Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga... (2013) - full transcript

A satire on inflation-hit middle-class Indian family from a small city in North India. The story revolves around our protagonist who is struggling to survive in this spiraling inflation and how he comes up with a solution to battle it, only to find himself in an even bigger mess due to their innocence and naivety. The story is laced with undertones of sociopolitical issues as well traditions that reflects struggle of the 'average' man, while entertaining that makes you laugh ( and cry) at yourself and the situations that one faces on a daily basis. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Tobacco use leads to cancer,
heart attacks..

..lung disorders and other
deadly diseases.

The characters shown
in this film or program..

..don't support the use of any type
of tobacco products..

..such as Beedi, Cigarettes,
Khaini, Zarda, etc..

..or their promotion in any manner.

Tobacco use leads to cancer..

..heart attacks, lung disorders
and other deadly diseases.

The characters shown
in this film or program..

.. do not support the use of any type
of tobacco products..

..such as Beedi, Cigarettes,
Khaini, Zarda, etcetera..

..or their promotion in any manner.

We see 50 new patients daily.

In a month around 1000.

80 to 90% of mouth cancer
is due to tobacco chewing.

This is Mukesh's story.

My name is Mukesh.
I used tobacco product for 3 years.

I got cancer. Now I've an operation.

Probably, I can't say anything more.

Alas! Mukesh didn't survive.

And he was only 24 years old.

All tobacco products leads to death.

Sponge like lungs of humans
is made to absorb air.

But some people use it
to absorb smoke of cigarettes.

If you squeeze the lung of a smoker..

..then you'll find so much tar of years
which leads to cancer.

So much tar is enough to make you sick,
very sick.

"Wretched income has gone sterile
and inflation is fertile"

"Everyday it gives birth
to a new price hike"

"Wretched income has gone sterile
and inflation is fertile"

Everyday it gives birth
to a new price hike"

"Even enemy won't be so cruel..."

"It has killed us in such a way...

This inflation this inflation"

"We've been had left right and center"

"We've been had left right and center"

(No lyrics)

"Pizzas and burgers have
become like a dream"

"Lentils have become
like a rare fishes in curry"

"Forget tears from onions,
prices make man cry"

"Forget tears from onions,
prices make man cry"

"Expenses of wedding have made
one go bachelor for life"

"We've been had left right and center"

"We've been had left right and center"

"One... Two... Three... Four"

"We've been had left right and center"

"We've been had left right and center"

"We've been had left right and center"

"We've been had left right and center"

"We have been had"

"We have been had"



Hey, Gopal! (Shouts)

What is it, Dad?

Get up.
Your result is already out.

How could it come so soon.
- It has.

Sanjoo's son has already seen it
and he's passed.

I'll look later.
Let me sleep.

What will you see after
power outage.

Where is your Roll Number?

It's there, under the lamp in the
house temple. - Below the lamp.

How dumb!

Oh, crap.

Hey, your admission ticket
is oil stained...


Where is he gone?

Hey, Gopal!

Where he is gone this early morning?

Do you know?

Why is inflation so high in the country?

Why food has become so expensive?

Because, after selling'em expensive,
the entire money... siphoned off to foreign banks.

Country has no money at all.

Vedpal is right.
There is no money in the country?

That's right.

And you know?

How much of our money
is lying in Swiss Banks?

About 280 billion.

Brother, just a minute.

Is it 280 million or billion?

Hey, it's 280 billion!

What is it bro?

Count man!
How many zeros are after 280?

It appears to be an egg shop.

And all that money is ours.

How is it ours?

Why not?

Aren't we the ones who paid
them through our noses.

And all of it is black money.

Black money.
- Hey!

Weren't you saying
it's our money...

...and now it's black money?

It's not with us so it's black.

They took it from us, isn't it?

Do you know?

If all this money comes
back to our country...

...then everyone in
the country can..

..get 4 hundred thousand rupees.

Four hundred thousand.
- 400,000/- !

Each person four hundred thousand.

Four hundred thousand!

Yeah every man four hundred thousand.

And women?
- 10 bucks.

You mean, every person?

Meaning, kids too?

For that we will have
to raise our voices.

Mike testing! Hello! Hello! Hello!

Hello, 1, 2, 3.

Hello. It's here.

Our voices have to be heard
at the topmost level.

When the entire country
will pressurize...

...then only money will come back.
Our money.

Will have to start a revolution.

We'll have to get together here
for two hours everyday...

...then our voices will be...
- Hey, it got flat again..


Again have puncture.
- Look at it.

Man, I told you many times
that you change this tube.

Does a tube last after 5 punctures?

Look, what happened.

What to see.
Your tyres are also gone case.

Just fix this puncture this time.

After this I'll get a tubeless tire.

Oh well!
So what are we going to fix then?

How will we earn to survive?

It's frustrating how companies
keep inventing new problems.

Vedpal-ji. - Yeah.
- Will Mr. Puttan come today?

Hey man,
since last four or five days...

Hey, Gopal! Come here.

Come here.

How was your result?

Nothing great.

You got through, isn't it?
- Tigers never pass (stay close), uncle.

They stay deep in the jungle.
- Hey, keep quite.

Didn't I say it right?

Okay, tell me one thing.

Where is Puttan now-a-days?
He is not seen.

Actually there is a lot of work
in the office... he comes home late.

I need a favor from him
- I need a favor from him.

So, why don't you go
and meet him there?

You will find him there in
the office, yelling. Go.

Bravo! Well done! Come, let's go.

Yes, sir. Yes. I am tying it.

Yes... Yes, sir. Please tie it.

Legs. Hey...

- Yes. Tie it, tie it.

Yes. Yes, sir.

Yes. Walk, walk. Wow, wonderful!

Yes. Yes, yes. Yes, sir.

Good, well done! It's done, sir.
It's done. - (Cow mooing)

It is fine.


Your work is done.
What a difficult task?

It was done in third service.

It was possible only because of you, sir.
- What?

Hmm. Hmm. - We thought, she won't
be able to deliver any more.

Bring her back after two months.

Doctor will examine and tell you..

..whether she is pregnant or not.
- All right, sir. - All right?

It's fine, sir.
- Then, all right.

Come, my child. Come along.

(Cow mooing)

Sir, shall I bring her.

Wait now.

Just now the stud bull has
finished. It'll take some time.

Sir, it's been a while.
I have been waiting since morning.

So, what should I do?

Doesn't the bull needs rest
to get ready again?

Will my turn come today?

Not more than two in a day..
Come tomorrow.

It will be too late by then.
She is in heat since last night.

Where is it...

Hey, how come she is in heat?

She has a week more to go.

Sir, this register won't be on heat.

You come personally
and take a look.

Buddy, you take care.
- Come, show me. Come on.


Hey, where's she on heat.
Talking nonsense.

Come next week.

Two more guys waiting, with cows.

Tell them to come the day after,
today's quota is over.

And also tell them, Doctor will
also come that day at 11.

All right, sir.

What's the matter, buddy?

You like pumpkins
a lot these days?

Even yesterday you had it

No, no. Because you don't need
onions with it, that's why.

Earlier onions caused tears and
now buying them does it.

This inflation has
really screwed us.

Yesterday.. was in the news that Petrol
prices are set to rise again.


I carry my quota with me.

From here to home and back.

Otherwise, Gopal and his friends..

...burn up 25 bucks worth
of petrol in one round.

Tell me about it.

Look, I am saying it because... the workload is a lot
and only one stud bull.

Take a loan and buy
two private bulls.

You'll gain extra income.

In these times of high inflation...

...think about how to
make extra income.

Dude, if I took this work home... father will kick me out.

As it is,
he keeps bickering about my job.

How's your wife's Parlour doing?

How'd it run?

One doesn't have money for food,
How can he spend on beauty?

She is barely making it.

Now, this is six inches.

It's too less.

And, this is ten inches.

- This is fine. This much is okay.

Sister, but...?
- Hey, it's nothing.

After seeing that much
he'll go blind.

Man's intentions slip much
faster his hands.

Still, if you want, It can
be done up to knees too.

But won't it cost even more?

But first night comes only once
in a lifetime, isn't it?

Just imagine this as a
gift for your husband.

Hey, no. Why unnecessary expenses?

He's gonna take gifts
all his life.

Make it fast, Noori sis. Quick!

Her Bidai (bride send off) would
be over within an hour.

Bindiya! - Yes.
Get started, please.

Bring out the heater. - Yes, sis.
- I did not inform anyone at home.

Mother has been crying
since morning.

Don't you worry.

I'll do fine waxing.

You'll get so much love
in your marital home...

...the you'll never remember
maternal home.

Come on, Sister...



You got your eyebrows
done recently?

Yes, that is...

Actually, day before yesterday
it was Vibha's wedding... I got it done with her.

