Saakshyam (2018) - full transcript

A group of people commit unspeakable crimes and are confident of getting away with it since there are no witnesses. But nature is witness to their crimes and when all five elements of ...

We have successfully
completed prayers for

his long life and to
appease the five elements.

Only naming ceremony is left.

Guru, my son was born after
a lot of prayers and rituals.

He's the only male
child in our family.

He doesn't have to protect
my wealth or increase it.

But bless him that he should
stand up for truth and justice.

Amazing! This is a miracle!

Usually, lines in your
palm tell about your life.

But his palms contain the
destiny of some people's lives.

Many might fight death
with a weapon in hand.

But death will be his weapon.

Your son will conquer death.

Raja sir! Raja sir!

What happened, pandit?

What can I say, raja sir?

Munuswamy's brother Veera
Swamy came to the temple

and confiscated the
holy cow and the title deed.

A child should always be with
its mother be it a cow or a human.

Shame on you people!

How many times do I have
to tell you stop this business

and to stop oppressing people?

Will you never change?
- Why should we?

Cow is not about religion or belief.

It's a symbol of virtue.

I won't tolerate even
if you harm a single cow.

Only a mother feeds her children.

Cow too is a mother.

This mother lives for everyone else,
not just her own child.

How could you think
of killing that mother?

You and I need nature.

But even that nature needs the cow.

Hey! Let all the cows loose.

Raju sir, we are indebted to you.

You can take them.

The cow's is trying to go back.
Hold it tight.

Animals understand more
about bonds than humans.

Let it stay here.

We'll send it back after a few days.

Guys, take him and
tie him to a tree.

He has to fall at the cow's
feet and beg for forgiveness.

Send a word to his brother Munuswamy

that his brother will
be staying here until then.

We give permission to dig 10 acres

but you people go
ahead and dig 100 acres.


You bribe any officers
who try to confront you.

I'm not the one to fall
for such cheap trickts.

you're standing in a quarry.

I could just cut you into
pieces and bury you somewhere.

And no one would know
what happened to you.

Just shut your mouth and
do as my brother tells you.

Or I'll just...
- Wait!

Why are you getting angry?

Anger is your enemy...

Peace is your protection...
Mercy is your friend.

Kids and sincere officers don't
listen to you if you get angry.

You have to make them understand.

Sir, do you reach the holy books?

Have you heard about Vaman?

He asked for three feet of land

and occupied the
whole heavens and earth.

And you call him God.

But you're calling me a criminal

when I take permission
for 10 acres and dig 100 acres.

Where's the logic in that?


You can imagine someone
else taking your position at work.

But can you imagine your wife

marrying another man.

No, sir. I'll sign. I'll do it.

Sir! Sir! Sir!
- What happened?

Mr Raju has tied up
your brother to a tree.

He's refusing to let him go.

Brother, I'll kill that
Raju right in front of you

and burn him down to ashes.

No, that's wrong.

He needs the village and so do we.

But the village needs him.

All we need to do is say sorry.
Let's do it.

Grandma, how are my bangles?

Those bangles look
more prettier on you, dear.

Mom! Look at my bangles.

Your brother is sleeping.

Look at him.
He's smiling in his sleep.

They say that God's
play with children

when they're quite small.

I wonder which God
is playing with my son.

Who else?
Your favorite God Shiva I'm sure.

Very good. One more.
- Hey, Niriksha! Wait.

I don't want you to fall.
- Just one more morsel.

Namaste, Raju.


I know that you're
waiting for my apology.

I thought I'd also thank
you for teaching him a lesson.

I'm sorry.
Can I take my brother back?

Come, let's talk as we eat lunch.

Brother! Why are you
inviting him to lunch?

That's courtesy.

A person who visits us at
lunch time is considered a guest

even if they're enemies.

please come and have lunch.

I told you, Mr
Raju is a very kind man.

Thank you, Mr Raju.

Sorry. I have to do
it just one more time.

Don't go!

No! Brother!

Everyone on earth makes mistakes.

Everyone points
out other's mistakes.

But very few realize
their own mistakes.

'How strange is that,
O God?'

I wanted to start a liquor
factory in our village.

You stopped me.

I wanted to ask government
to sell me the waste land

on which poor people
had built huts to live.

But you got them title deeds.

I wanted to mind my own business
and started mining.

But you complained that
we're doing illegal mining.

Who do you think you are?

Is this village your
family inheritance

that you people can
rule it for generations?

Where is he? Where did you keep him?
Where's your heir?

Hey! Don't hurt him!

Hey Munuswamy!

Sit down!

No! Don't come near!
I won't do anything.

Don't hurt him, please.
- No, I won't hurt him in any way.

Please, I beg of you.
- Hey!

Who is this prince?
I heard he's a very lucky child.

I heard that the lines on his palms
can change our destiny.

Why don't I wipe those lines off?


Take our son and run away!






Grandma! Get up, grandma!

Are you stupid?


No! Please don't hurt me!

No! Please!

Da Da Dad...

Da Da Dad...

O God, please save my
child if you really exist.

Prove that you do exist.

Hey! Kill both the
calf and the child!

Kill that calf with one blow!

I found it! It's here!

Faster! Drive faster!

Come on!

Guys, I found the baby's dead body.

Kiddo, did you come all
the way to give your life

as a sacrifice to the Goddess?

Boss, enemy's heir is dead!

They're dumb creatures.

They cannot testify but
they'll remain as witnesses.

No creature that has
witnessed this incident

should remain alive.

Throw their dead
bodies into the fire.

'Everyone who commits
a crime on this earth'

'looks around in four directions'

'and thinks that
no one has seen him.'

'But they forget one direction.'

'The Sun God is a witness
to all of human's actions.'

'No one can escape His notice.'

'This child may never
find out the ill fate'

'his family had suffered.'

'Those cruel men may never find
out that this child is still alive.'

'Maybe there is no
single witness on earth'

'who can testify
about this massacre.'

'But the five elements
which stand as eye witnesses'

'will never let them get away.'

'They will make sure they're
punished by this very child.'

'One can never escape
the consequences of sin.'

'That is nature's justice.'

I know, Inspector.
Burglars broke into their house

stole all the cash,
jewelry and murdered

Mr Raja's whole family.

Why would burglars kill cattle?

And why would they kill small kids?


Pandit, don't try to
teach policemen their job.

Don't they know what happened here?

But, Munuswamy

Calm down. Let them do their job.

Their family served this
village for so many years.

We don't even have their dead
bodies to conduct funeral rites.

Lord Shiva, here is your child.

They say that even
an ant doesn't bite

without Lord Shiva's command.

I think my role ends here.

You have successfully
completed the ritual.

Now open your hearts
and pray for what you wish.

God will always bless you.

See how Lord Shiva has
fulfilled your heart's desire?

It's his will that you
should become his parents.

Maybe that's why someone
left this child here at this time.

This child will be called
Vishwagna from today.

Thank you, guys.
This success is yours.

You helped me achieve this.

I've reached this position
today only with the support of

my family and my staff.

Thank you, sir.
- Thank you so much.

So, when is our
son going to take over

your business empire
as your heir, sir?

I don't think so.
He's not interested in business.

My life revolves around business.

But he loves adventure.

Where is your son at present, sir?

Right now, he's in Dubai.

Okay, okay, okay.
- Smile, please. Look here.

Help me!

Help! Someone, help!

Help, please! Help!


What a shot!
- Nice shot!

Life is like a game.
We should keep playing till we win.

Very good performance darling.

You did it so naturally.

And guys, you did amazing!

