Ruler (2019) - full transcript

Bhumika and Vedhika are trying hard to remind Balayya of his past. In the process, they take him to the villain's residence and asks to fight with him. Now, time for yet another fight

In the State of Uttar Pradesh,
especially in the Jhansi district...

Murders, robberies and gang rapes have been
occurring frequently since the last 6 months.

Government has failed to take action
despite filing charges.

Video footage of these incidents
has been released recently.

It's so horrendous...
Have a look for yourself.

Look closely...

You can witness all the murders, robberies
and gang rapes in the district of Jhansi.

Bandits are bringing shame to Uttar Pradesh.

State Tourism has been highly affected.

The whole world wants to catch
a glimpse of the famous Taj Mahal.

Indian devotees believe a dip in the holy river
of Ganges washes away your sins.

But they are terrified to visit the state..

Electronic print media is criticizing
the inefficiency of the Government.

We must get the district of Jhansi
under our control at any cost.


I need a solution.

Police should be granted power.

Top criminals will be wiped out
if encounter is permitted.

Others will automatically stay low out of fear.

It won't stop them.

Crime will only upsurge.

The reason even commoners are complying
with bandits is hunger.

First we must erase that hunger.

Minister, you could eat to fulfill your hunger.

Officer, to be honest,
that's not the solution.

Tell us how to reduce crime.

Through agriculture.


Mr. Tagore, how does agriculture impact crime?

It does... Agriculture generates revenue.

That develops education.

Development in education enriches culture.

Civilized culture eradicates crime.

Correct! But our citizens
aren't skilled in agriculture.

- Let's teach them.
- But how?

In the States of Andhra and Telangana where
rivers Krishna and Godavari flow...

There are many farmers who harvest crop
like it's worship.

You find farm labor as well.

Do you want me to summon farmers
from those States?

Yes... Let's see what they can do.

This document states that
the Government of Uttar Pradesh

leases these 5000 acres to you
for 30 years.

If you irrigate this land and pay

a small percentage of the profits
to the Government..

After 30 years, according to
the Survey Act of India...

You'll be the rightful owners
of all these fields.

Uttar Pradesh Government...

Will provide you with the required amenities,
under the Special Category quota.

You will progress...

And in turn help our citizens progress.

Sir, you summoned us from a far off State,

offering thousands of acres for us to own.

Today onwards, we're under your submission.

We promise you, sir.

We'll toil hard and harvest good crop,
thus fulfilling your dreams.

Documents from the Uttar Pradesh Government,
addressed to the 500 families...

In regard to the crop fields.

We're grateful, sir.

Years have passed...
On Mr. Virendranath Thakur's advice,

Telugu farmers from Andhra Pradesh
triumphed in producing harvest

in the barren lands of Uttar Pradesh.

Citizens of that State...

Have learned the art of agriculture from
Telugu farmers and developed their lifestyle.

The State was no more
drought and hunger stricken.

It was flourishing with people that
were well educated and mannered.

But the crime rates have only gone up.

Only this time, crimes were not
as evident as before.

It's the ideal place for our project.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes! Yes! Yes!

Apply to the UP Government for permissions
right away.

Okay! Okay!

Also, gather the farmers owning
these lands.

- We'll pay the advance next week.
- Okay, ma'am.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Who is he?

Hey! He crashed on our car.

Someone move him.

Go check if he's fine.

He's barely breathing, ma'am.

- Get him into the car.
- Why?

He looks like a seasoned criminal.

Why do you want to get into trouble?

I don't care who he is.

Human life is valuable...
Aren't you human?

Look for a good hospital in the area.

- Okay, ma'am.
- Okay, ma'am.

Get him into my car.

Come on.

Open your eyes slowly.


Yes... Good.


You're alright.

You're absolutely fine.

But I was told it's a massive heart attack.

Nothing to worry...

I returned from Hyderabad the same day.

I'll be there with you
if something happens to you.

You couldn't breathe because of fluid
build up in your lungs.

So we had to admit you in an ICU
and put you on oxygen supply.

You'll be perfectly alright in a week.


Round table conference!

You're in a hospital.

Oh... You admitted a guy in bloodshed
last week.

Are you referring to that patient?

Okay. He's here.

He has multiple stab wounds on his body.

Also, he has severe head trauma.

Doctors can't assess his medical condition
until he's out of the coma.

In my time, I've never seen a patient with
such severe injuries make it out alive.

It's a miracle.

He's still alive,
only to achieve something, ma'am.

Don't worry...
I'll take care of you both.

Sister-in-law, our company staff and I
are praying for your speedy recovery.

I also cancelled my US trip
regarding a important meeting.

Is she asking me to go to US or get out?

Both... Leave.

I'll go out then.

What kind of a hospital is this?
Such a nice hospital!

They saved her when I was hoping she'd die.

She's showing attitude like a champion now.

What can I do, sir?

Your family doctor from Hyderabad
is right beside her.

I couldn't help it, sir.

Then why...

Why did you take money from me?

I'll get the job done tonight, sir.

I'm going to my hotel room.

Tonight, I want to hear the news,
Asian Group of Companies MD,

renowned industrialist Sarojini Naidu's death.

- I want to see this breaking news on TV.
- Okay, sir.




What are you saying?

You want to adopt him and introduce him
as your heir?


If you make a criminal the heir
to our ventures...

It will ruin the lives of 8000 families
that depend on us.

Who's the criminal here?

You or him?

Every time you make a mistake,

I spare you only because you're my cousin.

No, Saru.

Going by his wounds,

one would assume he's a criminal.

I have no suspicions.

Anyone who saves a life is good by heart.


He risked his life to save mine.

Imagine how selfless he is.

We have no relation whatsoever.

I lost my father and son in an accident.

I'm surrounded by people and yet,

I feel lonely.

If someone like him becomes
my successor...

He'll stand by my staff and
our chain of companies.

That is why I've made this decision.

He might be a good man like you said...

But let's hold a police enquiry...

Find out his details and
then take a decision.

He was stabbed severely.

You think he'll live if he revisits his past?

No police. No enquiry.

Vijji, don't bother about the expenses.

It is your responsibility to save him.

What is his condition now?

He's recovering slowly.

Because of a severe blow to his head...

He has a blood clot from
cerebral hemorrhage.

So he has forgotten his past completely.

Chances of remembering are thin.

Good for us.

More than his past that almost
got him killed...

His future as the Head of my companies
is important to me.

Look, Durga Prasad...

If you, our staff or anybody else
tries to remind him of his past...

I won't spare you this time.

Replace my son's photographs with his
in all our family albums.

Also, send him abroad for IT training.

Oh my god!

What do you mean?

I mean, oh my god, what an idea!

I'll look after his training.

She's giving way too much
importance to a stranger.



What's my Late son's name?

Arjun Prasad.

He is Arjun Prasad from this moment.



Get a police enquiry on the murder
attempt on me...

And submit those reports to me.


Okay... Okay.

I'll make arrangements and
shift him to Hyderabad.

Thank you, Vijji.


This is the only thing I found on him.

What's this? Is it correct?

I'm not happy with your explanation.


You're fired! Get out!

From today onwards,
she's not your team leader.

- Go to your cabins.
- Yes, sir.

Sir, what have I done?

Don't you know?

I wanted you to show that foreign client
around the city.

How dare you raise your hand on him!

He misbehaved with me, sir.

Foreigner misbehaved with you?!

- Yes, sir.
- What did he do?

- Did he touch here? Huh?
- No, sir.

- Is this what he did?
- No, sir!

Or did he touch here?

No, sir!

Is this how he misbehaved?

- No, sir.
- Is this wrong?

Isn't it western culture?

Tell her, guys...
Ask them about it.

A foreigner didn't consider it wrong.

Our staff doesn't too.

But you have a problem.

Mr. Prabhakar!

If this girl works over here...

