Sabata the Killer (1970) - full transcript

Sabata and Mangosta are bank robbers, who after a bank job, through a series of events, end up teaming up with the bank clerk, Peter. They then go on the run with Peter's boss and a hired posse equipped with the latest technology in weapons on their trail. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Subtitles: TIGERHAM

You'd better put on that lamp too.

100,000. The bank at Daugherty never had
that much cash in its safe at any point.

- Don't worry about it.
- Good night.

- You and Ed stay inside.
- All right.

- Take it easy, Bill.
- Stafford.

Send two guards to the back
and put two on Main Street. Make it fast.

Close the door.

You enjoy sitting up there. I am like a piece
of crap in the road. Scrawny Alley Cat.

Speak right out I dare you.

Big noise sitting there, aren't you?

And I, Carrincha, I say the Holy Virgin
and all the saints, they know the truth,

that at the Battle of Richmond
in nine days I killed how many?

What's the difference? At least 20.

What do you want?
Don't you believe what I say?

I was a trumpeter in the 7th Regiment.

I could blow up an elephant
with the breath in my body. Aagh

But the regiment took my trumpet.
I don't know why.

Like my bottle of whiskey.

That Alley Cat up there think s they were right.
And all I have left...

...was my medal which I thought
was enough to buy me a bottle.

But they said it was no good. Ah

What are they good for, medals?

In war, they're all comparneros

Then, when they get home,
they aren't worth a damn.

You're a man who knows?

How are you?


Now watch

Seven again.

- Let's go.
- You know what to do. Hurry.


Get him outta here.


Stafford Sergeant
Where are you? Bill? Jones?

- Hey, Ed, can you see the others?
- No, not from here.

- Another seven.
- Seven.

Nichols, didn't you lose enough?

Forget it, Nichols. Don't bet that.

Make up your mind.

This isn't worth anything.


Now, that's a different thing.
I'll buy it if you throw her in too.

That's a good watch. I paid a lot for it.


Hey, what was that?

Sit down.

Sit down and eat.

Your dice are loaded.

Try those.

He told you to eat, didn't he?


- Don't you like music with your supper?
- Don't try it again.

I'm sorry.


It's your turn, stranger.

You show them, hey, boss?

- That's it.
- Seven.

- You won.
- Thank you.

He's a friend of mine. And he's generous, too.
No one can beat him to the draw with dice or with pistols.

One night, you couldn't see,
and he got 20 men in 1O seconds.


- There is nothing to laugh at.
- You talk big.

I'm telling the truth.
Maybe not 20, but at least 10.

- How could you count them?
- Alley Cat can see in the dark.


We did a good job for you, Ferguson.
The wagon's gone.

The bank. They killed 'em. Everybody.

The safe. They...

- They took it away.
- Get the doctor right away.

Calm down You can't get in here.

Now, stand back, everybody
it's impossible to the sherif gets here

- They did a thorough job.
- Professionals, for sure.

What did you expect them to take,
small change?

But where does that leave all of us?

Get back, all of you.

- What is it?
- They took the safe. Come in here.

I didn't hear a thing when it happened.

Come on, Jane. Let's take a walk.

You never give a damn about anything.
And I chose you out of the crowd.

Now, don't take it to heart.
I'm just passing through.

Quiet, quiet, quiet, please. I'll explain.

Mulligan, you go to the commander of the regiment...
and tell Col. Rafferty to come here to see me immediately.

All right. Look out. Let me through.

- We'll need volunteers.
- Harriman's already rounding them up.

- If they cross into Mexico, it's over.
- Sam, must you call the commander in?

- That safe had 100,000 dollars in it.
- It belongs to the army.

Hold it, hold it

Collins, you head for Los Palos.
You others ride with me to the border.

They cleaned out the bank, huh, Jane?

Yeah, that's right.

If I had the money,
I'd drink whiskey until I drowned in it.


Hey, you, on the wagon Turn back Turn back

There isn't a Winchester going
that can shoot half that distance.

"Virginian Brothers."

"The greatest acrobats in the world."

In St Louis, maybe.

We have combed the entire place, Colonel.

