Sabar Ini Ujian (2020) - full transcript

Sabar relives the same day and gets the opportunity to alter his ex-girlfriend's wedding ceremony over and over until he gets the girl of his dream. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


Are you still in bed?

Take a shower now
or you're going to be late for work.

Yes, Mom.

Bar, why can't you be exciting to have a job?
Stop taking it for granted.

You should find a nice girl for you too
and settle down with her.

If you don't make a change,
when are you going to get married?

I know, I know.

Let's see if I can find my soulmate.

You'll be an old man before you find one.
I'm worried about your sperm.

The older they get, the slower they swim.

It's too early, Mom.

Why are we talking about my sperm?

Because I know you too well.
Do you know how much I want grandchildren?

Your aunts and uncles already have theirs.

When will it be my turn?

Your father would be happy
to know you are married and have...

He's not my father.

Let's not talk about him, it's too early.

You shouldn't say that.

He's your father.

I have to go.
I need to take a shower and go to work.

Bye, Mom.

Hello, guys.
Today we're at Astrid's bridal shower!

Happy wedding!

So, Astrid, there's something I need to ask you.

What made you fall in love with Dimas?

He's so calm, cute, and will never leave me.

The last question but definitely not the least.

Tell me./ What?

Who is better? Dimas or Sabar?

Oh, my God!

No comment!

Of course Dimas!

Tell me. How many kids do you want?

It's up to Dimas as long as they're not twins.

Guys, come here! Gather here!

Geez, Bar.

It's almost 4 years already.
She's getting married tomorrow.

You should move on./ I have moved on, Bil.

Are you sure? So you'll come
to Astrid's wedding tomorrow?

Are you crazy?

How come suddenly you are controlling my life?

I am and have been for quite some time now.

In every wedding...

...there will always be
at least one person getting hurt.

It's the one that missed their opportunity
to marry the bride or groom.

And this time you are that person.

So just accept it, okay?

Thank you for the pep talk, Billy./
You're very welcome.

Your wisdom is so inspiring./ Bro...

While you're on a roll,
why don't you post it on your Instagram...

...and tag me, Astrid and Dimas too.

Just to spice things up./ Great idea.

Piss off! Are you happy now?

I just don't get you.

She has forgiven you, her family too.

But you're just too stubborn. Show some respect.

Look, she delivered the invitation
to you personally.


We could meet our old friends,
a small reunion perhaps?


Yes, Billy./ That's more like it.

Don't be late tomorrow. The ceremony is at 9 a.m.

I almost forgot...

I just want to tell you something.

Somebody just reuploaded
your epic failed wedding video again.

It's way better than the first one with full music and all.

There, I sent you the link.

Enjoy watching it.


It has over a million views already.

"Neneng not Nanang".

I'm really sorry.

You're sorry because you can't make me happy?

Yes, that's my fear.

You know I have an unreasonable fear
of not being able to make the person I love happy.

But you choose to ignore it
because you don't understand how I feel.

I don't understand?

...but I'm going to try to find the way.

No, it's not that.
I don't want to disappoint you.

But finding you here instead of
at your own wedding ceremony...

...has made me so disappointed in you./
Yes, that's what I want you to feel.

I want you to be disappointed in me right now.

Because I don't want you to regret it
once you know who I really am.

That I can't be a good husband.

And I can't be a good father for our future kids.



You always use your childhood trauma
as an excuse to avoid responsibilities.

Do you think the world will tolerate you
and forgive that attitude?

If you think so...

...then this time
I don't think I can forgive you.

Sir, Sir.../ What are you going to do? Huh?

Bill, show me how to report a video./ What?

Astrid, don't worry.

Billy said Sabar will come tomorrow.

Bro!/ Mommy!

Daddy, Mommy!

You scared me to death.

No, you scared me to death.
And scared yourself too in the process.

Because I've been watching you
staring at your phone.

Are you pooping?

Shopping online?

I hope you don't spend
too much money on shopping.

I won't.

It's just a girl problem.

You're buying her something?



My ex is getting married tomorrow.

You're buying stuff for your ex?
What for? You're just wasting money.

The more I talk to you, the dumber I get.

You should stay strong as a man.

Don't show that you're weak.

I don't. Do I look weak?

Mr. Sabar.

If your girlfriend married someone else... happened to me too.

It was worse, I think.

It was my fault.

I wasn't fast enough.

Before I knew it, she married another man.

I'm so scared.

I don't want to live my life... a virgin without children.

I still blame myself...

...for running away...

...on the day of our wedding.

How come we have the same story?

I know, right?

What should I do?

I'm not kidding, Bill.

I don't think I can go to her wedding.

Why not? You promised.

You should understand how I feel.

Show her that you've finally gotten over her.

She's going to marry Dimas, our friend too.

How nice for him. Marrying my ex
after coming back home from L.A.

I invested in her and he got the profit.

Praise the Almighty./
Bar, that's important for her. Not for you only.

May you find happiness for you and your family./
So Astrid can really move on.

Talk is cheap. My head is about to explode.
If I drag myself to her wedding tomorrow...

...I might have a breakdown.

Stay strong...

...and let bygones be bygones.

I have to call you back.

The connection is compromised.

Sabar (stay strong)./ Yes?

It's just a test.


I'm the one who should have married you.

Yo, Sabar!

Dude, you're blinding me!/
I need to tell you something.

Don't talk to me before you put on your clothes.

Okay, but it's your loss./
I'd rather not be blind.

Thanks, man!



Wake up, Bar. You don't want to be late.

Late for what?

Come on, Bar, don't be like that.

I didn't raise you to become a shallow person.

Do we really need to have a deep conversation
early in the morning?

I haven't even opened my eyes yet.

That's why you need to wake up,
take a shower and go.

Okay, okay, I'm up.

Later, Mom.

Bye, Sabar.


Yes, Bill?/ Where are you?

At Monas, going to hang myself./ No, you're not.

I drove by Monas this morning,
I didn't see you hanging from it.

Take a shower now and don't be late
for the wedding ceremony.

A man was found hanging in his apartment room.

Allegedly, he was heartbroken
after he found out his ex-girlfriend...

...was marrying another man. Next our team reports...

You don't like how I look?


Yo, Sabar!

Have you even moved from that chair
since last night?

Movement will happen when the time is right.

You're one of a kind.


Found the culprit.

