Sa Diyos lang ako susuko (1990) - full transcript


--== McEphie ==--

This is weird.

Not a soul in sight.

You're right.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Stay right here, okay?

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

We're from the town.

They brought us here against
our will.

Why is there no one in the camp?

They're surrounding the area.

They knew you were coming.

Don't shoot!



we've tried telegramming you

but you never responded.

I don't know when will this letter
ever reach you.

I am sad to tell you

your father has passed away.


A soldier?

I've told you for the longest time.

I don't want you to become a soldier.

What do you want to prove?

I have nothing I want to prove, father.

I'm just following my passion.

But I also tried to follow your will,

but I'm not passionate about
being a lawyer, father.

I also don't plan to be a politician,

like you.

Then what do you want?

To kill?

To be like you, father.

I also want to serve the people.

With the use of weapons?

Of bullets?

That's not a way to live.

And if that's your principle,

I won't be shocked if this place
becomes a ghost town.

Because all of us are dead.

Go ahead!

Do what you want!

Everytime I talk to you about this,

you always turn your back to me!

If you ever do that, Romano,


do not ever come back here again
as a soldier!

Violence is never the answer!

It can't solve the world's problems!

We're sorry, son,

we could not wait for you
for your father's burial.

I hope even for a short while,

you can drop by for a visit.

Til next time.

Lovingly yours,

your mom,


Are you out of your mind?

You have such a good record!

and you're quitting?

Sir, my father just died.


I will be going back home.


I don’t understand you.

That's it, sir.

You can't--

You should not resign.

You can file a leave.

Fix your problems with
your family in your home.

But you should not resign.

Sir, you don't understand.

I don't want to be a soldier anymore.

What I mean is,

my father and I fought about it.

He was against me
becoming a soldier.

But I still pushed for my ambition.

I thought,

I could help our country

to become peaceful,

but nothing happened.

There are no changes.

The rebels are just getting
more recruits.

In our operations,

in our encounters,

so many innocent lives are lost.

Especially the civilians.

I don't want to hold a weapon again.

Because weapons,

know no one,

nor has respect for anyone.

There's a lot on my mind right now.

I just want to live peacefully.

Maybe my father was right after all.



I'll grant you what you wish.

I have no other choice,

but to respect it.

It's just such a waste

for a stellar record like yours.

Your future here could've gone far.


good luck.

Thank you, sir!






Your brother is home!

Our brother.

Before it happened,

he always talked about you.

He also suffered from
your last fight with him.


he wished that

you two would reconcile.

I don't know why he said that.

And then...

That's it, mom,

that's what's hurting me now.

I was not able to apologize
before he died.

But I will strive to fulfill
all he hoped for me.

I promise.

I won't ever hold a weapon again.

You're too anxious.


The reason why I chose you

to run as my vice-mayor,

because I knew I could use you.

So what if his soldier son went back?

What can he do?

Lots, Señor Santarina.

If he is determined.

How can you say that?

I do not think he's a fool.

What I mean is,

for a soldier with experience,

won't he begin to wonder

how his father died?

Let him wonder.

I assure you,

he won't ever know what he does
not need to know.

What you should mind now

is the upcoming elections.

If you want to stay as the mayor,

take care of my candidacy
as the governor.

I am not forgetting
my debt to you, Señor.

With that,

you can trust me.

Then what are we even talking about?

Let's just drink.

It's not bad to serve the people.

For sure that's one of
your father's dreams for you

even before he died.

The only problem with that

is the flow of happenings now.

Especially here in our town.

I'm sure it's not news to you,

that since your father died,

our townfolks has been restless.

That's also what I'm worrying about,

I think I'm too young

to be able to fulfill
my responsibilities.

If that's the only thing
that bothers you,

it's not a problem.

The other trusted officials

of this town will help you

fulfill them.


I'm scared that you might

end up like your father.

That's another one, Father.

I've noticed,

it seems like no one really knew
how my father died,

It led me to think that

everyone might be
plotting against my family.

I would like to think that's not true.

Do not lose faith.

God does not sleep.

