Runaway Railway (1966) - full transcript

A group of young railway enthusiasts attempt to stop the closure of the local railway by trying to raise money to buy it and the steam engine "Matilda." They get help from a pair of men ...

Mouse: Yeah!Mouse: Yeah! Yeah!

What a party animal.

Do we have any snacks?

Oh, absolutely.

It's over there
on the mousetrap.

Pass the cheese.

Oh, boy.
What a party.

Whoopee! What a party.

[Up-tempo Latin music plays]

What a party.

You guys are real
party animals.

Sure. I'm the happiest
mouse in the world.

I'm the happiest mouse
in mousedale.

This is the best part.

Hoo! Whoopee!

[Man snoring]

So, they're
having a little party,

and they didn't invite me!


Why, those disgusterous
little squeakers.

Mouse: Oh, no!
It's naughty noodles!

Noodles the cat
is sucking up our party

with his kicksydumper

All: A kicksydumper

Please, Mr. Noodles,
don't ruin my party.

Mr. Noodles: Tell it
to the marines, kid!

[Fanfare plays]

Ah, what's this?!

Aah! Hidey-hidey-ho!

It's off to help
my friends I go!


Stop your squeaking,
you delumptuous
little bellybopper.

Ha ha ha!

Whoopee! My hero!

Man: We came here
when I was a kid.

That's why
it looks so old.

Well, here we are.

Yeah, I hope
someone else is.

Boy: Hey,
"amazing Amos" is on.

It looks
just the same.

Anyone here?!

[Bell dings]

Ah, signs of life.

You disgusterous rodent.

Uh, h-hello.

Oh, yeah? Try this
on for size!


Ooh, just at the good part.

Welcome to
the mountain view inn.

Thanks. We'd like
a room for the night.

Oh, no trouble at all.

Just let me get right
through my door here.

Now, here's the register.

If you will, please,
just sign...Right there.

[Bugle plays "taps"]What's that noise?

Oh, that's the bugler
over at happy acres camp

playing "taps."

[Sighs] Sounds like
someone died.

Happy acres--good name
for a pet cemetery.

Sweetheart, what's our
license plate number?

Well, are you off
to summer camp?

Ooh, you're gonna have
a lot of fun there.

That's what
they tell me.

Garf, not this again.

Case of the
reluctant camper.

I've seen it before.

Room 12.

Louise did get
that place cleaned,
didn't she?

You know,
you've managed to keep
all the old charm here.

Oh, well,
we try very hard.

Can I take something?

Oh, thanks, thanks.
Thank you.

Come on, now.
I'll show you
to your room.

I seem to remember you
from when I was
here before.

Have a nice
day, folks.

Garf, don't worry.

It's not gonna
be so bad.


Well, young fella, what'll
it be for breakfast--

apple pie
or chocolate cake?

Got any
peanut butter cookies?

Peanut butter! Mm-mmm!

[Mouse imitates engine revving]

[Gasps] Ohh! My motorcycle!



Get off!
You'll hurt yourself.

But I want to ride it!

No! It's not a toy.

You won't share
because you're selfish.

I'm not selfish.

I'm going to tell
uncle Lester!

Yeah! We're telling!

Ah, go ahead.
Go tell uncle Lester.

See if I care.

[Imitating engine turning over]

[Imitating tires screeching]

Very reckless. Very.

[Imitating tires screeching]

Reckless mouse.


I want to have
a talk with you!

Ohh! Ohh!

Uncle Lester!

Don't "uncle Lester"
me, Ralph!

Everybody's complaining
about you

and tha-a-a-t

He's selfish!

Yeah! He never gives US
rides on his motorcycle!

Ralph, give them rides.


But you--
now! Or else!


No, no, I want
to ride first!

[Weakly imitates engine revving]

All: Faster, faster!

Faster! Faster!

Faster! Faster!

Faster! Faster!

I thought I
gave you a ride.

