Running Mates (1985) - full transcript

Main opponents at the mayor's election in Nashville are the middle-class Jones and rich Adams. Their children, 21 years old Thommy Lee and 17 years old Elisabeth Adams, meet each other in a bar and are immediately sympathetic. But when her father sees him on a party of her's, he almost throws him out - afraid of being spied on - and later prohibits her any further contact. The two continue meeting nevertheless and develop a romantic relationship. But they can't keep it secret for very long and eventually get drawn into an intrigue against Elizabeth's father. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(relaxing music) ♪ Is it all an illusion

♪ Do I see

♪ What I think I see

♪ I'm so lost in confusion

♪ Is my mind playing games and tricks again on me ♪

♪ Can't figure out what she's all about ♪

♪ After all the love she's shown ♪

♪ I need to know fast in my inner past ♪

♪ I'm so close to lettin' her go ♪

♪ Is it all an illusion

♪ Do I see

♪ What I think I see

♪ I'm so lost in confusion

♪ Is my mind playing games and tricks again on me ♪

♪ Is my mind playing games and tricks again on me ♪

(bell tolling) (students laughing)

- [MC] Be careful!

- [Elizabeth] Don't worry,

I could do this with my eyes closed.

- [MC] But what about lab?

- [Elizabeth] Who cares about lab?

- [MC] I do, I'm failing!

- [Elizabeth] Shh, somebody will hear us.

- [MC] We're gonna crash,

I just know it! (Elizabeth laughing)

- Oh. - We did it!

All right, all right, all right!

- Elizabeth Adams, if we're caught you're-

(Elizabeth laughs)

You're father will skin you alive!

- That's what I like to hear, optimism!

- (groans) What about Gloria's bet?

- We'll get it.

Don't worry, we'll get the proof.

- You mean we are going to the Dusty Roads?

- Of course we are!

- Oh, Elizabeth!

Oh, (indistinct) (Elizabeth laughing)

What kind of people go to the Dusty Roads?

- I can't wait to find out.

(both laughing)

- Hey, wait up.

- Hello Baby. (laughs)

(somber country music)

(Elizabeth vocalizes) (girl laughs)

Wow. (laughs)

- Are you sure we won't get carded?

Be so tacky if we got thrown out of here.

- Don't worry.

Blend right in. (chuckles)

Come on. (both giggling)

(somber country music)

(person whistling)

- We'll just blend in, huh?

- Come on.

(person whistles)

- What'll it be, darling?

- Beer, please?

- What kind?

- Uh...

- Bud or tap?

- Oh, (laughs) tap.

- How about you, honey?

- Uh, I'll have the same thing she's having.

- How old are you?

- (stammers) Nine- - 21, of course.


- Pearl, what time did you say he was going on tonight?

- Nine o'clock, same as usual.

- Hey look, we can get this for Gloria.

- Yeah.


You know, I don't get what people see in this place.

- I don't know.

Some of these places have a lot of talent.

- Howdy.

Mind if I sit down with you?

- Uh... guess not.

- Thank you.

Haven't seen you two here before.

Hey Pearl, how about one for me too?

- (laughs) So, um...

You from Nashville?

- Yes ma'am.

Born and raised.

Got me a small cabin out past Nolansville.

- We're from Glen Ridge.

- Oh, Glen Ridge! - Thanks.

- Well, never met anybody from Glen Ridge before.

Thanks, just put it on my tab, Pearl.

Hey, I got an idea.

What do you say, we take a long weekend and get outta here?

- Oh, I'm afraid not. - I don't think so.

- Yeah, we live a long ways away.

- [MC] Besides we have a party tomorrow.

- A party?

Great, I love parties! - Hey, hey!

I want you to come over here and look at this song list.

- Just a second, man.

- No, come over here and listen to this song-

- (gasps) Oh!

- Come on. - Yeah!

Great, I'd love to.

(door slams)

- [Elizabeth] Some help you were.

- Well, you didn't have to invite

that guy over in the first place.

- I didn't invite him over! - You didn't invite him

to leave either!

(Elizabeth sighs) You're too nice.

That's your problem.

You better get outta those clothes too.

You smell like a brewery.

- Will you shut up!

(Elizabeth sighs)

No one will notice anyway.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry! (giggles)

No, really I'm just, I don't wanna go home.

What'd you think of that guy anyway?

- That set at our table?

He was a creep!

- No, no, no, no.

The musician guy.

- I really didn't look at him.

Okay. I guess

Elizabeth! (Elizabeth giggles)


- Well, don't hurt to look.

- (laughs) He's a musician!

- So?

(MC groans)

(engine rumbling) (birds chirping)

(door slams) (groovy music)

- Hey, Anne.

- Late, girl.

(Elizabeth sighs)

- Beer.

They're mad?

- They're mad.

- They are mad.

(Anne chuckles)

♪ One of these old days

(giggles) Hello, Aunt Louise.

- What?

- I said hello.

- I look yellow?

Oh dear!

- No! - Why didn't someone tell me?

- (laughs) Eh.

- Okay, Charlie.

But I've gotta feel good about that kind of percentage.

I really do. - Hey, daddy.

- Okay bud, I'll talk to you later.


Hello, princess, what you been up to?

- Not much.

- Hey, we're gonna be leaving just a few minutes,

so I better get ready.


how you been?

I apologize for missing you these past few weeks

because of all this. (phone ringing)

Hold on.


Oh, hi John.

Understand your point,

but why don't you let me try to do the speech my way?


I know, just trust me.


Hey honey,

why don't you go in and tell your mother you're here.

She's in the living room.

- Yes, sir.

- Oh, Alice, I just love to, but I simply can't.

I'm stuck helping Robert with this campaign.

