Ruslan and Ludmila (1972) - full transcript

Based on Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's fairy tale poem of the same name. In the midst of the wedding party of Prince Ruslan and Ludmila, Ludmila is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Her father seeks help from his people, but of course Ruslan is the only one able to save her.


Artistic Association "Yunost"


Based on the poem by

Screenplay by A. PTUSHKO
with collaboration of S. BOLOTIN

Directed by A. PTUSHKO

Directors of Photography

Production Designer

Costume Designer

Music by Tikhon KHRENNIKOV



Valery KOZINETS as Ruslan
Natalya PETROVA as Ludmila

Vladimir FYODOROV as Chernomor
Maria KAPNIST-SERKO as Naina

A. ABRIKOSOV as Prince Vladimir

V. NEVINNY as Farlaf

R. AKHMETOV as Ratmir


as Foreign Ambassadors

V. SHULGIN as Head
E. KIVI-ANTSON as Fisherwoman

N. KHRENNIKOVA as Young Naina


O. KHABALOV as Pecheneg Warlord
Yu. KIREYEV as Russian Warrior

An honest tale of bygone days,

A legend of heroic ways...

I liberate you, Oh Pechenegs.

Your promise hold for evermore,

Remember, Holy Russia

Must be untouched by hands
of war!

Warrior bold, gallant and true,

Your victory was sent by Fate!

Fly now to Kiev, Eagle of Stars,

Where your loved one does you

Highness, the victory is ours!

Broken is the prisoner's chain.

Ruslan once more has won
the battle.

He's now hurrying back again!

Let everyone be summoned here!

Sweet Mother Russia we shall

The heart rejoices, our folk's free,

The brimming wine cup to our lips
we'll raise!

Vladimir, true Prince and
our Savior!

Father of Russia, now free!

You whose realm knows no equal,

Wear you the crown of victory!

Fate is against us, Oh my father,
Ludmila to another man'll be wed.

'Tis better we should hope abandon.
The maid will never grace my bed.

Wait, dear son, profound my plans.

I'll talk to the Pecheneg Khan.

Not ours, but other hands
Will arrange the demise of Ruslan!

Ah warrior, I'm glad to see

Your coming back with victory!
So many long long nights and days

I sat at the window and I gazed
And then afar I seemed to hear

The battle noises ringing clear.

And my reward of victory

Was to return again for thee,
To see once more the sacred land,

To stand beside you, hand in hand.

Your dream is now coming right,

My valiant eagle, my true knight!

Our Khazar land's in sorry plight.

Ludmila's dowry can it restore.

Ratmir, my son, that is a fact

We cannot easily ignore!

My father, there's no need to fear.
No maid on earth resists Ratmir.

I warrant you that to your home
Ludmila shall as daughter come.

To sway the Prince, so that

He won't turn deaf ear to your

I will present a gift of worth,
The finest steed upon the earth!

Pay heed, my son, be wise and

Ludmila is a very fine catch.

Prince needs support, he's getting

There are so few that your sword
can match!

I worthy am to have her for my own,
And worthy too of honors great.

What if she makes the choice
of her own?

Her father will decide her fate!

Farlaf, to banqueting again you go?

I ride to Kiev without delay!

But wait!

Nay, lass, I must go now.
I banquet with the Prince today!

A suitor you perhaps would turn?
You wish Ludmila to get in chain?

Mayhap, a bridegroom I'll return.

In me Vladimir a son shall gain!

Rich gifts from Caesar we present.

He perseveres in his intent.

His Highness us would not offend,

To our suitor he'll give consent!

Drinkin rejoice, feast, one and all!

And may the Prince's will be done!

His lovely daughter is to marry

The heroic, gallant knight, Ruslan!

Drink, dance and sing, the merry

It is the day of revelry and jokes!

Pour wine, and bottoms up!

And then again refill your cup!

The Byzantine suitor's envoy and

The last to come, such arrogance.

It makes one puke to watch such men
Around the Prince servilely dance.

Good guests, let us rejoice together.

And glorify this lovely shrine!

And fill our golden cups to level

With frothy mead and heady wine.

