Sabine Kleist, 7 Jahre... (1982) - full transcript

Little Sabine has spent her childhood in an orphanage after her parents died in a car accident. When one of the women in charge at the orphanage, Edith, leaves to have a baby, Sabine runs away, because Edith was the only adult there she could trust. She then wanders through the city to find someone to take her in. She meets a lot of people on her journey, but she seems out of place everywhere she goes until, at last, she realizes that there is a special place where she belongs. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

When you say goodbye
to your Edith today,

you are bound
to feel a little bit sad.

She managed to put up with you
for four long years.

She gave you all of her love.

Mrs. Marloch,
who has been with you for a week now,

will take over your group.

She is an experienced teacher,

a former nursery school teacher,
principal of a big nursery school.

She also has a degree

and has raised
four children of her own.

And now for a farewell to Edith
on behalf of the group.

Sabine will say a few words.

Leave me alone.

I don't want to!

I'm not mad at you, Sabi.

I think I even understand you.

I do still love you.

Just give us five more minutes.

Five minutes!

-That's special treatment!
-Sabine always gets that.

Woman to woman, okay?

I have a husband.

And a baby growing in my tummy.

It's going to be born soon.

It's going to need me.

And my love.

It's knocking already.


You mustn't hate it.

Let go of me.

1 go along with my lantern

And my lantern goes along with me

Up there the stars are shining

Down here shining are we

My candle is dead
it's time for bed

Rabimmel rabammel rabumm

My candle is dead
it's time for bed

Rabimmel rabammel rabumm

Rabimmel rabammel rabumm

My candle is dead
it's time for bed

Rabimmel rabammel rabumm

I do still love you.








-Man, put the light out, will you?


Sabine Kleist, aged seven.

Her parents were killed. An accident.


Grandpa. Nursing home.

-And the address of this Edith...

-Edith Scheibler.
-1054, 28 Christinenstrasse.

But Sabine won't have gone there.

Not after what happened
between those two.

She's probably wearing a pale dress.


And her white jacket
isn't in her closet.

-Do you have a picture of her?
-Yes, we have a picture.

We have pictures of them all.


How sweet.

Kurt, give the little one to me.
She'll catch a cold out there.

Where did you come from?
You're Rita's girl, aren't you?

Men! They have no common sense at all.

It was worth a shot. Good night.

We'll be in touch
if she does happen to turn up.

Put the coat away and go lie down.


Think about our own little one.

I can't yet.

I have to learn how first.

Come here.

Thank you. Bye.

Leave it.

I'm pretty good, aren't I?

So what?

You're just sore.

Are you new here?

-What's your name?

Can't you speak any louder?


I'm Rita's daughter.

So what?

Do you even know who Rita is?

She's the only woman
who can do a triple.

In the whole world.
You're impressed, right?


My mom... my mom
can fly a real-life airplane.

Way up high.

Silly billy!
No one does that in a circus.

Of course not in a circus.

Way up in the clouds.
With real people in it and all.

-That's great.
-My mom can even ride a bicycle.

Mine can too.

She can drive her Citroen
and Uncle Dirk's Volvo.

Well mine can even drive a... tractor.

And she sometimes
drives a fire truck.

-How much does she earn for it?
-99 hundred thousand marks.

Now you're talking crazy.

No, I'm not.
I'm not talking crazy at all.

Mommy's always there
when I want her.

She talks to me about everything.

And she laughs too.

Know what else she does?

What else?

Impressed, aren't you?

It's like Santa's sack.

Did he hear any of it?

-The man in the coffin.

It was a woman,
and she can't hear anything anymore.


So who were you playing for then?

Who for?

Do you want a piece of candy?

I don't want any.

Okay, let me do this.

That's just what you do.

The music.

But why do you do that?

Honor to whom honor is due.

What does that mean,
"honor, honor is due?"

Well, for example,

if you haven't
just lived your life for yourself.

Or if you've won a medal.

Or maybe even two.

Or if a lot of people know you.


What do you mean, "uh-huh"?

Then no one will play
any music for me when I die.

That's up to you.

-Do you think so?

Did you know
the woman in the coffin?


But you still played music anyway.

Time for you
to get back to your mommy.

She'll be looking for you.

But what if I don't have a mommy?




-It's a boy, wow!
-They called me three hours ago.

