S detza na more (1972) - full transcript

The movie consists of two novels with the same characters, but different adventures. A group of kids spend all their holidays together at the seaside. They never grow tired of games and mischief. But sometimes they decide to arrange the lives of the adults, which lead to ludicrous situations.

Bulgarian Cinematography

Studios for feature films
Artistic collective

"With Children at the Seaside"

"The Dolphin"

In the children's roles:

Petyr Peychev

Ivaylo Djambazov
"Kircho! Kircho!"

Kiril Petrov

Ivan Arshnikov

"You were promising we will play!"

"I have work to do!"

"What kind of work!?"

"Manly work, what other work?"

Krasimir Marianov

Ruslan Terziiski

Svetlana Krumova

Also participating:
Mikhail Mutafov

Tatyana Novoselska

Zlatina Djambazova

Krystyo Doynov

In the episodes:
Kalcho Kalchev
Elena Peeva

Elena Spasova
Yani Aristidov

"The American Indians, if you want to know, have fished exactly that."

"I have read that at least."

"You've read this in some children's book."

"If you catch me a fish with that fork..."

"...I am gonna go to the Moon with a tin can."


"Hey! Wait!"

"Ruslan can't walk that fast!"

"And what is that chit doing dragging along with us?"

"Big laze."

"Two years ago, I smacked one of those."

"After it started crying, I realised it's French."

"Was he crying in French!?"

"You never believe!"

"If I threw you a smack twice..."

"You will throw, but..."

"I'm a Bulgarian."


"Here's cramped with mullets."

"Just quiet."

"Quiet, because if they hear you, they will die of laughter."

"I am not gonna ocunt the bet if you talk!"

"Is that fork special?"

"Exactly now..."

"What 'bout this mullet?"



"Bravo, eh, competition!"

"Tomorrow, can I again?"

"If it's you, sure!"

"Wow, another one!"

"Ivo, why don't you poke one out with the fork?"


"Enough, but he is still throwing."


"Look at him show off."

"If it was you..."

"You'd straight up..."

"You know..."

"How many horses is the motor?"

"Fifteen horses and eight mules."

"The mules are for reverse, right?"

"Why don't you give us a ride?


"Come on, let's go!"

"No way!"

"Come on, beat it."

"When did you leave?"

"No way!"

"Come on, climb in"


"Ruslan, not you!"

"Come on, they are calling you"

"Let go little one."

"This paddle is mine."

"No way, the paddle is mine!"

"An You can also climb in."


"Go, Kircho!"


"Too bad, we were gonna sail."

"But it's alright, another time."

"Come on son, don't cry, eh?"

"Come on!"

"Weren't you going give us a ride?"

"Good job, your comrade got wet, but we are gonna go on walks."

"Come on."

"Doesn't matter."

"Most importantly, Ivaylo caught the mullet."

"A hundred and nine... and ten"

"That's for yesterday! You know!"

"Here! Here! Here!"

"I'm gonna show you..."

"Here! Here!"

"I'm gonna ruin everything! Burst in anger!"

"Where are you running? Where are you running!?"

"Kircho! He will catch you!"

"Come here!"



"Ivaylo, four-zero!"

"Doesn't matter."

"I've baited for turbot."

"Bravo! Bravo!"



"And now something from the repertoire of Lily Ivanova."

["Bez radio ne moga" by Lily Ivanova]
"When I get up in the morning I begin to dance,"

"For music and for dances,"

"All day I dream of."

"I sing with the radio,"

"When I am alone,"

"And I am laughed at often, and I amlaughed at often,"

"At home of the mind."

"He played in a movie too,"

"they saw him by complete coincidence and they took him."

"Our cinematography in general..."

"(You are already) big,
you were at the cinema again,"

"But you must, like mom, become a housewife."

"The big daughter gives us issues."

"Entrance exams, and what an age..."

"...you know."


"Show how that lad looks at her."



"Where is Elena?"

"Where would she be?"

"She's probably clung to the guy."

"Don't you let go of me!"


"Once again..."

"Tomorrow at three o'clock, right?"

"At three o'clock right?"

"No going out of the house."

"I've promised and he's going to wait!"

"He's gonna wait and wait, eventually he'll leave."

"There is a certain time, which a human needs to wait out."

"Pancho! Pancho!"


"I am begging you..."

"...go to the port and tell Ognyan I won't make it."

