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A long time ago
is where our story begins

In an ancient time of Kings!
Pagan Gods! And wickedness
throughout the land

there lived a child by the name of Ruth
with a heart so pure that her love
spread throughout all time

She was raised in Moab
a city of evil ways

And she was chosen by the King
to be a servant for his Pagan God!

Oh dear child, God's precious one!

Don't be frightened for God
has woven you into His divine plan!

Meanwhile in the holy town of Bethlehem

lived a women name Naomi
with her family, in the Holy Land

But when a famine came into the land

her husband prepared to move
the family to Moab
heedless of their Pagan ways

Dai dai dai dai...

That is a pretty song mama.

Our people sang it
when they were slaves in Egypt.

Even when we do not understand,
we must trust in God.

Naomi, come, everything is packed.
It is time to go.

Thank you, Lord, for this home.
It has sheltered us well.


Ruth and Naomi. Two women,
from two vastly different cultures

soon to be forever united
in God's divine plan.

After Adam and Eve sinned, God promised
that He would send a Redeemer

one who would buy back
the eternal life they had lost.

It was then that God began to weave
a "scarlet thread" of redemption

from Adam to Christ, the Redeemer

and along the way;
He delighted in using
the most unlikely people

to accomplish this
most extraordinary work.

Will It Be Forever?
Will it be the end?

No one can be certain
that we will meet again

So goodbye all dear friends
God see you safely through

May tomorrow bring you blessings
in all you do

Naomi! Oh, Naomi... how can I say
goodbye to my dearest friend?

You brought so much joy to my life.

O Rebecca, where do I begin?

We rejoiced together
at the birth of our children.

I had always thought that one day
your daughters and my sons would marry.

I was hoping that we would
grow old together.

Spoiling our grandchildren.

Oh Naomi...
I have something for you.

With my own hands I wove this
for you -for your journey-
as a keepsake of our friendship.

I stayed up all night to finish it.

It's beautiful and every time I
put it on, I will say a prayer for you.

We will always be friends, Rebecca,
no distance can change that.

Enough, enough you two.

Are you trying to end the drought
with your tears?

My friends and family!
Thank you for your prayers
and departing gifts!

May the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob be with all of you

during this difficult time of famine
and with us on our new journey!

We will miss you Elimelech!

Our prayers are with you Naomi!

May God grant you favor
in your new home!

From your mouth to God's ears!
We love and will miss you as well.

I hope to see you again...
but in better circumstances.

Now, we must go. Shalom!

Will it be forever?
Will it be the end?

No one can be certain
that we will meet again

So goodbye all dear friends
God see you safely through

May tomorrow bring you blessings

In all you do
In all you do.

Boys get back to the wagon.
Elimelech, I want to speak with you.

Quickly my love.

It's a day's journey to the Jordan
and we must cross before nightfall.

Are you sure this is God's will?

God has always been faithful
and provided for us in the past.

He has provided for us

I have already made plans to buy
a lantern shop from a man in Moab.

The boys will help me.
I'll make craftsmen out of them.

What about our families?

Did God not call Abraham
to leave his country and his family?

Yes, so that he could live
in the Promised Land, not leave it!

Cousin Boaz is here!

Boys! Get back to the wagon.
We must be going.

Boaz, we will be crossing
the Jordan River in a boat!

And then we're going to cross a desert!

Sounds like quite an adventure.

Boys, you heard what I said...
go back to the wagon... now.

Yes, they are.

True. However

God's people have turned away from
His ways and are doing what is right
in their own eyes.

And how are you any different?

You insist on taking them away
to a filthy pagan city.

I am only doing
what I think is right for my family.

Right? Is it right to abandon your people,
your inheritance, and your God?

I am not abandoning Yahweh.
Besides, we will not be gone long.

You are forsaking the land
given to you by our fathers!

This land has forsaken me!

Look around you!
My herds have died.

My crops have withered.
The heavens are like iron
and the earth like bronze.

I cannot raise my family
on dust and rocks!

Uncle, we are kinsmen...
and we must stay together.

I will provide for you
until the famine ends.

I will not live on charity.

You bring shame and a curse upon
our family by mixing with foreigners!

Naomi, do you have everything?

A'true" Hebrew?

And this coming from a man
mixed with foreign blood,
the son of a Gentile prostitute?

That is something you will never be!

Stop! Please, both of you...
the children...

Never! Never!

I pray to God,
I will never see your face again!

Forget all the reasons - why would
you stray from the Promised Land?

Why would you forget His will
and abandon us?

Just leave us! Forget our God!
Forget all the reasons!

Away from family! Away from God!
You're taking your chances!

Why do you stray from the Promised Land?

Why would you forget His will
and abandon us?

Who will watch over you in the end?

I hope the worst for you - my kinsman!
I hope you never return - my kinsman!

This is the farthest
from home I have ever been.

You have much more ahead of you.

The east side of the Jordan
is very different from the west.

What is that pile of rocks
in the middle of the river?

Yes! That's where God
stopped these mighty waters

and had ole Joshua walk the children
of Israel through on dry land!

Praise Yahweh!
Yes, my young
friends... He is worthy to be praised!

What is troubling you, my love?
Your thoughts seem so distant.

I must admit I am troubled about
the boys growing up in a strange land.

Their lives will be
greatly enriched in Moab.

There is a wealth
of opportunity awaiting them.

I already miss our home.

So do I, but you and the boys
are more important to me than Bethlehem.

We will be fine.
I trust you.

was I too harsh with young Boaz.

Well he is young
and speaks before he thinks.

He would do well to respect his elders.

Only because you married me.

Do you remember
what Balaam prophesied?

That a Messiah... the Redeemer of Israel
would come from the tribe of Judah?

Ah, yes.
God's plan for redemption.

Well... When we were married, both
of us coming from the tribe of Judah

I always dreamed that God might
use us to be in the line of this Savior.

