Saat Uchakkey (2016) - full transcript

SAAT UCHAKKEY is a comedy caper about 7 petty crooks blundering their way through an exciting gamut of mystery, greed, treachery and running into one riotous crisis after another. Set against the gritty backdrop of Old Delhi, this burlesque film opens a window into the unpredictable world of magical realism, where the lingo is spattered with the choicest of swear words and the mannerisms with sidesplitting humor. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Get down.

How are you? There's a hue
and cry in every street..

He is a thief!

Good morning, sir. Good morning.
Change his dressing. Yes, sir.

There's a hue and
cry in every street..

He is a thief!


I'm a political leader, sir!

These people have
trapped me in here, sir!

The legislative council
has started, sir!

They're not letting me go, sir!

Let go of me.. Enough!
Leave me.. Stop!

Insult to democracy!

Good morning, sir.

Good morning..

Have a seat.

Thank you, sir. So,
you studied all the cases in three days.

Fantastic. Yes, thank you, sir.

But sir

I don't understand
Bichhi's case.

You don't need to understand it.

Whatever you've understood
is enough. Okay?

But I'm very curious, sir.

People here say weird and
absurd things about him.

And I would really like
to try and help him.

Do not let his wonder

steal your thunder

my dear boy.

Solitary confinement.

Make a note of this

only because you
shouldn't ever go there.

Ever as in

never ever.

Why is that, sir?

Bichhi is trouble.

He'll get you into trouble.






Did you stay?



In one of the stories
of 'Panchatantra'

a frog befriends a scorpion.

One day, he saw the scorpion
sitting on the river bank sadly.

The frog asked, 'What happened, pal?
Why do you look sad?'

The scorpion said, 'I need to
cross the river but I can't swim.'

'How do I get to the other side?'
The frog replied, 'Is that all?'

'I'll carry you across the river.
Hop on my back.'

The frog starts crossing the river
with the scorpion on its back.

But halfway through the
river, suddenly

the scorpion

stung the frog!

The dying frog asked the
scorpion, 'Why did you do that?'

'Now you, too, will drown with me!
What have you done?'

The scorpion said, 'Pal,
don't trust my friendship.'

'Do not trust my friendship.'

'It's my nature to sting.'

This.. Bichhi!

Bichhi is just like the
scorpion from the story.

Stay away from him!

Just stay away.

Lala said

that he saw Lord
Hanuman in Bichhi.

Fiery red face.

His chest was
immeasurably broad!

Also, Ram, Sita and Lakshmana
were visible in his open chest.

Lala ran to Bichhi.

He fell on his feet.

The minute Bichhi
laid his eyes on him

he got hypnotised.

He devoted his mind,
body, wealth, everything

to Bichhi and was
drawn towards him.

He was out of his senses.

After nearly three hours

he regained his
senses on a bridge.

There was a rich jeweller.

A dishonest man.

He used to sell impure gold.

He influenced him in such a way

that he ended up donating all
of his wealth to the temple.

People say the jeweller
later went mad.

All the officers respected him.

Every officer

bowed before him
irrespective of their ranks.

What form did he acquire?

Bichhi can take any form.

Man, woman

lion or cobra!

He made a nun a minister
using his influence.

Later, she wanted to become the
prime minister with Bichhi's help.

She also wanted to marry him.

But Bichhi ran away
after seeing her greed.

They say

that the lady looked for him,
found him and put him in this asylum.

The one you're looking for

is searching for you as well.
Who is it?

The one whom you're feeling now

feels you, too.

The one you recognise,
recognises you as well.

Don't run out of fear!

Stop there!

Come to me.

You believed people's stories.

Bichhi wore Lord Hanuman's costume.
Did you believe that?

Messed with the jeweller's head

and he ended up donating all
his wealth to the temple.

Did you believe it?

Turned a nun into a minister

and got trapped in her words.

You believed the cook's,
clerk's and the warden's words.

They said even policemen
bowed before Bichhi.

And the old, crazy doctor!

Bichhi is like the
scorpion from the story.

Did you fall for their words?


Now, if someone tells you

that your Santro car was
stolen six months ago

and has still not been found

would I be responsible for
that, too?

Or else

on the last 26th January,
for the last time

your girlfriend kissed you.

Am I responsible for that, too?

How do you know about all this?

I hang out there, like a bat

from where I can see everything.

What do you see?

I, too, want to see it.

You are seeing it.

But to see what you want to,
you need to change your eyes.


Hang like a bat..

Did you?

Look carefully.

You're seeing yourself
for the first time.



Here's your food!

You're seeing it.

But to see what you want to,
you need to change your eyes.

Sir, you!
Hang there like a bat..

Bichhi has escaped!

Bichhi has escaped!

Bichhi has escaped!

Look carefully.

'A miracle in your city!'

With the blessings of Kalki'

'and the glory of herbs
from the Himalayas'

'presenting Jagdish Bikaner'

'who, without sleeping
and nonstop paddling'

'for ten days and ten nights'

'will showcase continuous
and uninterrupted cycling!'

Come on, Pappi.

You're impossible.

You took the chit worth
one lakh for Rs. 7,000!

People thought you'd start your
own antique sculpture business.

Would someone spend so much
on decorating their house?

Do you know?
People are killing their time

using your love story.

It's not your fault, buddy.

It's my bad time.
Undeserving people have all the money.

What do I do with this?

The same.. Why so?

He couldn't have given me
four more days, could he?

He asked us to do
this yesterday.

I refused. I said no.
There's something called humanity, right?

Listen, don't take me wrong.

The enterprise..

It was not built just like that.
'Himalaya Dry Cleaners'.

Did you understand?

You scoundrel!
Take the things and get lost.

Did you understand?

I'm Lord Hanuman's devotee.

I won't spare him.

Go and tell him.

We used to work together.

Hurry up.

Hey, son of a gun.

It's LCD. Be careful.

Sit with the TV.

Did you hear?
Handle it with care.

Handle it carefully. Scoundrel..

What is this?
Won't you show some hospitality?

Such anger!

Get lost.

Listen. You're yet to
pay six instalments.

If you can pay within a week

you can take your things back.

Otherwise, use the chit fund.

I'll leave now. Greetings.

What is it?

What is it?

Are they playing
'MughaleAzam' here?

You want to see
nudity, don't you?

Why stop with half?

See the whole thing.

There. He has lost it.


The planetary
positions are malefic.

I can see a failed relationship..

Is there a solution?
I see a change of place as well.

You mean, a transfer?

I can see success in your
work but it will slip away

in the last minute.

Yes. So, is there a solution?

The planetary positions
are affecting that, too.

Look at this.

You can see
everything, can't you?

I just saw the future.

Didn't you see the slap coming?

Didn't you? Fraudster!

My name is Tejpal.

Subinspector, Chandni Mahal.

I changed the future
of that place.

Future, birth charts, my foot!

What's the emergency?

Yes, tell me.

You evil son of a devil!

You took all of our money!

You have intruded
into the mansion.

The rooms are filled
with treasure!

You're living
comfortably even today.

Old hag, you act well.

The bullet I fired hit the wall.

The next bullet I fire
will hit you in the heart.


ask Ms.
Kalawati to serve her tea.

And then respectfully
escort her out.

Call that dolt!

Call him and tell him that
I've asked him to come here.

Kalawati died 25 years ago!

Go and die!

As if he owns everything!
Is everything fine?

Put the scooter on the stand.
That rouge..


He slept with the foreigners.

You took everything
that belonged to us!

He is firing his gun over there.

All your wealth
will rot in hell..

You'll rot.. What are you looking at?
You won't even..

What's happening?
...get water when you..

Look, sir! She's got into the house again.
She's making our lives hard.

We're fed up of her menace.

You don't have mansion's
documents either, do you?

Hey, old hag! Hey! Hey, lady.

When you die,
no one will be there for the rites..

Dear lady, take a breath.

There's no heaven for you..
You're spoiling my name, lady.

Someone like me..
I'll put you in the lockup.

You're not locking her up.

Who will take care of her in
the police station? Your dad?

Hey.. You wanted to sell the
mansion, right?

Do that.
That's the only way out.

God will punish you for this!

God will punish you for this!
Someone get him out of the '90s.

He's still firing his gun.

God will punish you for this!

Come, ma'am. You..
Stop it, lady!


He's been in shock because of his
wife's death for the last 25 years!

He's still stuck there.

Your house.. Lady!
Stop shouting, lady.

Do you think you are a royal descendant?
She shouldn't..

We're stuck in this
because of you guys!

Give me a Dhanlaxmi ticket.
Eighth from the top.


Three, four, five, six, seven..
That one.

Come on, my dear.

People used to use
locks in the era

when they used to keep
money in their homes.

Nowadays, the people at the
bank handle all the money.

So, why would people who
make locks work hard on them?

