SAS: Red Notice (2021) - full transcript

A small army of well trained criminals led by Laszlo Antonov have hijacked the Eurostar deep beneath the English Channel.

Less than one percent of
the population is psychopathic.

Psychopaths often
inherit the trait

and are incapable of love.

They manage their relationships
with clinical precision,

in all walks of life.

Psychopaths that can learn
to love are even more rare.

As rare as a black swan.

It's time.

I'm not dead yet.

Naming a successor is a sign of
strength, not weakness, Father.

You've always had more ambition
than your brother.

Olly is more ambitious
than you think.

There's a difference
between ambition and pride.

He's just trying to impress you.

Well, no matter how hard
your brother tries,

he'll always be replaceable.

Boy, does he know
you feel that way.

I don't care,
and neither should you.

Last one of the day,
boys. Let's light her up.

Stay professional.

- Morning.
- Was when I got here.

- What did you offer 'em?
- Fifty fucking grand.

Well, that's twice
what you paid for the delay.

Yeah, I already paid 'em
a hundred.

Pissed it away
on whores and vodka.

Yeah, well, do you blame 'em?

No. I mean, I wouldn't wanna
live in that fucking shithole.

Well, they want more money.

Clearly. Alright,
increase the offer,

but if it goes noisy,
that's what you're here for.


What's a fair price
for that village?

Two hundred?

OK, well, if they refuse,
cut their tongues out.

- Is she capable of that?
- Of course.

Well, if she fucks it up,
it's down to you.

I just need that village
cleared today, alright?

Hey, Pop, is it unprofessional
to burn him?

My God, Olly. You really do
have shit for brains.

Enemy front!

Go, go, go! Go. Up the hill.

Switch fire
right. Switch fire right. Out.

Oh, it's just a scratch.

You're good.

They don't want money.

They want a fight.

Make a decision. Make it now.

Kill the men and the boys,

and leave the women
to spread the fear.

Welcome home, Thomas.

Great to see you, Callum.
Looking good as always.

You staying for Christmas?

I just came
to pick something up.

That's my job. Tell me what you
need. I'll organize some tea.

Thanks, but I'd rather do it
myself. It's in Nanna's box.

- Well, that is a surprise.
- To me as well.

Be nice to have some laughter
in the house.

Early days.

I plan to keep my flat
but weekend here.

If Sophie fancies it.

Will she be needing
color charts for the nursery?

You're worse than my mother.

She would have been proud.

Somehow I doubt that.

Thomas, your parents were...

My parents
were wildly disappointed in me.

Your nanna would have approved.

Did you fix the windows
in her library?

All done, sir.

We also planted
another 40 acres of oak.

Her favorite.

That would be you, sir.

- Thank you, Callum.
- Of course, sir.

Having second thoughts?


What is it, then?

Did Nanna really love Grandpa?

In her own way.

Could you be any more obtuse?

She had a special way
of seeing the world,

including your grandfather.

For her, it was love.

You understand?

Beginning to.

That's why she wanted you
to have that ring.

The great Henry Buckingham

chopped it off
the maharaja's finger

during the Indian Mutiny

and bequeathed it to her
upon his passing.

So the story goes.

Your nanna did keep her secrets.

Guess we'll never know
the truth.

I know she would be pleased.

Sophie is a fine choice, Thomas.

Then it's time.

This just in
from our sources.

Red Notices have been issued

for three members
of the notorious Black Swans,

a family-owned
private military company

linked to alleged atrocities
in the Republic of Georgia.

The three are Americans
William Lewis

and his adult children,
Grace and Oliver Lewis.

The family is reported
to be living in North London.

They're accused
of crimes against humanity

following an alleged massacre
that has only now come to light.

The remote area
where it happened

is known as a corridor for
transnational gas pipelines.

The International
Criminal Court is demanding

that the UK extradite
the accused to the Hague

where they will stand trial.

The prime minister's office
has so far

refused to comment
on the Red Notices

or whether it plans
to serve them,

but we're waiting for further
updates from Number Ten.

It wasn't
what we hired him to do.

Doesn't matter.

He stands trial,
Lewis will say we sanctioned it.

Well, you're PM.
What do you wanna do?

I mean, we could kick him
into the long grass.

You could do. But you do know
this is not gonna blow over?

Mercenaries have been tearing
the arse out of it for decades.

They may have done, but now
every fucker has a mobile phone.

- Fair one.
- We could deport him.

No. The Yanks
won't eat our shit.

Lewis lives here.
He does his business here.

He's been here
for 40 years or so.

He's just bought
the Habsburg House.

- What, in Hampstead Heath?
- Yeah.

Clearly we're paying him
too much.

Well, keeping our hands clean
is a pricey business.

And at that price, I expect them
to be washed of this shite.

There is a difference
between disavowing Lewis

and serving him
with a Red Notice.

He will expect
a level of protection.

No. I cannot be seen
to protect a war criminal.

So do you want me to go round
his house and arrest him?

No, I never said anything
about an arrest.

Lewis will have prepared
for that too.

There's a reason we hired him
in the first place.

And there's a reason
I hired you.

Natalie, can I grab those notes?

Yes, Doctor.

- Thank you.
- There you go.

- Hi, Dr Hart.
- Hi.


- Surprise?
- First-class ticket to Paris.

Flight's at 1:30 tomorrow.

Tom, that's lovely, but...

I rang Dr. Wells.
She agreed to take your shifts.

I haven't spoken to you
in three weeks,

and the first person you call
is my consultant

to change my schedule?

- Yeah.
- Tom, that's not OK.

You've been dying
to go to Paris.

I've been dying
to spend some time with you.

Good thing
we're going together, then.

Tom, stop.