With all your
performances we completed

this Dubai shoot brilliantly!

Cheers, guys! Awesome!

So, what's the next move, buddy?

What else?
Win first prize in the competition.

Do you really think our
game has that wow factor?

We're developing
a reality video game.

Do you know kids like video games?

Because they're exciting
and very challenging.

I'm going to shoot all
the background bits myself

no matter what the cost
or what risks are involved.

- 'Diana'

Yes, sir?
- 'Is ma'am there?'


Ma'am, call for you.


Wake up Vishwa and ask him to
meet me in the office immediately.

He came home late yesterday.
Why not let him sleep?

We're finalizing
our project in India.

You now we always make
him sign the contracts, right?

Oh, I almost forgot.

How are you Mr Shiva Prakash?

I'm fine. How are you? Have a seat.

- Yes?

I see that you have
quoted 5 billion more

than what we had finalized.

Mr Shiva Prakash,
money is the only thing

that is never enough in this world.

But this would mean
that the government

and shareholders have
to bear up that 5 billion loss.

Are you saying that you
never cheated in our business?

Hey! Do you know
who you're talking to?

I built this empire with
honesty and good principles.

I cannot risk losing my
reputation for a rogue like you.

I'm cancelling this
agreement with you.

Get out!

Honesty and trust
may be your policy.

But I've come up because
I believe in crime.

Don't take it up with me.

I can make your life
really miserable if I want to.

Get up!
- Vishwa! Vishwa! Wait!

I believe in do or die
even when it's just a video game.

Did you think I'd keep
silent if you threaten my dad?

I'll kill you!

Do you think you're some hero?

Any son will turn into a
hero if you threaten their fathers.

You just lost a chance
to come to India.

Only your dead body
will return to US

if you ever step into India.

Shiva Prakash!
You have a very brave son.

Protect him.

Why, son?
Why did you take it up with him?

Let's go inside, Dad.

Take care of his son.

You too take care of his father.

Vishwas is already upset
that he lost the competition.

Let's go.

What was so great about
his video game anyway?

One old age home, one old lady.

All she does is feed noodles
to 3 people with sticks.

They said that they showed
their culture in their game.

They sent a mail to us saying that

that's what they found
missing in our game.

What's so great about
our culture anyway?

People just go around
worshipping idols and trees.

Watch out!


This is what our
culture is about, buddy.

What? Leaving a calf
on the road is our culture?

No, I meant saving it.

Maybe this calf
belongs to the temple.

Ladies! Ladies! Our calf is missing!

I can't find it since half an hour.
How can a calf go missing?

Where has it gone?

Hey, they found the calf.

There they are.
- Go and get the calf.

So glad you found it, sir.
- Can you speak Telugu?

Take care of it.
- Okay, sir.

Thank you very much.

How could you just
leave it on the road?

Be glad we were there on time.

Who knows what must have
happened to it otherwise?

Only God knows who saved whom.

Okay then. Bye.

- One minute.

Today is an auspicious day.

You came here anyway.

Why don't you go and pray
to Lord Shiva in the temple?


That's strange!
- Sir, sir, sir! One minute, sir.

Why are you doing
temple run in the temple?

To hear the expounding of the Vedas.

Who's teaching?
Chaganti guru or Garikapati guru?

No, a young lady.
- What?

A young lady expounds the Vedas?


One second, sir.
You didn't tell her name.

Soundarya Lahari.

Soundarya Lahari

She's very beautiful, isn't she?

Our topic for today is,
Nature and Culture.

Nature is nothing but
a perfect coordination

creation, existence and rhythm.

Many people believe
that culture is all about

going around worshipping
idols and trees.

But I call it walking
in righteous ways.

we forget about our traditions

because of technology and trends.

Only a person who follows
tradition and trends

will achieve true
success in their life.

Have a blessed day.

Wonderful speech, wasn't it?

Buddy? Are you here?
What are you thinking?

I'm sold, buddy.

Is it the girl or the concept?


[sanskrit chant]

[sanskrit chant]

Hey! Who are you?

Don't tell her.

Ma'am! They've been watching
you from a long time.

No, not from a long time.
We care here just now.

Are you looking for someone?

- Me?

- Vishwa...

Actually, I'm a video game designer.

We're planning on
creating a video game

based on our traditions.

We heard that you're
an expert in when it comes to

Vedas and old books.

Not old books. Epics and holy books.

Yes, the Vedas.
You know a lot about them, right?

We thought it would be
nice to have you on our team.

No, I'm not interested.

Hey, you don't have to do
it for free. I'll pay you money.

Either in dollars or rupees.
Whatever you choose.

Oh, I guess you're a rich kid.

Very rich kid.
Do you know who he is?

The one and only son of
the great business magnate..

Mr Shiva Prakash Susarla.

Oh, still living under
father's shadow, are you?

What do you mean?
He has all the banks credit cards.

He has a citizenship card.
And he voted for Trump also.

I'm not business minded to use

culture for commercial purposes.

Please leave.

I didn't mean to hurt you.
I'm sorry, Soundarya Lahari.

That was never my intention.

How do you know my name?

We heard your speech
at the temple the other day.

And we even followed you home?
- What?

Yes. We even took your car's photo.

That's how we got your address.

Go! Please go away from here!
- Are they troubling you?

We're here to invite
her to a friend's reunion.

1996 batch.

Do you know them?
- Not at all.

Security! Security!
- Ma'am, please. We're leaving.

She's bothering us actually.
That's true.

Thanks a lot!
- You're welcome.

Alright kids, bye!

What do we do now, buddy?


Find out who will
help us to convince her.

Believe me.

How can he fire you from a job for
not throwing tissue in the dustbin?

I'm sure you must have done
something else. I don't believe you!

I never expected a
tissue to ruin my life.

Actually, that day I was...
- Don't tell me anything!

I bought a new car
because you had a job.

Look here! See how many people liked

my photos with the new car.

What if they take away our car

because we can't pay installments?

Who should I take selfies with?
With your grumpy face?

I should've married Boppa.

He got US citizenship
just in six years.

You're hurting me.

Yes, you should've married Boppa!

I can't take this anymore.
I'll commit suicide.

Sir! Are you going to end
your life just for losing a job

That's wrong, sir.

How do you know that I lost a job?

Never mind the questions.
I'm sure you want answers.

Our lives have turned
into a big question mark.

Sir, I have one solution
for all your problems.

What's that?
- Him.

Who is he?

Vishwa the great.

Son of billionaire Mr
Shiva Prakash.

Mr Shiva Prakash's son?

Sir, can I take a selfie please?

Just one selfie.
- Please maintain a little distance.

Sir, I'm from Andhra too.

I've been working in
a company for ten years.

But my boss gave me a
pink slip for no proper reason.

He promised to give
my wife a job too.

But he fired me. He's a sadist.

Please help me, sir.

Which company did you work for?

- Texas Technologies, sir.

Call him immediately.

Hi, Vishwa. How are you?

Good, man. Do you know Mr Muthyam?

Muthyam? Yes.
I fired him today. Why do you ask?

Oh! Did you? He's my friend, man!

Oh! Sorry, man.
He never told me. Where is he?

One second, Mike.

Hello, sir.
Sorry for the issue with tissue.

Hi, Muthyam. You never told
me that Vishwa is your friend.

You're promoted as
Development Director.

Thank you, sir.
Sir, she's my wife.

She's 34. She needs a job too.

You're our new Creative Director.

Thanks. Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.

Okay. Bye, Muthyam.

One minute, sir.
Awesome! Thank you, Mike.

