S.O.N.S. (Sons of Nanay Sabel) (2019) - full transcript

RSG Release Team

Look, there's a wedding! Come on,
Beery Good, let's check it out.

We might see something interesting.

You're so
naughty, Beery Bad.

Our Lady
of the Abandoned Church.

A most awaited event in the whole
world, not just in the Philippines,

the wedding of the Prince of Ulteria
to a commoner.

Just an ordinary...


This one's ugly.

Metro Manila Film Festival!

It's crazy!

It's a gala. There's a Reyna Elena.

But these three are uglier.

Idiots, that's a wedding!
That's the bride, see?

Hurry up!

Thank you.

I love you all, thank you!

Here's your order.

Oh. Hey, Grandpa, how have you been?

More drinks for me!

Grandpa, don't be sad.

More drinks.

There's a lot of girls out there!

It's Lindsay, I love her so much.

Wait a second! Wait!

Wait, sir!

Ew! Sir! Come here, sir.
I'll help you up.

Let's get you there.

Leave it there.
Just come back for it later.

Come on, come on, come on.

Hey! Peter!

Help me.

Gramps is driving me mad.



Um, heart problems?

Yes. He fell in love.
Now he's getting drunk.

Sorry. English only.

Ah! Foreigner.

- Oh!
- Yes!

From Ulteria.



Say "Hi" to your Queen Gracia.

Mmm-hmm. I will.

- I'm going to see her next week.
- Ah.

This one has it bad.

Are you close?


but we fight all the time.

Actually, I'm here to have
a break away from the Queen.

She wants to ruin my life.


I understand you.

- You do?
- Yes.


Uh, because...



Because I'm the queen of...

Planet Uterus!

- Planet Uterus...
- Both! Prince! Queen!

Very good.

But don't tell anybody.

That's our secret. Shh.

Bye! Wait.




Prince! Prince! Prince...


Hey. Take it easy!

I'm skinny,
but I'm not a drug addict!

- Stop!
- Wait a second! Wait!



Oh, my God. I'm so sorry!


It's okay.

I'm just returning
this. I think you left it.

Return, return...

Return to sender.

Thank you!

You are... You're so kind.



From here on,
he changed my life,

and my Cinderella-like
story started.

Our love story, Labs A.K.A. Bals.

What did the Prince see in her?

She hexed him for sure.


It's crazy!

- Hi, Sabel!
- Hi.

I'm so lucky!

Stop! Stop it!

Phew, thanks.
They finally made her stop.

Was that for me?

Stop the wedding!

Stop this nonsense!

I object.

This bloody circus wedding!

I will marry her, Mother!

She's poor.

Love is not about status.

She's not educated.

Love is not about gaining a diploma!

She's not beautiful.

Love is...


That hurts, you know.

Nothing can stop me.
I will marry her. I love her!

She doesn't know how to love.

She loves me!

Yes, so much.

She has seven children
she abandoned.

- What? Is it true?
- No!


Not seven...

- Six only.
- What?

Please... I will...

- Sabel!
- I will explain.

What kind of mother does that?


If we have kids...

you can do this to my kids.

- No, I will not!
- Right!

No, my love!

My lo...











Oh, no,
how embarrassing for the prince!

- This woman's useless.
- I've had it with you three!

Stop judging me because you don't
know what I've been through! Come!

The prince might pick us instead!
He's so handsome!

You're right! Let's go.

Juicy! Come on!

Go away!



We have six kids coming in.

Do you want
to have them adopted?

No, Sister Mary,
I'll come back for them.

As soon as I am able
to give them a good life.


I'll take care of them for
now, okay?

I will wait for you.

Don't worry, my children.
I'll come back for all of you.

My God! Prince!



Take me instead!

Come down there! He's mine!



Pick me instead, Prince!




- Prince!
- Prince!


Bals, don't leave me!

Please, let's go after...






That is for being ambitious!

That's your karma!

You're a no-good mother.
A terrible woman!

Don't leave me, Bals.

You deserve it.

I love you, Bals...

That's what you get
for being a bad mother.

Take this!


There's karma!

She's just looking for her kids because
everyone's on her case about it.

Look how guilty she is. Her motherly
instinct is finally kicking in.

Good evening, Sister.

Is Sister Mary there?

We've been looking for her, too.

She said she's watching out for someone
to arrive, but she never came back.

Where do you suppose I can find her?

I'm sorry, I don't know.


Sister Mary? Is that you?

It's me.

What happened to you?

I have been waiting for you.

Oh, no. I'm really sorry, Sister.

That's why I'm here.
I'm here for my kids.

I know what you're here for.

Here it is.

Here's a list of addresses
of the people who adopted your kids.

In here?

The password is...



As in, three?





Abra Kadabra.

Oh, here it is.

She has no hope.

Justin! Bieber!

Your dad's there.
It's time for breakfast. Let's eat.

Let's go,
let's go, let's go.

Sup, bro!


Morning, Pa!

Justin. Bieber.


Sit, sit!
Come on, join me for breakfast.

looks good today.

My sons...

What's happening?

There's a ghost!

Try the bacon.
That bacon is really good.

Did you see
that FIFA game last night?

Portugal, Spain?


That last goal of his, fantastic!

Pop, no one even saw it coming!

Genius play!

Genius play!

I don't understand
what they're talking about.

Let's just pretend that we do.


FIFA. It's a soccer team.

Not a pipe.

Oh! A soccer team.

Sorry, I only watch basketball.

It's Jack's fault.
He talks too much.

We lost track of the conversation.


You know what...

Let's eat somewhere else.

Why? I'm enjoying this bacon.

- Let's go.
- Pops!

We gotta bounce.

Uh, enjoy your bounce!


The remote for the gate
has been here all along. What...

There it goes again!

There's been something
bothering me about Jack.


He seems different from us.
Real different!


It's like...

We kind of...

don't belong.

You know what I mean?

Nanny, we're going to ask you
something. Tell us the truth.

The way he acts, the way he looks...

he's really odd.

Be straight with us, Nanny.

Is Jack adopted?

You know what, let's not dwell
on those kinds of things.

You know what,
let's practice poetic debate!

Poetic debate again?

Justin! Bieber!

I'm your mom!

What? Are you a ghost?

My mom is dead!

Hey! Just your mom?

Well, she was your mom, too!

Your mother is alive!

How can she be alive?

She died giving birth to Jack,
our youngest brother.


Why is it, though,

that even if he caused Mom's death,

Pops still seems to favor him, huh?

It doesn't make sense.

That's because I'm your mother!

No, you're wrong!

Because I'm really your mother!

- Pops!
- Pops!


- Pops!
- Oh.

What is it?

What's the problem?

Is it true...

that Jack has a different mother?

It's true.

See! I told you so!

Jack, you're adopted!

Bro, your mom's looking for you.

She's out there.

Poor you.


I let myself in.

My sons...

I'm your mother.

I'm your mom!

What she's saying is true.

My sons,

I had a lot of shortcomings.

I'll make it up to you.

Just give me one more chance.


Thank you so much, this might be
the missing piece of our lives.

Thank you.


My sons!

You're beautiful, Mom.

I'm so sorry, my sons.

I love it!

Good thing
I'm prepared. My God.


I'm sorry!

But me and these kids?
We won't be separated.