You never told me that.

I know it sounds foolish,
but that's what I thought.

I would never
think you are foolish, my love.

The line of our ancestry would be
tainted, and we could never be...

Naomi, Naomi...

you worry about so much...
Our lives are in God's hands.

We will do what we can
and trust Him for the rest.

Daytime, nighttime

God will be with us always

Bethlehem, we'll return,
there again someday

but wherever we're together,
is our home

wherever we're together,
is our home

over the Jordan,
a new life awaits us

And always our hearts will be together

wherever we're together,
is our home

wherever we're together,
is our home

The Promised Land is now behind you.

Come out on the town!
A city of delight!

Ya ya! Ya ya!

Have a little ditty, with a little
pretty, all for a very nice price!

Nice price!

Welcome my friends!
What Moab doesn't have, you don't need!

You will see!

Our wealth is so abundant,
Our god is made of gold!

Let me show you what I mean! Ha ha ha

this is not at all like Bethlehem!

How 'bout a goatskin coat
with shiny buttons made of gold?

You want it!
You need it!

Diamond earrings for your wife,
Oh, what a pretty sight!

Ya ya! Ya ya!

You don't need to worry!
I can get it in a hurry!

All for a very nice price!

Nice Price! Nice price!

MERCHANT #4 Fresh fish!
Straight from the Sea of Galilee!
Day old fish, half price!

Figs! Fresh from the vine!

A treat for all!
Tasty and divine!

How about a robe
made to fit so you look like a king!

You want it! You need it!

Sandals of pure leather!
The best money can buy!

Ya ya! Ya ya!

Whatever you might need,
You buy one, you get one free!

All for very a very nice price!
ALLYi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi!

You want it!
You need it!

I can get it for you!

Anything you want!
Can come within your grasp!

Here in the land of Moab!

This is quite a place, isn't it boys?

They dress very differently!
I like all the colors!

I do too, Chilion!

Egyptian bracelets,
golden earrings and necklaces

to grace the neck of your love!

I would like these
golden earrings for my wife.

Today we are going to celebrate.

What brings you to Kir Hareseth?

We are looking for Reuven ben Selah.

Reuvan, that old fox!

His shop is just a few steps away...
over there.

Here is your money. Come, my family.

Five pieces of silver...

I could feed our family for a month
on that in Bethlehem.

You look beautiful Mama!

Shalom? Shalom?
Reuven ben Selah?

Can it be, can it be?

Praise Yahweh! Elimelech ben Ephra-im.
Shalom, shalom, shalom!

Seeing you is like finding water
in the desert... and what have we here?
These are not boys, these are men!

Strong and handsome...

And this must be Naomi -
you are fairer than the Rose of Sharon.

How are things in the Promised Land?

Dusty! But most of our people
are too proud to leave.

How do they look upon our people here

for we worship One God,
Creator of all things...
these people worship many gods?

It is success and prosperity
that is valued here,
and that is what you will have.

Come, Elimelech...
the finest shop in the city is yours.

I cannot sell these chickens,
they have skinny wings, skinny legs!

Don't mind them;
haggling is a way of life around here.

Is it safe for my family?

Of course!
Everything is wonderful in Moab!

Now come, Elimelech,
and let me show you around.

Wait here my love. I won't be long.
Boys, stay with your mother.

I can tell you why...

her parents have given her
to serve at the Temple of Chemosh.

And if she is
not chosen to be sacrificed,
it is still a very luxurious life.


Today there is celebration
in the city of Kir Hareseth!

Ruth will now join
the other children in the temple...

and there she will be conformed
to the ways of our god, Chemosh.
All hail Chemosh!

what will happen to that little girl?

Congratulations, Elimelech.

As is the custom of our people,
here is my sandal -

a symbol of your new ownership
of this property.
Move in today if you like.

Bring your family;
my servant will prepare a feast.

Does that mean
we will live in this house papa?

Yes, Chilion,
this is our new home.

Papa, are you going to give
Chilion and me to the Temple?

No, Mahlon...
where did you get that idea?

They have just seen an innocent girl
handed over to a god of stone.

She could be killed
in the name of this "Chemosh"!

This is their culture, not ours.

Perhaps our lantern shop
will be a light in this dark world.

Now we have a new life,
with many prosperous years to come.

Ten years have passed.

Elimelech worked day and night
and raised Mahlon and Chilion
to be fine craftsmen.

In Bethlehem, the famine grew worse.

But in Moab, Elimelech found
the prosperity he longed for.

Yet none of us know
what tomorrow will bring

and Elimelech did not know
that this day would be his last.

Naomi! Naomi!

What... what is happening?

My chest... l can't breathe, oh...

I am here for you. I am here.

No, Elimelech, no, do not die.
Don't leave me!

Oh Eli...
now you have finally found peace.

Go now my love,
now you're with angels

Rest on their wings
and fly home

Into God's arms, out of mine
Go now my love, now you're home

Out of my arms! But I must go on
Out here alone, I must carry on

Wait by the gate,
someday I will join you

Together we'll rest in God's arms

Open the heavens,
for my dear angel

Take care of him,
oh Lord

Left here alone! What shall I do?

Oh, I'll see you through
You're never alone

you're my precious angel
Oh Mother, You're not alone

Ruth! Where are you going?
The ceremony is about to begin.

If mother knew about Ruth and
Orpah, she would die of a broken heart.

When do you plan to tell her?

We do not want to cause her
any more pain.
We must be careful Chilion.

Soon, my love.

Ruth! Now!

Tonight, as the dark clouds gather

the appetite of Chemosh
will be satisfied!

Your dancing and singing
is a beautiful display of your devotion
to the greatest of our gods.

Soon we will make the special sacrifice
that he demands,
a small child without defect.

Head Priestess, is this the child?
This is Reyda, the chosen sacrifice.