It's not done properly.
Let me see.

It's okay, sister.

Hey, I am not going to charge you.

Let me at least make it right.

- Yeah.

I am noticing for so many years... always look so chick.

What's the secret?

You see, I am fond of staying
chick since childhood.

My Papa maintained that.

First dress then address.

So, I remain chick...

...and maintain others too.



Why don't you get
your hands waxed.

It doesn't look good, you see.

This evening there is reception...
- But sis...

Hey, don't get it done completely.

till here there will be bangles.

Just get it done above that.

Hundred bucks will take
care of both the hands.

Isn't it, Parul?
- Yes, sis, get it done.

I will pay for it.
A gift from me to your husband.


Hey, how could you say that, man?
Do we look like thieves?

Nobody looks like a thief,
it is the theft that is visible

Haven't I told you,
I ain't going anywhere.

All the bills are in your name.
It is you who will be sued.

Let there be any law suit.

I'm not going to get up from this chair.
- Then fine.

Whether you go on chair or on
foot. You'll have to come.

Hey, why are you just watching?
Ring up and call Puttan.

I did.
- So why isn't he here?

He doesn't have an airplane.
He's coming.

What happened?
- Noori, just look.

He's talking about taking me
to police station.

Says we are stealing electricity


How can you accuse us like that?

I am not saying it just like that,
Ma'am. I have proof.

I have shown him all the bills.
But he isn't agreeing.

He's bent upon making me a thief.
- He will take me to police station.

It's not the matter of bills, uncle.

You're tapping wire on terrace
for illegal electricity use.

You dumbo!

Will electricity come through
wire or come walking?

Hey, uncle...
- What's the matter, Nagpal?

Why's so much hullaballoo?
- Listen to him, Satpal.

Says electricity comes through
a wire at your place.

A case will be filed.
- (Chuckles)

Bro, our homes also get
electricity through wires.

Entire colony has the same system.

Did you guys have same tutor
during childhood?

Sister, she's calling you.

Shut up, you sister's sidekick..!

Sister, come quick.
Bride will be sent off soon.

Only one leg is left..
just wait I'll be there.

Hey, Puttan!

Puttan, where were you all this time?

Look at him. He is after my life.

Says, he'll call the police.
- Hey, who's calling the police?

Even police can't do
anything in this?

Government has laid the wires, right?
- Uncle, I am here.

What are you doing here?
Go get water for him.

Sir, please sit down.
- I am not calling for police.

Since then he himself is
calling the police.

I only said,
looping wire is against the law.

Yeah, yeah.
As if you are the law keeper.

Just a minute, dad.

Yes? - But everyone loops the
wire in the neighborhood

And remove it in the morning.
- Ma'am, there are lots of thefts...

...but thief is one
who gets caught.

Go upstairs and see.
The looped wire is still there.

Ask him.

In the excitement of result,
I forgot to remove it. - Yeah.

Hey, it was your result day.
What happened?

It's done. Oh, wow! Bravo.

was it you who put the loop wire?

Uncle, it's not the case of
putting illegal wire...

...the case is that you
forgot to take it out.

Useless fellow, you could have
at least removed the wire... couldn't clear intermediate exams.
- What do you mean?

You did not tell me
that you failed?

I told you.
- Shut up.

Did he say that?
- No.

He did not say he failed.
- Did he tell you?

- Failed.

Did he say?
- No he did not say fail. - Then?

Sister, they're persistently
calling from their house.

Also they've begun crying as
bride is being sent off.

You better come.

All right, ask her to show only
one waxed leg and manage.

When she comes back
I'll do the other one.

Sir, shall I show one leg...
Should I make a case.

Puttan, see.

See, he is going to make a case.
- Dad... - Hey, no... - No, no.

Come this way for a minute.

Brother, electricity is quite expensive.
So, we've to do it.

It's all up to you now.

Brother, we too have to do our duty
in this high inflation.

You better show me.

What currency is this, bro?

50 bucks?
This doesn't work in illegal work.

No, no. It's banned since long.

Brother, expenses have increased a lot.

Third time he has failed.

Even one leg is not finished yet.

Who's leg is it?

And what should I do
if he has failed?

Bro, if I let you start
counting my expenses...

I have two marriageable sisters.

Have mother, father. Have a child.

Wife is due again. You see now..

You feel like giving 2000,
isn't it?

How do you manage all this?

This is how it is done, man.
We have to manage this way.

Come. Now say thank you to my dad.

Come on, say it.

Thank you, uncle.

Just remember to remove
the looped wire.

Hey, first you get lost from here.

Man he is...
- He is like that. Let him be.

Where are you going, Puttan?

Let me see him off
- He'll go by himself.

Are you holding his tail?

Come on, you take this back!

Brother, brother!

Come on now.
Come. There may be a traffic jam.

You better get going.
- Get lost!

All right.

Where's Gopal gone?

Gopal failed and I'd have
gone to jail. Got it?

Has he failed again?
- Yes.

You're asking as if
he never failed.

Hey, Puttan!
- Gopal! Gopal! - Listen to me.

Dad, listen.
- Without asking me...

...without telling me you
are stealing electricity!

Damn you!
You will surely save petrol.

It means you aren't yet drunk.


However drunk I am,
I never forget this job.

Are you getting it? Yeah?

Here we are.

We have reached.
- Yeah, we have.

We are home.

This Rum was not strong.

Dude, me too wondering
why I am not high!

If Rum is not strong enough, Vedpal... would it drown our sorrows?


Then what we will do?

We are here.

Let's go, man.

Okay, bro. Okay, listen.

Puttan. Make sure to come for
our gathering tomorrow.

It's been four days, man.
- I don't.. understand...

No, it's just...
I don't understand.

Okay, come for just 10 minutes.
What else?

When should I come?
- You have to come tomorrow.

Okay, I'll come tomorrow.
- Hey bro...

You take care, okay?
- I am fine.

No, buddy, I am fine. - And don't
quarrel at home. - Hey, I' won't.

I will come tomorrow.

Hey, there are so many eggs
drawn on the board.

Will have to sit for an egg
of two, isn't it, bro?


Come on, buddy.


O Noori!

How is everything?

Who is he?
- That our Vedpal..

You seems to be happy?

Where have you had your drinks?
Come in.

You know, Yashpal... a newborn,
so we had a little...

Okay, come. Come in.

- What?

Dad did not have his meals today.

At least come in.

Yeah... you play your tune
for a year more.?

All right?

And Dad will accompany
you on drums.

God bless you!


Hey, Dad.

Come have your meal.

Why? Did you get mutton cooked?

- Yes.

I'm not going to eat your pumpkin
and gourd everyday.

I've been asking for
mutton from ten days.

But who cares for me?

Dad, everyone listens to you only.


Do you know the price of mutton?

Have no money for peas
and want have mutton.

Do I ask for it everyday?

Can't it be cooked
once in a month?

Yeah, the day it will be cooked
you will get it. I'll tell you.

You never have money for me.


And you had a lot to dole out
to Electricity Inspector... if you are Tata Birla.

Was I paying willingly?

Dad, if connection was
disconnected we'd have to pay more.. know? - Did I ask you
to put illegal loop wire?

Why would you say that?

Do you pay the bill?
- Yeah, yeah.

You keep paying the bills
and let your father go to jail!

Brother is high or what?
- That petty thief calling me thief!

Dad, call me a thief, okay?
- Yes.

That is what I say..

..usually he's a timid but with
two pegs he becomes Amitabh Bachchan.

That way I save money
every month.

What about you?
You just want mutton to eat.

Hey, get lost!

I don't want to hear your
nonsense just for this.

I don't want to eat your
mutton anymore.

You eat my flesh everyday.

Everyday you eat my mutton.

That damn fool!

Has failed in intermediate exam thrice.

You don't notice that!
You only see my looping wire.

- Your darling has failed in Inter.

Yeah he's my darling.

What will you do?
How does it matter to you?

He is not going to keep quiet.
Bring him in.

What have you achieved clearing Inter.
- I'll go bring him.

What great you've achieved!
- Shall I dig out the hand pump?

Am I not working for you guys...
- Go get lost!

Sure, we all know what you do.

I feel ashamed to tell
people what you do.

Okay, then you die of shame!
- Please...

I am not going to die soon.

I won't die unless I see
grandchild's face. Got it?

And you keep on adding...

Keep growing the lineage of bulls.
Go on...

Nobody is bothered about my lineage!
- Make him quiet.

You leave here.

Let it be. Enough is enough.
- Everyday's headache... - And listen!

I am...

...going to get Gopal married this year.
This very year.

Hey man, are you crazy or what?

How many times should I explain
you the same thing?

If you want, you may keep
him for a week and see.

And don't pay me either
if you wish.

Now I should start taking entrance
test of a bull, right?

