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Just like when I was born,
mountain goats bleed all

At the same time I was born.
there are ghosts born in my house too

1999 Gangwon-do, Korea.

Hiding in the mother's womb and
born 10 minutes earlier than me

He ate my feet to support his life

With all one's might

- Take out the energy again.
- Soon to be born

Come on spirit, take out your energy again

She is fine. only
His feet have a little problem

That thing will die,
will not live long

Everyone said ...

It was supposed to throw it away

A week after giving birth
we, mother died

Father died in an accident
after a month of our birth

All of this is my own grandfather
say it when I enter junior high school

And ... what the doctor says is wrong

2014 Gangwon-do

He didn't die so fast.
still alive today

Kelarga moved a while ago
come here. hear me hear selling dog meat

But never seen
that family, very strange

- How long have they moved here?
- Approximately one month.

- How long has the cow been in trouble.
- It's been three weeks.

It's almost there, there, there

Dogs keep barking, there must be a problem

That's how we live with ghosts

Please forgive me, I beg you

Please forgive me

Come on for a while

- Why?
- Come here for a while.

How is your school?

Do you have friends?

This time I have to survive
not to move house again

- You must really hate it.
- Who?

Your legs

- Him, your twin.
- What is up with her?

No birth certificate

- Don't teach him to talk, so he can't talk.
- Don't talk anymore, I understand.

I also did not expect him
can live until now

Afraid, even now I am
still feeling very scared

Every night, the door sounds ...

Pray before the cross, do you hear it?

Poetry praises chapter 250, all of them
depend on God

Try to listen carefully

Not human crying right?

Over here, here

It seems like the cry of a child

HU zhizi



I came to visit you


Evil is nothing extraordinary

But this fake one

The false prophets we know

Many crime events occur
to more than 1200 events

Korbanya reached 500 thousand people

South Korea is a country
which greatly liberates religion

But only we are
outlined spiritual warfare

Hope to get
attention from all of you

Thank you, priest
The taiji kin has been

invited me today to
give this public lecture

One last and most important

That is self confidence

Urgently needs taste
all of your confidence

To be able to go to God's own feelings

Do you understand? Please help
all of us, pray for all of us

We must be the light of this world

- Park Woong Jae is a cult.
- Deviant sect.

- Release the predicate of the priest.
- Release it, release it

- Don't damage people's rights.
- Don't damage people's rights.

Banished Park Woong Jae.

- Let's raise our hands to swear.
- there. he is the person, he is the person.

The price of eggs is so expensive, they are
instead playing with food

That's why I told you to
you to be careful,

you did
wrong at the monastery

- My suit.
- Pastor. now you are famous.

- Yes, this time it's female fans.
- Buy a new suit again.

Wow, the cost of issuing hot air is 500
thousand, but still can't breathe air

- Recently all houses have
air purifier machine. - ma'am

Lecture fees in prisons
still not entered.

You have to write a report first
new transfer

Just know how to talk

- Mother, I'm already very busy.
- Very good lazing.

I went to Kang first

- Go for death, bro? - So what
do you think I will go on vacation?

It will definitely be a problem

- Quickly write the report first.
- Mom, just slow down.

Even though they can attack.
but can't sue

- That's the nun's problem.
- I've made it forward,

tomorrow will be sent to
Catholic monthly magazine

The title ...

Nuns who can cure cancer

- And behind it do not write a sign
exciting but question mark. - Too brave.

- This is called business.
- The important thing is to quickly go home and write the report.

In Buddha there the money problem is different

Winter holidays
this goes to fuji island, ok?

Then buy an air purifier

- Amen.
- Air purification machine.

Okay, please look here

- What flower is this?
- Flowers are bloated.

Yes, right. lotus flowers are flowers
very high degree

Although life is muddy, but from
very beautiful flower growing mud

this world is like mud.

And the more insecure

But our prayers always want
to change this world

Well, now we pray for the people
hurricane victims in the jeon cou region

Then we end this meeting

Ask the commander to protect us

Must eat well

- You just give funds.
- Just use your money and tell me.

Just talk

- But why not get the weakness.
is that all. - Yes that's it.

