Rupan sansei: Ikiteita majutsushi (2002) - full transcript

In the country of Greece, Lupin attempts to steal one of the several legendary crystal shards. After nabbing one from a Medditerranean Party, Lupin is chased by who appears to be Inspector Zennigata. But Zennigata isn't acting like himself as he attempts to kill Lupin and demands to know where Fujiko and the crystal shard he has. One things for sure the impostor is someone Lupin knew from the past. A magician who was believed to be dead.

An announcement letter?

From Lu... Lupin III?


Don't worry.

There are enough
bodyguards of mine.

We do not have
need of the police.

They wouldn't have
had to be informed...

I don't know who has
summoned them, but...

a Japanese inspector
just showed up.

Well, Lupin...

When will you show up?

What do you want to investigate?

Ha ha ha, don't worry...

I've not come to
investigate on this palace.

I've come to put you in guard...

because this type of man
keeps what he promises.

The Organizer today
is also the master of this palace.

It will be time soon.


Attention, all...

during the fireworks
we uncork this.

What, that one!

It's a vintage so rare,
voices say that it hardly exists.

Eventually... Lupin won't make it.

Because we'll be the
ones to drink LUPIN.

May I ask you to applaud
the Owner and its pride:

His three daughters.

My, My




Lupin III!?

I have taken your "jewel"...

Turn the lights on.

Don't turn the lights on!

It's going well here.

How are you doing?

It is going like planned, Lupin.

About those crystals of the sky
that you are collecting...

I found out something interesting.

That's good news,
but tell me later. It...

seems to me that
someone just arrived.


Hi, do a trick.

C'mon, c'mon.

A magic trick!

You are fortunate, guys.

Today, you can see it for free.

I smell...

not the smell of a clown...

but the smell of a thief.

Co, co, co.

Give me back the crystal.

Co, coco?

The crystal of the sky,
that you have stolen.

The crystal, Lupin.

Even if you have them all,
you can't do anything with them.

Give it to me!

Even if you have them all,
you can't do anything with them.

Don't you intend to return it?

Don't you intend to return it?

The smell is different. That's not
the smell of the Zenigata I know.

Where is that woman?

Which woman?

The she-cat (the woman thief)

The woman, Fujiko
Mine, where is she?

Fujiko Mine, where is she?

I could also avenge...

me here, Lupin.

I could also avenge...



Feel my anguish!

What? The Inspector stayed...

at the palace!?


Lupin is a man that
always achieves his goal.

That crystal of the
sky is an imitation.

Why didn't you inform me?

One Zenigata chased Lupin, then...

this means that there
were two Zenigatas.

What? Someone broke off the
key to the wine cellar!?

Lo, Lomane, earls...

T... t...
the year of the Lomane earls...

He disappeared?

Avenge himself?

People that want to avenge for you,
are very numerous.


But, those eyes...


I already saw them.

Even if he disguised as Zenigata,
he could not hide his eyes, true?

Yes. He also aims at the crystals.

Your collection?

Yes, and he told me, they'll serve
me nothing, even if I own them all.

Therefore, maybe, he also has some.

According to your information,

the crystals of the sky
are 7 in all, and I have 3.

It's possible that he
has those missing 4.

Listen, Jigen. The one that
disguised as Zenigata...

It is possible that he already...

preceded us on the
next destination.


Goemon's competition?

Half point - Mr. Goemon!

Those crystals...

were coming from eastern Greece.

Only one remained here in Greece.

You have investigated well, Jigen.

Ah, Eastern Greece. I know
that we'll have to go very far.

Yes, towards Asia,
to the mythical earth.

Mr. Goemon!

Bravo Goemon.

These proud Europeans
have lost their faces.

Sit down...

in my simple house.

Listen, Jigen.

It'd be better if you
rest, if you have a cold.

From when we arrived here,
I can't stop her any more.

Hmm. Let me see.

Don't worry,
that gentleman is a doctor.

It seems to me that
he has an allergy,

but I don't know the cause.

I feel strange.

Don't you hear?


I seem to feel too much.

Some noise I have
never heard before.

It enters my ears and
makes me feel strange.

Well, how do you feel now?

It works.

Old Gentleman, what's the trick?

That's not a trick,
it's a suitable care.

Since a long time ago, one also
used music to cure in this country.

Therapy music...

is not an unusual thing.

Anciently, Pythagoras also
cured illnesses with music.


Is this the effect of the harp?

No, it's not the
tool, but the sounds.

One chooses the sounds on the basis
of the illness to cure.

