Russian Roulette (1975) - full transcript

During the 1970s, on the eve of Soviet leader's official visit to Canada, the Soviet Ambassy alerts the Canadian authorities to the existence of a Latvian immigrant who may plan to kill the visiting Soviet leader.The Soviets explain that Latvian immigrant Rudolf Henke is bitter over Latvia's treatment by the USSR and that he may attempt to assassinate the visiting Soviet leader in Vancouver, Canada.The Soviets request that Henke be kidnapped by the Canadian police to prevent him from any wrongdoing.Commander Petapiece of the Special Branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police assigns Corporal Tim Shaver to kidnap Rudolf Henke.This seems to be the only solution since the Canadian government fears political backlash from publicly detaining such a high profile political agitator without any concrete evidence of criminal activity from his part.The Canadians want to accommodate the Soviet requests in order to keep good bilateral relations with the USSR.When Corporal Tim Shaver of the RCMP breaks into Rudolf Henke's apartment, he finds the bathtub running, a record player in use and traces of blood leading to an open back window.But there is no trace of Henke.Corporal Tim Shaver must find Rudolf Henke before it's too late.

[energetic band music]

[Shaver whistling]

- Thank you.

[electricity buzzing]

♪ Come

♪ Hey Manana little one

♪ Hey Manana let you go

♪ Hey Manana do you love me so

♪ Hey Manana it's so nice

♪ So nice

♪ Kinda feels like paradise

♪ Let the music come and go

♪ Hey Manana baby, I
love you so ♪

♪ When you know where you go

[muffled lyrics]

- [mumbles] lemonades.

[muffled lyrics]

- Still pissing down?

- It stops and it starts.

- Yeah. [chuckles]

- Shaver, RCMP.

- Petapiece, Special Branch;

♪ Let the music come and go

[glass clinking]

- Can I get you another beer?

- Oh yeah, thank you.

[mumbles], please.

- Alright.

Two [mumbles] please.
- Right.

[groovy jazz music]

[muffled intercom announcer]

- How'd you like the movie?

- Story's a little weak,
but I like the actor.

- Do you know of Henke?

Do you think you can take him?

- What'd he do?

- Henke?

He's done everything really.

Almost all of it despicable.

Some of the KGB surveillance
list for the Kosygin visit.

They see him as a
potential assassin.

- Throw him in jail.

- No no no, dear boy.

See, he's a
professional agitator.

As soon as you slap him in jail,

the Civil Liberty's Union
springs him right out again.

I loathe those people, really.

Henke, I'm afraid
will have to be

assaulted away [mumbles].

[groovy jazz music]

- [Shaver] Listen, I
don't do that kinda work.

- No?

Oh, dear.

Tell me, didn't I hear that
you were on suspension?

You took it into your
hand to slap

Inspector McDermott in the eye.


Yeah, well done. [chuckles]

- Are you suggesting that if
I wanna get back on the force,

I gotta break the law?

[muffled intercom announcer]

[gun cocking]

[muffled intercom announcer]

- Think of it as a first
job in a new career.

- How long do I have?

- No later than Thursday.

Oh and Shaver, dear boy,

it's a piece of cake. [clicks]

[van roaring]

[soft investigative music]

- I can assure you,
Colonel Vostik

within 36 hours, Henke
will be outta the way.

- You know the importance
we attach to it.

- Can't be at all reluctant
to make that clear, Colonel.

- I am not reluctant to
emphasize it once again.

Henke is a dangerous man.

Perhaps not to you in
this country

where he only makes a
nuisance of himself.

But to Russia and the Russians,
he is a definite threat.

- Yes, Colonel.

- He mistakenly believes
he has a reason to hate us

because of a certain
excesses in Latvia.

- You mean, of course, when his
entire family was wiped out?

- Captain Ferguson, we
want Henke off the streets.

If not, be assured Premier

Kosygin's visit will be

[airplane roaring]

- Is there anything else
I can get for you, sir?

- No, that's beautiful.

It's beautiful.


- Thank you very much, sir.

- Get some new hair for
a transplant.

- [Attendant] Yes, sir.