I'm sorry.
Gotta sort something at work.

- But you just got back.
- It won't take long.

I've heard that one before.

It'll be alright.

Meet you at the airport.

- I haven't said yes yet.
- Don't be late.

Silly fucker.

Hi, James. How's your leg today?

I need everyone out. Now.

Yeah, come on,
everyone out. Let's go.

I just got a message.

The SAS is about to move on us.

We can book a G4
out of Farnborough,

fly home,
take our chances there.

England is home.

Dad. After all these years,
you're still not one of them.

- Never will be.
- Well, that's true.

I'm one of me. So are you.

Clements was just
using us anyway.

No. I've been using him
for my own means.

This government is addicted
to what we do for them.

In three to four hours, they're
gonna break down that door

and they are gonna arrest us.

The last thing they want
is an arrest.

If I'd seen that girl
with the phone...

Next time.

There won't be one
unless we do something now.

What would you have us do?

Enact the safeguard.

Big job.

Simulated it six times.

Casualties always
a hundred percent.

We're about to get shot
in the back.

Anything else from here
is a bonus.


Are those pansies?

Yeah. Yeah, they are.

I'm with the Heath
and Hampstead Society.

Each year
we select one household

with the finest winter blossoms

and feature it on our website.

but we're not interested.

That's a shame. You've done
such a brilliant job.

I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave. I'm a bit tired.

Are the pansies
more fragrant to you?

No, not really. Why?

Some women develop
a better sense of smell

when they're pregnant.

That's something
to look forward to.

- If you don't mind...
- How many months are you?


Boy or a girl?

They can't tell yet.

You can determine the sex
of a child at three months.

And they're primroses.
Not pansies.

Red 1. I'm compromised out here.

- Sitrep on the woman.
- Neutralized.

- What about the baby?
- No baby.

Just a fake belly rig
concealing an automatic short.

- Olivia, who is she?
- She works security for Lewis.

There's a 76% probability
that he is on target.


Alpha. To confirm,
this is a hard arrest

on a William Lewis
and known associates,

aka the Black Swans,

under Red Notice 790274
for crimes against humanity.


There will be no threat
to their life or reason.

You will serve the Red Notice
using nonlethal means.

- Confirmed.
- Stop fucking about.

Red Notice calls for
a hard arrestment.

The moment you make contact,

you will fight
and you will kill him.

This is London, not Londonderry.

Enemy front. Enemy front.

All call signs, this is Alpha.
I have control. Go, go, go.

There you go, mate.
That's yours.

Coming through.

Smoke. Get the smoke down now.

Red 6. Man down. Man down.

Alpha. Roger that.
My call sign moving now.


Oh, fuck that.

Sierra 1. I had to take it.


Red 7. Held at the rear.

Cannot make entry.
I say again: cannot make entry.

Fuck it.

Come on, mate. Smash it.

Come on.

Oh, shit.

Red 1. Need door entry.

Alpha. Roger that.

Red 3. Moving now.


Stoppage! Stoppage!

- Clear!
- Up.

That's Red 9.
Checking the garage. Out.

Don't move! Don't move!

Lewis confirmed. Dining room.

Any eyes on Grace?


Sierra 1. I've got movement
on the ground floor.

Red 1. Check it. Out.

Sierra 1.
That's moving up the stairwell.

Now unsighted.

Just in time for lunch.

Where's Grace?

Upstairs. Getting dressed.


Fuck off and do your job.

Roger that.

It's like a fucking museum.

I needed somewhere to put my
stuff. It's been a busy life.

Yeah, I know what you mean.
I've got tons of this shit.

I'm still going.

And you're about to stop.

Tom, man on! Man on!

Stitched up
by a kid with a mobile.

Thank fuck they didn't have 'em
in Rhodesia.

- Good skills on this job.
- Thank you.

Word has it
that Grace did the sniping.

Tell 'em that I did that.

If Grace sticks with that story,
I'll ensure she's looked after.

What, by the PM?

Politicians come and go, mate.
I'm the consistency.

Grace is...

Grace is good value.

Every father
loves their daughter.

I've never loved anybody
in my life.

But Grace is special.

In what way?

Well, she's like me.
Only better.

Grace isn't joining
us for lunch, is she, Lewis?

You're gonna miss me,

I'm not gonna miss
cleaning up your mess.

If you could do it
with peace, love

and a steak dinner, you would.

Everyone is replaceable.
Even a Black Swan.

- Stand still! Stand still!
- Stand still! Stand still!

Turn! Show your face!

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you!



- You alright, mate?
- Oh, yeah, living the dream.

Oh, shit.

Oh, cheers, mate.

Ooh. Your jacket's ruined.

What you gonna wear
for grouse hunting this year?

Fuck off.

You were supposed to use
nonlethal means.

Didn't have a choice.

He's right, boss. Target had
a grenade. Pulled the pin on us.

Oh. Was that before or after
Tom shot her in the face?

- Nasal spine, actually.
- Ha. Ha-ha-ha.

And how do you expect me
to sell that up the food chain,

let alone the Guardian?

And she looked nothing
like Grace Lewis.

- What?
- The woman. The one I shot.

Nothing like her.

We cordoned off the residence
an hour prior to the raid.

Everest 1
was drawing us in there.

Giving Grace time to escape.

OK, well,
I'll issue an all-ports warning.

But this is why you're supposed
to use nonlethal means,

so whoever it is
that we're looking for

ends up on the floor in cuffs

instead of on the floor dead!

Grace isn't dead, boss.
They knew we were coming.

The only question is how?

Well, that's a question
for another day.

You're stood down
till I fill out my report.

Well, hang on, boss.
You weren't there.

Order stands.
And get that sorted.

