Rurouni Kenshin Part III: The Legend Ends (2014) - full transcript

Kenshin wakes up to find himself at his master(Hiko Seijuro)'s house after getting washed by the waves to land while he was unconscious at sea for 3 days. Kenshin asks Seijuro to teach him the ultimate and pinnacle technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi school, the Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki. Seijuro accepts Kenshin's request after they spar with each other. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito attends a meeting with Makoto Shishio who forces him to declare Kenshin a wanted outlaw and have him publicly executed or else Shishio will destroy both Tokyo and the government.

140 years ago, during a time of chaos
in the final days of the Edo period…

There was an assassin known as
Battousai the Manslayer.

Under the order of the Imperialists, he worked from
the shadows in the previous capital of Japan, Kyoto.

Everyone feared him for his devilish
strength and cold-blooded demeanor.

It is the Boshin War, the decisive battle…

January, 1868

January, 1868
Kyoto - Toba-Fushimi - In the Mountains

They're here! It's the Shinsengumi!

Battousai the Manslayer…

Where are you? Where are you hiding?

It's the Third Squad Leader of the Shinsengumi...
Hajime Saito! Prepare yourself!

Fight me, Battousai!

We've got their flag, we've won!

We rebels have won!

The Satcho alliance is victorious!

It's here…

A new era as come.

At last…

Himura the Battousai!

Don't think this is over.

Even if this world is about to change…

We live by the sword…

and die by the sword.
There is no other path for us.


Why am I still alive?

What's with this sword?

This is Battousai the Manslayer's…

1878 (11th year of the Meji era)

We will now hear from Aritomo Yamagata,
The War Minister!


At ease!

It's been 10 years since
the Meiji era began.

We are a united country. We follow the
examples set by Western and European nations…

and we are on a new path.

Now the prestige of the
new government prevails,

providing our nation with
blessings and stability.

The era dominated by fear
and violence is over.


Humans are weak creatures.

Although they want to talk about ideals…

in the end, there are three things that
make humans just like wild animals.

All for themselves…

All for the money…

And all for pleasure…

Excuse us.

This is it. Excellent work, Megumi

Thank you very much.

This new type of Opium…

turns people into wild beasts…
Go home.

Run along now.

We only need one person who knows
how to make the formula.




Thank you so much.


Hey, let's go.

Leave him!

That man…

Let the Battousai handle it.

Heave ho! Heave ho!

Now, now! How about some
delicious grilled dango?

I will have one, that I will.

Don't you understand?

Did I not tell you to stay back?

Do you not understand how to stay back?

He was an undercover police officer.

Some kind of warning?

Battousai the Manslayer again…
Why is he leaving these zankanjou notes?

It isn't him.

This zankanjou note gives details
why this person had to be killed.

Then who…

This isn't the Battousai's way.


Battousai the Manslayer?

Kamiya Kasshin Style?

You there!

You're carrying around a sword when
there's a law against doing that.

Are you the Battousai that
everyone is talking about?


Your crimes end today.
Prepare yourself!

Wait just a minute, that you should.

Be quiet!

This is a misunderstanding, it is.


I am a wanderer.

I am merely a wandering
swordsman, that I am.

Glad you understand.

Well then…
Why do you have that?

This is a reverse-blade sword, it is.

A reverse-blade sword?

See this…

The cutting edge is on the opposite side.

Opposite of a normal sword, isn't it?

I guess it's impossible to kill with that.

Don't you think?

I'm grateful.

The person they described…

Has been around for about six months.

He's been using our Dojo's name to kill and
leaves behind zankanjou notes.

Even though times have changed.


Lord Kanryu.

We have a visitor.

I thought for a police officer of your stature,
you would have brought a whole troop with you.

Would you like one of these?

What is that about?

An undercover police officer was murdered
by a guy claims to be the Battousai.

So what you're saying is that a ghost from ten
years ago has come back as a murderer, right?

What do you have in the
Shinbashi warehouse?