Let's catch up in the weekend.
- Yes. See you.

Vishwa sir,
how can we ever repay you?

He's a billionaire.
He doesn't need anything.

But he loves our
culture and holy books.

Do you know of anyone
who teaches them?

What? You want to learn our culture,

- Holy books.

Sir, I know God exists.

He gave me a chance
to repay your favor.

Does your wife teach them?

She knows more about
fashion than culture.

I'm talking about my sister-in-law,

A young girl? Actually,
Vishwa is a little shy around women.

I'm not sure he'll be comfortable...

That's okay.
- Okay.

Sir, she's my
sister-in-law Soundarya.

Is he the guy who helped you?

No way!
- Is she your niece?

No use!
No use!

Sir, do you know my
sister-in-law from before?

Yes, sir.

I saw her at the temple
and was quite impressed.

I asked her to teach me our culture.
But she insulted me.

Did you insult him?

Yes. He said he'd pay me to teach.
That's wrong.

What? Asking for money is wrong.
Giving is not wrong.

Fine, forget the past. Just help
him out with what he wants, dear.

Sorry. I won't do it
no matter what you say.

Come here.
- Please. Please say you'll do it.

I've already posted on
Facebook that I got a job.

Please don't put me in a soup.

Won't people laugh
at me if I lose this job?

Why will you lose your job?

He got me my job back
with one phone call.

Can he not get me
fired with another call?

You can always find another job.
You're a pro!

I'm here on H-1 visa.

Companies are disconnecting my call

as soon as I say the word 'H'.

Sir, don't force her
if she doesn't want to.

We're very busy people,
we don't have time.

No, please.
- Sir, just give us two minutes.

I'll have no choice but to
go back home if I lose this job.

I'm begging you. Please help him.

Please. Okay.

Soundarya Lahari?

You said you're looking for
a concept for your game, right?

Yes, do you have one?
Should I come over there?

Tell me, I'll come there right now.

Slow down, mister.

You don't need to come.
And I'm not coming either.

I'm sending one Mr Valmiki to you.

He'll tell you about the concept.


Hello. I'm Valmiki.

Soundarya told me about you.

I thought hard and prepared
a concept for your video game.

This storyline has the
action you're looking for

and the emotion
that people look for.


It's composed of
words 'su' and 'asti.'

Word 'Swasti' means
success or prosperity.

These four lines symbolize water,
earth, wind and fire.

The empty space in
the middle symbolizes sky.

That's why it got its name Swastik.


Bad guys kill the hero's entire
family when he's a small child.

Child somehow escapes
and grows up elsewhere.

And when he grows up,
he kills all the villains.

Same old revenge story.

It's not about revenge,
it's about retribution.

Villains don't know
that the hero is alive.

And the hero doesn't know
what tragedy befell his family.

Then how?

Sounds unique, right?

Nature, with the help
of the five elements

makes him serve justice.

No one knows how,
but everything happens as it should.

I never heard of any
such things happening.

It should have some logic, right?

We consider it logic
when we understand things.

What we don't understand
is considered magic.

But every magic trick
has a logic behind it.

Our eye may witness whatever
happens on this earth

but the nature stands
as a witness too.

No one can escape it's watch.

Interesting! Please continue.

This game has four levels.
And this story has four villains.

One bad guy is
destroyed in each level.

If you finalize this concept

I'll design the depths
with Indian characters for you.

Superb! Fantastic!
Very, very good, sir!

I'm all in for this concept.
- Thank you, sir.

- Excellent concept, sir. Lovely.

Let's use this concept and design
a game with Indian characters.

Let's prove what Indians
can accomplish! - Yes!

On what basis did
you file an appeal that

Munuswamy and his
brothers are responsible

for the fire accident
in the orphanage?

Since no evidence was
produced to prove their guilt

this court considers
them innocent...

As usual! As usual!

You can close the case as usual,
Your Honor.

Please come to the witness stand

if you have something to say.

Your Honor,
I have filed 17 appeals so far

against these Munuswamy
and his brothers.

All of them have been rejected.

I get the same reason, no evidence.

Munuswamy toned milk.

Cow's milk is supposed
to be as pure as mother's milk.

They adulterate even that, sir.

His three younger brothers
had raped a minor girl.

And when her mother
confronted them about it

they made her walk naked
in their mine, Your Honor.

Sir, this is no TV
debate or his house to

say whatever comes to his head.

There's no foundation for this case.

And we don't have time
for his moral stories.

I'm very happy in a way, Your Honor.

Those kids were orphans.

At least they're acknowledging
their existence

by showing evidence for their death.

I'm very happy, sir.

But I want defense lawyer
to clarify my doubts.

What about dead bodies?

Your Honor, they're not
matchsticks to be visible

after they have been burnt.

If a fire accident
took place as the claim

the temperature would be
500-600 centigrade at the maximum.

Human bones don't melt
at the temperature, Your Honor.

'My God!
I didn't know he was so clever!'

Guys, drag all the
orphans out of here.

And burn down the orphanage.

Kill everyone expect the kids.

Make it look like the
kids died along with them.

Sir, I beg of you...
- Do it!

Sir! Please! Don't kill us!

'Sir, I beg of you! Please!'

'Sir, I beg of you! Please!'

'Sir, I beg of you! Please!'

'No! Please!'
- Burn it down!

No one will come looking
for those orphans, sir.

They say that God
looks after the orphans.

Court should never abandon
them even if God does, sir.

Since we cannot close
the close without

finding out what actually happened

this court orders police
department to find proper evidence.

This case is postponed for a month.

A month should be good
for us to find evidence.

I'll definitely find evidence.

A person who acts stubborn
in unnecessary things

will never see any
success in his life.

You should heed
Vemana's advice, Tagore.

By the way,
do you know what goodness is?

Humans can ask that, not you.

Fine, I'll tell you then.

Goodness means not
tolerating badness.

You're appearing to
be good because I'm bad.

Do you know why I never harmed you
even though you irritate me so much?

I need people like
you to sharpen my skills.

But you're trying to
outlive your usefulness.

That's not good. You'll end up dead.

Death is nature of life.

People like you are scared of death.

I respect it. Kill me!

Hey! I'll kill you!

you can never kill evidence.

But that will surely kill you!

It will remain alive no
matter how hard you to kill it.

You to kill it.

I met with an accident Vishwa.

This lady just hit my car.

This is my ID.
- Okay.

And I can't find my passport.

I can't help you.

Where are you right now?

Sir, can you talk to
the officer in Indian Embassy?

His name is David, Officer David.

Officer David,
this is officer Peter.


Thank you, sir. Thank you.

- Okay.

Go to the Indian Embassy...
- For sure.

And bring your new passport.

Dad, I don't know how
you're going to do it.

But I need that passport
by today evening.

Here's your new passport.

Thank you.
- Thanks.

For what?

Actually, thanks to destiny.

I would've never got
a chance to help you like this

if you had not lost your passport.

Thank you. Bye.

See guys,
Swastik, Saakshyam and Five.

I want to pick one of these three
as the title of our video game.

Tell me what you guys prefer.

My choice would be...



How come you're here?

Am I not allowed to come here?
- Of course, you are.

Actually, I came here
to personally thank Mr Valmiki

for thinking of such
a great concept for you.

I just shared my views.

'He's confidently taking
it forward even though it's new.'

Soundarya, why don't
you go and sit in my cabin?

I'll just finish this
meeting and come there.

You can go.
- Okay.

Come with me.

Step in with your right foot.

She's so good.
- Very beautiful girl.

She's really very pretty, sir.

