Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo (2016) - full transcript

When his sister's classmate, Leelaa, comes to spend the summer at his family home, a friendship is forged in few days and when our hero decides to take off on a road trip across the country, Leela is more than ready to join him. But something happens on that road trip. Situations go out of control and our lead pair are thrown into a vortex that they're completely unprepared for and beyond their control.

We spent our lives playing
and roaming around, like a bunch of kids.

it feels like a decade has passed.

I feel like a man.

Anything can happen.

But whatever happens, I have
confidence within that I can handle it.

[no audio]

[police siren]

[no audio]

It's a bullet wound.

We came for the police verification.

[crowd cheering]

I can give you anything.
There is nothing to worry.

Who is it?

-Okay! Okay! forgive me!
-No, you are a scoundrel!

-It's not that¦
-It's your fault!

Now leave it.

No, you're such an idiot!

[crowd cheering]

[bullet cracks]


We're not cops.
We're not thugs or gangsters either.

We've never encountered violence
in our lives before.

Someone messed up with===
sister I bashed him up.

It was just a minor scuffle.

There is no other
chance to happen it again.

I thought like everyone else.

But then, life is full of surprises.
Anything can happen in life.

But when it happens...

The question is...
are we ready to face it or not?

[motor-cycle moving]


She is very upset.

He followed her all the way to the
college and give her the love letter.

He is behaving like a mad guy.

Why do you try to maintain decency?

-You know where his house is right?
-I know.

-Giri, get the vehicle.

Why are you behaving like ruffians?

-Come. Let’s go!

Listen, you must be patient.
First, let's lure him out.

-Dude, is that the house?

Hello brother, just a minute.

Come here.

Come here for a minute.

Your approach is wrong.

Not only approach,
your thinking too is wrong.

But, I am not here to correct you.

I am here just to tell you that
what you've done is wrong.

-You idiot!


She doesn’t like you.

Giving love letters,

waiting at the college, tailing her
was ended with the film 'Shiva'.

Even his son has become a hero now.

You know that well.


What about you dude?

-I'll wait at the corner.
-Thanks a lot. Buddy.

-Come soon and don't get much involved.
-Just ten minutes.


-Hi Divya! No one is there in home right?

-Bye dude.
- No.

I understood that they've
seen me coming daily with Mahesh.

[tires screeching]

Like a Mani Ratnam's film,
I saw four silhouettes in the dark.

I knew that there was
something dangerous.

Not me but for them.

Hey dude!

I was a little scared.

But some strange feeling
and courage from within.

A confidence that
I can handle the situation.

I'm not allowed to hit on your sister,

but its okay for you to come to
our area and romance our girls?

You're right…

But it's not we both but it's just him.

Mine is just pick up and drop service.
That's all.

I'll come to your house tomorrow
and see about your sister then.

No, enough you beat me and I beat you.

six punches and six blows dude!

I beat them with power in every punch.

None of them could get up.


You're still not done?
Aren't you finished yet?

It's turning into a big fight!
Get here soon, man.

-What's the matter?
-Shut up and get on the bike.

-Did you hit everyone?
-You can't see Divya anymore.

-I'll not go to Divya's house again.
-Hey get on fast man!

-Why did you hit them?
-I came for you and they involved me.

Someday after my marriage,
I'll tell my son.

Dear son, when a gang came to beat me,

I'll tell him proudly that I bashed
them with just six punches.

-Hey catch it!
- Hey! Hey!

-Give it here!

-Throw! Throw!
-Hey here!

Dude, I understood that I can handle
such a situation if it arises again.

-I got confidence.

This confidence is important
to survive in the life.

Hey! It's too expensive.

I'm okay with it, dude.
I have Divya to pay for me.

It may be too much for you.

-This girl looks good.

I think I know her.

See. I'll tell Divya about this.

-You are finished.
-Hey no!

I was scouting for you, man.

It doesn't make me feel good
seeing you single.

Do you know how guilty I felt
whenever I spend time with Divya?

Cause you're all alone
and I'm happy sleeping on her lap.

Stop it.

Love... Girls... to handle all these
you must have something in you.

-A confidence of a different level.
-True dude.

I feel it's better not having them in me.

-I can be as a good boy for some time.
-Like you?

I don't have that kind
of confidence at all.

-Honestly, I am a nice guy.
-I know! I'm seeing you since childhood.

You continue.

I thought I knew everything about girls,
since I've two sisters at home.

-Is it?
-I thought they are easy to understand.

But no, I know nothing about them.

-What you have said now is correct dude.
-Meanwhile, how do you manage?

-You see...
-Got it.

That means there is only action but
no dialogues in between you guys.

That’s it.

Stop it dude.


Now, back to Sukanya…

His second love…

You didn't even hold my hand.

It’s easier for you to forget me
than for me to love you again.

-This is over.

Suddenly do not do like that.
- That was an original dialogue!

-She was just 16 years old.
-I thought to behave like a nice boy.

Because he didn't hold her hand.

Next, Mallika…
His third love.

She was from my college.
She said she liked me.

And I never let go of her hand.

Tried some other stuff too.

Leave me.

And she dumped me for the same reason.

How dare you?
I thought you're a decent guy.

You disappointed me.

-Please leave me.
- Mallika, please.

I will just hold your hand
for the next time.

One says that I should hold her
hand while the other says no.

Then I understood one thing.

Love should come searching for you.

I should turn your life topsy-turvy.

You shouldn't even know
when you fell in love.

The day will come.
Someday it will definitely happen.

I have my first love till then.

-Yeah, dude...
-By the way, She'll be here tomorrow.

Finally, Superb man!

-It's hard to meet you after it arrives.
- Hey! Hang on.. hang on!

Who is your first love?

My Royal Enfield.
Always my first love.

-I knew it, super bro!


"Why are you looking in other directions
when the girl is in front of you?"

"Who can stop you if you
start a bike like a shokilla?"

"Why are you looking in other directions
when the girl is in front of you?"

"Look at her dude..."

"Awesome girl."

"Will you make her sit in your
back seat and ride with her?"

Shokilla... Shokilla... killer."

"If you did all the stunts
and if everything failed."

"I am that Shokilla."

"If the bike may become our wings,"

"It asked me to start it."

"I will move forward."

"And, I will fly in the air."

"This bike is enough for
me to hug and to dream."

"Whatever the distance,
it has an end."

"My bike is enough to me."

-"It's enough."
-"Why... why... why?"

Why dude?

"Why man? Superb bike bro. Will you
flirt the girls by showing this?"

"What are doing here when
the girls are at that side?"

"Hey! Freak the mic, rock
the high. My rocky boy! Go."

"Listen to the matter behind my words."

"All you see and feel, aren't your own,
In my ride, my dreams are all mine."

"My bike is my armour."

"Don't try to follow,
you'll get exhausted."

"Shokilla... Shokilla... Shokilla..."

"If you did all the stunts
and if everything failed."

"I am that Shokilla."

"Shokilla... Shokilla... Shokilla..."

"If you did all the stunts
and if everything failed."

"I am that Shokilla."

"This cold breezer is flowing."

"If we show the beauty,
will Shokilla fall in love?"

"We, the handsome boys
came to disturb the girls."

"It's a celebration with the
girls if you obey Shokilla, yo!"

"If not, you'll fly solo."

"Club like a king, like
a walk with a queen."

"By holding her tight."

"We caught a beautiful girl."

"Keep them in limits."

"I am that Shokila."

"There ain't any flat tyres in love,
what about your bike though?"

"My bike may get punctured
but it'll never be a torture."

"Get a kiss by sleeping on her lap."

"Switch to top-gear and increase
your pleasure."

"A bike can help me get the chicks."

"Could a girl ever get me a bike?"

"Chicks we don't care
bike is the game."

"Chicks we don't care
bike is the game."

"Your gait and sway leave me clueless."

"Your mesmerising gaze
drives boys sleepless."

"When he sees the curves of your hips,
the boy falls head over heels."

"We're young, we know every trick,
But we still fall prey to your magic."

"I've seen your beauty and grace
Every single time, I go into a daze."

"I got enchanted by your bold glamour,
And oh boy, I fell hook, line and sinker"

"Shokilla... Shokilla... Shokilla..."

"If you did all the stunts
and if everything failed."