Then I'll make a move.

Look. He offered us
2000 crore-worth project.

He says he's going to leave
if you continue to work here.

If he does, I'd have to fire
500 staff members to compensate.

I'll make sure you will never get
a software job.

I hereby put you in the blacklist
and rusticate you.


Get out!

Please, sir.

My family will be on the streets
if you put me in the blacklist.

You're dismissed! Get out!
Please try to understand, sir.

- Please, sir.
- Get lost!

Mom and dad...

You raised me with self-respect...
That was your generation.

Our generation compromises on life.

I'm mentally exhausted,
trying to fill the gap.

There's no point living,
once your self-respect is lost.

That's what you always told me.

I lost my job.

I lost my self-respect.

I know our financial status...

I cannot be a burden to you.

I'll end my life.

Forgive me.

- Sorry, sir.
- Saraswati!

God didn't create you to end
your life this way.

Life is meant to be celebrated.

There's a lot to achieve.

Once you do, God will take you home
in his own time.

We shouldn't rush to get there.

I have no hopes on my life, sir.

I want to die, sir.

Saraswati, listen to me.

This isn't just about you.

If you want your family to be happy...

Please listen to me and get down.

I'm sorry, sir.

Oh my God!

Sir, I want to die... Please let go.

- Please!
- Then die.

Sir, please. I'm begging you.

Fold your hands and do it.
I'll let go.

- Sir, I'm scared. Let me go.
- You wanted to die, right?

How come you want to live now?


"Take a look at this action hero"

"Wonder what his name is
and where he belongs from"

"Take a bow to his vigor"

"Welcome him with a whistle and take a selfie"

"Like the King of the Jungle"

"Like an angry avenger"

"He entered like the return of the dragon"

"He looks quite class"

"But his heart is with the masses"

"He's a typical white collar corporate ruler"

Good morning, sir.

It's a bad morning for you!

Why, sir?

Where's Saraswati?

I dismissed her, sir.

- Huh?
- I dismissed her, sir.


She slapped our foreign client, sir.

- She slapped him?
- Yes, sir.

How'd she do it?

Like this?

- Sir...
- Answer me.

How'd she hit him? Like this?

Or like this?

Or did she do it like this?

It's his job to defend the firm
he's working for.

But he's favoring foreign clients
for their souvenirs.

Do you call him a broker or
a Project Manager?

You call him a Project Broker.

Software Engineers brought the revolution
of accessing the world from our fingertips.

They look like drunkards to you?!

Employees in the line of IT,
hailing from middle class families

and farming background...

If you treat them like prostitutes...

You're quite unfit to work
in this environment.

- Out!
- Sir...

I said get out!

- Mr. Arjun Prasad!
- Yes?

You might be the Chairman of this company.

But you don't have any right to hit
a human being like this.

Human being?!

- You mean I have no right?
- No!



Is this right?

- What say, uncle?
- Absolutely right.

But you have every right to molest a girl
in my company, huh?

I will take this project away.

There will be no more projects
from our company.

My foot, your company!

- What?!
- My shit, your project!

Hey! What do you think about India, man?

You think we're selling our souls, dignity,

courage, culture and traditions
to you people?

We're just selling a small part of
our knowledge and intelligence.

Keep that in mind.

Don't you dare think that
you're our happiness.

You are happy because of us!

If I file a complaint on you under
Section 345A, Nirbhaya Act...

Then you'll not see your country
for the next 3 years.

No! I'm sorry.

Then leave my country.


Okay. I'm sorry.

- Saraswati...
- Sir...

You're our Project Manager from today.
Take charge.

"He's like a blazing ball of fire"

"He overcomes the darkness with might"

"He is back again to rule"

"He will destroy the darkness and spread light"

"He's like a blazing ball of fire"

"He overcomes the darkness with might"

"He is back again to rule"

"He will destroy the darkness
and spread light"

"No matter how much he has conquered"

"He will never forget his roots"

"No matter how much he has achieved"

"He's still a little kid to his mother"

"He's a man of dignity,
never hangs his head down"

"He has the upper hand
in every endeavor of his"

"He's the resonating sound of success"

Yes, ma'am?

You wanted to see me?

Thank you.

May I know the reason?

It's not just Economic Times.

Check out all the magazines it appeared in.

Our company EV Labs is ranked second...

While the Asian Software Company
is ranked first.

You said you'd bribe the judges
at the IT competition this year.

You also took money from me.

I convinced them to rule in our favor.

But I couldn't get the 3rd judge's

What's that fellow's name?

Mr. Ramoji Rao.

He's apparently busy reading newspaper
in the morning.

Tasting ‘Priya' pickles in the afternoon.

Attending ‘Margadarsi' meeting
in the evening.

- He's very busy.
- What nonsense!

- Get out from here right now!
- When do you want me to come back?

Out forever!

Alright. See you in the morning.

Harika, what you've done is unacceptable.

Not at all, sir...
She slapped me so hard.

- Get out!
- Bye, ma'am.

What's not acceptable, dad?

You competed with that company for
several years when you were Chairman.

Could you do it?

I'll scale the first position as the Chairman.


You can get competitive in business...
But not envious.

This is what you guys raised me to be.

That's your logic, huh?

Why are you going down
the wrong path for it?

Money will not get the job done.

Your intelligence will.

Our company couldn't beat theirs
when Mrs. Sarojini Naidu was the CEO.

Now her son has trained abroad and
developed the company within a year.

It's not so easy to beat him.

He might be the King in business.

But I'll figure out his strengths
and weaknesses.

I'll hit him where it hurts.

"He's so handsome he pulls your attention"

"You can't take your eyes off him
once you're engaged"

"Girls would never want to miss his company"

"He keeps changing his number to avoid chaos"

"He's all for fun but always in his limits"

"He's a loyal man to his woman
through everything"

"No riches in the world can tempt him"

"He's like a blazing ball of fire"

"He overcomes the darkness with might"

"He is back again to rule"

"He's like a blazing ball of fire"

"He overcomes the darkness with might"

"He is back again to rule"

I know that you bribed two judges
to rank your company the best.

One of the judges is my close friend.
- I know.

To design cloud data security threat solution...

HSBC invited both our companies to Bangkok.

I know.

Arjun Prasad will be representing
our company in Bangkok.

You will be representing your company.

Of course you know.

But you don't know...

Which hotel he'll be staying in...
And what his room number is.

This envelope has all the details.

So what?

Full details of the project software
are in Arjun Prasad's laptop.

If you hack that laptop and
get hold of the software...

You'll crack a project worth 5000 crores.

So, this is a good opportunity for
your company to be ranked 1st.

You're giving away so many details.

What are your expectations?
- 50 percent?

40 percent?

Okay 30 percent.

20 percent at least.

10 percent, ma'am. Just 10 percent.
- Okay.

Yes! Thank you!

Damn! Why is this idiot coming my way?

He would've agreed for 2 percent
after a few more slaps.

- Krishna Reddy...
- Yes, ma'am.

- I need hackers immediately.
- Okay, ma'am.

- But it's not Diwali time.
- What?

- You asked for crackers, right?
- Not crackers...

- I meant hackers.
- Oh, hackers!

They should travel to Bangkok with me.

Bangkok?! Done, ma'am. Done.

You're still the same, huh?

Will you give 50 percent then?

- You see my shoe here?
- Not my size.

Sir, where can I find hackers?

I don't know about hackers but my gun...

I know, sir. I know where it is.

Either tell me you know or you don't.

You know nothing about hackers and
you own a software company.


I was just saying your family is so chill.

He's got the ears of a snake.

- Who are you looking for?
- You wanted 3 hackers, right?

- I'm trying to find them.
- 3 hackers? What for?

You're getting a laptop hacked, so...


One for hacking the laptop.

One for stealing the laptop.

One for helping them out.

- A helper?
- Hmm.

To whom?

