Rush Hour (1998) - full transcript

Cultures clash and tempers flares as the two cops named Detective Inspector Lee a Hong Kong Detective and Detective James Carter FBI, a big-mouthed work-alone Los Angeles cop who are from different worlds discovers one thing in common: they can't stand each other. With time running out, they must join forces to catch the criminals and save the eleven-year-old Chinese girl of the Chinese consul named Soo Yung.

Forgive me, Consul Han...

but I believe
we can ill afford...

to lose men
of your high character.

And speaking as a friend...

who's fought side by side
with you for 15 years...

I will sorely miss
the unshakable support...

you've given
the Royal Hong Kong Police.

So, on behalf of all Brits...

who have ever carried the shield
in Hong Kong...

we shall miss you.

We wish you nothing
but happiness...

as you take up your new post
in the United States.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Consul Han.

Thank you, Thomas.

You know Thomas is not going
to make this evening easy.

Excuse me.

Commander Griffin...

I am pleased to be able
to leave you and Hong Kong...

with a special gift tonight.

Earlier this evening,
Detective inspector Lee...

and his special task force
have once and for all...

crushed the Juntao
criminal organization...

and reclaimed artifacts...

from 5,000 years
of China's heritage.

Thank you.

This is the kind of legacy
I dreamt about.

Hong Kong forever.

To Hong Kong forever.

Soo Yung.

Stupid fool!

Get the hell out of my way!
Man, are you crazy?


You moron!

Clive, what's up, man?

You're late.

-I'm late?
-Yeah, you're late.

I've been waiting
in the back for over an hour.

-I was in the diner.
-I told you in the back.

Think I would do this shit
out front?

-I'm gonna get busted.
-You weren't in the diner.

I said in the back--
It don't even matter.

Let's do this.
What's that, a gun?

How many people
you killed this year?

Stop it, man.
Let's do it. Come on.

Don't be late again.

I ain't gonna be late.
What we got?

That's tight.

That's beautiful. That's nice.
What's that?

-That's C-4.
-That's C-4?

-Oh, shit.
-What's the problem?

No problem. I been looking
everywhere for this shit.

How the hell you find some C-4?

The Iraqis
can't even get this shit.

Where'd you get this from?

It's a hot ticket.

You don't know how happy
you made me.

You got what I want.
Let me get that money.

Step away from the car.

Hey, officers.

Put your hands above your heads.
Just do it now.

Ain't no problem here.
Why y'all messing with us for?

All right, take it easy.

-You don't wanna do that.
-Yes, I do.

-No, he don't. He's playing.
-No, I ain't playing.

-Yes, he is, officer.
-I'm not playing!

Drop the gun!

He's just my cousin.
We're just talking.

Get in your car and leave.

We can't do that.

I'll blow his head
all over the parking lot!

Go away and buy some doughnuts!

See? You made him mad.

Let me talk to him.
All right?

Don't move!

All right.
Everything's cool now.

He down. The gun's down.
Get back in the car and leave.

Hands on your head!

Everything's cool, officer.

Do it now!

Didn't I tell you?

Stop it! I got C-4 in the trunk!

Clive, guess what, man.

I forgot to tell you.

You under arrest.

Soo Yung, come on,
we're gonna be late.

Let's go.

Excuse me.


Telephone. China.

Soo Yung, I love you.
Have a nice day.

Will you be home after school?

I am going to pick you up

When you walk by every night...

talkin' sweet
and lookin' fine...

I become hectic inside.

Baby, I'm so into you.

Darlin', if you only knew...

all the things
that float through my mind.

Is there a problem, officer?

No problem.

Just rush hour.

Security's in place?

You're sure all of the exhibits
will be ready by this weekend?

Yes, sir. Your opening remarks
are scheduled for 7:30.

Excuse me, Consul Han.

I'm Warren Russ with the
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This is Agent Whitney.

We need to speak with you
in private.

Excuse me.

I know this is a difficult time
for you, Consul...

but be assured
we'll get your daughter back.

But will you get her back alive?

We have the best agents
in the world on those streets.

I would like
one of my people to help.

Let me assure you, the FBI
considers this a top priority.

We have plenty of people
on the case.

Mr. Russ, I am not an American.

My daughter is not an American.

I understand that, sir--

He's already on the plane.

I trust you will treat him
with the same courtesy...

as you have shown me.

Ten people
jumped out of the trunk.

I started handling all of them.
Throwing them everywhere.

Then two stupid cops
came out of nowhere...

messed everything up,
but then I regrouped.

I had to save their life.

It ain't in there.
Anyway, I save their life.

I start runnin',
trying to get the bomb--

I can't believe
you went without me.

I'll talk to y'all later,
all right?

I'll tell you the best part
after work.

This is why nobody
will work with you...

why you're the only cop in the
department without a partner.

Johnson, look, first of all,
if you want a date with me...

you have to wait on the list
like every other woman, OK?

Second of all, I work alone.

I don't need no partner
and ain't never gonna have one.

-Did Kojak have a partner?
-Yeah. The fat guy.

He wasn't never with him.
Did Columbo?

Captain Diel ordered me
to go with you...

because you needed bomb squad
backup, but once again...

you screwed me and yourself.

Look, Johnson,
it's dangerous out there.

It's safer for you
to be behind the desk.

We were supposed to be
on the same team.

Johnson, this is the LAPD...

the most hated cops
in the free world.

My own mama ashamed of me.