The princess is lovely, fairer than
the lily.

She's a true daughter of the Slav!

Such grace, such beauty does she

Fairer than daughters of Francony.

Yes, but the damsel's not for us.

It profits not to fret and fuss.

And who is this noble Prince?

The terror of the Pechenegs.

They cringe 'fore him like wild dogs
Or hide in terror of the man.

And who are those sad-faced men,
Sitting dejectedly, all three?

They're the maid's rejected suitors,
Cruelly racked by jealousy.

There I spy Rogdai, warrior bold

Whose sword brought more land
for Kiev to hold.

- And that one?
- Farlaf, a glutton unbridled.

In eating and drinking
by none is he rivaled.

But in the field he's not one
to shine.

And the other, brooding, his eyes
so fine?

Ratmir, heir to Khazar, 'tis said.

Festivities aren't time to pine.

What would you say? Their hope
has fled.

I give you my blessing, children.
I drink to your many years to live!

She who on earth is my dearest

To you, Ruslan, I gladly give.

Love her and cherish her forever,
Whatever she asks of you, fulfil.

May nothing on earth your happiness

And keep her safe from every ill!

Unto death I shall protect her,
And this I hereby swear, great King!

My life is hers, yea everything

Unto the tomb, my dear Ludmila.

O greatest Prince, the hour's here
That I must go to another home.

My sweetest father, it makes me

That now I must leave you all alone.

Rogdai! Ratmir! Farlaf!

Forgive me.
There was no way but to refuse

You three. My daughter,
my Ludmila

Of her heart Ruslan did choose.


Whatever in the world he is that
I ain't?

Alas! I'll have to go home alone...

Be happy,
Prince Ruslan valiant!

Be cursed, my rival, forever on!

Play, music, sweetly, with caress,

While to your tune I'll sing
a praise

To Ludmila's beauty and finesse,

To Ruslan's fighting strength and

For the newlyweds may they prepare

A gorgeous matrimonial bed,

And as the old custom fare,

The green, heady hops adorn its

And may they bliss there in the care

Ofjolly Lel, the lovers' god.

The Prince invites you, 'tis his

To play a game of chess with him!

A fearful challenge, I confess.

A charging boar would scare me

Ludmila, Ruslan is at your feet,

And will remain for evermore.

What joy everlasting, beloved

My starry eagle...

Whom I adore!



- The Prince is winning.
- The game is his.

Father! Disaster upon us is!

My child? Ludmila? Speak out,

By sorcery from us is carried away!

Out of my sight, no more art thou

A son of mine!

You broke your vow...

Guests and companions!
If human pity touches your heart,

See this old man, and take his part!

Speak, is there man among you

Who my child's abductor will

A man whose vows are firm and
true? The man,

yes, hide your head, villain vile,

Who failed to protect my only child,

That man shall have Ludmila for
a bride

My thanks, and half my lands

I shall go!

He should go and hide!

I shall go!


Farlaf, Rogdai?

And I!

The gallant Khan Ratmir?

To horse, to horse without delay.

We shall find your daughter,
do not fear.

Your Highness, I must not bide
here longer.

The Princess we leave to seek
and find.

Now may your valor be the stronger
And restore again my peace of mind.

At last! The taste is sweet
Of freedom! When will we meet -

The prospect likes me well -
a giant?

The blood'll pour as passions seethe
And victims offer to the sabre!

Rejoice, my blade and loyal steed!
And freely go prance and caper!

'Tis time to part, my friends, I say

Let us chance fate. So 'tis decided.

May each horse be given its own

And fly by the touch of spur

I bid you welcome, my son! At last!

I greet you here, Ruslan, most

Here have I twenty long years

Of my old age, and grim and lonely

They've been. But now has come
the day

For which, foreseeing it, I waited.

To meet, we two, my son, were

Now sit and hear me out, I pray.

Know this, Ruslan, a wizard's done
you wrong,

A wicked sorcerer, Chernomor.

Of lovely maidens the abductor,
the dweller of the mountain shore.

No more can I say. On you two fates,

My son, depend,

Yours and your mate's.