But you should have a feeling, you
do this also not a day or two

There is a little oddity,
that is, there are no weaknesses

- How do you learn, whether
teach eastern customs. - no.

Tan gun huh?

It is not like that

More classic than I imagined

More towards tips from Buddhism

But it's very clean, and also
do not accept any money

In fact, help adherents
teachings that lack economics

Give help?

That must be just to promote it

- It is not like that. - What is being done
by a new religion besides promotion.

If you really have to find a problem

Buddhism does not have to worship Buddha

- Yes, right.
- But here ...

Both worship soldiers

I did not discuss this

Must be able to attract attention
person. very strong

I was a bit stuck at the chairmen there

In classic ninjas you have to work
hard to get results

- You have arrived!
- yes.

- Chief, why don't you pick up the phone.
- What's the problem early this morning?

Hey, I told you not to touch

Not in the brain tinking first,
step aside, sir, the chairman has arrived

- Get hit by a container car.
- What is this?

Not broken, even sticking and dry

It doesn't seem like it's been tinkered with so long

Yes, it shouldn't be difficult,
have contacted the contractor

- A little short
- What?

I said his posture was not
too high. most junior high school children

When investigating at MO Seok
accidentally discovered

building association groups
Buddhism beside him

The building is too white and they are there
two, the followers are not up to 50 people

- Most are teachers, nurses
and civil servants. - Mr. Park.

Such a temple might exist
three thousand spread throughout this country

- And it seems it's okay, for what
exaggerated. - Wait a minute.

Do you know why I am
worrying about this?

This area is lu ye yuan

Do not accept money from
the followers at all

Why worry about this?

You know about
Aum's trust in Japan right?

The group that spreads
gas in the MRT station

Do you know how it started
they began to build this trust

That is a yoga group. then after
build several groups

Then after everything is done
they attacked Buddhism

Say I am a Buddha, I am a god

Then what is the end?

- Are there many?
- The world will end.

Judgment will come and
all returned to the country

At that time many people died, and
at that time it was too late

Must find deviant behavior
or things that are contrary to religion

Otherwise it will embarrass senior officials
buddhist in korea and embarrassing Buddha

Pastor park, I understand
What do you say

In my opinion, this is not religious
new but only a gathering

Maybe you don't understand
roots of Buddhism

Sir, I am engaged in
This is more than ten years

We are currently being
doing work

- Relating to religion.
- Sorry.

- If you only depend on Christianity
it won't work. - Sir...

Not long ago in the area
there are scattered groups

who sells Buddhist statues
reported being watched for 60 minutes

If we can arrange it,
it doesn't hurt

Why does he hate me so much

Senior, business smell inside
your body smells so strong

What kind of business?

You take care of your business, do it
kindness must be light

Give the Luye Yuan data to me

- What for?
- I want to issue an order.

- What are the three important things in religion?
- God, follower, book.

If the new stream is definitely writing
own new book

If not a book that can
I understand, if not

write a book that doesn't
will be accepted by the public

That way, the executive department
you can pressure them

- Yes, right.
- Nan Mo Guan Shi Yin Phu Sha.

Found a body attached to the wall
tunnel on gangyuan road

The police have conducted an investigation

And it is certain that these bodies are students
Junior high school who lost two years ago

Because the police want to make sure
the cause of his death, party

the police have handed over the body
for review

And do an investigation on
surrounding contracting companies

Tie Jin why are you at night
just come home, you have to eat too

Come on, quickly sit here

I already guessed you
will definitely come to see me

How long has it been?
we meet like this

I am a failure

- Can not protect father until the end.
- That's not it, isn't it, maybe ...

It's just that the food your mother made ...

Can make you weak

I am very afraid

Every night ... the kids who are
died all came towards me.

Guangmu, this is very strange, there are things ...

- There are things that are developing in the wrong direction.
- Sis ...

What we do
now is against

crime, we do
it is in accordance with fate

You must let go of all your fears

You also know what for?

