Russian Holiday (1993) - full transcript

When Susan Dennison, an American woman traveling in Russia, tires to smuggle priceless artifacts out of the country, her entire tour group suffers the repercussions. Not only does the Russian government suspect her companions of criminal behavior, but an unidentified killer starts stalking them. Susan witnesses a murder and uncovers that her tour group may not be as blameless as they seem.

(speaking in foreign language)

(suspenseful music)

(intense music)

(suspenseful music)

- Isn't this where we're
supposed to meet the tour guide?

Oh Helen, they--


- Who was that, Susan dear?

- I don't know.

- The porter?

- Now Joe, don't start.

- Oh!

- Hey are you alright, man?

- Yeah, wife's
bag's a little heavy

and the bus fumes made
me a little dizzy.

- Milt, put the bags down.

- Alright.
- The bellhop'll get 'em.

- Well, the Hollys are here.

Boy I sure could
go for a little nip

of that Russian vodka,
I'll tell you that.

(suspenseful music)

- Please, leave luggage here.

The porters will take
them to the room.

- Her warmth is overwhelming,
don't you think?

- She can warm me up
anytime she likes.

- You must check
into hotel, please.

Thank you.

(suspenseful music)

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Susan] Could you
save my place, Helen?

I'll be right back.

- [Helen] Of course, dear.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I'll take them.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.

(speaking in foreign language)

- 30 rubles.
- 30, right, sorry.

- Yeah?

- How's the tour?

- Great.
- Come from Moscow?

- Yeah, yeah, it was great.

I mean I'd rather
be on my own, but...

- At least you
have a phrasebook.

Once I get past
borscht and strobanoff,

stroganoff, you
see, I'm useless.

- Well it's a
difficult language.

So you're not with the tour?

- No, I wish.

Monday I'm due at the
Ruske Bank in Moscow.

So that leaves me
the whole weekend

to see all of beautiful
St. Petersburg.

- That's all the
time we have too.

- Well at least
you've got somebody

to show you around.

- You could always tag
along with us if you'd like.

I'm Susan Dennison.

- Grant Ames.

(suspenseful music)

(cries out)
(dramatic music)


(suspenseful music)

(water running from faucet)

(buzzer buzzes)

- Be right there!

(suspenseful music)

- Hi, you ready?

- Yeah, just about.

I gotta grab my
stuff, come on in.

- Sure.

Well you have a great
view from this room.

- Yeah, it's
beautiful, isn't it?

- Yeah.

- Okay, so I don't
forget anything.

(suspenseful music)

Key, camera bag,
purse, and that's it.

- You want me to
take that for you?

- Oh, great, thanks.

Let me get Joe and Helen, okay?

They're just across the hall.
(suspenseful music)


Hello in there.

- [Helen] Come on in.

- Hey you two, the bus
leaves in five minutes.

- Oh hi Susie dear.

We decided to stay
in this afternoon.

We're just not as
young as we used to be.

- Speak for yourself, Helen.

- Well is there
anything I can do?

- Bring me that tour
guide, Viktoria?


- You wouldn't know
what to do with her

if you had her, Joe.

Ooh, a handsome stranger.

You could introduce us, dear.

- Grant Ames, Helen
and Joe Meadows.

Grant's coming with
us this afternoon.

- Nice to meet you both.

You sure we can't
convince you to join us?

- You take good care
of Susie, you hear?

- Yes sir.

- Okay well I'll
see you guys later.

Take care, get
some rest, alright?

- Okay, have a good time.

We'll be fine.

(singing in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- I know she's coming.
- Alright, alright,

I'll save her a seat.

- [Molly] Well there she is now!

- Hey Susie!
- Hi guys!

- [Milt] How you
doing, how's it going?

- [Susie] Good, how
you doing, Milt?

- Well, raring to go.

Hey, let me ask you
a question, Susie.

Is it me or is the
plumbing here kinda funny?

When you flush your toilet,

does it make a
sound like stepping

on a tail of a dog,
kind of like (howling).

- Milt.

- Hey, buddy, how goes it?

Welcome aboard, you must be

the new member of the tour.

My name is Milt Holly and this
is my wife here, Molly Holly.

It rhymes, kinda like holy moly.


- Grant Ames, nice
to meet you both.

Molly, let me help you
out with that thing.

- [Molly] Why thank you!

- It really wasn't that heavy.

- Here, I threw that,

you want me to put this bag

maybe underneath the seat?

- Oh sure.

Just wanna get a
shot of the hotel.

- [Grant] From the
looks of all this stuff

you must really know
what you're doing.

- Not really.

I'm a typical American though,

I wouldn't dream
of having a hobby

without going state of the art.

- [Milt] Hey Susie, you
pay retail for that?

- Yeah, why?

- Well my brother Ed's
got a store in Dallas.