I make too bold to ask you this;

You, who befriend me, I importune.

Speak! Tell me, confidant of

Why came you to this wilderness?

Be seated, son. My land of birth

Lies in a distant part of the earth.

Under somber sky.

A Finn am I.

Those valleys in memory come to me.

I guarded flocks in meadow and lea.

In the time of my carefree youth
I knew the forests and the streams,

Grottoes and rocks, it is the truth,

And youth's modest pleasures and
its dreams.

Not long, for I the truth can tell,

Did I in this contentment dwell.

My destiny upon me fell...

Naina was she I loved so well.

I opened my heart. To her said l:

Naina, I love you, for you will die!

I pray that you shall something say!

You, shepherd, I despise. Go away!

'Twas then that I, so cruelly banned,
Did leave my lovely native land.

I sailed the oceans, unafraid,
On gory battlefields I fought

To win Naina's love I sought.
For I did love the naughty maid.

My tender yearning would not
leave me

At festive board, or in the field,
To see my homeland and Naina

And by the sight of them be healed.

Behold, I am returned, Naina.

I bring you gifts fit for a queen,

Coral, and gold, and pearls and

I and my men fought hard to win.
Ne'er were you, maid, by me forgot.

I love you, love you, sweet Naina!

Oh hero, I say I love you not!

At this, in sheer despair and

I turned to sorcery, Oh Knight,

Think how cruel was my plight!

By magic wiles, a pray to madness

Her heart I sought to set alight.

Deep in the murk of leafy forests

Over books of witchcraft did I pore,

And for a hermit's cave,
the pleasures

Of life for countless years

Oh hero, I say I love you not!

Oh hero, I say I love you not!

Then came the day of victory.

To her cold heart I held the key.

Full of feverish elation
And joy, I spoke the incantation.

Adored Naina, mine you art!

Fill you the void within my heart.

Oh horror!

Naina, your beauty!

Can this really be you?

Ah say, is it wrath of the gods
That made such ruin of you?

Ah say, was it long in the past

I abandoned the world and my joy?

Was it long?

Half a century.

My age is now seventy, my boy.

But what's the use of us lamenting?
The passing of youth is no lack.

'Tis true my steps now are halting.

I'm grey, and have a hump on my

Less spritely I am, and less spry

To lead the heroes' hearts awry.

But then this do I freely confess:

I am now a practised sorceress.

You too are old, my chosen mate,

But passion sometimes does come

I swear it by the gods above,
My heart but now is ripe for love.

For you and your embrace I hunger.

I burn with love, I am aflame.

Whatjoy, what rapture, and what

Come to Naina, she's yours to claim!

You insulting dog!

I was at peace, now my peace has

You won Naina's love,
And you did her deny.

Despised is she, slighted, banished.

All men are traitors, rogues and

Alas, the blame is mostly thine.

You thief of hearts, you traitor

I'll be revenged for my shame and

The witch loves evil far too well.

To do you harm she will endeavor.
And yet your doubts I'd dispel,

For grief and pain are not forever.

Farewell, Ruslan, sorrow mends
with time!

Farewell, and heed these counsels
of mine!


Where is he, my chosen, my love?



Find solace, dear Princess fair!

Your suffering is all in vain!

These lushy gardens will ease your

To grieve anymore one must not dare.

A captive, from my lover torn, why

Should I not end it all and die?

Oh, villain, you who me torment

Yet humor me, such is your whim

But I... I scorn you and contempt.

I'll take my death, sorrowful and

Amidst this beauty, magical and

You must rejoice, forget your gloom.

The fountains like birds are singing,

And diamond flowers are in bloom.

This gauzy tent wherein I sit,

These songs, a lovelorn heart's

Which, for all that, are rather

In faith, I need them not a whit!

And saying that, she started to eat.

Come no closer your lust on me
to wreak!

Abortion! Monstrosity!
Bearded freak!

My beard is caught beneath the bed!
Tear it not or I'll have your head!

Monster misbegotten...

You are depraved and rotten!

That one is happy who is free,
Who finds refuge in a cozy shed,

Devoid of any care or grief,
With a cup of good wine in his hand...

