Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (2014) - full transcript

Makoto, an assassin who once was contracted by the government, has since become obsessed with tearing it down. Formerly, Kenshin was mainly concerned with protecting Kaoru, but the stakes are now higher as he struggles to protect the nation itself.

Settsu Mine, Hyogo
1878 (MEIJI ERA 11)

You're really sure he's here?

We've been watching for two months.
There's no mistake.

Let's end this here.

Be very careful.

Over here!

Who are you?


Do you believe in hell?

Surely a world like this, awash in blood,

deserves the name hell.

Are you Makoto Shishio?

What if I am?

You know damn well!


Don't move from there.

I love that sound!

You bastard!

Why do you think I knew you were coming?

Hajime Saito of the Shogun's
Shinsengumi police.

A traitor...

We both remember the Shogun.

Are you content with
what this world has become?

Take off that new-government uniform.

Come and join us.

We will turn the clock back
to those days of upheaval.

I take orders from no one.


Very well.


Man is born to carnage.

This world itself is hell.



Kyoto is in chaos!

What do the Shogun's police
think they're doing?


At least they shouldn't be
adding to the trouble!


Who's that?

Here he comes!

Who are you?

That scar!

My name is not one worth stating.

I walk the streets of Kyoto,
dreaming of a new age

when the Emperor reigns supreme.

Bakkyusai the Killer.

I am he!

What nerve!

We will cut you down!

Have at him!

Why is Battosai the villain?

"Bakkyusai", not "Battosai."


Hang in there!

Asakusa, Tokyo

You're an old legend now, "Battosai."

Invigorate the Heart

Step in!

Hit him first!

Watch him!


Shout out!

We have returned.

We're back!



Why won't you teach us?

You're why we came here!


You're mistaken.
I am merely a guest here.

I am no master of fencing.


The way of the sword has changed.

The motto of the Kamiya Dojo
is "invigorate the heart."

In this new age,
that is what the sword must teach you.

If it's a fight you want,
Street-fightin' Sanosuke's your man!

I don't charge much.


What do you say?

You want to fight?

Why not show them some stuff?

These days of peace have no need
for my High Heaven style.


Miss Megumi!

How's the clinic?
Business good?

Doctors don't talk about
"good business," you oaf!

I'll get dinner ready.

Wait. You have visitors.

You're Mr. Himura?

What would you like?

I'm Superintendent Kawaji.

Someone wishes to talk with you.
Would you come with me?

Hey! We're just getting ready
for dinner here.

Who sent you to come
waltzing in here like this?

Toshimichi Okubo, the Home Minister.

Who's that?

The top man in the government, that's who.

Don't go. It'll just be trouble.


If he goes, I come with him.

I don't trust you guys
in the new government.


Come with us.

I won't be long.

Home Ministry

Excuse us.

It's been a long time, Mr. Okubo.

At last we meet again.

You know him?

I'll come straight to the point.

What is it?

Shishio is plotting in Kyoto.

Shishio? Who's that?

Another assassin.


The successor to Battosai the Killer.

When you laid down your sword
at the Battle of Toba-Fushimi,

he was fighting there, too.

He was one of our assassins.

In speed, skills, and quick thinking,
he was a match for you.

However, unlike you,

he cared nothing for the weak,
or for those with him.


It's the Emperor's banner!

We've won!

Ruthless ambition.

A wish to rule for which
he will trample over anyone.

That's Shishio.

I've won!

Well done!

We won!

Thanks to you!

You did it!

Well done!

You bastards!


You bastards!

Some of his assassinations were so brutal

they would have brought discredit
on the new government.

We had to eliminate him.

You put down your sword,
and his body was burned.

He should have died, but then it snowed...

He's alive?

He disappeared into the Kyoto underworld.

He's taken in a bunch of
bloodthirsty mercenaries

and formed his own private army.

He has one aim in mind,

to overthrow the new government.

Wait a minute!

He hates the government for a reason.
Why drag Kenshin into this?

He's destroyed every force
we've sent against him!

The only one we can turn to

is you.

Mr. Okubo,

you look worn out.

Building the new age

is much harder work
than destroying the old one.

Enrich the country, strengthen the military

I don't expect an immediate answer
to a request like this.

