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You're crazy coming here
at this time.

Hide your suitcase,
so my mother doesn't see it.

Hello, Fred?

It's Liliane. How are you?

Am I disturbing you?
Are you with someone?

I'm with a friend who's in trouble.

She's run away.
Can she stay with you tonight?


OK. Great.
We'll be waiting. Ciao.

Shall I chat them up?

Alright, girls? OK?

How's it going?

They're on their own.

Are you on your own?

All alone?

Are you all alone?

Would you like a drink?
A drink?

A beer?

A... Well?


Agnès, Fred.

It's quicksand.

The Little Prince...

"Draw me a sheep."

Leave it.

Don't worry.

- You won't sleep on the street.
- Thanks.

Let's celebrate.

As Dad says,
"That calls for a drink".

You're smiling!

I have to go
or I'll be thrown out.


Sit down.

You can have my room.

- I can sleep here.
- On that?


You'll get backache.

No, I won't.

It's up to you.

Agnès, Marco.


I'll get some sheets.

Oh, sorry.

Do you have a large towel?

I'm cold.


- Toast?
- Yes.


Your friend,

didn't you tell him I was coming?
- No.

There was no need.

Who is he?

A friend.

You kissed each other.

Didn't you kiss?


You're very curious.

It's the first time
I've seen boys...

I don't know any.

You prefer boys?

Don't you like girls?

I don't know.



have you seen Fred?

Fred's disappeared.
Probably picked someone up.

I've not seen you here before.

I came with friends.
I don't know where they are.

What's your name?


I'm Jérôme.

Want a drink?

I didn't pay to get in.
I don't have a ticket.

Don't worry.

Come in, then.

What have I got?


Beer... and beer.

Want a beer?

Got any water?

Over here.

Sleep well?

Where's the bathroom?

Over there.

I borrowed a T-shirt.

Can I stay here?

Moving in?


I need to get my breath,

calm down, sort myself out.

Be happy.

If it's a problem, I'll go.

No, it's fine.

- Alright?
- Yes.

It's a love invitation.

Can you justify
the term "invitation"?

Look at it.
Read the first line.

let us see if the rose

"Which opened this morning..."


He said: "Go and see"?

Did he say: "Go see"?

No, he invites her:
"Let us see."

It's an invitation, Albert.

She's not going alone.


What was Ronsard's aim
when writing this poem?

Shall we go out?

It's a nice day.

No. I can't.

I'm meeting someone at 12:30,
and it's already 1 o'clock.

Who are you meeting?

A woman.

Your hands are cold.

Well done.

You've got it all over your ear.

This is my shampoo.
Don't you use it,

not on your hair.

You haven't got anything to shave.

Well you wear a bra!

- When will you be back?
- Not late.

- Like it?
- Very much.



- Do you really?
- Yes.

You shouldn't have.

I'm doing some babysitting.

I wanted to.

Thank you.

Did you see your mum?

What did you do this afternoon?

I thought about my father.

I never stop worrying about him.

I wonder where he is,

what he's doing.

Why did you leave?

I don't talk about my life.

Come in.

How have you been?

I'm living with a boy nearby.

How are you?


Still the same. You know.

Are you still drinking?

If I want to have...

a drink,

I do.

And Andrée,

does she put up with it?


doesn't join you?

She's not in the same state?

I've usually started before.

If I start at lunchtime,

when she comes in...

You're well away.

She can't catch up.

That's impossible.


you have your own life now,

I'll sign your release papers.

One less worry for you.

Why make life hard?

What's wrong?


Just a bit down.

Is your mother well?


She wants to meet you.


Don't you want to meet her?

Of course I do.

What's she like?

Stop it.

I've told you all about her.

Do you think we'll get on?

Yes. Why wouldn't you?

It'll be fine.

Quiet, please.


I have to tell you something.

I think I'm pregnant.

I might not be,
but I'll see a gynaecologist.

When did you notice?

A week ago.

And my cycles aren't regular.

I'm often late,
so I didn't think anything of it.

Do you want to keep it?

I don't know.

I'll send you for a scan.