- We'll go ahead.
- Okay!

It's a hair salon.

I'm sweating. Do me first.

Nanny, do me first.

- Nanny Bona. Do me first!
- Look what I'm going to do.

- Nanny Bona, do me. Just ignore him!
- You have to do it as well.

There, cut it to the left.
Like this.

- We should have one for each, Nanny Bona.
- Then, you do it gently, like this.

It should be straight right here,
just like this. Okay?

Then move upwards.
And shave it immediately.

- So it will be precise.
- Yes, Dad.

- And enjoy, huh?
- Excuse me.

Oh! Please wait.

Have a seat.

- Okay, okay. Thanks.
- Come in!

Come in.

Come in please. Go ahead.

All right,
I'm leaving you in charge.

- Do a good job, okay?
- Got it! I'll take care of it.


Damn, it's boring.

Music on!



Here it comes! The solo!




What have you done?

- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- Stop! Wait a second!

Don't hurt him. That will hurt.

Now, hold up. Stay out of this.

- Or else, you'll get it too!
- No, no, no!

I don't wanna get hurt.

But that's fine...
I'm ready to take the hit for him.

But before you do...

Before you do... Wait...

Can I use your restroom?

Right over there.

I really need to pee now.

Why would you take the hit for me?

Who are you?

Aren't you Troll Montero?


Troll! Don't be surprised, okay?

I'm your mother!


A-ha! That's why you look familiar!

Sister told me about you.

Oh, yes! Sister!
That's me, that's me!

The thing is...

I knew this day would come.

Wait for me.

There! Good luck.

And God Bless.

Right, son.
These are your brothers.

This is Justin and Bieber.

That reminds me. You're not
here for a haircut, right?

So if you don't mind,

can you hold the reunion outside?
Call a catering service.


My sons...

Help me out. I can't get out.

Help me.



This is the address!

- Is this it?
- Huh?

Oh, no!

I wonder if
he'll look like us.

My sons, look.

We don't even look like you.

Wow, your kids are rich!

You're right. I'm thankful
they ended up with a nice life.

But I'm worried they won't
want to come with me.

Let's find out!

Hey! There is a bell.

Nanny Bona!


What happened to you?

Give me some tissue!

Wait, we don't have any. We're
out of tissues, what will I do?

Wipe me, nanny!

- May I?
- Wipe me, nanny!

Get me a tissue, Nanny.

- This will do.
- Get me a tissue, Nanny.

What are you doing?

This will do.

Gosh, it's hard to wash this!

Gosh, it's hard to wash this!

Can you hold this for me?

I really need to pee,
and I left my bike.

- Oh.
- Wait.

What... What was that?

The madam has been waiting for you.
Come in!

Huh? What about the pizza guy?

The delivery boy!

- It's huge.
- What should I do with this?

It's huge.

Oh, wait. The luggage.

We don't have
anything like this.

We really don't.

Nanny Bona!

What is it?

Can you scratch my right side?
My leg is itchy!

- It's itchy? Where?
- Right here on the right. Right.

Here on the right?

- Here? Like this?
- There, there, there.

Here, here. To the left. Left!

Where is it really? To the left?

- Yes, to the left.
- Really, where is it? To the left?

Go up a little. Yes, there!

Ai! What happened?

What happened there?

- I don't know! You told me to scratch it.
- For God's sake, Nanny!

This house is really big.

It's okay.

It's like Disney Land.

This house looks nice!

What is this?

There's still six of us!

Ma'am, your pizza is here.

Pizza! I'm hungry!

Feed me.

Grandma is angry again.

Just place it on the table, please.

Grandma's going
to get angry again.

Right here.

Pizza! I want pizza!

- I want pizza! Let me eat pizza!
- Grandma, do you want to eat over there?

I don't want to use the wheelchair!

I want you to carry me.

Okay, here we go.

Hurry up!

- Yes.
- I'm hungry!


You act like I don't feed you!

You're just heavy, Grandma!

Are you complaining?

No, I'm not.

Because you have no right.
I paid for your schooling.


my mom worked for you for 30 years.

Hey! She got paid. All 30 years!

- Grandma.
- What?

Move on.

We keep going over this.

Watch yourself, too.

I'll take care of the
pizza, Grandma.

This is for the...

My son!

My son...

Ma'am, hold on! Wait.

Hey, wait a second. Please wait.

Son, you're my son!

- We are not your children.
- I think you're mistaken.

- No! You are my sons!
- Huh?

Sister Mary said I'd find
my sons at this address.

Was she talking about you guys?

Don't you remember Sister Mary?

I left you with her!

I think I do recognize you!

That's me! I'm your mother!

But we're not really brothers.

You are brothers.



How did that happen?

I only wanted to take Izzy.

But the Sister didn't want
you two to be separated,

so Metring took you!


That makes sense!

Bro! Brother!

I knew it.

- Nice!
- So who are they?

They're also your brothers.

Them too?




Come on, brothers! Come on!

Brothers! Brothers!


Group hug! Group hug! Group hug!

Wait! No!
My dress might get damaged!


Please don't. Stop it!

In fairness, madam,

you're really rocking that thong.

I love it!

Don't you have
a shawl or something, Ma?

Yeah, cover up, Ma!

You guys are so judgmental.

Give me a minute!

Okay, here it goes!
But wait, there's more!

There's more?

Oh, my!

I love, love, love it!

I didn't expect that.

Of course! You're always judging me.

- Come with me!
- Ouch!

- You're loitering around outside again!
- Ma, it hurts!

You're loitering
around outside again!

You're never at home.
You never listen to me.

You're so stubborn!

Where's the gala?

Look, it's Cartolina Grey.


Poor guy!

Ma! It's a house for rent!

You're right!

- Hey, this is nice. This is it!
- You're right!

This is it!

This is it!

Good evening!

Anybody there?

- Whoo-hoo!
- Anybody there?

I don't think anyone's there.

It seems so,
because it's already late.

- Ma! Ma, it's opening!
- It opens by itself.

- Ma, we can find some place else.
- Let's get out of here, Mom.

It looks like it's opening.

What do you want?

We were expecting a human.

Why? Can you afford it?

Nope, we can't!

Hi, excuse me. Miss!

We can afford it!

Don't worry about it,
I'll take care of it.

Let's do this 'cause it looks like
it's going to rain any sec.

Here it comes!

- Let's go!
- Pay first!

We'll pay later
or the bills will get wet.

Ma, Nanny Bona, can you give
me a hand? It's raining hard!

Thank you so much, Bona.

If you didn't lend me money,

my sons and I would
be out in the streets.

I wouldn't have had
a new dress either.

Thank you so much!

Don't mention
it, madam.

It just makes
me so glad that the kids

got to know their real mother.

Yes, I agree. Again, thanks a lot.

So, have you moved on?

I didn't just move
on, I moved in, too.

Appear! Bop!

My toothbrush!

Who took my toothbrush?

- Not me!
- It's not him.

First voice to crack is guilty!

Oh, it cracked.

- Guilty!
- Guilty!

- It was you!
- Me? Why me?

It was you!

You're blaming someone
who doesn't brush his teeth.

He's right!

I didn't
get your toothbrush!



Whose toothbrush
is this? This is yours, right?

- You were combing your hair with it!
- Give me that!