You are most fortunate
to have this honor bestowed upon you.

We pay homage to our god by offering her
as a sacrifice to Chemosh
this very night.

Mahlon, are you going to marry
a girl who would sacrifice a child?

I am so glad you are here.
O Mahlon, the King has commanded that-

I heard everything,
but this is not right!

What is right, and what is wrong?

I spent my childhood separated
from my family because of Chemosh.

Are you saying that meant nothing?
I feel so lost.

Listen to me. They are lost.

They are sacrificing
to a god they have created

but you... you are searching
for the One who created all things.
Pray to Yahweh, He will answer.

I know you feel all alone
Your heart's in despair

Well, let me pray for you
Oh Lord! I lift this prayer to You

Come! Come into her life
Give her peace in her heart

This I pray to You

Come! Come into her life

Let her see only the truth
This I pray to You

Ruth, the Lord is with you
I know you feel Him in your heart
Let his wondrous glory come in

He loves you Ruth,
but you must choose

No matter what decision
you make... I love you, Ruth.

Brother, we should be going.

Shalom Achbor?
Is that all you have to say, Hebrew?

It is late. Please excuse us.

If the King prefers our work
over yours, what is that to you?

Chilion, do not say any more.

Do it, Achbor!

Mahlon? Chilion?
What is all the commotion?

Listen to me Hebrews

your father's been dead
for over a year...

so let the business die with him
and leave this place

before you too
find yourselves in the grave.

What is going? Who are they?

Achbor and his filthy...

It does not matter who.
Do not worry, mother.

Chilion and I must report the damages
to the captain of the guard.
Everything will be fine, come brother.

Release her!
Get out!

And don't ever come back!

Now I am left to pick up the mess.

That's how it always goes...

I am sorry;
I did not mean to frighten you.

It isn't your fault, child.

The struggles of life
have made me anxious, that's all.

I have seen him at the Temple
of Chemosh.

You are disappointed?

all in the name of a god of stone.

Chemosh is a god
my people can see and touch.

You Hebrews worship a God
no one can see.

I have had much hardship in my life,
where was your God then?

Yes, He would.
But first you must accept Him.

If you search for Yahweh,
you will find Him.

My mother and father gave me
to Chemosh when I was just a girl.

It was to be an honor,
but it left me empty.

I have been searching
for something ever since.

Perhaps that is why
He brought you here tonight.

Ruth, what are you doing here?

I believe she came looking for you.

I'm going to go and...
uhh... tend to the donkey.

Ruth, what has happened to you?

After the sacrifice I refused
to continue serving in the Temple.

Oh, Ruth.

In a rage of anger,
the king told me to leave immediately.

He kept everything I own,
and sent me away with nothing.

Mahlon, what relationship
do you have with this Gentile?

Mother... this is Ruth.
The woman I wish to marry.


No! O Mahlon, no, no, no, no!
I should go.

No, stay here.
I will speak to her.

No mother,
she has already increased it!

and for you to marry a daughter of
Israel, not a lost daughter of Moab!

But are we not to be a light
for the lost?

Yes, share the goodness
of God with them - but not your bed!

Since I was a boy, you taught me
to treat all people equally

and that God is the Creator
of every person.

Of course He is,
but we are His children

the seed of Abraham,
set aside for a special purpose!

What place could a Gentile
have in His will?

I believe God has a plan
for anyone who is willing to find it.

that "Moabite women
will seduce young Israelite men
into the arms of their worthless gods!"

She will destroy God's plan for you!

My love,
she did not mean what she said.

Ruth, you do not understand our ways.

No, you have spoken your heart.
You will not see me again.

Mother, do you remember
the day we arrived in Moab?

A little girl
was being given to Chemosh.
You told us to pray for her.

Well I have, all these years.
That girl was Ruth!

God heard my prayers
and He delivered her.

But now, with your words,
you have sent her back into bondage.

Tonight I stood by and watched
as a little girl was murdered

and I did nothing.
I have shamed myself and you.

Go back, Mahlon,
go back to your own people

and I will return
to my mother and father.

No Ruth, never.

God has brought us together
for a reason.
Don't you believe that?

I did believe that.

Then keep believing.
I know we belong together.

never to be a part of God's plan.

God will show her
the sincerity of your heart.

One day, my mother will see you
the way I see you.
She will see...

Come! Come into her life

Give her peace in her heart
This I pray to You

Come! Come into her life
Let her see only the truth
This I pray to You

Yahweh, I have seen your love
through Mahlon.

Teach me your ways,
accept me as one of your own

and please let me find favor
in Naomi's eyes. Amen.

Come! Come into my life!

Give me peace in my heart

This I pray to You

Come, come into my life

let me see only the truth

this I pray to You

Ruth, forgive me, I would be
honored to have you as my daughter.

Come on, she's going to love you...

And so Mahlon and Ruth married,
as did Chilion and Orpah.

And for the next ten years, the bond
between Naomi and her daughters-in-law
grew so strong

it was as if they were her own.

Come on you stubborn sheep!

This is why Noah took them two by two!

In every season
Zikaron! Zikaron!

Give praise to our Father

My friend, will you be joining us
for Passover tonight?

There you are!
Hurry, we are packed and ready to leave.

I had to get Ruth's Passover gift.

Hey, looks expensive.

Orpah, Have you seen Ruth?

She is with your mother getting
some things for the Passover meal.

I know...

It is only a half day's journey to Ar.

We'll be back before sundown,
and I have my own gift for you, my love.

Come brother!

Yakob, where have you been?

Yes, well thank you
for coming all this way-

I remember when people
came to me for their lambs

but now, everybody is too busy,
and I must go to them!

Do you have our lamb?

As surely as God
provided the lamb for Abraham on Moriah.

Thank you, it looks wonderful.
Give your wife our love.

I tell this only to you.
This lamb was my son's favorite.