Ah, the sounds...

Hmm, Pythagoras.

It's the treasure that was
handed down by our ancestors.

Ha! A treasure...

Old gentleman, does a score exist?

For instance carved into a stone.

Because a treasure of one's
ancestors should not get lost.

Should I always
listen to this music?

Sometimes it cures right away,
sometimes it takes more time.

Lupin... Help me!

Fujiko! Welcome.

Ah ah, here's an annoyance.

This isn't a place for women.

Thanks, Lupin. You are kind.


Will you help me?


I am being chased.

Like always.

This time the man is dangerous.

For this I repeat you should've
only one man, the undersigned.

I met him accidentally.

Just like you, Lupin,
he is a collector.

The crystals of the sky!

Recently I heard
that one was stolen...

from the palace of
a multimillionaire,

in the Azure Coast.

Where's that one from?

From a museum.

The owner of this
crystal has donated...

it, because it gives bad luck.

I threw an eye onto it
on the single day of...

the year in which it's
shown to the public.

Therefore, you preceded me.

Hmm. It goes well for
me, but I have only one.

Is it OK,
even if it gives bad luck?

You, and bad luck?

No! Because I could still date you.

In the end he gives
bad luck after all.


While it isn't possible,
however we met again.

Who do you talk about?

A man you also know.

Me too?

Yes, a man which they
all call the "Magician".

Pycal... still alive?

He is also interested in
the crystals of the sky.


Give me the crystal you stole.

I was surprised to meet him again.

Did you steal that crystal
right before his eyes, Fujiko?

Yes, it seems that
he was mortified.

Sure, sure.

The magician lost his face.

That's not a funny thing.

He is obstinate. Though I escaped,
he'll keep on looking for me.

Lupin protect me.

I am tired.

If he continues like
this, he will kill me.

I could protect you, but...

That's all right - tell
me your conditions.

Give me this crystal.

It has nothing to do with that.

It's more important than life.

there would be another thing...

Two, no!

Ha!! This is wonderful!

That's the same sound
as the harp of mine!

This sound serves to cure a person
that has a lot of vitality.

Orpheus's sound!
But why from this sword?

I do not know anything,
so asking me is useless.

Ha! It stopped!

What a waste.

Hello Pycal, it seems to me
that you're in excellent health.

It's impossible that
a man can feel it...

Do we have the same hobby?

Have you made
out with the woman?

Don't take it personally,
but she chose me.

Give me the crystal of the sky.
And for this time I leave you be.

So you want to become unlucky, too.

You don't know the true
value of that crystal.

Like giving pearls to the pigs.

I don't think so.

What do you want
to do with the...

collection of the
crystals of the sky?

That's none of your business.

I thought you were burnt?
What a beautiful skin.


Do you like the night?

It was night the last time we met.

The next time we
meet in the afternoon...

and then I'll
invite you to lunch.


It is truly on that island?

Yes, it is.

Didn't you kill him
in the valley bottom...

to find out where
his hiding-place is?

He always appears in the evening.

I thought maybe he
would've gone back...

to his hiding-place
before morning.

Like a vampire?

A vampire would be no nicer.

Ah Ah, where does this
vampire sleep or rest?

It seems to me that he refuses
to come to lunch with me.

Listen, Jigen.

So this is the secret
of his beautiful skin.

That's the reason why
he prefers dinner over lunch?

This also is a part of his plans...


What? But we have not
taken the treasure yet.

We'll get back to that later,
for now let's get out of here.

You finally woke up?

I finished a task.

So did I.

I took the woman's crystal.


While you're
following the tracking...

I also took the last crystal.

You noticed the tracking device?

He, I put it onto the bird
and made him return to the island.

To arrange the things here.

What did you do with the woman?

I will calmly take your crystal,

after avenging me abundantly.

My freezing gas!?

What do we do now!?

We get back in first class.

Luckily there was
another place available.

They chose their tomb.

That was the reason
for the free place.

He arrived shortly after sunset,

and laid waste to everything
without even touching anything.

Truly a magician...

The crystal of the
sky is a treasure...

of the ancestors of this area.

I didn't want to leave it to
him, but...

there was not nothing to do.

He burnt three buildings
with the fire he provoked.

you weren't able to slice Pycal?

I sliced him,
but it didn't have any...

effect on him,
he was like a ghost.

He's really a magician...
and Fujiko?

She disappeared with him.

Is it possible that
she betrayed us?

Goemon, you lack experience.

The treason, for the women,
is one of their accessories.