She tell everybody
I'm a drug dealer.

This is a pit stop for me.

I'm on the verge of leaving
you suckers behind.

Actually, you're on the verge
of being suspended.

Have a nice day.

Somebody told you
I was being suspended?

Quit playin', girl.

I know you playin'.

Somebody told you
I was being suspended?

This is a problem.
That's all I need...

some foreigner
getting his head blown off...

and creating
an international incident.

What can we do?
He's on his way.

Call the field office.
Have them send over a rookie.

We'll have him escort this guy
around a few days...

pretend to follow some leads,
show him some sights...

keep him out of our way.

You want to do that
to one of men?

What do you suggest?

Well, as long as we're
gonna humiliate someone...

might as well be LAPD.

Even if I had an extra man...

who would want
such a bullshit assignment?

Well, it's a disgrace to me.

It's a disgrace
to my department.

It's a disgrace to--

Dan, I'm sending someone
right over.

Captain, I know you read
the paper, but they lying.

I wouldn't do nothing like that.

You know how the paper is.
They just want a story.

Two officers were shot.
One man lost a pinkie.

But didn't nobody die.

-You destroyed half a block.
-That block was messed up.

-You lost lots of evidence.
-We got a little left.

What you did was dangerous
and completely against policy.

And not only that...

you did a good job.


Everyone around here
is so image-conscious.

Everybody's so afraid
of their own goddamn shadow.

It's nice to meet
an L.A. detective...

who's willing to lay it
on the line.

that's the same way I feel.

That's what I've been trying
to tell everybody.

Every so often, we have to let
the general public know...

that we can still blow shit up.

You goddamn right.
That's the only way I work.

So that mean
I ain't gettin' suspended?

-Are you kidding?
-Don't know why I said that.

I just got a call from the FBI.

The 10-year-old daughter
of a Chinese diplomat...

was kidnapped this morning,
and they want you on the case.

FBI want me?

That's right.

-Stop lying.
-I don't lie.

-Tell the truth.
-I'm telling the truth.

Thank you, Captain.

Congratulations, Carter.
You are going to the show.

I'll look out for you
when I reach the top.

-I'm gonna make you mayor.
-I'd rather you didn't.

Hey, listen up!
lf anybody need me...

I'm gonna be workin'
a big, big case for the FBI!

Yo. Take care of that for me.

I need one of those earpieces
immediately, all right?

Hey, how you doing?

I want the consul's personnel
records cross-checked...

with that new list
we received from Interpol.

See if you can make
any matches or connections.

OK, boys, what have we got?

Have we checked the consul
personnel records yet?

I want to know
who's he been talking with.

OK, come on. Give me the story.

Any demands? Any fingerprints?
Have we interviewed his staff?

Whitney, who is this?

Give me a copy of that.

James Carter, FBI.

Warren, he's here
for the special assignment.

I'm Agent-In-Charge Warren Russ.

It's good to have you onboard.

I waited a long time for this.

You guys sure take a long time
to process an application.

Well, Carter,
your particular assignment...

is considered G-14 classified.

Why don't you and I take a walk
and I'll fill you in?

OK, Warren.

G-14 classified.

That's good.

You don't understand.
This is my dream.

I'm very excited
about working with the FBI.

I'm glad.
Listen, his name is Lee.

And the director considers
this a top priority.

No disrespect, but he's only
gonna get in my way.

I'm not used
to having a partner.

If I'm handling the situation,
I'm gonna have to work alone.

Carter, he is the situation.

Must be a misunderstanding.

I was sent down here for
the kidnapping. Little girl?

Forget the little girl.
Your assignment is Lee.

Who and what kind of assignment
is that?

Lee is a foreign detective
and a friend of the consul's.

It's your job to keep him out
of sight and away from danger.

Yeah, you want me to baby-sit,
but I don't do that.

I came down here
for the big assignment.

The truth is,
this is an FBI operation...

and I don't need help from LAPD
or some Chun-King cop.

You got it?

Whoa. Hold it.

Why not use your men
for this top-priority case?

What am I supposed to do,
take him to the zoo?

I don't give a damn.

I don't want to see him
or you till this is resolved.

Now, his plane arrives
in an hour.

We want to make
a good impression, Carter.

It's his first trip to America.

This is bullshit!

Please tell me
you speak English.

I'm Detective Carter!

Do you speaka any English?

Do you understand the words
that are coming out of my mouth?

I cannot believe this shit!

I get a bullshit assignment...

now, Mr. Rice-A-Roni...

don't even speak American.

Come on. My ride's over here.

Put your bag in the back.

Put your bag in the back!

No. You put your own shit
in the back!

I am not a skycap.

I'm FBI, you understand?

What the hell you think this is?

Captain, I don't think
this is funny.

No, I'm serious, Captain.
I ain't playin'.

Tell the FBI you made a mistake.

I can't do that, Carter.

I'm sure that you and Mr. Lee
will have a nice time together.

You better call the FBI or
I drop his ass at Panda Express.

Drop this case, you're suspended
for two months without pay.

Well, you can forget
about being mayor then.

Congratulations, Carter.

Looks like you finally
got yourself a partner.

One little pinkie get blowed off
and everybody trippin'.

Chinese consul?

That's one of the places
you can't go.

I ain't getting fired.
You gonna pay my bills?

That's the little girl?

Say something.

Y'all think this is real funny.

Give Carter
the big G-14 classified case.

Gonna show the FBI they don't
know who they playing with.

