Saadey CM Saab (2016) - full transcript

The film centers on three friends who dislike politics, and the problems when one (Harbhajan Mann) becomes chief minister.

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Presenting that powerful personality..

..who has changed
the political scenario of Punjab.

Please welcome The One
and only Yudhveer Singh Sidhu.




There are two paths to success.

There is a slow, long route.

And then, there is a shortcut.

Political stalwarts
always exploit naivety.

I am only here to tell you..

He has a gift of gab.
Brains and then some.

I am not some rich,
cosseted politician..

..who sits in an air-conditioned
room and decides the future..

..of those who toil hard
under the scorching sun.

Long live Yudhveer!

You dog!

No matter how old a camel is, it will
never learn how to pee! Give it here.

- There are two of them here.
- What?


I will shoot you.
Give it here.

Everyone knows that
I never miss my target.

And that I always keep my word.

I didn't learn politics from books.

Nor by following any leader.

I am that farmer's son..

..who lived and died for others.

From my father,
Mr. Gurdev Singh..

..taught me that.. can only help those..

..who can help themselves.

This world belongs to the
powerful who exploit the Weak.

It's very difficult to say
how the 'Lok Seva Party'..

..will handle this university scam.

We can see that it's very difficult
to calm down these students.

We want Justice.

We want Justice.

(Students protesting)

We want Justice.

- We want Justice.
- Stay inside.

Can't you hear the horn?

Go and sit in the car.

We won't be stopping.

Hail student union!

- Hail student union!
- This is not your house.

Give way.

I will show you the way.

You should direct your
anger towards the government.

It is not smart to
hurt the populace.

Your party's leaders
are the smart ones.

They are playing
with students' future.

Your greed for money
is ruining our hard work.

We will stop only after
your party's dominion ends.

How will that benefit you?

If you want to stop something
then stop corruption.

I agree you have been cheated.

Trust me. I support all of you.

But only in a peaceful manner.

Such destruction will
only trouble a commoner.

We don't want
your sugar-coated words.

What are you waiting for?

I promise you that all those
who have cheated you will be punished.

All of you will get what
rightfully belongs to you.

Ma'am, you may go.

Keep it where
you took it from.

I am known in the political
scenario by my white turban.

And the education scam
is tainting my image.

Sir, rather than
discussing the trouble..

..we should be discussing
to find a solution.

I will have to discuss about
the trouble and the troublemakers.

He is right, uncle.

Daman, I am your uncle at home.

We are here to discuss
the problem our party is facing.

Both run smoothly if you
keep family and politics separate.

If you really have to cross the
river then its depth doesn't matter.

What do you mean?

I mean, this is a serious problem.

But should we give up on coming
to the power next time because of it?

Not at any cost, Yudhveer.

But, what can we do
under such circumstances?

Form an enquiry commission.

Suspend all the senior officers
in the department.

You give a public apology.

And the most important thing..

..the education minister's resignation.

What nonsense!


What are you trying to say?

Is everything that easy?

You have to shuffle
a few positions to save 40.

This is just a suggestion.

No matter what you decide..

..I will always support you.


..I trust you and I respect you.

Thank you, sir.

Trust and respect,
you have to earn them both in life.

Manvi, you come just now.

You should be resting.

We have servants
to do all these things.

My dear papa..

..servants have been cooking
for you since the past five years.

You just enjoy your food.

How can anyone enjoy a
pudding if you add salt in it?

Excuse me! I have added salt to it,
but not in excess.

She has an answer for everything.

She too will become a leader like you.

Grandmother, he is
the one who saved me.

That's Yudhveer Singh.

From the 'Lok Seva Party'.

Wow. There are quite a few
young politicians these days.

You were born late, dear.

I was 22 years old
when I joined politics.

I mean to say, they
are intelligent.

Educated leaders.

Mother, please show her
my post-graduation certificate.

That's not what she means, son.

She means many handsome
boys have joined politics.

By the way, you will
have to agree with me on this.

There is no one as intelligent
and smart as my father.

After all, he is my son.

Yudhveer, you are a
donkey for this party.

They always put you
in sticky situations.

You too should drink a little today.

Thanks, but no thanks.

My brain works faster
with a fresh cup of tea.

One thing is for certain.

Party will make you
the Chief or something.

Chief is a lot of power.

Power? I don't
want to be a Chief.

I always aim for
the cherry on the top.

I don't want something
that just falls on my lap.

This means..

CM of the state.


Don't you think it's more important
to serve the people than be in power?


Son, for me,
politics means public service.

What can I say
about the people?

They are used to voting and
then facing the official baton.

Do you want a baton? Start drinking.

"Oh my beloved,
this is our first meeting."

"Today, we spoke through our eyes."

"I swear, love knows no differences."

"For me, love is God."

"Oh my beloved, I see God in you."

"Please, never go away from me."

"This is what I pray for."

"I shall always be with you."


- Hello.
- I am so glad I got to see you.


I mean how are you doing?

I am absolutely fine.
How about you?

I too am absolutely fine.
I am good.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Plans of joining Randhava's party,
by any chance?

Please give 60 rupees.

I don't have change.

I don't even have bangles
worth a thousand here.

- No.
- What happened?

I don't have change.

- How much?
- 60 rupees.

Such commotion over so little money?
Here you go.

Thank you.

Thanks. You can keep this.

I don't have change either.

I think I have change.

Keep your ATM to yourself.

Can't you see two opposing parties
getting together at a beautiful place?

Why are you opening your bank here?

At such an occasion, you should make an
excuse of leaving your wallet at home.

Right, Mr. Sidhu?

Look, I think she is honest.

She will surely come over
one day to return the money.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

"Our love is my lifeline."

"I cannot survive without love."

"I keep awake all night."

"I yearn to be in your company."

"You need to follow
the traditions of love."

"You have to dance
to cajole your beloved."

"You need to follow
the traditions of love."

"You have to dance
to cajole your beloved."

"Like the stars and
the moon go hand in hand."

"Like the fragrance
always follows the flowers."

"Love has different rules."

"You have to accept
your beloved sorrows."

"You dwell in my eyes.
You reside in my heart."

"There is no one like you."

"You dwell in my eyes.
You reside in my heart."

"There is no one like you."


- Hi! What a pleasant surprise.
- Yeah.

You don't jog.

At least let me jog.

Come on, get up and run!

Why should I run?
I didn't steal anything.

Let the people sleep, Lord Indra.

You sleep at home, here you run.

Get lost.

First, get up early in the morning.
Then go for a run.

Then become slim.

Then go to the market
and buy new clothes.

Who wants so much trouble?

You too shouldn't run.

Let me go. Veer is alone.
Get up.

Who said he is alone?

Look, he is making
his move there.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

What brings you here
so early in the morning?

I had come to repay the money,
the 60 rupees.

- That day at the stall?
- Oh yes.

She was insisting.
I told her it is not necessary.

Don't you think it's
too early for that?

I mean, it is not
that big an amount..

..that you didn't even wait
for the sun to raise to return it.


I mean take it.
What are you waiting for?

What are you saying?
Take it.

- Give it here.
- Hey!

I have been noticing. She
is insisting and you are resisting.

Give her 40 rupees back.

I came here for a run.

I don't carry my wallet with me.

Dimpy, do you have change?

Look, whether I run or
don't that doesn't matter..