Will you take a week and think about it?

So, on May 14th, one week from today,

I hope you'll say yes.

That's crazy!

They want Kenshin to assassinate him?

It's not my idea!

They want Kenshin to clean up the mess

that they've made!


Not only that.

You will, of course, be well-rewarded.

And there are certain illegalities
we are prepared to overlook.

For example,

Megumi Takani's acquittal
on an opium charge.

That's bullshit!

If that's how they're pressuring him,
they can hang me first!

Tell me about it!

I won't let you go to Kyoto.

Kioicho, Tokyo

May 14

Without Himura, the nation is lost.

How do you do?

What the...

I have a message from Mr. Shishio.

"If you're thinking of sending
Battosai Himura against me,

"don't waste your time.

"This land will be mine."

There! Now it's clean.

Is this the time for laundry?

Tell them to take that job and shove it.

You really hate
the new government, don't you?

I hate people like that.


I'm going to Mr. Okubo's now.

Yahiko, will you hang these out?

Maybe I'll come, too.

No, it might get complicated.

I'm best alone.

He's chosen life as a wanderer
who never kills.

He won't leave you and go to Kyoto.

Here he comes.

Let's go.

Ichiro Shimada, samurai!

Tsurahide Cho, samurai!


Someone got here before us!


Mr. Okubo...

There were men planning to assassinate him.

We used that.

Was he one of Shishio's men?

This is how Shishio works!

He wreaks havoc using what he learns
from spies he has everywhere.

You never see his hand!

He'll whittle away at us

until the day he rises up.

Come with me.

Who are they?

Officers Shishio killed.

He's taunting us.

He sent them last night,
as if to coincide with today.

I will repeat Mr. Okubo's request.

You are our only hope.

Japan is about to lose its way.

Shishio will seize his chance.

It's war.

See you in Kyoto.

Extra! Extra!

Lord Okubo assassinated!

The Home Minister's been assassinated!

Assassins Kill Home Minister Okubo!

You're back.

Shishio did that.

We cannot let him go on.
I will go to Kyoto.

To kill


Even when you found out

I was Battosai the Killer,

you let me stay at your dojo.

That made me

very happy.

But to those who hate the likes of
Shishio or Battosai,

Battosai is who I remain.

But why?

Why do you have to go?

What do you care
if he hates the government?

Stay here.

Eat with us, practice
with us, laugh with us.

When I swore off killing,
Shishio took my place.

It is my job to stop him.

If you go,

you might fall back into killing.

No one can throw away

his past.

Thank you

and goodbye.

Once again,

I will be a wanderer.

That son of a bitch!

Damn him!

I'll help.

He took off alone and left me!

He doesn't want anyone in his way.


Who'd be in whose way?

Don't start yelling at us!

That's not what I meant.

Kaoru! Why are you acting
like nothing's wrong?


Of course she's upset, stupid!

You too, Yahiko!

Smarten up!

You shut up!

Damn it!

Hey! Come back here!

This is bullshit!

Damn him!

Damn it!

What do you want?

Battosai Himura.

Word is there's someone
like him around here.

There's no Battosai here.
Out of my way.


You want trouble?

You found it.

Where is Battosai?

Take me and I'll tell you.



Tell me before you pass out.

Let me think...

Stop it!

Where is Battosai?

Tell me!

I'm just a passing doctor. I don't know.

Odawara, on the Tokaido Highway

He's got a sword!

They were banned years ago!

Battosai's passed Odawara.

He'll come through the village.


Let's arrange a welcome.

Could I have my sword back?


It's of no use to anyone but me.

Yeah, sure!

If you're still keeping it
now that swords are illegal,

that means it's valuable.

Hold it!

Give me that!

But it's my sword!

Give it to me, I said!


Please tell me

why you want it.

Excuse me.

This sword is a back-blade.

Only the back of the blade is sharp.

So the front won't cut?

My scabbard?

I thank you.

Who are you, anyway?

I am a mere wanderer.

Why is a girl stealing swords?

To pay for a journey.

That is no reason to steal.

Keep your advice!

Who's there?



Help my brother!



Save our village.

What happened?

I'm a constable.
I lost contact with my home village.