Bro, bro! Isn't this yours?


That's mine!

I was just borrowing it!

How come?
Did you ask for permission?

Take it easy.

I was going to return it.

Return it...


I knew it!
You're even using my boxers.

I was going to return it.

Return it? Don't bother!
You've funked it up.

I do not have a funk.

Hey! Respect me, I'm the eldest!

Hey! What's going on? Wait!

Why are you arguing?

- That's my shirt!
- Wait!

Justin! Bieber!

That's my shirt!

Wait a minute! Wait, wait, wait!


we're still getting used
to each other, right?

You don't know each
other that well yet.

So please, calm down. Huh?

Thank you.

You started this!

It's his fault!

Hey! You're sleeping at work again!

Why are you so lazy?

- I can't do anything right by you.
- Where's the broom?

You were sleeping!
What were you doing?

What kept you up late again?

- I never do anything right.
- Answer me!

What? Don't bullshit me.
Come here. Come here!

- Mom! Cut it out.
- Get back here!

Get back here!

What? Come here!

You'll really get it this time!

- Hey!
- Hi!

Good evening, Captain.

Good evening!

Uh, I was just cleaning here.
It's so dusty!

It's full of spiders, see?
And cobwebs!

My love!

Why did that kid run off?


I asked him to buy something.

Um, sanitary pads.
I'm on my period. I'll go ahead.

You're lucky you adopted Bhoy.

He's not only nice,
he's also diligent.

And most of all, friendly.

Isn't it your last term
in office, Captain?

You should make him run.
I'm sure he'll win!

Kids, let's go. We still
have to look for your other brother.


Is that it?

Yes, this is it.

Couldn't you put in
a little more effort?

That's fine.

Come on, kids. Let's go.

- Ma.
- Yes?

Can we ask you something?

What is it?

Where are our fathers?

Uh, we should get going.

We'll talk about
that some other time.

Come on, let's go.

The towels! Towels!

I was expecting something.

Oh, no! Poor kid.

Ma. Why don't we hire
him as a house boy?

- House boy...
- He's right, Ma.

Come on! Let him sleep there.
He's just resting.

Just leave him there.

Wait, wait!

Don't leave me.

We've been
walking for hours.

Is this the one?

- Let's see.
- I'm tired.

- It is. Oh, no!
- What?

- Is this it?
- Looks like it is!

Where is Nanny Bona?

Your nanny
who always wear a Filipiniana?

The one with a mole here?

- She's not here!
- Exactly!

There's a conflict in her schedule.

Excuse me!

- Oh.
- Ooh!

This is it!

- Number 15, Kalye Balbina.
- Yes.

- Why is it in the garbage?
- It's all burned down.


Um, excuse me, do you know where the
people who used to live here went?

No. No one knows.

Miss, do you know
if they survived the fire?

- Hey!
- What kind of question is that?

I'm just making sure in case we need
to check the cemetery or something.

You had to assume the worst?

Wearing a Filipiniana!

A mole!

Hey! Your kids have been
looking all over for you.

And you're just here having snacks?

The nerve of this nanny.

Now hold on! Who the hell are you?
Don't try me.

I'm tired!
Can't I get tired and take a break?

Don't let it bother you, Ma.
We'll find him. Don't cry.

He's right, Ma.

Please, don't cry.

Why shouldn't I cry? I don't
know where your other brother is.

We'll find him.

He's right, Ma.

Don't cry, Ma!

We'll find...

What. Don't cry, Ma.

He's just there. We'll find him!


Do it again, do it again!

Stop that! Stop playing with Mama.

- But, it's pretty cool.
- We're not playing with her.

She's crying because
she really loves our brother.

That's right.

What is it? What is it?

There it is.

What is it? What is it?

So that's why.

No wonder Mama was beat-boxing.

My love, can't you smell that?

Smell what? I can't smell anything.

Hey! You! You fell asleep
doing your chores again!

Mom! I didn't!

You! You fell asleep
doing your chores again!

Mom! I was cooking, not Bhoy.

No, no, no.
He's going to burn down our house.

- Mom, it really was me!
- Come here, you!

I wonder where we'll
find your brother.

Where's Nanny Bona? It's so hot!

Where is your nanny?

- Please stop! Please stop!
- That's right! Beat him!

You never learn!

You really plan on
burning the house down.

It was Dad who left the gas on in our
old house at Number 15 Kalye Balbina.

Number 15? Kalye Balbina?

Oh, my God, this is it!
That's your brother!

Your brother's in there.

Come on, come on, let's go! Hurry!

Ouch! Please stop it!

And you're
talking back now?

- You're so lazy!
- That's right!

No, I'm not.
You're just asking too much.

I told you to clean the ceiling.

- You never learn!
- You dare talk back to me?

He should talk back!

Because bullying and maltreatment
should be a thing of the past.

That's right!


Hey! Don't get involved
in family matters!

We are family!

Especially if this kid came
from Sister Mary's orphanage

and was adopted by a terrible couple

who lives at 15 Kalye Balbina,
that also caught on fire.

Then he really is my son!

- Oh!
- Mom?

Come with us, son.

Take this.

Come with us, son.


Take him! I'll just get someone new!

This is my son. He's ours!

You better watch your back.

For what? You don't scare me.
Come on, son.

- Just let Bhoy go.
- Let's go.

You keep defending Bhoy.
What do you want?

Do you want to be the one carrying sacks
of rice and cleaning around the house?

Give that to me, give it here!

There! Go clean the house!

Get out of my house!

Let's go!

Just leave them be.

Let's go, son.

My children,

always remember,

I love you all very much.

I told you, Sabel,
I don't want you to speak Tagalog.

I don't understand.

Perhaps not in words,

but in our hearts
we understand each other.

What the hell was that?

I don't know also.

Thank God.

This is the happiest day of my life.



Bhoy! Where are you going?

- Hey!
- Mmm.

Where are you going?

I'll just sleep here.

Why are you going to sleep...

- Heh.
- What is that?

What's on your face?

Madam, this is in right now.
It's very effective.

It's to achieve the
Korean glass skin.

You should try it, madam.

What is it?

It's just oatmeal.

Ah, oatmeal.

I'll never put that on my face.

Never ever.


That's mine!

- I'm just borrowing it!
- I know!

I was just borrowing it.

Did you ask me?
You didn't even ask me!

- Why are you so stingy?
- I said that's mine!

- Wait a minute!
- Did you ask permission?

You didn't even ask me!

Why are you so stingy?

That's right! Did you
ask me? You didn't even ask me!

- That's mine.
- I'm just borrowing it!

Borrowing? You should have told me
instead of just taking it!

- Stingy? Why, you...
- Wait a minute!

I already told you!

My glasses!

Yes, yes.
Wait, I'm still wiping the walls.

I already cleaned the walls.
No, I'm not resting.

- Bhoy! Hey!
- Yes! I already cleaned the wa...

Wake up!

I was just dreaming.

I'm sorry.
It was a dream, after all.

Oh, stop all of that and let's eat.

You boys are so rowdy!

Come on, come with me!


- Nice! Do we have eggs?
- Great!

Here, we have fried,
scrambled, hard-boiled,

and salted eggs.

Ma, I'd like some rice.

Fried? Or steamed rice?

I just want bread.

