Rus iznachalnaya (1986) - full transcript

The story is about Goddess that became as legendary as the sex symbol of Soviet Union.


Episode two.

I'm Chemota, from the Vyatichi,
I've brought 100 men.

Chemota, you'll stay at the ford.

Goroboi sent us.
We are 50 men.

Glory to knyaz Goroboi.

- Cross the Ros'-River.
- Roger, captain.

Out of 10 clans only 6 gave warriors.

Vseslav, Muzhilo didn't send anyone.

A backstabbing from our own kind,

like from strangers.

Kolob from the patrol.

Did you count?


I could go crazy counting them all.

About 1500

and this one.

How many are you?

What are your plans?

Malkh, ask him.

Heat the spear.

Three khans are leading
the nomad army to Ros'.

Khan Sunika Ermiya,

khan Egan Saol

and khan Shamoel Zarol.

Pride to our brothers,

who have come to share
the bloody harvest with us.

Shame on the knyazs and captains,

who didn't send warriors.

Our grandfathers and fathers
bequeathed brave acts to us.

Let us stay strong and not
surrender to the Khazars!

Let them damn their God,

because he lead them to the Ross lands!

- Ros'!
- Ros'!



Take and read it.


Translate, it's written in Khazarian.

If you, Ross khan,

can resist our army,

fight us.

If you think you're weaker,

come to us for negotiations,

to your lord,
with water in hands,

in a sign of obedience and submission.



Har, har, har!

Take our answer to your khan.

Rus gave gifts worthy of you,
great khan.

Strange gifts.

What's happening with the Slavs?

Find out!

Great khan!

They're conjuring their horses before battle.

Rus looks at us with contempt.

And these strange gifts.

Something is wrong.

They're not afraid of us,
and are planning something.

We won't start today.

The enemy leaves us its
land and water.

The mouse lives in the earth.

The frog in the water.

And the bird - like a horse.

And the arrows?

They're putting down their weapons.

These gifts have another meaning.

They want us to fly away like a bird,

hide in the earth like a mouse,

hide in the water like a frog.


these arrows will kill us.

Egan Saol!

You'll cross the river near
the hill of our camp.

Shamoel Zaraol!

You'll cross the river on lower land,
and strike from the back.

And I'll

be staying here.

What do you have?

Three divisions of Khazars stand before us.

I can see it by the smoke.

Three divisions,

or one,

doesn't make a difference.

Vseslav ordered you,

from young to old,

to flee into the forest.

Don't expect any help.
Not all knyazs gave warriors.

We are few.

Leave the city.




My love.

My love.

Where is mother?

Somewhere around here.


Flee into the forest.


No, wait!

Let me remember you.

Go, be quick.

You'll die if they find you alone.

My dear!

Take care, my dear!

I pledge to you.

If we die, take a new wife.

Who will go into the woods?

This land

is ours.

It's not the Ross way

to flee from every problem
into woods and swamps.

A big disaster is coming.

But we mustn't allow our
houses to be abused.

We have to defend the city together.

I believe, good people,

Vseslav will come to help us.


Then, it's decided.

I need to weed the area between the Gods.

But there's no time.
The Khazars are coming.

I'll show you!
Why didn't you see it coming?!

Old man.

You're arguing with Svarog.

Aren't you afraid?

He is the father of us all.

And relatives can have
a quarrel sometimes.

We have to

secure the tables and
the clans' history.


Yesterday, knyaz Goroboi

resigned from his post.


from his post:

"I don't want," - he is saying, -
"to ruin my clan...

with my helpless old age...

Let the young ones...

learn how to stand for the clan".

For the clan... Finished?


There is 1/3 of the Khazarian army,
the others can't be seen around.

Vseslav, the Khazars crossed the Ros' River.

Below the Ilvichian border.

They're also crossing the
river on the other side.

They want to fight us divided.

We haven't the strength to start the war.

The Khazars are over 3000.

We have six times fewer warriors.


We'll save the small strength
to break the big one.

We retreat as planned!

We retreat!

The Rossichs are running without fighting.

