.
This was your fucking idea.

COLTON: Okay. Just like old times huh pop?
Feel familiar daddy,

you like this doing this?

Damnit Colton, fuck! Did it
ever occur to you, maybe I was

trying to patch shit up with
you? I could have burned that

goddamn car myself!

Yeah, well I'm not fucking ten
years old anymore motherfucker.

You don't get to fucking lay
your hands on me. You know what?

Sable did come see me. She
fucking did come to me and if I

had any common sense I
woulda' told her to fucking go

to Wyoming, or fucking get with
Andres cause god knows he would

treated her better
than you have.

LANDON: Fucking man.
COLTON: Mother fucker.




COLTON: Fuck you you piece of shit!
You want me to fucking die like

COLTON: my... fuck you!
LANDON: Colton goddamnit!


ANDRES: Bravo! Bravo. Afraid I only
caught half the show but it sure

seemed like a good one.

Sable. Baby...

- ANDRES: Ah ah ah.
- LANDON: Baby what did they do to you?

Hello Colton.

How are you my friend?


Oh yes. We know
each other very well.

ANDRES: (CONT) It's been a while.
I think you've been avoiding me.

What did you do
to her? Let her go.

Oh, she is free to go.

ANDRES: In fact I think she
has quite the present for you.

Landon, is it?

What did you do to
her you fucking cockroach?


I would love to get
into that, but no time.

ANDRES: (CONT) But that filthy,
little kleptomaniac knows everything.

Fuck you, you're not talking
to him you're talking to me.

Yes. I am.

COLTON: Yeah, this is just between
me and you. It's over you can

let them go.


I haven't even begun.

You use family, to suck me in?

I guess you knew,
I wouldn't send just anybody

to take care of you.

I'm flattered.


ANDRES: You see that?
It's like he's got no frontal lobe.

That's the
part of the brain.

That helps people think of the
consequences before they act.

ANDRES: (CONT) Which is why you
will never cut it, in business.

With women.

With my, daughter.

Did you think I was just gonna
go away? Just forget everything?

Do you see that?

You did this!

I actually liked her.

It did not, give me much
pleasure, to do that to her.


[Gun Shot]






ANDRES: [Gasping] Mother...


[Heavy Breathing]
[drops gun]


♪ Sad Orchestra Music ♪

SABLE: Oh my god.
Oh my god please.


Take the money.

Take the money and go.


Just take it.

Why did you do
this? Any of it?

You knew what he was.

I don't know.

You're an animal Colton.

I know.

[Door Open]

[Door Closes]


MARCO: Ich kann es nicht glauben...
{I can't believe it...}



No, please don't.


Hase. Do you
realize what she's done?

I realize what
you're going to do.

It's not gonna happen.
Let her be. It's over.

Let her go!

Andres would not allow...

Enough. Please.


MARCO: [Sigh] Danke. {Thank you.}



MARCO: Mein Lieb, du sicher?
{My dear, you sure?}

Just take me home.


MARCO: Auf Wiedersehen. {Goodbye.}

COLTON: (V.O) In the last couple
days, Sable made me see Landon in a

different way. Made me
learn more about him than I ever

wanted to. I guess that
saying is true, you may be

done with the past but
the past isn't done with you.

COLTON: (CONT V.O) Do I regret what
I put them through? I don't know.

I'm still trying to
to figure shit out.

But goddamn I wish I could've
done things differently. I still

fucking hate Landon. I
hate him, I hate him for the way

things turned out. For the way
I turned out. Maybe if I had my

shit together things wouldn't
have... Maybe she wouldn't have

died so soon. Maybe I
could've done something,


COLTON: (CONT V.O) As for Sable, I like
to think she made it. She got to Wyoming

after all. I can
see why the old man loved her.

I don't know why I didn't take
that money. Something's changed.

COLTON: (V.O) Guess that's the
shit I'm trying to figure out.

♪ Soft guitar plays ♪