Salt bread? Tasty? Or wheat?




whole wheat.

No sugar,

no sodium.

With cranberries and almonds.

We don't have
those, son.

But what we have is...


wheat, organic,

no sodium, no sugar,
without almond but has...

Sesame seed!

That will do.

- Nice!
- That works.

Wait a minute.

Son, aren't you going to eat?

Oh, no.
I'll just eat when they're done.

Ah, no, son.
We should all eat together.

Come here, son, and eat. Sit here.

- Come, let's eat.
- Sit here.

- Sit there.
- Do you want coffee?

- Thank you.
- Here.

Here's coffee.

Thank you.


Go on and eat.




Is that all they feed you?

Yes, but moldy.


Ma, I have a question.

Who are our fathers?

Baby James's father...

That was my first,
but he still left me.

They all left me.

They all left me.

- Hey.
- Sir.

Take care of the glass.
Don't break it.

Put the chairs over there.

I'm begging you, sir.

Now you're begging for your old job.

We already got someone
sexy and good-looking.

Unlike you. Bad vibes,
and people get angry around you.

Sir, that's why I'm begging you.

Just give me another chance.

I'll do better.


Is that all you can do?

Not at all, sir! I can do more!

Check this out.

Is that it?

Uh, I have more, sir.

Just a second.

Wait, there's more!
Join me, sir.


Ah. Ha!



There's no Wi-Fi here, either.

This place is lifeless.

Hey! If you want,
I can teach you poetic debate.

No, thanks!

Is that how it is?

I'll just go home and sleep, then.

Don't be so sulky, Nanny.

Nanny is so sulky!

It's fun here.


It's fun here.


- It's fun here.
- Ha!

Yeah, right. Fun.

Why, what makes it fun for you?

This. You guys.

♪ Too happy 'cause you
were here with me ♪

♪ Too happy 'cause
I can reach my dreams ♪

♪ Too happy, I can't believe ♪

♪ You are the reason I live ♪

♪ Hope you'll never change ♪

♪ Too happy, I'm too happy ♪

♪ 'Cause of all the
men chasing you ♪

♪ You picked me for you ♪

♪ Too happy, I just love you ♪

♪ I need no wealth ♪

♪ 'Cause you're my treasure ♪

My thighs hurt!

What now?
It's been two hours.

Come on, Justin.
I'm sick of nodding my head.

- Ma!
- Oh.

- Hey.
- It's Mama. It's Mama.


It's past midnight.
Why are you all still outside?

Of course, Ma!
We're waiting for you!

You're... is our...

- You're our mother.
- Oh.


I knew it, Ma!

- What is it?
- We already know the truth.

Sons, I will explain!

- I will explain.
- No, no, no, no explanation.

You got circumcised, didn't you?
Was it free?


Stop that, you nut.

Show some...


It was just a joke.
I was just kidding.

Ma, where were you?

I was at work.

- Come on, then.
- Ma, we'll start working, too.

Help her in, help her.

- We'll help you.
- Really?

All I need is a comb, Ma.
Scissors, too, and I'm set.


I'll help pray, Ma.

You're going to work, too.
Aren't you embarrassed?

Well, how about him?
What's he going to do? He's excused?

Just leave him be.

I'm sure he's really tired.
Let him sleep.

You're more tired.

He does look pitiful.
You know what to do, then?

- Okay!
- Let's carry her!



- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning, Captain!

It was good a while ago!

Hey, Captain.
This bunch looks desperate.

They do.

They probably think this is the
line for government rice.

He's just a Barangay Captain.

What time is it?

She's given birth.

Wasn't she
just pregnant earlier?

Madam, you've waited for so long
your hair's turned white.


And you grew a mustache!

"Mustache," she said!

What's that?

Hey, focus.

This is for... Hey, focus.

This is the one for MMR.

These ones are the flu shots, okay?

Okay, next.

You might mix them up.

Yes, yes. I know.

It's all written down here.
I'm a nurse, you know.

- Hello.
- You better be sure.

Is it done? Did you bring it there?

Okay, okay, okay.

For tomorrow...


One, two, three!

That sounds really bad.

You're so heavy.

Hey! Hurry up.

- Yes, yes.
- Hurry. I've got a Zumba class to go to!

Here we go.


What about you?
What's your concern?

Please hold this.

Captain, are you okay...

What did you do?

What happened?

What happened to my wife?

You idiots. You're in this together!

My love!

You idiots!

Do your best, okay?

- Of course, Nanny!
- Don't be shy.

- Be confident.
- Yes.

I'm so proud of you!
And wow!

What a great company name!

Legit AF!

"You and Me
Water Refilling Station."

You know what to do.

Don't worry, Nanny. We can do this.

- See?
- So.

- Who's going to deliver it?
- Mmm.

You, of course!
Do you expect me to do it?

- Uh...
- That's on us, too?

Miss Aqua.

My boys are rich kids.
They might not be up for the task.

They don't look like it.

And I'm not Aqua. My name is Joyce.


No. Canal.

Right, then. Go and deliver those.
We have a lot of orders.

Hurry up!


Nanny Bona!




We still have plenty more to go.

But that's already enough.

Just make it quick.

Just put it there.

You can do it, Nanny.

This is too big.

It's too big!

My love!

We're going in there?

Why not? You're not doing
anything bad, are you?

What you need to do
is strengthen your minds.

You need...

You need to overcome all obstacles.

You have to do it, okay?
That's how it is.

Just do it! Because I...

I can't do it anymore.


Carry it from the bottom!

What are you doing here?

Get out of my house!

Dad, it would be a waste
to not take this water.

Just let them in. I'm dehydrated.


But after this, don't let
your shadows anywhere near us!

- Yes.
- Come on, hurry up.

Hold it there.

Just put it here.

- Right here.
- Sure. Water.

- Careful, okay.
- Okay, let's open it first.

- One.
- Be careful. Do it slowly.



What did you do to my mom?

- Sorry!
- What did you do to my mom?


You idiots.

You're going to kill my wife.

It was an accident, Captain.



I'll show you what an accident is.

Dad, Dad...

- Idiots!
- Stay here!

- Idiots!
- Let's go.

- Let's go!
- Run!

Your dignity or your face?

It's a hard choice.

Ah. Will I beat you up,
or will you stop singing?

- Look, it's Bhoy.
- Why you!

Hey, Bhoy! What's up?

What happened?

- I will finish you.
- What now?

- You act tough for a little guy.
- Wanna go at it?

- Is this guy with you?
- Tough guy!

The one in tights!

Here it comes!

Behind you! Hey, go there!

Hey, go there!


My children! Stop it!

- Behind you!
- My sons, stop that now!

Hey, go there!

- Stop it!
- Behind you!

- Hurry, behind you!
- You won't quit it, huh?

It's Mama! It's Mama!

It's Mama!

Bhoy, next time,
don't let them bully you.

- You got a lot of nerve.
- Wait.

Didn't you attack us first?

Us? We were breaking them up!

Wait. So they were
just breaking it up.

Just breaking it up?

Are you with this guy? Hmm?


- No...
- Hey! Come back here!

- He got us there.
- Bro, sorry about that.

Sorry, sorry.

We're really sorry.

- It hurt, you know!
- We're really sorry.

It's okay, it's okay.