Oh, no, not me.

But this time
make it faster!

What?! You've had
more than

one ride, haven't you?

You want faster?
You'll get faster.

[Imitating engine
turning over]



Are you all right?

Ralph, you're grounded.

But--but I did
what you said.

You did what I said,
but I didn't say
to do what you did.

Park that motorcycle

and don't let me catch
you riding it again!


But...if I can't ride
my motorcycle here,

ride it somewhere else!

I'm leaving!

Come back here,
young mouse.

I told you not
to ride it again!

You're being
disobedient, Ralph!

I stayed here
with my parents.

It was almost
26 years ago.

Were you on your way
to happy acres camp, too?

Oh, yes.
I had a great time.

This place hasn't
changed a bit.

Be sure you brush your teeth
every day at camp.

Sure, mom.

Did you hear that
strange noise in
the hall last night?

I was so tired,
I went right to sleep.

It sounded like--

it sounded like
a tiny lawn mower.

engine revving]

Lawn mower in the hallway?


You and your imagination.

No, it was real!
I was wide awake!

Ok, it's about time
to get to camp.

Aw, dad, do I
really have to

go to this dumb old camp
just because

you went there
a zillion years ago?

Garf, I don't want
to hear any more

"aw, dad"s or
"do I really?"S.

I think you're gonna
like this camp.

I hope so.

All right, Garfield,
forward march.

Bye. Thanks a lot.

I put your bag
in the car.

I'm gonna get a bite, Matt.

[Clock chiming]

Oh! No one understands me!

They'll be sorry.

They're going to miss me
when I'm gone.

Another word for "road"...

Rhymes with "blue Jay."

I'm running away.

Huh?! What?!

I'm running away
on my motorcycle.

How come--not enough
peanut butter?


I'm just tired of
being bossed around.

Well, be careful.

It's a wild world
out there on your own

with no one to help you.

I don't need any help.

I can handle anything.

Oh. Well, then,
the best of luck to you.


I was wondering if you'd
open the door for me.

Well, now...

If I opened the door for you,
I would be helping you,

and you said
you didn't need
any help.

But--but how do I
get my motorcycle out?


Ok. All right.

I'm on my own. Hmpf!



Ha ha!

[Imitating engine revving]

Hey, Ralph, you forgot
to close the door!

[Boogie-woogie music plays]

[Imitating engine revving,
tires screeching]

♪ Oh, I'm a mad mouse

♪ I'm a sad mouse

♪ woke up this morning
feeling kind of low ♪

♪ knew it was time to go

♪ first they say "no"

♪ then they say "don't"

♪ say it 'cause I shouldn't,
can't, and won't ♪

♪ I got to be free, yeah

♪ oh, I'm goin'
down the highway ♪

♪ gonna do as I please

♪ I'm goin' down that highway

♪ free as a breeze

♪ gonna leave my troubles
ha ha!

♪ Behind me
oh, yeah!

Hoo-hoo! Yahoo!

♪ Bodaly bop, bodaly
beedly-beedly bop ♪

♪ beedly bobaly
deedly doo da day ♪

♪ ba-bobaly ba

♪ diddly wah

♪ bobaly deedly
bobaly deedly doo da da ♪

Hey! Ha hoo!

[Music stops]

Whoa! Ohh-ho-ho!

Ouch! Ohh! Eee! Ow! Ugh!

W-What kind of monster
was that? Ugh!

Oh, am I glad I had
my helmet on.


[Imitating engine sputtering]


[Sighs] Am I sore!


[Owl hooting]What was that?

[Gasps] An owl.

[Gasps] My motorcycle!

Got to get it.

[Exhales deeply][Hooting continues]


Peanut butter.


Peanut butter.

Woman: Oh,
you got something!

[Ralph snoring]

Well, well.
What have we here?

[Laughs] Now,
watch carefully.

This is the way to handle
a measly mouse.

Merton, pay attention.