Am I not right?

This lock is at least 90 years
old, Haggu. I see..

The difficulty I am facing in
fixing it speaks of its age.

But it's in my hands
where magic happens.

Right, pal?

There.. Get me some tea.
A key for your lock.

How much do I owe you?
Come on, ma'am.

Why would I take money from you?

Just invite me home for
a cup of tea sometime.

I'll send the money through Bunty.

I'm sure it's not more than 15.
Moron. Hey, listen to me!

Shameless.. Dogfaced woman..

No matter who it is,
everybody frowns at me!

she was starting to fall for me.

She batted her eyes..
Just tell me why you called me here.

What are you going to do about Khappe?
Do tell.

What is up with you?
Got up on the wrong side of the bed?

I need to make money.

Even if I have to
go to hell for that.

Is that all?
Come, let's go to Khappe.

But till yesterday..
We'll get out of that.

I'll say four,
you'll hear eight.

In the end, we'll end up with two.
What's the point?

Do you want to see a magic trick?

Did you see?

Do you see?

Go.. Wow!

Hey, Khappe, come here.

Yes. Where are you going?

Yes, go just like that, idiot.

Don't bother working. Come on!

Stay busy with your
silly pursuits.

I will finish off
the work by evening.

Don't irritate me unnecessarily.

Even if I work hard he will never
be satisfied. He is so ungrateful.

Forget it. Even you are
always busy with your tricks.

Yes.. Work happens on its own, right?
Tell me the plan.

Mr. Pappi, explain it to him.

He always keeps taunting
me as if he is my spouse.

Plan. I can't take this tension any longer.
Take us to Parda Bagh.

Mr. Pappi, let's listen from
the one who will help us.

I will say something,
you'll expect more

and you will get less than half of
what you expected. What is the use?

Hurry up.

One, two, three, four.
Here you go. It has come out.

Look at it!
It's an amazing trick.

We need to steal electricity.

Do you think the work is difficult?
I'm handling the internal matters.

I'll handle it.
10 to 12 shops would suffice.

Will we get into trouble?

You'll do the work, right?
Yes, it is easy.

We will manage not just
10 shops but 20 of them.

Mr. Pappi, 10 is more than
enough at the initial stage.

You do as per your ability.
I have no problem.

I can even handle 50.
What about the money?

It will be Rs.
2000 per party per month. Okay.

Rs. 1000 per party will be mine.

Rest you can share
as per your wish.

We will collect Rs. 2,500.
It will be profitable for us as well.

Done. I'll take your leave.

Mr. Pappi, let's go and
offer prayer to Lord Hanuman.

We shouldn't delay it.

Let's start the work tonight.
Mr. Pappi, 20!

I am thinking of making it 30.
Think about it.

Come.. Run! It must be Tejpal.
Run.. Stupid, run!

Pappi, get down. Jump.
What are you doing there?

We will be caught.
He will hit us badly. Get down.

You climb up.. Run! Here..


Oh, my!

Will you get down or do
you want me to help you?

How much does the cauliflower cost?
Rs. 15 per kilogram.

Cucumber? Rs. 20.
Snake gourd? Rs. 40.

What about pumpkin? Rs.
100 for one kilogram.

Be a vegetable vendor.

Don't be a goldsmith.
Are you selling jewellery?

I will quote as it has been priced.
Why will I lie?

What do you mean?
Have they been quoted in America?

Okay, you don't give me the money.
Say something, instead.

Forget it. Everyone is a thief.

Go and file a complaint in
Rashtrapati Bhavan, Kareena Kapoor.

If you talk nonsense, I will shove
this bottle gourd through you.

You will open up. Got it?

Bottle guard, apple
guard, ridge guard.

She decks up early in the morning
and goes to buy vegetables.

Mr. Pappi is having a good time.
Sure, he is.

The devil is here.
Sona. What happened?

Why are you here so early
in the morning? Pappi..

That Pappi.. What?

Tejpal. What did he do?

Rickshaw, to police
station, Chandni Mahal.

Both of you get lost.

One day you will be in great trouble.
Trust me.

Come on. Let's go. Idiots.

If she wasn't beautiful,
I would have slapped her.

How can he file a complaint?
What does he think of himself?

You almost reached there.

But at the right moment you
got caught and ended up here.

Let Mr. Nehra call.
Just wait and watch. Call?

You can call from Tihar Jail.

How can he send me to
Tihar without any evidence?

Do you think I'm a drug supplier?

We seized smack in Chawri
Bazar, right?

Take five grams out of it
and put it on his name.

He is irritating a lot.

Scoundrel. I'll use this
brick to smash my head.

I'll inform the human rights association.
Have you gone mad?

I'll bring a procession outside
your station. Have you lost it?

You are torturing us.
Will you put me in trouble?

Sir.. Get me out of here.
I'll inform human rights association.

Sir, he is blackmailing me.
Look at him. I'll smash my head.

Keep it down.
What are you doing?

Let me handle him.
What is this idiot up to?

Will you hit a policeman?
Sir, look at him. Get me out of here.

Hit it hard.
I want to see how strong you are.

Come on, hit. Come on. Come on!

What happened, Pappi?
What happened? Come on, do it!

Why did you stop? Hit yourself.

Won't you hit? What did he do?

Show me how strong you are.
Don't do it.

Have you gone mad? He won't do anything..
Come on, smash it!

Pappi, don't do anything.
What happened?

Let it be! Hey, coward.
Listen to me.

I'll send you to Tihar Jail.
He won't do anything..

You wait here. Come with me!

And you listen to me.
Sit over there.

You will have a tough time in Tihar.
You.. No..

Take him away! I'll explain him.
Sir, listen to me. Shut up!

Sir, come. Listen to me.
Listen to me please. Keep on blabbering.

What does he think of himself?
I won't spare him.

You are right.
You are absolutely right.

Forgive him once.
I guarantee you.

He won't do it again.
Dare not do it again!

He won't do it again.
Teju, please let him go.

Why are you wasting
your time on this idiot?

You're ignoring me.
I will.. Don't say so.

Look over here.
Look at your face in this.

You are impossible. Forget it.

You don't look good
when you are angry.

No, you don't. Sona..

Won't you do it for my sake?
What are you doing?

What am I doing? Sona..

Forgive him just once.
One last time.

Rampal, let him go.
He has been bailed out.

I'll get you Halwa for lunch.
Piping hot Halwa.

Come to my home. Bye.

I'll come in the afternoon
tomorrow to have Halwa.


'10 days and 10
nights on bicycle.'

Get lost. Listen.
Don't come after me. First tell me.

Who asked you to
steal electricity?

Did you see the bill at the chemist shop?
Will you steal?

What do I do when the expenses
are more than my income?

You were about to open a shop of
antique idols. What about that?

You wasted the chit
funds, right?

Who wanted to watch
movies in LCD and VCD?

It was my dream.
I would have fulfilled it.

By exposing your assets..

This is too much! Listen!

First of all, I saved you as
I'm in love with you. And you..

Forget it. Go and die.

Hey, listen. Listen to me.

What happened, Bijli?
Are you having a tough time?

How does it matter to you?

'It exploded here and it
exploded there.' Hey..

'A bubble in many bubbles.'

'Millions of stars'

'are spread all over the sky.'

'Up, down, front,
back, left, right.'

'There is a gust
of air all around.'

'They discuss a secret
using certain signs.'

'There is a puzzle awaiting you.
Without an answer.'

'But the key of
luck is dangling'

'around everyone.'

'So, turn into a man.
Don't live like a blind man.'

'Don't be a deaf man.
Live like a man.'

'A man will only'

'understand my sign'

'and will discover
the treasure of life.'

'I speak only the truth.'

'My name is Bichhi.'

'A portent signifying
two tales.'

'Your destination is one.'

Bijli. What was this?

He is indeed a calamity!
He came here three weeks back.

But.. Let me see.

Pappi. My friend is here.
Mr. Pappi..

Don't talk to me. Mr. Pappi..

What could we do?
We would have been in jail.

We helped you while we were out.

The electric pole should
have fallen on Tejpal.

Forget it, Mr. Pappi.
Let's go and eat Kachoris.

Let's go. You will feel
better after having chillies.

He tortured me in the
jail the entire night.

It's okay.
Even we will get a chance.

Our fate will change, Mr. Pappi.

Let's go.. Let's eat Kachoris.

Give me more Chutney. It's good!
The salt is just fine..

This happened before two years.
He does..

I was digging borewell
at Mr. Diwan's house

along with Gurichand and his men.

I had dug almost four
feet when I found a trunk.

Trunk? There was gold in there.
Is it?

What next? Nothing!
I was stunned!

I went to Mr. Diwan and
told him about the treasure.

Darn it! What happened next?
Listen to me.. Listen..

Listen to me carefully..
Mr. Diwan took it..