Can you unbutton your trousers?


Do you want to see?


You're 2 months pregnant.

You still have time,

but don't take too long
making a decision.

Do you want it?

I don't know.

Sometimes I do.

But I'm scared too.

I don't know if I can.

If we do this,

we have to stay together.


We'll keep it.

Are you at work?
Is he getting at you?

Call me later.
I'll tell you then.

Who was on the phone?


I heard the end of the call.

It was for me.

Am I not allowed phone calls?

Of course you are.

I don't want just anyone
having my number.



In an hour, is that OK?

See you soon.

- My mother invited us.
- That's nice.

I couldn't say no to her.

Let's get ready.

What do I tell her?


Are you wearing that?

What if she asks me questions?

Come on, hurry up!

Here we are. Agnès, Mum.


Come in.

- Hello, Mum.
- Hello, darling.

She's lovely!

You shouldn't have.

Let me find a vase for them.

Come over here,
don't be scared.

- Can I ask a personal question?
- If you like.

You haven't felt ill?

No, not at all.

Would you like a cigarette?

I've given up.


what will you do?

Find a job.

It would do you good.

You're not talking.
Do you feel uncomfortable?


What is he doing?

He's looking for the coffee.

Jérôme, it's in the fridge.

You'd think he'd never lived here.

Is it nice?

Very nice.

A bit tasteless?


I'll do better next time.

It's very nice.

I envy you.

It won't happen to me again.

What do you mean?

I'll be 45 in 2 years' time.
See what I mean?

I'll deal with that later.

Not too tired?

No, honestly.

- Sleeping well?
- Very well.

You must rest.

Have a lie-in,

and drink a lot.

Drink fruit juice.

The coffee's ready.

Let's take it outside.

- Alright?
- Yes.

Want a trolley?

Lie down.

Why are you trembling?

You're very tense.

You mustn't be.

Look how lovely he is.

Is he alive?

He won't die?

What are you saying?

Agnès, are you alright?

Can you tell me
what happened last night,

when the baby was born?

I suddenly realised.

What did you realise?

It's a human being,

and he depends on me.

Whereas I...

I hadn't really understood that.

And suddenly there he is...

I'm not sure if...

I'm up to it.

What are you worried about?

Don't worry about
the electricity bill. I'll pay it.

I need some money.


I can help.

What do you need?


You need suction.
You have to keep it vertical.

Since it's the first time,

do it for 5 minutes on each side,

each breast.

Off you go.

- Is that it?
- Yes.

- Isn't it enough?
- It's fine.

What's wrong?

He doesn't want it.

He might be too tired to suck.

You're so tiny.

You're so tiny.

I hope you don't mind,
but what are you giving him?


Have some food.

Careful, little one.

He'll do it.

You're doing it wrong.

I'm doing my best.

I've been watching you
for 10 minutes...

I can't do it when you're here.


Every other mother can do it.

How much is that?


We have to last until the 30th.

What about the rent?

I'll talk to my mother.

I thought you were in the bedroom.

Just a minute.

You can come in now.

Is Mathieu
letting you get any sleep?


He shouldn't cry all the time.

He's always screaming.

She doesn't have enough milk.

Why didn't you tell me?

You never listen to what I say.

You never tell me anything.

I'm always the last to know.

Stop it.

- Here already?
- I just came

to say hello.

You should have called.

- May I?
- Of course.

Let me show you.

I can do it myself.

So I see.

Let me do it.


Come on, darling.

All nice and clean.
That's better.

She makes me look useless.

She talks as if I'm not there,

as if I don't exist.

It's humiliating.

Did he sleep?

20 minutes.

Couldn't you get home earlier?

Jérôme is seeing someone
about a job.

Go and take off your make-up.

- He's scared of the dark.
- Nonsense.

He's all alone, like me.

I hope you've given up
this stupid idea.

A crèche?

Why not an orphanage?

What about me?

Your mother drives me nuts.

She loves Mathieu.

She enjoys looking after him.

She's not allowed here.

Come on,

we can't do that.

It's easy to do what she wants.

She's taking over.