I went to see what was wrong.

Shishio found out who I was.



Take care of him, will you?

Here's water.





This way.



Dad! Mom!


Those animals!







You killed my mom and dad!

I'll kill you!

Who are you?

You want to die, too?

Are you Shishio's men?

What if we are?

Why did you kill those two?

Their son was going to tell the world
about this village.

They took the blame.
The penalty is death.

As an example?

Watch the boy.

Kill him!

Let's bury them.


Leave them.

If we cut them down, we will anger Shishio.

We'll be helpless before him.

What are you talking about?
They're from your village!

They should never have gone
against Shishio!

No! Don't do it!


Mom! Mom!



Dad! Dad!

Dad! Dad!

Dad! Mom!

So this is the world that Shishio wants...

Very well done!
Taking all these men by yourself.

So the stories are true,

Battosai Himura.



Mr. Shishio calls.

Mr. Shishio! Please!

This sword deserves its reputation.

It cuts.

Your visitor is here.

You're Shishio?

At least say "mister,"
even if you had the job first.

Why this village?

You want the whole country,
not a few small places.

The hot spring here is good for my skin.

But without bandages, I scare people away.

So to spare them that,

I made the village mine.

Damn you.

Don't be mad. I'm just kidding.

It's a joke.

Is this revenge for what
the government did?

I don't care about revenge now.
Far from it. I'm grateful.

My injuries taught me a lot.

Trust, and you'll be betrayed.
Drop your guard, and you die.

Kill first, before they kill you.

The strong survive, and the weak die.

Reality, plain and simple.

I will make this country strong.

That is the justice I will bring.

Soon the whole land...

It is not you who sheds blood for justice.

Draw, Makoto Shishio.

I won't allow any more bloodshed

for this thing you call justice.

Sojiro, play with him for me.

May I?

In that case, I don't mind if I do.

What's that sword?

I'm disappointed.

I'll see you in Kyoto.
Come back as the real killer.

You're running away?

That's not nice.

Stick around and let's play.
Mr. Shishio says we can.

What's so funny?

Nothing's funny.


It's a battle of technique.

They're both equally fast.

What will decide the outcome
is that one is happy to kill

and one is not.

Look what you did to this sword!

Have a new sword ready
for the next time we meet.

Now's your chance!

Take revenge for your mother and father!


Stop it!

Kill them!

You will please no one
by soiling those little hands.

The dead wish only that
the living be happy.

In time, those little hands will grow big

and you will be a man.

Do not use your strength to oppress,
like those who serve Shishio.

And do not let fear make you helpless,
like these people of the village.

Be a man who guards his family to the last,

like your brother.

Look what he did
to a Kotetsu Nagasone sword.

I underestimated him.

"Kotetsu Nagasone?"

A swordsman like you doesn't know him?

Most people would give their eye teeth
to have a sword he made.

That's good.

Very good.



Welcome back, sir!

Have you done what I wanted?

We have all the weapons you asked for.


Do something for me.

Anything but pay for that sword.

Summon the Ten Swords.


You mean, at last?

When they arrive,

we go to war.

I can't stand this.

Stand what?

Get down to Kyoto.

Stop pretending.

I'm not pretending.

It is my opinion as a doctor

that while everyone might think
Kenshin is invulnerable,

I think he is a gifted
athlete, but otherwise

he's no different from us.

Where one wound might easily heal

multiple wounds add up.

And Kenshin's battle
hasn't only just begun.

There's more than guns or swords
that could kill him.

You'll regret it if you wait.

I'm going.

He'll face more than just Shishio.

But you're still hurt!

Quiet! I'll heal up on the road.

I'll toughen up.


Then take this.

An elixir.

An old family recipe. Take it once a day.

And this.

It's salve.

Give Kenshin some, too.



you bring it.

It's not my job to heal his wounds.



I'm on my way!


Found you!

I almost lost you!

Have you got a place to stay?

I know a good, cheap inn.

- No, thank you.
- Wait, wait, wait!

I'm Misao Makimachi.
I'm not a villain.

Trust me.

Come on!

There it is!


I'm back!


A guest!



I'm back!


Come here!

I'll take your things.

Don't be shy.


