Sa-rang (2007) - full transcript

A boy's first crush on a girl leads to a violent journey through his adult life. But as he decides to be happy for once in life, bitter cruel destiny rattles everything in his life.

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A Love

We have a new student
in our class.

In-ho is very good at sports.

- He'll see you.
- He's the tallest in class, now.

No, he can't.

Let's welcome him
with a round of applause.

Autumn Scenery

Stop it.

Make me.

What 'ya staring at?

Wanna fight, man?

Your nose is bleeding!

I'll get you next time!

You're In-ho Choi, right?

My last name's Chae.
Not Choi.

This Sunday is my birthday party.
Wanna come?

I'm only inviting you.
'Cuz you stuck up for me.

Come over by 5.

Hi, In-ho.


Go on and wash up.

What 'ya looking for?

Make any friends at school?

- What is it?
- Show us!

Wow, that's cool!


- Cool!
- Where's it from?

My dad brought it
from the States.

It costs at least $500.

It's cool but $5 is too much.

How much then?


Fine. But you gotta give it
to me by Friday.


How much is this?


And this?


What country's this from?


This ain't real diamonds, huh?

Yeah, they're fake!

Are you buying or not?


Got anything under $5?

You rotten, bitch.

You son of bitch!
Do not destroy someones life!

Hurry! Grab anything!

- This is mine!
- Let go!

- Why you!
- Out of my way!

Give me my money!

Korean Judo Association



Hey, Nol-bu.
Boo's up next, right?

Yup, it's In-ho's turn.

Let's go Boo!




Way to go!

The full-nelson was cool!

- Hello.
- That's wrestling, stupid.

Hey, you!

Greet your seniors, kid!

That a boy.

Go on.

Did you greet your seniors?

Of course, not.

- Hey, Kid.
- Out of my way.

Get another one.

Noodles, please.

Hurry it up, ma'am.

I don't want 'em soggy.


Get in line! You bastard!

Why you little...

Hey! What the heck is going on!

Let it go, boss.

He was outta school for 2 years.
Just got back.

His name's Sang-woo but
people call him, 'Bond'.

He lives in the hood and does
coin tricks for money at nights.

The gang's in town
are scouting him

but he's so crazy stupid,
they gave up.

I can't breathe. See 'ya later.


The Judo kid ain't much!

I'm just getting started!

You bastard!

You little!

Where's he goin'?

- Stupid fool.
- Damn right.

Crazy little piece of shit!



- Don't, boss.
- Shit.

You'll stab me with that? Huh?

Go on! Try it!

That's cheat in...

You crazy!


You lose.

I'll set up for surgery.
You press down, here.

Yo, Boo.

Ain't no money at my house.

Well, my mama works
at a bathhouse.

I got a match next month.
I'm fucked.

Emergency Hospital

What day is it, today?


Aren't 'ya going to school?

Got expelled last week
for dumpin' glue all over class.

Hey, Boo?

When you get out of here,
wanna come over to my pad?

- $3! Only $3.
- I fought with the thugs in Wan-wol.

Got hit by coke bottle.

Really? What'd they want you for?

See you again, boys.

For some shitty crap...

Did they come
for money, again?

Who's that?


What's with her not talkin'?

Hey, did you ever live
in Shin-sun dong?

Why? Did you live there, too?

I'm so sorry, kid.

It's okay, ma'am.

This is how we live.
You understand, right?

Yes, ma'am.

Smoke one.

No, ma'am.
I'll smoke it later with Sang-woo.


- In-ho, was it?
- Yes.

I don't know
what to say to you...

Such a handsome boy...

Hey, mom.

Boo can't smoke that,
if you're here.

Get out.

Fine. I'll go after I smoke this.


My boy's got no manners.

You understand, right?

Stop yappin' and go!

I will!

I'm almost done.

Get out.


Fine! I'll go.

You bitch!
I said get out!

Get the fuck away!

What's with you!

- Goe the fuck out!
- What are you doing?


You should've stayed
in the hospital!

He's crazy! Look everyone!

- Let go!
- Stop it, man!

Stop it!

She's dead!

Bond killed his mama
and he's in the hospital!

