Ruqyah: The Exorcism (2017) - full transcript

(March 18, 2008)

This is the area where people
usually hear some strange noises.

Do you mean that the strange noises
can be heard here?

-Yes, they can be usually heard here.

There isn't any strange noise, Zul.


Hurry up!

Hey, stop right there!

The Exorcism=

(March 15, 2012)

You've been avoiding the police for a year
and hiding in this kind of place.

Do you have any comments?

Are you working alone or...?

-Yes, Sir?

We have a suicide case for you.
Follow me to the morgue.

I'm sorry.
Miss Cynthia's family can't come?

Her family can't make it,
so let me take care of everything.

Miss Cynthia's family
has given Miss Asha permission... take care of everything
because they live out of town.

All right, please sign this form.

Please wait a minute,
we'll call you once everything's ready.

The victim's body is crushed...

...that makes it hard
to do an autopsy on her.

But the windows in her apartment
are so thick.

There's no way it'll break...

...although someone slammed through it
real hard.

-So, this isn't an accident?
-It's still under investigation.

We are suspecting
that there's someone else...

...who deliberately pushed her through it
or broke the window.

-Thank you, Nurse.
-The investigation revealed...

...that the victim had an affair
with a married man.

-Excuse me, Miss...
-No comment.

I hate reporters without humanity.

We're grieving,
yet you still want to interview us.

Are these your purse and cellphone?

You should've told us before,
so there won't be any misunderstanding.

My life depends on these two things.

Thank you very much.

Here, take it.

-No, thank you.
-It's okay. You've helped me.

-Just take it.
-No, thank you, really.

I simply feel happy
just seeing your relieved face.

What nonsense!

Thank you for accompanying me.

-Feeling better?
-A bit.


She told me so much.

She said she couldn't take it anymore.

We often see people who looks just fine...

...but actually have a lot of problems
stacked inside.

Don't think about it.

What's wrong?

please don't stare at me like that.

I can't take it.

I wish I could stare at you
like this forever,

for every single day.


-Why don't you come with me?
-It's not that I don't want to go...

..but I have to promote
my new movie, Honey.

There are several radio interviews,
and I also need to go to other cities.

Not to mention, several TV stations.

-Take care, Honey.

Who are you? Go away!

Go away!

Mother! Mother!

My daughter
is definitely not a drug addict.

But do you know
that Asha has any mental illness...

-...such as depression?
-I'm sorry.

Asha's being hospitalized
not for depression.

-She's only exhausted.
-Do you think her new movies...

...would flop due to the fact
that she's in need of treatment?

I think viewers, especially her fans,
know that Asha has been working so hard...



Please wake up, Baby.



Thank God.

I was so worried about you.

Hello, Dear.

I've been waiting
for your mother's phone call.

I've been worried sick.

I'm fine. Where are you?

I'm still at work. How are you feeling?
Do you feel better?

I feel better now, Honey.

Are you okay?

I want to see you.

I really want to see you, too,
but not at the moment.

I'm sure there are a lot
of reporters there.

I don't want people talking
about our relationship.

-I know.
-I'll see you at your apartment, okay?

See you, yeah?

Do you know that crying
can drain 70 percent of your energy?

I'm just curious.

Every time we meet,
you always cry or look sad.

I don't know
that we're going to meet again.

Can we meet again as friends,
not as a reporter and an actress?

(March 21, 2012)

Sit down, please.

Now, I'm here not as a reporter...

...because I've taken off my press ID.

So if you want to tell me anything,
please do as you wish.

I don't know where to start.

Cynthia and I were best friends.

We've been friends since we were little.

I was so shocked and surprised
when I heard the news that she died.


Because everything
that happened to her... happening to me, too.

I see ghosts.

I always have nightmares every night.

I've been hearing strange noises,
seeing unknown shadows.

And it has scared me out of my wits.

Do you pray every day?

-I once did.

I mean, I once prayed, a long time ago,
but not anymore.

Have you told somebody else
about those experiences you've had?