He helped me out.

Let him stay, all right?

We'll charge through the nose!

Just kidding!


You're welcome here,

Battosai Himura.


The Battosai Himura

Aoshi's looking for.


You've had a long journey.

Thank you.

It's been ten years since
you were in Kyoto, Battosai.

I've always thought

some day we would meet.

I never thought it would
be here, like this.

You are?

I am a ninja, one of the Hidden Watchers

who was stationed with
the Kyoto Constabulary.

So Miss Misao...


The Shogunate assigned me
to gather information

in the guise of an innkeeper,
as you see me now.

When all of you brought down the Shogun,

this became my living.

But there were those among
the Shogun's servants

for whom the transition was not so easy.

One of the Watchers
stationed outside Edo Castle

was Aoshi Shinomori.

You remember the two sides agreed
Edo Castle would be surrendered

and there would be no bloodshed
in Edo itself.

Had that not happened,

you would probably have encountered him.

You were the two champions of each side.

The Watchers were given
no opportunity to fight.

And to make sure we wouldn't,
the Shogun's men...

Why are you doing this to us?


Even though the new government
had offered him a post,

Aoshi still tried to save his men
from death at the Shogun's hands.


So the victors write the history?

And we're flung into the dark?


Shoot them!

Captain! Live on!

Long live the Watchers!

Long may our name live!

With no companions to preserve,
or Shogunate to hate,

all of his anger and despair

turned on Battosai Himura,
the greatest fighter of the age.

He aims to kill you

and, before the graves
of his dead comrades,

proclaim the Watchers as
the mightiest of all.

And Miss Misao?

She doesn't know the demon he's become.

She still pines for him.

I understand.

However, I have come to Kyoto

to put an end to Shishio.

I see.

After ten years,
Battosai comes back to Kyoto.

I knew there had to be a reason.

The Hidden Watchers network
of informants remains in place.

If you have need of us,
please do not hesitate to ask.

I'll take you up on that.


Could you find someone for me?

The father of this sword,

Shakku Arai.

Let's find him right away.

Excuse us.

Another guest.

Make yourself at home.

You're here?

Everyone knows who you are.

Takano, Kyoto Police.

These are Shishio's villages.

The government has abandoned
about a dozen.

They're under Shishio's control.

Where's the army?

They could fix this!

I'm afraid

we cannot afford to show weakness
in the face of the Western powers.

They're just all afraid

they'll end up like Okubo.

Then what do we do?

The way we're going,
we play right into Shishio's hands.

That's exactly the reason
we're all here now.

Permission to enter!

That was quick.

I only live over in Osaka.

Take it easy here till the others arrive.



Where's Battosai now?

Kyoto, we think.

Probably looking for a sword
to replace the one Sojiro broke.

Battosai's sword would have come
from the best swordsmith.

That means Shakku Arai.

You can always depend on Cho
to know those things.

Battosai's a bit of a fool, isn't he?

Trying to get a dead man
to make him a sword.


Shakku Arai, d. 1870


So you're going?

Without killing anymore,
I will try to preserve

those who seek to bring about a new age.

Well, if you find a way,
I sure hope you'll tell me.

A farewell gift.

Try being a swordsman
wearing one of those.

Then you'll know
what you're saying is nonsense.

The blade's

on the back?

If your head's still full
of that nonsense when it breaks,

come back to Kyoto and find me again.

Seiku! Someone's here.


Can I help you?

Mr. Seiku Arai?


I owe your father a great
debt of gratitude.

Learning he has passed away,
I have come with a request.

Could you please make me a sword?

My father would often say

how his swords would create a new age.

But the truth is that
those swords took many lives.

You can say it was the times,
and it had to be that way

but this is the new age.

Killing to change the world...

The new age no longer requires
those weapons or that logic.

Now I make kitchen knives
or things for everyday use.

I'm sorry, but I will never make
another sword.

Very well.

I'm sorry to bother you.

Wow! So this is Kyoto!


Stop leering!

That hurt!

Save that for when you grow up.

I'm just looking!

We're here to find Kenshin,
so get looking for him.

Yeah, I know.

Windmills for sale!

Windmills! Come and get one!


Windmills! Windmills for sale!