- When?
- Last night!

He taped himself to her
and threw oil and fire on 'em!


Boo! I'm so hot!


He'll die if he drinks.

What did the docs say?

Doesn't look good.


There's no need for you to stay.

I should be here for my friend.

Friend? My brother?

You weren't that close.
He even put you in the hospital.

That's how we got close.

I'm such a bad girl.


A part of me feels relieved.

I think I kinda understand...

When my dad left home,
I kinda felt the same thing.

You do the rest.

Your remains
are mixed together.

So please get along
well in heaven.

What was that?

I threw them a coin
on their way.

So if they had anything left to say,
they can use it to make a call.

I was thinking...

You should be more careful
at a time like this.

I should keep watch on you.

It's the least
I can do for Sang-woo.

Don't worry.

I'm staying with a girl
that I work with at the school's office.

Oh... I see...


Wanna... get a drink?

The whole family, together.

All of us together.


Kentucky Chicken


When we met that day...

Did you know it was me?


You remembered?

Of course, In-ho Chae.

I remembered you, too.

Mi-ju Jung.

Hey, Mi-ju?

Can I look after you?

For what?

No reason.


Because you feel sorry for me?


Because I look lonely?

I'm all alone in the world, now?

Is that why?




In-ho Chae.

You look after me.

I'll look after you, too.

You mean it?

Of course.

Promise me!

On a test out of 100...
You got 5!

A dog can do better than this!

Stick 'em in.

Who's absent today?

They're gone to Judo practice, sir.

Those kids are
always missing class!

They'll have rocks in their heads.

If I catch you not studying
on your day off tomorrow,

You know what I'll do!

You'll get 100 shots!

Of what?

The rubber band of love.

She's a pretty good cook.

Of course she is.

To be honest,
I couldn't recognize her at all.

Man, I feel bad.

She's working today
and she still packed us, lunch.

Chill, man.
Enjoy your break from training.

Anyway... Did you do it?

Do what?

You know, the bam-bam.

You sick, bastard!
You crazy?

It's just a question.
Relax, man!

No more food for you.

Aw, man! Fine! Be like that!

You go on ahead.
I need to use the john.

- You crazy!
- Run!

Help me!

I kicked it hard
but didn't think it'd go over.

You don't think
he'll die in the shit, do you?

Shut up!
You could get me in shit, too!

Yo, Nol-bu.

Hello, sir.

What 'ya doin' here?

My friend lives around here, sir.

He your bud?

Say hi, In-ho.
This is boss Chi-kwon.

Smart looking kid.

- Nol-bu?
- Yes, sir.

Do you know Sang-woo,
the kid who died, recently?

Yes, sir.

He's got a sister
living around here.

Know where she is?

No, sir.

Fine. I'll find her anyway.

- Go on.
- Yes, sir.

The fuck you staring at?

Let's go.

Who's that?

Chi-kwon. His older brother is
the boss of the Devils.

He's a gangster?

I heard Sang-woo's mom
borrowed a lot of money from them.


He's making Mi-ju pay?

That's probably
why he's out for her.

In-ho Chae.

Remember what you said
when you first got in here?

I said, I wanted to help my mom,

and go to college on judo, sir.

So? Tomorrow's the big match!

You have to get
into the semi-finals!

Smarten' up!

Crazy kid! Wanna get killed!

Follow that car, mister!

Looks like you're getting
a fresh one, tonight boss.

Can't tell unless I try her first.

She's a lot heavier than
she looks, boss.

Give her a shot and wake her.

I ain't eatin' no dead beat.

Yes, sir.

You know who you're dealing with?
He's been in jail 3 times!

It doesn't matter.
You're with me, right?

Aw... man...

How pretty...

I love you.

You owe me 100 times.
Got that?

You bitch!

How did you know
I like that?

Let's rock.

You bitch!

Who's there?

Who is it!

What is it?

Says the boss
sent him for you, sir.

Claims there's a fight
at the docks, sir.


With who?

Don't know, sir.

But the boss ran out
with the others.

Shit. I didn't hear of no fight...

Who are you?

Hello, sir.

I met you the other day
with Nol-bu.

I'm In-ho.
I just came into the gang, yesterday.

