S.W.A.T. (2003) - full transcript

Based off of a one time T.V. show, two Los Angeles S.W.A.T. officers Jim Street and Brian Gamble were sent in to foil an extremely violent bank robbery. Although they thwarted the robbery, they shot a hostage in the process. Street was suspended from S.W.A.T. while Gamble was fired altogether. After 6 months, a veteran S.W.A.T. officer, Daniel Harrelson or "Hondo", is told to assemble a S.W.A.T. team for his division. He chooses other S.W.A.T. officers as well as 3 rookies. However, after they pass the S.W.A.T. training, they receive a message that a French crime boss, known as Alex Montell is trying to escape from prison. This will not be easy to prevent, especially after Montell promises $100 Million to his rescuers.

Unit 40 requesting assistance.

We have a possible
211 in progress

at the Valley Trust Bank,
Boyle and Kittridge.

We have shots fired.

All units,
officer needs assistance.

Boyle, north of Kittridge,
at the Valley Trust Bank.

Shots have been fired.

We're going to need some
type of heavy-duty vehicle to do this

because we are all pinned
down by automatic gunfire.

15-L-10, advise.

You need some kind of heavy-duty
machinery to get the officer up.

got automatic weapons.

There's nothing we have
that can stop them.

Shots being fired!
Shots being fired!

Suspects heavily
armed and wearing body armor.

Officer down!
Officer down!

Requesting SWAT.
Code 3.

I'm killing whoever moves!

You move, I'm killing you!

What are you looking at, huh?
What are you looking at?

SWAT's just arrived.

We're 30 seconds out, boys.

All right.

Let's rock 'n' roll.

This is a table.

We have four cameras
over the tellers.

Do we have a visual?

We cut their phones?
Yes, sir.

As soon as you get tapped
in, let me have it.

10-David standing by,
position three.

Suspect's trying to get
in the driver-side door.

Do not let them get mobile.

He's down.

God damn it!

Grab somebody. Grab somebody
and bring them up here!

Get up.

I said get up!

Let's throw a body out there and
tell them we mean business.

Street, 10-David. The
storeroom is clear, almost to the lobby.

Shut up!

10-David to Street.
Hold your position.

10-David wants us to hold.

God damn it!
God damn it!

We hold, they die.

I guess we're not holding.

I swear to God,
I'm going to kill somebody!

Take a headshot.

They just capped Eddie!

How the hell are we going
to get out of here?

Shut up!
I'm thinking!

to all units.

We are sending in
a secure phone.

Stop whining! I'll put
a bullet in your head!

Shut up.

What are they doing?

This is Rick from the LAPD.

Can you hear me okay?

10-David to Street.
Hold your position.

CNT has him on the phone.

10-David to
the one-four corner.

Confirm that you
have containment.

Roger, we're holding
on the one-four corner.

to all units.

Confirm that you're holding.

we're holding top of stairwell.

Shut up.

Gamble, Street,
where the hell are you?

Why aren't you responding?

Let's be cool, now.
Calm down.

I'm controlling this
situation, you understand me?

We need to go!

No, please.

Help me.

Gamble, Street. Why aren't
you responding? Now!

Kill that bitch
and throw her out front!

Get that guy off our fence!

I said
to kill that bitch

and throw her out front!

I'm on TV!

Street, 10-David.
Lobby is clear.

Two suspects are neutralized.

I need an RA unit for a
gunshot wound to a hostage.

You're going to be fine, ma'am.

Ambulance is on the way.

Got them, right?


She'll be okay?

I'm not a doctor.

You're going to be fine.
You're going to be fine.

Mmm-mmm, mmm.

Boss is going to tear you
guys a new one, huh?

Same place he did the last
time, time before that...

Good luck.

I don't care what they say.

You guys were heroes out there.

That was some
cocky shit out there.

You know how
to play this, right?

That woman is alive
because of what we did.

Yeah, alive and suing
the city for millions.

Chief says if he's going to
pay, somebody else does too,

and it sure as hell
isn't going to be me.

Come on, Fuller.
We get two seconds to make...

Captain Fuller.

Captain Fuller, we get
two seconds to make a decision.

You get two months to sit
there and tear it apart.

SWAT means
"Special Weapons and Tactics."

Where were your
tactics out there?

Saving a woman
from getting shot.

That's where our tactics were.

Every cop in this department
knows we did the right thing.

Sometimes doing the right thing
isn't doing the right thing.

What the hell does that mean?


You disobeyed a direct order.
End of story.

You're both off SWAT.

Captain... They're two
of our best officers.

Well, I'm not sticking them back in
the field after a stunt like that.

Sorry. I didn't know that saving
lives was a goddamn stunt.

Hey, you've got a big mouth,

and apparently, you're
quick on the trigger,

and that is why
your ass is in a sling.

Captain Fuller, if
you're going to put them off SWAT,

at least keep them
in the division.

Give them a shot
at getting back.

Fine. Stick them in the gun cage.
Get them out of my sight.

Gun cage?

This is total bullshit.

I said, "This is bullshit."

Yeah, really.

You should consider
yourself lucky

Lieutenant Velasquez
is standing up for you.

Yeah, I'm lucky I don't have to
work for an asshole like you...

That's it!
You're out of here, Gamble!

You're gone!

Get out of here. What the
hell's the matter with you?


You stay.


Give us a minute.

Please, sit down, hmm?

I'll stand.

Look, Jim,

we both know that Gamble
is a bad influence

on the rest of the team.

Gamble's a good cop.

Unlike him, you still have
a chance at a future here.

You go on record
that Gamble acted recklessly

and that you had no choice
but to follow your partner in

after he disobeyed orders,

and I will make sure that you are
back on SWAT tomorrow morning.

Let's get the hell
out of here, huh?

I need a cocktail.

I'm staying.

You're what? What?

After that?

Couple months, Fuller will find
some new asses to chew out.

We'll be back on the team.

Fuller is the cockroach
of this department, brother.

He's not going to give
us any second chance.

What are you going to do, huh?

Piss away all the hard work
you did to get here?

Piss what away, Jimmy?

The cage?

Come on, man.

We're better than that,
and you know it.

You going to come with me?


A real partner wouldn't
have to ask that, would he?

A real partner would step up
to what he did in the bank.

I saved the hostage.

You disobeyed the hold.
No, I saved that hostage.

You disobeyed the hold!

You made the decision yourself,

and you shot a hostage.

Jesus, Brian!


You sound a lot like Fuller.

Is that what you two were
talking about in there?

Did you rat me out?

Did you cut a deal to get
back on the team, Jimmy?

Did I cut a deal?
Yeah, did you?

How many times have I covered up
for one of your goddamn stunts?

That's what a partner's
supposed to do.

You just picked a paycheck
over me, bro.