Please you choose to die,
this world as soon as possible find you

Wild animals filled with droplets
blood, stop crying

Look at the lights

Kneel down

Remove your tears, open your eyes
and look carefully

Difficulty is the fruit of trust,
the pain will clear the bloodstream

And that blood will illuminate this world

Don't be afraid, O wild animals

You will win, poisonous snake
which is above the lamp

In the end it will die in your hands

- Red beans?
- Yes, it's in the body of the tunnel

Found in mouth and
this child's food channel

- That's ... It's not food that can't be eaten,
so it's natural. - Yamemang is right.

But the strange thing is
there are also protective spells

And it used to be that there had been a similar case

We are clean deer, and ...

Crime in this world
is threatening goodness

A few days ago mother
from one of our members

Died of an accident

Kim Ji Eun's husband has a big problem

If only...

The drunk driver
and the supervisor was projected

If they don't progress

Light and darkness in the world
this will affect each other

And because there is darkness

Therefore the guardian of the thing
good will look very prominent

- In the book we always guard the protector
kindness. - Yes, right. book.

As you know

Our book is from a god

In this world there are only 4 pieces

Book, book

In the last book
there are estimates there will be 81 ...

- Evil generals born in this world.
- 81 evil general.

Wow, it's kind of seen

- You are here, you follow me.
- OK, let's go.

I am a police officer from Ningyue

- What do you need?
- I came because I was looking for ...

suspect from murder
bodies that are tunneled

His name is Kim Cheol Jin

- The address is indeed here.
- You must be misplaced.

- Here is just a monastery.
- It looks like that.

- You check all their identities,
then look inside. - Well.

- Looks like this is a fake address. - You are new
You know, just now I saw it already.

Hello, I mean
to withdraw all troops

Who are you?

I'm doing
Perkumoulan investigation

religion above, name
I'm Park Woong Jae.

Oohh, I've seen you on TV

More handsome than the one on TV

- What are you investigating here?
- Sir...

Kim Cheol Jin.

- Have got his mother's address
- This time must be sure to be right.

Let's go

Kim Cheol Jin.

Please choose to die

Then I will continue your assignment

A place called Deer Park
this is not only in two places

- So there is another place?
- Ciecun.

- Picture of deer.
- Yes, right.

And in Danyang, there is a deer emblem too

- All the same pictures, why you can
know there is the same picture. - Because ...

There must be two more

We see the general picture at
the Taibaek region in your hands

- And a picture of a Buddha in deoksan.
- Why.

This is not the general

But it is the 4 heavenly kings
describing east west north south

- Four heavenly kings?
- yes.

His secret language is a four-way god

4 protectors that protect Buddha

These are two of them

First we have to come to the deer monastery

Look at the bottom there are two watchmen

More right side
the little is double po

And on the left brings bishe

Blue-faced god carrying a musical instrument

It is the protector of the east of King Shiguuo

And the one on Seokseon
is the king of the sky duowen

Make gods and spirits
Luo Sha as a watchman

The left hand has a pagoda and
right hand there is a firearm

He is the northern guardian deity

See this map will solve the secret

Taibaek is shiguo, deokseok
is king duowen

So we pull this
east west north line

last south will get
there are two more places

On the west there is a king guangmuk

On the south there is the king of Zhenzhang

Lee Jeongfan graduated from Weiwen High School
83, it's not useless for you to eat

Lately, me
eating is knowledge

But seniors, adherents
this new stream group ...

- Have you ever seen it?
- Not.

I also saw it for the first time

These 4 heavenly kings are actually on
India is a symbol of evil

But after seeing Buddha then joined the show

Then became a god who captures evil spirits

God who captures evil spirits


- You entered first.
- You should be the first to enter.

Enter quickly

- Someone should occupy this room.
- Kim Cheol Jin.

Look at this

This is a book from the shiguo sky king

It's arrived at the place, the suspect has gone up.

Before getting orders
still there first

Mother, now you have to hear it
good what I say

No matter what
in the eyes of others, who

in front of your eyes yet
certainly is the truth

This child, for the sake of this world.

Never fought an evil spirit, only
God who understands my hard work

I ... is a blessed child

In heaven, I will ...

- Roof, roof, fast.
- Go to the roof.

