S/O Satyamurthy (2015) - full transcript

Sathyamurthy is a billionaire businessman with great human values and he had a son viraj. Sathyamurthy dies in an accident. Viraj has 300 crores worth property and loans for the same amount. He has an option to go for insolvency and save 300 crores and live a happy life. But he foregoes 300 crores to make sure that his father image is not tarnished. Rest of the story is all about how far Viraj goes to live up to the values his father.

Some has barged into sir's house,
kill him!

Finish him!

Every person has two questions.

When we were born?
When we will die?

No need to find the answer
for the first question.

Nobody wants to find the answer
for the second question.

But I was forced to find the
answer that day.

In the race between life and death,
my countdown begins now.

One to ten!

I'm alone!

I've only two ways!

Kill or get killed!

There are 3 people I'm answerable to.

The bet I staked four weeks ago!

A village with 5000 people.

A dictator with 600 henchmen
as private army.

A girl who is ready to marry me.

8000 square yards of land
that changed my life.

Deadline ends in 9 minutes!

Death is 10 meters away!

This is my story!

Every story has a hero.

The more difficulty he faces,
the bigger hero he emerges overtaking it.

But my father raised me
without knowing any difficulty.


He started with Rs.30000 and
made more than Rs.300 corers.

Like fish never catches cold
though living in water,

money could never harm my father,

he loves people,

he used to give money to people
who told lies also.

Hello, I'm coming to corers bar,
all of you stay there.

Greetings sir.

Father! Why do you give money to cheats?

It seems his wife is not well,
she has been admitted to Yashoda hospital.

Not hospital, he' going to
corers bar.

Along with his friends.

How many times will you
get cheated, father?

The answer my father gave,
I couldn't forget to this day.

As a boy I was sad whenever I heard the
story of father, lion is here,

A boy lied twice about lion coming
to make fun of his father,

his father went,
there was no tiger,

third time the boy cried loud
the tiger has really come,

father didn't go thinking
he's lying again,

this time boy wasn't there!

His father should've gone
third time also, right?

What would he lose?

Get cheated again!

Get fooled again!

Compared to a man's life,
is it any worth?

Intelligence mustn't be used to cheat
or to find how others are cheating you,

to work only, that's all!
No use other than this!

My father's definitions were
always new like this.

My father thinks wife is responsibility
which you love to take it,

children are burden you love to carry,

but for me father is never fading memory.

I got engaged when I was 27.

Pallavi! My father liked her.

So, I too liked her.

Her father liked our property,
so he liked me too.

I don't know if she liked anything or not,
because she hung her head all the time.

But I kept my head high and went to
Barcelona for my last bachelor holidays.

This head seeks more...

Turn back the clock...

Cover the calendar...

Show your speed to the world...

The night is still young, rock it...

World...a zero that is round...

Life means...a straight line boy...

If you're fine...bought today...

Love a little...

I'm flying like a plane...
I'm enjoying my holiday tour...

How adventurous it is in youth?

I never knew what difficulty is,

but my father's death threw me
out into the world from pub.

Going down carried on for
many more days!

First went down in lift,
then got down from car in airport,

got down from plane in India,

my father's body was brought
down from ambulance,

our company shares crashed down.

Along with my father's ashes immersion,
my elder brother gave up his confidence too.

He was dazed with shock.

Relatives said he has gone mad.

A month after father's death,
my house was full of people.

People were more worried if I'd repay
my dad's loan than his death.

My sister-in-law and her father
told me to go to office room.

I entered that room many times
when my father was alive.

But I didn't know that there's a life
changing turn behind the door this time.

Paida Sambasiva Rao!

If you search you can find
paisa (money) in his name.

Father used to say his pockets
too are full of money.

Neither he's father's friend
nor paflner.

Just acquaintance!

When his father died
early morning in Vizag,

evening flight tickets are cheaper,
he waited till evening to reach Vizag.

If people go for walking at 6 am,
he goes to jog at 5 am.

Not for health reasons,
to avoid loan seekers.

10 years ago, his wife bought
10 sovereigns of gold without telling him,

gold rate fell by Rs.500 few days later,

he got angry for losing money and
stopped talking to his wife,

but gold rate shot up again,

the distance between the couple
also grew longer,

the communication gap between them
stood strong like the wall without any cracks.

But I was surprized to see a man like him
come to meet me after my father's death.

May be situation would've been
better in another 5 years.

But now his loans and savings are equal.

No appreciation for money
invested in realty.

About 60 is stuck there.

Houses, cars, policies,
deposits, gold, paintings,

even if you sell everything,
loan repayment is difficult.

No need to sell everyihing
and go to streets,

there's a way out of this mess,

shares are the only thing that has
no value among all the things you have.

After share price crashed,
this is nothing but waste paper.

So, you and your brother
keep these shares,

transfer all other property on your
mother's name or sister-in-law's name,

if anyone asks loan,
tell them to sell these shares.

Tell them clearly you can't do
anything more than this.

Tell them you don't have anything to
do with your father's loans if they fight.

Claim insolvency,
declare yourselves IP.

This is not something new.

Many a great men have done it
many a times.

Remain silent for 2 or 3 years
and then start your business.

If i do like that it may mar
my father's honour.

He himself is dead, right?

I don't get you, what's your problem?

Is it right to cheat people who gave
money to my father trusting him?

Is it right for you to cheat your
family that trusts you?

Whatever you may I'm not convinced, sir.


For invisible values,
will you take your family to streets?

Repaying loan is justice, sir.

Defraud is intelligence, sir.

Ifl do like that my father would
become a criminal in public.

If anyone remembers him,
they must remember him as a great man!

If you sign these papers taking
responsibility to repay all the loans,

I'll remember you as a fool.

Rs.300 corers! You'll lose everything
with one signature, Anand.

Want to stay in Jubilee Hills
or Ameerpet?

Want to travel in Mercedes
or walk in hot Sun?

Star hotel or idly sambar?

Your one signature will decide.

Think before you sign it.

He keeps what is unnecessary,
gave up what is necessary!

He has the habit of throwing away
valuable things.

Decide yourself whether your
daughter valuable or not.

I don't know if I'm right or not
to say this at this juncture...

If I don't say now...
you may nurture hope...

Thinking next month marriage
is on schedule...

Please tell your mother that
engagement is cancelled.

She didn't raise her head when she put ring
on my finger in engagement 2 months ago,

I thought she was feeling shy.

She didn't raise her head now also
after cancelling engagement with me,

I don't know what to think about it!

He gave entire propefly to them.

What's left here to live?

He won't come out of the
shock of his father's death.

Your family will not come out of
the shock his younger brother gave.

Listen to me,
come with me with your daughter.

Let's apply for divorce,
you've a good long life ahead.

Why are you wasting it here?

Why are you silent?

Dad is leaving,
see him to the car, Nandu.

I can go.

Would you like to have coffee?

I want coffee now.

I'm having severe headache.

Hearing those useless advises.

We can't avoid.
We've to live here only.

Though she had an opportunity to go,
she preferred to stay with us.

What can I do for such a great woman?

Saying just thanks will not do.


Ifl raise her without making
her face any difficulty,

that's the biggest thanks
I can tell my sister-in-law.

There's not much leg space
in 5 series cars.

Get 7 series immediately.

Okay, brother.

Rs.30 lakhs go as tax in
Rs.1 crore lottery.

That's why they say luck comes
as discount.

But bad luck comes with bonus.

Like this!

My brother's daughter
didn't like this home.

She doesn't know whom to tell this.

Sister-in-law too didn't like it.

But she didn't say it openly.

My mother has no attachment
for anything.

So, no problem.

My elder brother is talking
to his secretary John.

He appears only to him.

Because John left the job a month ago.

We're trying to find a psychiatrist
to tell this to my brother.

It'll cost us a lot!

Why are you dull, dear?

I didn't like this house.

I too don't like it.

Not good!

But we've to stay here for a year.
- Why?

Why means...

100 kids have been selected
in Hyderabad.

TV channel has planned a reality
game show with the kids.


One who studies well and
listens to mother,

they'll score good marks,

one who gets highest marks
will get a big gift,

if you win the game,
we'll get back our home and cars.

Would they give me chocolates?
- Many!

This much?
- No, this much...

You'll get this many chocolates.

Many chocolates.

I own this flat.

Greetings madam.


I know your husband.

I met him long back to get a job
for my brother-in-law.

He said no.

He was well off then, right?

He didn't know about ups and downs.

If one had a rupee in pocket, they took
loans of 100 to buy cars and suits.

But when you calculate,
now you're in worse position than me.

I think your mother hasn't come
out of the sorrow.

May be for losing husband or property...

I've lost sense of humour
with my dad, sir.

I'm unable to enjoy jokes like earlier.

Would you like to have coffee?

Please do come at times, sir.

We'll feel little brave.

One who wins kingdom
will become king...

One who gives up kingdom
is Lord Rama...

One who wins battle is a warrior...

One who gives up battle
for peace is God...

Come on, meet life...

This is just a new chapter,
just say hello...

Come on, just keep on going...

Face every challenge on the way...

Along with sweetness,
giving a taste of bitterness is life's habit...

There's no guaranty that
you'll not face any difficulty...

Pulling you down to make you run...
that is life...

Hold on tightly to the moment
that is before you...