..but I come here with that intention.

She is different.
She carries cash with her.


I mean you had borrowed
60 rupees from him.

Now you want to pay him back.
You gave him 100 rupees.

We don't have 40 rupees change.
You have given us 100 rupees.

- You owe her 40 rupees now.
- Bye.

You can come some day
to take that 40 rupees.

Or he will come over to give you back.
Turn around. Where are you going.

People lie when they
say that leaders don't work.

They will know when they will
have to attend so many meetings.

During the wedding season..

..even Gippy and Diljit
aren't as much in demand.. much as our friend
is during the election season.

Party's emergency meeting.

That means the party is in trouble.

During such occasions, you can
prove how better you are than others.

That's why I love such occasions.

- Have a seat, Yudhveer.
- Hello.

We were waiting for you.

The agenda of this meeting
is Gill group of companies' owner..

..Jagbeer Singh Gill.

Because of the Education scam,
center has stopped the construction..

..of the 1000 crore rupees
worth Technical university.

That university's contract
was given to Gill.

He is upset with us and
has refused to give party funds.

How can he refuse?

I will go and teach
him a lesson tomorrow.


We are discussing politics here
and not bidding on bar construction.

If we follow your steps
then we will never be in power.

Sir, if you permit,
can I talk to Gill?

Yes, you should talk to him.

I don't make tall claims.

I will convince Gill and make
him talk to you tomorrow itself.

- Goodbye.
- Yudhveer, sit.

I was just like you
when I was of your age.

Thank you.


No, sir.

You weren't like me.

You are a decent man now.

And you were a decent
man back then as well.

But I am..

He has refused party fund
to our party and punctured us.

And here he is soaring
high in the sky.

No matter how high you fly,
you have to come down in the end.

Wait here. I will be right back.

- Yudhveer.
- Sir.

Why are you standing
so far away like a stranger?

Come closer and give me a hug.

I was standing far
away because I think.. have thrown us
out of your friend's list.

And you don't seem quite
happy when I am close to you.

To come and to be sent
are two different things.

And the difference
is there between you and me..

..and me and the 'Lok Seva Party'.

Just a little.. is a very cruel thing, Mr. Gill.

Enough to change
a victory into loss.

This little causes a big difference.

Yudhveer Singh Sidhu who
always talks about victory..

..does he fear
a loss by any chance?

I don't think you understand me,
Mr. Gill.

You are making

Everyone salutes a rising star.

Only goats follow the herd.

From when did you start following?

I cannot spend 200
crores to watch a drama.

It is not in my nature
to bet on a losing horse.

You should bet on the
jockey and not on the horse.

It doesn't take long
to change the jockey.

Our political player is
playing a game of chess.

I wonder what move
he is going to make.

Come on.

I am thinking of killing
the king without killing any pawns.

Is that possible?

The CM that his job is done.

Hello? Hi, sir.

Sir, how it is possible that I don't
do a job that you have given me?

Thank you very much, sir.
Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Don't you think the king
is stopping you from moving ahead?

Then find a solution.

Found it.


Punjab's CM, Mr. Gurpyaar Singh's
sudden death in a road accident..

..has come as a shock
to the entire state.

This accident took place
at Ludhiana-Firozpur highway..

..near Jagrao where
a truck hit his car.

The truck driver is missing.

With his spotless personality
and people favorable politics..

..Mr. Gurpyaar Singh reined the Punjab's
political senior for a decade.

Now we have to see
who will fill the..

..most important seat
of the 'Lok Seva Party'.

Gurpyaar Singh's renowned
nephew Damanjeet Singh..

..or his favorite,
Mr. Yudhveer Singh?

During these elections,
our party will be led by..

..Damanjeet Singh.

And if our party wins..

..Damanjeet Singh will be
our candidate for the post of CM.

Why are you laughing, Yudhveer?

I am bound to laugh when
you crack a joke, Chief.

Are we deciding about
someone's ancestral shop?

"Father's dead so now the
shop will belong to the son."

- Right?
- Stop dreaming.

You joined the party
only seven years ago.

I have got politics in my blood.

You don't even know
what the color of blood is.

Mind your language.

You quietly sit in your crib.

Act smartly.

We can decide who
will become the CM later.

First, see whether our party can
win enough seats to form a government.

We will win for sure.

How can you say that, Yudhveer?

Have I never kept my word?

So Chief, is there anyone else here
who is so confident about himself?

It's decided then.

Yudhveer will lead these elections.

If the party wins in his leadership..

..then Yudhveer Singh will be the CM.

What if our party loses
because of Yudhveer?

It is so easy to say
that Yudhveer will be the CM.

Did you take the party's opinion?


Talk to the birds
to know about the clouds.

Party should decide right away..

..who does it want
as its CM candidate.

We will know right away.

All the party members
are present here.

All those who want Yudhveer to be..

..our party's CM candidate
should raise their hand.

Everyone expect a few members..

..want Yudhveer
to be our CM candidate.

So, with consensus,
I pass this judgment.

Thank you so much.

"We are brave.
We lead a royal life."

"When we twist our mustache,
our enemies flee."

"We are concerned about our people."

"We reside in everyone's hearts."

"We touch hearts, we speak the truth."

"He does ditto of what he says."

"He is strong hearted."

"Our CM will change
the whole of Punjab."

"Our CM remembers everything."

"Our CM is here with you."

"He will change the whole of Punjab."

- People's Party.
- People's Party.

You are pasting other
people's posters.

It is my livelihood.

- Shut up.
- It's my job.

You are putting
the opposition's posters.

If I don't work,
how will I earn?

You are arguing with me? You..


- What are you doing?
- Stay there.

Now you will tell me
what I should do?

I will, if you don't know.

Think twice before
raising your hand, Daman.

The power you are so proud of,
these hands have given you that power.

If these hands show you their
power on the day of election..

..then no one will listen to you
even if you fold your hands and beg.

There is a joke,
if you need to feed dry grass..

..make the donkey
wear green glasses.

Everything will look green to him.

Change the color
of your sunglasses.

- Live long Yudhveer!
- Live long Yudhveer!

"No matter what troubles you,
he always supports you."

"No matter how crooked the path,
he will make it straight."

"The hope of big and small.
The one supported by God."

"The one who can make
the thrones quiver."

"The only king."

"He does ditto
of what he says."

"He is strong hearted."

"Our CM will change
the whole of Punjab."

"Our CM remembers everything."

"Our CM is here with you."

"He will change
the whole of Punjab."

The old lasts for days whereas
the new last only for a few.

This isn't about new or old.

We are talking about our right,
the truth and justice.

Politics doesn't exists on mere words.

Politics needs thoughts.

And age and experiences
give you better thoughts.

You might need experience
to do politics.

But you don't need any
experience to help others.

What do we need to succeed in life?

Knowledge, talent,
wealth, happiness.

We cannot think about these
things without respecting women.

And as we stay in Punjab,
there is nothing greater than that.

Because it is also mentioned
in the Granth Sahib..

.."So why call her bad?
From her, kings are born."


Please, please.

Please sit down.

When we will start respecting
the females in our house.. will bring about
a good change in our society.

Someone has rightly said..

.."A man, without a woman, is like
a tree without branches or leaves."



What happened to them?

Someone treat them,
they come everywhere.

We can treat humans, not them.

Have some shame!