That one is happy who is merry,
With no burden on his mind...

Ruslan? Alone? With no steed?

I'll teach you a lesson now, indeed!

Beware, Ruslan! Your head I'll

Protect me, Gods, and turn me

Just let me catch you. You're dead!
I'll make you shorter by a head!

Now, poltroon, you'll have to die!

- Farlaf?
- Yes, that's me, Rogdai!

To take Farlaf for Prince Ruslan?

That only could do a very drunk man!

You've got mistaken? Never mind.

Go there, and you'll him find!

Arise, Farlaf, no need to fear,

'Tis only Naina appearing here.

Pay heed to the words of mine,
lovely youth:

In peace none can journey the world,

By Kiev with your father rather stay
Than voyage far all livelong day.

Stay there and count not the hours.

And shortly Ludmila shall be ours.

Stay, valiant knight, ride not away!

Rogdai is here to fight and slay!

Hard have I ridden to meet you.

In manful combat to unseat you!

'Tis you that'll perish away from
your mother

For seeking to steal the bride of

Die, rival mine, and pay the cost!

Your life in combat you have lost!

Farlaf! What's the matter? I don't

I just escaped by the skin of my

You hardly hold on your feet...

For days I nothing had to eat.

I fought with a giant, evil and

Though he put a spell over sword
of mine,

I still succeeded with this very mug
To split his head down to his spine!

Oh my beloved! You are a hero!

Of good causes gallant cavaliero!

- Naina, you? 'Tis nothing tragic?
- Greetings, my brother in magic.

Grave news bring I. On vengeance

The most feared of all the knights,

Comes over snow and icy heights

Ruslan, magnificent in war!

My thanks, Naina! Yet I say
Chernomor fears none of mortal clay.

Set not at naught this beard so

As long as it remains intact

None can me hurt, however strong.

It does protect me if attacked.

- What of Ruslan?
- His fate is sealed.

- My Lord speaks truth?
- Ruslan will yield.

I put it on, I disappear!

I raise it, and I am here!

What hat is this?

Good morrow, wizard!

I have nothing to fear!

In possessing this piece of wear
I shall no longer have a care!

I put on my turban,
And I am not there!

You slaves and servants of my guard,
Hasten in coming to my side!

Ludmila's here, you must find her
Wherever she may try to hide!

Or, and I swear I make no joke,

To death you all with this beard
I'll choke!

Here's the turban. It's plain to see,
And now, idiots, try to catch me!

Think you can trick me, Chernomor?

You'll tire soon and mock no more!

We know not where Ludmila can be!

The blame for this belongs to me.

I've searched the whole palace thru,
The garden and the waterfall, too.

The summer house and every place.

Ludmila vanished without a trace!

Night cloaks the lea; from far away

The chilling winds of ocean carry.

Come, youthful roamer, do not

Take shelter in our castle, pray!

The nights in languid calm we spend,

The days in feasts and merrymaking.

Come, youthful wanderer, attend

This fete of ours, to joy awaking.

We many are and beauties all;

Our lips are soft, our speeches

Come, youthful wanderer, surrender

And heed ourjoyous, secret call!

O speak O field! Tell who's spread
Over you the bones of the dead?

Oho! You're living, no mistake!

Do you hear me? I bid you, head,

Be off there! Hide you from my sight!

I wish to sleep, for it is night.

Why come you here to trouble me
in vain?

Pay heed. I wish you to explain

Where and on what distant shore
The castle stands of Chernomor?

You seek the wizard to fight
with him?

You're a fool, despite your daring!

Great Chernomor has powers grim,

And he's strong beyond comparing.

You're hardly sitting on your horse.

Enough, enough of such discourse!

I have full many a battle won.
If I come at you, your life's done!

I see your heart is flaming.

Your temerity may need taming.

You'll break your neck, my friend.

Strike me a mighty blow and sound.
Come tarry not, but do and dare

Before your horse falls
to the ground.

Forbear, warrior! Your urgent plea
Makes me good reason now to see.

I was trying your mettle: You're he
Whom the gods in heaven sent to me.