Why tears are saline?

If it is sweet, you'll never leave it...

Why difficulties are heavy?

If it is light you'll carry it all your life
without keeping it down...

If not for you who is unchallenged...

For who else would the
path of fire be laid?

To test your will power and confidence,
difficulties have come to your threshold...

One who is down...
one who toils hard...

He raises like a fiery wave...

Can't find a man who has won
this life without struggle...

No use to remain an iron shifl
without any crumples in bureau...

No use to get eaten by white ants
if paper doesn't get heat and light...

You came into this world crying,
so difficulty is not a new word to you..

Kite can't fly high in sky without
getting stuck in trees...

Life's experience whatever it may be
it is not plus or minus...

Endure it...learn...keep going on
in your chosen path...

But of late she's talking about
participating in some reality show,

and that your Jubilee Hills home has
been given to some security agency,

and all your cars are hidden
in car showroom,

and that you'll get back all these
things after a year when show ends,

she has been telling to her friends.

If she tells so many lies now,
what would she become on growing up?

Does anyone has psychological and
hallucination problem in your family?

Who hasn't got problems?

Will you delay work for that?

You lose Rs.10 corers only for this delay.

But for me, it is Rs.100 corers.

Look John...

Whatever they may do American can't make
papad and Pakistani can't make pudding.

By the way who are you?
How could you enter without appointment?

I got it.

You can go.

You've to pay term fee,

transport lunch, books together
comes to roughly Rs.2 lakhs.

Rs.2 lakhs!

Pay before month end.

Before month end.

We'll remind you again
lest you may forget.

No need, madam.

It is not such a small amount to not forget
or got not enough time to forget.

I asked for 7 series.

Did she ask for fee?

How much?

Take Rs.200.

Shall we change the school?

No, sister-in-law.
I must change my attitude.

You've Rs.200 in pocket,
you want Rs.2 lakhs.

That's all? Very good.

You mustn't call friends and
ask for hand loan.

They won't give loan,
they'll give only hand.

Why are you going away?

Isn't it little embarrassing to say same
on phone and again personally?

You want Rs.2 lakhs?

Before month end.

Why would I tell you the same answer?

You please sit down.

Next I've planned a destination
wedding in Ooty,

Keep it here.

My staff is...
you just have to supervise it.

Like you made us wash utensils
in hostel, right?

- Enough?

Be courteous to every guest and talk
to them well like you did with girls in college.

Stop it.
- May I stop it?

He hasn't forgotten anything.

First is 'Mehendi' ceremony
and then 'Sangeeth'.

Getting drunk for 3 days,
they'll get married and get ruined.

Watch them closely for all the days
and bless them.

They'll pay Rs.10 lakhs in the end.

You take Rs.5 lakhs and
give me Rs.5 lakhs. Okay?

I feared you may take revenge on me
for the things I did to you in past.

What are you saying?
I'm your friend.

I may not give my life but
I'll give partnership.



Why are you late?

I went for bread and jam,
there was traffic jam.

Why are you late?

I went for bread and jam,
there was traffic jam.

Why? Why are you so dull?
What has changed now?

Earlier I had servants,
now only you've servant.

What has happened?

Though lost millions, got expensive clothes,
free company car,

foreign whisky in wedding,
disco jockeys in Mehendi function.

Yesterday I had Rs.200 in my pocket,
today I've Rs.5 lakh worth contract.

Next contract will be Rs.10 lakhs.

After that the contract will
be Rs.25 lakhs.

Rs.12.5 for us and Rs.12.5 for him.

Why still paflnership with him?

Let's start a company of our own.

Before a year Rs.3 corers is ours,
we can go to public with issue,

let's sell shares!

Reached location, get down.

Give it to me.

- Frustration, sir.

If do for two seasons,
we'll get Rs.100 corers.

Forget about planning other's marriages,
you can plan your marriage yourself.

That's the only thing I lack
in this position.

What was the name ofthe girl with
whom your engagement got cancelled?

Pallavi Kolasani.
- Some heiress!

Your marriage procession must
pass before her home.

When I'm dancing to the music,
she must come out on balcony,

she must shed tears for missing
such a rich boy...

What did you say her family name is?

Pallavi Kolasani!
How many times should I tell you?

First P and then K, you mean PK?

Pallavi mean P and then Kolasani...

That same girl!

I got engaged to the same girl once,
she left with father breaking it.

It looks disgusting.

Did you see the board?

I can't stay here, I'm coming back.

Rs.5 lakhs!

Why sudden brake?

Can anyone offer you better job
in this short period?

Put it.


This is injustice.

While in college, when I managed to date
a girl after chasing her for 3 years,

you stole my love saying feel my love,

you trapped her,
you both went to watch DDLJ film,

will you make me buy popcorn
for you during interval?

Isn't that injustice?

You said you've forgotten everything.

Even at 90, revenge is revenge.

Tomorrow when her man ties
the knot to her,

you help him by lifting her plait.

It won't be nice to see them!


Is she getting married?

So much of decoration for her?

I won't dance in your marriage,
we both will dance in her marriage...

I'm telling you for sure the groom will have
bald head, pot belly, flat in Jubilee Hills,

fat all over the body...

Trust me.

He's selecting the dresses,
is he by any chance the groom?

He's the groom!

Sir, he's better than you.

What happened, sir?
- What happened?

Did you see him?
How handsome he is?

Excuse me...
- Don't say a word.

Listen to me for once, sir.

Shahrukh Kahn may be very stylish.

But only Ajay Devgan is there
in Kajol's head.

Only you're there in that girl's head.

Why did you come here?

Instead of when did you come, she asked
why did you come here in excitement?


He got shocked seeing you
both making gestures.

I'm in deep love with Yogesh.

Why now? Go!

What are you searching?

This one!

Many knives!

He told me.

I'll call you later.

- Cutting, sir.

- Cleaning, sir.

I'm not asking what's this for?
Why are you here?

Are you here to see marriage
or stop the marriage?

I'm here to conduct marriage, sir.

Did he take Rs.10 lakhs to send you here?

We'll share 50% each, sir.

Who cares about your paflnership?

Go away immediately,
I'll get another man.

Why that side?
Car is that side.

But groom is there, sir.

If so?

Since my father died and
we lost all our property,

and you cancelled
Pallavi's engagement with me,

if I don't tell this to Yogesh,
it won't be fair.


Brother-in-law, my daughter-in-law wasn't even
seen by anyone as prospective bride.

That's the first quality
my son liked in her.

Why don't I know?
He always likes first hand!

Except in studies.

Time is 10! Juice time.

Brother-in-law follows strict rules.
- Must follow, right?


Don't want me to go or don't tell him.
- Both!

I never expected you'd change
so dramatically in such a shod time, uncle.

If you spoil health by drinking and smoking,
what will happen to women in home?

If they too start drinking and smoking
with the same frustration,

think about what would happen to you?

It won't be very nice!

Did you smoke?

No, wind.

No lip stick mark, you didn't smoke.

Would anyone drink with a girl in tow?

Ifl call any man, he'll also drink.

I'll lose my money.

But ifl call you,
you'll buy me drinks,

You'll give me company too.

Ifl go flat, you'll take me home.

I'll kill you if there's any
discrepancy in bills.

Sameera who had raw drinks.

What, sir?
- Not you.

I think low sugar.

I must have breakfast after taking tablet.

She's taking medicines,
isn't she feeling well?

Not medicines but drugs.

What will happen if we take it, sir?

Walking gait will change.

How well you shake those hips!

Indeed it has changed.

Will laugh too much!

Indeed it has grown!


Will show tongue to others.

Indeed she showed, sir.

Will they roll down steps
if they use drugs?

Please don't tell anyone about this.


Stepsmrolling down...

If you want to tell anyone,
how would you tell?

A girl's fallen, right?

People who hear would ask, for whom?

If we say she slipped,
they would ask with whom?

It'll be vulgar to hear, right?

It won't be very nice.

So, don't tell.
- I'll not tell.

Did you fall down from steps, dear?

You didn't get hurt, did you?
Be careful!

That fat girl...

You promised not to tell anyone.

Then, how?

Why were you talking to that girl?
- No, marriage...

We're here as wedding planners
not to see girls.

Listen to me, the girl slipped and
rolled down the stairs.

Did she fell down from steps?

If you tell him, how did he come to know?

He didn't listen to me completely.

You're not telling fast.

Why are you gossiping here
without doing work?

Your daughter's friend Sameera...
- So what?

It seems the poor girl fell
down from steps.

- Aunty!

It seems you fell down from steps.

Shall I give balm to apply?

Guests are coming there for function,
why are you gossiping with them here?

Not gossiping, Pallavi's friend Sameera,
poor girl fell down from steps.

Didn't tell anyone else...

Who is he?
- Who?

That guy!

What did he do?

He irritated me.

Didn't he? That's why I broke engagement
with him to marry Yogesh.

Broke engagement?

Did I make a mistake?

Actually...you did a very good thing!

What did I do to irritate you?

Did you eavesdrop on us?

Then, how did you know
what I talked to her?

You took my walkie-talkie
mistaking it for your phone.

Your dress is very good.

Not you...not you...

After all just 10!
It's nothing compared to what you have!

It was 10 then, now it is 50!

Outer ring road is coming around that.

8000 square yards.