You're a helper.

You want another helper, huh?


Come on, ma'am.

If an intelligent woman like you
needs an assistant...

It's obvious for an idiot like me.
- You stop this.

- What do you know about the 3 hackers?
- They're not intellects or idiots like us.

- They're geniuses.
- Washington!

- It's me, ma'am.
- Arnold!

- Jackie Chan!
- It's me.

- Yes.
- All three of you...

Keep the bags here.

- What is she saying?
- She's asking us to lie down on the belt.

- This idiot doesn't understand English.
- Oh, yeah.

- Bye. Bye.
- Don't go. Stop.


- Please listen to me.
- Okay, we're going.

- Sir! This is not the way.
- Ah, so comfortable!

- Bye! See you soon.
- Hey mister! Stop!

- Boom! Boom! Boom!
- Hello, sir.




Why are you shoving us, huh?

We're going.

You're so great, ma'am.

- Because of people like you...
- What's up, Reddy?

She's so freaking beautiful, man.
Where'd you find her?

That's my Chairman ma'am.


She's a hottie.

What do you mean?

Err... He meant to say you look rich.

Green. Red. Yellow.


They look like traffic lights.

You only find these colors
on the footpath, ma'am.

- Footpath?!
- Forget about that, ma'am.

Tell me if your flight is AC or non-AC.


It's their first flight, ma'am.

Of course ma'am would book
AC tickets for us.

What do you think of ma'am, huh?
- Hottie!


The guy approaching...
We need to hack his laptop.

Behave like we are strangers.

What's going on?

Why is it following him?

Maybe there's a puppy in it.

- Our job only gets easier then.
- How?

We just have to sigh at the dog
with biscuits.

It will start following us.

- First you guys follow me.
- Yes, boss!

Excuse me, sir. One minute.

Catch it, catch it.

- Sir, this has no ventilation.
- What if the dog died of suffocation?

See. It's not even barking.

- What's the matter with you guys?
- Which dog are you talking about?

How is it following you?

Oh, that thing?

This is my Bluetooth suitcase.

My mobile is connected to Bluetooth.

It will follow you if you walk now.


Let's test it once.
- I'll also join.


Bloody fools.

- Thank you.
- I have to thank you.

- What for?
- For returning my suitcase.

Excuse me, sir.

- What?
- It's an important matter, sir.

What is it?

You see that girl in brown
sitting behind you?


We four have nothing to do with her.

You must remember it.

"Enjoy your life, man"

"Enjoy your life, man"

"That is why you're given this life"

Shut up!

Hello! We didn't come to Bangkok to shut up.

Reddy, I heard Bangkok is full of hotties.

Where can I find them?

Look. You're a hacker.

Book a masseur on one of the
online massage centers.

Book one for me too.

- Super idea!
- Ma'am, we mean to say...

I know you mean item girls.

She finally found out.

I look so cheap to you, huh?

Character-less idiots!

- Are they really hackers?
- Hello, ma'am.

This might be our first flight.

We might be attracted to women...

That doesn't mean we're womanizers.

Give me your phone.

Ma'am, phone...

Hey! This is my phone.

When did you steal it?
- When you bent down in the flight...

I stole it from your back pocket.

- You thieves!
- That's our profession.

Reddy booked us only after taking all
our details from the Madhapur Police Station.

Didn't you tell ma'am, Reddy?

- I mean...
- Whatever.

- Why did you steal my phone?
- Tell.

Don't yell, ma'am.

I hacked Arjun Prasad's suite in Marriott
from your phone.

I made a booking for the same suite
on the same day in your name.

Try to understand.
You can check your messages if you want.

What about the room I booked?

We took it.

- Where do I go?
- Have a good time with him.

I meant have a good time in the suite.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Nonsense!
- Why are you getting angry, ma'am?

Because you'll be in the same suite...

We can easily access it with your key.

We'll steal and hack the laptop
just like you said.

Once we transfer the file to you,
our company will be No.1.





Will he agree to share the suite with me?

Why are you asking me?

Ask her whether she's willing to share
the same suite with me.

Please, ma'am.

Due to some technical issues...

The same suite room has been blocked
for the both of you.

Just give me another suite then.

I'm so sorry, ma'am.

All the rooms have been booked already.

There are 2 separate bedrooms
in the Presidential Suite.

Of course you'd have to share the hall.

Please, ma'am.


- Yes!
- Yay!

Don't push me... Slowly.

A twist!

Why is he doing that?

You've sent a beautiful girl to his suite.

How else would he react?

But once they're in the room, we...

Cool. Cool. I know where to take you.


How will you figure out which
one is Arjun Prasad's?

Ah, ma'am. That's no big deal.

Arjun Prasad's room is the one with
the sensor briefcase... Am I right?

Yeah, right. Don't act like
you've invented it.

That's fine.

- One minute.
- Okay, ma'am.

Yes, come in!

Oh. Hi, Arjun!

Hey! Hey! Wake up!

Arjun Prasad has entered madam's room.

- Wake up.
- Turn the video recording on.

- You can't do that on this.
- Oh. No video?

I wanted to check out the view
from your room.

Oh, of course.

You can shift to this room if you want.

No. No. Both are the same.

- Okay.
- Sorry to disturb you.

No problem.

By the way, Harika...

We have a recreation event at 4' o clock.

You're coming, right?

Oh no! I'm really tired.

It's okay. Take rest.


He left.

- He left, guys.
- She must've shooed him away.

Ma'am, why did you deny his invite?

You have to take part in the event.

You should keep Arjun distracted.

Only then will my men sneak in
and hack his laptop.

Oh, that's your plan?


I'm full of ideas, ma'am.

Ma'am, one more thing.

Lock your room and drop the key
in the trash bin outside the hotel.

In the trash bin?

- That's the signature spot for beggars.
- Nothing to do with you, ma'am.

He thinks he's from a royal family.

Hey, give me the phone.

I need to discuss something.

Hello, ma'am. One more important thing.

- What?
- Nothing much.

Go to bed and let us rest.

I can't hack the laptop otherwise.

Hang up now... Reddy, catch.

"Pamper my cherry red lips"

"Why don't you give me attention?"

"I'm so falling in love with you, handsome"

"I know you admire my waist
as you embrace it"

"Why don't you claim me right away?"

"Anyone would easily fall for you"

"Any man in his true senses would"

"Anyone would easily fall for you"

"Any man in his true senses would"

"I'm like a beauty lamp
beyond Aladdin's reach"

"But I'm here for you so light me up"

"I'm the apple Isaac Newton
couldn't get hold of"

"But I'm here for you so grab me quickly"

"If you keep tempting me"

"I'll show you what I'm made of"

"You're a Goddess of grace"

"I can help you carry your elegance"

"You're like a bundle of sparkles"

"I'll open the doors to your fantasies"

"I know how naughty you can get"

"So let me calm your senses"

"Do whatever you want to me"

"Anyone would easily fall for you"

"Any man in his true senses would"

"Anyone would easily fall for you"

"Any man in his true senses would"

"I'm handing you my beauty
like a bottle of champagne"

"Why are you looking around?"

"What could be more important than
wrapping your arms around me?"

"The way you giggle makes me go
weak in the knees"

"Don't fly away, girl"

"I'll have my youth catch up"

"You're like a sweet delicacy"

"Let me have you as a whole"

"I'll pull my bag of tricks on you"

"Caress me and don't keep calm"

"Anyone would easily fall for you"

"Any man in his true senses would"

"Anyone would easily fall for you"

"Any man in his true senses would"

Hey, Jackie Chan!

Hey! Stop playing with the suitcase.

Laptop is inside.

- Is it? Be careful.
- Come on...

Where did I leave my key?

What do you need it for?

We're already inside.

- Good night.
- Let's meet at dinner.


Ma'am, keep him engaged for another
30 minutes.

We're transferring the project.