For your decision,

think about it.

Look into your heart

if you are ready to serve

our people.

Yes, Father.

Come on, Helen,

boss here just really wants

you to sit with him here.

Give him a chance!

You're just accompanying, come on.

You're too straightlaced, come on.

It's not like we're strangers here.

Come on!

I can't do that.

I'm busy right now.

Why are you so stubborn?

Easy, bro.

Someone wants to be the hero here!

Noni, stop it.

Why? Are you a hostess?

That they can get you to sit
with them?

Son of a- why are you meddling?

- What do you really want?
- What's wrong with you?!

- What's the problem?
- What's that?

Noni, stop it!

Stop this.

Wait. Wait.

Don't butt in here.

I'm sorry, Helen.

Bobby just got too excited.

Can you please get our bill?


Noni, stop it okay?

Won't you really change your mind?

I don't think so.

What did they say?

What else?

Of course my father opposed.

How about you?

I thought you were going after
your mother in America.

For what?

To find my father?

That's up to my mother now.

I'm already happy here.

When will you leave?

I'm not yet sure when.

But I can leave whenever I want.

I thought I would find you here,

What's wrong?

Why did you come back here?

You didn't even say goodbye
when you left.

And I waited.

I didn't even receive any letters.

I didn't think that I'd be able
to come back here.

Life as a soldier is hard.

Your life is always on the line.

I didn't want you to hope.

I didn't want you to get hurt.

Why do boys always think

that girls get easily hurt?

Even when you did not
say goodbye, I waited for you.

Even if you never came back,

I would still wait for you.

I know what you're thinking,

- I hope you're not--
- I just want to live peacefully.

But the search for justice still
weighs heavily on my heart.


Do you think

I'd live in peace without knowing
who killed my father?


I'm scared.

Good morning to you, Marina!

Good morning as well.

What's the purpose of your visit?

Just a visit.

We were in the area

so I thought to pay my respects
and offer my condolences to you.


Oh right,

do you remember my children?

Bess and Arguello?


Thank you for your visit.

Good morning, Helen.

Looks like you're on your way
to your restaurant.

I'll give you a ride.

No thanks.

We have a car.

We'll still get there anyways.

Noni, please,

you never change.

I'm sorry, Arguello,

that's just Noni being Noni.

Let's go, Helen.

We'll be going, mom.

Alright, take care.

Oh, Romano!

So the rumors were true.

You’re back in town.

How's life as a soldier?

Have you already killed a lot
of insurgents in Mindanao?

I'm not a Katipunero, sir.

That's right.

I was just kidding.

I just want to reiterate

my condolences to you,

for the death of our dear

and beloved mayor.

And if you need anything,

don't hesitate to approach me.

And son,

if you need a job,

just drop by and I might
have a position for you.

Thank you.

I agree, Papa,

I can make use of him.

Stop it, Bess.


we won't be long,

I'll be meeting Mayor Antero
in a while.


is Santarina still into politics
these days?

From what I've heard,

he's even running for governor.

The elections is near, Romano.

Give our offer some thought.

We love your disgraced brother.

But in our opinion,

you are the only one who

can continue the good works
your father left behind.

We assure you our full support.

But I don't have the experience.

I don't have the experience.

And politics is not my type.

But the legacy your father started
will be put to waste, Romano,

if you don't continue it.

Even if it's for the sake
of his memories,

we hope you would be convinced
to grant the request

of the townspeople, Romano.

Do remember, Romano,

for me,

you are the only person

who could give hope and joy

to the followers of your father.

What I'm worried about,

is that maybe I won't be able to

pay back the trust you're giving me.

Even so,

Please think about this carefully.

Do not worry,

I will.

Alright, Romano,

by the time you've decided,

expect that we will all be meeting.

Ah! It seems like
a miting-de- avance is happening.

I apologize, for disturbing you.

I just came from the
nearby villages and

I was just passing by.

You don't fool us, Mayor.

You planned to pass by here.

Berong, what's wrong with

seeing each other once in a while,

aren't we all from the same town?

Are we really?

Maybe but just during the elections.