Bill, I tried, I swear,
but I really can't come to the wedding.

My car is broken, it's the battery./ Book a ride.

Need to top up./ Pay cash.

No cash.

There's an ATM near your apartment./
It's still closed.

It's open 24 hours.



Please stop./ Don't mess the counter, please.

Hey, Panjul! Are you sleep walking?

Stay at home if you're still sleepy.

Are you Mr. Sabar?/ Yes.

Thank you for waiting patiently (sabar).
Please come in.

What time do you need me to pick up the kids?

You're going to another mall?

You're buying a present for Mom?

What are you giving her?

A guci (jars)? No, what if she breaks it?

What? With the double c's?
The pronounciation is gakhee!

That's an Italian brand.

Do you want to buy her a Gakhee or LP?
Or Die-or? They sell bags too.

Or let's not. I don't want mom to die early.

Or let's buy her a watch.

It's not Relax. It's Rolex!

My wife is from a small town.

Or why don't we buy her an apartment?

If you agree, I have time on Tuesday.

What? They raise the price on Monday?

I don't care if they raise the price
on Monday or Tuesday.

If we are buying it for Mom, it doesn't matter.

Tell them that we'll take one.
Ask them when the price will be the highest.

Okay, baby.

Hey, Sabar, Sabar, Sabar!

Finally, you're here!

Sabar is in the house!

Do you need to be that loud?

I know, you're embarrasing me.

Is it CLBK?/ What's that?

"Cinta Lama Belok ke Kawan!" (old love goes to a friend)

Right./ I got a good one.

Wow, is it CLBK?/ What's that?

"Cinta Lama Belum Kelar" (old love still burning)

I have another one./ Oh, that's a lot!

Wow, is it CLBK?/ What's that?

Ci Luk Ba!/ Where's the K?


Silly monkey! That's not how you play the game.

You ruined it.

It's Sabar's fault./ Why me?

Everybody else is wearing batik,
you're the only one wearing a suit.

Do you want to be the groom so bad?

I don't think that's funny.

It is. You look like a bus driver.

Or a guest attending a movie premiere./
Or a dead man in a western funeral.

Excuse me.

Why didn't you tell me?

I told everybody in the group chat.
We changed the dress code.

It's batik for the wedding ceremony,
and suit for the reception.

Did you even read the chat?

You should've informed with me personally.

That's why you should not put the chat on mute.

What should I do?/ You're going to be fine.

I'm going to embarrass myself.

Trust me.

If this was a soccer game,
they always have reserve players.

You've got the look.

So if Dimas get injured,
get ready to replace him!

Screw you. I'm leaving./ Please stay.


Good luck./ Thanks.

And thanks for coming.

Sorry, I'm a fool.

I'm supposed to wear the sweet for the reception.

I mean, the suit for the reception./ It's okay.

BS! / No, it's okay.

Your coming to our wedding means a lot to us.

Sabar is happy for Dimas./
And Dimas feels sorry for Sabar.

Can you show more respect to the groom?

You're pointing at Sabar.

Oh, was I pointing to the wrong person!

Don't listen to them./ I know, I know.

Anyway, I should go back inside.
The ceremony is about to begin.

Guys, wish me luck. I'm so nervous./ Good luck!

Bar, thanks again.

Good luck.

I like your batik./ Thanks.

Dim. You didn't give an envelope?

I'm the one who's getting married.
You should fill the envelope to the max.

He's the one who's getting married.

Let's go inside. I keep getting bullied.

His suit looks just like yours
on your wedding day.

I'm proud of you, making a long term investment.

Expecting no profit, let bygones be bygones.

Charity, alms, supporting an orphan, etc.

Thank goodness, the bride and groom are here.

Astrid is so pretty.

Naturally, all girls look extremely beautiful...

...once they've become an ex.

I hereby pronounce the wedding between
the groom Dimas Gunawan bin Haryono...

...and the bride Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment
paid in cash.

I thee wed Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Bell...

I mean, Alexander Graham Smith!

Sorry, can we start again? I'm very...

Just calm down./ Bar, get ready!

Maybe it's time for the reserve player
to enter the field.

Calm your mind and your heart, Dimas.

People will understand if the groom
gets nervous at his first wedding.

I felt the same at my first wedding.
I was so nervous.

Excuse me, Sir. Could you shake his hand again?

You can restart the ceremony.

I'm sorry, Sir./ Legit!

No, not yet. I'm about to marry them.

I hereby pronounce the wedding between
the groom Dimas Gunawan bin Haryono...

...and the bride Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment
paid in cash.

I thee wed Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment
paid in cash.

Is it legit now?


Legit, legit, legit!

Be strong, Sabar.

The groom apparently didn't need a stand in.

Your neck smells nice./ Did you sniff him?

I licked him.

It's almost over, Bar. Almost over.

She's so beautiful.

You said that earlier today.

Mark my words.

We're going to laugh about this moment
in the future.

In the future, not now. Stupid.

What's wrong with you?

Bar, I know...'re going to get a girl
far more beautiful than Astrid.

You can have cute twin babies
in both of your arms.

There you are.

Go back to work,
those plates are not going to stack themselves up.

I don't understand./ Is he your twin?

Sabar! Subur!

Let's go. They're waiting.

There you go.

Photo time!

Stand closer!

Hold on!

Who is she?/ That's Tiffany.

The famous celeb? She looks different in person.

Her face is not camera friendly.

Camera face.

I know. Camera face, friend.

People are still talking about her./
Talking about what?

Oh, the video about someone who looks like her?

No, the one about someone cheating on her.

No, it's about her boyfriend
marrying another girl.

Apparently her fiance cheated on her
with a magician.

A magician or a singer?

A singing magician?

What is she doing here?

She's Dimas friend
from when he was studying outside the country.

He studied outside?/ Yeah.

He didn't get a class room?

Do you think he studied outdoors?

He studied in the school of nature.

Yeah, he did.

Bathroom break.

Here you go./ Hey, Sher.


Does this mean you're moving on?

Wow, it's the topic of the day apparently.

Come on.

She was so happy when we told her that you're coming.

Who?/ Astrid.

I bet she was happy.

Very satisfied to see my heart torn in pieces.

It's nothing like that.

Seeing you here means
you have moved on with your life...

...and you have given her your blessings.

So there is no unfinished business between you both.

What unfinished business are you talking about?