- Where are you guys?
- In Arjun Prasad's room.


- Excuse me.
- Yes, come in.

- Oh, sorry.
- Do you need something?


Does your room have a balcony?

Yeah. But there's nobody there.

You were peeping, so...

Just casually.


Where are you guys?

Bah! In Arjun Prasad's room.

Don't disturb us.

We're in the middle of something important.

In Arjun's room?

Wow! I wish there was a lady
joining me here.

Reddy, I'm already dreaming about it.

Wow! What a beauty!

She's way hotter than ma'am.

Want me to book her?

Go ahead.

Reedy, what is your ‘smoking hot' ma'am
doing in my dream?

"You appear in my dreams"

You bloody idiots!

Ma'am... Ma'am...


You were supposed to be my assistant
and this is what you're doing here.

Actually, ma'am...

From today onwards, you're fired.

Excuse me!

Who's that?

It's me!

Please come in.


Yuck! Yewww!

- Just come over here.
- Sorry, ma'am.

First of all, why did you come
into this bedroom?

Why did you come into this room?

- What?
- Don't say what.

What are you doing in Arjun Prasad's room?

This is Arjun Prasad's room?

We saw the sensor box in this room.

Sensor box? Where?

Ain't like you're seeing this room
for the first time.

You've already been here, right?

You just shut up, okay?

Wow! You cover up well, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.

We went nuts when we found your
intimate wear here.

Your PA said it's obvious that
you're attracted to him.

Why are you getting me into trouble?

- Let me save you.
- Okay...

He said you must be so tired you
got undressed here...

And went back to your room all alone.

You're doing me no good.

I didn't say that, ma'am.

I said you put on a robe and
went to your room.

Hey! I don't want this project or you hackers.

Hello! You can't cancel now.

Are you kidding me?

I'm transferring the project file to you
from Arjun Prasad's laptop.

It's almost done.

- Look.
- Move.


Are you transferring my project from
my laptop back to me?

This is your laptop?

Ma'am, why'd you get your laptop
to his room?

Come on! It's like watching cooking video
while cooking.

- Just get out of my room right now!
- Okay.

Harika, what happened?
Why were you yelling?


Why are you coming from madam's room,
wrapped in a towel?

So all your clothes are
in madam's room, huh?

I've seen your guys before.

I know. You're those jokers from the airport.

Don't call us jokers, sir.

Do we look like jokers to you?

I'm a senior helper, thief and hacker.

He's the broker.

- Hey! I'm the PA.
- Yeah. The PA broker.

You guys are hackers?

- Then I'll call the police.
- Go ahead.

We know everyone in Cyberabad, Banjara Hills,
Madhapur and Jubilee Hills Police Stations.

Uh-huh. I'll call the Bangkok Police.

- Nah. We don't know them.
- That's not the issue.

Bangkok Police will straight away shoot us.

- Oh no!
- Get out!

Silly fellows!

Hurry up!



What are you doing here alone?


You want that project.

You want be on the top. Am I right?

Here... The project file
I will be presenting tomorrow.

Take it.

You planned all of it to get this, right?

My mom spoke highly of your company.

We both are in the same field.

I don't want any difference between us.

Come on! Take it.

Why are you crying? Hello?

I'm handing over this project whole-heartedly.


I feel so guilty.

Please punish me.


I will give you a punishment.

- Please.
- From today...


We are friends.

Come on! Shake hand.

"Let's have some fun today"

"Let's find the right time to swing away"

"I finally found a beautiful treasure"

"Show how much you love me"

"I'm coming to you like an angry lion"

"Let's have some fun today"

"I can keep it going all night"

"Let me have a taste of your sweet youth"

"I can hear an alarm going off
in my heart"

"Let's have some fun today"

"Let's find the right time to swing away"

Ma'am. We've reached the airport.


Don't get too excited about the project.

You need to start working hard.

You're here to train me, right?

Okay. I don't mind.

Oh! Thank you!

- So...
- Hello.


You're always talking business.

Life is also to enjoy.


That's so not happening.

I don't care if you're his lover
or my enemy.

I hinted you about the project.

And now that you got the project...

Give me my 10 percent.

You might be close to him today.

But I knew you before he did.

But Harika and I go way back
than you can imagine.

Oh, sister-in-law! What are you doing here?

She's my classmate.

We've been family friends since forever.

We might get competitive
when it comes to business.

But we're friends at heart.

You guys talk. I'll be right back.

Seriously? If you're back...

You'll hand me over to the police
regarding old charges.

You'll never see me in these
surroundings again.

- Is she your childhood friend?
- Yes!




- I lost my 10 percent.
- He's like Lord Narada.

No matter how badly he messes up,
things turn out to be in our favor.

I know him pretty well.


You know I'm fortunate to have
found a son like him.

I came to your place hoping to find
his ideal match.

- Hey, mom.
- Who is she?

I saw her on my way home from the airport.

I had a feeling I've seen her before.

I could instantly feel a connection.

Do you know anything about her?

Nothing at all.

Sometimes when you meet people,
they look familiar.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

By the way, I have good news for you.

You'll be getting engaged to Harika
next week.

But Harika is my friend, mom.

I don't know about that.


I've transferred our companies
to your name, only to lose the burden.

That doesn't mean my responsibilities
are fulfilled.

I have one last responsibility.

And that's your marriage.

How dare you complain against him?

Tell me... What's your complaint.

Do you know anything about the
2000 Telugu farmers suffering in UP?

They're keeping us from doing agriculture.

Burning our hard earned harvest.

Even if we do manage to take
our produce to the market...

They come in the way of selling it.

So we were compelled to work
for students we taught farming to.

Bhavaninath Thakur treats us atrociously
for we are Telugu people living there.

It's racism, sir.

He's a cruel man.

I didn't come to you to hear that.

Considering 5 months of efforts
to get your appointment.

I came to you believing you'll protect the
2000 Telugu families under his suppression.

Listen to me, dear.

Let me know if you cannot do it, sir.

If we make a plea to the media...

Both the States will be raging.

Why are you being so aggressive?
Sit down.

Why would I let our people suffer?

Sir, when is the enquiry
commission scheduled?

- Tomorrow.
- Don't worry.

With the shock treatment we gave her...

She can't utter a single word
clearly for 48 hours.

Medical certificate stating
she's mentally retarded.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you, sir.


Drop her home in an ambulance.

Okay, sir.

Greetings, sir.
- Greetings...


Who's the Head of the village?

There's no title as such, sir.

I do what they ask of me and vice versa.

- Your name?
- Seeta Ramayya, sir.

Accusing Local Minster Bhavaninath Thakur
of tormenting Telugu people...

A girl from your village filed a complaint.

Both the State Chief Ministers sent us here
to enquire,with the Supreme Court's permission.

Tell us the truth without fearing anyone.

Government will protect you.

Our villages isn't facing any such issues.

Then why did a girl from your village
file a complaint?

She's a crazy woman.

She's always stirring trouble by
filing random complaints.

Check for yourself.
- Come, sir.

That's her.

Hello, sir.

Why do you look dull, dear?

Why are you pointing at the cattle?

She loves my brother so much, sir.

She's been acting insane ever
since he passed away.

We've tried every treatment option
out there.

- Are you telling the truth?
- Yes, sir.

Do you have the medical reports?

- They're at home, sir.
- Bring them.


Hey, Judges?
How's the enquiry coming along?

Need any help?

No, thanks.

Mind your own business and
we'll do the same.

Yes, Your Honor. Please do so.

Mind your own business.

We must enquire all your village
authorities and citizens...

And collect their signatures
and fingerprints.

Shoot the whole enquiry process.
- Okay, sir.

- Sir?

- Arrange furniture for them to sit.
- Okay, sir.

- What's your name?
- Sandhya, sir.

Are you facing any issues?


- Name?
- Subbayya, sir.