- Hmm.

- I don't think Hillary
was this well-equipped

at Mount Everest.

- [Susan] I've gotta
get this other lens.

(speaking in foreign language)

- This was original fortress
built on the Neva River.

(suspenseful music)

This fortress of
Peter and Paul is

of great historical importance.

It was originally built as
a prison and a fortress.

It contains the remains
of all the tsars.

With the exception of the
last tsar, Nicholas II.

The body of Peter
the Great is here.

Please, follow me.

- So these are the
rulers of old Russia.

- I think I prefer Mount
Vernon and Monticello myself.

- Yeah but there's a sense
of romance and adventure

over here that I never
felt in the States.

Russia's fascinating.

- [Grant] Do you
travel very much?

- Not as much as I'd like.

The school year does not
end for teachers in June,

let me tell you.


- You teach, you teach,
what do you teach?

- Algebra, trig.

- Hmm.
- Yeah.

The really exciting stuff.

- You know, this reminds
me a lot of Graceland.

Remember that trip to Memphis

where you got sick on
them cheese corn dogs?

- Corn dogs?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Well, I do.

You barfed twice in the car.

- I don't remember anything.
- Well that's as usual.

(speaking in foreign language)

- We now come to the
area where the tsars

would imprison those
whom they did not trust.

Even their own family.

In this room, Peter the
Great's own son Alexei

was imprisoned and tortured

for defying his rule.

- My goodness, talk
about getting grounded
for the weekend!

- Hey honey.

(shackles clanking)

Remember that
night in the motel?

- Would you shut up?

I don't remember no motel!
- Alright.

- Okay?
- Sorry.

- Look at this crossbow.

Must be 300 years old.
(suspenseful music)

Wonder if it still works.

Hey Grant, stand next to this
thing, I'll get a picture.

- No, I've got a better idea.

Let me take a picture of
you here with these guys.

- Okay, okay great,
that'd be good.

There you go.

- Yeah, stand next to
the red monk there.

(dramatic music)




- Oh.

- I'm sorry Susan.

(engine rumbling)

- Unfortunately, you have
just had demonstration

of why it is necessary
to keep close watch

on all personal belongings.


- Well I think I'll
get a cab and see

if I can't pick
up another camera.

- Yeah, right.

- Do you have any plans?

- Well, I'm expecting
a fax from New York

back at the hotel.

- Oh, of course, business, yeah.

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- Will I see you at dinner?

- Absolutely.

So long.

(mysterious music)

(horns honking)

(suspenseful music)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Joe!

Hey, Helen!

Hey, Joe!


(speaking in foreign language)


Helen, Joe!


Oh, hi.

Uh, English, you speak English?

(speaking in foreign language)

I'm looking for my
friends, Joe, Helen.

You were with them.

Are they here?

Oh, oh Father,
Father, excuse me.

Father, do you speak English?

- Can I help you?

- Yes, oh yes please.

I'm looking for my
friends, Joe and Helen.

This man was with them.

Could you translate please?

(speaking in foreign language)

- He knows nothing.

- No but he was just with
them, I just saw him.

(speaking in foreign language)

- He does not know
any Americans.

- That's impossible, I
saw him on the street

talking with them.

And then he was
just with them now.

Hey, hey.



What is going on here?

(suspenseful music)

- Pretty lady, pretty lady,

I have icons,
pictures of saints.

Pins, medallions.
- No, no thank you.

- Ah, you American!

Look, very beautiful,
very cheap.

- I'm not interested, thank you.

- You come to Russia,
see beautiful things, da?

You come with me now, I show
you many beautiful things.

- No please, I'm trying to read.

Please, leave me alone.

- What you read?

American book?

You want have, I am
very young, very strong.

Very unusual.

- I'm sure you are,
I'm not interested.

Thank you.

- Pretty lady, pretty lady.

- No, no, please, leave
me alone, thank you.

(suspenseful music)

Oh god.

Oh no!


Excuse me, do you speak English?

(speaking in foreign language)

Excuse me, do you speak English?

- Yes.

But only a little.

- Can you tell me what happened?

- This would not be
interesting for foreigners.

Excuse me.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Ah, hi!

- Helen, Joe!

Thank God you're alright,
I was so worried about you!

- Oh my goodness.

- I saw you on the
street this afternoon

and then at the church.

Didn't you see me?

I yelled to you.

- Why no dear.

- Oh and then when that
priest was murdered, I--

- Murdered?

- Oh you don't know about it.

Oh, oh I had just talked to him.

- Oh, how awful.
- What a world.

- Yeah.

I thought you guys
weren't gonna go out.

- Well I bounced back and
the wife said let's go.

So we go.

- Well, the important
thing is that you're okay.

- Ah yes, I'll feel a lot better

with that Russian tour guide.

