Sa majesté Minor (2007) - full transcript

Described as a mythical comedy set on an island in the Aegean Sea before the founding of Ancient Greece.









Come on! Hey! Come on!

Hurry up! Come on!

Go! Come on!

Welcome, immaculate goddesses,

bearers of bright omens,

messengers of joy, abundant harvests
and fertility.

Oh, how sweet it is
To know that you are loved!

Oh, how deep is the abyss of life

Oh, how deep is the abyss of life!

Every morning, Clytia, your beauty
makes the world more beautiful.

My heart rejoices, Karkos,

because every day brings us closer
to our long-awaited union.


Minor, go away.

Go on!

Go on Minor, scram! Go away!

Minor, what did I say? Scram!

More sacred doves have arrived.
The year will be blessed, my husband!

You're the one who's blessed, my dove.
All over!


Stop, Minor!

He bit me! Catch him!

The pig bit me!

He bit a chunk out of me!

-What's going on?
-He bit me!

The pig's bitten the butcher's wife!

He's bitten my Zima!

The pig's bitten my Zima!

-Catch him!
-He bit me!

It is forbidden to climb the sacred tree!

-Get down! Kill him!


Slaughter him!

Silence! What's going on?

Who's in the sacred tree?

The pig man, Venerable Archeo.
The unspeakable rot of the pigsty.

-Kill him!
-He's rabid!

Get rid of him!

Kill the heathen!

Kill him!

Let us not repeat
the mistakes of the past.

No sacrifice without a trial!

With all due respect, my elder,

a trial has no value
if the defendant can't speak.

-Someone will speak for him.

You, Clytia? You, my daughter?

Yes, Father. Me!

Come on, you moron!

Don't move! Understand?


Kinéma, tell us where Minor came from.

It came upon

a windless night,
when the owls howled like wolves.

Remember… Close your eyes!

Turn your eyes inward!

See the shadows of that cursed day

flash across the walls of your skull.

The sun is rising.

The sea is blood red
beneath the fiery sky.

See the strange boat smashed on the shore.

See the dead young woman

clutching a newborn,
suckling on her lifeless breast.

I took the baby.

I nursed him until that evening,

when he bit me so savagely that
he bit off my nipple and swallowed it!

It was him! That day,
my milk turned black and fetid.

The elders already know that vile story!

It would make a toad vomit!

-He went to live with the pigs.
-We know all this.

He was nursed by a sow.
He learned to grunt, but never spoke!

Minor bit again this morning.

Zima, show us your violated flesh!

-They've already seen it!

Slaughter him! Death to the beast!

Kill him!

Kill him!

-He's not from here!

A foreigner who barely speaks our language

isn't going to tell us what…
what you must…

what we have to do!

This is my defense!

The dove tree must not be desecrated!

That's right, if I may!

This is my defense!

Minor was trying to save his own life.

Well, yeah, but…

He followed his instinct to find refuge.

You'd put instinct on trial?

Well, maybe not. But kill him
and then we can talk about it.

We don't know which part of Minor is human

and which part is porcine.

So we risk cannibalism if we eat him.

We don't have to eat him to kill him.

We could just gouge his eyes out…

Gouge his eyes, cut off his hands…

Thank you, I just said that!

He just said it.

In his most intimate moments,
he seems neither good,

nor bad.

He seems to be just like each of us.

Stop with your lewd poses!

She's turning us on!

I know, I know! It's her eloquence!

Nothing else. That's my daughter!

You call that eloquence?

Clytia, my dear, go on!

What were you saying with your breasts?

Minor can be as gallant as a man.
He gave me truffles.

Ah! Corruption! Corruption of the court!

Which only he can find,

thanks to his nose.

His nose? That just proves he's not human!


Silence! Or I'll empty the chamber!

The desecration of the dove tree
was not deliberate

in the opinion of the court.


The accused is ordered
to stand like a scarecrow

until the olive harvest.

That's it?

If he bites again before then,
to the slaughterhouse!

That's that!

That girl really is very good.

She's my future daughter-in-law.

Ah, yes!

