Rurouni Kenshin: Requiem for the Ishin Patriots (1997) - full transcript

The war against the Tokugawa Shogunate ended years ago. But there are some who are not happy with the outcome. Takimi Shigure watched his friends and family get cut down in the name of freedom and prosperity. Now he and a band of desperate rebels have sworn to settle one final score. Only one man stands in their way: Kenshin Himura. But when Shigure discovers Kenshin's true identity as the Hitokiri Battosai, his fight becomes a personal vendetta.

During the Bakumatsu, there was
a man called the Battosai.

He was feared by all.

Western architecture and
gas lamps?

Get out of the way!

Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

No problem. No problem.

Just watch where you're going
from now on, Samurai boy.


Kenshin, this way!

You're going to get lost
if you don't watch out.

Don't get mad at him, Yahiko.

Kenshin's just happy he got
to ride the locomotive.

It's as incredible as I
thought it would be.

Why do they do this?

Traveling all the way to Yokohama
just to look at stupid buildings.

And on top of that they have
to travel by locomotive.

You're the one who was the most
excited about the train.

If you feel that way, you can pay
me back for the train tickets!

Yeah, well, anyway,

don't you think all of these
buildings look the same?

Yes, I guess so.

But Japan is changing,

and that's good.

Pretty impressive, wasn't it?

What the hell are you talking
about? That's just brute strength.

What did you say?

We're not monkeys.
We can use tools.

Don't go over there.
It's dangerous.

Stop that right now! You're making
trouble for everyone!

We came to this country to create
a little goodwill, but mostly

we just want to get friendly
with some of the ladies.

How about it? Nippon, Shogun,
Mount Fuji, Geisha.

You wanna get it on?

Please don't.

Let's have some fun.

Let's get to know each other
a little better, baby.

Let me go!

Do something about this.

Why don't you?


Stop this nonsense right now
or you will get hurt.

What's going on?

Who the hell are you?

This bastard wants
to ruin our party.

Toki, stand back.


Hurry up, miss!

Hey, don't go away mad!
Hurry up, miss!

Hey, don't go away mad!

Just joking! Just joking!

You'll understand it after
I explain it to you.

IF I explain it!

Did he use his sword?

I don't know. It happened so fast!

He's good.

That's what you get!

Bastard! Hey, guys, let's
take his head off!

He's a powerful man.

Yahiko, give me your
bamboo sword!

I want to help that man.

He won't need it.

If you think our customs
do not apply to you

because you are foreigners,
you are wrong.


Anyone ever tell you that
you talk too much?


Big mouth!

Big mouth!

Hey, up here! Bring your weapons
and come up here!

Look out! More foreigners!

Watch out!

You shouldn't use firearms
in a fight like this.

Kenshin, where's Kenshin?

Kenshin, did you cut him?

Of course not.

You know I can't slash
anyone with this sword.

Oh, right.

Stop it right now!

Kenshin, they might not like to
see a guy with a sword here.

You better run.

Hey, Samurai, you better
get out of here!

Toki, best if you hide too.
We will meet later.

Let's go.

Here, this way.

We're not done with you, bastard!

And I'm not done with you!

What's going on over there?

Noisy rats, why can't they let
us have a little more fun?
What's going on over there?

Noisy rats, why can't they let
us have a little more fun?

Well, what shall I do now?

I guess I'm caught between the
devil and the deep blue sea.

All right, I'll finish you off.
Come on, big boy!

Son of a bitch!

What the hell is this?

It's not my fault!

Shut up, you!

You wanna fight?

See you later.

Is your friend going
to be all right?

Sure, you don't have to worry
about Sanosuke at all.

You did a good job out there.

No, I didn't do anything.

You're too modest. So, why do you
carry a sword with a reverse edge?

You recognized it.

Years ago, I swore I would never
kill anyone, ever again.

I see.

The use of violence makes you
sick when you think about it.

Those who died during
the Bakumatsu

cannot see how the Meiji
government is rotten to the core.

If they could see it, they would
shed tears of anguish.

No, maybe they would
laugh at the irony.

The sky I saw then was so blue.

The sky must be high
and clear, right?


Well, I cannot leave Toki alone.

May I have your name?

Kenshin, my name is
Kenshin Himura.

I am Takimi Shigure.

Takimi Shigure?

I hope we meet again.

I would like that.

What do you want?

You're as gruff as always.

Look who's talking.