I would've never got
a chance to help you like this

if you had not lost your passport.

You're too good, Vishwa.

You managed to get what you want.


Hey, Soundarya!
Why did you come back?

You should've waited
for me in my cabin. Come on.

What happened?

My passport,
the one that I had lost.

Where did you find it?

Don't you know where you
kept the passport you stole?

Why would I steal your passport?

What's wrong with you?

Then what is my passport
doing in your cabin?

Did it get there
without your knowledge?

No idea.

I've no idea why your
passport would be in my cabin.

Just Just shut up!

Oh, my God!

I trusted you.

I was scared that I would
never get out of that fix

if it weren't for you.

Now I know I got into
that situation because of you.

You create problems
and then you solve them.

You make people trust
you and then trap them.

I guess being calculative
is in your genes.

You people are so manipulative!


I came after you
because I liked you.

Our you wouldn't even have
got an appointment to see me.

You shouldn't form an opinion
about someone so easily.

It fades away that easily.

You taught me a new
lesson today. Thanks.

Driver says that he kept
the passport in your office.

What? Where did you find that?

Speak up!

You asked him to give your
car for servicing yesterday.

He brought all your
things to the cabin.

He found the passport in your car.
- Why didn't you tell him?

'I don't understand
how Soundarya's passport'

'ended up in your car?'

Thank you.

For what?

For giving me an
opportunity to drop you.

Guys! I see a dead body there!

Help me get him down.
- He's still breathing.

Someone, call for an ambulance.

Mr Rao? What happened?

Hey! Quick! Take him.

Get the surgery room ready.
Come on! Quick!

- Soundarya, this is Murthy here.

Your father met
with a small accident.

Accident? How is he now?

Doctors prescribed
bed rest for 2-3 months.

Your father asked me not
to tell you about the accident.

But I feel that it would be better
for you to be here at this time.

Okay, uncle. I'll start immediately.


- How are you, dad?

Good to see you, Sweetie.

How are sister and her kids?

They're fine.
- Why did you come back, dear?

I sent you to US because your sister

finds it difficult
to manage with small kids.

How did this happen, dad?

Munuswamy did this!

Calm down. No harm's done.

I wasn't so sure that I'd
win the case till yesterday.

Now I'm pretty sure I'll win.

I would've been dead
if I was meant to lose.

Dad! Don't say that, dad.

Don't cry, dear.

Don't worry,
nothing is going to happen to me.

Let's not stay in Hyderabad anymore.

Let's go back to our village.

Do I have to go back
in this condition?

You have to.

Or Munuswamy's men
will attack you again

if they find out that you're alive.

You better go back to
your village and get some rest

at least till you win this case.

Please listen to me, dad.
Let's go back home.

Okay, dear.

Hello? Soundarya?
- Yes, sis.

How is dad now?

He's alright. He fell from the bike.
Just a small accident.

Uncle is suggesting that
we take him back to village.


We want to come too.
I want to see dad.

Coming with kids will
be difficult for you.

I'll take care of him.

Even dad thinks that
it's better you don't come.

Okay. Take care.
- I'll do that.

Our mother died when
we were quite young, Vishwa.

Dad means the world to us.

I was so scared when I
heard that it was an accident.


Vishwa, are you feeling
bad that Soundarya

left without telling you?

That's okay. I can understand.

See you.

So, what do we do now?

I need to apologize to Soundarya.

But they said that she's
never coming back from India.

She doesn't have to come. We can go.

To India? Will you dad approve?

Then we'll tell him
that we're going to Dubai.

But we're just back from Dubai.

We'll say that we're doing
a re-shoot of our videogame.

I mean wouldn't it be
risky to go back to India

without informing your dad?

People have threatened
to kill you in India.

What harm can come to us in India?
It's my country.

- Yes, boss.

Did you find the kids?

Of course, I did, boss.

They're already dead as per records.

I thought no one would
care about the orphans.

Tagore paid with his
life for raising doubts.

But the press is making
an issue of it sometimes.

Be careful!

Make sure they work
there till the day they die.

Kill anyone and bury
their dead body and evidence

if they ever try
to escape from there.

Okay, boss.

No, please don't hurt us.

It was our mistake.
We will never try to esacpe again.

Please don't beat us.
- These two tried to escape.

What? Did you two try to escape?

Don't you like working in dirt?

Fine. Shall we play a game then?

Life or death.

You're trying to escape
and I'm trying to kill you.

And if anyone tries
to escape from there

You win if you escape
and I win if I kill you.

Does everyone want
to watch the game?

Shall we start?

No! Please!

Please don't kill us!

Don't kill us! No! Please!

We beg of you!
Don't kill us! Please!

We beg of you!
Don't kill us! Please!

Don't kill us! Please!



Did you see that?

Their death should
stand as a caution for you

as long as you live!

I'll bury you just like this
even if anyone think about escaping.

Start your work!

They say that God takes
care of the orphans.

Only you can save us.

You! Why are you looking
towards the heaven?

Do you think God will
come down to save you?

Will God come down?

Hey, God! Come on down!

Greetings, Mr Sambayya.

Greetings. How are you?
- We're doing fine.

Yes. What can I do for you?

Your nephew Muthyam is on the line.
- On the what?

Uncle! They're my friends, uncle.

They came to our village
to look for shooting locations.

They'll stay in your
house for a few days.

Please take good care of them.

Why does your voice sound strange?

Do you need any healing?

I went to a party last night, uncle.

Okay then. Here's your phone.

Okay, Muthyam. Thank you.

How can you do healing from here?

Aren't people getting healed by
watching television? - That's true.

By the way,
what is the title of the movie?

Not yet decided.

Nice. But doesn't
it sound very vague?

I meant we haven't
thought of a title yet.

Let's go.
- Silly man.

Is this a dream?

No, it's not.

This is our healing center.

You mean yoru medical shop?

Yes, I'll explain
to you very clearly.

This ointment face
lady is my sister.

- Greetings.

That tablet face man is my brother.
And that's his family.

This is my wife.
- Greetings.

Her actual name is Panchakshari.

But I call her Pancharishta.
- Nice.

That neem tree is my mother.

She may sound bitter
but she's a sweet woman.

He's my older
brother-in-law Mr Tagore.

Very straightforward and honest man.

And a very kind man too.

Sir, what about her?

She's Soundarya Lahari.
She's his daughter.

She expounds the holy books.

She hasn't started any TV shows yet.
- Greetings, madam.

So, let me come to the point.

This young man is Muthyam's
friend from America.

He requested us to
host him for a few days.

Did he tell you?

Yes, and he'll tell you also.
Here you are.

He's been waiting for a while.

- Yes, son.

How are you?

Oh, my God! It's so good to see you.

- Yes?

You were very dark.
But you look fair in the phone.

I work in ac office.
This is America.

Did you send these
boys to stay here?

Yes, grandma.
They're very good friends of mine.

They'll stay in our
house for a few days.

Please take good care of them.

- But why stay here?

I'm sure they'll find
it inconvenient in a new place.

And we don't even have ac here.

They can stay in a hotel.

They look like rich kids anyway.

No, we don't have any such issues.

You can tell us if
it's inconvenient for you.

We'll leave right now.

Let them stay, Sweetie.

It's not right to ask Muthyam's
friends to stay at a hotel.

Let them stay here.
- Yes.

Great. Muthyam,
you can talk to your family now.

Give them!
- Okay.



I designed a draft version
of how hero kills one villain.

I'll send you the final
version when it's ready.

Okay, Valmiki. I'll check it.

I can't stand this anymore.

You came to India to win her back.

