Rush Hour (2018) - full transcript

A documentary of three people in three different cities, Istanbul, Los Angeles, and Mexico City, sharing their experiences on commuting - a sacrifice of half their lives for the sake of supporting themselves and their families.

Every day more than 2 million people in Istanbul

cross the Bosphorus strait between
Europe and Asia to go to work.

In the USA, 123 million people
drive to work every day.

3.8 million people spend
more than 3 hours on their commute.

1.4 million people commute daily
from Mexico State into the city.

Half of all reported assaults
take place on public transportation.

Most women from
my neighborhood don't work.

I earn my own money.

I'm working hard to make a difference.

God willing, I hope to open my own business.

When my husband and I leave home,

my biggest fear is that Harun
and Ela are left alone.

They are still very young
but they stay at home.

When my mobile rings,
I answer with a sense of dread.

I’m afraid that if something happens to them...

... I won't get there on time
to help them.


good morning, Ela.

How are you?

What are you up to?

Where's your brother?

Have you had breakfast?

Alright, baby.

That's okay.

Don’t forget your things and eat your lunch.

I left you an apple.

Don't run too much.


Put on your uniform
and comb your hair.



See you soon!

Kisses, bye.

Over here we have some lighter colors

and here are some more.

Can I see this in size 44?

All right.
We have it in pink.

No, I'm too old for that.

Can I try this one on?

It’s 8:15 AM, thanks for tuning in to WRadio.

The Mexico City Metropolitan area has become
a place of violence and death for women.

Districts such as Ecatepec, Chimalhuacan,
los Reyes, and Nezahualcoyotl

have reported remarkably
high rates...

... of brutal gender-related homicides.

This is the core
of the problem.

The rate of women
killed in Mexico State

Is 48% higher than the average
of the rest of the country.

Ladies only!

Ladies only on this side!

Only ladies on this side, sir!

My earliest memory is of being
so scared of living there...

... back in Zacatecas.

There were about
four houses,

so, so far away...

... up in the mountains.

It was horrible!
Especially with no electricity.

When it rained,
there were snakes and coyotes.

So I got on the train and left!

I was almost 12 years old.

But this city is much scarier.

Thanks. Good morning!

- Imagine that!
- Not eating or sleeping?

You're in a state of contemplation,
and when you meditate...

... you have to start
with your eyes open.

As you close your eyes you rest,
but you're still meditating,

your inner eye is still open.
It's wicked, man!

- That's why they tell you...
- It must be hard to concentrate.

- Of course it is!
- With everything on your mind...

- You're hungry, thirsty...
- Exactly!

- ... emotionally drained...
- That's right!

- Wow!
- And that's where you find your true self.

Estelita, how’s your mom doing?

- Fine, Jana!
- And your son?

He's also fine.

How old is he now?

- He turned 26.
- Seriously?

- Didn't you know I had a grown up son?
- No!

- He still lives with you?
- Yes he does

They all do: my mom,
my sister, and him.

- Do you get to see him at night?
- Late, when I get home,

and in the morning,
when I get up.

He leaves before me.

Rodrigo said it takes you
two hours to get home?

Not two hours, two and a half!

- The traffic's always terrible!
- I went there once and it took forever

I wanted to get there by 11.
Do you live close to the Jumex Museum?

Where’s that?

Ro said it's in Euuu...

Something like that.

- Ecatepec?
- That's it.

We went to an exhibition
and it took ages to get there.

- We left at about 11am and the traffic was terrible.
- Really?


I got married,
and four years later we broke up.

We had a son,
who stayed with me.

As for him...
we never saw him again.

I'm like a man, working my whole life
to support a family.

When she gets home there’s no one there.

Sometimes I feel she lacks love.

I try to make sure that
she doesn't feel like that.

Harun too.

I didn't get a middle or
high school education.

I’d like Ela to be an engineer,

or an architect.

I really want Harun to study.

I'd like him to be a pilot.

Are you coming home early, mom?

I thought you were.

I thought you got out early.

I'm playing, but I wanted to tell you something,

I fell down in school and hurt my knee.

The teacher cured me.

Really? Your teacher?

A little bit.

Lots of bad things
have happened to me,

but I guess it's normal.

I've put up with a lot.

An awful lot.

It happened seven years ago.

It’s been hard.

I was mugged and beaten
and raped.

It's the worst thing that can
happen to anyone...

... for sure.

I try my best to...
leave it in the past.

It happened in the Indios Verdes subway station

at around 9:30 am.

Now I can sleep again.
I couldn't sleep then .

I'd stay at home all day
because I was terrified.

I even quit my job...

... had to go to the hospital,

or the police would call
and I had to go...

... to make a statement
or go to the holding cells

to try to identify
one of the guys who did it.