And I'm- - Mom, (stammers) I'm sorry-

- Where have you been?

(Elizabeth sighs) And just look at you.

You smell like a brewery.

I've been frantic for the last hour

and in you stroll looking like goodness knows what!

- Oh, I look, I don't look so bad.

- Well, you look horrible!

You're a perfect mess.

- Oh my.


- (giggles) I'm gonna go upstairs and change.

- Well, hurry up.

We're gonna leave in 20 minutes.

(soft music)

- Gentlemen.

I'll tell you, we got 'em on the run.

Tonight's gonna be the last round.

But just in case, Bobby?

I want you to keep those reporters away

in case anything goes wrong.

- Now, I don't want anybody commenting

or elaborating on anything that I say.

I don't wanna get stuck having to explain something

that didn't make any sense in the first place.

And speaking of explanations,

where in the hell have you been?

It's about time you got here.

Men, you know Tommy Lee?

- Tommy, just in time.

- For what?

- For my debate tonight, that's what.

- oh, I'm sorry.

I gotta play tonight.

- [Jimmy] Where? - Down at Dusty Roads.

- Dusty roads?

Son, why don't you let me get you that spot on the Opry?

I mean, what in the hell is the son

of Jimmy dee Jones doing playing at the dusty roads anyhow?

- You did once.

Just like you said you'd come see me play once.

- Why, you know I'm going come hear you play.

Right after the election.

Bobby? - [Bobby] Yes, sir?

- Now, you go call Pearl down the Dusty Roads

and tell her that Tommy Lee's not gonna be there tonight.

And you tell her it comes from me.

She'll understand.

- Right away, Jimmy Dee.

- Now get yourself on upstairs

and get on some decent clothes.

We're gonna leave here in 15 minutes.

- Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I'm Connie Lewis, Special Political Correspondent.

Tonight we bring to you live from Music City USA,

a special broadcast of the debates for the mayoral election.

Our candidates, Robert Adams, Jimmy dee Jones,

and Nathan Crotchmeyer will each have several minutes

to discuss whatever topic they choose.

Then each will have the opportunity for rebuttal

and a summary.

We'll start tonight's debates with Robert Adams.

- Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we need a new direction for Nashville, Tennessee.

In this age of information,

being a good ol' boy just isn't good enough anymore.

Do we want entertainers running our lives?

Will my opponent change his mind

as often as he has changed his wives?

We need a new voice, not a replay of an old record.

Place your confidence

- Hey, look. - [Robert] in someone

with a proven managerial record.

- It's the guy from the Dusty Road.

- [Robert] Place your vote. - Are you sure?

- Yes. (giggles) - [Robert] With someone

who can shoulder the responsibility of city government.

- [Elizabeth] What's he doing here?

- Maybe he's gonna sing after. (both giggling)

- We need top management, not top 40.

(crowd applauding)

- Yeah!

- [Connie] Thank you, Mr. Adams.

Now we will hear from Jimmy Dee Jones.

(crowd applauding)

- Thank you, little lady.

Howdy folks.

You all know me.

You understand me.

Aren't you tired of the lawyers

and the bureaucrats running your lives?

Aren't you tired of people telling you what to think

instead of asking you what you do think?

You know, it doesn't make much sense to me

for someone who's never had to worry a day in his life

about where his next meal's coming from,

that he's gonna have any sympathy with folks like us.

No, sir.

If I thought everything was just fine,

I wouldn't vote for ol' Jimmy Dee.

But remember Thanksgiving Day

and all the fixing at grandma's?

Remember when you had that sense that you belong,

that you important?

What has happened to that feeling in government?

Why have we lost control?

But you trust in me, folks.

- He's really good.

- Let me restore that fate.

Let's get back to being family again.

Thank you and God bless you.

(crowd applauding)

(crowd cheering and whistling)

- [Connie] Now we will hear from Nathan Crotchmeyer.

(scattered applause)

- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Age of Information.

(indistinct chatter)

- I think it's gonna be a tough race.

- Oh, how could you?

I can't believe he's even running.

- So who ever said an entertainer can't be elected?

Step presence, no doubt about that.

- Ready to pay up, Elizabeth?

(students giggling)

- Well, aren't we the daring ones?

- Pay up, Gloria.

- I'll get it at lunch.

Well, I've got the cutest dress

that my grandmother actually wore.

She's kept it all this time and is bringing it out for moi!

It's long and scarlet with big long ruffles

that go from here, all the way to here.

And just wait till you see the hoop skirt,

Grandma said was it was the talk of the town

the last time she wore it.

You think you're so smart.

Just you wait!

- Bye, Gloria! - Bye, Gloria!

- Well, if you can't take a joke!

(students laughing)

- Why do you even invite her in the first place?

- Oh, she just Gloria.

Besides her mother and my mother practically best friends.

- Well, it's your party, isn't it?

- Well, it was anyway, until mother got ahold of it.

And you know how she is.

- I certainly do. (bell tolling)

- Anyway. - Well, come on girls.

We better not be late.

(indistinct chatter)

- Hey, MC, you go on ahead.

I'll catch up with you later.

- Oh, okay.

- [Elizabeth] Hey, Junie.

- Oh, hi Elizabeth.

- Um... are you coming to my party tonight?

It'll be lots of fun and everyone's gonna be there.

- Oh no, I don't think so.

I've got some things to do at home.

- Oh.

That's terrible.

See, mother had this dress of grandmas

that she wanted me to wear,

but I'm (stammers) so pale, that that it looked awful,

and, so I said you'd wear it.

She'd be so disappointed if nobody wore it.


- Oh gosh.

I don't know.

Maybe I could tell Mom- - Oh, that's wonderful.