What are you doing?

What's wrong?

I'm just playing with him.

What's the problem?

He's got lori!

Who would you be?

Do you wish something of me?

You're Shakku Arai's son Seiku?

Rumor has it

that you've still got
the last sword your dad made.

No one's ever used it, right?

Can I see it?

What's wrong?

Mr. Himura!

The police!

Get the police!

Our baby!

Our baby!

Calm down, will you!

Come on now! Don't cry!

I'll shut you up soon enough.

Who are you?

Give back the child.

Two scars crossed on your left cheek...

So you're the famous killer,

Battosai Himura?

I hear your sword broke.

So you're here for
Shakku's last sword, too?

What do you mean?

You mean you don't care if I step in here?

Then get lost.

Give back the child.


If I get his last sword
but I can't try it out,

where's the fun in that?

There's a fight going on!


Call the police!

Aw, just leave them.

What's going on?

Some ex-samurais are fighting
over in that shrine.

You'd better keep away!

Come on!

Draw your damn sword!

You're good, I'll give you that.

But this prize is going to cost you!


Stay back!

Are we done?

You're going to risk your life
just to save one kid?

What's that look?

You're pissing me off!

I killed many

to bring about a new age.

Are you bragging?

Be my guest.

Go ahead and cling to
the glories of the past.

What a loser!

Ten years since struggle and blood
brought us to a new age.

Now, in a happy home
that knows nothing of war,

we begin to see a time of peace
in which to raise its children.

Think what you will, but that child
is the blessing of the new age.

If it costs me my life,

I will take him back.

A real hero of justice, huh?

My father's last killing swords!

Wait, lori! Just a little bit longer!

I'll take the chance!

If anyone can put that sword
to good use, it's him!

Father! Watch over us!

Damn you!


That hurt!

Who's that?

Where's his sword?

Mr. Himura! Take this!

It's my father's last sword! Use it!

So there was one!

That sword will be mine!


We'll have a real fight.
Let's see who wins.

Well? You're Battosai
the Killer, aren't you?

My sword's out. Where's yours?

Fine! If you've forgotten
how good killing feels.

I'll remind you.

I'll do one right now!



Wait there.

I'll cut you into pieces.

No killing!

You know,

you're really good.






He's not dead.

Kaoru! He didn't kill him!

That's a back-blade.

I'm glad!




He's fine!

On your feet!

Get him up!

Bring him!


Kenshin! Are you okay?

Is that a new back-blade?


Hey, Kenshin...



what's this?

The true back-blade.


The sword he made for the gods

out of remorse, mixed
with a tiny bit of hope.

When you dedicate a sword
to the gods, you forge two.

The better one is "true."
You give that to the gods.

The other one is the "shadow."
You let someone else have that.



The one he gave you was the shadow.

Have that sword.

Father would have wanted that.

"Reluctantly, for years,
I have tempered swords.

"Not for the world of my son,
but to bring peace for his child."

Kenshin, I'm coming in.

Did you rest?


Right, Kaoru?

Are you angry?

About me following you to Kyoto?


The other half


Shishio's men are everywhere.

Be very careful.

See? I told you.

When a woman follows a man,
he acts like she's a pest,

but he's still happy about it.

You be quiet. You don't know
what you're talking about.


I'm just like you.
My head's still full of nonsense.

Thanks for coming out!

I greet the Ten Swords!


Take charge.

Tomorrow, at one minute to midnight,

we make Kyoto an inferno!

You hear that, comrades?
The time has come at last!

Those lazy fools will feel

our power to the full!

You're Cho the Sword Hunter,

one of Shishio's Ten Swords.

Are you not?

So what's the big deal?

What's he planning?

Tell us and it'll go easier on you.

It's time to stop being loyal to Shishio.

What are you talking about?
I'm not loyal to Shishio.

He was just a way to get where I wanted.

The guy you beat up talked.

Shishio's burning Kyoto.

That's been planned before.

In the days of the Shogun,
when we raided the Ikedaya.

We were in time to stop them.

And Shishio wants to
try the same thing again?

Probably to prove that this government
can't stop them now.

But why would Cho just tell you
something that important?

They're a bunch of hoodlums.
There's always one who'll talk.