I will definitely hold you tight

Under the smile of kindness

Wild beasts in the end
will win from poisonous snakes

God will not forget your hard work

- Kim Cheol Jin. - See. wild animals
has stuck both wings

- Getting back, born again.
- Getting back, born again.

- Hey, don't ...
- Come on down.

Do not...

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Hey, this is Kim Cheol Jin's data.

Thank you sister

Don't talk much, in the future things like
Don't ask for my help anymore

- Am I a victim? - Do not say like that,
at that time I helped the case that you handled.

- We help each other. - Do you know now
approaching Christmas, everyone is very sensitive.

Hello, yes I left for a while

- I will be back.
- Guidance for youth in Yangcou?

He used to be young when he killed.

This is a deposit from Mr. Shiguo

After finding out,
a family should be

who often move residence.

This notebook should be new

- Thank you.
- Mr. Guang, you.

I am very fortunate to be able to meet you

Soon to arrive
at East Seoul Station

This vehicle is a paid vehicle

Willing to use a cross
which is hot to take away sins

Remove my sin

- Why do you always lock the door.
- I fear.

Have you delivered food?

- I ask. Fast delivery.
- Not yet.

Senior takes the king's book Shiguo Taibaek

The written ones are mostly Buddhist books

What's important is ...

Here is the language of the book
the first time seen

It is on the back page of the book jangmo

- Jangmo.
- Yes it's the same as pronunciation.

A chapter that predicts about
battle between evil spirits and gods

And what's even more interesting is

In other Buddhist books there are
very detailed explanation

But in this book, Jangmo
just a symbol

Just like the beginning of the book

You just go home is okay,
hey are you grooming huh?

Ma'am, he is a monk

- no.
- Very suitable.

Wild beasts stick
its wings and carrying the snakes

The beasts that guard the light,
the stars who conquered the snakes

Wipe your tears and don't hide your body.
catch the snake in the body of the girls

The snake's eyes are very beautiful

The snake's tongue is very sweet

O wild animals
do not look into the eyes of snakes

Please don't listen to the snake's words

There is only snake blood
that will make you clean


Luo han, luo han, you have to wake up

Under the smile of virtue

The wild animals win when fighting
with the snakes will come back to life

This brilliant light will take care of you

Not wrong

- It's true that 4 kings of the sky.
- Yes, right.

Come see here can be seen clearly

Originally was a wild animal

Then meet with Buddha and
follow ahran buddha then become

catcher of evil spirits, and when
until the sky will become.Budha

These people.

Initially a ghost catcher

Hi, can you know who
who wrote this book?

Just look at the backyard.
there is written the name of the author

- His name is Kim Fungsa.
- Kim Fungsa.

Just ask the professor

- Who is that?
- Just ask Google.

Ms. Len, you were acting right?

Wow, I have to raise your salary


- Buddhism.
- Look, the look comes out so fast.

Xizhang Buddhist leader, Buddha
east Kim Ji Seok wants to meet him

- Oh, it turns out it's Kim Ji Seok.
- Yes he is well known for my place.

Many also pursue. follow it

Kim Ji Seok religious leader
tmur who made it up

There are people who are experts in this eastern teaching

- Who?
- Munna.

The octopus

Munna power is very strong

I'll call him first
first, then bring food there

Waa, the octopus, sucks

Why doesn't he live in the sea,
why do you have to live in the mountains

Apparently you can bring the car here

You bring very good items
valuable, very valuable

All monks are very burdened indeed
towards world goods.

- So it only shows intention.
- Thank you.

Intention, for 6000

- I have communicated with monk Hae An.
- yes.

Kim Ji Seok East

What I'm going to say to you is ...

- Fungsa Kim Ji Seok
- Yes, right.

- What is right?
- He is a person who becomes a god.

Budha used to form
conflicting groups

But Kim Ji Seok is a person
who can reach the level of god

This is the picture

About 1940.

You can imagine that
he is different from most people

Even Japanese nuns teach monks
just think of him as a teacher

- So he is Japanese?
- My words are not complete.

- Sorry.
- He was the chairman of Yilie's group.