- [groans] It's terrible.

[phone ringing]

Hello, hello.

Yeah, I'm here.

[chuckles] Yeah.

Listen, lemme ask ya.

If he struggles, can I kill him?

[siren wailing]

[muffled kids shouting]

[Henke chuckling]

- Come on, give us
the ball back.

[window shattering]
[kids screaming]

- Hey!

Hey come here, you
little bastards!

Hey, hey!

[Henke laughing]

Hey, come back here you
little bastards.

[Henke chuckling]

[muffled sports
announcer speech]

[energetic orchestral music]

[water trickling]
[soothing orchestral music]

[muffled sports
announcer speech]

[door banging]

[water trickling]

[typewriter clanking]

[machine whirring]

- Shaver, you really
shouldn't be here.

It's bad form.

- Oh hello Sub-Inspector
Benson, how are ya?

- You're on suspension, dammit!

You're not authorized personnel.

What were you looking for,

- Just checking to see
if I got a record yet.

- Well I should say you have,
but it's not available to you

'til you're back at work.

That, I can assure you
will be a very long time

if Inspector McDermott
happens to see you here.

- Ooh, can he see now?

[switchboard buzzing]


Hi, Tim.

One moment please.


One moment please.

You back?

- Looking for Bogna.

- She's at the dentist.


Yes sir, one moment please.

I thought it was all
over with you two.

- It is, I just wanna ask
her a question.

- You could've called.

[switchboard buzzing]


One moment please.

[phone ringing]
[soft guitar music]

- Hello?

- Did you sleep well?

- [Bogna] Tim, do you
know what time it is?

- I love you, you hear?

- Send me a letter.

- Wait a second.

Bogna, it's about
this guy Henke.

I was supposed to grab
him at Special Branch,

but he got away.

- [Bogna] Hey, I
thought you called

to tell me that you loved me.

- I did.

I do, but I've been tryin'
to find him all night

and I really need your help now.

Can you tell teletype Ottawa?

- You know I can't do that.

- I wouldn't ask this of you
unless it was really important.

- Well alright, I'll see
what I can do.

- You're a sweetheart.

- But it'll cost you a
lunch at the Timber Club.

- You got it, noon.

- Okay, bye.

[car engine roaring]
[tires screeching]

[siren wailing]

[soft jazz music]

- Will you put this on his bill,

I hope you don't mind, dear boy,

but I asked the barman
to put this on your bill.

What are you doing here?

- I wanna talk to you
about Henke.

- I see you want my
personal congratulations.

You're not satisfied
with the press clippings.

Someone gave a pretty
good description of you.

- Yeah, I heard a door close.

- Blood all over.

He put up a fight, did he?

- Yeah.

Yeah, he's tough.

- Would you mind telling me
where you got him stashed?

- I never wanna use that
place again. [clicks]

- Is there something you're
not tellin' me, Shaver?

- Funny, I was gonna ask
you the same question.

[printer clacking]

- [Woman] Will you repeat
Brian Hardison, over.

- [Shaver] Affirmative.

Brian Hardison, where is he?

- [mumbles] inquiry
- Received 2312.

- [Man] Proceeding to West Band,

- Received, 261.

Ron, some cowboys are
looking for Hardison.

Do you know where he is?

- Yeah, old Brian sent
him up to the Grouse Nest.

- RCMP car 43.

[mumbles] RMCP car 43, you'll
find him at Grouse Nest.

- Grouse Mountain, 10-4.

[typewriter clacking]

- Are you sure you heard...

[speaking Russian]

Tell me, did you really
hear the whole conversation?

- Every word, Colonel.

- You must have known you
were listening.

It was a manufactured

to throw us off the track.

- No, Colonel.

Shaver did not tell his superior

that he does not have Henke.

- But why?

This is bad.

This is very bad.

Costing us more now.

It makes for unnecessary

[mumbles], where is he now?

- He's having a manicure,
Comrade Colonel.

- Go get him.

- He's at the Grouse Mountain.

- Hi.

- What's goin' on up there?

- I don't know.

- [Man] One car ready ready.

- Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen

and welcome to Grouse Mountain.

We are going to lift at
approximately 2,700 feet

or just about 1/2 a
mile vertical.

To do this, we must
travel just over one mile.

Our destination at the top
of the mountain

is the Grouse Mountain chalet.

Coming into view now is
the manmade Capilano Lake.

Left from this, you can
see Vancouver's west end

with which its many high-rises

is the second-most
populated densely area in...

It's my first day.

Manhattan being first.

There are 40 people
per square...

There are 40,000 people
per square mile.

If you have any questions,

I will be pleased to try
to answer them for you.

May I have your
attention again please?

We are now
approaching the chalet

which was opened in 1966.

It is open year-round.

It contains on the main
floor of the Alpine Cafeteria

which is now open and
the Alpine Market

for international gifts,

and Canadian arts and crafts.

Upstairs you'll find the
cocktail lounge

which opens for lunch
and refreshments at noon

and the Grouse Mountain
Nest Restaurant

which opens for dinner
at six o'clock.

Thank you very much for coming

and come ski with us again.

[muffled crosstalk]

- Brian?


- Oh hello, Tim.
- Hey, how are you?

You got a minute?
- Sure.

Come on over here.

Now take it easy there, easy!

- What's goin' on?
- Mr Hardison--

- No no, later, later.

I'm not sure yet.

The calls were about
6:30 this morning.

So far we've got a broken
rail and a body.

That's about all we know.

You look a bit rattled,
what's up?

- Did you see the papers today?

- Just the headlines.

- You didn't read about Henke,
Latvian's disappearance,

foul play suspected?

- No, why?

- I was supposed to grab
him for Special Branch.

Somebody got there before me.

There's somethin'
screwy going on.

I got a feeling I'm
being set up.

- What do you want me to do?

- Can ya check the
hospitals and the morgue

just in case Henke comes in
in a horizontal position?

- Will do.

- Oh and Brian?

- Yeah?

- Check John Petapiece,

Special Branch, will you?

- When do you want me
to let you know?

- We better stay off the air;

they think I'm
holed-up with Henke.

Make it Bogna's.

- How is that going anyway?

- I'm late for lunch with
her right now.

[eerie crime music]


Hey, you down there!

That's a police car!

Hey you, you hear me?!

Put that car down!

Can you make this
thing go faster?

He might steal it.

A police car.

That car is legally parked!

I'm the police!

That's a police car!

Stop that car!

Stop that car!


Hey, stop that fucker!


Son of a bitch.

- That's infuriating.

I know he saw you.

- Yeah.

- Come on, get in.

I'll take you into town.

- Yeah, thanks.

[crows cawing]

- Oh boy, here it comes.

You can always depend
on the rain.


- No, thanks.

- What's going on up there?
- Guy got killed skiing.

- People take such chances,
don't they?

- Yeah, it's a dangerous world.

- That's quite a car
you got here.

- Thank you.

Actually, I just bought it.

- You have a lot of buttons.

Need a pilot's
license to drive it?

- Not really.

As you see,
everything's indicated.

For instance, here's the horn.

[horn honking]

City horn.

[horn beeping]

That's the country horn.

It does a lot of tricks.
- Nice.


- Those two guys seemed
to be in trouble up there.

Looks like it's my day
to be the good Samaritan.

You don't mind, do you?

- Yes as a matter of fact, I do.

Keep goin'.

Show me another trick, pal.

Show me now!

[tires screeching]
[intense chase music]

Goodbye, boys!

[soft piano music]

- Would you like some lunch now?

- No thank you, I think
I've lost my appetite.

- Thank you.

- That's very good.

Get out.

- For what?

There's nothin' here.

- Get out of the car.

Hold it right there.

Gimme your piece.

Gimme your wallet.

- What is this, a shakedown?

- Is this you, Raymond Ragulia?

- Yeah.

- Not Rags Ragulia?

- Yeah.

- From Detroit?

Hey Rags, this for me?

- No, no.

I'm diabetic.

- I see we've got a
mutual friend here.

- Who?

- Where is he?

- Who?