These lunatics.

- Go on, sing!
- We really didn't know.

Go, bro!

Oh, this is all for you!

Go, Bhoy!

♪ Birthday ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

That's our brother!

- Yeah.
- Amazing!

Next time, don't get into fights.

Sorry, Ma.

I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to drag you into it.

- Don't worry about it!
- It's no problem!

We should get involved.
We're brothers, after all.

- That's right.
- Yes.

But is your singing really that off?

- Hey!
- Am I tone-deaf?

Why don't you try to rap, Bhoy?

Ever tried it?

You know how to rap?

♪ We're together
No one be left behind ♪

♪ We'll help solve
each other's problems ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

Madam, sorry I'm late!

♪ Everybody's there
to feel the joy ♪

♪ So let's be together like... ♪

♪ Like we are all just peers ♪

♪ Solid friendship and brothers' bonding
We are buddies through thick and thin ♪

♪ Though miles away
Be there for you right away ♪

♪ When you're in trouble
Be there come what may ♪

♪ He'll stick in abundance ♪

♪ Much more in scarcity ♪

♪ Together we'll have plenty ♪

♪ Till everything is gone
Hope we're still together ♪

♪ You are my blood, my brothers ♪

♪ No matter how often we argue ♪

♪ I'm sure none will neglect you ♪

♪ When somebody hurt you ♪

♪ You'll be at peace
They will protect you ♪

♪ No reason to part ways ♪

♪ We trust each other always ♪

♪ We're together
No one be left behind ♪

♪ Together we'll help solve
each other's problems ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

♪ Everybody's there
to feel the joy ♪

♪ So let's be together ♪

♪ Like... ♪

♪ Like we are all just peers ♪

♪ So let's all stick together ♪

♪ We stick to each other ♪

♪ Stick together ♪

♪ Expect that we'll
help each other ♪

♪ No matter what the problem
Even if we are not able ♪

♪ We will rise again
even if we stumble ♪

♪ Not letting anybody know
Unrecognizable ♪

♪ That's how it should be ♪

♪ Not even trials could stop me ♪

♪ Let's all be ready ♪

♪ We're together no
one be left behind ♪

♪ Together we'll help solve
each other's problems ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

♪ Everybody's there
to feel the joy ♪

♪ So let's be together, like... ♪

♪ Like we are just friends ♪

♪ So let's be together, like... ♪

♪ Like we are all just peers ♪

Hey, hey, hey!

Give me that!

Give me that!

Hey, hey, hey!

Shh! What are you fighting over?

- It's their fault, Ma!
- My clothes.

My children! Come on out!

I really like this, Mom.


Where are you guys headed?

Looking for a job, too.

Good luck, good luck!

- That's why you're all dressed up.
- Good luck, then.

You're wearing nice
clothes yourselves.

I hope you find a job.

Keep safe! Take care.

I hope we find a bakery.

I'm so hungry.

Are you okay?

I'm fine now. You already caught me.

Uh, don't tease me. I fall easily.

Miss! Are you okay?
Are you hurt?

Are you sure?

Are you from around here?

- We'll walk you home!
- No, I'm just here for a vacation.

- I'm okay!
- We'll walk you home!

- No, it's really no problem.
- No, I'm fine.


Thank you.

Pops. Hi, Pops!

- Hey, sons.
- Bro!

We just wanted to say hello.

Ah, good!
But we're late for our golf game.

It's okay, we'll come back later.

Come on, just tell him.

Okay, then.
Come back later, okay? Bye.

- Take care!
- Okay, then.


Why didn't you tell him?

See you!

Take care, Dad!

This is your fault.
You tell him if you're so brave.

Dad! Can we borrow the car?


Let's go!
We haven't earned a cent!

Why? I'm still eating.
Let me eat first.

We passed by a lot of stores
earlier, you should've eaten then.

Passed by.
We didn't stop at them.

Don't get smart on me.


Taxis don't come by here
often, miss.

I noticed.

Do you want me to give you a ride?

Are you the kind of taxi I can grab?

Can I grab you, too?

You're funny.

I think you have a passenger.

Hey! Let's go!

Can you hold on for a minute?

- You were in a hurry, right?
- What's wrong?

- Aren't you hungry?
- Go eat some more.

- Pay for it, then.
- Yes, I'll pay for it. Let's go!

Stay there and eat!

Just go with it.

Don't you know how to fix that?

No, I can fix this. Wait a minute.

Is it true when they say...

Drivers are sweet lovers?



Where are we going, again?

Can I get a haircut?

Sorry, miss.

I can't cut women's hair.

Not me. It's for Kimchi, my dog.

Vets charge too much.

Uh, uh...

Okay, I'll do it.

Ouch. Ouch!

- What are you...
- Looks great, doesn't it?

- See?
- I can't believe you.

Okay, miss.

Just trim a little bit here.

And a little more here.

A real barber is
good with his hands.

Huh? Did you mean pickpockets?

You're so cute!

Any updates? Have you
gotten all five of them yet?

Just 3.5 out of 5, Auntie.



Why not a whole number?

Are you even trying?

If it was me,
the fight would be over.

You've got to give
it more sex appeal.

How do I do that?


I'm Helen!

Put some air in it
when you're talking. Like I did.

Mom, Dad, what are you up to?

Helen's here for a vacation.

Don't start with me, kid.

Don't pity her.

Do you want to do it instead?

I don't want to.

Then we don't need your opinion.

not asking much.

Turn them against each other.

We divide and conquer.


And I promise you...

We'll help you
get through college.

- Don't you like that?
- What is this?

It's just coffee.

Don't we have bread?

Peanut butter?

We do have butter. I'll get it.

You know,
you're more handsome than Bieber.

That's not true! Oh.

That's what he wants you to think.

He just has more confidence is all.

I've heard some awful things
about you from him.

Why would he do that?

I don't know.

Maybe he noticed that
I like you better.

You are such a tease.


I'm Helen!

Is it windy?

Go, go, go!

What happened?

Sanitary pads,
the kind with wings, all right?

Here's the payment.

- Hey!
- Hi!

- Don't you have work?
- Uh...

No. I'm actually going
to apply to jobs today.

To Canada.

- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.

Me too!

Oh, really?

Where in Canada?



- Mmm-hmm.
- Me too!

Maybe we're meant to be together.


- What's this?
- Um...

Is it your girlfriend's?

No. It's Nanny Bona's!

Hey! Bro! What are you playing?


Text them properly, got it?

And remember all the
tricks I taught you.

Hi. Can I drop by your place?

Sorry, my relatives are strict.

Ah, strict, huh?

No, I'm just saying things.



Helen, when can we meet again?

Can we meet tomorrow?

- I miss you.
- Can we go on a date?

- I want to see you now.
- Can I come see you?

Helen... I think I love you

I love you too.

Send to:

Very good!

Our next step is to ask them
to go to the beach! Ha!

Hello, Ma!

I'm here!

Matabungkay Beach Hotel.

I'll call you again. Okay?

- Sir...
- Can you just leave it there?

- What did you do?
- Sorry, sir.



When did you get here?


Uh... Uh...


There it is.

So I don't get darker.

You're really cute!

Would you like anything?

Uh... You?

Mmm. I already have a drink.


- Um...
- What's wrong?

