Saand Ki Aankh (2019) - full transcript

Both over the age of 60, Chandro Tomar and Prakashi Tomar inspire other women in India when they demonstrate their expert sharpshooting skills.

It's absurd going to school
every day. The school's closed today.

I feel you're my stepmother!

What difference does it make
if I don't go to school for one day?

Get dressed. Now!

I am not going to school.

I don't feel too well. I feel sick.

Right! You're always feeling
sick when it's time for school.

You will start feeling
better once school opens!

Now go and get dressed.
- I'll go tomorrow instead.

I said I'll go tomorrow instead.
- I am your mother after all.

Get dressed. Now.

Come on. Get dressed.

Don't force him to go to
school if he doesn't want to.

What is the point
of education anyway?

Spending too much time with
books eventually gets to your head.

And someday he'll quote that the Earth
is not the centre of the universe.

Seema, bring my lunchbox.
I am getting late.

Right away, brother.

You look worried.

Brother Ratan, Prakashi had
a dream that I am going to die.

What did she see?

Brother Bhanwar,
she dreamt that I am going to die.

And if the women in the family
visit the sacred Chandi temple

and pray for my well being

then the bad time shall pass.

Otherwise, I will surely die.

She has put me in a dilemma now.

I knew this would happen!

But where is this sacred temple?

It's in Chandigarh, grandpa.

It's a very old
and miraculous temple.

Then let them go.

They will visit the
temple and come back.

What is the problem?

They say only women can go.

He fears she might go to London.

They never even set
foot out of this village.


Dreams never come true.

Drop this subject.

If it doesn't matter to them,
then you shouldn't worry either.

It's my husband
who will end up dying!

I'll become a widow,
sister-in-law Chandro.


You will have to cry and wail.

We cannot deny that.

So tell us a little more
about this dream of yours.

The Goddess clearly said that 'Only
You' can save your husband's life.

I see.


And she also said that
this is not an easy task.

There will be many
obstacles in your path.

But I should not give up.

But the Goddess very specifically
said that no man can accompany us.

You are always hitting me.

I'm not your step mother.
- Oh no!

I've heard enough.

Men can't go, but children can.

Sachin will accompany the females.

Of course.

Now you go to the school.

If they get lost at this age

there's no way
we'll find another one.


Your life's saved,
along with your wife.

Is that our bus?
- Yes, it is.

Grandma, the bus is here!


Where to, Sachin?

Accompanying my
grandmas to the temple.

And you?

Even I am heading to Chandigarh.

Just tagging along with the doctor.

He is going there
for an official business.

But for me, it's strictly pleasure.

In fact, I am thinking about catching
your favourite actor's new film.

You mean Mr and Mrs. Khiladi?
- Yes.

Hold on.

- Yes.

I am not coming to the temple with you.
- What?

I am going to watch
a film with Farooq.

And I promise I'll be
back on time for the bus.

Don't be crazy,

Enough nonsense.
Come along quietly.

- Dear..

let him go.

He can visit the
temple anytime he wants.

Let the kid have some fun.

No, sister-in-law..
I can't risk it.

He will blurt out the truth
the minute we get home.

And I'll be on the receiving end.

Come on.
- He won't tell anyone.

Promise her that
you won't tell anyone.

I won't tell anyone, grandma.

Swear on Akshay Kumar.

This Akshay Kumar will
get me killed someday.

Fine, go on.
- But be back soon. - Yes.

Farooq. Let's go.

We've reached.

Stop here.

Here's the fare.

This is for both of us.

Come, aunt.

Look, aunt!

Welcome to Interstate Veteran
Shooting Competition, Chandigarh.

Welcome to Chandigarh.

Where did these females come from?

I think these grannies
came in here by mistake.

What are they trying to do
at this old age?

Granny, this skirt and wimple are good
for home, not this shooting range.

Come with me.

Do you think this is
a fancy dress competition.

I have a question for you, IG sir.

You've been winning this competition
since quite some time.

What about this year?

There's no doubt at all.
There is no competition.

Do you see anyone
competing against me?

You are absolutely right, sir!
- I know, I am.

I am going to win this year as well.

'We've all heard stories
from our grandmas.'

'But today I will narrate
my grandmothers' story.'

'These are my grandmas.'

'Chandro Tomar.'

'And Prakashi Tomar.'

'The women had to cover
their faces with a veil'

'even while watching
a film on the big screen.'

'To each one,
the film would be in the colour'

'of the veil they
covered their face with.'

'The lady with the blue
veil is grandma Chandro'

'so you can say that
she saw a blue film today!'

Save me, aunt.

Birju, let Rupa go.

I will kill you.

You cannot kill me.

Because you're my mother.

I am a woman first.

And I am your son!

Birju, I can sacrifice
my son for my honour.

You can kill me..but
I won't break my promise.


I knew this would happen!!

What else can you expect
if you let women handle a gun?

That nitwit killed her own son.

Stop it!

This is blasphemous!

But this is necessary.

Strict instructions
from the Government.

It's for spreading awareness.

I see..

The show's over.

Nothing else to see here.

Go on.

Women and children leave.
Get up. Quickly. Quickly.


You too, aunt. Go home.

Now play your awareness video.

I knew this would happen!!

Play that again.

'But this initiative by the government
failed to make much of a difference.'

'Had my grandfather understood
the importance of that balloon'

'my grandmas wouldn't have swelled
up like a balloon, year after year!'

She is really gorgeous.

Look Prakashi

come what may,
we'll never fight!

This is the only room we have.

And another one up there.

But tonight it's all yours.

There are seven days in a week.

You get Monday, I get Tuesday,
and sister-in-law gets Wednesday.

Yours again on Thursday, me on Friday,
and Saturday for sister-in-law.

And Sunday is reserved

for whoever can't
control their urge.

Now listen..

From today, you cannot wear red.

Red belongs to sister-in-law here.

Blue is mine.

You can choose any one
of the remaining colours.

it might land you in trouble.

Once my husband grabbed
her in a tight embrace.

But sister-in-law elbowed him
so hard that he couldn't get up.

Since then each of us chose a colour.

But red doesn't suit you,

If you don't mind, can I keep it?

"Despite the father scolding.."

"And the beloved troubling ."

"Muniya still cooks
the food and feeds them."

"Beloved eats the food."

"Beloved gets excited."

"And keeps giving me a
swollen belly like a balloon."





"When he returns in the afternoon.."

"..smokes the pipe all day."

"My cruel beloved smokes tobacco."

"..and spits all day."

"And never speaks a word to me."

"Whenever he addresses me."

"He calls out to me,

and asks for water."

"And makes me massage his feet."

"Beloved eats the food."

"Beloved gets excited."

"And keeps giving me a
swollen belly like a balloon."





"When he gets his photo clicked."

"When he gets his photo clicked.
Hides my face."

"No one can see our face,
except for the veil."

"My age is passing by."
"Gets angry with my demands."

"Forget gold or silver,
He never even buys me bronze."

"Says that inside the four walls
of my house lies my entire world."