"My father doesn't let me."

"The only thing left is to fight with Ruslan."

"Pancho, I m begging you."

"Guard the watermelon!"


"Elena is not coming."

"Her father doesn't let her or something."

"Bye, I am in a hurry."


"What are you in a hurry for?"

"Come here!"

"Possibly, something else..."

"Did Elena say something else?"

"I've told you everything."

"What kind of important job do you have if it's not a secret?"

"It's a secret."

"But I am gonna tell you."

"We had a date with a dolphin."

"A dolphin?"


"...I have a dolphin friend."

"We meet deep into the sea."

"Well, let's go."

"Yeah, but we are late for the date."

"Tell me about the dolphin."

"After humans, the dolphins are the smartest."

"When I was diving for a mullet once..."

"...my foot got stuck in a rock."

"And suddnely..."

"Ey, the watermelon..."

"And don't forget to tell Elena, that I am gonna wait for her at six o'clock next to the bridge."

"I will tell her."

"It's a secret."

"About the dolphin, right?"

"And the date."

"Don't say a word to nobody."


"So, where were you?"




"You are lying."


"Where is the watermelon?"

"Well, it's not here."

"I left it for minute and it's gone."

"Dad, do you think a dolphin could save a human?"

"Run to your room and straight to the bed."

"When you haven't slept when you should've, you are gonna sleep now."


"Let's go."


"Don't say a word to nobody."

"If I could go to Elena, I would've not told you either."

"So, six o'clock at the ditch?"

"At the bridge!"

"You watch out not to mess-up things!"


"Be calm."

"Is Elena here?"


"Here you go."



"What is it?"

"What would it be?"

"Didn't you want to say something to Elena?"

"Who? Me?"


"There's no such thing."

"That's it."


"Don't say a word to nobody, you understand?"

"Only the ones who know the secret will go."

"Her father sits there like a stump."

"Be ware of him seeing you."


"The dolphin knew three words, but I forgot which ones."


"Why are you wandering here?"

"Nothing. It's a secret."

"What secret?"


"I would tell you, bgut we probably won't fit in the boat."

"We became too many."


"Did you swallow a watermelon?"

"You guessed."

"I found one right here."

"It was blood red!"

"Did you finish the job?"

"Which one?"

"Don't act like a boiled potato."

"Mancho told me everything. I am in."

"Nothing works."

"What are you glaring at, Krasimir?"

"You don't think you are the only one that knows, right?"

"Her father is a huge snag..."

""What are you squeezing in your hand? What is it?""

"You gave him the note, didn't you?"

"I am not insane."

"I ate it."

"Hm, I haven't tried eating notes yet."

"What note?"

"I don't trust the whole thing with the dolphin."

"What dolphin?"

"Ognyan has a dolphin friend."

"Don't say a word to nobody."


"Who knows what Ivo understood."

"It's possible."

"I've read about dolphins."

"A dolphin saved a kid once."

"Children's books again."

"Science and engineering, if you wanna know."

"That's why killing dolphins is forbidden."

"It's true."

"I've also read."

"They forbade it, because the fish are dying."

"And they lure the dolphins to the coast from the Mediterranian."


"That was frozen mayonnaise."

"You don't think Ognyan would lie to us, right?"

"I haven't said such a thing."

"I said that Ivo misunderstood."

"Go on, blabber and blabber..."

"And Ognyan will waiting and waiting under the bridge"

"Did we have to be at the bridge at 6?"

"At 6."

"We have to distract her father and stand our ground."


"Ivaylo, can you act sick?"

"27 excused absences and only one unexcused."

"Go to your house!"

"You are gonna keep secret."

"Where would you be without me?"

"He never complains of stomach pains..."

"And now suddenly..."

"Yes, it happens."

"I am fine!"


"Everything is sent!"

"If you knew what kind of struggle it was..."

"I have ten more minutes of sleep and I am coming!"

"...from the boat. Splash!"

"We only have until 5:40, quickly we don't have..."

"But it was 3 meters!"


"There was a leak."

"But the secret remains a secret."

"Pioneer promise."

"And even if it wasn't a pioneer one, you can still trust us."

"And what is that?"

"For the dophin."

"The landlord said it liked..."


"Hop on."

"I am next to the paddle."

"I am at the other one."

"Have the fishing rods."