- Are you facing any issues?
- No, sir.

Why is everyone staring at
the hay pile in terror?

Let's go check out.



It's no big deal...
There's a baby crying.

Her mother is breastfeeding her
back there.

Oh... Sorry.

By the way, I don't see any kids
around in this village.

Because they're in school in these hours.

Oh. Okay.

Sir... Sir... Sir...

Please give me my baby back.


- Ask him to let go, sir.
- You skank!

He wouldn't have cried if you taped
his mouth too.

He was too really hungry, sir.

I'm begging you. Please give me my baby back.

You knew we would harm the kids
if you ratted us out to the judges.

And yet, you let your baby cry out loud.

How dare you!

No, sir. It wasn't on purpose.

He was crying for food.

Oh, my baby!

Get up, son.

Open your eyes and look at me.

My baby!

Open your eyes, son.

Baby! Baby!


They killed our baby.

Oh no! They killed my baby.

Ask him to wake up. Come on.

Wake him up.

Wake up, son. Come on.
Ask him to look at me.



Burn that low-life.

It might lead to another enquiry.


No, sir!

Sir, stop! Stop!

Don't do it, sir!

Bichu, throw that baby's body in the fire.

Father and son will burn together.

Don't do it, sir. Please.

Don't do it.

- My child!
- Everyone will meet the same fate.

Until our Minister gets what he wants...

You're going to be our slaves.

Stay if you like.

Or go running back to Andhra.

Oh no!

They killed them!

They killed my son and husband.

They're dead!

They killed them!

Alas! What a tragedy!

Is there nobody who can stop him?

Does God exist where the devil does?

Of course.

God will save us.
Our God will save us.

I was looking for the Chennai project file
and dropped the UP file.

What's in that UP file? Give it to me..


If your mom knows I gave you
this file, she'll kill me.

Stop over acting and give it.
- No...

The same file that saved you
and led you here...

Is going to take you back
and risk your life.

So to summarize, this UP project
is very necessary for us.

It will help us all a lot.

This project can't stop at any cost.
- Arjun!

Who gave you the authority
to move the UP file?

What's wrong, mom? It's a good project.

It will bring us profits and provide
employment opportunities.

That's not important...
You are important to me.

Stop this project immediately!

- As the Chairman of this company...
- You got all rights.

- Except this project.
- But why?

No more arguments about
this project anymore.

Then I'll step down from
the Chairman post.

I'll resign right away and go abroad.

Arjun, stop!
If you find out what happened there...

What happened?

- Did you get the soil test done?
- Yes, ma'am.

- These fields aren't fertile, are they?
- No, ma'am.

You can start your project here, ma'am.

If you want to establish a Solar Power
Project in this area...

Minister Bhavaninath gets 30 percent share.

- For what?
- Shut up!

Not only that.

10 percent life long share in the profits
goes to his family.

Why should we bribe him? Huh?

This is the right place for our project.

We have permits from every department
as per Government laws.

Hey! The power generated here
will also go to the Government.

Ask them for a share.

You sidekick! Shut up!

How does he know I'm a sidekick?

I don't want to hear any of it.

You should listen to what I say.

Is that a threat?

- Durga Prasad, call the cops.
- Okay.

Are you threating me, huh?

I know Telugu people are so egoistic.

If you flaunt it in front of me,
you'll be dead.

If you're against it,
get the hell out of here.

Who do you think you're talking to?

Don't mess with me.

If you inaugurate the plant
against my will...

I'll kill you along with everyone else
and bury you right here.

How will you bury us, huh?


That was the first time your mother
had an heart attack.

Why didn't you tell me about it back then?

That's when you fell under our car.

You were in the hospital f
rom a car accident.

That is what I was trying to say.

Organize the solar plant inauguration
in the same land.

- Why?
- It's not about our company anymore.

It's about my mother.

- Listen...
- No more arguments!



This inauguration will mark
the end of your life.

I'll take over the company then.

You're a highly powerful Central Minister.

Not as powerful as you.

Watch me speak at the All India
Minister's Meeting.

Of course, you will.

- I'll shake the cabinet upside down.
- Right.

Even the PM should be startled
to hear Bhavaninath speak.

Yes. Yes.

Where's my phone?


Are you going to kill him?


Why are you quiet, you loser?

Do you know who you're talking to?

I'm talking to a street dog
called Bhavaninath!

You're talking to a Minister.

Like I would give a damn.

Hey! Who the hell are you?

Asian Group of Software Companies Chairman.

Mrs. Sarojini Prasad's only son.

This is Mr. Arjun Prasad speaking,
you fool!

Who are you calling a fool, huh?

You're the fool for raising
your hand on a woman.


You got lucky that I'm in Delhi.

You're cussing me over the phone
and taking pleasure in it.

If I had met you the day
I found out you assaulted my mother...

You would've been dead for 4 days now.

The place you assaulted my mother...

Will be the same place the solar plant
will be inaugurated at.

I dare you to try and stop it.

Watch me turn the tables in some time.

Come on! I'll be waiting.

You can't even touch me
in this lifetime.

Want to know what I'm made of? Huh?

It's not the sound from the bore.

It's the sound of death welcoming you.

Come on!

I'm scared for him.

Me too.

Don't be scared...

Watch the lion roar louder
as its prey walks by.


Hey, Venkatesh. Why did the work stop?

- Maybe there's a rock blocking it, sir.
- Then plant a bomb and blast the rock.

Okay, sir.


If the inauguration goes well by God's grace...

I want to host your engagement soon.

Oh. Is It going to take time?

I thought you'd do it today.

So I came all dressed up.


Let's hope the inauguration goes well.

We never know what's coming at us.
- You're always imagining the worst.

- Shut up!
- Mom, what are you doing there?

Join the ritual.

It's for you.
You should be a part of it.

Uh-huh. Who will get the work done then?

I should keep an eye on everyone.

Why are you standing there like a scarecrow?

Give them the flowers.

What are you staring at me?

What's so special?

Who the hell are you?

Don't tell me you planted bombs
around here.

Huh? Answer me.

Hey! Stop!

Stop right there!

Hey, you!




Hey, Arjun Prasad!

You cussed the Minister so badly
for assaulting your mother.

I'm going to burn your mom's face now.

What the hell are you going to do?

Come on!

Kill him, guys!

Are you fine?

I warned you against taking up
this project.

Look what it has led to.

Look... They're flying off the ground
like dust.


No matter whose limbs fall off...

No matter how much bloodshed is caused...

The ritual can't stop.

Start chanting.

This Telugu man proved to be a horror
in UP people's lives, huh?


Come on!

All of you charge together.

Hey, Dharma!


Who's Dharma?

You've abandoned us.

Ever since you left, there was
no one to show us some concern.

We lost our lands and homes
after we lost you.

The entire village is in ruins.

We were the owners of our land...
Now we're working as labor.

Don't you recognize me?

It's me. Kittayya.

Sir, this is Subbayya.

I'm Narsayya.

It's me. Seenayya.

Stop it! I said stop it!

He didn't recognize his mother,
sister or father.

He didn't even recognize the girl
he fell in love with.

How do you expect him to recognize
you people?

He's not our Dharma anymore.

He's the heir to a celebrated family,
who looks just like Dharma.

How can Dharma possibly come back
when he's dead?

My apologies to you.

We trouble you assuming you
were my son.

Please get on with your business.

We'll leave.

Let's go, everyone.

Come on, dear.

Let's go from here.
This place is not lucky for us.

Hold on. Wait.

So, you said your son Dharma
looks exactly like our Chairman.

Who killed him?

We said our son is no more.

We never mentioned anything about
somebody killing him.

Why are you curious anyway?

Hey! Learn to keep your mouth shut.

Listen, If we find out who's
responsible for Dharma's death...

We can be cautious.
That is why I ask.

No one would dare to kill my son.