You just picked yourself
over everything else.

You want to stay here
and be Fuller's bitch,

you go right ahead.
I can't do it.

Can't do it.

Damn it. God damn it.
God damn it, Jim!

Partners for five years.

This is how you want to end it.


I didn't end it.

You sold me out to the brass.

You know I never realized till
now how full of shit you are.

Fuck you

and SWAT.

* Shattered

* Shattered

* Love and hope
and sex and dreams

* Are still surviving
On the streets

* Look at me I'm in tatters

* I've been shattered

* Shattered

* Friends are so alarming
My lover's never charming

* Life's just a cocktail party
On the street

* Big apple

* People dressed in plastic
bags Directing traffic... *

You're a little too
attached to that soda, Gus.

Love that stuff.

The wife would have my behind

if she busted me
sucking that down.

Why, is she
a Mr. Pibb fan?

You know the deal, Jim.

When we got married, I
converted to Mormonism.

We can't consume anything that
alters our state of mind.

We treat our bodies
with respect.

And I treat mine
like an amusement park.

It's the differences
that make this country great.

Need them cleaned
by the morning, boys.

You were supposed to have
your gear in a half-hour ago.

What, your boy going
to report me to the captain?

Just for thinking you look
good in that mustache.

Your mom seems
to like it, though.

So does your sister.

Hey, Sarge.
Welcome back!

Look who's back.

Welcome back, Sarge.

What's up, Hondo?

Hey, Sarge.


What do you need?

Sergeant Hondo?
You're back.

Well, you know
what they say, Gus.

You're either SWAT
or you're not.

Yes, sir.
What can I do for you?

Oh, just a tune-up,

but please,
don't touch my sights,

and I made some modifications...

To the trigger too.

And you are?

Jim Street.


Yeah, we'll leave them intact.

I need that back by tomorrow.

Can do, Sergeant.

Good to see you.
Good seeing you.

Gosh, Gus, is that a woody?

Heck, yeah. That's Hondo.
He's old-school SWAT.

The gold standard
of ass-kicking.

Sorry, butt-kicking.

I guess he's back.

I guess he is.

A week-long series,
attacking us top to bottom.

And it's all
SWAT's fault, right?

No, the Chief's been pretty
fair about blaming everyone.

He does want these
bad headlines to end.

He wants the old warhorses
to help restore the luster.


I know
you ain't talking about me.

You've got to shake off that
three-year rust from Rampart,

because I'm throwing you
in the shit right away.

Sooner the better.

I want you to put together a young,
kick-ass element for me, Dan.

You select them. You train them.
You mold them.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I know you're not talking
about giving me five pups

fresh out of the gate, are you?

Because I didn't
come back to wipe noses.

Hell, no.

Now, you worked with T.J.
and Boxer at Southwest.

You're up for
supervising them here?

That's a start.

Now, all you have to do

is find three fresh ones.

Only catch is Fuller has
to approve the three.

What did Captain Fuller
have to say

when he heard the Chief
was bringing me back?

Hasn't stopped swearing since.

What's your brother's
truck doing outside?

We're having a garage
sale I don't know about?

You weren't supposed
to be home for an hour.

Sorry to screw up your getaway.

Look, let's not make
this a thing, okay?

We both knew it was coming.

It's not like we were in
this to get married, right?


You've changed since...

Well, people change.

Look, when it was good,
it was great, right?

That means something.

Yeah, thanks.

Damn it!
Hey! Hey!

I'm going to throw
this thing out.

You do and you die.

Every SWAT team in the world's
going to have one someday.

It's 50 pounds of scrap metal.

All right.

Say you've got some crazy
suspect barricaded in a house.

All right.

Just chain this
to the back of a truck,

shove this end
right through the wall...

These rods spring out
like fishhooks.

Your partner guns the truck,

takes the whole wall with him.

And we waltz right in and
surprise the bad guy, right?


I call it
"The Key to the City."

Patent pending.

Is that right?


Let me get your M4.


You took the rattle
out of the receiver.

Yeah, new buffer,

new gas rings,
cleaned the gas tube.

I'm surprised
you didn't starch the sling.

If you want me to show you
how to shoot it,

I'm here all week,
9:00 to 5:00.

Shooters, on the line!
Stand by!


Put them on safe and holster.

No roll, Hondo?

How do you know I didn't?

You didn't, did you?

They only roll in John Woo
movies, not real life.

All right.

Here's the winner.

There's a few people
that I would like to thank.

My fellow SWAT officers,
all of you,

thank you for believing in me when
the bosses didn't give me a chance.

Oh. Yeah, that's why
you're the marksman,

and I'm the guy who
tells you who to shoot.

Here you go. I've got you
covered since I let you down.

Tell you what.
I've got a hundred here

that says that guy
can kick your ass.

Are you kidding me, Hondo?
Come on. He's our gun bunny.

Oh, well,
let's make it 200, then.


A couple more lap dances
for me tonight.

Want a piece of this?


Don't look so worried.


Want to make some extra money?

Hey, don't forget
to take your safety off.

Street, you'd better get
your game face on.

Don't beat him so badly I can't
get a rematch, all right?

I won't make any promises.

It's my money, man.

on the line!

Stand by!


Put them on safe!

Here's your winner.



I won, baby.

Yeah, yeah.
Passport, please. Sir?



Merci beaucoup.


You have anything to declare?

I don't know how you
got this through De Gaulle.

You can't bring this
through the airport.

Qu'est-ce que c'est la knife
avec la suitcase?

Um, for luck, luck.

Gift from my father.
Not dangerous.

Mail it home.

Mail it home.

Okay, okay. Merci.

Hey, Gus.

Isn't that eternal damnation
you're chowing down there?

You can't tell Michelle.

Isn't she going to smell
the fries on your breath?

That's why God
invented mouthwash.

She'll never know.

Gus, you're cheating on
your wife with fast food.

You're right.
You're absolutely right.

Street, you have
a driver's license?

Got a library card.

It's good enough.

So get your uniform on.
You're driving me today.

Come on.

Did you get
my return ticket and papers?

Flight leaves tonight
at midnight.

No one knows I'm here?

Just me.

Where do you want to go?

It's my uncle's birthday.

I want to surprise him.

If you want me to come by
and mow your lawn later,

I'm available, Sergeant.

I'll keep that in mind.
Call me Hondo.

I was a Marine, Did two
years in 'Nam, recon unit.

Spent the next four
teaching combat survival.

You serve?


Navy SEALs, right?

That's what my file says.

So what did you do for them?

Besides rescue Marines
when they got lost?

You sniper detail,
amphibious assault, what?

My boat-crew leader
always said

if anyone knew what we did,
we'd failed.

That's fair enough.

So where are we going, Hondo?

What say we go see what the weather's
like over in South Central?