"Puffs like a chimney all day."

"And gets angry if we intervene."

"Never talks to us properly."

"Beloved eats the food."

"Beloved gets excited."

"And keeps giving me a
swollen belly like a balloon."









Catch him.

Get him inside.

I am not even married yet.

You see, sister-in-law.

These men are good at only one thing.

And if the government
puts a ban on that too

then what will they be left with.

This initiative should
never go out of fashion.

At least, we're breathing.

I feel really light today.

Would you like a puff, sister-in-law?


Greetings, aunt!


Yashpal. I heard you're
going to study medicine in Delhi.

You heard it right.

Isn't uncle around?

He's hiding from doctors like you.

You don't look rattled at all.

Not at all, aunt.

It's not for men
who don't have kids yet.

Look at that cow.

She is sick.

She isn't sick.

It's the result of
bearing too many children.

The government isn't
left with any option.

There are more than a
dozen kids in every family.

And aunt, the government
is also giving compensation.

Tell uncle that I came to see him.

Rambir, come here.


Now listen..

Spare me, sir. Spare me.

I don't want it.
Not me.


Then count me in.

We don't castrate children.

But I insist.

Cannot be done.

Will I still get money if
I tell you where the men are hiding.

Run. Run. Run for your lives.

'Uncle Rambir needed the money'

'and the grandmas didn't want
to end up looking like that old cow.'

'And my grandpas ran as
if their lives were at stake'

'at this pace, they could've easily
won a gold medal at the Olympics.'

"In today's Congress
Party Workers meeting.."

"Prime Minister
Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was chosen.."

'The sterilization camp
didn't make much of an impact.'

'Instead of understanding this
Initiative, people got scared of it.'

'Our family kept increasing in size.'

'Rambir uncle had joined the army.'

'Chandro and Prakashi
had become grandmas.'

'And I, Shefali,
was also born in this family.'

Looks neat, doesn't it?
- Yes..

Go on then.

Brother Ratan

what do you think of this shirt?

Where did you buy it from?

And how much?

Prakashi stitched this for me.

Using the sewing machine
Pramod received at his wedding.

Suits you well.

Tell her to stitch one for me.


Brother..Prakashi wants to
start stitching professionally.

Prakashi, Pramod's wife,
Vinod's wife

and the rest know
how to use the machine.

They want to start their own business.

Consider it as extra income.

I knew this would happen!

What do you think?

She is right, brother.

It's a good idea!

Why don't we start
a restaurant as well

since they are such good cooks?

But Brother...

Dreaming to be tailors.

You think the villagers will pat you
on your back for living off your wife!

I don't care.

He doesn't have
a mind of his own.

Nods like a pigeon to
whatever his brother says!

I wish I was married
to this pestle instead.

I could have used it to smash
my head at least, if nothing else!

Let it be, sister-in-law.

Where is my food, sister-in-law?

We ate it.

I heard you're already full of anger?

And you want me to starve for it.

They haven't felt ashamed
till date living off our income!

Now if he comes asking for food

I'll give him poison instead.

You'll become a widow.

I don't care.

His existence doesn't
make much of a difference.

We slog all day in the fields

and they pocket the
profits from the harvest.

Isn't that our income?

All they do is play cards
and smoke tobacco all day.

What else can they do?

Give me that.

I have a suggestion.

You can stitch my clothes.


Even better.

Stitch clothes for all our children.

This is your opportunity.

I don't want to stitch for anyone.

Let it be.

None of this is your fault.

Keep it, dear.

Stop fighting over food

and focus your attention on the job.

And anyway our family is nothing
short of an entire village in itself!

Take it.

Come, Seema.

I had stitched a beautiful
shirt for him, sister in law.

This is really nice.

Shefali, take a look.

Grandma stitched this
beautiful pant for you.

Take it.

And check whether
it fits properly or not.

This is your.

Uncle's back home.

Tara (TV Serial) is about to begin.

Here you go.

Let's go.
We can finish this later.

Good afternoon, Mr. Sood.

Good afternoon.

I am Tara Sehgal.

She is so fluent in English.

Can I do something to help you?

I've already sent my
luggage to my favourite room.

But I had a question.

Of course.

Your business centre
has all the amenities.

Even girls are trying to copy guys.

Why is Shefali wearing
Sachin's pants?

Grandpa, this is my pant.

Grandma stitched it for me.

How does it look?

Looks nice.

Does it look nice to you, rascal?

All the boys will be
after her from tomorrow!

What if someone abducts her?

Don't just stand there.
Put on something decent.

Let her go.

Go on..go..

And listen, bring that pant back.

Doesn't your hand work anymore?

Look at my wife,
she never utters a word.

No one's going to stitch
any clothes in this house.

Straight to the fields and back home.

If I see these girls are drifting

then I will have all your heads.

If I see anyone wearing
indecent clothes ever again

I will burn you alive
along with your clothes!


You want to learn English, don't you?


Then repeat after me.
"I am Fool."




Repeat that for me.

I knew this would happen.

You never asked the chief for advice.

And now you come to me after you've
gone ahead and done everything

on your own.

"I am Fool."

Grandma, don't say it.

There's nothing wrong in it.

Makes him happy.

Do you know what it means?

What is it?

Will someone bring
me a glass of water?

Go on.

Hold the glass.

Have you stopped practicing medicine?


I'm thinking about starting something
worthwhile in the village.

What's the point?

There is a point.

practically everyone
in our village owns a gun.

At least this way they won't
end up shooting each other

and rotting behind bars

or serve long punishment.

They will shoot at the bullseye
instead and maybe even get a job.

Every government
job has a sports quota.

And you know that very well.

It wasn't easy for your
nephew Rambir to join the army.

But now you feel proud to
say that your son's in the army.

Sachin and the other kids will come
down to your shooting range tomorrow.

Yes, grandma.

Seema, will you come too?

No, doctor.

What will she do out there?

Women have carved a niche
for themselves in this game.

And even got government jobs.

Doctor..the women of my family
don't go down that road

they only walk the road that leads
to their husband's home.

Don't try to corrupt the women here.

Guns are no joke.

It suits men best

and they look better with it.

What will women do..
in the army?

But, uncle..
- That's my condition, like it or not

or you can take your
charade someplace else.

setup your circus there.


Fine, uncle.

Now aim!

You shot the pot.

You shot the pot.

He shot the pot.

Don't make a move or
I will blow your brains out.

Surrender yourself, Don.

Your sister is in our custody.

Keep my sister out of this,
or I will show you..

Show me what?

What do you think you can do?
- Stop fighting!

Stop fighting!
Let go.

Stay back, man.

You all like to be Don, huh.

First, learn to aim at the target.

He's crazy.
Aiming at a lifeless target.

This is a boring game.




If you hit the target

you will get mangoes as a reward.

We don't need it, doctor.
You can keep it.

We'll pluck it ourselves.

Let's go.

This is all rubbish.

Ankit, where are you taking the gun?
Give it back.

Leave it.

You can keep it.

Let's go from here.