"I am that Shokila."

"Dude, my bike is the roaring lion."

"Don't ever mess with my bike that can
give you a hard competition, leave now."

"Shokilla wants to ride again,
yearning for a second time."

"Shokilla is trapped by your moves,
He's crazy in love."

"Shokilla wants to ride again,
Yearning for a second time."

"Shokilla is trapped by your moves,
He's crazy in love."

-Who is it, dude?

-She's Maitreyi's friend it seems.

Hey! Isn't our rules!

-Our sisters are sisters to all of us.
- Yes.

But our sister's friend is
not our sister right?

That's a point bro.

If friend's sisters are our sisters

and if we treat sister's
friends as our sisters,

then the whole world will be our
sisters and we remain single.

So dude,
let's change the rules accordingly.

-Am I right?
- Are you experienced?

I just covered up in the nick of time.

I'm sorry.

I need to use the bath room.

Maitreyi said that this was her room.

Yeah okay.

I looked in the mirror for half an hour,
after she left.

More than the fact that she
had seen me like this,

I worried more about whether
she liked it or not.

-This is my friend, Leela.

You've met the others?
Leela, my brother...

Yeah, we just met.

Do you want to eat anything?
Want some 'Bajji'?

-Or will you have some hot milk?
- Mom! Milk? When did I drink milk?

Give me that plate.
I'll eat 'Bajji'.

Will you have 'Bajji'?

my sister's friends keep visiting.

But this girl bowled me over.

Bro, she looks amazing!

How do I tell you?

She is different.

With the thought that she would
look at me or not,

right here..

...heat started between the
gap of hair and the collar.


-So tomorrow at 4:00? Okay.

-See you. Bye.

Seems like all your friends had left.

Isn't she beautiful?


Did you look at her properly or not?


Cut the act.
I'm talking about Leela.

Oh.. she!

Isn't she beautiful?

-Shall I tell you the truth?

Why didn't you bring her home earlier?

Why didn't you introduce her to me?
My God!

I've heard you girls saying "Leela this",
"Leela that",

but you never mentioned that
she looks so beautiful.

I didn't want to distract
you from studies.

-Already you've backlogs.
-That's rubbish.

If you would've introduced me
to her in my final Year,

I'd have graduated first
Class with no backlogs.

I'd have gotten my degree in June.

She is not a distraction.

She is an inspiration.

She's Leela Joseph.

From Alleppy, Kerala.


I was just kidding.

She is Leela Satyamurthy,
from Kolhapur, Maharashtra.


Father is a Telugu while
her mother is a Maharashtrian.

Don't pack your bags to go after her,

She is not there. She is here.

We're doing this course together
with this director

and she'll be living
with us from tomorrow.

Her father is coming here
tomorrow to check if she's okay.

I need not tell you.

Still I am telling you...

Be good. Do not do anything
that stains my reputation.


Anything can happen in life.

Like the way you came into my life.

[music continues]


[music continues]

-Didn't you go out today?

"When she is present before my eyes,"

"She slapped me when I thought
it as a dream."

"She asked me to look at her."

"Is she a delight to my heart?"

"I born again today,"

"I feel great about it."

I saw you as I've never seen you before"

"I feel great about it."

"Today, my morning woke up with you"

"I feel great about it."

"You're my today's devotional song"

"I feel great about it."

"If you caress me like her breeze"

"I feel great about it."

[music continues]


You'd to sleep on
the couch because of me.

Super bro.

Last few days are the
best moments of my life.

Everyday night...
it is become a routine for us.

Dude, this better be interesting.

Some or the other channel would be
running on the TV in front of us.

Hey! Listen man.

-I'm telling about my life matter.
-You listen too.

you had to sleep here because of me.

Not at all!

I've been on the couch
for five years now.

I sleep in my parents' room for a few
hours if dad wakes me up in the morning.

They're girls.
They need privacy.

For me too.

No problem at all.
It's not because of you.

It must be really nice
with two sisters at home.

Mayhem! It's real torture.

But it's nice sometimes.

Like right now.

-Who else lives in your home?
- I'm the only child in my house.

Mom, dad and me.

This is better, really.

It is really boring in my home.

Maitreyi talks a lot about you.

That you are super cool, very protective,

Chilled up type,
you are this, you are that.

Sorry, I even know about
your Sukanya's story.

I know her famous dialogue too.

It is easier for you to forget
me than for me to love you again.

Am I right?

Why did Maitreyi tell you all these?

Everyone knows.

Looks like entire Andhra and Telangana
knows my love story.

I did my schooling here, Timpany School.

My parents decided to move to Kolhapur
after my school.

So, we moved.

Four years of engineering!

Dad said I need not have to work
unless the offers are good.

So I've joined MBA.

Just finished and now taking it easy.

But every day, there would be
some conversation between us.

-Tell us some interesting bits...
-Maximum it's we two.

-Sometimes, Maitreyi joins us.
-Why is she in between?

-Such great chemistry!
-Is it?

-Some warmth is building up in that room.
-Warmth again?

That heat is so nice.

I can feel it...

Not sure if she can feel it or not.

You should show her that.

Yes we acted, too.

They asked us to stand next
to the heroine in a bus stand!

Like background artists.

Assistant directors don't just work!

they make them stand in the frame too.

Who is the heroine?

We're way better than her!

So you included yourself in the better.

Trust me.

did you both like the job?

I didn't like it.

I like to write.

I am going to be a script writer.

She too.

We are going to be a writer duo.
We have decided.

We'll churn up material to make films.
That's more interesting.

Just 20 more days of internship.

We're getting it registered as
'Leela - Maitreyi, the writer duo'.

Then, we need cheap and best
office in good locality.

Why don't you find a place for us?

First come up with a good script.
Then I will show you a good office.

Okay, I'm feeling sleepy.
I'm going. You guys continue.

Leave... leave...

Let me know when you want to sleep,
I'll leave.

Hey no! Not at all, relax.

- It's been a long day dude.
- I didn't know the time.

I cannot wait for it to be night.

Hey! Hey!

Not that.
I mean, does not this heat bother you?

-We know very well, why you are waiting.
-You've become so wet.

Just imagine guys.

Surrounded by boys all day...!

I'm bored of spending
all my time with you guys.

-Just imagine guys!
-This is too insulting, man. I'm going.

-Hey! Hey!

Come this way to go out but not that way.

-Another insult!
-Leave... leave.

-He is my best friend!
-Leave... leave.

-Dude, what's the time?
-Hey! Don't overact.

-I fell asleep.
-I noticed.

You could go in and sleep!

-I'm hungry.
-You had dinner, right?

Yes, I had my dinner at 8:00 pm!

It's midnight now.
I'm hungry.

-Here you go. Enjoy.
-Wow! My favourite. Thank you.

-Oh! Really...
-Maitreyi told you right?

-You're not eating?

I don't know.

I just completed my M.B.A.

But I don't want to study anymore.

I'll plan for a small trip...

-later, I'll find for a good job.
- Nice.

Travel to where? All over the world?

Within my means. That is the
reason I said it's a small trip.

First south India.

I should have left two weeks ago.

My friend Mahesh ditched me.

I didn't want to travel alone.

It will be nice.

On my bike, that too! It'll be great.

Seriously? On a bike?

Yes, it is just a bike.

No one at home knows.
They won't let me go on my bike.

I Planned up to Kanyakumari.

I'll watch the sun rise first and
then figure out the rest later.


Will start next week.

So, you have a good bike?
To go on a road trip?

Which bike?


You have not seen my bike?


Are you serious?

You might be a girl but how
could you not see my bike?

Daily my bike parked out there,
like a rock.

-I have not seen it.
-You should use spectacles.

Come I'll show you my bike.

This is my Royal Enfield.
Isn't she a beauty?

Shall I tell them about your bike plan?

Hey! What is wrong with you?

You'll be safe?
Do not drive fast and rash.

You haven't even told them!
So, take care.


-Ok, Goodnight.

And, she is super cute.

Like A.R. Rahman's music.

Like Hosanna?

In that film, the girl lives upstairs.

But here,
she is beside me at our home.

-You said it right.

-It is like his music that grows on you.

As you talk to her,
as you go on looking at her...

Love. Clean pure love.

"Do the cuckoo's tune consist of music?"

"Is that its melody?"