Nasty, that.

That's Alpha now airborne. Out.

You alright, mate?


- That's balls, innit?
- What?

- You getting stood down.
- Oh. It'll be alright.

- You?
- Oh, yeah.

Yeah, that blast is nothing

compared to the damage
your couch has done to my back.

You'll be happy to fuck off
at the end of the month, then.

Eh? What, you and Soph
moving in together?

More than that.

Oh, Christ. Well, come on, then,
let's see it.

- What?
- The ring.

It must rival Gibraltar.

Nah. It's just something
my nanna gave me.

I'm sure Soph'll be
suitably impressed.

She's quite sober
when it comes to money.

Well, it's easy for you to say.

My ex-missus
burned my bank statement.

Dumped the ashes in my mouth.

'Cause you paid for lap dances
with your credit card.

Yeah, I was pissed, though,
wasn't I?

Oh, man, you haven't got a clue

what you're
getting yourself into.

- No.
- You haven't, have you?

It'll be alright.

So, what,
you gonna leave the regiment?

Of course not. It's home.

Do you love her?


Mate, how long
have we known each other?

Since basic. Why?

In that whole time, I have never
ever known you to love anyone.

- Well, this is different.
- Oh, yeah? How's that?

Fuck off.

Go on, boys, let's go.
In the van.

The fact that
the international Red Notice

had been issued
against William Lewis,

who was,
unbeknownst to his neighbors,

the leader
of an internationally renowned

group of military contractors
or mercenaries

known as the Black Swans...

Do they not have doctors
in the SAS?

In Hereford.
Wouldn't wanna miss our flight.

Well, I'm afraid
triage is not my area.

Well, you've done a good job.

Are you sure you don't want
anything for the pain?


...along with
another unidentified female

who sustained
fatal head injuries...

- Do you wanna talk about it?
- What?

It isn't clear whether all of
the members of the Black Swans

have been apprehended,
but an all-ports...

Were you the one who, um...

Shot her?
Yeah. Yeah, in the face.

Are you upset?

She was in the fight.
It was me or her.

Still, don't you
find it disturbing?


I should know better by now.

- What do you want me to say?
- I don't know, Tom.

Does anything
ever affect you? Ever?

No, never.

Apart from you.

I really wanna believe that
right now.

Then do.

We're so different.

Well, that's what
makes it work.

Look, I love
being with you, Tom...

but I don't understand you.

Then let's talk about this.
In Paris.


Only if you're willing
to really talk.


We will spend the entire time
in Paris in bed talking.

There is something seriously
wrong with you, Tom Buckingham.

You still have
your plane ticket?

Nah, I binned it.

Good. Change of plans.

I'm taking you
on the first train to Paris

before you can bin me too.


Eurostream train
2196 to Paris Gare du Nord

will depart
from platform number 10.

That's platform number 10,

Eurostream service
to Paris Gare du Nord.

Where are you travelling today?

We're going to Paris.


Your bad French
all weekend, is it?

Right here. Coach A.

- Up you go.
- Thank you, darling.

Please ensure your
belongings and your luggage

are kept with you at all times.

If you notice
any suspicious items,

please report them
to a member of staff.

Unfinished business?

Hmm? Nah. Nah,
the lads'll sort it out.

- I don't know how you do that.
- What?

Switch on and off like that.

You should try it some time.

Hey, what if it was me?
In the fight?

- You?
- Yeah.

Would you shoot me too?

If you had a go at me, yeah.

That's why I'm taking you
to Paris.

Keep on your good side.

Tom, who is this woman?

What woman?

The one with her face plastered
all over the newspaper.

- Yeah, didn't see that.
- It's hard to miss.

Easier than you think.

Tom, what really happened

'Cause you can tell me.
Tom, where are you going?

To the gents. I won't be long.

Pardon, monsieur.

Your passport?

Hello? Is anyone there?

Il y a quelqu'un?

I'm sorry. I'm afraid
I'm gonna have to come in.


It's gonna be OK.
It's gonna be OK. Shh.

Allez, passe, ma chérie.

Anyone in there?

Morning, mate. How are you?

I have Grace Lewis
on the Eurostream

to Paris Gare du Nord.

- Grace Lewis?
- Train's mobile.

We're approaching
the Channel Tunnel.

Hold on. What are you doing
on the Eurostream?

Just wait till he's older.
Takes them ages to have a pee.

If that was his only flaw,
I'd marry him tomorrow.

Well, it's six o'clock

Aren't you having one?


A marriage proposal?

One day after he dropped a woman
on Hampstead Heath?

You know Tom. He's a romantic.

Well, this time, before I do
anything, I need eyes on Grace.

- Have Tom confirm it.
- Alright.

- Boss wants Grace confirmed.
- We're almost in the tunnel.

Right, then safest option,

just let the French
lift Grace at Gare du Nord.

- No, fuck it. I'll confirm her.
- Tom, wai...

I've been married 53 years

and I still don't understand
the old sweat.

So it doesn't get
any better, then?


So it doesn't get
any better, then?

- No, not really.
- Damn.

I don't know.
We're just so different.

In what way?

He takes lives for a living.
I save them.

Oh, I see. Military man, is he?

It has its uses, dear.

Tom pretends it doesn't
affect him, but it must do.

Well, not everyone
needs a shoulder to cry on.

I'd be lucky if he even shrugged
his shoulders,

let alone shed a tear.

And that's a problem,
is it?

Well, yeah.

His crazy brain has a unique
ability to drive me crazy.

A man running long in the loo
is not unique.

God alone knows
what they do in there.

Shall I tell you what he did
to my dead cat?

- Your dead cat?
- Yeah.