You will find the treasure.
Listen to me carefully. He took it!

He then thrashed
me like anything!

Which means the treasure
is there in the mansion.

Did you find any snakes over there?
These Kachoris.. Snake..

Mr. Diwan is no less than a snake.
He is a cobra..

If you are done then leave.
Yes, we are leaving.

He is so haughty.
We need to teach this scoundrel a lesson.

Don't worry. We had to run.

It would have been a big problem
if we would have gotten caught.

Did you hear something? What?

Did you hear something? What?

Have Kachoris.

Did we ever pay attention to
anything while having Kachoris?

'Only I heard him.
Aloo Kachori.'

Hail Lord Hanuman.

'The one who will be a man'

'will understand my signs'

'and will discover
the treasure of life.'

Here it starts. What? Grey hair.

Pluck it.

If I keep plucking it,
you will turn bald before marriage.

You won't be able
to fix it then.

Forget it.

You'll get what I'm saying
once you're old and surly.

That I was right all along.

How are you, ma'am?
Where have you been?

I had some work to do. Is it?

I got a showpiece.
A bronze idol.

Let her be! You were supposed
to take me out for a movie?

You didn't even get me a kohl.
Actually, I was held up.

You didn't even get her clothes
from the tailor. Tell me.

Aren't you feeling hot?
I was feeling a bit hot.

Get me a fan if you're
that worried about me!

Okay, I'll get it tomorrow.

If I don't get it,
you can curse me.

Listen. Don't touch me.

What happened?
I asked you not to touch me.

Why won't I?

I don't want to talk to you.
And why is that?

Scoundrel, leave me.

Stay away from me!

Why shouldn't I?
I'm warning you.

What did I do?

I have become
crazy in your love.

Careful! The door is open.

Greetings, ma'am.

You! Yes.

Sona is out since long.
I don't know where she is.

Even I am going out.

She must have gone
to the parliament

in order to oppose inflation.

Poor girl.

I'm wasting my time for her.

Ma'am, you are leaving, right?

Turn off the radio
before leaving.

Give them Rs. 700.

Rest will be settled
tomorrow during the match.

You can do it day
after tomorrow.

Give me the money now. Okay..

Give it to me. Get lost.

What are you staring at?
Will you make me your brotherinlaw?

Get lost. You wait and..
The note smells like raw meat! Hey!

Come. My dear friend.

Let's go. Khappe, look at him.

He is blushing.
Stop talking nonsense.

Tell us something.
Mr. Pappi, there is something different.

Mr. Diwan was a
henchman of the British.

He was a traitor.

That amnesiac lives
in this mansion!

Did you hear about him?
Mr. Diwan.

Just pull over!

He transferred my mansion on his name.
What's going on?

Nothing much. Ms.
Sakina must be creating a ruckus!

And he robbed our

royal treasure.

Our most priced trunk was also

hidden in this mansion.

A precious necklace..

Yes. A precious necklace

was kept on the bed

and was dragged
inside this palace.

That trunk was six feet long.

My precious trunk..

This old lady is talking
about some treasure.

A person who is about
to die never lies.

My royal treasure..

That old hag..

'Without sleeping and
nonstop paddling..'

'For ten days and ten nights'

'will be cycling
without a break.'

"He punctures the cycle.."

He will ride this cycle for 10
days and 10 nights continuously.

He will suffer badly.

If a bull is made to walk for ten
days, it will die for sure.

He must be having
a twin brother.

Shall we go? I'm sleepy.

Yes. Even I'm sleepy.

Okay. You guys leave.

What will you do?

I'm thinking about something.

Let us know once you are done thinking.
Let's go, Khappe.

Okay, bye. We'll leave.

Haggu. Khappe.
What are you doing?

Our treasure.. Hand it to me..

You'll discover the
treasure of life..

A devotee of Ram,
Lakshmana and Sita.

Hail Lord Hanuman..


Come to the garden.

Get Khappe along with you.
What happened?

Just that our fate
is going to change.

Hurry up, Mr. Salim.
I have to go.

Mr. Pappi, who told you

that there is a treasure
hidden in Diwan's mansion?

My eyes and ears
are always open.

I am not blind or
deaf like you guys.

Look at him.

He is sounding like Bichhi.

He is not mad.
He is befooling us.

He is an undercover agent.
He is a spy.

I have decided to
plunder the treasure.


By hook or by crook!

Look at this.

This is the mansion
and we are here.

And here is Tejpal,
our biggest trouble!

We will somehow
rob the treasure.

But he'll suspect me for sure!

And then he would suspect us.

Which means that we
can't do anything

till he is alive.

What? Murder.

Don't be scared.

What do you want us to do?

Don't leave me in between.

Useless chap!

Pappi, this is a great idea.

You have made an amazing plan.

At least we will
get rid of Tejpal.

Now think of a person who
will help us execute the plan.


Babbe Tashri. Trust me.

Yes! Look at the craftsmanship.

Look at the engineering.

This is a special God
of South Indians, ma'am.

This glows at night and spreads
a sweet fragrance in the air.

It is a powerful
symbol of Lord Bhima.

Do you know Lord Bhima?

Only for Rs. 300.

There is a discount today.
Don't ignore it. Let's buy.

God made me and sent
me here on Earth.

I'm here for you
and this is for you.

See. Keep this. Thanks..
Thank you, sir.

Sir, do you want some hash?

No, thank you.
Opium, ecstasy, manali cream.

You just name it.
I'll give it to you.

No.. No.. The guide.. No..

I'll offer you a good rate for it.
Let's go.

Massage? No..

Listen, ma'am. Sir.

Ma'am. Okay.
Do come to India again.

Even teach us English.

You change turns
as you see people.

Come, Mr. Pappi.

How did you remember me today?

This is dangerous, Mr. Pappi.

How much will you pay me?

Rs. 50,000.

But the problem is
of getting arrested.

You only have to trick him!
Why are you creating a scene?

It's a matter of hardly 20 days.

You don't have to spend
your life in jail.

Life has become a hell.

Why? What happened?

My father is suffering
from Jaundice.

I need to take him to
doctor every alternate day.

If I take it easy

he will be dead.

Making excuses in
order to skip the task!

Let's go, Khappe.

You keep selling the snakes.

You are embarrassing me.
Pappi. Listen to me.

I can get your work done.
Who is it?

Ajji Phodu.

Show me your strength now..

Show me your strength now.
Come on..

You had an affair with her!
Tell me!

Sister. Sister!

You had an affair with her and
now you are calling her sister!

I made a mistake.
I'll thrash you like anything!


What happened?

Give me the kite.
Give me the kite!

Read this.

'Kill me with your eyes.'

'Don't punish me like this.
Ghalib.' Really!

'I love you.'

I love you..

Don't you dare come here..
Get lost. Move!

What is it? Where is the money?

Didn't your parents tell
you not to tease girls?

Didn't they explain it to you?
They did.

Get lost. My money..
This money is for beating you up.

My money.. Here you go.

Get lost! You earned this.

Keep this. Your reward! Take it!

Who will get the pistol?

That is my job.
Don't worry about it.

Mr. Pappi.
Do you know to get out of it?

Else I'll will get into jail.

Mr. Pappi is very good at it.

And he learnt all
this in the jail.

Pappi, I have dealt the cards.
Show it to me.

I can't help you.

What is it?

Did you forget? What?
Agree to it..

Excelsior Cinema.

One minute.. You forgot, right?

I'm leaving. Don't irritate me.

Wait for me. I'm coming.
Will you run my household?

my sister is about to get married.

Don't involve me into all this.

I have dealt the cards.

Shall I show you how
to deal the cards?

Mr. Pappi,
why are you being angry?

You want to get the work
done, right?

I'll get it done.
Who will do it?

Jaggi Tircha.
He is very good at it.

No one will be in trouble.

Ms. Savita.

The thing is

you need to do all this
while dealing in real estate.

I have been telling you, Anil.

File a complaint against your brother.
Your life is in danger.

Did you get my point?

He will the stab you.
Come here. Stab!

He will do it with ease.
A mere scratch would be there.

What do you say? Isn't it?

Ma'am, listen to me.

Tear off your blouse a little.

And then create a scene.

I know an inspector.

He will come and
recover the knife.

He will give a statement

that your brother
asked him to stab you.

Isn't it? Yes.

Mr. Jaggi,
he is not able to stand properly.

If he goofs up

then I'll be in trouble!

You are doubting me

in front of everyone.

Ma'am, tell me one thing.

I advised you to
steal Pappi's stuff.

It did benefit you, right?


Okay, Mr. Jaggi.

How badly should
I tear the blouse?

Expose a bit.
That's enough. Mr. Jaggi.

Take your time.

Have some tea.
Mr. Jaggi, come here.

I'll be back.
You need to pay me Rs. 2,000.