We aren't using it for anything now.

We thought about using
it for imported goods…

But I guess it didn't work out…

But if you must search the premises…

Please take appropriate steps.

This is the era where even a high profile
individual like yourself…

…can't do just anything they want.

Don't get carried away.

I guess the ghost of that samurai doesn't
realize that the times have changed.

There's food!

Look at those men…

All of them lost their jobs as samurai
and ronin after the revolution.

And out of pity…

I have hired them as guards and feed them.

It would have created a huge problem just
to let those skilled men run around freely.

Don't you agree that hungry dogs will
take a bite out of anything?

As I can see, you were once
a samurai yourself, no?

I still am.

That explains why we don't
get along together.

Be careful.

The police may evidence as proof.
I don't.

Lord Kanryu, Megumi has run away.


What do you mean Megumi ran away?

This information comes from a
police officer that we bribed.

He said she went by herself
to the police station.


Don't worry about it.

She damn well knows she will be in trouble
also if she talks about the opium.

You're an idiot big brother.

Women will do unimaginable
things when they are desperate.

You don't know anything
about women now, do you?

What the hell did you just say?

What the hell do you want?


Just bring that woman
back here immediately!

Hands off me.

What is it?

I'll take care of it.

Don't kill her Jinei.

She's the only one who knows The
Spider's Web purification method.

Other than that you're free to do what
you want, Battousai.

You were the one looking
for our protection.

You need to tell us more detail about
what's happening.

Well, there's nothing I can do…

What's wrong?


That way! That way!

Hey what's wrong over there?

Move it! Move it!

You're the Battousai aren't you!

Stay still!

W-Who the hell…

D-Don't move.


I said stay still!

This is no sorcery.

This is the Nikaido Heiho
Style: Shin no Ippou.

Humans are weak against fear.

By striking this weakness, it heightens the
sword's aura, shutting down an enemy's movement.

Does it hurt?

The weaker your mind is,
the better it works.

It's a kitten!


Kitty meow!


Hold it right there!

Are you the Battousai?

What's the reason…

That you're using the name of the Kamiya Kasshin
Style to orchestrate and commit crimes?

Because of a bastard like you…
My father…

The Kamiya Kashin Style
my father taught us is-!

What about your father?

He taught that a sword is
used to revitalize people.

He taught us never to cut, never to kill,

but… but to use the sword
to revitalize people.

You have some nerve woman to stand against
me with a wooden sword.

Shut up!

And just what can you do
with this wooden stick?

Swords are revitalized only
when they taste blood.

Know this in the afterlife.

You forgot something, that you did.

Who the hell are you?

It doesn't matter who I am.

It is you, isn't it?
The man calling himself the Battousai.

That scar…

That agility…

You're the legendary…

It doesn't work on you.

We have to run, that we should.

Over here, over here!

Stay where you are, Battousai!

Living through this boring life
has finally been worthwhile.

Turn yourself in!

Are you okay?

There he is, the Battousai!

Catch him!

Over there.

Over here!


I would say thanks.

But I would have been
okay without your help.

You should treat that wound as
soon as possible, that you should.

Kaoru Kamiya - Assistant Master…

We are a small Dojo to begin with.

Even after my father had passed away,

many people still have practiced here.

But six months ago, when the commotion
with the Battousai started,

all we have left is what you see here now.

I have to stop his rampage
as soon as possible.

You shouldn't get yourself involved
in this, that you shouldn't.


That man is far stronger
than you Miss Kaoru, he is.

It is an important quality for a sword bearer to
acknowledge their own strength as well as others.

You ought to know what will happen
next if you fight with him.

Your honor to the style…

isn't worth something that you should risk
your life for, that it isn't.

Swords are not a tool to slay people.

It's hurts to know that the Kamiya Kasshin Style
ideals of revitalizing others with the sword…

are being tarnished by a killing sword.

A mere wanderer such as yourself,

could never understand this frustration!