Tell us where your boyfriend is.

Look, I don't speak Spanish!

Tell me where your boyfriend is!

You're not helping him any!

You're not...

Somebody here
going to get locked up.

R-61-15 in foot pursuit.

Suspect headed south,
west of Defiance.

One black male in Lakers purple.


Repeat! One black
male in Lakers purple.

That's our guy talking.
Where's he at?

What the hell you doing,
Navy SEAL?

Oh, hell, yeah!
Get on, baby, get on!

Come on!


Hey, wait!

Damn, that looked like some Oakland
Raiders Jack Tatum action there.

What you know about Jack Tatum?
Get out of here.

Turn your ass over.

Put your hands behind your back.

Name's Hondo.

I don't give a damn
what your name is.

I could've caught him on my own.

If you like hard work,
long hours,

and getting dirty for low pay,

I got an opening on my SWAT team.
Ooh, man.

Shut up!

I don't mind that at all.

Pack your bags. You're
coming to SWAT school.

SWAT school?

Shut up! Don't talk
too much. Shut up.

Don't y'all got
nothing better to do

than be hauling another
black man off to jail?

Just perpetuating
the cycle, ain't you?

We'll see how liberal you are
when he's breaking in your place.

"Uh-huh," my ass.

Sure you don't want
to sit in the back?

I could wear a little cap.

I like the view from up here.

The cap thing is
a nice touch, though.

Officer Burress,
Southwest Division.

So your test scores
are off the chart,

and you've got
all the right references.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Can I get a hot dog
with everything

and a ginger ale, please?

Hot dog with everything
and ginger ale. Street?


Well, I will have
a soy dog, please,

on a whole-wheat bun,
plain, and a...

A tomato juice,
if you've got it.

Thank you.

I'm a vegetarian.

I'm a bit curious. Um...

You've been a cop six years,

and you've never had a civilian
complaint against you?

Well, I try to be courteous
and professional

with everyone I encounter.

Well, the thing is, Dave...


Right, David.
Um, here's the thing.

There may come a time in SWAT

when you've got to get a little
dirty behind a street bust.

Do you know what I'm saying?


How the hell can I trust a man

who won't eat a good
old-fashioned American hot dog?

And he's a vegetarian.

I'm looking for
an injured officer.

Name is Sanchez, Chris Sanchez.

Room five, in the corner.

Thank you.

Hey, what do you need, Sarge?

You're Sanchez's partner?


Sanchez do that?


You help?
No, Sarge.

Reminds me of my third divorce.

Bad day, huh?

Kiss my ass, ese.

I'm starting to like
this Sanchez already.

He spent four years in Metro,

passed the SWAT quals
three times,

been rejected by Fuller
three times.

Might be a reason.

He's got a couple of beefs here.


I'm going to get the nurse
to clean and dress your wound.

Sorry, wrong room.

Who you looking for?

Chris Sanchez.

I'm Chris Sanchez.

You're Chris Sanchez?

Look, if you're
Internal Affairs,

that guy had double-edged
razor blades in his mouth.

I had to put him down hard.

I'm sick and tired
of these bullshit complaints

because some vato doesn't like
getting thrown to the pavement

by a woman.

I look like
I.A.D. to you?

Who are you?

Wait, now, that guy had
about 100 pounds on you.

All brawn, no brains.

You didn't answer my question.

So you still want to work SWAT?

No, I just enjoy applying
all the time.

Gas it up.
Return it.

Am I looking at another
day of chauffeur duty?

Team's almost filled.

Not that it hasn't been fun.

Well, I do have one more spot.

Can you think of anybody
I might have overlooked?

Is this a game
or a test, Sergeant?

Could be a bit of both.

Yeah, I'm a little
old for games.

All right.

So how'd you like
to be back on SWAT?

It's not going to happen.

So why you hanging
around the cage, then?

It's a job.

And SWAT's a calling.

Anybody around you
for five minutes

can tell you've still
got the bug.

All you've got to do is say yes.

It's not up to me or you.
I've got a history here.

Yeah, let's talk about that.

I heard some rumors about
you and your old partner.

Did you give him up
in Fuller's office?

Because, you know, team members
got to trust each other.


I'm not on your team...

And no, I didn't give him up.

You've been in that cage
six months,

shining boots
and fixing weapons,

waiting for a second chance.

I've got one,

and I'm offering it to you.

Fuller will never
sign off on it.

You let me deal with that
paper-pushing punk.

I want you on my team.

Let me tell you.
It's the sauce.

If you don't have
the right sauce,

what do you got?
You know?

Now, my mother,
she used to make sauce.

Now you go into the store,

and you buy it
in a jar or in a can...




Nobody told me you were coming.
When did you get here?


Happy birthday, Uncle.

Come on, sit down.

Sit. Bring some
champagne, huh?

Sit, eat.

The chief's making me
take you back.

He's concerned about losing all his
best officers to other cities.

He thinks I'm one of
his best officers?

But he's given me
complete oversight,

and trust me, you've got
no room for error.

So I will give you
Boxer, T.J. McCabe,

and this new guy, Deacon Kaye.

I'm going to have to pass
the other two.

Sanchez is a woman,
and Street...

Well, Street's on my shit list.

Hey, I'm on your shit list
too, and I'm the team leader.

You work for me now,
and it's my team to choose.

With all due respect, Captain,

other leaders
get to pick their teams.

And you can too.
Just pick two new people.


Just give me the team I ask for.

You can even call it
your "shit list team."

That way,
if anything goes wrong,

you can put all the blame on me.

It'd be just like old times.

Okay. Okay,
you've got your team,

but when you fail, and
you probably will fail,

Sanchez goes back to traffic,

and you and your boy
Street are plain gone.

No, not just off SWAT,

off the force.
You feel me?

Oh, yeah, I feel you.

Okay, I'm leaving now.

No, don't go.

I have wine and cognac
from home. Come on.

I must go.
I have a flight to catch.

Oh, catch another flight.

Let me introduce you to Monica.

You like this knife?

This is my father's knife.
He gave it to me.

It's a beautiful knife,
and she's a beautiful woman.

Now, why don't you stay,
have a good time,

and go back tomorrow?

Listen, I'm running
the business now.

I'm the new boss.

Don't joke with me, Alex,

and don't ever forget, your
father's running the business.

No, I retired him.

He never spoke of that to me.

That's because
he can't speak anymore.

You put your hand
in my father's pocket...

Not in mine.

If you take my money,
I'll take your life.


Pas de probleme.

Mail it to me.

* Nothing ever stops
all these thoughts

* And the pain attached to them

* Sometimes I wonder
why this is happening

* It's like nothing I can do
will distract me

* When I think of how

* I shot myself
in the back again

* It never goes away
It never goes away

* And now

* You've become a part of me

* You'll always be right here

* You've become a part of me

* You'll always be my fear

* I can't separate

* Myself from what I've done

* Giving up a part of me

* I've let myself become you

* You, you

Good evening.