If you don't get it done,
then I'll pay you Rs. 3,000.

Rest is up to you.
Come here. Okay?


You are so filmy.
What do you want me to do?

You can do it easily.

Agree to it, Jaggi.
I will do it.

But let me meet Pappi first.
In person.

The matter is between us, right?
Yes, true.

When do you want to meet him?
Tell me.

Let's meet in the evening.

Done. Let's meet in the evening.

Done. Done.
Let's meet in the evening.

Someone should ask me, as well.

Fine, I'm okay with it. Good.

Let's meet in the evening.

Don't delay. Listen to me.

I got your work done.
Get my reward.

Of course. Get me two.

Rickshaw. Ajji. Yes.

I will get the work done.

But what is the actual matter?

Will you come with us?

We will require you. Trust me.

Let my meeting get fixed
with the middleman.

Got it?

Did you include me
in your business?

Even you will have
to do something

in order to get married, right?

I'm not scared of
doing anything.

I'm worried about your plan.

Don't try to act smart.

I took care of the expenses
like this my entire life.

Let's go.

Yes. Tell me, Khappe.

'The meeting is fixed
with Jaggi.' Introduce me.

With whom? 'Jaggi.' Ms. Sakina.

'He wants to meet you
at 7 in the evening.'

Okay. I'll be there. Who is it?

'At 7.' Message me the address.

Who was it? My father.
He is dead.

He is asking for a feast.
Organise it.

Hey! Sorry.

I have a meeting with the middleman.
Will you come?

Okay. You are impossible.

You mean to say that I
need to be the middleman.

Yes, I have to do
something with your help.

Just think

that we need to
fool the government.

Government! I meant the police.

Whatever it is

just tell me,
what I am supposed to do.

You need to shoot me on
the bridge of Yamuna.

But it will be staged.

Only the two of us will be there.
That's it.

Tejpal takes rounds at 10 p.m.

He will come to us
from the bridge.

You shoot me near my
neck after cursing me.

I will jump into the river.

You stay there so that Tejpal
can arrest you right there.

That's it? Yes. What else?

He will ask, 'Whom did you
shoot?' Tell him that you shot me!

I'll do it.

But have you ever
jumped into the river?

I mean be sure about it.

What if you fall into the
sand instead of water?

You concentrate on the target.

Listen to me.

Shoot in the air.
A foot away after cursing you.

Don't mention my mother
while cursing. Sorry.

Here is Rs. 10,000.

I will pay rest of the
amount once the work is done.

Okay. Okay, sir.

You can count it. No, it's okay.

What happened?

I got all of his things yesterday.

Where did he get
this money from?

Move aside.

What is this Pappi
up to these days?

What else?
He is embarrassing everyone.

I heard that he was
planning to get married.

He was asking for money.

What for?

He wants to open a shop.

He is thinking about getting
married to his girlfriend.

He is just being
excited for no reason.

I'll take care of his wife
once Pappi calms down.

This is Pappi's shoe, right?

Tell him that I have taken it.

Let him pay me the money.

Then I won't even
look at his face.

Sir, he wants to buy your shop
and you have no idea about it.

You keep worrying
about the money.


What is the plan?
I'm not able to understand.

It's so huge.
Such big house for a family!

What could be there
behind that door?

Over there? Yes.

It must be the kitchen.
There is no kitchen in there.

A washroom, maybe. No.

In that case,
why would there be glass.

I'm telling you.
They have huge washrooms.

It's a kitchen.
They put glasses. Hey.

What is happening? What is this?

What are you doing here?
What should I do?

We were going to
have 'Chaat Papdi'.

Can't I visit the market?

We are going to have 'Chaat Papdi'.
You can join us.

It will be fun.

You stop inviting me.

You had called me for lunch.

I was making Halwa when I realised
that there were no raisins.

I left for the
market to get raisins

and you came when
I was not there.

Let all that be!

Teju.. Look at me.

What should I look at? What?

Look at this..

I was coming to police
station from here.

Look at this.
I made this for you.

Is this for me?

I won't spare him.
I just can't stand him.

Let's go.

And looking at her! Shut up!

I will change my name if I
don't teach you a lesson.

Jaggi. 'Who is this?'

Pappi speaking. 'Mr. Pappi.'

Tonight at 10.

What is the plan? Tell me.

I won't tell anyone.

It's nothing. Just like that.

Is it? Yes.

Don't tell anyone. No..

Keep it to yourself. Of course.

I want to get my death certificate.
What! Death certificate?

I want to claim the
insurance amount.

Okay. Okay..

Did you get my shoes? Yes..

When will the program start?

It's stinking.

It is a corpse.
It is not a flower.

I told you to get some ice.

We have to make it wear Pappi's
shoes and clothes as well.

This is delicious.
Where did you get it from?

This is from Khallu's shop.

Oh, no! Which day is today?

Monday. Stop it.

You have stopped visiting
Lord Hanuman these days.

No.. I have started
praying to Goddess Kali.

Every Friday in Neel Katra.

Why so?
My life was all messed up.

Tejpal is quite punctual.

Why didn't he come yet?

What if he doesn't come?

What is the insurance
amount that you will claim?

Nothing much. It's Rs. 2 lakhs.

Rs. 2 lakhs.

He is here. Be prepared.

Tell me one thing.

You are spending Rs.
50,000 in order to get Rs. 2 lakhs.

You could have
come to the court.

I would have got the death
certificate for Rs. 1,000.

You do your job. No.

What happened?
Why are you changing your mind?

Tell me. What are you up to?

Do you think you
can save yourself?

I have spent my
life at the court.

I have many friends in
the police department.

We have to take this
corpse to Okhla.

I'll ruin your plan.
Tell me what you're up to.

Hey.. Tell me.

Tell me.
Jaggi, I won't spare you.

Will you tell me or not?
Jaggi, I'll fix you later.

Tell me.

My plan is to rob Mr. Diwan's mansion.

What are you going to
rob, scoundrel?

He killed me!

Let's go.. Come on.

Let's go! Move..


He killed Pappi!

Oh, Lord! What happened?
Who killed him? Who was he?

I don't know who he was.
But he killed Pappi.

What do you mean?

I don't know who he was.

Who is it? They killed my Pappi.

Did you see the
one who just ran?

Oh, Lord! I didn't see.

Pappi! Sona.

Pappi! Sona..

Sona. Shut up.. Shut up.

Sona.. Oh, Lord!

He left me alone.
Did you see Pappi dying?


Don't cry, Sona. I'm here.

This is such a misery!
I'll take care of anything.

Oh, Lord! What have you done?

Did Pappi fight with anyone?

Good that he is dead.


You are being angry as
if I shot him for real.

Stop the tantrums.

Why did you have to
be so good at it?

You just wanted to
know about the plan!

You could have asked
about it later.

Do you think that scoundrel
would have told me?

Everything can be done with
love, Jaggi.

Trust me. That was the only point
when he'd have told me the truth.


You could have shot Pappi

and asked him for the
plan after two days.

'Tell me the plan.'

'Else I will tell the
truth to Tejpal.' Yes.

You are a lawyer.
Didn't you think about it?

What do you think of yourself?

Darn it!


We got the corpse
from the fisherman.

Jaggi. Corpse?

The one which was shot!
We will tell you.

You were at it, so,
we didn't use our brains. Got it?


Jaggi, stay there. Mr. Pappi.

One minute, Mr. Pappi.
No one spoiled the plan. Wait..

One minute. Wait a minute..

Wait a minute.. Tejpal..

He will come. He will come.

Your work won't stop.

You idiot! Mr. Pappi..

I am not doing anything!
We got a corpse on your name.

Consider yourself to be dead.

They will find a
corpse in few days.

Jaggi, we need to handle him.

Look at this. I'm not doing anything.
Have a look.

Get lost. Come here.

He is here, Mr. Pappi.
He is here.

Didn't you do anything?

Now, we have to take care of
them, as well.

Shut up.

Okay, fine.

Even we did a mistake.

I am not mad. Get it?

Listen to me once.

Listen to me.

Haggu, calm down.
What do you mean? Listen to me.

You made your own
plan and we made ours.

Now, let's stop the fight.

Did you get my point?
It's of no use!

Listen to me and let it go.

Forget it, Pappi. Let it be.

Okay.. Forget it.
It must be God's plan.

It is better that seven
of us are there now.

Now the work will
be even easier.

Isn't it?
Seven is the lucky number.

Mr. Jaggi, Mr. Pappi.
Come on, hug it out.

I'm explaining you since long.

Let's all share it.

Then you can kill me. Have it.

Listen to me. Hug each other.

We'll think about it later.

Hug each other. Hug Mr. Pappi.

Be in your limits.

The moment you come up with a plan,
I will change the entire game.

I am sorted!

Let's be underground
for some time.

