Saani Kaayidham (2022) - full transcript

The Story is purportedly based on real-life incidents which took place in the 1980s


I don't know, Ponni!

Ponni! Ponni, please.

I don't know anything.
Let me go!


I don't know.

I swear.
I don't know, Ponni.

Don't do this!
Please don't, Ponni.

I swear on my child,
I don't know anything.


I got her to write it down.

You've hardly stabbed her.

Another stab and she will die.

I want to burn her before that.

Where is the can?

It's in the van.
Go get it.

Don't kill her.
We must burn her alive.

Give me the matchbox.

Come on!


Where are you going?
- To get the bag.

Mani is in Uthukottai...

And Anbu...

Hurry up.
Let's get going.



How long do we just
sit around gawking at each other?

Look, you should either
talk it out...

or fight it out.

Perumal, give me my share
of the inheritance.

Or else...
- What inheritance?

The old man left me everything.
You do know that, right?

I don't care about the will.

I am counting on you
to resolve this issue.

Wait, calm down.

Let's resolve this amicably.
- I can't wait any longer!

You got the old man drunk and
screwed me out of my inheritance!

Yeah, do what you can.
Leave now.

I'll chop you and your son to pieces...

and cut off his thumb
for fingerprint.

Do what you can.
Get lost now.

What sort of talk is that?

Did you hear what he said?

Uncle, when was the last time
the toilets were cleaned?

It stinks to high heavens.
Get someone to clean it.

You will find two politicians inside.
Get them to clean it.

Listen, Mani...

he just lands outside my house,
fighting for his share.

The old man knew better,
and left me everything.

You should just go for it, brother.

We can win with just
our people's votes.

We can rise up the ranks
only if we make some bold moves.

But Maari, we don't have the numbers.

Politics, huh?

Brother, just tell me that
you agree to contest...

I'll get the men.

Your face will pull crowds.

We can surely win
without a doubt.

We don't need this, Maari.
Drop it.

Just say the word, brother.


You can clean up the society later,
go and clean the toilets now.

I'll send for someone, brother.

What the heck are you talking about?

Won't you clean it?

If you don't want to clean it,
the Councillor can do it.

Watch your tongue.
Show some respect for his age.

His age? I don't give a damn.

Maari, let it go.

Are you glaring at me?

Did you just glare at me?

The old man was in his senses
when he wrote his will.

Get me that knife.
I'll stab him right here.

I'm debt-ridden and struggling.

He thinks he can take everything!

Unlike what you claim,
I didn't get him drunk.

The old man was in his senses
when he wrote his will.

To hell with his senses.

Brother, tell him to
give me my share.

I won't give him a penny.

I'll kill you.

Giri, calm down.

Nothing to see here.
Get back to work.

Giri, don't...
- Listen to me.

Brother, if not for you,
I'd chop him to pieces right here.

Get lost.

You are going to die
over half an acre of land.

You and your son will
die at my hands.

Look how he talks to me
even in your presence.

I will say what I want.
I'll sock your jaw!

Vasu, what's that noise inside?
Check it out.

You won't give me my share?
You prick.

You want to get into politics?
Then what are we here for?

Anbu, don't...

Maari grabbed Anbu by the collar.
Hurry up, brother.

Hey Maari!

Stop, Maari.

You dare to hit him?
- Calm down, Anbu.

Why did you grab him
by the collar?

I didn't do anything.
He ran his mouth for no reason.

He didn't say anything wrong,
did he?

I've been watching you all week.

You are just a mongrel
who works for us.

You come to our place and plot
against us in the elections...

and you want him to do
nothing about it?

Kandasami, you're teaming up with this guy
and getting too cocky.

I'll throw you out!

Get out!
Get him out of here.

Old man...
- Go away!

Don't ever come back here
looking for work...

Get out!
- Burn him, boss.

Let's chop him to pieces right here.
- Calm down, Vasu.

Having a policewoman for a wife
has gone to your head, huh?

I'll sort you out.

Anbu, don't...

Did you just call me by my name?

Let it go, Anbu.

Anbu, don't you dare
talk about my family.

That's a lot of arrogance for someone
who lets his wife run wild.

I'll sort her out too.

Come on, Maari.
Let's just go.

Anbu, his wife is a cop?

Yes, Uncle.
Does that scare you?

She is nice and tender.

Come, we'll make soup out of her.

Let's sort her out.

Why is only the hair on your head black?

When I was a little boy,
my mother oiled only my head.

So my hair alone is black.

My mother oils my hair everyday too.
But she never oils her hair.

So my mother's hair is red and silky.
I have black hair, like my father.

Do you like your mother
or your father?

I like my father.

I like my mother.

I like the lady who lives next door.

I like their baby goat.

I like Sudalai.