Oh, thank you.

It's a fantastic dress.

It'll look perfect.

Oh, thank you so much, Junie.

You saved my life.

(light music) (hooves clicking)

(country music)

- [Passenger] Oh, this is (indistinct).

- Not much happening tonight.

- Sure ain't.

(light music) (liquid splashing)

(indistinct chatter)

- Here John.

Straight up.

- Thank you.

- Now it isn't all that bad, is it?

- No, no, it isn't all that bad.

He surprised all of us with that debate.

- Yeah.

- Now look, Bob, let's just write off the poor.

(chuckles) I mean, after all, they don't vote.

And you can forget the black vote too.

Now we're gonna lose these two groups anyways.

So why fool with 'em?

Besides, we're gonna have to counter him with something

and fast, before we swing over more votes

than we already have.

- Swing me another one of those.

- Another beer?


- Can you open it?

- Let her rip.

- Listen to something...

Well, something different.

- So what do you want me to do?

You want me to do a walk across the city?

- (chuckles) No, no.

That's not necessary.

No, I think we need something, something big.

I don't know, something... something different.

Something... subtle.

(passengers cheering and whistling)

- Hey!

You guys see that? (all laughing)

- Get it.

Follow that car! (cars honking)

- That's more tail than you've seen all year,

ain't it Billy? (all laughing)

- Okay, John.

Come on, let's go into party.

(light music)

- At last, someone I can talk to.

- Did you see Emily Collins over there?

Isn't that the tackiest thing you've ever seen in your life?

(both giggling)

- Elizabeth?

- Junie, you look fantastic.

Doesn't she MC?

- Yes, what a beautiful dress.

Where did you find it?

- Mary Coleman, a lady has to have some secrets.

Right, Junie?

(bushes rustling) (hooves clicking)

(light music)

- It's a costume party.

- Well, hell, let's go then.

We'll never find them. - Oh, no way, man.

Hold on.

This is just what I was talking about.

Let's go back to my old man's.

He's got a ton of costumes.

- I don't know, man.

Let's head on down to (indistinct),

what do you say? - No, no.

- Come on, it'll be a hoot.

Nobody knows.

- Okay.

(punch splashing) (light music continues)

- And Lizzie Dear. - Gloria.

- Your dress is absolutely ravishing.

Is it new?

- No, it's quite genuine.

I'm sure you just didn't recognize it.

- And is this Junie?

Oh, (giggles)

my Elizabeth, you certainly have invited everybody,

haven't you?

- Yes, I certainly have.

- Oh, Michael.

Oh, there he is.

Let me go get him.

I just know you'd like to meet him.

- [Elizabeth] You do that.

(both giggling)

- I just know you'd like to meet him.

I'd like to meet her in a dark alley.

- Don't let her bother you.

She's just a parody of herself. (chuckles)

Hey MC, Junie.

See those three over there?

Do you know who they are?

I didn't see 'em earlier.

- God knows who they are in this zoo tonight.

- No way, I can't believe I'll let you talk me into this.

- Hey, hey, hold on.

Come on, come on, right back here.

- Shut up.

Just keep your mask on - [Tommy] You'll be fine.

- and your mouth quiet. - [Tommy] You'll be fine.

(light music continues)

(Louise giggling) (glass clanking)

(light music continues)

(light music continues)

- How much would you say this place is worth?

- Um... why you ask?

- I don't know.

Pretty big house.

- That's true. - Half a mil?

What do you think?


Dancing has really improve you.

- I know. - Michael.

- Oh, we're sorry.

(clears throat) Sorry.

(light music continues) (bugs chirping)

- Who are you?

- Nice party.

- My party.

- You're a good dancer, you know?

- thank you.

So are you.

First guy I've danced with tonight who can dance. (giggles)

(light music continues)

(bell ringing)

- Attention!

Attention everyone.

I just know you've loved

the wonderful music I chose for you.

(all laughing)

But now that it's midnight,

it's time for all of us to take off our masks

and see who we really are.

Everybody, unmask!

(indistinct chatter)

- Bob, if you'll take a look over my shoulder here,

you'll see a young man named of Tommy Lee Jones.

That's Jimmy Dee's son.

I think it'd be appropriate

if you had a little word with him right now.

(indistinct chatter) (bugs chirping)

- Hold on here.

Aren't you the son of Jimmy dee Jones?

I don't think anybody invited you to this party.

- I invited him.

Didn't I, Mary Coleman?

- Uh...

Yes. (chuckles)

- I, um, met him at the Dusty Road.

And I thought it'd be nice to invite him

if he wanted to come.


so glad you could make it.

- Thank you.

(heels clicking)

- I am,

I didn't realize I,

I hope you'll accept my apology.

- No problem, sir.

Why don't you come to one of our party sometime?

(camera clicking) - Got ya!

(all laughing) (indistinct chatter)

- First, let me tell you, I am so angry that I could,

I don't know what got into your head, young lady!

I mean, you knew they hadn't been invited, didn't you?

- Yes, sir.

- Yeah, yeah.

And what is this Dusty Roads business?

What is a dusty road anyway?

- It's kind of a small bar where-

- A bar?

Oh, great!

That's just great.

What do you do?

Go to every bar in town and pick up men?

- Of course not.

- Well, how am I supposed to know?

You seem to go often enough to this one.

Young lady, I hold you totally responsible

for what's happened here.

And I forbid you to see that young man again!

- All right, fine.

- Yeah.

Well, good.

Then we won't hear any more about it.

(hooves clicking)

- Just didn't want me to see him anymore.

- Is that all he said?

That you can't see him anymore?

Mhm, I was surprised.

Didn't think I get off so easily.

- You shouldn't have.

The whole thing was your fault.