I thought about my mom
and my son a lot.

He was just a child,

and he didn’t really understand
what was happening.

And I had to work
to support them.

So I'd say to myself
What am I going to do?

I can't get stuck here.
I can’t die!

So I went to therapy.

The psychologist would
give me some cushions

and tell me to hit them.

Punch them, she said.

Pretend it's him and
punch him.

I said sure, but what a pity
it's not really him.

They're just cushions.

How would that make me feel better?

It’s easy to tell people
what to do.

They told me to forget about it.

I couldn’t stop crying everywhere

and people just said 'Don't cry'.

How could they say that?

- Wait... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
- Yes, 5.

Come on Ela, next one.

Fatma has 11 candy bars.
How many more does she need

to reach 20?

How many more does she need?

What do you have to do?

She has 11. To get to 20?



If you don’t add, you subtract.

She's going to have 20.

She has 11 right now.
How many more does she need?

So you subtract.

Did you understand?

- 11, 11.
- 20 minus 11.

Got it.

That's it!

- How many?
- Nine.

Nine what?

- What?
- The key word.

- The word is...
- Sweets.

Don’t tell me, dad!


Is it sweets then?

I’ll get off at the last stop
and decide what to do.

Ozan, it wasn’t like that. Forget it.

I’ll see you there.






- How are you?
- I'm fine, mom.

- How was your day?
- Okay.

Let me see that knee.

- We'll have to put something on that
- No!

- Does it hurt?
- No.

Ela, come here.

Take this too. Take it to
your brother and your father.

... but today, a new bomb attached to a motorbike
exploded near a police station...

... in southwest Istanbul, injuring 10 people,
the provincial governor declared.

The blast took place in the Yenibosna neighborhood,
close to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport...

- Did you finish your homework?
- Yes.

What did they say to my brother
at the hospital?

- To whom?
- To Manuel.

They didn’t tell him anything.

- What do you mean?
- Samuel says he went to work.

What are you laughing at?

At you.

Are you sad?


Are you sad?

- Because of Manuel, or what?
- Yes, he's with Samuel.


I said, are you sad
because of Manuel?

Wouldn't it be easier,
if it could be installed properly...

... to install it once and for all
with an aluminum base?

- It fits, but it doesn't open.
- Doesn't it?

No. You'd need a new frame made...

So it opens, with hinges.

We can finish it all around here,
and then fill this water tank.

It’s about 15 meters from here.


Why didn't you want to live
in this house?

- Because it’s ugly.
- Do you want a pretty house?

A pretty house...

... a decent place!

That isn't so high up.


But they’re fixing it up for you.
You’ll have a pretty house.

Who knows if I'll get to see it, though.

- Why's that?
- Maybe I’ll be gone.

Where are you going?

To the graveyard!

Did you hear what happened to Ela?

Did I tell you?

I left for work in the morning,

I got off the subway
at Zincirlikuyu,

and got a message
saying that Ela didn’t have class.

Her teacher had called in sick,

and the school canceled her classes.

Harun had an important
exam and had to go.

I thought, what can I do?

I called Ela, she said not to worry,
she'd stay at home.

So I said okay.
Harun left for school.

Later I started calling her.

And she...

... answered in tears.

She asked me to come and save her.
She was terrified.

I couldn't help it,
I started crying too.

Thought of calling a cab
to take me home.

I thought of calling a cab,

it still would have taken me
over an hour,

or 40 minutes with no traffic.

There was no one in the building.

Ela was wandering the street,
calling me on the cordless phone.

She was screaming!

She couldn't stop crying.

I tried to keep my cool,

to help her calm down a little.
I was so worried.

That’s when we got cut off.

The last thing I told her was
to go to the restaurant...

... close to where we live.

She heard me...

... because I got a call from
an unknown number.

It was the restaurant owner,

who told me not to worry,
and that Ela was with her.

- What a fright!
- Yes, I was afraid for her.

The owner sent me a photo of Ela
to put me at ease.

My legs were shaking.

All I could hear was
the sound of Ela crying.

Our first class today is...

... the Koran.

Get your Korans out.

I'm sorry I’m late, Miss!

Why didn’t you wait for me?

Why should I wait for you?

Never mind.

Welcome, mom!

- Where’s Ela?
- Have you seen Harun?


She’s cross because I didn't let her
help us in the kitchen.

- Lucky you, grandma's here!
- Grandpa’s on his way.


Daddy! Welcome!

What’s up!

- Hi dad!
- Hi.

Good job, Elif Bey!

Thank you!

- She's sad because I scolded her.
- Why did you scold her?

She didn't want to get changed.

Come here, mom!
Are you upset?

Thank you!

I'm an abandoned mother!

He hasn't even shown up,

that son of a bitch!