Very wise in here,
beyond his years, you watch him...

anyway, from the moment
this lamb was born,
he followed Benjamin wherever he went.

I am a father like Yahweh is a father-
strong, but merciful -


He said,
"Papa, Naomi lost her husband.

I want to give my lamb to her so
I will better understand how she felt."

Now how does a boy that age
have such wisdom? I ask you, how?

Yahweh! That is how...

Your son is wiser than I.

But not prettier... Chilion is a fortunate man.

How long have you been married now?
Ten years-

If I had time, I would tell you
about my wife when she was your age.

She was so poor, but so beautiful,
I chased her... until she caught me!

And we've been holding
on to each other ever since!
Oh, God is good!

You forgot your lamb!
Blessed Passover to you!

And you as well, thank you Yakob!

and could I tell you some stories,
but I have five more deliveries
before sunset.

Oh, have you heard?
God has blessed the land of Judah again.

The famine has ended.
Blessed Passover, Naomi!

Blessed Passover, Yakob.
Thank you!

Oh, no, no, no, no...
Naomi, it is terrible.

I burned the bread!
Now it's hard as stone!

Orpah my child,
do not worry, it will be fine.

Oh, it's Passover.
A little burnt bread

will help us remember
the suffering of my ancestors in Egypt.

Ooh, that's burnt.
Girls, get the table.

They have been gone so much lately.

But I still have my boys and now
two wonderful daughters-in-law.

Maybe soon... grandchildren.

Ugh, for too many years, I have been
preparing this meal by myself.

But now, you must learn the tradition
and the beauty of the Passover

so that one day you can teach it
to your children.

Oh, we must hurry, we cannot
let the sun set before we are finished.

A pinch of this! A dash of that

Preparing the Passover supper
is a snap!

With no leaven in the dough,
it adheres to gravity!

It won't rise a bit
as you will see!

Remember the Passover story!
How God took us all in hand

Freed us from slavery!
Crossing the Jordan!
Into the Promised Land!

Orpah! Chop these nuts!
We need them to make Ha-row-set!

Remember all the blessings
the Passover supper reveals

The bitterness, the sorrow,
the joy through the tears
As God lead us all to the Promised Land

All right my Daughters!
Do you have the Ma Roar!

Remember the Passover story!
Its all part of God's great plan

To give us all a new beginning,
Praise Yahweh In His Promised Land!

Naomi, Naomi, are you there?

Yakob, you cannot have my lamb,
I've already begun to roast it!

Are Ruth and Orpah with you?

Yes, they are right here.
Yakob, what is it?

No! Why? Why?

Their deaths will be avenged.
They will be... I'm sorry.


I have served You my whole life
and this is my reward?

I will serve You no more.

Save Your daughters from their sorrow

Bring her back beneath Your wings

Still the storm to a whisper

Give them Your unfailing love

Come by here my Lord

come by here my Lord

Your daughters are suffering
and lay broken

Keep them beneath Your wings

I have buried my husband
and now my sons here.

Yahweh's hand has been heavy upon me.
I want to go home... home to Bethlehem.

And we are going with you.

Arise! Arise!

Lift your eyes
For God holds you in His arms

And He alone has the power

Angels and kingdoms ring!

To still all the storms to a whisper

Comfort your broken heart

Holy, Holy Father

Bring a new dawn across her horizon

Open her eyes to Your Glory

Bring her back beneath Your wings

Back beneath Your wings

Strange that you travel alone...
are there no men to protect you?

Twenty years ago, I left Bethlehem
full, and now I return... empty.

Shh... God will provide, Orpah.

Through the hearts of one another

God restores His own

He sees beyond each horizon

To lead you safely to the shore

Holy, Holy Father

Each prayer falls upon Your ear

Renew her heart which was broken

Bring her back beneath Your wings

Back beneath Your wings. Your wings.

Welcome weary travelers from far and near,
we are delighted to have you here.

The Oasis of Jericho.

Excuse me sir, what is this?

That is Nishon's group of traveling players.
They present stories from the Torah.

Oh mother,
let's watch their performance.

No, you go.
I need to rest and get some water.

Today our performers
will act out and tell

the story of a Moabite King
and a prophet of Israel.

Now let the story of Balaam begin,
and you will discover how God
used a donkey to convict a man of sin!

The colors of the evening sky
are radiant

and the breeze brings relief
from the heat of the day.

You have had a long journey.

Longer than I had ever imagined.

Tomorrow I'll bring you home again, yes?

Yes... but then what?
I am destitute, no husband or sons.

Strange how the green,
fertile land of Moab has left my hope
as dry as this desert.

Even in the desert,
God provides an oasis.

Times of joy and blessing are
for the young, not the old.

God's promises are for all who
have faith to believe them.

They will be despised in Bethlehem.

Listen to me,
pouring out my heart to a stranger.

We are not strangers Naomi.
Keep your faith.

Remember, the Lord rewards faithfulness
in both the young, and the old.
Who knows what God will do?

The caravan of Zekar...
Now departing for Moab! Moab!

Mother, the players performed so well!

Why have you not told me
the prophecy of Balaam?

If God can use a talking donkey,
He certainly can use two girls
from Moab for His purposes.

Last call for all traveling
south through Moab!

My daughters, you must listen to me.
You need to return to your homes.

What are you saying?

Mother, why would you say such a thing?

A caravan is leaving for Moab.
Go with them

and may the Lord reward you for
your kindness to your late husbands

by granting you new love
in your own land.

But we want to go with you
and serve Yahweh.

And live with your people.

Orpah, Ruth, my people will not receive you!

Why should you go with me?
I will have no more sons
to be your husbands.

Return to your parents' homes.

Mother, I will not leave you now.

Things are far more bitter
for me than you

for the Lord himself
has caused me to suffer.

Please, go back now to your home.