A sword used to revitalize people…

Well then…

At any rate, with that wound of yours, it will
be impossible to patrol at night, that it will.

I'm sure your late father also…

would not have wished his
daughter's life to be risked,

just for the sake of defending
the way of the sword.

Please excuse me.

What on earth…

Is this a challenge
against us or something?


Oh, it's you.

What do you mean, "Oh it's you?"

Aren't you satisfied with
Yahiko Myojin being here?

Calm down.

Feed me breakfast.

Please provide this hungry
orphan with a hot meal…


Here, you have to practice
first, don't you?

- Come on help me clean up.
- What the heck…

What do you guys want?

We're here to take this Dojo.

What are you talking about?

I'll give you a good price for it.

Someone wants to pay a lot
of money for this place.

It's not so bad…

Don't you think so?

What in the world are you talking about?

There is no way I will let my father's
Dojo go like that…

Hey you Assistant Master!

You sure have a lot of nerve.

Especially for producing a
murderer from your Dojo.

The Battousai has nothing
to do with our Dojo!

Don't bother.

A murderer tainted Dojo such as this one,

surely can't get any apprentices lately.

Go for it guys!

Stop at once!

Please stop!

What the hell are you doing!


Who the hell is this little punk?

I'm Yahiko Myojin, a samurai of Tokyo.
I will not allow you to bully the weak!

Let the boy go.

What are you doing?

You better hold off on that high and mighty
talk of yours, until you really are mighty.

That's right!

The sword that revitalizes people.
That's this Dojo's motto.

Do you want to try to save
yourselves with that kind of sword?

Don't go up there with your dirty shoes on!

The sword that revitalizes people.

Do not go in there with your dirty shoes!

The purpose is for violence, the
art of it is to butcher lives.

That's the true nature of swordsmanship.


What the?

The Wanderer.


Who the hell are you?


What she was saying,

are the words of someone who has never
dirtied their hands.

It is play-talk, that it is.

A sword is a weapon.

Swordsmanship is learning how to kill.

Whatever pretty words you use to
describe it, this is its truth.

However, I prefer Miss Kaoru's play-talk
more than the truth, I do.

How dumb!

Don't run away, you guys!
Go on, get him.

Get him.

Don't run away, idiot!

I told you to go get him!

The form that Battousai the Manslayer uses
is the Hiten Mitsurugi Style.

It is an old sword style which allows one person
to be able to slay many at the same time.

If it wasn't for this reversed sword…

it would slaughter with deadly accuracy.


You are the…


What happened! What's wrong?

They're all dead!


W-What on earth happened here?

Is he the murderer?

Not at all.

They attacked us out of the blue.

But it's okay now.

Nobody's dead, just unconscious.

Over here, over here.

What happened here?

Don't you all know it's against
the law to carry swords?

Take them away!

Yes sir!

What happened?

It is my fault, that it is.

It all happened because of this
lowly wanderer, that it did.

None of this has anything
to do with this Dojo.

Let's go.


… Mr. Wanderer…

What is it?

Could you at least tell me your name?


Just wait a second!

Kenshin Himura, that it is.



A sword with a heart.

Be quiet!

We got a newbie!

Walk, hurry up!

Open it.

The man with the cross shaped scar.

I knew it was you.

Long time no see…

Battousai the Manslayer.

Since the battle at Toba-Fushimi,

it's been ten years already.

We need to chat.

Get out.

That's Battousai the Manslayer, is it?

It's been a long time.
Where have you been hiding?

Mr. Yamagata.

For the past 10 years, whenever I
heard that a skillful wanderer

rescued someone, I sent my
men out to investigate.

Oh him?

In that era back then, we
were on different paths.

We each hoped for a better country.

He is now known as Goro Fujita. He works
for me now and has been assisting us.

What do you want from me?

There are people openly trading these.

It's also known as The Spider's Web.

It might look like ordinary opium but
it's a completely different type.

This is a lot more addictive than the
ones we have seen before.