Not a trace.

I've nothing else but to notify General Perkins.

Colonel, let me keep looking for them
one more clay.


Somebody round here lose a safe?

They didn't act very friendly
when I told 'em to bring it back.

All in order, Colonel.

It was a real stroke of luck,
Colonel, getting the safe back.

- They're not from these parts.
- Hey. They're from St Louis.

Sir, you've got a reward coming to you.

Look after him. See about his money.

Here. You must be thirsty
after all that hard work, right?

The wagon, a two-ton safe, huh?

And seven men. A fine day's work.

First there were seven men, then seven bodies.
Seven, like on the dice.

Was loading them up any trouble?

I don't like to bury anyone but next time I'll lend
a hand. You keep firing and I'll load, OK?

Hey, compadre Carrincha isn't afraid of bodies.

I saw lots of soldiers die. What about that?

At Richmond the battle took nine days
and the army gave me a medal.

What good do these medals do anyone today?

- Life today is horse droppings.
- You already said that.

- Well, how much do you want?
- You tell me.

- 2,000?
- Mm-mm.

M m

All right. Sergeant Keller
will bring you the money.

You could have got more than that.

You had all their money, the whole 100,000.
And Mexico so near. You could be there.

You bargain like a woman,
end with a lousy 5,000 dollars,

selling yourself to the law.

It might be lousy, but it's legal.

If I, just imagine, I plan this robbery,
carry it out, get my money,

and you come along to stop me.

A knife like that would be better as a friend.
If it's friends you want...

Would you like to have two?


Hey, Alley Cat

Don't you like him?


How about that? All right, huh?

This way.

Sign here.

A new man who blows into town and
already has picked up 5,000 is interesting.

Number seven. It's the best in the house.
Next door to mine.

- You staying on long?
- Just passing through.

You never know.

You passing through too?



I don't hardly recognize you any more.

Because of the safe?
In my shoes, what would you have done?

Me? I'd have kept the money.

You were out of tempo.

Stengel, this time you made a mistake.

Trying to steal 100,000 dollars to buy land
that the railroad must purchase to come through,

all because of your greediness
and to satisfy your mania for grandeur.

You took this foolhardy step.

The risk was too great to take.

L... I'm dishonored by all this, of course,
and so is Ferguson.

Aren't you?
All I know is I'm leaving this town.

No, the Colonel won't drop this whole thing.

He'll investigate, of course,
and he'll start right at the top.

Just a minute, Judge O'Hara.

You are never leaving Daugherty.

Stengel Don't

All right.

That's better. You'll be here with the rest.

- Well...
- Oswald.

I want the Virginian Brothers
and their wagon taken care of.

- It didn't go so well, eh, Oswald?
- Bad business.

- Which is why I'm here.
- We did our part like we said.

Oh, yeah.

Don't worry. My boss always pays up.

- Oswald.
- Yeah?

- Gotta get rid of that wagon.
- I sent three men. They'll get rid of it.

What are you thinking so hard about?

A seesaw and an acrobat and you get
into the bank. The upper window.

You cash the army reward and get out.
Don't look for trouble.


Those acrobats took part in that robbery.

And then disappeared.


- Get away from that wagon.
- Who are you?

Could be your pallbearer.

- One of Stengel's men.
- That makes it clear.

Come in.

"All men gifted with superior talents

and thus with superior powers...

...must command and use inferior men."

- Well?
- It's all been done.

So the Virginian Brothers
and the men from St Louis are dead.

You're the only person
who knows about the robbery.

And are you safe?

I won't talk.

Four chances, Oswald.

Three to depart... to stay.

Hey, cut it out, Stengel.

You won't play? You want the alternative.

All right. You don't really think anyone like you
can put one over on me?

Oswald, I like living at the peak of excitement.

For life is only worthwhile when you can
face death without showing any fear.

In fact, I enjoy it.

180 meter? That's impossible.

Awise man keeps his distance.

Stengel, that acrobats' wagon
is positive evidence against you,

so if you'd like to have it,
it'll cost you 10,000 dollars.

Come here and you'll get them.

I'm coming.