Sir, may I see your
license, registration,

and proof of insurance?

I'm a tourist, you know,
I'm visiting the U.S.

I have my passport if you want.

Let me see it.

Whose car is this?

It belongs to
my uncle. Why?

You've got a left taillight out.

Hi. This is
Bridget the Midget,

and we're out here
in front of the Key Club

on Sunset
in beautiful Hollywood.

I just wonder how it is
you can get inside of there.

we're on Sunset Boulevard,

where anything could happen,
especially police harassment.

Hey, you guys, you're all pigs!

Is your uncle's name
Martin Gascoigne?

Yeah, so we're okay?

There's an arrest warrant
in that name,

and I have to detain you until
we can verify who you are.

Sir, please step out
of the vehicle.

You're here awful early.

Traffic was lighter than usual.

Streets must've been
damn near empty.

Ali's his sister.

And I called bottoms
on the last one I won.

Now, you called bottoms, but
that's not what you got.

Yo, dawg, what's up?
What's happening, man?



So, what did you do
to my sister?


That's not what I heard.

I mean, that's not the
word on the street.

She's... She's all
broken up over you.

Don't know why.
She left me.

Dumped. A case of the crabs
will do that to a woman.

Is there something about
this team I need to know?

What I want to know is
what an asshole like you

did to my little sister
to make her leave.

She's 28, all right?

And trust me,
she's not so little.

Trust you?
Ooh, no, you didn't.

How's your last partner doing?

He trust you too?

Hey, you want to talk
about this now?

You're going to
tell me about it?

Street, Street, Street, Street.

Hey, Street!

You want to talk about it?

Come here, come here.

Don't talk about
what you don't...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

It's not worth it.

Who else you going to narc on?

Who are you?

Who the hell are you?

I guess you're not the prettiest
one here anymore, huh, T.J.?

Well, sounds like you've
all gotten acquainted.

Let's get started.

I'll make this simple.

LAPD SWAT is the most
honored, most respected,

and most professional police
division in the world.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

* You jump
in front of my car when you

* You know all the time that

* Ninety miles an hour, girl,
is the speed I drive

* You tell me it's all right

* You don't mind a little pain

Police! Police!

* Take you for a drive

* I'm not the only soul

* Who's accused of hit and run

That ain't going to get it.

* I can see you had your fun

* But, darlin', can't you see

* My signals turn
from green to red



* You're just like
* Crosstown traffic

* So hard to get through to you

* Crosstown traffic * I
don't need to run over you

* Crosstown traffic * All
you do is slow me down

* And I got better things
on the other side of town


* Yeah, yeah Crosstown traffic *

Oh, oh, man.

That sucked.

What's up, Sanchez?

When you're done
with that one,

I've got another one for you.

T.J.'s sitting on two pair,
looking for the boat.

Got it.

Street, you've got three aces.

Need one
to take T.J. out.

Winner, winner, winner!

All right, Deke. Let's
see what you've got.

10 of spades.

Spade flush.
Not good enough.

Hondo, isn't that
a straight flush?

Hold the phone.

Six, seven, eight, nine,

10 of spades!
Straight flush.


Beats four aces
in Compton any day.

I think it works
in Orange County too.

Sure you're right.
Good work, guys.

Police! Police!


Clear. Let's go.

That's right.

SWAT is a life-saving organization,
not a life-taking one.

That's why the FBI and Secret
Service come here to train with us.

Smooth, Deke.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I guess if I was deaf, I
wouldn't know you were here,

but while you're laughing, there's
lots of people that want us to fail.

Get it right.



Suspect, put your hands on your
head and come out. Come out!

Come out!

Come out now!

Turn around.

Down, get down.


Yeah. Outstanding, guys.

Huh? Huh?

You feel that?

The team's going out
for beers later.

I'm buying.

I'll take mine after we pass.

Well, Fuller's definitely
going to try and hose us.

Good. I'd hate
to break a sweat

just for a first-round

Hey, we've got a big day
tomorrow. Save some.

I've got plenty.

I'm depending on you to get
these guys through this.

I'll cover my end.

Can I ask you something?

Yeah, go for it.

Why'd you pick me?

To piss off the captain.

All right,
here's the scenario.

There are six hijackers armed
with handguns and knives

in control of that plane.

They've already
killed one hostage

and are threatening
to kill the others

unless they get a pilot
and fuel within the hour.

There'll be SWAT officers
disguised as hostages.

Other SWAT officers will be
playing the roles of terrorists,

and they will be
trying to kill you.

Staff sergeants
will be grading us.

Couldn't give us
the bus, huh, Hondo?

They always give us
the goddamn bus.

It sounds like Fuller's
really got it in for us.

You think?

Another thing.

There are two
dynamic entry points.

One here beneath
the front landing gear,

one back here by the
baggage compartment.

I'm sure Fuller's got surprises
at both those entrances.

We get bogged down
anywhere, we fail.

Any ideas?

There's another way in, Hondo.

There's an elevator shaft here

where they bring in
the service carts,

and there's a mechanic's
access right here.

Man, that's going
to be tight as hell.

Yeah. How many men
can we fit in there?

Men? None.

All right.
Work this out.

Get in there and
break Fuller's heart.

What do we got?

Toy guns.

Toy guns, sir, toy guns.

Let's do this.
All right.

Shame you're not playing
one of the terrorists.

I'm supposed to
be in first class.

We've got
camera three going up?

Three is set.

Checked it on the monitor.

Are you ready?
Oh, yeah.

Okay, let's see
what they've got.

Ready on three.

* Gather 'round

* Love, baby, yeah

* Gather 'round, come on

* Love, baby, yeah

* Listen up,
we got a lot to learn

* Yeah

* Number one Time is running out

* Number two Time is running out

* Number three
Time is running out

* Number four
Let it all hang out

* Check it out

* Stay cool

* Stay fly

* Yeah

* Number one Time is running out

* Number two Time is running out

* Number three
Time is running out

* Number four
Time is running out *

How did you know
about this place?

I've known a few stewardesses.

Just a few?

Stand by.
We've got a device.

Same here.



Here we go.




Boxer, one down.



I got one down.

I got one.

Sanchez, one down.

That's five.

There's one more, guys.

There's a sleeper.
Come on.

Come on.

That'll be six.



10-David, this is 70-David.
We are Code 4, all clear.

Oh, yeah.

Wow. Is that
a new course record?

All right.

Good job, guys.


Please, please, Pop.

Yo, Sanchez.
I'm in SWAT now.

Yo, Deke.

Deke, is that you, man?