Well, the one that no longer exists.

Right? Cheers!


Have you tried the lamb roast? It's delicious.

Do you want me to bring you a plate?/
No, I'm good.

Welcome to April Mart.

Is this all, Sir?/ Yup.

Broken arm?

Shattered arm, actually.

How bad is it compared with my shattered heart...

Please don't try to outdo me.
I'm the one going through problems.


Yo, Sabar!/ Fido, for God's sake!



Wake up, Bar. You don't want to be late.

Late for what?/ Bar, don't be like that.

I didn't raise you to become a shallow person.

Do you really need to repeat yesterday's lecture?

What yesterday's lecture?

Get up now, and don't be late
for Astrid's wedding ceremony.

What are you talking about?
The wedding was last night.

I know you haven't moved on.
But you should know better.

Now, get up, take a shower
and go to her wedding.

Bye, Sabar./ But, Mom...


She hung up.

Hello, Bill?

Get ready now and don't be late
for the wedding ceremony.

What wedding ceremony?/ Astrid and Dimas'.

Stop pretending to have insomnia./ It's amnesia, idiot.

See, you remember that. Now get going.

A man was found hanging in his apartment room.

Allegedly, he was heartbroken...

Why are you all so lazy to look for fresh news?

Next report...

Hello, Bill?

I think there's something wrong with today, Bill.

I think I'm having a deja vu. What is the date today?

It's April 11, 2020.

It's your ex's wedding day.

Your ex high school sweet heart
whom you should let go...

...and get over, okay?

I don't want to hear excuses,
I'm about to go now.


Yo, Sabar!

Is today Saturday or Sunday?

Man, that's a tough question.

What's the difference between the two?

Okay, nevermind.

Thanks, man!

Hey, please don't. Don't do that.

Please don't mess the counter.

Ma'am, please stop them from messing the counter.

Sir, can you watch your kids?

Hey, Panjul! Are you sleep walking?

Stay at home if you're still sleepy.

Are you buying these things, Ma'am?/ No, sorry.

Do you want Gakhee or LP?

I know, it's LV.

How about Die-or?

Excuse me, Sir? Are you looking for something?


What camera?

A video camera, of course.

The only camera in this car is at the back.

Hello, honey? Could you hold on?
My customer is acting weird.

Where's the camera?

It's the parking camera.
It's installed on the bumper?

Yes, baby. Sorry.

That's my wife.

Helo, Bill?

Goddamn you, talk to me!

It's my wife. Stop calling her Bill.

There he is.

Yo, Sabar, Sabar, Sabar!

Sabar is in the house!

You're embarrasing me.

Where are the cameras?/ What cameras?

Where did you put the cameras? Don't pretend to be innocent.

I know you're pranking me.

I know you're trying to cheer me up
because my ex is getting married.

It's a good prank, but bad timing, guys.

Is your head okay?/ What are you talking about?

Stop lying, Bill.
I can tell you're lying from miles away.

My face wash.

My car's cabin light.

The mini market, and the cab driver.

Who's the mastermind? You are the one, right?

Or you?/ What?

And this one, I'm sure. You better confess./
I don't know.

What is he talking about? I don't understand.

Maybe you want to CLBK./ What's CLBK?

"Cinta Lama Belok ke Kawan!" (old love goes to a friend)

Wow. Is it CLBK?/ What's that?

Old love Still Burning.

I know one more!/ You have so many!

Wow, is it CLBK?/ What's that?

Ci Luk Ba./ Where's the K?


Stop! He's right./ What?


How do you know that?/
I've heard that before. Really.

Wait, you prepared Ci Luk Ba Kekok, for CLBK jokes?

What's strong?/ What's "wrong".

Hey, Bar, Bill.

Bar, thank you so much for coming.

Good luck.

I'm very happy for you guys.

Sabar is happy for Dimas.
Dimas feels sorry for Sabar.

Show some respect to the groom.

I pointed to the wrong person!

Anyway, I should go back inside.
The ceremony is about to begin.

Bar, see you inside.

I like your batik./ Thanks.

Dim./ What?

Are you not giving an envelope?

I'm the one who's getting married.
You should fill the envelope to the max.

His suit looks just like yours did back then.

I know. It's a buy one-get one.

You're funny.

What is going on?

Let's go, Bar.

I hereby pronounce the wedding between
the groom Dimas Gunawan bin Haryono...

...and the bride Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment
paid in cash.

Dimas messes his line./ What did you say?

...Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Bell...

I mean... I'm sorry.

It's okay. Just relax.

It's almost over, Bar. Almost over.

I'm really hurt, Bill.

Not realizing that the person I love
is slowly slipping away from me.

But that's not the real problem.

I've gone through this before.

In the future,
we're going to laugh about this moment.

In the future, not now.

You're going to get a girl
far more beautiful than Astrid.

And then I would get twins.

Cute twins in both your arms.

By the way, does it hurt giving birth to twins?

Are you pregnant?/ Pregnant with puppies?

Is it true you're pregnant with puppies?

Tiffany./ Who's Tiffany?

She's Dimas' friend
from when he was studying outside the country.

He studied outside?/ Yeah.

He didn't get a class room?/ I have to leave.

I thought you're leaving with me./
No, I'm good. I can go home by myself.

Sorry, guys.

Is this real?

Do you think I'm scared?


Wake up, Bar. You don't want to be late.

Late for what?/ Bar, don't be like that.

I didn't raise you to become a shallow person.

Answer my question, Mom. Late for what?

Astrid's wedding?/ What else?

Hello, Bar?

What's wrong?

Can you hear me?

You won't believe what I'm about to tell you.

About what?/ I did all of this yesterday.

What do you mean?

I have lived this day already, Mom!

I already went to Astrid's wedding twice!

Yesterday.../ You're talking nonsense.

Take a shower and don't be late.

But, Mom.../ Don't embarrass our family.

A man was found hanging in his apartment room.


Bill, you have to believe me.
Listen to what I'm about to tell you.

I think I'm stuck in a time loop.

Make up a less crazy excuse, Bar.

I don't know how else to explain it to you.

You can use excuses like a futsal injury...

...catching the corona virus,
those are more believable.

Now go take a shower./ Bill, what is the date today?


Dropped phone.

Yo, Sabar!

Can I borrow your car?/ Your cabin light.

I know. It won't start this morning.
The battery is drained.