- Ooh!

- Hey, who was that man
you were talking to?

(suspenseful music)

- What man?

- The one on the street, he
was the creepy-looking guy

from the lobby this morning.

- I don't remember
anyone in particular.

Do you, Joe?

- Well maybe it was someone
we asked directions.

- Hiya, hey everyone,
hey, how you doing?

- Hi.
- Hey Joe, hey Joe,

you won't believe it.

They got a nightclub
down there, it's amazing.

It's like one of these
bars with these tassel bars

where they twirl and all that.

It's like being in Las Vegas.

- No kidding.

- Well listen you guys,
I'm gonna go freshen up.

Catch you later.

- We'll save you a
place at the table.

- Hey, listen.

You won't believe
what else happened.

This afternoon, this
little Russian boy

comes up to me and
he wants to sell me

one of them Davy Crockett
hats with hair on it.

- Did it have a tail?

- Um, no.

- Was it dead?

- Yeah, I believe it was.

- He offered him
1,000 rubles for it.

- Well it looked very nice on me

and plus I was just
trying to jack up

the global economy.


- Well let's all jack it up.

(suspenseful music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(elevator dings)

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

- You've been going through
my things, I need to know why.

- I was just...

- What are you
doing here, Susan?

- I saw you coming out
of Helen and Joe's room

and then you were speaking
Russian with their maid

so I didn't know...

I was...

I couldn't...

- Just calm down.


(mysterious music)

Everything's okay.

But you must tell
me what you've seen.

- I saw a Russian passport.

Are you a Russian?

- I'm as American as
you are, it's a cover.

- You're a spy!

You're watching Helen and Joe!

- Cold War's over,
haven't you heard?

Before I tell you anything
more you have to swear to me

that no matter what I say

you'll keep it in the
strictest of confidence.

Understand I can hold you to it.

- I swear.

- I'm with the United
States Customs Service

working jointly with Interpol.

Since the break up
of the Soviet Union,

my Russian counterparts
and I have been following

the activities of the St.
Petersburg Monarchist Society.

A bunch of old folks
trying to whip up support

for a return to the
rule of the tsars.

To the Romanov dynasty.

Well, they're trying to get
the tsar's icon out of Russia.

- The tsar's icon?

It's valuable?

- It is to the monarchists.

It's a symbol they
can rally behind.

To the Russian government,
it's a valuable

piece of their history and
to the rest of the world

it's just a small
piece of religious art,

easily concealed, worth
about two million bucks.

(suspenseful music)

- And the Meadows are
trying to steal it.

- Mm, not exactly.

You see, Helen Meadows
fancies herself

a far distant relative
of the last tsar.

So they're loyal monarchists.

The Meadows are trying
to find the icon

and see to it the monarchists
get it safely abroad.

- So they don't have it yet?

- No, no, no, no,

those old monarchists
are very cagey.

You see, the icon is
in a church somewhere

in St. Petersburg, but no
one person knows which church

or where it is in the church

and the Meadows are
piecing the puzzle together

bit by bit and I'm just
trying to keep up with them.

- That man from the
cathedral, I saw them with him

on the street today.

(suspenseful music)

- What did he look like?

- Tall, skinny guy, he
was all dressed in black,

he had a ponytail.

- And eyeglasses
like Coke bottles.

- [Susan] Yeah,
yeah, you know him?

- Only by reputation.

I saw him in the
hotel this morning.

- So did I.

- Did you?

His name's Igor Blitzkov,
he used to be big time

with the KGB.

Now he's St. Petersburg mafia.

- Really, they
have a mafia here?

- Oh yeah.

I bet he's convinced
Joe and Helen

that he's a monarchist too.

Well believe me, he's
not, he's only out

for the icon for himself.

They're playing with
a very tough customer.

- So what do we do?

- We?

Not a chance.

- Why not?

I wanna do my part.

- Look.

This isn't James Bond.

Everything is not gonna
turn out okay in the end.

Three people have
already been murdered,

including a maid
in this very hotel.

- But Helen and Joe trust me.

I know I could help.


- Absolutely not, Susan.

- Look, I'll be
with them anyway.

All I'll do is I'll
stick real close to them

and I'll tell you
who they talk to,

where they went.

It's gotta help you, right?

(suspenseful music)

- You know, everything
inside of me tells me

I should go over there
and pick up that phone,

call the embassy and
have you shipped home

before you get yourself
in real trouble.

- But you're not
going to, right?

- You'll do exactly as I say.

- Girl scout's honor.

- What am I doing?

Still, you would give
me the perfect cover.

- Yeah.

- I'm not gonna be
on the tour tomorrow

to the Summer Palace.

I want you to keep an
eye on the Meadows.

But no matter what you
do, I don't want you

to find yourself alone with
them, do you understand?