Oh, my God, Deke.

Tell me that ain't you.

You were a serious
butterball, bro.

That's all in the past.

I ate here every day,
worked here every summer.

I ended up looking
like Fat Albert.

I'm cool. Eating right
has me looking like this.

Man, put that away.

Hey, put that away.

Put another in for me.

Hey, yeah, break out your money.

Give me that change.

Ooh, whoa-oh, hey.

Ah, so you're celebrating
without me, huh?

Mr. Kaye,
you are the master.

Like son,
like father, right, Dad?

That was one kick-ass
display today.

That's what
I'm talking about.

All right, but let's
remember one thing.

If that was a real
operation and not a test,

one of us would be
calling T.J.'s family,

trying to explain
what went wrong today.

One casualty may be acceptable
by department standards,

never acceptable by mine.

We're clear on that?

Got you.

Yes, sir.

All right. Well, let's
continue celebrating tonight,

but tomorrow, we're SWAT.


I love you too.

Homeland security, my ass.
They can't keep me like this.

I've been patient,
day after day,

so tell me, what's going on?

This is the problem.

Your prints
do not match your ID,

so they're running another check right
now through the FBI and Interpol.

Interpol, shit.
Get me out of here.

I'm doing everything I can.

Do more. This is easy.
Who do we have to pay?

You can't solve this problem
by throwing money at it.

Then who do we have to kill?

Come on,
guys, it's only 11:00.

I got a babysitter for the
first time in three months.

We've been up
since 4:00.

That's weak.

If I get home by midnight,
I might get me some.


I get home before midnight,
I'm finding some.

Sorry, babe.

Boxer? Hey, I know I'm
not getting some.

If I don't get home soon,
my wife's gonna freak.

You guys suck.

You know how hard it is
to find a babysitter?

Yo, Street.

Did you pass?


Awesome. This first
round's on the house.

Thanks, darling.

Anything but tequila, please.



We did good today, huh?


What's it like,

the real thing?

It's faster.

It's a lot faster.

You know that guy?

Used to.
Aw, fuck.


See you.

It's all yours, man.


How you doing?
Oh, man, I am good.

Heard they took you back.


This your girlfriend?

No. No, she's SWAT.

She wha... She's...

What... This... This is
what it's come down to?

Busting down doors
with J.Lo?

You know, I didn't know that
they made bulletproof bras.

Is it just me, but you
know, I didn't know that.

What they need to make
are bulletproof condoms

big enough to fit your big head.


Oh, nice.
Good, I like it.

This your girlfriend? Cute.

No, but you can be my bitch.


No, man, leave it alone.

Here we go.
Leave it alone.

Hey, how are you?

I'm good.

Put it on my tab?


Hey, glad to see all that
butt-kissing's really paid off.

Say hi to Fuller for me.


You should've let me
kick his ass.

I just saved yours.

So you and this guy Gamble
were partners, huh?

So how long you got
the babysitter for?

Just because
I bought you a drink

doesn't mean
you get laid tonight.

So what
does two drinks mean?

Do you want to come
over to my house?

That was easy.

It's my kid's birthday
party tomorrow.


Uh, kids, birthday parties...

I'm hosting a Tupperware
party tomorrow.

You, Tupperware?

Yeah, seals in the freshness.

Party's completely booked,
otherwise I'd invite you.

Tomorrow, noon.

Central, open South Sally port.

All right, gentlemen,
take a seat.

You may have won the battle,
but you lost the war!

Dad, can I have
some of this?

Yeah, go ahead, get it.

Can I have this too?

Whatever you want. Get it,
get it, get it, get it.

Look at that.

A cop who drinks
French champagne, huh?

That is just


I may work in the mud,

but I certainly like to
play up in the clouds.

I thought you said
you'd fix the sink.

This is
Lieutenant Harrelson,

Olympic SWAT commander.

This is top priority.
Patch me through

to all black-and-whites
in the area...

I've got to go.

Kids, come on, come on.
It's time to ruin Mommy's day.


But you killed
in the soccer game.

Baby, I have to go play
cops and robbers.



I love you.
You too.

Hey, guys.

The reason we are gathered on our
God-given much-needed day of rest

is we have a Polish hostage.

So what if he's Polish?

No, no, no.
Means he's one of those

"Anybody comes in, I'll blow
my head off" type of guy.

Negotiations aren't going well.

They think he's off his meds.

We've been lobbing gas,

and this guy's still
smoking cigarettes,

popping off shotgun rounds
out the front door.

I want a limo, a 12-pack,

and clove cigarettes!

I say we go in the back,
hard, with shields.

Negative. Guy says
he has all the doors

and windows wired
with high explosives.

Come on, Greg.

Look, Dan, you wrote the book.
I just read it.

Any suggestions?

I've got an idea.


It's the damn robot aliens.

Down! Down!

Get down!

Down! Get down!


Put your hands behind your back.

Stay down.

You know what?
I think he might be Polish.


Like opening
a can of sardines.

It works.

Drop Fruit of the Loomski
in the A-car.

Damn, man. You need to
be selling that shit on eBay.

I only got one.

Split the profits

Corner the market. Break
them down like a shotgun.

"The Polish Penetrator."

Hold on, sports fans.

I just got a call
from Sheriff's.

It seems we've been holding
a high-priority international

and didn't even know it.

They want us as escorts?

You're my new favorite crew.

Just get the prisoner
to the headquarters.

This is 9-Tom King,

transporting inmates
to Superior.

We've got a black-and-white
signaling pullover.

Roger that.
What's your 10-20?

Hollywood and Wilcox.

9-Tom King, stand by while we
identify the black-and-white.


9-Tom King,
there is a problem

with one of your transports.

The unit signaling is probably
providing interception.

Can you read his patrol number?

Negative. It's an LAPD

Stand by while we confirm.

9-Tom King,
this is 70-David.

What's your location?

9-Tom King, do you copy?

What about me, boss?

Let's go.
Get these off.

9-Tom King,
there is a problem.

9-Tom King, do you copy?

There it is, on the right.

9-Tom King,
do you copy?

This is 70-David.

We're Code 6 with the bus
at Hollywood and Wilcox.

114, this is 70-David.

We're Code 4.

114, this is 70-David.

We're Code 6
at Hollywood and Wilcox.

Get out of the way! Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!

Out of the car!
Get out of the car!

Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!

Down! Down!

Get out of the car! HONDO:
Put your hands on your head!

Freeze! Put your
hands on your head!

Hands up!

Hollywood, huh?

On the ground.

On the ground!

Hey! Do not move!

Do not move!

Move again.

Drama in
Hollywood today.

An explosive and
deadly day in Hollywood

as a gun battle erupted
between armed suspects

and members of LAPD's
elite SWAT unit.