Who is Sudalai?

My buddy.

I'll bring him along tomorrow.

And I like the little baby
from next door.

Don't tell your mother
I gave you these.

I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.

Take care.

You can't just go with anyone.


Ma, why don't you like Sangayya?

Shut up and come.

I just wanted to know.

Don't talk like a grown-up.

Tell me, Ma.

I wonder how they put up
with you at school.

How come your husband
came home early today?

He is drunk.

Be careful, girl!

He could hardly walk.
Go and check on him.

Okay, sister.
I'll check on him.


Dad, what's that bruise
on your eye?

It's nothing.
Go away.


Dad has gotten drunk and
bruised himself again.

Put your bag away
and wash your face.


What happened?

What happened?


There was a minor issue at the mill.

It was about the elections.
And this is how they took it out.

I lost my temper,
and lost my job too.

You lost your job?

This is why I told you
to stay away from these elections.

We need to turn this hut
to a concrete house.

Our girl is growing so fast.

We need to save for her.

I'm scared.

But you come home drunk every day.

She will stop respecting you.

Look, she mocks you already.

Fine, forget about it.

What's done is done.

Apologise to them and
get your job back tomorrow.

Let's not get into any fights
or quarrels.

Let's just mind our own business.

What's on your mind?

The policewoman has ordered me.

Do I have a choice but to abide?

Where did that come from?

How long have you been
having these thoughts?


Everyone around town calls me
"Mr. Policewoman" anyway.

Let me make this clear.

The moment my shift gets over,
I take my badge off.

It's just a job.

Something that pays the bills.
That's all.

You come home drunk every day.
Who will support the family?

Go back to work tomorrow.
Forget about what happened.

Just apologise
and get your job back.

Go wash your face.
I'll make some rice.

Sangayya, let's drink after work?

No thanks!

He says that all the time.

We'll drink anyway.

Take this, brother.

How much longer?

Another five minutes, Sangayya.

Call me after you
fill the entry.

Fine, I'll call you.

We can't afford to lose this job.
Who else could hire us?

Your wife had a comfortable life,
and she gave it up to marry you.

You sold your concrete house.

She's got a point.
It is only fair.

Just apologise to them, Maari.

That's not an issue, brother.

They're doing this to prevent us
from moving up.

Should I really bow before them again?

Maari, we must prioritise
our livelihoods.

Apologise to them,
at least for your wife and kid.

Just come with me.

Come on, son.


Wait here.

My mouth is parched.
- Kolappan will bring it, be patient.

You shouldn't have started drinking.

Greetings, sir.

Maari has come.

What happened yesterday
was a mistake.

Forgive him.

He won't come and apologise?

I'll go and fetch him.




Hurry up.

Go. Apologise to him.

What happened yesterday was a mistake.

It won't happen again.

You call that an apology?

Screw that.

Go and clean the toilet.

Sir, that's uncalled for.

What's uncalled for?

He hit one of my people!
And this is uncalled for?

Kandasami, that's your limit.

There is no place for people
with self respect here.

Go and start your own trade.

Come on, Anbu...

What could the poor guy do?

He has a good looking wife.

He can send her to us
and earn some money.

He can live like a king.

He can travel by car.
Buy jewellery.

There are no caste barriers
in this trade.

I will even give you
a few rice mills.

Bring her to us.

Maari, what are you doing?

I'll kill you.

Brother, he spat on your face.

Anbu, don't spare him.

Break his face, Anbu!

This is so humiliating.

I know. It was my face!

We shouldn't let him get away.

Brother, we must kill him.

Let's get him tonight.


Uncle, we have to settle this.

We must get him.

Anbu, didn't you say
his wife's a cop?

Call Deva.

I will.
- Call Deva.

He spat on my face.



This is the friend
I told you about.

He is here.

Careful, Sudalai.

Watch out for those stones.
Make him sit.

Come, Sudalai.

This is the friend
I told you about.

What is your name?

He is talking to you, Sudalai.

Sudalai, brother.

Which grade are you in?
- 8th grade.

I am only in 3rd grade.
But I do all his homework.

Because he can't see.

He doesn't know what
red colour is.

Or green colour.

Shush. Don't say that.

He won't feel bad.

Would you feel bad, Sudalai?

It's okay, brother.
She is always making fun of me.


Sudalai, it's your father.



Shouldn't you be in school?


Get up.
Let's go.


Don't come here alone
after school.

Do you have any idea
about the problems going on here?

I work so hard just for you, son.

Your uncle is very angry with us.

Why is your mother
still not here?

My mother comes late sometimes.

Hello, Ponni.

Sir, why did you call me
at this hour?

My child is alone.

Just a minor dispute.
We can leave in a few minutes.


Stay right here.
I'll just have a word and come.