Sure, okay!


Want some more soda, mom?
Or some of this?

- An ice-cream.
- No, mom!

- Let's wait, it’s too hot right now.
- Wait for Dani to get one for you.

Or Alejandro. Whoever turns up.

- Has Alejandro called?
- No, he hasn’t even called...

... to congratulate you?

Too bad.

Happy birthday, Ozan!
Happy birthday, Ozan!

Does this go out by itself, or what?

Just a minute...

- Okay, it's died out.
- Now let’s blow together.

Let’s do it together, sweetie...

- I got a present for you!
- Happy birthday, dear.

- Here's my present, open it!
- Here goes.

Come here...

Ale, here's your lunch,
don't forget it.

We've lived in Ecatepec
for 24 years,

more out of necessity than choice

Housing is cheaper here,
but wages are low.

Bus fares are expensive,

twice as expensive
as in Mexico City.

Many women, many single moms
or elderly women...

... come all the way here to work,

looking for better paid jobs.

I think the flow
of my life is tough,

and as you grow older
it gets tougher.

My commute feels unbearable.

It wears me out,
both physically and mentally.

If I had my own business,

at least it would make a difference.


come on.

Good morning.

Come on.

It’s morning already.

Wash your faces
and come to the kitchen.

Let's get up when the bus comes.

Come on, I'm waiting.

Dad, let me wake up when
the bus gets here.

Mom didn’t prepare
a lunchbox for you, Harun.

- Do you want some money?
- Okay.


I prayed not to have any nightmares.

You won’t.

- Harun, Ela, see you!
- See you.

In recent months the Turkish media

has been running countless stories
about domestic violence:

ex-husbands hurting their ex-wives
in front of their children.

- Why doesn't it end?
- A bit more, 5 minutes.

- Change it.
- Ela! No.

- Change it!
- That’s it.

- No.
- Ela, please be quiet!

Hello? Ela, honey?
How are you?

What are you doing?

How has your day been so far?

All right.
Have you had breakfast?


I packed you some milk.

They gave you milk at school again?

You got the days mixed up.

I don’t know when you have to
take milk and when you don’t.

Alright, mom.

Mom, I want...

... you...

Okay, but mom,

if you don’t have
anything else to do,

could you help me
do my homework?

I'll try and get home
in time, sweetie.

I'll ask for permission to leave early.

Kisses, I love you.

Not today.
We’re too busy.

Maybe some other day.
But not today.

All right. Thank you.

On 1st July, at 6 pm.

I've been alone most of the time.

People said I was a bit strange.

I didn't know why they said that.

My mother's the one who used to
see things when she was young.

Really horrible things,

she saw dead people.

Smell this...

... now exhale.

Deep breath, again.

These spirits on you,

are new ones.

They must have attached
themselves to you this month.

They haven't been there long.

Take a deep breath, and exhale.

Deep breath, exhale.

Keep breathing!

It hurts because
they don't want to let go.

Let it out!

They won't talk to you any more.

Can you hear them
talking to you here?

We've closed this part off.
It’s canceled.

The ones you had were dark,

evil beings,

evil spirits.

Those ones can even talk to you.

What did you do today?

- I studied.
- What did you study?

I studied...

- What?
- I studied...

- Do you have homework?
- Yes.

- Did you eat your lunch?
- Yes.

- Only one meatball left.
- But you said...

It's only one!

They gave us milk at school.

So you shouldn’t
take milk any more.

They don't give us milk every day!

I didn't eat them.

I'll eat them now.

- Not now!
- Why not?

- After dinner.
- I had dinner.

- The meatballs taste funny.
- Eat up!

- Open your mouth.
- No!

- You left it after one bite!
- I ate it with a fork.



There's nothing wrong with it.

Eat up.

How are you, sweetie?


No, I finished working late.

Did you finish your homework?

You can't eat spaghetti all the time.
Eat some chickpeas.

Okay, dear. Kisses,
see you soon.

It's hard! I've been commuting for 7 years
to work on the European side.

I've thought of resigning,
getting another job,

but I haven't got time to look.

That's why I feel trapped.

I’d like to take Ela to school.

I feel like these bad spirits have become...

... my guardians,

like angels.

In any case, they haven't left me alone.


... I'm still here.

Any news about that job at City Hall?

No news, then?

I'll wait.

Let me know if there's any news.

Give me the word and I'll resign.

I won't quit until you tell me,

or until I find something else.

You didn’t send me anything that day.

Don't you want to talk,
or have you forgotten me?

Yesterday I was in tears
thinking about you.

Those sweet days

are mere memories now.

We had to go our separate ways.

We have to hold out.

I miss you so much,

my dear donkey friend,

my donkey friend,

my thunder friend,

my friend the donkey.