Now listen to my story true!

I was a knight, and fearless too!

But fate a tyrant against me sent,

He was my brother, on mischief bent.

T'was Chernomor, the sorcerer

Born a dwarf with a beard so long.

He hated me whose giant height

Ever to him did seem a slight.

One night as I lay sleeping, he

Crept up with murderous stealth
on me.

And at a stroke cut off my head

Which is doomed to live, though I
be dead.

The magic sword I guard by his

And until I'm avenged, I live still!

You, gallant hero, you can avenge

Take thou the sword, and may
the gods go with thee.

The midget's strength, remember, is
Held magically in the beard of his!

Chop off his beard, and you'll see
Chernomor as helpless as a flea.

Your counsel, head, I'll not ignore,

I'll break the spells of Chernomor!

End of Part I


Artistic Association "Yunost"


Based on the poem by A.S. PUSHKIN

Part II

Grave news I bring to you, my lord:

Ruslan does angry here make speed,

And being armed with the magic sword,
Chopping your beard is all his heed.

Ruslan, Naina, slain must be
Or it shall be the worse for thee.

I hear, my lord. I haste away
To do your bidding without delay.

He loves me, he loves me not,

He loves me, he loves me not.

He loves me, he loves me not...

Call mermaids to a clear glade,
Tell them a round dance to make.

We'll have to lead Ruslan astray

And then entice him into the lake.

His horse you drug with sleeping

To make its footsteps falter

The man shall pay for his defiance.

You hear that sound? He blows
his horn!

In the wisps of pre-dawn fog
we're sailing

To the backwaters' stillness and

Alluring songs are prevailing

On a traveler to come down to
his doom.

On the sea bottom we make our

Come down, the handsome, young

And the blissfully magical trance

Of water will swallow you for ages.

Oh Ruslan mine, don't me disdain!

Dismount and be all mine again!

You're lying, witch. Begone I say!

Wake up, my steed! Wake up!

I'm thirsty!



Make haste, Oh tiger, pounce on
the man

And kill my hated foe Ruslan!

Help! Help me!

Help me! Help!


Kill him!

Kill him!

Dance and jump, my dear girls!
Go, the storm, in howls and whirls!

Swirl in round after round,
Over the forest, out of bound!

Our dances full of fire,
Our charms will you inspire!

Our caresses you bid no danger!
Stay with us, our lovely stranger!

You'll forget your dear mate.
We will find you a new maid.

A black swan, she'll be a catch
For which Ludmila is no match!

Begone, begone you imps of hell.
Forward my steed, and bear me well.

Ride on, ride on,
But don't you forget

Naina swears
She'll stop you yet!

Here stand I, Ruslan, all alone!

No, maid. Call not your love
to thee.

You're Chernomor's till eternity!

Ludmila, speak, give me a sign.

Where are you, sweet love of mine?

That face, that bearing, that hair...

Do I gaze on my Ruslan there?

His eyes are dim. He cannot stand,

And he's pierced with an arrow...

Oh Ruslan!

She can't resist! Oh, joy divine

That which I coveted! She's mine!

Ho, Chernomor!

Come out to me!
To mortal combat I challenge thee!

Now, warrior, your blood shall
spill today.

Chernomor's might shall overcome
and slay!

This is no fight, 'tis an embrace.

Wizard, that mace of yours,
that mace!

Ah, listen, knight unto my plea.
I'll let you go, I promise thee.

Your gallantry and youthful fire
I freely confess that I admire.

Pay heed, sir, you shall not come
to harm...

- No, you shall die this day!
- Pay heed, good warrior!

No, vile worm,
You who stole my wife away.

Ruslan won't hear your imploring!

His sword is pulled, your ploy

Know, tyrant, that this sword of

Is fit to trim off that beard of

No, warrior, I ask your mercy:

I weaken fast, I hardly breathe.

Oh spare my life, I'm in your power,

And put your sword back in its

Trembling are you, aha! Now is
the hour!

Abandon, bow down to a Russian's

To Ludmila speed to do my will.

Now sorcerer, of your beauty shorn

My helm these hairs now adorn!