He's the guiding light to not just my family
but also everyone here.

Dharma is our saviour.

He stands by us in times of crisis.

We won't sell anymore. No chance!

Stop it! Stop!

There's no point shouting...

Look. It's the harvest this semester.

We can't sell it at half price.

You can buy at our terms or leave.

You guys came here from Telugu states
to earn a living.

How dare you stand against us!

You must sell it at the price
Thakur's quote.

Or else, we'll make sure your paddy is unsold
at all the markets.

We don't mind losing dealers...
But we can't get into losses.

We'll preserve the paddy and sell it
when the prices rise.

What the hells are you saying?

You were in torn clothes when you
first came here.

You're living on the Government's aid now.

Just because your lives are decent now,
doesn't mean you go against us.

Hey! You were also a nobody
when we first came here.

You know who a farmer is?

A beggar seeking alms from
the land and skies.

You're all beggars!

How dare you question us!

Burn all the paddy, guys!

Stop it! No! Don't do it!

Whom are you calling?
Fire Engine?

No. I'm actually calling a ‘Fireball'.

‘Fireball', huh?

Who is it?

Our brother.

You have to take the trouble
of starting a fire.

But he's got fire within him.

Fire, huh?

Drag them out of here.

I want all the paddy to end up in smoke.

Didn't you learn your lesson?

Why'd you drag your arrogant selves
back here?

Who instilled this courage in you?


My son Dharma!

Oh. A cop, huh?

I'm not here on duty...

I'm a farmer's son now.

What did you say farmers were?

Beggars seeking alms from
the land and skies.

What happened?

Why is my nose bleeding?

He hit you, bro.


The very second you called them beggars.

How dare you attack farmers!


People can live without a cellphone.

And its inventor is a billionaire.

People can live without alcohol.

Its manufacturer is also a billionaire.

The tobacco we smoke...

People can live without it...

Its manufacturer is a billionaire too.

But do you possibly think we can
live without food?

No, right?

But the farmers who produce food
are living like beggars.

Who's responsible?

Because of dogs like you.

How dare you call me a dog!

What do you even know about
Telugu farmers?

It's their blood and sweat that transformed
barren lands into crop fields.

You don't know their struggle,
for they water the crop with tears.

They've irrigated the Durgam forest.

Our farmers they've sustained extreme
weather conditions to cultivate crop

in gray vegetation areas.

Walking through thorn forests
with plows on their shoulder...

Surviving the fear of wild animals...

Seeking shelter alongside reptiles
in the woods...

Enduring the pain from scorpion bites...

Putting their lives at risk...

Irrigating lands day in and day out...

They produce crop that feeds the world.

How dare you raise your hand on them!

You crook!

If consumers like you are full of pride...

Imagine the kind of power and pride
farmers have.

We'll buy at the prices you quote.

We'll compensate for the burnt paddy bags.

Forgive us!

Are you Mr. Sita Ramayya?

Yes... Who are you, dear?

Your daughter-in-law.

Put it there.


Are you Mrs. Vanajakshi?


Who are you?

Your daughter-in-law.

I don't speak English.

Oh my god!

You're my ‘Atha' (mother-in-law).


Dad, who is she?

- Who are you?
- Hello! She's my daughter.


That makes you my sister-in-law.

- Where are you going?
- College.

You've studied enough...

We'll find the right match for you and
get you married next January.

You look after the house chores...
Your husband will do the farming bit.

But me and my wife take care of that.

- Who's your wife?
- Me!


Maids should stick to the verandah
or backyard.

What are you doing in the living room
when it's none of your business?


Oh my god!

You're stretching a single word
like chewing gum.

What are you looking at, huh?

Which way is East?

- This way.
- Hmm. Come with me.

- Why?
- Just come with me.

Come on.

I want your couple to bless me.

What are we blessing you for?

What's the next step after marriage?


Bless me for that.

‘May God bless with you children.'
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

Blessing for an unmarried girl?

Hey, Subbarao! It's been so long.

Please come.

- How is everyone doing?
- We're doing fine.

I get it now.

- She's your daughter, right?
- Yes, brother.

She wanted to surprise you.

It seemed more like a fuss fest.

That is why she asked us to wait
in the car for 10 minutes.

I haven't seen you in so long.

My soon-to-be daughter-in-law
has changed so much.

Dad, don't draw conclusions yet.

My brother should like her first.

Why wouldn't your brother like this beauty?

Where is he?

Look around the house.
You'll find him somewhere.

I will find him. Watch me!

Oh, yeah?

We should get my daughter
and your son married.

I would love that.

But he doesn't want to get married
before his sister.

He always has something to say.

My son called from America...
My daughter-in-law is carrying.

We might not be back for a long time
once we visit them.

Can my daughter move here till then?

I'll treat her like my own daughter.

You don't worry about it.

You're a sweetheart.

Have you got rum by any chance?

- Let's open it.
- Bring it on.

Hello, Mister!

Aren't cops supposed to have
some code for hair?

It's for a ritual.

I think you look handsome.

Look at me and tell me
if I look beautiful.

I don't think it's decent.

I don't want you commenting on
my flaws after marriage.


Tell me which body part you're not
so excited about.

I'll get surgery done.

Now take a good look.

From top to bottom.

Your words are making me wet.

- Who are you?
- Making you wet, as in?

I meant you're making me sweat.

First wipe your face and look at my waist.

That is what's making me sweat.

- So you're totally okay with me?
- Yeah, okay.

Psst! You're not at all a romantic person.

There's a flowerpot right beside you.

Why don't you give me a flower
and propose?

Oh my god!

What's happening here?

He thinks I'm beautiful.

That is why he's proposing.

Will you be marrying him or my brother?

- Isn't he your brother?
- No!

He's a constable working under my brother.

He's been living with us for free.

Oh my god!

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry. I mistook you for someone else.

Please forget whatever I showed you.

How do you think I can do that?

You got excited and left me drooling.

I'll need a long time to recover from this.


That bullet sound is a signal that
my brother's here.


Who is this beauty?


Something is wrong.

Did you like my brother?

His face is covered in dung.

You can see after he cleans his face.

Who is this beauty?

Hey! I didn't do anything.

Even dung doesn't stink when I look at her.
She's so beautiful.

Who is this beauty?

- She's going to be my brother's wife.
- Oh, really?

Hey! Sankranthi festival is near.

Go change the bulb in the backyard.

- Oh.
- First clean your face.

Hey! I'm scared of electricity...
Hold properly.

Okay. Climb on.

Please try to understand.

I don't want this marriage.

What changed all of a sudden?

Constable looks better than
the Circle Inspector.

What the hell are you talking about?

Why is the bulb on without connection?

I can't lose my friendship though
you like it or not.

I promised him this marriage will happen.

This is where you have to live
for the rest of your life.

In that case, I'll marry the constable
and live here as a maid.

- Sandhya!
- I love you!

"Tulsi, Narsamma, Girija and Geeta..."

"We've got a good harvest"

"It's time for a celebration
when the produces reaches home"

"This harvest is pure gold in our abode"

"Our homes pave welcome
with flower decorations"

"It's all about the hard work over a year"

"We're fortunate to have such a blessing"

"Let's dance in joy"

"Sankranthi festival is here"

"It brings the festivities"

"Makara Sankranthi festival is here"

"It brings a life of colors and smiles"

"No matter where you are in the world"

"Telugu people always prove their worth"

"Telugu people always prove their worth"

"Agriculture is one of our oldest heritage"

"We might grow heights
but we're forever grounded"

"Makara Sankranthi festival is here"

"It brings a life of colors and smiles"

"Makara Sankranthi festival is here"

"It brings a life of colors and smiles"

"Worship Goddess Gowri with flowers"

"Let's pray together to make
our lives better"

"All your desires will come true"

"The man of your dreams will marry you"

"Farmer becomes our savior
by producing food"

"The world will prosper only
when farmers progress"

"These villages teach us that
kindness matters"

"Hope we are blessed with good times to come"

"Makara Sankranthi festival is here"

"It brings a life of colors and smiles"

"Makara Sankranthi festival is here"

"It brings a life of colors and smiles"


Please come.