I've already told you we can only
use official bulls here.

I am saying the same thing.
- Get him an official job here.

As it is,
you have only one stud bull here.

My stud bull will share
his burden...

...and I'll make a few bucks too.

Shyampal's cow is not agreeing.

First you make him understand.

Perhaps Shyampal's cow might
agree with my stud bull.

Take care of him, man.
- Hey, Puttan, sir!

Puttan, sir, at least give
it a try and see.

Hey, you have to wait buddy.
- Please do something.

Why so hurry?

She's isn't willing today.
- (Cow mooing)

What happened?
- Sir, she is not willing.

Yes, I'll tie her with rope.
- (Grunting)

(Cow mooing)

Again, the rope broke.

Let it be man.
His cow isn't ready.

Take her out and tell him.

Your cow isn't ready to mate.

But I am standing since long, sir.

But your cow is not
standing up to it.

Sir, somehow impregnate her.

How will I do it, man?
It's nothing I can do.

Come on, take her away.

Let's eat, buddy.

You go ahead, I won't eat.

What's the matter, you seem worried?

No, man.

He was telling me... eat my flesh everyday.

Say, what to tell him?

Things says in anger, Nagpal.

Buddy, in his childhood...

...I used to take him for
treat twice a week.

Every day I used to feed him buttered
pan cakes as breakfast.

Inflation was there that time.

But wasn't this bad then.

Come on, man!
- Expenses were less...

There wasn't either mobile
not motorbike.

No cable. No gas nor fridge.

We managed playfully somehow.

What's the sense of earning if you..

..can't feed your family properly?

It means earnings are
falling short.

Look, you get your brother a job.

If you get few more
bucks at home..

..It will only ease your expenses.
- Forget it man.

Took 3 years to clear 10th grade.

And has failed thrice in 12th.

Don't bother about education,
get him some work.,

I've tried it.

Put him in mobile repair course.


..he'd learn something and I'll
get him a job somewhere.

I even paid the fee.

Damned fellow left it.

I have put him on job in Meerut,
thought he'll do something.

Two months later he quit that too.


Hey, it almost slipped my mind.

A new Government Scheme
has come up.

Interest free loan, meaning
they're giving interest free loan.

It's some...
Uday Bharat Rojgar Scheme.

My eldest brother got it
for his youngest son.

He wanted to do some
Mushroom business.

I have tried it.

After returning from Meerut...

...he got the fever of
Poultry business.

Lost 10 thousand bucks...

...and had to eat all the
chicken ourselves.

Now you decide.
According to me scheme is good.

They're giving hundred thousand
rupees for 10th pass.

And 2 hundred thousand
for 12th grade pass

Also there is no interest
for three years.

Means, this loan won't escalate
in cost for 3 years.

Whereas the pulses we
have would have..

..doubled in price in 2 years.

Let interest and all that be, man.

(Clearing throat)

What is borrowed will have
to be returned, isn't it?

And if it falls on my head,
who'll repay?

Let him do whatever he wants.
I don't trust him anymore.

Take 300 rupees.

Okay, give him the rice.

Papa! - Yeah.
- Mummy has asked for sauce bottle.

She's making some snacks.

Give the small bottle. - Give me
the card. - Give me a bread packet.

Come on, give the card.

Guys, stand in Que.
- Come on, bring your cards.

Do you want some snacks?
- No, no.

Aunty, be in line, why're
jumping the queue?

Give the card.

- No sugar.

Just now you gave sugar
to the guy before me?

Yeah, but it's over now.
From where should I give?

Show the gunny bag.

How it got over so soon?

I even did not get this
month's sugar quota.

So what should I do?
Should I bring it from home and give?

Do you want kerosene oil?

You better put kerosene oil
on your head.

Give my card back.
- Take it and go!

Everyone is thief. Rascals.

What is he saying?

Says, sugar is over

How come it got over?


Here you see.
He's giving sugar to them.

it's not that of Control Rate.

It's 40 bucks a kilo.

Oh, my God!

That's why there is no Queue
at your shop.

What happened?

He's not giving sugar.

Rampal, how're you doing?

I am fine, Puttan.
Tell me what you want

Give me 2 kilos flour, bro.
- Give 2 kilos of flour.

Here, take it. Come on take it.

Hey, how is this, put on it.

48 bucks.

- 48 bucks.

Hey, how is that possible?
Last week it was only 45 bucks?

Yeah, so? Rates have gone up, man.

How can that be. A week before
the rate was 44 bucks.

Is it me who is increasing
the rates?

Who else is doing it?

Look, man.

Neither I grow wheat nor
do I get it milled.

Whatever rate increases in
wholesale market, I sell at that.

How could you just increase?

There must be some system
to increase the rate?

You are increasing the rate
just like anything.

Drop it guy.
It's not within your means.

It's your every days' drama!

And if you felt it
cheap last week.. should have bought it then.

Keep it back. Here take it.

First give credit and listen
to on top of it.

And listen, last month's
dues are still pending.

You see, I can bring best
alliances possible...

...but our Gopal is jobless.

Otherwise I've so many good
alliances that you'd wonder.

What'd you mean by 'Jobless'?

Hey, in a family where four people
eat drink and stay...

...can't a fifth member eat there?

Sir, how could we make girl's
side understand that?

You can make them understand.

Hello, Pandit-ji!
- Hello!

Is everything fine?
After a long time?

It's all grace of God.
- Oh, yeah!

Now you've said it right.

Hey, Gopal!



Give this to your sis-in-law.

Tell her its meat.

And tell her to make it spicy
as dad likes.

Okay, I will leave.
- Hey, have tea or something.

No, no. It's fine.

How about meals?
- Meals?

You're always in hurry.



Hey, Gopal!

Will you have water?
- Water's fine. Look at this.

It's worth 30 bucks.
Mini recharge.

Full talk time. Talk.

- Yes.

Good that you did not come out.

I've brought something for you.


You tell me. It was your demand.

Shower cap? - Oh wow! Who'll be
the Millionaire. Right answer.

Take a look.

How is it?

Oh wonderful!

Put it on and show me.

Hey, it's meant for bathing.

So what if it's for bathing.
Put it on.

Oh, no. It's worn only while bathing.
- Just once. Once.

Okay, you put it on for me.


Oh, wow!

You look very beautiful
even while bathing.

First mutton, then Shower Cap.

You're in so very good mood?

What's the matter?

I find this is a very good idea.

I too find it all right.

All right? Not only all right
sis-in-law. Fantastic idea. - Shut up.

What's so fantastic?

It's totally rubbish.

Take a loan of 100 thousands and..

..stock 3 years' of groceries. Wow!
- Hey, it's so good.

When the food is taken care
of why to lake up a job?

Have you gone mad?

Does anyone borrow to eat?

Dad, food is the costliest
in present times.

Every day prices are increasing,
we keep on pruning.

If it continues, you'll see,
you'd eat just one meal a day.

That too in one plate.

Yeah, what to talk about inflation.

Those who have money,
they are dieting.

And ones who are hungry,
they are unable to eat.

Dear, should we stock ourselves with..

..ration worth 100 thousand rupees?
- Dad, first you... least understand the idea.

Okay speak.

Dad, you see.

The fact is, our ration bill
is increasing every month.

Is it on rise or not?
- Yes.

Because prices increase
every third day.

So, if we stock ration for 3 years..

..with 100 thousands rupees...

...then we won't have to worry
about rise in prices for 3 years.


And won't we have to
repay that 100 thousand.

Yes, dad. Then we'll deposit 3000
every month in the bank.

It adds up to 100 thousand
in three years.

We'll repay loan with that amount.

Isn't that right?

Yeah. I see. I see.

So it means that...

...for the next three years...

...every month...

...deposit three thousands rupees
on account of ration.

Just three thousand.
That too fixed.

After which let every
provision get costly.

For the next three years..

..nothing will be costly for us,

Nor we'll have to curb anything
in food items.

Isn't it a fantastic idea?

Noori! Tell me.
- Yeah?

When was good curry cooked last time?
Okay, forget curry.

Parathe? (buttered pan cakes)
Milk pudding?

Dad, every year Holi festival's
sweets are reducing.

He was too little during
Diwali festival...

...when we had those special
sweets and goodies to eat.

Don't even think about fruits.

One can think about
other things if.. save from ration expenses.

I too have to make do
with one pouch..

..of shampoo for four times.
- See, all my hair is dry.

What you say is right, son.


It's more than two years
since I had rice pudding.

Last I had it was in
Mintoo's wedding.

Now she has a kid too.

Now you got it, dad, isn't it?

After that we can have
meat every week.

Is that so?
- Yeah.

Are you telling truth?
- Then what?

(Laughs) Understand, buddy.

Hey, Puttan it's a great scheme.

Then it's fine.