Where are we going, grandma?

Taking Sachin and Chirag's lunch.

They are practicing at the range.

What happened?

There they are.

Forget them and head straight
to the shooting range.

But grandma..

No buts, dear.

Didn't you hear me?
Let's go.



your boys are too good for even me.

They don't need any training.

In fact, they gave me a few lessons.

Forget those idiots.

This is my son,
Vinod's daughter, Shefali.

Teach her.


do you want to get us killed?

The chief will kill us.

Don't worry.

Let her fulfill her wish.

Let her try once.

Hold straight.

Focus with one eye.

Loosen the finger.

Close one eye.

Come on..

Take a deep breath, hold..
and aim.

What happened?

You are crying.

It's not that tough.

Not a big deal at all.

Pick it up, hold it straight..
- Careful, aunt..

She did it. She did it! She hit
the bullseye. - What happened?

Grandma, do that again.

- Yes.

Come on.


Here you go.


Bullseye again, aunt.


When you hit right in
the middle of the target

it's called a bullseye.

Bull means 'Saand'
and eye means 'Aankh'.

It's a 10 pointer.




Even you will come down
for practice from tomorrow?



But I don't need a job at this age.


Time to go home, grandma.

The gate's that way!

- Shut up.

I know the chief will
kill me if he finds out.

But I am prepared to take the risk.

All you have to do is
come with Shefali.

No. There's no way I can.

Then I cannot help Shefali.


Will she get a job?


If she learns to hit the right spot!

Grandma, this doesn't feel right.

Let's go, grandma.
- Okay, bye. So long.

- Listen..

I bake bread.

And so can you.

I sweep the floor.

And so can you.

I wash clothes.

And so can you.

So if I can aim

then so can you.

Listen, doctor, Shefali and I
will come every day starting tomorrow

to hit the bull's eye.

- Great.

Let's go.

Wait a minute.
- What?

Hold this.

Mango. Your reward.

And one for you too.
In advance.

Listen..what does
"Fool" mean in English?

Stupid. Mad.

You can try your hand at English
instead, grandma, but no guns..


Hold this.

Come on.

Believe me, Doctor.

The chief will make life hell for us.

Feel that, Farooq?

The winds are changing.

Was it right?

Yes it is right.

Now for the secrets of a good aim.

The most important factor
for a good aim is joy.


The calmer your heart and mind,
the straighter your aim.

The crops are not ripe yet.

It's almost time for harvest.

We're dead. We're dead. We're dead.

What happened?

We're dead.

What happened?
- The chief is coming this way.

- Yes.

My brother-in-law?
- Yes.

I am dead.

Where do we go? Where do we go?

Go on.

That way.

Leave aunt.
- Climb up.

Hello, uncle.

How are things, doctor?


So this is your shooting range.

I don't see any kids around.


Oh Lord..that's painful.

Get it out.

Come in, uncle.


What on earth is this?

It's a gun, uncle.

Looks more like a toy to me.

Pull harder.

Will this get them a job?

This is why kids don't
come down to your range.

Look, grandma.

- Let's go.

Oh, God. Why did all
of this had to happen today?

Shut up.

Why don't you act your age?

Even with one leg in the grave

your mischief doesn't end.

You and your cycle escapades.

Not a sound now.

Couldn't you make
a better excuse, silly?

I had to tell them something.

Brother doesn't even know that
she already knows how to ride a cycle.

What on earth were
you doing out there?

What can I say?

She is hell bent
on learning shooting.

I went to see the Doctor
at his shooting range.


Grandma is the one learning!
- Shut up!

Mom, why don't you
go with aunt as well?

To do what?

Jump over the wall?

I am better off.

If you go, then I can go too.

You want me to end up
with broken bones.

They don't allow us to
touch guns forget firing them!


look, I am in pain.

So you will have to
take her there tomorrow.

And Seema can tag along too.


Look, if they do well..
they can get a job.


But don't let anyone else find out.

Of course.

This is between the four of us.

I know..I's
between the five of us.

Fine, it's between us women.

Doctor, Doctor!

Greetings, aunt.
- Aunt.

Where is Chandro aunt?

You very well know
why she didn't show up?

She has a broken knee.

What happened? How did she get hurt?

Forget her.

come here.

She is my daughter.

Even she will practice from today.

Are you crazy?

Did you forget that you're all
a part of Ratan Singh's family?

So what?

Take care..

Come on.

Hold it.

Hold your breath and aim..

You're the second person
to hit on the target.

And the first is Chandro aunt.

Will Chandro Aunt show up tomorrow?

Her aim is flawless.

It's no big deal.

I'll show you.
- What happened?

What are you doing, aunt?
This is not a joke.

You will hurt yourself.

She did it. She did it!
She's hit the bullseye.

Here you go, grandma!

Aunt, come here.

Aim at this one.

I have a question.

Is there a secret formula?

What diet are you two on?

You both have a perfect aim.


Come on.

They are still asleep.

Then let's wake them up.




It's morning already.

Now..explain us this game.

Hold the gun.

Feel anything?

I mean..

how do you feel while
holding the gun and without it?


Makes my blood boil

A rush of blood.

Blood pressure..

Makes your blood pressure surge.

Suddenly you feel alive.


That's the only thing
you shouldn't feel.

Ever held a water container?

What an absurd question!

Of course, we have.

Don't you have to rush in the morning?

Of course, I do. I do..

Hold it.

That's it. Normal.

That's it?


This is just a piece of iron.

There is nothing special about it.

It's the player who makes it special.



Now watch carefully..

Shooting position.

Gun in one hand..

And the other

one in your pocket.
Pant pocket.

Doctor, since when
did skirts have pockets.


Aunt, every player
wears pants for this game.

You must wear one too.

No way..
then there is no point of us learning

Why? - Players have been
shooting wearing pants since long

It's time for women in
skirts to break this cliche!

This is our identity!


And like you said.

The player is special,
not the accessory.

Then it doesn't matter
whether it's a skirt or a pant!

Now, look!


This way I won't I can
take the stress off my back.

Right, sister-in-law.
- Correct.

Now listen carefully.

While aiming

focus only on the bird's eye,
like Arjun.

No Doctor, we are not Arjun.

I can't see the bird's eye.

I can only see bullseye.

What say, sister-in-law?


"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"When I hit the bullseye."

"When I hit the bullseye."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will do it one day.""Bullets..

"I will do it one day.
"We'll shoot bullets."

"I will do it one day.
Do it..Do it.."

"I will do it one day.
"Do what your heart says."

"I will do it one day.
Right now.."

"I will do it one day.
Make it your day."

"I will do it one day.

"I will do it one day.
"We'll shoot bullets."

"I will do it one day.
Do it..Do it.."

"I will do it one day.
"Do what your heart says."

"I will do it one day.
Right now.."

"I will do it one day.
Make it your day."

"There is no stopping us."

"Don't let anything stop you!"

"I will let my heart soar."

"When I hit the bullseye."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

What is this?

The doctor gave these.

Doctor, we can't read.

What is this?