Boss, Maari's wife is here.

She is hot, alright.

Anbu was right.


Sister Ponni?

Have you seen Dhanam?

She took me to the tree
to meet one Sangayya.

We were talking, and then
my father took me away.


Have you eaten?
- Not yet, sister.

But she's a cop, brother.

So what?

So what if she is a cop?

No cop is too powerful
for the boss.

Brother, he is flattering you
to protect himself.

Perumal, stop goading him on.

It was Maari who insulted you.

I'll bring him to you.

Do as you please with him.

But she is a cop.

Which is why he thinks
he can do as he pleases.

It's not your face
that he spat on.

He spat on my face!

Let her go, brother.

Your job was to bring her here.

You've done your job.

Shut up, and have a drink.

I'll take it from here.

Boss, don't get worked up.

Deva, come on.

You heard the boss.

Sudalai gets yelled at
by his teacher.

He gets yelled at
by his father.

He doesn't study well.

But I am a good girl.
I study well.

It's so late.
Your mother is still not here?

You are right.

It's dark.

I am scared, Sangayya.

Can you take me home?

Fine, let's go.

Watch out for the stones.

I feel we are going overboard.

She is a cop, brother.

If you end up killing her,
we will be in deep trouble.

A mongrel who took wages
from me with folded hands...

spat on my face
in front of everyone.

Now I'm supposed to be scared
of his cop wife?

Consider my caste, my status,
and my prestige.

I don't deserve that,
at my age.

Just sit back and
enjoy the show tonight.


Vasu, sit.

Sit down, Vasu!


Yes, boss? - Get the kerosene
and the other stuff.

Okay, boss.

Why doesn't my mother like you?

You need to ask your mother.

I did ask her.

What did she say?

She told me to stop talking
like a grown-up.

She is right.

Tell me, Sangayya. Don't treat me
like my mother does.

She never forbids me from
talking to anyone else in town.

But why doesn't she want me
to talk to you?

I won't to your house.
I'll drop you off at a distance.

Or your mother will yell at me.

Just come.
I'll take care of it.

I am the one who protects
Sudalai at school.

This way, Sangayya.

This way?

Yes, come.

I'll be back.

Dhana, go home.

I'll head back.

Come, Sangayya.
Just come.

No, Dhana.
Your mother will lose it.

I will handle it.

No one talks to Sudalai.

Only his mother used to
talk to him.

But she died too.

So I'm the only one
who talks to him.

I think my father is back.
Come, Sangayya.

Fine, go.

He always picks up a fight,
gets drunk and passes out.

Come, Sangayya.

I'll show you my
childhood photos.

Tell Perumal to hurry up
and get the stuff.

Vasu, come.
Your turn.

That's me.
I was a year old.

Why is your mother
still not home?

I am sleepy, Sangayya.

Okay, come.

Vasu, hurry up.


Perumal, over here. Quick!
- Coming, boss.

Get the bike.
- Boys...

Yes, I meant you.

Get in there.
Have a go.

Start the bike.
Hurry up.

Sudalai, you too.
Go in.

Let's go, guys.

Come on.

Let's go.

Go on.

Sudalai, come on.

Hurry up.

Go to sleep.

Where are you going, Sangayya?

I'm not going anywhere.

I'll just wait outside
till your mother comes back.

You go to sleep.

Hey, get up!



You punks!

Get out!

I didn't know they'd go this far.

I should not have brought you here.

Forgive me.

Anbu, who is that guy in shorts?

This is her house, right?

Uncle, that's definitely her house.

I've followed the policewoman home
countless times.

That's the house.

We'll handle the guy,
whoever he is.

Okay, let's go.

Vasu, come here.

Handle that guy.

Hold on.

Go now.

Got a light?

Hurry up and burn it down!

Uncle, come on.

Hurry up.




Lock the door.

That's enough.

Pour it!
Don't stand there gawking.

Pour it!

Pour some inside the house.

Over here.

Pour it.

Hurry up.

Make it quick!
Stop dawdling.

Boy, scram!

Please don't mistake me, Ponni.

Maari's house is on fire!

They've set the house on fire.

Catch them!

They are getting away.

Catch them!

Who would do such a horrible thing?

Run after them!

Dhana... Dhana...



Dhana! Dhana!






You cowards!





Oh, no.





Oh, Dhana!


Oh, Dhana!

What do I do now?

No! Dhana!


Oh, no.

Dhana, Dhana, Dhana...






You wretched woman!
You damned woman!

You came all the way here,
you bloody home-wrecker?

Why are you outside my door?
You shameless woman.

You lust after another woman's husband?
What have you got that I don't?

How did you seduce my husband?

Why do you want to
earn my wrath?

You wretched woman.

Are you here to seduce my husband
with your fair skin?