Stengel Don't try any tricks.

You'll be shooting at the wind.

Don't shoot at ghosts, Stengel.

Don't shoot at the wind.

You shouldn't have done that, Stengel.

Now the price is 20,000.


Now where the devil did he go?

Oh, there he is.



You gave them a run for their money.

I haven't budged from here.

You'd better keep your horse tied up, then,

or else people might say:

"He's been up,
playing around with his fillies again."

Where are you going now?

To play around.

- Hey, Sabata, the Alley Cat.
- We'd better be off.

I got a feeling he needs us.

Ah, Alley Cat's done it again.

Ah, London, Paris...

I dream about them.

Ever since I was a kid.

And I still do.

A better life, and money.

That's all we need to get us out of here.

Eh, Banjo? If you'd gotten your hands on
that money, we'd be on our way to Europe now,

you and I together, always together, always.

- No!
- Banjo, what's the matter? Are you sick?

- No, it's nothing. I was dreaming.
- Yeah, dreams, dreams.

We're a great pair, you and me.

At least I've got something
to make money on.

You strumming away on that stupid banjo

The sun's up.

Where are you going?

- Banjo?
- See you.



Can't tell you like that.

How much is what you wanna tell me
gonna cost?

200 dollars.

I had a run-in in Denver. That's why I'm here.
I know everything that goes on in this town.

Stengel doesn't wanna pay that 20,000 dollars.

He doesn't? How would you know?

Women talk a lot when they're making love.

The fact is, not even Judge O'Hara
or Ferguson'll pay.

0h, yeah?

They figure your demands
are gonna go higher and higher.

Like everything that was in that safe, maybe.

What are you getting at?

I'm not getting at anything. It's your idea.

It's too risky, and you don't want a partnership.
You owe me 200 dollars.

Being around's useful.

If Stengel wanted to invite me to supper,
why didn't he come right out and say so?

You are here because that's what I wanted.

Stengel, sit down.

That 20,000 I wanted isn't enough.

I'd like to get hold of more money.

You won't like it. That's too bad.

But business is business.

- Now it's 30,000.
- 30,000 dollars?

- But you can buy all of Texas for that.
- Well, hardly.

But that does seem to be your intention.

Now, you're obviously interested
in buying land...

that'll soon be worth twice as much

Because sooner or later
the railroad will be passing over it.

So, shall we agree the price is settled?

It's not worth it, Stengel.

If I don't get out of here alive,
Colonel Rafferty will be informed of everything.

Take the 30,000 to Judge O'Hara.

You've got until eight o'clock in the morning.

Very generous.

I think so.

See? I told you not to worry about him.

I know this hombre. I said he'd be back.
Where's my money?

Soon there'll be enough cash for everyone.

- I gotta believe in you, right?
- You don't trust Sabata? What will he do?

Nothing. I'm waiting.

They won't pay, no

They won't pay, no

You'd better walk
or I may have to pay for your funeral.


The only man who could betray us was Oswald
and he's been eliminated.

No reason to fear anybody
that man has no prove against us.

You're wrong. He knows everything about us.

I know what I'm saying.
If he is a government official, then...

He's nothing.
He's a drifter who's after our money.

First 10,000, now 30,000.

It'll cost a lot less to get rid of him.
We need somebody from the outside.

I think I know somebody. Just the right boy.

Sharky Sharky, you filthy slob

You answer when your mother calls,


How long you gonna wait?

I'm expecting you to get the Mallorys.
You'd better shoot 'em.

They stole your woman,
and you don't do nothing about it.

This whole business must end
or they'll shoot us.

Well, what are you gonna do about it?

- It was you who sold her to the Mallorys.
- Who?

Ain't that something?
You wanna get me arrested?

Come on!

Hey, what is this?

I just have a little job for your son

- What'll you pay the boy?
- 1,000 bucks.

500 now and the rest...

...when the job is done.

What are you waiting for? Go on

And come back today...

...with the money

Word's gotten around
that you've been drinking a lot.

Alcohol can make your hands shaky.

See those twigs? Watch.

One would have been enough.