Opium destroys nations.

Even that great Qing Dynasty
was unable stop opium.

A part of that country eventually
became an English colony.

I'm just a lowly wanderer.

Why are you telling me about this?

The people who have
created this awful thing…

They must be thinking about something
much more horrendous.

Please lend me your strength.

I will get you a key position in the army…

With these hands of yours, once again…

I have no plans to land an important position in
the army by being a manslayer, that I do not.

A manslayer?

That was all done for
completing the revolution!

Have you become a coward?

What the heck is this joke of a sword?

How is a manslayer supposed to protect
those without slaying?

Even with this sword…

I can still protect people
those that are around me.

Do you want to try?

Before talking nonsense like that,
show me just how you will protect yourself.

Please put away your sword.


That sword's edge that points at you,

it will make you suffer.

Like this.

Do you remember those days?

I have put my past behind me.

I will never kill again.


My apologies.

It's nothing.

Let him go.

Yes sir!

Hey Karou?


Are you okay?

Please help me!

I'm being chased.


Miss Karou…

You don't have a place to go, do you?

Come home with me.

Because you helped me.

Now you understand though, don't you?

That once I was a manslayer…

That's not the person I know.

The one I met…

Was a wanderer named Kenshin.

Everybody has one or two things
in the past they would rather not share.



Take it.

Let's go.

Hurry up!

Come on!

Come inside.

Excuse me.


This is Yahiko Myojin.
I teach him swordsmanship sometimes.

And he's sort of my housemate.

I come here for you since you don't
have any apprentices. None! Zip!

He has a bad mouth but he's got potential.

Shut up. I want to be strong.

I get it, I get it.

Kenshin will be our
housemate starting today.

That means I'm your senior.


It is nice to meet you.


Say, can you introduce him to me too.


Who are you?

She was walking around soaking wet.
So I thought I should give her a hot bath.

Should have asked me!

Who is the gentleman over there?

W-Wait a minute.

A wanderer named Kenshin.

So it's you!

The boy told me all about you.

I am Megumi Takani. Pleasure to meet you.


You probably would like a change
of clothes, wouldn't you?

I'm grateful.

My father was a big man.

So the only ones that might still fit you
are his stuff from when he was younger.


Is it too flashy?

No, this is fine, that it is.

The sword that revitalizes people.


So tell me.

Why are you here?

I guess she doesn't want me here.

You are not from around here, are you?

Where is your home?
Where are you from?

That's a secret.

A mysterious beauty sounds
nice, don't you agree?

That looks done.

There you go.

Oh, thank you.

This is for you because you helped me.
Come on, eat.

If you say so…


Isn't it?


Watch yourself!

I know.


I heard you had a trouble at the Dojo.

Miss Tae.

Don't give in to them.

The folks around here,

also decided they won't sell their
properties no matter what.



… Kanryu Takeda.

He is a businessman who has a huge mansion
on the outskirts of town.

Where is the washroom?

Over there.

Lord Kanryu.

Excuse me for interrupting your dinner.

It's you right?

The one who protected a
nearby Dojo from ten thugs?

I am in the foreign trade business.

Show him.

Let us talk frankly.

We want to hire you with this money.

If you work 10 people's worth,
I will give you 10 times more.

How about it? Don't you want to
be our bodyguard?

I am not interested, that I am not.

Isn't this enough for you?

I see.

Eagles don't eat flies… is that it?

Well, I guess that's fine too.

But as you know, Meiji is the era where
the money does all the talking.

Sorry to say this, but that pride of yours
won't amount to anything.

Or rather…

It's because of that very pride that the
Samurai are trying so hard to keep…

is deteriorating fast.

And as a result… If you peek into
any of the brothels around here.

You find former Samurai's wives
and daughters in abundance.

And when you arrest thieves now,
they all turn out to be former Samurai.

Why don't you forget that
you used to be a Samurai.


…have fun…

…is what you should remember.

You are being rude, that you are.