- My fault?

- Regardless, you were pretty lucky.

- I'll say.

He was mad.

- What?

Your feelings count.

- Losing it?

- You had a good time the other night, didn't you Junie?

(Junie sighs) (bell tolls)

See you later.

- Okay, bye. - Bye.

(Elizabeth humming) (hooves clicking)

- (gasps) What are you doing here?

- Just happened to be in the neighborhood.

- Well, I could get it expelled if somebody sees you.

Come on, come on. (birds chirping)

So what do you want?

- I had to come see you.

- Why?

You caused enough trouble

without getting me thrown outta school too.

Do you have any idea how angry my father was at me?

- No.

- Well, he was furious.

Doesn't want me to hang-

(Elizabeth sighs)

Where'd you get those ridiculous costumes anyway?

- Guys moon us in a car, chased them. (laughs)

- And you just happen to end up at my party?

- It was pure luck.

- Your luck, not mine.

(hooves rumbling)


Breaks over, I gotta get going.

- Can I see you Saturday?

- No.


Why do you wanna see me?

- I don't know.

What does your dad have to do with this anyway?

I just wanna see.

You're interesting.

Maybe I can make up for some of the trouble I've caused.

- You don't owe me anything.

Look, you saved me at the bar.

I saved you at the party.

We're even.

- You know, we could go to the park.

You know where Percy Warner is?

- Yes, but I already told you that we-

- Great.

Hey, I'll see you there Saturday at one, all right?

That's a good idea.

- What?

(light music) (birds chirping)

(car engine rumbling)

(hands clap)

- Well, (chuckles) I knew you'd show up.

- No you didn't.

I saw you checking your watch.

You did everything but bite your fingernails.

- (chuckles) Sneaking up on me, huh?

Wanna eat?

(birds chirping) (bugs buzzing)

Come on over here and gimme a hand.

- What do you got?

- [Tommy] You love it.

(Elizabeth chuckles)

- [Elizabeth] You want some grapes?

- Sure.

Go ahead and say it, I think of everything.

Can I get you something else?

This wasn't very good, was it?

(both laughing)

- It was... (laughs)

it was different.

It was nice.

(birds chirping) (bugs buzzing)

- Nice here.

- Yeah.

It's good to get out of the city.

- I got an idea.

- Wait, where you going? - [Tommy] Come on!

(light country music)

Watch out there.

Grub holes! (Elizabeth laughing)

Having some fun now.

- Are you crazy?

Those aren't ours.

We don't even have a bridle.

- Oh! (both laughing)

It's all right, I can't ride anyway.

Come on. (Elizabeth laughing)

Got any sugar? - [Elizabeth] You're kidding?

- See if it's gum will do it.

- Gum? (laughs)

Horses don't like gum.

- Oh, ye of little faith.

This horse is probably dying for some gum.

Just hadn't been able to tell anyone.

Come here boy.

Come here, come here.

Come on.

How you doing, huh?

That's it.

That's it, come on over here and hop up.

- Okay. (chuckles)

- Give me your leg.

(groans) Don't be scared, he can't bite you.

Not gonna be on that long anyway.

Yeah, how about that?

Okay, now scoot up just a little bit.

(Tommy groans) (Elizabeth laughs)

- Whoa. (laughs)

- Come try again. - One more time.

Oh. - Okay.

- Hold on- (horse squealing)

Hold on, hold on! (Elizabeth screams)

(both laughing) (light country music)

(light country music continues)

(light country music continues)

(bugs buzzing) (birds chirping)

- Gotta get my shoes.

- Can I see you again?

- No.

I don't know.

- Did you have a bad time?

- No.

(Elizabeth sighs)

- Well, what?

(cows mooing)

- I don't know.

I mean, what's the point?

We're too different.

- What is that supposed to mean?

- You know what I mean.

Your whole life, your whole background.

You're completely, totally different from me.

I mean, you saw where I come from.

In any relationship

there has to be at least some common ground.

- Well,

there has to be a little common trust too, eh?

I'd like to think we're alike in a lot of ways, myself.

- Like what?

- Both love to ride horses.

(Tommy laughs)

- You know that's not what I mean. (sighs)

Not to mention the fact

my father doesn't want me to see you again.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

- He said that?

Wonder what my old man would say

if he knew I was seeing Robert Adam's daughter.

So what?

- So his opinion still affects me.

- You can't- - A lot.

- You can't live your whole life

based on what someone else wants.

- Someone else such as you?

- Thanks for the vote of confidence.

- Sorry.

Things are happening...

Fast and I'm just kind of confused.

(laughs) Here?

That doesn't help.

- There's a lot of study, time and effort

involved in managing local government.

It takes more than just a song and a handshake

to run a city like Nashville.

Think about it.

Who do you want handling your money?

(upbeat music)

- I didn't think I was gonna make it.

My dad,

I don't know what'd he do if he found out.

- Won't you guys ever talk about anything?

- You kidding?

Not lately, no.

- This election got my old man pretty crazy too.

I tell you, you'd make a better mayor.

- No thanks.

- You ever done anything on stage before?

- No.

- I gotta get you up with me one time.

I already knew you could dance.

Saw in those hoop skirts the other night.

- (laughs) Yeah, well you ain't doing nothing yet.

- Why don't you show me something?

- Huh?


You want an audition? (giggles)

Mr. T.L. Jones.

(Elizabeth laughing)


(light country music)

- Hey, Jimmy Dee! (rooster crowing)

- I believe that a candidate should come from the people.

Should draw his life's blood from the goodness

that flows through the hearts and minds

of each and every one of you.

Don't vote for a candidate.

Vote for a friend.

Vote for your friend, Jimmy Dee Jones.