"If this cuckoo looks at me, Oh! Oh!"

"What will I become with that sight?"

"I fell flat, still I love it."

"What will I become with that sight?"

"Somehow today, I glanced at you,"

"I feel great about it."

"I glanced at you which I never did
before and I feel great about it."

"You're a Telugu devotional song to me,
I feel great about it"

"If you caress me like her breeze,
I feel great about it."

'It's nice."

"It's nice."

Were you busy?
I hardly see you around.

No, I had some work in college.
I went out with my friends.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I'll head to hostel, pack my bags and the
day after morning is my train to Kolhapur.

Maitreyi said she'll come there
in two weeks.

We're planning to start writing there.

-Oh! All the best!
-Thank you.

If you're leaving then I'll also start
on my bike trip day after tomorrow.

On my road trip.

I asked some friends but not sure,
if they would join.

They're all in pursuit of their future.

But Mahesh said that he'll come.

But I know he'll ditch
me in the last moment.

his girlfriend won't let him go!

Whether he is coming or not,
I am heading out.

-On your bike for sure?
-Yes, on my bike!

How could you... without telling anyone?

They'd definitely won't allow
me if I tell them.

I've seen enough of buses and trains.

But this time it must be on my bike.

Me and my RE. With the wind on my face!

-Don't tell Maitreyi!

I will tell her that Mahesh
wants to borrow my bike.

He'll take the bike in the evening

and he'll wait at the
street corner day after morning.

I've told them that I'm
going to Kanyakumari by train.

I even bought a ticket to play it safe.

So, the next day morning I'll
convey bye to everyone

and reach the street corner
in a hired three-wheeler.

I feel so much better
here than being at home.

I had a great time seriously.

-Thank you!

You stayed up to so many nights
to give me your company.

You are welcome. Same here.

All the best. Ride safe.

All the best to you guys. Write
something fresh and interesting stuff!

I've kept cash in your bag,
be careful.

-Got the train ticket?
-Yes dad, it's there.

Don't eat junk! Take care.

I don't like these trips at all.

Where is Mahesh?

- Um, that fellow...
- He'd come directly to the station.

Don't worry, mom.
I'll be fine. Okay?

When I am back,
I will focus on my future.

In fact, this trip is for that.
It is really important to me.

Ok? You take care.
I will go now.

-Take care.
-Bye Dad, Bye.

-Bye mom.
[vehicle moving]

Hey you?

-Is the bike ready?

All set.

I've messed up with Divya and took
permission to come along with you.

It better be worth it.
This is true friendship.

Let that be.

Thank God! My dad did not insist on
coming to the station. I'm safe.

Dude, it's Leela!

-What is she doing here?
-Look into that first.

-Wait. I'll be back.
-Make it fast we are getting late.


-How come you're here? Is everything ok?

Are you going to your house?

At this time?

Did Maitreyi know about this?
She didn't say anything.

Are you sure everything is ok?


-I think we're going triples.
-Is it?

I thought to come with
you on your bike tour.


Sorry, I thought you said
your friend may not come.

But he is here, right?


No problem.

I'll leave to Kolhapur.

You carry on.

I've got a train at 8:30. That was the
plan anyway. So, it's okay. Chill.

-You guys have a good trip. Seriously.
-Are you sure?


About coming with me on the bike?

Sure. I will come next time.

It won't be that easy.

It will be okay for the boys.

You'll have to rough it out.

Onto that you don't know me too well.

You're a girl. I'm a boy.
of course,

I am decent.

But you know how it is...

Looks like its going to be doubles
and just the two of them.

Your friend is here this time.
Go with him.

He's a boy. You're a boy.

It'll be nice.
I'll be fine!

But he's not coming!


-Hey! Bro...

-No man, No, don't.
-Please, dude listen to me.

-This is for your own good. Please dude.
-Get lost! I am a fool, to trust you!

-Please bro...
-Get lost!

Hey! Divya would be happy.

-You! Betrayer!
-Did you take your luggage?

I packed soon after I saw her.
[vehicle moving]

I fought with Divya for this fellow...

-You always cut me, you be good.
-Let's plan it next time.


-I feel really bad.
-You don't worry about him.

He'll go straight to Divya's place.
Don't give much to him.

Come on. Let's go.

It's alright.

He'd forget this in ten minutes!
He is just over-acting!

So, what do we do?

I don't even know your name.


It's true. Maitreyi didn't mention
your name when she introduced you.

She always refers to you as 'my brother'
when she talks about you.

Even when my dad came!

I didn't hear anyone at home, calling
you by your name either.

I was hoping to listen eventually.

But no one called you by name.


What's your name?
-You know what...

Let it be so.


But, tell me something.

So, why did you decide to
come with me on this trip?

This bike will take off with or without
you, depending on what you say.

This bike goes with me!

I've never been on a bike before.

This is the first time.
I always wanted to!

As you said 'The wind on my face', right?

I wanted that too.

I guess you are a decent guy.

Anyway, Maitreyi is there
if I need to complain.

I gave it so much thought...

Ever since you mentioned this trip.
I was thinking about it...

I know if I let this chance go by,
I won't get another in my life.

-This is why. That's it.

Hey! Are you ok?


[vehicle passing]

So, what's the plan?

Where are we going?
Do we keep on riding or stop somewhere?

What's your name?
Tell me!

We are heading to Kanyakumari.
Via Salem and Trivandrum.

Since you're with me now,
the rest of the plan might change a bit.

Will decide it on the way!

Let me know if I need to pull over.

Else we'll keep going
till we need to eat or sleep.

We will ride on...

-No, no, I am Fine.

-Do you want to drink juice?

Have biscuits.

-Cup Noodles, do you want?

What about Chocolate Cake?

Looks like you have a
mini food-court in there!

-Nothing, go ahead! eat.

"Let's stretch our wings and fly."

"Leaving behind all
the bounds and stars."

"Our youth made this freeway the sky,"

"Soar high into the sky, says my girl."

"Let's go,
would I question the direction?"

"Don't I follow wherever you go."

"Oh! Dear..."

"In this competition..."

"...lets see who is ahead."

"Let's see."

"Who will speak those first words?"

"Who will express their love?"

"Who will break the silence first?"

"Who will lead, who would speak first"

"And when will the moment of our meet
up and opening up of heart arrive..."

"When will the moment be."

Hello. We're travelling
from Vizag to Kanyakumari.

-It's become dark.

-We need a place to stay...
-Oh is it?

-Is she your sister?
-It's me and my sister's friend Leela.


You are our guests.
We'll take care of it.

If you knock on somebody's door in the
same city and ask to spend the night...

They would call the cops.

Yeah, seriously...

"Sensing the swift movements,
and the eyes concealment."

"Would require an utensil
that can measure the love."

"While this agony is buried since years
how long should the heart bear its weight?"

"Will the journey end easily?"

"Sensing the swift movements,
and the eyes concealment."

"Would require an untensil
that can measure the love."

"While this agony is buried since years
how long should the heart bear its weight?"

"Will the journey end easily?"

"Oh! Dear..."

"In this competition..."

"In this competition..."

"Who will speak those first words?"

"Who will express their love?"

"I have a desire for you..."

"I have a desire for you..."

"I'm longing for you..."

"I'm longing for you..."

"I have a desire for you..."

"Together the distance we travelled,"

"The light you showed
by being my shadow,"

"The paths I crossed as you lead the way,
would I forget?"

"I liked this experience with you and
I desire the same for 100 more years."

"Will I know what I
need to do for this bliss?"

"Together the distance we travelled,"

"The light you showed
by being my shadow,"

"The paths I crossed as you lead the way,
would I forget?"

"I liked this experience with you and
I desire the same for 100 more years."

"Will I know what I need
to do for this bliss?"

"Oh! Dear..."

"In this competition..."

"In this competition..."

"Who will speak those first words?"

"Who will express their love?"

"Who will break the silence first?"

"Who will lead, who would speak first"

"And when will the moment of our meet
up and opening up of heart arrive..."

"When will that moment be...?"

Two rooms, right?

If I say one is enough then
are you going to judge me?

No, no, not at all.

-I just want you to be comfortable.
-Just think I am Mahesh.

That's the experience I came for.

To hang out with the boys like a boy.

Is that so?

Let's go then, dude.