Ludmila. Where are you, love?

Don't you hear me? It is I!

No trace of her. Nay not a sign.

Tears blind my eyes, for her I pine.

But wait. My sword is still with me!

And while I live, I'll search
for thee!

Ludmila, where are you, love?

Ludmila's in the summerhouse yet.

She sleeps beneath a magic net.

I'm here, Ludmila! Your Ruslan.

Take courage, knight. Be on your way
And bear her back in arms so strong.

In those arms of yours she does

Take her and cherish her alway.

So, Ruslan, you are joyous? Glad?

I promise soon you will be sad!

My son, go without any waiting,

Fly off to the Pechenegs' domain.

Pray them to attack, no time

Attack before Ruslan is here again!


- Where speeds that rider in a haste?
- Perhaps of wine he had a taste.

'Tis nothing, I warrant, to grieve

I think that he should leave us.

The Tartar's boy I, illustrious Khan

From Kiev with a message come.

Feel you under my brown Kaftan.
It shall talk, though I be dumb.

Accept this for your pains,
my friend.

My doubts have now come
to an end.

Now is the time. To horse! To horse!

To the Russians our swords shall
give discourse!

The Tartar's young son?
In a prisoner's style?

You'll pay for your betrayal,
traitor vile!

You'll pay the cost, you young

No, I keep not motley in my heart!

Seize the fool clown, for he does

To be burned as firewood at the

Catch the jester!

The twelve fair maidens that me

I have forsaken in your behalf.

I well preferred your warm embraces

To their amorous and magic graces.

And leaving their merry town,

Under protective forest frame

I lay my sword and helmet down,

Relinquished all my rivals and fame.

And now I am, humble and peaceful,

In the fisher's hut perched on the

Enjoying every moment blissful

With you, my love, for evermore.


In this wild place alone?
With a girl? What have you done?

What do I see?

When often in war
Your mighty sword you bravely bore?

My comrade, for me all that is past.

Of war and combat growing weary
My trusty sword from me I cast.

This maid and place I love more

Most precious is this girl I hold.

Your riches are much more than

The ways of war are forgot to me...

Even Ludmila's great beauty.

Know then that she's here with me.

Ludmila's here? How can it be?

Did I hear true? Near here is she?

Russia's Ludmila I shall see?
But where?

Oh no, my vows I'd break,

My own sweet love is dear to me.

For she did this to happen make
That I accepted happily.

She brought me back to life again
Giving me love that I'll retain.

That one is happy who is free,
Who finds refuge in a cozy shed,

Devoid of any care or grief,
A cup of good wine in his hand.

That one is happy who is merry,
With no burden on his mind,

To whom the girls their favors carry
Who always lushly wine and dine.

I, with a beauty pert and hot,
Eat, drink, make merry at a joint.

The time of life is much too short
Not to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Now warrior, at last your day's here
Just as I made to you my vow.

Pull out your weapon,

To horse I say,

We start to find the princess now.

We start to find the princess now.

Farlaf, so innocent and guileless,

Knight so handsome, valiant,

Following a witch through a desert

I pray, I pray he return before

Look there. The coveted prize
before you.

Kill Ruslan and the lass is won.

Fear not. Naina does implore you!

One stroke, and the deed is done!

One stroke, and the deed is done!

Look there. The coveted prize
before you.

Highness! Do you hear the clamorous

A gallant warrior rides to thee
Through the golden gates without!

I pray you, summon him to me!

Ludmila is here!

Farlaf, was't thou?
That slew her enemy so dire?

What spell is this upon her now?

- Why stirs she not?
- She's sleeping, sire.

Sleeping, Farlaf?

Deep in a forest where I her found,

Far in the heart of Murmansk wild.
A Genii guarded your only child.

There, by myself, I did him

Three days we battled, and the stars
Gazed thrice upon our bloody fray.

He fell, and then the young princess
In my hands I carried sleeping away.

But who can break this wizardry?

And raise to life my child to me?

I know not. That I can't foresee.

It seems, and I trust you may agree
Our only chance is, wait and see.