(light music) (birds chirping)

(bugs buzzing)

♪ Where'd you come from

♪ With your love

♪ Where'd you come from

♪ With your love

♪ Never knew a love that was so free ♪

♪ Girl you know you mean so much to me ♪

♪ Where'd you come from

♪ With your love

♪ Look what you've done

♪ With your love

♪ I love how you brighten up my mind ♪

♪ I love how you stayed here on my mind ♪

(light music continues)

♪ Where'd you come from

- And now for News Network 7's special election coverage.

Today we focus on Nathan Crotchmeyer,

our independent candidate

who is running a low profile high tech campaign.

Today we found Nathan in the computer room.

- I tell you, elections are won and lost right here.

Times are changing and the entire nature of campaigning

and winning must change also.

- And that's all we have time for tonight.

Keep watching during the upcoming weeks

for our News Network 7's special election coverage.

Good night.

(light guitar music) (birds chirping)

- How do you write a song?

I mean, where does the idea come from?

Is it like one verse or what?

- I think a song starts with an image.

I'm just trying to build on that image.

♪ Elizabeth sittin' on a log

(Elizabeth laughs) Oh, you like that?

(relaxing music) ♪ Is it all an illusion

♪ Do I see

♪ What I think I see

♪ I'm so lost in confusion

♪ Is my mind playing games and tricks again on me ♪

(relaxing music continues) (water rushing)

- Well, how we doing?

Corky, you're the head honcho around here.

Give it tennis straight.

- Well, Adams is getting better.

He's got a lot of fight in him

and we still haven't found his weak spot,

but he's got ours and we don't get his back real soon

they may bury us yet.

- Hmm.

Well, any suggestion?

- Well, at the moment, no,

but I've got some friends making some inquiries

and we may have something soon.

You know, everybody's got a skeleton

rattling about in his tool shed.

- Well, I don't know if he'll do us any good now.

Yeah, Adams is such a do-gooder.

He probably hadn't looked at another woman

in the last 40 years.

That's except his mother

And that includes his wife.

(both laughing)

- Yeah.

His daughter isn't.

- What do you mean?

- His daughter's no do-gooder. (chuckles)

Neither is Tommy Lee for that matter.

Tommy Lee?

What the hell Tommy Lee got to do with anything?

- Oh, (stammers) I'm sorry.

I thought you knew.

I mean, you see, well, I was a, well,

I was talking to Jimbo the other day-

- I don't give a damnation about Jimbo.

You tell me what the hell

Tommy Lee's got to do with anything.

- (stammers) Well, Jimbo, he said that Tommy Lee

and Elizabeth are seeing each other,

every night, (stammers) at least that's what Jimbo says.

- Are you kidding me?

Where is he?

I'm going to tell him piece to piece.

I'm gonna rip out his-

- Hey, just a minute.

Wait a minute there Jimmy dee.

Now we may be able to turn this situation

to our own advantage.

(both giggling) (birds chirping)

(Tommy groans) (Elizabeth giggles)

- Ah! (both laughing)

- I'm playing tonight at the Dusty Roads,

I want you to come hear me.

- Oh no, have school tomorrow.

- Come on, wrote your special song.

- Are you kidding me?

- Yeah, yeah.

I'm joking.

No, no, I really did.

I really did.

So you'll come?

- I don't know.

I don't think I can.

(Elizabeth giggles)

What, y can dish it out, but you can't take it, huh?

(Tommy laughs)

- Mm.

- Nobody ever wrote a song for me before.

- Well, you know, you never knew anyone

from Nolansville before either.

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.

Might not be any good.

- It'll be good.

I have faith in you.

I wouldn't miss it for anything.

- Now he is starting to sound like my daddy

and he never showed up.

Really doesn't matter.

Pretty busy.

- Yeah, it matters.

I mean, it's important.

The trouble with my dad, he's always too busy.

What time do you go on?

- Nine.

But you better be there about 8:30.

- Okay. (giggles)

(upbeat country music)

(upbeat country music continues)

(bugs chirping)

- Annie said you wanna see me?

(Robert sighs)

- Thought I told you not to see the Jones boy anymore.

- Why do you say that?

- Stop stalling young lady.

John said he saw you and him driving down old Hickory.

Is that true?

Don't you have anything to say?

Elizabeth, you're grounded.

It means no after school nonsense and no weekend.

- Oh, daddy.

Please, you can't.

I mean, practice is starting and

I was gonna be captain of the equestrian team.

- I'm sorry, Elizabeth, that's my decision.

They'll just have to get another captain.

And I don't want you on the phone either.

Now you're going upstairs and getting ready for dinner.

(glasses thudding)

(clock ticking) (indistinct chatter)

- Got a special song here.

Something a little bit different.

Hope you like it.

(guitar music)

♪ Got a famous daddy

♪ Made a livin' outta livin' hard ♪

♪ Son don't shine when daddy's a star ♪

♪ But he gave me his best

♪ Introduced me to a man named Jesus ♪

♪ Now I hide him in a run-down bar ♪

♪ Too much beer for too little guitar ♪

♪ Bible belts gonna go west

♪ I see it happening to me

♪ Wish I had a purity

♪ And there's a hell of a place for heaven to begin ♪

♪ Until she came in

♪ Then I'm flyin' with the feeling ♪

♪ Overcome by something

♪ Makes me feel like she has come to save the day ♪

♪ Hey, Elizabeth, you take my breath away ♪

♪ I keep an ideal picture

♪ Perfect love with the Nashville girl ♪

♪ Living here, seeing the world ♪

♪ Singing and some blue-eyed kids ♪

♪ But that aint where I've been going ♪

♪ Everybody want a body in bed

♪ Good loving woman made me wish I was dead when she left ♪

♪ And that picture stayed here

♪ I see it happening to me

♪ But I'm seeing how it can be

♪ In the eyes of a little girl, woman, startin' again ♪

♪ She holds me again

♪ And I'm flying with the feeling ♪

♪ Overcome by something

♪ Makes me feel like she is meant to love that way ♪

♪ Hey, hey, Elizabeth, you take my breath away ♪

♪ Elizabeth, you take my breath away ♪

(Elizabeth sighs)

(metal clanking)

(indistinct chatter) (students laughing)

- [Student] Bye girls!