[chuckles] Come. Just kidding.
Don't be scared.

-Hello sir.

-We need one room with separate beds.
-Okay, sir.

-Two minutes...
-Your name sir?

-Terrific name sir.
-I know.

-Thank you.

This way, first floor.


You go in, I'll wait outside.
Be comfortable.

Thank you.


Complete foodie, right?


Leela, hi morning!

It's 4:40 am.

We can't miss the sunrise in Kanyakumari!


Sorry, you go ahead.

"She and I are the cloud and sky."

"She and I are lotus and the lake."

"She and I are the yield and the field."

"She and I are the root and tree."

"If she is the moon, I am the night."

"Flower and fragrance, she and I."

"Lamp and light,
Telugu and its sweetness."

"She and I, the soul and body."

Are you emotional too, just like me?

I feel like I've found a good friend.

-Life long...
-You are right.

"I am the path, she's the shore,"

I'll go from here, Thank you so much.

I had a good time.

You know what.

I'll drop you home.

Two days,
I still have ten days of journey...

Just help me come...

No chance,
trust me I'll drop at your home.

Why should I get on your bike?
Give me one good reason.

Inseparable earth and mud

"She and I are the cloud and sky."

"She and I are lotus and the lake."

"She and I are the yield and the field."

"She and I are the root and tree."

"She and I are the cloud and sky."

"She and I are lotus and the lake."

"She and I are the yield and the field."

"She and I are the root and tree."

"If she is the moon I am the night."

"Flower and fragrance, she and I."

"Lamp and light,
Telugu and its sweetness."

"She and I! the soul and body."

"Soul and body... soul and body."

"Soul and body!"

When I spoke to my dad yesterday I lied
to him that I was still in your home...

I told him I'll be there tomorrow.

I never told him I'm
on this trip with you.


Even when I called home,
I never told them you're with me.


I don't know.

I didn't say anything when we left.

Didn't tell them anything later.

They won't get it if I tell them now.

It's not like we are
doing something wrong.

Isn't it wrong to consider it as a
mistake when we haven't commit any?

Okay. First give me your phone number.
[vehicles horn]

Even I don't have your number.
Take it...

-I'm saving it as unknown.

This isn't just friendship...
You're more than a good friend.

I am dying to tell you this is love.

I've yearned to say
'don't go be with me'.

If the friendship I was searching
for becomes close as my shadow,

it would be fantastic.

[tires screeching]

"Time has turned into
a river and rushed,"

"Heart wont loose its pace,"

"When the shadow of friendship
in its quest reaches me."

"You filled my eyes entirely."

"Guided by friendship
that filled my heart."

"Every minute, my heart beats stops..."

"...breath sings a melody, every
word that I let out becomes a poem."

"As my heart surrenders,
you become the other half of me."

"The first love within me
rises like a sea tide..."

" I watch it like a child."

"This feeling gave wings to my
imagination as it flies skyward."

"My dreams are stolen as the eyes
cuddle and melt in its warmth."

"The moonlight hurts in the
silver rain as we shine together."

"The silence inside me has
made my dream into a poem."

"A shower of sacred water..."

"...has touched my life."

"This is the fundamental force
which cannot be stopped by us..."

"...will never leave us."

Hey! I love you.

"Don't leave..."

" heart and go."

"With a deserted heart..."

" far can I walk?"

"Don't leave..."

" heart and go."

"With a deserted heart..."

" far can I walk?"

"Without knowing the language
there is no script"

"and said eyesight is enough."

"As the world comes to an end..."

"...our love will still
stand against odds."

"This is a boon."

"A friendship that soothes
the heart is a boon,"

"When your lips part in a
smile there is a melody,"

"The ray of love is a dawn in my heart,"

"The moment when our
eyes met was glorious."

"A stream of love shines in my heart,
it shines..."

"...on me,
without my consent it rains..."

"Our hearts sing a melody in unison."

"Dreams will not forsake the eyes,"

"Heart will not stop racing!"

"Heart will not stop racing!"

"In you! and in me!"

"In you! and in me!"

"In you! and in me!"


Leela never tell this to anyone!

Not till my death!
Else it should be between us...

I can't imagine dying without telling
you this. I'll never forgive myself.

I love you! Leela.

From the moment I first saw you.

When we met with an accident,

I was scared I'd die and
that's why I said I love you.

We are waiting for the doctor...
Did he start the rounds?


What was even scarier was...

...waking up at the hospital and
finding you weren't there next to me.

They said you came with me, admitted
me and registered my name as Mahesh.

But you weren't with me after that.

I was scared wondering
what happened to you.

Excuse me.

-Can I use the phone?

Where are you?
Whose number is this?

-What happened to your phone?

Nothing happened...
my phone broke down...

-Do you know how many calls I made?
-That was the reason I didn't call you.

-How are you?
-Hey! I am fine!

-Phone wasn't working. That's all.-Where are you now?

Your in Kanyakumari right?

Kanyakumari. Sunrise is beautiful...
You all must see...

Trust me it's amazing!

You will always tell but
you never take us.

OK. I got to go. Tell mom and dad
I'll be back day after tomorrow morning.

Tell them I am fine.

Don't know what to tell them!
Mom wants to talk to you.

-Tell them something.-Will do that. Ok bye.


-Sir, is this a government hospital?
-Yes, go inside.

It took me two hours to locate your
ward in this hospital! I'm here now.

Ok, ok, chill...

Good that I am still alive.

I'd be a dead man now.

There is a God.

When I think of the bike,
these injuries are nothing.

My mind is only on that.

Dude, it was a hit and
run accident it seems...

That truck fellow rammed and escaped.

If I caught him,

-I would have killed him! Rogue!
-Forget about it.

Have no clue where she is.

Are you sure that
nothing happened to her?

May be, she'd just fainted.

She had admitted me into the
hospital, the doctor said yesterday.

She is just another girl.
She dumped you and scooted.


It's me, Leela.


Sorry I couldn't talk
to you for three days.

How are you?

I'm fine.
Where are you?

I called up the hospital yesterday
and enquired about you.

They told me you're alright.

Thank God.

Sorry I am not there.

I registered your name as Mahesh.

There was a situation...
I had to leave.

Here... don't know how to say.

Father was knifed.

He is in the hospital!

I am attending on him.

The doctor says he might not survive.

They also tried to kill mom.

It's a planned attempt
to kill both of them.



What are you talking about?

The truck that hit us wasn't
an accident at all.

That was sent to kill me.

After I admitted you in the hospital... dad called me up.

Asked me to leave immediately.

While he was talking to me...

He was attacked, I could hear it.

Why is this happening to your family?
Why an attempt on you?

At this moment I know nothing.

I am really sorry!
It's all because of me.

Everything changed in a moment.
Don't stay there.

Go home. Please...

I'll call you once your home!

So, it was a planned attack to
take down your bike.

With a truck?

She said so.


She said she didn't know.

She didn't say anything else.

Dude... this sounds scary.

So knowing all this
we are going back for her...

We are going to be with her?


I made a mistake.


When I was hit by the truck,
and lying on the road...

...I told her, 'I love you, Leela'.

You said that moment?

I thought I would definitely die.

It felt right to tell her.

You didn't think of calling up your
parents, saying goodbye to them?

Or even talking to me?

all those thoughts flashed in my mind.

But in the end,
it was only love that lingered.

-Her father's name is Satyamurthy, right?

-Straight down, take a right...

...then you'll find
it on the second floor.


[phone ringing]

-Sir, the cameras are not working here.
-Excuse me!

Dude, there is no one here.
It is empty.

Leela! Who's that?

They're my friends.
You can leave.

Leela, Don't cry.

What has happened to your father?

Don't know.

No one tells me properly!

He lost a lot of blood.

Onto that, it was an abdominal wound!

Doctors are not hopeful.

They've stabbed him in
ten different places.

And your mom?

She has a head injury.
She fell down.

She was also stabbed.

But she survived.

She is inside.

What really happened Leela?

Do you want me to help?

Who this is, why they did this...
I don't know anything.

Nobody knows anything.

Why did you come here?

I asked you to go home.

You are injured, too!


Leela, please!
Let us sit and talk! Sit bro!

In an ordinary person's life...

...never take it for granted that
there will be no violence.