Just take my car!/ Where's the key?


It will last longer, man.

Where's the registration?/ What do you mean?

Come to think of it, can I borrow your car
to jump start mine instead?

Just take the battery, man!

Here he comes.

Yo, Sabar, Sabar, Sabar!

Finally, you're here.

Can you excuse me for a moment?
I need to talk to you, Bill.

One moment.

I need to talk to you, this is serious./
Now what?

You have to believe me./ Now what, Bar?

Please, just tell me you believe me.

Believe you about what?

This is the weirdest,
strangest thing that I've experienced.

But it's been 3 days
that I'm stuck in a time loop.

Come again?/ Are you confused?

Uh-huh./ Me too!

I don't know how to explain it to you.

The point is I keep waking up
on the same day April 11, 2020.

The wedding day of Astrid
with another man instead of me.

Bar, I know you still love her so much. But...

That's not my point. / Then what else?

I don't know what happened to me.

Okay, so prove it to me
that you're stuck in a time loop.

You don't believe, do you?/ Sure, man.

I'm going to prove it to you./ Go ahead.

What? Yeah, what?/ What? Yeah, what?

You need to prove it to me./
How do I prove it to you?

What's the color of the underwear I am wearing today?

Do you think I'm some kind of a psycho
with underwear fetish?

Bill, this is the first time I'm telling you
what I experienced.

And this is my first experience.
You said you believe me.

Now, take a good look at my underwear./ What?

Tomorrow, you can tell me the color.

Zip up your pants
or I swear I'm going to smack you.

Tell me tomorrow what color my underwear is.

Take it or leave it.

How could you do this to me?

I'm just sharing it with you.
Do you want to see it or not?

Let me introduce you to each other. Say hi.

Hi!/ Are you crazy?

I think it's cute./ You scared me!

Hello?/ Wake up, Bar. You don't want to be late.

Okay, Mom.

Prove it to me that you're stuck in a time loop.

You don't wear underwear.

What inspired you to not wear them?
Are you a toddler?

I like the feel of fresh air between my legs.

How about Aldi?/ Okay.

Drop your pants!/ Why me?

Drop them!/ You too! Drop your pants!

Everybody, drop your pants!

Oh, my goodness./ Don't do it purposely.

I'll regret this day for the rest of my life.

Drop your pants!/ No, please.

Drop them!/ Just looking, nothing else?


Hello?/ Wake up, Bar.

Okay, okay.

Prove it that you're stuck in a time loop.

Okay. You're not wearing underwear.

Why? It's refreshing.

Aldi wears blue underwear.

And Yoga...


Army pattern.

Okay, how much money do I have in my wallet?

Here, take it. Count the money.

Why are you throwing away my money?


Money, it's raining money!

What are you doing here?/ Are there more in there?

You keep this photo with you all the time?


How much money do I have in my wallet?

352.000 rupiah, USD 200,
your car registration, your ID...

...your driving license, and our pic from 5th grade.

It was taken in front of the school by my mother.

Okay, so you're experiencing a time loop?

Every day, Bill./ Okay, so what's your point?

I think there's something wrong with today...

...and I need to do something to correct the day.

But how?

By not letting the wedding happen.

Listen to me first.

Astrid can't marry Dimas.

Do you know who is supposed to marry her?


If you think that's the answer,
it's all in your fantasy.

It's not just a fantasy!

It's CLBK time./ Huh?

Just wait.

Is this CLBK!

Old love back to being friends!

I got one too. Wow, it's CLBK!

Old love.../ Still burning.

Do you believe me now?

Are you playing a prank on me?

You are! I love how well you planned it.

I hereby pronounce the wedding between
the groom Dimas Gunawan bin Haryono...

...and the bride Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment
paid in cash.

I thee wed, Astrid binti Smith...

Stop! Stop the ceremony, Mr. Penghulu.

Bar, Bar...

Sorry, sorry.

What is he doing?

I'm sorry but I have to take over
the ceremony for some time.

There's something very important
that I need to say.

My name is Sabar and I'm here to...

Bar, sit down./ You sit down and be quiet.


Bar, what are you doing?

I'm doing something I should've done
a long time ago.

Don't panic. Just relax.
Just listen to what I'm about to say.

My name is Sabar...

...and I'm her legitimate ex-boyfriend!

Legit? Legit? Legit!

No, it's not! Sir, this is ridiculous.

My name is Sabar.

I'm Astrid's ex-boyfriend and I haven't moved on.

Are you kidding me?

What? You have a problem with that?

My mission here is...

That dude is huge!/ You're not tiny either.

My mission here is...

Poor dude.

My mission here is...

My mission here is...

That dude is huge!/ You're not tiny either.

My mission here is...

Been there, done that.

Sorry, sorry.


He's a giant, help me.

Hey, watch it!

Let me talk, guys.

So my mission here is... apologize...

...for everything I've done to Astrid a long time ago.

I took for granted
the most important person in my life.

Astrid is right.

I am a coward.

I'd like to apologize... Astrid and her family...

...for disappointing all of you.

I also would like to apologize
to a friend of mine.


Forgive me, Dim.

I will never and have never been okay
to see you marry Astrid.

And in front of everyone here...

...I'm trying to be honest...

...and I don't want to lie to myself any longer.


...still love her so much.

I still love you very much, Cid.



...marry me instead.

Why can't you just let me be happy?

I wouldn't be happy if I was married to you.

Please let me go.

I just want to be happy.
And I am happy with Dimas.

And if you hate to see me happy...'d better leave.

Forgive me.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Stay there.

Are you okay?

Stay strong, this is just a test.

I never thought that Sabar
could do something that desperate.

That was awesome, man. That takes courage.

Peace be upon you./ Peace be upon you too.

Who ordered this cup of coffee?

I made the black coffee for him.

Me?/ Yes.

Thanks./ She's a fan.

You're famous now.

You should stay here...

...while assessing
how much damage you've caused.

I agree.

May I help you, Miss?

I'm so sad...

...because it's the strongest coffee
I have ever made.

But I think it's not strong enough./ Why?

It's not as bitter as your girlfriend
marrying another man.

Did you watch the video?

I did. I was there too.

I still remember every moment,
especially the part...


You always use your childhood trauma
as an excuse to avoid responsibilities.

This time I will not forgive you.

And then I added music to the video,
I uploaded it to the internet...