Without money there is no Beef-Pot.

Well then, I will take the money.

Mr. Sanosuke!


Why don't you hire me.

Just who are you?

A fighter; Sanosuke Sagara.

I can use that money since I am
fresh out of the cage.

Do you have the skill…

That matches with the money?

You wanna take a shot at me?
Legendary manslayer…

Himura the Battousai.


How about you hire me if I beat him?

Doing that here would not
be good, that it would not.

Could you please step outside?

Now you are talking!

Everyone come on out and watch!

They're going to fight!

This here…

The Zanbatou, was used for killing horses.

It's an antique from the Onin War.

Since I haven't taken good care of it,
you can't slice anything.


It's possible to smash something with it.

Get over here!

Himura the Battousai!

A young patriot from the
Imperialists Choshu clan.

Worked as an assassin for 5
years, from the age of 14 to 19.

But for the past 10 years
nobody has seen you.

I like that.

Move over!

Get out of the way!

Put your sword away, if you would.

Why don't you draw your sword and fight me!

I don't want to fight with you.

Why not?!

I have no reason to fight with you.

That man…

He's not worthy of your
skill, don't you think?

What's going on?
What's happening?

What happened?

What are you doing, fighter?

Smash him already!

Shut up!

Don't tell me how I should fight my fights.

Is that it?

Oh well…

I guess I wouldn't wanna get
busted again by the cops…

Sorry for all the commotion.

Go back to the restaurant, everyone!

It was a show.

It's over, over!

Let's go home!

Sorry for the trouble.

Let's eat now.

We shouldn't waste the food.

He is the real thing.

You will have to make this work.

And don't bring Battousai's wrath upon us.

As you wish!

Not enough blood…

I need more blood…

This is how I do it.

I am the one! I am Battousai the Manslayer!

It's the fake Battousai again.

He killed these guys and the police.
Just which side is he on?

Once you start to kill,
you can never go back.

That's how it's like to be
a Manslayer, that it is.

Go on ahead of me please.

Let's go.

Hang on…

I know already!

They were the ones attacked Dojo.

The result would have been the same if
you had killed them.

Actually, if you have done it…

Those police officers wouldn't
have had to die.

That reverse-blade sword of yours…

It sure is really useful.


Get out of the way.

For the sake of a new era…
Can you work as an assassin?

14 years ago

Beyond those lives sacrificed…

If there is a new era where…

people can live in peace…

What were you thinking getting married…

when the world is in a complete mess!

I am sorry.

Well isn't it nice?

You lucky bastard.

I envy you.

Who is that? Identify yourself!

Are you the Battousai?!

You Satcho rebel dog!

Why you!

Die… I don't want to die…

I can't die…

I have someone important to me.
I cannot die!

I can't die, I can't die!

Someone important to me…

I cannot die…

I can't die, I can't die…

Killing the young who have their
future ahead of them.

Assassinations to bring a new era.
I have my doubts.

Am I doing the right thing…?

You are nothing more than a murderer.


Miss Kaoru.

When you didn't return, I
thought something happened.

I thought you might have gone.

I'm hungry, that I am.


I never thought such a
thing really existed.

And how is the plan going?

It's all been arranged.

We just need to demolish the entire area
over there and build a port…

We can then use the ships to
pump out the opium! To where?

All over Japan!


All over the world!

The money we milk from those
opium addicted savages…

will turn into weapons.

Kanryu's Empire!

I am going to overthrow
this new government.

It's beginning.

Awaken, Battousai.


Who would have thought you'd be here.

It's evident that you were involved in
the opium manufacturing process.

Your destiny intertwines forever with us
…or rather…

with the opium.

Since I am your comrade I will tell you…

Be careful.

Megumi made rice.

Kenshin made Miso soup…

And Kaoru, the fish.

You had better learn to cook.

Everyone wants to marry a woman
who cooks well.

He's gonna get taken.

Shut it you!

Good heavens…

I wish I could get a different pupil.

