Rurouni Kenshin (2012) - full transcript

In 1868, after the end of the Bakumatsu war, the former assassin Kenshin Himura promises to defend those in need without killing. Kenshin wanders through Japan with a reverse-edged sword during the transition of the samurai age to the New Age. When Kenshin helps the idealistic Kaoru Kamiya from the gangsters of the powerful opium drug lord Kanryuu Takeda that wants her school for his production of opium, Kaoru invites Kenshin to stay in the school. But the drug chemist Megumi Takani escapes from Kanryuu and seeks shelter in the school. Meanwhile the killer Battosai is murdering police officers and leaving messages attached to their bodies. When Kanryuu poisons the population to get the school, Kenshin and the street fighter Sanosuke Sagara join forces to attack their common enemy.

140 years ago, during Japan's
chaotic Bakumatsu era,

Hitokiri Battosai (Man-Slayer
Master Swordsman) emerged in Kyoto.

This man, whose bloody battles
paved the way for the new Meiji era,

was feared for his devilish
strength and cold heart.

The era's decisive battle
occurred in the Boshin War.


January, 1868
Kyoto - Toba-Fushimi - In the Mountains

The *Shinsengumi are here!
(*Shogun's police)!

Hitokiri Battosai.

Where? Where is he?

Third Squad Captain, Saito Hajime!
Get ready!

The fight is on, Battosai.

We won! Raise our flag!

The rebel army won!

It's our Satchou Alliance victory!

So it's begun...

a new era...


Himura Battosai!

Don't think this is over!

Even if the world changes,

our only path is to live
and die by the sword.


Why did I survive?

What on earth is this sword?

'A katana absorbs the hatred
of those who died under its blade'

This belongs to Hitokiri Battosai.

Year 1878 (Meiji 11)

A few words from
Admiral Yamagata Aritomo!


At ease!

10 years after our Meiji Restoration,

this country will follow
Western nations' example

and start a new path.

Now, thanks to our brilliant
new Government,

our country is blessed
with stability.

A time of violence is over!


Humans are weak.

They talk of their ideals

but turn into beasts
for three things.

For themselves,


and pleasure.

Excuse me.

It's a success. Good job, Megumi.

Thank you.

This new kind of opium

turns humans into beasts.

You can go.

We only need one person who knows
how to make it.

So, which-of-you...


Thank you so much.


Let's go!

Let him be!

That man...

Let Battosai handle it.

Heave ho! Heave ho!

How about tasty fried dumplings?

I'll have one.

You heard me? Step back!

Step back! Quickly!

He was an undercover police officer.

A warning, huh?

Hitokiri Battosai again?
Why's he leave zankanjou (notes)?

It isn't him.


A note listing reasons
he killed this guy?

Then who?

This isn't Battosai's way.

Oro (huh)?

[ Wanted ]

Hitokiri Battosai?

Kamiya Kasshin Ryu (School)?

You there!

Ignoring the ban
on carrying a katana?

So you're Hitokiri Battosai?


Your evil ends today.
Get ready!

Whoa! Hold up!

Be quiet!

A misunderstanding, it is!

Wah waoro!

Oro oro...

This one is a rurouni (wanderer)...

a mere swordsman, that I am.

You understand now?

How do you explain that?

A sakabato, that it is.


See this...

The cutting edge is reversed.

Opposite of a normal sword,
is it not?

I guess that can't kill.

You see now?

Thank you.

The person that's described...

For half a year,

someone committed murders
in my School's name.



You have a guest.

I thought an elite police officer
would bring a troop.

Would you like some?

What can that be?

An undercover police officer
was murdered

in the name of Battosai.

So that samurai's ghost

came back to kill
after 10 years?

What's in your Shinbashi

Warehouse? Ah, we don't use it.

It was for imported goods but...

it didn't work out.

If you search the premises,

use official channels.

Even an elite officer
can't do as he likes.

It's the new era.

Don't get too excited.

That samurai ghost hasn't
realized times changed.


Look at those men.

Samurai only wander
aimlessly in this Meiji Era.

Out of pity, I hired them
as guards and feed them.

Won't hungry dogs
eat anything?

You were a samurai too?

I still am.

Lackey ill-suits you.

Be warned.

Other police need evidence.
I don't.

Kanryu-sama, Megumi ran away.