I would have acted the same after
encountering a great strength.

That Rossich-khan wants to save
his warriors behind the wooden wall.

We won't hurry.

The Slavs have no strength.

Khan Shamoel Zarol and Egan Saol

will conquer their cities and come back.

Then we'll attack the troops together.

Hear my order.

You, Ratibor, take half ot the army at night

and intercept the khan,
that is going to your city.

You, Pavich,

make many fires near the walls.

We have to keep the Khazars here.

Let the khan think, that here hides

the whole Ross army.


We lost the path.

Be quiet. Silence!

After me.

Malusha. Malusha.

Quickly, hide the tables and
take away the horse.

Quickly. Do it.

He spoiled the sacred place.

Perun, punish him with your thunderbolts.

Pray, old man.

Burn everything down!

Burn the Ross Gods!

Mlava, run to my house and hide there.

My khan, we're ready for the
assalt of the Slavic fortress.

The whole Rus army is
behind the wooden walls.

All of them?

Yes, my khan.

Help, people! Help!

Khazarian bastards!

Neighbor, make it quick.


Mother, I won't go without you.

Mother, save yourself!

I'm staying.


You heard me. Go, my dear, go!

Save my grandchild.

Quickly, quickly.

Quiet, sonny, quiet.

If we barricaded good,
then they won't hear us.

And if badly, then
they'll find us anyway.


What was that?

The burnt house fell down.

- That's it.
- Everything collapsed.

Now we can't get out of here.

No, no, I won't go!

Don't touch me!
Let me go!

Lada, save me!

Mama! Mama!

We have to get out.

We'll die here.

We'll choke.

You think, we should go out?


Into the city, to the Khazars?


Through the side.

Don't cry, good boy.

Rus! Rus! Rus!


- Take your weapons!
- The horses!

Give me a horse!

While khan is planning,

I'll go and help Ratibor.

You are the new captain here.

Torop! Catch the khan!

Ratibor! Cover me!

- I want to drink!
- Water!


All of them sleep.

She's also sleeping.

Get up, Milava, get up.

Let's go gather flowers.


Nasty beast!

- Let me go!
- Lyubava.

Let me go!

- Lyubava, it's me.
- The earth is burning!

The sky is crying!
Let go.

Show the khan

and the famous Khazars our honour
through disconnection.


That's it.

That's it.

All in vain.

I can't anymore.

- We won't make it.
- Be quiet, stupid.

We saved the Ross children

from the Khazarian arrows.

The clan lives.

Be quiet.


Don't let the khan escape!

We are going back!

They died. Khan Shamoel Zaroel

and all of his warriors.

That's all.

The all died?

All, my khan.

You're lying.


You ran from the first waving
of the Ross sabre.

I'm not lying.


The Khazars are ready to attack,

but, it seems, they're leaving.



- Urus! Hey, urus!
- Hey, urus!

The khan has come out.

Come to us.

- They are unarmed.
- Come out!


Malkh, you're coming with us.

Come, come!

Let's hear what they have to say.

My khan, powerful and glourious,

of the clan Sunika Ermiya,

wants to speak to you.

I, Sunik Ermiya,

want to return to the steppe.

I'm have no anger towards you.

I didn't do evil to you.

And what did you make the ladders for?

I changed my mind.

You want to go without fighting?


We're happy to resolve everything peacefully.

Lay down your arms and
swear by your God,

that you,

your children, grandchildren,

won't ever come with
evil plans to this land.

One cannot live in the steppe without a weapon.

I don't know,

how the Gods will lead

my children and grandchildren.

Nothing happens without the will of God.

Did you attack us by your own will

or the will of your God?

We know,

not God, but the Romans sent

ambassadors to the Khazars.

We, Khazars, have contact with many.

We have contact with the Romans.

The one loses face, who
discloses the entrusted.

The other khans went from
the steppe into the forest

and, by the will of God, died there.

Your brothers died by our will,
not by the will of your God!

You attacked us!

Destroyed our cities, killed our people!

You burned down the images
of our Gods! Vseslav!

He doesn't swear, that
he won't come with evil.