Berong, don’t talk like that.

Who's behind your proud mouth?

I am the mayor of this town for now.

One thing that

you should never forget!

Ah, Romano.

I have a hunch that

we'll be facing each other

in the upcoming elections.

Aren’t you overwhelmed

by the responsibility put on you?

Running a town is not a joke.

I will be thinking about it carefully.

As you should.

As you should.

Look at how your father ended up.

Us politicians, our lives
are always on the line.

You're young Romano.

Your whole life is ahead of you.

Don’t waste it.

I heard Marina's son
will be running for Mayor.

That's the rumor around town, Pa.

What do you think?

The world is round, son.

Remember what happened
between me and San Diego.

He beat me.

True, but

I think the fight is
different now, Pa.

While we are here,

no one from that family

will be taking a position.

Always remember that.

That's why stop pining
over Helen.

You're just like your sister.

Both setting us back.

Will you stop bugging me?

I told you I am not in the mood,

I don’t want to go there.

I'll give you one more chance, Bess.

If you don't come with me now,

you know what I mean.

Are you threatening me?

I don't have time for this.

What's that just now?

Another ex-boyfriend?

Papa, please.

You might have been thinking

that I don't know what
you've been up to?

She's who you should lecture,
not me.

Towards Romano for example.

Is it bad to check him out?


If you're looking at a San Diego.


What happened?

Nothing, just suddenly died.

Might be out of fuel.

It won’t start.

Where are you going anyway?

Just to our resort,

I wanted to swim,
since it's too hot.

I'll drop you there.

Will you?


- Is it okay?
- Yes sure.


I thought you left?

You slept,

so I waited for you to wake up.

I'm off.


Why are you avoiding me?

Don’t you find me attractive?

That's the problem.

Your beauty is irresistible.

Why is it a problem?

You're handsome,

and you said I'm beautiful.

You're single,

so am I.

I like you.

You might like me too, right?



Have mercy!

He's still breathing.

Finish him off.

Help him.

Go to--

How many of them did you fight?


Big guys.


I didn't recognize them.

It was too dark.

How will we identify them

if you weren't able to
recognize them then?

What I don't understand is,

Mr. Berong seemed like he
wanted to tell me something.

And what's that?

He did not finish.

He died before doing so.

What's happening in our town?

If you look at it,

it looks peaceful.

But the truth is

it's a mess,

the price of life is so cheap.

Look at what happened to Dad.

No one even knew or recognized

the ones who killed him.

I worked on that case too, Romano.

However the people who really
knew what happened,

are missing.

Who are they?

Former bodyguards of your father.


What are these killings
that happened last night?

And you were involved Romano?

Yes, Mayor.

But I've already told the Chief
all that happened there.

Life in politics today

is really difficult.

Chief, can I go now?


We can talk next time.


I'll be off, Mayor.

Romano, what really happened?

Nothing, really.

Just wrestled with some dudes
last night.

I've heard you were with Bess
when that happened.

Are we really going to talk
about that right now?

My mind's a mess.

If it's possible,

we can talk about this another day.


Aren't you lost?

I want to talk to you, Bess.

About what?

You know, Bess,

we're both women so

I understand your actions.

You’re talking riddles.

Why don't you just spit it out?

It’s Romano.

What about him?

Don’t you know?

Know what?

There is something

- between me and Romano.
- So?

- So you have to stay away from him.
- Stay away?


Isn't that up to him?

Don't mess with his mind anymore.

You know, Mercy, us women,

while there is no wedding ring
in sight,

we can not be sure
if the man is ours.


But we also have what we call

delicadeza (class).


that doesn't seem to be a thing
in your family.

I am wasting my time here.

There is nothing in this conversation
worth staying for.

So if you'll excuse me,

I got better things to do.

This is Nomer Santiago.

This one is Macario De Leon.

Guido Flores.

And Teodoro Dela Cruz.

They're former soldiers.

Also from our town.

However they're from the outskirts.

We looked for them

after we discovered the mayor's corpse.

To interrogate.

But they were gone.