...and shared it with the world.

You're the Neneng bukan Nanang?

I am. My name is Neneng, not Nanang.

Sabar! She slapped me, let me...

Peace be upon you./ Peace be upon you too.

No, don't do that./ But my face hurts.

Now what?

Don't hit a girl.

You're acting like a psycho, like Dimas' ex.

Dimas' ex is a man?

Idiot! Of course it's a girl!

He dated her not long before he left for L.A.

You mean L.A.?/ Same thing.

Why do you think Dimas went to L.I.?

L.A./ I know, it's L.A. Or is it L.I.?

It was because his ex was scary when she was mad at him.

I think Dimas broke up with her,
but the girl didn't take it too well.

She is still stalking him.

Here's her photo.

Look carefully.


Please come here.

Don't stare at her pic too long,
or you'll become narcissistic.

Get attracted to her, you mean?

Hello?/ Wake up, Bar. You don't want to be late.

Yes, Ma'am.

Hey, Bill./ Where are you?

I'm already in Sudirman.

Okay, great./ Okay, Bill.


Yo, Sabar, Sabar, Sabar!

Sabar is in the house!

Is this CLBK?

Of course. Let's make this exciting!

Let's go. You don't want
to be late for the ceremony.

Let's go.

I hereby pronounce the wedding between
the groom Dimas Gunawan bin Haryono...

...and the bride Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

What's wrong?

I thee wed, Astrid Putri Smith...

I object!

The wedding should be cancelled.


You should cancel the wedding
because I'm still engaged to him.

What are you doing here?

Are you serious? Don't embarrass me
in front of people.

Miss, please leave.../ Stay out of this.

Is she your ex?

Seriously, I don't know what she is doing here.

Is she your ex?/ Yes, I am.

I'm his ex and now I'm with his child.

No way./ Be careful with your words.

It's impossible.

You can't just accuse him
of doing something he didn't do.

I have proof.

I haven't seen her for a long time./
This is crazy.

How can you be pregnant, anyway?

Have you forgotten? Two months ago on February 5th.

You went to a bar stop,
and you had drinks with your friends.

I was there too.

Who do you think drove
your drunk ass home if not me?

That's impossible./
This woman is getting on my nerves.

Poor Astrid./ Stay cool, Sabar.

You said that you still love me./ It's not funny.

And we did it./ That's impossible.

How can you forget that moment?/
I don't know what you're talking about.


Is that you, Dim?

Yes, it is.

I just want you to take responsibility
for me and your unborn child.

I drank a few shots, but I wasn't drunk.
Please trust me.

Woman to woman, if you were in my position...'d do the same.

Stop it, Na./ Why?

I didn't do all the things that you said I did.
Could you just shut up?

Astrid, you have to...


Hey.../ Astrid...

Hey, where are you going?/ I'm going to run after my future.

Be strong, this is just a test.


Mom, please calm down.


What are you doing here?

I just want to be left alone.

Apparently you're not the only one.

I need time alone too.

And by the way this has always been
my spot to be alone.

If you still need to cry,
let it all go, I don't mind.

I can stay here with you.

Yeah, I'm prepared.

I know you so well.

I'm so disappointed in him.

I never thought he could do this to me.

I thought he was the one for me.

God moves in mysterious ways.

The way He chooses to show
how much He loves us is just...


I believe...

...this is just His way
of showing the real Dimas to you.


Because He loves you very much.

He wants you to know that before you marry him.

You will eventually see clearly...

...who loves you unconditionally...

...and who really cares about you.

I just want you to know that...

You want me to know what?

I'm calling a delivery service. I'm hungry.

I'm ordering some food.

But you need an app to order.

No wonder the call couldn't get through.

And my phone is upside down.

Nothing much has changed.

Oh, there are some changes.



Sorry, sorry. Here take a tissue.

Do you need to spit the food on me?/
I know, sorry.

Will you forgive me, Cid?

I already have, Bar.

If I hadn't...

...I wouldn't have invited you to my wedding.

Wedding? What wedding?

But if I could turn back time...

...I think we would have already had kids by now. Twins.

I don't understand your obsession
with having twin babies.

Why not?

My belly would be so big, Bar,
and it would be too difficult for me to move around.

But you have Sabar.

I would carry you around everywhere.

Yeah, a real gentleman.

I remember when I asked you to move a table...

...and you couldn't stop complaining.

It was a marble top table, super heavy.

Do you remember when I asked you
to push my broken car and you refused?

A car! You asked me to push a car!
Women are not built for that.

I just can't win any arguments
with you, right? You're the worst.

It's not going to happen./ Just wait and see.

What?/ What?

Sorry, Cid.

I thought you knew how I feel.

Too soon, ladies and gentlemen.

Hello./ Wake up, Bar.

Please, Trid.

I asked you to move a table
and you couldn't stop complaining.

It was then.

I've changed now.

I still love you so much.

If you give me one more chance...

...I will do everything right this time.

I want to start over.

I... I...

I need time.


...I understand.

But please don't be sad.

It breaks my heart everytime I see you sad.

Atta girl. Let me see your smile again.

Atta girl.

Atta boy./ Atta girl.

Atta boy.


Your name really matches your character.

Here we go again. Okay!


Are you sure you're ready to meet them?

I have to clear things up
before I can move on with my life.

Are you sure you don't need me in there?

Yeah, I can do it alone.

If anything goes wrong, call me.
I'll be waiting for you here.



Thank you so much.
I don't know how to repay you.

Do you want me to transfer some money to you or what?

Transfer me some money? I don't need that.

Seeing Dimas face and his parents' faces
turn white has made my day.

Let them suffer.

All right, all right.

Once again, thank you.


Calm down.

Let him explain himself
before you accuse him of lying to you.

Calm down.

Mom, when Ratna said
I met her at the bar, we did meet...

Bar, why are you still here?


How is she?

She's heartbroken.

They cancelled the wedding, right?

You think? It's chaos in there.

Calm down, Madam.


Do you want to go?

I was so surprised when that woman
confronted that bastard about what he did to her.

But are you sure they cancelled the wedding?

You do realize that this is a disaster for them?

I know, Bill.

But behind every great disaster...

...there's somehow a silver lining.

Well? Are you okay?

Bar, I need a place to rest.

Let's go to my place. Instead of a hotel, right?