Twirling around like that…

Isn't justice beautiful?

My wisdom is the fruit of years
that have turned my beard white as snow,

but my daughter, my wisdom was dazzled
by your defense!

It was breathtaking! Brilliant!

Come here. Give me a hug.

You instinctively combined
the melodious spell of rhetoric

with the eloquence of your sublime figure.

Didn't she, Karkos?

She certainly did!

Father, may I be excused?
I need to freshen up.

Yes, my dear. Off you go.

She's marvelous.

To be honest, when Clytia
exposed her breasts to the crowd,

I was embarrassed. I blushed.

Why would you blush, if not from pleasure?

All those unchaste eyes staring at her,

her sensual gazes, those overt erections.

-They made me suffer.
-Are you jealous?

Being jealous of Clytia

is as absurd as being jealous
of the virgin whiteness of a lily.

Listen. Don't treat Clytia like a goddess.

She's a human being, Karkos, like you.

She's warm-blooded. Her body is ready for
the embrace that will make her a woman.

Loving her too much
is the wrong way to love her.


What are you doing here?

What? I don't understand your language.

Oh, those nymphs, those nymphs!

I desire them more than anything.

I long to visit their virginal fragility,

and give them a taste of a goat's ardor.

That's my nature.

My name is Pan, but I prefer Satyr.

Proud to be one.

Stop looking at me like a moron
and make yourself useful.

Clean the crud off my hooves. Here.

Hang on. How did you get here?
You're mortal.

Are you an archeologist?

Tell me!

Tell me!

You can't get away!

Cataractos! You're picking up goat turds.

Oh, how wicked is nature!

How do you tell the difference?

Just bite into it.
If there's a pit, then it's an olive.

This is a good spot to sit.


I know that tune.


"Your skin is as soft as a rose petal."

That's right!

Pluck me, Karkos!

Let's wait for the sacred day
of our union.

-Will that day ever come?

The gods know when it's best, Clytia.

Let's wait for the oracles.

But do we have to wait all the time?



You smashed yourself up before I did it.

-I think he's dead!

Look, Karkos. He's bleeding!

He's bleeding?

He's not breathing.

The poor creature has been freed
from his pitiful fate.

Go and tell the others, please.


I'll be right back.

What's happening?

Minor fell and hit his head on a rock.

I loved the way you adored me.

The innocent way you showed your desire.

I'm sorry if I was ever mean to you.

What a harvest!

On the pile of manure!

Go on.

What a great day! What a harvest!

I roasted it on the fire
and basted it in honey,

just as you like it, sire.

An ear for me, son.

-Karkos, give me a bit of cheek.
-Minor came from the darkness…

Oh no, not again.

To the darkness, he must return!

Or have mercy on our souls!

-We'll do it in the morning!
-Have mercy on us!

-Stop rattling on!
-Listen! Close your eyes.

Turn your eyes inward.

We can't turn our eyes inward
when we're eating!


-Tomorrow will be too late.
-Enough, old owl!

That's enough!

Know your…


Know thyself…

He was dead! What's going on!

-Where is he?
-Well, he's not here, anyway!

What if his spirit
is spying on us in the fog?

I warned them!

We chucked him on there.
He can't have just disappeared!



Hi, there!

You're not dead?

Even better. I'm alive.

Don't be afraid! It's me, Minor!

-He's talking!
-Well, yeah.

You're talking?

And I can "think" too!

Here comes trouble.

So much has changed since yesterday.

Yesterday seems like 100 years ago.

Like you understand.

You understand me?


No, my feelings haven't changed.
They're just different!

All men get a hard-on when they look
at the Patriarch's daughter.

I'm a man, a normal man.

That's all!

What do you expect, fatty? It's true!

That's right.

No, I was teasing! I was teasing!

You've got to admit, though,
you have put on a bit of weight.

And oh, I almost forgot!

I'm not thinking straight
after today's events.

Just above the swamp,

I met a creature
who was half-goat, half-human.

His name is Pan. It suits him.

Anyway, he prefers to be called Satyr.

I tried to get away
but ended with my ass in the air.