- Fine, alright.

- Do you understand?

- Yes.


- 'Kay.

(suspenseful music)

- The Summer Palace was Peter
the Great's lasting monument

to the city he built

and home to many other tsars.

Including the last
tsar, Nicholas.

We are now on the grand
staircase of the Summer Palace

which was built by
the tsars in 1751.

This room, commonly
known as the gold room,

is where Catherine II
would receive petitions

of a private nature.

- Must be worth
more than Fort Knox.

- Oh my, yes!

- Maybe we should
make them an offer.

- How much you
got in your purse?


- Oh, you're not feeling
faint again, are you Joe?

- What is it Joe,
you got the runs?

- [Helen] You want
me to call a cab

and we'll go back to the hotel?

- I think that's a good idea.

- Let me help.

- No, that's alright
dear, we can manage.

- No, no, I want
to, let me come.

- No, no, I wouldn't hear of it.

- You stay here and enjoy
yourself, we'll get a cab.

- Are you sure?

- Positive.

Oh, you're an angel.


- You know Joe oughta
get himself some Zs.

(mysterious music)

(speaking in foreign language)

- And now we are
in the grand hall.

This is the actual throne
of Peter the Great.

The throne was also used
by Catherine the Great

in the hall to receive official
delegations, ambassadors.

- Do you believe that?
- The hall was also--

- That was Peter the Great's.

- Big deal, it's just a chair.

- No, that was
his actual throne.

- Yeah, if it's his throne,

where's the toilet
paper and the magazines?

(mysterious music)

- That's it, Joe.

(suspenseful music)

Come on Joe, come on!


(speaking in foreign language)

Careful Joe, careful!

- [Joe] Yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah.

- Come on Joe, come on.

Here, here.


(speaking in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

- We're nearly there, Helen.

- We don't have much
time, someone's onto us.

- Quit your bellyaching.

No one knows we're here.

- And the priest?

- He was doing his duty.

He was careless, that's all.

- He was a good man, he
didn't deserve to end up dead.

- There are some things
more important than life.


(suspenseful music)

- Oh, there's a man,
a man is following me!

(speaking in foreign language)

No, I, oh!

(speaking in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

(horses neighing)


Help me!


(speaking in foreign language)




(horses neighing)

Oh, oh my god, oh, oh.

That man Igor was chasing me.

He had a knife.

Oh my god, I'm shaking.

Oh jeez, I'm shaking.

Oh god.

- [Detective] So, Ms. Dennison.

Tell me once more please
how all this happen.

- [Susan] Well, it's
really like I said.

I mean, I was just sitting there

waiting for a ride

and the horses just took off.

I don't know what happened.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Your guide told that
everything was as you say.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I don't know
what you told him,

but whatever it was, thank you.

- Don't mention it.

Please, our bus is waiting.

Dinner will be served at hotel.

- I wonder what she told him.

- I thought we were agreed

you weren't gonna
be alone with them.

You could have gotten
yourself killed.

- But I didn't, thanks to you.

I couldn't believe how
you handled those horses.

You were amazing!

- I was pretty good, wasn't I?

- Incredible.

But why didn't you want me to
tell that detective anything?

Aren't you working with
the Russian police?

- Well not with the locals.

If I had to answer to every
law enforcement goon in town

I'd never get anything done.

- Hmm.

So do you know what
was on that page

they cut out from the book?

- I have a pretty good idea.

- Well are you gonna tell me?

- I don't know.

If you're nice to me.

- Is that so?
- Mm.

(Russian music)

(singing in foreign language)


- My mother taught me that.

- And Helen taught me.

- Really, really?

- You know Grant, it
was a miracle that you

were able to stop that horse.

- It was just dumb luck.

- No, you were very courageous.

- The most important thing
is is you're safe and sound.

And looking especially lovely.

(Russian music)

Would you make an
old man's night?

- I'd be delighted.

- Not too fast, Joe.

- What?

- Well?

- Oh, alright.

Let's dance, I guess.
- Yeah.

- Ow!

Those high heels.

- Oh, come on.
- Alright, alright, alright.

- May I have the honor?

- Oh, I couldn't.

- Oh come on.

Let's show 'em how it's done.

- But I haven't
danced in 30 years.

- That was the last time
the band learned a new tune.

Come on.


- Let's do it.

- Oh, you've done this before.


- Don't tell Helen.

I was voted the best dancer
for the class of '43.

- '43, well that puts you
right in sync with the band.

- Just what were you
doing in that carriage?

- I was just sitting there,
the horse just took off.

- Oh.

You're not some sort
of spy, are you?


I'm just pulling
your leg, Susie.

No really, you shouldn't go
where they don't want you to go.

They get mighty hot
under the collar.

- Joe, I really don't know
what you're talking about.