I'll solve this case myself.

That's right.

But I wanna show you something
first. Look familiar?

Just like home, ain't it?

I ain't never been to China,
but it probably look like this.

Get your star maps!

Look, John Wayne.

You know John Wayne?

John Wayne.

Yeah, John Wayne, man.
Hang out with the Duke.

I'll be right back.

You might see
one of your cousins here.

Find them and stalk 'em !

Star maps!

Right here! Star maps!


You got the address
to Michael Jackson's house?

You can't come around my job!
That's harassment!

I'm just checking up on you.

I'm fully legit now.
I'm selling star maps.

Yeah, legit my ass.

You and your Asian gang friends
know about a kidnapping?

I don't know nothing.

Give me one of them star maps...

for $45, you understand
what I'm saying?

Don't know nothin'
about no kidnapping...

but this dude's buying firearms,
explosives, and people...

Like he's gonna start a war.

What's his name?

For $45, I don't know his name.

-You better tell me something.
-I don't know nothing for $45.

Stucky, you don't--

I didn't tell you nothin'!

Didn't I tell you
to wait for me?

What the hell you doing
on this bus?

Think I'm playin' with you?

I ain't playin' with you.
Sit down.

OK. All right.

It's OK.

It's all right. FBI.

Take a picture. It's OK.
Wait a minute.

All right.


Get out of my way!

FBI. Stop this bus.

Hey, look.

Hey, kids, get back in here.
Sit down.

Stop! FBI!
I need this motorcycle.

-No way, man.
-Get off!

Get out of the car!
Get out of the car now!

Where you think you're going?

Didn't I say
to stay by the Duke?

What do you think you're doing?

Mind your own business.
Stay in the car.

Hey. What you doing?

I was trying to find out
where you was going.

You thought
I was gonna shoot you?

What's happening here?

Put the gun down.

I ain't playin' with you!

Think I'm playin' with you?

Don't move!

Drop your guns.

Hey, man.

Look. FBI.

I'm policeman.

I'm just showing him how
to take a gun from a suspect.

All of a sudden
you speaking English?

A little.

My ass. You lied to me.

I didn't say I didn't.
You assumed so.

Assume I kick you little
Beijing ass right now.

Man, I ain't scared of you.

I know you know
that tricky shit.

I'm not responsible
for your assumptions.

You full of shit,
you understand that?

Not being able to speak
is not the same as not speaking.

You seem as if you like to talk.

I let people talk
who like to talk.

It makes it easier to find out
how full of shit they are.

What the hell did you just say?

I like people to talk...

So I'm the one full of shit?

We both full of shit.

You full of shit.

I'm gonna kick your ass.

Don't nobody do that but me.

You want me to kick your ass,
don't you?

You must take me to see
Consul Han right away.

Just sit there and shut up.
This ain't no democracy.

-Yes, it is.
-No, it ain't.

This is the United States
of James Carter now.

I'm the president,
I'm the emperor, I'm the king.

I'm Michael Jackson, you Tito.

Your ass belong to me.

Why would they not want my help?

'Cause they don't give a damn
about you.

They don't like you.
I don't like you.

I don't care.
I'm here for the girl.

The girl don't like you.
Nobody likes you.

You came all the way
over here for nothing.

You ain't gonna be--

Beach Boys.

Oh, hell, no.

You didn't just touch
my goddamn radio.

The Beach Boys
are great American music.

The Beach Boys'll get you
a great ass-whoopin'.

Don't you ever touch
a black man's radio, boy.

You can do that in China...

but you'll get your ass
killed out here.

Let me show you real music.

That's real music.
You hear that?

Now can you do that
to the Beach Boys?

Hell no!

I must get to the consulate.
What are we doing here?

It's called a shakedown.
Very serious police work.

Just watch me handle my business
and patrol this place.

I want to help
with the investigation.

This is my case.

Your case?
Look, you can back me up.

When we get in here,
follow my lead and do what I do.

What's up, my nigger?

What's up?

Is this weed?


You got a prescription for this?
Where is it?

Where is it?



Where? Where?

-I should take your ass to jail.
-For what?

For what? Look at this!

-That's nothing but a cigarette.
-This ciga-weed!

Well, it look like cigarette.

-You better have glaucoma.
-I do.

What's up, my nigger?

Hey, check that, baby.

What's happening, Carter?

Put the guns down!

M.C. Hammer there,
put the goddamn gun down.

Now, I got some questions,
and I need some answers.

Put 'em down.

Where the girl?
The little girl.

-What little girl?
-The little Chinese girl.

I don't know nothin'
about no Chinese girl.

Don't act like you don't know.

I'll take your asses in
if I don't get answers.

Carter, put the gun down.

Don't act like you know me.
You don't know me.

I see what's going on here.

Y'all trying to play me
like a fool.

Lee, go outside real quick.

It's gonna get
a little dangerous in here.

I may have ques--

Lee, go and wait by the bar.

Remember what I told you?
Back me up.

I'll take care of everything.

You're sure?

I'm sure. Go on now.

Go on!

Think I'm playing?

Hurry up!

Come here.

Don't come in my business
scaring me like that.

I was just playin'.
Man, give me a hug.

Just schoolin' the rookie,
showing him the ropes.

Why you didn't
come to church Sunday?

I had some things
to take care of.

But I made the night service.

Yeah. Come here,
I wanna holler at you.

What's up?

Who's this guy buying up
these explosives and weapons?

I don't know nothing
about that.