Now, watch this.




The mousie is now trying
to imitate a dead mouse,

but I can feel his
little heart beating.

Merton, what did
I just say?

You said, uh...

You were gonna imitate
a dead mouse.

Go ahead.

I want to see
that, daddy.

Never, never let
a mouse make a fool of you.

I will now demonstrate
the "scoop, toss,
and gobble" technique.


I'm watching, daddy.



Got him!

Oh, yay, garf!

What kind of butterfly
did you get?

It's a mouse.

A moth?
No, a mouse.

A mouse?Yeah, I rescued him

from that cat
over there.


That is happy acres'
first flying mouse.

Let's, uh--let's go
turn him loose somewhere

where catso
can't reach him.

Well, I'd like
to keep him.

Oh, garf, he really
should go free.

He'll be my friend.

Well, ok.
Let's go find
a spot for him

in the nature corner.

I bet that's a real
special mouse.

Hey, garf
caught something!

It's a mouse!

Don't anybody touch him!

Don't touch him!
No touching!

I feel him quivering.

Oh, he's not quivering.

Yes, he is.

Woman: We built this last year
for an injured squirrel,

but I think he'll
be real happy in it.

Girl: He's so cute.

Oh, honey, don't
do that with the paint.

Let's feed him.

I'd be glad to feed him
whenever I feed chum.

Thanks, but if I feed him,

then you feed him,
then she feeds him,

then everyone in camp
feeds him, he'll explode!

So, fine!

We were just
trying to help.

Who would want
to feed your
dumb mouse anyway?

He's not dumb.

He's not as smart
as a hamster.

If that's how garf
wants it, let him do it.

[Bell rings]Oh, ok, everybody.

That's apaches
to the riding stables,

cherokees to
the archery range...

And you to the shower.

Bye, mouse.

Let me out of here!

I want out!

What's all this
confounded racket?

Can't a hamster get
any peace around here?

Take it easy, pal!
Pipe down!

Wowie! [Laughs]

What kind of mouse
are you?

Me? A mouse?!

I'm a golden hamster--

cricetus cricetus,
to be precise.

Ha! What's to eat
around here?

Pellets--green pellets.

What are pellets?

You'll find out.

My name's Ralph.
What's yours?

Ralph, nice to meet you.
They call me "chum."

[Upbeat music plays]

Kids: ♪ we're up with the sun
at [clap] happy acres ♪

♪ we are lovin' up the fun
at [clap] happy acres ♪

♪ we sing and play and run
till the [clap] day is done ♪

♪ hooray, happy acres
is the place for me ♪

"Dangerous mouse!
Hands off!"

That'll do it.

Come and get it.

So, this is a pellet.

Blech! Ick!
I've been poisoned.

[Coughing, spitting] Blech!

Here. You can have 'em back.

[Pellets clattering]

What's the matter?
Don't you like pellets?

I'll bring you
something else next time.

Hey, how about some
peanut butter? Mmm!

[Bugle plays "reveille" off-key]


Karen, you've been
scratching all day.

My whole arm itches.

Looks like
poison oak.

You better go
and let the nurse
put something on it.

Come on.
Stop scratching.

Oh, it itches. Ohh.

[Bell rings]Oh, ok, everybody--

All: Yay!

Hey, mousie.

I have some sunflower
seeds for you...

And...a peanut butter

Garf, why are you
still in here?

I'm just feeding my mouse.

You're not supposed to be
in here without a counselor.

So, uh...Next time,
feed your mouse
during nature hour.

My mouse doesn't like
schedules, and neither
do I.

You know, garf,
you really need
to loosen up.

I think you'd have
a whole lot more fun

if you just joined
the group in activities.

[Scoffs] My mouse and I have
our own group, thank you.

Fine. But right now
it's swimtime,

and I bet that mouse
is not interested
in a swim, hmm?

Come on.
I want you to go out

and join the other kids.