- May I cut in?
- Ooh.

Thank you.

- Oh, so?

- She doesn't know a thing.

(speaking in foreign language)

You may end up being
Grand Duchess after all.

(suspenseful music)

- One more minute and
I would have screamed.

- The band could use a break.

- I think he's onto me.

He was asking me a
lot of questions.


But he also suspects Viktoria.

God, thinking of Viktoria,

do you think she's
lying to the police?

- Oh, the tour guide.

No, I doubt it.

- That page they
cut from the book.

Do you suppose it was
a map of the church?

- Probably, don't
worry about it.

- Oh, I could go
back to that library

and maybe pick up a clue.

- Bad idea.


- You're distracting me.

- I certainly hope so.

- Is this the part
where the conspirators

have a meeting of the minds?

- Or something.

- I hope this isn't
gonna be a problem.

(dramatic music)

- What?

Mixing business with pleasure?

- Yeah.

- I can handle it.

- Okay.

♪ I've been chasing
rainbows all of my life ♪

♪ But I never ever caught one ♪

♪ Second place is like
a scar on my heart ♪

♪ Please proceed with caution ♪

♪ I've tried it and
I've been burned ♪

♪ And through it
all I've learned ♪

♪ Love is for fools ♪

♪ And dreams do not come true ♪

♪ And that's why I believe ♪

♪ We're making history ♪

♪ As the exception to the rule ♪

♪ Every time I see
myself in your eyes ♪

♪ It almost seems I'm dreaming ♪

♪ Look at what I found
here right in my arms ♪

♪ Someone to believe in ♪

♪ I tried it and
I've been burned ♪

♪ And through it
all I've learned ♪

This isn't something I
do too often, you know.

♪ Love is for fools ♪
- I know.

I get the feeling you've been
with somebody for a long time

but now it's over.

- Am I that obvious?

♪ We're making history ♪

He was my boss, the
principal of my school.

Unhappy at home,
gonna leave his wife.

You know the story.

♪ The exception to ♪

- Yeah, I do.

♪ The rule ♪

- Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:00.

Quick shower, kiss at the door.

Sometimes I'd stay for a drink

in the Merry Widow Lounge.

The Merry Widow Lounge.

How come they always name
bars in cheap motels?

- Well in a country
where half the population

still thinks Elvis is
alive, anything is possible.

- Whole thing was a lie.

Took me a long time
to recognize that.

- Well, don't be so
hard on yourself.


Russia's gonna give you
a whole new perspective.

♪ As the exception to ♪
- I hope so.

♪ The rule ♪

(clears throat)

(suspenseful music)

(intense music)
(muffled shouting)

(suspenseful music)


- You know this coffee
tastes like mud.

- Just drink it and shut up.
- Alright.

- Good morning everyone.

- Good morning.
- Hey Susie,

you snooze you lose.

You know late bird doesn't
catch the worm on this trip.

- Good morning,
how did you sleep?

- Wonderfully.

- Oh I tossed and turned.

- Hmm, is that right?

- For some reason I just
couldn't get comfortable.

- Probably just
miss your own bed.

- No, I don't think that was it.

- Whoa. (laughs)

- So where are Joe and
Helen, did they eat yet?

- I don't know, they're
usually the first ones up.

- I will check.

But in 15 minutes we must
leave to drive to Pushkin.

- Milt.
- Huh?

- I think you left the
camera in the room again.

- Nope, you're wrong, look,
I got the camera right here.

Hey Susie, let me ask
you, on the bus today--

- Milt, I need to get a sweater.

- Oh, sweater, yes, well
it's always cold in Russia,

better get your sweater.

- We'll see you guys on the bus.

- Say, what the hey,
you're on vacation.

(suspenseful music)

- I missed you this morning.

- I had to leave.

I thought you might like
to keep things quiet.

- Mm, you're sweet.

- No, you're wonderful.

(suspenseful music)

- Excuse me, Ms. Dennison.

I must tell you, Helen and
Joseph Meadows, this morning,

return to America.

- What?

- They left a note.

They say goodbye to
everyone and they apologize

for leaving so soon.

- I can't believe that!

How could they just go?

Did Joe get sick?

- Uh, they left
no other details.

Excuse me, I will go
and tell the others.

(suspenseful music)

- Grant!


That red car, follow
the car please.

(speaking in foreign language)

There he goes.

Where is he?

Oh there he is, there he is.

Oh, that's it, good, follow him.

You understand, you understand?

Follow that car?
- I understand.

- There he is.

There he is, yeah.

Oh watch it, watch it, watch it!

(tires squealing)

Careful, careful.

- All good.

- Not too close.

Slow down up here.

(speaking in foreign language)

(suspenseful music)

Okay, good, stay
here now, wait here.

I'll be right back.
- All good, yes.