It's a boy!

Know what you're getting yet?

We'll see.

Yeah, you can tell.

I got a sister this morning.

So what?

She's going to sleep in my room.

Two people in one room.

There's six of us in my room.


-Six kids in one room?

That's crazy talk.

Come on in.

Six? Can't see straight, can you?

Do you know an Edith?

-Is that your mommy?
-She's my friend.

Go and ask the nurse.

Let's go shall we, Mrs. Merker?

Cross your fingers for me?

Come on, mommykins.

I saw my sister.
She looks really great.

Visiting hours are over, people.
It's feeding time.

Come up here, you.

Isn't that the sweetest little boy?
You must love him very much.

You must love
little ones very much.

Just look at her little face.
What a cutie!

She looks like you,
doesn't she, your sister?

Just like
your mommy and daddy love you,

you have to love your little sister.

Hey, let me down.

Isn't your baby hungry?

Or don't you have one?

Are grown-ups even allowed to cry?

You can have me.

I do still love you.

Hey, what are you doing?

Can you ring the Scheibler's bell?

I'll give you
a piece of chalk if you will.

I'll do it without the chalk.

Ripening time has now begun

Let us see what's in our field

We came beneath the bright May sun

Does the corn smell of bread

Or just the money it will yield?

Are the ears laden with corn

Or just husky and foriorn?

Can I have 50 pfennigs?

Sorry, you can put money in
but you can't take it out.

They were still the young ones...

Do you have 50 pfennigs I could have?

And they planned such bold deeds

And saw how many came to pass

How many of the small green seeds

Will we preserve with the harvest?

How many have been taken by frost

Withered and to the hail lost?

Ripening time has now begun

Let us see what's in our field

We came beneath the bright May sun

Does the corn smell of bread

Or just the money it will yield?

Are the ears laden with corn

Or just husky and foriorn?

Pick one.

I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

There, see?

Empty your pockets out.

What about
the cookies you had in the cart?

I can pay for them.

I'll give you them free.

That's 45, please. Thank you.

You get some change.

Are you hungry?

There you go.

I didn't even like them anyways.

Are you on your own?

I'm on my own too.

Maybe you need a sister.

It's possible.

Come on, now.
Don't start crying again.

It's okay, take it easy.

Friendship, drushba. Come on.


has lost mommy.

I understand.

Child not Russian.

A Polish boy. Understand?

Say something, will you?

Stanislaw. Stassik.








Shall we splash him, over there?

Him, over there.

You little devils!

You're getting your pants all dirty.

I could learn to speak Polish.

Don't you think?

Then you wouldn't be so alone.



If I go in there,

my goodness.

What else?

I found him.

I can speak a little Russian

but he's... a foreigner.


-A Polish friend.
-So a Polish comrade, right?

-You found him on Alexanderplatz?

He's called Stani.

But I have to go now.

Don't you cry any more.

Hey, wait a minute!

Stay here.

Aren't you the Kiesler kid
from 12 Rigaer Strasse?

From 20 Rigaer Strasse.

-Want to hear something funny?
-Sure. Shoot.

Rigaer Strasse only goes up to 15.

Yeah, that's a good one.

That was her.

You can manage
a telephone call, right?

Sabine Kileist, reported missing,

has been seen
in the 126th Precinct.

Request search-party backup.

Sabine Kleist.

I do still love you.

Come on, Grandpa. Straight ahead.
Come on!

Hey, Grandpa, show us your stuff.
Come on, Grandpa.

Over sticks and over stones
But don't go breaking any bones

Hop hop hop

Grandpa runs chop-chop

-Scram, you guys!
-Hey, hey, short stuff!

You related to the old guy, or what?

Who are you then?


My name's Karl.

Karl is a good name, honey.

Karl Liebknecht.

Karl Marx. Do you know them?

-There you go.

Karl Schindler, that's me.

There you go.

And you...

you're Sabine then.



you mustn't look at me like that.

Hey, chief.

This is no place to sit.

Can I help you at all?

That's very good of you,
but I'm fine just sitting here.

-And I have company.
-Yes, I'm just coming.

Well, then...

Are you coming in?

-The poor guy.
-How come?

Just because.

Where was 1?

You said
I mustn't look at you like that.

Did I say that?