Details are still sketchy,

but sources tell us
there were fatalities,

including two Los Angeles
County Sheriff's deputies.

At approximately 1:45 p.m. today,
a Sheriff's Department bus

was assaulted by two
suspects armed with AK-47s

in an attempt to break out
a jailed detainee.

We are awaiting
the arrival of Alex Montel,

the international fugitive

wanted in over
a dozen countries.

Montel is wanted on
Interpol warrants

by more than 10 national
governments, including our own,

in relationship to
charges of arms dealing,

drug trafficking, extortion,
smuggling, kidnapping,

and over two dozen murders.

Domestic and
foreign law enforcement agencies

are already jockeying
to interrogate the man

one high-level White House aide
has dubbed simply "The Catch."

I will give $100 million to
whoever gets me out of here!

Let's go.

$100 million!

The family's
legitimate business

throughout Europe
and the Middle East

are rumored to be fronts for their
criminal activity throughout the world.

The family fortune
is estimated to be

in the high
hundreds of millions,

if not billions, of dollars.

I will give $100 million to
whoever gets me out of here!

100 million sound good to me.

Hell, yeah.

Are we hot? We rolling?

We have limited footage of the
dramatic events this afternoon.

$100 million to whoever
gets me out of here.

The family's fortune is estimated
in the billions of dollars.

An offer of $100 million...

Who does this guy
think he is, huh?

$100 million...

Hey, ese, are you for
real or what, homes?

Huh? Hey, I'm talking
to you, ese.

We've been looking
for this punk a long time.

Busted taillight brings him down?
That's amazing.

The plan is to
have you escort him

to a federal prison
out in the desert.

You may want to have press
photographers meet us at the facility,

soon as my boys hand him over.

It's a hell of a story, huh?

Yeah, we'll pass that request
up the ladder to D.C.


Gentlemen, at 1300 hours,

an LAPD helicopter will arrive
to transport the defendant.

Until we get him inside a federal
facility, he's our baby.

Sergeant Howard, your
team's got the high ground.

Yes, sir.

Sergeant Hondo, your boys
are going to provide

close-proximity protection
for the prisoner. Copy that.

Sergeant Yamoto,

you're going to set up a
perimeter around Parker Center.

I'm on it.

Piece of cake.

Roger, 10-David.
We're coming out.

Okay, guys, let's get
this frog in the bird.

What's $100
million six ways, Box?


Man, I'd have floor
seats at the Lakers,

put my kids through college,

hire Halle Berry
as my yoga instructor.

Match engine power.
RPMs match.

Gear down now.


We've been hit!
We've been hit!

Shots fired. Shots fired.

Anybody see where it came from?

They hit second engine.
We are going down.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
We're going down!


Everybody okay?

T.J., Sanchez, take the suspect.
Move! Move!

Let's go! Let's go!

70-David to 114.
We're coming in.

Come here.
Hey, hey, hey!

Jim! Jim! Street!

Keep it together, buddy.

Keep it together.
Keep it together.


Knock it off. We don't have
time for your personal shit.

Move him out.
Let's move!

Let's go. Move!

You tell them
we're under goddamn attack!

airship is down.

How do you want us to
proceed at this point?

What the hell happened?

Somebody shot our bird down.

No shit. How?

My guess is big-bore rifle,
probably .50 caliber.

Somebody who knows
how to use it.

We're at a whole
new level here, Captain.

So where the hell
is the shooter, huh?

I want this asshole
out of here, now.

The best bet's to
keep him on lockdown

till we figure out
who we're dealing with, sir.

Captain Fuller?

I've got the chief of police
on the phone for you.

So now we're talking
about my ass.

You draw up a plan,
you execute it,

and do not screw this up.

Have it transferred
to my office.

Can't believe how much grief

that frog's $100 million
offer's bringing us.

You guys ready? You know
what you've got to do?

Yes, sir.

Where's T.J.?

I'm right here, Hondo.

Sorry, man.

Had some bad Thai food last night.
It's not sitting well with me.

So you
good to go, or what?

No, I'm good now.

Let's go make the captain
look like a hero.

Be safe out there.

I'm headed to the bird.

All right, we're moving out.

Let's load them up!

Time to go.

Put that on.

Marry me! Marry me!

Marry me!


Come on!

Hey, come on, now. Get
out of the damn street!

Wait there.

Come on, now!

Alex, let's go!

Get down!

Get down now!

Get on the ground!


I don't know, talk to them.

Try to make it work.

Look, I've had enough problems

for one day, you know?

Hey, where's Mike?

Family emergency.

Just let me know if there's
anything you need.

All right. Just try to get us
there alive, for starters.

My sister's dating some new guy.


Yeah. I met him for the
first time the other night.

Good for her.

Not really. He's kind
of a knucklehead.

You should give her a call.

You know, if you want.

All right, yeah.
Maybe I will.

10-David to 70-David.

Word our motorcade has been hit.

Any damage?

Terry Fargas is dead.
Aw, damn.

We've got
two patrol officers

on the table at County.

What's your
location, 10-David?

Right on top of you.

That's good to know.


stay alert back there.

They're coming
out of the woodwork.

American greed.

Shut up.
So reliable.

Shut up!

Another officer's dead because
you shot your mouth off.

That's how I like cops.

Want to join him?


He knew the dangers, no?

That's why he signed up
to be a police officer.

Carry a gun in the Wild West.

Like you, cowboy.

Would you be sitting here if
this job wasn't dangerous?


killing him probably got
you 20 new recruits.

You should thank me.

Yeah, you're right.
I should.

Boxer, thank him
for me, will you?

Love to.

We are coming
up on Checkpoint One.

Roger, Hondo. I see it.

Making the turn
at Checkpoint One.

Hardcore, Sanchez.

I'm watching
everyone's hands.

Empty hand, no weapon, I'm going
home to my little girl, Deke.

I'm going home to my brats too.

We are now
approaching Checkpoint Two.

T.J., relax, man.

Hondo transported the President
like this back in '96.

No one had a clue.

Hey, my friends.
I can double my offer.

66 million for each of you.

All you have to do is
let me go right here,

and don't worry.

I'll find my way home.

You got the cash?

Because we don't take a check.

Come on.
Be smart about this.

What do you make?

66,000 a year?

even with overtime.


Making the turn
at Checkpoint Two.

My view of Car Two
has been blocked.

T.J., what's happening?

I got a pedestrian
in the crosswalk, Hondo.

I'll be on your tail
in about 10 seconds.

Roger that.

Hands where I can see them, guys.
Come on.

T.J., what the hell
are you doing?

What the hell does it
look like I'm doing?

I'm taking Frenchie
here up on his offer.

Now, you guys just be smart.

Hands up, Box.
Come on.

Come on, hands up.
Hands up, Box.