Let Tejpal calm down.

Pal, don't you worry.

He ruined my mood.

We'll take care of him.
I'll hit him black and blue.

Jaggi's future is in our hands.
He can't harm us.

You don't worry.
We'll only kill him.

He can't harm us.
I won't spare him. Let it be!

Hey, listen.
Tell me something. What?

You are always with
the goldsmiths.

How much would a gold coin cost?
Around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000! Oh!


What is it, sir?
Yesterday night, where were you both?

Sir, we were partying.

In the Ram Leela ground.

When our friend got killed.

Had we known about the attack

we wouldn't have left him alone.

He asked us to come
along, but we didn't go.

It's a sin.
I'll be the one committing a sin

for listening to such idiots.

AAre you suspecting us?

The guy on the cycle was wearing
a red coloured shirt. Yes.

And around 10:00 p.m.
even the power was out.

You may confirm it.

I swear on you.


Thank you.

Hey, listen!

Stay away from Sona. You, too.

Kickstart the engine.

Give it a push!

Okay! Put in all your energy.

He sold all his
mother's jewellery!

He killed his father by giving
him rat poison. He molested me.

He is threatening to kill us.

Look at what he has done.
He is threatening us.

Come on, hit me.
He assaulted me. Go ahead..

Have you lost your mind?

Come on, kill me. No..

Why are you tearing it so much?

Call for help.

You Jaggi's sidekick.

What are you doing, Inspector?

He tore my wife's blouse.
Look at what he has done.

look what he has done!

He hit him. They have no shame.
Why did you hit me?

Hit him!

Tell me.

Darn you!

Come on, note it down.

I'm not scared of the police.

Sir.. Please forgive me.

I got influenced by him.

I'll talk to your lawyer as
well, there's nothing to worry.

Stand straight.

What do you say?

Do you have any suggestions?

Sir, you are a genius..

When did you get to
know about Pappi?


The one from Gali Dilsukh Rai!

the one from Gali Dilsukh Rai.


He was a very good man.

When the incident took place

where were you, dear?

I was playing poker with
Tinni at Asaram's place.

There were four of us. Ask him.

Right? Yes, tell him.


It's good that you accepted that
you were involved in gambling.

When did I accept?
That's what I heard!

Tell me! Sir, I was..
Greetings, sir.

Mr. Sherawat, I was telling you
what happened the other day, right?

Take your seat.. He..

Shut up!

Listen, Tejpal!
I'll take care of all this.

What about Pappi's murder case?

If you want to
stop your transfer

then you'll have to solve
Pappi's murder case.

And the issues related
to landgrabbing

let them go.
That's what I have been telling him.

Okay! Just shut up.

Are you leaving? You..

What have you done?

You tore the woman's blouse!

He didn't even wait for me.

He accepts bribe from a molester?

Who are you? A middleman. Sir!

How dare he misguide me!
In the hospital..

No one is eager to solve
Pappi's murder case!

Sir, in Lala Bishan hospital

a month ago,
two ambulances were auctioned.

Out of those,
one is a Maruti van.

Who conducted the auctioning?
Sir, it's difficult to find that.

I'll have to enquire
with the administerer.

But they are saying that they
don't have the documents.

Should I do your work as well?

Sorry, sir!


"The festivities.."

"The celebrations.."

Pass me the matches.

Take it. Light it.

Light it.

That guy is very powerful!

It's because of the herbs.

'This matter
concerns the heart.'

'Like smoke,
it vanishes in thin air.'

Where are you from? Lucknow.

your house is near to Muzalabad?


It's a nice bag.

Give it to me. Sharing is good.

Take this cigar.

Hail the Majesty!

Sir.. Listen to me. Monster!

'The herd of devils.'

'The cruelty of monsters.'

Be careful!

Beware of this cruel world. Run!
Run, idiot! Okay. You, too.

Run. In black robes

they are coming. The devils!
Imps. Listen to me.

Tell me what will happen next.

Oh, sage.. What's this ruckus?

Who the hell are you! Oh!

Sir, that..
The sage is getting upset.

Can't you understand?
Shall I make you and that sage


Don't make the sage curse you.

What happened?

Get lost.

That's all right.

May God shower you with happiness.
Hey! Yes.

Why are you coming closer?
Are you going to kiss me?


Pappi.. Pap..


Get lost! Okay.

Insane guy!

Who could be Pappi's murderer?


Killed him!

Killed him! He killed my Pappi.

Pappi's soul will be very happy.

Lets' go, Jigru. Get going.

Come on, idiot!
Hey, Mr. Kishan Chand.

It's Pappi's funeral.

It's a good deed.
God will bless you.

Come on. Contribute a lot.
Here. Put some money.

What did you do..

Why are you giving only Rs. 10?

At least, give Rs. 50.
After all, you own a big shop.

I know that if I give you more,
you will spend it on liquor.

Funeral won't happen then.

The money is already
into the box!

I would have given it back.

Rs. 10 is nothing nowadays.

Let's go. Bye.

Dear, where is you dad? He is..

Call him.

Where are you, Mr. Sharma? Dad..

That mister from
Red Fort is here.

Life is unpredictable!

I lost my man.

The sound of the gunshot is
still echoing in my ears.

Where were you when
the bullet was fired?

I wanted to take a leak.

So, I went towards the corner.

Meanwhile, I heard the gunshot.

So, I started
running towards him.

Did you not see the murderer?

How did he look..

He escaped right
in front of you.

I'm already upset.

Why are you trying to
augment it further?

I didn't mean that, my dear.

I didn't mean to say that.

I'll solve all your problems.
All right?

Just get over Pappi.

This is irresistible!
Mom is here!

What else do you want?
I want to marry her.

Give Rs. 100 as a token.
I'll take care of the other expenses.

My parents are no more.

So, I am seeking your
permission to marry her.

Take this.

The girl is yours.

Fix the date for the marriage.

And get her out of
this wretched place.


I'll leave, all right?

No matter how bad Pappi was

but he used to say

even after marriage

I would stay with them.

All right. I'll take your leave.


Mr. Pappi was very cheerful

and warmhearted.

It was only because of
Mr. Pappi that we celebrated

Republic Day and Independence
Day across the street.

During the auspicious day of fasting..
Move aside.

he used to stand under the tree

and used to
distribute offertory.

During any religious meets

he used to do all
the arrangements..

All by himself.

He has never treated
anyone like an outsider.

He treated everyone equally.
No, dear..

Mr. Pappi.. Get lost!
What happened?

Hold this. Mr. Pappi..

What a man he was!

Just like a king.. Like a tiger.

He could make a cheetah
beg for its life.

He was that brave.

One day he gave me this CD.

We were just sitting together.

He said if I was ever
depressed in life

I should play this
CD and dance to it.

I agreed to it.

Mr. Pappi

Your demise makes me very sad.
A guy died!

I cannot even cry.

My heart is weeping.

But we would dance.

We would dance for Mr. Pappi.

We would dance for his soul.

Play it. Play it.

"Alcohol at birth.
Alcohol at death."

"Alcohol at marriage.
Alcohol at divorce."

"No matter what brand it
is but it has to be there."

"No matter what brand it
is but it has to be there."

"Don't mix it with soda or
water, just have it neat."

"Don't mix it with soda or
water, just have it neat."

"Just take a neat shot and
forget all your troubles."

"Just take a neat shot and
forget all your troubles."

"Make it to four pegs."

"Just take a neat shot and
forget all your troubles."

"No soda, no water.."

"Just take a neat shot and
forget all your troubles."

"No soda, no water.."

Hail Lord Bajrangbali..

Hail Lord Bajrangbali..


you know how much I missed you.

Just think about my situation.

I have half an hour.
Whatever you want to do

do it fast. Really?

Oh, my dear..

My lips are getting burnt
because of your sweat.

Did you walk till here?

An alliance has
been sent for me.

What difference does it make?

It is from Tejpal.

He came up with the alliance.

What did your mother say?
Mom agreed to it.


Do heck with your mom!
How is she at fault?

Why are you always after her?

For her, you are already dead.

She will sell you.
She will get you married.

That, too, with Tejpal.

Yes, she will get me
married to Tejpal.

That, too, within a month.

He has already gifted
a gold chain to mom.

Have you ever gifted me a ring?

You just bring copper idols.

Now, you don't like copper
idols but Tejpal's gold ring.

Cheap people.
So, will she get you married?

Yes, she will.
Do heck with you and your mother!

You all just want money.
Even if she has to sell you for that!

Then, why don't you start earning?
Yes, I will.

You just wait. Wait there.

Now see,
I shall bring the treasure.

I'll get you the treasure.
I'll get it for you, anyhow.

Haggu, get everyone working.
'Yes, tell me.'

I'll enter the mansion alone.

'What happened, Pappi?'

None of your business.
Just do as I say.