It's set for tomorrow
at one minute to midnight.

Shishio is plotting something
for the night of the waning moon.

Sniff the wind.

Kyoto, a sea of fire?

If we allow it,

many will die.

We have deep roots here in Kyoto.

He won't get away with it.

Misao, send pigeons.

Tell all Kyoto.

I will.

Kurojo, Shirojo,

Masugami, Omime.

Dress for action.

We'll show them what
the Hidden Watchers can do!

The north side!

Stay in your homes!

Martial Law is declared for all of Kyoto!


We'll fight, too.


I made up my mind before I came.

I'll see this through to the end.

Me, too. You can see what I've learned.

Let's go.

Don't try too much.

Stay with them.

This is a fight to the death.

A fencing instructor won't help.

Come and fight with us.

Let's go.

They're here.

Take your positions.



Remember my souvenir.

I will.

Set them off.

Yes, sir.

Everybody, be on your guard.

Riflemen, forward!

On your honor as police officers,
stop them in their tracks!

All right!

Burn the place!







You're getting better.

I am Yahiko Myojin, samurai of Tokyo!

Bring fire!

We know what you're planning!

Thanks for coming out this late at night!

Street-fightin' Sanosuke's in town!

He's back.

Go on ahead.

Where's Battosai?

I heard you're sheltering a man
with crossed scars on his cheek.

You know how hard
Misao's been looking for you?

She still believes
you're the man you always were.

That is of no concern.

He is a valued guest here at the Aoiya.

Hiding in plain sight, is he?

Open your eyes, Aoshi.

What you need is not battle.

Calm your heart.

The Shogunate lives!

If you have abandoned
your honor as a Watcher

to tread the path of blood and carnage...

I will crush you!


No! No!

Don't kill!

Don't kill.

Are you okay?

Fire! Put it out!

We'll take over here.


Hold still.




Where are you?

Wait for me!

Give me a fight, damn it!



It's Elder and Aoshi!

Aoshi's come back?

Where's Battosai?

That again?


Stay back!

Damn you, Aoshi.

Is that how low

you've sunk?

I am not the Aoshi you once knew.


All you underlings, get outta here!


Why are you here?


To help you out, stupid!

Thank you.

All right, then.

Victory is ours!

Who are they?

Get them all!


You again?

Something's wrong here.


Where's Shishio and his Ten Swords?

Why are you two looking so down?

It's all been too easy.

If he meant to burn Kyoto,
he'd be here to see it himself.

Miss Kaoru Kamiya?

Who are you?

You mean Shishio's got
something else up his sleeve?

At the Battle of Toba-Fushimi,
when the Shogun and the Emperor

battled for rule over the land,

Shogun Yoshinobu abandoned
his forces and fled by ship to Edo.

Without that, the new government
never would have won.

History changed course.

If he can rewrite history,
he'll terrify the government.

By spitting in their eye?

Burning Kyoto is a first step.

If he wants to retrace history...

Just maybe...

I'm going to bombard Tokyo

and destroy the country!

His real aim is Tokyo!


Miss Kaoru!

Where are you?

Where are you?

Where are you, Battosai?




Who are you?


Well done!

You saw that Kyoto was just a feint.

Where's Miss Kaoru?

What, you mean you're only here
for a woman?

Leave her out of this!


Miss Kaoru, you're on!

Miss Kaoru!

Come on, Yumi! Untie the poor girl.


Have no fear! I will...

Stop talking like a damn samurai!

I want to see that killing spirit of yours.

It's me you want. Let her go.

This is the perfect chance

to see once and for all who's the best.



I'll burn her!


It hurts when you burn.
So much you want to die.



It's that rage I want to see!

You want to kill me, right?

Try it.

Shut up.

No! Don't let him tempt you!

Curse yourself, curse the gods.

Curse Buddha, hate the times,
hate everything.


Now you're looking good.



Miss Kaoru!

Stay alive!

Watch, Battosai!

Is that all you got?

Can't the legendary Battosai
do better than that?


The legend just wants
to play love-suicides?

Miss Kaoru!

Miss Kaoru!

Miss Kaoru!

♪ Hope it helped --> bozxphd ♪