My skill is going to get
rusty with this brat.

That's my line!

Now, now, Miss Kaoru and Yahiko…

Let's just eat, shall we?

Hey Kaoru!

Someone! Is anyone there?


Help us!

Suddenly her body became numb.

She was breathing fast and then…

Have you seen a doctor?

Doctors around here have all disappeared
since the day before yesterday.

We just didn't know what to do.


Be careful.

We can take this Dojo.

Kaoru! Kaoru!



Kaoru help!

What's wrong?


She was complaining about her stomach
hurting since this morning.

Then she passed out…

Over here?

What's going on?

Is this pandemic disease or what?


Somebody call a doctor quick!

I am a doctor.


High fever and comatose…

Could it be rat poison?


Poison? Are you sure?

I have to get the poison out of her
fast and I need some water.

Yes, but not the water in the well!

It's possible the well was also poisoned.


Go to a pharmacy and get me
some castor oil.

A cloth and a kettle too.


You go to water shop and get me as
much water as you can buy.


Miss Kaoru, is there a Chinese Medicine
doctor in a nearby town?

There is.

Please go there and get
what I need from him.

Detoxification is battle against time!

- Understood.
- Okay!

The water is here.
Anybody need water?

You will be okay.

It's going to be fine.

Totally unforgivable.

Playing with human lives like that…

Miss Megumi.

I think it's time you told
me the truth, that I think.

You said her name was Takani?

Megumi, you mean?

Do you happen know her?

Of course I do.

Any doctor would know the name Takani.

The Takani family…

have been doctors for many generations
with a distinguished history.

But I heard that during the Aizu War…

the whole family joined the army and
every one of them died.

I see though…

The daughter survived.

You were a manslayer, weren't you?

Before asking someone…

Why don't you tell me your story first?
Isn't that the way?

I bet you have taken so many lives
with those hands of yours.

What about that scar?

Are you proud of it?

Some sort of decoration maybe?

This scar…

I got from a young samurai, that I did.

And the other one…

I got from the woman he was going to marry.

I lost count…

on just how many lives I have taken…

I am different from you.

I had no parents…
No relatives to rely on.

Kanryu took me in.

And I became his woman.

We used each other.

He used me to make money with the opium.
And I…

I used him to survive.

To survive…

Please give me opium! Please!

No way!

Shut up, be quiet!

About two hundred and fifty men make
up Kanryu's private army…

In there, there are skilled samurai

who lost their jobs because
of the revolution.

I'm coming with you.


Kenshin, here.

Megumi's missing.

No way…

I'm coming along with you too.

Stay here, Miss Kaoru.

I could not forgive myself if anything were to happen to
the master of Kamiya Kasshin style, that I could not.


This is going to take all night.

We're going to need breakfast
and bath for five people.

I am going too.

Just wait!

You're only going to slow them down.

Shut up!


You will remain at the Dojo.


I'm leaving Miss Kaoru and
the Dojo in your hands.

I knew…

…you would come back to me.

There is no other place for you…

but here.

Now you are gonna work
hard starting tomorrow…

The reason I returned…

is not to make opium again.


I came here to kill you!

But don't worry.

You and I belong with each other…

I will kill myself right after you!

Hey you guys!
Don't just stand there and stare!

Stop this nonsense.

This is how I will pay for my sins!

You stupid bitch!

Taking advantage of our kindness.

Here they come…

It's him.

Kanryu Takeda!

Yo! I'll give ya free pounding!

So come on out here right now!

Himura the Battousai!

Miss Megumi.

Invading my property without permission…

Do you know no manners?

What the heck are you talking about?!

No need to hesitate.

Kill them!

C'mon kill them!

Kill them damn it!
I have plenty more if you want!

Take the money!

I'll give you any amount if you kill them!

Kill them!

I don't get it. Why?

What's the Battousai's reason?
What's in it for him?

If he was thinking for himself, he would
have an elite post in the army by now.

The Imperialists were these
types of selfless people.