Here are your belongings
and money for your journey.

Do not ask me to leave you
and turn back, for I will not.

I will go wherever you go.

Your God will be my God
and your people will be my people.

As God has been with me...
I will be with you. I love you Naomi.

I will go where you go

I will stay where you stay

And always your God will be mine

Your God will be mine.

Go, my child,
Don't waste your life with me

I have no son for you to wed
There's nothing left for me
Except more lonely nights

Wrapped up in empty days

But tomorrow could be
a bright new day for you

I will go where you go

I will stay where you stay

And always your God will be mine

Your God will be mine.

Your God will be mine

I will go where you go

I will stay where you stay

And always your God will be mine

Be mine, be mine.

Oh Naomi, the fields of Bethlehem
are so beautiful.

Oh, it's been 20 years
since I've seen them.

This is it, Ruth, this is our home.

So many memories, so much lost.

Naomi, we have a son!

Mama, mama, I lost my 1st tooth!

Mama, I love you.

For the Almighty
has made my life bitter.

Holding hands while they took
their first steps

We danced throughout the morning

Can't you see there's nothing left
inside of me?

Can't you see these dreams
are all that's left for me?

I'm hopeless,
I'm hopelessly alone

I'm hopeless, hopelessly alone

And I'm trying to just go on

I'm trying to just go on

In the night, I had a dream
My husband took me in his arms

He smiled at me and he held me close
And he said we'd be this way forever

Can't you see
there's nothing left inside of me?

Can't you see these dreams
are all that's left for me?

Remember, God will see us through

Remember, I will be with you

And together we will go on

God will make us strong

In the night I had a dream
I was laughing with my children

Boys, get back on the wagon...

you stay away from those women!

Bless you children!

Naomi, that's it!
I will follow after the harvesters
and pick up what they have left behind.

You are unfamiliar with Bethlehem
and its ways. I will go.

You are too weak from the journey.

Ruth, what if something happens to you?
I could not bear that.

We must find food...
God will protect and lead me.

Please, let me go...


Your kinsman... Boaz.

Boaz, Do you remember
the last words you spoke to us?

I've never been able
to forget them.

Well, God answered your prayer,
my husband is dead.

I am so sorry.

I cannot change the past,
but the past has changed me...

and as your kinsman,
allow me to help you.

I will not accept charity,
especially from you.

God can redeem
your years of sorrow.

I am no longer worth
redeeming... Good bye Boaz.

Sometimes it is only when
all our plans have failed

that we discover God's plan for us.

Min ha ah rets God restored the land
The famine is over V'imru Amen

The master must be
the greatest servant, Kaleel.

I wish to speak to the workers.
My friends! The Lord be with you!

The Lord bless you!

After years of drought and famine,
God has provided a bountiful harvest

and as He has blessed me,
I want to bless you.

You will all receive an extra day's pay.

Kaleel will see to this,
but remember

we still have much work
to do before the harvest is finished!

That was very generous of you
Boaz, but do you think it was wise?

The famine has devoured your money

leaving only your land as your wealth.
You need all of this harvest.

Well when I see my brother in need,
I must do what I can to help.

That is God's law.

Yes, and it must be
written on our hearts.

I have more workers to see,
I will be back soon.

Thank you Lord for leading me here.

Excuse me sir,
do you know who I could speak to
about gleaning in these fields?

I am the foreman here,
but why do you come to glean?

Your hands are not
the hands of a laborer,
and your speech is that of Moab.

Sir, even Moabites need to eat.

Is that why your people
steal our food and burn our fields?

Hatred and greed
are found in every nation, sir.

Are you the one
who returned home with Naomi?

Yes, sir.
My name is Ruth.

All right, go to the far side of the field

but keep to yourself
and gather only what
the other gleaners have left behind.

May the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob bless you.

Is that her?

The Moabite who came back with Naomi.

I heard she sacrificed children.

I cannot believe
Naomi would bring her here.

I trust You, O God, to protect me.

I wonder which "god" she is praying to!

She must be here to entice the men.

Those Moabites
are all alike, immoral and lazy!

And your gossiping
is as wicked as you think they are.

Come, glean next to me, child.

Well, it's the foreigners,
the poor, and us widows that glean.

It's hard work, but by the Law of Moses

the land owners have to
leave some grain for us.

God commanded it in His Word.

God made sure we would eat.

His kindness is reflected in you.

Here, you will need this.

Oh dear, you have much to learn.

Do not fret my child, I will teach you
everything you need to know.

Greetings, Hiram.
Boaz is over with the harvesters.

I am not here for him.

Kaleel, is that the Moabite woman
everyone is talking about?

The one who came back with Naomi?

Last night Moabites
burned my fields to ash and stubble.

This morning she "innocently" arrives!
Coincidence? I think not.

Men, we have some "gleaning'to do.

May I ask...
is there no one to provide for you?

My husband died
and we never had children.

There was no kinsmen
to redeem me, and well

I don't have to tell you
what the fate of a widow
is around here...

So I have been gleaning ever since.

Get up you filthy Moabite dog!

Like the rags of a leper,
you are a stench in my nostrils.

You don't belong here, now get out!

She has as much right to be here
as you do Hiram.

Boaz, you would choose this Gentile
over your own kinsman?

She will burn your fields next!

Haven't you done enough killing
for one day?

Anyone who works in my fields
is safe... that includes her.

What has become of you cousin?

You are befriending
a foreign idol worshipper
who says she believes in our God?

Oh, now I understand... She reminds you
of your own prostitute mother!

Get out of here, Hiram.

You judge me for my hatred of Gentiles,
yet you, you hate your own kin?

Good day, Cousin.

I felt the anger of my youth
rise up in me, and...

I would have done the same,
but I do not see an end to Hiram's rage.

Hatred robs everyman of life, Kaleel.

Kaleel, who is that woman?
Where did she come from?