You didn't come to Yokohama
to see the sights, did you?

Let me give you some advice.

Stay away from that man.

Takimi Shigure, he's a
very dangerous man.

She's a beautiful woman,
isn't she?

She's so different from the
way some girls are.

Who do you mean by some girls?

Did you happen to get her name?

Of course.


Geez, you are both idiots!

Geez, you are both idiots!

The daughter of a Samurai
from what was the Aizu
Clan, her name's Toki.

Ms. Toki Takatsuki!

Did you say the Aizu Clan? I bet
she's had a rough life.

I don't think that means
the same thing to me.


What are you talking about? I just
mean she's had a tough life.

What are you talking about? I just
mean she's had a tough life.

No, I think you mean she's had a
hard life because she's so pretty.

Yeah, maybe so.

Takatsuki of the Aizu Clan...

You fools!

Boy, am I starving!
You fools!

Boy, am I starving!

Okay! Yokohama is a
city of foreigners,

and foreigners eat beef.

What kind of logic is that?

It's the reason Sanosuke came
to Yokohama with us, isn't it?

Damn right.

I see. But unlike the Akabeko, it's
harder to scam free meals here.

What am I going to do with you?

Don't take it that way. I'll pay you
back when we get home.

Come on, Yahiko, you were
going to ask her too.

Hey, I'm staying out of this.

Shut up!



What's the matter?

Are they dead?

No, I think they're
just unconscious.

Out of the way!

Whoa! Whoa!

Baron Tamono!

Kawai, report this to headquarters
on the double.

Yes, Sir.

Sakashita, report to the
nearest police station.

Yes, Sir.

First Troop, move forward.

Advance now, but do not fire
until I give the command. Go!

Second Troop, circle
the perimeter.

Yes, Sir.

All others, guard this place
and protect the civilians.

Yes, Sir.

It is very dangerous here.
Please stand back.

He's cool!

Form a double line!

Perfect! Withdraw
according to our plan.

Do not let them escape!
Pursue them!

After them! Do not
let them get away!

Well, we certainly saw a lot
of things today, didn't we?

Yokohama's a pretty
exciting place.

Let's see...

A steam train, Toki Takatsuki,
and I paid for your beef meal.

That soldier was really amazing.

Do you want to be a soldier too?

No, I don't want to join
the military. You see...

How can I explain this?

Either way, you'd have to
learn to ride a horse first.

I will!

But I hear each horse judges its
rider. I hope you don't fall off.

Right, Kenshin?

Damn right.

Shut up.
Damn right.

Shut up.

Let's go home.

Sure, I guess so.

Thank you, teacher!

Thank you! Goodbye!


Goodbye, be careful.

Yes, Ma'am!

Are the children gone?


Gentatsu has been gone for
fourteen years, hasn't he?

Yes, he died when I was
four years old.

I have been living here ever since.

Time has gone by so quickly.

What were you thinking about so
seriously, Shigure?

Oh, it was nothing.

Hey, Shigure, are you home?

There you are.

There you are.


What is the matter?

Shigure, all went according
to plan.

The schedule of the English
guest has changed.

He will arrive in Tokyo
in six days.

I have also arranged
for another cannon.

That is encouraging.

Shigure, I want you to take
command of the final assault.

Yes, I understand.

We cannot turn back now,
for Gentatsu's sake.

I will never forget that night.

It's me.

I heard that the Satsuma and
Choshu are making an alliance.

Is it true, Gentatsu?

Yes, I am positive.

They are holding a secret
meeting about it tonight.

They will do anything to destroy
the Tokugawa Shogunate.

The attendees will be

Takamori Saigo of the Satsuma
and Choshu's Kogoro Katsura.

Saigo and Katsura?
Impressive meeting.

Ryoma Sakamoto will serve as the
intermediary at the meeting.

All the leaders of the rebellion
in one place on one night.

If we can attack them, we can
alter the flow of history.

The Aizu Clan would save face.

We could control the Shogunate.



Well, where will they meet?

We have narrowed it down
to three different places.

We considered Masuda-Ya, which
the Satsuma use regularly.

But the Shinsen Gumi are
guarding that place, so it
will not be there.

The most likely places
are Suzu-Ya,

or the lumberyard of Minoda.

Those are quite far
from each other.

That is why we cannot
decide where to go.

I think Suzu-Ya is the place.

No, the Suzu-Ya has very few
escape routes around it.