It's a gold mine, Muflhy!

You're right but dealing him
is quite difficult...

Some damn guy pitched his
name board on my land.

You're scared to talk to him.

Moreover you're a Supreme Court lawyer.

An hour's fee for you.

Will you talk now?


Lawyer! Are you doing fine, sir?
- I'm fine, sir.

How are you, sir?
- Going on.

Why did you call me now?

That 8000 square yard site...

Which one?

The site that belongs to
Paida Sambasiva Rao.

Which one?

The 2 acre site in Nanakramguda...

Which one?

Yours...yours...l saw it just now...

Very nice!

Start the vehicle!

It's impossible to deal with him.

Pull over the car.

Get down.


Your car will carry me, what do you lose?

If weight is reduced,
efficiency of diesel will increase.

I don't need your service anymore,
get down.

My cheque.
- Gather it, fool!

We searched 10 places for
flowers yesterday.

But we found foreign whisky
in one place in one minute.

India has really developed.

Please don't mistake me, boys.

Are you drunk, sir?
- No, had little.- Little?

I fall down if alcohol level in
my legs gets reduced.

Did you see?
How I was after having 2 ml?

It surprizes me, uncle.

Maintaining your surprize,
I must reach the place.

Where do you want to go
maintaining it, sir?

A girl Pallavi is getting married...
- We're wedding planners of Pallavi's marriage.

We got that damn contract, get in.

By the way, how Pallavi is
related to you, sir?

My brother's daughter.

Brother's daughter?

Why did they leave you on road
without sending a car?

Relationship between me and
my brother are soured for 10 years now.

What happened, sir?

Our father gave us 150 acres
of land to each of us.

We both did business together.

We had losses, we thought of selling
land to repay loans.

We called registrar to sell off
75 acres of land.

While signing the documents,
when I asked my brother to sign,

he said why should I sign to sell
your pan of 75 acres of land?

If you're so shocked to hear this,
how shocked should I've been then?

Don't you've children?
- I've a son.

Why didn't you bring your son?



We both were talking about you
for the past 2 days.

I was there bodily but my head
was here only, brother.

Where's baby?
- She's inside, brother.

Muflhy, please come.

My son can't act like this,
he's not experienced like me, right?

That's why I didn't bring him.

This is what your question was, right?

Yes, sir.

It seems you fell down from steps,
how do you feel now?

That is...
- You must be very careful.

Who tied the box here?

Tie it properly.

Though you didn't listen to my advice,
you've come up in life.

My foot!

What's this, Samba?

You fixed this marriage,
how can you come so late?

He's my cousin.

Bridegroom must be like you.

Some others are there, if you give them
a lottery ticket that can get Rs.1 crore,

they'll throw it away saying
colour is not good.

Didn't get me?

Would you like to see an example?

Please come down from Everest.

Please step aside,
unable to see your face.

Did you see? This is the boy!

When his father died,
ltold him to claim insolvency,

he said no way,

and told me something...

Values. . A/alues...

For those damn values,
he gave away Rs.300 corers of propefly.

You must exclaim if he earns
Rs.300 corers.

If anyone gives away,
you must say Oh my God!

By the way which is great,
holding or giving up?

Which is great in life,
winning or losing?

If he had followed my advice,
this marriage...

Samba, please come here for a moment...
- What's it?

Don't tell them about my daughter's
engagement with him.

Groom is possessive about first hand,
if he comes to know, he'll cancel marriage.

Won't he come to know after marriage?
Won't he divorce her then?

If he does, I'll take his entire
property as alimony.

Its marriage and hearing about
divorce and alimony is disgusting.

What's better ending than getting property?

Aren't you feeling pained to work
in Pallavi's marriage?

I love my father very much.

I love so much that when I was
doing my masters in London,

I used to call him every hour
like calling girl friend,

I didn't feel much when I lost him,

this is nothing...

Everyone cried when he died.

Not a tear came out from my eyes.

If you think your love is measured
in how much you cry,

my love for my father can't be
measured even ifl cry all my life.

Sometimes I feel
am I so cold headed person?

Don't I've any emotions?

I love my father so much, right?

But still when I talk about him,
I don't get emotional.

For them, he's no more that's why cried.

For you, he's always with you.

You don't have to cry.

If boys cry, it won't be very nice to see.

It's getting late, not coming to pafly.

Are you not coming?

No problem if any drinker fails to come,
but a baflender must be there.

I'll be there for sure.

Though you're so old,
how come your hair is still black?

It'll be black for anyone
if they use hair dye.

Didn't I tell you about a guy?
He's the guy.

Last specimen for values.
Like Dinosaurs, they'll go extinct.

Motivate the boys with your speech.


Please don't hesitate.

Few good words.

One of my friends with lot of money
asked me a question today morning.

Which is great,
holding or giving up?

Which is great in life,
winning or losing?

Ravana held Sita by hand,
he got killed by Lord Rama.

Had he left her,
he would've at least lived.

Kauravas won the game of dice.

They lost war in Kurukshetra.

May be if they had lost, brothers together may
have celebrated and enjoyed party like this.


So, at times giving up is better
than holding.

Losing is better than winning!

Excellent, sir.

Someone out there got shoved up!

Though he's young,
he said it very well, right?

Even if you narrate a very good story in temple,
you get only few coins in the plate.


Don't ever invite me to such lousy party.

I didn't come here for this damn whisky.

Move away.

What happened?

I can't drink, if l...l can't work.

- Close your eyes and drink it.


That's her real name.

I'm a monkey that had cocktail...

I'm a crow with neck tie...

I'm little mad and little smart...

I'm a kite with string cut...

I'm boisterous Saturday night...

I'm little right and little wrong...

Life is Tequila...l'm alone...

Come my girl, I'm your Romeo
and you're my Juliet...

Let's do something today
to raise dust...

Let's share the fun to make
world turn to see us...

ls your face moon on which
Neil Armstrong first walked?

Is your waist the zero found
by Aryabhatta?

Are you the mischievous beauty
brought up in dark African forest?

Is your smile the river of flowers
flowing in Amsterdam?

You'll never get another chance like this...

How much army I need to secure your beauty?

May be nuclear war will
break out to get you...

May be I should be born as jeans
to stick on you...

May be I must become intimate scent
to touch your body...

Open your head, let's rock and roll...

Let's have peg and kill shame,
come on baby...

Get me another coffee,
I'm having severe headache.

Who is he?
- Coming, sir.

Rajbabu's brother!

Which fool decorated this place?
- I did it, sir.

Do you've brain?
ls there a green flower here?

There are green colour leaves only,
no green flowers, sir.

I don't know that, do I?

1 If you ask them to work,
they'll look like jackasses.

I must accuse my cousin for
engaging such useless men.

No taste or anyihing.

Who is this bloody idiot?

Get the bags.

Every fool here is passing comments.

I've travelled to 36 countries,
how can he know that?

Tell him to come to Amsterdam,
I'll show him what hofliculture is!

If he gets angry,
should we also get angry...

Am I angry?
Look at me and tell, am I angry?

No, this is not anger at all,
who said that?

Not that sir...
- Why are you hesitating? Come out.

We need money, right sir?
- No need. I'll beg.

I'll play guitar on Tank bund.
You'll get employment.

You can collect the change.

I mean we've to pay baby's school fee...

She'll not study...she'll quit school.

She'll become a maid servant.

I mean brother's treatment...

Isn't that mad man going around there?

Without any treatment.

My brother would also roam like him.

Shut up and pack the bags.


Why your voice is different?

Nothing, sister-in-law.

How are you?

Are you fine?

I'll get the bags.
- How is Sweety?

She's fine...she's in school.

Your mother and I were talking about you.

Take care of your health.

I'll come back in 2 days, sister-in-law.

Let's pay fee as soon as I come back.

I didn't call you for that.

But I came here for that only, sister-in-law.

I'll call you today evening.

Tell I inquired about mother.

Sir, after hearing your suggestion we feel,
green flower is good idea.

If you tell us where you want them,
we'll stick it there.

Get a bunch of flowers,
I'll tell you after lunch.

He wants after lunch,
would he chew it like betel leaves?

Let him keep it anywhere.

This marriage mustn't stop at any cost.

This marriage will not happen.

Her horoscope is like that.

Earlier engagement got cancelled
3 months ago.

Now, marriage is cancelled on the eve.

Nobody can do anything.

What's it, sir? What happened?

Actually Rs.2 corers dowry money...
missingmmust be given to groom...

It must be around a crore,
kept everyihing in a suitcase.

My brother took it away by morning.
- Who? Ramam?

Respect too!

Groom's side people are too sentimental.

Suit must be Armani,
sweet must be Bengali...

Everything must be by rule.

Why not talk to Yogesh and
try to convince him?

Actually Yogesh too particular
about things than his father.

He said I'll not ask for dowry.
But I'll not refuse if you give.

But he threatened to walk out of marriage
if we fail to keep the promise.

What to do now?

Tell them the real thing.

They'll stop the marriage.

Let them do it.
- Are you mad?

Why are you shouting now?

What else should I do?

I asked advice as friend,
is this how you advice?

When I told you break engagement with him
3 months ago, you shook hands with me,

but why are you shouting at me now?

That was just engagement.
This is marriage.

It's just 10 gram ring for engagement and
100 gram sacred thread for marriage.