Why are you whiling
away time with videogames?

I'm running out of
excuses to tell my dad.

What happened now?

Why don't you tell
Soundarya that you love her?

Then we can go back. Please.

But there's a problem, buddy.

I can talk to her about anything.

But I go blank when I want
to tell her about my feeligns.

You need to practice.

Imagine that I'm Soundarya.
Talk to me.

- Fine.

Think of this phone as Soundarya.

Just speak your heart.
I'll record it.

Come on, get up.
Let's give it a try.

Stand up. Come on. Stand there.

That's better.
Are you ready? Take. Action!

Soundarya, in accordance
with my love towards you

I would like to have
a lifetime agreement with you.

Are you making a
business deal with her?

You're proposing love.
Use gentle words.

Let me show you.

Roses in my garden
are refusing to bloom.

Will you make them
bloom with your lips?


I don't need your advice.
I think I know what to say.

Okay, great. One minute.

Soundarya, I love you.

I crossed the seas
just to apologize to you.

I can go much farther
to win your love.

I need you. My life is
so empty without you, Soundarya.

That was beautiful.
This is pure love.

'Daddy message.'

Silly thing.
- What happened?

My dad is texting me.
I sent his message back to him.

Munuswamy came to the
orphanage some time ago.

He tried to strike
a deal with the warden

to sell the orphans to him.

He promised pay a hundred
thousand for each kid.

But the warden refused to do so.

Everything is recorded
in this diary, sir.

Show it to me.
- He wrote it personally.

This evidence is enough, Pattabhi.

This is enough to punish
that rogue Munuswamy.

Justice will be proud of you,
Pattabhi. - Thank you, sir.

That orphanage was
my home when I was a kid.

And I consider it my duty to save
those orphans. - Good.

Hello, Tagore.

I found an important
piece of evidence

to prove that Munuswamy is guilty.


Munuswamy will definitely
be put behind bars

if we produce that evidence
to the judge in court.

So, Tagore is still alive.

He's coming now.

Oh! Hey! My brother!

I love sentimental people.

Sign here to transfer
that contract to me.

Brother! I...

Need a table?

Mastan will get his revenge someday.

Everyone will die someday.

Get out! Let's see who'll die first.
Let's go.

Sir, this is lawyer Pullarao.
- Tell me.

Tagore is not dead as you thought.
He's alive.

How is that possible?

This diary contains
Munuswamy's case details.

Please hand it over
carefully to Murthy.

Okay, dad.
- You have to be extremely careful.

- Go.

Do you want to go out, sir?

Where is Soundarya going?

She went to Durgamma temple, sir.

Buddy! Buddy!

You have a beautiful nose.


He's calling you.

I heard it.


Level one over. Enter level two.

All the best for level one.

My kite is stuck there!

Don't cry, child.

Trust the God of wind
and he'll give it to you.

Just wait for his time.

- 'Yes, dear?'

I've reached the temple.

Sorry, dear. I've got a flat tire.

Hello? Hello?

The wind is blowing
very hard over here.

And I don't even see
any autorickshaws nearby.

Where are you now, uncle?

I'm near Vijaya Durga mess.

Fine. I'll come over there.

- Okay.

Strangely there's no wind her.

Guys! Start the cars! Come on!

- Soundarya!

Where are you?

I'm going to Vijaya Durga mess.
Meet me there.

Okay, I'm on my way. See you there.

Drive faster!

Come on! Follow her!

There she is!

Hey! Move the cattle!

Guys! Come on!

How is that evidence going
to help your father anyway?

He'll have to come to take
your dead body when I kill you.

Then I'll kill him too!

Hey, who are you?

Basically, I'm a videogame lover.

I love games. And I find villain

characters like
you very interesting.

Sadly, we have just one girl.
And too many goons to fight with.

Balance is missing, boss.

So, are you going to save her?

Only a lover will have the
guts to do that. He's her lover.

Thanks, boss.

We never had the
clarity that you have.

I've been trying to understand
that from a few days.

I've always been busy with business,
games and goals.

But the whole game changed
when she entered into my life, boss.

I don't know how painful death is.

But, I felt like I was
dying when she wasn't with me.

I came here to find
out whether this is love.

And you're trying to kill my love?

Is he warning us or
proposing love to her?

Hats off, dude!

You turned our action
game into your love game.

Sadly, today's unlucky for you.

You may have never imagined that

your lover will die on
the day you proposed your love.

May your love live long!

Be it a real game or virtual,
winning is my weakness!

Let's start the real game!







Hey! I'll see how
you're going to save her!

Save her! Come on!

- Get up! Save her!


Vishwa! Hey!

Where's the evidence
your father gave you?

Tell me or I'll kill your lover!

Your father somehow
escaped death in my hands.

Answer me!

Sir, I planned our
first episode in the air.

It's come out well.
Do you want to take a look?

Mr Vishwa,
did you have a look at it?

Our concept is that
the five elements

will find a way to
punish our villains.

That's why I planned
this murder in the air.

Since we cannot visualize wind

I made the villain die
by hanging on the windmill.

What happened, sir? Any problems?

I'll call you back later.

Vishwa! Why are you
feeling bad about it?

Do you know who the dead man is?

One is supposed to
cry when someone dies.

But he's a disgrace to our village.

He raped my daughter
on the road and killed her.

Today is a festival
for us since he died.

Police is looking for answers as to

what really happened and how.

There are speculations
that Veeraswamy's

enmity with Mastan
with Shaikpet led to

Do you understand now?

There's no need for
you to feel bad about it.

I never thought I'd kill
someone with these hands.

But you didn't kill
him deliberately.

He died because of his sins.
No one can change their fate.

My dad has been trying to
prove their guilt for 10 years.

But he hasn't been able to.

They even tried to kill my dad.
But they failed.

Forget about what happened here.

I don't think it's
safe for you to stay here.

Go back to US.

I'll tell my family about our love

and come to US along with my dad.

Go back tomorrow. Do it for me.

Is he conscious yet?
- No, madam.

He's not responding at all, madam.
- Hello?

Hello? Hello?

Did anyone come for him?
- No, madam.

Inform me if anyone comes for him.

Okay, madam.

Mastan should turn into ashes

before the last stick
stops burning here.

Hey! How dare you kill my brother?

It's true that we
had our differences.

But I didn't kill him.

A murderer can tell lies.

But a person about to die shouldn't.

You should turn into ashes

before my brother's pyre cools down.

I'll do Paytm.
- Hello my master. Hello daddy.

Are you enjoying your Dubai trip?

It's awesome.

Of course.
It's always good when you go.

Where are you now?

I'm just checking
in in the Dubai airport.

I thought I'll eat Hyderabadi
Biryani. I'm hungry. - What?

I was going to eat Shawarma, daddy.

Why does that guy look like my dad?

Daddy, you won't believe it.

There's someone who looks
just like you in Dubai.

And I saw someone
just like you in India.

- Yes.

Our grandparents were
good playboys I suppose...

No, they're not.

But, my most unlucky child,
you are one.

One second, daddy.
Someone's here to meet me.

When did you come to Dubai?

When did you come to India?
- That's the right question.

What about uncle and aunt?
- Here.

There they are.

Uncle, when did you come to Dubai?

When did you come to India?
- Where's Vishwagna?

Someone called Vishwamitra...
- Where is he?


Will you dad give his
consent for our marriage?

My dad?

He looks very stern but
he's just a child really.

He takes my advice
even in business matters.

He'll go ahead only
if I sign on every project.

Fine, your dad may agree.

But will you mom give her consent?

Mummy? She's a kitchen cockroach.

