SARS-29 (2020) - full transcript

Set in the year 2029 after a decade long pandemic kills over four billion people worldwide, SARS-29 is a fictional documentary that explores how the world has changed through the stories of thirty survivors.

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In 2020, a virus named SARS-19 spreads rapidly across the
world…..disrupting lives….economies….and eventually governments.

In its aftermath, the world sinks into a deep and severe economic
depression, unparalleled in all of modern history. The worst, however is yet to come.

On April 3rd, 2022, a wave of unexplained deaths hits New York City

over three hundred thousand people die in less than 24 hours.

Only a week a week later, on April 10th, the CDC announces a new
mutation of the virus….named SARS-22.

The new virus activates latent SARS-19 infections in the spinal fluid of
recovered and previously asymptomatic patients

causing paralysis,strokes, heart attacks and in the majority of cases, instant death.

Over six hundred million people die between June and August.

A vaccine is developed in December, 2022 but is not widely available for another six months.

By August, 2023….SARS-22 has claimed the lives of over one and a half billion people. The SARS pandemic, however, is far from over.

In January, 2024….NATO, Russian and Chinese troops returning home from the Middle East begin dying en-masse

despite having received vaccinations to SARS-22.

The new virus is identified as SARS-24. In the majority of cases, patients die suddenly
after being asymptomatic carriers for several weeks.

Two billion lives are lost to SARS-24 in 2024.

The final case of SARS-24 is recorded on October 1st, 2027. The total worldwide death toll from the SARS viruses stands at over 4 billion.

The following is a documentary presentation of those that have survived the SARS pandemics. These are their stories, recorded during 2029

Robert Wilson is not your ordinary Englishman.

Called by Rolling Stone as one of the pre-eminent musicians of our time, his band Hamlet skyrocketed to fame in 2027

reaching #1 on the billboard charts in both England and America. He reaches out to us
from New Castle while on a break from his latest virtual tour.

Am I on?

Yes, we're recording.

Sorry, what was the question?

How did you survive the pandemic?

Which one?

Either….the SARS-22….or the SARS-24 pandemic.

Can I talk about SARS-19? Those were better days….when people still had families….when people still had….hope.

Hope about what?

That things would go back to normal.

Not to mention you could still go to grocery stores back then….

And not worry about dropping dead, or how you were going to feed yourself

or who's gonna bring the next cough that's gonna kill entire communities…

Those were better days.

Yeah they were.....

Do you need a glass of water?

No...I just need a minute, this damn fever and cough, hasn’t gone away since….2020.

I'm Dr. Tony Fremont and a former SARS-22 vaccine researcher.
What exactly would you like to talk about?

We are making a documentary about how the world has changed,
and dealt with the SARS pandemics the last ten years.

Ok, well I joined the SARS institute in 2023, to discover a working vaccine for SARS-22….

there was a concerted effort worldwide to discover one since that virus crippled the world's supply chain and left 600 million dead, all in the span of three months....

I'm sure most remember those days

The days of the Great Lockdown.

Yes, once world governments were forced to admit the truth.

What truth?

Well you know, that the immune system didn't actually, couldn't actually defeat SARS,

that it lay dormant, inactive and would manifest itself in other ways that allowed us to realize what it actually was.

And what was it?

Some believe SARS was a bioweapon, engineered to look entirely natural….however….I think that does a disservice to the genius of nature and of evolution.

It’s hubris to think we are the most advanced form of life on this planet. We’re not.

Dr. Fremont, however, is a minority voice. Not everyone believes SARS is a natural virus.

We now travel to Langley, Virgina to meet Bill O’Connor, former special operations commando and celebrated author of the book “HOW SARS ALL GOT STARTED”,

who on a operation in the heart of the Middle East in 2022, uncovered evidence that implicated SARS was actually a genetically engineered bioweapon.

Hello Bill, can you state your name and occupation for the camera to begin the interview?

My name is William Connor. I’m a former contractor for the CIA. Also a Navy Seal special operations commando.

In your book you wrote that you were on a mission that discovered the origins of SARS-22, can you tell us about that mission and where it took place?

It took place in Iran. our team was in the dark about everything, except that we
were extracting an asset of Israeli intelligence from the outskirts of Shiraz.

When did you first learn that your mission would discover the origins of SARS?

Not until the end of the mission. At first, it was just a routine night op….I mean apart from going into the heart of Iran.

In your book, you write that several of the helicopters went down on the way in due to anti-aircraft fire, how did you survive that?

Most of us were out before the copters went down. To be honest, we were going into the middle of a battlefield between the Iranians and Israelis….

It was a nightmare….bullets flying, screams, explosions.

And how did your team….how did you….survive that?

The Iranians are like the Iraqis in a firefight, a whole lot of bark, but very little bite. Plus there were still a few copters that had not gone down that were still operational.

Your mission was just after Iran had invaded and annexed Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait and Syria, correct?

Yeah, and that was a very scary time to be in the Middle East, the northern flank of the Iranian army had somehow overrun the Kurd and Turkish alliance,

which progressed to the battle of Istanbul, and that was when European countries began mobilizing like it was World War 1 all over again.

Getting back to the asset you extracted, how did the rest of that mission play out?

Our copter had mechanical issues about 100 clicks from the Israeli border so we had to ditch the blackhawk and go on foot the rest of the way.

Normally to crash in enemy territory and travel on foot is a death sentence, but not during SARS-22….

It was on that walk to the border that we learned about the origins of SARS-19.

The asset was an Iranian who once served in the Revolutionary Guards bioweapon division.

He had been sent to China back in 2012 to retrieve fecal matter from bats that contained hundreds of very dangerous viruses.

He said SARS sparked the Iranians interest due to its unique properties and the way they could modify it so it could become the perfect weapon for asymmetrical warfare.

The perfect weapon the religious zealots running that country could use to take down the world.

William O’Connor is not alone in believing that SARS was a bioweapon. Our next destination is Oxford, England where we’ll be speaking with a former MI6 analyst,

who has published dozens of articles claiming SARS was part of an asymmetrical warfare program developed by a foreign power.

Hi Mary, can you please confirm your name and occupation for the camera?

Hello, my name is Mary. I worked for MI6 until the dissolution of the monarchy, but after the revolution in 2026,

I’ve found employment as a contractor for an agricultural automation company just outside of Oxford.

You mentioned the dissolution of the United Kingdom, what was it like to experience the political upheavals of that time?

It was absolutely god awful, young kids robbing their grandparents for a loaf of bread….

not to mention when the Irish army pillaged the English countryside during the global famine of 2025….

not a bloody soul there to stop them….all of our troops had died after returning from the war in Iran.

I remember the newscasts of London and Manchester burning during the hunger riots, were you there?

No, at that time, I had to stay at our family’s cottage in the countryside to help my father. He suffered from Alzheimers before he passed away of natural causes in 2027.

You mentioned you worked for MI6, what was your job there?

Before the revolution my job at MI6 was to analyze the asymmetrical warfare capabilities of other nations,

basically to study the ways another country could conduct war using unconventional weapons and tactics.

However, no one saw SARS coming.

It wasn't until the second pandemic in 2022 that I think we realized at MI6 that we had been attacked but by then it was too late.

Most people in 2022 were looking for someone to blame, and opinions about how we should have responded to SARS began to radically shift, how did that play out in the United Kingdom?

Near the end of the second pandemic, people stopped listening to the corporate-controlled news pundits

who were reinforcing this ridiculous narrative that the mutations of SARS were naturally occuring.

We were all so tired of listening to those peddling false hopes whether it be of herd immunity or a vaccine….

Opinions shifted as the death tolls rose, we started listening to common sense, stopped listening to propaganda.

And what did common sense say?

That only an idiot could believe SARS was not a uniquely engineered bioweapon.