- Ludmila's sleeping still.
- Three days her father fought.

To wake her yet it avails nought.

Harken, the cymbals clamor,
trumpets blow!

- The horns as well.
- 'Tis strange. Why so?

His Highness' will. With their aid
Perchance he will awake the maid.

Beware! Here come the Pechenegs!

They'll drain our blood, and drink
the dregs!

My Lord! The Pechenegs are here!

Their hordes are drawing near!
Billows of dust around they raise!

- The hills beyond are all ablaze!
- The horses gallop thru our fields!

- The sun's shining on their shields!
- They pitched the tents on our shore!

They come. They're here. I can no

We shall prepare the foe to fight!

Ruslan on the plain?

Murdered is he?

Why no, Naina. We shall see.

Before the night has fallen quiet,

I shall go help the noble knight.

Here have I found, by wisdom led,

The water living, and water dead.

Great Khan, this battle is ill

On every side they press us hard!

Bring here oxen, on Kiev send them.
We'll use them as a battering ram.

The living water, and the dead
I'll pour on your body,

And upon your head.
I pour, Ruslan, that you may go

To find Ludmila and rout the foe.

Where is Ludmila?

Gone is she?

Such is the will of destiny!

A bloody task awaits you, where

Your sword triumphant you shall

You shall bring peace to Kiev's

And with your love shall meet
once more.

Take you this ring, it has magic

Pass it around her head and face,

And wake her once again to life.

Your foes shall perish in the

This kingdom shall once more
be free.

All will be well, I promise thee.

And now, good defender of the poor,

Adieu. I may not meet you more.

Why, herdsmen, do the oxen stay?
Petrified? They must move, I say.

Pardon us, Khan! We're fully ready

To perish for you, happy and gladly.

Your oxen fear the stormy hail
Of Russian arrows that them impale.

Protect the oxen, and in their stead

Send the Russian captives on ahead.

Hold! Hold! Before it is too late!

It is our wives, our children there,

Behold, Oh friends, it is Ruslan!
Now is the enemy dead to a man!

Approach and see how it is done.
I've cut two slices out of one.

Goad on the bulls, surround Ruslan!

Let him be gored and trampled on!

Trampled on!

Roar like a tiger, let's hear your

Roar louder, roar, Chernomor!

Roar louder, with all your might
Before I strangle you outright!

Invincible Ruslan, warrior bold!

Worthy Ludmila as wife to hold!

She is alive...

Her eyes I can see...


My child is now restored to me!

Ruslan, you brought'er back to life,
She shall again become your wife!

Who was it that betrayed and
slew me?

Mine was the deed. Ruslan, pray

Pardon, Vladimir, this man of

Beguiled was I, in sorcery's spell

When I did this dastardly deed so

Ludmila's hand to obtain I sought.

Begone, false knight that I abhor!

But I shall give my pardon to thee.

I banish you for evermore
To the far confines of this country.

Begone you knave of no prowess
Before the Prince changes his mind.

I fain would tan your fat behind
And throw you in a pool of cess.

Where is the dreadful Chernomor?

Without his beard his power is dead.

By putting bells and cap on his head
We'll make for us one jester more.

My friends, let there be feast and

To mark the victory of right over

Then did the Prince in the palace

Hold a wonderful feast for one
and all.

An honest tale of bygone days.

A legend of heroic ways.

Screenplay by A. PTUSHKO
with collaboration of S. BOLOTIN

Directed by Alexander PTUSHKO

Directors of Photography

Production Designer

Costume Designer

Music by Tikhon KHRENNIKOV



Valery KOZINETS as Ruslan
Natalya PETROVA as Ludmila

V. FYODOROV as Chernomor

N. KHRENNIKOVA as Young Naina

A. ABRIKOSOV as Prince Vladimir

V. NEVINNY as Farlaf
R. AKHMETOV as Ratmir

E. KIVI-ANTSON as Fisherwoman

Sh. GAZIEV as Foreign Ambassadors

V. NOSIK as Messenger

O. KHABALOV as Pecheneg Warlord

Yu. KIREYEV as Russian Warrior

The End