He found Chica in the garden,

brought her in my flat
draped over his arm

in full rigor mortis.

Oh, I see.

He then proceeded to suggest

we put her in the freezer

until we got back from holiday.

- Oh, right.
- I refused, of course.

We canceled our holiday
and gave her a proper burial.


This is a red trigger...


Clear the tunnel and dispatch
the fire response team.

Getting eyes
on the flash points now.

Wow. Really?

Yeah. Well,
it looked way better on him.

- And the kit?
- Relax. I got you.

You're only as good
as your worst day, huh?

OK, listen in.
Remember, short, sharp commands.

We need
to take control immediately.

If anyone disobeys, ignores,
doesn't understand, tough shit.

You will make
an example of them.

We need to grip that train
from the get-go. You understand?

all keep switched on.

Everyone, fingers out your
arses. We need to move in two.

Breach! Breach!

- On me.
- Come on, go!

Cover me.

- Who the fuck was that?
- Don't know. But he's trained.

Everybody back.

Oh, my God. What's happened? Oh.

Oh, I've got...
I've got some glass in my leg.

OK. Don't worry,
I'll get it out.

Oh, fuck.


Just keep still.
It's gonna be alright.

This is Dr. Hart.
Please leave a message.

Stay in your seat.
I'm coming for you.

There's a player
in the battle space.

He's armed and skilled.

Check the tunnel, check the
train, check the passengers,

and do not let him get away.

- Roger. We're on it.
- Everyone spread out.


This'll stop the bleeding.
It's gonna be alright.

Assieds-toi. Reste ici.
Les filles, non, vous asseyez.


Everybody sit down!
Don't you fucking move!

Heads down! You, eyes down now!

Stay down!

Down! Move!

If you want to live,
shut the fuck up.

Don't move! Stay where you are!

Everyone remain calm.
Get back in your seats.

Keep your hands
above your heads.

I said get the fuck
back to your seat.

Listen in.

Do what you're told
when you're told,

and that...

Sit the fuck down!

And that will not happen to you.

Heads down.

I just need
to get her inhaler. Please...

Get back in your fucking seat.

- I need you outside.
- Yeah, alright, now.

- Give us what you got, mate.
- Grace confirmed.

I don't know what it means yet,

but it's not an escape,
it's an attack.

She's got support down here.

About two dozen Swans,
all armed.

Stand to the team.

You gonna come out and meet us
at the point of entry, yeah?

I have to find Sophie.

Too many Swans, mate.
They'll smash you.

Just wait till we get there.

No time.
Text me when you're on site.

I'm gonna run a CTR.

If you attempt to disembark,
you'll be shot and killed,

so please stay on the train.

Do what you're told
when you're told.

Get fucking down.
Just sit down!

Get down now! Be fucking quiet!

If you can see my eyes,
I can see yours!

Look at the fucking ground!


Everyone stay down,
stay calm, do not fucking move,

take deep breaths,

and all will be fine.

Don't fuck about.
Don't make me shoot you.

Stay fucking calm.

I don't care
what Tom wants.

Tell him to withdraw
from the tunnel.

Well, he's already
on a close target recce. Look.

Tom is putting innocent lives
in danger. Get him out.

And forward me those photos.

I need to run 'em
up the food chain.

The PM has asked
for all the latest intelligence.

There you go. Sent.

Service tunnel secure,
and UK-bound tunnel blocked

by fire and thick smoke.

Roger that.
Start the drilling.

Get me a sitrep in five.

I want the player found
and dropped now.

Papa 1-4. All my
call signs ready to load.

Papa 1-6. Confirmed.

Alpha. All red
call signs now airborne.

Guns are set.

Player's running a CTR.

He's looking for holes
in your protection bubble.

And a way into the carriages.

Especially seven,
eight and nine.

Good work.

Find the player.

Confiscate every phone from
every passenger in every coach.

If someone refuses, shoot them.

Please hand over
any electronic devices.

There you are.

In your own time, sir.

In your own time, gentlemen.

Thank you.


- What?
- What, are you 12?

Am I gonna get it back?
It cost me 500 quid.

And I'm the criminal.

Some major
breaking news to bring you.

Multiple sources are telling us
that a Eurostream train

has been hijacked.

We have very few details so far.

What we do know
is that the train

was heading
for Paris Gare du Nord

when it was commandeered
in the Channel Tunnel.

There's no word
on who's behind it

or what their motives might be,

but if confirmed, this would be

a major incident
on British soil.

Why is she still breathing?

I zapped Lewis at Hampstead
Heath, but Grace weren't in.

- But how did she manage that?
- Someone might have warned her.

- Someone?
- I'll find him.

- Sky News has it.
- Do they have Grace?

Not yet. Still speculating.

Right. I'm convening Cobra.

If she exposes what we've done,

this is not
just a problem for you,

this is a very big problem
for me.

The Eurostream has stopped on
British soil, so it's your call.

Do I have control?

Yes. Get down there
and kill her.

Listen up! I need everyone's
phones out. Phones out.

- Where's your phone?
- I do not have one.

I lost it during the explosion.


Anyone have any medical training
on this train, huh?

Can you get a doctor?

Papa 1-4. On final
approach to the tunnel.

I'm a doctor.

Can you fix, uh, it?

If I can get a trauma kit and
some running water, then yeah.

I'm gonna take care of you,
OK? Come on. It's alright.

Come on. It's gonna be OK.

Stay close.

Red 2. UK-bound tunnel
compromised by fire and smoke.

French tunnel compromised
by up to 24 Black Swans.

All red call signs will proceed
via central service tunnel.

Papa 1-5.
Final approach now.

Papa 1-6. Holding.

All call signs, this is Alpha.

Hold at the tunnel entrance.