Is he trying to usurp my fields?


As if you hide pots
of gold beneath them!

Come on.

What are these?

This is a form, aunt.

I want you two to compete
in a tournament in two weeks.

Silly boy,
what will we do in the competition?

Take the girls with you.

This competition is for adults,

Only older people can participate.

You two are ready.

And you also have experience.

You can win this competition.

And they are not ready yet.

Then you should concentrate on them.

What will we do even if we win?

We are not exactly looking for a job!

Right, sister-in-law.
Are you looking for a job?

If you two go, you will become
an inspiration for these two.

And in case you win,
it will only boost their confidence.

And I know, you two can win.

Wise guy,
how do you expect us to go?

Our husbands don't even
let us out of our home.

He's talking nonsense.

Think about it.

If you two can't step out,
then how can these two?

Look this.

Alright, tell me where.


"We'll soar away..
once the shackles are broken."

"We'll change our
destiny with hard work."

"This is just the beginning."

"..there is more to come."

"We'll soar away..
once the shackles are broken."

"We'll change our
destiny with hard work."

"This is just the beginning."

"There is more to come."

"This is who I am, it's a part of me."

"I don't want to be meek anymore."

"I shall erase these differences."

"When I hit the bullseye."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will hit the mark.."

"I will do it one day."

"I will hit the mark.."





What happened?

I had a nightmare.

Come on.

Stop dreaming..

And come up with a plan.

These nightmares don't let me sleep.

I am scared.

Doesn't matter.

Pray to Goddess and go back to sleep.

Because now, She's going
to visit you in your dreams.

Dream about Mother Goddess?


Come on.

You look worried.

Brother Ratan, Prakashi had
a dream that I am going to die.

And if the women visit the sacred

Chandi temple
and pray for my well being

then the bad time shall pass.

Otherwise, I will surely die.

She has put me in a dilemma now.

I knew this would happen.

Then let them go.

They will visit the
temple and come back.

What is the problem?

They say only women can go.

They never even set
foot out of this village.

Dreams never come true.

Drop this subject.

If it doesn't matter to them,
then you shouldn't worry either.

It's my husband who will end up dying!

I'll become a widow, sister-in-law.


You will have to cry and wail.

We cannot deny that.

So tell us a little more
about this dream of yours.

The Goddess clearly said that 'Only
You' can save your husband's life.

I see..


And she also said that
this is not an easy task.

There will be many
obstacles in your path.

But I should not give up.

But the Goddess very specifically
said that no man shall accompany us.

Tell me.

You are always hitting me.


I've heard enough.

Men can't go, but children can.

Sachin will accompany the females.

'Yes brother.'
- I knew this would happen.

There's no doubt at all.
There is no competition.

I am going to win.

See for yourself.
- You are right.

10 minutes for the competition.

You have 10 minutes.

I'll go have a smoke.

Here's the form.

I had sent these entries.

Chandro Tomar. Prakashi Tomar.

Are you sure their
age is more than 60?

Because their faces
are hidden by the veil

Come on.

- Aunt.


Let's go from here..

Fleeing from the competition, aunt.

What else do you expect?

Everyone is laughing at us?

People have always mocked

That's all they ever did..

This is not the first time.

Let's go,
the competition is about to begin.

Coach, where did you find them?

This is not some
fancy dress competition.

See for yourself..

Another one made fun of you..

Even though their mother is a woman,
they still make fun of her!

Aunt, this is your opportunity..

You must do it for yourself..

For your girls..

That IG who made fun of you

has been winning the competition
three times in a row.

He's pretty arrogant
as he's undefeated.

But I know..only you
two can shatter his arrogance.

So go ahead and do it.

Don't aim for the bull's eye.

Or aim to show off your skills.

Just aim to shut him up for good.

Shooters take your positions.

Hear that, Coach.
People are laughing at them.

Have some shame.

that's not for playing songs.

Did you take a wrong turn?

put this on your ears.

It will help you concentrate.

How do we wear them?

This is a shooting competition
not singing competition.

like this.

10 round fire in 10 minutes.
- That's better.

Round 1 begins.

Now granny will aim from above.

I think these grannies are dressed
for fancy dress competition.

Chandro and Prakashi
Tomar on last spot.

We're seeing them for the first time..
or should we say for the last time?

IG Jaidev, who's had a hattrick
by winning for three times in a row

is leading again.


Enjoy the game!

it's important to be happy.

Guns are no joke.

It suits men best

and they look better with it.

'Guns are no joke.'

'It suits men best'

'and they look better with it.'

Enjoy the game, he says.

Round 2.

Bullseye! Bullseye!

The grannies who were
on last spot have hit the bullsye.

Prakashi, you hit the bull's eye.

You've too, sister-in-law.

Round 3.

Now we'll know whether the grannies
are really talented or their bullseye

was just a fluke.

And the grannies
have surpassed the IG again!

IG's face is saying a
lot more than my commentary.

The grannies are giving
tough competition

but IG Jaidev is still taking lead.

Round 8.

The grannies have changed
the face of the scoreboard.

Last two rounds..

and IG Jaidev is still in the lead.

The audience made fun of them, but
seems like grannies will make history.

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Only a few more seconds to go.

Round 10.

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Granny! Granny! Granny!

And what's this? UNBELIEVABLE!

The first and second
place in veteran

shooting competition
go to Tomar grannies!

And they have also also
won a place in every heart!

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Congratulations and a big round of
applause to their coach, Dr. Yashpal!

Bronze medal goes to I.G. Jaidev.

Sliver Medal goes to Chandro Tomar.

Gold medal goes to Prakashi Tomar.

Granny! Granny!

Granny! Granny! Granny!

Are you happy?
- Of course.

Wait, granny.

You two were amazing today.

I mean, such a good aim at this age.

How old are you two?

We don't know exactly.

But more or less close to 60.

Me too.

But I must admit.

Women may scale any
heights of success

but they always hesitate
to reveal their right age.

What is your opinion?

That's not true.

There's nothing wrong
in disclosing our right age.

The truth is..a woman can never
keep track of the number of years

she's lived for herself.

Mother Goddess

please forgive us.

We had to lie using your name.

And we're going to
continue with this lie.

So our apology in advance.

The doctor wondered how
the grandmas had such a good aim.

But now I got it.

They worked so hard at the fields,
the furnace and home

that their hands were stronger
and more balanced than others

Their body might had grown old,
but not their mind.

This needs cleaning.


They are back.

You are safe now.

Did you take mom's blessings?

Was the trip successful?
- Yes.

Glory to Goddess.

You didn't take your
mother's blessing.

She did, but you didn't notice.

What happened?
Did you win or lose?

Have sweets first!
- Did Uncle find out?

We never

bought anything for ourselves.

There's hardly any difference
between us and the livestock.

Same to same.

The Taj Mahal looks really gorgeous

so I've heard.

But never seen it.

Flying in an aeroplane
is an experience of a lifetime..

So I've heard

but never been in one.

The ocean is vast.

So I've heard

but never seen one.

But you will.