We'll go directly to Rampal's shop
and buy every item.

Rascal's shop will be empty.
- Do you see?

Again and again Rampal!
Why only Rampal's shop?

We'll buy it from wholesale shop.

It will be cheap.

And if bought for three years,
it will be even more cheap.

God, we'll have fun.

But keep one thing in mind.
- Now what?

When provisions come home...

...they will be brought quietly.
- Nobody should hear about it.


If neighbors come to know,
there's a fear of theft.

Yeah! - Remember..

..2 sacks of sugar was stolen
from Rampal's shop last year.

Yeah. Dad, is right.

If people come to know,
they'll be jealous, on top.

All right.

Start preparing list from tomorrow.

And all of you will prepare
your own list.

Now I'll apply conditioner
twice a week.

My hair is getting ruined.

Even I am thinking.

Think. Think.

All of you think all night.

You slept?

No. Why?
- Listen.

With so many goods...

...won't we get so many things free?

Yes. So?

So what?


Now I think it's really a great idea.
- (Yawning)

What are you up to.
At least put the lights off.

Wait, wait. Just last item.

- Incense sticks for worship...

Prayers will be at dawn.
Now put off the light.

Hold on. Just a minute.

You and your one minute... is already 1.30 now.
- Okay.

10 sacks of pulses is
to be arranged...

"Om Shree"



Come on guys, item number one.
All right?

Now you tell me what should I write?
- Write my mosquito cream.

For me, 999 mobile recharge.

Hey, first lets write down
essential items for household.

Just one tea pack?

Forget tea, first write the items.

Wheat, rice...


But how much wheat?

How much would we need
for three years?

Hey, but spices will be
spoiled in three years.

Why not make the list first?

Then we'll see what last for how long.

We'll buy accordingly. Isn't it, dad?
- Now, here is the wise guy.

You sit there.

Am I not right?

(No lyrics)

"It appears as though
we've hit the jackpot."

"Happiness has been
delivered at our house."


"Life was simple,
it will turn around now."

"Life was simple,
it will turn around now."

Split yellow pulses, 72 kilos...

Listen to me, Puttan.
- Yeah?

I'm going to get Gopal married
in next three years.

So, calculate ration for five members.

Then shouldn't I calculate
for 6 people?

By then he'll have a kid too.

What else does he do apart
form sitting idle all day.

Total how many items now?

Not yet calculated.

Okay, listen.
- Yes?

As we are saving some
money anyways..., I had a desire since long.

Go ahead, speak.

Say it.


Now on...

I'll use sanitary pads.

It will be hassle free.

How'd I buy so many
pads for 3 years?

Shopkeeper will think
I have piles.

"We'd enjoy loan to the fullest"

"The half empty stomachs now we'll
fill it to the fullest"

"We'd enjoy loan to the fullest"

"The half empty stomachs now we'll
fill it to the fullest"

"Now we've no botheration
for eating..

..drinking and making merry"

"Now we've no botheration
for eating..

..drinking and making merry"

The life has now taken
a 180 degree turn"

"Why shouldn't one laugh now"

The life has now taken
a 180 degree turn"

"Why shouldn't one laugh now"

I need Larpic for toilet.

Why you need Larpic?

Even acids cleans fine.

Do we have to see our
faces in that?

And listen. Nobody will add
unnecessary expenses.

And yes... That...

Oil for joint pain.

And Maggie (noodles) for me.

How much will be needed in 3 years?
- Are you asking or telling me?

From where you gave birth
to this Chinese boy?

"Sure, this handful
of joy isn't permanent."

"It is here on a temporary
base but it is here."

"Sure, this handful
of joy isn't permanent."

"It is here on a temporary
base but it is here."

"Relationships have
been twisted and turned."

"Relationships have
been twisted and turned."

"No business and no loss."

"Goodbye to tensions
for three years."

"I pray this plan keeps
getting renewed this way."

"No business and no loss."

"Goodbye to tensions
for three years."

"No business and no loss."

"Goodbye to tensions
for three years."

"I pray this plan keeps
getting renewed this way."

- What?

Son, give me a little jaggery.

Jaggery. The doctor
forbade you from eating it.

I'm yearning to eat it.

What do you mean,
"You're yearning to eat it?"

Dessert will be prepared
once a month and you'll get it.

Where is he?

This is the key to that room,
which will be with me.

Everybody will prepare a
list on the first of each month.

I'll go in and bring
out all the provisions.

No using eight soaps
in place of four..

..or using twelve kilos
of sugar in place of four kilo.

Careful. Within control.

We have to run this ration
for the next three years.

You get that, father?
- Get lost.

He can't give me jaggery
and he thinks he's a millionaire.


Mr. Vedpal, will we receive
the four lakh rupees.. cash or by cheque?
I don't have an account.

Keeping so much money
in the house is risky.

Brothers, wait for the money
to return to the country first.

And you.
You have come only after two days.

I had some business so..

No, no, no, no excuses.

Nobody will listen until
we raise our united voices.

What's the matter, Puttan?
You're very quiet today.

Everybody will get four lakh
rupees only after a year or two.

Prices will keep
increasing until then.

Think about what needs
to be done about that.

Yes. That's right.

Brother, yesterday you
said the money will be received..

..within a few months.

Not to us, the government
will receive it first.

And it will take time
before it gets to us.

Then what's the point?

I won't get it.
I'll be gone by then.

We still haven't received
ten thousand compensation..

..meant for Yashpal.

It has been three years.

Sit down, uncle.

There's still time for you to die.
Sit down.

we want deflation, not inflation.

Now think about how
to bring about deflation.

The four lakhs will make
you happy when it gets here.

Vedpal, someday you
will be punctured..

..while filling air in people's tyres.


Vedpal will lose his air! (Laughs)
- He's right.

He got very upset with
me over the phone yesterday.

It's been fifteen days
since you came here, isn't it?

Naturally he's missing you.

After all he's accustomed
to having you around.

What can I do?

Grandma says I should
go only after one more week.

And when would you like to go?

I've got an idea.

Why don't you
surprise your husband?

Change your hairstyle.

What if he gets upset?

Men like variety, you silly.


Mr. Puttan Pal!

Anybody home? Gopal!

Yes, Mister?

- Hello, Ma'am.

Does Gopal stays here?
- Yes.

In a Beauty Parlour?

Parlour is up front,
residence is at the back.

Then call him.

He isn't at home.

Then call Mr. Puttan Pal.

He's gone on duty. Who are you?

I am a Loan Inspector.

Mr. Gopal has obtained
a loan for the shop.

So I'm here to inspect the shop.

Where's the shop?

It's not opened yet.

What time it will open?

No... Actually it hasn't started yet.


Loan cheque has been issued
15 days back?

but he's busy in some other work.

As he had no job that's why
he had obtained loan.

Now where is he busy
after availing loan?

No, no.
Not Gopal, his brother has.

Oh. So when will the shop open.

Now he's the one who can say it.

Who are you?

I am his wife.

Whose? Brother's?


So when can I meet him?

He leaves for office at 9
in the morning.

All right.

Okay, I'll leave.
- Yeah.

'For 3 years their won't
be any problem. '

'Will dine cheap. '

Now onwards we'll eat totally free.
Behind bars.

Hey but... How would I
know this will happen?

Plan for tasty curry
and milk pudding.

You did not even bother to find,
what'd happen in fortnight.

That Inspector looked too shrewd.

Did he meet dad?
- No.

One minute.

Matter should not reach.

Oh! For how long?

That Inspector will be here
before 9 in morning.

That rascal Mani Pal, I shall...
- So?

Was it his idea?

Was it his idea?

No, I mean, idea was actually...

This... Due to this nincompoop!

Why're you bashing me? Dad! Dad!

Shut up! Sit! Sit down!

Why? - Dad, dad, dad.
What if he comes to know...

Quiet! - Hey police will arrest me.
Loan is in my name.

That's all.
Just this had remained.

When is he coming?
- Before 9.

Before nine.

You go at ease.
Talk to him nicely and tell him...

...he's left.
Tell him. He has left for Delhi.

For a day or two he has gone to
Delhi on some urgent business.

Tell him.
- Okay.

Meanwhile I will think and do
something about it.

Wow! Have enjoyed it.

I'd almost forgotten the taste of
Parathas (butter pan cakes).

Your idea is excellent, Puttan.

- Hey, who's there?

Dad, you sit. I'll see to it.


Oh, why do you come every time?
I've to meet Puttan Pal.

He isn't home.

Time is hardly 8.45?

No, actually he and Gopal have
left for Delhi early morning.

Very good.

Both have left for Delhi!

Now how'd you manage
here all alone?

- Now...

They'll be back in two days.

Is this Beauty Parlour yours?


So where you will open your shop?

Actually nothing's been
thought about it yet.