The issue isn't about gold
and its weight.

About family and family honour.

You keep quiet, sir.

Why do you unnecessarily
accuse your daughter for this?

My father died in a car accident, your
daughter didn't drive the lorry that hit him.

Your elder brother stole money
today morning,

your daughter didn't plan the robbery,

please don't poor women
for some accident or robbery.

It is wrong.

If she's really bad omen, you wouldn't
be discussing in suite of a 5 star hotel.

Give me 2 hours,
I'll find and bring back Ramam.

If you fail to bring him back.

Still your formula of break up is there, right?
Break it as you wish.

Can I also join you?

I've seen only people who want
this marriage to get stopped.

But I'm seeing people who wish
this marriage happens too.

Come, let's go.

Where are we to find him?

Old man can't stay long without liquor.

Would he still be here after stealing
so much money?

I'm sure he's here only.

He wants to see this marriage
getting cancelled.

Have you seen this old man?
- No, sir.

Have you seen the man in this photo?
- Saw him, he went that side.

Saw him? Where?
- That side.

I think low sugar.

I didn't bring my tablets too.

Why people are appearing double?

I think I need a peg.

Urgently I must have a quarter bottle.

Is he item number to keep watching him?

We're frantically searching for him.
Can't you say he's here?

Why are you getting tensed?
That's a dead end street.

If he comes back,
you're here dangerous than death.

There's only one option for him,
he must dig deep into earth.

I didn't expect this option.

For low sugar I feel dizzy,
will others too feel dizzy?

You can take on me anytime,
first think about him.

He's going too high.


How come you're so fast?

We didn't come,
you went around and came here.

Give me the suitcase.
- I'll not give.

Don't hit me, I'll die.

I've a son to take care of such situations.

You settle it with him, take it, son.



Sameera, take the bag.

Come on, take it.

Take it.

Till now I wanted suitcase only,
now I want you also to come.

How could you dare do it?

Just one daughter for two families!

You've grown but no sense!
Are you human or beast?

I think it is not a sin to kill you.

When he was selling propefly after loss,
you bothered about your business only.

When your daughter's marriage is about to stop,
he thought that's your family marriage.

You didn't think that was our loss then.

Today he too didn't think this as
our family marriage.

As far I know you both don't have
any right to abuse each other.

We mustn't talk about values when down
and about accounts while on high.

This is not right.

I don't have anything else
than this to give her.

Forgive me.

No, brother!

I pushed you into streets.

You went through hell for 10 years.

I couldn't bear difficulty for an hour.

You must forgive me.

Brother, do me a favour.

Just for 2 hours don't drink, wear a dhoti
and conduct her marriage, brother.

I don't have anyone else elder
than you, brother.

Come here.

Entire property is yours.

You're our only heir.

You don't have to snatch it from me.

Take these keys.

Take care of everything.

Forgive me, uncle.

You could've laughed at me for
the situation I was in a while ago,

but you didn't use that option,

you tried to wipe our tears
and make us humane.

Great men will beget great sons.

Actually I made a mistake.

Come on, take me away with you.


Pallavi, Yogesh is perfect match for you.

I'm not saying no because
you rejected me earlier.

He'll take good care of you.

This is my first marriage as a planner,

if bride cries like this,

it'll not be very nice to see!

I don't know how the feeling will be
if we get the girl we dream,

but if the girl who rejected us comes
back, the feeling will be very high.

When Pallavi left the ring on table
after breaking engagement,

if my father wasn't there and
ifl didn't have his property,

am I nothing?

Am I zero?

But now even if he's not there
or his property,

Definitely I'm not zero.

I'm diabetic.

From quite young age.

The tablets I take is medicine
not drugs.

Nobody knows this.

Except people I really like.

You mean?

I mean...people with whom
I feel very close...

In future if we get married
and have children,

if you accuse me of hiding
the fact I've diabetes...


That is...that is...marriage...

I want to apply make up!

Like Sun in winter, you're in and out...

Why don't you hit straight
with your eyes?

Like breeze in summer,
you touch me now and then...

Why not engulf me like
a marauding cyclone?

Like clouds in rainy season,
you come intermittently...

Why not sweep me away like evening fun?

I'm confused whether it is day
or night...

I don't know whether to wake up
or still carry on dreaming...

I can't differentiate black and white...
I'm confused like faded rainbow...

A for always...B for Belle...
C for chased...

D for darling...E for every night...

F for used floodlight to search...

I've found a girl who gave dreams
to my eyes and trapped my youth...

To express my head's feelings,
I referred a lot many song lyrics...

I thought what's new in sitting
under moonlight.

I knew the difference after meeting you...

G for girl friend...
H for humming...

I for I said I love you...

J for you are a joyous moon...
K for I kiss you...

L for I'm with you for lifetime...

Keep luggage down.

Sir, cheque is for Rs.15 lakhs,
it's Rs.10 lakhs only, right?

Giving anything more is not
enough for you.

I can't accept this, sir.

This is not fee,
this is for honouring you.

Like that the man who should've give
his daughter in marriage to me,

he gave Sweety's school fee.

Shall we marry?

Will you such things in traffic?

First time you saw me with
a cigarette,

then you ogled at me in the marriage of the
girl who broke engagement with you,

you loved me after I told you
I've diabetes,

were you expecting more romantic way
of asking about marriage?


Come home and discuss.

You told me just now, right?

Yes, you must give a good thought
about such things.

Think all of today and come tomorrow.

You gave me lot of time, Subbalakshmi.

What hasn't he come yet?

I'm stuck in traffic.
It'll take another 2 hours.

Can't they wait this much for son-in-law?

Let them wait.

Are you shocked, Subbalakshmi?

I'm irritated, Anand.

Don't behave so cutely, I'll hit you.

Sweets! For me?

When I get bored with you,
I'll use this to kill you.

Till then, wait.

My parents talk to each like this only.

Did you love this man?

Like hare entering tiger's den on sightseeing,
why did I come to his home?

I rejected him when someone else wanted
to give his daughter in marriage to him,

Would I give my daughter to him?

I didn't know Meera was your daughter.

If I knew...
You wouldn't have come. I know.

Anand is very good man, daddy.

He gave up his entire property
to protect his father's honour.

You mustn't get impressed
for such things.

Not only me, even Pallavi too
wanted to marry him.

I didn't know poverty would
so glamorous to new generation.

But a man must earn money.

Must buy expensive cars.

Must build huge homes.

And turn all the walls like this.

I think cup is broken in next room
tell your mother to clean it.

What's your point?

Why don't you like Anand, daddy?

I don't get it.

I don't mind if he's addicted
to drinking, smoking or drugs.

We can send him to rehabilitation
to reform him.

But the habit he has no treatment.

What's that habit?

To make others feel good about him.

People with that habit give everything and
become an orphan like Karna of Mahabharata.

Sameera, I'm already neck deep in problems.

I don't want to fight with your father.

If you want me, come with me.

I'll take you right now.

Great! Nobody must criticize your father
even after he's dead.

But you'll take her when her father
is still alive.

Is this the values you hold on so dearly?

Actually you don't have any value.

I don't know if you know this or not.

Your pop was a big cheat.

Ifl had a knife with me,
he would be dead and I'd be in jail.

Say respectfully your father.

Think twice before you say
anything about him.

Infact I'm thinking every day
about your father only.

How could he so easily cheat me?

He knows only to help,
he never cheats anyone.

I don't say anything without proof.

This is 2 acre site your father sold to me.

It was Rs.10 corers then
now it is Rs.50 corers.

But a set of fake documents are
with one Devaraj,

he has occupied my site,
he has put up a board too,

when I went to ask him about
selling a litigation site to me,

your father died,

I came to your house expecting at least
you'll take the papers and return my money.

A man who thinks about flight ticket
charges than his dead father,

why did such a man came to meet me
after my father's death?

Why did he ask me to claim insolvency,
now I've understood everyihing.

But you donated entire property
like King Harishchandra,

and kept with you those useless
company shares,

tell me now, is your father good man
for selling such a site?

Am I good man for not asking
money though I bought the site?

Go, mind your business of
planning weddings.

Don't deliver quotations about values.

You gave up everything to avoid
anyone abusing your father.

I'm abusing your father now.

Will you give my money?

Will you give?

Will you give?

I can't pay you money
but I'll get the site papers.

Will you get the site papers?

Do you know with who the documents are?

Devaraj Naidu!

Not a man who wears white dress
and speak decently like me.

He's unofficial dictator of 21 villages.

King of 5000 people.

600 private army.

If all people have 5 fingers,
he has six fingers.

The sixth finger in his hand is weapon!

Not even a fly can't escape from his fort
without his permission,

will you get Rs.50 crore worth
property documents from him?

Ravana may have 10 heads.

May be Lankini secures his gates.

May be I don't know the address
of Ashoka garden.

But Lord Anjaneya can come
at anytime to fly over this.

I'll get the papers.

Four weeks later, Bank people will come
to evaluate the site.

Can you bring it by then?
- I'll bring it.

Four weeks only.
- One month.

Today is 21st!

So, next month 20th!

Now the time is 12 noon.

Before 12 noon on that day,
you'll get your papers.

If you so that I'll wash your legs and
offer my daughter in marriage to you.

Put a garland to my father's photo
and say sorry, that's enough.