She doesn't know
anything except cooking.

If I say I want to get married

she'll ask me who's
doing the catering.

It won't even occur to
her to ask who the bride is.

She's simple and silly.


Shut up!

Just a minute.


Yes, Jyoti. Tell me.

- Mom?!

Dad?! When did you come to Dubai?

No, this is India.

Actually, dad...

I heard. Yes,
I'm the silly child you spoke about.

Didn't you recognize me?

Mom, I...
- Kitchen cockroach.

Silly woman.

Mom! Dad!
Actually, I came to India to

To apologize.

How did you know?

Through this.

How did you get...

Soundarya, I love you.

I crossed the seas
just to apologize to you.

I must have sent
it to my dad by mistake.

And I saved it by mistake.

I can go much farther
to win your love.

Vishwa, look at this video. See it.

Excuse me?
- Yes?

Can we please have some privacy?

Hey! She's my mom! My dad!
- Privacy?


I'm sorry.
- Wait, dear.

We don't expect apologies
from our daughter-in-law.

I was afraid he was going
to marry some American girl.

I'm so glad he chose
a true Telugu girl.

What else can I ask for?

We didn't come here for them.

We came for you.
- Yes.

We're here to talk to your family
and fix a date for your wedding.

If they really love each other

I'm willing to ignore
all the lies he told me.

Just the fact that
my daughter loves him

is reason enough
for me to trust him.

That is the kind of
confidence I have in her.

Naughty girl!

He's the only heir to
my wealth and aspirations.

He's my only son.

Everyone has aspirations.

By the way,
what is your estimated value?

We're the bride's family.

He just feels that such
questions need to be asked.

I may be a billionaire.

But I've earned every
penny with honesty.

I can guarantee you that much.

That's fine.
But how much does your son earn?

I'll tell you.
He earned my daughter's love.

What else can we ask for?

Whatever you may say,
I still can't believe that

a billionaire has come to our house

to ask for our daughter in marriage.

We have money.
But you have education and values.

I think their union
will be a good one.

Their children will
benefit so much from them.

Mr Shiva Prakash.

Everyone in our family gives
our consent to this marriage.

We'll arrange the engagement
on an auspicious day.

But we want the wedding in America.

We want your family
and all your relatives

to attend the wedding
and bless them.

Rich people like
you can afford that.

Who is going to buy flight
tickets for all of us?

I'll arrange a special
flight for you all.

Just let me know
how many will be coming.

We should take leave now.
- Take care.

See you.
- Soundarya, come here.

God bless you.

Mahi, are you happy?

I'm so happy we found
a good daughter-in-law.

He is Lord Shiva's
blessing after all.

I was sure he would
find a good girl.

Dear, we've come to
India after a long time.

I don't know when we'll come again.

Shall we go to Kashi with Vishwa?


Vishwa, bow at his feet.

Take his blessing.

May you have a long life.

Salutations to Lord Shiva!

Salutations to Lord Shiva!

Salutations to Lord Shiva!

- You don't take call in the temple.

Go out and talk.
- Sorry. So sorry.

Guru, I don't know
if you remember us.

You had named a child
and gave it to us 20 years ago.

He's the one.

Oh, child of Lord Shiva.

Tomorrow is a Monday,
an auspicious day.

Make him dip in the
holy Ganges tomorrow.

No evil eyes will harm him.

Hi, Vishwa. What are you doing?

I'm waiting for the fire
ritual near holy Ganga river.

- Yes.

Fire ritual?
- Yes.

You're so lucky, Vishwa.

Did you want to see it too?

Yes, I've been longing to see it.

Great. I'm going to fulfill
your wish right now. Be ready.

Really? How?

Go and wear the gadget I gave you.


Can you see the lights?

Yes, I feel like I'm
standing right there.

Do you want a closer look?

Are you happy?
- Very much.

Goodnight, sweetheart.


Yes, Mr Valmiki.

I've designed the
second episode, sir.

I mailed the file
since the size was big.

Okay, I'll check it.
- Okay, sir.

'Sir, after giving it much thought'

'I have finalized fire
element for our second episode.'

'And when I looked for
the right location in India'

'my search led me
straight to Kashi.'

I've tried to call
him thrice already.

I can't reach him.
I wonder what he's doing.

- Where were you?

Where did you go, son?
- Mom

I told you I'm not interested
in taking a holy bath.

How can you leave Kashi without

taking a dip in the holy Ganges?

Don't be silly. That's a sin.

Mom, I can't say why
but I want to leave Kashi

as soon as possible.
- Why?

Vishwa, are you alright?

No, Dad. I'm feeling very restless.

What's gotten into him?

Priest was right,
someone has cast an evil eye on him.

Everything will be alright if
he takes a dip in the Ganga river.


Come on.
- Just do as you're told.

Vishwa! Come on, son.

[Inaudible, people clamoring]

How dare you hit my driver?

You're here to sprinkle
your brother's ashes in the river.

You cannot perform that
ritual with unclean hands.

Calm down. Let him go.

There he is.

Vishwa, what are you thinking?
- Come on, son.

We're getting late. Get in.

Hey! Stop the boat.

Stop the boat. The laps will go off.

Stop the boat.
- Hold on.

Vishwa, get in. Vishwa! Get in, son.
- Come on, son.

No, mom. I'm not coming.

Don't worry about me.
You'll carry on.

How can we go without you?
- Hey!

Madam, don't worry about him.

You cannot force
a person to pray to God.

[sanskrit chant]

Excuse me!
Please bring the ashes from the bag.

Pandit, I see two here.
Which one should I bring?

Bring the one with
the red cloth on it.

Who does the other one belong to?

One of my family
members died recently.

His final wish was to sprinkle
his ashes into Ganga river.

Did you reach Kashi?

Hope you sprinkled
Raju sir's ashes in Ganga.

I sprinkled their ashes
in as many rivers as possible.

But I couldn't go to the Ganga
river as my age is catching up.

Okay then.
But be a little careful with them.

Boss, this pandit cheated us!

These ashes belong
to that Raju's family.

He belonged to the
royal family after all.

And they did a lot
of good for the village.


Hey! Killing a Brahmin
is a cardinal sin.

Don't you know that?

And Kashi is a very holy place.

Your sins will not go unpunished.

Lord Shiva's third
eye is always watching you.

And when he opens his third eye

they won't even find your
ashes to sprinkle in this river.

How dare you?

And who do you think
is going to save you from me?

Will that Lord Shiva come down?

Will Shiva come down?


Will he save you?

Let me see how he saves you!

I don't know how we're related
or if we're related at all.

But no one meets this
way without sharing a bond.

May you live and prosper
for a hundred years.

God bless you!

You! I don't know who you are.

But I've never spared a man

who made me bled.

Why? Why did you hit me?

To save that pandit.


Who are you?

No! Stop it!

Purified by fire!

Made holy by fire!

Life force can give
life and take it away too.

The fire that can save
can turn one into ashes too.

More lives are to be judged.

Many souls are
waiting to be avenged.

The people who tried
to wipe the lines in your palm

will realize that their
end is in your hands.

The fire that lives is
travelling to its destination.

The grave built by the
five elements is invoking you.

That is justice.

That's not a dead body
to burn it or bury it.

That is a witness.

Praise Great Lord Shiva!

Praise Great Lord Shiva!

Answer me!
- I don't know anything, sir.

No, please. Sir!

You took sir and
brought back his ashes.

Who did this to him? Who killed sir?

Sir, I swear on God. I don't know.

Please let me go.
Sir, please tell him to let me go.