What did you learn while working in the intelligence community about the family of SARS viruses?

I didn’t learn much back then about SARS, at least from anything we had gathered from actionable intelligence.

I never had any research to back up my claims about bioweapons, but all you need to do is look at the facts of what happened to draw your own conclusions.

The original SARS-19 virus was meant to spread….if you ask me….

I don’t think it was ever meant to kill anyone the way it did, just to infect as many people as possible, to get the virus in them so it could lie in their spinal fluid latent, inactive and waiting….

Waiting for what?

For SARS-22, which activated the latent SARS-19 virus after a short period of time.

It was SARS-22 that was meant to pull the kill switch latent in SARS-19.

And SARS-22 was the virus of all viruses, the one that put Ebola, HIV and all other viruses to shame.

The sum of all fears: a virus with a 100% mortality rate with no treatment, no known vaccine and no way to know you've been infected until it instantly kills you.

The summer of 2022 was the worst, millions dying every day of sudden heart attacks, strokes, unexplained organ failures or immune overreactions.

Do you think the Iranians developed this? Don't you think they would have known SARS would have come back to haunt them?

No one knows with apodictical certainty it was the Iranians because any evidence….if there were any….was wiped away by nuclear weapons.

However, assuming it was the Iranians, I really don’t believe whoever created SARS put much thought into how they released this pathogen,

or ever looked at all the ways it could come back to hurt them. I mean, we've all seen the photos of modern day Iran…..

You mean what was once Iran?

Of course, the nukes made sure Iran was wiped off the map, and they even say the Chinese army went in after the nukes

to make sure no Iranian would live to ever do what they did again….

You would think in retrospect that if it were the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that they would have realized the precarious situation they put themselves in by developing such a pathogen.

However, back in 2014, perhaps the goal was that it would destroy America and leave a power vacuum which they could then exploit,

After all, when you have nothing left to lose, all options are on the table.

And that was the whole point of asymmetrical warfare, create something that can destroy your enemy and which cannot be traced back to you.

And the Iranians would have succeeded if the virus did not have unexpected outcomes

like the hospitals in Italy in 2020 that were overrun and the virus running rampant in Iran itself.

Some even speculate that the Chinese knew about the true origins of SARS-19 and that’s why they shut everything down so swiftly,

but we didn’t have a clue at MI6 and neither did our friends at the CIA. No one had any idea back then or that the worst was yet to come.

You wrote in an online article that you believe SARS-19 was originally meant to spread like the common cold. Why do you believe SARS-19 was designed that way?

This is not a fact. This is just my opinion. I don’t believe SARS-19 was ever meant to show anything more than minor respiratory symptoms.

I believe it was meant to spread like a minor cold.

SARS-19 was never meant to kill and cause alarm like it did, just to spread across the world and set things up for SARS-22 to target certain countries and finish the job in the event of a war.

When did you come to the conclusion it was the Iranians?

I always had my suspicions that SARS was a bioweapon designed by any number of world powers.

The Russians. The Chinese. The North Koreans. Some Islamic terrorist group.

But it was not until the Israelis recovered intelligence which quite possibly proved the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was behind SARS-19 and SARS-22

that I became convinced it was the Iranians.

I was not the only person back then that arrived at the same conclusion. World opinion turned on Iran overnight.

They became the most hated country in the world after America.

Some say it was the Russians, French and Chinese that nuked Iran, because no one ever claimed responsibility.

And to this day, no country, and not even the United Nations has even bothered investigating who nuked Iran

but if I had to bet, I'd say it was the Chinese since their forces were the first ones at the border and who gunned down the Iranian refugees trying to escape that radioactive wasteland

This will be an unpopular opinion, but at any other time, what the Chinese did would have been considered a war crime, but not now, not after the four billion lives lost to SARS.

The Chinese genocide of the Iranians, and the world turning a blind eye to it, was nothing more than an unofficial conviction and death sentence.

For a moment just after SARS-22, the world lost sight of humanity, and let its blind rage and need for revenge supplant its ability to let go of wrongs done.

We lost our goodness.

We forgot how to forgive, and I think for future generations watching this, dealing with whatever blights your time may bring, I think the key is this:

hold on to what makes us human, what makes us good, and never let that go no matter how difficult things may seem at the time.

You will get through it, just as we will survive and get through this.

My name is Nancy Adams. I am 35, I was a nurse during the 2019 and 2022 pandemics.

I haven't worked since 2023, well not since the hospitals shut down and never re-opened.

What was it like during both pandemics at the hospitals you worked at?

The pandemic in 2020, in retrospect, was far worse because that's when things changed.

We weren't given a warning really

Sure there were horror stories on the news, but they were always somewhere else, somewhere far away, not right here, right now...

not until March of that year when the lockdowns began.

How did the lockdowns differ between those two pandemics?

Hmmm, well the lockdowns never really ended.

Sure the official ones ended before the 22 pandemic,

and some people tried to go back to how things were, but it was almost impossible.

Because people were sick?

No, because people were afraid, and I think that was the real disease back then.

People stopped going out, started hoarding and stopped spending, and then the stores started to close

not because of lockdowns, but because they had no customers

that wasn’t normal.

However at work, there was always some normality to people dying all around you every day….as crazy as it sounds….

I felt normal working in that hospital during the first pandemic.

I became used to seeing the crowds in the hallways left unattended on the floor dying, dying because doctors were too busy

or didn't have anything to help them, and that became normal because it's what I expected to see,

but once the grocery stores started running out of mostly everything, when it became impossible to find deodorant and everyone started to smell like they had really bad body odor

or when you had vivid dreams of eating fresh tomatoes….or going to work and driving around highways littered with abandoned cars….

that's when it hit home how much things had changed and would never go back to how they were before.

And what about the pandemic in 2022, more people died in that pandemic, some say close to two billion worldwide, how was that less horrifying than the 2020 pandemic?

The SARS-22 pandemic wasn't less horrifying, but it was different.

The hospitals at that time were much more quiet.

People were too afraid to go to a hospital.

I would sit in a hazmat suit waiting for hours with no one coming in the ER while watching news reports of how bad it was becoming worldwide.

Why were the hospitals so empty, was it because people were afraid of contracting SARS-22 at the hospital or because of something else?

Everyone was afraid of contracting SARS-22, not just at hospitals, but everywhere outside one’s home and car, and it wasn't just because of that that the hospitals became vacant.

It was because SARS-22 was so lethal, so quick, that people simply died from it in their homes, while at work, while driving, without any warning.

Were you ever tasked with helping dispose of the bodies of those that didn't make it to the hospitals.

No, I was one of the fortunate ones, and was never conscripted to help the National Guard with collecting bodies from homes….

but I did have to help transport body bags to our hospital's morgue as we had an incinerator in the hospital basement.

I remember one week we received so many body bags we just had to leave them in the parking lot, and the smell,

that's a smell that stays with you and one you want to forget but can't ever forget.

Just the other day, I thought of that smell while in the shower, and found myself vomiting a moment later….it’s been years but that smell will never leave me….not for as long as I live.

How many body bags were there in the hospital parking lot?

A lot, and always more than we were equipped to handle. We received tens of thousands of body bags one day...

yet our staff and the incinerator could only cremate a fraction of that at most in a given day.

How long did it take you to clear those up?

We never did, there were just too many body bags and more and more left in the lot every day.

Eventually the National Guard burned the bodies in the parking lot, once we reached about 100,000

they decided to just douse the entire heap of body bags with petrol shot out from firetrucks.

I remember standing there in a hazmat suit with a doctor watching from the window, and felt relief as we watched those bodies burn.

Relief that the bodies were being taken care of?

No, relief we no longer had to smell the dead.

Our next interview takes us to the state of Michigan to speak with Peter Jenson. Hi, Peter, how exactly did you come to take part in the food riots?