I just spoke about
respecting women.

Brother, at least ask for our votes.
How will you win otherwise?

Those who ask don't
have a right to win.

I don't want your vote,
I just want your love.

Thank you very much.

Hail Yudhveer!

Hail Yudhveer!

Hello, grandmother.

- Hello.
- Hello.

What is wrong with her?

She has cancer.

If she has cancer,
why isn't she in the hospital?

For what have government
build hospitals?

No one listens to the poor.

Nor do the poor have any money.

Dimpy, Inder, take her
to the hospital.

All right?

If you are troubled
in any government office..

..or if your work isn't
being done then tell me.

I will come with you.

How about asking for votes, brother?

I haven't come here to ask for votes.

I have come here
to ask for your support.

With your support and
our government's hard work..

..we are slowly progressing forward.

But we have a long way to
go and hence we need your support.

Thank you very much.

Hail Yudhveer!

Long live, Yudhveer!

Long live, Yudhveer!

This is not about me,
it's about Punjab..

I know.

I know this quite well,
how the opposition is trying hard.. ruin our party's image.

But all of you know
this quite well that..

..our late CM Gurpyaar
Singh was a good..

..honest and a noble man.

And I have vowed
to follow his footsteps.

What is wrong with it?

Why isn't it working?

That's why you should always
test your friends and weapons.

Shut up.

We have a heritage of sacrifices.

We can sacrifice ourselves
for the poor and needy.

We have been brought up
by brave women like Mother Bhago.

We can even burn
a stone with our anger.

You dog!

No matter how old a camel is,
it will never learn how to pee!

Give it here.

- There are two of them here.
- What?


I will shoot you.
Give it here.

Be careful. Make it look clean.

Everyone knows that
I never miss my target.

And that I always keep my word.

That's good.
Good luck.

Long live, Yudhveer!

I didn't learn politics from books.

Nor by following any leader.

I am that farmer's son..

..who lived and died for others.

You are a disgrace!

From my father..

..Mr. Gurdev Singh..

..taught me..

..that you can only help those..

..who can help themselves.

This world belongs to--



Come on, come on, come on!
Let's take him. Keep moving forward.


Son, for me,
politics means public service.

Keep moving. Come on!

We have reached the hospital.

I haven't come here
to ask for votes.

I have come
for your support.

Hey, get up.

You call yourself a sharpshooter.

How did he survive?

Brother, I didn't shoot him.

What did you say?

What happened?

There's another pawn in the game?

Yes. Ok, I'll call you back.

The media is here.

All right.

There is nothing to worry about.

Rest for a few days
and you will be fine.


Welcome. The Star Reporter
Ms. Anjali.

What's happening?

- Nothing.
- Really?

You are climbing the
ladder of success. Right?

Excuse me, but a few of the steps in
your ladder were planted by me, right?

Yes, of course.

- We haven't refused that.
- No doubt.

The left hand supports the right.
And the right supports the left.

You keep discussing about
Yudhveer on your channel.

If you ever need Yudhveer's
exclusive interview, call me.

I won't let the exclusive
run on any other channel.


So can I go and meet him now?

- Now?
- Yes, but not right away.


He is taking rest.

For the time being keep running
this news on your channel..

..that a gun was used, a bullet
was shot and it nicked the arm.

Don't listen to this idiot.
He always gives half the information.

Why so?

You can also run Yudhveer's
exclusive statement.

- What do you mean?
- Yudhveer has said that..

..there is no bullet..

..which can come between
him and the people..

..and stop him from
serving the people.

- Clap.
- Wow.


Hey! Yudhveer?


The gun didn't cool down as yet
and the patient is already standing?

- Let's go.
- Wait for a while.

Rest a little.

Yudhveer, what's the matter?

- Yudhveer!
- Hello.

This way.

I have to say,
your speech is worth listening to.

The phrases that you use!

What was that?

"To plough a stone,
what art is that!"

"I haven't learnt
to make fake promises!"

"I have learnt to sacrifice
my head from my Gurus and sages.."

"And I haven't learnt
to boast about such things!"

What happened?
The voting is in three days.

That will also
shut the Chief up.

Shut up, guys.

We are so happy that our
feet aren't touching the ground.

And you are asking us to keep quiet?
We are going to be the CM.

- Stop the car.
- Why?

- What happened?
- I said stop the car.

- Stop the car.
- Ok boss.

What's wrong with the network?



I'll call you back. Hello!

Drive faster.
God knows where he is.

One ticket for Neelewaal.

- Sir?
- How much?

- Why do you need a ticket?
- Give me a ticket, please.

No sir, I can't give you a ticket.

Take the money.

- No sir, I can't take the money.
- Take the money.

Ok, sir.

- Hello sir.
- Hello sir.


Neelewaal bus stop.


Son, you!

- I..
- Where were you?

Why did you take so
long to open the door?

I was working.


This is a miracle.

What brings him here?

Shall I get water for you?



Uncle Buta,
fill a bucket of water for me.

- I wish to have a bath.
- Ok.

Oh great, you guys are also here.

This bud is blooming today.

Our CM is over there.


As the propaganda has ended, he
has come to his village for a holiday.

If you wanted to go to the village,
you should have come with us.

Do the seats of our car hurt you?

You came here in a crowded bus.

Come, let's ask him.

Yes, Jinder.


What happened, Veer?

Are you unwell?

- I think we will succeed.
- Water is ready, you can have a bath.

Remember, now only Inder
or I will interact with the media.

What's your program?
Do you too wish to have a bath?

No. I am good.

We are going to succeed, boss.
Get ready.

Ok, fine.

Bye, Jinder.


We have succeeded.

Our bullet scheme worked.

We are going strong in the
media at the moment.

Very good.

The biggest contender
for the CM's post..

..and a renowned member
of the 'Lok Seva Party'..

..Yudhveer Singh Sidhu, the
attack on him during his election..

..rally has shocked everyone.

If the one who attacked Yudhveer
isn't arrested within 24 hours..

..then we will seek revenge.

Yes, we will.

Mr. Yudhveer Singh Sidhu
from the beginning of his career..

..has stuck to his gun that
he won't keep any security with him.

For the time being, police
has no clue as to who attacked on him.

But it is obvious that
people are angry about this.

And at the moment, the whole
of Punjab is chanting just one name.

Yudhveer, we will turn
your dreams into reality.

Yudhveer, we will turn
your dreams into reality.

Yudhveer, we will turn
your dreams into reality.

Daman will leave India, right?

Where to, brother?


Even the MC doesn't roam the
streets as freely as our CM does.

Let's go.

- Hello.
- Hello.


Hello, uncle.

God bless you. You should try
warding off the evil from your head.

You are catching the
evil eye of the evil people.

Where are you going?

To the fields.

Go home and rest.

There is no storm
approaching there.

For how long will I
stay at home?

What had to happen
has already happened.

How is Karmo?

She is absolutely fine.

She has gone to pick up
her son from the tuition class.

Her son?

You continue playing cards.

But when did that happen?
She had typhoid.

Let's go.

Well done, young man.

You have pleased me.

Well done. Give him more almonds.

Get lost! Increase his
exercise level.

- Come on!
- Who is he?

he sells drugs in our village.


You dog!

The youth are anyway no longer
interested in consuming milk.

And you are trying to
give them the dry white powder!