Nobody believes me.

I maybe one of those people
who doesn't believe your story.

I'm sorry.

I think your story... just absurd.

Mr. Mahisa, if you don't believe me,
just come with me.

You can see it with your own eyes.

Come to your place?

My room is upstairs.

This is my room.

Do you mind if I put cameras in here?

If strange things happen in here,
the cameras will record it.

It's okay, but remember,
this is only for our convenience.

Don't show it to anybody.



Miss Asha?


Let me take you back to your bed.

Watch your steps.

Wait here.


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

(Demonic Possession)

(Signs of spirits exist around us)

Hello, Asha.

Are you busy tomorrow?

Great! I want to take you to a place.

Welcome to my place.

My name is Mr. Dzak Dadami.

My name is Mahisa.


Which one of you needs my help?

My friend here...

...has been haunted by spirits.

Sit down, please.


Excuse us.

Come with me, Son.

She's not being haunted by spirits
or being cursed by someone...

...but someone has implanted spirits
into her.

What do you mean?

I sensed a lot of djinns inside her body.

It's done upon some kind of contract.

What kind of contract?

The djinns implanted in her body
must have certain purposes.

In return, they will take something.
Either her soul or offerings.

I'm sorry, Sir. I still don't understand.

What do you mean by "purpose?"

Come, I'll show you.

-Hold her purse.

-What are they doing to me?
-Just relax.

-What are they doing?
-Just follow their rules.

I'm scared. I don't want to do this.
This is scary.


Who are you?

Who are you? Get out of her body!

Sir, please stop it.

Get out of her body!

What happened to her?

Asha, are you all right?


Are you sure you want to be alone tonight?

It's okay.
Someone will accompany me tonight.

-It's okay, I'm fine.

(April 1, 2012)

Excuse me, Miss.
There's a package from Mr. Mahisa.

-From Mahisa?
-Yes, Miss.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome, Miss.

From Mahisa?



This is for you, take it.

Thank you.

The paranormal said
that everyone likes you...

...not because of who you are...

...but because the djinns
inside your body.

-Honey, here's your coffee.
-Thank you.

Honey, I want to ask something.

When was the first time
you had feelings for me?

That was the moment I will never forget.

The first time I saw you,
I instantly fell in love.

It was love at first sight.

-Love at the first sight?

(April 15, 2012)

Hello, Mahisa.
I'm on my way to your place.

-Text me your address.
-All right.

Okay, see you.

Are you living alone in this house?

It has been four years.

Don't you have anyone else
living with you?

Woman, man, or a wife?

I'm more comfortable this way.

It gives me more freedom.

And my job as a reporter
is very time-consuming.

Back then, you said... had someone accompany you.


I haven't told you about Calvin?

He's a married man, isn't he?


Let me go! Let me go!

What's going on in here?

Why are they taking me here?
Who the hell are you?

I should be the one asking you
that question.

Who the hell are you?

You have no right
to keep me away from Asha.

You're a nobody!

What's your business with Asha?

She asked me for a favor.

What kind of favor? What happened?

Is something wrong with her?

She's being bothered.

As far as I'm concerned,
the only one who has bothered her is you.

She is possessed by spirits!

What do you mean? Are you delusional?
Or do you need money?

You don't have anything to do?

If you need money, here, take it.

But stay away from Asha.

It has been an honour to work
with both of the main casts of my movie.

This is my third collaboration
with the director, Yudhistira.

But what makes it so special
is the chance to work...

...alongside my best friend
since childhood, Asha.

We went to Jakarta together.

My character in this movie
is the same as Jeanette's, a hacker.

I gained a lot of new experience
in this movie.

I learned many things
I've never known before.

This is my fourth movie.

And I am so lucky to be given
the opportunity to work with...


Asha. Oh, my God.

Do you know...

...what's wrong with Asha?

A lot of our family members were in debt.

So they sent the three of us to Jakarta
to become actresses.

And digging gold from rich men.