They would never choose a
dangerous location like that.

He is right.

Of course.

I have decided on Minoda.

We will regret it if we miss
out on this opportunity.


Right, let's go.

What is wrong, Gentatsu?

I cannot ignore my instincts.
I am going to Suzu-Ya.


It is just a strong feeling.

If I am wrong, I will come
immediately to join you.

I understand. If that is
how you feel.

Sakurai, Asami, and Yokata,
take your groups with him.

Yes, Sir.

I am sorry.




I am so sorry, Gentatsu.

It was... it was...
It was my mistake!

Forgive me, Gentatsu!

If we had followed Gentatsu's
advice, he would not have died.

If we had smashed the alliance,

the Aizu Clan would not have
suffered so much tragedy.

The battle of Aizu,

the atrocity of the Byakko-Tai,
would have been avoided.

All of it is my fault.

All of those were caused
by my lack of judgement.

I feel the guilt of that decision
every single day,

every time my loved
ones are in pain.

But the day to avenge Gentatsu
has finally come!

I cannot live peacefully,

or I will have no excuse
to offer Gentatsu.

I am leaving.

Where are you going?

You do not need to know.

I will be late.

Wait! Wait!


Stay inside the gate!

Yes, Ma'am!

Sister Kaoru!

What is it?

There's a strange person looking
around outside the dojo.

Really! If it's another solicitor,
I'm going to kick them right out!

Oh, Ms. Toki.



Good day to you.

This is our practice hall.

I'll take you around to the front
where we welcome our guests.

Here you are.

Please don't go to any
trouble on my account.

Is Mr. Himura in?


Yes, I have something I need
to discuss with him.

Yes, I have something I need
to discuss with him.

Oh, man. She didn't come
to see me.

Kenshin always gets the
most delicious parts.

Kenshin is out buying tofu.


Grocery shopping is his chore.

Well, take this then.

You should all have this.

Oh, my!

That looks delicious!
Oh, my!

That looks delicious!

But it's kind of a waste even
if the fish is fresh...

...when the skill of the person
who cooks it is lacking.

What do you mean by that?

I hate to put you to
work, Ms. Toki.

Oh, not at all. I love to cook.

It looks delicious!

Please eat as much as you want.

Thanks for the meal!


It is really wonderful.

This is so different from the meals
we're used to eating around here.

The difference is in
the ingredients!

Enhance the quality or kill it
depending on the skill of the cook.

You two don't get to eat tomorrow!

I mean, it does depend on the
quality of the ingredients.

Isn't that right, Yahiko?

Why can't you answer, Yahiko?

It smells so good.

Welcome home, Kenshin.

Ms. Toki...

Here is the tofu, Kaoru.

Oh, sorry. We don't need it for
tonight's dinner anymore.


Speaking of that, Kenshin,

Ms. Toki came to speak with
you about something.

Well, it is that...

What is it?

I must speak with you
about Shigure.

Mr. Shigure? What is
your relation?

He was an ally of my late elder
brother during the Bakumatsu.

Your late elder brother?

Yes, he was my only family, so...

Was your brother a...

He was Gentatsu Takatsuki
of the Aizu Clan.

I thought so.

He was one of the three great
Kanuma swordsmen?


I'm astonished by the two of you.

How long will you turn your
backs on each other?

Mr. Katsura? Mr. Saigo?

This is not good, not good.

The Satsuma and Choshu Clans
cannot go on like this.

If they do, the dawning of a new
era will never occur in Japan.

Is it the Shinsen Gumi?
Or the Shogunate guards?

Protect Mr. Katsura and Mr. Saigo!

We'll take care of them.

We'll take care of them.


The Aizu Clan? Hitokiri Gentatsu!

Where is Katsura? Bring me
Saigo and Sakamoto!

Gentatsu Takatsuki of the Aizu
Clan, called Hitokiri Gentatsu.

One of the best Kanuma
swordsmen. He was incredible.

Excuse me. Is something wrong?


Recently, Shigure has been
acting strangely.

He looks very sad, and seems to
be thinking something serious.

But after we returned from
Yokohama, he spoke highly of you.

Of me?

He said, I am glad to find a man
like him in times like these.

And, I have finally met a true
Samurai after all these years.

I feel the same way about him.

Please do me a favor.

He will not open up to me.

But if you spoke with him,
Mr. Himura,

he would tell you something.