What? Megumi ran away?!

A police officer we bribe
said she went to the police.

That bitch!

Don't worry!

She knows it's trouble if
she blabs about opium.

You're a fool, brother!

Desperate women
act unimaginably!

You know nothing of women.

- What'd you say?
- Dare say it again?

Shut up!

Bring that woman quickly.

- Hands off me.
- What'd you say?

- I'll go. - What?

Don't kill her, Jinei.

Only she knows Spider Web

Other than that,
do as you like, Battosai.

You sought our protection.

You must give us details.

I can do nothing...


That way! That way!

What's going on there?

Move aside! Move!

Are you Battosai?

Stay still!

Wh-who are you?

D-don't move!

Hold it!

I said stay still!

This isn't sorcery.

Nikaidou Heihou Ryu,
Shin-no-Ippou (One Side of Soul).

Fear is a human frailty.

Sword spirit uses fear
to pin the target.

Is it painful?

Those with weak minds
are the most vulnerable.

A kitten.


Kitty meow!


Stop there!

Are you Battosai?

Why do you

use Kamiya Kasshin Ryu's name
to commit heinous crimes?

Because of punks like you, my father
...his Kamiya Kashin Ryu is-!

What about your father?

He taught a sword revitalises.

It's not for harm.

The sword revitalises!

A girl with a wooden stick
dares to face me?

Shut up!

What can this bokken do?

Blood revitalises the katana.

Wise up in the Afterlife.

You forgot this.

Who the hell are you?

Who doesn't matter.

You use Battosai's name?

That scar...

That agility...

You're the legendary...

It has no effect on you, huh?

Run, that we must.

Over here! Over here!

Surrender, Battosai!

This boring life
finally has meaning.

Turn yourself in!

Are you okay?

There he is- Battosai!

Catch him!

Over there.

- Over here! - Oro!

I'd say thanks.

But I'd have been fine
without your help.

Your arm needs treating.

Adjutant Master, Kamiya Kaoru.

We began as a small Dojo.

Even after Father died,
many students came here.

But half a year ago,
when Battosai began killing,

the School fell into this state.

I must stop him soon.

- You should give up. - Eh?

That man is far stronger
than you.

It's crucial a swordsman knows
his own strength and his opponent's.

You know the outcome
if you fight him.

Your School's honour

isn't worth your life.

'The sword is not for killing'

That's Kamiya Kasshin Ryu's

A murderer tarnished my School.

A mere rurouni like you

won't understand my frustration.

'The sword gives life'


You can't patrol
with that arm injury.

I'm sure your late father

wouldn't wish his ideals

at the cost of his daughter's life.

If you will excuse me.

What on earth...

Is this a challenge to us?!


- Oh, it's you.
- What "oh, it's you"?

- Unhappy with me, Myoujin Yahiko?
- Calm down.

Feed me breakfast.

Give a hungry orphan
a hot meal.

Quiet. Practise first.

- Help clean up! - Heck...

What do you want?

We're taking this Dojo.

What did you say?

It's a good price.

Someone will pay a pretty sum.

It's not a bad deal.

What are you saying?

I'll never sell Father's Dojo.

Hey, Adjutant Master!

Shameless woman.

Your School produced
a murderer.

Battosai isn't to do with us!

Don't bother.

No-one comes to a tainted Dojo,

Go for it!


Stop it!

What are you doing?


Who's this squirt?

I, Myoujin Yahiko, samurai's son,
won't forgive bullies!

Let him go!

What are you doing?

Don't be high and mighty
till you're mighty!


'Sword gives life'
is this Dojo's motto.

Why not protect yourself
with a sword?

Don't enter in shoes!

'Sword gives life'? So naive!

Don't wear shoes inside!

A sword's for violence
and killing.

Kenjitsu is about that.


What the-?



Who are you?


her words

come from never
soiling her hands.

It's play-talk.

A sword is a weapon.

Kenjitsu is a killing art.

Whatever pretty words,
that's the truth.

However, more than truth,

I prefer Kaoru-dono's play-talk.

How dumb!

Don't fall back! Go on!

Get him! Go on.

Don't step back, fool!

I said, get him!

Hitokiri Battosai's sword style
is Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu (Soaring Heaven).

It's an old style designed
to slay many at once.

If it wasn't this sakabato,

it'd slaughter you.