Bye, Tracy!

- [All] Bye, Tracy!

- [Student] Have a nice time, Tracy!

(instinct chatter) (Students laughing)

(somber music)

♪ You'll know the lay down at night ♪

♪ Wondering how much I care

♪ And you'll never wake up in the morning ♪

♪ With nobody there

♪ So many times

♪ I have dreamed you would hold me ♪

♪ Now I know dreaming wasn't enough ♪

♪ My heart is set on lovin' you ♪

♪ And nothin' else will do, my love ♪

♪ And I'll never have to look back ♪

♪ On lettin' you go

♪ And I'm never gonna regret

♪ Not lettin' you know

♪ I've made up my mind

♪ What I'm gonna do

♪ And my heart is set on loving you ♪

(somber music continues)

(birds chirping)

- What's the matter handsome?

- Oh, he's off on that little girl

that stood him up the other night.

- (laughs) What girl?

- Jimbo, shut the hell up, man.

- Elizabeth Adams.

That guy's daughter.

- You're pa know about this?

- Nope.

- Well, he better not find out.


- What would he do?

- Well, I don't know,

but I know Jimmy Dee.

He'd think of something.

- Well, you just wouldn't believe

what's been going on recently.

Elizabeth wanted us to get to you

to let you know how sorry she was about everything.

And she really wanted to come the other night

to see you play, but her father wouldn't let her.

He found out about you all and-

(guitar music) (glass clicking)

(window rustling)

- I'm sorry I wasn't there, I couldn't get out.

- Shh.

We know the whole story.

Look, put your clothes on and come with us.

- I don't know.

- Oh, Elizabeth, stop stalling and come on.

We can't wait forever. - Shh!

- [Tommy] Come on, I'll help you down.

- Give me a second to change.

- Can she get down all right? - Shh!

I don't know.

I guess...

Let me help you.

- Oh, I missed you.

(light music) (both sighing)

- Okay, come on, let's go.

(wood rattling) (fire roaring)

(bugs buzzing)

Let's take a walk.

(bugs chirping) (water flowing)

Can I tell you something?


- Hm?

- You really mean a lot to me, Elizabeth,

and lots happened, you know,

really taught my (indistinct) important.

- Hm, I do too.

I guess I just didn't say anything

'cause I was afraid it would go away.

- Why?

- Because when you tell someone you care,

it makes you vulnerable and scares me.

- I mean,

can't have a relationship Without trust,

I wouldn't take advantage of you, Elizabeth.

I wouldn't blame you.

- I like you.

I really do.

Even if it does make him-

(bugs chirping) (water flowing)

(upbeat country music)

(upbeat country music continues)

(upbeat country music continues)

- Same time tonight.

- Okay.

- I mean tomorrow. (Elizabeth giggles)

- Okay. - You know what I mean.

- Hey!

Our latest poll just came in from New York.

Guess what it says.

"Jimmy Dee can't win." (laughs)

- Doesn't surprise me. - Me neither.

Well, why not?

- Well, he's old school.

- What does that mean, old school?

- Oh, their advisors, their PR, their whole approach.

They don't understand

what's happening in elections these days.


This will have the same effect on our generation

that TV had for his.

(machines whirring)

Anyway, back to the basics of winning.

Since we know that Jimmy Dee is out,

then our only opponent is Adams.

- [Man] That makes sense.

- Kind of hate to... wish we had more time.

(door creaking) (birds chirping)

- Well, Mayor Adams, I think it looks pretty good.

- It's been a long road, John.

- And who knows where it may take us.

After all, (chuckles)

you wouldn't be the first mayor elected to the White House.

- (scoffs) The White House.

John, we haven't even been elected yet.

- Well now you listen to me, Bob,

and don't sell yourself short.

I say, why not?

After all, you have the brains, the talent,

and very soon you'll have the experience.

So you think about it.

After all nothing's impossible. (chuckles)

- Bye, John.

Talk to you later.

- And now for News Network 7's special election coverage,

with the election tomorrow, there is a widening margin

between our major candidates,

Robert Adams and Jimmy Dee Jones.

Our polls show 25% for Adams, 20% for Jones,

18% for Crotchmeyer, 17% are undecided,

and 15% who couldn't understand the question.

That's the news the day before the election.

(upbeat music) Good night.

(bugs chirping) (owl hooting)

(indistinct chatter) (group laughing)

(water flowing)

- Tommy, let's go home.


- (laughs) We just got here.

Come on, what's the matter?

Come on.

- Oh, I don't know. (both laughing)

Oh! - [Tommy] Ahh!

- Excuse me, I'm very sorry.

(All laughing)

- She got you- - Whoa!

(Elizabeth screaming) (water splashing)

- Pushed me right in the water!

You jerk! (laughing)

Hey, you guys!

- [MC] If I'd known you were thinking about swimming

I would have brought you swimsuit!

(all laughing)

- Oh my God.

MC, you got the clothes?

- [MC] Yeah, I'm coming!

- Hurry, I'm freezing, I gotta get outta these,

Tommy, Y'all don't come over here.

I'm changing.


(camera clicks) (Elizabeth gasps)


Oh my God.