Anything can happen anytime.

My ordinary life turned into a
violent action story at that hospital.

If a situation were to arise,
I can handle it.

I'm confident... that I have the stuff
it takes to deal with it.

That kind of confidence
is very important in life.

That day was the final test
challenging that confidence.

That minute.


-Are you Satyamurthy's daughter?

Is this a hospital or what?
What's with the crowd?

Get going.

Suddenly a knife in his hand.

He raised it up..

It is coming to leela's neck.

I saw it in a split second.

Super bro!
[fighting sounds]


Don't leave him!
Kill him!

[foot steps]

They jumped over the wall.
We couldn't get them. Shucks!

Oh my God!
Are you okay?

Who are those people?

Could have almost killed you!

Let's go man!
It isn't safe here.

You shouldn't be here.
None of us should be here!

Who would dare to come
in here and do this?

-I don't know what's happening.
-Bro... bro...

Are you okay?

Who are those people?

Who are those goons?
They just tried to attack us upstairs.

-They brought a big knife.
-Would you just one can walk...

-in and out of this hospital?
-Where is your security?

-Where is your security?
-Where is your security?

Is this a hospital or what?

Where is anyone in this hospital?

Sir, I..

Sir, I don't know anything.

What do you mean?
Don't you know what's going on?

This damn this hospital.

If you can't do
anything, just call the cops.

Call them.

Where is the Police Station over here?

Police stations takes 40 minutes
from here. [police siren]

Hey! Cops are here.

Come! Leela.

Yes. What's the problem?


Her father Mr. Satyamurthy
is admitted upstairs...

He was attacked three days ago

and now two guys tried to kill her.

Sir! There is absolutely
no security in this hospital.

He is in a bad shape and
I can't shift him.

Should I go to the Police Station,
What do I do?

Whom should I speak to?

[clears throat]

English weak!

No understand!

Bull shit,
It is waste of time with him.

You must come to the Police Station,
file a written complaint.

That's how you ask for
Police Protection!

Who are you?

Sir, I am her friend,
I studied with her.

Who is she?

She is Leela, Mr. Satyamuthy's daughter.

Are you a Madrasi?

What's your name?

No, Sir! I am from Vizag.

Your name is Vizag.

My name is not Vizag, I am from Vizag.

Do you understand that?
I don't think so.

Who came now? What happened?

He hit them so hard...
they got scared and ran away.

You beat them?

You shouldn't have beat them,
you could have called the cops.

I would have come immediately.

Sir, they had a knife!

They tried to kill her!

He swung the knife at her, so I hit him.

What do you want me to do?

You want me to ask him to stop showing
the knife pick up the phone and call you?

Sir, can you please understand
the seriousness of the situation?

The weapons are still upstairs.
Go and check for yourself.

We are afraid. I need your help.
Can you help us or not?

English! English! I understand.

You're there for everything to take
care... why do you need us here?

To provide security and protect...
to change nappies... you do everything!

We go. Police go, go.

Sir! I don't expect a Police
Officer to talk like this.

I don't know why you
are talking like this.

-Can you do something about it or not?
- Kamat! Come here!

-Tambe, go check.
-Ok sir.

Not you, call Kamath here.

Sir, he is calling you.

They are calling you, Kamath.

Bro, this guy is the same...

He is talking very casually with him.

Don't worry.

I totally get it sir, Now I understand.

What did you understand?
Come with me. Come on.

In English 'Come, Come'.

-Sleep mom, go to sleep.

Sir, we found this weapon here.

Ok sir.

Don't worry. I am here now.

I will take care of everything.

I don't want a circus here.

All of you leave now.

Friends, family, lugguage
and everything leave now.

Can't you hear? Get going.

My mom and dad are admitted here.
I should be with them.

Rest of them can go, if they want.

Sir! Just two of us will be here.

No! My son! you told me...

Two guys came and attacked.
I get everything.

But you shouldn't remain here.
You should get going. Go!

No sir, She wants to be
with her father and mother.

We just stay here somewhere.
We won't disturb you.

But, there is permission
for only one attendant.

The girl's mother can be
her husband's attendant.

Now the girl wants to be here, too!

You want to tag along with her and
your friend wants to tag along with you!

You're driving me crazy!

No sir. This doesn't seem to be a
hospital that follows such a rule.

Not the hospital's rules.

My rules! My rules apply.

No, sir!

I don't have any
intention of leaving here.

This guy!

Hear what he said? Grab that guy!

Sir, sir, please sir.
Don't hit him sir.

You scolds me in your language?
Called me a mongrel?

No sir, no sir.
Please, sir.

I came here to help you
and you are troubling us.

Sir! Your nose is almost broken.
I have fixed it for now.

It's gonna bleed for some more time,
you need to rest.

Are you a real doctor?

Yes, I am an ENT specialist here.

What sort of hospital is this?

-You know what happened upstairs?
-I don't know about all that sir.

-They tried to kill us.
-Sir you need to calm down.

If you move, you will continue to bleed.

-What are you talking?
-Just settle down sir, please.

Ya, ya, ok fine.

-Nurse make sure he is comfortable.
-Hey bro.

-Don't worry. Relax.
-I'll be back in a while.

We'll look into it later...

Who is there upstairs?

There's only one Police Officer.
The rest were sent away.

Did he go?

He is gone.

-Someone came along with him.
-Ok. Who else is there?

We came for you.
There is a Police Officer upstairs.

You guys stay here,
don't step out from here.

Why you both are here?

-Where is Hiren?
-Hiren could not make it.

One errand.
Even then you and me to handle

Sister, what do you want? Go away...

Close the door..

Can't do a better setting than this.

Cameras are off, what else can I do?

Sent the nurse inside, you
want me to throw a party now?

Don't take much time.
Finish it in five minutes.

I'm leaving.

[bullet bursts]

I shot them...

...guess there are too many tales
to tell my children to be.

"Dad got hit by a truck,
got thrown on a bus and still survived,"

"hit two people who came with knives..."

"I threw a cop down a flight of stairs."

"Don't even know what happened to him..."

With his gun, I shot two scumbags.

But then I thought, it's not the kind
of bedtime story you tell children.

You can't tell kids that "Daddy's
hands actually held a gun once"?

Actually Kids, close your eyes from now.

[bullet bursts]

They tried to kill us.

Check if he is ok.

Check if he is breathing...

-Please call the nurse.
-It's ok, just stay calm.

-We need to call the nurse!
-You just calm down.

-Are they dead?
-Hey! Wait.

Did you kill them?

Bro, nothing happened, just calm down!

Yes! I killed them!

If I didn't kill them,
they would've killed us.

What should I do?

They would kill you,
me, Leela and everyone.

-Do you want me to stay calm?
-Bro, you took the police officers gun.

Leela, where is Leela?

-I locked Leela in the room.
-Is Leela okay?

Sir, sir, you can't do this.

-Sir, please listen to me.
-We don't have a choice.

Mom are you ok?

Bro, he doesn't have much
time we can see that.

-Close the glass.
-what is our plan now?

Are we going to their house?


I don't know anything.

All I know is, we'd have died
if we remained at the hospital.

There would have been more of them.

And there was the cop, too.

Isn't there one good person
in the police department?

There must be.

Let's take them home?

It'll be the same situation there, too.

We'll take them to another hospital.

-Check the nearest town on your phone.
-Yes, I know.

Kara.. varan.. no it's Belgaum.

-It's one and a half hour from here.
-Are you sure?


Let's go to the Police Station
there and tell them what happened.

With their help we'll
admit him in some hospital.

Hope he will be alive till then!

You shot two guys.

How will you explain
them about the incident?

Will they believe us?

-Will they understand us?
-We will explain clearly!

-Bro, please.

Now you need the vehicle to go up to
your home. I'll drop you till there!

It will take four hours!
I don't have their permission!

We told him till Leela's home.
Now see what he is saying...

Go, go.

What is he saying? Will he
give the vehicle or not?

[bullet bursts]
[tires screeching]

What happened?

-Mahesh! what's happening!
-Hey, Pull!

[tires screeching]

Bro, hold it.

Hey! He is dead.

What happening.

Hey hold him.

[tires screeching]

We rammed over him.

Poor guy...
Bro, he is really dead.

Who are they?

-They are hitting us from behind.
-Why are they hitting from behind?