Tell me.


What is this?

You should pay interest
to the ringtones you keep.

Please forgive me, brother.

No way.

Your ears will keep ringing
for three months if I hit you once.

There is no way I will forgive you.

How can you even say that?

- Lift him up and take him inside.
-Let me go, brother.

I swear,
I will never sell drugs again.

Take him away..

- Please forgive me.
- Just don't crack his neck.

Drugs have ruined everyone.

Youth is wasted. They
didn't even spare ten-year-olds.

- I feel like killing them.
- Brother..

Did the sun rise from the west?

The cuckoos are
singing without spring?

Forget it, Veer. Let's go.

Wait. What's the hurry?

Wait. You must be
tired asking for votes.

You come to the village to rest.

It's not as if you are
worried about your village.

You don't do any work, anyway.

What is he saying?

Let's go back home, Yudhveer.

We need to go back
on time and rest a little.

Ok? Let's go.

Go back.

This village has stopped
giving importance to politics.



We had planted flowers here.
How did sugarcane grow here?


This is sugarcane, sir.

If you say, I will
address them as flowers.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Dimpy, what are they saying?

Why are saying stupid things?

Let's go home. We will go
there and talk. You are confused.

Hello, brother. How are you?


He is my son.

Come on, greet him.

- I won't.
- Your son?

When did you get married?

You had typhoid.

I had typhoid seven years ago.

I have been married
for six years now.

You come back to the
village after so long that..

- Go home, dear.
- Take rest. Go.

Ok, brother. Bye.
I'll get going.

Let's go home and talk.
Come with me.

I had met uncle today.

What happened, brother?

Nihaal used to live here.

Nihaal died five years ago.

Where does Nihaal sleep?

It's ok. Go home
and rest.

What is this nonsense!

Everyone is asking me to rest.
Am I unwell?


Manvi, I don't know what
to tell you and how to tell you.


Manvi, Yudhveer fell
down after he was shot.

Ok Yudhveer, tell me what
has happened in the past few days.

To understand your problem, you will
have to tell me everything in detail.

My father Mr. Gurdev Singh..

Till the time our
demands are not met..

..we will protest
in a peaceful manner.

He was a kind-hearted,
humanitarian farmer.

He never cared for his
life while helping others.

Hello, Mr. Gurdev.
Your work will be done soon.

- Don't worry.
- Stop your drama.

What are you doing?


"When the time is right.."

"..the truth reveals itself."

I'll kill him If I'll see him again.

Father, I have told
you so many times..

..that this dirty politics is
not for kindhearted people like you.

Son, for me,
politics means public service.

Taking someone's trouble on
your head is called public service?

I belong to them.

Whenever they will be mistreated,
I will support them.

Fine, then these very people will one
day show you how they return favors.

It's your wish.

"He was True in the beginning.
He was True through all ages."

This time father stood for
the village council's elections.

Baldev Singh stood against him.

Baldev Singh used money,
alcohol and drugs to influence people.

But still, he noticed that
he hasn't covered much ground.

Gurdev Singh! Search the place.

"Lie doesn't last, says Nanak,
in the end truth prevails."

"Lie doesn't last, says Nanak,
in the end truth prevails."

"He was True in the beginning.
He was True through all ages."

"He is True even now.
He shall ever be True."

"He was True in the beginning.
He was True through all ages."

"He is True even now.
He shall ever be True."

Son, the police
arrested your father.

They said that he sold drugs.

The people whom my father
fought for all his life..

He didn't have the
courage to face them.

He was sad that he lost his battle..

..or of being unable to change people.

I don't know.

But there was something
which troubled him.

"A self-respecting
man who fights for truth.."

"A person who has
always done good deeds."

Shameless man!
You should drown yourself.

"Someone who always
lived for others."

"Lie doesn't last, says Nanak,
in the end truth prevails."

"Lie doesn't last, says Nanak,
in the end truth prevails."

"He was True in the beginning.
He was True through all ages."

"He is True even now.
He shall ever be True."

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."

"He is a honest man, oh people."

"Why did you cheat him?"

"You turned him
into a criminal.."

" the eyes of others."


What happened?


- Rest.
- Relax.

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now."


"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."


"He shall always be true."

No father!

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."


When did this happen?

Two days ago.

For sure.

He has memory loss.

Oh my God!

When did that incident
take place with his father?

Around seven years, doctor.

But it was his arm which was injured.

Yes, doctor.

How can anyone lose his
memory if he is shot at his arm?

That's a point.

But tell me something,
was he standing after he was shot?

- No he--
- No, he fell.

Yudhveer joined politics to teach
a lesson to those who keep changing.

He only chose the path
which took him forward..

..whether pausing to find out
whether or not it was the right path.

And today he has completely
forgotten seven years of his life.

How can we make him
the CM of the state..

..when he doesn't even remember
whether he was ever a part of politics.

Anyway, at the point of
life where is standing right now..

..he really hates politics.

Doctor has warned us
that if we try to make Yudhveer..

..recall anything from the past..

..then it could pressurize his brain.

It's the Chief.

Become Yudhveer.

That is strange. How do I..

Hello, Chief.

Yudhveer, switch on the television.

There is some breaking news.

Especially for you.

We have recently found out that
deceased Gurpyaar's road accident..

..wasn't an accident at all,
it could have been orchestrated.

Come, let's find out what
does 'Lok Seva Party's' Chief..

..and interim Chief Minister
Harbans Singh have to say about this.

We have formed an enquiry
commissioned to investigate.

Soon, we will know the truth.

Only time will
tell what the truth is.

If we come to think about it,
the first suspect.. the one who could
have benefited the most from it.

What do you think Daman?

I know that by talking about
the one who would benefit the most.. are pointing your fingers
towards Yudhveer Singh Sidhu.

What nonsense!

But it is not necessary
that he is behind this.

You are being suspected.

Hence, the party cannot even
think about making you the CM.

They used Yudhveer to gather votes.

And now when we are talking
about the CM's position..

..Chief is proposing Daman's name.

Now that Yudhveer has reached
so close to his destination..

No, Manvi.

Yudhveer Singh will
be the Chief Minister.

In this condition?



Only Yudhveer will become
the Chief Minister.

This Yudhveer didn't even
let his father do politics.

So how will he do politics?

If he is to be the CM
then he has to do politics.

No one will make an idler a CM.

If idlers were to become
CM then in every village..

..we would have 20 CMs sitting
under a tree playing cards.


Politics is indeed a dirty job.

Who says politics is dirty?

There can't be anything
cleaner than politics.

That's why people don't
want to wash their hands off it.

If the power goes in the
hands of people like Damanjeet..

..then our state will be in trouble.

Don't worry.

Our friend will become the CM.

He should.

But he won't if you keep sitting here.
Go and talk to him.


Then who else?
Go and explain it to him.

I can go and explain but..

We won't be able to do
it if you start doubting.

This will also be a
good test for your brains.

We will know if you
have anything in it or not.

Go and talk to him.
Why are you scared?


Much better. Buck up.

Buck up, boy. Come on.

- Yudhveer..
- Yes?

I wanted to talk to you.

Yes, tell me.

You know the CM..

..I mean the Chief Minister..

Have you come here to translate?

He has a lot of power.

He can do anything he wants.

Anything he wants.

Good or bad.

I say..