Then the property and goods
taken by Japan ...

And it was he who asked for it from them but ...

The government was not clear, Kim Ji Seok

Choose to return
all to religion

With so much power
the longer the bigger

- Eastern teachings (dongfang).
- Yes, right.

Then until 1985

- Kim Ji Seok can't dissolve the eastern teachings
and eliminate the trace. - Why?

He said he wanted to write a book

- Have you ever met him in person?
- Never.

Almost no one is
meet him in person

Only students can
meet him in person

- Is he still alive?
- Maybe.

- Kim Ji Seok was born in February 1899, now.
- 116 years

Must have died

- It is unfortunate.
- Pastor. here

Yes, I see it

Yes, right the jailer

The weather is getting cold, Christmas is coming soon,

I suddenly miss
the young prisoners there

Okay, we will meet soon

Do you think he is still alive?

Maybe he's dead, if he's fake

- But Joseph.
- yes.

- Are you not curious?
- What are you curious about?

If it's still alive somewhere

What do you say
priest, God is still alive

God is still alive

I have a friend who just graduated
from a spiritual college

then get married, then go to
South Africa spread religion

Very diligent in praying, couples
very honest husband and wife

- But a few years ago he came home alone.
- Why?

His whole family was killed

His son who
2 years old and

new daughter
born all died

But what is said
by the murderer

is a child
Muslim, 13 years old

He said this was God's command

I don't understand now

We are in that place
so low it's raging

Actually, where is God
what we are doing

So I want to see it

- Just come in from here.
- Well.

Is it from a religious institute?

Why suddenly want to give
gift for children?

All want to see children

And thank you
the head of the prison who has worked hard.

Why don't I feel like that?

- Pastor. I am here for 30 years
- yes.

There is nothing in this world
provide assistance without reason

You can do your work
here, it's okay

Mr. Chairman is really outspoken,
I heard here

ever get help
from eastern teachings

Yes, right, about 20 years ago.

- Workers who are still apprentices make
this place. - Oh, I see.

- He is the Eastern teaching leader,
how come Kim Ji Seok? - yes.

It used to be an enemy in the world
religious, but he's a very good person

- He considers young prisoners like
his own child. - How come?

Not that nobody gives
help without any reason?

First kim fungsa ...

Very excited to help
4 of these young prisoners

- 4 of these people.
- 4 people who killed his father.

- Because there is a limit in education.
- So use spiritual power.

Even the kim fungsa raised
they become adopted children

These four people?

- Is one of them there
named Kim Cheol Jin? - Yes, right.

Doesn't look very beautiful,
be a father who deserves respect

Then three other prisoners,
can i know who they are?

Jung Luohan, Kim Cheol Jin,
choi taku Weon sangfan

the four of them are there
written in the book

You are a wild animal. animals
savage who has been exposed to blood

People in this world only see
your dark side, but don't be sad

Very precise, right,
river that emits light

Marga choi, that was said
is the Choi taikun

comes from Guangzhou, and
jung marga in xingxing river

- Xingcou, Jung Luohan. - Color river
green, jingcou, kim clan Kim Cheol Jin.

Tanlei River, Zhengcou,
jeon clan, jeon sangfan

Estimates in this book are very precise

4 of these young prisoners, three have died

Three people died, what do you mean by that?

Try to see it well

Four images of the sky king
in danseok and danyang

- He has a back light on his head.
- back light.

Prophets in Catholicism will also
illustrated the light behind his head

I also wonder why only that
it is in two places that have light

- Are the pictures describing them as dead.
- Return to the sky.

Very valuable, for catching ghosts

- Can be so ...
- Now Kim Cheol Jin also died.

Become the king of the sky in Taibaek
also there must be light

So now he is just one

Your king is from China



Is it true that 3 died among 4 people?

First is Cien Shiang Fan ...
The cause of death is a fire in the center of Maria

Not only women, even
children also become victims

What about Cai Thai
Ken killed in Canada?