I knew this would happen.



She's crazy.

She thinks Mathieu is hers.

She can't have him.

I don't know what's wrong.

Does he need changing?

I have changed him.

I'll do a bottle for him.

Has he calmed down?

I don't think I'm cut out
to be a mother.

I can't get organised
like she does.

The bitch knows it.

I'm always caught out.

I can't do it.

You took your time!

Give him to me.
He's tired.

Come on. Come on, Mathieu.

I'll pick him up tomorrow.

You can't cart him here every day.

He can stay until Saturday.

Stop it. No.

Stop it.
You're hurting me!

You're such a pain.

I'm not in the mood.

Can I talk to you?


It's hard living with someone
who doesn't say anything.

You don't think I'm fed up?

You realise what you're asking?

You want me to take Mathieu
away from her?

No. She's my mother.

That's the easy option.

What can we do?
She pays the rent.


We'll discuss it tomorrow.

No. We'll discuss it now.

That's decided. We'll separate.

I'm here to collect him.
I'll take his things.

What is all this?

I'll bring him back in a few days.

Out of the question!

I won't be pushed around.

You think I don't know
what you're doing?

You can come and see him here.

Have you seen how you live?

It's not his fault

if his mother comes and goes,

and didn't plan on having him.

Am I right?

How dare you!

Don't you touch me!

Let me go.

I knew you were mad.

You're not right in the head.

He's better off without you.

That's the truth.

How can you look after him,
with no money?

And don't come back.

Can I stay here tonight?


Yes. I'll introduce you
to my friend.



Alex, Agnès, a friend.

She's staying here tonight.


Want any?

You'll feel better if you eat.


I've lost confidence.

He's my son.
I have to get him back.

I don't think I can do it.

You should get some sleep.

We'll talk tomorrow.

You do drugs?

I'm cold.
Pass me my jumper.

I'm frozen. Feel.

Like ice cubes.

You're being paranoid.

They've spotted us.

You're crazy.
It's fine.

Send him to meet Agnès.

You're nuts.

Is that OK?

I don't care.

Say, if you don't want to do it.

Be careful.

Give him what he wants,
and take the money.

Excuse me, sir.

Can I see your ID?

- Any dangerous items?
- No.

No drugs?

Stand there, please.


- Are you Agnès?
- Yes.

Got a light?

Apparently you have something.


Meet me at Nation.
Wait for a few trains.

She sends me the letters.
And the baby clothes.


- You've checked the authenticity?
- Yes.

Nothing from the mother?

- No.
- The father?

Not a word.

Only you know where she is.

She's moved 10 times
since she left.

She hasn't told anyone.

What did you do
with the summonses?

Sent them
to the last address I had.

Can you give it to me?


The one at the bottom.

Nanterre County Court

Why go to court?

Why all this?

Why can't I look after Mathieu?



Of course you think it's normal.


"Be reasonable."

I've no reason
to be reasonable.

You've taken away all my reasons
for being reasonable.

That's right. Bye!

What's going on?

That was Jérôme.

His mother has started

They say I'm incapable
of looking after him,

as I'm too young,
and have no job or home.

The whole thing.

No re-entry

I hear you can get some snow.


I've got some here.

I haven't any money.
You'll have to come to my place.

That's a nuisance.

I'll be here tomorrow.

I need it now.

Come on.

It isn't far.

It's for someone
who really needs it.

Same again?

Give me 4 grams.

4 grams?
4 grams is a lot.

Watch out for the cops,
people you don't know.

Talk to us first.

Don't worry.
I'm not a kid.

Get off!
Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Get undressed.

Lean on the table.

Move back.

Spread your legs.



Cough harder.

Thank you.

Get dressed.

It's her.

Are you going?

Over here. Don't move.
Handcuff him.

Get off me!

Get off me!

Get off me!

I've got a temperature.

I've got a cold.

I'm suffocating.

They need to call a doctor.

The doctor won't do anything.

It's withdrawal.


On your own?

What are you doing here?

What's your name?


Your name isn't Sabine.
How old are you?

What about you?

How much?