Sir, don't mistake me for saying this.

To win back wife,
no use of breaking cups.

Break that wall!

Your father sold that site at low price.
He bought it willingly.

Your father is no more.

What bothers you if he thinks
bad about your father!

What bothers me ifthinks bad?

What are you saying?

If so I wouldn't have given up
Rs.300 crore worth property, right?

I would've claimed insolvency.

That was your property papers,
you signed it easily.

But these papers are with
someone else.

How will you get it from him?

Everyone knows how great your father was!

One man, that too Paida Sambasiva Rao.

If he talks bad about your father,
will you take the risk of going there?

Lord Rama could've shut door on
one person talking bad about Sita.

Only Lava and Kusha would've
considered him as God.

Now everyone consider him as God.

Likewise if 99 out of 100 say my father
is a good man, that is not enough,

All 100 should accept.

Even if that 100th man is commercial
to the core Paida Sambasiva Rao.

I must hear his voice.

Tell me if there's any idea
how to go about this.

I've full clarity about
why I should I do it.

Wait, I'll tell you.

I know Devarafs brother-in-law.

He's my neighbour in my native place.

I'll talk to him and tell him
there's buyer for the site.

He'll get the documents.

We'll remove the original papers,
in that place...

Please don't see like that.

Keep these dummy papers in
place of the original papers.

You want me to cheat him?

Right sir, no need to cheat
or fake documents, let's go.- Stop it.

Dharamaraju himself told a lie to win war.

Can't you make this small mistake
for your father?

I used the only example I knew.

I don't have any more knowledge
about epics.

Tell me, what should I do
to convince you?

Shall I fall at your feet?

Give him.

Hold it.

Go with him.

Is he going to Bangkok to go with him?

You mean?
- I mean I'll go with him.

Why do you want to quit this job
and join a new one?

Ifi say quit he may think I'm proud.

They removed me.

Sathyamuflhy's family?
- Yes, sir.

Very good family, right?
- Fantastic family, sir.

If you can't work with such a family,
where else can you work?

No need...take it.


Why did you quit the job
and seeking job here?

I got into trouble for saying
I was removed.

To grow up like you I quit the job, sir.

Such a good family is in trouble
and you left them,

and how can I trust you
for joining me?

Go straight and take right.

I came from that side, sir.
- Take that route out.

Wait sir, I'll keep it.

Please don't clap and jeer at me, sir.
I'm scared.

How are your job trials going on, Param?

What trial, sir?

They're not offering job ifl say removed
or ifl say I quit.

I'm asking ignorantly, sir.

We went to Ooty to conduct
Pallavi's marriage.

To marry Sameera, which place is that?

- Whose Patti?

We're going to that Patti.

Why this Tamil trouble?

You look frustrated,
would you like to get down?

Want another?
- Oh no.

A beggar won't be frustrated,
a servant will not celebrate,

a man like me will never get irritated.

Let's go to the place.

Is this turn fine?
- Change it.

Stop it.
- Stop it?

Stopped it.
- Go to sleep.

Passengers to Reddiarpatti get down!

What's this road?

Is it to reach village or go to hospital?

Bus has arrived!

This is not getting into bus
but shoved into bus.

People are sitting on others.

Such a large pothole in the
middle of the road.

Almost killed me.

Why are you taking a stick?

Elderly man! Can I take it?
- Take it, sunny.

They don't stop for signal.
Will they stop for this stick?

99 out of 100 may not stop,
one will stop, right?

That's enough for me.

Accident isn't just falling on road
from bike or car.

Entire family is thrown to the street.

You pitched a stick and tied a cloth,
how long would this stand up?

If you say stick will break,
cloth will wear out, I'll rap on your head.


Why both the houses are alike?

Which is Devaraj's house?
Which is his brother-in-law's house?

Your friend said his brother-in-law's
house is No:6.

That is No:6.

When we went to marriage,
your friend didn't tell us bride's name.

So, he cheated you.

He doesn't want you to come here.

So I feel it may be 9 and not 6.

Did you see, sir?

Rain has confirmed it is 9.

Raining and timing is correct but...
- You lost much thinking too much.

Come, let's go.
Rain is getting heavier.

Whom do you want?

- This is his house, come in.

Is this his house?

Door No:9

He said these people are very soft.
Why the door is so large?

Doors to temple and jail are very large.

The next house is villain Devaraj's house,
this is his God like brother-in-law's house.

I'll take leave now.

Two boys are coming from Hyderabad.

Greetings...take it...

Greetings, sir.

We're coming from Hyderabad.

Bhadram would've informed about us.

I mean that 8000 square yards...
- How can he understand if start like that?

There's a man known as Paida Sambasiva Rao.

He's a big business magnet.
You'd know him very well.

My father sold him a land site.

Your brother-in-law Devaraj has occupied it.

Why are you addressing with respect?

Moreover using English term occupied.


He put a board with his name,
bloody nasty fellow.

He'll get ruined.

Don't talk bad about people we don't know.

Relatives, right? They may feel hurt

ls Paida any good man?
Can't he understand our language?

You don't have to do much, sir.

Tell your brother-in-law that the site
is for sale,

and get these papers,

moreover it seems he's illiterate,

it seems he still uses
thumb impression only!

Keep these dummy papers there,
we'll take the original papers to Hyderabad.

How is this idea?

Sorry I remember your brother-in-law's
name Devaraj but I forgot your name, sir.

What's your name, sir?

After quite long time I heard joke
that made me laugh, Devaraju.

Bhadram was right, 9 is Devaraj
and 6 is his brother-in-law.

Would anyone go to Tirupathi and ask
is this Lord Venkateshwara's temple?

No one will ask.
- Why?

Everyone knows it very well.

The thing is people here knowing
about me isn't enough,

people in Hyderabad also should know.

If not people will walk into my house
with backpacks.

We must become famous.

I don't have patience to earn fame
by living as good man.

Shall I kill people to get fame?

Will you dare enter my home
and take my propefly?

I'll stab into your neck and
hang body to the wall, bloody!

Should you've to come this far that?

Had you told me,
I would've sent it to you myself?

What's it?

Bloody, I'll crush your bones
and use it like fertilizer.

Got it?

Call me on phone,
I'll send it immediately.

If not tell him to talk to me.

What is his name?

His name is...
What's his name?

Is he still after my land?
- How do I know, sir?

The land is mine.

The land is mine.

That site is mine. Got it?
- I got it, sir.

Sir...how would we know, sir?

Brother, you don't worry.

You both are very good boys.

You've come from faraway place.
This is our place.

I'm there for you, right?

At times he hugs and at times threatens.

Good boys!

How dare you come for my property?

I'll kill you...
- Madam!


Where are you coming from?
- From Hyderabad, madam.

We've an important work with sir.

Me too!

Did you've food?

We'll have it in hotel.
- Hotel?

I mean we've to stay here for
5 or 7 or about 10 days.

Stay here as long as you want.
Come and have food.

We'll come.


Don't fear, he won't take our weapon
till she's here.

Till we're here, sister is our security.


Paida, his wife and daughter must be
here by tomorrow evening.

Okay, sir.

He's here...he's man of masses...

A man of valour made with power
of bull horns and dentine of elephant...

A man thirsting for blood and
has great fascination for weapons...

A man who schemes to finish
enemies once for all...

He loves homemade millet balls...

If anyone cheats, he'll cut their throats...

If anyone creates confusion,
he'll take out deadly weapons...

He gives shade to hundreds
of men like a big tree...

No one dared to oppose him till now
and nobody will in future too...

If any dares to stare at him,
he'll attack with sword...

He wears simple dhoti
but his punch is deadly...

He's the safety of fencing
to the freedom of this village...

He's like merciless axe...

But when he hears the sound of his
wife's toe ring, he's cool like ice...

He considers tree, land, hills and
valleys are his close relative...

Don't rush and hug him,
I can't bear to see it.

Sir will meet you tomorrow morning,
sleep in that room.

Thanks, till now I thought
only my site is in problem,

now my entire family is in problem.
Are you happy now?

If you were so eager to meet me,
should've called on phone and asked a photo,

You mustn't send men to get me here.

Because this is kidnap.

Though I didn't practice law,
I studied law...

My name is Paida Sambasiva Rao.

So what?

Devarafs men have kidnapped me,
my wife and my daughter.

Come immediately,
arrest them and give us protection.

Why are you laughing?
I didn't crack anyjoke, did I?

If not joke, what else this is?

If you were kidnapped, Devaraj must
call your home and demand ransom.

You mustn't call police and
seek protection.

That too from his home.

Cut the call, man.

What did he say?

It seems this is not kidnap.
- Why?

If we tie a rope to dog,
does it mean we've imprisoned it?

We're offering milk with love.

Giving water.

Giving it freedom to roam freely
inside the compound.

So, I say it is raising a dog,
that's what told me.

But this dog doesn't know that.

What did he say?

He says this dog doesn't know this.

I'm in this mess because of you.

Why are you shouting on Anand, dad?
You staked a bet with him.

For that, would he get us lynched here?

Why are you unnecessarily...

Don't fight with your father in public,
it's not very nice.


I'm leaving him because you told me.

Don't control my daughter before me.

They kidnapped and say raising us.

They may kill in future and
say hiding them under earth.