(speaking in foreign language)

- No, wait, wait!

- Wait.

Wait, why are you so impatient?

The situation we have
here is so difficult.

I've been doing
exactly what we planned

but I don't have it, not yet.

- What do you mean,
you don't have it yet?

Will you stop screwing around?

We had a deal, Blitzkov!

- You Americans are always
so quick with blaming others.

- I did my part.

Bottom line.

- You'll have it tomorrow night.

- I'd better.
- But I am worried.

This American woman.
(suspenseful music)

- The situation's under control.

- That's exactly
what Gorbachev said

a week before the coup.

I don't trust her at all.

Get rid of her.

- She's a US citizen.

If anything happens to her,

the embassy will be
down around our ears.

- Perhaps I should handle it.

- Yeah, well perhaps
when I no longer need her

I'll take care of her myself.

- As you wish.

(branch snaps)

(dramatic music)

- Susan!

Susan, stop running!

Let me explain, come on!

Susan, Susan, stop!


- Let go of me!

- Don't run away.



- I heard everything.

You're a criminal,
just like him.

- Yeah that's exactly
what he thinks.

It's taken me eight months
to win Blitzkov's confidence.

I am so close I can taste it.

Once he gives me one
more piece of evidence

I'll have the whole
mafia ring broken.

Then I can go home.

We can go home.

- Why should I believe you?

- Because I'm telling
you the truth.

Because I love you.

(suspenseful music)

I want us to have a
future together, Susan.

- Oh, oh Grant.

You do?


You do.

- Come on.

(suspenseful music)

- Very nicely done, my friend.

And now, move away from him.


- Don't do it, Blitzkov.

You'll blow the whole deal.

- Stalin knew it best.

(cocks gun)

You Americans are soft.

- You're acting like a dumb
Russian here, Blitzkov.

She's got $500,000 hard
currency in the hotel safe.

You kill her, we won't be
able to move the merchandise.

Why do you think
I keep her around?

- You'll never get
your hands on my money!

- Shut up!

(cries out)

- Watch it.

Get back.

- What do we need him for?

I'm the one with the money.

If you can supply the
icon, let's make a deal.

- What's she talking about?

- Don't listen to
her, you need me.

- Shoot him, go
ahead, shoot him!

Shoot him!
- Shut up.

- Go on, shoot him!
- Let me think.

- Take your time.

What you need to do now is
think, think it through.

That's what's you
need to do now.

- Stand back.
- Think.

Think it through.

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)

(empty gun clicking)


(neck snaps)

(suspenseful music)

- Oh.

- You were terrific!

- Oh, thanks.

- Knocking his
glasses off like that.

- I was aiming for his gun.

What are you looking for?

- Just information.


Help me.

- What?

- Susan, listen to me.

Blitzkov was a cold-blooded
killer, he won't be mourned.

Here, take his other arm.

- Okay.

(suspenseful music)


Oh my god.

- Easy.

Now I've got one
more thing to do

then the last piece
of this puzzle

will drop into place.

We were never here, understand?

Do you understand?
- Yes, yes.

- Let's go.

(mysterious music)

- So, is it as good with her?

- That's business, I
don't confuse the two.




- So many churches
in Russia look alike.

This could be anywhere.

- Let me see the paper.


I'll find it.

- You know, when
Blitzkov's people

discover his body, they
will come after both of us.

- Mm, well by then we'll
both be on a plane.

- And the woman?

- What about her?

- You picked the wrong one
this time, she's too smart.

- I picked her?

You're the one who put the
tsar's pin in her camera case.

- That was emergency.

You could have
picked someone else.

- Jealousy.

Something new for you.

- Don't be ridiculous.

- We still need her.

- And then?

- I'll snap her neck.

- [Viktoria] Hmm, the glory
of the Russian people.

- But sure, take it
out of Russia, baby.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Susan] Is that the paper
you pulled of Blitzkov's body?

What's it say?

- Well, just the name of
this church, this market, and

today's date.
- Hmm.

- We're looking for
one particular guy.

- Okay, which guy?

- Good question.

- Oh, I see, hmm.

It's just hard for me to believe

that dead tsars could
cause so much bloodshed.

- You don't know much about
tsarist Russia, do you?

- I teach algebra, remember?

- Well in 1918, the new
socialist government

executed Tsar Nicholas
along with his entire family

and servants.

The bodies were
found in a mine pit

near where they were shot.

Well, what was left
of them anyway.

They'd been chopped
into little pieces

and burned with acid.

- Mm, thank you for
sharing that with me.

- Uh huh.

History's a brutal subject.

Russian history is
particularly brutal.

The tsar's icon was
originally presented

to the Tsarina
Alexandra by none other

than Rasputin
himself, the mad monk.

- Oh.