And that bugger took advantage

to make me feel his phallus
in a very unique way

that I couldn't have imagined.

Yes, he entered the passage. Exactly.

"Sodomy?" Never heard of it.

Anyway, that Pan had a massive phallus
and balls to match.

-Who's there?
-Madam Zima.

-What is it?
-It's a surprise.

Come back later. I'm thinking.

Open up! It's me, Clytia.

Your lawyer.

Open up!

Hello, ma'am. Hello, sir.

These are gifts from my father,
our Patriarch.

His best mead. It's alcoholic honey.

And I brought you an extra toga.

You'll see,
it's really soft against the skin.

And a bit of lavender, for bathing.

Here you go.

And a bale of fresh hay.

Put it down there. And get out of here.

Go on, hurry up.

Please thank the Patriarch on my behalf.

On our behalf.


Do you need anything else?

Not for now.

Right. Well… good night, then.

-He didn't say yet.


Hey. It smells in here, doesn't it?

It ruins the taste of the mead.

I'm going to go for a walk
because it stinks in here.

What a beautiful night.

Yo, olive tree!

I recognize you! This is where I died!

Do my eyes deceive me
or do I see what I see?

What do you see?

I don't know what to call it.

I'd have to be a poet, and I'm not.

-Who are you?
-I'm me.

Take off your mask
and let me see your face.

I have no intention of doing that.

It's what I desire.

Your desire as a mere mortal is not mine.

Do you cover your face in a golden mask
because it is ugly?

How dare you! Insolent man!

No, Golden Mask!

It was a slip of the tongue!

I'm not used to using my tongue.

I beg you, gentle goddess!

Turn around. Look at me repenting!

I submit to the enigma of your beauty
and its law.

Is this the feeling humans call love?

I am suffocating in love…

Prunios, innocent girl…

Oh, pure one, fill the cup

with your virgin liquor.

I don't have any virgin liquor.

Pee in the cup!

No, you! You pee!


-Do it.
-Go on!


I see… Goodness me!

What do you see?

I see that Minor's head is full!

-Full of what?
-Full of what?


Doves don't live in a pig's head!

I saw it clearly!

Clearly? You're blind as a bat.

You know who you're talking to?

Yeah, the man who squeezed a chick
the other day, thinking…

-It was a lemon!


-I thought it was an orange.

-A lemon!
-This is no time to quarrel.

The prophecy is unfolding as we feared.

We have to act, now!


I can't get used to it.

You'll have to.

Only a wicked alliance
could make a pig-man become a man.

A man or a demon.

They say he fornicates with that sow.

Once a pig, always a pig.

Are you talking about me?

What are you whispering about over there?

Go on, brother.

Go on. You're our leader!

We were talking about celebrating
your arrival among us,

and the immense joy
your metamorphosis brings.

I'm still who I always was.


It's just the words stayed in… oh!

The words stayed in my head, tangled,

stuck inside my skull,
where words wait to be said.

Come closer, my fellow men! My people!

Look! We're all brothers.
From the front and from the back.

What's that?

My goodness! It's a sign!


No, no, it's not…

It's not the… It's not for…

Well, there it is.


Well, hello there!
Have you come for your sodomy?

No, for advice.

You can have both.

I'm a king.

He speaks! King of what?

The island. This island, where we are.

I'm not on an island.
Neither are my people.

We are everywhere. The myths decide.

Oh. So the myths decided
you should sodomize me?

No, that was me.

Scratch my back, Your Majesty.
I have fleas.

Go on, harder… Your Majesty.

You smell good.

I smell like goat.


-Now that I'm a king…

-What do I have to do?

Others do it all for you,
except if they can't, obviously,

like sleeping,
or answering the call of nature.

Stop scratching.

Or fornicating with their wives
who you've taken as your mistresses.

Be adored. That's your job.

Make your people construct great,
useless buildings.

Tear them apart, impale them.
Or if you prefer,

you can immerse yourself
in lavish debauchery.

Know what I mean, Your Majesty?

Satyr, I love Clytia,
the Patriarch's daughter.