"If we had binoculars now..."

"My father has one."

"Why didn't you take it?"

"Because I pulled out the lens."


"Forget it."

"Let's see who will bite the hook."
"What do you think is gonna happen?"

"Here's the bait."

"And collect wood."

"There's some up there."

"We're gonna grill the fish."

"And the dolphin?"

"The dolphin?"

"Me and Elena will go look for it."

"Because if it sees so many people so suddenly, it might get scared."



"The dolphin doesn't know me either."

"We're gonna wait for it here."


"Even though the dolphin..."

"...doesn't eat people."


"Tell it we've brought it food!"

"I haven't said the dolphin eats everything."

"Well, you said that when it saved Ognyan..."

"...he gave it food."

"And that that's how they became friends."

"Then why did you say 'take everything you can'?"

"How was I supposed know what's the dolphin's favourite?"

"And you brought raisins..."

...so it can make jam, right?


"This guy took mekitsas!"

""Next time bring banitsa!"

"Give it here!"

"Quickly, I caught something!"

"Come on!"

"Let me see!"

"If you've caught the dolphin..."

"...your days are numbered!"

"Hold onto each other!"

"You don't have the brain of half of a dolphin!"

"There's no dolphin."

"It's love."


"They love each other."

"That's the whole thing."

"I've at least read such books."

""Don't ask them about it."

"Because if you question adults too much, they start lying."

"They might love each other, but what does that have to do with the dolphin?"

"Tomorrow, I will explain everything."

"You have had enough for today."

"There it is!"

"Where are your fish at?"

"Ivaylo did catch one!"

"And the dolphin?"

"The dolphin..."

"Look at how big it is!"



"Why don't you come down?"

"I have work to do."

"Is it manly work?"

"No, come here so we can play!"

"I can't, Sashko will be mad."

"Play with Sashko then, but never look for me again!"

"He is leaving tomorrow."


"I am going out."

"I told you not to go out with that guy."

"I am 17 and I haven't said I am going out with him."

"Great, then you can also take out Ruslan."

"I prefer to stay here."



"Give it to me!"

"I wanna play too!"



"...look after Ruslan."

"I am going to Ognyan and coming right back."


"Now, shoot and let me see what kind of thrower you are!"

"...I am third!"



"We have to do something."

"...a motorboat with two steering wheels!"

"...you know, I saw once..."

"I once saw a ship twice as big as this one!"

"I caught a jar of shrimps."

"Pipsi, 5-6 gobies..."

"...but Ivaylo didn't catch anything because he was baiting mullets."

"I wasn't gonna come at all."

"Thanks to them."

"Hop on."

"Pipsi was saying..."

"This time we're staying here."

"If that's what you want."

"Where's Pipsi?"

"Third ice-cream in a row, but if mother and father find out..."

"Mine don't allow it either, because of my tonsils."

"They are so big!"

"That's why I am swollen there."


"My father won't let me go to the cinema with you."

"Why'd you lie about not being able to swim?"

"They took too long."

"I'm gonna get puni-..."

"You are such an idiot."

"He always makes-up such things..."

"Love it was..."

"What would they do for that long?"

"They saw the dolphin."

"That's it!"

"And we are sleeping on it over here."

"I wanna go back to my sister!"

"Shoot once more."

"I don't want to!"

"Look at the mule's tail! Look!"

"I am hungry now!"

"Alright, wait!"

"Old man, where does that shoot?"

"Where is Kircho? His parents are looking for him. They will beat him."

"Go away, you're the last thing I need."

"They're gonna beat you as well!"

"Half an hour at most."

"I can't stay anymore."

"We have to wait!"

"You know in how much trouble Elena's gonna get?"

"I know her father at least."

"Do you know my father?"

"I know how he will welcome me."

"They're not gonna welcome me with banitsa either."

"Her mom, doesn't admit semi-finished banitsa."

"She rolls them herself with a rolling pin..."


"I fired all the bullets..."

"I am penniless!"

"Where's my sister!?"

"I will snitch!"

"You are gonna snitch what we tell you to snitch!"

"You've eatet 8 ice-creams!"

"It's because of you that I am penniless!"

"If your parents hear about it, they will rip your ass from beating!"

"There they are!"

"Not a word. Understood?"


"Good night."
"Good night."

"They're not gonna do anything to me."

"You're coming back in the middle of the night from now?!"