You are...


- What's wrong? - What happened?

What's going on?!

Uwah! He's dead!


What happened?

- Is he the killer?
- No!

They attacked out of the blue

but it's fine.

They're just unconscious.

This way, this way!

What happened?

Don't you punks know
about the sword ban?

Take them away!

Yes, sir!

What happened?

This one's fault, that it is.

This rurouni caused it all.

This Dojo wasn't involved.

Let's go.



What's the matter?

At least tell me your name.


Hold! Wait.

Himura Kenshin, that it is.



'Heart of the Sword'?

Keep it down!

A newbie!

Walk, hurry up!

Open it!

The man with the cross scar.

It is you.

It's been a while...

Hitokiri Battosai.

It's 10 years since
Toba Fushimi battle.

Let's talk.

Come out.

Hitokiri Battosai?

It's been a long time.
Where were you hiding?


I heard a skilled wanderer

had been saving people
over the past decade.


This man...

Back then, we took
different paths

but both were for
a better nation.

He's now called Fujita Goro,
and works for me.

What do you want from me?

This is sold openly.

It's called Spider Web.

Looks ordinary but it's far
more addictive than other kinds.

Opium destroys nations.

Even Qing Dynasty
couldn't stop opium.

Some of its land became
an English colony.

This one is a mere rurouni.

Why tell me this?

Whoever made this stuff

must be planning
something worse.

Lend me your strength

in exchange for
a key Army position.

With these hands again...

I won't be a hitokiri again.

Hitokiri, huh?

That was for the Restoration!

You got cowardly?

What's this joke of a katana?

How do you protect
without killing?

Even with this sword,

I can protect people.


Before talking rot,
show how it protects you.

Sheath your sword.

Screw you!

This sword pointed at you

will make you suffer.

Like this...

Recall those days?

I left my past behind.

I'll never kill again!



It's fine.

Let him go.

Yes, sir!

Hoi, Kaoru?


Ah! Sorry! Are you okay?

Please help me!

I'm being chased!



You have nowhere to go, right?

Come home with me.

You helped me.

You know I'm the Hitokiri...

I don't know who that is.

The person I met

was Rurouni Kenshin.

Everyone has a past
they don't wish to share.



Take it!

Let's go!


Let's go!

Come inside.

Excuse me.


Myoujin Yahiko.
I teach him fencing.

He stays here.

You really have no students.

He mouths off, but has skills.

Shut up! I'll get strong!

I know, I know.

Kenshin will stay with us.

- I'm senior! - Eh?

Nice to meet you.

Hey! Introduce me too!

Who are you?!

She was soaked
so I heated water.

Ask me!

Hey, hey, who’s that gentleman?

Wait! Wait!

Rurouni Kenshin.

Ah, you?

This boy told me of you.

I'm Takani Megumi.
Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

You may change clothes.

I'm grateful.

Father was big.

These ones from his youth
may fit you.


is the colour too much?

No. It's fine.

'Sword gives life'


So tell me.

Why are you here?

Oh? She seems bothered by me.

You're not from this area.

Where is your home?


"A mysterious beauty"
sounds good.

That looks done.

Here you go.

Oh. Thanks.

This is my thanks for helping me.
Eat well.



Isn't it?


Watch yourself!

I know!


The Dojo has it tough, yes?


Don't give in. Folks here
won't sell their properties.



Takeda Kanryu!

He's a rich merchant with
a mansion on the outskirts.

- Where's the washroom?
- Over there.


Excuse me for interrupting.

You're the one who saved
a local Dojo from 10 thugs?

I'm in foreign trade.

Show him.

Let's talk frankly.

We'll hire you with this.

This amount can hire 10 men.

Well? Be our bodyguard?

Not interested, that is so.

Isn't this enough?

I see.

Eagles don't eat flies?

I'm fine with that.

But money talks in Meija Era.

Pride is worth nothing!

Samurai families
who cling to pride

are losing out.

Peek into brothels.

You'll find Samurais' women.

Thieves now are all samurai!

Forget being a samurai.

Remember to have fun.

Very rude, that you are.

No money, no food.

I'll take that money.



Hire me.

Who are you?

Brawler, Sagara Sanosuke.

Straight out of jail?

Are you worth this much?

Got the skill?

Wanna go at me,
legendary Hitokiri...

Himura Battosai-san.