..the circumstances
that Punjab is in..

..we need to have
a CM who is like you.

What happened?

You didn't go.

Be brave. Get up.
Go and talk to him.

- Dimpy.
- Yes?

Why should I
always take the lead?

He is your friend as well.

You go and talk to him.

You too have a right over him.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I didn't ask you for my right
that you are giving it to me in a bag.

I am giving it to you
from my heart, take it.

MLA sir, please save me.
For God's sake, save me.

Who is he?

Catch him.

Save me, sir.

Sir, they disconnected..

- ..the power of my pumping station.
- What happened to you?

My harvest will get ruined.
My family will get ruined, sir.

Please listen to me, sir.

Dimpy, why is he
addressing me as MLA?

Anyone who listens to
a poor man is MLA for him.

- Come with me.
- We will talk.

Come with me.
We will discuss it.

Your job will be done.

They are villagers.
They are naive. It's nothing.

Why were you going after the MLA?

Son, if the MLA of our
area won't help us then who will?

Who told you that he won't help you?

He will.

But he is feeling bad
that you are begging to him.

- Ok.
- Right.

He serves everyone from his heart.

He thinks it is his duty.

- You don't need to beg, plead.
- Amazing.

It is a nice way to
pacify the elders.

What is it, Mr. Wrestler?

Did a weak wrestler defeat you
that you are venting your anger on us?

Uncle, why are you begging to him?

Leaders need us only
when they want our votes.

They have nothing
to do with us otherwise.

How will they understand
our sorrows?

He is absolutely right.

Till a common man who casts his
vote doesn't understand his power..

..this is what will
continue to happen.

Tell me, why did that J.E.
disconnect the power supply?


Goats make that noise.
You should talk like a lion.

Come with me.
I will go and check.

Don't address him as MLA,
he will get angry.

He is going to some get into some
new mess now? - Let's go.

Son, he is eyeing
my young daughter.

He has even troubled her
while she was going to college.

When I objected,
he came to trouble me like this.

He made a false case and
disconnected the power supply.

Where is that old man taking him?

Move out of the way.

I have to go to get the fodder.
Where are you guys going?

Our car is parked there.
You can take that.

Be careful with it.
I have taken good care of it.

Sir, there is no power supply
but look at the bill amount.

It is our job to send the bill.

We sent it on time.

If there is no power supply
then go and talk to the government.

Why have you come here?

Sir, for poor people like us,
you guys are the government.

You have to solve our problem.

Tell me, how can I get
such an exorbitant bill amount?


Do you see that boy
standing in the queue?

- The one with Yanky hat?
- Yes.

He doesn't even have
a meter at home.

Yet he got a bill.

And you are crying
over no power supply.

Go and pay the bill.

Otherwise, we will
disconnect your meter.

What else do you know other
than disconnecting the meter?

Sir, you?

Stop blabbering and answer me.

Why do you disconnect the meters?

Sir, because they don't pay the bill.

And this gentleman,
he pays his bills on time.

Why did you disconnect his bill?

His meter!
Sir, I.. I will find out right away.

You know everything.

Before everyone standing
outside finds out.. better mend your mistake.

You don't know how easily
you can lose your position J.E.

You are mistaken, sir.

Please have a seat.

Why is he giving me his seat?

Because of his deeds, he
doesn't deserve to sit on that seat.

That's why he is
offering you his seat.

A poor man's sigh makes
less noise but it hurts the heart.

In the high of your
position don't forget that..

..the government has
given you this position.

And the government
is made by the common man.

Take the officer's salary
and behave like a public servant.

- Do you understand.
- Yes, I understood.

Now tell me, when will
his motor start running?

Your power supply will be restored
before you reach home, uncle.

Mind it.

Ok? Let's go, brother.

Sir, would you like
some tea or cold drink?

If would be better
if you give him results.

Your father would have
been very proud of you.

God bless you.

Master, he isn't like
we assumed him to be.

Thank you very much, son.
God bless you.

So, this is done.

The one whose job we
had come here to do has left.

He doesn't even remember
that he has to take you back.

- Right?
- What are friends for?

Really? So you will ride
your friend's scooter today?

Come on then,
my tempo is ready to leave.

Dimpy, I don't understand.

Why are people giving
me so much respect?

Why are they
addressing me as "Sir"?

Well, I think you look like
a very famous Punjabi singer.

I look like a Punjabi singer?
Which one?

- Gursevak Mann.
- Really?

I got lucky today.

I have fun in my Ford Tractor!

Oh damn you, uncle!

He turned the car into a cart.

So much fodder?

As I had a car I thought
I should take a few day's supply.

You got your supply but it will
take us a week to get the car cleaned.

You turned 24 lakhs
worth vehicle into a cart.

Listen, first both of you tell me..

..whose car is it
and how did you get it?

I too asked him.

He said I will tell
you when the time is right.

Tell us then, it's time.

This car belongs to a big company.

And it came from here,
as the road is wider.

Stop your nonsense.

Actually, someone
owned me some money.

He wasn't repaying.
So I took his car's keys.

I told him to give me the
money and take the car back.

It is not a big deal.

Buta's job got easier
because of this car.

Look how happy he is.

How someone's happiness
can make you happy..

I learnt that today.

Today, when I helped that
elderly in getting his job done.. the electricity office I realized
why father used to help others.

"You too might need
his help some day.."


"The soil.."

Stop stealing
kites from the terrace.

Come down and see
who has come to meet you.

Where is he coming from?

- Hello.
- Hello.

Who are you?

I am Manvi.


Why have you come here?

- I have come to meet you.
- Don't get too frank.

- Me?
- Well..

What work do you have with me?

She runs an institute.

- Her institute needs your help.
- Yes. That's right.

But how can I help your institute?

Are we going to continue
talking against the wind..

..or can we talk
face to face as well?

Ok, come upstairs.
Come from there.

- Ok, we will go upstairs.
- Let's go.

Manvi, remember one thing.
You don't know him. Ok?

This is the first time
you are meeting him.


- Manvi, you are unknown to him.
- Ok.


Please sit.


- Please sit.
- Yes.

You sit over there, next to Veer.

Not there.

Are you getting them engaged
that you are making them sit together?

Sit over here, please.


No, you should sit there.

- Oh no.
- What are you doing?

You sit here.

I will sit with him.
It's not a problem.

So tell me,
what brings you here?

I am here to help the poor.

Good. But we aren't that poor.

No, I mean I have come
here to seek help for the poor.


I think she means that her institute
helps the poor and the needy.

Hence, she has come here
to seek some financial help.

- Right.
- The way we helped that elderly.

- Yes, yes.
- Yes.

Dimpy, don't you think
you know a lot about her?

- Just guessing.
- Yes.


Next time send those
who need the help.

You don't need to come here.

- They are also here.
- Damn you!

- Where are they?
- Outside.



Where did they go?

Do you understand what you
have to say once you go inside?

- Ok?
- Yes.

Tell me how will you talk?

MLA sir, we are very poor.

That can be known
from your face itself.

How many times have I told
you not to address him as MLA?

But why?

Our MLA is close to his roots.

He serves from his heart.

He doesn't like anyone
begging or pleading him.

Why don't you understand this?

Well done.
Come on, give me a hug.

Very good.

Did all of you hear him?

- You have to follow him
- Ok.

Talk like he does.
Tell everyone how you will talk.