It was just after my wife and children died from SARS-22...they all died within days of each other.

I’m sorry….how were you able to move forward from that?

I didn't move forward from that. I did do what I had to do though, I gave them a proper burial in the backyard and then I waited for it.

Waited for what?

For SARS-22, I knew it coming for me, just waiting for the right moment to get me.

Back then, I believed I would just die.

I started waking up every morning taking in every sunrise like it was the last I'd ever see.

Everything felt temporary. Every sound. Every scent. Every breath.

I figured I’d have no warning like Liz or the kids, I’d just kneel over and fall down and die.

But those days turned into weeks, and those weeks into months, and I was still alive.

I guess if you spend all of your time just waiting to die

there eventually comes a point when you realize

you can't just live your life in fear

you can't just be afraid of death all the time

you have to go out and live

while you can....while you still have time.

Other things can kill you too.

Like depression or inaction.

Why do you think you were able to survive the pandemics?

For whatever reasons, due to the grace of God, I was spared from the pandemics.

A friend of mine brought me to the city for the first food riot, he told me, unless we stand up and fight, we’re not going to get a damn thing.

I learned from him about how the banks had been holding the food supply from that year’s harvest,

almost all of the farming capacity of the United States, hoping to export it to other countries to make a profit

and that our government was somehow perfectly ok with letting them do it while people here were starving to death.

At least SARS-22 hit you fast, but hunger, real hunger, there’s no worse way to die from that.

Most nursing homes were abandoned during the second pandemic due to a lack of staffing

and family members picked up their loved ones to care for them at home, but not every senior had a family to go home to.

Our next interview takes us to the only remaining nursing home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to speak with Helen Sharp

once a resident, and now the manager of the facility that looks after those left at her door.

Hi Helen, can you tell us a little bit about how you got started in your role?

Hi….it was back in 2022.

I was a resident at this facility back then, but by the second pandemic, no one came to check on us, the last staff member that did so had died

along with the majority of residents.

There were only a few of us left but we decided we weren’t going to wait around for help,

we buried the dead, cleaned the place up, took stock of the supplies, and one resident even went out for seed

We were never really afraid of SARS. Most of us were comfortable with the thought of dying,

however, for some reason, we only had what felt like a minor cold and afterward,

most of the physical ailments we had been suffering from, miraculously went away.

Most of us feel ten to twenty years younger since we came down with SARS

and so we decided to keep the facility open to look after anyone that needed our help.

Who comes to you for help these days?

Mainly abandoned grandparents.

Sons or daughters, too tired of taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s

or just tired of living with them, will drive here just to get rid of them.

Often they’ll leave them on our front door step wearing adult diapers.

We never see the children, just the abandoned ones, who are often crying when we open the door.

What happens then?

We take them in, care for them and in many cases, console them since they were abandoned by loved ones.

I just don’t understand the new generation, really.

It’s just, for my generation and my parent’s, we weren’t so selfish.

We put our families first.

Too many people these days are just ready to run at the first sight of problems, and shut out anyone they don’t agree with.

If you ask me, some of the wrong people died from SARS.

How do you console these people left at your door to die?

I personally, I let them talk.

You’d be amazed how so many of them went years without anyone wanting to listen to them.

They often come to our facility confused, hopeless and scared and within a month,

even if death is waiting for them the next day, they just have this look in their eye that they are now content and belong somewhere.

They’ve found a new family here, and they’re happy.

For me, personally, I don’t think anyone should die without feeling that.

Most of us will remember at the height of the pandemics, it became rare to see a plane in the sky.

However, not all flights were grounded.

We now go to New Dehli, India, to talk with a former pilot who flew during the pandemics.

Arjun, can you confirm your name and tell us about your occupation for the camera?

My name is Arjun Singh, I used to fly cargo planes for the Indian military during the 2024 pandemic, my job was to bring medical supplies to other countries

Where did you travel during this time?

My job then was flying to Moscow, Rome, Tel Aviv

And flying over the Middle East, what was that like?

I had actually been flying over Iran when I saw one of the nukes go off. It was like a firework show from a plane.

Only instead of bursts of sparks, you saw bright, intense lights below
and heard distant rumbling like thunder.

Some say that no one survived the fallout from that in Iran, what was it like flying after that?

I guess you could say it was surreal.

At night, the lights of the cities and highways over Iran were gone.

It was dark like you were flying over the ocean…..

We’d sometimes bring our plane down so we could see what happened to Iran, if there was anyone or anything left, but we could never see anything.

Many of us can recall a time when we could no longer call 911 because there was no one there to answer the call, however, not all officers left their jobs during the pandemics.

We now travel to Sedona, Arizona, to talk with a former policeman.

Hello Christopher, can you tell us what was it like being a police officer during the pandemics?

It wasn’t fun. Most officers just abandoned their jobs during the SARS-22 pandemic.

No one wanted to arrest a suspected SARS case, get sick, and be responsible for their family dying.

But some of us stayed on, even when we stopped getting paychecks.

It was our moral duty to protect the towns we lived in.

What did you have to do during that time?

Well, we certainly were no longer handing out speeding tickets by the end of 2022.

My job during the second pandemic quickly transitioned to one where I answered the phones and tried to help anyone being attacked, robbed, raped.

Basically, I went out to help protect anyone whose life or property was in jeopardy.

How did you handle anyone breaking the law?

It depended on the severity of the crime.

If someone was engaging in a minor offense, I’d yell at them from the loudspeaker on my patrol car, give them a warning.

Most often, they’d stop what they were doing and run, and that would be the end of it.

Had to do that with a few looters and to be honest, if the store owners had died, it was almost expected that the stores would be looted, even former officers on the force.

It got to the point where I just didn't bother with that anymore.

And how did you deal with bigger offenses?

Most people behaved responsibly and conscientiously during the pandemics

but when the prisons were abandoned and many felons escaped,

those were the ones I often had to deal with.

And they were usually shoot to kill situations.

I didn’t even give them a warning, I just popped them in the back of their head and left their bodies for the coyotes.

And how did things change during the 3rd pandemic?

At that point, all the bad apples were off the tree.

And our town was safe.

My job then was to keep the roads closed and not to let anyone in.

Did anyone get in?

We had some occasional stragglers from the big cities that tried to get in, most likely to loot the abandoned properties for canned goods,

but our solution to that was to hang up what we called scarecrows….bodies of the people we had shot, hung them up on the roads and in the woods and trails around town….

basically as a way of saying if you enter our town, you will be shot.

Police departments weren’t the only first responders that had trouble with staffing during the second pandemic.

Ambulances often sat idle in many American cities, but not in this city.

Our next interview takes us to Catherine Stiles, who drove ambulances during the 2nd pandemic.

Hi Catherine, what was it like to drive ambulances during the pandemic?

It was interesting.

All of the ambulance drivers had died at the start of the second pandemic so we were recruited from a mental hospital.

All of us were in there because we had made multiple attempts to kill ourselves.

Some guys in suits came one day during 2022 and asked if we wanted to leave the mental hospital and drive ambulances instead.

What did you say?

I said yes, so did all of the other patients.

Who else was recruited to drive ambulances during the pandemics?

A lot of us were either suicidal or terminally ill patients, people with cancer or some other terminal disease.

We all kind of just said fuck it and drove the ambulances.

It’s been said that one of the reasons the hospitals closed was because no one would go to them after SARS-22, did you find you were busy during the pandemics?

We were busy, but our job wasn’t driving sick people to the hospital.

Most people that were sick were already dead during the second pandemic.

Ambulances instead became what we called “body bag wagons”.

People would call in to report the smell of dead people.

We’d go to the houses, find the bodies, bag them up, and then drive them to the hospital to be incinerated.

Eventually most hospitals couldn’t handle the amount of body bags we were dropping off, so we had to take them to landfills instead…..