Red 1-6.
Roger that. Out.

It's OK, it's OK.

Stay there.

Can we have
some privacy, please?

Red 2. Fire door, 20 meters out.


Red 3. Fire door is obstructed.

Needs explosive entry
and that will compromise us.

All call signs
set up a control point.


- Any word from Tom?
- I'm waiting on a call back.

- Olivia, up yet?
- No, nothing, sir.

Right, listen in.
Stand to the emergency response.

- I want the team in now.
- We've just set up.

So's Grace.

- We're completely in the blind.
- Get some fucking glasses.

- They zapped the CCTV, sir.
- We need people on the ground.

We need to carry out
a proper CTR.

- Well, who took these, then?
- Tom.



Was he the bloke that zapped
that woman on Hampstead Heath?

- Yeah.
- Good skills for a posh twat.

So, hold on a minute.
How come he's inside the cordon?

He was taking his girlfriend
to Paris to propose.

Well, the Swans have done him
a fucking favor, then.

OK, back to what we're here for.
These photos are not enough.

Well, they are today,
'cause Grace is the target.

We have no idea where she is.

The moment you make contact,

Grace will close in
and she will fight.

But today
she's got nowhere to go.

My job is to rescue hostages.

Not today. Hit that train now.

If we do that,
we will take casualties.

Just give me a moment
to plan a deliberate option...

What are you, the head
of a fucking knitting circle?

The Swans are split up,
two to a carriage.

- Now's the time to attack.
- I don't agree with you.

Well, you can disagree
all you fucking like, mate,

but this is what's gonna happen.

You are gonna act
like a professional soldier.

You are gonna initiate
emergency response.

And you are gonna kill Grace.

And if you don't,
you are off and he is on.

Do you understand?

Oh, fucking hell.


Not right now,
if you don't mind.


Unscrew the toilet
and I'll get you down.


No? What do you mean, no?

I need to stay here
and help the wounded.

Soph, the team
are about to hit this train,

and when they do, there are
gonna be a lot more casualties.

You're not gonna be one of them.


I'm staying here.

I have a wounded girl here.
Save her instead.

If you stay on this train,
you will die.

- I am not leaving.
- Soph...

I am not leaving.

Roger that.

Red 2. Moving now.

Alpha. Good luck. Out.

Sierra 1.
Rear locomotive unmanned.

Roger that. Proceed.

What's going on in there?

OK, come on. Quickly. Quickly.


What's going on?

That's it. There you go.

- Open the door.
- Jesus Christ, Tom.

- Open the door.
- What?

You'd make a great father.

- Well, it worked, didn't it?
- Oi!

- Open the door!
- Knock me out.

- What?
- I said open the fucking door!

So it doesn't look like
I helped you.

Open this door now.

It's a good idea.

The kid escaped.

Up top! Contact!

This is Alpha.
Withdraw now.

Bin it! Bin it! Bin it!

Coach 9. Converge. Converge!






Move. Move!



What happened here?

The player breached in, smashed
the doctor, lifted the kid.

He's more effective
than the SAS.

I pushed them back
to the control point.

Yeah, because my source told us
that they were coming.

- Your fucking snide?
- He's our fucking snide.

And he's a critical part
of this operation.

Yeah, well, someone still
had to pull the trigger.

And it's a really good skill.

Now use it to find
the kid and the player.

They were last seen down there.

You're all doing a good job.

Stay just like that

and not long from now
you'll be safe at home

selling your story
to the papers.

Be famous, not dead.

- That was a gang fuck.
- Who's down?

- It was Rich and Pat.
- Shit.

So where is she?

Is that really
your major concern right now?

No, my major concern
is that you fucked it up.

I told you it was too soon.

And I told you
I wanted Grace dead.

- So where is she?
- She knew we were coming.

- How?
- I don't know.

The Swans weren't split up
two per carriage.

They were on the roof of
the train, waiting to smash us.

He's right, it was a trap.

Who installed Skype
on an internal system?

This came in via our intranet.
Should I... Should I answer it?

Yeah, go on.

I wanna speak
to the ground commander.

Major Bisset.
Special Air Service.

I'm here to negotiate
a peaceful resolution.

Thanks to
your assault yesterday,

we're left
with only two options.

Which are?

The prime minister
can go on live TV

and admit that
the British government

ordered that clearing op
in Georgia.

Or he can outfit that
Eurocopter you flew in

with extra fuel bladders

and wire 500 million

to an account
of my designation.

That's a lot of money
to organize.

Britgaz can manage it.

- Why would they pay for it?
- They hired us to do the job.

Well, actually,
they hired the SAS to hire us.

But those details are best left
for the war crimes tribunal.

In the event
we don't get that ransom.

That's really not my concern.

- My only job is to protect...
- Protect British interests.

Both military and economic.
Ask Clements.

I'm sure he's lurking
around your control point.

I want
a hundred hostages released

as a show of good faith.


But you'll have to come
and get them yourself.

And bring Clements.

What you fucking looking at?

You know she only wants you
in there so she can kill you?


And the only reason I'm going
in there is to kill her first.

Oh, really?

How you gonna do that?

Find out when we get there.

This is 1-4.
I have a weeper.

He's hyperventilating.

Crying, begging,
starting to lose it.

I need someone to me now
to lift him and isolate him...


Viens, viens.

All call signs.
Rear cockpit. Go!

The player's
in the rear cockpit. Go, go, go!


Where's the player?

He saved the girl.

But stayed in the fight.

- There you are.
- Merci, monsieur.

If this little fucker
can push through their defenses,

then so can we.

So let's crack on.


We're gonna get these hostages.

You're in command
till I get back.

Why'd you help that man
break inside the train?