But have thought about opening
the shop, isn't it?

Of course, what else?

Do you think we've taken
fictitious loan?

No. Puttan Pal, Gopal...
Why they left for Delhi suddenly?

Have gone to fetch supplies.

It's a big market.
Everything will come from there.

Oh, I see.

All right then.

I'll return in day or two.

To have sweets of
opening ceremony.

Four... Five...

Leave the habit of counting
so many notes now, Lala.

Hey, Mr. Singh. Welcome.

After a long time?
Please come Hey, bring the chair.


- Come, Mr. Singh. Be seated.

So you've brought the summer?

Hey, it's only usual.

O God!
- And tell me...

How is everything?

Your earnings are going to reduce.

Hey, why're you cursing
early in the morning?

Hey, Suman!
- Yes.

Dear, ask Mummy for the tea.
Mr. Singh is here


Now tell me.

Another shop is opening
in neighborhood.

Shop is opening?
- Yeah. - Where?

Come on, the neighborhood is
Your's and I should tell?


It's somewhere in the next lane.

Some Gopal who's taken a loan.

Gopal...? Gopal...

Puttan Pal's brother. Younger one.

When did the shop open?

No, it isn't opened yet.
That's why I'm here.

It's 15 to 16 days since
the loan is sanctioned.

So what did he say?
- Not he, she said.

Both have gone to Delhi to
Buy supplies for the shop.

Who has gone to Delhi!
Like hell they've gone to Delhi.

I saw Puttan Pal going to
office this morning.

And his younger brother.
Loafer. Gopal.

He was loitering around a while ago.

You better have tea.
- Is that so? - Then what?


'Noori Beauty Parlour'.

How long the sheep will avoid slaughter?


Is sugar enough, Mr. Singh?

No, no. As if you are getting
sugar for free?

Hey, it's free for us. No?



Puttan Pal!
- Yeah?

Didn't go to Delhi?
- I went. Why?

Have you ever been to jail?

When are you bringing goods
for Gopal's shop?


Hey, everyone borrows.
Everyone invests.

Where are you using it?

What do you mean?

Where're you using loan amount?

Mr. Puttan!
- Hey!

Mr. Puttan!
- Hey, you!

You will die, damn you! Get lost!



...where are you investing the
loan amount? - Look, Mister... are taking
it totally wrong.

I indeed was going to Delhi.
I'd to return mid-way.

My aunt expired.
So, I'm in a hurry.

Look, I can't even stop the bike sol I...
Look my turn is here.

My turn is here, bro. It's here.


Is the shop opened?

Hey, first shut the shop.

When are you opening
the real shop.


Come on, man.

To start with... (Sighs)

I had to introduce myself
to your entire family.

I am a Loan Inspector.

Are you Gopal?

- You've obtained the loan?

Yes. - Then you'll open the shop.
When are you opening it?

Soon, sir.

Just the goods haven't arrived, right?

Look, Mr. Gopal.

This is our everyday job.

What folk use loan for,
I am full aware. I ain't stupid.

You aren't going to open
the shop for sure.

No. Just tell me honestly what're
you doing with money?

Or else, will make such a case,
you'll grind mill in prison.

Loan stands in your name.

No. Actually my brother he is...

I've already met your brother.

His aunt has died.

All right.
I will give you some more time.

Think till then.

Yeah, go ahead and say
your father has died.

Shop will open only after a year..

..when it will be my death

Dad, I said it for a sake.

And you aren't willing to understand.
- Get lost!

You'll killed my living sister,
what is there to understand?


That Inspector is a bit too much.

Dear, then hand him something
to understand and let him go.

He isn't corrupt.

I have already enquired.

So what was the need to become
Finance Minister?

And yeah. 'For three years there
won't be a price rise, dad'.

Now you realize?

Dad, he also said that I haven't
taken loan for a shop.

You're doing something else
with that money.

This should not happen, that all the
goods are lost...

...and have to pay 100
thousand on top of it.

Good, I have failed, else I'd
had to repay 200 thousands.

Hey, enough of your drama!

It's not a drama.

I am practicing.

He has said I will have to go to jail.
Loan is in my name.


So the matter has come to such a pass?

You deliberately played this mischief... that he goes to prison...

...and I will die without seeing
grandson's face?


Dad, please stop. Come.

Come. Come.
- (Wailing)

Please come.


Man, my life is doldrums
and you're lying here on your back.

Will you tell me what should I do?


Buddy, I am laughing with the
thought of fall in prices.

What should I tell you, Brother?

Oh, now understood...

...why's your tune has
changed now a days.

Fall in price!

- Dude, you're laughing again, man.

There my entire house
is in tensed.

Since this Loan Inspector
has shown up...

Let Inspector go to hell, man.

What a great idea you've
come up with!

I've never heard of such
a great idea, man.


I will take this loan too.

Hey, let the loan go to hell.
What should I do now?

He wants to see the shop, doesn't he?

Then open a shop and show him.

What more. Come down.

What are you saying?
I've no intention of opening a shop.

Look. Open a shop for a
few days and show them.

Once that Inspector makes an
entry in his register...

...after that close it. What else.

Now, if I were to hire a shop
then what do I save?

You dumb.
You have such a big Parlour...

Yeah. - Make a partition and open
the shop in one portion.

And what will I say to other people?

When would Gopal's uselessness
Hand work?

He was not able to run,
so we closed it.

What else. Give your hand.

And Puttan. You don't worry.

This is the best way out.

Yeah. Pinky!

Dear, is hot water ready?
- Yes.

Oh, it's fine. Puttan!

Let me take a bath. I will be back.

For five minutes you sit like this.

Everything will be fine,
you'll see.

Yeah, like this. Good.

Now this is the right posture.

Hey, "GOPAL KA" has gone longer...

...there is no place further.

Why don't you wait,
it will be done.

Why you are giving me tension?

You've done this right.
Got this shop opened for him.

Yeah, but can't start selling.
- Why?

Hey, it's not auspicious time.
- So you could have opened it then.

Till then he'll practice to sit.


That's right.

As is,
his backside is fitted with tyres.


Hey, be careful.

Keep working. Work.
- Work.

not there, it's to be kept here.

What? Why everything you
want to keep there?

Because my Parlour is at this side.

Have to check properly that
no one can peep in.

If he has to peep,
he'll manage somehow.

And you? Won't you also sit here
once in a while?

Hey, paint got over.

What happened?

One more tin will be required.

All he used on painting 'GOPAL'.

Now you...
let it be. It's fine as it is.

- Watch.

"Hey, Gopal your shop is
decked up, your shop"

"May every item is sold
off in your shop"

"Hey, Gopal your shop is decked up..
- Hey, what's going on?

"Your shop is... "
- Enough, of it.

Now go away. - We will leave
but take blessings from us.

No need of your blessings.

Hey, I'll bless you so much that the
shop will run like...

We don't want to run the shop.
You better go.

My, my! How is he acting
for a small donation!

Your son has settled, I won't
accept anything but thousand.

I don't have money,
please go now.

Come for his wedding.

Then uncle will give you all
of five thousand. Yeah.

Oh, so you aren't shelling out?
- No, no, listen to me.

Come after a week.
Let the shop run...

...I will give you the money. Go.
- Let's go girls.

We'll come after a week...
- Yeah, yeah.

And won't take dime less
than thousand. Yeah.

"Hey, Gopal your shop is
decked up, your shop"

"May every item is sold
off in your shop"

Give me a Colgate.

Have I blasted a bomb?

Coming, dad!

Bro, I'll be back in moment.
- But nobody called you?

It's my dad's voice.
Only I can hear.

I am coming, coming.
Yes, I am here.


What's this nonsense?!

2 kilos flour, 2 kilos rice
and a kilo of chick peas.

Everything is over, Ma'am.

Do you give eggs?
- No. I am not a hen.

Give 200 grams Ghee (refined
butter oil).

Ghee is over.

Okay, give 3 Rin Bar soaps.

Actually religious rites
aren't done yet.. we can't sell now.

Then you should've done the
rites completed first.

Yeah, but there is no Ghee for
the rites. Didn't I tell you?

God knows where the damn
Inspector has vanished.

When shop wasn't opened,
he was behind us.

God knows where's he now.

When will you get the
ceremony performed?

Have no chocolates?
What kind of shop is this?


Are you gonna give
me heart attack?

I want biscuits.

You won't get it now.

First, Inspector would check
then you'll get it, got it?

But why have you opened the shop?
- If not, how will he check?

Get lost!


Son, give me some tea leaves.

Brother, give me shaving blade.





Say it again.

Do you have Kishsmiss (raisins)?

No, we don't have Kishsmiss.

In your dream you were
saying 'I'll..'

'..give you Kishmiss
all your life?'

How do you know? I had dreamt that.