I'll give you redemption.

The commanders of Basileus
give us redemtion,

and we go away peacefully.

There is no shame to it.

There is glory.

You use cunning, khan.


You came to fight.

We'll fight.

I'll do everything,

so that everyone of you

will remember and
tell the others:

"Don't go to Ros',

there lives the Khazarian death".


Khan still has strength.

We're equal in power,
one on one.

The steppe is dry.

- And the wind is on our side.
- Yarilo is helping us.


Go ahead before the Khazars,
keep a distance,

cover up the wells and water sources.

You, Ratibor, are going after the khan.

Don't go into close fight!

There are some rumors

about a knyaz Vseslav.

That Slav crushed our mercenaries,
the Khazars.

If he succeeds in uniting
the barbarians,

we won't be able to
control the north.

It's impossible to unite the barbarians.

I heard, that the Slavs don't
aknowledge any power.

And hate each other.


I plan to send

a reliable man

to the barbarians.

I hope he will be of use to us.

We're with you now,

With you!

- Glory to you!
- Glory to the winners!

- Glory to the winners!
- Glory! Glory!

The Khazars were screaming
before our cities,

they became wild of the
smell of our blood,

and they are gone.

And for that, glory to you!

Glory to you! Glory!



My beloved one!

It's alright.


Is your knyaz, Vseslav, at home?

And who are you?

I'm the messenger
of the Basileus,

I bring a message to your knyaz
from the imperator.

Let it be, you'll be hurt.


I like you, Vseslav.

After getting to know you,
I see in you qualities

of a great commander and ruler.

I'll say it straight.
In the empire,

weaklings longed for the
diadem of Basileus.

They took it.

The knyazs in Ros' aren't fair to you.

You crushed the Khazars,
freed your cities,

but you're a mere warrior,
not a knyaz.

You pity me, why?

- Because...
- Sit down.

Sit down.

Treat the guests.

So, the empire

offers to help me

or the Slavic kind?

We, Romans, are always ready

to help a good neighbor
to restore justice.

I thought, that you had enough
problems without us.

And Basileus, we heard, is more
interested in getting more gold.

And spreading indignation
among the neighbors.

- No.
- No, no.

The empire has always wanted a
good relationship with the Slavs.

Our merchants trade with you
from ancient times.

We're not friends with the Khazars.

I give you my word, it's the truth.

The Khazars are cruel and betraying.

And your name is well known now.

Basileus wants to hire your warriors.

We need some good warriors.

You'll be paid well.

You have my thanks.

For your friendship - my friendship.

We have our own problems.

Tell that to him.

I wish to drink wine with you.

For our friendship and
your glorious victory.

For the vicotry!

Accept it from the Basileus.

It's for you and your people.

By the words of the ancient pagans,
the God's favourites die early.

I wish you...


let the destiny bring us death
at the right time.

For the victories!

For the victories!

For the victories.

Take this cup.

As a sign of respect and love.

Expect news in winter,
big and surprising news.


Who are you?

I'm you.

Hasn't the sun risen yet?

No, Vseslav, not yet.

Why are you lying?

Get up.

Get up. Let's go.

You're a warrior.

Go. Your horse is waiting for you.


Our land raises warriors

not for revenge,
but for defense.

We'll take revenge for
the death of Vseslav!

We must resolve everything peacefully.

Not by splitting someones blood.

We mustn't forgive the evil!


We mustn't indulge the enemy!

The Romans may consider it our weakness.

The Romans' land is big,
but they come to us!

For the sake of our children
and grandchildren,

let the Romans see our measure!

I give you my men!

Me too.

- Lead us.
- Lead!

I appreciate your trust, knyazs.

If peace depends on the Roman ruler,

then we'll go to him.

You'll send a messenger at night.

Report: Slavs,
in the amount of 3000,

on horses,
crossed the border.

But they are much fewer.

The more of them, the
more victory will cost.

We'll get much gold, if we
can crush the barbarians.


We only need to hold them
back for 10 days.

The army of Velizariy will
arrive in 10 days.

Golub! Go and speak to
the barbarian leader.