Out of sight, out of mind.

Did most of the people you work with die?

I think I’m the only survivor.

One of the unlucky ones.

The sad thing is one of the people from the hospital said to me one day she was glad to be alive

that she regretted she wanted to kill herself and now found her work meaningful, and then the next day, she just up and dropped dead from SARS-22.

Well, it looks like you are doing OK now, right?

I'm keeping myself busy. It’s about all you can do these days.

At the start of the first pandemic, our economy had been in a period of transition for well over a decade.

People unable to find well-paying jobs had been shut out of the real economy and forced to take remedial work

One survivor Gan Moore, takes us to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to recall his experience during the pandemic.

Hi Gan, can you tell us what you did before, during and after the pandemics?

So before the pandemics, I drove my car for a ride-hailing service called Leider

I never made much, just enough to pay the gas, afford car repairs, and put food on my table.

I lived at a friend’s house, sleeping on their couch, because from 2010 on, I’m not sure who could afford rent.

And it felt like before the pandemics, every year rent prices just kept going up.

it was another $100 each year, while each year, you were lucky if you just made as much as the year before.

It got to a point where you could work 40 hours a week, and just make enough each month to pay your rent and nothing else.

And how about during the pandemics, how did your job as a driver change?

Well, we weren’t employees, we were just what were called “gig-workers” back then

so we had no benefits, no paid time off, no severance, no unemployment, just the money from the work we could do.

And what happened once there was no more work?

Well, once there were no more people requesting rides, we had no way of making money.

It was a crazy time.

No one had ever dealt with anything like that before, and I think the system just broke down from all the stress and strain.

At that point, people like me were left out.

And how did you survive after that?

I was lucky to have a friend that helped me survive and gave me food and a free place to stay.

Many others were not as lucky.

And what about the second and third pandemics?

My friend passed away during the 2nd pandemic, so I took over his house.

I’ve been living here since.

Once the new government took over and President Yang instituted a minimum guaranteed income

I’ve been able to take it easy and not sell my soul to ride-hailing services like I had to do when I was younger.

Now I spend my time teaching cello lessons online.

Not everyone accepts the story that SARS was natural or man-made, and some believe it’s literally out of this world.

Our next interview takes us to Billings, Montana to speak with one of today’s top online video celebrities, who also happens to believe aliens caused the SARS pandemics.

You are well-known today, as being a “conspiracy theorist”, the person that challenges the official narrative that Iran was the origin of SARS,

how did you come to be known as the “UFO guy” or “space alien nut” as you’re known in the news media today?

First off, before the revolution, I knew someone that worked for the Pentagon.

His job was to investigate unexplained aerial phenomena, so much of what I’ve said over the years,

it’s from confidential information he provided to me while researching UFOs.

Many have said the reason your theories don’t pan out, is that they don’t have any evidence to support them.

Yes, I completely agree. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

However, allb of the records and files I would use to substantiate my claims were lost during the revolution when Washington D.C. burned to the ground

those fires took with it all the evidence we had collected for over a decade, not to mention many people that could corroborate my story “mysteriously disappeared” around 2027.

So evidence aside, what is your theory about SARS?

SARS was planted here by an extraterrestrial civilization.

It was either meant to decimate our population as a warning so we’d stop destroying our planet, or it was the first part of a process to remove us from the earth.

And what’s the second part of that process?

It’s hard to say. I believe they see us much like we see trees.

To them, we are simply these giant stationary objects that don’t move, or move really slowly

and that they believe probably aren’t intelligent, akin to weeds that need to be removed

So what exactly do you know, how did you arrive at your conclusions?

They’ve been here for over two decades “our time” but it’s been thousands or millions of years their time.

They’re not like anything we’ve seen in the movies.

They don’t experience “time” like we do, in fact, if we experienced time like they did, a planck second of time

would seem like a year and the world around us would appear to have stopped and it would flow in very slow motion.

You said they’ve been here for over two decades, how do you know that?

Back in 2004, there was a Navy ship from the old American republic, the USS Nimitz I think it was called.

Those fighter pilots were one of the first to see them! They called them “UFOs” or unidentified flying objects.

There is video of them on the internet and radar picked it up like little tic-tacs flying in the sky defying the laws of physics

and the reason they defied the laws of physics, is because time works differently for them

for the aliens, they could be walking about just like you and me, but if we saw one of them, they’d be going insanely fast, like that comic book character The Flash

where we’d see nothing at all and they’d see us just as frozen statues.

They would only see us move if they did a time lapse.

And how do you know that?

In October, 2017, I was hunting deer, deep in these woods in Minnesota,

and I heard what sounded like a freight train crashing, or an explosion, and I thought when I got back to camp, I’d hear about it.

Hear about what?

I don’t know: a terrorist attack, a plane crash, a factory somewhere blowing up, something that could explain what I heard.

And I wasn’t the only one to hear them, thousands of others heard them across the world, all throughout the summer and fall of 2017.

Back then, the news and the government never connected the dots, but they called them “skyquakes”, the sound of explosions deep in the sky that no one could explain, basically like a sonic boom.

the sound of explosions deep in the sky that no one could explain, basically like a sonic boom.

One scientist wrote in response to your theory that those sonic booms or skyquakes could have been explained by meteors exploding in the atmosphere,

or methane being released in the soil that then created those noises referred to as skyquakes as it escaped, how would you answer that?

I would just say use common sense.

I heard the skyquake in October, 2017, which also happened to be the month the first interstellar object we ever detected passed by the earth

and was at its closest approach to our planet.

It was that asteroid with the weird Hawaiian name, Oumahoma, but that asteroid had a trajectory that took it past Venus, Earth, Mars.

I mean what are the odds the first ever object we detect from another solar system

takes the the same path that a vessel would take if it were trying to learn more about the three potentially habitable planets in our solar system

and then, to top it off, for reasons no can explain, that interstellar object then began to accelerate as it left our solar system.

If you ask me, that was one of their ships or probes, dropping off baby probes that landed in our atmosphere

and blew up before sending back data to the mama craft, making sure it was ok for the others coming to land.

The others arrived shortly thereafter.

I mean it's no surprise that just before the pandemic
started there were mass sightings

of unexplained drone fleets in Colorado

That was them....arriving!

It wasn't some secret Iranian military drone operation as others have alleged.

It wouldn’t be a truism to claim that health-care has changed.

Doctors today, like the rest of us, mainly work from home.

Our next interview takes us to Providence, Rhode Island, to speak with one of the few medical professionals that survived SARS.

Hi Deborah, can you please state your name and occupation for the camera?

My name is Debbie. I’m a doctor with a private practice that offers in-home visits, with proper social distancing of course.

I once worked for a hospital as well...back when hospitals were still open.

How would you describe the SARS pandemics, as being someone that was on the front lines?

I was originally a nephrologist, a doctor that treated kidney diseases,

but when the first SARS pandemic started, most elective procedures were put on hold

so I had to help with ventilators and assisting frontline staff at the hospital treat and test the patients coming in.

The first pandemic was a horrible thing to witness, the other two even more so due to the tragic tolls they inflicted on all of us.

Being on the frontlines, how were you able to avoid contracting SARS?

I was always very careful. I always wore protective gear, but even protective gear is no guarantee against SARS.

Many of my colleagues came down with the disease and did not survive despite the best preventive measures.

Do you think the pandemics are officially over?

Back in 2021, I’d have told you yes...they are over.

Then again, in 2023, I’d have told you yet again: this is finally over!
Life will go back to normal now!

But after SARS-24, I think almost everyone in the world has been scarred.

We all now feel this will never end.

The bad news will just keep coming.

Somewhere another crazy individual in another crazy government will find another way to terrorize the world

and people will just keep dying until there’s no one left.

Maybe though….maybe this time will be different. We can only hope.