Nothing will happen to you,
I'm there for you.

You're here but we'll go from
here only if he goes.

From where a great man would
come here to kill him?

I don't have any connection to this attack.

What happened?

Hole in the bag, can't you see it?

Shall I clear it?

I can't see you doing that, my dear.

I too can't see that getting wasted.

I'll send someone to clean it, wait.

Where are you, Poongavanam?

What happened now?

Glass bottle fell and broke.

What's this like a kid?

Poongavanam, keep the pulse inside.
- Okay, madam.

You can't wait till 2 pm today.

If you've lunch now,
I've to go to hostel to get baby.

Just now had breakfast.

At times please listen to
what wife says, Devaraju.

Homemade idlies will get
digested easily.

Who are they?

My friends from Hyderabad.

Very close.
- Close...

You too join us to have lunch.

There are two more brothers between
you and Veerasamy Naidu,

I killed them.

That's why I didn't even go to my home.

I joined as your servant to kill you.

I didn't throw weapon on
my brother Veerasamy but on you.

You escaped.

You're furious to avenge me.

Take this!

Shall I get chicken curry?
- Get it.

What are you looking at?

Death comes suddenly, marriage is fixed.

Shall I serve you too?


Serve him, does he ask for anything?

He's too shy, serve him.

Very tasty!

Everyone here knows he's a demon
except his wife.

Including these oldies there.

You too don't say a word.

There are many forks on table.

Why are you not eating?

How can I eat something dead
with a body next to me?

I've diabetes, I'm on diet.


Shall I serve you?

You're so angry,
why don't you ask for more?

If you serve all pieces to him,
what will be there for us to eat?

I'll serve you too. Enough?
- One more please.

What's this disgusting?
Eating along with a dead body.

Don't tell this to me, tell that to him.

They're sewing food to such a man,
he deserves to be killed.

That's what they did to him.

She didn't get what you told her.

That is knowledge!

Those who saw it can't tell,
those who didn't see don't know.

You say such things very well.


She doesn't know what to
do at which time.

Where is he?

It seems his stomach is full, he left.

Along with the chair?

Sambar fell on chair, fearing you'll scold
he took the chair to wash it.

Had I been so fearsome
everything would've been fine?

Never imagined food would so dangerous
and one hour to be so fearsome.

What's it, Lakshmi?
- Water pot.

Just a minute.

Give it.

Why did you come yourself?
I would've brought it myself.

Why kill him so easily and
struggle so much to hide it?

What if I told this to sister?
- She'll leave me.

On our marriage day,
enemies hacked your father to death.

Bridal dress was full of blood,
do you know what your sister told me?

If you want me to wash this
with water I'll come to your home,

If it get's stained with blood,
I'll not come.

That's why I'm washing it
without her knowledge.

I can't leave her.

I'll not leave them.

You saved my life.

I'll not ask you to leave
after having food.

Ask me whatever you want.

I don't want anything, sir.

Give him his site papers,
that's all.


Take it.

Did you see?
You asked four weeks time.

Did you see how he finished it?

Why did you sit down?

Scared that we'll ask dowry?

We're not that avarice.

But get mineral water to wash legs.
That's enough.

You saved me for staying in
my home for two days.

If you stay with me forever,
it's like lion with ferocious paw!

What's there in papers?

Baby...l mean my sister is coming
from hostel.

When you get engaged to her,
I'll give that site as dowry to you.

Throw it on his face.

Expecting I'll wash,
he may forget to wash.

- Legs!


I love Valli, brother-in-law!

Anyone can fall in love seeing a girl.

Tell me when you don't sweat on
seeing knife, I'll think about it.

Shoe is too tight.

That's what you felt now.

Yes, Param.

My fate!

The girl who got engaged to me,
someone else marries her,

a girl loved by someone else,
I'm getting engaged to her,

when would I get engaged
with the girl I love, Param?

Before luck shook hands with you,
bad luck gave you lip to lip kiss, sir.

Come here, dear.

For me?
- No, for Valli.

Today evening is her bride seeing
ceremony, right?

She doesn't know who to wear a sari.

Please help her wear sari
if you don't mind.

How would she look like?

Would she be like her brother
without moustache?

How much ever better she may be,
sure she won't be 50% of what I'm!

She told me give this sari to you.

What's your name?
- Sameera.

From which place?


Did you come from there?

Didn't come, they brought us here.

Show me the sari.

Wear and show it.

It's crumpled.

I'm going to take bath,
keep it ironed and ready.

After seeing my ironing,
you'll shout like siren.

Sorry, it's burnt.

Get me that lace.

Shoe lace.

It's like fixing an AC to jail.

You should be carrying his child,
you're carrying sweets for him.


How did you know I like sweets?

Are you an expert?

I mean cutting throats.

How did my brother like you then?

I don't like to marry you.

I'll marry my uncle.

If you tell this to your brother,
I'll go home.

Why should I tell him?

If you don't tell him,
he'll get us married.

If married would I stay with you?

I'll poison you to death in a week
after marriage.

I'll cry for few days.

I'm very cute, right?

My brother's head will melt and
ask me what I want?

I'll ask him for my uncle.

I think that girl is fitness freak.

She's stretching overly.
- Not stretch but stress.

She's too eager to know what we're talking.
She's my girl friend.

At least tell her that you don't like
this marriage.

If not she may die really.

Do you want sweet, sunny?

With pen and paper in hand
writing as he wished...

Lord Brahma ruined my fate like this...

Making me stand in street
and disturbing my dreams...

Will you make my fate ill fate?

Wearing up dhoti...showing thighs...

Will you finish my life saying,
hello brother?

Cheating by force feeding me with sweet...

Buying me good suits and boots...

Will you make me wash utensils?
Oh my God!

Escape from here at the earliest...

Run to some other place or bar...

I've cyanide flavor lip stick...
I'm a live grenade...

Come, I'll torture you like typhoid fever...

Poets have described women
as flowers and fruits...

If they see them,
they'll change their writings...

Like curry leaves in food,
have you thrown us away like waste?

Some eyes have water tanks...
Some else has petrol bunk...

Would they drown or blow up this life?
Life is in danger...

I'll straighten up you like this blender...

I'll make chutney of you like this grinder...

I'll wash you clean like
washing machine...

You're a selfie of selfishness...

You're an icon of psycho...

You don't match with cyclone...

Even terrorizing goons...
Or disloyal henchmen...

Nobody will change head
as mercurial as you...

With tenderjasmine like head
on one side...

A human bomb on the other side...

See, my life has become like
a bus station...

He lived like a servant for 5 years
in his home for revenge.

Didn't come home for any function.

Now they've brought him dead.

Would they kill while eating food?

Keep quiet, can your cries
bring the dead back?

Would the man living die?

Can you bring Devarafs head?

He killed your three brothers.

Can you kill him?

All of you go and have coffee, go.


Are you angry for my words?


I got an idea.

You said would they kill while eating?

They'll arrange a feast for his
sister's engagement, right?

We'll kill him then.

Before he eats a morsel,
knives must pierce into his body.

Today is very auspicious.

Let's fix the date and time for
your engagement with my sister.


Enough...please sit own.

Please read it.

No need of Sanskrit,
just tell date and time.



12.01 PM!

That's enough!

You will get engaged with my sister.

Sing now!

Beauty with dot...
beautiful like statue...

Come to bless the groom...

The dress up the goat before
it gets sacrificed.

I don't know to call it as
coincidence or your fate,

your engagement is on 20th and
last day for my bet is 20th.

You'll lose bet at noon,
you'll give up my daughter.

You'll get engaged to the girl
you don't like.

You'll give my property papers.

Can we ever see someone
more unlucky than him?

If bad luck needs an address,
isn't it enough to tell your name?

A tiger is down with pneumonia and
sleeping weakly giving up non-vegetarian food.

Knowing about this a rabbit
came before it to make fun of it.

Tiger got angry,
killed the rabbit and ate it.

What do you understand from this story?

Tiger lied, right?
- No!

Though tiger is in bad position,
rabbit mustn't dare to make fun oftiger.

If you say anything like
that I'll rip you apart.

Go and find a place that suits your budget
for my marriage with your daughter.

Would he kneel on his knees and
give the site papers to you,

and say you needn't marry my sister,

marry the girl you love,
do you expect he'll do so?

Scheme is good, let's do it.

He has fixed the date, that girl is refusing
to tell she doesn't want to marry you.

What to do now?

Why not tell this to Devaraj yourself?

He would say good, you may go.

What about papers?

He'll not give and
we can never take from him.

But doors are locked.

No need of keys to open the door,
catching a thief is enough.

Is it?

Where can we find a readymade
thief instantly?

Can find a fool without any search.

Can't we find a thief without search?

Valli's marriage?

Day after tomorrow is engagement?

Send photo in phone, I'll come by flight.

Hubby, coffee.
- I need to go.

Not that, hubby...

Stop, hubby!

Arrow shot and race horse
will never come back.

Please turn back and see.


- Valli's marriage, I know.

Did I forget to wear it?

How to manage her?

Where are your shoes?

I stepped on cow dung,
so I left it on pavement.

Recently you went for job in shirt
but came back in T-shirt.

Shirt got wet so I came back
with T-shirt, is it wrong?

What to do if you leave
a thing every day?