Have I ever left you
wanting for anything?

Why did you have to
ruin my life?

I hope you suffer.

How dare you bring another woman
and make me share our life?

You will rot in hell.

You're not man enough to
feed your wife and child.

And now you want another woman?

I'm cursing you...

You and your daughter
will burn to ashes.

Your family will burn to ashes.

You want a piece of my life?

May you suffer.

My curse will haunt you.

You will turn to dust.

Your bloodline will disappear.

Ma, let's just leave.

Ma, let's go.

Let's go, Ponni.
- You will turn to dust.

Sangayya, what are you looking at?

Don't go calling her your sister
or I'll break your legs.

Father and son should just eat
my food and stay put.




You can't just sit there.

You haven't eaten anything
since morning.

Come, let's eat.



Those four men have
surrendered to the police.

You've come to see if
your mother's curse came true?

Take care of Ponni.

Who are you?

I am Ponni's brother.

I curse you...
I swear, you will suffer.

You and your daughter
will burn to ashes.

Your whole family will
burn to the ground.

You home-wrecker!

My curse will haunt you forever.
- Ma, let's go.

You will turn to dust.
- Let's go, Ponni.

Sangayya, what are you looking at?

Don't go calling her your sister
or I'll break your legs.

Father and son should just eat
my food and stay put.

If you ever go after that woman,
I will poison your food.

Sangayya, where are you going?


See, he's gone behind her too.
Like father, like son.

Looks like she's cast a spell
on him, too.

Stop, boy.


I'm screaming myself hoarse
and he pays no heed to me.

Your son will waste away,
just like you.

Your case is up next.
Be ready.

Our case is next, Ponni.

Your case is next, madam.

Listen to me, Ponni.

We don't have a choice.

They will try to crack the case somehow.

File a rape case.
Only then will it hold up in court.


Let's not file a rape case.

Get them punished
under the cases we've filed.

We don't have a choice, Ponni.

Only rape charges will hold.

They are here.
I am going in.

Take care of her.

Let's go.

Come on, hurry.

Get down. Quick.

Move it.

- Hurry up.

Get down.


Go and talk to her.

She can't mention anything
about rape, understood?

Okay, I will talk to her.

Hurry up.

Let go of me.

Can I borrow your pen?

What a prick!
He's so desperate.

I hope he rots in hell.

I wish he would just die.
Wish he would be struck by lightning.

Look at his face!


Go in.

I am going!

Hurry up.

Take that off.

You too.

Hurry up.

Uncuff them, sir.


I nabbed all of them.

Take six months off,
and get some rest.

I'll make sure
you get your salary.

Get down.

Case no. 309/89

Mani and co - Vasu, Anbu,
and Perumal.

Come in.

Come on.

Get in.

Just don't report the rape.


It brings dishonour
upon the family.

It's a disgrace
to the department too.

She is a lone woman now.

I can talk to them
and get her a good compensation.

Sir, if we wanted to report the rape,
we'd have to report all of them.

She told me everything.
We know what to do.

After everything they did,
they are being lewd even now.

That last guy who went in,
that bearded guy.

He was being very lewd,
that jerk!

Put them behind bars.

Don't confuse her.


I have your best interests at heart.

We know what is good for her.

Stop messing with her head.
Get going, sir.

Go and put them in jail.

Don't worry, Ponni.
We will get through this.

Stay strong.

So if there's no one inside,
you can burn the house down?

Fifteen days judicial remand.


Take them away.


I talked to her.

I don't think she will agree.

I feel she will definitely
file a complaint.

Okay, I'll take care of it.

Take them over there.


Don't worry, Ponni.
Everything will be alright.

Don't lose heart.

They will definitely be
locked up behind bars.

After all this is over,
just quit your police job.

You can make a living
through some other means.

Stay strong, Ponni.

I am with you.

They've been remanded for 15 days.

They will crack the case
in the next hearing.

They claim there was no one inside
the house when they burned it down.

Deva, stop.

Why are you shifting us
back and forth?

All of us surrendered
counting on you both.

And that guy is said
we're remanded for fifteen days!

What is going on?

Brother, it's a good thing you surrendered.

Or the townsfolk would have
ripped you apart.

Yeah, right!

Brother, don't worry.

Rani madam will take care of everything.

This won't work out.
We should have handled it our way.

Where is Rani?

Rani, forget about fifteen days.
I won't go to jail for fifteen minutes.

Uncle, you think I'd let that happen?
That's what I'm here for.

I'll take care of everything.

Giri is downstairs.
He's organized hideouts for each you.

Stay out of sight.

Until you hear from me,
keep your mouths and asses shut.

I'd rather go to jail
than go with Giri.

Fine! Stay here and die.
Take them with you.