Luke, I know what you do.

The only reason
why I ain't busted your ass...

'cause you my cousin,
and it'd kill Aunt Bootsy.

Why you gonna put
Aunt Bootsy in this?

Luke, I ain't playin'.

I know she got a bad heart,
but I will bust your ass.

Tell me something.

The word down in Chinatown is
there's this new dude in town.

Bad-ass dude outta Hong Kong
buying up every goddamn thing.

What's his name?

Don't know.
He ain't buying shit from me.

-You don't know his name?

Don't nobody know his name.

What's up, my nigger?

What did you just say?

What's up, my nigger?

Come here!
You better watch your mouth!

What you say, boy?

I don't want trouble.


I said I don't want trouble.

That's bad for you.

-Where the little girl at?
-What little girl?

You know what girl
I'm talking about.

Man, you better take
your goddamn hands off my suit.

Your mama bought me this
for Christmas.

This is my favorite suit.

I'll see you Thanksgiving.
Appreciate it.

Get your big
Happy-Meal ass over!

Get over in the corner!

I'm still the law around here!

Next time I come here,
y'all better clean this up!

And brush your teeth!

Let's go.

-What are we doing here?
-I'm getting something to eat.

You want anything,
like a Cup O'Noodles?

Carter, stop wasting my time.
I made a promise to Soo Yung.

You're right.
I have been wasting your time.

I'm sorry. Just let me
go get something to eat.

When I come back out, I'll take
you wherever you want to go.

Shake on it?

Hey, what are you doing?

You ain't the only one
with quick hands, are you?

I'll be right back.

Hey, man, I got you
a beef-and-bean burrito.

We have a taxicab approaching.

A man stepping out--Asian.
About 5'10".

We've got someone
approaching the gate.

Dropped off by a cab.

Tell them to intercept.


We will intercept.

Can I help you?

-Yes. I must see the consul.
-About what?

Please, it's very important.

Why don't you tell us
why you need to see the consul?

We'll tell you
whether it's important.

Do you have identification?

It's about his daughter
Soo Yung.

Hands above your head!

He asked about
the consul's daughter.

He asked about the daughter.

You don't understand.
I was invited.

Don't move! Throw your gun away.

-He's gonna kill them.
-Is everything all right?

You'll be safer
on the second floor.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about this.

He went over.

Let's go!

He's on the grounds! Come on!

Stay away from the window,

Right here.

Get down! Now!

Don't move!

I think there has been
a misunderstanding.

It's all right. It's OK.

It's him. The guy from China.


Come in, please.

Mr. Russ, I would like you
to meet Detective inspector Lee.

Excuse me very much.

Your gun.

Where the hell is Carter?

Then I gotta put up with this.

Seen a little Asian dude
about this height...

with a steering wheel
on his arm?

Go screw yourself.

What you say?

I said go screw yourself.

You take your sensitive ass
up there and let me in!

Don't make me get up
out of this truck!

Let this putz in.

Man, when I get up in here,
I'm slapping somebody.

What happened, Carter?

I ain't supposed to be
jumping on buses!

I do not do that!
I am not Carl Lewis!

Who is this man?

Sir, I can explain.

Agent Carter has been helping
with my investigation.

He's upset that we have not
done our job.

Me and Lee are taking care
of the situation.

We have everything
under control.

We'll get your daughter back
safe and sound.

He is very passionate
about finding your daughter.

Well, I owe you my gratitude.

We wanted Detective Lee to have
one of our best men by his side.

Agent Russ,
maybe this is a good time...

to tell him
the details of my assignment.

Can I speak to you
for a moment?

You wanna speak to me?
For a moment?

In private?

Oh, I see!
This must be G-14 classified.

FBI-type stuff.

Let me call my captain
and let him know what going on.

We'll talk in a second.
When a G-14 comes around.

Who's this? Hello?

Am I speaking with FBI?

-Give me the phone.
-Yeah, this is the FBI.

You are FBI?

Yeah, this is the FBI.

If you want the girl back alive,
listen and do not talk.

OK, I'm listening.
Let me get a pen.

All right. Cool.

The drop will be made tonight.
11:00 p.m.

The amount will be $50 million.

Fifty million dollars?

Who you think you kidnapped,
Chelsea Clinton?

Keep him talking.

In used currency.
Nothing bigger than a 50.

All right. Cool.
Fifty million. No problem.

I want 20 million in 50s...

Twenty million in 50s.

Twenty million in 20s...

Twenty million in 20s.

And 10 million in 10s.

Ten million in 10s.

You want any fries with that?

What is your name?

You called us.
Why you want to know my name?

I just want to be able to tell
the consul who is responsible...

for his daughter's death
because he talk too much.

All right, hold up. Calm down.

I'm trying to hook you up.
I'm on your side.

You will receive instructions
for the drop...

half an hour
before it is to be made.

If it is successful,
the girl will live.

I'm gonna make sure
you get the money...

and we can spend it
together when you do...

'cause I don't even
really work for them.

We got it.
620 South Broadway. Downtown.

Team one, proceed down 6th
to 6th and Broadway.

Team two, I want you around
the back on 4th and Main.

Set up a perimeter.

Take your team and cover
the building floor by floor...

all the way to the top. Move.

Two men around back.

They must not go
into the building.

Yeah, you right.
Let's go tell them. Come on.

Take positions on the corner.

Mr. Russ, you must pull
your men back.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Where's Carter?

Please, listen to me.