Damn! A flat tire!


Fix the tire
then come to the docks.

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

I'll be right there, sir.

What the fuck...

- You go to school with Nol-bu?
- Yes, sir.

Do you know a kid called Boo?

Heard he's the bitch's boyfriend.

If you see him,
tell him I ate one off his girl.

I'm Boo! You fuckin' bastard!

In-ho! In-ho!

What happened?

You killed him?

Don't know.

Fuck! We're in deep shit.

Mi-ju? Mi-ju?

That bastard.


Get me two tickets
to anywhere far.

You sure you won't regret this?

I promised I'd look after her.


Shit! They're here!


They must've called home.

Mom caught be stealing money
so I told her I had to go to Seoul.

What's this?

Take Mi-ju that way
and run to the police.


Go, Nol-bu!

- Are you crazy?
- Run!


What are you looking for?

Boo's right here!

Ah... Mrs. Chae?

Stupid. How can you smile?

Coach said the same thing.

Have a seat.

I'm sorry.

No, I'm the one who's sorry
for not protecting you.

But you did protect me.

I'll never ever forget you.

Hey, you sound like
you're going far away or something.

Listen to me.

I'll testify at your next trial.

Don't hide what he did to me.

Your chances are
a lot better that way.


Come on!

That's not the problem, here!

It is to me!

I'm going to my dad in Japan
after the trial.

I won't be here...

It won't matter what people think...

How long will you be there?

Not sure...

Will you write?

Will you come to see me?


I'll come...

To see you...

Promise me.

I promise.

You'll keep it, right?

Of course, I will.

I... love you more than anything.

But do you?


I love you too, In-ho.

More than anything.

That'll do.

I can survive anything on that.


Do you know when
I started loving you?

The day you invited me
to your birthday.

I dreamed of growing up
and getting married to you.

When I saw the creditors hounding
at your house...

I was angry 'cuz there was
nothing I could do.

And when I couldn't
see you again...

I was so sad
and heartbroken...

They say I'm stupid for doing what I did
for a girl I haven't known very long.

And Chi-kwon's men in here
sometimes bully up on me.

But I fight against 'em all

and never regret keeping
my promise.

'Cuz Boo's responsible
for Boo's destiny.


My 100th letter
to you came back.

Is something wrong?

Did you forget me?

You stand with your back turned
in my dreams these days...

I cry awake at night and don't know
if it's real or just a dream.

Sometimes I forget
why I'm in here.

My poor boy...

Where are you?

I work with Nol-bu
at the docks.

I'm not making much yet.

But I'll save enough money to go
and find you.

So please wait for me, Mi-ju.

I'm going crazy since I miss you.

Think people can swim to Japan?

I heard smugglers swam
to Daemado isle.

Think I can do it?
I'm still pretty strong...

Your mom got arthritis
working so hard while you were in jail.

Just worry about you and your mom
from now on.

Mi-ju didn't even write you once.

What was that back then
with Mr. Hwang?

Oh, that...

They're looking to hire some bodyguards
from around here.

Who is?

There's a lot of shipping orders
from Russia and Middle East these days.

The rival companies hire men
to throw off each others deadlines.

They pay a lot but it's a tough job.

The boss is from the docks,
like us...

When he takes in someone,
I heard he takes good care of him.

When one of his technicians
got scouted elsewhere...

He drove a truck through
the guy's front door.

He made him come back to work
and bought him a new apartment.

Who are you, sir?

Good evening, men.

I work for Suh-gun, too.

I haven't seen you before.
Are you a manager?


I'm a little higher than that.

Then are you...

What the!

You bastards!

- That's hot.
- Ow!

You bastards!

But there are stronger
and smarter men

to be your bodyguards, sir.

I had men like that before.

Why? You don't like me?

No... It's not that, sir.

Do you know Mengzi?

Nancy, sir?

No, the great philosopher.


Sounded like my mama's name.

Mengzi said...

Envy those who have 100 times more
than you.

Respect those who have

And become a slave to those
who have way more than that.

But I'm not asking you
to become my slave.

I'm saying that
a man's power comes with money.

Money will buy you respect.