Keep your mouth shut.

Let go of me.

Make way.

Let's go.

Take this.


Come on.

Come on.

Constable, hurry up.

Yes, madam?
- Take them.

Rani, can Giri be trusted?
- Just go.


Come this way, people.


All okay?


Go on.
Hurry up.

Get going.
Hurry up.

Hurry up.

Come on.

Hurry up.

Come on, you jerk.

Hurry up.

Cheat me of my inheritance,
didn't you? Come to me now.

I'll sort you out.


It's okay.
Let's go, brother.

Open the door.

Have they left?
- Yes, madam.

Close the door.

Tell them exactly what I told you.

- Okay, go.

You too.
- Okay, madam.

Where is everyone?

Those four men have escaped.

Where did they escape?
How could this happen?

They went that way.
- Answer me.

They went that way.
- Are you kidding me?

Police, come here.

Sir, how could you let them get away?

I was just doing my duty.
- Answer me, sir.

Let me do my job.

Let go of me, Ponni.
I don't know anything.

Where are they?

I know it was you.

You let them escape.
- Trust me, Ponni.

Tell me the truth.
- It wasn't me.

I am sure it was you.
- Don't shame me in public.

Where have they gone?

Haven't I been good to you?
Don't do this.

I will not spare any of you.

I know it was you.

I'm not going to spare you.

I won't spare you.

I won't spare any of you.

Let go of me!

Don't worry, it will be alright.
- Let's go, Ponni.

I'm not going to spare you.

I won't spare any of you.

My son died, Ponni.

They killed him.

It was all over...

one mango.

Just one mango.

He stole it because he was hungry.

They tied him up to the tree
and thrashed him.

They also beat up my wife
when she went to save him.

They killed them both
and tossed them into a well.

Then they spread lies around town
that I tortured them to death.

Who would believe the words
of a powerless low-born like me?

Why did such a thing happen?

Why did they kill my family?

I only wanted to demand justice.

They hit me, humiliated me,
and chased me away.

My son is gone.

My wife is gone.

Whatever little pride I had
is gone too.

You always complain that
my mother cursed you.

It's not like we had a good life either.

Such a miserable life.

You didn't want revenge?

I did, Ponni.

I even got a knife and a gun.

But then I saw you.
And Dhanam.

I forgot all about it.

Dhanam became my whole life.

This was a new lease of life for me, Ponni.

The urge to kill and seek revenge...

...everything disappeared.

Do you know what vengeance is?

When someone throws a stone at us...

we throw a stone back at them.

When someone spits on us...

we spit right back at them.

But if someone--

destroys everything...

our dreams,

our lives...

our wishes...

our world...


And all he gets is prison time.

Do you even call that vengeance?


My baby.

My husband.

Imagine the pain they must have
endured while dying.

I want to inflict that pain
on those scumbags.

My Dhanam...

Imagine the torment and suffering
she must have gone through.

She must have run around helplessly.

She must have cried out
for her father.

And my husband...

they killed him in his sleep.

They killed him in his sleep.

Could they have done it
if he was awake?

He wouldn't have let them.

I want to kill those people.

I want to stab them to death.

I want to slaughter them.

Their skin... their skin
must have burnt.

It must have burnt so bad!

How my husband's skin
must have burned!

My Dhanam... my child's skin
must have burned.

That pain.

That fear.

I want to see it in the eyes
of those scumbags.

That pain.

I want to kill them.

I want to stab them to death.

I want to chop them to pieces.

With my bare hands.

I want to chop them to pieces
with my own hands.

I feel the same way.


Let's find those scumbags
and slaughter them.

Come, Ponni.

I know how to find them.

I've made the arrangements.

Come, Ponni.

Come on.

She knows where all of them
have gone hiding.

I'd have beaten it out of her,
but I don't hit women.

You take care of it.

The tools are right here.

Got a kerosene can too.

I'll wait in the last room.


Untie me.

Untie me.

For your own good.

It's not that they are my family.

I'm on your side.

Don't team up with that lunatic
and do something stupid.

Tell me where they are, madam.

I don't know where they are.

They all ran in different directions.

Tell me where they are, woman!

I really don't know, Ponni.

Tell me.

Ponni, trust me...

Don't do this.

Ponni, trust me.
I don't know.

Don't do this.

I really don't know!


Please, Ponni.


Ponni, don't.

Don't, Ponni.

I don't know.

I don't know where they are.

I don't know, Ponni.


I really don't know.

Let me go.


I don't know.
- Tell me where they are.

I swear, I don't know anything.


Ponni, don't.

No! Ponni, don't...

Mani is near Uthukottai... a movie theatre.
- Wait!

Tell me now.

Mani is in Karikalan Theatre
near Uthukottai.