- She was so in love
with her husband

that she gave it to him
even though her own faith

was far stronger.

That's it.

- Hey, do you want
to buy something?

(speaking in foreign language)


- Get out there and sing.
- What?

- Anything, anything.

I gotta get this guy alone.

Sing something American,
just draw a crowd.

Go, go, go, go!
- I can't sing!

- Go, go!

♪ Mine eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the lord ♪

♪ He has stamped
out the vintage ♪

♪ Where the grapes
of wrath are stored ♪

♪ He has fought
the mighty army ♪

♪ With his terrible
swift sword ♪

♪ His truth is marching on ♪

♪ Mine eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the lord ♪

(speaking in foreign language)

♪ He has stamped
out the vintage ♪

♪ Where the grapes
of wrath are stored ♪

(suspenseful music)

♪ He has fought
the mighty army ♪

♪ With his terrible
swift sword ♪

♪ His truth is marching on ♪

- Church of the
Assumption, I've gotcha.

♪ Mine eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the lord ♪

(speaking in foreign language)

♪ He has stamped
out the vintage ♪

♪ Where the grapes
of wrath are stored ♪

- Uncle Vanya!

You're next.
(dramatic music)

(neck snaps)

Oh you look tired, uncle.

I think you need to
take a little breather.

♪ Glory glory hallelujah ♪

♪ His truth is marching on ♪


Let's move.

- I'm just warmed up.

- The mafia has eyes
everywhere, let's go, come on.

- You're hurting me.
(suspenseful music)


Oh look, there's Milt!

- Hey, hey Susie.

Wait a minute!

- This is it.

Let's go.

(mysterious music)

- It's beautiful.

- Blitzkov said it
was behind the door

hanging on a wall, so...

- Is that where
it's supposed to be?


Oh no, it's gone.

- Blitzkov.

He double-crossed me.


- And there's
nothing you can do?

- No.
(suspenseful music)

- Oh honey, I'm sorry.

- Well.

If it hadn't been for you,

I couldn't have come this far.

- Don't say that.

Maybe if I hadn't been
around you'd have it by now.

- No.

I owe you more than
you'll ever know.

- And now it's over.

I am so sorry.

- Yeah.

I'm sorry too, Susan.

Let's go.

I told you I'd snap her neck
when I was through with her.

(suspenseful music)


- Grant?

- [Molly] It's Molly,
we need to talk to you.

- Oh Molly, I'm not dressed.

Can I meet you downstairs?

- [Molly] It'll
just take a moment.

It's kind of important.

- Okay, hang on.

What is it?

- Can we come in, Susan?

- Well I'm just getting
ready for dinner.

- So it shouldn't take long.

- What's the matter?

- [Molly] You better
sit down, Susan.

- Susan, I'm afraid
you've gotten yourself

into something that's
pretty serious.

- What's going on here?

- Well first of
all, I'm not Milt.

My name is John Mulwray, and
this is Vanessa Anderson.

And we both work for Interpol.

It's part of a joint
surveillance unit

and we've been after your pal
Grant for the past two years.

- His real name is
William Cassidy.

- We found Blitzkov's
body floating in

the river at the palace.

We got there before the police,

but not before Cassidy
got what he wanted.

- He killed that old
man at the flea market

while you were singing.

- Oh my god.

I don't believe this.

- [John] We also have to
assume he's responsible

for the murder of
Helen and Joe Meadows.

- What are you talking about?

They went back to the States.

- No one using that passport
ever cleared customs.

Susan, it's true.

- I suppose he told
you he was after this?

- The tsar's icon, you
took it from the church.


- As far as this goes,
the Russians make these up

by the thousands
for the tourists.

One of the monarchists was
supposed to mark the medallion's

location with a missing icon.

- Wait a minute, what medallion?

- It's got the likeness
of the tsar in gold,

it's about this big.

It disappeared just
before the revolution

and it's been hidden
away all these years

by the Monarchist Society.

- You see Susan, this
medallion is worth

between $3 million
and $5 million.

And even in a slow
market, Cassidy

could get 2.5 million
without even trying.


- No wait a minute, this whole
thing doesn't make any sense.

I never saw any medallion,
I don't buy this.

- Susan, you're not the first

pretty American woman he's used.

He's been working
petty scams for years.

- This is just a bigger scheme.

- Then why don't you arrest him?

- Because we don't
have any proof.

- Yes you do.

I saw him kill that man
Blitzkov at the palace.

- I mean the most the
Russians could do is

just deport him.

Meanwhile, Cassidy's
still got the medallion

and it's our job
to link him to it.

- Tonight's your
last night in Russia.

He's gonna try to slip the
medallion into your bag

to get through customs.

Once you get to Kennedy,
he's going to get you alone,

take the medallion,
and at that point--

- At that point, you're
a dangerous witness.