She was my lawyer. I saw her breasts.

But she is betrothed to Karkos,
a superb athlete.

Clytia, I love you!

Introduce her to your associate.

My associate?

Your Majesty,
the mandrel between your legs!

Say it can't live without her,
it's wasting away, it's in pain.

You'll see. Women have a lot of heart.

See that young lady over there?

Well, thanks to him, since last night,

it's in the bag, in a manner of speaking.

Is your hairstyle a new trend?

No, it's a sacred dove's nest.

Hey, Dada!

Right. I've got to go see Dionysus

about the bacchanalian solstice.
Orgies and depravity until dawn!

I'll introduce you to him.

Give me a hug.

This is my friend Centaur!

Be careful.

He likes his meat bloody.

Let's go, Dada. Let's go!

Climb aboard, girl. Let's go.

Oh, it's hard!


Little truffles!

You know, my tree friend,

before I awoke in your arms the other day,

a goddess appeared to me in my dreams.

Was she wearing a golden mask?

You saw her?

Is it me you seek?

If endless hoping means seeking,

then yes, it is you I seek.

You dared to chop down my sacred tree
to make a bed for yourself.

Goddess, I followed the advice of Rectus,
your priest,

since your holy doves are on my head.

You did not consult the Patriarch.
He is angered.

He hasn't said anything to me.

They say his daughter…
What's her name, again?

Clytia. Her name is Clytia.

They say Clytia
does not leave you indifferent.

I would give my life for her,
my eyes, my blood.

I am a woman too.
Would you like to see my face?

Any man would.

If you find me more beautiful than Clytia,

I want you to swear
you'll prefer me over her.

I take that oath without fear.

No one could be more beautiful!

Come closer!

Take it off.

Hiya! Am I prettier
than the Patriarch's daughter?

Oh, you! My goddess, my virgin, my folly!

You, my king, my hero, my pig!

Who spoke?


My conscience!
What are you doing in my latrine?

I've been constipated for three weeks!

You should know!

These insects with laxative properties
will do me a world of good.

Oh, gentle fireflies, friendly lanterns…

May your light be a guide

to my petrified droppings,
trapped in my bowels.

Keep quiet.

-Your Majesty?

-May I ask a favor of you?
-Of course.

Slit your sow's throat.

It's not the same as with a sow!

I forbid you to peddle
that kind of slander.

Who's best at coitus?

Clytia or Golden Mask?

Hush! I will not respond
to such vulgarity!


You've become
the Patriarch's daughter's lover!


So we'll have to slaughter the sow.

That's her fate, isn't it?

The one that we men reserve for pigs.

My man!

That's my bed!


Go on, get out. This isn't a pigsty!

Get the hell out!

Out. Right now. Get out of here!

You overheard me?

Then you know what to expect!

Don't stick your snout
in my business again. Get out!

Never again!

Otherwise it's the slaughterhouse. Got it?

Get out of here!

Never again, you hear?

What are you lazing about for?

The work won't do itself!

Come on! Get a move on,
or we'll never be done on time.

Hey, you over there!

Stop slacking off!

Pick up rocks with the others,
and put them in the net.

-Nice work.
-Well done, guys.

-Can't you be careful?
-They come pretty quickly.

I can't hold them back.

But look what happened.

Why did they have to predict
the coming of this fool?

It's not my fault I don't see
what I want in the present,

and what I don't want in the future.

You, Kryton, our royal architect.
Tell us about the quarrel.

To get the rock in the right place,

we have to cross the courtyard of Firos,
who is against it, Your Majesty.

And you, dyer. What have you to say?

If the rock crosses my courtyard,

my wall will get broken,
and my workshop will get smashed up.

-Your Majesty.

My wall, blah, blah, blah, Your Majesty.
Smashed, blah, blah, blah, Your Majesty.

Your Patriarch has always opted
for what's best for the majority.

In tribute to his fairness
and in the continuity of his wisdom.

Destroy the dyer's wall!

I know you can hear me!

The butcher's looking for you!

If you go back to the village,
we'll have a feast,

but you'll be the main course!