Let him go.

What is going on?

Some secret force
is acting against me.

How can I avenge my brothers
when I don't know who did it?

It's been less than a
month since Veeraswamy died.

And now he's gone.

How did this happen?

do you remember pandit's words?

He warned long ago that
bad things will happen to us.

But you paid no heed.

People usually take ashes to Kashi.

But your brother's
ashes came back from Kashi.

One brother was killed a month ago.

And now another brother is gone.

Could anything worse happen?

Please listen to me.
Let's go and meet guru once.

It's good to listen to everyone.

But a wise man doesn't
quickly draw conclusions

and finds out what
is true and what is false.

Make arrangements to meet guru.

Both your brother's horoscopes
are clear about one thing.

Their death occurred at
the hands of the same person.

Didn't you understand?

The same person killed both of them.

I don't understand.

I thought I killed the
man who killed Veeraswamy.

How did he end up in Kashi?

Did his spirit kill
my other brother?

Spirits don't kill, Munuswamy.
Death is in God's hands.

You may think that
you killed that person.

But your sin lives on until
the one who took his life is alive.

I warned you but you paid no heed.

You don't believe
in the holy writings.

Then why are you here?

The pestering fear of sin
inside you has led you to me.

If I have understood it correctly

the same person is
going to kill you both too.

Five elements will not calm down

until you show true repentance,

This is inevitable!

This was your silly idea.
Why did you bring us here?

Shut up.

listen to me just this once.

Let's conduct a prayer
to pacify the five elements.

Bring Mastan's wife!

Sir, it's true that your
brother my husband had differences.

But my husband didn't
kill your brother.

I swear on my children.

My husband wasn't
even in town on that day.

He was in Dubai.

I'll show you his
passport if you want.

Does that mean...

Guru was right?

Does it mean Mastan
didn't kill Veeraswamy?

Then who did?

The same person killed
both my brothers?

Who is he?

Will he kill us both too?

Who is he? Who is he?

Whatever he's coming up with in US

is happening in my real life.

How? One was hanged in the air.

Another was killed by fire.

What will happen tomorrow?
I don't know.

That sage clearly told me
that more people are going to die.

But how did he know that
I don't have lines in my palm?

Many things that take place
in this world have no logic.

You can't get too
serious about them.

Just consider these
incidents a pure coincidence.

Valmiki's concept
is coming true in India.

So, leaving India
will be your solution.

Your engagement is in two days.

You can go back to US after that.
There will be no other problems.

Hello, sir!? Sir, excuse me!

Stop! Where are you going?

Munuswamy is grieving
for his brothers.

Good morning, sir.

His brothers had one last wish.

They wanted to build a
factory on his brother's name.

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

Where is sir?
- He's upstairs.

- He's coming.

He must be upstairs. Thank you.
- Take a seat.

Don't you believe in Hindu
principles of architecture?

It can bring bad luck.

You see all that for
a house built with cement.

We built with corpses.
We don't need any luck.

Sir, Munuswamy sir
is very straightforward.

He believes in speaking his mind.
He's very open.

Tell me.

Our country is a beautiful peninsula

situated between three oceans.

But we have water problems.

And that's true about
the 75% of populated land.

Our project turns this
free water into drinking water.

I can show you a video
presentation if you like.

Have a look.

This is called desalination plant.

This is the blue print
of an expensive water plant

which converts sea
water into drinking water.

This plant converts
10 billion liters of water

into drinking water each day.

This plant is valued
at a minimum of 200 billion.

This is the biggest not
only in India but also in Asia.

Mr Shiva Prakash Susarla
has the patent rights

to build this project with
as less expense as possible.

Shiva Prakash Susarla? Who is he?

NRI, sir. He stays in New York.

He is one among the
famous Telugu people

who settled down in US.

We'll get a 50-50 partnership
if we can convince him.

Consider it a deal!

Mr Munuswamy, it's not that easy.

What's the problem?

Sir, the waste
chemicals from the plant

and the pollution it
causes are very dangerous.

If we want to build the plant,
we have to

convince the villagers
and evacuate the whole village.

Mr Susarla will bluntly
refuse to sign the agreement

if it harms the
villagers even a little.

I'll take care of the villagers.

You need Susarla's signature,
is that it?

Even dead bodies will
sign if they see my brother.

Mr Shiva Prakash Susarla
is here in Hyderabad

for some personal matters.

We can finalize the
deal if we meet him here.

Okay. Let's go meet him.

- Anand!

Where were you all these days?
- What happened to you?

Where is boss?
- Boss? They went out.

Where did he go?
- He went to Novotel hotel.

Don't you know it's
courteous to stand up

when older ones enter the room?

Don't you know that you
have to wait for the host

to invite you to sit?

Sir, you'll anyway get violent
if the deal doesn't work out.

Please remain calm at least
till something works out, please.

Sir, you look very
strong and healthy.

Are you Mr Susarla's

- Hello.

He's my boss, Mr
Susarla, I told you about.

Wow! He looks like
a walking reserve bank.

Sir, I was the one
spoke to you on phone.

He is Mr Munuswamy.

And he is Mr Susarla.
- Nice meeting you sir.

- He's my son.

He's Mr Munuswamy.

Please take a seat.
- Hello.

Sir! Sir! Who are you?

Where are you going?
You're not allowed inside.

Sir! Please stop.
I'm talking to you, sir.

- You're not allowed inside, sir.

I work for Mr Munuswamy.

Please, sir.
- I have to meet my boss.

Many consider it good
fortune to do business with me.

And I feel that working with you

will be a good opportunity for you.

Shall we consider it a deal?

it's not enough if I like the deal.

You're proposing to
build it in a village.

I want the villagers
to give their consent.

Don't worry about that, sir.

They agree to anything we tell them.

I don't want them to
agree because you told them.

I want them to agree
because they like it.

Yes, sir. He's in India.

I'll ask him to call
you after the meeting.

Please, try to understand, sir.
- Let me handle him.

Who are you?

Looks like you came
straight from the hospital.

I work for Mr Munuswamy.

I see. Can't you see that
he's in a business meeting?

I need to tell him
something immediately.

That's not possible.
Talk to him later. - Please.

He might disrupt the meeting.
Take him out.

No, please.
Please try to understand, sir.

Take him.
- Please...

Okay. We'll be waiting
for you tomorrow.

Yes. But tomorrow
is my son's engagement.

Shall we plan after that?

I have to go inside.
- Please, sir.

Let me go, please.
- See you.

- We'll meet again.

- Okay then.

See you, sir.
- Sure.

Mr Munuswamy! Boss!

Boss! Boss!

My boss is coming this way.
Please let me go!

- Hey! Leave him alone!

Anand! What happened to you?
Where were you?

Tagore's daughter's boyfriend?

Hello? Soundarya said she'd be here.

But she hasn't come yet.
- Strange.

She left home early in the morning.

She said she'd go to
temple and come to your place.

No, she didn't. I tried calling her.

But calls are not going through.

Not able to reach her?
I wonder where she went.

Don't worry.
Maybe she got caught up in traffic.

Please ask her to call
me as soon as she gets there.

Sure, I'll do that. Don't panic.


Hello. Yes, sir?

Hello, Priyanka.
I can't reach Valmiki. Where is he?

Maybe he's in the flight, sir.
Anything urgent, sir?

Are the remaining episodes ready?

Yes, sir. It has been finalized.

Can you mail it to me immediately?

Sure, sir. I'll send it right away.

'Level 3. It starts in a temple.'

'Villains kidnap the heroine
who comes to the temple'

'and take her to the mines'

'near Goddess Dhaneshwari temple.'