Careful Leela!

Bro, keep going...

-Bro, there are coming this way.
-To your right, right!

-Hey what happened?
-Super bro.

-Bro, look. The vehicle rollover.
-Yes! Yes! Yes!

-Leela, we are ok.
-Bro, take left let's go on the highway.

Bro, do you know driving?
when did you learn?

Bro, vehicle!

[ambulance siren]

Move everyone out of that.

Get down!

Get down!

Get down.

So it's you.
See what I will do to them.

Hey! Bring them.

Please... please.
[fighting sound]


1, 2, 3, 4..

Oh, the old man is inside.

Anyway he is dead.

Sit on your knees...


-Sir, please.
-Put your hands behind.

Please, please.

Shall I tell you again? Sit.

Put your hands behind.

Are you Leela?

We planned to kill you.

He came in between and we missed you.

"Bang"! I could just shoot you.

Hey! Is he alive?

Remove the life support, everything!

-No sir, please sir.

Please nurse.

-Don't hurt them please.
-How are they related to you?

-You feel so much for them.

Is she your girlfriend or still trying?

You killed my men at the hospital right?

My foot!
Can I shoot you down first?

Shall I?

Please don't hurt him sir.

You disconnected everything?

You can leave.

You have nothing to do with this.
You saw nothing.

-Why did you kill the nurse?
-Why did you kill the nurse?

You didn't understand? If any police
officer is here he should know...

...that you killed everyone.

Him, her mother and father too...



Hold this tight,
leave your print on this for me.

Then shoot yourself.

Here, hold the gun.

Even I will hold...

Doesn't mean I will give you the gun.


You barged into the scene like a hero!

Now you kill your people.

-Take this.
-I don't want this gun.


I don't want.


-I don't want that gun.
-You got to kill them! Take it...

I don't want your gun!
I have my gun!

Run you scoundrels!
Else you're dead!

-Come on!
-Hey Bro!

-Super bro, that was too good.
-Come you idiots!

I will shoot you down, scoundrels!
- Super bro...

Check if her father is alive or not.

Leela are you ok?

Let's go mother...

-Is she okay?
-She is alive.

-Just because of me...
-Bro, Is he dead?

Go check, go...

Be silent.
How many are there?

-How many are there?
-Five of them escaped.

Let's get out of here before they come...

That's correct,
we need to go hide somewhere.

Shall we go in Ambulance?
There is one place.

Doctor Yashwanth, I know them.

-Family friend, we'll go there.

-Shall I call them?
-Okay, just call him.

[vehicle arriving]

-Hi, Leela.

-Are you okay?
-Did you tell uncle?

-About everything...
-He is out will be back soon.

-What happened?
-Uncle, see what happened...

Atul go and get wheel chair.

-Doctor please check.
-Do not worry.

How can this happened?

-Oh, God!
-How is he uncle?

-There won't be any problem, right?

You don't worry he will be fine.

She is badly wounded Leela.

Is it paining?

What is with you leg?

That road was full of stones.

-Leave it.
-Look at your legs without shoes.

Bro, Go sit.

-My hand is paining.
-Sit for a while.

She needs to rest, come.

I have removed the bullet,
but the nurse is critical.

Your father is very critical too.

We must shift him
somewhere for a better care.

And I think...

It's better we get the
police involved in this.

-Sir, no sir.

Please listen to me...

I know your concerns...

But see whatever you had
done, it was self-defence.

They will understand, don't worry.

Come on!

There are some good police officers.

I have some good people
in police department whom I know.

I'll talk to them.

ASP Devanshu, he's there.

Don't call the police.

Here they don't act like cops.

Listen to me...

He will tell anything...

But how can we talk
with people like that.

Once we step in, anything might happen.

You already bumped off two or three guys.

And he wanted you to kill everyone.

We'll call dad and tell him everything.

What do I tell him and
how much do I tell him.

That too on phone.

I should start telling them
that I'm with Leela...

What can we do bro?

We spent our lives playing
and roaming around, like a bunch of kids.

Suddenly, it feels as though
a decade has passed.

I feel like a man.

Anything might happen.

Come what may...
I feel like I can face it all.

We're not cops,
thugs or gangsters either.

We've never encountered violence
in our lives before.

There was just this small fight
when I hit someone for Maitreyi.

And I thought that was it. That I'd
lead a normal life, like everyone else.

But that was then...
anything can happen in life.

The question is...
are we ready for it?

I have a gun in my hand today.
Two, actually.

I've shot a few people.

Why do we need guns now?

we have reached this safe place.

Yeah, Yeah.

We'll surrender it the
moment cops arrive here.

We don't need it anymore.

I am sorry!

I'm so sorry, it's such a mess.

It's all because of me,
you should never have come here.

This isn't your fault. Stop crying.

I was able to help you.

Maybe, that's why we even met.

You staying in my home..

...our meeting!

Coming on the road trip with me...

Everything happens for a reason.

And love.

After the accident,
I was scared that I'd die.

That's why I told you I love you.

Bad timing, I know...

But what I said was right.

At some point during the road trip...

not only in my head...

you are connected to my heart.

This timing is not great either, eh?

But the stuff I'm saying is correct.

Love you, bro.

Our timing is correct bro.

Leela! What are you doing here?

Come inside, there is nothing to worry.

I will tell the police exactly what
happened and how you helped the family.

So don't worry, by the way
you didn't tell me your name.

-Dad, I'll just switch on the motor...
-What happened?

There is no water in the tap.
[vehicle arriving]

Let me talk to them.

That's it! I don't want to hear anything.

Just get into the jeep.

You hit a cop and stole his gun!

And it's still in your hand, come!
Sit in the jeep!

Gun give.

Is he the good officer
you were talking about.

No, no. I spoke to the Control
Room. Asked for A.S.P Devanshu.

Hey! Devanshu has sent me.

Don't annoy me...

Uncle! You're getting into big trouble.

These guys dirty fellows!
All bad fellows.

Now let's go, you can annoy me
in the jeep. [vehicle arriving]

Now, watch the fun unfold.
Now see!

Dude, it's that guy again.

Bro, I told you that he didn't die.

Mahesh! Take them inside.

Go! Go, go...

You screwed up, now they
are pointing guns at us.

Hey! Go and sit in the vehicle.

Hey hero! how many times do I have to
tell you to come and sit in the vehicle?

Atul... do you know them?

What is he doing with them?

He almost shot me in the head...

-Would have blown my brains out.

-Atul, what are you doing?

-Doctor ask them to leave.
-Atul this is wrong.

Throw the gun.

Doctor you go inside.

-You come inside.
-You go inside.

Go! Go and lock it.

-Go inside.
-Bro, we are safe here.

are you with us or with them?

I am with you, didn't I help you...

-Didn't I save nurses life?

Ok! Is there a back door?
Is the back door open?

I locked it myself. Is there any other
way to the house they can get in?

Are you sure you locked it...

Is the balcony there in the upstairs?

-What happened?
-Doctor, he is not breathing.

Bro, please take him inside...
Doctor, please go.

[bullet bursts]
[people screaming]

Go inside.
[bullet bursts]

Open the door uncle.
[indistinct people chattering]

-Oh my God!
-Dad, go inside.

Atul! Why are you killing these innocent
people? [indistinct people chattering]

-Why are you doing this?
-Where is he?

[indistinct people chattering]

Mahesh! Shucks!



Oh God!
Do not know what is happening here?

Leela! Leela stay there.

I will come just stay there.

-Do not come outside.
-No... no.

[indistinct people chattering]

My hands are itchy...
tell your dad to go inside.

I'm going to call police.

Uncle, line is not working.
[indistinct people chattering]

[indistinct people chattering]

Atul, you're making a very big mistake.

They shot my mother.
[indistinct people chattering]

Leela! Leela!

-What happened Leela?
-They came suddenly shot from a window.

Mahesh pushed me aside.

Someone shot mahesh.

Doctor is he alive?

They're all dead.

What can a doctor say,
I will tell you I'm MBBS.


-Don't go please...
-I'll be back in a moment.

Hey, shoot him.

He switched off the lights.

[bullet bursts]

[indistinct people chattering]

Come inside.

Go go!


He didn't come out, you
go to the other side.

I'll come from this way.

We must go from here.