My nails don't have

nail polish, they have cow dung!

But you will wear nail polish.

You will also see the Taj Mahal

and fly in an aeroplane.

We have just existed

but you will live!

We've won.

We already won the competition.

What else do you want?

Put some sense into him.
This is not real Diwali.

You're dropping a
new bomb on us, doctor.

This was a very small competition

and from here it's natural
to compete in larger ones.

Now I can't keep dreaming that
my husband is dying every other day!

What will we do now?

Baba (Ratan uncle)
will surely find out now!

Baba (uncle) will find out about

Baba ji (Religious
leader/Spiritual guru)!


Suddenly you want to
become Babaji's followers?

Brother is sleeping!

We have one foot in the grave.

We need to devote some time
to God before we rest in peace!

What will tell the God of Death

when we are standing in
line for a place in heaven?

We can't say that all our
lives we have made

cow dung cakes and now
want entry in heaven!

We never devoted
any time to our Lord!

And you spent your
life smoking hookah.

It's okay. We will pray for you too!

After all husband is like God!

Who keeps this tally?

The God of Death has an assistant

who sits at the gate with
a notebook and a pen!

Where will you have
to travel for the satsangs?

Sometimes Meerut, sometimes Delhi,

Sometimes Agra, sometimes Mumbai.

It depends on where
Baba ji wants to take us

What will we naïve women know?

Wherever Baba ji
says we will follow him.

But how will you travel
alone to all these places?

Oh god shut up now!

Sachin will go with them!

Let me sleep!
Get lost.

First, we lied about
the Satsang and went to Delhi

Welcome To National Shooting
Championship, Delhi.

Ma'am is here.

Doctor, who is that?

She is the Queen of Alwar.
She is also a professional shooter.

Wow! Even her servant
looks really distinguished!

He's not her servant!
He is the King of Alwar! - Thank you!

Oh My God, why is he walking
behind his wife, sister in law?

I don't know! How strange! No
one would respect him in our village.

Take this.

Thank you.
- You're most welcome.

She is here.

For all those who are here for the
Junior Shooting competition please note

that we'll first have
the Veteran Shooting Competition

and then the Junior
Shooting Competition.

10 rounds, 10 minutes, 10 shots!

Please occupying your firing line.

Take it easy old woman!

Don't shoot the audience by mistake.
You are fully capable!

Can you see clearly?

Just ensure that you don't sit here.

Your mother won't even
shed tears for your loss.

Oh I see.

Your father will thank
us for our service to the nation!

She got angry.

You all move back. - Veteran shooter,
occupy your firing line.

Round 1 begins.

Good start by the Tomar Grannies.

She hit it.

The Queen of Alwar
looking for her form.

On one side are mavericks
like the queen

IG Jaidev and
Brigadier Vikram Kashyap

and on the other side are
the grannies, the rising stars

Round 3.

And the Tomar grannies have hit
a bullseye, absolutely brilliant.

Bull's eye..

The grannies have changed
their position on the scoreboard.

And the crowd who were here to watch
the Junior Shooting competition

have now changed places
to watch the grannies.

Round 4.

The grannies have taken
a lead from the other players.

Now the other players are aiming for
bullseye as well as third position.

Chandro Tomar has been holding
on to the gun and first position.

Round 9.

Round 10.

For the first time in history,
the first three positions

in Veteran shooting
competition is held by women.

We've never seen
such fervour amongst

the crowd in Junior
Shooting competition either!

First and second position goes
to Tomar grannies! - Calm down!

The Queen of Alwar
wins the third place

Gold medal goes to Chandro Tomar.


[Explains "Congrats" in Hindi]

You too..
- Thanks.

Maharani ji, these glasses?

Can you see things through them?

Yes of course.
Why don't you try them on?


Is it clear?

It's perfectly clear.

But looks different from back here.

Can I try too?

You keep it.
It's a gift from my side.

Keep it?

It's looking really good on you.

It feels good!
- What are you doing?

She will snatch it from me and
then I will try snatching it back

and we will end up breaking
it, so there is no point keeping it.

Bye, see you soon.

She said, Bye [Explains in Hindi]

See you [Explains in Hindi]

What! We were so respectful
and nice but she threatened us!!

Oh God!! No aunt!!
She didn't threaten anybody!

She said that she
will meet you soon.

It's a parting pleasantry in English!

I made a mistake.

Sorry didi ( sister in law) but
you aren't an Englishwoman yet!




Aunt, autograph means signature..

Here you go..

Thank you, granny.


Line, position.

Lie down.

Start crawling.

What's wrong with him?

The other day, he went for
that shooting competition in Delhi.

He lost to three women!


Yes! He is frustrated
that he lost to women

and is reclaiming his manhood
by giving us a hard time

It's honestly quite funny!

I can't imagine what those women

must be like if they defeated
an Army Brigadier!

Two years passed and
my grannies would bring back

medals from every
competition they went to.

And the best part of it was

that both of them won medals
in every competition.

It became a joke
in the competitions that

two out of three medals
will be taken by Tomar Grandmas

and the rest are fighting
only for one medal.

The pot of medals kept increasing
and so did Rambir uncle's punishment.

We all were so happy and we really
thought that this was our happy ending.

But for the grandmas

this was just the beginning
and the story was far from over.

As had become our routine

we lied about yet another Satsang and
set off for yet another competition.

Your starting time begins now.

Only this time it wasn't the grandmas,
it was Seema and I, who were competing.

For the first time,

we were coming back home from
a competition without a single medal

and we felt terrible about it.

And after that, only Aunt Seema
and I used to go for practice.

For the next 6 months Seema
and I went alone for training.

The men in the house were wondering

why we had stopped going for Satsang
(devotional gatherings) anymore.

Finally the time came and
we left for our second tournament.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Our seats.

What happened?

Aunt we are two seats short. Let
me go to the TC and figure this out.

Farooq, come with me.

"The weather's pretty deceiving.."

You come this side.
- She's quite pretty hot bro ..

bro ..

I always wanted some
action in the train..

Sachin go fast and
call back the doctor

- This is worth every penny..

All the way..

Listen boys start behaving
yourself a little now.

Relax oldie!
We are just talking to each other

I understand

which you say (broken English)

You know what she said?

Laugh now!

Come on! Show me your pearly whites!

Granny what are you doing?
He will get hurt!

What happened? Can't laugh now?

Pack up your belongings
and leave immediately!

Forgive us granny we are really
sorry! We have a ticket to sit here.

I'll be the one cutting your ticket
if I see you near this compartment!

Understood, you smartass?

- Get out now!


Cold drink.
- Water.

Give it to him.

What happened?


Come sit here.
We organised these seats.

Don't forget the last competition.



You two?

- Greetings.

They are our daughters.


They are your daughters? In that
case, we already know the results!

The medals will be ours only!
- Absolutely.

Thank you.

Best of luck.
- All the best, dear.

Thank you.


Heard that?
We have some respect here!

Please don't embarrass us!

Control, aunt.

Go and sit in the crowd
and let me handle the girls.