Don't just keep talking.

Hey! Sorry.

I'm in love with you.

I'm sorry, dear.

Police. Police is there. Run!

Police. Police has come.
Run! Make is fast.

What is it? It is an ambulance.

Hey! We will enter
through this door.


Nobody is getting caught.
All of them are seasoned.

Sir, how will you find
the auction papers

dated 3 months back?

I need all the lottery records
for the last three months.

Without any fail,
by today evening.

I sold this to a
dealer from Mayapuri.

Do you have any address?

Sir.. Ambulance. There it is.

So, how was it? Wonderful, mate.

I see.

It just heats up
and breaks down.

All right. Press the clutch.

Yes, sir. Buy it.
It is a beautiful one.

What happened?
Where was this vehicle

on the night of 3rd?

Hey, mister, what are you doing?
Sir, look at him.

Leave him alone.
Are you his boss?

Yes. See this. Did you see?

Where was the ambulance
on the night of 3rd?

On 3rd?
Hey, get me the register.

Okay.. Be quick.

Give it here. Here you go!

Fast. What are you looking at?

Nothing.. Pappi.

Pappi Jaatwala.

Who has done the booking?

Ramesh. Where is Ramesh?
Where is he?

He will back from
Varanasi, tomorrow evening.

Send him to the police station
in the evening when he gets back.

Okay. Yes. For enquiry.

Whom? Ramesh. Okay!

Ramlal. Yes, sir.

Bring the car to the police station.
Okay, sir.

To the station!

Taxi! You guys carry on.

Take it to.. I'll be right back.
This is not right.

We'll share the money equally.

We'll deal with him later.
Don't you worry.

Hey, smarty pants.
Come in, buddy.

Tell me the booking status
of a train to Mathura.

To Mathura? Yes.

Is Gulab going to Jharkhand?

No way. The Diwans go to Gwalior

every year on the
9th of this month.

Happy journey!

Mr. Pappi, I have a fabulous
news to share with you.

I have heard that
the Diwans are going

to Gwalior tomorrow.


Ma'am, Mr. Tejpal has
sent these wedding cards.

He has asked you to send your
favourite design by tomorrow.

Thank you.

Have a happy married life, ma'am.
Tell that to your boss.

Hey, look here. There's the mosque.
We can't enter from here.

There's an empty ground behind it.
It has a steep slope. It won't do!

This is the entrance and
Gulab will be standing there.

So we can't enter from here.
We have to enter

through the side door only.

Did you get it?
Try not to use your brains there.

What is it? Tejpal has sent over
the designs for the wedding card.

Pappi, this is our last chance.
If things don't work out well

then we'll be left
with no choice.

Come on, let's go.
We've work to do.

I don't know anyone..
Show him the other ones.

No, sir, I don't..
Check them out properly.

Come one.. Sir, he has again
stripped a woman's blouse today.

Get him inside. I'm coming.

You want your mother and sister,
safe at home, but you'll go around

stripping blouses
of other women.

None of them among these.

What about these?

No, sir..
Are you kidding with me?

Put him in the lock up.
I'll rip his skin off.

Sir, I'm telling you the truth..
Come on.

You'll learn a lesson today.
Please believe me..

Someone is surely going
to have a bad day!

Sir, he's the one..
What do you mean?

He is Pappi!

He's the one.
He rented the van to him.

Yes, sir. He's Pappi.
Take him away.

Let's go now.

Sir, I didn't do anything..
Come now.

Look, I've got your picture.

Have a look. It suits you.

Get the water ready, to wash hands.
Yes, sir.

Yes, you!

Come fast.

What nonsense is going on?

You guys wait here.
I'll call you. Okay?

Okay. Be careful, Mr. Pappi.



"An evil eye, darling.."

"An evil eye, darling.."

"An evil eye, darling.."

"An evil eye, darling.."

"Someone has cast an evil
eye on your mansion."

"Your.. On your mansion."

Hello. Your plan got ruined.

Stop using your brains!
Be there for some time.

I'll thrash him.

"If I were a cuckoo bird.."

Why are they conducting such
an eyecatching program today?

"If I were a cuckoo bird.." Jaggi, Gulab..
Gulab is there.

"If I were a cuckoo bird.."

"I'd be cooing all along."

"I'd be cooing all along."
Haven't you seen women at home?

"I'd be cooing in
front of your mansion."

"Someone has casted an evil
eye upon your mansion."


Oh, no! What happened?

Here's that guy whose
photo you have showed me.

Leave it. I'll just come.
Wait, Sona..

Sona, listen to me..
Sona, wait..

"If I were a cloud.." Tell me!

"If I were a cloud.." Yes?
Pappi, where are you?

Sona has left to seek that guy.

What! She left? Where to?

I'd have been pouring.."

I'd have been pouring.."

"Darling, I'd have been
pouring over your mansion."

"Over your mansion, darling."

Where is she?
"If I were a fragrant flower.."

"If I were a fragrant flower.."

"If I were a fragrant
flower.." Jaggi..

When will you return my money?
Get lost!

"I'd have been spreading
fragrance.." As if I'm returning.

"I'd have been spreading
fragrance in your mansion."

"In your mansion, darling."
Hey, you all, come inside.

Didn't I say, the terrace
would ultimately reach here?

Yes, tell me.
Come towards that wall

the same which is in the lane.
There is staircase.

Climb that up and you'll
find us on the terrace.

What do you mean? I mean

the terrace after two
blocks, got it?

"If I were your bride.."
Don't waste time.

We'll tell others that
you've discovered it.


"I'd have been flaunting,
darling." This was bound to happen.

"I'd have been flaunting
in your mansion, darling."

"I'd have been flaunting
in your mansion, darling."

"Someone has casted an evil
eye upon your mansion."

"Upon your mansion.."

Darling.. Come, follow me..

"I'm your rose.."

Let's see, where it reaches.

Oh.. We're in trouble!

We're also following him like a fool.
Oh, no!

There is a lane, a big one.

Around eight feet gap is
there between the two walls.

Look at it.

What's next?

It's completely fine, pals.

Has God placed this
ladder to reach our doom?

Right. If anyone falls down,
he'll surely reach his doom.

what nonsense are you talking?

Haven't you ran after
kites in your childhood?

We used to cross such
roofs quite easily.

Then what are you waiting for?

We aren't here to fiddle
around, guys.

Pals, make a bridge out of that ladder.
Should I?

Come on, Ajji!
Yes, place it. Move.

Come on, place it.
Placing it, man.

Come on, Pappi. Slowly..
Remember the God and let's do it.

No, I won't.
Oh, look at that, man.

She's just like a juicy plum.
Oh, her silky tresses..

Hey, she's removing her blouse off.
Oh, the spicy red chilli..

Just get her to me once..

Oh, she's the figure of gold.

Make us your mirror.

Oh.. Hook me up, darling..

What are you saying?

Who is dillydallying, now?
Tell me, Jaggi?

Mr. Pappi, you do get some action.

But do we get such
chances frequently?

Hey, leave it, buddy.

Darn it! What happened? Move.

Pappi, leave it, buddy.


Hail Lord Hanuman!
Hail Lord Hanuman!

Fix your step properly.

Thank you. Anytime.

God is kind. Where is Kalawati?

Hurry up. Look over there.
There is a door.

Jaggi, go there. Yes. Shut it.

It must be locked from inside.
Have you found anything?

There is a balcony
on the first floor.

We would need to reach
there using a rope.

Ajji. Yes. Take out the rope.

Tie it firmly!

Get lost!

Listen. Let go of me.

Stop. Police..


Ajji. Yes. Be careful.

Dear, I used to climb
ropes in the arena.

Just wait and watch. Oh, God!

Kalawati. Get lost!

Is it a swing or what?
I have injured my hand.

You could have
landed downstairs.

What are you doing here?
I am playing drums.

Let's do it together, then.

Come on. Kalawati.

Oh, God!
That old man is at home.

Kalawati. He is here.

Ajji said that no one would
be there in the mansion today.

He is Mr. Diwan. Kalawati.

Come here. There is a staircase.


My sweetheart..


Get lost!

Key.. Key..

Get lost! Have a tight sleep.

Come. Put the light there. Yes.

I think there is something behind.

I will give you a tight slap.
Hold the torch up, you moron!

It's found. Great!
Let's go and inform Jaggi.

Okay, let's go.

You lead us. Come on. Yes..

They must be there,
on the other side.

Where is the staircase?
Be careful.

We can take the other way.

They are standing there.
Signal them.

Look there. Over there..

I think they have
found the staircase.

Come. Let's go.

Yes, Rampal. Tell me quickly.
My battery is about to get drained.

Jaggi was spotted by a man'

'near Asharam's
eatery..' Asharam's..


Do you see that motorbike coming?
We can start from there. Got it?

Oh, no.. Who is it?