I must tell you, till you got here,
Daugherty was nice and quiet.

The devil rides with you. I alone don't say it.
Ask Padre Brown. Ask the Alley Cat here.

Hey, Sabata.

When I stop laughing, you're dead.

Like manure, eh?
Makes the grain grow taller, right?

- Just a minute, you.
- Sheriff, I was there.

- It was self-defense. I saw it.
- You stick around till I need you.

Hey, wait.

I wonder where he'll end up.
And where do you come in?

I'm on his side... for the moment.

I'm waiting.

I curse my mother who bore me, and my father
and my brother and my whole family.

How ab0ut...? I'll throw it in.

I won it at Richmond.
The Battle of the Seven Days.

- It's silver.
- Take it, Banjo.

Nothing. It isn't silver either, huh?

I'll play you for what you're going to make
from Sabata.

- All right. 10 dollars.
- 5,000.

Let's bet on Sabata's skin.

I want to see what he'll do.

Sit down, you lice breeder, you.

Who? Me?

Lice breeder, huh?

Pretty good, huh?

He got too close to one particular lice breeder.

Father Br0wn'll have it in for you too.

He already spends his time saying masses
for the dead and nobody pays.

- Self-defense, eh, Mr Ferguson?
- Yeah. I'll tell it to the sheriff.


I don't know what to do.
Sabata is not a good Christian.

Tell him I want to see him as soon as possible.

- Yes, Padre Brown.
- And now you too. What about you?

Honestly, Padre,
the whole thing is just an accident.

Hey, Alley Cat.


Can't you lie a little when it's needed?

Just nod "yes" instead of "no".

Blown by the winds, huh?

By the army.

Father Brown wants to see you.

Father Brown.

You wanted to see me?

Well, Father?

Look, my son, what you are doing
is not good for you. It's not just.

And it's not human.

If you had come to see me earlier, perhaps
we could have avoided all this bloodshed.

Life is a gift of the All Highest.

It's a sacred thing and must be respected.


Yes? I've got this cold. Yes?

I've caused you a lot of trouble lately.

So I'd like to leave an offering... for you.

Thank you.

Banjo, what are you do hg here?

Playing a requiem for Father Brown.

- He doesn't need you.
- You never know.

The ways of the Lord are infinite.


You're seeing ghosts now?

I'm sorry about your Father Brown.

A coughing fitjust killed him.

Well? 30,000.

Give us another day.

Certainly. For 60,000.

- How about it?
- It's a lot of money, but give it to him.

We need time to get it together.
We don't have that kind of money.

Make up your mind.

60,000... tomorrow.

N noon at Los Pam's.

Let's give it to him,
if he goes away, for good.

He'll never stop blackmailing us.
I was stupid not to find the right man.

What do you mean, Stengel?


He lives at the saloon. They call him Banjo.

We know what Sabat is up to here
in Daugherty, but what about you?

I'm waiting.

For what? For somebody to give you money
for playing that banjo?

- Not here. You'd have to kill them.
- It wouldn't be the first time.

What do you mean by that?

Banjo, there's five men waiting down there.
I think they want to play a little music with you.

Hey, up there, Banjo

I have to go, Jane.

I been up and down the country.
Then I heard you were in Texas.

There's no one around
who can put one over on us Claytons.

We're finishing up the job, Banjo.

It's sad to have to die so far away from home.


Right through the heart. He remembers.

- You knew him?
- Once. We played together.



I'll buy you a drink before
the sheriff gets here.

Banjo, thank the Lord.

Sure, sure.

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
I wanna talk to you.

I got a job for you.
If you accept it, this bag is yours.

It's not bad money.

It's the army reward that I got.

- What do you say? Are you going in?
- We're not partners yet.


What's this all about?

Tomorrow noon at Los Palos
there's going to be a delivery.

Shall we go?

We'll go.

I'll take it.

- Sun's high already.
- They'll come.

Is the merchandise precious?


Then we won't see it.

And you... what do you think?

There's somebody riding up

He's coming towards us.

He's dismounting.

He's here.

Out of the way, Carrincha.

We're just alike.