Her name is Ruth.
She has returned from Moab with Naomi.

This is Mahlon's widow?

It is rumored that
she served in the Temple of Chemosh.

Or her beauty.

She will eat with us today.

And she will no longer
work behind the gleaners

but follow the field hands
as they harvest.

I am sorry for what happened.

I fear it would have been much
worse if you had not intervened.

I am disturbed
it happened on my land.

Please, do not gather grain
in any other field.
I will see to it that you are safe.

You will not want for grain,
and when you are thirsty,
you may drink from my water jars.

Forgive me, you are still upset.

I know about the love and kindness
you have shown your mother-in-law

Naomi, since the death of your husband.

How you left your mother, father
and homeland to live among Hebrews.

I pray you will have a full reward
from the Lord God of Israel

under whose wings
you have come to take refuge.

I hope I continue to please you sir.

Yes... Would you join us
in eating bread and roasted grain?

She is going to eat with us?

Uhhh... yes. Here.

Thank you.

Ruth, may I ask, why did you give
up everything to come here with Noami?

God has been so faithful to me, how
could I not honor Naomi in the same way?

I love her, and by loving we best serve god.

Please, keep whatever food is left
over and take this grain to Naomi.

She will be very thankful... sir.

That woman... it does not make any sense.

Her faith in Yahweh is like
that of a child's... simple and pure.

But how can this be?
She is a Moabite.

How is it that such a Godly woman
can come from such a godless place?

In every nation, God accepts
those who fear Him and walk in His ways.

It is faith that He is searching for,
Kaleel, not traditions.

My faith has been challenged today.

and I believe many other's as well...

God, who is this one

God, who is this one

That rests beneath Your wings?

Lord, who is this one,
that glorifies Your name?

Who is this one, who gives her life?

And with all her heart
proclaims Your name.

You are her God, her loving King

She'll rest beneath Your wings

With hallowed hand, take her life

To hold beneath Your wings
To keep beneath Your wings

Who is this one,
That rests in Your embrace?

Lord, who is this one,
That so lovingly walks in Your ways?

Who is this one whose every deed
Proclaims Your Holy Name?

You are my God, my loving King

I'll rest beneath Your wings

With hallowed hand,
take my life

To hold beneath Your wings
To keep beneath Your wings...

Mother... wake up, God has blessed us.


Where did you glean today?

As I walked,
I prayed for the Lord to lead me.

I passed many fields, but then I heard
workers singing praises to Yahweh

and I knew that was
where I was to glean.

Bless that landowner.
Who was he Ruth?

He's a God-fearing man,
strong and kind... His name is Boaz.

He is more righteous than I...
do as he said.

Work only in his fields.
You will be safe there.

Oh Mother, God is faithful!

You did well!

Surely you remember the man
you dishonored in the fields today.

So, this is Naomi.
I'm surprised at you old woman.

Bringing a daughter of Chemosh
into the midst of God's people?
A curse on you!

I don't know who you are,
but Ruth no longer worships pagan idols.

Yahweh is her God now and none other!

O do you think it is
that easy... like an adulterer-

who takes a bath and says,
"Now I am clean!"

Namoi, she has worshipped
at the altar of a pagan god,
and now she poisons our land.

Come back when you find others
as desperate for blood as you are.

Oh Mother!

We all agree: you and your
pagan daughter are not welcome here!

God has already judged
your husband and sons

for their union
with these accursed Moabites...

And we don't want
His judgment upon us!

You see others' faults so easily,
but what about your own?

We are upholding the Law:
The Law says to

"Condemn to death anyone
who offers sacrifices to idols!"

Gentiles have no place among us!

Naomi, do you wish to die with this pagan?

Enough Hiram,
she knows what she has to do.

I said it before and I will say it again:

our land will not be cleansed
until it is rid of all foreigners.

This land was given to me by Yahweh

and He alone will decide
when I am to leave it.

Now, you go on home,
unless you want to fight against God.

Get out of here! Out!

…I'm sorry Ruth.
Mother... you were so bold!

Well, I will not tolerate
disrespect for elders... or you.

Elimelech would not have it,
and neither will I.

Come... let's bake that bread,
I'm hungry!

Shalom Naomi.

Shalom Boaz...

I was about to bake some bread.
Would you like some?

What are you doing here?

You left your cloak in the field.
I thought I should return it...

Thank you, that's very kind of you.

Naomi is fortunate
to have someone to care for her.

I am all she has left.

Then she has much.

If there is anything you need,
Please ask.

Well, I'll see you in the morning.
Good night, Ruth.

Good night, Boaz.

Do you have everything you need?

Eli, why did you even
build it like this?

Because I told you to!
What am I to do?

Naomi? Naomi!

This is still my house!
Go away!

Well I know this is your house
my friend, that is why I am here.

I know you are there,
I just saw you go in!

You cannot hide from me!

Naomi, it's me, Rebecca!
Rebecca? Is that you?

If you only knew!
Rebecca... Oh Rebecca...

I have never forgotten you.

But you are smaller than I remember.
I need to fatten you up.

I thought everyone had abandoned me.

God never abandons us,
and neither should friends.

But enough talk!
We are here to help!

Welcome back Naomi!

It is good to have you home again...
We need Godly women in this town.

Rebecca, I don't know what to say.

Perhaps you should wait
until we are finished.

Just the right age to clean!

It's a real fixer upper we can tell But
we'll help you fix it up and do it well!

Things are on the mend!
Things are on the mend!

I am here to tend the donkey!

Naomi I'll plant some flowers!

Let me at that mouse with my hammer!

I'll catch all the mice!
Do you think they make good food?

Things are on the mend!
Things are on the mend!

It's a beautiful day,
don't you think!

Let's make this place look like new,
Clear out all the cob webs,
let in fresh air

I'll hammer until sunset

I'll comb the donkey's hair!