- Henke, goddammit.

- I don't know him.

I never saw him
before in my life.

I don't know how that
got in my case.

Wait a minute,

that's not my case.

- Start walkin'.

- Where?

- Just start walking.

[Raymond groaning]
[intriguing music]

- Can we do this downtown?

- Come on.

- Where we goin'?
- Get in the middle.

What'd you do with Henke?

Keep walkin'!

- I dropped him off.

- Who with?

- I don't know.

- Who hired you, Rags?

- I don't know anything.

I don't know who.

I just made a delivery,
that's all.

- What were you gonna
do with me, sweetheart?

Deliver me or drop me
in a dead-letter box?

- No, no.

Hey listen, nothin' serious.

- Rags, what were you
gonna do with me?

- Look, I was gonna deliver
you to the guys at the bus.

- Who are they, Rags?

- I don't know.

Foreigners, I don't know.

- A lotta things; the same
guys we handed Henke over to.

- No, other guys.

- Cross over, get on
the outside.

Go on, get on the outside!

Go ahead.

- You sure we can't do
this downtown, huh?

Hey you think I'm kidding,
don't ya?

You think you're not goin'
for a swim.

You think we're just here
to enjoy the view, right?

- Stop right there.

Move out.

Move out.

- Now, c'mon.

You're really crazy,
you know that?

[Raymond mumbling]


I'm going.

What's the matter with you?

You're a cop.

You know how guys like me work.

I'm a businessman.

I get an assignment, I follow
through, I make a delivery.

I don't know to who.

An address, names, that's
all it is to me.

- Don't gimme this horseshit,
just gimme the names.

- I can't even for Christ's
sake pronounce the names,

let alone remember 'em!
- Make an effort.

- I'll tell you what.

I'm gettin' 30,000 for
this job, that's yours.

That's yours.

C'mon, you don't see 30,000.

You don't get 30,000 your
whole freakin' lifetime.

- Look, I'm late for lunch.

Think or swim.

Come on!

- What's the matter with you?

[water splashing]

[seagulls squawking]

[somber jazz music]

- Bogna, Tim's been calling.
- Tell him I died.

[window tapping]

- You go on ahead, meet
you at the lab.

- Hi.
- Hi Brian.

- Get in.

- Follow my car.

I've got a meeting
downtown later.

[horn honking]

- Okay Midge, I'll hold.

[phone ringing]

- City Analysts Lab, just
a minute please.

I believe it's for you.

- Hello?
- Hello.

- Miss Kershov is not accepting
calls from Corporal Shaver.

- Oh yes, he's right here.

Hold on a minute, will ya?

- Bogna says hello.

- Your pal at the motor
vehicles' branch.

- Thanks.



Got it, thanks.

- Well?

- Jensen is registered to
a man with a phony name.

Man with a phony name
lives at a phony address.

- Stolen?
- Bought only a week ago.

- Well that shouldn't
be too hard to trace.

- What did the lab say
about the hyperderal?

- Low Ketamine, 800 milligrams.

- What can that do to a guy?

- Knock him out.

If you cut his head off,
he wouldn't feel a thing.

- Figures.

I see you got a homicide.

- Yeah, our friend from
the mountain.

- No kidding so it was murder,

- Yup.

- D'you get anything for me?

- So far just an address
from Commander Petapiece.

Hotel Europe, [mumbles].

- [Shaver] Right.

- If it's about Henke, why
are they bothering with you?

- Who knows?

Maybe the ones who are
bothering with me

aren't the same ones
who bothered with Henke.

- Maybe it's all a plot
by McDermott.

- What do you mean by that?

- Get even with you for
what you did to his eye.

- No.

- What are you doin'
for Christmas?

- Staying home as usual.

- Upgrade.

- Hi Wayne, any prints?

- All kinds, all yours.

- Clean?
- It's spotless.

Find out who owns it?
- Yeah, nobody.

If I get anything else Tim,
I'll you at Bogna's apartment.

- Thanks, Brian.

- It's a beauty.

What're you gonna do with it?

- He'll keep it for seven days.

If nobody claims it, it's his.