At an old forest guest house
near Cuddalore.

Vasu is hiding in a launch-boat
off the Semmancherry coast.

That is all I know.

What about Perumal?

I swear, I don't know.

He fled with his son,
fearing his brother.

He is somewhere near Cuddalore.

I swear on my child,
that is all I know.

Your child's life is so valuable to you.

Did I give birth to my child
just for them to burn her alive?

Tell me.

I got her to write it down.





Shall I clear the empty bottles?

The booze you bought
did nothing to me.

Only the sight of these bottles
makes me feel somewhat drunk.


My side-dish is over.

Bring me something to munch on.

It will take me about five minutes.


Do you have a younger sister?

Bring her along.

Come in, kid.

Come in, loser.

Knock, knock, knock.

Knock, knock, knock.

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

Oh, right.

I forgot I bolted the door.

I'm coming.

Wait, I'm coming.

Who is that?

It's the cop witch!
Come in.

Come on.

You got yourself a side-kick?

Come get me.

Come and arrest me.
Come on.

He is running away.
Catch him.

Come get me.
- Catch him!


He is drunk.
We can take our time.

Come get me.

Arrest me.


After I serve my ten year sentence,
I'll come for you.

Oh, I will.

Come get me, woman.


I'll sort you out today.

No, don't do it.

I'm not a cop now.

Bloody wimp.

Hurry up.

Untie me.

Did you enjoy it?

- What?

Use the bottle.

Get the chilli powder.


Smear it on him.
All over his face.

Put it in his nose.

Get him out of here.

Take the boy away.
Hurry up.

I'm going.

Let's go, kid.

Brother, why are beating him up
so bad?

He did something terrible.

He killed a girl your age.

He just asked
about my younger sister.

You piece of shit.

Didn't you make a heart
with your hands?

A heart? Didn't you make a heart?

Didn't you make a heart?

A heart? A heart? A heart?

Didn't you make a heart?

Touch me now.

Touch me now.

Look at me.

I said, look at me.

Grope me now.
Touch me.

Don't die.

Don't die.

Don't die yet!

You can't die yet.

Come here.

He is dying.

We need to burn him
before he dies.

Let's not burn him in here.

We are surrounded by
farms and houses.

You're saying we shouldn't burn him?

I'm not saying we shouldn't burn him.

What, then?

I've got acid.

Where is it?

In the van.

It's in the van?

I'll get it.

♪ Bloomed yet unbloomed, like a half-flower
An ever-growing sight of colours ♪

♪ Dawned yet undawned, like almost-morn
Like a grown, picturesque swan ♪

♪ Playing in the brook
Brushing your hair on the vine ♪

♪ You're a walking tender breeze ♪

♪ Born in Podigai Hills, raised in Madurai
You're the beacon of Tamil culture ♪

Shall I take his pants off?

I don't want to see
his disgusting thing again.

It's acid anyway.
Just pour it through his clothes.

♪ Dawned yet undawned, like almost-morn
Like a grown, picturesque swan ♪

♪ Dawned yet undawned, like almost-morn
Like a grown, picturesque swan ♪

♪ Playing in the brook
Brushing your hair on the vine ♪

♪ Born in Podigai Hills ♪

Say that again.

I get to Semmancherry and
turn left at the big wall?

Okay, I'll be there.

I take a left, correct?
I'll be there.

I found out where Vasu is hiding.

Let's kill Mani and then
find where Perumal is hiding.

Don't worry.

Let me drink a cup of tea.

I need to drive.

Let me drive.
Give me the keys.

You can drive?

It was just a question.


A cup of tea, please.


Stay right here.
Don't go anywhere.

Don't let your uncle catch us.

Stay put.

Stay right here.

Don't make a sound.

Be quiet.

Don't make a sound.

Don't make a sound.

Kumar, look over there.

Check there.
I will chop him to pieces.

I'll be back, son.
Stay right there.

I'll be back, son.
Stay right here.

I'll be back.

I'll be back.
Stay right here.

I'll be back.

I'll be back, son.
Stay right there.

Where did he go?

Check if he is hiding there.
I'm coming.

Look under the thicket.

Look under that thicket.


Giri, he is here.

Don't let him get away.
I am coming.

Catch him!

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

I'll be back, son.

Where is his son?

Kill him first.

Where is your son?

Answer me.

Where is your son?

Answer me.

You can't get to him.

I sent him away in that lorry.

He is gone.

Go after that lorry.

I found you.
I will find your son, too.


I am your elder brother.

Spare your brother.


Spare me.



Wake up.

Wake up, man.
Wake up.

Why did you die?

Why did you die?

I should have been the one to kill you!

I should have been the one
to kill you!

My hands... these hands...

You should have died at my hands.

You should have died at my hands.

Why did you die?