- I'm on the right side.
- Which side is that?

Not the side against the law.

And you find yourself up against Banjo.

I'm not Father Brown.

Carrincha. Leave your fleas alone.


Me in the south and you in the north.

We might both have died because of old age.

Instead our paths cross once again.

You wouldn't kill me for 5,000 dollars.

There's a lot more than 5,000 you're getting.
How much?

How much? Answer me.

You'd like to know

How much?

100,000, not 5,000.

Just what was in the safe.

You had 60,000 dollars in your hands.
And they frightened you.

They'd rather pay 100,000
to any man who'll kill you.

Go on. Why don't you kill me?

It was you said,
"The ways of the Lord are infinite."

And it's true.

Get going-

Hey, Amigo!

That's Sabata, and you lost, eh?

It'll be getting warmer here pretty soon.

More than in Mexico, I am sure of that.

Hey, the bag.

Wait. To Mexico, huh?

All right.

You'll never get him.
It'll take a lot more than that.

The money's still there. You can try again.

- This time I won't miss.
- Bring him in and it's yours.

Get him


- He's led us to a dead end. There's no way out.
- It's a trap.

Get back Get back Turn around

Save the rest of your dynamite.

Let's go.

Alley Cat will wait for us
at Agua Dulce.

Tequila, sounded like
it came from the supply room.

One away.

Take him outside.
Make him look like he's asleep on the job.

Now we haven't got much time.
Sooner or later they'll spot us.

Better look around.

Hey, Slim Haven't spotted our boys yet.

I'm sending someone to Agua Dulce
to wait for 'em.

Hey, Julio.

- Where'd your brother go?
- I am not his wet nurse.

Don't be funny. One of these days you'll laugh
on the other side of your greasy face.

Where's Tequila? Have you seen him?


Tequila. Sleeping, uh?

They've killed Tequila

Get everyone out They've killed Tequila

Hold it. Hold it, boys.
What do we do, Mr Stengel?

Straight ahead.

Get going.
Search the ranch from top to bottom.

I want the men who got Tequila

Stout, get to the other side

- Alley Cat.
- Are you crazy?

- He's my friend.
- Back there.

Rocky, take five men
and search the supply room right away

Get up there. Get on the trolley.


Somebody wants to keep me alive.

- Let's go.
- Like the Battle of Richmond.

A man for every shot.

Every other shot.

Viva General Sabata

Hey, that's good luck.

Give it to our friend.

Hey. There

Carrincha The gun. You follow.

Get to the rear of the balcony.

Alley Cat. Just a second.

If you wanna help Carrincha, pick up a gun.

Stengel, wait Let me in Please

Stengel, you're a coward.



You in there?

What's going on in there? Open up

I'll break the door down Let me in Hey

I picked one for you.

- You'll get your 60,000.
- Sabata Let me in

- It's in the bank.
- What's going on?

Stay out there

I'll give you the signal.


Before you die, you should know
that those men with superior talents

and consequently with superior powers

always have one last card to play.

You know, Stengel,
I wouldn't bet a dollar on that last card.

We made it, eh, hombre?


Hm. Like Los Palos. Now we're even.

- There's something I've gotta tell you.
- I know. The money's in the bank.

And it can only be paid by the judge.



All right. It's my hide for 60,000...
against yours for 20,000?

- Where would I get that kind of money?
- O'Hara'll put it up for you.

- He wants to keep his reputation.
- Sure. Sure.

Tomorrow at sunrise... at Daugherty.

A fair duel, Banjo.


Oh, hombre

This way, Sheriff.

Finally, his luck ran out.

So long, everybody. So long.

No, I'll take care of burying him.

I think he would have done the same for me.

Bury you? Yeah, he would have done that.

Here. Help me up with it, Banjo.

I'm sorry, but I did tell you, Jane,
I was just passing through.

Our arrangement was 50-50.

So now you'll have to settle for the army reward,
sharing it with Carrincha.

Go on, open it.

Work for 'em.

Hey, Amigo!

Who in hell are you?

Didn't I ever mention it?

Hey, wait. We're still partners.

Subtitles: TIGERHAM