At first your father was reluctant
with getting bodyguards.

For him, as the mayor,

without them, he would look more
approachable to the townspeople

any time they needed help.

This town was in the right track.

But when the operations
of the rebels strengthened,

we finally convinced him
to get some for his protection.

It was a pity to lose mayor.

Your father's death was such a loss.

Really such a waste.

Good day.

- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.

I'm the son of the deceased mayor.

I just want to ask if

you knew the former
bodyguards of my father.

Oh, it's been so long since
I last saw them,

since your father's death.

Thank you.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Can I ask you something?

What's that?

Do you know where Karyas lives?

The former bodyguard
of ex-mayor San Diego?

Oh, Matias?

There over there.

That hut right under
the mango tree.

Why are you so persistent?

I told you, right?

That I am not in any way involved
with the death of your father?

I was just asking on the
whereabouts of your brother.

The former bodyguard of my father.

That's right.

But I don't like your tone of asking.

It looks like you're accusing my brother
on what happened to your father.


I was just asking you though if
you knew where your brother is.

And why he suddenly disappeared?

Son of a bitch.

The service my brother
rendered were wasted.

All his efforts were wasted.


Who's there?


Bro, what's wrong?

There's a problem.


What happened to your face?

I had a run-in with Romano.

Romano who?

Who else?

The son of Mayor San Diego.

Son of San Diego?

Isn't he in Mindanao?

How did you even meet?

I don't know who the bitch
that ratted on me is.

This is a problem, guys.

For sure he's going to make a mess.

Maybe it would be best if,

we should get away from here.

That can't be Nomer,

we can’t move

unless we haven't spoken
with Mayor Antero.

This fool.

Papa, I'm telling you, it looked like
Father Lorenzo was referring about you

in his sermon.

I agree, Pa,

haven’t you noticed?

I don’t think so.

I'm not--

I'm not the only politician in this town.

Governor, please excuse me.

Oh, Esteng, you're here.

The thing is, our men are
just awaiting your orders.

The truth is, they had
a meeting last night.

Don't worry, I'll tell them my
orders, whatever it may be.

Oh, and Arguello,

have a sack of rice delivered

to Esteng's.

Okay, Pa, I'll handle it.

Thank you so much, sir.

How damn enthusiastic are those fools?

When there's money really
you don't even need to tell them.

What else, Pa?

All those scumbags are all the same.

Well, well,
that family is here.

Marina, looks like
you're late for the mass.

Ah Romano,

have you decided?

I thought you were running
for mayor?

I'm not yet so sure about that.

If it was me,

I'd rather not let him
join politics.


the one who should run for mayor

should be well-educated.

Why? What did you finish?

It's not that I'm boasting,

but my son finished college
from San Juan de Letran.

Is anybody happy about that?

Noni, please stop?

So what do you know, Romano?

Being a soldier?

What do you want to here?

Stop that.

There's no point in this.

Marina is right.

We shouldn't be fighting.

We are all from the same town.

Let's go.

What now Helen?

Go ahead, I'll be joining you later.

Let's go, mom.

stop interfering,

the dead won't come back to life

your whole family might
get involved. X

Jenny, who gave you this?

I don't know, they just told me
to give it to you.

Why, Helen?

It's nothing.

I think Arguello is behind this again.

This is because of Helen.

Why? What did I do this time?

That bastard's been hitting on you.

Why won't you just reject him?

Don't accuse someone so easily,
we don't have proof.

Noni might be right, mom.

You know what I've been feeling?

They're picking us off one by one.

First is father,

Noni might be next,

then Helen,


They will kill us all.

They won't stop until
they haven't achieved

what they want to happen.

Are they not involved

with the people

who convinced you to run
for candidacy?

You might be right.

Wasn't Mr. Berong,

a former leader of dad's supporters

shot dead?

I think it's best

that we sell our properties here.

Including this house.

Let's all transfer to Manila.

If that happens,

it would just mean

that they got what they wanted.

Then what else should we do?

What did I do to you?

I know you can easily take me.

Let's see if you can do this
to my brother Romano.