You may be very competent,
but the mere fact...

that you know this girl
compromises your judgment.

Sir, if you were asking
for $50 million dollars...

would you be in a place
like that?

Get this clown away from me.

Take a hike!

Hey, man.

Why were you hiding?

What you talking about?
I wasn't hiding.

You were hiding.

I bent down to tie my shoe.

Sir, the area is secured.

Room's empty.

Damn it!

Everybody pull back!


Get some paramedics
down here now!

Evacuate the building
right away!

Get fire crews here!

We got an explosion
at 6th and Broadway.

That ain't far enough, man!

I ain't Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!
Push it down some more!

Carter, don't come any--Stop!

What the hell you--

I think I done broke my shit.

Who was that you was chasing?

His name is Sang from Hong Kong.
Because of you he got away.

Why you ain't tell me
about the bridge?

-I did.
-No, you didn't.

I said stop.

I don't understand
what you be saying.


You see what I'm saying?

What's this in your hand?

He dropped it.

Oh, shit.

-Come on.
-Where are we going?

I messed up my suit.

Fifteen seconds.

Make a decision.

Oh, shit!

Did I come at a bad time?

I got bad news for you, Johnson.
We're all dead.

I was distracted, sir.

Distractions can occur
in the field.

That's why
we call this practice.

If you can't handle
the pressure, then quit.

Yes, sir.

Man, give her a break.
Don't worry about him.

How you doing, girl?
Give me some love.

Why are you tormenting me?

That any way to treat
an old friend?

I came to see how you was doing,
and I need some help.


I know that you have
strong feelings for me...

but we gotta put that aside.

It's a little girl's life
at stake here.

Since when do care about anybody
but yourself?

Please just take a look at this.

We found this on a kidnapper.
Tell me what this is.

You want me to work with you?
I don't have time for this.

I got enough shit to deal with.

Who are you?

-Sorry we got you in trouble.
-Yeah, he's sorry.

Tell me something
about this I don't know.

A remote. Could be nitro cap,
could be cross-delayed...

definitely not homemade,
definitely not American.

It could open up a garage door,
or blow up some C-4.


Yeah, C-4.

This means so much to me.

Hey, and I'm sorry about
spreading all those rumors...

on Christmas about us
sleeping together.


He's just joking.

Hey, Bobby, what's up, man?

-I need to see Clive Cod.
-No way, Carter.

It's lights out.
They're locked down.

You want me to lose my job?

I got you this damn job.
You better let me in here.

Can't do it.

Didn't I turn my back when
you bought that bag of weed?

I was splitting it with you.

Didn't I give you
the bigger half?

Do me this favor.

Shit. You got five minutes.

Hey, Cod.

Your two brothers
are here to see you.

Clive, how you doing, man?

You got a lot of balls,
coming here.

I was just around the way.
Figured you would be bored.

I came to see how you was doing.

What the hell do you want?

I just came to bring you a gift.

I know you got time to kill.
I brought you a toy.

-I don't want that.
-You don't?

Somebody told me
you like this stuff.

I don't like stuff like that.
I don't even know what it is.

You never sold this to nobody?

How could l,
when I don't know what it is?

-Hold it.
-I don't want to hold it.

-Just touch it.
-I don't want to touch it.

-You scared of it?
-You think I'm stupid?

Stupid enough to get busted.

You want my fingerprints
so you can frame me.

Why would I do something
like that?

Think I would try
tricking you again?

I don't have to frame you.

You'll do life
for killing the little girl.

I don't know anything
about a little girl.

That ain't
what I'll tell everybody.

I don't know anything.

I got a big mouth, Clive.

Let me tell you something.

I don't know anything,
so you can kiss my fat ass.

It'd take me all day
to kiss your fat ass.

You want some of this?

I'll give you all you want.

Give me a name.

I ain't telling you shit.

She's only 11 years old.

I don't want her to die.

Look at the picture.

I don't care about him or you.

I care about the little girl.

Give me the name.

The guy's name is Juntao.

I never seen him.

Where can I find him?

Foo Chow Restaurant.

Foo Chow Restaurant?

Get rid of this guy.
He'll get you killed.

Clive, thank you, man.
I'm gonna come back.

I'm gonna bring your fat ass
some cookies.

That's it right there.

What are we waiting for?

We scoping the place out, man.
Ain't gonna run up in there.

That's how you get shot.

I'm falling asleep.

Hunh yeah.

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Sing it again, you all.

War, hunh, yeah.

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Sing it again, you all.

War, hunh, yeah.

What is it good for?

You don't know nothing
about no war.

Everybody knows war.

Hunh, yeah.

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Good God, you all.

It ain't you all, it's y'all.

Man, you sound
like a karate movie. Y'all!

Say it from right here
with some soul. Y'all.

Let me show your goofy ass
how to do this.

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Come on.

War, hunh, yeah.

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Listen to me.

War, hunh.

Come on, come on.

Do that again.

Do it again. Like this?

One will be inserted
into the suitcase.

The other will be on you.
Now when you make the drop--

Do we have it?

All right, pick it up.

You have what I asked for?

I do.

I hope now you realize
how serious I am.

Take the money to the alley...

behind the Foo Chow Restaurant
in Chinatown.

You have 29 minutes left.

Damn, Chen,
this is some greasy shit.

You ain't got no better food...

Like some chicken wings,
some baby back ribs...

some fries or something?

Chinese food, no soul food here.

I didn't say soul food.
I said better food.