Oh, come on. Try.

Just go out and try
to have some fun!

Some fun.


Hi, aunt Jill.

Are you going
for a swim, too?


Hey, hey!


Ooh. Aah.

Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Hey, merton, look.

A mouse.

A measly mouse.

He's playing dead.

[Ticking]I can hear its heart beat.

Daddy will be proud of me.

Eee! Hey!


Vroom! Vroom!

Vroom, vroom, vroom!

What's that?

Whoopee! [Laughs]

He found my motorcycle!

Hoo hoo!

Your motorcycle?

That's my motorcycle!

Look what he's doing!

Oh, he'll ruin it!

Ohh! Ohh!
I'll never get back home.

Enjoy yourself.

You've got it good here.

This cage is awful!
Ohh! Ugh!

Oh, I had it better
at the hotel.


Daddy, daddy, look!

I caught a measly mouse.


It's playing dead,

but I can feel
its heart beating,

just like you taught me.

That little mouse made
a big fool of you!

This is a fake mouse.

But, daddy--

never mind.

I'll fix
the real mouse...



[Thunder crashes]

Ralph. Wake up.

I hear catso.

Nah, chum.

It's just thunder.

[Sniffs] Ralph,
I smell cat fur.

[Sniffs] Nah.

Come on, chum.

Go to sleep.

R-r-r-Ralph, I see catso!

There's nothing there.



What's wrong, mouse?

Cat got your tongue?


There he is!

[Ralph chattering,
catso meowing]

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Ooh, ooh.

Where's the mousie?

There's the mousie!


Ohh! Aah! Eeh! Ahh!

Now I'm mad.

Is he here? No.

Is he there? No.

He must be here.

Where is he?

Hoo-hoo!there he is.







End of the road, mousemeat.

What happened?

Catso, get out.

Get out!


My mouse.

Oh, no.

Mousky, where are you?

I'm over here.

Over where?

Who said that?


Ralph who?

Ralph the mouse.

Hi, garf.
I'm ok.

Is this some sort of trick?

[Laughs] No trick.

But you're a mouse.

Mice can't talk.

We're talking,
aren't we?

Mice aren't dummies.


You've got something
of mine in your pocket.


In your pocket--
my motorcycle.

It's yours?

How did you get
a motorcycle?

A boy gave it to me.

Hoo-hoo! Watch.
I'll ride it.

[Imitating engine revving]

Go, Ralph!

Garfield jerrniga, what
are you doing in here?

I was just
worried about Ralph.


Ralph the mouse.

Garfield, how did
this mess happen?

Catso was trying
to get Ralph.

Oh, I've never seen--
oh, my Christmas

Ohh. Ohh.

Ralph, you shouldn't
be talking to humans.

Ah, go chew some pellets.

Where's the cage?

Oh, it got smashed.
It's back there.

I think catso
knocked it over.


Well, we'll, uh--

we'll clean this place up
tomorrow morning.

Bedtime, Mr. Garfield.


Oh, and the glue is
all over the place.

Ralph, where are you?

I've been looking
for that.

Come on, garf.

Ralph, Ralph,
where'd you go?

Hey.there you are.

Don't forget
my motorcycle.



Ralph's motorcycle.


Well, maybe
we can get Ralph

to help US clean this
place up in the morning.

Come on.
Chop, chop.

Hope it doesn't stink
too much in there.

No, not as bad
as the cage.

[Yawns] Good night.

Good night, Ralph.

[Ralph snoring]

I'll take Pete.

And I'll have
stephie, I guess.

Girl: Rhona.

Boy: Eddie.

Girl: Oh, Jonathan,
you can have garf.

We have a full team.

You have to have garf.

No, our team is full, too.

Garf, you keep score.

Let's see who goes
up to bat first.

Hey, we can start
our own game.


Uh, thanks, but I have
my own game to go to.

Come on, Jonathan.
Go, Karen.