Just have fun while
playing, okay? Enjoy!

And imagine those boys
on the train while aiming.


What happened on the train?

Ask your aunt.

Nothing serious.
Just a small dramatic episode.


This is for the juniors.
Seema, this side!

Round 1 begins.

Contestants ready.

The girls are wearing salwaar suit

but let's see whether
shooting suits them or not!

Laugh now!

Come on!

Round 2.

Now we know the secret of
Shefali and Seema's perfect aim.

They are shooting champions
Tomar grannies' daughters.

She hit it.

Wow! Well done!

Round 3.

Shefali quickly taking the lead.

Seems like no one
can stop these girls!

What are you waiting for?
Play now.

Round 10.

and...Shefali has proven that
this game runs through her veins!

They have no pockets,
but this game is in their pocket.

The Tomar grannies are
shining because of the medals

and now even their daughters
have made them proud.

It seems, they will
make their country proud as well.

Oh my, dear!

- You too.

You have to come and stay
with us at the palace in Alwar.

I have been selected as the chairperson
of the Rajasthan Shooting association.

- Thank you.

Do come.

What will we do with Sachin?

Your attention please..

Train from Jaipur to Meerut,
19565 Uttranchal Express

will leave at 3:05
PM from platform number 1.

Sachin come let's
get something to eat.

- Come let's go.

What do you want?

This is nice.

We still have time.

Want a cold drink?

You know, the food outside
the station is the best.

You know what, let's go have some.
There's still time.


Here you go.

Make another one.

And make one of your specials
this time. Extra spicy and buttery.

Farooq.. Train.

That's not our train.

Look it's finished, now we can go.

Here you go.

Let's go.




- Farooq..

- Sachin.



Run. Run.
- Sachin.



Run. Run.

- Sachin.

my ears are ringing.

You took almost an hour
to eat the damn food!

Ok don't worry.

I am going to
call from the station.

We'll catch the train tomorrow.

- What?

I'll see you soon.

Welcome Prakashi.

Do come soon.

Look at what a massive
house they have.

Come on.


Look this chandelier.

Hello, uncle. Hello, aunt.

This is my mother and father.

Mother... Father...

Yes I've been to London
to meet my grandchildren.

Queen, please come here.

I am so proud of my wife!

She has a better aim than me.

So nice.

Please serve the guest.

[Explaining the meaning
of "wife" and "proud" in Hindi"]

He's saying that
he's proud of her.

How can anyone be so
happy for his wife's achievements?

I think the king is not so smart.

That's coloured water.

[Explaining what's "Daddy"
and "Mother" in Hindi]

whatever you don't understand
- Uncle .. Aunt ..

What is she trying to say?

Come with me, they are calling you.


Come on.


Ladies and gentlemen

I present to you,
the two most remarkable women

They shoot alongside my wife

and today they are
our guests of honour!

- What?

The two of you are chief guests!

We? Are we really the chief guests?

Take it. For us.

So let's raise a toast to the ladies.



Look at that.

What's that?

Excuse me.

Hello uncle

Hello aunt.

We are the ghosts of honor.

Come mom, dinner is served.

What is that?

It's a fork.

Hey come here.

I want fock..

Give me fock..

Here you go.

There's more.


Sister in law?

Do men
like the king really exist?

Hmm they do that's why you saw one.

You are right.

He was genuinely happy
for the Queen and her success.

What if we tell our husbands that
we have been winning so many medals?

Don't you think they
will be very proud as well?

Have you gone crazy?

- Yes proud.

Oh Englishwoman!

They will thrash our bones!

Till when will we hide it?

Should we tell them?

How long will we keep lying?

What I feel is...

We will be in danger

if the truth comes out! Understood?

We have to catch the early morning
train tomorrow. Go to sleep. Goodnight!

Come, aunt.

There he is!

Not there, come here.

Quickly, aunt.

Hurry up.


You two are back?

Come here.

What did you have to buy so
urgently that you missed the train?

Sorry, granny. It was a mistake!

"It was a mistake " (mimicking).

We had to spend the
whole night with mosquitoes!

Beat him.

Please don't tell uncle.

No one will say a thing! Don't worry.
Just be careful in the future!

let him carry our luggage.

This one too.

Let's go. Come on.

Come on.

And what happened
that night because of

our 2 medals was something
that never happened before

even though my grandmas
had won 96 medals by then.

"Boys ask me how old are you?"

"If I'm in demand,
there's nothing I can do."

"Boys ask me how old are you?"

"If I'm in demand,
there's nothing I can do."

"Not Bronze.."

"Not even Silver.."

"How many times have I told?"

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"What's the fight all about?"
"We own the nights."

"Forget what's wrong or right."

"What's the fight all about?"
"We own the nights."

"Forget what's wrong or right."

"What's done is done.."

"Really high on fun.."

"A little stupid.."
"Forget everything."

"Don't think.."
"Don't stop.."

"Even if the world calls you bold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

What is all this?

Nothing special. They are just toys.

Who do these belong to?
How did they end up here?

They belong to us!
We won them in competitions!


Mom, Chandro Grandma, Shefali and me!
Four of us won!

See dad, even I won!

We will get jobs!

So you've been lying and
going for these competitions?

What if Ratan uncle finds out!

He hasn't found out since 4 years!
How will he find out now!

Are you crazy?
I am going to tell him right now!

Ratan uncle!! Ratan uncle!!
- No dad.

What happened Vinod?

aim is not as bad as your uncle's

and these medals are proof of that!

To make the lives of 4-5 kids

if I have to kill one
then I won't hesitate!

In 30/40 kids if one passes
away, I can deal with it!

Now you tell me you want
to be Raju or Birju of Mother India.

If you don't have the guts to support
us then go back to sleep quietly!

Pretend that just like them,
you also don't know anything!

Vinod what is it?

Uncle do you want some water?


Go on.

"Vivid dreams we have.."

"Heart's desires are weird.."

"My heart's no longer in my control."

"My feet grooves to the beat.."

"And sway like crazy."

"And sway like crazy,
and there's no stopping us."

"No matter what one says or does.."

"But I am totally sold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

"Baby gold-gold-gold-gold."

Selected. Selected.

I always won Gold.

Aunt Seema wasn't bad either.

- They have been selected.

Greetings, aunt.


What happened Yashpal?

Everyone looks very excited.

They have been selected
for the National camp!

Here are the official letters.

What camp?

Before reaching the
International competitions

a selected few are given
advanced level training and coaching!

For this, they will
have to go for 45 days

and get trained at the camp.
They will get jobs for sure!

How many?

45 days?

Doctor, are you high?

It won't be possible to
send them away for 45 days!

Try to understand.
This is for their better future.

Not everyone gets this letter.
It's a big deal.

India. Our girls
will represent our country!

We must send them.

They can't take part
without attending the camp.

Or else all our hard
work will go waste.

Brother, Satbeer's contesting
the elections.

He was saying that he needs your help
for the promotions.

Tell Satbeer to grow up first.

You're absolutely right.