He was killed in a robbery murder case

Korean migrant families are also victims

Caught while running away
Detained in Toronto, killed by suicide

This means there is no relationship

The last victim is Cen Lo Han

Cen Lo Han was born in 1983.
I know him a little

Middle school student with a large body
on the red lampur road

Kill his own father

His mother is part of the night world.

His father must be a ***. Is not it?

Then Cen Lo Han as a suspect.
I remember the case

because the boss wants this case
finished well.

You could say, he's a poor person.


A dark night, fast past

Don't go to our house

Don't go to our house ...

King of Sky. Maybe more
good than we know.

He has come.

You have come

People say deer can't
old, why is this so weak?

Dead does not mean it's over.
Can reincarnation be human

Yes, but why when you die,
so sad eyes

I've seen it clearly. Not human..

- Mr. Guan Mu. it looks like it's not cute
- I know better than anyone.

The snake maa is so beautiful, its purpose is good

It seems like you want to catch
snake in the girl's body.

Is it possible for his heart, to pretend
looks weak and beautiful?

Do not be fooled. He is a snake.

Pastor, Guan Mu has come.

He is getting weaker. There is no time.

Wild animals, well.
When the snake drops its first blood

the light will go out.
The world will darken.

There's not much time left.
Now just rely on you.

Sin He. listen carefully. Guan Mu

from now on your name is Guan Mu.
'' Broad sharp eyes ''

You are a brave general
catcher of demonic beings.

You will be a star.

Will also be my star.
Will be the brightest star of the world.

I will protect you.
Devils won't succeed.

The world is getting dark
this will be clear again.

He said, "he loves you"

I as a student, never
heard him say that

Who are you?

How can you enter? No entry.

Walk over here ...

- Sorry. Please, you go from sin!
- Yes sorry.


Do you want to go through a shortcut?

Get out of the front door. I
will open the door for you.

Lee Geum Hwa.

Can you hear me finish talking?

Sir, this is not an ordinary case.

- There must be a mystery.
- Don't talk nonsense.

- It's not just the case of Cin Tie, it's all there
the cause. - What causes?

Cin Te is a killer and
have a criminal record.

Not only them ...

it also includes ordinary people.

Do people usually keep elephants at home?

What an ordinary person because of things
small and hit a car?

Here is not only our territory.
Please find out first

I mean ...
At least you have to know the cause, right? Sir!

Snakes that step on the ground are bright.
Wild animals win in battle

Light that cannot be extinguished.
Only 81 numbers.

Snake figures, light.

This is often referred to in the scriptures.

Bright light brings goodness.

That's like a savior. Amulet
protector of snake attacks

The snake suddenly disappeared.

Senior, there is no crime in the scriptures.

It is not like that. The demon king
trying to get him lost.

- And in the scriptures, none of this is ...
- Not!

Those are all prejudices.

All that brings hope
in humans, that's all.

- All of that doesn't mean evil.
- Only you understand?

Senior, I'll call you later.
Now it's a big day, very busy.

What is Christmas activity, what are you busy with?

For us, Christmas too
one important activity.

Every year on Christmas,
we represent Buddha

Our high monk will visit Korea.

High monk? What's up here?

Of course for a better relationship.
To the church as a sign of respect.

And before going to our place first.
Guide us.

Senior. he arrived.

I'll do it later, call again.

High monk

Today, respect for
we can be here.

I found this article

The best heir to Buddhism in 1995

That was in 1985, Kim Je Seok suddenly
disband the teachings and then disappear.


Since then, he began writing the book
holy after meeting the monk.

7 .. 1493281 ...

Hurry up and pick up the phone.

That's right.

I realize

of all that is suffering.
also changes

He realized suffering
will also change.

That's because there is a cause

All of this has a cause

Life will be born again

It will be destroyed after it's destroyed.

It will be destroyed after it's destroyed.

- Next to Seoul.
- yes.

Do not worry. He is my friend.
He wants to meet you.

What do you want?

Sorry, this is an important problem.

I want to know everything about Kim Je Seok.

Kim Je Seok?

That was in 1985, when
I met the teacher.

- teacher?
- He is martyr.

- Martyr?
- Use goodness to defeat evil.

Save everyone.