I don't want that greasy shit.

How you gonna sell
a big box of grease?

I'm chilly a what?

Come on.

I'm no punk bitch.

I ain't no punk bitch neither.

-I'm no punk bitch.
-I'll knock your hat off.

Come on.

Man, what you got me eating?

That's eel.

Is it good?

Very good.

What you got?

Camel's hump.


Camel's hump.

Kinda good.

Need a little hot sauce,
but it's kinda good, though.

-We still waiting?

How we gonna get Juntao?

How we know he exists?
Ain't nobody seen him.

I know. He killed my partner.

I'm sorry about that, man.

That's one reason
I don't have no partner.

That's one thing
I learned from my daddy.

Your daddy was a policeman?

Fifteen years LAPD.

My father was also a policeman.

Your daddy was a cop?

Not a cop, an officer.

A legend all over Hong Kong.

My daddy a legend, too.
All over America.

My daddy once arrested 15 people
in one night by himself.

My daddy arrest 25 by himself.

My daddy
saved five crackheads...

from a burning building
by himself.

My daddy once caught a bullet
with his bare hands.

My daddy'll kick
your daddy's ass...

all the way from here
to China...

or Japan or wherever you from.

All up that Great Wall, too.

-Don't talk about my father.
-Don't talk about my daddy.

Hey, that your boy?

Yes. Let's go.

I better go in first.
Ain't nobody gonna recognize me.

I'll wait five minutes.

Hey, you take my ID.

If anything go wrong,
you bust in like you're LAPD.

This won't work. I'm not 6'1".

Yes, it will work.
It's all about attitude.

Flip it open, flip it closed.

Do it fast. Open, close. Fast.

You'll get it. Look.

Take this.

Hey, man, act like
you're from out of town.

I am from out of town.

Don't act like a cop.
Act like a tourist.

Don't be so obvious. All right.

OK, no problem.

-How you doing?

-For one?
-No, for two.

I'm here for a meeting
with Mr. Juntao.

I'm sorry,
I don't know Mr. Juntao.

Maybe you don't understand.

I'm Mr. Juntao's lawyer.
Legal advisor.

He got into some shit again.
I'm a very busy man.

I ain't got time
to be coming down here.

My wife wants me to come home,
baby's shitting all over.

Would you please get Mr. Juntao?

But I have already told you
I don't know--

You think I came here
for nothing?

You gonna give me gas money?

You got $5.00 on you?

Would you please go tell
Mr. Juntao to get his ass here?

Thank you.

Can I sit right here?

Right here? Thank you.

-Y'all got any eel?


How's your camel hump?

Excuse me?

Where is Roscoe's
Chicken and Waffles?

This way?

I'm sorry.
I'm from out of town.

Thank you.


What's that?

No, wait.

Get the girl out of here.

Make sure those two don't leave.

Juntao will see you.

It's about time.

Stop it!

Let me go!

This is tight.
Ain't nothing like downstairs.

Y'all got it going--

What's up, man?
What y'all watching?

Where Juntao at?

Why y'all so quiet?

That was childish, man.

That wasn't even called for!

Now I came down here
to see Juntao...

'cause he told me
to come down here...

'cause I'm his half-brother
from Beijing.

Me and him got the same mama.
I'm Blackinese.

We all the same. Whoa.
Wait a minute.

OK, you gonna kill me?

OK, put the gun down,
fight me like a man.

That's right,
fight me like a man. Shit!

Anybody can shoot somebody.
That's what I'm talking about.

Back. Give me some room.

You don't know
who you messing with.

I'm gonna knock that yellow--

Which one of y'all kicked me?


OK. All right.

Hold on. Let's talk about this.

Let's talk about this, man.

No, no. What that mean?

Hey, man,
this is a misunderstanding.

Come on, let's pray about this.

FBI, huh?

No, I ain't FBI.

I'm a security guard,
I work at the mall.

Now wipe yourself off.

You're bleeding.

Oh, hell naw.

He just playing, man.
He ain't mean that.

He meant cut me loose.
Let me go.

No, no!


What you doing?

Watch out!

Behind you.


We kicked y'all ass.

All y'all.

Y'all got your ass kicked.

Oh, shit.

Hey, man!

I'm gonna kill your ass.

Lee! Over here, man!

Move! Move!

Is that my gun?

-It is my gun.
-Let's go.

Why you gotta drop
the goddamn badge?

Then you threw the gun
out the window.

Come on, this way.

I got everything under control.
Don't worry about nothing.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

It's cool.

Why am I not surprised
to find you here, Carter?

Dan, I want these two back
at the consulate immediately.

Let's take a ride, gentlemen.

You better get your hand off me.
Hey, man, he with me.

Just let me explain.
I'll start from the top.

We were making the drop.
Han was about to get her back...

and you two screwed it up.

What you talking about?
Didn't you hear what Lee said?

Mr. Lee is on his way
to Hong Kong.

Now get out of here
before I file...

obstruction of justice charges
against you.

We was about to solve the case.
All we need to do--

You're no longer
on this assignment, Carter.

Case closed.

-Consul Han!
-Sorry, sir.

It was all my fault.

Lee would never do anything to
jeopardize your daughter's life.

He loves your daughter.

It's a little too late
for apologies. have a call.

We're ready.

OK, pick it up.

The ransom is now 70 million.
I will call with instructions.

You deliver the money or pick up
the body of your daughter.