"And what did you do at the harbour?"

"We were taking a walk and talking."

"Didn't you see it's dark?"

"It was bright there."

"I am at fault."

"You can punish me."

"You're getting punished by your father. Kircho, no going out from the house for 3 days!"

"Where were you?"

"I had work."

"What work?"

"Manly work."

"Come over here, let's see what kind of manly work."

"So I get home yesterday..."

"...my father..."


"And I flew through the window!"

"My flip flop!"

"They already let me go on the second day!"

"It was supposed to last five days, but she didn't read into it."

"He is stubborn, she is stubborn..."

"...and I am stubborn. Nothing worked!"


"She could've left, she isn't gonna wait three days..."

"I'm gonna throw him this rock."



"...the dolphin, it always come to this place."


"When I always diving for mullets once..."

"Why are you standing there?"

"Come on..."

"Hop on the boat."

"What's up with these kids?"


In the roles:

Georgy Partzalev

Margarita Stefanova

Renata Kiselichka

Slavcho Peev

In the children's roles:

Petyr Peychev

Kiril Petrov

Ivaylo Djambazov

Emil Petrov

In the episodes:
Milko Zhelyazkov

Petyr Bozhilov
Vladimir Bratanov

Nikolai Lilyanov
Stefan Cholakov

Vladimir Dimitrov
Nedelcho Kotov

"Here it is..."

"Today- Nessebar, tomorrow- Ropotamo..."

"...the day after- who knows where."

"How much does a man need to be happy?"

"Uncle Mancho, I photo'd you!"

"Well then..."

"Your mother, father... where are they?"

"They're in Sofia."

"They're gonna come later."

"So, you are alone..."

"You're alone, huh..."

"I am with Kircho, well, with his parents."

"I measured the distance, ten steps!"

"I've a camera, a coloured one."

"Are you..."

"...with aunt Siika?"

"No! I am alone."

"On a business trip."

"This girl... she asked me where the museum is, so..."

"In that case, bye!"



"Come on!"

"Go on."

"When we see each other, I'll photo you again!"

"The best photos are when you're unprepared."

"Had I told Uncle Mancho, he would've come out like-"


"What's 'taxidermied'?"

"Like when you are statued."

"What's 'statued'?"

"How beautiful!"

"And when you think about it..."

"...many centuries have passed since."

"Time flies..."

"It's 7:30, let's go, we don't have time."

"'Let's go' and 'Let's go', that's the only thing you know!"

"Well, I have to call the boss, I am on a business trip after all."

"These days, we're not gonna think about anything, dear."

"We won't, we won't, yet..."

"One can't not think about anything."

"Let's go, otherwise..."

"What is an 'object'?"

"An 'object'... 'Object' is the thing in the photo."

"What 'thing'?"

"A thing to fill it."

"When you get older, are you gonna get fatter?"

"I am not fat now either."

"I'm just big-boned."


"Go measure now!"

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..."


"It's the hardest to get into the children's symphonic orchestra..."

"Because they travel abroad."

"You have to be an excellent student to get accepted in the pioneers' hall, right?"

"That's not enough."

"Because the excellent students are more than the places in the courses."

"When I become a pioneer, will you sign me up for the photograph thing..."


"If you get sandy everywhere and ask your parents for me to wash you in the sea."

"Get him a flute tutor in autumn."


"You don't want trombone, do you?"

"He's skinny for that..."

"What are you looking at?"

"When he becomes a soldier..."

"...he will at least be in the orchestra.

"Here's your musician."

"I'm not becoming a musician."


"Because they transport those aborad, that's why."

"Go on, laugh, instead of as a father actually do something about it..."

"Can, at least, Pipsi wash me in the sea, because it stings?"

"If I slap you..."

"...it's gonna sting you!"

"And your hair is full of sand!

"Well, dad, I'm not gonna be the only one dealing with discipline..."

"Look at Pipsi."

"Sunbathing and not thinking about the water at all."

"Go lay with him."

"And no swimming today!

"No swimming!"

"You see?"

"When you don't wanna become a musician, that's what happens."

"You told me I'll hardly get in the orchestra."

"'We're going to the sea', 'We're going to the sea'..."

"...only to burn like..."

"...a kebabche."

"How's it, colleague?"

"Did you find her?"

"Well, motherfu-, clasp her by the hand and no letting go!"