Money will look after your girl.

Give me your youth
and I'll give you power.

Just remember.

When the plane's
racing down the runway...

You have to hold your butt up
slightly, man.

Then the plane will
take off smoothly.

They're all doing it.

It's a secret plane etiquette.

Got it, man.

While I'm away at Dubai,

If Mi-ju ever comes back,
give her this.

There's a letter inside.

Take care, bud.

Don't worry about your mama.

Members of the labor union!

Brothers and sisters of Suh-gun!

I am Sang Kim,
leader of the union!

Let's tell 'em what we want!

- Do or die!
- Fight! Fight!

- Do or die!
- Fight! Fight!

- Do or die!
- Fight! Fight!

Evil Suh-gun! Go away!

Let's fight for equal treatment of
temp workers!

Go and buy 200 milk and bread.

Those women can't feed their children
being in the riot.

Yes, sir.

Buy up all the fried chicken around.

Yes, sir.


- What's going on!
- It won't take long.

Who the hell are you?

I take gals who come pregnant
with the boss' kid out west.

Hand 'em over to some ugly sailors.

And cast 'em off on wooden boats!

The bastards who take our accounts
to the press?

I throw 'em off cliffs
and make 'em get amnesia!

That's who I am!

Use your brain, fool!

Or I'll throw 'ya down!

I told you he was no good
from the beginning!

What if your dad finds out?

- Just leave us alone!
- What!

Let me live my own life!

Come in.

God is so damn just.

Four daughters...

But not one of them
turned out right.

It's Nancy's birthday soon, right?


Your mama, Nancy.

How did you...

I told 'em to set aside two apartments
at our Busan site.

Give one to your mom
and put one in your name.

And get some furniture with this.

Thank you, sir.

One more thing...

When you go to Busan,
go meet the governor's aid there.

If he's not elected again,

We'll lose the development rights
in Russia.

Yes, sir.

I heard you don't drink or smoke.

Yes, that's right.

What do you do in the company?

I heard you're
the chairman's secretariat.

I'm sorry, ma'am.


I don't plan to get set up
and marry anytime soon.

I hope you'll find someone
better than me, next time.

Hey you! Put that out.

He's going to
the mansion tonight, sir.

I'll escort him, myself.
Get the car.

Yes, sir.

- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.

Mr. Lee,
we'll meet for drinks again.

Yes, sir.

- Did you meet your mom?
- Yes, sir.

Good work today, son.


Nothing, sir.
Enjoy your night.

Have a safe trip, sir.

You had it rough cleaning up
the gals for me, haven't you?

No, sir.

She's different.

She's got class.

I can take her anywhere.

She's been with me over a year,
but hasn't asked for a thing.

Excuse me, ma'am.

When you arrive at Dubai,
go through different immigration lines.

Our men there
will get your bags.

Go out through gate 3,
and someone will meet you.

They'll drive you to the hotel.

The chairman will go
in another car.

He'll arrive at the hotel at 5p. m.
after a business meeting.

So, if you'll wait...

Enjoy your trip, ma'am.

Damned destiny...

While you were in the States,
In-ho did all the work.

Welcome back, sir.

It's good to see you Mr. Chae.

I'll be outside, sir.

Why don't you go study
in the States?


Get some experience and I'll hand you
a small company to run.

Thank you, sir.

But I'm still...

Just think about it.

Oh, by the way.

Yes, sir.

She doesn't like staying
at the mansion.

She needs space.

Get her a reasonable place.

And buy her what she needs.

Yes, sir.

A maid will come by 3 times a week
to clean and make food.

No one knows your phone number
but the boss and me.

I tried to buy everything
you might need.

Oh, and I got a low, firm bed...

The door's secret code is...

It's good to leave the windows
open like this.

I asked them to paint it
similar to this...

Maybe I went a little too far...

How about putting this up here...

I'll be going ma'am.

Let's... run away together.

Go some place far away...

And live together.

Great weather, today.

Mr. Chae.

Yes, sir.

It's Hanako's birthday
next week.

I'll be gone on
business to Russia.

Buy her a sturdy car.

A sturdy car, sir?

Is this sturdy?