No! Listen!

-I don't know mom and dad's condition.
-This is our only chance to get out.

We are not going to die here... It's ok.

Hey! I'm not gonna die here...

Listen, I'm not gonna die here.

We'll come back from them, just trust me.

No, no, we'll come back for them.
Okay? Just come.

I told you that I would kill
you if I caught you.


What do I do?
It's not working

It's not working!

Take the gun.

[motorcycle starts]

[motorcycle moving]

Suddenly, I got an idea.

We should not run for fear..

Fear should run away by seeing us.

Leela! I am taking 'u' turn.

What happened?

[vehicle moving]

So pissedoff.

All this is done with the help of cops.

This is the biggest the
mistake in their life.

The cops who have to
protect us are doing so.



Your mom! Your dad,

My bike...

That nurse, you!

They're fearless.

I'm not afraid either.
They'll lock me up anyway.

I don't give a damn.
We'll see it through. No matter what.

It's only hard to die
when you've seen too much of life.

But what did we see?

I don't care.

it's not safe for you to be here.

I'll drop you somewhere safe.

But I'm going after them.

I don't know what I'll do.

But I'm going back there.

I need to know
why they did this.

Else I would stab them all.

They won't know what hit them.

Tell me where you want to go.

I'll drop you there.

No, I'll go with you.

I'm going Nowhere.
I'll be with you!

I'll come along with you.

-You cop killed them like a goon!
-Calm down, father!

-Are you ashamed of yourself?

Your dad is a mad man.

Where is the other madman?

You can't force me!

[door moving]

-I know the commissioner!
-Sure, go to the commissioner.

-You're talking too much, uncle.
-Oh, shut up.

[indistinct people chattering]
[vehicle moving]

Dad please listen to me.

-I'll explain you everything. Let's go.
-You are forcing me.

I'll slap you!
[indistinct chanting]

[motorcycle arriving]


You must either be with me
or I have to do all this without you.

Think one chapter is finished.

We get time to cry and feel for them!

Not now! No way.

I really need you.

We'll take a room okay?
You should be safe first.

Keep this gun with you... careful.

Okay? Use if necessary.

It's okay. It will be fine.
I'll keep it in the bag.

No one should see you, keep low.


Call me once you get in the room.

Call on Mahesh's number
and tell me which room.

I'll be back in five minutes okay?

Mahesh's number is in your phone.

Ask one room for one day.

Tell then it's single occupancy.

Cover your face. Don't worry.

They went inside, they won't see you.

-I'm frightened.
-It's ok, you will be fine, go.

A plan was wandering in my mind.

We should identify Atul and doctors room.

If we talk with Atul,
we will know the truth.

It's a good thing your mother
didn't live to see this.

She couldn't have taken this!
What's become of you?

Why did you kill them?

You killed them in our house!
My house!

-I am a doctor, I save lives.
-Clam down...

[vehicle arriving]

Look at me, relax okay?

-Calm down.
-This is all because of your fault.

There's a big problem!

Kamath will be here.
I'm only asking for ten minutes.

Stay here. Please!
Don't go anywhere.

[indistinct people chattering]

Kamath sir, you are coming right?

My father is furious.
He needs to know what's happening.

Shall I pass the phone to my dad?
You'll talk to him?

-Hey Atul!


What are you up to? Tell me!

I'll gun you down...
Already used it a couple of times!

Why did you kill all those people?

who are you guys!

I'm gonna kill you...

Hey you!

Take it!

Take that too.

Every matter in our life
does not run as we plan.

But some matters run very alarmingly..

Come out of the room with the bag...

Don't forget anything.

But it's all over.

Except for the cop...

You come out from there.

Don't worry. Just don't worry!

You come out. Let's go from here.

There was a gunshot sound from this room.

[indistinct people
chattering] Open the door.

Let's see what is inside.

Where are you?

Come, Come..

Come on, come fast.


-Come with me...
-Why should I come with you?

You killed my parents and
killed my friend too. Shh...

-Go to hell.
-Hey! Come with me.

-You're a murderer
-Where will you go?

[motorcycle arriving]

Leela, get on the bike!

I'll kill you!

No... Don't he is a police officer.



It's nothing.
Just some drunkard!

There's some issue upstairs, go check.

Go upstairs!

Hello.. yes, Kamath speaking.

Note down the vehicle number.

A bearded guy...

Going towards Balki Chowk...

Find him and bring him
straight to the guest house.

Don't take them to the Police station.

What's going on here?

Out of the way! Move!

-Get out!

-Check everything properly.
-Son of a...!

[train honking]

Cry, Leela.

Cry till you get off!

We have a lot of time.

I'm sorry.

It all happened in a second.

If I could do this... and change
everything in a second, I would!

Forgive me, Leela.

I thought we'll be killed
if we stayed at the hospital.

So I brought him out..

But they got killed anyway.

I am sorry!

It's my fault. I'm responsible.
You're not responsible for this.

If you were not there...

Mahesh is dead.

He came here for me.

Everything changed in a second!

He is dead.

He's twenty, Leela!
He is just twenty.

If I go to his home...

...what do I tell his parents?

How will I even
step into his house?

No, no! Don't. He is a police officer.

Let's Go!

Wow! You guys are hiding here?

I know what you are going to do.

Where's the gun?
Where, where, where?

I threw it away.

Do not have it?

Your guy speaks too much English.

Where is it?

-Somewhere on the way.


What's this?

And you said you don't have it?

I'm shooting your boy down!

Did you see my target.


Leela, Oh God!
Leela, please look at me.

He shot Leela...

But I couldn't kill him.

Just because he is a police officer
and I'm a common man...

To pull that trigger...

Please open the door...
She is sick!

-Sir, what happened?
-One minute, Leela, Leela.

She is badly hurt. I need to go to
the hospital. Where is the hospital?

Get out of my vehicle.
[indistinct people chattering]

Leela! Leela! Just hang on! Okay!

Nothing will happen! Just hold on!

Don't do this! You just go!

Leela! You just stay on!
We'll go to a doctor!

Don't do anything for me again.

Leave me here and go!

Please! Just stop it!
Let it go!

You just go away somewhere.

No way! Leela. This is not just for you!

Will you please tell me your name,
before I die!

Please tell me your name!

I'm not gonna let you die, Leela.

I am not going to let you die!

Leela! Just hold on... okay?

I can't imagine dying without telling
you this. It would be a terrible mistake.

I don't know if there's
any point in saying it now.

But I'll say it anyway.

I love you!

I love you!

I love you!

Actually, I love you too.

You are my hero now.

But that's not why I'm telling this...

Since a long time!

You know when?

I know.

Then tell me.

In Kanyakumari, at the hotel...

I told you to use the room
and waited outside.

-It was then.
-Oh God!

Was it so obvious?


Yes, I saw it in your eyes.

There was an expression on your face.

I knew it for certain!

That gave me the nerve...

To tell you while lying on
your lap, on the road...

But after that...

...we could not talk again.

"Don't leave,"

"never ever my heart and go,"

"With a deserted heart..."

"how far should I walk?"

"Don't leave,"

"never ever my heart and go,"

"With a deserted heart..."

"how far should I walk?"

"Don't leave."

We found two nameless
bodies in Kolapur hotel.

On the basis of the eyewitness words...


Zoom him! Zoom him!

Yes... stop! stop!

I can't see his face.
This footage is useless.

The cameras in the hospital were shut
too. So no footage there, either.

Sorry sir, we didn't get any information.

What will he do?

Check each and every hospital.

What will he do with that
girl's dead body? Marry it?

If the chick is alive, where is she?
In which hospital is she now?

Anyone who brings that man,
dead or alive... gets a prize!

One lakh rupees!
Offer valid today and tomorrow.

And be happy.
No sorrow!

Mahesh, the boy on the bike.
His father...


Sir! I am Mahesh's father talking!

Sir, I want my son back.

Wait for one minute and talk to him.

Few days back, in Kolhapur, Maharastra,

the cops said that they had
recovered five bodies from an ambulance.

Social activist Satyamurthy, his
wife, ambulance driver, nurse

and a 25 year old youth are stated
to have been brutally murdered!

This horrific incident
has shocked the state.

After the first round of investigation.

Cops identified that the youth hails
from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

When some unidentified thugs tried
to kill Sathyamurthy and his wife...