I don't want to undress.

You have to.

Money first.

but I've been tricked before.


Come to my place.
I don't want to go home alone.

I feel dirty.
I need to wash.

You can have a bath.

- Not too tired?
- No. I'm OK.

Was work good?


Will you do it?

Don't you want to die?

No. Not me.

I want to see the end,

find out what there is there.

Shall I make something to eat?

No, I want to go out.

We'll eat out.

We'd better,

there isn't much in here.

Let's make ourselves lovely.

Isn't this great?

Have some calories.
You need them.

Don't worry about me.

Look at you!

If you say that,

I won't work tomorrow.

You smell nice.

- Like a baby.
- I used baby lotion.

You smell like my son.

I was thinking this afternoon.

We should stop this:

the street, the drugs...

We'll live together.

With my son.

Look at this.

Check out my boobs.

You should have children.

I know. You said that before.

What's that on your back?

On my back?

A red patch.

It's nothing.

Medical laboratory


I think about my son all the time,

I'm going mad.

How old is he now?


You haven't seen him
for 4 years?


Why not?

What can I offer?

What can I tell him?

That I'm ill?

Is your friend HIV positive too?


How are things between you?

Up and down.

Just like everyone else.

- Yes, maybe.
- No?

Why is it up and down?

Maybe it's the fear
you have to deal with,

every moment of the day.

Maybe it's because of the fear
that there's violence

and inconsistency,

and that we hurt ourselves.

Yesterday, I ran away,

and he was looking for me.

He called the police
and the hospital.

He was worried sick.

He's with me, but he isn't really.

And I'm elsewhere,

with my anger and my tears.

I talk about having AIDS
to people in the street,

who I don't know.


I'd like to tell him
it isn't too late,

he hasn't wasted his time.

I don't want him
to be tired of life,

people and me.


Lie down, please.

You'll need another appointment.

Why? Is is bad?

No. Don't worry.
Everything is fine.

Lie still.

I'm losing it now.

Oh, yes.

Shit. Pay attention.

My bag.

Are you OK?

- Are you hurt?
- I'm OK.

Don't worry.

The person who falls
isn't at fault.

It's the one who doesn't get up.

My father called me.

I wish he could come.

He comes at night.

I light matches in the dark,

like used cigarettes.

I've none left.

So I light cigarettes,

one after the other,

to keep hope alive.

How are you?

How are you feeling?



I'm surprised I'm not crying.

No more tears.

It's good to see things clearly.



Hello, Madam.

Hello, Mathieu.

- You know my name?
- Yes.

I know your name is Mathieu.



How are you?

Things could be better.

It's a bit late to be calling.

Aren't you going to ask
how the boy is?

That's why I'm calling.

You could have called before.

Or written.

Can I have a kiss?

Do you know who I am?

I've got some post for you.


He's in Chartres, with his wife.

When are you leaving?


I'll take the boy for today.

You can collect him tomorrow.


Show me your room?

Will you?

Can you draw?

Will you show me?

Your room is lovely.

Are all these toys yours?

Did you do these drawings?

You're very good.

We could go for a walk
this afternoon.

Then to a restaurant.



I've finished.

What's your name?


What are you looking at?


What do you want to eat?

It's nice here.

Have you been with Nicole?

Where have you been?

I was travelling.

And in hospital, too,

because I'm sick.

It's not serious.

Have you got soap in your eyes?

Keep them closed.

I'll rinse it off.
Stand up.


OK? Not too hot?

Put your head back.

Keep your eyes closed.

I'll close the curtain
or it'll go everywhere.

- Is your head spinning?
- No.

Into bed.

Hold on.
I'll dry your hair.

Are you cold?

Don't you like that?

What's that?

I fell off my bike.

- A while ago?
- No.

That must have hurt.


You must leave it alone.

It's time for bed,
or you'll be tired tomorrow.

Put your pyjamas on.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

I won't look. I promise.

My eyes are closed.
Put your arm in.

- What's that?
- To make you smell nice.

- Want one?
- Yes.

Your turn.

I'll turn the light out.

Sleep well.

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