I didn't. I was helping
the little girl like you asked,

and then a man
unscrewed the toilet.


Are you his wife?

I'm not married.

You're lying.

Look what he did to my face.

This isn't her phone.
Just FYI.

Where is your real phone, hmm?

Lover boy call it
to arrange your escape?

I didn't try to escape.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

Take her to the toilet
and find her real phone.

And stay professional.

Stay professional.

Have you found
her real phone yet?

Not yet.

If I didn't know any better,

I'd think you were the player.

I'll take that as a compliment.

How long have you been dating?

Never met him.

But if you could be kind enough
to introduce us,

I'd love
to take him out for dinner.

He's starting
to sound like my type.

Is it through?

It looks like
we have the clearance.

Find Grace
and tell her we're through.

I'll get started on the device.

Roger that.


- Found your phone.
- Fuck.


Hello, Grace.

Can I offer you a drink?

Ooh, yeah, I'll have...
I'll have a glass of champagne.

- So where are the hostages?
- Hmm?

Oh, they're not going anywhere.

So why are we here?

You probably thought
that was gonna be you.

Actually, I thought
it was gonna be you.

I know that's what
you're here for.

So, let's try this again,
shall we?

- Grace Lewis.
- George Clements.

Calm down.
We have a lot to discuss.

No, we don't.

You hired us to do a job.

Yeah, you didn't do it properly.

You said clear the village,
and we did.

You fucked up.
You left witnesses.

They were supposed
to spread the fear.

They spread the fear alright.

Did it work?

Did any other village
ever refuse

to sell you their land
after that?

Answer me.

No, the pipeline went through.

Low-intensity ops.
It's a nasty business.

But it's fucking effective.

Your friends
wrote the textbook for it.

Well, perhaps
you should have read Chapter 10.

"Kill Kids With Mobile Phones."

Or the prime minister

could just admit
that he hired us.

Clearly he ain't gonna do that.

Then clearly
we have to get paid.

Payment can be arranged.
Britgaz has got...

A pipeline
in the Channel Tunnel.

Not many people
know about that.

My father did.

If you don't pay us,

and guarantee safe passage,

I will destroy this tunnel
and... everyone in it.

Do you understand?

If you well and truly fuck off,
I'll get you your money,

and your safe passage.


But I want wire confirmation
in the next 30 minutes.


- You get that?
- Loud and clear.

All call signs,
the device is in position

and the anti-tamper triggers
are set.

Stand still.

Pull the trigger
and I'll detonate.

Suicide bomber, are you?

Well, we're all
about to get dead anyway.

The ones that survive, enjoy.

Not much joy in this job, mate.

We either get we want
or we fuck you up severely.

Hijack a train
under 75 meters of rock,

death is the most likely result.

And you and everyone else
in this tunnel

will burn along with us.

Drop it.

officials have so far

refused to say how many
passengers are involved,

but reports claim
that British, American, French

and dozens
of other foreign nationals

are among the hostages.

Sources in Whitehall

say the prime minister's
come under increasing pressure

from the presidents
of the United States and France

to resolve the crisis.

So he's called
an emergency session of Cobra.

Sir Charles Whiteside
from Britgaz, Prime Minister.

Thank you for coming.

So what does your board
have to say?

We've agreed your 500 million.
A bargain, really.

Of course, this stays
out of the public domain.

Britgaz doesn't pay ransoms,
do we?


Thank fuck you're still alive.

Grace is gonna blow up
the tunnel.

Yeah, yeah, she made
the same threat to Clements.

It's not a threat.
I found the device.

- Next to a gas pipeline.
- Well, can you disarm it?

No. It has anti-tamper triggers
all over it.

Tell Bisset
to get the team in there now.

Bisset's dead, mate.

- What?
- Grace zapped him.

Christ. You have control?

- Yeah.
- Then launch the ER yourself.

Clements ordered us to wait out.

What, and let Grace
blow up the tunnel?

Britgaz just agreed to pay her.

She'll trigger
the device anyway.

This isn't about money.
It's revenge.

Yeah, I know,
and if I was in their shoes,

I'd be thinking the same thing.

But setting off a bomb in the
Channel Tunnel, it's suicidal.

She's operating
as if she's already dead.

Yeah, well,
if she blows the tunnel,

she'd better hope Lewis
taught her how to swim out.

That's the real question, mate,
how does she plan to escape?

Listen... Tom, mate, just, um...

find a way out of there,

'Cause, I'll be honest,
I need your help, mate.

Yeah. Sophie needs it more.

Look, I get that you're in love
and all that.

- I do.
- No. I just got it now.

Yeah, alright, mate.

Are you gonna blow the tunnel?

You sound awfully ungrateful

for someone
who just got promoted.

I agreed to help you escape.

But taking
a gas pipeline hostage

was never part of the plan.

Declan, you're just a tiny part

of this operation.

Actually, no,
I'm a mission-critical part.

Assuming you wanna
get out of there alive.

We're already dead.

And you will be too
if we don't kill this player.

He's one of yours, isn't he?

I've got him under control.

- The fuck you do. Where is he?
- I don't know.

You must be
in contact with him.

Yeah, I am,
but I don't know where he is.

Let's start with his name.


Look, I did not sign up
for this.

None of us did.

So either you help me kill Tom

or I tell Clements
you're the snide.

Tom's girlfriend's on the train.



Under train. Same as before.

Tom, it's a trap!

Drop it.



Was it something I said?

She'd never
leave a casualty behind.

How sweet.
You know Sophie so well.

The only reason I'm down here
is because of her.

Sounds like the simplest thing

is to offer yourself up
in exchange.

Then we'd have to
trust each other.

Let her go.

Once she's gone, so am I.