Let's go. Let me see it.
Hands up! Let's go!

What the hell was that?

What the hell
was that, Brian?

He was going for his piece.
No, he wasn't!

I had it under control!

You didn't have to shoot him!

What do you say, Jimbo?
Want to be a cowboy?

T.J., Street, Boxer.

Car Two, respond.

We're catching up to you, Sarge.

We'll be there in about...
Officer down!

Seventh and Hope!

Flip a bitch.
Flipping a bitch.



Do you have a location on car number two?
Move! Move! Move!

Roger. Car Two is stopped
at Seventh and Hope.

Do me a favor.

Tell Fuller it was me
who pulled this off, yeah?

I'm not going to let you
get away with this, Gamble.

Well, you ain't got a
say in the matter, do you?

Suspects appear to
be wearing tactical clothing

and have automatic weapons.

T.J., don't do this!

I got an officer down! Officer down!
Seventh and Hope!

Suspects are entering the
Pershing Square MTA station.

Boxer! Boxer, hang in there!
Hang in there.

You okay? STREET: I'm all right.
Boxer got hit.

We're going to
need an ambulance!

Who did this?
It was Gamble.

Box! Get him up. Get him over!

It was T.J. and Gamble.
They've gone down the subway.

Let's go hunting.

I'm going to get the kit.

Take care of him.

Street, let's go!

This is 73-David.

I need an RA unit
as soon as possible

to the corner
of Hope and Seventh.

Officer down! I
repeat, officer down!

All right, T.
We're in.

Let's go.

Hit the juice, Grandpa.

Come on, Box.

Come on, come on, come on!

What do we got?

Gunshot wound
to the neck.


Come on! Let's go!

Oh... Oh...

Always one step behind.

This is 70-David
at Seventh and Hope.

Suspects are on eastbound
train number 507,

headed to Metro Center
at 7th and Figueroa.

Have the rail unit contact MTA

and shut down that train
at the next station.

Roger that, 70-David.

What are they gonna do, take the
subway all the way to Mexico?

Come on,
check for secondary wounds.

Deke, Sanchez.

Meet that train
at the next station.

73-David, we copy.

You'd better be good for it.

I assure you,
if anyone is, it's me.

I want you to set
up a perimeter.

Nobody comes in the station

and nobody gets off a train.

Yes, sir. You got it.

Rail unit,
this is 10-David.

I've got my men headed
to the Figueroa station.

Now, are you ready to stop that train?
Yes, sir.

Where the hell's this train?

Never made it.
Should've been here by now.

Sanchez to Hondo. The train
never made it to Figueroa.

Secure the station.
SWAT's got it.

Got people.

Hands up! Let me see your hands!


Hands. Hands!

Hands. Show me
your hands.


Where are they?

They said they were
going to kill me.

They're not coming back.

Down the shaft.

Where'd they go?

10-David, this is 70-David.

Suspects have entered what
appears to be a storm drain

approximately a quarter-mile
north of Metro Center.

Roger that, 70-David.

We'll deploy above ground

We're going in after them.

This shaft intersects
with the storm drain system.

They could pop
out of any manhole

within a five-mile radius.

How many manholes
are we talking about?

Six thousand.
Six thousand?

I can't cover 6,000...


I want you to put
that airship down

and give me a command post

at Sixth and Hope Street,

and give me a landline, Code 2.

to 10-David.

70-David to 10-David.

70-David to 114.
Do you read me?

70-David to 114.

Do you read me?

We got no reception down here.

Gamble wants us on an island...

He's got it.

Stay alert, guys.

They went this way.

We have
ID'd those suspects.

Great. Who are they?

Former Officer Gamble
and Officer T.J. McCabe.


As in Street's
ex-partner, Gamble?


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

There is some kind of
plan here, right?

your plan, Pumpkin.

We have got two SWAT-trained
guys leading this attack.

How do we know the rest of
the team isn't in on it?

Because I can vouch for Hondo.

You willing to bet
$100 million on that?


You've got to be shitting me.

If they're good, this is only
going to slow them down, T.J.

This was supposed to be
simple snatch and extract.

Boxer was a threat, T.J.

Boxer was my friend!
He was mine too.

Stop crying. You can
buy new friends.

Don't give me any more
reason to kill you.

What are you going
to do, shoot me?

You should relax
a little bit, my friend.

I'm the money here.
Don't forget it.

We don't have time
for this shit.

Look, you can go ahead.

I know this sucks.

Let's worry about it
in paradise, all right?

Come on.

Have we re-established
communication with Hondo's team?

Not yet, sir.

advice your location, please.

70-David, come in.

Hondo, where the hell are you?

Whoa. Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's that?

It's phosphorescent paint.
Oh, yeah?

Keep your eyes
on the wall for more.

Gas masks?

It's just smoke.

We're going to have
to go in blind.

What's going on?


Live mine.

Whoa. Claymore.

Nasty stuff.

No shit.

There's an old Indian saying.

"Where there's
one white man..."

"There's more white men."

What? Do you hear something?


That's the problem.

Come on, we've got to move.

Hey, y'all smell like shit.

Yeah, that'd be a sewer.

Where's our air? On
track and on schedule.


T.J., ride with me.

Come on, guys!
Got to go!

All units in the
vicinity of the Hawthorne Airport...

Residents report beacon lights
turned on after closing hours.

this is R-Commander.

Deploy all available units
to Hawthorne Airport.

Call the FAA for details.

They're going to fly him out
of the country, God damn it.

this is R-Commander.

Get you and your men over
there as soon as possible.

Roger that.

Unit One, what's your status?

We are approximately 45 miles
due east of Point Bravo.

We have begun our descent.

That's a six-minute ETA.

Roger that.

Ain't this a bitch?

A cold, hard one.

to R-Commander.

We are approaching
Hawthorne Airport.

How about the Claymore?

I'll be back. Deke!

to R-Commander.

We have established a
perimeter around the airport.

Additional SWAT units
are en route.

Van One, Van Two, you have
less than five minutes.

Roger that, 10-David. Any
word from Hondo's team yet?

70-David is still
out of radio contact.

Hondo, you son of a bitch.

You sure you know
what you're doing?

Remember when you asked me what
I used to do in the SEALs?

Oh, yeah.

All right, clear.

Fire in the hole.

this is 70-David.

70-David, where
the hell are you?

We are somewhere around
Sixth and Trenton.

We lost communication in the tunnels.
Where's our backup?

Everything I have is going
to Hawthorne Airport.

That's where your friends, Gamble and T.J.
McCabe are headed.

That's the other
side of town!

Send a couple units
to pick us up.

Pick you up?

For all I know,
you're in on this.

I've got a good mind
to bring you in.

Like hell.
Come on, let's go.

Police! Stop the car!