What's wrong, Father?

What do you care?

Suddenly you care about dyeing clothes?

Did you care when you were away,
when I needed you?

I was taking refuge in the mountain
to write an ode to Clytia.

Do you know how she kept herself busy?

I don't care, Father.

Swooning in the arms of the human pig!

No way!

Minor's mouth on Clytia's…

Yes! I saw it with my own eyes.

Let's use our shared hatred
to get rid of the traitor!

Your mind is as sick
as your bowels, Father.

It makes you slander the most pure,
the most chaste of creatures!

Chaste as a bitch in heat.

Remember her defense?

She corrupted the wisest among us.

And now, she's taking advantage
of your unbelievable gullibility!

That's the truth, dear poet!

Shut your dirty mouth!

Remember I am your father.

That's why I won't clobber you.

But your "dear poet"
is no longer your son.

Have you seen a sow around here?


You should bow to your king.

If not, you show contempt.

I didn't see a sow, but I can see a pig.

How dare you?

You left your manure to spread it around.

You have tainted Clytia's
immaculate soul with your muck.

You're crazy. That's absurd.

Shut your filthy mouth immediately.
That's an order!

I am your king!

And I am poetic justice.

I avenge cuckolds and soiled virgins!

Let me go!

Karkos, are you holding on to my ankles?

Yes, I am, Your Majesty.

Are you aware that the life of your king
is in your hands?

I just need to loosen my hands
to prove it, Your Majesty.

Don't do that!

Never, you hear? Never.

I never went after Clytia.

The day you were crowned by the dove,

you displayed your cocky manhood.

I was turned on by life in general,

The future, the prospects of power.

It was an erection of principle.

Oh, how deep is the abyss of life

Oh, how sweet it is
To know that you are loved!

What did you say?

My mind was dazzled by your words

Jealousy has no place in your poetic soul

You were made to sing of life's splendors

Oh, how deep is the abyss of life

Oh, how sweet


Karkos? Are you there?

Yes, Your Majesty.

I will always be there for you.

Let me kiss your feet, Your Majesty.


Grant me redemption.

You have muscles of marble.

They are at your service, Your Majesty.
It is my solemn vow.

Get up.

Oh, how deep is the abyss of life

Play, poet, and sing
the greatness of your king.

Oh, how sweet it is
To know that you are loved!



Bravo, architect!

Bravo, Kryton!

He's so handsome!

I, Minor the First,

salute you.

I like this half-breed pig.

Long live the Dove King!

Long live the Dove King!

Long live the Dove King!

Clytia, you must birth
a long line of strapping lads,

as strong as goats,
lively as kids, but smart as foxes.

Like him.

With Minor, Father?

But I love Karkos.

So? What's the problem?

We have prayed to the sacred doves
I carry on my head.

But you, my dear subjects,

I carry you in my heart.

Today marks the first day
of a glorious future for our island.

First rule: happiness is mandatory.

Complaining is forbidden. Woe is banished!


Second rule:

because of the waste, filth, and muck

that contaminates the food they eat,

eating pork is strictly forbidden!

What? What did he say?

Third and final rule:

two weeks off for everyone,
including housewives!

Down with work!
Long live leisure! Long live laziness!

And… Minor the First!



Clytia! What's the matter?

Sorry I'm late. I had to see your father
after the party.

He loved my statue.

What about you?

It was the speech.

-You liked it?
-Not as much as the sow.

You're a dirty liar!

You promised me.
I ran into her after the party.

All pigs look the same.

She pissed in front of me.
She farted in my face!

She has very bad manners.

Your father said
you have a surprise for me.

Here it is.

Since you forbid your subjects
from killing pigs,

you can do it yourself, Your Majesty.

You think you're a real man?

Prove it to yourself. It's now or never.

Or there'll be no more Clytia
or Golden Mask to make you believe it.



What a superb view. Superb!

No, I don't want to swim.

Why did I bring you here?

I have a surprise for you.

You've got one for me too?

Well, go on! Show me your secret!

Everyone knows this is where
my mother's boat ran aground.