-They gave us something from our hometown.

What do you mean?

Some kind of magic.

You mean something like a love spell?

Not just a love spell.

They put love spells, mantras, charms.

No wonder most of us
have become actresses, models...

...singers, DJs, movie stars.

There are a lot of celebrities
who are rarely seen on TV...

...yet they can afford expensive cars,
go on vacation abroad.

Some uploading their photos in Instagram
with stacks of US dollars...

...with the caption,
"Reward for being religious."

Have you ever wondered,
how in the world could we afford...

...those luxuries if no magic is involved?

So it's true that many celebrities
use black magic to help them?

Yes, there are lots of them.

Can you name someone?

Gosh, I forgot I'm talking to a reporter.



-Do you feel better?
-I'm so scared.

I'm afraid that what happened to Cynthia
will eventually happen to me, too.

It all started when I fell in love
with Kelvin...

...and decided to stop draining his money.

Everything turns out to be like this.

Just go on with your normal life.

This all happened
after you and Cynthia changed.

I beg you, if something happens to me...

...please take me to my mother.


-Hello, Jeanette?

It's Mahisa.

I just wanted to apologize
for leaving early in the morning.

-I thought you needed some rest.
-That's fine.

-Asha's all right now.
-I'm glad to hear that.

Jeanette, I want to talk
about our discussion last night.

You precisely know
that they're putting spells on you.

You are even consciously
taking advantage from it.

How is it possible that Asha doesn't know
anything about it?

I didn't know either at first.

But in Jakarta, when I asked a psychic
for a beauty charm...

...he told me
that I already got one from home.

I see. All right, thanks.


What are you doing here?

Asha, did you come alone?

What did you take to come here?




Asha, why did you come here?

Asha, are you even listening to me?

Asha, what are you doing upstairs?

Asha, what are you doing?

Get down from the railing!
Asha, don't do it!


Asha, come to your senses.

Oh, my God. Asha!




What happened to Asha?
What's wrong with her?

She is possessed.


Thank you for helping Asha
and bringing her here.

Sit down, please.
I will take her to her bed.

Please sit down.

Please have a drink.

Drink it, son.

Go ahead, drink it.

Drink before it gets cold.

I'm sorry.

The coffee is too hot.

Excuse me,
I have to change my shirt in the car.


This is all your fault.

Why did you make her fall in love
with that man?

The only important thing
is that man's love for her.

Cynthia died because of your foolishness.

Now you want the same to happen
to Asha, too?

If I didn't make Asha fall in love
with that man...

...she might fall in love with a poor man.

If that happened,
where would we get our money from?

You can do something else.


Come here!

Come in.

Are you okay?

I'm fine. Why do you ask?

Since it's almost dawn,
it'll be better if Asha stays here.

Don't you have a filming schedule

Filming schedule? Really?

-You've told me before.
-Is it true, Asha?

In that case, I can't stay here, Mom.
I have to go home.

All right, take care.

Okay. Bye, Mom.

-Let's go.
-Good evening.

Yes, Mrs. Kumala.

I'm already in Asha's apartment.

Yes, she just arrived.


Let me take care of her from here.

Isn't it much better
if we both walk her to her room?

Why do you keep following her?

You're neither her boyfriend
nor her husband.

I only have a good intention
that I want to protect her.

-What's wrong with that?
-Stop it. You don't know anything.

Stop fighting.

You'd better go home now, take rest.

I am perfectly fine.
Jeanette is here now.

Are you sure?

Why do you keep hanging out with that man?

You're dating him, right?

Who, Mahisa?

No, he's just a friend.

-He is so nice to me.
-Stop it, Sha.

Why don't you stick with Kelvin instead?

He is much better than him.
He's richer and more handsome.

It's hard to find
such a perfect man like Kelvin.

You'd better not give any chance
to an average man like that.

Did Kelvin tell you to come here?

No, I told him to come here instead.

It's unusual for you to come
to my place this early.

Your mother asked me to come here.
It's for your own good.