It's me who comes in your dreams.

So... How'd I not know?

That's true.

It is you who come in my dreams.

And you make me so restless...

Now what to say...
You're my night fall.



Are you on Face Book?

Yes, my mobile...
Mobile number is also on it.

the song that you play for me...'s very sweet.
- Oh, yeah.

Will you give me through Bluetooth?
- Yeah, why not?

Your shop is very nice.

Thank you.

Friends says that I should marry now.

Then do it.

Will the dreams stop coming then?

Okay, you have come to my shop
for the first time.

What should I give you?


Anything A B C... X Y Z.

Whatever you like, please.

All right give me Maggie (noodles).

You too love Maggie?


"Sunlight too feels sweet now,
night stays awake with me... - Why?"

"Tell me, yeah. "

"Time keeps halting, colors
dissolve in ambience... Why?"

"Tell me, yeah"

"Does it also happens to you...

...what happens to me,
tell me, yeah"

"Sunlight too feels sweet now,
nights stay awake with me... - Why?"

"Tell me, yeah. "

(No lyrics)

"I don't care about the paths"

"Nor the noise of the crowd"

"We are the only ones
in this world"

"No one but us"

"Don't know what magic is this..

..nothing seems as before... Why?

"Tell me, yeah"

(No lyrics)

"Know what restlessness is this"

"Where there's serenity"

"As eyes have said everything"

"What more should I say in words?"

"My state too is the same,
whatever you've said... Yes"

"Can't you see, yeah"

"Know not what this upheaval is..

...that is in my heart
every moment... Yeah.

"Don't you see, yeah"

"Yes, with me too it happens the same"

"What happens with you,
is it not?"

(No lyrics)

"Tell me, yeah... "

The shop isn't opened yet,
Mr. Singh.

There is something fishy.

No, no.
I mean, the shop is opened...

...but they aren't selling anything.



First time I've seen such a shop
that does not sell.

At least come over now.
You're missing since long.

What? Hey, you should have
said it earlier.

I have excellent prescription
for loose motion.

Mix bananas with yoghurt
and take twice a day...

...and then however
hard you try...

Then come here.
Only you can solve the puzzle.

Yeah. Bye.

From where are you coming?

Actually... From Savita's house.

Go in.

What do you want?
- Give me a packet of tea.

Give him tea packet.


Will you drill a hole through
your constant stare?


24 qualities are matching.
- Here he goes.

- Good.

Now see, Day before I brought
the proposal... the horoscope
matched and..

..we have also met each other.
- So what's the delay?

If you approve the girl..
Then let's talk about dowry.

Yeah say it now.
- Of course.

So... All right we will
think and let you know.

If you have any special demand,
please let us know. - Yes, yes.

You see, it's A1 alliance, sir.

Boy is highly educated.

Has a family shop.

Also there isn't any sis-in-law and.. hassles of mom-in-law too.

Take this.
- Okay, this list.

- What it is?


Perhaps you gave the wrong list.

No, no. This is the list.

This... 500 liters petrol?

500 liters water storage tank,

because we liked your daughter... we are asking for
only 500 liters.

Otherwise we had received an
alliance for 700 liters too.

Yes. It did come.

No, we were thinking of
giving a bike in dowry.

No, no. We don't want bike at all.

There's a bike at home.
What we need is Petrol.

But these...

...infant items...

200 Diapers,
40 Johnson's Powder...?

Now see. After marriage,
soon there'll be children too.

But prices of these things would
have increased by then.

You may send it all at
the time of wedding.

But I have one special demand.

I will do your daughter's wedding makeup.

Whatever amount you pay to some other
Parlour, give that to me.

Oh, wow!

What a rational dowry demand!

I've never seen anything
like this.

You won't find such
a family again.

We are okay with it.


So it is settled?
- Are you going to fix it with cement?

Seems, Mr. Puttan is not happy.

If he has any other demand...

...then tell us.

Rest of the things are settled,
isn't it?

I'll have a word within a day
or two and let you know.

I'll inform.

Okay, it's all right.
- Sure. Sure.

Okay, dad. Shall we go?

Okay, bye.
- Bye, bye.

Ignite my life with
500 liter Petrol.

Diapers won't decide my wedding.

Son, he is not a Diaper.

He's a Railway Driver.

So will he run the Engine over me?

Can't he find anyone else
for his daughter?

Brother, I don't want to get
married at all.

Why are you asking me? Ask him..
- The one who is doing all this...

Bhabhi (Sis-in-law) why did you
invite them without asking me?

She did not call them, son.
I called them.

Why? - What should I say?
- Take a look at the photo at least.

Even if she is Miss India,
I won't see.

If I'll marry, she'll be of my choice.
That's all.

Have you chosen any girl?

In that case, you'll only get a girl.

Won't get anything else.

If shop closes down,
what will you say to girl's side.

What's the need to close down the shop?

After marriage he'll run the shop.

Me? I am not going to do this
grocery business.

Also proposals are coming
due the shop, isn't it?

From tomorrow I am not
sitting at the shop.

You'll have to sit at the shop
till the Inspector comes.

By then they will get me married.

Whoever wants to sit, let him.
I am going.

You crazy, at least listen. Hey...
- Gopal! - Hey, Gopal! Listen!

What's this listen, listen?
You wanted to get him married.

Here he goes!
- Now he won't even sit at the shop.

All of them are nutty here.

They are just thinking
about themselves.

Nobody is thinking about me.

I blew up. What else.

I did not even see the photo.

Hey, you are the only
Miss World for me.

Yeah, I am aware.

Okay, listen.

Give me a... Dear.

Please give me one,
I'll get nice sleep.

Just one. One, please.

Oh, wow!

Give me one more.
Just one. Please, please.

One more. One.

Hey, you will be doomed!

You'll have eunuch's
curse upon you!

Let worms eat you! Everything
of yours will turn to ashes!

You may remain jobless, do nothing!
- Get lost!

You may be ruined!

May Lord dump troubles upon you!

May you be buried in earth alive!

Go you rascal!

Are you joking?
- You always be in agony!

Shop isn't opened and you're here!
Even dogs won't pee at your shop.

I might hit you guys!
I'm warning you!

No one may even pee at your place!
- Don't come here again!

Hey, hey, hey!
Be careful, brother.

Why to invite curses
in your new venture?


Oh, wow!

So the shop is open?


Gopal's sho...

At least you should have completed
the sign board?

Where is Mr. Gopal?

He is there. He has gone out.

And where is it written,
the one who's borrowed...

...should sit at the shop 24 hours?
- No, it's...

No, I mean he can go to relieve
himself, can't he?

He can fall sick too.

Is he sick?

No, no.
We all are sick and tired now.

Despite that we've taken
the day off..

..and waiting at the shop for you.
Come, see.

Now see it for yourself with your
own yes. Come this way.

Yeah, show me.
- Look here, this.

Coconut oil.

Toothpaste. Maggie.

Here, see.

Pulses. Chili.

Let that be, sir.
Here, Vegetable Ghee.

Smell. Smell it.

Is it kept for smelling or
are you going to sell it too?

It's been a week since
you opened the shop...

...but nothing is sold yet?

I got it, man! I got it!

Mine is done too, man!

Cost effectiveness.

Here, Puttan.
Have sweets on this occasion.

Hey, what happened?

What was there to happen.
My loan is sanctioned too, man.

So you too have obtained a loan?

Yeah, of course.
And it was his idea.

What's there to it.
You too have some sweets.

Okay, Puttan.

Yes, Mr. Satpal!


Dad! - Yeah.
- That rascal Inspector is here.

Says, you aren't selling anything.

You pose as a customer and go...

...and bring two packs
of tea leaves.

Tea leaves, remember.

So this guy too will
open a smell- only.. or the selling type.

Hey. Puttan!

Live long son.
- You go ahead.

Puttan, give me a packet of jaggary.

Yeah. No... Give me one more.

Just one more.
- One more?

No, write it in my account.

Why to open an account with son, uncle?


Hello, uncle.
Good that you met today.

Uncle, please recommend
about me to your son.

- Can you ask him... let my stud bull get a job
in his office.

Stud Bull?

Was dad here?

Dad, come. Lunch is ready.

After meals..

..uncle is in the habit of
having dessert, isn't it?

Yes. Yes.
- He was buying that.

You're doing this.

Actually our dad is very particular
about his principles.

And it's like.. traditionally
you aren't supposed.. eat from daughter's house.

Similarly, in our place nothing
is eaten from the son's house.

That's why dad pays
for everything.

I would say, the world has changed.
Now let it be.

Let the world go to hell.

It's just one's principles,
that's all.

Oh, yeah.

Uncle, please recommend me.
- Hey, forget uncle!

You... Just have sweets and go.

Your work will be done tomorrow.