- MLA sir..
- Damn you! Back to square one.

You don't have to
address him as MLA.

He is about to become the CM.
It is not right to address him as MLA.

Then we will address him as CM.

No, he is not the CM as yet.

Hence, you cannot
even address him as CM.

- No CM, no MLA. Ok?
- Ok, brother.

Everyone address him as "Mister".

- Sir?
- Yes, address him as "Sir".

Brother, you can
address him as anything.

Just don't address him as MLA or CM.

Yes. Got it?


- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello, brother.
- Hello.

- Hello, brother.
- Hello.

What problem are you facing?

Brother, the police
have seized my truck.

Illegally, without any
fault of mine.


- You?
- The depot person troubles us.

Even when the stock comes,
he says that it's not there.

If he gives anything
then he under weighs it.

And he blacks the rest of the stock.

- Ok, I will look into it.
- Yes.

Yes, what is your problem?

Brother, Lambar's daughter
used to eye me.

So I went and proposed her.

She went to the police and
registered a complaint against me.

She told them that I trouble her.
Tell me, what should I do?

Inder, help him.

You come with me. I will
give you the permit to love.

Yes, ma'am.
What is your problem?

Son, I go to the bank
to withdraw my pension.

- The manager doesn't listen to me.
- Ok.

He always keeps asking
for some or the other document.

- So I..
- It's ok, ma'am.

I come back troubled.

- You won't be troubled.
- Ok.

I will talk to the manager.
Come with me.

"The blood shows it true color,
you can see the difference."

"He gets the job done in minutes,
this is how he is."

"Today the water of Punjab
is showing its effect."

"He is getting to know himself
and his ancestors better."

"He does ditto of what he says."

"He does ditto of what
he says. He is strong hearted."

"Our CM remembers everything."

"Our CM will change
the whole of Punjab."

Venting your anger on the
newspaper won't help, Daman.

He left everything
and went to the village.

And he is loved
even more by the people.

Not in politics,
he should be in movies.

New tricks every day.

He thinks of a new way every day.

Whatever, he is bound
to ruin your scene.

If this continues, then even
if I announce your name as the CM..

..but people will
not accept this decision.

No one other than Damanjeet
Singh can become the CM.

Yudhveer likes to make the headlines,
doesn't he?

Tomorrow there will be
a new Headline.

With his name on it.

Very good.

Yudhveer, it's your success.

I mean the way you are succeeding.. should become a leader now.

What do you say?

Inder, stop the car.

No, brother.
Don't get angry. I am sorry.

Stop the car.

I am sorry. Don't get down.
I am sorry.

Don't insult me in front of the girl.

I am thirsty.
I want to drink water.

Would you like to
drink anything?

No, thanks.

Stop the car.

Stop at that restaurant.

Go with him.

- Let him go alone.
- Go with him.

A bottle of water, please.

Why just one, take two.

- No, one is enough.
- Here you go.


We pay it to the police.

Every month.

Whether or not they pass it forward,
it is their responsibility.

If you say, I will
give it to you henceforth.

What is he blabbering?

He is talking nonsense.
He is high on drugs.

Go, I will pay him and come.

- Get a newspaper.
- Yes, I will get it.

What was that nonsense?
Don't you have any shame?

How much does he owe you?

20 rupees.

Give a newspaper as well.

Give me 5 rupees change.

If I don't have 5 rupees change,
can I give a torn tenner?

Stop your nonsense.

You tongue needs..

How many such newspapers
do you have?

Around 50-60.

Give me all of them.

If I give all of them to you, what
will I sell for the rest of the day?

You are squirming
as if I a snake bit you.

- I will pay you.
- No.

I will buy them.

I don't want to sell
all of them to you.

Keep this with you as well.

I will keep it.

I wonder where
such people come from.

Dimpy, I had asked
you to get a newspaper.

Those were all old newspapers.



Do you see my stick?
We are not having a fair over here.

Let's go, brother.

What happened?

His photo has made
it to the headlines.

What are you saying?

We are trying to keep him hidden.

We follow him like his shadow
so that he doesn't find out the truth.

Now the newspaper has printed
his photo on the front page.

These kids..

Look what they have
done to today's newspaper.

MLA became people's hero.

He went on streets
to help the people.

- Inder..
- What?

Who is the MLA of our area?

- Our..
- Our..



His photo is printed
in the newspaper.

His photo? Show it to me.

Kids have done a good job.


They say kids are a form of God.

You know.

- God saved us today.
- He surely did!

- So?
- So..


Did the old woman
get her pension?

- Yes.
- That's good.

- So?
- Everything is fine.



You know everything about the work.
I have seeded rice.

At night when we get power supply,
I start the water.


- Did you give the fodder to the cattle?
- I did that early in the morning.


So you have no work left?

Work? Son, I am
no officer anywhere.


I had it in the morning.


Then do one thing, make one cup..
make two cups of tea for us.

From when did you start drinking tea?

Well, I feel like drinking it today.

Wait for another ten minutes.

I will milk the buffalo
and make tea with fresh milk.

Forget about the fresh milk.

Make black tea for both of us.

I don't know how to make black tea.

Then go and get a
glass of water for me.

The pot is kept next
to you with the glass.

You can drink as
much water as you want.

Go away from here.


- What?
- Go and milk the buffalo.

Make tea for us. Don't show
me your face for another half an hour.

- Half an hour?
- Go. Leave.

That's strange.

Half an hour for what?


Ok then, I will get going.


- It is necessary?
- Yes.

Ok then, come,
I will drop you.

You didn't even have the tea.

Was all the work done properly?

I hope I didn't miss anything.

No. I think I troubled you a lot.

Helping a dear one
is never troublesome.


Well, I mean, we know each other.

We are friends.

It is a good deed.

Let me know if I
can ever help you again.

Give me your number.

You can't give me your number?

Yes, of course I can. Why not?

Brother, can you give me a pen please?

Yes, I have a pen.


- Here you go.
- Paper?

You can write on my hand.

There you go.

Thank you.

- Ok.
- Ok.

- Bye.
- Bye.

"Oh my beloved.."

.."let me reside
you in my eyes."


Stop it. Let me help you.

- I will manage it.
- Let me help you.

Right here?

There. It's done.

- Here you go.
- God bless you.

Get him!

Let's leave!

Quick! Run!

Uncle Bawa!

Uncle Bawa!

Some men are
attacking uncle Yudhveer.

Let's go, boys.

Let's go!

To the fields!


Run home!

I am here!

I am here!

Let me show you
what I can do!

You damn chicken-chilly!

You couldn't get
rid of an ordinary man?

Brother, he is no ordinary man.

He has many bodybuilders
working with him.

Not just us, no one would
dare to hurt him in that village.

Those who ride camels don't
need to be scared of dogs.

We will need to find
a permanent solution for him.

Brother, please look over here.

Who were they?

I don't have any land
dispute with anyone.

I don't know
why they came after me.

I don't know who they were.

But if I could get hold of them then..

..I'd teach them
a lesson one by one.

How dare they touch you?

Forget it, Buta.

God bless you.

Sir, even after being thrashed
black and blue he hasn't said a word.

He is very stubborn.

People don't fear death.. much as Daman's mere mention.

This dog Daman manages to
come up with a new way every day.

We were trying our best
to make our friend the CM.