He is the reason why you're here.

Then call him.

So you both die like your father.

I bet you were the ones
who killed my father, huh?!


You're too noisy.

So what?
You'll kill me too?

Then do it!

Do you think I'm scared of you?

Wow, acting tough, huh?

Let's not delay this any longer.

Stay cool, bros.

Let's test how tough this kid really is.

I will count to three.

If you don't run, you die.

If you get into the field,

you might have a chance to live.






Where are you going?


Caught you!

Run! Go!

Hey, dumbass!

Where are you going?

Hey, dumbass!

You think we can't catch you?

Said he wasn't scared.




Run farther!

Don't suspect Arguello.

Not because a person is angry
is enough for him to kill.

Then who?

We know no other enemies of Noni.

Maybe it's just God who knows.

So, rest assured.

It will all be settled in no time.

All of you!

We're rebels!

What are you all doing here?


You're all wasting your time here.

All of you, go home!


What are you waiting for? Huh?

Let me go, Father, let go of me!

There! Make it fast!

Marina, Helen, come here.

- Romano!
- Romano!



Who sent you?


What happened?

I heard there was an encounter
at the church last night?

I thought your men
were professionals?

They really are, Mayor.


Romano fought back.

He shot Ambo.

Their leader.

I assumed he'd talk about us.

So I finished him.

That's another one!

Why did you show yourself?

What if someone from town saw you?

That's what I've been
telling you, Mario!

How many times will
I tell you this!

That if I give you a job, don't fail!

I'll be the one to clean this up again.

Go now!

Wait for me at the
municipal office!

Stop right there!

Who are you?

What do you need?

Who are you and what's
your purpose here?

I mean no harm.

Why are you at this place?

I just want to talk with
the leader in this territory.

What makes you think you have
the right to talk to him?

I'm just waiting my time here then.

You're a proud kid.

Do not interfere!

Put down your guns!

You're good, kid.

Let's see what you can do.

You're really good, kid.

You’re tough.

Come, let's talk.

Son of a gun.

You almost skinned my--

Anyway, what do you need from me?

I'm the son of Mayor San Diego,

I just want to know if you're
involved with his murder,

and with what happened during
my brother's funeral.

If we were truly involved,

it would be really stupid
if I told you that we were.

And if I told you we weren't,

how would you know if

I was telling you the truth?

We are not murderers.

We are only fighting for the
rights of the people in this town.

That is why we are here.

We knew your father.

We were not allies, or comrades.

But we respected him.

It's because he was not corrupt,
or abused this town.

We heard about what happened
to your father, Romano.

Be careful.

Your enemy is strong.

They are just around you.

That's the problem.


I was cursed with violence.


You can't avoid that.

Life goes like that.

Wait right there for a while.

In recognition of your abilities,

accept this.

You will need this, Romano.

We don’t know what will happen
in the future.

Just always remember,

whenever you will need my help,

I will be there.

Thank you.

I do not believe it was the rebels

who attacked the church.

You're right, Romano.

But they are also not from this town,
the people who attacked Noni's funeral.

They're not rebels either.

How did you know that?

I talked to a trusted informant.

How did you do that?

We are long time friends, Cris.

I understand where you're
coming from.

But as the Chief of Police here,

it looks like you're not doing your job.

I know that you know who is
responsible for all the mess here.

The truth is Romano,

the reason why I let my family
transfer and live in Manila

is because of this.

It's true I that I cannot act.

My hands are tied.

And if you remember,

your father was the one who
appointed me in this position.

When he died,

I knew my days were numbered.


I'm from the rival party

of Mayor Antero.

Why didn't you quit instead?

You know, Romano,

even though you don't think
highly of me,

I'm still working on this.

By the time I have gathered all
the evidences against the people

responsible for the mess in this town,

then you will know
all the work I've done.

Why don't we just work together?

We'll get there.

The other day I heard some news

from my informer.

They said they saw
Nomer Santiago.

One of the former bodyguards
of your father.

He's at a rest house.

Near the fields.

Not far from town.