[Squeals]We win!

Whoo! Come on.

[Ralph and garf laugh]


It's easy.
You try it.


Aah, aah, ahh!

Sorry, Ralph.

Maybe we can try
something else?

You guys,
my watch is gone.

Are you sure
you left it here?

Right here on this table.

That was a present
from my grandma.

A few beans but,
uh, no watch.

Someone must have
taken it.

Who would take it?

Someone who
comes in here

when no one else
is here--garf...


But no one saw
garf take it.

Let's go tell aunt Jill.

You shouldn't accuse him of
something he didn't do.

I know garf took it.


[Upbeat music plays]

♪ The food's really great
at happy acres ♪

♪ it'll eat right through
your plate at happy acres ♪

♪ well, last night at dinner
we don't know what we ate ♪

♪ oh, yeah, happy acres--
it's the place for me ♪


Thank you, girls.

That was
very, very nice.

Now, the boys
from cherokee cabin

have a special song
they've prepared for US.

Come on, boys.
Let's move along.

Karen: I know, and, I'm swinging
my thing, and it's all...

You put your flashlight
on first, ok?

I bet you I know when
garf stole my watch.


When we were swimming.

♪ Great green gobs
of greasy, grimy gopher guts ♪

♪ mutilated monkey meat

♪ chopped-up baby parakeet

♪ great green gobs
of greasy, grimy gopher guts ♪

♪ French-fried eyeballs

♪ rolling down
the grimy street ♪

Oh, no.
It was very creative.

Wasn't it creative?

Audience: Yeah!

Very original.
We just loved it. Yeah.

Well, we have
to move along.

Ok, everybody, I have
an announcement to make.

Karen's watch is missing
from the craft shop.


Now, we're not even interested
in who took it.

We just want that person--he
or she, whoever it may be--

to return the watch because
that's the right thing to do,


Now, why don't we all
just join together...

Give it back, garf!

My watch.

I don't have
your watch.

I told you
he doesn't have it.

He is always in
the craft shop alone.

You think I'd steal a watch?

Yes, I do.
You'd take anything.

What do you think--
finders, keepers?

Aunt Jill, they all think
I stole that watch.

Tell them I didn't steal it!

[Sighs] Garfield, I don't know
what happened to the watch.

Did you see it when
you were in the craft shop?

You think I stole it, too!

I've had enough of this place!

I'm getting out of here!

He'd take anything
just for attention.

Happy acres,
sappy acres.

Yeah, but the
peanut butter is super!

I don't need any
of them for friends.

I don't need anybody.

I'm getting out of here.

Better think it over.

It's a wild world
out there.

Just ask me.

Look, any place would
be better than here.

But you didn't
steal the watch.

Oh, yeah?
Maybe I did.

I know you didn't.

The kitten took it.

The kitten? Merton?

I saw him.

You should
go tell Karen.

Oh, right.
What do I say--

"oh, a mouse told me

the kitten
stole your watch"?

She'll think I'm crazy.

Then let's get the watch
and give it back.

But I can't just
give it back to her.

She'll think
I swiped it for sure.

What can we do?


What if you put it
in the girls' cabin
while she's gone?

Good idea, but boys
aren't allowed in there.

And besides,
it's locked.

Not to a mouse.

Leave everything to me!



[Imitating engine revving]

[Imitating tires screeching]


[Imitating tires screeching]

[Meows] Where'd he go?

[Imitating engine revving]

There he is!


Gotcha! Ha!





Ooh, you make me
so mad, you big cat.

You need a lesson that
only I can teach you! Hmpf!



What's that?
Over there!

Uhh. Ooh.

I am really mad.


What a trick this will be.

Where is he?
Where'd he go?

Hey, furball.
Over here.


[Clears throat] Pbbt!


Try this on for size.

I'm over here.

Mouse, you're history.

What is this?
I've been tied!

I've been tricked!

Thanks, catso.