I've the crystal of the Sun,
Mars and Jupiter. I have three.

And the others, Pycal,
has the crystal of...

the Moon,
Mercury and Saturn in his hands.

And also another one.

That of Fujiko. This here is the
figure of the Venus's crystal.

Are there figures in every crystal?

Yes, the true value
of these crystals,

lies in the engraved figures...

Right, old Gentleman?

Hmm, I wouldn't know.

You said treasures
belong to the ancestors.

In this area, there used to
be seven crystals, right?


All of the seven crystals were
kept in the temple of this area.

But fifty years ago,

an archaeologist took them away,

saying it was for a
piece of research.

He rushed away with them.

However there remained one.

I re-bought it from a receiver
of stolen goods, that...

exploited the situation
well, by raising the price.

But you have three.

I am always able to
obtain what I aim at.

When I saw the 1st
in a shop of antique...

trade, I decided to
collect all of them.


You might be able to
collect them all, but you'll...

not be able to gather the
meaning of the figures.

Could be.

I must improve the resistance
to the ultraviolet rays.


It is just like the singing of the
sirens that enchanted the sailors!

Still alive, Lupin!

We will decide who
will be the owner...

of the seven
crystals of the sky.

I'll wait for you tomorrow midnight
at the restored amphitheater.

At the amphitheater?
Then, maybe, Lupin...

understood the meaning
of the figures!


He will not be able
to activate them.

He could be able to.

Know well, that you mustn't
underestimate Lupin!

I will win.

I do not lose against anybody.

If you have the figures, you don't
need the crystals anymore, right?

Give them to me.

Tomorrow at midnight

I will give you all seven.


Hold it, Lupin!

I don't care if
thousands of people...

will vanish,
if I'm able to break you.

I'll win against you! And with this
sound I will dominate the world!


What's wrong?

do you know what one had done

to stop the singing
of the sirens...

that were enchanting the sailors
and stealing their life?

Orpheus's harp!

Good magician,
you also know the legends well!

you did not know that also today...

someone exists who
succeeded to play it.

You were able to solve the mystery
of the figures in the crystals!?

I would not know,

however at least I
understood that this...

one is not a figure,
but a number.

In the antiquity musical
notes were suitable so.

You are successful there, good.

Pythagoras, the big mathematician,
was also a musician.

These figures show
together with the...

the way of pinching the cords.

Yes. The therapy music can
also be used to destroy.

you won't be able to sound it.

That's OK,
I already have a good "executor".

Enjoy my "execution".

This One is called: The
goddess of the revenge.


Does Pycal run?

The match already finished.

What're you doing, Jigen!?

Jigen's serious, I cannot stop him.

Don't ask me to spare your life.

Neither do you.

Try it with this!


Maybe that was too late.


I can't make less than to kill him,
even if is insignificant.

You were cautious enough
to not leave him alive.

This time,
you want to revenge Lupin?

I only take what I want.

The crystals...

Be tame. Then you might get down!

You'll be the one going
down with the crystals.

I forgot the custom.

I can shoot you just
as you did with Lupin.

You would regret...

No, not at all.

I have the true ones here.

These are enough!
I'll dominate the world!

It's already morning!

You must thank me,
because I sent you to a place,

where you'll no longer
have to dread the sun.

This is really the
crystal of the luck.

It's exactly like you.
However, a thief is a thief.

It's a such waste for
such antiques like the...

celestial crystals to
be in your collection.

I won't let the thief
do what he wants.

I'll not hand over the
wisdom of human kind...

to a handful of wealthy
villains and thieves.

We'll meet again.

Things don't break so easily...
isn't it fate.

Orpheus went down to the underworld
for his deceased wife.

He was allowed to bring his
wife, Eurydice.

Under the condition
that he wouldn't...

look back until he
returned to Earth.

But Orpheus couldn't
keep his promise.

He couldn't help but look back.

His wife cried and disappeared.

Since he couldn't keep his promise,
the two were forever separated.

Orpheus harp, which impressed
the king of underworld...

Pycal, that music can be
played to you forever.

If you died,
then you would be Eurydice.

Eurydice, who waited for
Orpheus's music and was betrayed.

That man worked hard.

It was right to have
that man work in order...

to collect the
celestial crystals...

to open that
competition for him.

how should I steal the three...

crystals from that
man, Lupin the Third?

Old man, I'm indebted to you.

I'll tolerate the three
crystals as the prize.

Excuse me.

Don't worry.

The music pieces are yours.
Please treasure them.