- Excuse me, I think
I'm gonna be sick.

(faucet running)

- You okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Why don't you sit down?

- Okay, what do
you want me to do?

- Well first, don't panic.

Wherever you go, we'll be there.

He doesn't wanna hurt you,

'cause he needs you,
at least for now.

- Okay.

Well we're supposed to be
having dinner together tonight.

- Well that's good.

- Look we know he's been
sleeping in your room so

when you go to bed tonight,
don't lock the door

and we'll take care
of everything else.


- I can't, I can't
sleep with him now

after knowing all this.

- You don't really
have a choice, Susan.

If Cassidy knows
you're onto him,

you'll never live til morning.

- And if they catch you at
customs with that medallion...

Even we can't help.

You'll spend the rest of
your life in a Russian jail.

(Russian music)

(singing in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- What's the matter?

You seem so distracted.

You usually like
Russian ice cream.

- Oh, I'm just sad, I guess.

I just can't believe
I'm going home tomorrow.

- I've had very good news.

I've been reassigned stateside.

We're gonna be on the
same plane together.

And when we land, I'm
gonna take you out

for the best dinner in
all of New York, hmm?


- That sounds great.

And I guess you'll be
arresting Joe and Helen.

- They've been taken care of.

- The way you say it it almost
sounds like they were dead.

- They have a lot to answer for.

- Um...

And what about the tsar's icon?

- I'm afraid the
trail has gone cold.

But it's not my problem anymore.

Or yours.

Now, we have our
whole future together.

Just the two of us.


Unless you're tired
of me already.


- Oh.
- Huh?

- No, of course not.

Of course not.
- No.

Come on.

I got a special
place to show you.

I think you'll like it.

- Now?
- Mm hmm.

- But I promised Molly we'd
have a drink with them,

a last drink.

- As soon as we get back,
this won't take long.

- Oh, Grant.

You're hurting me.

- Am I?

I'm sorry sweetie.

(suspenseful music)

- It's so late,
where are we going?

- It's a surprise.

Come on.

You know, my mother once told me

you never truly
appreciate anything

until you're about to lose it.

Russia is truly the
land of opportunity.

Like the Old West.

These people are smart.

And they're learning fast.

But they're much too trusting.

They have hope.

We have the edge.



This is for you.

- What is it?

- Open it.


- It's beautiful, what is it?

- It's my retirement.

It's the Nicholas medallion,
it's worth a fortune.

But I guess you know
all about it now.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Susie, Susie.

Susan, we had a chance.

Viktoria was a nobody.

I needed her, I used her.

But you're different.

I wanted to love you.

- Grant, stop it.

You don't know
what you're saying.

- You think your
friends from Interpol

are gonna help you now?

(dramatic music)


- Oh my god!

Oh my god.

- You know I never
suspected them?

Sure, I thought the local
dick would be snooping around

sooner or later,
but he's no problem.

They're supposed to be pros.


- Let me out!
- Susie.

Susie, I was ready
to give it all up.

This round would bring in
a couple of million, easy,

and we could have lived
high and wide on that

for a long time.

But you just didn't want
to play along, did you?


You still can, you know.

It's not too late.

We can live like kings.

Or tsars.

(brakes squealing)

(suspenseful music)

- Please let me go.

Please Grant, I won't tell
anyone anything, I promise.

- We had our fun.

Didn't we?

Didn't we?

- Yes.

- Alright, get out.

- Please.


- Get out.

(breathing heavily)

- Grant!


(dramatic music)

- Please, please, give
me a chance to explain!

(gun firing)

Is this our first
lover's quarrel?

Oh come on, let's
kiss and make up, huh?


I love you, Susan.

Come on sweetie, can't we talk?



Can Susie come out and play?

(dramatic music)

(gun fires)

I know you're here, Susan.

(suspenseful music)

There's only one way out.

But we have a future, baby,

once I dump the
medallion, we'll be rich.

We can go anywhere we want.

Wanna go to, uh,
Tahiti, we'll go.


You got it, sweetie.

I can't wait for you
to meet my mother.

Her memory's not
so good anymore.

But I know she'll like you.

Oh, I forgot.

She's dead.


Time's up.

Game's over.

You lose.

(dramatic music)


- My god.

- That was genius.

(breathing heavily)


(dramatic music)

You play rough, teacher.


(breathing heavily)

(suspenseful music)

It's beautiful.

Isn't it?

Isn't it?


(dramatic music)

♪ I've been chasing
rainbows all of my life ♪

♪ But I never ever caught one ♪

♪ Second place has left
a scar on my heart ♪

♪ Please proceed with caution ♪

♪ I've tried and
I've been burned ♪

♪ And through it
all I've learned ♪

♪ Love is for fools ♪

♪ And dreams do not come true ♪

♪ And ♪