What's going on, Thakur?
- Please come in. I'll tell you.

You've invited all the Thakurs.
Is it your birthday?

No. Come in and I'll let you know.

Go inside.

Hello, everyone!

I worked as the Agricultural Minister
at one point of time.

My brother Bhavaninath Thakur
is the Revenue Minister.

Though people are the reason our family
is bestowed with such prosperity...

The matter of the fact is...

This wouldn't have been possible without
the blessings of the Thakur family.


I hope for you to bless
my daughter as well.

Is she ready? Call her.

Is it your daughter's birthday?

It's three months later.

He's been looking for a groom
for quite some time now.

I guess the wedding is fixed now.

Am I right, Mr. Thakur?

You don't have to touch my feet.

Get on to the dais first.

Come on...

Greetings, everyone.

Please sit.

We didn't finalize this marriage.

They made the decision for themselves.

I had to oblige.

My daughter hasn't done anything
without my permission.

But she chose a groom for herself.

I was really angry at first.

So they eloped and got married.

But my brother consoled me...

Found them, brought them
back home and said...

‘Brother, let's have a grand reception
for the Thakur family.'

That is why you're all here today.

So, what's the groom's caste?

He's from a different caste.

What do you mean different caste?

Is he below us?

Who cares about caste in this
modern world?

Arranged marriages might soon be
a thing of the past.

Aren't you ashamed?

She married a guy of the lower caste.

How could she possibly expect us
to bless her?

Mamaji, don't leave. Please wait.

I've had enough.

Mamaji, listen to me. Don't leave.



You bless them first.

Come on.

Give me that.

Our son-in-law is not a loser
like you all assumed.

He's like a lion!

They're married for 4 months now.

And she's already pregnant for 3 months.

Son-in-law, open your mouth.

This is why I hosted this party.

So that I could kill you
in front of everyone.


Hey! Your daughter deserves to die first.


Hey, Thakur!

Don't spare anyone belonging to his caste.

Kill everyone!

Catch him, guys.

My brother's daughter can't be
alive either.

Kill her as well.

Where are they?

They can't escape this palace so quickly.

Kill that other caste baby
she's carrying as well.

Don't hesitate to kill my brother
if he comes in the way.

Okay, brother.

Wow! I missed such a wonderful spectacle.

You're super, Bhavani!

You're our caste's leader
from now on.

This was a lesson to everyone
in the Thakur family.

This will go down in history.

Guys from other castes wouldn't even
dare to come near girls from our caste.

Cheers, man.

Hail Bhavaninath Thakur!

Hail Bhavaninath Thakur!

Hey! Hey! Stop!

Open the door. Hurry up.

Be strong, dear. It's going to be fine.

Let me go, dad. I'll die.

Please don't say that, my love.

Open it.

Open the damn door!

Hello, sir. This is Virendranath speaking.

Sir, how can you say that?


Play some music!

Everyone is scared of him.


Guys, I arranged a grand feast for everyone.

Eat to your satisfaction.

Come on. Get into the van.

Hey! You think you can arrest
Bhavaninath Thakur?

Don't you want to live?




This gun and the bullets in it know
nothing about castes.

They will shoot right through
anyone's heads.

What's up with the whole Thakur image?

Did you decide to be born into this family?

Bloody caste maniacs!
Come on!

Hey, you think you can handle
my political power?

Power, huh?

Is it around 1000 watts?

This political power isn't some degree
hat will last with you forever.

Power keeps shifting hands every
election season, you bastard!

Come on!


Do you have a warrant?

I don't need one.

Did you file an FIR?


What's the proof?

Who filed the complaint?

Look over there.


You're still alive?

I won't spare you!

I'll make sure you and
your little baby are dead.

Say another word and I'll bury you
right here.

Come on!

Guys, take him to the station
and lock him up.

I'll take care of the rest.

- Okay, sir.
- Come with us, sir.

People who evade death need
to take a holy bath.

Sprinkle the holy water on your head
and all your pain will go away.

Hey! No! No!

- Sir...

You can't fold your hands
in front of us.

We consider you the God of our lives.

From today onwards, you're all like family.

Me and my daughter wouldn't have
been alive if it weren't for you.

Don't say that, sir. We come after you.

This is your land. Sir, this is my promise.

Your heir will be born on this land.

This is the truth.

Be strong.

Why are you crying, dear?

Think of it as a nightmare and forget it.

Don't be sad, sir.

You're supposed to be our strength.


My daughter became a widow right
in front of my eyes.

I didn't even get a chance to mourn.

Dharma, let him cry.

Atleast the burden is relieved.

- Lakshman...
- Sir...

Sir might have lived in a 5-acre home.

But now... These 5000 acres
will be his home. - Sir.

Gouri, prep the house. Go.
- Okay, sir.

Please come, sir.

Who the hell is calling me?

Hey, Dharma!

Wondering what I'm doing outside the jail?

I'm in my house, you fool!

Way before I set foot into your station...

Your higher officials arranged a bail for me.

Only God is my higher official.

I'm never going to spare you.

I won't spare you either.

- What the hell are you going to do?
- First I'll get you fired from the job.

That's very dangerous for you.

I'm like a lion in a cage
when I'm in my uniform.

Once I take it off,
I'm like a roaring lion. Unstoppable!

It's hunting time!


I'll kill you in your cage itself.

Not just you...

I'll kill my brother, niece and
everyone else involved.

Want to see how big my cage is?
Or how many people are guarding it?


Have one morsel.

- At least have some juice.
- No.

I'm not hungry.

- But you have to...
- Give her some space!

- Hey, get her a cable connection.
- Okay, ma'am.

Your mom's calling. Go.

Both of you go!

Yeah, sure.

Don't just sit idol.

He'll get you a cable connection.
Watch TV for some time.




Where's Sandhya?

Is she alone?




Is this what you were looking for?

Come on. Answer me!


Hey, you were looking for this knife, right?

You rascal!

Step out! You can't escape.

No one can enter our village
without our notice.

This is not a city that your actions
go unnoticed.

Here... He's our village's permanent
cable operator.

I realized it when he came in a new costume.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Please forgive me.

Bhavaninath Thakur sent me
to kill your daughter.

It was a mistake. Please forgive me.

We know everything.

Guys, leave him.

Thanks, sir. Thanks a lot.

I meant leave you at the police station.

Sir, please don't do that.
They'll hang me.

Take him!

Please sir...
Don't send me back...

Sir, this is your village.

We are all your family.

You're safe as long as you're with us.

Ravi, go inside and setup
the cable connection.

- We want Amazon
- Netflix as well.

We want to watch soap operas too.

- Pogo too.
- Gemini TV as well.



Why are you so quiet, Sandhya?

Oh, really? No, Sandhya.



Sandhya... Skies are mesmerized
looking at our pair.

That is why it's pouring showers.

"This rain is drenching me"

Sleeping? I'll teach you a lesson.

- Do you feel the same, Sandhya?
- Yeah, I do.


Why are you tickling me, Sandhya?

Stop it, Sandhya.

- Darling
- Let's be together, Sandhya.

You're my sunshine.

Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya!

Oh no!

Thank god my wedding
with him is cancelled.

Priest! You kept everyone waiting
to play cards here, huh?

These aren't playing cards...
It's a horoscope.

- Whose horoscopes are they?
- Dharma's and Sandhya's.

It's not the horoscopes
that need to match.

- Then?
- Two hearts.


Did you ask Sandhya what's in her heart?

I didn't ask her and she never told me.

Then why don't you ask her now?