It's beginning to look better!
Naomi, we're almost there!

You've been a big help!

Things are on the mend!
Things are on the mend!

Somebody quick!
Grab that mouse he's getting away!

It's a real fixer upper we can tell

But we'll help you fix her up
and do it well!

We would do everything
and anything and everything

Everything and anything
and everything and anything!

My hammer's busted!

For you my friend!

Things are on the mend!
Things are on the mend!

Well Naomi, how did we do?

You did more than
you will ever know...

I know you would do
the same for any one of us.

Naomi, I know you have
had many hardship through your life

but God's chastening is never to harm
us, it is to restore us back to Him.

She has been better to you
than seven sons. Shalom, my friend.

I never thought I'd be made anew again
on the inside!

Oh but l,
I never really searched for You

But in the storm,
You were calling out!

Calling out my name

There you were!
Right by my side

Holding me close to You

Oh Lord There you were
Right by my side

Reaching for me my Lord, my King

There you were!
Lord, I awake to a brand new morning

Through my sorrow,
Ruth revealed Your heart

Oh, it's You reaching for me
through another

When I, I had abandoned
every thought of You

Never dreaming
You would bring me hope a new

There you were!
Right by my side

Holding me close to you, Oh Lord
There you were Right by my side

Reaching for me my Lord,
my King Comforting me, my Lord

My Lord
There you were

O Ruth...
Look at what our neighbors have done... and you.

No... God has done this. He provided.

And for so long I would not let Him.

I allowed bitterness to take root
in my heart and I turned my back on him.

But... The goodness of God through
your love has lead me to repentance,

And I am not going to let my foolishness
stop you from being provided for!

What do you mean?

Well, eventually, I will have to
sell the house and land

and when I die, Elimelech's name will die with me...

unless... we are redeemed.

What do you mean... redeemed?

According to the Law of Moses,
the only way we can keep this property

and continue our family name, is if our
closest kinsman buys the land from me.

Mother, Boaz has already shown us
favor, he will certainly redeem us!

It is not that easy, child. It will cost him greatly.

He must not only purchase the land, he must also
marry, and have children by the widow.

Marry and have children... but you-

Are far beyond the years of child bearing...

but you, are not.

Our redemption
can only come through you...

but do not do this for me,
do this for your children

and their children, and for the love
I know you have for Boaz.

Marry Boaz?
Nothing would please me more.

But a man like him would never marry
a woman like me.

Who knows what God will do.

What must I do?

The Festival of the Harvest is approaching,
and all of Bethlehem will be there.

Now listen to me...
It is the custom that the men

sleep on the threshing floor
and guard the harvest.

At night, after Boaz has laid down to
sleep... go to him.

What do you mean
"go to him?"

The cool night air will wake him up.
Then what?

He will tell you what to do.

Ask Boaz to marry me?
I do not know if I can do this...

Do you love him?

I thought my love died with Mahlon...

Then trust God, and see what He will do.

I will.

Yes! Then I will make you a robe
that matches your beauty

adorn you with my best perfume
and the golden earrings Elimelech bought
me... and I will teach you to dance.

Mother! You dance?

Oh, like you have never seen before!

For the bountiful harvest

Zikaron! Zikaron!

In every season

Zikaron! Zikaron!

Shalom Aleykem my friends.

May the peace of God be with you
Remember His love endures forever!

V'imru -Amen!

For every blessing

Zikaron! Zikaron!

Brothers and friends,
after years of famine

Bethlehem is once again
"the house of bread and praise."

For all who hunger,
can come and be satisfied.
For His Word says...

Be joyful in the LORD's presence,
together with your children

your servants,
and the foreigners, orphans,
and widows who live in your towns.

And do not forget that you were once
slaves in Egypt.

Now, children of Israel,
bring your best to the altar of our God

by giving the first fruits
of your labor to Him!

Boaz, is there anything
I can do for you?

Yes, Kaleel, I want you to enjoy yourself tonight.

Yes sir.

I never thought I would see Kaleel
dancing with a woman from Moab.

That "woman from Moab"
has changed many people's hearts...

she certainly has changed mine.


Well, for a long time,
I obeyed Yahweh, but did not trust Him.

I lost my joy.
But seeing Ruth's simple faith in God-

what ever her circumstances,
has caused me to trust in Him again.

Who would have thought it?

A Gentile teaching us the ways of God...

She certainly has been an example
to this "old" man.

Oh, you are not that old, Boaz.

Ah too old for someone like...

what I mean to say is...


I pray that Ruth
will find a strong and kind man who fears God

and loves her as much as-

As much as she loves you.

Well, who knows what God will do.

…If you will excuse me,
I must speak to the men about tonight.

It is customary for the men
to sleep at the threshing...

Yes, I know the custom... thank you, Boaz.

Come with me...

Oh, but I am afraid... what if he rejects me.

What if the other men see me?
They will stone me as a prostitute.

Things of great value do not come without risk.

You must do your part, and let God do the rest.

I will do everything you say. I love you mother.

You are all deserving of this night of merriment.

I am certain Yahweh is as pleased
with your hard work as I am.

So rest well my brothers!

Shalom... Good night...

Who's there?

Nobody. Go to sleep!

I thought I heard something... I'm sorry...

O Lord God, you have been so faithful...

You have watched over me, and protected me,
and brought blessing out of sorrow.

but who am I to be at the feet of
this good man tonight?

Yahweh, my life is in Your hands... Amen.

Ruth... what are you doing here?

Me? But there are many younger men
who would have you as their wife.

But then only I would be provided
for, and Elimelech's name would die.

If you will redeem me, Naomi and her
descendants will be blessed as well.

This kindness is even greater
than all you have shown.

But, I cannot redeem you.

I understand.
There is no room in your heart for a Gentile.

No, Ruth, no, every beat of
my heart... breathes your name...