Is that your surprise?

My mother…

Stop grunting!

What necklace?

How do you know it's hers? You were there?

How can that be?


What reincarnation?

You mean the spirit of my mother
is in the body of a sow?


-Who goes there? You want to fight?
-Wait! It's me.

-What do you have beneath your robe?
-My mother.

Well, you do look like her!
The spitting image!

Sorry. My mare got carried away.

It's Centaur. He's very popular!

Clytia, my secret fiancée,

the future queen,

demands I slit my ex's throat.


Perhaps, but…

I couldn't. I just slit my thumb. Look.

Oh, you poor thing.

What's so amazing about your ex?

She's a sow.

How many heads, tails?

She's a normal beast,
who you'd turn into bacon.

You're screwing a normal sow.
That's gross, Your Majesty.

Well, you screw a tree!


Stay out of my business.

The sow and me, it's spiritual!

Me and my tree, too.

Yeah, but she was my mother.

Of course!


What's the problem? I'm listening.

How do I explain to Clytia
that I couldn't kill her?


-I did. It was a disaster.
-No, no, no. Lie better.


Look at the splendid myth at work.

That ardor, that confidence… yes!

Lie with panache.
Intoxicate yourself with your lie.

Drag us into the whirlwind of your deceit.

Take charge, kid. Take charge.

-You're right.

-You're right.

Satyr, you're right!

How can I ever thank you?

I know how. Come!


I had a terrible day!

-Come on.
-No, I have a migraine!

-Just a bit.
-Another time.

Hey, you forgot your mom!

Thank you!

His Majesty sent me to say, it's done!

It wasn't easy,

because he's not
a professional pig killer.

So to prove it, here's the corkscrew tail.

We have… one ear.

It's the right one.

Want the other?


Follow me. He's waiting.

You're right, Satyr! You're right!

This is my mother.

Her spirit found refuge
in the body of a sow.

I freed her.

This splendid necklace was hers.

Karkos, may I give it to your fiancée?

It would be an honor, Your Majesty.

Reverend Rectus!

Look at yourself.

Your Majesty!

-Are you all right?
-I'm fine.

Don't panic! It's normal.

He found his mother, killed his sow.
It's an emotional time.


Your Majesty, did you know you sleepwalk?

Last night you suckled on Zima's breast.

I suckled on Zima's breast?

In your boat,

where my fiancé left you.

Your brother, now.

You were whimpering like a baby,
and you sucked your thumb.

Like this.

So Zima offered her breast,

and you suckled greedily,

without even waking up.

I'm so happy.

I was so afraid you enjoyed

the virile company of my fiancé to mine.

Your Majesty? What are you doing?

Stop! What are you doing?


Stop! Let me go!

Let me go!

I'm not the sow!

It's me, Clytia!

Go back to your pigsty.

That's where you belong.

Are you crying?

Why are you crying?

I hate him.

I hate myself.

When he became a man,

I imagined he was
the noble sovereign of our island.

The humiliating, unbearable failure.

Pig he was,

pig he will be again.

You're lucky to be a vestal virgin.

Immaculate. Safe from men.

You know, Reverend Rectus

doesn't just pray to the doves.

He gets intimate with me, too.

He also acts like a beast.


Naked, on me. He yells.

He yells out, "Ooh, ooh!"


It's a secret. A religious one.


Satyr! I've got to talk to you!


Ah, there you are!

I've got to talk to you!

-You dreamt of me last night.
-How do you know?

I was there!

How were you there?

Your darling sow sprayed me
with her disgusting milk!

-Isn't this her milk?

Isn't this her milk?

No doubt about it.

Well, it curdled and blocked the panpipes.

-Unblock that!
-Satyr, you coming?

Hurry up, Satyr!

Sorry about that unfortunate incident.

I won't dream of you again.

You mortals are nothing to me.

You're nothing. Get that into your head.

You're being hard.

You could at least listen.


You want some advice?

Never stick your snout in here again.
Get out of here!

I see horrific times up ahead.

Human voices screaming in pigs' mouths,

sharp pitchforks, sharp swords.