Who is there? Bend down..



What if she is Kalawati? Go..

Pappi, where are you?

Hello. Sona.

She is Sona. Come on. Oh, God!


Is everything all right?
She is coming as if..

How come you are here?
Where is that loafer?

He is asleep.
He won't get up before tomorrow.


But why are you all
looking so dull?

Tell her.

We have reached here
with great difficulty.

My knees got scratched.
And our captain..

Didn't you think that we could
ask her to fetch the keys?

You never know.

What if the door
was locked there?

What if Sona couldn't fool him?

You.. Shut up! I..

You moron! Hold on.
Quiet.. Quiet..

He thinks he is very smart.
Shut up!

can we search for the treasure?

Tuffy.. Tuffy, stop.
Tuffy, stop..


That's the old man's room.
Let's go.

Come on..
How come you're smelling so good?

It's a nice fragrance
that I am wearing.

Light the torch.
Don't act smart! It's done..

Focus on the task.. Quietly..

Put the light here. Check it..

There is nothing.

What's that bright thing?

'DiwaniAm' from the Red Fort.
Listen. What?

I think someone else
is here apart from us.

Is it? Yes.

There is no one here except us.
She is right. No one is there.

When I was climbing down

I felt as if someone
was behind me.

Where does Jaggi sit?

Even we come here.

Serve two Parathas.

Keep quiet. Nothing will happen.

Come. Hey, listen..

Listen.. Look at this.
We have found the treasure.

Come. Come fast.

Is it locked?
What are you saying? Oh, my!

Have you unlocked it? Hey..

Jaggi.. Did you see?

Our destiny will change.

Will you be able to unlock it?

Pappi, there is nothing
which Haggu can't do!

Where did they find him?
Come on.

This lock..
What are you looking at?

Just unlock it! Yes!

Now, I have found the spot.

We need to push
the door together.

Got it? Yes..

We need to push the door together.

Remembering the God. Okay..

In the centre. Come on.

Hail Lord Hanuman!

Don't pull it. Push it.

Oh, my!


You bloody..


Where were you, Kalawati?

The entire place is
fragrant with your scent.

Kalawati. To heck with..

You must have used
Kalawati's attar.

He stole it and gave it to you.

She applies makeup all the time.

How would I know?

Our plan will be ruined
if he loses temper.

Hello.. He..

Why are you troubling
me, Kalawati?

Listen. Go and take care of him.

Ma'am, show your talent. Ma'am..

Sona, bail us out.

Come on. Put it. No..

one needs to face problems bravely.

Go.. Nothing will happen.
Go.. Go..


God, save her. Kalawati.

Dear, you are still awake!

Yes? How can I sleep?

Jasmine! Jasmine?

I am Kalawati. You are Kalawati.

But you smell like jasmines.

Where were you for so long?
He has gone crazy.

My sweetheart..

No one talks to me courteously.

Everyone is narrow minded.

But why didn't you
inform me before leaving?

You were in deep sleep.

So, I didn't disturb you.

No one loves me
like the way you do.

My sweetheart! I am here, right?

Everything will be fine now.
It's already 3 a.m.

I haven't understood
your plan yet.

People will start
pouring in from 5 a.m.

The temple will be open by then.

The flower vendor sits
outside the mansion.

What to do now?

Tell us! Listen to him first.
Pappi. Yes.

What's the plan now?
Let's form two teams. Again. Okay?

"Love is crazy.." Shut up!

What happened? Who are you? Why?

What's wrong with your voice?

I am having a sore throat.

So? Then I..

Manua who sells betel.. Manua?

'Mulethi'.. Not Manua!

What did you hear?
I had 'Mulethi'.

'Mulethi'! Yes.

Then, I chewed pepper
and cardamom as well.

What are you saying?
Are you all right?

Why? What happened?
Does that mean I've changed?

And you boast that you love me!
I didn't mean that.

Is this how much you love me?
Don't be mad at me!

Tell me? Calm down. Sit.

I am having a very bad day..

Who is there?
Where is this sound coming from?

There is no one.
Cats are running around.

Get lost! Go from here.

To heck with them!
There is no one else.

What are you saying?

You went to meet your
mother, right?

You become illtempered
after returning from there.

I don't like it at all.
Are you not feeling sleepy?

Dear.. Did I ever go
to bed without you?

Are you not scared
of falling down?

You are Jaggi's aide, right?

Let's go and search for him.
How would I know where he is?

Come on. Start the scooter.
Come on.


God knows whom Mahinder has
given my TV for repairing.

It's of no use!

The same news has been running
all throughout the day.

It seems everything will
be destroyed in 2015.

No one knows what
lies in future.

Why are you talking
about 2015 in 1985?

That's true.

Let's not talk about future!

I won't spare him

if anything happens to Sona.
She is too smart.

She will make his life miserable.
To heck with this!

Be careful. There is nothing.

Come here. Yes. Put light there.

No one can imagine that
there is a basement in here.

Hey, it's a spiral staircase.

Hey.. Come on..

Put the light here. Be careful..

What a weird place!

Pappi has won a lottery
on the full moon night.

There are antique
items all over here.

His destiny is going to be changed.
Jaggi. What?

Come here..

Come here.. Why are you shouting?
Come fast. Yes..

What's wrong with him?
There is gold all over.

Come. There is gold all over.
Let's go..

Gold.. Has he gone mad?
What has happened?

Here is Lord Krishna's idol
which is made up of gold.

There is gold all over.
Why are you shivering?

There is a an idol of
gold of Lord Krishna.

There is another gold idol.

There is another gold idol..

There is another gold idol..

There is another gold idol
of Lord Ganesh. Shut up!

Shut up. Let me check first.


Please forgive me, Lord Krishna.

What's in there?

Oh, God! What happened?

What's that? What's that?

Have you seen a ghost?

Pappi, stairway to hell.

Check it out!

What have you found?

It's brass.

Should we believe him or not?

It's brass.
You have spoiled 15 minutes.

What's my fault?
He said that it was gold.

Do heck with it! Oh, no!

What else was running on TV?

Qutub Minar is being
shifted from Mehrauli. Why?

Aeroplanes might
collide with it.

Where is it being shifted to?

They have seen a place on
the other side of the Yamuna.

How will they shift it?

They will make a flyover.

After that,
it will be shifted on wheels.

On wheels? Yes.

Did you hear anything?

Let's go..

Come on..


Hail Lord! Please save us.

It seems we have
reached the right place.

In ancient times, people used to
hide the treasure in the temples.

You are right.
Shall I start digging?

What! Digging.

You say, 'Digging'.
I hear something else.

Oh, God!

What do you think
that you will find

inside this broken chest?

He was checking it, so,
I thought of doing the same.

we find the way unexpectedly.

Just forget it. Come here.

Tell him. It's already 4 a.m.

You talk rubbish.

Find the door.

Ajji! Yes.

Look here. Go there and check..

Ask me to do anything.

It's completely dark inside.
Jump inside.

Shall I jump? Go ahead.

He is finished. Oh, God!

I asked him to check
before jumping.

You just asked him to jump.
I see.


Tuffy.. Tuffy, where are you..

What are you doing here?
I am searching for my dog.

I have lost my dog. What?

Did your dog escape
from your house?

At this time?
Mr. Tejpal, you can ask Jaggi.

I am supposed to get money..
Where did you meet him?

Where did you meet him?
Come with me.

Mr. Tejpal.. Sit..

What have I done? Kickstart it!

I was searching for my dog.
Let him sit.

Why are you taking me along?

Let me find my dog.

Who is it.. There's no one!
I told you before.

I'll not let anyone
enter this building..

Have you gone mad! I'll not let
them enter.. Someone is here!


I'll not let you demolish this
mansion to build a market place..

Who's inside..
No one is going to demolish your house.

Please calm down! Who is inside?

Who is it..
No one's going to demolish it..

Kallu.. Yes.

The front wall is damaged.

What? Yes.

Check and tell me if the
front door is broken or not.

Yes, it's broken..

What are you doing? Move aside.

The front door! You're pointing
a gun at me! Check the door!

Okay! Check the door! Hold on.

There's a wall..

What's inside the wall?
That means..

Someone's inside the house!
You mean inside the wall?

Yes. What?

I'll not spare you..

I'll not spare anyone..

I won't let anyone come inside.

Hey, I can smell gold.

Look, there's a door ahead.

A closed door!

It's locked from outside!

How do we.. How can you..

Let me see!
Come on, Mr. Detective.

We've to break it open.

Let's smash this door.

Let's try from the other side.
Come on!

Come on..

Aim for the sweet spot.
The centre.

Bless us, God.. Bless us, God..

One.. Two, three..

Who was that.. Open the door.

Who is it..
How did you get here..

How did you come here..
Where were you.. Pappi!

Pappi.. Pappi.. Listen!