MC! - What happened?

- Tommy!

- [MC] What happened? - [Tommy] What?

- Somebody, somebody took, Tommy, Somebody took a picture!

- Are you all right? - Yeah, but...

They went that way!

- Who was it, did you see?

- I don't know, I don't, I... - All right?

- Are you okay? - Okay?

- [Elizabeth] Yeah. (foliage rustling)

(paper thudding)

- What?

- Oh, that's Elizabeth, definitely.

You believe this?

- Oh, Robert.

And we thought she was in a room the whole time.

If only I- - So close.

Just isn't fair.

We had it right in the palm of our hands.

I was just talking to John about it.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

Not since we've come this far.

- What are you going to do?

- I don't know.

But I'm gonna do something soon.

Young lady. (Elizabeth sighs)

You and I need to have a few words.

You haven't seen this, have you?

- Oh my God.

Daddy, it's not- - I don't blame you

for being upset, after what he's done.

- What?

- First of all, let me tell you young lady,

I'm absolutely furious with you for deliberately disobey me,

especially since we've been all over this before.

I know this election was important, but,

for him to have his own son to deliberately

lure you into a situation like this

is beyond comprehension to me!

- What?

No, he wouldn't, he couldn't.

- But don't you see how he's used you?

I mean, do you think it's a coincidence

that just your face is seen?

That his name isn't even mentioned?

I had to make inquiries to find out

that Jones and his son we're behind the whole thing.

- Oh, daddy!

- [Robert] Though, I should have known.

- I don't believe it.

I don't believe it!

- Oh really, Elizabeth?

Do you think it was just a coincidence

that he just happened to come to our party that night?

That he just happened to be attracted to you?

And now this, and he's not even touched by it.

And I'll you, I'll bet you that when it happened,

he tried to catch the photographer,

but he couldn't catch him!

And I'll bet this whole thing was his idea, wasn't it?

- No.

I don't believe it.


I mean, why would he do that?

- Why?

Because this election

means more to his father than anything!

And he saw you as a way to get to me.

Oh, listen, honey,

you just don't know what people will do to win.

To the extent that they'll go.

It's obvious that it was a setup

and you expect me to believe

that his son knew absolutely nothing about this?

Oh, honey.

Honey, please.

Don't you worry.

Gonna clear this whole thing up.

And I'll stand by you all the way.

I think I know how I can turn this thing around.

You'll just leave it up to me.

- I'm sorry, daddy.

I'm sorry, I never should have trusted him.

(Elizabeth gasps)

(somber music)

(door slams)

- What's up?

Why the long faces?

(paper crinkles) (door slams)

- I think it's unfortunate

that this girl seems victimized by this sort of slander,

I haven't yet received any news from the pollsters

about the ramifications of the incident.

- Well, a lot of people think

that because you're an entertainer,

you have no moral fiber

and that if you wear a pen striped suit, you're an angel.


- Mr. Adams will respond to this,

(camera clicks) slander, at a press conference

at his campaign headquarters. (camera clicking)

- Tommy Lee, we have a race to win!

And hey man, hey, you were lucky.

(Tommy scoffs)

You didn't even get your name mentioned.

And don't overestimate Adams either.

- Besides what's done is done.

And if this little episode has the effect

that I expect it will, your father will be mayor tonight.

- This is not over yet.

(car engine revving)

♪ And I'll never have to look back ♪

♪ On lettin' you go

♪ And I'm never gonna regret

♪ Not lettin' you know

♪ I made up my mind

♪ What I'm gonna do

♪ And my heart is set on lovin' you ♪

(knocking on door) (somber music)

(Tommy sighs)

- Within the hour we will have a special news conference.

Great secrecy has shrouded the subject

of this controversial move,

but word has it that it will involve Elizabeth Adams,

Robert Adams' 17 year old daughter,

who as we all know, was involved in a scandal

at Percy Priest Park with an unknown group.

Also the subject of much speculation.

- I can't believe this, later.

- Crazy.

Completely crazy.

- Probably get himself into a fight, knowing him.

- Hm.

- [Newscaster] Connie is there at the Adams headquarters.

I think we have established contact with Connie.

- Hey, just where the hell do you think you,

you come back here!

- Come on, Elizabeth must need us.

Come on, Junie! - What can we do?

- In just a very few minutes,

we will have an unprecedented news conference by Adams,

who, until today- - Danny.

- much publicized scandal involving his daughter, Elizabeth,

was the front runner of the campaign.

(indistinct chatter)


Oh, we're back.

Adams is now on his way to the microphone

and very soon we will find out just what this is all about.

(crowd applauding)

- Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

As you all know today a horrible blotch was placed on the

page of Tennessee political history.

(engine rumbling)

- Come on, dammit.

Now just take it easy.

At least we wanna get there alive.

- Never before has an innocent victim

such as my daughter Elizabeth,

been so brutally or unnecessarily

drawn into such an outrage,

without anybody, anybody asking for her side of the story.

I think that is wrong.

I feel like she should be given the right to defend herself,

to speak up against these horrible accusations and to

name her accuser.

With out further the delay,

I give the podium to my daughter, Elizabeth.

(indistinct chatter)

- I'm...

I'm not nearly as good a speaker as my father.

(Elizabeth sighs)

I guess what I really wanna say is

I haven't done anything

that should affect my father's election.

I never even really cared if he won

because all I'd ever did was take him away.

It seems like winning means so much to him.

I thought it was okay for him to be mayor

if that's what he wanted, but...

all I ever wanted

was for you to be my father.

I guess if you count on anyone too much,

you'll just be disappointed.