Hospitals weren’t the only things that closed.

And while mostly everyone was in a state of constant fear regarding SARS-22

a new source of panic emerged in 2022 when prisons were abandoned by their staff and inmates, some of them violent, escaped.

Online stories of home invasions led to the biggest increase in gun sales in recorded history,

and lawmakers of the time even introduced legislation allowing for the purchase of weapons

and ammunition online with no age limit nor restrictions.

However, not all those that escaped the prisons were a boon to society, some, like Jeff, found a new role in the post-pandemic world order.

We now travel to Carthage, Missouri. Hi Jeff, can you please state your name and occupation for the camera?

My name’s Jeff….I’d prefer not to share my full name or age if you don’t mind.

I don’t have an occupation, I just live in an abandoned house, from someone that died during the 2022 pandemic.

I grow my own food in farmland I developed.

I'm a former inmate, since I’ve escaped from prison, I basically have just survived on my own, no family that survived,

no friends because it’s impossible to meet anyone these days, and when you do, you always have to worry if they have it.

Have what?

SARS. Every now and then you get people going out, the hungries I call them,

they try to steal from you, take your food since they’re no police, not least these parts.

How do you deal with the people trying to steal the food you grow?

I kill them.

Is that what you were an inmate for before, for killing?

No, well yeah, I guess.

I got in a fight with this one guy at a bar, we all had a few too many drinks.

He went outside and pushed my motorcycle to the ground,

one thing you never do is touch a man’s bike

you can punch a man, sure thing, be my guest, but throw a man’s Harley over, and well….that’s a death sentence

so I went in, stabbed him in the neck.

I didn’t mean for the guy to die, just wanted to give him a flesh wound and a hospital stay

that would make him think twice about ever touching my bike

but then he did wind up dying, and then they threw me in the slammer.

That was 2014.

How long were you sentenced for?

A very long time.

How did you get out early?

It was during the 2022 pandemic.

They had released most of the druggies and the white collar guys and us “hard-core violent offenders”, were lept behind bars.

Most of us died in there from SARS, but not all,

Most of us the guards died too

Each day there were fewer and fewer of them showing up.

The prisoners that died in their cells, they just left them there to rot, not getting rid of the bodies or anything

and then one day, nobody showed up at all, and then the lights went out.

I thought we were going to die.

Maybe a few weeks after the power went out, the doors just opened up.

A family member of one of the other guys locked up came there looking for him, realized the prison had been abandoned and no one was caring or looking after us.

That man knew the grace of our Lord Jesus and let us out.

What did you do then?

My first impulse was to leave, to look for my old girlfriend, even my ma, but I was hungry,

a few weeks eating rats will have that effect, so I went and looked for food.

there's no food in the prison

so me and a few of the other inmates we went to a nearby town. It looked like the town was deserted so we split up, went into houses….

We were really hungry.

Did you find anything?

No, not that day, but when I met back up with the other inmates

this one guy says Jeffrey I found something better than food

And what did he find?

He takes me and the other guys to this house, and opens the door, and there's this lady.

He had assaulted her, and then killed her and ate part of her face

and she's just laying there in a pool of blood...her blood is everywhere.

it’s leaking from her head and part of her face that wasn't eaten. She looked like she’d seen a ghost.

And he just looks at us, and smiles, and tells us how good it felt,
how he kept some leftovers for us.

What did you do?

I may have stabbed a guy in the neck once, but that was different.

This guy had no place in the world, and me and the other inmates, we had done our time, we changed, but this guy hadn't.

So we looked at each other and knew what we had to do.

And what did you do?

The other guys grabbed him by the arms and took him down.

And he screamed, fought and resisted,

and then I climbed on top of him, and grabbed him by the throat
and I strangled that son of a bitch,

and didn’t let go until his face turned blue and I knew he was dead.

And then we buried that poor lady he murdered, gave her a proper burial, and left his body in that house and burned it down.

How did you eventually come to find the house and farmland you now live in?

After that, the other inmates and I split up, went our separate ways, looking for food or old family members that may have survived the whole mess or what not,

and so I headed to Memphis, Tennessee, where my old girlfriend lived, hoping to find a meal or two on the way.

How long did you go without food?

Not long, I eventually found a dead possum by the side of the road, at least I think it was dead,

never can tell with possums, and cooked it over a campfire.

It didn’t exactly taste very good but when a man is hungry, taste is the last thing on his mind.

Hunger, real hunger, is a thing few people experienced before the pandemics, but when you get “the hunger” as they call it,

there isn’t nothing you wouldn’t do, nothing you wouldn’t eat, to put out that fire in your belly.

What happened after that?

I came across a roadblock, the ones certain towns set up so others couldn’t come in and bring SARS,

and I told them my story, about how I had gotten out of prison and was on my way to Memphis.

The guys there at first told me to go away, but when I told them I was just trying to go to Memphis, one of them opened up,

told me not to go to Memphis, that mostly everyone there was dead, that it would be a death sentence to walk there

and that one guy, he was a judge, now just a guy guarding a road, said if I helped protect that road, protect that town

they’d help me find a house and a farm outside the town and my sentence would be commuted

and I’d be a free man as long as I helped protect the community, and so, I stayed here, for the last 7 years.

What happened after that?

I helped guard that road the first couple of years, helping make sure sick people didn’t get in to town while avoiding the people that lived there

but somehow, even though we protected that road, SARS-24 got in,

maybe it was a bat, or a rat, something...even one of those nasty possums.

But everyone in that town died in 2024.

I was the only one left.

I’ve been here since, growing my own crops, keeping to myself.

It helps that the internet, power and phones came back last year.

It's not the best life, and it gets pretty lonely at times, but at least I’ve made up for my wrongs….and at least I’m not hungry….and at least I’m not dead.

Not everyone accepts SARS was to blame for the four billion deaths the last decade.

We now cross the ocean to England, to speak with one of the scientific community’s brightest minds.

Considered by many to be the next Stephen Hawking, his magnum opus Black Holes Are Not Black and They Are Not Holes, They Are Just Flat and Taste Like Pancakes

topped the bestseller list two years in a row.

Professor James, you have earned yourself a reputation as the leading proponent of the theory that the SARS viruses were not real,

but a man-made hoax, and despite receiving a phD from the University of Surrey,

received a prison sentence for arson when you tried to destroy 5G cell towers in 2021.

Can you tell us why you believe that 5G was responsible for people dying?

Well, I don’t think I’ve ever said 5G kills people, it just gives them really bad headaches and makes you want to walk off somewhere I suppose.

So….how does that result in those people dying?

Well isn't it obvious? It's because the earth is flat.

Actually, the world isn’t flat.

No, it is. It is quite flat.

I studied this. Two lockdowns of study, study, study.

I like to challenge the greats. I'm a man of science!

But even the greats get challenged!

I went back to what I could tangibly see. I could see the horizon is flat.

I prepared some slides for you. Look, look, look!

Flat! Flat! Flat!

It's quite flat!

Well, you are entitled to that opinion. So, are you saying that people had headaches, left their homes and then walked off the edge of the world?

Yeah of course, it's a travesty!

If they were in England, wouldn’t they have reached the Atlantic Ocean?

Yeah, of course, but they'd have to swim a little bit before falling off.

Wouldn’t they have to swim across the ocean, you know, to reach America?

Good one! Oh, don’t tell me you’re one of those people that believe in America, too!

Well, how would you explain my accent?

Evidently you're an actor!

Back in 2020, not everyone thought SARS was a hoax and the earth was flat,

in fact, most people at the time thought the virus came from a wet market in Shanghai, China

or one of the Chinese labs researching the SARS family of viruses.

Our next interview takes us to Shenzhen, China.

Dr. Li, you worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China between 2017 and 2020, correct?

Correct. I lab technician study fecal matter of many bat.