It's fixed, a hotel room.

My apartment.

Be strong, it's just a test.

Yo, good night, Sabar!

Sweet dreams, Fido!

Shit, man!

Are you sure it's okay if I sleep in your room?

Quit the chit-chat.

This isn't your first time here.


Your room is a mess.

When was the last time you changed your sheets?

What is that smell? The smell of sweat.

Sorry, sorry.

Why, Bar?

Maybe this is not the right time.

But I really want you to wear this again.

Will you marry me?

I can't tell you how our lives
would be in the future.

But I promise you...

...I will always try to make you happy.

And I promise...

...I will never hide from you again.

You don't need to answer now.

Take your time...

...30 minutes enough?

Or an hour?

But I just want you to wear this first.

Because it belongs on your finger.

Your phone is ringing.

Maybe it's an important call?

Do you want me to answer it?

Now what, Bill?

You do realize that we're just friends,
and nothing more?

You don't need to check up
on me all the time.

Just tell me you haven't taken advantage
of her vulnerability.

Why would I do such a thing to her?
Do you think I'm that evil?

She's still in shock. She's vulnerable.

Don't you dare take advantage of her vulnerability.

How dare you think that about me, Bill.

This is her moment of clarity.

If she finds more skeletons in the closet
involving her ex and that woman...

...wouldn't you feel sorry for her?

Her ex?

Dimas, obviously.

But I thought you were her ex this morning.

That's fate, man.

Somehow I find the story hard to believe.

You're making it hard for yourself.

I just want you to be happy for me.

I'm very happy for you, if you really are happy.

I just don't want you to take a wrong step.

Here we go again./ I care about you.

I care about Astrid too. And I...

All right, let's talk again tomorrow.
I'll explain everything.

Everything happens for a reason.
You have to remember that.

Everything happens for a reason./ Smart boy.

Now good night, okay?


Yes, Mom?/
Wake up, Bar. You don't want to be late.

What day is it?/ It's Saturday.

Now, get off your bed
and don't be late for Astrid's wedding.




Bar?/ Yes, Cit?

Hey, Bar, you're coming
to my wedding today, right?

The invitation said 9 o'clock,
but the ceremony will start at 9.30 a.m.

I hope you can come.

Okay, Cit.

See ya.

Thank you.

Maybe it's a late response,
but I think I need to move on.

It hurts but if we are not meant to be,
what can I say? I have to let her go.

I said that to you so many times yesterday.

You're old./ I'm an adult.

I hereby pronounce the wedding between
the groom Dimas Gunawan bin Haryono...

...and the bride Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment paid in cash.

I thee wed, Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment paid in cash.

Sah?/ Sah!

Thank God.

I salute you, Bar.

I'm learning, Sher.

Learning to understand the meaning of the words
"to be happy for someone...

...who doesn't belong to you."
Is that the correct phrase?

About letting someone go?/
Yes, letting someone go..

Cheers./ Cheers.


Dimas looks so handsome in his suit.

You do too.

My suit?

Not the person in it?


Wake up, Bar. You don't want to be late.

Yes, Mom.

Where are you?

In hell.

Yo, Sabar!

Yo, Fido!

I want to know what it's like
to live your life for once.

Cool./ Can I ask you something?


If one day you are stuck in a time loop... the same day over and over again.

Is it happening to you?
What have you done so far?

Not her match.
I already have my marriage certificate.

That's insane! We have to celebrate it!

And then? What else did you do?


I took vacations to the beach.


How many times?

24 times. I got bored eventually.

Where else?

Komodo Island.

Raja Ampat.


Rote Island.

Nias. Bunaken.

I've been to most of the cool places in the country.

That's cool./ It is.

But you're the only one
who I can have a nice conversation with.

Cheers, Man. Then what else?

I became a street musician.

I became a police officer who was lucky... catch a criminal running past me.

But eventually, I became a crazy person.

Have you tried suicide?/ I did.

How many times?/ 18 times.

Shit, man!


That's awesome! Cheers, man!

Love you, man./ Love you too, baby.

How long have you been watching the fish?

That's a tough question.

Yo, Billy!

Yo, Billy!

Where have you been? You didn't answer the phone.

But I took your call dozens of times.

That's it?

That's it?

That's it.

That's it, Bill.

He's coming back.

I just want to remind you
what your mother always said to me... be a man of his word.

You promised me, Bar.

Who are you really?

Why are you so obsessed with my life?
Are you a fan?

I made a promise...

...and I never break my promise, unlike you.

What did I promise to you?/ Yeah, you promised.

First one, you always said
you're coming to Astrid's wedding.

That's a promise.

Second, you said you will call me back last night./
Call you back?

Last night you said you would call back,
then you made excuses about not having signal etc.

Hold on.

Was it last night?/ Yeah.

I think it was last night.

Last night when I called you
from the office parking lot...

...there was a homeless man praying for me.

That's the dude./ Are you sure?

One hundred percent./ Sure about what?

Just saying.

That's the man who put a curse on me./
What curse are you talking about?

You have to help me, Bill./
What are we talking about?

Just help me, will you? Trust me on this.

Trust us./ Trust what?

Just trust me.

Are you stuck?/ Yes, very.

Nice, huh?/ Nice, yeah.

You drive./ Okay.

Oy, whose car?

Yours, obviously!

Why not yours?/ But you said you trust me.

Show us the footage
from yesterday, April 10.

Keep it rolling, keep it rolling, stop!

He's the guy. Let me take a picture of him.


I knew it. He's the culprit.
He's the guy who cursed me.

He has made me stuck in a time loop every damn day.

Okay, if I believe what you said,
what do you want me to do?

Help me find the man
and ask him to undo his curse.

You're crazy./ Why?

I mean, if we are being crazy?
Then let's be crazy together.

Let's go find the homeless man./
Do you really believe me?

Should I or should I not believe you?

Bill, this is the moment I've been waiting for.

Why did you kiss him too?/ You pointed at him.

I mean, it's embarrassing
in front of a stranger! Let's go.

Thanks, Sir.

Have you seen this man?

No, sorry.

What are we doing here? Are you looking
for the homeless man in there?

Is this an expensive restaurant?

It will costs me half of my salary
for one meal in this restaurant.


The thing is, Bill, that man drove me his online cab once.

He was the driver./ You mean Ilham?

Is he your friend?/ No, that's Ilham Wijaya.