You know what I'm talking about?

After me!

Make fires!


- 1200 crossed the river.
- Take care of the horses!

Look! They noticed us.

Be it plague or hunger, but the barbarians
won't enter the fortress.

Ratibor, we have a messenger.

I'm Rekilla Golub.

You crossed the sacred
border of the empire.

You'll see the sword of punishment.

We want to confirm, if you
can hold that sword.

Barbarian, you are probably
interested in gold?

Make yourself at home!

In ten days

you'll be rewarded.

For now I can only give
one coin to five men.

How many men did you
bring with you?


Not interested?

Know, that the sacred Justinianic
rage will burn your land,

and blood...

You recognised me, Golub?



Well, Ratibor, you should know,

that nobody has ever conquered these walls.

And there is no other way into the empire.

Tomorrow at noon

you'll open the gate

and let my warriors pass.

Otherwise we'll do it ourselves.

Everyone receives 10 golden
coins for the victory.

We'll crush these barbarians!


Nika! Nika! Nika!

The Roman said, that nobody
conquered these walls.

A problem.

Nobody except us.

It's high.

They don't expect us from the sea side.

Then I'll go that way.


I'll go.

Why not? Go.

Try to break through the gate.

I'll distract them.


How stupid!

They want to break through
the gate with those poles.



Savages without the knowledge of beauty.

Climb here, climb the wall.


Marksmen get ready!

Cavalry to the gate!



1200 went through the fortress and
are going to Constantinople.

We're waiting for you.

Let us alone.

We meet again.

You, servant of your empire,
sowed the seeds of hatred.

It's harvesting time.
You visited us,

this time we came.

Your victory... doesn't mean anything.

Pray before death,

it's your custom.

Remember the warrior Vseslav,
poisoned by you.

Have mercy.



How much do you want?

The empire is eternal,
it will crush you.

But I... can be of use...

to you!

With few men we are standing
before a big army.

Don't bring shame

to the Slavic land!

Our bones will rest here!

The dead don't feel any disgrace.

What's happening?

The barbarians have gone crazy.

They are getting...

ready for death.

We'll pay much for the victory
without finding glory in battle.

This is the will of the imperator.
Carry out the order!

Good. We begin.

Go and fight any of them.

Why me?

Then take the army

and bring victory.

This is not my duty.

And my duty is to keep the army

and its pride.

This group of barbarians is dangerous!



Divine, the army of...

Velizariy blocked the barbarians' way

and was ready to fight,

but a storm came.

The mercenaries started to grumble,

and Velizariy changed his decision...


Help him.


Velizariy may have thought, that

we, intelligent people,

don't need to test the craziness of people,

who are despaired in life.

This occurrence can lead
to similar actions.

Velizariy is a brave and experienced

but he may think, that our victory
lies in the

enemy's retreat.

We are dancing on the blade's edge.

But, if the barbarians break through,

they can get help from,
the slaves and citizens.

We're safe from the sea side.

The walls and towers are
being strengthened.

Divine, I don't think...

It's time to start.

What do you suggest?

We must take away their reason
to come to Constantinople.

Don't let them, by all means,
near the walls of our city.

Justinians relation to the nordic Slavs

lead to a storm,

that shaked the ground of the empire

to its highest top.

For several days, the armies
of Velizariy and the Slavs

were standing against each other,

without fighting.

Who is the Slavic knyaz?

Basileus Justinian is amazed at your
bravery, Slavic archon.

He's admiring you.

I'm ordered to give to you

a decree about peace and friendship.

Let's be friends, Rossich,

let's love each other

from the bottom of our hearts.

Let us prevent, that

someone from our subjects

would make evil deeds.

We'll try with all our strength,
at all times,

throughout centuries,

to keep love and peace with you,

confirmed by our oaths,

by our word,

and by this writing.

I'm also ordered to tell you,

that the empire doesn't want
to be at enmity with you.

And we're willing to pay a contribution

at the border.

The suggested


and the oath,

confirmed by this writing,

we accept.

We're going to Ros'!

Let the barbarians through!