When the first SARS-19 virus pandemic broke out in Shanghai and caused that city to be locked down for 5 months,

some people thought the virus may have originated from your lab in Wuhan, how would you respond to that?

We no ever deal with sample of SARS-19. Many similar virus, but no anything like SARS-19.

Some online articles state that in 2017, one of your associates at the institute was arrested, did you witness that and what did that have to do with the SARS-19 pandemic?

It true Wang Chi arrested.

They claim he work with several Iranians as consultant in cave in north China, but never they tell us why he arrested and why he taken away.

There only rumor.

What was it like in China during the pandemics?

It very awful. Many factory close. Many shop not pay worker then no open again. Many die during second and third pandemics.

China wasn’t the only country that suffered. All countries suffered.

Europe suffered some of the highest death tolls especially.

Our next interview takes us to Vienna, Austria, to talk with a woman that experienced the pandemics firsthand in Europe.

We now travel back to the United States to talk with one of the most influential figures in politics and education today.

I’m Professor Hilfer. I’m Director of Televised Education for the National Educational Foundation, before that I was a Professor of English Literature at Harvard.

You’re often known in the media today as “The Principle”, why is that?

Oh, yes, I’ve heard that expression.

I’d say it is due to the fact that education has changed and adapted so much in the last ten years

and I’ve been at the forefront of its evolution….

its very survival….

during a time so many of us wish never happened, during a time so many of us have lost so many we love.

How have you been at the forefront?

Well, back in 2022, when our beloved President Trump died from SARS-22

and there had been a month of national mourning,

I received a call from Vice President Bernie Sanders, who if you remember, had replaced Michael Pence when he had died the month before from SARS-22

and even though “Crazy Bernie” as we called him back then, was about to become president, he called and said to me on the phone

“Carol….I need you to help make America’s educational system great again.”

How did you respond to that?

I said OK! How would you like me to do that?

What did he say?

He said, Carol, I’m going to let you figure it out, what do you suggest?

I told soon to be President Sanders, that I thought we should take over the television air space and start broadcasting school lessons

on the broadcast network channels so kids everywhere could receive their lessons on channels 4 through 18, depending on their grades.

And he goes, that’s unacceptable, we need channels 4 through 24 so college can be free too!

And I said, great, let’s do that!

So that’s how televised at home schooling began?

Yes, pretty much. The broadcast networks weren’t very happy about having their programming sequestered from 9 am to 3 pm but

they wound up making more from commercials during those breaks then
they ever did with soap operas I imagine.

That program was considered the most successful educational program in the modern era, why do you think that is?

The quality of the educators we used, the fact that we had an organized online study and testing component available to everyone

and that every student had to pass in order to get food

and we made learning fun.

Our program made things like Calculus and Chemistry easy. Basic math was much more accessible to little ones.

Kids didn’t find it a chore when Sesame Street characters helped them learn their lessons

and parents farming at home didn’t mind it when their kids were glued to educational programs while they tended to the crops or livestock

At a time when the government didn’t have much money, it saved money as well, a lot of money,

and made sure only the very best teachers in the country were responsible for the education of our kids nationwide.

You were one of the few people, and programs, the new government retained after the revolution, why is that?

Because we’ve never been politically biased, we’ve never been about supporting the wealthy or corporations at the expense of those left out of the system

which is what caused the riots and then the revolution.

We’ve always been about education and making sure the kids learn their lessons,

obtain good moral guidance, and learn better decision-making and analytical skills so they can decide for themselves what is right.

I think when the new continental congress initiated direct democracy so the US constitution could be restored due to decades of neglect and abuse,

and when they prohibited companies or individuals from donating money to political organizations or running ads, and set educational standards for who could run for office moving forward,

President Yang decided to keep the Televised Education program as he knew we were part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

Education isn’t the only thing that has changed. The way we record history is also experiencing a revolution.

Our next interview takes us to Charleston, South Carolina to speak with Professor James Samson.

Why did you decide to specialize in the SARS pandemics?

For the same reason Thucydides decided to write about the Peloponnesian Wars back in Ancient Greece. History was happening.

Thucydides knew that what he wrote down would be remembered for all time as long as it was recorded,

and that someone needed to create a reliable record of it,

for most will not take the trouble to find out the truth, but will just accept the first story they hear

I want to make sure future generations hear the right story.

And what have you found?

The Iranians didn’t release SARS-19 in 2019. The disease really should be called SARS-15 because it was in 2015 that they released it.

Tell us about the evidence you found?

Well, for starters, for those old enough to recall the rapprochement with Cuba when the Americans and Cubans restored diplomatic relations,

there was a scandal about sonic weapons targeting embassy staff in 2017.

The Cubans denied knowing anything about it, and for good reason, because it was the Iranians experimenting with new weapons

In 2020, when they fired a missile at an American base in Iraq, and troops there suffered head injuries, the Americans didn’t know it at the time,

but the Iranians had launched a chemical weapon that released that neurotoxin on those poor American soldiers,

So what does the neuroweapon have to do with SARS-19?

Well, that story in particular is just meant to show how the Iranians were going about attacking America.

They never attacked directly, only indirectly, using things no one could prove they were doing.

As for SARS, the Iranians had really poor intelligence, I mean, they were awful at intelligence collection, just like they were bad at designing bioweapons.

The Revolutionary Guard wanted to attack anyone they thought was involved with the CIA.

For whatever reasons, they decided an American novelist, Arthur Schopenhauer, was a central intelligence agency asset and decided to target him.

We now travel to Galena, Illinois to speak with Arthur Schopenhauer, the once famous novelist now known online as “patient zero”.

Hi Arthur, there are some circles in the medical and intelligence communities that believe you are “patient zero”....

that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard targeted and infected you with SARS-19. How does your personal experience line up with that narrative?

Back in 2015, I lived just north of New Orleans, in the northshore in a town called “Mandeville”

There were these two weird men that would follow me around whenever I drove anywhere. They’d follow me home and park outside my house as well.

Something was clearly going on.

What did those two men look like?

Middle eastern men….always smoking though.

I’d look out my bedroom window at night at 2 a.m. and see them, sitting in their car, the light from their cigarettes the only thing visible

and that was every day these guys were there

I figured they were criminals. I didn’t realize they were Iranian agents at the time.

How did you know you were being followed?

Well for starters, they followed me around everywhere

I'd go to the store, they'd be a couple cars behind, they'd then be in the parking lot, they followed me everywhere

But what was really eerie is I'd call the police and say there's a couple guys following me

and they would come to the house

and right before the police car arrived, the Iranian car would drive away

and right when the police car left, the Iranian car would come back

they knew what I was doing

but I did get a picture of the license plate and I showed it to the police officer one day

and years later, they told me that the name associated with the driver's license, that guy had been arrested, and been uncovered as an Iranian agent.

A CIA operation in 2022 found evidence that you were infected in 2015 by Iranian agents. What were the first symptoms of SARS-19 that you experienced?

Well one week, I just started feeling off, and each night, I'd be short of breath and then one night, I had a stroke.

I was watching TV when I just couldn’t understand the words the person on the television was saying.

and then I tried to say something myself but I couldn't, it just came out as gibberish
and I thought holy shit I'm dying, I'm dying!

I mean I'm sitting there watching tv but I couldn't talk because it's just coming out as gibberish.

Why did you not go to a hospital?

I’m more afraid of a hospital bill than death.

How did you recover from SARS?

I never recovered from SARS, even today, I still have an itchy throat and occasional cough.

I have to use an inhaler twice a day otherwise my blood oxygen levels get too low.

SARS for me started as a stroke, but I’d get random bouts of pneumonia over the years as well,

and in 2018 I had a cough that lasted an entire year.

That finally made me think I contracted Tuberculosis from a trip to China I went on in 2017. I thought maybe that's what this is.