It's okay, Ponni.

It was my child who died.

My child!






Sudalai, what are you doing here?
- Who is it?

It's Sangayya.
Dhana's uncle.

Brother, please get my father.

Go and get my father.
- He will be here.

Please get my father.
- Listen to me, Sudalai.

Come with me.
- Get my father.

Sister Ponni?

Have you gone mad?
What did he do?

He laid hands on me that day, too.

He was there too.
- I really didn't.


Think for a moment.

He is Dhana's friend.

I am sure he wouldn't have
done such a thing.


He touched me that day.

I know it.

I saw it with my very eyes.


Please don't get in my way.

Ponni, he is a kid.

He wouldn't have done it.

Where were you all these days?


Answer me.

Who are you to barge in
and tell me what I can or can't do?

When your mother cursed us...

what the hell were you doing?

To hell with you.

What a pain!

She's always on about the bloody curse.

Where is my father?
- He must be around here.


I want to see my father.
- Don't cry.

Where is my father?
Tell me.

We will see him soon.
- Stop!

I want to see my father.
- Listen, man.

Listen to me, man.
- He wouldn't have done it.

Tell me where my father is.
- I'll tell you.

Don't cry.
- I want to see him.

Where is my father?
Tell me.

Don't cry.
- I want to see my father.

I want to see him.
Tell me where he is.

Listen to me, scumbag!

Where is my father?
Please tell me where he is.

I want to see my father.

Tell me where he is.

Sangayya, tell me.
Where is my father?

There he is!

Come on.

Let's go.

Hop on, quick.


Hello, Sangayya.

Is there a launch boat that's been
anchored here for a few days now?

A launch boat has been anchored in the sea
for 2 days now, about 1 km from here.

Men have been making trips
back and forth.

What's the matter?

Tell me the truth.

Sister Ponni, I didn't do anything.


Sister Ponni..

I didn't, sister.

Ponni, don't worry about a thing.

Sangayya is like a brother to me.

And that makes you my sister.

We will sort him out.

Ponni, stay right here.

We will nab him
and bring him here.

Put it in there.

Sangayya, this is such an
old-fashioned gun.

It only fires six bullets.

If you'd told me earlier...

I would have given you a gun
that fires 30 bullets.

It's not like I do this for a living.

Take this.

Bring a torch.

Will do.

Where is Sudalai?

Where is Sudalai?

Where is Sudalai?

What have you done to him?

I spared his life
only because of you.

But I don't want to sit
anywhere near him.

I left him on the other side
of the wall.

Have you lost your mind?

Why did you do that?
I trusted you with him.

Give me the torch.

Stay here and keep an eye on her.

You two, stay here.
They steal fuel from bikes out here.

You come with me.





What is it, Giri?
- Did you see a blue Matador van?

I don't think so.

Remember the lady cop
involved in Mani's case?

I saw her with my nephew
in that van.

They came this way.

I didn't see anyone.

Is Vasu safe?

You bloody pest!

What is your problem?
Give me a minute.

Hurry up!

My middle name is 'protector'.

Shut it!

Nobody can enter this village
without my knowledge.

The money you gave me
is all used up, Giri.

The boat has run ashore too.

I need to pull it to the shore.
- I'll pay you. Come now.

Yeah, right.
You are all talk.

Hello, chief.

Hello, chief.

Why is Giri here?
Something wrong?

Did you say it was a blue Matador?

Let me look.

They are over there.
Let's go.

"Protector", my foot!

Come on.

Go and fetch our men.

Hey, Sudalai...


Brother Sangayya?



- No, brother.

Sister Ponni scolded me.

She doubts me.
I am not coming.

I'll talk to her.
- I'm not coming, brother.

It will be fine.
Come on.

Brother Sangayya?


Come at me, you losers.


Get out of here.

Looks like there's some trouble.

Get going.

What about this?
- Don't worry about him.

I'll feed him to the fish.

Pick Sangayya up
on your way out.

Hurry up.

He'll end up killing Siva.

He has a gun.
Shut up and stay put.

I'll whack your face.

They will have to come this way.
Stay put.

He has a gun, guys.
Be patient.

Okay, brother.

He's beating Siva to pulp.


He is out of bullets.


Come on, guys.
- He might shoot.

Come on.

Let's put an end to him.

He's ruined Siva's face.

He's killed him brutally.

Get in, man.

Get in.

Sudalai, watch your step.
Get in.

Get in. Hurry up.

Who are these people?

I asked you a question.

Start the van!

He's got a gun.

Idiot, if he had bullets
he'd have shot at us already.

Come on!

Get moving.

Who the hell are these people?

Faster, faster.

Tell me, who the hell
are these people?

Drive faster.

Go, go, go.

Tell me now.
Who are they?