- That's the law, Brian.

Got to uphold the law.

- [mumbles] go now.

[soft investigative music]
[spray whooshing]

- Why is he taking so long?

He should have reported by now.

Why did he go by you?

He saw you standing there
on the side of the road.

He was supposed to stop.

Why did he go by you?

- [mumbles] all we saw was
the car when it went by.

There was nothing to see.

- Nothin'.

- Stop it.

Alright, listen to me.

[speaking Russian]

We will give him one more
hour, if there is nothing then.

- Inspector, a breakdown--

- Put it on my desk, Benson;
I'll take care of it tomorrow.

- Yes, sir.

- Hi, Midge.
- Hi, Tim.

- Bogna still here?

- I'm not supposed to say.

- Hello, Inspector.

- You were on suspension
Corporal, remember?

- Yes, I remember.

- Suspension means just that.

All rights and
privileges withdrawn.

You have no business in
our records room

or being here or anything else.

You are not a police officer.

- Now, listen to me.

- No no no no, you listen to me.

- Hi, guys.

- Hello, where are you going?
- Ready?

- To dinner.

- Hey, terrific.

I know just the place.

- Just a minute!


- Do you want me to cancel
your reservation, Inspector?

- No.


[soft jazz music]

- They don't have curb
service here, you know?

- You can't park here, you know?

- Look, I'm sorry about lunch.

Somebody was tryin' to kill me.

Things like that take time.

- What are you taking about?

- Come on, I'll tell you inside.

Hey, watch the puddle.

- Where'd you get that car?

- D'you ever hear of a guy by
the name of Raymond Regulia

down at the office?
- No.

- [Shaver] Well anyway,
it's his car.

- Good, thank you.

- Good evening.
- Hi.

- Reservations?

- No.

- No, are you staying for dinner

or are you just having drinks?

- Staying for dinner.
- I think we're having drinks.

- We're staying for dinner.

[door buzzing]

[soft intriguing music]

[muffled crosstalk]

- How would you like steak, sir?

- Medium rare please.

- Rare.

- I don't know when
they wanted to kill me.

Maybe they just wanted to grab
me, ask me a few questions,

get me to do somethin',
I don't know.

Where's the file?

- It's at home.

- What?

- I took it there after
you stood me up.

- How could you do that?

- We'll get it after dinner,

[cutlery slashing]

- What was in it?

- What?

- The file, what was in it?

- I don't know, I
didn't read it.

- Bogna, somebody's
tryin' to kill Kosygin.

Somebody's tryin' to assassinate
the Premier of Russia.

All you can think about
is what you're gonna eat.

[shakers banging]

- Alright, I got some
chicken in the fridge.

[Shaver mumbling]

Hurry up.

- Coming.

- Did you lock the doors?

- That's alright if
somebody steals the car.

Where you going?

We're here.

Wait until I get the keys.

- Ooh please hurry up.

I gotta go.
- What's the matter with you?

- I gotta go, that's
what's wrong with me.

Hurry up and unlock the door.
- Done.

- [Bogna] Can't you hurry up?

- [Shaver] I'm tryin' to
get the key out.

- I have to go.

- I thought girls were
supposed to hold it.

Hey, where's the file?

- It's in the vase.

- Where's the vase?

- The vase is on top of
the bookshelf.

[Bogna sighing]

- What's the matter?

- The bathroom.

[intriguing crime music]

- Why don't you make
some coffee?

I think he came to tell me what
I just read in that report.

Henke's with the CIA.

- Why don't you sit down
and have your coffee?

Should we tell
headquarters about Brian?

- Not yet.


- I'm goin' with you.

- You can't come with me.
- I can't stay here.

- Alright, stay at Midge's.

- She's on night duty.
- I'll drop you off.

- Even if you are a cop,

I don't know if I should
be doin' this.

- Just do it.

Where's the light?
- Right up there.

- What time does he get in?

- Late, usually late.

- Where is he now, do you know?

- Probably eatin'.

- Where does he eat?

- Christ, I don't know.

- Well he must have some
special place.

Some place he likes to eat.