Now, Cris,

I just want to make sure,

are the missing bodyguards
of my father

responsible for his killing?

Yes, they are.

And you did nothing?

I told you my hands are tied.

Wait a minute.


Bring me what you
showed me earlier.

For now this is the only help
I can give you.

You will need this.

Thanks, brother.

I apologize for earlier.

I was just upset.


Romano, where are you headed?

I'll be gone for a while, mom.


Are you sure about that?

Yes, Mayor.

I saw it with my own eyes.

The Chief handed Romano
two boxes.


That Cris is really testing me.


We'll talk later.

You'll get rewarded.

Thank you, Mayor.

Mario! Boy!


What have I done wrong to you?

You don't know me?

I'm the son of Mayor San Diego.

But I was a former
bodyguard of your father

Until he died.


Or killed?

Where are the others?

I don’t know.

We went our separate ways.

After your father died.

You liar.

No, sir.

That is the truth!

Who sent you to kill him?

I don’t know!

I just came with them.

Them who?


Not only are you a liar,

you’re also deaf.

I will say this again.

Where are the others?



So you're deaf then.

You know what?

You deserve to get your ears
cut or cleaned!

Will you tell me now or not?

Or should I clean
you other ear too?

I will tell you now!

We were four then!

What did I do to you?

Why are you doing this to me?

You're taking too long.

What about my brother's death?

We're also responsible for that.

I was just forced to join
the others, sir.

They are too hot-headed.

We were not supposed to kill him,

just scare him off.

You're really a bunch of animals!

Get down.

Get down!

Make it fast!



Romano, please.

What did we ever do to you?

Why are you doing this to us?

You don't know?


We were not involved with
the death of Mayor San Diego.

Also of the death of your brother.

You can't fool me.


Maybe we can talk about this?


I will even give you a handicap.

What handicap?

I will set you free.

If you survive,

then you're lucky.

What kind of condition is that?


Did you give a chance
to my father and brother?

- But we told you we were not--
- That's enough!


Go run.



What's wrong with you!?

Have mercy!


Please have mercy!

Oh God!

Romano! Romano!

Romano! Romano!

Romano! Romano!




If you're going to kill me,

please make it a quick one.



Romano! Romano!

What are you going to do?!


There's fire!

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!


Kill the fire! Kill the fire!

Romano! Hey!

Fire! Fire!



You're telling me you don’t know
what's happening in our town?

What kind of Chief of
Police are you, Cris?

My men are more efficient than you,
you son of a bitch!

I cannot take note of everything
that our townspeople do.

You know that I lack the manpower.

That's not a reason!

It is your responsibility to take care

of the welfare and safety of each
resident here.

I'm warning you, Cris.

If you keep that up,

you won't stay long in your position.

That is up to you Mayor.

You might be aware why
I'm here, Marina.

No, sir.

Why are you here?

Where is Romano?

It's been days since he was home.

We don't know where he is.

You, Mercy,

I know there's something
between you and Romano.

It's impossible that you know
nothing of his whereabouts.

It's been days since I last saw him.

I know that you're still
grieving for the loss

of your husband and son

but Romano doesn't have the right
to act as the law!

I don't understand you Mayor.

Don't play ignorant Marina.

This is what I can tell you now:

If you don't tell where Romano is,

you're all going to get punished.

Father, I trust you with this.

And Mercy,

I hope you can convince him.

I will try.

Don't be out too late okay, child?

You know the situation here.

Tell you mother to be careful.

We'll do what we can.

Let’s go.



Oh it's you.


I'm sorry Romano.

We are here for your sake.


Romano, it's a mess out there.

Mayor Antero is wreaking havoc,

and because of the recent events,

your mother is in danger,

so is Helen.

It would be better for them to leave.

This son of a bitch of a life!

This is also my town!

Why is it so easy for them
to destroy us?


This happens sometimes.


What do you want me to do then?


Walk on my knees?

Pray that Antero will change his mind?

It wouldn't be bad to try.

Can you please listen
to Father Lorenzo, Romano?

What do you really
want me to do?

Whatever you tell me Antero,

I won't be satisfied
with what you've done.