I feel so helpless lately!

Ms. Toki...

I hate to put you to the trouble
of walking me home.

It's no trouble. It's my duty
as a gentleman.

What a mansion!

Please come in.

Please excuse me.

You're home, Toki.

Good day, Sir.

Yahiko walked me home.
He lives with Mr. Himura.

With Mr. Himura?

Yes, Sir.

You look like a fine young man.

I am Yahiko Myojin of Tokyo, child
of a former Samurai family!

A Samurai family? Who was
your father?

He was a member of the Shogi-Tai,
and died for his beliefs.

The Shogi-Tai? I'm sure he was a
greatly respected man, wasn't he?

Yes, Sir.

Feel free to ask me for any
favor you may require.

I would be glad to help you
regardless of the effort involved.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Shigure!

Musashino, good timing.

This is Yahiko, a friend of Himura,
of whom I have told you.

It is a great coincidence,

Yahiko's father died as a
member of the Shogi-Tai.

I see.

Musashino's father also died while
a member of the Shogi-Tai.

You have had a very hard life,
haven't you?

Not really.

Let us continue to do our best.


Yahiko, eat with us this evening.
Take a relaxing bath as well.

Think of this as your home.

Yes, Sir!

Gentatsu Takatsuki...

You can't stop thinking about him.
Shigure, I mean.

Takimi Shigure...

Hey, where are you going, Yahiko?
You haven't finished practice yet.

I'm going to visit Mr. Shigure.


He has a beautiful lady
at his house.


Jeez, what kind of
attitude is that?

May I?

Your hip is unprepared for attack.

Yes, Sir.


What was that?

I'm not finished yet!

Please return your writing brush.

Yes, Ma'am.

Mr. Himura!

Thank you for listening
to me the other day.

A private school?

Yes, but I am hoping to become
a better teacher.

Is Mr. Shigure in?

Well, he has not come home
since yesterday evening.

I see. Could you give him
a message for me, then?

Ask him to meet me
tomorrow at six.

I will be at the Oohashi Bridge
next to the shrine.

Yes, I will tell him.

Well, then.

I am sorry he is not here.

Army Minister Yamagata and
Superintendent General Kawaji,

I must offer my opinion to you.

You may proceed, Tamono.

Yes, Sir. You may not need my
assistance in this matter,

but I have been thinking about
the recent attack in Yokohama.

We should take into account their
target was the English Consulate,

and we should increase the guard
along the parade route this week.

This is your recommendation?

There may be radical elements
thriving in Tokyo.

An assault on a foreign minister
would bring shame upon Japan.

I urge you to order reinforcements
for the patrol during the parade.

Furthermore, I think you should
take personal command during
the visit.

Tamono's request is reasonable.


Tamono, you will assist me in the
command the day of the parade.

Yes, Sir!

Hurry up! Do not be slow!

We must finish the
transport tonight.

Kajiki, how is it going?

Everything is fine.

Excellent. Kajiki, let us
go to the temple.

We are ready now.

Mr. Shigure, all of the crates
have been secured.

Good, thank you.


I thank you all.

Our preparation is complete,
now we take action.

Each of you has someone to
whom you must bid farewell.

Tomorrow! Finish all your
farewells by tomorrow.

You are still awake?


Would you like some dinner?

Toki, would you join me
for dinner?

I am going to leave on
a long journey.

I will go to Kyoto and then Aizu.

I will go with you!

No, you must stay here and
take care of our home.


I will write to you.

I will write to you.

Delicious. May I have
another bowl?


It will be a long time before I eat
another of your homemade meals.

What's up?

They've met frequently
in the last few days.

I wonder when they
will take action?

See you tomorrow.

Oh, Yahiko?


You must grow up to become
a respectable man.


We will now pray for our client's
continued success!

Tori no Ichi...
We will now pray for our client's
continued success!

We will now pray for our client's
continued success!

I am sorry I'm late.
We will now pray for our client's
continued success!

We will now pray for our client's
continued success!

It's no problem.

This is good. I was hoping
to see you again.

Ms. Toki is worried about you.

I'm wondering what's on
your mind, Mr. Shigure?

If something happens to me,
take care of Toki.

There's a fight!

Did you learn anything
about Shigure?

Yes, he's a very dangerous man.

What do you mean by that?

Shigure is drawing people to him.

Survivors and orphans
of the Shogi-Tai.

Survivors of the Battle of Aizu.