But now the fear of police
causing trouble is haunting us.

I know Billa quite well.

His promise is
as good as his aim.

But how did they manage
to get their hands on him?

Forget about how
they got hold of him.

Now think of a way
to get him out of there.


Wake up. It's morning.

Wake up. It's morning.

We will get thrashed.

God, please help us.

Oh God!

It's Mr. Gill.

We keep facing a
new trouble every day.

- What do we tell him?
- Answer it.

- What will I tell him?
- I said, answer it.

- But what will I say to him?
- We will talk to him.

Hello? Hi.


Don't worry. I will be there soon.
I will come and meet you.

- Yes.
- That's not Dimpy's voice.

Something's fishy.

- Is the jeep ready?
- Yes!

Let's go.



You got up quite early today.

Dear, I have been getting up
early since the past 30 years.

What is the reason you are
getting up so early these days?

May I ask where are you going?

Well, Papa..

Why? You are finding
it difficult to lie?

Dear, your silence
is telling me the truth.

Just keep one thing in mind.

I spent my life
building my reputation.

And now my honor
is in your hand.

What are you saying?

Yudhveer is not like that.
He respects you.

There is no good
or bad in politics.

There are just friends
and opposition.

And he belongs to
the opposition party.

Hence, it would be better
if you don't meet him.

But I love him.

And I love you.
Hence, I am telling you that.

The coalition that
you are trying to form..'s not possible in politics.

You always say that you should
keep family and politics separate.

Now you are involving
politics in your family life.

You are my daughter hence
you make such good arguments.

Keep one thing in mind.

What you are trying to do.. impossible.

Papa, please. Papa!

Oh no.

Ever seen Animal Planet?

Yes, why?

Can two lions fight 40 hippos?

Even if the lions get beaten up,
they will have to fight.

- Really? Let's go.
- Wait.

We will enter like the
movie Sholay's Jai and Veeru.

Is it?

"If you have such good friends.."

"If you have such good friends..
Then life is beautiful."

"Then life is beautiful."

Where did he go?

There he is!

Now where is he?

That feels so good!

I'll teach them a lesson!

Idiots, sometimes those dogs
come here to beat you guys up..

..and sometimes you go to their place.

What is this all about?

Why are you shaking your head?

We wouldn't have told
any stranger about this.

But you have saved
our friend's life.

Our too.

Tell me what is this all about.

Actually, the thing is..

A small hole is enough
to sink a big ship, young man.

There are only four days
left for your swearing in ceremony.

Keep your cool.

I cannot keep it calm.

Who knows what Yudhveer
will do in these four days.

I play a new game every
day and he ruins it.

Small games are just
like banging into a wall.

You can take over a few acres
of land with such small tricks.

But you cannot take over
Punjab's political rein.

Higher the stakes longer the leap.

The game is in our control.

If you have any trump
card then use it.

Here, eat this.

What are you waiting for? Eat it.

The food is fine, but what is this?

Buttermilk. Drink it.

We will give you one
with almonds in the evening.

Why do you guys want me to fall ill?

It is very hot out here.

Get me a beer if you can.

Have you ever been beaten
up on an empty stomach?

That too without any explanations?

What do you mean?

I mean you mentioned
beer in front of us..

..but don't mention
in front of master.

Why? Doesn't he drink?

He doesn't even let anyone
in this village watch its commercials.

And you ask if whether he drinks.

Here you will get only milk and curd.
Drink it quietly.


I never even had my mother's milk.

What do you mean?

She died as soon as I was born.

And my father was a drunkard.

He raised me the only way he could.

It's true.

He used to put a nipple on the bottle.

It is a sad story,
but I don't know why I find it funny.

But you won't be getting
any drugs or alcohol here.

Then I will run away from here.

If you wish so, sir.

Anyway, Daman's men
must be looking for you.

Brother.. I have a request.

You want to feed me milk?

Then get it in a beer's bottle.

I will at least have the
feeling that I am holding a beer.

Give him milk.

"Listen here, oh boy.."

"Looking at such a beautiful girl.."

"I feel like falling in love."

Son, I am going to keep the utensils.
Do you want anything?

Make me a cup of tea.


- Yes, tea.
- Oh, ok.

I will take half
an hour to make the tea.

Ok, I understood.

"Come here, oh boy. Have a seat."

"Say whatever you want to say."

"I should know.."

- Hello. Who is it?
- Hello. Hi!

It's me, Yudhveer.

What a pleasant surprise.
So early in the morning?

Yes, just..

Actually, I wanted to ask..

..have we really managed
to get rid of poverty from Punjab?

I didn't get you.

I mean it has been two days since
you brought any poor needy person.


"Your heart beats in mine,
and mine in yours."

"It's hard to make out whether we
are the same or two different souls."

"These fragrant winds.."

"Today, I love these winds.."

"Your heart beats in mine,
and mine in yours."

"It's hard to make out whether we
are the same or two different souls."

"You don't know,
and neither do I."

"Who initiated it, you or me?"

"You don't know,
and neither do I."

"Who initiated it, you or me?"

"Now slowly we are
falling in love even more."

"It's hard to make out whether we
are the same or two different souls."

"I swear, I don't know
what is wrong with me?"

"I feel as if
you belong to me."

"I swear, I don't know
what is wrong with me?"

"I feel as if you belong to me."

"Stand before me like a mirror."

"It's hard to make out whether we
are the same or two different souls."

"Are we the same.."

"..or two different souls?"

Gurpyaar is the
narrator of this story.

He is behind this.
Otherwise, that Daman would..

Inder, why is media
coming to our village?

Oh no!

- Hey, listen!
- Yes?

Come form here!

We have to reach before them.

Punjab's political scenario
which was going through..

..a lot of drama since the past few
days, took a surprising turn today.

Joga Singh has given an exclusive
interview to our channel..

..and told us that the truck with
which Gurpyaar's accident took place..

..was being driven by him.

It wasn't an accident.

It was a
well-planned conspiracy.

I did it for money
at Yudhveer Singh's behest.

Yudhveer Singh, what do you have to
say about the truck driver Joga Singh?

I don't know what
you are talking about.

How did you manage to get
to become CM's post's contender..

..with just seven years
of political experience?

Dimpy, Inder. This is
going to cause us big trouble.

- What happened?
- That truck driver Joga..

I don't know what
you are talking about.

He's not well.

The accusations made on
Yudhveer Singh come as a shock.

His friends have said..

..that he is being taken to
the hospital because he is unwell.

We just hope that Yudhveer Singh
manages to come out of this unscathed.

Who is Joga? I didn't do anything.

Yes, it is true.
I did it at Yudhveer Singh's behest.

I don't understand anything.
Please stop the car!

What happened, Yudhveer?

What is happening?

Does the movie 'Ram
And Shyam' ring a bell?

Two people with the same face.

You too have a duplicate.

He has done something wrong and
everyone is mistaking it to be you.

That's why all the
media and the public--

- Yudhveer!
- Yudhveer!


We were doing it to
make your dream come true.

"Yudhveer had a dream
of being the CM."

"But just one move turned
him into a villain."

"CM's post contender is.."

"..being accused of CM's murder."

"Yudhveer Singh."


I played my trump card.

If we still don't
win this game..

..then no one
will call us players.

Well done.

I had fun.

We will have fun when
I will become the CM.