But I was concerned so I did overcome my fear of hospitals and I did go see a doctor

and they did all these tests and told me actually no, you have SARS.

Why do you think the Iranians targeted you, do you believe it is because you were famous as the proud owner of a celebrity cat?

Yeah, the Iranians were always chanting death to america...maybe they're actually chanting ‘death to american cats’

No but most people think they targeted me because they mistook me for a CIA agent.

And why do you think they thought you worked for the CIA?

Well, as most people know, before the pandemics, I was a pretty famous author.

And I had written a book which a guy named Syed Abazian in Iran translated into Farsi in 2004

and that translation was banned by the Iranian government.

And so he emailed me, he was complaining about the situation there

with the book being banned

I emailed him back and wrote, "Look you should start a revolution!"

Because I think any country that restricts the freedom of speech of its people, there has to be to change.

Obviously the Iranians were monitoring his emails, and so they saw what I sent to him

and they took it really seriously

and I think they thought I was trying to incite a revolution over there and so they figured I must work for the CIA.

When did you first realize that you may be patient zero?

Back in 2022, I had been living in a rural area, and these two men in suits showed up and knocked at my door.

And I had been recovering from SARS and they just showed up.

These were different than the two men in Louisiana?

Oh totally different, they didn’t look sketchy but honorable.

They were clearly government officials and one of them pulls out a badge and and it says Department of Defense.

How often does that happen? So I knew they were on the level.

And what did these men say to you?

They asked me all these questions about my case, my symptoms, and my cat, if my cat had any symptoms

They asked about the Middle Eastern men that had followed me around

And then a helicopter flies down and lands

And these men in hazmat suits come

And they take my blood

And then they take my cat...took my cat....ok.

And then they loaded up into the helicopter and they flew away.

Did they say anything else to you?

One of the men looked me in the eyes, and said to me, ‘You never can tell.’

And I asked if I'd ever see my cat again....

I'm sorry .

I asked if I'd ever see my cat again....and he just shrugs, like he didn't know.

and then they left.

I still haven't seen my cat .

They won't let me. I just want to see my cat. They won't let me!


Before the pandemics, your cat was actually considered a celebrity of sorts, can you tell us about that?

Well, I’m sure most of your viewers that are older will remember him but for the younger ones,

a little history lesson on my cat

I first adopted him to be a model for this graphic novel I was working on called the nightmarish tales from the beyond

and I was going to sketch him into the novel and it was a total failure

but he did get attention, the cat from the books, they found him and started putting him in Hollywood movies and before you know it he was a star!

he was really big in Japan too, he was really big over there.

Our next interview takes us to a laboratory in Chicago, Illinois, where scientists are studying cats infected with SARS

Hi Dr. Bell, you’re known as a specialist that treats pets infected with SARS, how did you gain that reputation?

Back when the government was investigating the origin of SARS, they brought a cat to me that they believed was “patient zero” for the SARS-19 pandemic.

And did you confirm it?

We did. For whatever reason, both the cat and the person first exposed never suffered the fatal effects of SARS.

From what I understand, they have had some ongoing respiratory issues but nothing like the SARS-22 pandemic when millions of house pets perished.

Why do you think so many pets died during the SARS-22 pandemic?

I think they were silent carriers. Whoever designed SARS, designed it so children and pets would carry and spread the disease but be asymptomatic.

As a result, most dogs that were allowed to roam freely and weren’t leashed, became carriers in 2020, and then died in 2022.

What will happen to “patient zero”, that cat was once a worldwide celebrity but is now under your institute’s care.

Well, we will keep him here for observation, as you’ll see in this video, he hasn’t aged a bit in 10 years,

and in fact, for a cat, he should be dead based on his age, but it looks like those that survive SARS enjoy some nice perks.

Such as?

SARS-19 appears to lower one’s metabolism and slow the aging process, considerably.

In fact, those that survived the pandemics may very well find the aging process has stopped completely.

We’re still trying to understand this process and how it works, but it appears the virus interferes with the genes responsible for aging.

That’s why many people in Hollywood that didn’t want to grow old injected themselves with SARS-19 back in 2021, hoping it would allow them to stay young.

Did it work?

No, most of them died. You need to have a special genetic predisposition to have any chance of beating SARS

otherwise it will just lie latent in your spinal fluid and will one day activate and kill you, much like HIV turns to AIDS.

That was one of the things we learned in 2024, those that were taking anti-viral medication for HIV, survived up until 2025

and when the medication ran out when the supply chains collapsed those years, all of them eventually succumbed to SARS.

Anti-viral meds only prevented SARS-22 from activating, they never allowed the body to beat it.

However, all the cats we are studying here have a genetic disposition that we hope will one day allow us to find a permanent cure for SARS, for both people and pets.

Pets weren’t the only ones we lost during the pandemics. For many of us, entire families and communities were lost.

Our next interview brings us to Port Orange, Florida to speak with a former high school teacher who experienced first-hand the brutality of the SARS-22 pandemic.

Hi Ms. Proust, can you please state your name and occupation for the camera?

Hi, I'm Susan, I’m, I’m not really anything these days,

What did you do before the pandemics?

I was a high school teacher. I taught French and Spanish courses.

So, you most likely stopped teaching around 2022 then?

Yes, once the educational system was nationalized as most local city governments were broke and couldn’t pay teachers anymore,

I was laid off, but I wasn’t alone as mostly everyone then was unemployed.

How did you feel about that?

When my family was still alive, I didn’t really feel bad about it. Our house was paid off, and we didn’t have any debt.

Most of our savings was gone, but we didn’t have to worry about being evicted or the banks taking our homes like others.

I felt like it was a challenge but one we’d all get through with time, but then SARS-22 hit, and that all changed.

How did it change?

First my husband, and then my children died, all of them suddenly and without warning.

Grieving alone is a terrible thing, almost as bad as burying the ones you love, and all I had in 2022 was grief.

Thankfully my friends were supportive and would stop by and keep my occupied. We'd garden. We'd talk.

and that helped me heal a bit.

But then in 2024, my friends began to die until I was the only one left, except some farmers on the other side of town.

I was alone again. That's all I've been since everyone I've loved has died. Alone. Excuse me.

We now travel to New Berlin, Wisconsin, to speak with Amy Jackson. She lost her parents and family as well during the pandemics.

Hi Amy, can you tell us a little bit about your experience during the pandemics and what it was like in Wisconsin?

I was in junior high when the first pandemic hit. It was just after Valentine’s Day and I had been looking forward to our school’s dance,

but then, school shut down and everything was cancelled.

Then most businesses closed over the next year or two, especially when the second pandemic hit.

It was a pretty scary time.

What happened to your parents?

I don’t know. My mom just disappeared with her new boyfriend one day.

They said they were going to his vacation home out west and I was not allowed to come with,

so they left me all by myself, age 15, in her apartment during the middle of the second pandemic.

I never heard from her again.

Our next interview takes us back to China to speak with Miao Yin, a survivor of the pandemics.

What was it like to experience the pandemics in China?

It is said that outside of Europe, China was hit the hardest by the second pandemic, what was your experience of the second pandemic in China?

Did you stay in the village?

What did you do then?

Loneliness is a terrible thing but it is almost always the result of the choices we make.

However, for some people in the new world order, to live and die alone is no longer a choice, but a life-long sentence.

We now travel to Palo Alto, California, to speak with one woman that has experienced this first-hand.

Hi Charlotte, you are known as one of the first people to have been sentenced for a crime since the changes to the criminal justice system occurred,

can you tell us what you were sentenced for and what your punishment is?

I was a nanny before the pandemics started.

I was falsely accused of murdering the mother of the children I was caring for during the second pandemic.

The prosecutor stated in their complaint that I wanted to be the children’s new mommy….

even though I did become their new mommy as I married their dad

It didn't matter, because they all died of SARS in 2024.