Survivors of the
Battle of Hakodate.

All are people who have
a grievance with the
current government.

Why him?

He's popular, I guess.


They say he visits the families
of the men who died

during the last battles against
the Shogunate.

He comforts them as well.

And his comforting includes taking
care of their financial problems.

The rumor is that he is
planning a rebellion.

Some say it is his path
to atonement.


The greatest threat is not Shigure.

It is the men who surround him.

Yahiko, you must grow up to
become a respectable man.

Respectable man? What did
he mean?




He wasn't talking about those two!


What's going on?

Finally, the time has come
for us to stand up!

Our desires are ready
to be realized!

We have been branded as rebels,

lost our comrades, been
covered with disgrace.

We have been treated as enemies
by this new government!

So as Aizu Clan! So as Shogi-Tai!



Why are you here?

I heard some disturbing
rumors about Shigure.

I came to discover
the truth for myself.

Rich businessmen with political
influence bribe the Meiji everyday.

The government is totally rotten!

Remember what our late friend
Gentatsu Takatsuki once said,

The sky must be immeasurably
high and clear!

And, All men must be equal
under the blue sky!

We must create that world!

We will raise an army.

The discontented will come
to us from all over Japan!

We will start another Restoration!
The New Restoration!

Who are you?!

Bastard, how much did you hear?

We cannot allow you to live now.


You will die!


Mr. Shigure, let me join you.



Please give me a chance to
avenge my father's death.
Please let me!


Mr. Shigure, please accept him.
I ask you for this favor.


Survivors of the Battle of Aizu?
The Shogi-Tai?

Yes, there seem to
be a lot of them.

Not good.
Yes, there seem to
be a lot of them.

Not good.
Hey, Kenshin!

Hey, Kenshin!

Mr. Himura! Mr. Himura,
do you know...

Do you know where Shigure is?

He's not home?

I wish I had found this sooner.

It was hidden behind Gentatsu's
memorial altar.

May I see it?


The time has come for me to keep
my promise to Gentatsu.

Farewell, I hope you have
a happier future.

If you need any help, please
contact Mr. Himura.

This is a...

What are you doing here?

Kaoru, where is Yahiko?

Yahiko? Yahiko isn't at home,
so I assumed he was here.

If we're going to find Yahiko,
we better find Shigure.

They are on the move.


What is their destination?

The advance party is in place.

I wish you all good luck on
your portion of the event.


Yes, Sir.

What can I do for you?

Yahiko, I am impressed
with your spirit.

Thank you very much, Sir.


Mr. Shigure!

Yahiko is just a child.

If something were to
happen to him,

I do not know how I would ever
be able to face Mr. Himura.

Mr. Shigure...

I am sorry, Yahiko.

I will go on ahead, and make the
final preparations.

Of course, go. We must go too.

Yes, Sir.

You're late, Kajiki.

Pardon my lateness, but our
preparations are complete now.

This removal of weapons from the
army arsenal was hard to conceal.

Thank you.

Here is a map of the parade route
with the guard postings marked.

What about Shigure?

He has no suspicions.

He'll remain ignorant
until the end.

Yes, Sir.

Did you find out his view
on the points of attack?

Yes, Sir.

He refuses to risk the lives of any
civilians during the attack.

A person who believes such things
and tries to remain pure

has no place in this world.

I don't really care anyway. I will
take care of the guards.

I appreciate that.

And I managed to get Yamagata to
take the command for the day.

The death of a foreign minister
in a place like this...

Killed by the army's own
weaponry no less!

Yamagata will be thrown
down from his position.

And the next minister will be...

You, Baron Tamono.

The old man will be removed and
my time will finally come.

Just make sure that English
bastard is killed!

Yes, Baron Tamono.

And when everything
is done, I will be...

You will be rewarded with a high
government position.

I want to ride the winning
horse this time.

Trust me.

Where in the hell is he? We walked
around all night.

We looked everywhere and
turned up nothing.

Are you feeling okay, Ms. Toki?



Ms. Toki!




You brat, where have you been?

We've been worried about you.


How dare you be so selfish?!

I've really been worried sick about
you. We looked all over for you.

I was going out of my mind
worrying that you were hurt.


I'm so relieved to see
that you're alive.

If she hadn't slapped you, I would
have been glad to do it.

I would have too, Yahiko.

I'm so sorry.

Where is Shigure?