Of course, sir.
Even the door is firm and heavy.

How much?

Good evening, sir.

Anything you had in mind?

Something expensive.
A real diamond.

There's something I really wanted to do
if we ever met again.

What is it?


After what happened back then...

I knew I couldn't live
a normal life.

A father who's a smuggler...

My brother and mom
burned to death...

And... poor, innocent Boo
who went to jail 'cuz of me...

So when you mom asked me
to stay away from you,

I thought I should.

When I was in jail...

Once, I didn't eat
or sleep for 4 days...

Then somehow,

I found myself
doing the unthinkable.

I was desperately lonely...
I hated myself for being so stupid...

I thought
it'd be better just to die.

But right then...
You appeared to me.

And you talked to me with tears.

If I die...
You'll be so sad.

Turn it off.

The kid meant a lot to me.

I'll take care of it, sir.

Handle it quickly
and send him off.

Sir, you have a guest
from the head office.


In-ho got me the job here.

He'll be promoted to director, soon.

The boss must've owed him big
in a past life or something.

Just between you and me...

He asked me to tie up any loose ends
for his image sake.

Of course.
He'll become a director.

But I heard he went to jail
for attempted murder.

Something against a gangster
in Busan?

It all happened 'cuz of a girl.

The fool... I mean Mr. Chae...

He had a girl back in high school...

Sweet poetic justice...

I'll do the bitch for free.

I'll finish her off, good.

Leave the girl.
We'll take care of her.

How's everything today.

The chairman's here, sir.

My trip got cancelled.

I decided to hold the banquet
here in Busan.

Guess you didn't hear.

Sorry, sir.

Have you decided?


Going to the States.

I haven't had
a chance to think, sir.

What's to think?
I said go.

Want a bowl of noodles?

If you didn't eat,
have some.

No thank you, sir.

You close the deal
with Alexi the governor's aid.


You give them the campaign fund.

Mr. Hyun senses they're
not comfortable with him, yet.

Let's run away, Mi-ju.

Let's go to a small island
in the Pacific.

Anywhere where misery can't
follow us.

We'll build
a small two-storey house.

We won't have much,
but we'll be happy.

I'll promise to tell the boss...

after some time passes.

He'll forgive us.

I believe in him.

After doing one last job...

I'll catch a ship to Japan.

Cooperation project of development
rights in Russia So hurry down to Busan

and wait for me
at the ferry terminal.

I'll call you when I'm done.

I'll call back later.

Suh-gun gets
development rights in Russia.

Snap out of it, man.

Thought I'd let you get away
with what you did?

Darn! I didn't do it right.

I should stab you
like you did to me!

Why didn't you tell me, earlier?

I wasn't thinking, sir...

Stupid fools...

When I was down and out...

I pulled an innocent man in...

And made his life miserable, too.

I was so sorry...

I regretted it so much...

So I swore never to come to him,


I couldn't stop loving him...

Please, sir.

Please don't let
anything happen to him.


Mr. Hyun!

Yes, sir.

Where's In-ho?

Don't spend it all on drinks.

Yes, sir.

Sir, you said you'll give us 3...

Shut up, you fool!


I only told 'em to beat him...

But he was so feisty...

My men made a little boo-boo...

Damn cold.

Mr. Chae!

Where are you?

Oh, Mr. Chae!

I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't tell 'em to but...

You idiot!

Hey, Boo. What 'ya doin'?


Long time no see.

Know who I am?

Remember me?

The one
who first cut your cock...

We got 99 more times to go.

Aw, sorry...

I told him how I jumped you...

And he went mad
so my boys had to beat him.

He's dead.

I wanted to at least give you
his body...

But they threw him in the sea...

For fish bait.

Go on loving him...


Boo... you fuckin' bastard...

In-ho... forgive him...

Mr. Hyun didn't know
they'd go that far...

I'll look after you, too.

Take care, sir.


Women are just a phase.

Don't go, son.

Not to me, sir.
She isn't.


What would my life be,
if I didn't love you?


It wouldn't be worth living...

JOO Jin-mo

PARK Shi-yun

JOO Hyun

KIM Min-joon

Writer, Director / Kwak Kyoung Taek

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.