I saw 12 beautiful fingers

and the aroma.

Lucky for Korea
that he still lives here

- life?
- He is died

Not. He is still alive.

He was born in 1899. That is impossible.

Buddhism becomes Buddha

that is to say, the art of virtue
in Mahayana Buddhism

However, buddhism is not
good move to Japan

and many changes. They believe
that being a buddha defeats the body

Beat the body?

Limit of human strength.


Internal life.

What does the snake mean in this holy book?


The snake is

Kim Je Seok's natural enemy.

- Natural enemies?
- Thank you.

Everything is interconnected.
In this world.

when earthworms are born

eagle is at a height
can survive

- That is Kim Je Seok's prophecy.
- Divination?

Natural enemies will be born

place of birth
where the light will go out.

After a hundred years, the light will be extinguished

The day he bled

at that moment, he will die.

So, what is the number of this snake?

- I don't know these numbers.
- Impossible. Look again.

I don't know these numbers.
Impossible. Look again.

Snake number. Only Kim Je Seok. know.

I do not know. Sorry, Mr. Park.

In Buddhism there is no crime.

Kim Je Seok. All of that is hope
human, and kindness, that's all.

Right. Natural enemies will be born

place of birth

There is cause and effect. Reborn.

All will be destroyed.

Very busy on Christmas.


Christmas is a happy day?

Of course a happy day.
The birthday of Jesus.

Every Christmas, I will think

today is a sad day.

- What do you mean? - Birth of Jesus,
many babies die in Bethlehem.

Hearing Prof.'s words Dong

King Herod was furious

- Kill all boys below
2 years old in Bethlehem. - Matthew 2:16.





Beautiful snake eyes, sweet tongue.

- I'm fine too.
- Do not listen to him.

Can you tell me the reason?

Why do I have to die?

All of these regions, as well as all these regions

One of these places
is Kim Je Seok's hometown.

- Here.
- Born in his place, the light will be extinguished.

Kim Je Seok was born in 1899,
then after 100 years ...

In 1999.

He believes he will be born in the same place.
people there will be in danger.

Then, when the snake drops its first blood

Snake inside the girl's body

Born in 199 in Ting Ye ...

Your birth is evil.

And death does not end,
but that was only the beginning.

I will pray for you.

Born in a better place

- What does it mean? Restart.
- Please check the data.

Wasn't he born in 1999 at Ting Ye?

- You ... Please don't again ...
- I beg for the data.

Is it really the place of birth?

Case of fire in 1999 in Ting Ye

And Cai Thai Ken was involved in a robbery
murder in Toronto, then commit suicide.

As big as their victims

are girls born in
Ting Ye in 1999.

Investigating for decades,
it's like an accident

Since they were born, even those who moved
abroad also killed

Wait a minute. I have one request.

Our house is really a ghost.

My twin sister.

Born with me.

That sister is also bad, right?
Please kill my brother too.

Let him reincarnate.
Let him live better.

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Detective, if born in 1999.
what grade is it now?

Now my nephew is first class ...

Grade 3 Middle School, yeah.

Try to find out now
how many 3rd grade girls in Ting Ye

All numbers are 81.

See. 99

This 2 ... ID number.

Earlier I saw and felt like a card
identity. I wonder why only 10 numbers

It's birth date, and number
this first is a woman.

This is the number. If this
deleted, means 10.

So making scriptures only
spend 2 seconds.

After confirming the children's identification number

Girls born in years
1999 in Ting Ye, 81 people.

81 devil warriors.

The number is 3 junior high school girls

Coupled with all this

The number is 38 people. Only this?

- What about class 2?
- Plus class 2 is 87 people.

- First class?
- 79 people.

Yehova. Our father is heaven

You saved us in danger,
j Also protect us from devil attacks.

You saved us from violence.

Save us from evil

They hide and everytime
when it took our lives

They unite and try
beat us. Yehova

This is not because we don't
loyal, or our ugliness.

We are not at all guilty.
They tried to drop us.


Please take care of us, protect us.

Please don't leave us.
We are always loyal to you.

God will help us.

Our God is forgiving.