How did you get here..

I found the way to the safe.
Come on..


Sir.. A dog..

Right.. Straight..

Come on.. Come on, Pappi.

Don't start jumping.

Electricity must be there.

Come on.. Electricity..

The lights are on!
Come on, Pappi.

Let's open this up.

Bless us, God!

Pappi was right.
It's six feet long!

This must be packed with treasure.
Thank you, God..

Look at that picture.
It looks weird.

Bless us, Lord!

Haggu, get started. Yes, boss.

Come on, my friend,
show us your magic.

Come on.. Calm down!
Quiet, guys!

How did you get here?
Let me work peacefully.

Do your work quietly
and get out of here.

That old man is firing
bullets outside.


Haggu! Say something at least!
Come on! Tell me.

Five and a half turns..
It's perfect.

Come on, you beauty..

Open up, damn it! Hey! Oh, no!

I'll buy Chandni Chowk..
Let it open, first.

Hey, radio head! Stop now!

The lever inside this is jammed.
We need to cut it open.

What is a lever?
The lever is jammed! Shut up!

You.. How can the lever be..

Tejpal, this..
Jagjit entered through this gate.

Babbe and Ajji
were also with him.

Hey, you can go and find your dog.

Hey! Find Jaggi! Okay, sir.

Is it done? Almost done.

Hey, come on, open it up.

Come on, open up.

Let me touch this once!
Let me touch..

Goods had come from the
Red Fort to this place.

I think it must have
belonged to princess Jodha.

Guys, if you trust me

this statue of Lord Krishna
will be worth millions. Hey!

We'll not steal God's statue.

Rest of it is also worth millions!
And that's enough!

What's this?
What are you saying?

Going by your logic,
stealing anything would be not right.

But we have come here to steal.

Neither does God have a
problem with us taking it. Hey!

Let him get cursed.

We'll get.. Hey..

What are you doing?
Who was that?

Who else could it be!

Who could it be!


GGod.. Right. God!

Aren't you scared of stealing?

We are, sir..
So why are you stealing then?

We are not doing very well..
Else, we wouldn't have stolen.

Hey.. Very bad!

That's just an excuse.
It wasn't an excuse, God!

You've not given us enough and
that's why we have to steal.

I just created this world

and gave it to you.

I don't care what you do with

the world that I gave you.

You are in this situation
because of yourself.

We.. Our fault.. Ours, you say..

We put ourselves in this, sir?

Yes! You are in this situation
because of your greed.

You're trapped in
a cycle of greed.

If you want to get out of this

you'll have to stop your greed!

Stop our greed!
Stop our greed! Greed?

Hail God..

Once my teacher had said this in class!
Shut up!

But I didn't
understand half of it.

Oh, my dear!

As you sow, so shall you reap!

But, God, what did we sow
that we're reaping this?

That's your business.

It's none of my business!

God.. Sorry, God.
Don't get me wrong.

But what's your business then?
What is it? It's nothing.

What do you mean?

Dear, I just said it.
Everything is in your hands.

I have nothing to do with it!

Excuse me, God. Yes.

Why did you create it if you
have got nothing to do with it.

My dear boy! Yes.

Why don't you speak to
me in your mother tongue?

Hey, say it in Hindi!
Okay! All right..

I meant, when you don't want
anything to do with this world

why did you create it?

Child, I am just an artist.

I have just expressed myself!

In the language of love and passion.

It's very difficult

to write love stories. Indeed.

It's like writing water
with water on water!

Excellent! Amazing..

That was brilliant, God!
Water on water.. Great..

Great.. Amazing!

But God, love has brought
us down to our knees.

Now no one gives a damn!

The eye does give a
damn, you know.

Change your perception to view
the same things differently.

God, I think you're just
beating around the bush.

I mean,
I'm starting to doubt this..

God, if you could give us a
glimpse of you we'd have been sure.

Right.. We would've been sure.

You mean special effects?
Only a glimpse of..

A small.. A miracle, you mean.
Just once.

Turn towards the stairs!
Yes.. Okay..


Did you turn around?
Yes, we did..

Okay. Hail God!

I'm right here.

Now I will show you

what you want to see.

Turn around one by one.


God, I want to go to Russia..

You know everything, Lord!

God, forgive me..


God you know everything..






Tejpal! What!

YYes, sir! Sir, yes..

God, tell us what we should do.

The decision is in your hands.

Sin or virtue!

Sir, I don't know
anyone called Jaggi..

I telling the truth! Trust me..

Sir, don't let me go..

Why weren't you
sleeping in the mansion?

You scoundrel,
why were you sleeping here?

I was drunk, sir..

I was high!
Don't let me fall.. Don't..


What do you see?

My Kallu is dead..

My beloved Kallu
has left me forever!

People come to this planet
to leave it someday.

'Be it a king or a beggar'

'everyone perishes in the end.'


Get some sleep!

Your Kallu is in heaven.

And she is happier than you!

My Kallu is in heaven!

And she is happier than me!

My Kallu is in heaven

and she is happier than me..

"The swan will fly..
Alone if required.."

"To see the world.."

"To see the world,
the swan will fly"

"alone if required."


What are you doing here?
'Neither did I do anything.'

'Nor I was able to do it!'

'The thing that I
was supposed to do..'

What are you doing?
'Whatever was done'

'was done by the grace of God.'
You have gone through a lot!

Get some rest.

Fall asleep and float on
clouds made up of dreams!

Oh, yes!

Inspector Vijay
Dinanath Chauhan!

Amitabh Bachchan.. Shut up!

I'm your senior, salute me.

That's like a good boy!
Very very good.

Take out your wallet.

Very good!

Give him your watch and ring.

A gold chain in your wallet!

I'd bought that to gift it
to my wife after our wedding.

What will I do by
stealing your dreams?

Rs. 100 is enough for me.

Now that I've taken something,
I'll also give you something in return!

Take it! Lord Shiva's blessings!

Swallow it.

'The king of Braj,
the one loved by Nanda'

'wait no more,
come to me without much ado.'

You're very responsible.
Eat it up!

You are very honest!

Take this wealth and donate
it to the Kali temple.

Come on. Pick it up!

You should also get to work.


Sir.. Come this way, sir.
Hail the Lord!

"You've made me restless merely
by casting a glance upon me."

"You've made me restless merely
by casting a glance upon me."

"You've made me restless merely
by casting a glance upon me."

"With just a glance..
You stole me away.."

Let's go. Let's get going.

"You've intoxicated me merely
by casting a glance upon me."


I have learnt
something from you.

There is no shortcut for success.
One needs to have good intentions

and be determined.

That's all it takes.

Then sooner or later,
you'll find what you're looking for.

That's all up to God.

You're right.
I got to know that, today.

I love you, pal..
Easy.. I love you..

Love you, buddy..
We'll never steal again. Okay..

"By making me drink the wine
from the love of devotion"

"you've intoxicated me merely
by casting a glance upon me."

"You've intoxicated me merely
by casting a glance upon me."

Sir, Gulab told me that in
the mansion you and.. No..


Is everything alright?

Hail Goddess Bhavani!

Everything is fine.
Hail Goddess..

Confiscate this sack and take
it to the police station.

Where is Jaggi?

Hail Mahalaxmi..

I have to break his leg!

I have to teach him a lesson!

Confiscate it and take it
to the police station..

Hail Goddess Kali!

I have to go..

Hail Bajrangbali!


Hey, read it out.

Oh, my!

Oh, my! You're alive!

I won the lottery!

I won the lottery..

I won the lottery..
God has finally listened to me.

Mr. Pappi! I..

Oh, my! Rub my feet..

I have won the lottery!

Don't be upset, dear.
Freshen up and come to my place.

We'll go to the temple
from there itself.

We'll get married today itself.

I have won 2 crore rupees!

Sir, listen to me.

You're having a misconception.
I'll teach you a lesson, now.

You're not getting me.
Why would I hit Pappi!

He is like a brother to me.

Here we are. I'll teach you..

Sir! Greetings!

The police told me
that you did everything

possible in order to help me.

Hey, Jaggi!

What did you do?

Nothing as such.
He's taking me on a ride.

Are you getting married, today?

But you should've.. Let it be!

You'll be in big trouble.
I know that. Relax.

Hello, Inspector.

What could I say when the
kids have already decided.

Please forgive me.
Out of your good nature..

It'll be great if
you could bless them.

Come on!

Wish you a happy married
life, Pappi!

Sir.. Sir, we spotted Bichhi at
the Old Delhi railway station.

What? We spotted Bichhi

at the Old Delhi
railway station.

Kickstart it. What?

Kickstart the scooter! Yes.

I'll see you at the party!


You tell me, now! Has he left?

Yes. Then what about..

Oh! Was it that simple?

Birds of same feather
flock together.

Hey, Pappi!