- All I know is China Town.

- Great, thanks.

[intriguing fusion music]

- Now it always sticks,

so you have to turn it to the
right, turn it to the left,

then wiggle it 'til you
get the key out.

- Turn it to the left,
then I turn it to the right

and then jiggle it.
- No no no.

Turn it to the right.

- Turn to the right,
turn to the left,

jiggle it and it'll come out.

I mean it'll go in.
[chuckles and mumbles].

- Do sit down, Shaver.

There's always plenty of a
Chinese meal for another,

don't you find?

Their sweet and sour
shrimps are outstanding.

What you want, Shaver?

Shouldn't you be with our
mutual friend?

- Lemme see your badge,

- I beg your pardon?

- Your badge, I wanna
see your badge.

- Don't you think none
of this astonishing?

No, a favor.

You asking for my credentials.

What are yours, if I may ask?

Except for those
piddling chumps.

- Like kidnapping a
CIA stringer?

- How curious, [mumbles]
tell you that?

- How curious that you didn't.

- Top-secret information,

Maybe you didn't have to use
persuasion to find it out.

- Who else knows?

- Just Special Branch.

When the Russians wanted
Henke locked up,

what could Ottawa do,
tell 'em that Henke

was a hired CIA informer?

Hardly likely, dear boy.

No choice but to go along
with the farce.

Put him away for a
while in your good care.

- Great, so it's all a joke.

- Not altogether.

You're both necessary to
put him on ice.

You could hardly use
one of our men.

It wouldn't look too good
if it came out. [chuckles]

- Nice.

- One must always look at
the bright side of things

in this grim world,
don't you think?

One felt one was doin'
you a favor

putting you back on the force.

Besides, there's nothing
that boosts the spirit

like a little daring duel.

- I'll keep that in mind.

There's just one more thing.

Do the Russians know
Henke's CIA?

- Don't concern yourself,
dear boy.

As you yourself just said,

look it all as a joke.

- As a joke?

That's some funny joke!

[plates crashing]
[intense orchestral music]

- It's wearing off.

Inform the Colonel.

He's bringing him out now.

Get me a vodka.

- Good morning, Corporal Shaver.

- He's ready now.
- Kavorki.

- You can speak, can't you?

- Sure, I can speak.

- Good.

I would like you to
make a phone call.

I think it is time you
told Commander Petapiece

that you don't have Henke.

That you never had him.

You are calling now so that
Special Branch will have time

to do whatever is necessary
before Kosygin arrives,

then you will hang up.

[phone ringing]

- Oh, hold on.

- Of course, you will say
all of this in your own way.

Very naturally.

- Hello?


- Gorki.

[intense crime music]

- Hello?

Speak up man, I can't hear you.

- This is Shaver.

Listen closely, I've got
somethin' to tell ya.

- Bridge.

- Yes sir, I've completely
covered both entrances.

- Terminal entrance?

- Yes, sir.

- Pair of motorcycle officers?

- Yes two in front, sir.

- Granville Street.

What about the limousines?

- Two men with sidearms
in every car.

- Standby here Benson,
there may be some fireworks.

I just had Special
Branch on the phone.

While we had Shaver
on suspension,

they put him on
official secret duty.

- Andy, is Bogna in yet?

- No she isn't, Midge.

- Thank you.

Inspector, could I interrupt
you for a moment please?

- Yes, Midge.

- Bogna was supposed
to have been

in my apartment last night.

- Yes?

- She wasn't there
when I got home.

When I rang her this
morning, there was no answer.

- Miss Kershov isn't here yet?

- [Andy] No sir, she isn't.

- Go on Midge, I'll
take care of it.

- You've no idea where he is?
- No idea.

As soon as he told me he
didn't have Henke, he hung up.

- Don't you have a permanent
trace on all your calls?

- The entire conversation,
my dear Ferguson,

took place in a period not
more than 1/2 a minute.

- Yes.

You been had, haven't you,

It's too late now for any
major changes of schedule.

Get me Taggart in Ottawa.

Call me when you have him.

One thing we can be
damn-well sure of,

KGB has final say from
this moment on.