So he thinks he's so smart?


Prepare that thing.

You mean that? But…

Don't talk back!

Better safe than sorry, that's the
golden rule of business.

Yes sir…

Hey take her away.

I have a favor to ask.

Where the heck is that crazy four eyes?

He must be upstairs.

Which one of you am I fighting with?

I'm the one.

Fist to fist, this is my
job as a fighter, right?

Go on, quick!


So you are the Battousai.

Where is Miss Megumi?

That woman…
Is she really worth helping?

Everyone is worth helping.

Excellent logic.

How about you?

Why did you sell your soul to Kanryu?

My soul?

You must have been a samurai with
a belief once, I am sure.

What nonsense.

It is because I can't survive otherwise.

Courtesy of men like you who have created
this halfhearted and peaceful era.

Hey! Hey…!

Kenshin, you okay?!


What's with that sword?

A representation of my oath
never to kill again:

A reverse-blade sword.

Hey! Where are you going?

Hang on a second! Wait! Wait…

Wait for what?

You want a bite?


I'm a vegetarian. Poor thing.

You want a drink?


It's strange to see you use a reverse-blade
sword and yet you have slain so many people.

Bah, stop messing around!

To fight a fight…

…you have to use your head!

It was fun.

You are finally getting
serious, aren't you?

To hell with your oath never to kill.

How do you suppose this battle
will finish without killing?

I will end it.

Then show me!

Look at the huge mess you guys made?

Let's go, shall we?


It's not over yet.


It is over, that it is.


Yes sir.

Light it.

Yes sir.


Let me enjoy my cigar now, won't you?

Look what you have done to my mansion!

You punks!

You are the one who's wrecking the place,
you asshole!

Where is the legendary manslayer?

Quit screwing around!

If you want to slay him,
I will lend you a hand.

Why are you here?

The young boy from your
Dojo came to the police.


What happened?!


If you point that monstrous
gun in a certain direction…

the opposite side will have a blind spot.

Come and get me!

Come on in!
Come on in! Come on in!

What are you doing!?

I give up!

I surrender.

Hey now, don't shoot!
Don't shoot!

There's no way we can win against that.

Don't you think, Kenshin?

Come out, you too.
There's no freaking way.

I surrender, that I do.

Put your sword down.

And apologize to me.

Bow down to me.

Actually, take them off.
Take all of your clothes off!

Take them all off and bow down to me!

Keep your pants on!


Shoot over here!

Fire, fire, fire, fire!

Fire more, fire more!


Do you know what your money can't buy?

It's what you are begging for right now.

Your life.

Stop it!

Finally, we get to kick your ass.

What are you doing?

It's my job to take care of
this from here on. Get going!


Miss Megumi.

My apologies for the wait, that I am.

You'll be okay now.

I'm glad to see you are safe, that I am.

You have to hurry, Miss Kaoru has been…!

It looks like you're awake.

Don't give me that kind of look.

If I take you hostage, the Battousai
will become furious.

That fury is what I need to get him back to
the manslayer he used to be.

Here he comes now.


Are you angry?

I'm angry at you because you
brought Miss Kaoru into this…

and at myself for not
being able to stop you.


That's good, Battousai.

Get angry, get angry!

Miss Kaoru!

Can you kill me with that sword?


You're not good enough to
predict the Haishatou?


Not yet.

You still are far cry from the
Battousai you once were.

Miss Kaoru!

It's a stronger version of Shin no Ippou.
It's enough to paralyze her lungs.

She will last 2 minutes tops.


There's no time to waste.

Let your sword do the talking.


If you wish to walk away alive.

Undo the Shin No Ippou you cast on her!

It's too late for that.

Choose one of two ways:

Either she manages to break out of it.

Or you kill the caster to
shut out the evil aura.


Let us duel, Himura the Battousai.

Playtime is over.

Come at me, so I can kill you.

Take this!

This is the stance of the Battou jutsu?