I didn't leave you, right?
Be happy for that.

Keep the glass there.

She's making too many inquiries.

My brother has...
- Photos, right?


You sent photo, I'm checking it out.

The boy on the right side.
- Cut it.

The boy on the right side of my hubby.

Did he cut the call?

Give the phone, come this side.

Lakshmi was telling you something, right?

If one is willing to hear, Lord Krishna
told this much to Arjuna in Gita.

The boy is very handsome, hubby.

What handsome?

No life in eyes, no strength in muscles,
no surety in posture, no clarity in the man.

He's lousy!

They said boy is like electric wire.

Wire is okay, have to check
if it has current or not.

Why are you looking like that?
Pack the bags.

What are you looking there?
Take it! Enjoy!

I filled diesel for Rs.500, sir.

If car cost you Rs.5 lakhs,
you shouldn't ask from every passenger.

Sir, at least pay meter fare.

There's no record in history of taxi meter
and worn out motors working properly.

I asked him money and
he's delivering dialogue.

He's like radio, we've to listen to him,
he won't listen to us.

Take it.
- Thanks, madam.

Why are you rushing?
What for?

Bloody build up watching films.

Overacting in marriage scenes.

What's in it? Give it to me.

What's this?
- Hot water.

Why did you bring it?

It's not wrong to marry of your sister
to some useless fellow,

is it wrong ifl get hot water?

The boy is sharp like knife!

Every knife is not useful to cut.

If you've two sisters, if you get
one sister married to Pavan Kalyan,

and another sister married
cheaply to Brahmanandam,

People will not laugh with mouths.

Take your own time, brother-in-law.

He saved my life, brother-in-law.
- So what?

I'll send few men on him,
you save his life.

That will settle life for life.

You're saying as if saving life is great.

What's this, brother-in-law?
What's so great in saving life?

I'm sparing you because
you're my sister's husband.

Had it been anyone else...

No need to talk about
death in marriage, Devaraj.

You are...
- Bridegroom.

I know he's the groom,
how do you know him?

He works for me.

Aren't you ashamed to come a week
before for the engagement of your servant?

- What's so great in him?

Am I unable to see it
or are you all blind?

I mean bridegroom...
- He's the groom!

It's him! Looks like a chimpanzee,
I don't like him.


Look at his head like fixed
to a useless body.

MY lord!

He who brings upon himself
what he doesn't need is patient.

He who brings what he need
is a playboy.

He who gives up whatever he has
is sacrificer.

What about Yogi?

Yogi is a film by Prabhas.

You play, I'll entertain you like ball.

You, I'll protect you like wall.

I'm here, why are you seeing up there?

You appear so high to me.

Like a small bubble gum
has large balloon,

I've so much inside me,
you've seen only a bit.

Are you here to attend marriage?
- I don't like this marriage, so I'm here.

He too doesn't like this marriage.
- Why?

A girl loves him.
- Him?

A girl?

Who is that unlucky girl?

Taste of girls has fallen too low.

The girl is like miniature
Goddess Mahalakshmi.

What's wrong with her
to fall in love with him?

Romantic anger too!

People are dying unable to watch this.

Like you her father too is very sad.
- Where is he?


You're the only man who appears
to have common sense.

You are...?
- Hey!


I'm her husband.
You can go.

I'm Sameera's father Paida Sambasiva Rao.

It seems you don't want your daughter
to marry the man she loves.


If you marry them,
both will beg on streets.

Isn't it?

I too said the same.

Not only with your daughter,
I'll make sure he never marries any girl.

More importantly with my sister-in-law.

- Why?

I won't get my papers
if this marriage is stopped.


That's what had happened!

I got it.

You killed his father.

- Then, did I?

As revenge he usurped your property
and sold it to my brother-in-law.

You won't get the papers
till this marriage is over.

That's all, isn't it?

How come I told you 'Shankarabharanam'
and you understood 'Adavi Ramudu'?

Both films were hits, right?

I think you didn't get me correctly...
I'll tell you again clearly...

I get irritated to listen anything half,
should I listen second time too?

To get the papers without any problem...

I don't mind if you kill him.

If you want I'll sponsor the knife.

You mustn't faint on seeing blood.

- Greetings.

Had a safe journey?

They're speaking Telugu very well.

We are also Telugu people.

We've been living for generations,
so there's Tamil influence in slang.

With butter.

Valli, your kinswoman.

Can't believe you've a grown up son.
- Me too!

That's why this little girl is my daughter.

Then, you?
- I'm Anand's sister-in-law.

Didn't his mother come?

My father-in-law died recently,
she rarely comes out.

She'll be here on engagement day.

Greetings sir.

Did you greet John?

Indians are not so particular
about manners.

Especially villagers are ridiculous.

Can't you see?

Will you sit in his lap?

Is he sitting here?

Would you like to have coffee?
- Get it.

Take it, sir.

He's not visible.

Take it, sir.

Why did you break cup?

I thought he would take it.
- Who?


Where's John here?
You insulted him and he left feeling hurl.

Feeling hurt?

What did I tell him anyway?

John is my brother's secretary.

He left the job.

He's visible only to my brother.
- Why is he not visible to us?

Because we're not mad.

Come, I'll tell you.

Why him?
- To introduce him to you.

How can you marry man?
- Am I getting married?

I'm asking, how can you marry?
- I'm asking, am I getting married?

I'm asking, how can you marry
Devarafs sister?

You got it, right? Go.

Send him away.
I'm having breakfast, I may throw up.

Send him away.

Bloody face!
- As if yours is great!

Would you like to have coffee?

Must stop his marriage.
I can't get peace till then.

It's not a big deal if you decide, sir.

Want tea?
- I want an idea!

Idea doesn't mean phone
with Idea SIM card.

This is dead Kumarasamy Naidu's phone.

Veerasamy Naidu's brother?
- Yes.

His number is in it, call him.

We've an offer which he can't refuse,
let's tell him.

What are you thinking, sir?

Thinking where is the rope to
dry this towel!

Let's think something more important.

I've got an idea to stop this marriage.

Let's talk to Veerasamy Naidu
and let his men inside.

They'll kill the groom.

To avenge his brother's death, right?


Veerasamy Naidu's men
will kill the groom.

Would Devaraj keep quiet?

How long this violence will carry on?

How long this bloodshed will carry on?

Though you didn't understand
what you heard,

since you put down the swords,

it means humanity in your head
is not yet dead.

Out of 21 villages here,
you keep 10, you keep 10,

leave the other one to me.

If Veerasamy Naidu kills
your brother-in-law too.

I've an alternative for that too.

How long this violence will carry on?

How long this bloodshed will carry on?

Whenever God gives...

This time not only you who heard it,
I too didn't understand what I said.

You dropped your sword.

It means humanity in your head
is still alive.

Calm down...you're a big man,
if you cry if looks disgusting.

Out of 21 villages, you keep 20 villages,
give me one village.

What about your brother-in-law?

He'll be there as a photo
with a garland.- Where?

Shall I call him on phone?
- Do it.

I'm Koda, you know.
He's Paida, I know him.

Devaraj is not responsible
for your brother's death.

His sister's future husband.

So, you've to kill him.
Kill him.

To kill him we've to enter your home, right?
- Who stopped you?

Didn't we come here to talk to you?
You too come there.

How can other people enter Devarafs house?

Tomorrow is engagement,
tonight there's a party.

Entire court yard will be flooded
with liquor.

Send your men, I'll get them inside.

Kill him when he's sleeping.

Not from sleep.

How can you recognise my men?

Tell them to come with red upper cloth.

If anyone calls you, don't come
alone like meeting girl friend.

They may kill you.

Go man!

Why are you advising him unnecessarily?

What you unnecessarily is advice!

What you get is smell
if you stir up trash!



Are you getting ready for the party?

No way! I'm not at all interested.

Spray perfume, Param.
- It'll spread fragrance.

I didn't like the girl at first sight.

Sari below belly button,
back open blouse with shoe laces.

Use hairspray!

Look, how my hair is down like drunkard.

They'll take photos, right?
It won't be very nice to see.

If you don't have interest,
you must be like this.

Not like that.

What did you with her?

How can he answer if you ask him?

Tell me, what did you do with her?

Are you also doing dirty things
behind curtain like your father?

What did his father do?

Not his father...his father.

He died after taking loans.

He settled it, right?

Settled it great!
By selling Rs.300 crore property.

Rs.300 corers?

Is your uncle mafia Don
to take so much loan?

Don't know how many families he had
ruined, they're on streets now.

How could you bear losing
so much of property?

My foot! Didn't you feel pain
to take such a nasty hit?

Actually I felt content after
settling the loan.


I felt light with easing of burden.
- Light?

When I realized happiness has
got nothing to do with money,

I was really surprized.
- Surprized too?

Infact I felt such things will
make us better men.

You will feel like having it more.
But not feeling sad.

Infact I'll prove that these
four options are right.

Prove it?
Do it please!



When do you feel it is enough?
- When you feel content!

First option is over, right?
- Over.

When do you feel relieved?

Don't hit him, he may die.

When I stopped hitting,
you feel relieved, right?

Option two, this is relief.

When you get surprized?

I'll give you a demo.

Give a demo.

Why are you experimenting on my cheeks?

This is known as surprize!
- Surprize!

Any sensible man will not ask
anymore of this.