"Uncle Mancho!"

"In Sofia, we're door to door and yet we don't meet that often."

"A snorkel!"

"You like it?"

"It's mad!"

"Look at the fins."

"There he is, we photo'd him yesterday!"


"...that's Uncle Mancho then."

"Good day."

"Good day."

"Good day."

"Good day."

"It's obvious you've arrived now."

"Yesterday, I'm coming out of the car and I come across these friends..."

"That's how it is."

"When one ends up lucky..."

"Are you renting here?"

"I'm on the go."

"On a business trip actually."

"I decided to take a swim."

"It's a shame otherwise, to come to the sea and not dip in the water."

"It is a shame."

"It is a shame..."

"I might come a second time to the beach, might not..."

"You always come back tanned from business trips..."

"Did you swim already?"

"Not yet."

"Wanna take a swim together?"

"He is a terrific swimmer!"

"I will look after them."


"Didn't you ground them?"

"The grounding is my treat."

"Let's go!"

"Come on, Kiril! Go!"

"We're in the sea!"

"Uncle Mancho! Come on!"

"'Come on', 'Come on', but..."

"Uncle Mancho, come here!"

"Quickly Uncle Mancho!"

"Not in the face!"

"A photo?"

"There's no need."

"Uncle Mancho, come on!"

"Wait! I gulped some!"

"Hold on, you don't swim, do you?"


"His parents don't need to know."

"They won't."

"I will take the film for washing today,"

"we can even copy the photos."

"I'll do this later."

"Now, take a deep breath and lay on your back."

"Like that."

"Uncle Mancho look!"

"Uhuh, watching, right..."

"Your turn."

"Yes, but if you have more poses we can go on the shore and shoot."


"Open your legs like that."

"Watch this."


"A nasty number, huh?"

"Get the camera!"

"Wait Uncle Mancho!"

"It captures with exposue of 1/500th second! I want the same number!"



"Go that way now!"

"Alright. Kiril go!"

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8..."
"Come on, click now!"


"Act like you don't know!"

"Otherwise you will look taxidermied!"

"Uncle Mancho be careful!"

"Click it."

"Click it!"

"I am an artist photographer."

"If you allow..."

"I am preparing an exhibition."


"A little to the right."

"A little to the right."

"A little more."

"Come on!"

"A little more. Attention!"


"Let's shoot quickly, so we have time to extract the photos."

"Fast work, shame on the master, Uncle Mancho."

"He is in the photography course, in the pioneers' hall!"

"He is gonna do an exhbition!"




"No way, Uncle Mancho."

"What is 'banal'?"

"Why isn't Aunt Siika on a business trip too?"

"Mom and dad always do that."

"If I knew they were here..."

"What's a 'business trip'?"

"When you're getting paid it's a business trip, when you're paying it's a holiday."

"When I pull the zoom, the captain's moustache will be visible."

"How many more are left?"

"Many, many, relax."

"Enough for today."

"The Sun is getting weak."

"There isn't enough light temperature."

"Come on, let's do 2-3 more."


"But only 2."


"Listen, let me explain it to you..."

"Kircho commands everything with the photos."

"Good job. Now we are crying."

"Don't cry..."

"Uncle Mancho give him the watch!"

"Look! Look at my watch."

"And stay there! It's a horrific photo!"

"Give it! Give it here!"

"It's not your father's to wave it like that!"

"Like this!"

"Let's see now!"

"And you Kircho, climb on the hourse!"

"Let's go on the horse! Let's go!"

"Let's go on the horse! Let's go!"

"Giddy-up horse!"

"Click it!"

"Click it, because I am fed up!"

[Attempted German]

[In Bulgarian] "227."

"Wait a minute."

"Your girlfriend is looking for you under rock and tree."

"Is that so?"

"She wants to surprise you."

"But I'll tell you."

"Tomorrow you are on a walk along Ropotamo."

[In German] "The key please."

[In German] "Thank you."

[In German] "Welcome."

"She has rented a motorboat."

"But tomorrow I am-"

"If she asks about me..."

"I am gone. I also want to surprise her."

"A moment!"


"You have to pay 30 leva."

"For what?"

"For the motorboat."

"I wasn't going to tell you otherwise."

"Thank you."




"Who? Who is it!?"


"Are you deaf? You lit my film!"

"How is that possible!"