- I'm getting itchy all over.
- What happened?

Do you want me to scratch it?

No, I'll do it.

Let's go swim!

All right.

- Come on! Let's swim!
- No, I can't.

I don't know how to swim.

- You do know! Let's go!
- I really don't. And it's cold, too.

I really don't know how to swim.

I don't know how to.

I'll just watch you
from here.

- Come with me!
- Helen.


- Your...
- My?


- My?
- To cover your...


Your swimwear.

This is yours, right?


- My?
- Your Br...

Where's my top?

I remember putting it here earlier.

There it is! That's my bra!


It's so cold!

Here, so you don't get cold.

- It is. It is getting warm.
- Yeah. It is getting warm.


Come and get me!

So sexy!

Oh, my God!

Are you enjoying yourself?

Are you hungry?


For your love.


Are we dating?

Are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?

I love you.

And you feel the same
way so that means...

Are we going official?

Exclusively dating?

- Yes!
- Yes!

- Yes!
- Yes!

We're dating now.

Aren't you guys going to
introduce me to your mom?


What do you mean, "Guys"?

I meant you. Your mom.


My son's working hard today.

You're even watering
plastic flowers!

- Huh? Are these plastic?
- Those are plastic, my son.

- Are your brothers up yet?
- I thought they were real.

They slept late last night, Mom.

Okay, I'll go wake them up.


I was up late too,
but we really need to eat together.

Why were you all up so late anyway?

Ah, Mom.

These guys have a love life now.


That's okay,

but try to find a right time
and place for it.


Is your love life keeping
you up at night, too?


I don't have a love life.

But I am looking.


Wait... Can you introduce me
to this love life?

Yes, we can!

Let's go!

What's taking my date so long?


Where is she?

Who are you dating?



Thank you!


Hey there, cousin!

What are you doing here?

Hey, that's Helen!

- You're right.
- You're right!

- How are you?
- I'm fine. I live here now.

Come on, let's go!

- Pervert!
- Hey, hey!

You're a pervert!

Helen, aren't you...


What were you doing
to my girlfriend?

- Cousin.
- Cousin? Or girlfriend?

- No, no.
- I don't get it! She's my girlfriend!

You're getting this wrong.

What do you mean, "Girlfriend"?

Wait! If she was our girlfriend,
then why was he hugging her?

You're right!

No, you've got it all wrong.

I got it wrong?
How can you say that?

This isn't what you think!
No, no, no!

- No!
- Please stop.

Don't you dare!

Leave them be.
It's a family matter.

Let's just watch them!

Go, go, go!

Please stop.

It hurts!

Please stop!



What's happening here?

Stop that! Shh! Stop it!

Stop, please! It hurts!

Hey! Are you okay?

What are you doing?

It hurts... Mom, it hurts.

Look at what you did to him.
He's all bruised up!

He doesn't look any different.

- He was the one who hurt us.
- He's right!

- We were just pretending.
- We didn't touch him, Ma.

- He was punching himself.
- He punched himself.

What is up with you guys?
Helen is my cousin!

My girlfriend is your cousin?

What "your girlfriend"?
She's my girlfriend!

- No, she's mine!
- She's my girlfriend!

That's the problem with you.

Stop it!

None of you say a word.


Did it never occur to you
that Helen might be playing you all?


Did you never think
this might all be a ploy

by that devilish husband and wife?

- This guy is the devil. Him.
- Huh?

We shouldn't even be
talking about this!

Make up with each other!



If I hear any more fighting
in there, you'll all get it!

She's my girlfriend!

I thought she was your cousin?

We're in love.

♪ Do you have to think? ♪

♪ You can choose in a wink ♪

♪ Beauty is wasted
if not appreciated ♪

♪ Choose me and you
won't feel regret ♪

♪ Not him, choose me ♪

♪ Not him, choose me ♪

♪ Not him, choose me ♪

♪ Not him, choose me ♪

♪ Do you have to think? ♪

♪ You can choose in a wink ♪

♪ Beauty is wasted
if not appreciated ♪

♪ Choose me and you
won't feel regret ♪

♪ Not him, hey girl! ♪


I know you're still fighting in
there. Your rapping won't fool me!

I know that!

Stop that at once!


- Huh?
- Okay.

Don't ride a pedicab
Ride my car that dad lent me.

♪ Hi, Miss Beautiful ♪

♪ Please don't ever change ♪

This is your fault!

- What do you mean, my fault?
- She loves me!

- Shut up!
- You're all crazy! She loves me!

- I'll beat you all up!
- Who do you think you are?

Shh! You're always fighting
with each other!

One more shout and
I'll throw you all out!

You thought I didn't understand
that, didn't you?

Don't try me.



We love it.



Chicken soup!

Ah. We can eat now.

Mom, wait. I'll set up the table.
Give me a second.

Oh, no! Don't! Come here!

Come here, my boy.

Come here.

This looks delicious.

Stand up.

You thought you'd get away with it.

Stand up.

Sit here, son.

You thought
you'd get away with it, huh?

I'll sit here, then.

No one's sitting down.

All five of you, stand up.


What do you mean, "Why?"

As respect to God's grace,
you're not eating until you make up.

We'll eat by ourselves. Right, son?

Go on, then.


I'm so hungry.

Don't give me that.
Come eat, son.

All of you, stand up and watch us.

- Madam...
- Oh.

A notice came in the mail.

From Meralco?

Oh, no.
It's for a barangay hearing.

Captain is suing you.

- For kidnapping.
- Huh?

For the kidnapping of Bhoy.


Oh, wait, how did that happen?

Uh, I think that was from
the time we took Bhoy.

No, what I mean is,

how did you read this
when it's still sealed?

Ah. That's easy, madam.

I set it against the light, and I
could easily make out the words.

The Captain only used
cheap parchment paper.

Uh, it's too thin.

Hold on, madam. Give it here.

I will read it for you.

"Number 143, Pinagkaisahan Street,

Bagong Bantay, Quezon City.

On the 22nd of October.

My dear Sabel Dela Cruz,

good morning.

Yours truly, Barangay Captain,

Jojo Waen.

Uh, Captain, please stand up!

Stand up, please.

Why are you making me stand?
I'm the one in charge.

Captain, there's a case.


Can you please move over there?

I guess you're right.
Makes it all fair.

- Fair, right?
- Fair! This case!

Fair, fair.

"Fair," your mom!

Your mom!

Hey, fair! Fair!

I said, "Fair!"

As you all know,
I'm the number one officer here.

So I'm Captain's next in line.


We're all here to have a dialogue
and listen to both sides.

What we're saying is...

We took care of Bhoy
for a very long time.

We treated him like our own son.

How can we be sure you won't
just leave your son again?

You just left him.

That's why I searched
for all my sons as soon as I could.

It's also important to know what
kind of woman and mother you are.

That's right!

Can we ask you about
Bhoy's real father?

And your other sons, too?

And how did they end
up in the convent?

I'm not proud of it.

I loved four men
and was left behind by them.

I was still young when I met
Baby James' and Izzy's father.

He asked me to marry him,

and I believed him.

But when Baby James grew up,

he left me.

I searched for him in Manila.

We got back together.

And when...

I gave birth to Izzy...

he left me again.

And then...

I never saw him again.

That means you're a fool!