'While villains
torture the heroine...'

Hey, kiddo, what happened to you?

I'm very thirsty, sir.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Your father went to
court for these orphans.

Shame on you!

Abusing children
is like abusing God.

All these orphans are like Gods.

Mother Nature will avenge
the tears of these little ones.

All these kids wish for your death.

And God will definitely
fulfill that wish.

Even God is an orphan
and has no parents, right?

Let him come. Maybe I'll
lock him up along with them.

Call him! Call out to him!

Let me see which God will come down!


You asked which God
will come down, right?

He is my God.

Sir, he's the one who killed
Veeraswamy sir. He's the one.

[sanskrit chant]

You reap what you sow.

God has sent him to
punish you for your sins.

I thought he came
down from America for me.

But now I have realized that

he has crossed over
the seas to end you.

Him? Did Susarla's
son kill my brother?

Hey! I really can't
believe you did it.

Look! Everything in these
four directions belong to me.

Don't forget that
I'm Munuswamy's brother!

You won't get out of here alove!

People like you don't
deserve to live on this earth

when you have no respect for it.

I swear on this land in which
you buried innocent children!

You and everyone here
will die here today!

I will build new foundation
for these kids on your graves.

Really? You're here
to save everyone, are you?

Guys, the world believes
that these kids are dead.

Let's make it true. Lock
her inside and burn all of them!


Sir! Sir!

Don't leave them.

Soundarya, take care of the kids.

So, you managed to kill me too.

But you can never kill my brother.

My brother will kill your parents.

Hey! They're with my brother now.
You can't save them.

They're going to die!

Hello, Mr Valmiki. Where are you?

Yes, Priyanka. I just landed
in India. What's the matter?

Vishwa sir called me.

He wanted the remaining episodes.

I called you to say that
I sent the files to him.

How could you send those to him?

I haven't finalized them yet.

I thought they were all finalized

since we all had a meeting
together the other day.

There's a different between
discussing and finalzing.

What's the problem, sir?

Hero's parents are killed by
the villains in the current version.


That's why I wanted to
rewrite it and change the climax.

Fine. Do me a favor.

Inform Vishwa that
I'm rewriting the climax.

I'll try to call him too. Okay?

'This number can't
be reached right now.'

'Level 4. I planned
this episode in water, sir.'

This starts in a historical
village near a river.

The village is called

'A huge argument takes place between
hero's father and the villain.'

'And then the villain
locks up hero's parents.'

'After that...'

Village called Swastiknagaram?

Why does this village
look so scary, sir?

I don't see any people.

I can feel a chill
running down my spine.

I had warned you.
We started at a bad time.

I fear something bad
is going to happen, sir.

Please. Have a seat.

Wow! Very nice house.

That's true. There's a
divine look about this house.

This house belonged
to a royal family.

Burglars robbed their house
and killed the entire family

on one fateful night.

I bought it and turned
it into my guest house.

Oh, okay.
- Please make yourself comfortable.

Boss wants you to
sign on this agreement.

What? I thought I was coming
here to talk to the villagers

and sign it in their presence.

There's no rush. We'll wait.

A true achiever never backs off

because the people
don't agree with him.

His aim would be to
win over all those people.

This is the 33rd
poem in my collection.

I wrote them myself. Is it good?

Sign the agreement.

Mr Munuswamy. Don't push me.

No one can threaten
me and get their work done.

Are you forgetting my status?

I'm not Mishra to be afraid
of your status and turn back.

Which Mishra?

Mishra, my partner.

Mr Shiva Prakash, how are you?

Did you not bring your son along?

I don't think it'll
look good if you both die

and he gets to rule the empire.

All of you are on the same team.

Will you kill me if
I don't sign the agreement?

I'll put all behind bars in no time!

Dear! No!
- Sir!

- No, please!

What are you doing?

You look good dressed
up like a married woman.

Ask your husband
not to make you a widow.

Look! You worked hard
to get to this position.

But I killed people
to get where I am.

Killing is not new to me.

But I'm sure tasting
death will be new to you.

- Do you want to die?

I'll use Paytm.


- Grandpa.

May you live long, child.

How are you keeping, grandpa?

I'm good with the
grace of the Mother.

I heard that you're writing
a story for someone in US.

You told me that life is God's game.

I'm writing story for a game.

Do you know what made
me think of that story?

I heard it in my
childhood right here.

Don't the scriptures speak
of rituals to pacify the Gods?

But the sinner should
show remorse for his sins.


We're here because
of our brother-in-law.

We don't believe in such rituals.

You can do whatever
silly prayers you want.

Prayers without true
repentance have no value.

Your sin is beyond forgiveness.


What's that?

Grandpa, what does repentance mean?

To acknowledge their
sins and to show remorse.

What if a person doesn't repent?

The five elements will punish him.

That is the moral behind my story.

I imagined how it
would be if a person who

commits a crime and
leaves no witnesses

were to be punished
by the five elements.

All four will be killed
by the same person.

The one dying doesn't
know who is killing him.

And the one killing doesn't
even know why he's killing.

How would he?

God is playing the game.

And the five elements
are hunting the criminals down.

One dies in the air.
He hangs from a windmill.

Second one dies in a fire in Kashi.

He falls into a pyre
and turns into ashes.

Valmiki, how does the third one die?


He killed Guruswamy sir.

He buried him in the
mud while he was still alive.

Who killed him?

The same guy that
killed Veeraswamy sir.

It's none other than

the son of

Shiva Prakash who is with you now.

Your son?

What's he saying?


Why is your son killing my brothers?

Why is he killing them?
What does he want?

That can't be.
- Dear...

He killed my three brothers.

And as per horoscope,
he's supposed to kill me too.

Tell me! Where is he?

Where is your son? Call him!

I want your son.

I want the guy who
killed my brothers.

Even the main villain is set to die.

But I haven't designed
the episode yet.

You're not designing it, Valmiki.

Goddess is making you do it.

The mighty and powerful
Goddess is doing it.

The great Goddess
who crushes sin and pride

is making you do it.

What you're writing is not a story,
Valmiki. It's the truth.

Two of those brothers
died just like you said.

According to you even the
third one is buried in earth.

And then the last one will die too!

The five elements are
cleansing the earth, Valmiki.

You're but an instrument
in their hands.

That's it.
- Call no!

Call you son right now!




Son of death!

You're not here for your parents.

You came here for me!

You killed all my three brothers.

And now you're here to kill me!

What? Do you think I
got a package deal from God

to kill all your family?

I don't know who you are.

And I don't know
why my parents are here.

But I know for sure
that I'm going to kill you.

I realized just now that
I got my passport to India

only to come here and kill you.

My father's blood
kept calling out to me.

And my mother's tears led me here.

Prove that you do exist.

That's how real relationships are.

People who don't value
them have no place on this earth!

Look, I don't even
have any lines in my palm.

How do you know that
I'm meant to kill you?

I heard that the lines on his palms
can change our destiny.

Why don't I wipe those lines off?


'Human body is a product
of five elements.'

'Air, earth, water, fire and sky'

'bring the body
to life and guide it.'

'They support you if
your intentions are good.'

'And the same five
elements within your body'

'punish you if you commit a sin.'

'That is justice.'

'This story is a witness
to the nature's justice.'

'The lines made on earth by humans'

'are known as latitudes
and longitudes.'

'But there's a line that
stops you from doing injustice.'

'It came into existence
when justice was born.'

'That line is made by God.'

'Don't cross that line.'

'Beware! Nature is watching you.'