I don't know.

This is very important.
Where did he go?

I really don't know.
They left me behind.

Come on, Yahiko, didn't you hear
them talking about anything?

I'm telling you...

Please! Please tell them what
you know. Anything you know!

Just as Yahiko is important
to Ms. Kaoru and Mr. Himura,
Shigure is...

Shigure is the most important
person to me!

Please, Yahiko!

Yahiko, don't you
remember anything?


They talked about a guest of
the nation or something.

A guest of the nation?

The British foreign minister is
coming to Tokyo, isn't he? Today!

Yes, I read that there was going
to be a parade in his honor.

A guest of the nation...

Mr. Himura, please stop Shigure!

Please! Please!


What a grand parade.

This is the first time a foreign
minister has visited Tokyo.

All the more reason this
day must end safely.

If they are planning anything,
this will surely be their target.

Yes, Sir.

Well, it looks like all
has been successful.

Enjoy your final moments
as Minister of the Army.

I will take advantage of your
relaxation, thinking
everything is over.


Hurry up!

Protect the foreign minister!

Look at that smoke!

It's from the guesthouse!

Let's go!


Get out of my way!

I declare the beginning of
the New Restoration!

Shigure! Shigure! Shigure!

Kill each other for all I care.

I need another round!

You won't need it.

Where is the foreign minister?

He is in there, isn't he?

You must die!


Stop this at once.

Don't interfere!

Withdraw your men!

Get out of my way, Himura!

I will not.

Then I will kill you first!

The sakabato... I wanted to avoid
fighting you most of all.

As did I.

That is irrelevant now!

Stop this!

You don't gain anything
with this foolishness!

Use your brains!

Gentatsu! Where is Gentatsu?



That was you!

Saiki-Kanuma Swordsmanship!

I will never forgive you!

Take the foreign minister into
the guesthouse immediately.


Fire! Fire!


Mr. Shigure...




Protect the perimeter!
Don't let them escape!

Mr. Shigure, please hurry.

I will settle this one day,
at any cost.

What in the world?




Musashino! Musashino!


This can't be!

Musashino! Musashino!

Hitokiri Gentatsu, we fought all
those years ago for one reason.

We wanted to make sure that no
such battles ever took place again.

I never wanted to feel
this sadness again.


Gentatsu, I will do everything
in my power to stop that man.

What's going on?

These cannons belong to
the army, don't they?


Why does the rebel army
have our cannons?

Those idiots failed.

The rebel army has barricaded
themselves in the forest of Ueno.

What did you say?

Ueno? They are acting just like
the Shogi-Tai, aren't they?

They are surrounded and under
constant surveillance.

Minister! Minister, I can
finish them off.

Well, then.

Wait a moment.

Just who are you? Do you
know who I am?

I am Baron Tamono of
the Imperial Guard,

and that is Army
Minister Yamagata.

Tamono, let him approach.

Minister Yamagata.

Himura, we are in a very
critical situation.

If this is not an emergency,
please let it wait until later.

You must hold off your attack.


I know the rebel leader.

You're not saying you want to
go in there alone, are you?

That is utterly careless!

It shames me to say this,

but the rebels used army
weaponry for their attack.

The roots of this incident
run very deep.

Himura, that man is the
cause of this carnage.

We can't wait for long.

That is fine.

How can you ask me to wait?

Minister, you must order me to
launch a full attack!

We will place our faith
in Himura for now.

If anyone can end this bloodlessly,
it will be him.

I trust you, Himura.

Ms. Toki, please wait!

Ms. Toki, calm down.

I have to go with Shigure.

Mr. Himura!

Shigure... Shigure plans to die!

He has always blamed himself for
my brother's death. If he dies...

Ms. Toki, I promise I will bring
Mr. Shigure back to you.

Don't worry. Kenshin will
help you, okay?

Oh, Kaoru!


Kenshin, will you go
in there alone?


Ms. Toki's brother was killed
during the Bakumatsu.

I know that.

The man who killed him was...

The Hitokiri Battosai.

It was I.

Oh, no.

That is the main reason Mr.
Shigure caused this travesty.

Therefore, I have to take
responsibility for it as well.

Oh, no...



Hurry up! This barricade must
be built on the double!

If we don't hurry, the government
forces will break in!

Damn! Why should we lock
ourselves in like this?

Does Shigure want to be
just like the Shogi-Tai?

I don't care.