- Hey!
- You're the fool!

Don't get your nose out of joint!


I'm a fool when it comes to love.

Justin's and Bieber's father...

He was a foreigner.

But just the same, he used me.

He only wanted legal papers
in the Philippines.

How about Troll?

What about Troll?

Troll's father was a gardener.


Don't overreact.

I used to be a maid...

And Troll's father told me

that he would love
my other children.

But nothing happened.

He made me hope,
but he left in the end.

How about Bhoy?

Bhoy's father...



I can't hear anything.

What happened next?

After that, I went around
looking for decent work.


Until I got fired from the factory.

And why?

The manager of the
factory harassed me.

You have six sons
and you got harassed?

How many children I had
has nothing to do with it!

Admit it. You seduced your boss
to get out of your situation.

That's not true!

I raised my children
by working hard!

Liar! You're a no-good mother!

I may not have been the best mother,

but you people are worse because
you treated my son like an animal!

- That's right!
- We're taking him!

First, prove that you are
indeed Bhoy's real mother.

You could have been mixed up
since you've been with a lot of men!

You thought
you could slap me, didn't you?


- Silence!
- Baldie!

I believe that our solution
to this case...

is, uh...

To leave Bhoy with Captain for now.

Until you can prove
that you are Bhoy's real mother.

This hearing is adjourned
and I thank you.

"I thank you," your face!

Son? Here's your toothbrush.

Here's your toothbrush.
You should have changed clothes.

You're all sloppy now.

Can I come with him
until we get to your house?

Fine! But I don't want to see
your face there again afterwards!

You hear me?

I will kill your whole family!



I will come back for you.

Yes, Ma.

Did he bring his toothbrush?

He has one at home.
He shares it with the wall.

Can you hold this for a second?
I want to hug my mother.

We'll come back for you, Bhoy.

- We'll get you back, Bhoy.
- That's enough.

Get in.

Come on.

Don't worry, bro.
We'll get you that DNA test.

You know what to do.

Hey, Ma!

If our father was a foreigner,
is there a chance that he's...

Michael Jackson?

Maybe Kobe Bryant?

Your father sells chicken sauce!

Have you seen your faces?

Can't you see
Mama's not in the mood?

I could be right,
Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant...

You're Mama's children.
That's good enough!

- Hmm.
- You have a point.

♪ Forget yesterday
I'll start from the beginning ♪

♪ Those ugly past I
will be throwing ♪

♪ Even if you fall again
You can stand right away ♪

♪ From now on I can stand
Everything that comes my way ♪

♪ And start afresh right away ♪

♪ Seems to change, everything is
impossible but it's possible ♪

♪ Start again from the simple
It is that simple ♪

♪ 'Cause this is the start ♪

♪ You must be prepared so you
can stand and never go back ♪

♪ The days when I
have pains and aches ♪

♪ Even if you fall again
You can stand right away ♪

♪ From now on I can stand
Everything that comes my way ♪

♪ And start afresh right away ♪

Okay, kids.
I gotta head to work now.

Take care and be on your way home.

Got it, Ma. Take care, Ma.

♪ I know I have mistakes ♪

♪ Whatever it is,
as long as you embrace ♪

♪ I have my pride ♪

♪ I want to hold
tight to your hands ♪

♪ Don't go away from me ♪

♪ I'm not used to being alone ♪

Don't frown too much.

The customers won't want
to order if you continue that.

Of course, sir.

Do you want drinks?

Who wants drinks?

♪ You are my support
When I don't have my pillow ♪

♪ Though you are away ♪

♪ Standing on my own
even feeling low ♪

♪ Your love is missed ♪

♪ When you're not here with me ♪

♪ Though I can't say ♪

♪ How much you mean to me ♪

♪ Until now
I am always yearning for your... ♪

♪ Love ♪


Do the splits!

- Did he say splits?
- Splits? What did he say?

Splits! Splits!

Splits? Will Mom do that?

Mom shouldn't be
doing that at her age.

- Yeah.
- Splits.

Here it comes.

Here it comes!

You're right.


Oh, my...


So that's what
Mama does for a living.

♪ This, this is it ♪

♪ That's right
That's right ♪

♪ Rapublic Rhyme
Here it is, here it is ♪

♪ Say it with me, Rapublic Rhyme
Here we go, here we go ♪

♪ That's right ♪

What the hell is that?


What we're looking for is entertainment
that we can bring abroad.

We know.

Nothing like that! You're a reject.

You're wasting paper and ink!

If you want,
you could go to the plaza.

There's an ongoing rap battle
with a 50,000 cash prize.

Fifty thousand?

That's more than what we need!

- You're right!
- Then we'll be able to afford a DNA test!

we're better than those guys.

- Yes!
- That's true!

I think we should
still try this one out.

- We don't have to.
- Don't bother.

We're just going to waste
paper and ink! Let's go!

- No! Who knows? We might...
- Never mind that! Let's go!

She's pissy.

♪ I was in Malate at
7:00 in the evening ♪

♪ When I met this... ♪

What are these guys doing?

You lose, man!


One, two, three.

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Yo ♪

♪ In your love I am a slave ♪

♪ Though I'm impatient ♪

♪ I do not mind ♪

♪ I do not mind ♪

♪ I lie in wait ♪

♪ For your answer, for me to know ♪

♪ For me to know ♪

♪ Give me the go ♪



♪ Oh, miss, not too fast ♪

♪ You made your best ♪

♪ Certainly ♪

- ♪ Seems you don't want me to go ♪
- ♪ Went away ♪

♪ You showed me ♪

♪ You want me to miss you
Whoa ♪

♪ Why did you do your best? ♪

♪ Why? Whoa ♪

♪ You want me back ♪

♪ Ah! Our past... ♪

Hey, it's Ma!


My sons are jolly.

Oh, no!

- Bless me!
- These kids.

- So noisy.
- Sorry, Ma!


All our problems are solved!

We have money for the DNA test now?

None yet.

Is that so?

- But we will!
- Mmm-hmm.

Uh, how?

Uh, when we win 50,000
from the rap contest.

- Ah.
- That's 50,000, Ma.


What are you waiting for?
Go carry Ma!

Let's go!

I'm okay, I can do it.

You know what we should be doing?
Let's practice rapping!

There it is!


♪ Do try so hard ♪

They're having fun.
I wonder if they miss me.

♪ I told you,
everybody's a cheater ♪

♪ They'll use you and
vanish away after ♪

♪ So don't do the same thing again ♪

♪ Don't do the same thing again ♪

♪ Here we go again ♪

♪ Whoa-oh ♪

♪ I don't wanna force you ♪

♪ If you're not
ready yet for a boo ♪

♪ Next time around ♪

♪ Next time around ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I don't wanna be left hanging ♪

♪ So it is better for me ♪

♪ To head home, leaving ♪

It's so hot!

You're too rowdy.

- Aren't you hot?
- Not really.

- Why are you taking your clothes off?
- I am. It really is hot.

This one has abs.

- He's macho.
- Hey!

- Caught you!
- Hey, hey, hey!


Oh, man. Again?

Aren't you guys tired of us yet?

On what charge?

- Anti-bum!
- That's right!

- Also, you can't be naked!
- But this is our house!

He's right. See? That's our house!

No, they're just feeling hot.