How embarrassing.

Oh, uh-oh,
what bed is Karen's?

Ooh, not here.

Oh, not here.


There's her hat!

♪ happy acres

♪ you woke up today with
poison oak in our bed ♪

♪ hooray, happy acres
is the place for me ♪

What's that string
on your tail, daddy?

Uh, uh, well...Ooh.

Gross, I am gonna get poison oak
all over my sleeping bag.

Stephie: Oh, I know!

When he was roasting his
marshmallow, and it fell in.

And he said he was
doing it the right way.

Oh, I know.
He's such a creep.

How am I going
to get out of here?

Trapped like a rat.

I know--operation tickle.

Good night, stephie.

Kootchy kootchy
kootchy coo!

Kootchy kootchy kootchy
kootchy kootchy coo!


Kootchy kootchy
kootchy coo!

Kootchy kootchy
kootchy coo!

Aaah! Aaah!

Something's in my sleeping bag!

What's the matter?

Here goes nothing.

Did it bite you?

No, it kind of tickled.

Open it up.
I wonder
what's in there.

Maybe it's a snake.

Aah! A mouse!

Get him!

Get him!

Got him!

My watch--look!

It must have been
there all along.

That's impossible.

I left my watch in
the craft shop--i think.

I knew garf
didn't take it.

I don't understand.

Well, you guys,
what are we gonna
do about this mouse?

Well, let's
give him to garf.

His mouse got away.

Jill: Lights out, girls!

Ok, we'll give it
to him in the morning.

Oh, garf, garf, we have
something for you.

We found it in my
sleeping bag with this.

I thought you said
I stole it.

Well, I guess you didn't.

Too bad everyone
thought it was you.

Um, what they're saying is,
we're sorry.

We're sorry, garf.


So, what's in the hat?

Oh, yeah.
Um, since you lost your mouse,

we thought you might
like this one.

Hi, garf!



Maybe the mouse
took the watch.

Or maybe the kitten.

[Laughs] The kitten?
That's funny, garf.

Come on, you guys.
Let's go eat.

Come on, garf.
You can sit with US.

Ok. I'll be right in.

We'll save
a seat for you.

You did it!

Ha! It was nothing.

Thanks, Ralph.

I was kind of
amazing, wasn't I?

Hmm. I'm hungry.

Think there might be some
peanut butter for breakfast?


Anything for you, Ralph.

Ha ha!


Hi, garf.

This is for you.

It's supposed to be
your mouse.


Is that supposed
to be his helmet?

No, it's a hat.


I hope you come back
next year.

I'm thinking about it.

Well, see you then.

Hey, thanks!

♪ Ooh, yeah, I'm goin'
down the highway ♪

♪ gonna do
as I please ♪

♪ bopaly bop
♪ diddly wah

♪ bobaly beedly doodly
deedly do sa day ♪



Well, everybody's
headed home.

I guess this is

the last time I'll
see you, Ralph.

Yeah, I know.

I'm going home, too.


To the mountain
view inn?


You silly mouse.

It's all uphill.

What about all that
traffic on the road?

You mean those big,
monster trucks?

Yeah. Look,

I'm having lunch at
the mountain view inn.

I'll give you a ride.

Nah. I can
handle it myself.

Think about it--
all uphill,

cars whizzing by,
big, monster trucks.

Well, if you're
going that way, ok.

I've never ridden
in a car before.

Ha! It'll be fun.

Come on.
Let's go see if my
parents are here yet.

I'll race you
down the path.

Ok, you're on.

On your Mark, get ready,
get set, 10, 9, 6, 2, go!

[Imitating engine revving]

No fair!
You had a head start!

Ok, folks,
you'll be in room 11.

Now, grab your bags
and then

right down
the hall there.

That's it--
right down the hall.

Make a right
turn there.

All: ♪ ooh, yeah, I'm movin'
down the highway ♪

♪ gonna do as I please