Who is he?/ He's some kind of a celeb.

He's a driver,
but he has another successful business.

He and his wife sell spicy chips.

They export their brand all over the world.

Are you serious?/ Yeah.

Everytime he's asked about
how he became so filthy rich...

...he always gives the same answer.

If you want to be rich,
give as much money as you can to your mother.

Yes. Look at his mother, so Happy./ But is it all about money?

Peace be upon you./ Peace be upon you too.

Is this Madam Mariam's house?

Why didn't you tell me you're coming?

Do I have to make an appointment
to meet my own mother?

Usually you call before coming over.

Well, I'm here./ I miss you so much.

Why didn't you tell me when you reached?

Look who drove me here. That's Billy.

Thanks, Bill!

What are you doing?/
Baking cakes as usual, for customers.

Come in.

Why aren't you at Astrid's wedding?

I've done that many times.

Ow, you think it’s funny now?

What's wrong? You can tell me.


Are you happy?


...happiness comes from here and here.

We create and decide our own happiness.

And of course, I am always grateful.

I thank God I have you.

I thank God I have my health.

And I thank God I never run out of customers.

Are you happy...

...with what I've done for you until now?

Now this conversation escalated quickly.

Why is it so hard for you to give me the answer?

You woke me up every morning
with tough questions too.

As long as you're happy...

...I feel happy for you.

The real question is, are you happy?

I don't know.

My life's stuck, Mom.

I'm trapped in the same day
and the same situation repeating all the time.

It just keeps looping.

And I don't know... to change that.

I don't know how to improve the situation.

You will find happiness only
if you are grateful to God.

Have you ever thanked God
for having me, and Billy, your friends?

Sherly, Aldi, and whoever else your friends are.

Of course I thank God for that.

How else do you want me to be grateful?

Do you know what they like and what they hate?

I talk with Billy more often than I talk with you.

He considers himself as your brother.

After you defended him when he was bullied
by other students from your school...

...when you were little, remember?

Do you know that Sherly has a crush on you?

Since you were in high school.

Really?/ You didn't know, did you?

That means you don't appreciate
your friendship enough.

You don't really care about them.

I care about them, but what about them?

Do they really care about me?

Bar, not everything is about you.

The world doesn't revolve around you.

So in other words, I'm being selfish?

Selfish is not the character of a person.

That's just a phase...

...the level of awareness.

You have to go through the phase
in order to enter the next level.

Enter the next level?

But how?

By appreciating everything you have
and your willingness to let go.

How much do you expect me to let go?

Letting Astrid marry Dimas is...

Being sincere is not necessarily letting go
of something or someone...

...that you can’t have.

But it might be something
that you're not willing to give.

I don't understand.

For example...



You mean dad?

Are you going to drag dad again
into this conversation?

Just stop talking about him.

Let's not bring up his name again.

You said you're happy you have me
and everything.

Just forget about him.

He doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

Sabar, as long as you still
can't forgive your father... can't say to me
that you have moved on.

Why do you think you missed
your own wedding with Astrid?

Because you're afraid... become like your father. Am I right?

If you keep feeding your fear, the more...

He's a coward.

He left us behind...

...he didn't think about us.

Have you forgotten why he left us?

He left us for another woman.

And now you still want to defend.../ I know.

I know exactly what he did to us.

But that doesn't mean I can't forgive him.

It's hard...

...but it's not impossible.



Wake up, Bar.

You don't want to be late.

I know, Mom.

All right. I...

Mom, do you have any plans today?

Well, that's new.

It's time to turn the table.

Now's the time for me to terrorize you.

I have a Quran study this morning...

...and a union meeting this afternoon,
maybe until late afternoon.

And baking cakes for another order at night.

Your day is already full.

I was thinking of kidnapping you
to go with me to Astrid's wedding.

I've told you days ago
that I can't come to her wedding...

...and I spoke to her in person too.

You're not fun.
Don't you feel sorry for your son?

It's like having a solo career all the time.

I hope you find your duet partner at the wedding.

I want to have grandkids
from you as soon as possible.

Okay?/ Amen.

I have to go, Mom. Billy is on the other line.

Okay./ Bye, Mom.

Bye, Sabar.

Yes, Bill?/ Where are you?

On the way, to the bathroom.

Don't be late to the wedding ceremony./ Okay.

Do you have Accu-Battery...

...for a 2000cc European car?

You almost dropped your phone.

Thank you!

Where's the employee?

Excuse me.

Please watch your kid, Sir.

Excuse me, Sir.

Here he comes.

That's enough.

I miss you all so much.

Shall we go inside?/ Let's go.

Before the groom comes here./ What?

And the bride Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment paid in cash.

I thee wed, Astrid Putri Smith
binti Alexander Graham Smith...

...with a dowry worth a set of prayer equipment paid in cash.

Sah?/ Sah!

Thank goodness.

Wait for me!

Sorry, sorry.

Almost dropped the phone, but you did drop it!


Come. Billy, come with me.

Me too!

You want to join them?

Dim, Cit, I have to leave...

...and once again congratulations.

I'm happy for both of you.

Thank you, Bar.

I will take care of Astrid.

Alright. Bye.

Thank you, Bar./ Just a moment.

Where are you going?/ Just a moment!


Where are you going?/ Looking for fresh air.

I'll come again for the reception tonight.

I said where are you going?

I can't fool you, can I?

I'm going... my dad's.

Your dad's?

Are you sure?

Thank God.

Good luck!/ For what?

I don't know.


Come on in.

How's work?/ Fine.

It's been a while since the last time
I went to work.



...why, Dad?

That's the question I still don't have the answer to.

Why did you leave us?

She asked you to drink the tea...

...and to let you know the sugar is in the bowl.

It was all a misunderstanding.

I protected her from the angry mob.

She was raped by some thugs at the market...

...and her pregnant belly had started to show.

She hid herself in my store
and people thought she was a prostitute.

And to protect her from the mob,
I said she was my mistress.

It was my mistake...

...I delayed telling your mother about it.

Until she found out about it from somebody else.

When she found out...

...she got so furious.

She told me to stay away from her and you...

...and asked me to divorce her immediately.

I need forgiveness from both of you.

Especially from you.

Can I go out to play, father?

Go ahead.

That's Syukur.

He was born 7 years ago.

They're taking care of me now.