I feel it is true when you tell me.

Never think you're right always.

Where is he going?

Which do you prefer?

Remove that, I want this.

I want more...l want many more...

You gave a real live demo.

I've another experiment to change
your opinion on my father.

Test it on him.

What's that paper?
- Feedback paper.

If you like this experiment, tick good,

if you really liked it, tick super,

if you liked it to the core,
tick excellent.

Are you playing comedy on me?


I'll tell my brother-in-law
and finish you.

Come here.

It's time for red upper cloth to come.

You get them inside,
they'll take care of him.

I'll finish you.


Stop! Who are you?


Our men!
Send them in.

Where did you buy red towels?
They're very good!

I'll die.
- Why do you want to die?

I'll kill him.

Poor souls! They're feeling too sad.

Don't you've any respect for love?

They're so sad,
are you feeling like laughing?

Instead of feeling sad, why not elope?

My uncle will kill us before
we can cross this village.

Everyone in village is his relative.

If we cross this village,
his enemies will kill us.

If enemies attack the groom and
if your people protect him,

everyone will be busy, right?

Will you run away then?

Param will be ready with car at 6 am.

You escape.

Veerasamy's men inside the house
will attack me at 6.30 am.

By 7 am, I and your brother
would finish them.

By 8 am group clash in
Veerasamy's village,

by 9 am police will make an entry,

by 10 am, village council will inquire,

by 11 am, bad news of bride
eloping will spread out.

By 11.30 am you'll be Chennai.

By 11.40 am your brother will
go down and say sorry.

He'll give the papers to me,

at 11.45 am you both would get
married in Arya Samaj,

by 11.50, I'll handover the papers
to Sameera's father,

by 11.55, you'll be taking photos,

by 12 noon, Paida will say my father is great
and give his daughter's hand to me.

By 12.01 pm...victory!

If i say once it's like saying 100 times.

Hey groom!

Here comes the electric groom...

Super buddy!

The golden statue of this house
is all yours from now...

Super uncle!

'Machchi' means?
- Brother-in-law.

When I pluck jasmine from Malli's house...

When I look at moon in Chandu's street...

When I gather flowers near Subbu's pit...

When I wear sunglasses in Potu's farm...

When I use new bar of soap in
the river washing area...

When I apply Singapore scent...

When I wear nose pin with a pearl...

When my hands shine with
rolled gold bangles...

When I adjust my sari here and there...

When I apply a big dot with Singar...

When I admire myself in mirror...

When eyes of young men hit me...

It's super buddy...super buddy...

When I was having local brew
in Veerababu's house...

When a Beer like girl pulled me
with her eyes...

She appeared like Sridevi
with twin plaits...

Her jujube like eyes are inviting...

Her red blouse is hotter than Sun...

Her green sari is inciting desires...

When she moves her mouth

When words in mind come out
without any trial...

If lips are stocked with
English kisses...

Shaking hips are filling up water in pots...

When she's displaying her beauty...

When she toflures me in
my dreams...

Its super buddy...super buddy...

When I was waiting after watching
a film in little touring talkies...

You came buzzing a bullet bike...

When you passed on potholed
streets steadily with me in the pillion...

When it shook my thin waist...

When you looked better than
the matinee show...

When you were more enchanting
than item girl in film...

Entire touring theatre came to see you...

When an old man too whistled at you...

When my life less bullet too
winked at you...

My head was pained to see it..

Its super buddy...super buddy...

Recently on a Sunday at high noon
in village market...

When you came in a can
with a pillow...

A one day match was played in my head...

When I went weak without food...

When I got pain without getting
a shot of injection...

When you swept me away
with your charm...

When you walked in like
magical drums playing...

When you shine like a princess...

When I bowed in respect
to your mother...

When I honour your father with
a garland of flowers...

When they welcome me as
their son-in-law...

When they give you in marriage to me...

Its super buddy...super buddy...

When I planned a countdown to
stop engagement after good thought,

God proposed another countdown.

Veerasamy's men mistook
Devarafs brother-in-law as groom.

You're the groom, right?

Why are you running away?

If he marries her,
he's Devarafs brother-in-law, right?

Then, we must kill him.
Stab him!

Who let you inside?

Who let you inside?



Brother, he wouldn't have done this.

Please spare him...
for one last time.

What are you waiting for? Kill him!


Burn it down!

Save him!

He's your brother-in-law!
Don't make me a widow!

After he's reduced to ashes,
use it as sacred ash.

Please listen to me, brother.

You don't know, please move away.

He opened the gate to my enemies.

If he doesn't open the gates,
someone may break the wall to enter.

Your sister doesn't want
this engagement.

I don't love her.

We both don't want this marriage.

Your sister fears you to tell you this.

I can't tell because I need your help.

That's why, to stop this engagement
I planned their entry.

I want papers and win the bet,
that's why I was quiet.

If you try to pour petrol and kill men,
I'll not keep quiet.

Come, let's finish this.

For 20 years the beast I've been
hiding from my wife.

You're itching to see it.

Do you want to see
how it'll break the cage?

I promised to give you property
and my sister too.

Now, I'll give you death.

Every person has two questions.

When we were born?
When we will die?

Nobody wants to find the answer
for the second question.

But I was forced to find the
answer that day.

My countdown began.

One to ten!

I'm alone!

I've only two ways!

There are 3 people I'm answerable to.

The bet I staked four weeks ago!

A village with 5000 people.

600 private army.

A girl who is ready to marry me.

8000 square yards of land.

9 minute deadline!

Devaraj is 10 meters away!

Come on!

Nandu! What's this, son?

What's happening here?

Reddiarpatti 5 km

Valli, this is wrong route.

Whichever road she takes,
that's right route.

Sorry, please forgive us, sir.
Young girl.

New car, dear?

Why can't drive carefully, dear?

Bumper is locked.

You take reverse.
- Okay, sir.

You stay away, dear.

Get into the vehicle...
Come...come, Lakshmi.

Get in!

She's fine, uncle.

But you...for my sake...

I'll get an ambulance,
let's go to a hospital in Chennai.

Before that I've some work here.

Whatever it is, just tell us.

I sold a land site to my friend.

Someone has occupied it.

He lives in this place.

I need to talk to him.
I want him to give up.

You didn't sell knowing about it, right?

It's cheating ifl sell after knowing it.

Ifl come to know after I sold it,
it is wrong.

I mustn't do anything to make
my friend lose money, right?

I must talk to him.

Who has occupied your site?

You just tell his name,
my brother will take care of it.

Little serious.

Police will take you.
They'll inquire.

Please come, madam.

Your father died because of my mistake.

You mustn't die helping me.

Every day I'm living now
I owe it to your father.

I can't carry any more burden.

No brother, please leave it.

Devaraj, if you pick a weapon,
you can only kill.

Give up weapon, you can rewrite history.

Your father is very powerful man!

He can sacrifice his life
to save another's life.

Ifl get a knife,
I know to kill hundred people.

I don't know to save a life.

Like your father.

To tell your father is great man,
it is not enough that my sister is alive today.

The happiness in my home
is not enough.

The festoons in this house
are not enough.

If these papers can prove it...

Take it.

This is not my generosity,
this is your right.

This is not my goodness but
your father's greatness.

12 noon...4 week's time...

For this I staked my daughter.

I let my wife stay in other's home.

Your father died for a creep like me.

For a man like me!

Why are you crying like a child?

Did you see?

My wife who didn't talk to me for 15 years,
she talked to me now.

That is also your father's boon.

Your father's boon.

Father, you gave me this life.

You gave a new life to that girl.

The man who hates you,
you gave him orores of worth property.

You gave me a girl who loves me.

You gave me the faith that does good
and you get good in return.

Why isn't anyone of our
men picking my call?

That is...they mistook someone
else for groom.

Our men got thrashed in
that confusion.

Are all dead?
Are all dead?

Dead? There's no movement in anyone.

I think we needn't have to make
any payment.

I'm coming...l'll not die before
seeing Deva dead.

Hey, drive carefully man!

Deva will die in my hands today!

That's why they warn you not to drive
while attending phone call.

Stop. . .$10p- --

How come you're here, sir?

What happened there?

Paida said you gave up useful property
and kept useless shares.

Today share value grew and
has become Rs.10 cores.

Broker called and informed me.

You don't need anyone's help anymore.

That is your principle.

The house you sold will be
yours in near future.

I could've told this on phone,
but I wanted to tell you this personally.

I wanted to see your reaction.

T0 convert my difficulties
into opportunities,

have you changed useless papers
into money, father!

This is my story.

Every story has a hero.

The more difficulty he faces,
the bigger hero he emerges overtaking it.

If question arises to select between
your life and a 20 year old girl's life,

you gave up yourself,

who else can be greater than you, father?

You're the hero of my story.

You're the hero, father.

The values you imbibed in me
is my wealth.

As I told Sweety, we got back
the house within a year.

Jewels came back on
my sister-in-laws neck.

My brother got back his sense.

Smile returned on my mother's lips.

It happened like that, because...

When did you come, Koda?

Thanks, if you hadn't stopped him,
my brother-in-law would've killed me.

I came to meet you straight.

Who is he?

He came to your house recently, right?
My secretary John.

I too can see him, am I also mad?
I must consult a doctor immediately.

Oh my God!