Please. You must understand.
What happened tonight was not--

Soo Yung, please tell them
I will do whatever--

Sorry, man.

Be sorry for Soo Yung.

No hard leads.


Listen, we're doing
all we can here, all right?

Tracing everything that's coming
into this compound.

Excuse me, Consul.
You have a guest.

Jack, let me get back to you.


I'm sorry, my friend.

I couldn't stand by
and do nothing.

Hey! What's up, baby?

Man, you got guts calling me.
I'm gonna hang up.

Hey, wait a minute.

Don't hang up.
Look, you know what?

You was right about me,
all right? I'm sorry.

-Are you on drugs?
-You was right.

I was egotistic.
I was inconsiderate.

-I was self-centered.

I ain't used to working
with partners...

but it ain't about me.
It's the little girl.

She gonna die without our help.

You understand what I'm saying?

Not yet, but keep talking.

I think something big going down
tonight, all right?

I need to know
where the consul's gonna be.

You think you can help me?

I'll see what I can do.

No. I don't need you to see.
I need you to do it.

Can you do it?

OK, Carter.

-All right, one other thing.

What color panties you got on?

Consul Han, I want you to go...

to the Chinese expo
as you planned.

Have the money
in the upstairs control room.

Be sure to make no more mistake.

I understand, but I want
to speak with my daughter!

Excuse me, miss.
Who's the captain on this plane?

Look, it don't even matter.
You need to go up there...

tell the captain we got
a problem on the left side.

Something wrong with the engine.
You need a new alternator.

My supervisor said,
"Willy, go on down there...

"and fix that plane.
Put the alternator on.

"Don't let it leave
till I come down there."

I suggest you tell
the proper authorities...

not to move this plane
before the FAA comes here...

and we all in some shit. Go on!

What are you doing here?

Now get your ass up.
We got work to do.

Go away. I've disgraced myself.

Lee, what about the little girl?

Leave me alone. A man like you
could never understand.

-A man like me?
-Devoted only to yourself.

You're ashamed of being
a police officer.

You dishonor your father's name.

You don't know nothing
about my father.

You say your father is a legend.

My father was a legend.

He was killed making a routine
traffic stop in daylight...

by some punk
who didn't want no ticket...

when his partner supposed
to get out of the car...

and back him up, he didn't.

My father was as devoted as you,
and now he's dead.

And for what?
A traffic ticket and some punk?

You tell me,
what's the honor in that?

You believe your father
wasted his life...

died for nothing?

Prove me wrong.

For 15 years until China
resumed control of Hong Kong...

Juntao was the most powerful
crime lord in Southeast Asia.

The British tried to close down
his operation, but we failed.

But why the consul's daughter?

Detective inspector Lee
helped me raid...

every known asset
of Juntao's operation.

We confiscated millions
in weapons and cash...

and a collection of Chinese art
unsurpassed in the world.

Then Juntao disappeared.
No witnesses.

Do you really think
he'll kill the girl?

My advice to you is...
pay the money.

Consul, I'm going upstairs
to make the drop.

I want you to remain calm
as if nothing's wrong...

and don't leave Agent Whitney's
side even for a moment.

I understand.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

I'm am Consul Han.

On behalf of the People's
Republic of China...

thank you for coming.

I am pleased to present...

5,000 years of Chinese history
and heritage...

a collection which,
until recently...

was thought to be lost forever.

This some nice shit.

That Buddha'd go good
in my bathroom.

Hey. This is the history
of my country....

priceless pieces
of Chinese culture.

If anything gets damaged...

Ain't nothing gonna happen
to none of this stuff.

And now we can pass them on
to our children.

Pardon me.

I seen that guy
at that Chinese restaurant.

Consul Han has been fighting flu
for the past few days...

so perhaps I should finish
what he started.

The first thing we gotta do
is clear out this riffraff.

If anybody stay behind,
they got something to lose.

Wait right here.
I'll be right back.

...future between
our two countries.

The more we see
the differences...


And similarities--

Excuse me,
ladies and gentlemen!

Goddamn it.

I'm Detective Carter
from the LAPD!

Russ, we got Carter down here.

What the hell's going on
down there?

We have just received
a threat on the building.

We ask that you please exit
the building...

as soon as possible,
and please do not panic.

Didn't you hear what I said?
Get your shit and go out!

Get the hell out!
There's a bomb in the building!

I don't believe this.
Agents, hold your positions!

Everybody take care,
but hold your positions.

What's going on?

Get your old ass
out the building!

Lady, put the glass down
and get out of here!

Woman, the exit over there.
Gonna get your head blowed off!

Come on, come on!

Titty, titty, titty.
Get them titties outta here.

Will somebody grab Carter?

Consul Han, six blocks of C-4
are wired to your daughter...

in a car outside.

Before the changeover,
most of this exhibition...

was in the hands
of a single private collector...


I worked most of my life
to acquire and catalog...

these priceless pieces
that you see before you.

And then, in one fell swoop...

it was taken away from me.

But tonight,
I shall be paid in full.

Don't move!

She dies if I press this button.

Just be patient.

My transportation
will be here shortly.

Stay calm.

I was just gonna tell you
you was in a red zone.

There's cops all over--

You didn't know I could do that.
Put your hands up!

I ain't gonna kill you
this time.

I'm just gonna kick your ass!

You tell your friends about me.

Hey, how you doing?

We've been looking for you.

I'm Detective Carter
from the LAPD.

Everything is OK now.
I'll take you to your daddy.