When push comes to shove, I'll
slip over to Tamono's side.

I have too much information
on Tamono's dealings.

He would never betray me.

You're late, Kenshin.

They've cornered themselves
behind those barricades.

Now that they've settled in, they
don't seem to want to move at all.

I wonder if Shigure is laying
in wait for you, Kenshin?


Let them through.

Yes, Sir!

I wonder if we'll ever
see you again?

That guy is such a jerk.

Someone's coming!


A soldier?

Let me handle this.

It's very dangerous up
there, so move it.

What do you mean?


I told you it was dangerous.

Kenshin, they're just children.

Hey, what are you doing?

These are government spies!
Kill them! Kill them both!

I don't want to, but I'll take
care of this, Kenshin.

Thank you, Sano.

You can count on me.

All right, kids! Let's go!

I'm going to teach you
how to fight!

Your leg position is too open.

You leave your jaw too exposed.

Don't just stand there.

Kenshin, hurry up!

I can't fight rifles at
this short range.

Very good! Now finish them off!

Leave them alone.


He came to see me.

Kenshin, I'll leave
this one to you.

Back up, everybody! This is going
to be dangerous. You too!

I knew you would come.

We must settle this now.

I have something to tell you.
The one who killed Gentatsu...

It was you, Hitokiri Battosai!

I realized it during
our last fight.

If your anger towards me has
caused you to do this...

No, Gentatsu risked his life
when he fought you,

and you risked yours.

In a duel, death is no one's fault.

However, Himura,

look at the hell society is
living in because of the
Meiji government.

We all risked our lives back then.

I risked mine along with
you and Gentatsu.

But now that the victors
have control,

they demand to be honored,
use their power unwisely,

and do nothing but covet money.

They have disgraced the memories
of those like Gentatsu

who fought from pure motives.

Can you forgive a government
that acts in such a manner?


Did you kill so many men in the
service of a system like that?

If you did, the people killed by
your sword will rest uneasily,

Hitokiri Battosai.

Himura, we will start
a New Restoration.

Once again, we will define good
and sort out the evil in our midst.

That is the only way to serve the
memories of those who died.

To honor those who
died so young.

Do you want to atone for their
loss by shedding more blood?

Do you want to make a new world
by trampling over more bodies?

By making more people bleed?!

That is the greatest betrayal
of those who died in the war.

It is your betrayal.

I am a former Aizu Samurai.
I use Saiki Kanuma technique.

I am Shigure Takimi.


I use Hiten Mitsurugi technique.
I am Kenshin Himura.


During the Bakumatsu,

Saiki Kanuma technique was
used for indoor fights.

How will it work here?
How will he attack?

Kanuma Erasing Moon Slash.

Don't let the sheath distract you.
Will he attack from the left?

Or the right?

Or from above? Or below?


He's coming.

From below!

Hiten Mitsurugi Dragon's
Hammer Flash!

I predicted your sword's
movement. The line of your attack.

I will never forget it.

Hiten Mitsurugi Flying
Dragon Flash!

A swift stroke and then a pause.
I know it all too well.

It was seared into my memory and
has haunted me for fourteen years.

Kanuma Erasing Sun Slash!

Iron sheath!


Erasing Sun Slash!

I see, a double attack
within a circle. But...

I am better than Gentatsu.


Everything will be all right.
Kenshin can handle this situation.

Mr. Shigure will be all right.

Right, Ms. Toki?

Ms. Toki?!

I can barely move my arm.


if you do not use the blade of your
sword, you will die tonight.

Now, turn your sword over.

I don't mind shedding my own
blood, no matter how much flows.

However, I won't let you
make others bleed!

Then you will die here!

I only need one attack, just one.

His posture is of Hiten Mitsurugi's
Flying Sky Dragon Flash.

Kanuma Erasing Flame Slash!

He flies?

That's the same attack as before.

It will be useless to you!

That's not it.

It's not the Dragon's Hammer
Flash, or the Flying Dragon Slash.

What is it?

There's no stable foothold
in the air.

Kanuma Double Head Slash!

He used the force of his turning
body to draw his sword.

Incredible. That was incredible.

It's Kenshin's original
sword-drawing technique.

Why didn't you cut me?

In honor of the men I killed,

I vowed to never use my sword
to kill anyone ever again.

That's how I atone for them.


Shigure, I love the blue sky
over Mount Bandai.

I do too.