It's their show now.

[phone slamming]

[intriguing music]
[hens clucking]

- Hey come here, quick.

How 'bout that?

- Who is that?

- It's Henke.

- What are they
gonna do with him

and what are they
gonna do with us?

- What are they gonna
do with him?

What are they gonna do with us?

You sure are full of questions.

If it's any consolation, I
can't get out of your sight.

- It's not.

- I'm gonna see if I
can get that door open.

- [Bogna] Here comes somebody.

- [Shaver] Who's that?

- You have the camera?

- I have.

- You must get very clear
shots of Henke.

- You will see every pore
with this special long lens.

- It is absolutely essential.


Otherwise, it would be
impossible to identify him.

You understand there won't be

anything left when he explodes?

- Don't worry, it
will all be here.

- Is that my car?

That's my car.

That's the same son of a bitch
who took it at the Sky Ride.

The least they could've
done is wash it.

- Sure is hell of a lot of

activity here than the other

- Yeah, it must be
somebody very important.

Look, they got the [mumbles].

- Where are ya goin'?

- Ey, watch where you're goin'.

- [mumbles] the whole
day's been hell.

- It's gonna be a lot longer,

- What do you mean?

- Kosygin's plane has
been delayed.

It can't get here until
at least early evening.

- Christ, that's cozy.

- How long will it take
you to set this up?

- 'Bout 10 minutes.

- There's been a delay.

Standby, I'll be in touch.

[blades whirring loudly]

- Is that a police
walking on the side?

- [Bogna] Uh huh.

- Lars, go help him with Henke.

- What are they doing?

- Hold on, we'll see.

[soft orchestral music]

- Is that Henke?
- That's Henke.

Look, he's comin'.

That's the answer to your
first question.

They're gonna use Henke
to kill Kosygin.

They'll blow him up
like a firecracker

right on top of the
old man's head.

- But they're Russian
and Kosygin is Russian.

- They do that from

- Why?

- Because Kosygin's comin' here

to talk about arms
reduction peace in our time.

Suppose somebody in the
KGB doesn't like that.

What's the best way to get
rid of Kosygin?

- You got me.

- You blow him up with the
CIA bomb on Canadian soil.

Two countries with
the same bang.

Not to mention coverin' the RCMP

with a little mud at
the same time.

'Cause we were
supposed to get Henke

off the street, weren't we?

Well hello, gentlemen.

[bombs smashing and fizzing]

Aww, don't do that.

[Bogna and Shaver coughing]

- [Man] Report from the citizens

of [mumbles] Town in
the middle of [mumbles].

[somber orchestral music]

- It'd be nice if you're
gonna call me.

Go ahead, 121.

Are you available to check-in,

- [Dispatcher] Attention
all special units.

Attention all special units.

Premier Kosygin's arrival time

is now as per original schedule.

Repeat, Premier--

[tires screeching]

[car clunking]

[foreboding music]
[smoke fizzing]

- You alright?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I think so.

[van engine roaring]

[birds chirping and cawing]

[intense chase music]

- Maintain a fixed
position until rendezvous.

You'll be in range by the
time I reach the bridge.

I will call you then.

[blades whirring]

[intense percussion music]

- You alright?
- Yeah.

[doorbell ringing]

[dog barking]
[window tapping]

- Hi, I'm with the RCMP.

We seem to have a
little emergency.

Do you have a phone I could use?

- Oh yes, I have.

It's right through in
the kitchen.

- I'm glad that everybody--

- [Reporter] Here's a huge jet

that has traveled
cross-country all the way

from campus of Ottawa.

- Come on.

Yeah, Shaver.

S-H-A-V-E-R, Shaver!

You idiot, can't you hear me?

- I'm trying to connect you,

Hold a moment.

There's a call coming
in on four, too.

Urgent, trace it.

[extinguisher fizzing]

[fire crackling]

[car exploding]

- [Reporter] Just now the
motorcade is forming up.

- [Shaver] Hello, hello?

- [Reporter] We'll take the
parties to the Hotel Vancouver

and to the waiting Prime
Minister of Canada.