Turn your eyes inward.
See the blood-soaked scenes.

From the earth will arise a pestilence
hatched from hell.

The fatal hour made of fire
and vengeful cries is approaching!

It is approaching!

Forbidding us from eating pork!

Replacing sausage and bacon
with oysters and mussels!

Now look at the result!

This is serious.

Let's share our complaints for a trial.

Serves you right, all of you.

Bunch of sycophants, pathetic ass-kissers!

Look at yourselves,

with all those pretentious,
trendy trinkets.

You will speak when I say you can.

Aura, my darling wife, speak!

There will be no flour this winter.

No one went to harvest the wheat
because they were building…

That shit!

Forgive me!

Please, forgive me.

I had to forsake my taste,

turn my back on my beliefs!

I disfigured our village by flouting
the golden rules of divine harmony.

What will future generations think of us?

I would give anything to smash
that grotesque eyesore.

I come from a long line of pig killers,

and here I am, scavenging in the sea.

Before, I would treat you to sausages,
filet mignon…

Now it's the stinking flesh of eels.

And that's not all!

That Minor wants
to suckle at my Zima's breast!

No one wants to do that.

Firos, we know how you feel. Be brief.

I want to pulverize that hybrid creature.

I want to destroy "Your Majesty"
like he destroyed my home.

He destroyed my son,

my joyful son!

Now his music is dismal.

He's muddled by that made-up liar.

Yes! Your daughter, the traitor!

Leave my daughter out of it.
She's as pure as morning dew.

She's as honest as her father.

You're blinded by your hatred.
Let's finish this!

Elder, you conclude.

-If we can't--
-Not so loud!

If we can't reach the fruit,

let's leave it to rot on the tree.

Be ready to shake the branch

when the gods send a clear sign.


Perfect. Arm up, foot here…

Like this.

Look at the horizon.


And when we move,

the disc has to go like this.

And you let it go.

It goes this way, not this way.
This way, like this. Okay?


That's right.

Bravo, Your Majesty! Bravo!

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, I have great news!

You can talk?

-What did you say?
-I was pregnant!

Oh, I didn't know!

I gave birth to 12 piglets.
Isn't that wonderful?

Yes. Wonderful.

And why does that concern me?
What do you want me to do?

Face your responsibilities.

Ah, yes. My responsibilities.
What responsibilities?

You're the father, Minor.

Really? Who said that?

The babies have human heads.
Your spitting image!

-Oh, right.
-They want their daddy.

Oh, yes, of course. And who is that?

Your Majesty!

Are you there?

Are you all right?

Yes, yes. I was "lifting the toga."
I'll be right there.

Go back to the kids,
and not a word to anyone!

I'll see you here in two weeks,
at the same time.

Is that all you've got to say, sweetie?

Kiss the kids for me.

I just saw her.

No, don't look. Head down.

I saw her there. She can talk!

She's got a strange accent.


My ex. My mom. I mean, my sow.

The sow, my friends. I lied!

Calm down, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, a king doesn't lie.
A king makes history.

His lies become historical truth.

Oh, faithful friend. You cheer me.

I'll be brief as a stab in the back.

Out of humanity, or wisdom…
I didn't slaughter the beast.

And she just told me I'm a father!

-But who is the mother?

My mother!

Twelve sprogs, I mean piglets,
who look like me.

My reign must continue without dishonor,

my succession without controversy!

Murder is a duty of the State!

Kill everyone?

Everything! Everyone!
Twelve kids, and their mom.

-No orphans.
-Too cruel.

-Far too cruel.

Go, go! Find the filthy beast!

Long live the king!

Long live the king!

Long live the king!


-It is done!

-What's in the bag?
-Twelve heads!

-Do they look like me?
-Just like you, Your Majesty.

Especially the girls.

Karkos, burn them. Bury them.
Just get them out of my sight!

-Go, go!
-I'll take care of it.

Get out! No, you stay!

I don't know why I can't cry.

Cry, Your Majesty, for you are a boy.

A boy king whose heart
is filled with grief.

Come, Your Majesty.