It's not in our nature.

We're more alike than you know.

I don't recall
torching any villages.

How many people have you killed?

How many?

- I don't think about it.
- Neither do I.

Don't think about it.
Don't dream about it.

So he switches on
and he kills people.

And then he switches off
and he takes you to Paris.

- How romantic.
- I'll do it.

Well, there's only one way
to end this.

What are you doing, Tom?
What are you doing?


Run, Sophie, run!


We're hearing
reports of an explosion

near to where a Eurostream
train was hijacked.

The SAS counterterror team
is at the scene,

and it's clear the situation

has become
extremely dangerous now.

ABC, CNN also transmitting.

Well, where the fuck
is Clements?


Quiet down.

Answer it.

This is Sergeant Smith.
I'm the new ground commander.

What was that explosion?

That was your man

trying to rescue
his girlfriend.

Try that again and I'll torch
the entire tunnel.

Your money's ready for transfer.

Britgaz just confirmed it.

I'll need an outside line

to verify
that it's reached the account.

Opening now.

Eurocopter is fueled
and standing by.

End the call.

- That's it. It's uncoupled?
- Yeah. Well done.

The passengers are consolidated
and we have the money.

Wire everyone their cut,
including Declan.

I was aiming for soft tissue.

What about the player?

It'll take too long to put
the fire out and confirm him.

We should assume
he's still in the battle space.

Come on.

Right, Olivia, set up
our control point over there.

Yeah, boss, I'm on it.

I've got three sniper positions

and my team's
looking for one more.

- Right.
- Hey.

You know, I can drop all of 'em
before they get to the heli.

Just give me the word.

Tom'll have his day.

Dec. You alright?

- Yeah, I'm fine. Course.
- Paddy.

I like your hoodie.

Take it off.




Up you go.

All call signs, this is Alpha.

The train is two minutes out.
Call the heli in.

Papa 1-4, this is Alpha.
All clear. Call in now.

Papa 1-4.
Roger that. On approach.

Put the fucking mask on.



Get inside.

Setting the anti-tamper
triggers now.



Come on, get in.

Get in.

Olly, get the other sled.



I'll take care of him.

Dad would be proud.

All call signs,
Alpha has Eurostream.

That's the cockpit unmanned.
On autopilot.

Slowing. Slowing.


Stop. That's Eurostream static.

If you have Grace,
take the shot.

I thought she had safe passage.

Change of plan.

If you can target her,
take the shot.

This is Alpha.

All Sierras stand by.

We're gonna drop the Swans.

Stand by. Stand by.
Possible Swans in Coach 19.

Sierra 5.
Swans, Coach 19. Confirmed.

Remember what we agreed.

Do what I say when I say
and we all get to go home.

Now, get your hoods up.

All call signs,
this is Alpha.

That's the hostages
exiting the Eurostream.

Sierra call signs,
we need eyes on Grace.

Eyes on Grace.

All call signs,
is Grace sighted?

Sierra call signs, I repeat,
does anyone have eyes on Grace?

Sierra 5.
Grace unsighted.

Possible Swan. Blue on black.

Possible Swan.
Grey on black.

Sierra 3.
Possible Swan. Red on black.

Sierra 1.
Female Swan. White on green.

Swans are confirmed, sir.

- What about Grace?
- Unsighted.

All call signs, I have control.

Stand by. Stand by. Stand by.


All call signs,
this is Alpha.

All targets down.
All targets down.

Red 1-6.
Do you have eyes on Grace?

Red 1-6, Grace
unsighted. Still checking. Out.

Move it that way.
Move it that way.



You know I'll do it.

You have your money
and safe passage.

Just let her go.

We still have more to do.

The device has detonated.

All call signs, I repeat,
the device has detonated.

Clear the area now.

Red 1-6,
do you have eyes on Grace?

Red 1-6.
Grace unsighted.

I say again, Grace unsighted.

Looks like Grace
did a runner. Again.

You fucking snide.


This is Alpha.

Second explosive detonation
inside the tunnel.

Strength ten. Contact with
UK SF control point terminated.

Killing me won't stop Tom.

Perhaps this will.


Don't worry.
This will stop the bleeding.


Tom, drop her.

- What?
- Tom...

I understand.

Drop her.



You. You've got
a decision to make.

Choose wisely
and I'll help you sort this out.

Mate, I've seen the way
you sort things out.

You don't give a shit
about anyone,

let alone a fucking snide.

I give enough of a shit
to find you.

And fucking kill you.

Yeah, well, when the world finds
out what you've been up to,

they'll be coming after you,
not me.

You cunt.

So we're just
hearing that Grace Lewis

has claimed responsibility

for hijacking
the Eurostream train

and the related explosion
in the Channel Tunnel.

She has uploaded
a statement online

using various
social media channels.

Let's listen in.

By the time you watch this,
I'll be dead.

And I'm here to tell you why.

My father taught me
all about these.

This one carries gas
to homes across the UK.

People are always complaining

about the cost
of heating rooms,

heating water, heating pizzas,
for their fat kids

as they sit on their fat asses
mesmerized by reality TV.

They don't know the real cost.
None of you do. Until now.

You said clear the village,
and we did.

Well, you fucked up.
You left witnesses.

They were supposed
to spread the fear.

They spread the fear alright.

Did it work?

Did any other village
ever refuse

to sell you their land
after that?

Answer me.

No, the pipeline went through.

Low-intensity ops.
It's a nasty business.

But it's fucking effective.

Your friends
wrote the textbook for it.

Well, perhaps you
should have read Chapter 10.

"Kill Kids With Mobile Phones."

Or the prime minister

could just admit
that he hired us.

he ain't gonna do that.