[muffled shouting]
[motorcycle roaring]

- [Shaver] Do you have
a car I could borrow?

- [Woman] The keys are
on the table.

Use the rental.

- I'll remember that.

Listen, do you think you
could call the police

one more time?

Ask for a Mr Benson.

- Mr Benson.
- Right,

tell him that the KGB is
going to kill Kosygin.

- The KBG.
- The KGB.

- KGB is going to kill Kosugin.

- Kosygin.
- Kosygin.

- Who are you gonna ask for?

- Mr Benson.

- Right and you're
gonna tell them?

- That the KGB are going
to kill Kosugin.

- Kosygin.
- Kosygin.

- Terrific.

Thank you very much
for your help, bye bye.

- Bye.

[intense orchestral music]

[both grunting]

- Tim!

- Stop it!

[shovel clanging]

Stop it!

[fist thudding]

[man wincing]

[Bogna screaming]

- I'll call Mr Benson.

- Thank you so much.

[intriguing percussion music]

[military band music]

- Inspector, Shaver's
in a blue Dodge 1960.

License: Romeo, Charlie, Tango,

He's probably at the
bridge by now.

The woman's nearly berserk.

She's got a dead man
on her lawn.

Shaver was yelling
something about the KGB.

He said they're tryin'
to kill Kosygin.

- Buy me some time.

Slow this goddamn parade down.

- Yes, sir.


[energetic crime music]

[sirens wailing]

- Say, who's in that car?

- It's Inspector McDermott, sir.

- Really?

We've gotta have an explanation.

I'm sure he does.

[blades whirring]

- This thing has been
reading empty now

for the last 15 minutes.

Sittin' in the parkin' lot.

[horn honking]

Come on!

How'd you feel killing a man?

[siren wailing]

- Oh my god!


Where did he come from?

- Crazy son of a bitch.

[sirens wailing]

[blades whirring]

- Still with us?
- Yes.

- Hold on.

[tires screeching]
[Bogna yelping]

- Look out, jump!

- Jesus.

[tires screeching]
[cars smashing]

[car puttering]
[foreboding music]

- Outta gas.


Go on, any way!

Just take off.

[muffled crosstalk]

[crowd cheering]

- Jesus Christ, Shaver.

Everybody in the world's
been looking for you.

Come on, we better call

- That thing loaded?
- You better believe it.

["Deck the Halls"]

[elevator dinging]

[muffled crowd shouting]

[foreboding music]

[blades whirring]

- We should be there
in two minutes.

[soft intriguing music]

[sirens wailing]
[foreboding music]

- Inspector, you'll have
to move your car.

- He's already [mumbles].
- Peter!

[climactic orchestral music]

[gun blasting]
[bullets pinging]

[blades whirring]

[gun blasting]
[bullets pinging]

[guns blasting]
[bullets pinging]

[man screaming]
[ominous music]

[crowd screaming]
[car smashing]

- This man is KGB.

What the hell is this?

[sirens wailing]

- I wanna know who
authorized this slowdown.

[blades whirring]

[Bogna drowned by
crowd shouting]

[guns blasting]

[crowd screaming]

- Get the everybody
outta the way!

[horse whinnying]

[siren wailing]

[blades whirring]

[gun blasting]

[muffled crowd shouting]

[horse whinnying]

- Can you please stay on-foot?

[gun blasting]

[glass shattering]

I'm hit!

[helicopter whirring]

[foreboding music]

- Hit the button! [grunts]

- Blow him up.

Blow him up.

- He's a bomb, gonna explode!


[crowd screaming loudly]

- He's over there!

He's over there.

There's a bomb on him!

[sirens wailing]

- Get 'em away from here!

Get in that square!

Keep movin'.

Keep it goin', come on!

Go right [mumbles]!

[gun blasting]
[Henke groaning]

Come on Mr [mumbles],
gimme a hand.

[muffled shouting]
[motorcycles roaring]

- Come on, let's go.

- Let go!

- Come on, get out.

Move it.

[sirens wailing]
[somber orchestral music]

[crowd cheering]