Stop the car!

Stop the car!

Stop the car!
Stop the car!

Exit the car, sir!

You guys are gonna
have to get out of here.

Police emergency.
We need your vehicle.

Wait, I just have
kids in the car.

Well, get them
out of there!

Look like it's you and me in the
gun cage this time tomorrow.

You know how it is, Street.

Sometimes doing the right thing

ain't doing the right thing.

Last car through.

Bridge is locked.
Copy that.

I thought you couldn't drive.

I never said I couldn't drive.

I said I didn't like to.

Keep getting into accidents.

Sounds like they're trying to
fly him out of here. Yeah.

Why would they turn on the landing
lights and warn everybody?

Shit! Gamble's
smarter than that.

Look, there's
a full moon out tonight.

Even a rookie pilot could
land on a night like this.

So why'd they pop up back there?

I don't know, but I know Fuller's
sending every man we got to Hawthorne.

Did they build a new
airport in downtown

in the past couple of days?

I don't think so,
Sanchez. Why?

That jet
to your right.

It's flying pretty low, and
it's only getting lower.

That's our boy!
That's our boy!

He's setting down.

Yeah, but where?

I don't know,
but follow that jet.

How wide is the
Sixth Street Bridge?

It's got to be
four lanes across,


Plane small enough, he might
be able to set it down,

if he's got the balls.

Reducing speed.

This is 70-David. That plane's
not coming to Hawthorne.

I gave you a direct order
to stand down, Sergeant.

And I would have, Tom,

except I saw a Learjet about to
land on the Sixth Street Bridge.

Give me 40% flaps.

40% flaps. Check.

Sir, we have reports of a low-flying
aircraft in the downtown area.

Where's the nearest backup?

Five, six minutes.

I don't think you're
feeling me on this, Tom.

We're going in.


Oh, God.

Reverse thrust. COPILOT: Roger that.
Full brake.

This guy's worth every penny.

All right,

let's turn this plane around.

we just got a report

a plane has landed
on the Sixth Street Bridge.

They what?

Let's mount up!

All right, give me a
car downstairs, now.

What... What...
What's going on?

Just got room for one of you.

I'm not going
anywhere without my wife.

Well, then, don't.
No, no, no.


Richard! Richard...

Richard is gone,
so sit down and shut up.

20 seconds!
See you in Margaritaville.

Come on, come on,
come on!

Won't you just let me go?

Please, just let me go!
Shut her up.

Please, let me go!
Shut the hell up.

Get us in the air.

Yes, sir.
Okay, let's go home.

Oh, look. They've got
their own airport security.

You've got company!

Limo broke containment!

All right, we've
got you covered, man.

Just keep coming.


Son of a bitch!


What's this?

Well, that'd be a cell phone.

That's the account number where
I want the money transferred.

The bank verifies the transfer,
goddamn, if you ain't a free man.

70-David, be advised
there are hostages on board.

All right, you heard the man.


They get that plane off the
ground, those hostages are dead.

I need your
A-game, boys...

And girl.

What's going on? Get
them off our asses!

Just fly the plane.
Open the hatch.

Open the hatch!
I'm on it!

Hang on, guys.

Here's where watching The World's
Most Exciting Police Chases pays off.

I got no shot!

Get this thing in the air!

Shut the door!

Shut that goddamn door!

Damn it!

I hope you've got
a plan B, brother.

You stay there.
You're fine.

Gamble! Let her go!

Take a shot, Jimbo!

Sanchez is down!

Go get him.

Give me more ammo!

Deke! Frog's running!

Are you okay?
I'm all right, man.

Sorry, ma'am. I've got to go, too.

Tell Daddy how you want it.


You're like a goddamn rash.

You might wanna
get that looked at, brother.

How's Boxer?

What do you care?

Come on, Hondo.
Just give me that.

He's going to make it.


Just couldn't resist, could you?

So what do you want to do?

God damn it, Sarge.

There's one
in the chamber, partner.

Come on.

So how's Boxer?

Got word he's going to pull through.
That's great.

Remind me to buy
some shares in Kevlar.

Good work, Sanchez.

You look like you
need a Band-Aid.

Somebody else needs
a body bag downstairs.

You okay?

Yeah. You?

Nice job.

Don't sound so happy.

Still got a problem.

He's still here.

Road trip?

Road trip.

Road trip.

Guess you'll have
to fire us later.

We're here
to transfer custody

of LA Police Department prisoner
number 109672 into federal custody.

Thank you, sir. I will
accept the transfer.

Enjoy your new home.

Try your best to get
to know the guys, huh?

Yeah, 100 mil ought to buy you

a nice husband in there.

Where to, boys?


Home sounds like a winner.

Girls like you get
guys like me in trouble.

You think I should've taken
the 100 million?

All units, we
have a 211 in progress

at the Diamond Mart,
43, South Hope Street.

Shots fired.

Technically, our watch has
been over for 12 hours.



Well, what the hell.

Mount up.

* Whoo

* Ah, ah, ah, ah-ah-ah

* Yo, here we go Oh, collision

* A head-on collision

* A head-on on the story that
was played on television, what

* We got what everybody's after

* Hollywood's
Fully-automatic soulmaster

* Yeah, here he comes

* God love it
He likes the machine-gun

* Yo, you better
Check your mirror

* Hot action's gettin' nearer

* Blood rushin' to my head

* And you'd better Watch out for

* Sweat drippin' from my head

* Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah

* Yeah, yeah

* Looks like it's hot action

* Jammin' with
Samuel L. Jackson

* Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah

* Yeah, yeah

* Looks like it's hot action

* Jammin' with
Samuel L. Jackson

* Ah, ah, ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah-ah-ah

* How do you stay so smooth?

* How do you stay so smooth?

* Come on, y'all

* Yeah, yeah

* Looks like it's hot action

* Jammin' with
Samuel L. Jackson

* Yeah, yeah

* Looks like it's hot action

* Yeah

* Yeah, yeah

* Looks like it's hot action

* Jammin' with
Samuel L. Jackson

* Yeah

* Yeah, yeah

* Looks like it's hot action

* Jammin' with
Samuel L. Jackson *

* S-W-A-T

* T-S-O-L-P-P

* S-W-A-T

* T-S-O-L-P-P

* Fading on the corner
Is a man with a plan

* People took a stand
'Cause the businessman ran

* The streets at night
Sound just like...

* The place where they took
The slaughter to the lamb

* Mama never wanted me
To be no cop

* Voted most likely
In high school to drop

* Now I'm dressed to impress
In a bulletproof vest

* Back in action
Wearin' SWAT on my chest

* S-W-A-T

* T-S-O-L-P-P

* S-W-A-T

* T-S-O-L-P-P

* S-W-A-T

* T-S-O-L-P-P