And first thing I'm gonna do
is take this vest off you.

Don't touch it!

I think it'll be safer
if we take it off.

No. I heard them say
it will explode.

I think it'll be safer
if we leave it on, OK?

Don't--don't move.

Where are you?

Don't move!

Hold your positions, goddamn it!

Do not draw your weapons.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I think we'll call that
an evening.

Thank you and good night.

I got something for you!

Got something you want.

I got your bomb right here.

Want to blow something up?

Come on.

Push the button. Come on.

Push the button.

-What are you doing?
-Play along.

Come on, push the button.

Yeah, come on, push the button.

Blow everybody up.

Yeah, blow everybody up!

Push the goddamn button!

You heard what she said.

You got everybody excited about
something being blowed up...

and look at your
little punk British ass.

Come on! Push the button!

Deal with it, please.

Where you going?

Cover the consul!

It's OK. She's a professional.

You must take the vest off.

Just give me a second.

There's a trigger on this vest.

It'll blow if I take it off.

Haven't you done this before?

It's a little different
in the practice room.

Everybody take cover.

We need more men down here.

Say again. Dan, do you read--

Need some help down here,
damn it!

Roses are red...

violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet...

and so are you.

The remote can still set it off.

Get rid of it.

-She OK?

I know that ain't the bomb!

Get that bomb away from me!

Take the bomb outside!

Yeah, take it over to Juntao.

You go that way,
I go that way. Go!

Don't shoot!


Where are you going?

Meet me on the roof.


Don't move, man!

Yeah, I been looking for your
sweet-and-sour chicken ass.

Your boys ain't here now.
You all alone.

I kill him.

Go ahead. I don't even like him.

Put your gun down.

Fight like a man.

What you say?

Fight like a man.

Fight like a man?

All right,
I'm gonna kick your ass.

Then I'm gonna
take your ass to jail.

All right, come on,
put the gun down...

same time.

Wipe yourself off, man.
You're dead.

Thank you, God.

Oh, shit.

You know he dead.

Help! Do something!

Hey, be cool, man!

Hang on!

I can't hold on anymore!

Hang on for about an hour.
I'm gonna get the ambulance.

-What are you doing?
-I'll be right back.

-I was just playing.

Do something!

I can't hold on anymore!

Oh, shit!

Thank you! Thank you!

-What the hell you doing?
-I was just being polite.

Well, next time,
be polite to my nuts.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.


Are you all right?

I'm fine.

-I owe you everything.
-Only your friendship.

Look who's here.

What took you so long?

I think this belongs to you.

I think you should come with me.

Get on the plane
when you get off work.

You fly for free.

I'm just trying
to expand my horizons.

Travel a little bit.
See the world.

I'm through with y'all, man.
I'm going on vacation.

Now, hold on there.
We were just coming by...

to tell you what a great job
you did yesterday.

And when you come back...

there's gonna be
an FBI badge waiting for you.

You serious?

-Come on, don't be playing.

I don't know what to say.
It's like a dream come true.

I got an idea, though.

Why don't y'all
take that badge...

and shove it up your ass?

All up in your ass. I'm LAPD.


First class. I like this.
This is tight.

Can I take your jacket, sir?

My jacket? No.
You can take this bag, though.

How you doing? What's up?

What's up, man?

-You ready to go?

May I offer you some peanuts?

You never told me
you spoke Chinese.

I never told you I didn't.
You assumed I didn't.

This is cool. Han's letting me
go to Hong Kong with you.

I ain't been on no vacation
in five years?

We can hang in my crib.
I will show you my hood.

No, you can show me a couple
of them Chinese girls.

I want a massage.
I'm gonna get buck wild.

No police work for two weeks?
How long this flight?

-Fifteen hours.
-Fifteen hours?

What are we gonna do
for 15 hours?


Oh, hell, no! Stewardess!

What is it good for?

Stewardess, get me another seat!

Nothing...Listen to me, y'all!



It broke.

Don't move! Don't smile!

What is this shit
about your daughter?

Fifty million dollars?

Who you think you got,
Kelsey Clinton?

Fifty million dollars?

Who you think you got,
Kelsey--What's the line?

Fifty million dollars?

Who you think you got--
Is it Chelsea or Kelsey?

Fifty million dollars?

Who you think you got,
Chelsea Carter?

Fifty million dollars?

Who you think you got,
Chelsea Grammer--Chelsea--

Who do you think you got,
Chelsea Clinton?

Fifty million dollars?

Who you think you got,
Chelsea Clinton?

Keep him talking--

Cut! Go back to the beginning.

Was that it, Chelsea--
Did I get it?


All right, let me
see your badge, buddy!

No joke! Show your ass!

Show your ass? Y'all scared--


You know that other stuff,
but don't know his name?

Man, people tell me shit.

What's wrong with you?

My daddy once caught--
catch a bullet--

caught a bullet--
catch a bullet--

caught a bullet.

My daddy one caught a bullet
by his bare hand.

No bullshit.

What's the honor in that?

You believe your father
wasting his life...

They must not--

You're right, man.
Let's go tell them.

Anything goes wrong...

you bust in there,
act like you're LA--

He cannot speak English.

Man, this is cool.
Han sending us to Hong Kong.

What's that line?

May I offer you some peanuts?

See, how difficult is that?
My English?

He even cannot say three words,

You need some lunch?

I got it before, Jackie.

See? Now you know
how difficult I am.

Look at Jackie.