Just contesting the elections
doesn't seal his victory.

We won these.

At the shooting range.

I knew this would happen.

You have crossed
the limits of shamelessness!

Don't you read newspapers?

Women getting raped.

Morons abducting
girls from the streets.

And you've been taking
them to unknown places.

You come here you moron.

In all these years, you didn't
know what they were up to!

Uncle even you didn't
find out all these years!


You used a holy man's
name to lie to us!

You are all sinners!
How dare you bring us shame?

You call yourselves men?

Your women are completely
out of control!

But not mine.

It's okay if we won't go anywhere!

But these girls
must go there.

Both Seema and Shefali have
been selected for the National camp!

They can represent the country
if they get through the camp!

If they play well then they
will get government jobs too!

You want a job?

Seema you want to
go to the national camp?

Say Shefali? Should I
send you to the national camp?

I would rather go to jail but than
let you women tarnish our family name!

The king respects his wife so much

and look at our men, sister-in-law!

Oh, so the King is a hero?
And we are the villains?

This Doctor has put these
radical ideas in your head!

Come on.

Set it on fire!

Set it on fire!

Set it on fire!

Is there anything left or
has it been destroyed completely?

Not fully, brother.
We are still at it.

Brother, it's done.

It's completely destroyed now!

I knew this would happen.

Who had the guts to bring
these medals back into the house!


they are made of real gold!

Your mother's head
is made of real gold!

Who brought these back!

Brother, it was Sachin..

Come here, you!

Come here, you!

Go throw them in the well!

Stop uncle! This is an honour!
No one will touch these medals!

They have made us proud

and instead of encouraging them

you are stopping
them from competing!

Don't you dare tell us
what to do with our wives!

She might be your wife
but she is my mother as well!

Look Rambir...

we didn't let you join the Army

so you can boss us around.

This is our village.

We have our traditions
and norms that we follow.

Women of this village have never
stepped outside and they never will!

They will be eligible for jobs!

I don't have the time
to argue with you.

This is my home.

Things will stay
exactly as we like them.

No job is more
important than my reputation!

What was wrong for us yesterday
is wrong for us today!


then let the panchayat (village
council) decide this matter!


It's our family matter.

I knew this would happen.

Jai, go call the council members!

Let's call for a meeting at home.

So, what's the matter?

Sarpanch ji (council head) I demand

that we allow our women
to play the sport of shooting.

As this is Bhanwar
and Jai's family matter

it is the responsibility of

the panchayat to ask
them their views first.

Am I right?

Yes, you are right.

Ok then Bhanwar, you tell us,
are you ok if your wife goes

and competes with
some random "colonel"

or other random men
who are total strangers!

Sarpanch ji, I will kill her
if she ever tries to compete again!

What about you, Jai Singh?

Sarpanch ji,

my wife has already lied to me and
betrayed me by doing what she wanted.

I will not allow this
to ever happen again!

Ok now let's ask the women.

What say, Bhanwar's
wife and Jai's wife?

Sarpanch ji..

I am innocent!

This was all her idea!

She was spewing venom against all
the men including you, Sarpanch ji!

Why are you silent?

Did you all see her true nature?

Why are you silent now?

Now is your time to talk.

Speak up! Say something!

Who will listen to us! From
the time we wake up in the morning

till the time we
sleep, we work like dogs.

Our whole life is about
cow dung, milking and cooking.

We plough the fields, grow the crop,
feed the animals,

and go to the brick factory!

Whatever we earn goes
straight into their hands.

Besides smoking hookah and getting us
pregnant, what is their contribution?

To top it all is their arrogance!

Hey what's your problem.
Sit down.

If anyone has an issue
with what I am saying

then let's keep a shooting
competition in the house!

So proud to be born a man!

Manhood doesn't lie in
moustaches and suppressing others!

Manhood comes from the spirit!

And if you have the heart
and the courage

then let's compete right here,
right now!

Sarpanch ji should also compete

and whoever wins the competition
wins this argument!

Uncle, don't even think about
playing! You will lose very badly!

Shut up.

Jai Singh, your wife
has crossed all limits!

Tell her to shut up right now!

Now you will disobey
and misbehave so openly!

And now you have the
guts to compete with us!

Sit down. Sit back down.

What the hell have you all done in
your lives till now?

What have you achieved?

If you step out of this village
you will know what people call you!

"Chandro and Prakashi's husband!!"

That is your identity
outside of this village!

And Rambir,

why are you blabbering about
the girls going to national camp!

They will also turn out
to be useless, like their fathers!

They have their father's
name and their father's blood!

The fathers could never achieve

so what will these girls achieve?

Forget about them!

We might have kept them
in our wombs for 9 months

but they played
in their father's lap!

Forget about them!

Shoot her.

Who cares!
We will play and we will compete!

Now let's ask these men!

What say Chandro and
Prakashi's husband?

Do you have anything
to say in your defense?

What are you doing?

You keep roaming
around with this gun.

Have you even shot a mouse?

What the hell are you waiting for!
Just slap her!

Just stop it now!

You have spoken enough!

Come what may, you
will never shoot again!

My daughter will go and she
will show you what she can do!!

She will show the world

that she has her
father's traits and not her mother's!

They will win for sure!
And they will make us feel proud.

The council members have decided!

The girls will go but
the women will not compete!!

Discussion is over! Get lost now!

Get lost now!

Seema give it everything you have!

This is your one shot darling,
don't let it go to waste.

Try and bring a medal back!

One medal can change the
destiny of our future generations.

We have to fill up this pot again

and baby, only gold gold gold!

Come on, let's go.

Take the blessings

"My sky's too high,
but you can touch it for me."

"You can live my dreams for me."

"The night's dark,
but it shall soon pass."

"The night's dark,
but it shall soon pass."

"My sky's too high,
but you can touch it for me."

"You can live my dreams for me."

"The night's dark,
but it shall soon pass."

"The night's dark,
but it shall soon pass."

"O sweetheart, if you want to.."

"O sweetheart, if you want to,
turn into a butterfly."

"And soar in the skies."

"Pluck some stars from the sky."

"No matter how strong the wind,
don't come down."

We are taking Seema for Trap Shooting

No Indian woman has ever
won a medal in this sport."

But if she wins the championship,
she will definitely get a job.

"We'll come to see you fly.
And smile.."

"Your dawn shall come."

"The night's dark,
but it shall soon pass."

Hey, look! The Shooter Dadis!

It's them, right?

Oh yes!

Greetings, uncle.



What is this now, doctor?

As you know, I have rebuilt the range
and it's a cement range this time.

Kids are coming from neighboring
and far away villages to learn!

There is a big competition
in our village.

And you are the chief guest.


doctor wants you to inaugurate the
new range by cutting the ribbon!

Doctor, finally you
are coming to your senses!

You must bring the entire
family along as well.

What will we do there?

We will not go

Mom, now what is the problem? We
have moved ahead of that situation.

Now that uncle is being called
for such a respectable event..

..where he will be the chief guest

then it is our duty to support
him and be there behind him!