Go, get going.
- Wow! Thank you, uncle.

So uncle, First time I have
come to your shop...

Yes, yes.
- ... So I'll buy something.

Yes, of course.

Come on,
go ahead buy whatever you want.

Here, take it.
- Please give me, sir.

Give me half kilo sugar.
- Of course, sugar.

What happened?

Don't you have any weighing scale?

Without proper weighing
you're selling goods?



You created such a huge drama
and forgot such a minor thing?

Entire family is involved.

Means... It's a family business
of black marketing.

You've really thought it well, Puttan.

Obtain loan without interest
and stock up the ration...

...and when prices rise
in a year or two...

...sell it at a profit.

Wonderful, man!

Get Government money and fill your
pockets with it? - No, no, no.

It's not like that.
- No, I won't let it happen either.

At first, you obtained loan
on a wrong pretext...

...and on top of that
black marketing?

You will serve long term, Mr. Puttan.

You are the guarantor for
the loan, aren't you?

He's saying at least there
will be minimum two cases.

No, man. No.

Let's forget the Sastaee (low cost) Plan..

Now I'm going to open
a shop for real.

You also think what you want to do?

You did not take this loan
to open the shop.

It's a tool to fight inflation...

...which you've given us.

Don't know whether we'll get
that 400 thousand or not...

...but with this hundred
thousand at..

..least 3 years will go peacefully.

And punishment for this is
also minimum three years.

Don't you worry.

Seems like this tool has
to be given to everyone.

Neither we'll go to prison,
nor we will eat expensive.


Hurry up.

I have to leave. Hurry up.

Hey, mister! What are you doing?

I've left my door open and came.

Were you talking about
this shop?


But it's a carnival here, Mr. Singh?

Get in a queue. What are you doing?

Brother please give jaggery?

Hey, man...
- At least wait!

Jaggary. - Red Chilies,
Black Pepper and Kashmiri Chili.

First give me tea leaves,
I've put water to boil.


Here's your tea leaves.

Give half kilo of jaggery.

Hey, what are you up to?
Be in line. In line.

Make it quick, man!

64 rupees.

Hey, make it quick!
- Hurry. Hurry!

(Phone ringing)

He is watching through the
binoculars from terrace.

You go in the shop. Hurry.

Hey, all of you begin. - Lala is
watching through the binoculars.

Come on, move. Come move.
- Hey, uncle! He, Dhanpal be quick...

Man, give the jaggary?
- Give me half kilos of it.

Hey, man. Wait.

(Phone ringing)

- In the drum opposite.

He found this place only!

And listen...

..soak him properly.

Consider it's done.


What happened, Mr. Singh?

This the second bottle.

Has something gone in your eyes?

Rascals are dumping
dirt in the eyes!


Found something?

All of them working together
Playing shop game.


One fellow is only buying tooth
paste since last 3 days, damn!

(Chuckles) Really?
- Yeah.

I don't get it, Lala?

Why all of them are
backing Puttan Pal?

They are all the same, Mr. Singh.

- That Vedpal...

...they all picket with him
against black money.

- Yeah.

Oh yeah...

I have also had sweets for his loan.

You are right, Lala.

They all are in one group.

Where does this Vedpal guy stays?

Further, the lane which is
going towards the right...

It's the third house to the
left in this lane on the right.

That Inspector is clever..

..was spying on us through
a binocular.

Yes, but Mr. Vedpal caught
the dude twice.

And Puttan's idea is great, wow!

Hey, there is no comparison..

No tensions 3 years.
I should also do it..

Come in quick. Close the door.

It's 85 bucks.

All right.

For Maggie its...
- It's over. Now go.

(Door knocking)

Hold on, I am coming. Don't break
the door. - (Door knocking)

Doorbell is not working?

No Electricity. Who're you?

Is Gopal there?


He is at the shop.

I can't go there.

Will you please call Gopal here?


- Come here.


Aren't you Ration Pal's daughter?

Yes, Rampal's.

Yeah, I mean ration shop's Rampal.

Hey, where's my undershirt?

It's there on bed.

You're here?

My parents know everything now.

They are marrying me off
somewhere else.

You know, I had been locked up
since yesterday.

I escaped and came to you.

That's why she's breathing
so hard.

Hold on. I'll bring water.

I have left the house.
Look at this.

What's this?
- My age certificate.

I am 18.

We can get married
at the Police Station.

These days TV Channel
guys also come there.

We shouldn't be scared.

Is this a marriage
or a Reality Show?

Bhabhi (sis-in-law), so soon?

I praise Lord.

Hey, come on...
Should I go in towel?

Look, she's here to get married.
Get ready fast.

With whom?
- Uncle.

(Stammers) Brother...

I am Rampal's daughter.

(Door knocking) - Papa!
- Hey, Puttan!

Please don't tell him I am here.

(Door knocking)
- Yeah, I am opening.


Suman came here?

I am 18 years of age.
Nobody can force.

Look, Suman. Come back home.

- You've no shame?

You've insulted us
before everyone?

By the way, as per the law
they can marry on their own.

Oh, oh!

A fictitious loan..
a fictitious shop...

Don't teach us law.

Get lost. Teaching me law!
- Bhabhi! - It's wrong! - You shut up!

Hey, Puttan!
You too are doing wrong.

As if you were being right?

Selling 45 bucks worth flour at 48.

So for 3 Bucks, you will take
revenge from my daughter?

Because of 3 Rupees
my life is ruined.

Three rupees!

Uncle, I was getting many
wedding proposals..

- And I was offered huge dowry too.

But I have refused.

I don't want dowry...

...I need Suman.

Want Suman?
- How will you feed her?

Don't worry about food,
That can be taken care of.

Man, who has left the door open?


Rampal, you!
- Hello.

Who's this girl?
- I'm Suman.

Hey, Puttan Pal.
Want to resolve the matter or what?

And don't ever think..

..we are from girl's side
so we'd be pressurized.

- Hey, whats this girl's side matter?

Dad, we want to marry.

And here is my age certificate.

I'm already 18 years old.
- Hey, you keep quiet! - Okay, all right.

Enough of drama, uncle.

You ask Gopal to send
our daughter home, quietly.

Has he held your daughter by force?

Dad, not held...

...but has misled my daughter.


Ma'am, the girl is 18 years old?

If 18 years old can choose Govt.
Why not a husband?

Police is here. - It belongs to him.
Put it on. Put this on.

Arrest all of them.
All are involved in this.

Who's he? Where's the police?

Black pants guy.
- At the shop.

All are involved.

Bring him too.

Make all of them stand here.

Get hold of him too.
- Now where to make who stand...

Hey, what happened?
- Everyone will go to jail.

Why would we go to jail?

What have we done?

Mr. Vedpal...
- A minute, Puttan.

At least listen.
Tell me what is it?

Will someone tell me
what's going on?

Locking it up.
It's a fictitious shop.

Fictitious shop? Who says so?

I am saying.

Me. Your mind spins so fast, isn't it?

You will go to jail with
the same speed.

Why we will go to jail?
Our shop is running.


And where does it travel to?

To Vedpal's house?

Isn't he the one who says,
'Get back the black money'?

Bring back black money.

All your black money comes
back to his house?

By hoarding you're misusing
Government funds.

Isn't it?
- And you! You all are supporting him?

What happened, Mr. Singh?

They have been playing games
for a while now..

Finally they are caught today.
- You are after our life, sir!

Customers are at the shop,
and you are saying we're playing games?

Where are customers? Who is there?

Where? Oh yes, so you are a customer?
What have you bought?

What have you bought? - Gram flour.
- Yes, where is his sugar?

What have you brought?

I had come to buy, sir.
- Look, what he came to buy.

So many customers are here,
and nobody bought anything.

What were you doing? Yeah?

Waiting for me?

Sir! What proof do you have?


Show me the invoice for the goods
you bought for the shop.


we will check it right now...

...what is sold against the list.


Sir, sir. Sir.

Better get aside.

Your shop is raided.

If you obstruct official business,
you will repent later.


Ahh, here are the lists.

That's what I was looking for.

Brijpal, 1 kilo sugar, 40 bucks.


Tejpal. 1 Colgate,
1 Coconut oil, 50 bucks.

Uday Pal, 4 soaps... 36 bucks. (Chuckles)

This is the list, yeah?

Isn't it, Puttan?

That's what goes to Vedpal's
house in the evening?

And you get the money back.

Hey, stop! Stop, stop.
- (Tire screeching)

This is our place. Stop here.

Stop the engine and wait here.
I'll be back. Hey?!

What's this?

Why's such a crowd?


Hey, great you met me outside.

What is it?
Have you caught thieves?

They must have come
to steal from the shop.

Hey, how come you are here?

Actually, you and Bhabhi
had cemented the deal.