Hiten Mitsurugi Style, Battou jutsu:
Sou Ryu Sen.

Your elbow is smashed and
your tendons are severed.

Your presence with using a sword is over.

And now…

So is your life too.

To protect Miss Kaoru…

I will become a manslayer once again.

Kill me.


Kenshin stop!

She broke it.

Miss Kaoru.

Please don't go back to being a manslayer.

Don't kill.

Please don't kill!


For the people…

…you have killed.

For the people…

…you have saved…

…in the past.

You don't need to kill,

to be able to save someone.

That is…

…the new world…

…that you have searching
for, right Kenshin?

Miss Kaoru.

Let us decide who wins Battousai…


There's no chance for you to win now.
You can only use your left hand.

It's not over yet.

You are manslayer by nature.

Know this because I am a manslayer too.

A manslayer will always be a manslayer.

Just how long you can stay
being a mere wanderer?

I will watch at the edge of the hell…

Now you know,

what would happen when you
speak nonsense like…

I'm a wanderer and I don't kill.

When you slay a man, a grudge emerges.

That grudge makes a man kill again.

To cut that vicious cycle,

is the purpose that this sword cannot kill.

Enough with the fancy talk.

Are you going off to wander again?

"Wandering" is just an escape for the weak.

Live by the sword and die by the sword.

There is no other path for us.

This is a huge amount of illegal substance.

Don't miss even one person!

Do you want to take me to the harbor?

I'll pay you a lot, if you let me escape.

I have money inside in my pocket.

I have money in my pocket over here.

I said I have money in my pocket over here.

I said I got money!

Can I at least grab my shoe that fell off?

Be quiet!

It's tricky to walk with one shoe.

I'll be back.
I'll be back for sure!


Oh, you woke up?


Where's Kenshin?

Well he is…

No way, he couldn't have…!

W-Wait a second!



You're finally awake, Miss Kaoru?

That's why you should listen
until we're done talking!

Kenshin will be making dinner today.

I'm so hungry.

Welcome home, Kenshin.

I'm home, that I am.

Just give me a reason to
keep my heart beating

Don't worry, it's safe
right here in my arms

As the world falls apart around us

All we can do is hold on, hold on

Take my hand

And bring me back

I'll risk everything if it's for you

A whisper into the night

Telling me it's not my
time and don't give up

I've never stood up before this time

But I won't separate

What I grasped onto, unable to relinquish

So stand up, stand up

Just gotta keep it

I wanna wake up, wake up

Just tell me how I can

Never give up

How crazy I am for this breathtaking moment

Just tell me why baby

They might call me crazy

For saying I'll fight
until there is no more

Brief flashes of anguish contained
by subconscious impulse

Blinded, I can't see the end

So where do I begin?

Say not a word, I can hear you

The silence between us

Harmonizing like there's only emptiness

I'll take this chance and I'll make it mine

Still pretending exposed matters
are like hung decorations

So stand up, stand up

Just gotta keep it

I wanna wake up, wake up

Just tell me how I can

Never give up

The magnificence of sorrow and misery

Just give me a reason

To keep my heart beating

Don't worry, it's safe
right here in my arms

Crumbled, wept, blossomed,
and dissolved, this hope

So blinded I can't see the end

Look how far we've made it

The pain I can't escape it

Like this, I can't possibly finish
what I'm being forced to end just yet

No matter how often it looks like I'll collapse
exhausted, even if I crumble away completely

There is no end

So where do I begin?

If I spread wide my clenched hand

The inert days spent without
anything I throw away

Will look like they're scattering
as if I had never lost them

And you

Just tell me why baby

They might call me crazy

For saying I'll fight
until there is no more

Brief flashes of anguish contained
by subconscious impulse

Blinded, I can't see the end

Look how far we've made it

The pain I can't escape it

Like this, I can't possibly finish
what I'm being forced to end just yet

No matter how often it looks like I'll collapse
exhausted, even if I crumble away completely

There is no end

It finally begins