Doctor, the entire family
will be there! You don't worry!

Welcome to Saand Ki Aankh All-India
Veteran Shooting Competition.

Aunties have inspired all the kids.

They have inspired everyone.

Why don't you shoot?

Give it to me.

What's the big deal?

Try it.

The competition will be inaugurated
by our chief, Rattan Singh.

This cardboard target is rubbish.

I can shoot a flying
bird in one shot!

The barrel of your
gun is also not right!

You need to oil this gun!

Grandma, will you please shoot?

We have come from this
far just to see you shoot!

Please granny.

Granny! Granny! Granny! Granny!

Granny! Granny! Granny! Granny!

Granny. Granny. Granny. Granny.

Granny. Granny. Granny. Granny.

Granny. Granny. Granny. Granny.

Who the hell do you think you are!
Defying me!

Put the gun down and come home now!

If you don't leave now then I'm going
to kill you and throw you in the well!

That's more like it, doctor.
Hit the bullseye.

Come on, Mother!

Come on, aunt!

Granny. Granny. Granny. Granny.

Rambir! Control your mother!
She is again out of control!

And now, she will stay
out of control, uncle!

Doctor, please go and fill
our forms!

It was done before you came, aunt.

Is this some kind of a joke to you!

Openly defying and disrespecting us!!

If it were my wife..

I knew this would happen. Sinners.

Let's go.

The other contestants
in the competition are..

The Queen of Alwar, Mahindra Kumari,
IG Jaidev

and everyone's favorite
Shooter Grannies,

Chandro and Prakashi Tomar,
are competing.

Shooters! Your match time start now.

Round 1.

Chandro Tomar trying to assert
with her aim that this game

is not just for youngsters.

Round 2. The Queen of Alwar giving a

tough competition to
the Tomar grannies like always.

Shooters, fifth round, shot load.




Is it confirmed?

No chance?

And like always, the
first and second place are

held by the famous shooter
grannies of Johri village.

What happened doctor?

Concentrate on the competition.

Please tell me what happened?
- Nothing at all..

Shefali wasn't selected
to represent India.

She is out of the National Camp.

Farooq. Are you crazy?


Aunt, concentrate on the game.

Shooters, eighth round, shot load.

All the women had
high hopes from me.

My medal was a sure shot

But, I didn't get selected!

This news
completely broke my grandma

Prakashi granny hits 9 points.

And Chandro Granny
hits a zero i.e. no points.

9th round, shot load.

People say that Chandro granny
can aim even with her eyes closed

but for the first time,
she has missed the mark.

What happened, Sister in law?

Nothing Prakashi!
I've just lost my focus.

You don't stress.

You are playing well!
Get that gold medal!

Listen to him.
Go. Now.


And now Prakashi granny takes the
lead while Chandro granny is last.

Shooters, last sixty seconds.

Shoot, mom.

Shoot, aunt.


Shooters, last thirty seconds.

You will run out of time.

What are you doing, aunt?



Prakashi dadi (granny) thought

that Chandro granny lost and
that is why she was crying.

But it had never happened before
that only one granny won and came back.

Prakashi dadi was
ready to lose the game

but she was not ready to stand
on stage without her sister in law.

Shoot, Prakasho.

Shoot, Prakasho!

Shoot, aunt.
Time is up.

Time is up.

Stop. Time is up.

And that is why she didn't fire
at all and got disqualified.

Shefali didn't get selected!

She was eliminated.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

So what..

I knew about Seema as well.

She has taken up trap shooting.

No one from our country has
ever taken up that game.

And as for us

we've spent most
of our lives like this.

And whatever is left,
we'll spend it serving these oafs.

Come on, let's go home.

Don't worry. Next time.

And if these girls lose again

then we'll get them married.

The first prize goes to the
Queen of Alwar, Mahindra Kumari.

Second prize goes to IG Jaidev.

And third prize goes
to Brigadier Vikram Kashyap.



What is this celebration all about?

What happened?

Whose loss are you celebrating?

Do you know why Chandro lost?

Because Shefali didn't
get selected for the team.

That's why Chandro lost!

And Prakashi lost
just to encourage her.

Otherwise..their aim is so perfect

that she can shoot
between the eyes, blindfolded.

You bloody...
- Shut up.

I won't hear a word from you!

If the women succeed,
you feel humiliated.

But if they fail, you feel proud.

This pride uplifts people
who have a reputation.

This is what fits you.


We have just learned from
our sources that Seema Tomar

can arrive in her village any minute

In the World Cup held in England,
Seema Tomar bagged

a silver medal
and created history

and she is the first woman from
India to win a medal in shooting.

Our pride...
- Seema Tomar.

Our Honour...
- Seema Tomar.

Our pride..
- Seema Tomar.

Our Honour...
- Seema Tomar.

Our pride..
- Seema Tomar.

Our Honour...
- Seema Tomar.

Our Honour...
- Seema Tomar.

Our pride...
- Seema Tomar.

Our pride..
- Seema Tomar.

We've trained our
daughters from a young age.

We used to take her for
training from a very young age.

You let her handle
the gun at that age.

We had to.
Because they had a liking for it.

So, we complied.

They are our kids.
Boys and girls are equal after all

Our girls will be shine of our nation.

How did you train them?

We've given special attention
to these girls since their childhood.

She has won a medal for our country!

Your mother and aunt deserve
due credit for your victory.

Go on, dear. Go.

I haven't seen Taj Mahal

but I saw Buckingham Palace

and it's huge

and beautiful!

I sat in the airplane and
it wasn't fun at all!

It was scary!

The water in the ocean is salty

and you cannot drink it!

I haven't seen Juhu beach

but I saw the beaches in Britain!

Women roam around half
naked out of their own will

and no one can stop them!

You say you didn't buy
a single thing in your life

but today instead of cow dung,

your nails will be painted in
a Versace nail paint!

This time it's silver

but next time I will bring gold!

She hasn't used uncle's name!
She has used your name, grandma!


Don't cry.

We are

proud of you my daughters.

They took away our guns but couldn't
take away our dedication!

When you bring a medal next time,

sister-in-law will
give a speech in English!

Seema they are calling you outside

Hey Sachin, come here!

We are not fool

we are cool.


Let's go.

Come on.


"The world's gonna watch.."

"when these women set out"

"they will shine
brighter than the sun."

"and soar beyond the sky."

"When they make up their mind"

"they can even shatter boulders."

"And if you're stubborn"

"no one can be
more powerful than you."

The body ages, but not the mind!


"The world's gonna watch"

"when these women set out"

Doctor, Doctor!

Seema won a silver medal in trap
shooting at the World Cup in England.


"Create a new story"

"in your own version."

"Forgetting the past,
like no one's done before."

"Write a new story"

"in your own version."

"Forgetting the past,
like no one's done before."

I want to know that the old people,
and women of your age

those who are watching this program,
what is your message to them.

The body grows old, not the mind.


And age doesn't matter
when you've dedication.

"The world's gonna watch"

"when these women set out"