Please forgive me.

Yo, Sabar, Sabar, Sabar!

You're embarrasing me.

You should eat more food.

A broken hearted man is prone to get ulcers.

I thought they're prone to get uric acid?/
What are you talking about?

You guys are so funny./
Try the lamb roast over there, it's excellent.

Okay, we will try it.

But I need to go to the bathroom first.
I can't hold it any longer.

I'll be right back./ Let's go find food.

Wait, isn't lamb roast bad for your blood sugar?

More likely it's bad for you
if you have a dengue fever.

Let's go find food.

Don't forget to flush.

Take it easy, boy. I'm not a demon!

But you look just like the woman
in the movie ju...

Just forget about it.

What are you doing here?

I thought it was a good idea
to attend my friend's wedding.

But I ended up in another bathub again.

And crying.

I'm a woman, tears are our good friends.

Not really.

Sometimes some people are just crybabies.

Do you think you have the right to judge me?

I call it the way I see it.

It's not uncommon for women misuse their tears...

...sometimes as their weapon of choice
to get what they want.

But more often they use them as a hiding place.

The place to hide away from their problems.

So now you think you know more
about my problems than me?

Or maybe your problem is bigger than mine?

Are we going to compare our baggage?/ Bring it on.

You first.

Tell me what your biggest problem is.

People never treat me like a human being.

They think I am just another clown
worth only to complement their selfies.

My fiance of 7 years cheated on me
and married another woman.

My other problem is my body clock.

I'm in my mid 30s, closer to my 40s...

...and the pregnancy risk is doubled.

If I don't get married
and have children sometime soon... life is done.

That jerk!

He planned to sabotage my life.

And those are my problems.
Are your problems biggger than mine?

Not really.

I mean, you win, I lose.

I thought my biggest problem
is getting through today.

I had to go to my ex's wedding,
whom by the way I still love so much...

...and she's marrying our friend.
How crazy is that?

You're Astrid's ex in that viral video?

Oh, my God! That was epic, bro.

Please, I don't think everybody watched the video.

My life is a failure.

An epic video about a failed wedding.
And talk about the background music...

You watched that version?!/ Dozens of times!

How long have you been together with Astrid?

We were engaged for around 3 years./
I beat you easily.

But we had been dating since high school.

Shit!/ Why?

That was way longer than my relationship./
You think?

Anyway, there's no guarantee
that if you dated someone long enough...

...or were engaged to someone
long enough that you would marry the person.

I agree./ I know, right?

From now on, it's better if we meet someone new
and get married straight away.

Perfect. I agree again./ I know, right?

You're a problem solver!/ Of course.

I still have a few more problems
that need to be solved.

Can you help me, please?

Are you sure you want my advice?


Do you believe me if I tell you
that this will end all of your problems.

Marry me.

I can provide for us, you don't have to work.

And I will get you pregnant.

Marry you?/ Yes.

If that will end all your problems
and make you happy, I will marry you.

Isn't that cool?

It's the resolution of the day!

No, this is bigger than that.
This is the ultimate resolution of my life.

Tiffay-nay? No?
Typhen-ny? What's your name again?

It's Tiffany./ Tiffany.

Will you marry me?

I will provide for us, I will love you...

...and I will make you happy
for the rest of my life.

What the...

Hello, okay, listen.

I can buy any diamond ring of this size. I can afford it.

Hello, why can't you just be grateful
for what you've got?

Do you realize that I'm the answer
to all your prayers?

You said, let's just marry someone we just met.

You don't need to waste 7 more years
in a meaningless engagement.

Here I am. The answer to all your prayers.


It fits perfectly on your finger.

That's not important.

So are you saying that we're getting married?


There isn't any girl you like or.../
A girl who likes me? What do you mean?

I mean a girl who deserves
this ring more than me.

A girl who like me?

Maybe I know someone.

But, let's just say...

At this moment... I mean today...

...the only person who deserves
this ring is you.

Where are you going?

Sorry, I just remembered
that I need to ask someone about something.

Okay./ Bye.

I don't know your name./ Sabar.

Be patient? Okay, so you're telling me
to be patient...

...for just asking what's
my future husband's name?

You're starting to get on my nerves./ Wait.

My name is Sabar.

You can change my occupation...

...because now I'm the agent of happiness.

How cool is that?

Bye, my future wife.

Bye, my future husband.

Hey, Bar, I thought you decided not to come.

Can I ask you something?/ About what?


Did you have a crush on me...

...when we were in high school?

Just answer the question.

What if I did and what if I didn't?

I can take both answers.

But why didn't you tell me?

I don't know.

And it's not okay if a girl tells a boy
she likes him first.

Forget about it. It's too late after all.

Nothing is too late.

And now Astrid is with Dimas.


...who knows...

Hey, Jeff, meet Sabar. Sabar, this is Jeffry.


I think we've met before.
Are you the Gakhee guy?

It's Jeffry.

Sorry, sorry I...


It's Jeffry. Jeff-ry.


Bar, this is Jeffry, my fiance.

What did you want to ask me?

I forgot.

Bill, you are the worst friend./ What did I do?

Why didn't you tell me
that Sherly is already engaged?

That's one of the reason
you should read your group chat.

The engagement was held 3 months ago.

Did you know?

Are you illiterate?

Why? Does he looks scary?

Thank you so much./ Congrats.

Thank you so much!

1, 2, 3!

Lets have a group picture.

Sabar... Sabar...

Sabar loves Daddy

Yes, Mom?


Last night you said I'm your fiancee...

...and now I'm your mom?

Who's this?






Hello? Bar?


Is this really you, Tiff?

So when do you want to set our wedding date for?

Are you serious?

I need to see you right now./ Sure.

In an hour?/ Okay, I'm not afraid of you.


Hi, my future wife.

Hi, my future husband.

Just cut the bullshit.

I checked it with my friend.

It's real gold and a real diamond...

And the wedding will be a real wedding too.

The Imam will be real...

...and all the flowers will be real flowers too.

No bullshit.

I don't know how to explain it to you...

...but I know one day you will understand.

That it is meant to be.

This is destiny.

Everything happens for a reason.


We met...

...we mended each other's heart...

...why don't we give us a chance?

Excuse me.


Who's this?

What is it, little boy?

Yesterday father was so happy...

...when he met you.

God finally answered his prayers.

I forgive you, dad.