If I beat him, hire me.

Here wouldn't be good.

Let's go outside.

Right on!

Watch, everyone!

They're going to fight!

This fella here

is a horse-killing weapon,

It's an Onin War antique.

Well, it can't cut anything.


it can crush you.

Get here!

Himura Battosai!

Ishin Shishi assassin,
age 14 to 19.

No-one's seen you in 10 years.



Move! Move!

My katana won't be drawn.

You need your katana to fight me!

I won't fight you.

Why not?!

I've no reason to fight.

Would you fight for such a man?

What is it? What's going on!

What happened, huh?

What are you doing, Brawler?

Hurry and finish him!

Shut up!

Don't tell me how to fight!

Is that it?

Oh well.

I'd end up in jail again.

Sorry for the trouble!

Everyone, go back!

Show's over!

It's over, over!

Everyone, go!

Sorry for the ruckus.

Okay, let's eat.

He's the real deal.

Do your job well.

Don't anger Battosai.


Not enough blood...

I need more blood.

This is how I do things.

I am Hitokiri Battosai!

The fake Battosai killed again.

He kills punks and police.
Which side is he on?

Once you kill,
there's no going back.

That's how a 'hitokiri' is.

Go on without me.


- Let's go. - Wait!

I got it!

Those men attacked the Dojo.

You may as well have
killed them then.

If you'd killed them,

those officers wouldn't
have died.

Your sakabato sure is useful.


Out of the way!

Will you be an assassin
for a new era?

14 years ago

Lives will be sacrificed.

But everyone can live in peace

when a new era dawns.

At a time like this,
you're still getting married.


Well, good for you.

You lucky guy!

I envy you!


Who's there? Identify yourself!

Are you Battosai?!

You Satcho rebel dog!

Damn you!

I...I don't want to die...

I can't die...

I have someone precious.
I mustn't die!

I can't die! I can't die!

Someone precious to me...

I can't die...

I mustn't die...mustn't die.

By killing a young man
who carries the future,

what's "assassin for a new era"
even mean?

Am I doing the right thing?

You're just a murderer.



You didn't return.
I thought something happened.

I thought you may have gone.

Hungry, that I am.


Who knew it existed.

And our plans?

Everything's arranged.

We'll raze this area,
build a port

and smuggle opium by boat,
all over Japan!


all over the world!

We'll suck money
from opium addicts

and buy weapons.

Kanryu Empire!

I'll overthrow the government!

It's beginning...

Awaken, Battosai.


Who'd expect you here.

You manufactured opium.

Your fate lies with us, no,

it lies with opium.

As your comrade, I'll tell you...

Be careful.

Megumi made rice.

Kenshin made miso soup.
And fish...

The fish was cooked by Kaoru, huh?

You need lessons.

A woman who can cook
is good to marry.

He'll get taken.

Hey, you!


I wish I had
a different pupil.

My skills will rust with you.

That's my line!

Now, now, Kaoru-dono, Yahiko.

Let's just eat.

Hoi! Kaoru-chan!

Someone! Anyone there?



She suddenly began shivering!

She was breathing fast,
and then...

Did you get a doctor?

All the local doctors
went missing yesterday.

What to do. Hoi!

Be careful.

We'll take over this Dojo.

What is it?

Kaoru-chan! Help!


Kaoru-chan, help!

What's wrong?

Tsubame! This morning she
collapsed with a burning gut.

Carry them inside.

This way?

What's going on?!

A contagious disease?


Someone call a doctor, fast!

I am a doctor.


High fever and comatose...

Is it rat poison?

- Poison? - Are you sure?

Hurry! We must flush out
the poison! Water!

But not the well water!

The well may be poisoned!

Get castor oil at a pharmacy.

And a kettle and cloths!


Go to the water vendor
and buy what you can!

Kaoru-san! Is there
an herbalist in the next town?

There is!

Bring me medicine I need.

Detoxification is a fight
against time! Hurry!

- Understood! - Alright!

I've got water! Anyone need it?

You will be okay.

It's unforgivable,
playing with lives...


It's time you came clean.

She's Takani-san?


- You know her? - I don't.

But any doctors
know the name Takani.

Takani clan

are venerable doctors
for generations.

But in the Aizu War,

the whole family was killed,
I heard.

So that's it.

The daughter survived.