Please don't leave us.
Don't be angry with us.

Why is it just coming. My child?
Makes me wait a long time.

Who are you?

I'm a poor person. I
always waiting for you.

Hurry up. It's bleeding a lot.

See? Can't feel it?
I am your mother.

Open your heart. Let me control you.

Go to sleep

Don't sing!

Who are you?

When you bleed, me
feel your suffering.

What do you want?

Priest, number ...
How many have actually died?

Same. Chun Na Han

What did you do to Geum Hwa?
Say it.

You have been deceived by Kim Je Seok.

Do you know what you are doing?

How many children actually are
the innocent killed?

What do you want me to do?

Go confirm the sign
the person you call father

That person is a snake.

Kill that person.


Father is light.

Father is light.

Daddy, you talk. Father. Can it

Can you listen to me?

Please speak as before. I hope

Sorry, dad.

Why is this night coming?

All is well. The girl's house

He has a twin sister there.
It seems like he has been waiting for me for a long time

So? Do you just come back?

- He made me see. Come back to make sure.
- What?

Six fingers

Mr. Guan Mu.

That's a snake's tongue. You have
deceived by that tongue.

Come on I want to show you something.

According to ancient Indian monks. Elephant
given to the king as a gift

Look, the elephant's eyes

Feel something?


felt it was very cold.

If you feel afraid to see the elephant's eyes

it's weak hearted. Monk
Indiah gave it to

king, wish the king every time
day saw his eyes

Plus other fees, the amount is 90 million won.

Slowly waiting for people to save him

Why aren't you afraid of elephants?

Kim Je Seok.

Do you really want to be a god?

Didn't say it's real? Is not that
you say you are god?

You may not lie here, huh

Now found it.

Do not go. This is dangerous.

Myung Hee is getting older.

Sound of heaven and earth. In that honor ...

Keep calling my name.

I can hear God's voice.

Must face it


What makes you suffer the most is ...

the one you call the devil ...

But that's just a piece of meat.
There is only misfortune there

Innocent child. Since the beginning
which is called a snake, it doesn't exist.

Not. I have seen it.

He told me to kill it.

Oops, it's really magsf.

What is this really?
The road is too slippery.

Are you okay? Injured?


- We meet again.
- Who are you?

I ... is a priest Park Woong Jae.

But today ...
Looks like I'm looking for a wrong place.

I am fine. Please go.

You can't just leave. Hey!

Hey, Kim Je Seok!

There never seems to be
who saw him clearly.

I hear it's only her student
who can see it.


- Can not be extinguished.
- teacher.

Old light that can't be quenched.

Kill me

Really troubles you.

Really suffering.

I saw his eyes change.

After my forecast

The dragon turns into a snake.

There is a smell of blood

Who are you?

- Quickly say ...
- Don't talk, don't move too.

You are dying.

What you call your father ...

Also my student. Give it
his whole life to me.


You are my protective star

Don't do your actions feel sad

- For killing soldiers is the love of the country.
- Shut up!

Time makes each other mutually
compete until death.

And I ... Even beat time.

I am eternal fire.

I will do many things for this world.
I have to stay alive.

I give you a chance. Wild animals.

Not! You just want to protect
yourself, want to stay alive.

You can't do it.
The children are innocent

- What can't be done.
- The children are innocent.

Your crying voice ...

You won't be able to pay though
you have one hundred lives

Sad eyes,
will destroy the snake

You won't be able to pay though
you have one hundred lives.

All will turn around

Earth becomes sky

Heaven becomes earth.

Now, hold the snake's leg

I will not be killed by you.

He will kill you.

The snake burns in the fire.


- Everything will happen.
- Finally realized.

There is news from Lee Geum Hwa. He is fine.

But, there are still brothers
twins that have not been recorded.

Child: it's dead.

Pastor Park.

What did he say in the end?


Chul Na Han. I see him talking something.


He said coldly

Where are you?

Have we forgotten?

Why are you covering up, only
care for the sound of crying?

Be aware quickly. Hear
our cries and complaints.

Get up quickly. Use your kindness,
save us from the devil's attack.

Please hear our prayer.