I don't want to listen
to anything, Manvi.

I don't want to hear anything.

You will have to, Yudhveer!

Oh really?

What do you want me to hear?

Your friends helped you.

If they were right then they
would have told me everything.

Why didn't they tell me anything?

Do you know why?

You have lost your memory.

I have lost my memory?

I am telling the truth.

I don't know who is right or wrong.

No one can love their friend
as much as these two love you.

Stop it.

Once all this is over,
let's go somewhere far away.

Yes, where there is no one.

No, we will miss him even more.

We will go to a place where
there are a lot of people.

No, we will miss him
even more at such a place.

And this idiot will
miss his two idiot friends.

Let him miss us.
Why should we care?

Then take me along.

How can we take you along.
We are running away from you.

Then do one thing.

Forgive me.

Forgive you? You are very smart.
How can we just forgive you?

Please forgive me.

Now should I be at your
feet to ask you to forgive me?

Or should I beg you
by folding my hands?

Is the option of
the feet ok with you?



- Dimpy?
- Yes.

I don't remember anything.

It is possible that
I got the CM killed.


You have a clever mind
and not a criminal mind.

You can never do
such a cheap thing.

Someone who can take the
risk of getting himself shot..

He can go to any extent.

you should trust your friends.

Brother, the right and the
wrong will be decided in the court.

For the time being, it is important
that your statement reaches the public.

That's all.

- Yes.
- Ok guys, we are ready.

Come on, let's go.

Let's do the
important things first.

All the best.

"I have come in front of
the camera to tell all of you.."

"..that all the accusations
made on me are false."

"And I will present myself
with all the proves."

- Ok?
- Ok.

The message should be clear.



I respectfully greet
all the residents of Punjab.

Through the medium of this channel..

..I want to tell all of
you that I am not hiding anywhere.

I will present myself
in court in police custody.

Where everything will be cleared out.


What nonsense!
Have you lost your mind?

Cut the last line.
What do you mean by tomorrow?

Why did you commit for tomorrow?

What are you doing?
It is Live. It is On Air.

It has been telecasted.

Oh shit! - I have given
this a thought before saying it.

- Yudhveer!
- Yudhveer!


Where's Yudhveer?


That's a good move.

Very good.

But remember,
no one should find out about this.

What should no one know about?

That you kidnapped Yudhveer.

Kidnapped him?

I didn't kidnap anyone!

Eat this.

You didn't feel ashamed to do this?

I didn't expect this from you.

You brought the flat bread
without any butter on it!

Everyone is saying that
you have kidnapped Yudhveer.

What are you trying to say?

That I kidnapped him?
Just a minute.

But sir, your name is
being linked with this case.

Wouldn't you like to clarify this?

I should give you a clarification?

This is amazing, isn't it?


You should have sent buttermilk
with radish stuffed bread.

Oh really?

Have you been kidnapped?

Or are you attending a
wedding that we should serve you?

He is having fun
while being kidnapped.

Now that you have been kidnapped,
you will have to be patient.

Fighting with the reporters
won't resolve anything.

Then how are things resolved?

Tell me! How?

Daman, at the moment none
of our moves are falling in place.

Yudhveer is walking
a step ahead of us.

If we don't get two steps ahead
of him, we shall have to pay heavily.

You are drinking all by yourself, sir.

How about sharing some with me?

A calf no matter how
sated will always seek milk.



- Jaila.
- Yes, sir?

Jogi must die.

- Get him out.
- Ok, sir.

Come with us.

Come on.

Hurry up.

Where are you taking me?

- Keep walking.
- Hurry up.

Go on.


It is true I was
behind Ex-CM's accident.

Yudhveer Singh is not guilty.

He has nothing to do with it.

Damanjeet Singh told me
to take Yudhveer Singh's name.

Actually, Damanjeet got Ex-CM killed.

And now when he feared that
everyone would know the truth..

..he tried to get me killed
in a fake police encounter.

Ok Joga, your job is done.

Ok, bye.

Yudhveer, why did you let Joga go?

What if he goes and tells Daman?

That's why I sent him away.

He isn't Joga, he is bait.
I have baited Daman.

You made a mistake.
It is not a problem, Joga Singh.

But you wronged the wrong person.

Please forgive me, sir.

Money made me lose my sense.

For God's sake, please forgive me.

I want Jaila.

Tell me!

Tell me!

I can tell you where he is.



Get in. Hop in.

Let's go.

Follow them.

Welcome. Welcome, Yudhveer Singh..

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

CM sir. CM sir. CM sir.

You ended up at my place..

..while playing
the cat-and-mouse came.

You have been unjust to me.

You have been unjust.

I like to hunt my prey.

And you have brought
my prey..

..right before my gun.

Very bad.

Very bad.

You are very lucky. Very lucky.

CM has body guards.

Whereas you have the
CM as your bodyguard.

Tell your bodyguard
to save you from me.

Tell him!

What did you think?

That he will testify against me?

He will testify against Damanjeet?

I will bury his voice and him here.

Right here.

What are you saying? Talk sensibly.

You will have to pay
for this, Daman.

Mr. Dimpy..

I don't do cheap deals.

This isn't about cheap or expensive.

You should know
how to make the deal.


Move out of my way!

In the end the mystery of
deceased Ex-CM Gurpyaar Singh..

..was solved in such a dramatic
way that it seems unbelievable.

It has been proven that his
nephew Damanjeet Singh got him killed.

He falsely accused Yudhveer
for it so that he can get rid of him.

Yudhveer has been
proven innocent in this case.

The whole of Punjab
is happy with this news.

Ladies and gentlemen..

I present to you the famous
mimicry artist Dimpy Dhaliwal.

From the operation theater, he
comes straight to an open-air theater.


Those whose hands are fine.

I mean those who are not
wearing a sling can applaud.

I don't mind.

Now I would request the
new Chief Minister of Punjab..

..Mr. Yudhveer Singh
Sidhu to come to the stage.

Go ahead, CM sir.

I am not a CM.
And I don't want to go on the stage.


What kind of a
drama is this now?

We have done a lot to reach here.
We have risked our lives.

Let bygones be bygones.

Instead of trying to get more..

..I would like to treasure
what I already have.

God has given you the strength.

You can take care of the whole Punjab.

You only love us.

But what about the love that people
of Punjab have shown towards you?

You cannot betray their love,


Punjab lost pride and
your father's lost respect..

Only you can get it back.

"Millions of people.."

"Millions of people have
given you this responsibility."

"Fulfill your duty
with an honest heart."

"Now it is your turn."

"You have to fulfill your father's.."

"You have to fulfill your father's.."

"..incomplete dream."

"Lie doesn't last, says Nanak,
in the end truth prevails."

"Lie doesn't last, says Nanak,
in the end truth prevails."

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."

The people have voted and
Yudhveer Singh has become the CM.

Behind me is a group ready
to welcome our new CM.

We are eager to
congratulate him.

- Long live Yudhveer!
- Long live Yudhveer!

"You don't get lucky
with the ultimate power.."

" strive and earn it."

Long live CM sir! - Yudhveer!

Long live CM sir! - Yudhveer!

Long live CM sir! - Yudhveer!

Long live CM sir! - Yudhveer!

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."

"He was true in the beginning.
He was true through all ages."

"He is true even now.
He shall ever be true."