You're that Hitokiri, right?

Before asking others,

shouldn't you talk
about yourself?

You surely took many lives.

That scar? You're proud of it?

A sort of badge?

This scar...

is from a young samurai.

And the other scar...

is from his betrothed
after I killed him.

I lost count of lives I took.

I'm different from you.

I had no family to rely on.

I was picked up by Kanryu.

I became his woman.

We used each other.

He sells opium, and I...

I survive.


Give me opium! Please!

No way!

Shut up! Quiet down!

Kanryu has about 250 guards.

Most are samurai who haven't
fought since the Restoration.

I'll go with you.


Kenshin, look.

Megumi-san left.

Don't tell me...

I'm going too!

Kaoru-dono, stay here.

Nothing must happen to
Kamiya Kasshin Ryu head.


This will take all night.

We'll need breakfast
and baths.

I'm going!


- You'll slow them down.
- Shut up!


- Remain in the Dojo.
- What?

Protect Kaoru-dono and the Dojo.

Of course.

I knew you'd be back.

This is the only place

you can return.

So, work your butt off...

I did not come back...

to make more opium.


I came to kill you!

Don't worry.

We belong together.

I'll die right after you!

Why're you guys waiting?!

Stop this rot.

This atones for my sins!

Stupid bitch!

You repay my kindness
like this.

Here they come...

It's him.

Takeda Kanryu!

Oi! I'll beat you for free.

Come out here now!

Himura Battosai!


Trespassing on my property

is so rude!

What the heck?!

Don't hesitate!

Kill them!

I said, kill them!

Kill them! There's
plenty of money!

There, get your money!

I'll pay whoever kills them
as much he wants!

Kill them!

I don't get it. Why?

Why's Battosai after me?
What's he gain?

If he wanted gain,
he'd have a top Army post.

Isshin Shishi Faction
was like that.

Thinks he's smart?

Hey! Get that thing ready!

- "That"? But...
- Don't talk back!

'Better safe than sorry'
is a golden rule!

Yes, sir.

Hoi. Bring the woman!

I need a favour from you.

Where's that four-eyes?

He'd be upstairs.

Who'll fight me?

I'm your opponent.

Fist to fist? It's my turn!

Hurry, go!


So you're Battosai?

Where's Megumi-dono?

Is she worth your help?

Everyone is worth helping.

Excellent theory.

And you...

Why sell your soul to Kanryu?


You must've been a samurai
with a code.

What a stupid notion.

I can't survive

in this supposed peace
you created.

What the...!

Hoi! Hoi!

Kenshin! Are you okay?


What's this katana?

It's my vow not to kill...

my sakabato.

Hey! Where are you going?!

Hold on! Wait! Wait...

Wait for what?

Want some? Here!

I'm a vegetarian. Poor thing.

How about a drink?


An ex mass killer
holds a sakabato?


To fight a fight...

use your head! Your head!

It was fun!

You're getting serious.

What's this vow not to kill?

Can you end this fight
without killing me?

I will end it.

Show me!

See the mess you made.

Let's go.


This duel isn't over.


It's over, that it is.

- Can't get enough! Oi!
- Yes!

- Light. - Yes!


Let me enjoy my cigar.

What? You messed up my house!

You trashed ours!

Where's Hitokiri?!
Don't dismiss me!

I'll help you slay him.


A Dojo kiddie
ran to the police.


- What's the matter?
- Hey, look.

That gun direction
leaves a blind spot.

Hey! Come at me!

Welcome! Welcome...!

What're you doing?!

I give up!

Got me! I surrender.

Hey, hey! Don't shoot! Don't!

No way we'd beat that.

Right, Kenshin?

Come out, we can't win.

I surrender.

Drop your katana.

Apologize and bow to me.

Actually, strip! Strip off.

Strip and kowtow to me!

Keep your pants on!


Shoot here! Fire, fire, fire...!

Shoot me! Shoot me! Again!


Know what money can't buy?

What you're begging for...


Quit it!

Now we kick your butt!


- What...?
- It's my job. Go!



Sorry we're late.

It's fine now.

Glad you're safe, that I am.

Hurry! Kaoru-san...!

You finally woke.

Don't glare.

Holding you hostage
will enrage Battosai.

Fury will return him
to Hitokiri.

Here he comes.


Are you angry?