Well, then clearly
we have to get paid.

Payment can be
arranged. Britgaz has got...

A pipeline
in the Channel Tunnel.

Not many people
know about that.

If you don't pay us,
and guarantee safe passage,

I will destroy this tunnel
and... everyone in it.

Well, Grace Lewis has made

some extraordinary allegations
against the British government.

If these are proven,

the implications
for the prime minister

and the United Kingdom
will be huge.

Good luck with the second term.

Nicely played.

It's not a game.

Yes, it is, and you enjoy it.

Always have.

If you were to drop me
right now,

would you think twice about it?


I'm the same way.

It's a gift.

A gift we both share.

A gift?

I reckon most people
wouldn't see it that way.

Most people are weak
and filled with doubt.


But they still...

They still deserve...


I've never loved anyone
in my entire life,

and neither have you.

That's not true.

Not any more.

Tom, Sophie will eventually
leave you.

'Cause she will never understand
who you really are.

She understands now.


are rare, and special.

Let me help you embrace
who you really are.

A true Black Swan.

You're right.

I am.

You OK?

If you ever wanna
talk about it up here...

Actually, there's something
I've been meaning to ask you.

Is that why you wanted
to go to Paris?

Will you marry me?

If I thought
I could make you happy, I would.

But, Tom...

you're not meant to be married.

I know that now, and so do you.

- I thought you understood.
- I do.


Oh, my...

Are you...?

It's news to me as well.

I love you.
Please, marry me.

A Red Notice
has been issued today

for former SAS commander
Declan Smith,

who's wanted in connection
with the bombing

of the Channel Tunnel.

At the time of the attack,
Smith was a senior member

of the counterterror unit

tasked with resolving
the crisis.

He now stands accused of aiding
and abetting Grace Lewis,

the main perpetrator.

Declan Smith is the subject

of an international manhunt
to track him down.

Security sources suggest he's
the only surviving recipient

of the ransom
allegedly paid by Britgaz

in a failed attempt
to prevent the bombing.

The money, reportedly
half a billion dollars,

is also missing.

A spokesperson for the victims
has been scathing about Smith,

telling us they believe he's
sitting on a beach somewhere,

spending the ransom money.

However, opposition groups

have called him a hero
for what they say

is his battle against
institutional corruption.

They've repeated the claim,
first made by Grace Lewis,

that it was
the British government

that ordered a massacre
in the Republic of Georgia

to pave the way
for a gas pipeline.

Britgaz, one of
the UK's largest corporations,

has denied those allegations

and expressed its sympathy
for all the victims.

Its chairman,
Sir Charles Whiteside,

had refused to make any further
comment until today,

when he phoned in to our studio
for this exclusive interview.

Sir Charles,
what's your response

to the Grace Lewis video,

which implies
Britgaz was willing

to pay the perpetrators
for their silence?

the video was constructed

by this Grace Lewis
in a pathetic attempt

to deflect attention
from her crimes.

So you'd support
a full investigation

into the attack
and these claims?

Yes, as it would
reveal the inconvenient truth:

our own security services
were betrayed,

and this led to a tragic
loss of life and property.

Are you referring

to former SAS commander
Declan Smith?

I'm aware that
a Red Notice has been issued

for a man by that name,

and I look forward
to seeing justice done.

of the Eurostream attack

have speculated that Declan
Smith is sunning himself

on a private yacht or villa
somewhere, using your money.

We have expressed

our deep condolences
to the victims

but must state very clearly
no ransom was paid.

Fallout from
the bombing has intensified

as sensational scenes unfolded
in the House of Commons today

during Prime Minister's

Atwood was asked if the bombing

that brought down
the Channel Tunnel

would bring down
his government.

Let's listen in.

Order! Order!

I will have order!

You're a disgrace!

The prime minister,

like every member
who has the floor,

is entitled to be heard.

Let him speak!

The prime minister.


Thank you, Mr Speaker.

And, yes, I must confess

to complete disappointment

that my Right Honorable friend
has used the PMQs

to spread false rumors and
lies about these tragic events.

It's very clear the real
traitor, the real traitor,

is former SAS commander
Declan Smith.

Will the prime minister...

- Oh, sit down!
- No, I will not give way.

- Sit down!
- Order!

Will the prime
minister take responsibility

for this security failure
and resign?

My Right
Honorable friend, I am.

I am taking responsibility.

I'm taking
complete responsibility

for finding Declan Smith

and holding him to account

in a British court of law.

I, Dr Sophie Hart,

take thee,
Thomas William Buckingham III,

to be
my lawfully wedded husband,

to have and to hold
from this day forward,

for better, for worse,

in war and peace,

knowing that in war, your crazy
brain is always right.

And I will never wonder what
you get up to in the loo again.

Trust me,
you don't want to know.

I, Thomas William
Buckingham III,

take thee, Dr Sophie Hart,

to be my lawfully wedded wife,

to have and to hold
from this day forward,

for better, for worse,

in war and peace,

knowing that in peace your
prognosis will always be right.

Also I'll never freeze
your dead cat again.

A very wise decision, sir.

By the power vested in me
by the local mayor,

who you generously supported
in his re-election campaign,

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Oh, fuck.

Took him long enough.

Go on, then.

Yes, boss?

Are you married yet
or what?

- Just.
- It'll all end in tears.

I'll give your love
to the missus.

Hey, I've got a wedding present
for you.

You found the money.

Right where
you thought it'd be.

And Declan?

That cunt is sitting on it.

Alright, stand by.

Wanna take a rain check
on the honeymoon?


Drop him.

You sure?

I never liked
that little fucker.

Drop him.

All call signs,
this is Alpha. I have control.

Stand by. Stand by. Go.