====while this boy was
trying to save them...

====...the cops are trying to figure
it out if he was murdered then.

-Hello sir.
-Greetings! How are you?

-A small enquiry.

Kamath from Kolhapur division.


How can I help you?

A case has been filed.

Mahesh was driving the bike.

But it's registered under your name.

Mahesh was my son's friend.

He took our bike with a girl.

I asked him where he was going...

They went on a road trip...

He called me up and informed me
soon after the accident.

So, what's the big deal?

Big deal? Where?

Where's your son?

He's here, at home.

Your son's name?




Rajinikanth? Good name...


Take me for a moron, uncle?

Don't try to mess with me.
If I start scolding...

I won't spare your mother or sisters.
Tell him!

-Sir, if you can call your son...
-One minute!


Hey... come here.

My son Rajinikanth.

-You Rajini?

There was one guy with Mahesh...

Sir came in search of him.

Thank you, uncle.
Thank you.

-You have been trying from one year!
-We are trying sir!

-Tell me. Where should I transfer you to?
- Sir, I'm sorry...

Be prepared.
You'll get the transfer order tomorrow.

Sir, no...

That mongrel has ruined everything I've
earned in all these years as a policeman!

I feel like hitting somebody now.

Sir, please leave.
Sir... Sir...

Come here, come.

These are the details of a new officer
who is going to join the duty today.

I have urgent work now.

-What's wrong with you?
-Nothing sir!

Why are you so stressed?
Chill out. [vehicle horn]

Okay, sir.
[police siren]


"Shokilla... Shokilla... Shokilla..."

This is the story of how Rajanikanth
became a Police Officer!

My mom is a huge fan of him.

The moment I was born she named me
Rajanikanth without a second thought!


There's something
called as 'Yellow Pages'...

If you see it there will
be many Rajinikanths...

right through school,
college, or wherever!

When someone asks for my name and when
I say that my name is Rajinikanth...

...they at least stares an
extra three seconds at me.

So I don't say it most of the time.

Few people don't even believe me.

A lot of people react the
same way as Kamath did.


So this is the first episode of
my life as a police officer.


Since we met last.

Since then...
I have learnt a little bit of Hindi.

Actually, a lot has happened
since we last met.

After you came home...
I came here ten days later.

I have come here
many times since.

I used to stare at you
whether you're there are not.

Just to kill you!
Nothing else.

I couldn't bear to see you
throw your weight around.

I couldn't handle it.
I felt envious.

And then I thought,
I should be in your place.

But with one difference...

I wanted to be
a good policeman.

So, I wrote the Union Public
Service Commission exams and passed.

Turned down the Indian
Administrative Services,

And chose the Indian Police Service.

After the official Police Verification
at my residence...

We are here for the
police verification...

I spent one and a half years
in police training at Hyderabad.

Then I got my first posting at Pune.

As an undercover cop.

Then I insisted my posting here...

I was aimless in life...

You're the one Who turned me
into a policeman. Thank you.

Do you want to know
how this started?

Every time I saw you,

I wondered why you destroyed that family.

Dr. Yashwanth helped me a lot.

First I tried to find out how his son,
Atul was involved in this.

Atul was dead,
but the doctor had his phone.

We found many pictures
in the deleted folder.

We searched Leela's house.
We found the same pictures in an album.

I knew there was a connection.

It took me one year to find her.

Just last week...


I got to know all this from Anamika.

She told me the story that took place
twenty-four years ago.

This love story has started
in the party office...

Nathuram Dubey,
a gangster.

An RLS party worker too...

Anamika was a member
of the same party

He wooed her with talk of his ideology.

No one there knew that
he was already married!

Even that girl came to
know about it later!

They were together
for exactly a year.

Then one day, Anamika told him that
she's pregnant with his child.

Nathuram doesn't want
the baby or the mother.

Nathuram threatened
her to abort the child.

she gives birth to a child and
gives the baby up to her sister.

Only those two knew of about this.
Even Nathuram didn't know.

That child is Leela Nathuram.

Nathuram... Now politician, leader,
Party second in command.

If they win this election,
he may be the next chief minister.

When she got to know this,

Anamika turned up out of the blue
at the party office...

and tells him he has a daughter.

"You betrayed me!
You tried to kill our child."

"You're a horrible man.
You're unfit to be a Chief Minister."

"She's your child. She's our child.
Admit it to everyone", she begged him.

Then she threatened him.

Anamika's only fault,
was threatening him.

She forgot that Nathuram
was still the same old Nathuram.

After twenty days...
he found out that Leela is his daughter.

He tried to kill her in
a setup road accident.

Then, he tries to kill Anamika.

But fearing the
repercussions of murdering her...

Until last week.

When Anamika called Satyamurthy, he got
to know that Leela's life is in danger.

But he never knew that his own life
was in danger at that very minute...

Next, in the hospital...

Sir your entry...

Not knowing any of this, according
to Naturam's instruction's

Were executed by Nathuram's
right hand Atul! Doctor's son.

He also used you Kamat
and gangster Hiren.

Later you became the main villain.

All of them are dead now.

[phone ringing]

What you did at the hospital...
and at the doctor's house...

What happened to us next...
is all written in my statement.

I deposed to the commissioner.

It took me all this time to say it.

I needed this uniform.
[phone ringing]

Your phone will keep ringing...

You know why?

Nathuram Dubey is arrested.

We used his leader
to get him.

When we said we're going to get him,
everyone co-operated.

He's being brought down here
with that, your story ends here.

Two of your colleagues will
be charge sheeted today...

...for conspiring with you.

One of their statements
is included in this.

He turned approver yesterday.

He told your name several times.

You are not a smart police officer.

I knew you don't know who I was.

I took a leap and worked
towards this with that courage.

All of us planned this together...

I've been waiting to take revenge
on you for two and a half years now.

I played the patience game.
I waited.

I risked it.

I feared nothing.

Today I am DCP Rajanikanth.


What do you think of yourselves?

Why have you brought me in?
Who is this Anamika?

If this could happen to me, think
what could happen to the common man!

-Hey! Damn it! Give me the phone!
-Shut up sir!

This is a police station
and this is my station.

This is not your MLA hostel
nor is it your house.

There are proof and evidence that you
were been involved in these murders.

You attempted to murder
your own daughter!

Your lawyer is on his way...

Until then please be
seated in that room sir!

And that's an order!

Hey! Which statement is
it and which videotape?

If you want to escape from here,
you will be killed.

I will take ten policemen down with me!

Come at me, Hero!

You little punk! Trying
to mess with me?

I will walk into your house
and take your mother.

Mahesh is dead...
Forgive me uncle...

Uncle I will not leave them.

I won, I took revenge
and everything is over.

You're okay now.
We are okay now.

You don't have to be there anymore.

Go home... I'll ask dad to pick you up.

I love you.


[vehicle arriving]

What happened? Why did you stop?

This is the place you
first got on my bike.

I know.

It's getting dark.

Shall we stay somewhere for the night?

one room or two rooms?

I got to tell you something!

Thank you!

For saving my life!

For giving me life!

Risking your own life
without a second thought.

I am not sure if I thanked you.
That's why.

You're my hero too...

Your name is so right.

Stay with me.

Till my last breath.

-Marry me.
-Yes. Of course.

I was about to ask you this
in a heartbeat time.

I have no one but you!

I don't need to ask anyone about this.

"A friendship that soothes
the heart is a boon,"

"When your lips part in a
smile there is a melody,"

"The ray of love is a dawn in my heart,"

"The moment when our eyes
met was glorious."

"The ray of love is a dawn in my heart,"

"on me, without my consent it rains..."

"Our hearts sing a melody in unison"

"Let's stretch our wings and fly."

"Leaving behind all
the bounds and stars,"

"Our youth made this freeway the sky,"

"Soar high into the sky, says my girl."

"Oh! Dear"

"Let's go,
would I question the direction?"

"Don't I follow wherever you go"

"Oh! Dear"

"In this competition..."

"...lets see who is ahead."

"Let's see..."

"Who will lead, who would speak first"

"When will express their love first?"

"Who will break the silence first?"

"Who will lead, who would speak first"

"And when will the moment of our meet
up and opening up of heart arrive..."

"When will that moment be?"