Ruth... I love you.

You... I have dreamed of hearing
you say those words to me...

Boaz... I love you too...

O Ruth...
But this love that we share, cannot yet be fulfilled

for there is another man
more closely related to Naomi than I.

What does that matter,
if you are willing?

He has the right to redeem you first.
It is the law... We must uphold it.

Never! Oh Boaz no!
Is there any other way?

Shh... do not be afraid...

in the morning, I will go to the
city gate and seek the man out.

If he is willing to redeem you, then you
will have no choice but to go with him.

But if he is not,
then as surely as the Lord lives

I will not only marry and redeem you,
I will love you forever!

I know you feel unsure right now

But God will see us through somehow

For He holds us both Beneath His wings
A new time has come A joy in my heart!

He's woven together Your life and mine!

A new time has come
From our Lord on high

He's chosen a path
For your heart and mine

The future is unknown to us

But trust in God, it is enough

For He holds us both beneath His wings

A new time has come
A joy in my heart

He's woven together your life and mine!

A new time has come from our Lord on high

He's chosen a path
For your heart and mine

The Lord's Will be done.

His Will, shall be done.

You're up early!
Do you ever find time to rest?

Yes, they are meeting with Hiram.

There he is.

Just be patient my daughter
until we see what happens.

The man will not rest until
he has followed through on this matter.
He will settle it today.

Town elders!
Have you finished your business with Hiram?

Yes, for today...
who knows what he'll want tomorrow...

Then please, come to the city gate.
I have a public matter which needs your attention immediately.

Very well, Boaz.

Give us a moment, son.
We do not move as swiftly as we used to.

Go on, Boaz. What is the issue?

Because Naomi is widowed
and poverty stricken

she is forced to sell the house,
land and all the property
that belonged to her late husband.

Very well, she is in need of a kinsman redeemer.

Who is Naomi's closest kin able to redeem her?

Hiram... you are her closest kin.

I felt that I should speak to you about it so
that you can redeem her if you wish.

Well, well, well...
This certainly is a surprise.

Next of kin to a man
I have never even met!

Quite an opportunity!

If you choose to redeem the inheritance,
then do so in the presence of the elders.

But if not, say it now,
because I am next in line after you.

Well, Oh, I don't think this
will take too long to decide, Boaz.

See my fields are burnt stubble -
I believe new land and a house
would suit me just fine.

Your answer, Hiram?

Oh Yes. Yes, of course I will redeem the
property of the late, great Elimelech.

Very well. Let it be known that Hiram
has agreed to be the kinsman redeemer.

When can I move in?

You know Hiram, this means that you must acquire
all in the house of Elimelech.

You mean Naomi?
Fine, I'll put her to work in my fields.

Not just Naomi,
that includes her daughter-in-law, Ruth.

What? The Moabite widow? Nonsense.

Elimelech's descendants can only come through her.

If you are to redeem the land, you must marry Ruth.

Fine, fine, then I will marry her and send her back to her
godforsaken land never to see her again.

Not so, Hiram, You must have children
by the deceased man's widow.

This is the law of the kinsman redeemer.

That is the Law of Moses.

Yes of course, you could choose to marry Naomi instead

but, well, she is beyond
the years of child bearing.

And your family name would die with you.

Fruitless and forgotten.

I do not want to marry Naomi, and I do not want to
marry a filthy Moabitess.

Is this your decision?

Hiram, you will mar our reputation if you marry a Gentile!

Let it be known!
If Hiram chooses not to redeem Naomi

then as surely as I stand here now, I will do so,
by taking Ruth to be my wife!

Do not ruin your family name!

This will cost you greatly.
It will take all the profits from this year's harvest.

Ruth is more precious to me than wealth.

But she had no children to Mahlon.
She may be barren.

That is in God's hands, not mine.

Boaz, this is shameful,
what would your father say to you marrying a Gentile?

My mother was Rahab, the Gentile
prostitute who lowered Joshua's
spies down from Jericho's walls.

Her life was spared by hanging
this scarlet cloth from her window.

Yahweh changed her heart,
and my father saw that change.

Like my mother,
Ruth has been rescued from a dark past

and found shelter
under the Lord's mighty wings.

I love her ...
and she loves me.

Then you redeem her.

I cannot endanger my own reputation.
I have no more to say.

Then you are all witnesses

that today I have bought from Naomi
all the property of Elimelech,
Chilion, and Mahlon.

And with that land I have acquired Ruth,
Mahlon's widow, to be my wife

so that we may have a son
to carry on the family name

and have an inheritance
among God's people.

If this is your final decision,
take off your sandal Hiram and hand it to Boaz.

And so Boaz took Ruth to be his wife.

Ruth, a Gentile,
was grafted into the root of Abraham,
and by her faith, became a child of God.

It was through the union
of these two unlikely people

that Naomi's faith was restored,
and her life was redeemed.

A new time has come

A joy in my heart!

A new time has come
From our Lord on high

He's chosen a path
For your heart and mine

So Ruth and Boaz
began their life together

So Ruth and Boaz
began their life together

not knowing the plans
that God had for them.

Soon, the Lord blessed them
with a child, a son.

They brought the boy to Naomi
and laid him in her arms.

At last she had a son again.

The women of Bethlehem blessed her
and gave the child his name:

Obed, which means-
"in serving, we worship."

Obed became the father of Jesse,
and Jesse became the father of
David... the King of Israel.

He's opened the door
To a brand new life

marking the birthplace
of another descendant of Ruth,
Jesus, the Messiah.

It was on the cross that His scarlet
blood washed away the sins of the world
redeeming all those who believe.

This scarlet thread of redemption
was woven through the lives
of ordinary people, like Ruth

no matter who you are,
no matter where you have been,
God can use you.

A new time has come.

A new time has come
From our Lord on high

He's opened the door
To a brand new life

A new time has come!