This will just worsen our stand!

But Sir Santarina,

when I became the mayor,

I already told you

that we needed to get rid of Cris.

Do you still not understand?

Cris is an ally of San Diego,

if we got rid of him,

you will surely be suspected

for the killing of the former mayor!


Sir Santarina.


It’s us if it's us.

The important thing right now is

your reputation is in danger now.

I can take care of myself.

I am the mayor now.

I already told you before,

let's transfer to Manila.


it pains me to leave you here.

For what?

Don’t worry about me.

I can take care of myself.

What about Helen?


mom just wants us all
to be together.


Helen still has a lot of work to do.

She can't leave yet.

You don't understand me, mom.

It's you who doesn't understand me,

We cannot leave you here

because you're wanted by the law!


Since father died,

justice also died in this town!

Look at what happened to Cris!

Since there is no more regard
of the law here,

I will become the law.

Don’t make me laugh, Arguello.

My position as the mayor
would be a waste

if I cannot take advantage of it.


the police is in our side now.

I'm right there with you Mayor.

But are the people of this town
under your control too?

With the help

of your father's money,

and with my power,

we can handle this.

Don't be so sure, Mayor.


We still have one problem left.


Son of a bitch!

You and your men greatly outnumber him

and yet you can't kill him.

That's what I've been telling you.

Until now you just act on your urges.

When will you ever use your brain?!


you don't understand.

I don't?

What proof do I still need
to show you

to prove your stupidity?

Will Antero come back to life?

Pa, it won't happen again.

He just got ahead of us.

But next time,

I assure you,

he won't escape again.

That's it!

And make sure

that you kill Romano

if you want my anger with you
to disappear!

Are you telling the truth?

Believe me, Romano.

Antero is just a puppet of my father.

My father is the root

of all that is happening in this town!

My father is ruthless.


Used to violence.

Whatever to get what he wants.

Why did they also

have to kill my brother?

Arguello and my father

has the same way of thinking!

My condolences to what happened to Noni.

But what can I do

when I was cursed to be a part

of a family with no souls?

Why are you telling me this?

Is it not clear to you?

That I like you?

I thank you for
sympathizing with me,

but I hope

that you do not add to
my problems right now.

I know I cannot force myself to you.

- But--
- That's enough, Bess.

Thank you for these.

Arguello, we're closed.

I don’t care.

What do you need anyway?

Just shut up and come with us
so you won't get hurt.

What do you really need from me?

Why did you bring me here?

If you don't want to get hurt,

and stay here any longer,

tell me where Romano is.

I don’t know.

You know, Helen,

my feelings for you were wasted,

because you have an idiot
for a brother.


if you don't want to tell me
where he is,

you will pay the price for this!



Helen was on her way

to Manila,

but Arguello caught up with her.

Nobody even helped her.

Is there anyone with the confidence

to fight Arguello and his men?

That whole family is a bunch of animals!

I'm leaving.

I have something I need to do.

Go home.

I'm coming with you Romano, please?

I told you to go home.

Hide there.

No matter what,
don't go out of there.


Son of a bitch!



Looks like we've been had.

I'm not done yet.

Next time,

he won't escape again.

That's what you promised me.

What happened that
you failed again?

I also don't know, Pa,

how that animal was able to escape!

We rained bullets on him.

As usual,

like before,

you were not using your brain!

Has it not crossed your mind,

that Romano is a former soldier,

His way of thinking is like a soldier,

his breathing,

his every move, a soldier!

If you do not use your brain,

you will always lose!


I did all that I could do.

What else do you want me to do now?

You are asking me?

Shit! What is it now?

- Look!
- Come here!

What was that noise?

Boss, Romano is inside!

Son of a bitch!

Give me that!



You son of a bitch!



What are you waiting for?

Finish this!

Shoot me!

If not,

I will end you!

Let's be honest, Arguello.

It's not enough to just kill you.

What you deserve
is to suffer for life!

You talk a lot!

Even in the face of death,

you're still so proud!



Put down your gun.


listen to them.

Put your gun down.