They are Mani's men.

They are Mani's men.

Why did you stop?
Keep going.

Looks like every man in town
is out here.

Don't be foolish.
What are you planning to do?

Just drive, Ponni.

Don't do it, Ponni.

Come at me, you bloody scumbags.

Guys, hold on.

Come on, come on.

Guys, stop!

Sudalai, are you okay?

I'm okay, brother.

Think you can kill our men
and leave our hood?

I won't let you go.

Come, they are trapped.
- I'll rip her apart.

I'm going to slit your throat, woman.

You can't kill our men
and escape the hood.

I won't spare you.

Come on, guys.

Weren't you going to
slit my throat?

You useless piece of shit.


The first time I saw
Dhana and Sudalai together...

I thought to myself, we'd have been
like them if we'd grown up together.

I'm sure he wouldn't have done
such a thing, Ponni.

What will we do
after we kill Mani?

Where do we go?

What are you going to do, Ponni?

I have lost everything.

I have nothing to go back to.

What are you going to do?

I don't know either.

I have to take the boy somewhere.

The poor boy has nowhere to go.

You won't take him in either.

I have to make some arrangements for him.

Actually, I will take care of him myself.

Let's see.

Got a spare shirt?

Yes, it's in the van.

Let me drive.


I'll die of a heart attack
before we kill them.

I drive way better than you, man.

Yeah, sure.

Can I bum a cigarette?

You are such a pain!

Who is it?

Hello, sir.

What is the boss up to?

He's watching a movie.

Hello, Deva!

What is up?

I don't know what to say.

Say something.

That woman burned Rani alive.

What did you expect?

We burned her family to death, didn't we?

She brutally murdered Anbu too.

What did she do to him?

She poured acid on his penis,
and ruined him.


They did the same to Vasu.

She also mowed down ten of his men
with her van.

I know everything.

Giri told me over the phone.

I told him to come here.
He is on his way with his men.

Boss, take this.

What is this?

It's a pistol.
For your safety.

You are scared of that woman?

You call yourself a man?

Grab them by the throat
and choke them hard.

That will put these women
in their place. Bloody women!


I am scared though.

Does her face really scare you?

When I see her face...

I am reminded of that lovely night.

Boy, I enjoyed myself.

You wouldn't know.

What happened?

Deva is in there, too.






There are three bullets left.

Sudalai is still there, right?

He hasn't gone anywhere.

I've left him at a safe spot out there.

What are we going to do?

I'll have a look and tell you.


Here, hold onto this bag.

Stay here and be safe.
We will come back for you.


Don't be scared.

Who is it?

Who's there?

Who is it?


What was that noise?

Shoot him down.

The gun is out of bullets, man!

Go and see
what's happening there.

Hey, hey, hey...

Deva, stop.

Deva, listen...

Give me that gun.

Get him.

Slit his throat.

Get him in the throat.





You thought I was a pansy woman
like the others?

You look down upon women
with such disdain, huh?

"Pansy woman", huh?

I can't.

I can't take this, Ponni.

Let's hurry.

You're fine.
Get up.

Let me hold you.

Don't close your eyes, man.

Let's get you to a hospital.
You will be fine.

This way.

Ponni, I can't drive now.

You have to drive.

Go and fetch Sudalai.

I'll stay here,
by the van.

Let's go together.

Let's go together.

Listen to me, Ponni.

Just go.

You are hurt, man.
Trust me.

Listen to me at least this once.

Go and fetch him, Ponni.
They'll be here any moment.

Don't close your eyes.
You hear me?

Do you hear me?
- Yeah!

Don't close your eyes.
We are almost there.

We are almost there.

Go, Ponni. Fetch Sudalai.
- I am going. Get in first.

Go on. I can manage.
- Fine, I'm going. Get in.

Go, I can manage.
- Get in!

Don't close your eyes.
- Go and fetch Sudalai.

Don't close your eyes.
- Go and get Sudalai.

Giri, he is here.

Come, come, come!

I just told you--

Why would you do this?

Why did you have to go
before I...

I told you I'll fetch him.

But you couldn't wait.

Why did you go?


My god...




I never once called you
by your name!


Sister Ponni?

Time to go.

Where is Brother Sangayya?

He will join us.

Let's go.


Poor Ponni.

They are doing a bad thing.

I'm going to tell Deva Uncle.

Poor Ponni.
- Sudalai...

Uncle Deva...

They are misbehaving with Sister Ponni.

Okay, you leave.
I'll take care of it.

Poor Ponni.

Poor Ponni.


You punks.


Poor Ponni.

Poor Ponni.

Poor Ponni.

They are doing a bad thing.

They are misbehaving with her.

Poor Ponni.

They are misbehaving with her.

Poor Ponni.