"Now I'm gonna show you..."

"Wait, wait, wait...!"

"Why are you locking up? What is this!?"

"Open up! Don't you hear!"

"If you are stealing...!"

"Sorry, do you know where-"

"In his room."

"In his room..."

"I am in the bathroom!"

"Will he take us with him?"

"He is terrifically kind."

"And what? You are instead of Kircho."

"Only he has eaten a little more."

"If you wanna know, you weren't supposed to come either."

"But they punished him."

"Had I stayed, it'd be like he wasn't punished."

"Since he's your friend..."

"Since he's my friend!?"

"Why does he call me a swine then?"

"He wasn't should've not said it in front of his mother. That's his mistake."

"They never punish me."

"They lifted my punishment!"

"Don't call me 'a piece of shit' a second time."


"Yay! I'm next to the window."



"Come on!"

"They're also on a vacation."

"They haven't been to Sunny Beach yet."

"You don't have anything against it right?"
"No worries."

"Old man..."

"...your valve is rattling."


"Your valve is rattling, you have to change the oil."

"I will..."

"No. Don't!"

"What is this animal for?"

"For shaking it's head."

"This one is super king size."

"I don't have this one."

"Woof! Woof, woof! Woof!"

"Look at the red one!"

"Let's go!"

"Uncle Mancho wait!"

"I am coming!"

"I will catch up to you!"

"What do you say about a ride, huh?"

"And then the Sun sets and whatnot."

"We've come for photos."

"Leave the photos!"

"I want!

"If Kircho wants photos, then it's photos."

"Come on."

"How's your business trip going?"

"Let's go finish our job and then..."

"...there's time for the business trip."

"Uncle Mancho, come on let's see it!"

"Go! Go!"

"Uncle Mancho you're gonna fall!"

"Here, Uncle Mancho!"

"Good day."

"Yesterday a Czech woman escaped me."

"But with you, I reckon we will get along. Two leva if you please."

"Go Uncle Mancho!"

"Uncle Mancho be careful with the luggage!"

"Uncle Mancho shift to fifth!"


"Uncle Mancho, I am shooting!"

"Give a smile!"

"Your film isn't checked, is it? "

"Be calm, Uncle Mancho."

"Everything is fine."

"Then finish the film quickly and we'll go to a restaurant."


"That's a good idea!"

"Kircho must be hungry."

"No, first the film."

"We'll wait for him at the restaurant."

"It's only for the idea, just a hobby."

"Good job! You've done well! Hopefully the fifth one's a girl."

"What would you like?"

"Do you have kebabcheche?"

"For me, fillet mignon with mushrooms."

"Take a fillet."

"You know how they arrange it? Ready for a coloured photo."

"I want kebabche-"

"Fillet mignon for him as well!"

"I want kebabche!"

"Don't listen to him."

"He's young, doesn't know what he wants."

"And for you?"

"Fillet mignon as well!"

"And for you, please?"



"You're doing yourself in with a kebabche."

"Come on."


"Shoot. 'What?', shoot!"


"Go measure!"

"1, 2, 3, 4..."

"5 lemonades."

"Here we go again..."

"Making money, are we?"

"You'll say we don't have any."

"The guy is with four kids."

"And who knows where his wife is..."



"Foreigners drink even if they came with a car."

"They don't have talons so they don't care."


"Two years ago they were letting cars in the city."

"But when the foreigners get drunk, they can't aim at the door."

"They look like flies aiming at a lamp."

"They should be sanctioned.."

"Their brain will come back, only if there was somebody to startle them..."

"They don't get startled."

"I can't anymore, I am bloated!"


"But that's the last time you do this."

"If your mother hears about it, she'll rip your ears out."

"Letting you know."

"Now, let's try one more time."

"We put the ball here. Like that. Like that."

"Attention please."

"Admit it, you did yourself in with the kebabche."

"Doesn't matter, most importantly we got the job done."

"Tomorrow, we'll go to the sweets shop."

"We'll give the film for a washing-"

"Not a word."

"We wash it in the course."

"The mastery itself is in the washing."

"Everybody can click."

"Uncle Mancho!"

"Uncle Mancho, let's go for a ride!"

"Come on, Uncle Mancho!"

"No need to hurry, Kircho's parents know we're with you."

"Look at the ball! Ivaylo, the ball!"