Kelvin has been so nice to you.
He's taking good care of you.

I don't know
what intentions Mahisa have for you.

Kelvin might harm Mahisa
if you don't stay away from him.

Drink these, just like the old days.

Gosh, I remember my mother
telling me to drink these.

(April 20, 2012)


I'm sorry
if I'm interrupting your preaching.

My name is Mahisa.

If you still remember me,
I've interviewed you once.

It was me who called you earlier,
asking for your help.

-Tell me what happened.
-I think my friend is being possessed.

I just found out
after a lot of things she went through.

It's her own mother
who's implanted it in her.

She doesn't even realize
that it's her own mother...

...who is behind all of her sufferings.

And what concerns me the most
is that I think the evil spirits...

...have almost taken over her soul.

That's the sole reason
I'm crying for help.

Well, talking about magic,
you have to know...

...that the greatest power
comes from Allah.

Allah has the power to see everything
we can't see.

You should pray to Allah
in order to help her.

In Islam, it can be solved
by performing Ruqyah.

But I don't have any experience
doing that kind of thing.

Everybody can perform Ruyqah.

You can do anything
if you put your mind to it.

Recite to her the Al Fatihah,
Al Baqara 255, Al Kafirun, Al Ikhlas...

...Al Falaq and An Naas.


I have to go.
I don't want to be the spare tire. Bye!

-Thanks, Jeanette.
-You're welcome.

Come on in.

I wasn't feeling well.

I didn't tell you,
I thought it was unnecessary.

Honey, are you serious
about your promise to me?

Of course, I'm serious.

I need something that I can hold on to.

I'll keep my word.

(May 3, 2012)

Where are you?

I asked you to come here
because I want to tell you something.

-Me, too. But...
-What do you want to tell me?

You go first.

I don't know where to start.

I don't know from where or whom
I should ask for help.

I don't even know what to tell them.

But I believe that every bad thing
that has happened to me... because I'm drifting away
from Allah.

I want to go back on God's path.

I want my life to be normal again.

What I wanted to tell you
is actually the answer...

...for all of your questions.

All of these bad things
that has happened to us...

...are because we're drifting away
from Allah, it's true.

You told me that it has been a long time
since your last prayed.

Do you want to pray together with me?

I do! I do!

But I want you to let go,
be true to yourself, wholeheartedly.

Asha? Oh, my God.


Asha, ask for Allah's forgiveness.

Asha! Oh, my God.
Ask for Allah's forgiveness.

Asha! Asha!


Oh, my God.

Asha! Oh, my God.

Asha! Oh, my God.



-I'm burning!

I'm burning.

-I'm burning!

Asha... Oh, my God.

Asha, ask for Allah's forgiveness.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God. Asha!

Oh, my God. Asha! Asha!


Oh, my God! Asha.



Asha? Oh, God. Asha.


(May 4, 2012, 02:15 AM)

(09:00 AM)

(02:00 PM)







Let's go.

Where is Asha now, Mom?

I hope this ritual
will turn everything back to normal.



Asha, ask for Allah's forgiveness.


(10:00 PM)




What are you doing to me?

What are you doing to me?


Somebody help me! I can't take them off!


Damn it, Mahisa! Where is Asha?

I will find you.
I'll find you where ever you are!

I'm gonna bring cops to arrest you,
I promise.

Go ahead.


(Day 1)

(Day 2)

(Day 3)

(Day 4
04:00 AM)

Come over here, Mahisa.
Come to bed with me.

You may recite every verse from the Quran!

You can't overpower me. You just can't.

Untie me, Mahisa. Untie me!

(11:00 AM)


-Take him out.
-Yes, Sir.

Don't untie her. Let me take care of her.

You should've obeyed me.

Let's hope your sister knows better
than you.

-Please take care of her.
-Yes, Ma'am.

(Alhamdulillah, after being in Ruqyah,
I lived quietly without any disturbance.)

(Now I wear a hijab
and go back to praying 5 times.)