There you go.

They gave me that
as a leaving present.

My dear colleagues.

And two weeks ago,

keys to a flat.

96 Paul-Gesche-Strasse.

Staircase 2.

Apartment Number 003.

I'm pretty good, huh?

And I got that today.

-Is that gold?

-It isn't gold.
-That's a shame.

Now you're going
to help me find Number 96.

You know how to count, right?

Yeah, to 100.

There you go.

To 100.


No one's there to open the door.

Come on, let me do that.

There you go.

Thanks very much, Bine.

That's really very good of you.

You should be getting home now.

Attention, all on night shift,

all cars and patrols.

Missing Sabine Kleist, aged seven,
has not been found.

Search for Sabine Kleist
to be intensified.

Patrols to focus on vacant houses,

building sites and wooded areas.

Attention, all units.

Search for Sabine Kieist,
aged seven.

Focus on building sites
and wooded areas.

Search for Sabine Kileist.

Wearing: striped dress.

Focus on vacant buildings,

building sites and wooded areas.

Ran off.

No, I mean...

-Mr. Schindler, good morning!

Oh, you have a visitor.

Try this.

-Your granddaughter, right?
-No, daughter...

Of my cousin.

Of the sister...

of my wife.

Rest her soul.

Then I hope you both enjoy it.

There you go.

Do you really not need anyone?

It's not about that, honey.

Needing or not needing.

Believe me.

I'll visit you
in the home from time to time.

I don't need anyone.


someone to visit
on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wait there.

Mrs. Gotze, may I use your telephone?

-Yes, in you come, young man.
-Thank you.

-You have a phone book?
-Of course I have one.


I spoke with the boss at your place.

He'll take me on.

As a maintenance guy or something.

I'm starting there on Monday, Bine.


Come on, let's go!


53, 54,

56, 57,

58, 50.

Now we've got three too many.

We're going.

-Good, huh?
-Really good.

Where does your mom work?

Hasn't she ever told you?

Does she work in the office?

Or in pre-production?
Or in end production?

Where does she work?

She's pre...

So in pre-production.

"Shitty work from you guys,"
my mom says.

"You screwed up the company bonus
twice already,”

my mom says.


"You push too much to the left,"
my mom says.

Your mom says.

Yeah, my mom says.

I guess you don't have a dad.

They're divorced.

Everyone sitting here
has one parent.

They've either got no mom or no dad.

It's okay, I'll give you my lunch.

Two, four, six, eight, ten...

I have to pee.

Too much information.

Someone might ask where I am.

Fifty-six, that's the right number.
There we go.

Beat it!

Hold up!

Are you crazy, or what?

Hey, scram. Little bitch.

You're a little bitch.

Come on, jump up.

Here. Heads up.

Come here. Go on, take it.


Heads up, Philipp.

If you drop the ball,
you have to do something.

What kind of thing?

A headstand.




I'm thirsty.

-Quick, quick!
-Yes, yes, all right.

You have some wild ideas, sweetie.

-Are you guys all one big family?
-Of course we're one big family.

Can't we play for a little bit longer?

We'll be here tomorrow.

You should get back to your parents.
They'll be waiting for you.

...Bruns, who played sweeper
for Hannes in the first game.

Today he is on from the start.

Shall we call it a day?

Maybe she's somewhere around here.

I'm done for today, okay?


Say something, will you?

There you go.

There you go.

I wish they'd shake a leg.
I'm done for the day.

Attention, all units.

Sabine Kleist, missing for two days,
still hasn't been found.

Cars and units free after night shift
must remain on duty.

Full day shift.

Report to headquarters at 10:00. Over.


If I get hold of that girl...

What will you do?

Toni 21 to headquarters.

Order received. Over.

Right, let's get going.

-Can I come with you?
-Move along, sweetie. We're busy.

Suit yourselves.

I just told you.

Toni 21 to headquarters.

Have just found missing child,
Sabine Kleist.

I reported myself voluntarily.

She wants me to say
she reported herself voluntarily.

Radio discipline, Toni 21.

Thank you anyway.
Deliver girl to children's home.

Day duty lifted.
You can quit for the day. Over.

You hear that?

I should thank you.

There you go.


I went to your house,
but you weren't there then.

I just wanted
to see how you were doing.

It's knocking already.

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