"Come on, Uncle Mancho! Come on, go buy tickets!"

"Didn't I tell you he has a kind heart?"

"He left his business trip or the day and everything."

"He loves children a lot, but he doesn't have any."

"It's rare to meet such kind hearts."


"I wouldn't be going anywhere like that..."

"...but it's for him."

"He also wants to ride, don't worry."

"Uncle Mancho, the camera!"

"It's not shooting. What are you gonna do with it?"

"Get it back in! Quickly!"

"Hold the wheel! Hold!"

"Good night!"

"Good night."

""Thank you."

"No problem."

"Good night, Uncle Mancho!"

"They're a bit shy, but if we go out a few more times, they'll let go."

"Uncle Mancho, bye!"



"Tomorrow at the beach!"

"Where were you last night?"

"Last night, in..."

"...in hotel "International"."

"We reserved a table with the boss."

"We ate. talked a little..."

"Then to a bar..."

''There were a lot of mosquitos..."

"So at a bar, huh."

"You don't think I believe you, right?"

"The boss this, the boss that..."

"Let us also have bosses..."

"Are you gonna tell me the truth finally?"

"I'll tell you."

"Everything is because of that little insane photograph boy..."

"But I decided, tomorrow I'll smack him-"

"Don't you dare!"

"He's an artist photographer!"

"Please, mom!"

"Please let's go, mom..."

"No boat."

"Pete, am I going to be the only one arguing?"


"What's up with Uncle Mancho?"

"Wasn't he gonna come?"

"Uncle Mancho, right. You should have some care too at least..."

"Let's go."

"To the boat..."

"Pipsi, we're going on a boat!"

"Opa, a tierce! Minor. Opa a major!"

"Whoever laughs last, laughs best!!"

"It's obvious from the beginning!"

"Here is Uncle MAncho."

"Here I am."

"And the kids waited and waited..."

"They're very cute."

"Especially Kircho."


"If you knew how much they change one's life..."

"I know..."

"There are responsibilities with them..."

"Mine is so fastidious..."

"That's why we took Pipsi with us."

"When he eats, mine also eats."

"Eats a lot..."

"Looks like you've burnt horribly."

"Well, it happens."

"I did burn terribly, I did, but..."

"Well I..."

"I will go look for the kids a little."

"Oh, Alrigth."

"Excellent, I'll be calm as well."

"My husband doesn't swim."

"Is that so?"

"Uncle Mancho!"

"Are you gonna catch me?"

"Be careful!"

"Boat's going again!"

"Something's happening."

"Happening, yeah."

"A quarte!"

"A trump!"

"A trump!"

"Make space!"

"Go away!"

"Leave me be, I am fine!"

"Fine, not fine..."

"...whatever has to be done."

"There is a procedure, comrade."

"There might be, but there isn't-"

"Understand, I am fine!"

"'He is fine', quiet! Look at him."

"I am telling you-"

"Leave me be, I am fine!"

"Leave me be, I am talking to you!"


"Get this away!"

"Get it awa-"


"Tell him to get it away!"


"Has anybody taken a camera?"

"Has anybody taken a camera?"

"Come on! His relatives can come."

"I am fine, understand, nothing's wrong!"

"The camera is gone, Uncle Mancho!"

"Did you see-"

"It was on my neck when I jumped to save you!"

"Has anybody taken a camera?"

"Has anybody taken a camera?"

"Come comrade, sit! They stole a camera from our dimwit!"

"So, two..."

"Let's go."

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-"


"Eight and a half!"

"Eleven seconds."


"But it doesn't have film. I couldn't fine coloured."

"Whatever. Doesn't matter."

"Mine didn't have a flim either."

"What do you mean 'didn't have'!?"

"Just like that, it didn't have."

"I forgot to take from Sofia and I couldn't fine here either."

"But the instructor said I can practice with an empty one."

"I did it for Kircho."

"But you, 'Click it!' and 'Click it!'..."

"And I clicked a 1000 times..."

"There isn't such a film..."

"Attention! I am shooting!"

Director: Dimityr Petrov

Script: Brothers Mormarevi

Cameraman: Krum Krumov

Artist: Konstantin Rusakov

Music: Petyr Stupel
Sound: Nikolai Popov

Editor: Svoboda Bychvarova

Montage: Lyuba Petrova

Makeup: Julia Nasheva

Photography: Todor Kostov