The blue sky must be high and
clear no matter how far away it is.

The whole world should
be like that.


For your sake, Gentatsu,
I won't lose this battle.

Let's go.


Stop! Stop it!



You have had enough.
Please stop this now.



Would Gentatsu want to see
Ms. Toki crying like this?

What's the matter, Gentatsu?

I can't sleep at night.

The men I've killed have mothers
and fathers, sisters and brothers.

They have people they love.

I keep thinking about that.


I know.

What did the letter from your
family say, Shigure?

My father has fallen ill again.

His symptoms have returned, but
I can't worry about him now.

With the Choshu Clan
on the move...

You're wrong, Shigure.
With the Choshu Clan
on the move...

You're wrong, Shigure.

Toki is all I have left. That is
probably why I feel this way.

But you cannot be ashamed
of loving your family.

If you do not love your family,

you have no qualifications to care
about your country or the world.

Do you know why I use my sword
despite being called Hitokiri?

It is because of my friends, the
memory of my family, and for Toki.

I want the people I love
to be happy.


Gentatsu... Gentatsu!

There is a man who honors
your death more than I.


I have lost.

The man behind the uprising
is Baron Tamono.

What are you saying?

This one confessed everything.

Who is he?

He works in the arms depot.

The rebels used weapons that
were given to them by Tamono.

My god!

He also told us who Tamono's
contact in the rebel army is.

I will report this to the
minister at once.

Mr. Shigure!

Are you okay, Mr. Shigure?

I'm fine. Don't make such a fuss.

Mr. Shigure! Mr. Shigure!

Mr. Shigure! Mr. Shigure!
Mr. Shigure!

Toki, please come here.


Toki, I will turn myself
in to the authorities.


Toki, I have been making you
cry all this time, haven't I?

Will you survive with
that wound, Kenshin?


Watching them, this wound...

Forgot about the pain? You would.

Aim well!

Fire! Fire!

What the hell is this?

Is Kenshin still in there?


Shigure! Shigure!

Mr. Shigure! Mr. Shigure!


Toki, are you there?

I am. I am right here.

Gentatsu, the blue sky has
to be high and clear,

no matter how far away it is.



The next volley will kill
the rest of them.

Who would have guessed
that I would conspire

with Kajiki, the poor bastard?


Why did you fire at them?!


You all are going to die now.


Fire! Kill them all!

Damn! Everyone hide behind
something! Anything!


He's escaping! Shoot him!


What are you doing?
Hurry up and shoot him!



Hold your fire!

The battle is over. Put your
guns down!

Remove the injured by stretcher.
Bring in medical supplies.

Arrest Tamono!

Listen, you guys, you're lucky to
be alive, aren't you?

Tamono has betrayed me.

You are the traitor, though.

You threw over your best friend to
gain influence with your enemy.

You live your life by testing the
wind and going in its direction.

I might be wrong. Maybe you
are just flexible.

What did you say?!

I am waiting.

I chose the place you will die, so
draw your sword as you will.

Wait a minute!

I know everything that happened.
I can testify against Tamono.

Why don't we make a deal?

I will not be killed by a corrupt
man who stands for false justice!

I never told you my
definition of justice.

It is to kill evil immediately.

Shinsen Gumi, Hajime Saito...

May we move him?

A little longer. Let me stay with
him a little longer, please.

Yes, Ma'am.








Be careful out there.

Be careful out there.

Yes, Sir!

Mr. Himura?

What can I do for you?

I must tell you something,
Ms. Toki.

The man who killed
Gentatsu was I.

During the Bakumatsu, I was
known as the Hitokiri Battosai.

Did Shigure know this?

I see.

Shigure told me that the
Bakumatsu was incredibly chaotic.

Nobody could tell good from evil.

He said that people fought solely
for what was in their hearts.

I believe what he said.

I am going to travel to Shigure's
hometown to bury his belongings.

Thank you for everything.

Take care, Ms. Toki.

I hope you come back soon.

I will. The children
will be waiting.

At your private school?

Yes, and someday I want to teach
this story to my students.

They should know how people
felt during the Bakumatsu.

They might grow up to create the
world Shigure dreamed of.

One in which no blood is shed.

I hope you'll visit his grave soon.

I most definitely will.

When the flowers are in bloom,
let's all visit his grave together.

Good idea!

Be careful!

The blue sky should be high and
clear no matter how far away it is.

Isn't that right?