At you, for involving Kaoru-dono,

and at myself, for being
unable to stop you.


Good, Battosai!

Get angrier!


Can that katana even kill me?


You can't predict Haishatou
(Back Wheel Sword)?


You're not ready yet.

You're a far cry from
the old Battosai.


This stronger Shin-no-Ippou
paralyses the lungs.

She has 5 minutes.


There's no time.

Talk with your blade!


If you value your life,

undo Shin-no-Ippo
on Kaoru-dono!

It's too late.

There are only two ways.

She breaks it herself

or you kill me to break it.

Will you break your vow?

In that case!

The fight is on, Himura Battosai!

Playtime is over.

I'll kill you, so come at me!

Take this!

Is this the Battoujutsu*?
(*rapid unsheathing)

Hiten Mitsurugi Battoujutsu Souryuusen.
(Soaring Heaven Twin Dragon Flash)

Your elbow is smashed.

Your sword days are over.

What's more...


So is your life.

For Kaoru-dono's sake...

I will be Hitokiri once again.

Kill me.


Kenshin, stop!

She broke it.


Please don't be Hitokiri.

Don't kill.

You mustn't kill!


For those...

who died under your blade...

and those...


you saved in the past...

you don't need to kill

to be able to save someone.

Isn't that...


you aimed for in the new era?


Let's end this, Battosai.


You can't win with only
your left hand.

It's not over yet.

Assassin is your true nature.

So is mine, for sure.

A hitokiri is a hitokiri.

I'll watch you from Hell

to see how long you
remain a wanderer.

Now you know

what happens when
you talk rot

about a no-kill wanderer?

Killing births resentment

which breeds more killing.

To stop that vicious circle

is my katana's purpose.

How long will you spout
pretty words?

Going to wander again?

A rurouni's path
is a weakling's escape!

Live and die by the sword.

There's no other way for us.

This is a big drug operation!

Don't miss one person!


Take me to the harbour?

If you let me escape,
I'll pay you a lot.

Money's in my pocket!
Money! In my pocket!

Can you grab my shoe?

- Shut up!
- It's hard to walk!

I'll be back, just wait!

- Kenshin! - You're up?


- Where's Kenshin? - Eh? Well...

Oh, it couldn't be...?

- What? - Hold on!



You woke, Kaoru-dono.

Wait for us to talk!

Kenshin is making dinner today.

Ah, I'm hungry!

Welcome home, Kenshin.

I'm back, that I am.

Just give me a reason to keep my heart beating

Don't worry, it's safe right here in my arms

As the world falls apart around us

All we can do is hold on, hold on

Take my hand

and bring me back

I'll risk everything if it's for you

A whisper into the night

telling me it's not my time and don't give up

I've never stood up before this time

but I won't separate

what I grasped, unable to relinquish it

So stand up, stand up

Just gotta keep it

I wanna wake up, wake up

Just tell me how I can

never give up

How crazy I am
for this breathtaking moment

Just tell me why, baby

They might call me crazy

for saying I'll fight until there is no more

Brief flashes of anguish contained by deep impulse

Blinded, I can't see the end

So where do I begin?

Say not a word, I can hear you

The silence between us

harmonizing like there's only emptiness

I'll take this chance and I'll make it mine

Still pretending exposed matters
are like hung decorations

So stand up, stand up

Just gotta keep it

I wanna wake up, wake up

Just tell me how I can

never give up

Magnificence of sorrow and misery

Just give me a reason

to keep my heart beating

Don't worry, it's safe right here in my arms

Crumbled, wept, blossomed, dissolved, this hope

So blinded I can't see the end

Look how far we've made it

The pain I can't escape it

Like this, I can't possibly yet finish
what I'm being forced to end

No matter how often it looks like I'll collapse exhausted,
even if I crumble away completely

There is no end

So where do I begin?

If I open wide my clenched hand

inert days spent without anything, I throw away

will look like they're scattering
as if I never lost them

And you

Just tell me why, baby

They might call me crazy

for saying I'll fight until there is no more

Brief flashes of anguish contained by deep impulse

Blinded, I can't see the end

Look how far we've made it

The pain, I can't escape it

Like this, I can't possibly yet finish
what I'm being forced to end

No matter how often it looks like I'll collapse exhausted,
even if I crumble away completely

There is no end

It finally begins