Their father, my ex-husband, left a confession in his will stating that I killed his wife

and that he was afraid I would kill all of them if I said anything

and so about a year ago, these soldiers came to my house, charged me with a crime, arrested and then sentenced me.

What was your sentence?

I was sentenced to a life at home! I can’t leave my house for any reason, I can't even walk the dog!

What if there’s a fire or something that forces you to leave your house?

They installed a device in my head that uses GPS, so if I leave the house for any reason, it will detect it and my head will explode and I’ll die.

They do allow you to go out about 10 feet from the property line so if there was a fire, I’d probably be ok waiting outside….

from what I’ve been told, there will be a loud beeping noise if I get too close to the edge, warning me before my head explodes.

During the pandemics, many refused to fly not because they were scared of catching SARS,

but because of rumors of what airline personnel would do to anyone that failed a temperature check in-flight.

Our next interview takes us to sunny Los Angeles, to speak with Kaley, an airline attendant that was one of the few people still employed through all three pandemics.

Hi Kaley, what was it like to be an airline attendant during the pandemics?

I was furloughed at the start of the first pandemic, but by the end of 2020, the airports needed people to conduct tests at the security gate,

so I was brought back on to do nasal swabs for the few people still flying.

How did you like that?

I hated it. Absolutely hated it. I always saw myself as a free bird and I wanted to be up in the air….

definitely not stuck in an airport filled with potentially infected people.

How long did you have to do nasal swaps?

When the economy never re-started and things looked pretty bad, I expected to lose my job as there were fewer and fewer flights each month

Did you lose your job?

Fortunately not. Most of the other airlines went out of business, Southeast was the only one left standing.

so when the government mandated in flight temperature checks and testing, I was given my old job back.

But your job changed considerably, correct?

Oh, you bet! It was no longer bringing people soda and peanuts, but I got to dress up in a fancy hazmat suit.

How did your airline survive the 24 pandemic?

I really don’t know, at one point, we really were just transporting health care workers and senators and those types,

and the empty seats and luggage racks were often filled with medical equipment.

No one else was allowed to fly in 2022 and 2023.

They started paying us in peanuts instead of money too, and because the grocery stores were shut down, we were literally happy to be paid in peanuts….

though I would have preferred pistachios.

But really, I was just happy to be back in the air.

What did you do when you found someone was infected with SARS22 or SARS24 during a flight the next two years?

Well....that’s not something I’d really like to talk about.

Why is that?

Well, you know. I just’ve always….well, I’ve always deplored the fact that sick people just had to go.

What do you mean?

Well, the motto of the airline was, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” and we took that to heart. All of us.

We didn’t want one sick person getting the other ten or twenty people on the flight sick, so we had to remove them from the plane even if we were forty thousand feet up.

If I found someone had a high temperature, my job was to alert the air marshal. His job then was to take that person and put them in a quarantine cabin in the back.

How did the quarantine cabins start?

Well, one of the things the airlines had to do was remove the toilets on flights. People were no longer allowed to go to the bathroom while in the air.

If they had to go potty, well, they just had to release it in their hazmat suit like an old person stuck at the opera.

After the revolution, the government banned the use of “quarantine cabins” on planes, but very few people that flew during the pandemics ever talked about them.

What exactly were the “quarantine cabins”?

They created the “quarantine cabin” to replace the restroom on the plane, and when we put someone in there,

and shut the door, and locked it, the floor would open up and they’d fall out of the plane.

So they died?

Well, yeah, some of them maybe. But we weren’t just like throwing people out of airplanes like a train might do with someone without a ticket. We were very humane about it.

How is throwing someone that just has a high temperature out of an airplane considered humane?

We gave them parachutes, silly!

There’s no question the world has changed, the question is how much has it changed?

Our next interview takes us to Iowa, where Senator Brown has agreed to share how he got into politics during the pandemics.

Senator Brown, could you please state your name and occupation for the record?

Well, my name is Michael Brown. I’m a senator from Iowa. I’m originally from Texas, but I left Texas for Iowa in 2022 when there was a call for people to help out with farming.

I’ve been in Iowa since and haven’t looked back, not after what I saw in Houston during the second pandemic.

How did you get involved in politics?

I didn’t ask to be a politician. I wound up joining the food riots after President Sanders died due to SARS-24 and the leader of the house illegally seized power….

hard to imagine that was only 5 years ago, but like most Americans back then, I was disgusted by what had happened, and was happening.

How did your movement form into an army?

During 2025, we were basically a hungry mob, not an army…..for those that study history, it really felt like we were re-living the French Revolution

with Hilary Clinton playing the part of Robespierre, only after the reign of terror was over, instead of Napoleon, we had Senator Yang,

who wound up becoming the First President of the New Republic of America.

I think our movement was purely organic, and just kind of organized naturally, we never really thought of ourselves as an army

but as protestors wanting to restore the government from those that seized it

We saw ourselves protecting the country from its domestic enemies and we didn’t care a damn about dying from SARS when we marched on Washington D.C.

Many of you died when the army fired on you, what was that like?

It was scary, but after living through the pandemics, I don’t think any of us were scared of death at that point.

When the other army units stopped following orders to shoot the protestors, who were only protesting the fact that our farm fields were being plundered by banks,

and when those army units turned on the ones that had fired on protestors,

that was when we knew things were changing, that a revolution, the first one in hundreds of years, was happening in America.

It was quick and the change in power went without hiccups, after all, we weren’t setting up a new government,

but just restoring the one that had been taken from us quietly over the last 50 years by corporations and lobbyists.

You’re known as an avid-reader, what book has most inspired your political philosophy?

Well, I’m a big fan of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He was a Genevan philosopher who influenced the progress of Enlightenment throughout Europe,

He had a really good saying I liked, I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.

Do you have a favorite book?

Thomas Pickety’s book Capital in the 21st Century
was fairly influential when I was younger,

but I also just read a book One-Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse, it’s a great read and I highly recommend it.

I believe Carol Hilfer, who runs the Educational Program for our great nation, is making it required e-reading for all 12th graders.

I’d like to say more, but I have to go now, goodbye

Did you not hear the new rules? Stay 12 feet apart. Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!

We now travel to Lancaster, PA to speak with a firefighter that worked during the pandemics. Hi, Bill.

Hi, there, my name's Bill Larson. I was a firefighter before and during the pandemics. I still volunteer part-time but due to back issues, I mainly help out around town with food deliveries.

I've been to the Middle East before. I served tours in Afghanistan then served stateside after the Middle East withdrawal during the 2nd Great Depression.

I always knew I'd be back though.

Our next interview takes us to Santa Fe, New Mexico to speak with Jennifer Freiburg. Jennifer, you lost your family to SARS-22 and SARS-24, correct?

Now being a man of science, it's vital to challenge the status quo, over and over, all the greats, Einstein's theory that's been debunked!

Now if four milliard people have died, then that's clear proof that America does not exist!

Life is short. Don’t waste your time being afraid of what could happen. Take in each moment at a time and focus on the present moment.

Revel in your time for life is short, precious and temporary.

However, at the same time, don’t be stupid.

Go out and live your life, but don’t pretend nothing horrible will ever happen to you.

Diseases have no moral compass. They don’t care who you are or how rich, young or old you are.

Once you get SARS, there’s no turning back.

Wear your face mask, wash your hands, avoid close contact with anyone that looks sick or that has been around anyone that has recently died.

And most importantly, don’t panic! Keep your head straight.

Another piece of advice I might give to anyone watching, is to make amends with those you love.

To quote the novelist Dostoyevsky, “So much unhappiness has come to this world because of things left unsaid.”

Forgive them. Call them up, talk to them, let bygones be bygones and let them know you love them because you never know if you’ll have that chance again.