Mr. Puttan was somewhat
hesitant... I thought to make him happy.
- Mr. Puttan.

Just for you.

Who is he?

No, I was here to meet Bhabhi.

Hello, sis.

You better bash up these thieves.

Hey, what's all this?

This? I thought I should bring
these in advance.

As they might become expensive.
- It's only a matter of few months.

Just a minute.

Where is it?

Here. Take it.

Please take it.

Check if everything is there.

Take it. Keep.

All these goods are for Puttan?

What? Yes, yes. Why?

I'll let you know.

Take him too. - Hey, sir? Hey, why?
- Check his truck.

Hey, why are you holding him?
What has he done? - Yeah..? And..

So entire stuff is being
accumulated here?


Yes. Where are you from?

Bbbb... From Bharot.

You came at the right time, sonny.
At very right time.

- Yes?

It seems to be a very big gang.

Yeah. Who is your boss?

Sir, he is going to be my relative.
Just a minute.

Now you are Government's Son-in-law.


So may diapers?

Entire family still
wets the bed or what?



What's all this?

Sir, I brought what was in the list.

Who gave the list?

Bhabhi did.

Hey, but...

Noori. Just a minute.
- But that was.. - Sir!

Gopal's alliance is being worked
out with his family.

Now it's mere talks.

Don't know why has he brought all this?
- Hey...


This man has given a list
to Ms. Noori, and said...

...that check every item.

Are you noticing, Mr. Singh?
- Yeah.

We too would have been cheated along.
- Yeah?

We were only here to make
alliance with Gopal.

In this family?

Yeah, what to do?

It was the desire of kids so I came.

How would we know that hoarding
is going on here.

This man is lying.

Where else is Gopal's alliance
being negotiated?

Lying... This man is lying.
- We are lying?

Just hold on.


Do you want to marry Suman?

- See he opened his mouth.

Shut up!

Why don't you say that
all this is for dowry?

Why don't you say it?
- Gopal's marriage...

Sir, all of them are great liars.

They won't come around easily.

When they get a few lashes
on their behinds...

...they'll speak the truth.

Hey, get them in the van. Come on.
- Sir!

Come on, make them sit in the van.
Come on.

Move! Move!

Hey, what are you doing?
- Where're you taking my sons?

What are you doing? What is it?

Sir, what drama are you creating here!

Kindly forgive my children, sir.

Forgive them. Please let them off.

They have made a mistake.

I... I will shut the shop.

I... I will also repay the loan, sir.

Please let my children off, sir.

Please let them go, sir.
- Dad what are you doing!

Let go off me, man!

What are you doing?

Why do you beg at anyone's feet?

What crime have we committed?

Yes, what such crime
have we committed...

...that our family is being
insulted so badly?

How many times have I told you,
the shop is fictitious?

Yes, it is fictitious!

We won't sell anything to anybody!

But this shop is mine.

It's my brother's shop.

'Gopal's Shop.'

Which only sells the goods to me.

What problem does anyone
have in it?

I just want a shop...

...where prices do not
increase overnight.

So I may able to feed my family.

Want to sell, right?


Here, I just bought jaggary.

Here is the money.
Here is the weighing scale.

Now, are you going to decide
to whom should it be sold?



We don't want to sell
when prices rise.

Want to buy cheaper
when prices rise.

What problem do you or your
government have in this?

Come here.

Just keep standing.. Hold this.

Have given him a loan, right?

For the purpose of employment
so that he can feed his family?

That's what he is doing.

If prices keep rising,
How will he feed his family?

So what could be a better
than a business..

...which can feed yourself
at the same price for 3 years?

Your Government is also
unable to do this.

Stocking more than your needs
is called 'Hoarding'.

And when it comes out
in newspapers...

...that from mid- night Petrol
prices are going to be hiked...

...don't you go to Petrol Pump,
to fill the tank?

Is that hoarding? No.

You don't sell that Petrol.

Instead you save some money.

So that... can avoid curtailment
in essential expenses.

That's it.

And the life is spent
in this anxiety.

Fear of expenses have
reduced our needs.

Due to inflation many things...

...have been snatched from us,
we did not even realize.

Not only goods become costly
but along with them...

...everything becomes expensive.

Relations too,
love and affection too...

...even laughter...

Dad here...

The day when his favourite food
is cooked...

...he remains pleased
with me for two days.

Talks to me with affection. My dad.



Just once in a year mother's
death anniversary comes...

...even in that I think
about saving money.

The irritation from inflation
has ended everything.

Relations, friends, everything.

Can't dare to go out
for fear of expenses.

I get afraid that,
God, not a single guest should come home.

Couldn't even take my wife
for a movie for last two years.

Bike sucks blood instead of petrol.

For many years I had a complaint
against God...

...that he did not bless me
with a child.

But today I think,
if there was a child...

.. then I do not know whether I would
be able to feed him properly or not.

Dad, we have come to streets, dad!


Damn you...

...that's why you used to say,
'You eat my mutton'.

Hell with such mutton... which your blood is mixed.

In which your blood is mixed...


And now...

...this damn meat gets stuck
in my teeth, man.


Movies come on cable now...

...don't feel like going
to cinema halls at all.

Brother, get up. Come.

What he says is right, Mr. Singh.

I too... Did not go to meet my sister
on Rakhi (A festival).

I just send money order
of 501 bucks.

What to do? Once a year
we get dearness allowance...

...and eleven times
petrol prices rise.

What we deposit in the bank...

...the government give
4 percent interest.

And inflation!
It rises 10 percent every year.

Better than depositing in bank,
man should stock up ration.

Inflation has made everyone cry.

Does that mean everyone
should start cheating?

Then there won't be
any system left.

There is no cheating here, Singh sir?

Loan, they will surely repay.

And so far as shop is concerned..

..they will sell goods to themselves.

By the way, Mr. Singh...

...Puttan's idea does fall
within the system.

Why all of them are with him?
What will they get?

Even we are looking for such shop.

Give me the file.

Give the pen.


Come here.

Give your address.

- Yes.

Pal Nagar, Sonipat.

Pal Nagar, Sonipat...
- Hariyana. - Hariyana.

Look, Puttan.

Whether you sell goods to yourself
or anyone else... will have to open
the shop daily.

We too have to answer at the top.


Sir, I will open the shop.
I will sit in the shop.

And complete that... "DUKAN'.

Yes, yes. Yes, sir.
Will get it done tomorrow itself.

Sir, sir... May I go?

- May I go?

Yes go.

Come let's go.
- Sir!

You are here...
Police is also here.

We want to get married.

Yes, sir. - And I am already 18.
Here is my age certificate.

Yeah, now Gopal isn't going
to jail either... you can both get married.

Any problems?
- Is there, Lala?

Sir, yes, yes. Yes sir.

Speak. - Say it right now
if you have any objections.

Or will get both of them married.
Police is here.

Hey, no, no, uncle.
Marriage will take place...

...but I have one condition.
- Speak.

In these times of high inflation
I can't give dowry.




Here, take it.
- Okay.

Go ahead take the blessings.
- Yes.

Singh sir, may I drop you?

No, you better make arrangements
for the wedding.


Vedpal- ji,
my loan is also got sanctioned.

"Let the happiness come in,
let the money come in"

"Let the dreams come in,
let them come all"

"Let the happiness come in,
let the money come in"

"Let the comforts come in,
let them come all"

"Know not what side will life's
named-camel will sit"

"One who will get this idea
he'll play in riches"

"Don't let go the chance,
as this one is unbreakable"

"Let the happiness come in,
let the money come in"

"Let the comforts come in,
let them come all"

"Let the happiness come in,
let the money come in"

"Let the comforts come in,
let them come all"

(No lyrics)

"Living has now become tricky, friends"

"Rich have become richer here, friends"

"Living has become tricky now, friends"

"Rich have become richer here, friends"

"Be in the system and find
breaking paths from the system"

"Then only paupers will be the kings"

"We'll sleep and be at leisure
and sing songs everyday"

"Let the bread come in,
let the clothes come in"

"Let the mansions come in,
let them come in"

"Let the happiness come in,
let the money come in"

"Let the dreams come in,
let them come all"

(No lyrics)

"Those who never lost senses
even with full bottle"

"Now they even a pint
gets them drunk"

"Those who never lost senses
even with a full bottle"

"Now they even a pint
gets them drunk"

"Ultimately money showed
it's devious ways"

"Though appreciates everyday,
but it's damn value is down"

"Figure a way out somewhere
to save.."

"..your bum from getting a kick"

"So let it come through cheque
or let it come in cash"

"Let it come through DD,
let it keep coming"

"Let it come through cheque,
or let it come in cash"

"Let it come through cheque,
or let it come in cash"

Let it come one way
or let it come in other way"

"Let it come the way it wants,
let it come"