But they're going to
wear their shirts now.

- Put your shirts on!
- Hey!

Bring your yapping to the precinct.

Bring your dad!

Let's go!

- Let's go!
- Come with me!

- Let's go!
- Come with me!

Come with me!

Captain! Wait a second!

- If you're taking them, take us as well!
- You want me to?

- Come on, then, I'll take you with me.
- Nah, forget it.

This isn't an execution.

But if you want to come,
you're free to join us.

- I'll come, Captain! That's my twin.
- Never mind. I'll stay here.

- You guys are twins?
- That's right.

So that's why you look like
two halves of a toilet!

He's the toilet,
you're what's in it.

That's right! We're fine with the
toilet. What's in it can stay behind!

Let's go, let's go!

Hey! Tell Mom!

Go on, then. Go with them.

Let's just get out of the way.

- Let's just tell Mom.
- You're right.

Let's get Mom!

Get your acts together.

You know Captain will find anything
he can blame us for.

Don't be so hot-headed.

Yes, Ma!

Oh, jeez.

There she is. She should be...

Ma! Take it easy, Ma.

It's you. You're the reason my
sons are fighting with each other.

I'm really sorry.
I'm going away now.

I don't want to be used
to get back at you anymore.

Ma, Helen is telling the truth.

Captain really is after you.

So be careful.

And you be careful there, too, son.

Just give us some more time,
and we'll get you back.

Yes, Ma.

Take care, Bhoy!

- Miss you, bro!
- Helen!

Can I ask you something?

What is it?

Were you really just playing us all?


I loved one of you.


You'll never know now.

- Oh!
- Stop it, all of you.

You're so full of yourselves.

Which one of us
Helen truly loved...

That's not important anymore.

What's important is we
love each other. Right?

That's so cheesy, man!

Well, am I wrong?

- Sweet!
- So corny!

But he has a point.

That's enough!

We could be unlucky with girls,

but we might just
be lucky with money!

Do you believe in that?

If we win,
we can pay for Bhoy's DNA test.

- Zero!
- You'll get nothing.

- Nothing!
- Zero?

Five! Five thousand, bro!

- Let me get that!
- Don't you look.

- You don't believe in this, right?
- Let me see!

Make some noise
for our next group,

Ex-B for Extraordinary Brotherhood!

- Whoo!
- Ex-B! Ex-B!

Where are you going?

That's my son!

♪ We're together no
one be left behind ♪

♪ We'll help solve
each other's problems ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

♪ So let's be together like... ♪

♪ Like we are all just peers ♪

♪ Since the beginning ♪

♪ When life is so much puzzling ♪

♪ I know people I can run to
I can lean on, I can talk to ♪

♪ Whatever you say
Brothers are here to stay ♪

♪ Through thick and thin
They are here come what may ♪

♪ Though the earth melts away ♪

♪ And you bring genuine
joy and laughter ♪

♪ When we are all together ♪

♪ Like you forget everything ♪

♪ Problems and things happening ♪

♪ And when we're complete
Life has its meaning ♪

♪ I wanna be with you ♪

♪ In every joyous moment ♪

♪ Even if sometimes
We have some disagreements ♪

♪ Disputes, strifes and conflicts

♪ Let's talk about it
Over a toast of drinks ♪

♪ Can't hold back
if I see the grins ♪

♪ Hi-five no more
and all is giggly ♪

♪ Though nothing really is funny ♪

♪ When we're together we are crazy ♪

♪ Just a look at each eyes
Which are teary ♪

♪ To be with the group,
let me always be ♪

♪ Behind those trials
You are always with me ♪

♪ Even always feeling happier
Never lonely ♪

♪ We're together,
no one be left behind ♪


♪ We'll help solve
each other's problems ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

♪ Everybody's there
to feel the joy ♪

♪ So let's be together like... ♪

♪ Like we are all just peers ♪

♪ We are brothers and we are peers ♪

♪ We sometimes fight
But no one has to leave ♪

♪ We are brothers
protecting each other ♪

♪ No matter how hard,
we are to suffer ♪

♪ Just strive more
And life would be lighter ♪

♪ When I am with them
Life is full of laughter ♪

♪ This has always
been for evermore ♪

♪ I'm complete when with them
Nothing I want more ♪

♪ Brothers and friends in one ♪

♪ That is all we always want ♪

♪ I wish no more ♪

♪ My brothers are enough ♪

♪ We're together,
no one be left behind ♪

♪ We'll help solve
each other's problems ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

♪ Everybody's there
to feel the joy ♪

♪ Let's be together like... ♪

♪ Like we are all just peers ♪

Someone already won!
Everyone can go home now!

Congratulations, Ex-B!

This is for Bhoy
and our Mom, Sabel.


I think these are dead hairs.

It's dead now.

Do him next.

Please don't.

My hair is worse.

If you really want to,
you can do my nose hair.

According to the DNA test...


With the letter "H..."

Is Sabel's real son!


What would we do
if Bhoy's DNA test was negative?

How would we sneak him out?
We won't fit in the car.

We'd have managed.

That's true!
If there's a will, there's a way.

- Yup.
- That's true.

Let him through.

Let him pass.

- This guy.
- Oh, my God.

I think he's an actor.

Prince Harry?

You're here.


I came back for you.

I want you back in my life.


But you already made your decision.

I was wrong.

I realized I can't live without you.

I don't care if the
Queen disowns me.

I want you to be my queen.

I will embrace all of you!

Six sons as my own.




Are you really sure, Ma?

Yes, I am sure.

But Ma, if you're
happy, then so are we.

And don't worry about us, Ma.

Now you have someone
to make you happy.

I know, I'm happy now.
So can we all just be quiet now?


Wait. Where is Nanny Bona?
Is she even coming?

Madam! Madam, I'm here!

I'm sorry I'm late!

Wow, you look
so pretty, Nanny Bona!

- Really pretty!
- You're a sight!

Why is your mole gone?

- Oh.
- It's true.

It's been moving
around since scene 23.

But now it's totally gone!

Right, right.

Wow, that's a fresh take, Nanny!

It literally moved.

- It moved somewhere else!
- Like magic!

Oh, Father's here.

Ah, Father!

What do we have here?
A christening or a confirmation?

Ah, Father.
I'm here to renew my vows.

Well, where's your husband?

Oh, I don't have one.

I'm renewing my vows as a mother.

I'm really grateful to God

that I got to have six children.

I got to be a mother six times.

I really love these dumdums.

I'm not a dumdum.

That's why
from this day forward,

I will strive to be a good mother.

Until I draw my very last breath.

If that's all, then so be it!

I pronounce
you, Mother and Sons.

Hey! That's new!

Thank you for the blessings, Father!

You really thought this through.


Let's do a group hug!

Group hug!

- Mother and sons!
- Love you!

- Love you, Ma!
- Love you!

I love you all, too, my children!

Come here, hurry!

- Come here!
- Let's go!

One, two, three, go!

♪ We're together no
one be left behind ♪

♪ We'll help solve
each other's problems ♪

♪ No one should be left behind ♪

♪ Everybody's there
to feel the joy ♪

♪ So let's be together like... ♪

♪ We are all just peers ♪

♪ Since the beginning... ♪

See, Beery Bad?
They're all happy now.

Well, then!