Anyway, um...

what I'm here to say is that

the picture and the story in the paper,

(camera clicks)

it looks like they may have ruined his chance

and it's not fair because it's not his fault.

It seems

that I...

trusted the wrong person.

I was set up.

It was all,

some awful plot by

some awful plot... by. - [Tommy] Elizabeth!

(indistinct chatter)

- Tommy Lee!


- Elizabeth!

Elizabeth, don't do this.

Don't do this.

It is a setup, the whole thing

and you're being used, but it ain't by me.

Elizabeth, I love you.

I love you.

Come with me.

- Let go of me!

(indistinct yelling) (cameras clicking)

(bugs chirping) (water flowing)

- Hardly know where to begin, I...

Just wanna say that,

I'm sorry for everything.

And that I love you.

(bugs chirping) (soft music)

- I'm sorry I doubted you.

I guess I just lost faith.

I do believe in you

and us.

I love you, Tommy Lee.

(both laughing)

- Due to electronic tabulation,

we will be able to see very quickly

the eminent results of this fantastic,

indeed unprecedented election, Connie?

- There is starting to be a lot of activity as supporters,

news people and advisors await the outcome.

Jimmy Dee has remained at Adams headquarters,

presumably to be close by,

should there be any further developments

on those children of theirs.

- All right,

well let's go to Crotchmeyer's Private headquarters.

Amazingly, Crotchmeyer has simply turned his computer center

into a private waiting room,

where he's waiting until he hears

the outcome of this election.

Hold on, we have some results coming in now.

The results are with 50?

That's right, no, 70% of the precincts reporting

Jones with 56,002. (crowd applauding)

- (laughing) We did!

- We have Adams with 60,2079. (crowd applauding)

Wait, hold on now.

Now there must be some problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, this can't be 70%

of the precinct's recording.

It is, This is final, ladies and gentlemen,

a victorious Crotchmeyer with 82,312.

- We won, we won! (crowd cheering)

- Crotchmeyer? - I don't get it.

- Crotchmeyer is the victor with 82,312.

And there you have it. (laughs)

An incredible upset with a hundred percent

of the precincts reporting,

a victorious 34% of the vote for Crotchmeyer.

31% for Adams, 28% for Jones,

and the remaining 8% who didn't care.

(laughs) Only in America, folks.

- Well, I guess no political race

ever turns out the way you expect it to,

as we've seen here today.

- That's the way things appear to be on this election day.

Good night.

(vacuum whirring)

- I don't understand it.

- I think somehow things are just not quite like they same.

- Just want to get a feel for the place.

- Here they are.

Mr. Mayor. (chuckles)

Just like you ordered.

- Is this the only print?

- Mhm.

How did you know they'd print this?

- It's news.

Kind of hated to use the girl like that.

It's the quickest way I could think of

to swing boats to Jones.

- Who couldn't win.

- Couldn't win.

(upbeat music)

♪ I'm in another situation

♪ As long as you are by my side ♪

- This is pearl (indistinct).

- What are they doing here?

- Come in here, welcome, good to see you.

Come in.

♪ You make me feel like a winner ♪

- (scoffs) Let's go. - No.

♪ You could hang on your wall

♪ You make me feel like a winner ♪

We're getting our money's worth.

(indistinct chatter)

- Y'all ready? (crowd cheers)

Too kind.

(upbeat music)

♪ You like to wear the latest fashion ♪

♪ I like the same old blue jeans ♪

♪ I go lookin'

♪ For down home cookin'

♪ Baby, you like French cuisine ♪

♪ I'm a little rough around the edges ♪

♪ While honey, you're so refined ♪

♪ We're world apart

♪ But when it comes to the heart ♪

♪ Babe, we're to of a kind

♪ Yes, we're two of a kind

♪ When it comes to lovin'

♪ We like kissin' and huggin'

♪ 'Neath the pale blue moon light ♪

♪ Yes, we're two of a kind

♪ We let love gently guide us

♪ We fan the flame inside us

♪ In the heart of the night

♪ Where loves concerned you'll find ♪

♪ We're two of a kind

(upbeat music continues)

- Your boys in a band?

- We're proud of him.

♪ You wouldn't think we'd have too much in common ♪

♪ We're about as different as night and day ♪

♪ You like jet plans

♪ I like slow trains

♪ Babe, We get there just the same ♪

♪ We're two of a kind

♪ when it come to loving

♪ We like kissin' and huggin'

♪ 'Neath the pale blue moon light ♪

♪ Yes, we're two of a kind

♪ We let love gently guide us

♪ We fan the flame inside us

♪ In the heart of the night

♪ Where loves concerned you'll find ♪

♪ We're two of a kind

♪ We're two of a kind

♪ We're two of a kind

♪ We're two of a kind

(crowd applauding)

(light music)

♪ You were the one

♪ The only one

♪ My one and only

♪ You gave me you

♪ We broke into

♪ It made me lonely

♪ It was so true

♪ When we made love

♪ You made it better

♪ What happened to

♪ The me and you

♪ That fit together

♪ You were the one

♪ The only one

♪ My one and only

♪ You gave me you

♪ We broke in two

♪ It made me lonely

♪ It was so true

♪ When we made love

♪ You made it better

♪ What happened to

♪ The me and you

♪ That fit together

(light music continues)

♪ You were the one that I was lookin' for ♪

♪ The shining answer to my prayers ♪

♪ This ol' heart of mine is ever gonna need ♪

♪ And I'm gonna have to change my way of dealin' ♪

♪ With the emptiness I'm feelin' ♪

♪ And believe that I can find another you ♪

(light music continues)

♪ You were the one

♪ The only one

♪ My one and only

♪ You gave me you

♪ We broke in two

♪ It made me lonely

♪ My one and only

♪ My one and only you