Sit on my lap.


Gently, Your Majesty.

Gently. That hurts.

Your Majesty, gently!

Let me go!

Little snot! I'll whack you!

You killed my sow, slaughtered my kids,
destroyed my family!

Damn you!

-You'll pay for this!
-Bloody demon!

I'll calm you down!


You dirty, disgusting cannibal!

You'll pay for this!

The beast bit me! He bit me again!

The pig bit me again!

Kill him!

Give it back!

Help me!

The cannibal bit me again!

It's time!

Grab your pitchforks!

Kill the imposter!

It's a clear sign from the gods!

Find him! That way!

Get the pervert!

Put the pig in the pigsty!

Kill the four-legged king!

He's not far!

Kill the half-breed!

Down with the pig monarchy!
Long live the Patriarchy!

Where did he go?

Zima saw the doves leaving the pig's head!

I knew it! I told you!


Slaughter him!

I saw something move!


Kill him!

Follow me!

Come on! Let's go!

He's bitten before!

-We'll kill him!
-He's disappeared!

I heard something.


Clytia! Did you see the beast?

Where are you?


Help me!

Where are you?

It's too late, Your Majesty.
I can't help you.


I'm here!

He's here, with me.

Where is he?

Run! Run like the hunted beast you are.


That you've always been.

We're coming!

Clytia! Did you see the beast?

Where did the bastard go?

That way. Toward the olive grove.

That way! To the olive grove! Follow me!


He's here! Hurry!

He's on the cliff path.

We've got him!

He can't go any further!

Karkos? Karkos, don't drop me!

Catch your breath.

How can I ever thank you?

I have nothing to give.

I don't deserve your gratitude,
Your Majesty.

I lied to you.

Before you leave,
I have to show you something.

When I saw the babies, I couldn't do it.

But none of them has a human head!

She wanted to make you crazy.

Out of revenge, I guess.

And who's that?

What? My sow with that dirty brute?

She suffered when you left her.

Shouldn't she be happy?

You're right, Karkos.

Let her live her life.

Let's go!

I betrayed you too.

Just listen to what I have to say.

Clytia, your love, your betrothed…

lay with me.

This place

is wild and hostile

and perfect for hearing
what you just told me, Your Majesty.

I just broke the heart of the person
I respect

and love the most.

This heart has been broken
for a long time.

But you thought I didn't know,

and that is why I cry today.

Clytia always told me everything,
since the first night in the olive grove.

I heard every detail.

I was ravaged by hatred,

and by jealous admiration.

Why didn't you drop me off the cliff?

Between the carnal pleasure
you shared with her

and my own happiness,

I chose yours.

Oh, Karkos.

Let me drink at your lips.

You are a poet with a luminous soul.

There are some broken reeds over here!

This way, near the swamp!

This way! Can you hear us?

Where are you?

Where did you go?

Come back to the middle.

Your Majesty! The branch! Come!

Follow our voices!

Climb up.

Climb up!

Hang on. Wait for me.



I'm sinking, Majesty.

Give me your arm.

I'm trapped in the mud.

Hold on! Come on, climb up.

I can't move.

I heard a noise! This way!

In this mud, I am weaker than a lamb.

They'll kill me.

Tikus! Hey, Tikus! Go around.

Tikus, get them from behind!

There are broken reeds. This way!

This way!

If you're a man,

if you're my brother,

if you're my master,

spare me this unworthy end.

-Do it, Minor!

-With me! Do it!

Your only regret will be not doing it.
Do it.


We can do it! Now!

We're stuck. Go around. That way!

That way! Go there!

Just ahead, I can see him!



Rectus, did you see him?

The pig's reign is over!

Free from the tyrant's dynasty!
The ungodly reign is over!

Kill him!

I can't see anything!

We can't see anything! Where are you?


Your turn!

What now? Carry on!

Just looking at you exhausts me.
You don't age!

What do you expect?
Myths are immortal, my old friend!

I know, and it pisses me off.
Stop calling me "old" friend!

-Be polite, Your Majesty.
-Let's go.

Play, Mimi. Three, four!