Why should we ask her?
She's still young to make decisions.

We will decide, being elders.

You can't make that decision for them.

After all, they will have to live together.

All we can do is wish the best for them.

Sir, sometimes you are on point.

Do any one of you have caste feeling?

We all belong to the same family.

Farmers family.

People of all castes are living here together.

In that case, call Sandhya
and ask her opinion.

Sir! A small correction.

You're always on point.

Sisters, what are you looking at?

Go get Sandhya. Go!

What is she going to say now?

Oh god!

Sister-in-law, what's wrong?


Tell us, sweetheart. Tell us.

Don't force her, man.

I'm not trying to force her.

Just tell us who is in your heart, dear.

That's the priest.

Our sir.


Why isn't anyone angry?

We would've been, if you had pointed
at a loser like him.

But you pointed at the right man.
Why would we be angry?

We were teasing you!

You did the same thing with us.

All of you kept this a secret, huh?

Go away, joker face!

Oh my god! I'm hurt.


We're celebrating an auspicious occasion.

Why are you ruining it with your song?

Only a sad song will suit my life now.

It's not romantic like theirs.

"Let's have some fun today"

"Let's find the right time to swing away"

"Let's have some fun today"

"Let's find the right time to swing away"

"I finally found a beautiful treasure"

"Show how much you love me"

"I'm coming to you like an angry lion"

"Let's have some fun today"

"I can keep it going all night"

"Let me have a taste of your sweet youth"

"I can hear an alarm going off in my heart"

"Let's have some fun today"

"Let's find the right time to swing away"

"My lips are filled with nectar"

"They can get you high"

"Shall I wrap around you like
a wave of grace?"

"You keep provokiing me, girl"

"You don't need my permission"

"Pounce on to me,
Let our bodies battle it out"

"A prison of jasmines welcomes us"

"The dawn reminds us to cherish this night"

"Let's stop talking to get down to business"

"No one could leave me
desperate like you did"

"Let's have some fun today"

"Let's find the right time to swing away"

"As your glances poke me"

"I set your drapes right"

"I start blushing as my naughty
thoughts take over"

"As I snap my fingers on your cheek"

"And fondle that curvy waist of yours"

"I can feel the warmth of being
in your arms"

"Shall I cloak you like the Manali winters?"

"Shall I steal your senses?"

"Let my youth embrace your beauty"

"I'm always waiting for you, my love"

"It's time to churn love in
the ocean of romance"

"Let's have some fun today"

"Let's find the right time to swing away"

"I finally found a beautiful treasure"

"Show how much you love me"

"I'm coming to you like an angry lion"

"Let's have some fun today"

"I can keep it going all night"

"Let me have a taste of your sweet youth"

"I can hear an alarm going off in my heart"

"I can hear an alarm going off in my heart"

Hey! It's Dharma's vehicle.

Information is correct. Let's go!

Hey! Where's the girl Dharma brought here
for a check up?

First floor, room no. 12.

Hey! Where's the girl that Dharma
brought here?

They left just now.

They're escaping through the fire exit.

Go this way....
You guys come with me.

Bro! They are running away.

Come on!

You need to leave now!

Why are you scared?

They can't chase us.

His men are chasing us.

Get out of here as quickly as possible.
- Trust me.

They can't come after us.

Hey! Drive!

- What happened?
- Vehicle isn't moving, bro.

Hey! Get me down.

Listen to me and get me down.

I'll kill you!

Hey! Get me down!

- Bhavaninath Thakur!
- Down! Down!

- Bhavaninath Thakur!
- Down! Down!

- Bhavaninath Thakur!
- Down! Down!

Hey, the farmers who turned against me...

Can never live in peace.

Hey! Who is it?
There's a black out.

Go to the electricity office and find out
what happened.

We made the call...

They said power won't be back
until a few hours. - Why is that?

Orders from higher authorities.

You should've asked them loudly.

I did exactly the same and they hung up.

I know who is behind this. Forget it.

Everyone look up.

This is the true, permanent light.

Can anyone dare to stop this light?

No way!

We'll manage outdoors.

What about inside the houses?
- We've got lanterns.

Long lasting!

My son taught me this word in English.

You're super, auntie.

Hey! Hey!

It's a six!

You crook!

Stop it! Stop it!
- Mom, mom!

What's wrong?

It's his sister's wedding and
he didn't buy me a piece of cloth.

- Why didn't buy her clothes?
- I tried...

But the local bus didn't stop
in our village.

And the bus which stopped
never moved.

So there was no transport.

What about your jeep?

My boss took it to another village
for investigation.

- You could walk...
- I could.

I walked to the store.

My leg slipped.

As soon as I turned right, I saw my shop.

So I had a few pegs.

Your shop? What the hell!

I know this must be hard for you.

Not at all, sir.

We might have lost all our harvest.
Farmers might have been killed brutally.

But our loyalty to you will remain the same.

It's okay if the buses aren't running.

Let's go by bullock carts.

Dharma might not be with them.

But the villagers are his strongest support.

So, just follow my orders.

For the development of Jhansi district...

The 500 farmer families that have been
summoned from Andhra...

Have been granted 5000 acres of land
on lease by the UP Government.

As there was no good produce like
the Government anticipated...

As they couldn't pay back
the taxes in time...

According to the Survey of India Act...

Government has annulled the 5000 acres
of land the GO issued in 1987.

- What's going on?
- This is so unfair.

This is unfair.

No one has the right to annul
the order after 30 years.

I passed that order and I know very well.

It hasn't been 30 years, sir.

Only 29.

Sir, we've been here for 30 years
and 4 months.

Might be...

But the time period started the day
you paid your first tax.

Collector, may I know who passed this order?

Revenue Minister's orders, once the bill
has been passed in the Assembly.

Please come.

Mr. Sitaramayya...
We lived a decent life for 30 years.

Do we have to start begging now?

I promised to give the land as dowry
for my daughter's wedding.

Wedding will be cancelled
if I can't keep that promise.

Sir, it's the place our kids grew up in.

But we have no place of our own now.

How do you expect us to make a living?

Tell us, sir. Tell us.

We didn't mind the power cut.

We didn't mind the lack of transport either.

Because we considered this land our home.

But they took away the roof
above our heads.

Sir, I can't allow anyone inside
without the owner's permission.

Who's the owner, huh?


It might be news for the Press.

But I don't give a damn about it.

I'll chase those slum dogs
out of the State for going against me.

Go in, sir.

Why did you give 3 months grace period
for those Telugu farmers?

I'll talk to you later.

Welcome, brother...

What brings you here so early?

You're acting like a crazy caste-maniac!
Why are you harassing the farmers?

Find another groom in our Thakur family.
I'll get her married to him.

Are you happy with that?

Being a politician for so long,

how could you not understand this?

The reason I became violent at the party
was for cashing in votes.

Do you even realize how many votes
our caste makes up to?

I finished my campaign for
the next elections in a single day.

Then why are you still trying
to kill my daughter?

Father put all the assets in your name,
without trusting me.

All the wealth goes to your daughter
and her child after you.

Our assets are worth millions.

Alright. I'll transfer all of it
in your name. Okay?

Okay. But your daughter must sign too.

I'll tell her to sign it.

But... Will you cancel the G.O then?

That's not possible.

I want them out of here.

It's not some ordinary land.

City is developed all the way
to those lands.

That barren land was worth 50 lakhs
when you gave it to them.

Now price is 5000 times more...
25,000 crores.

Using my influence in the government,
I will sell those lands to an industry.

I already took the advance.

In simple words,

I resorted to the emotion of caste,
religion and language just for votes.

I'm all about the money, power and fame.

If you want to live in India,
live like the Ambanis and Adanis.

I want my kids to rule in the coming times.

What if you died right now?



Damn! I shouldn't have done that.

He was going to write all the assets
in my name.

Brother, please don't die.

Brother... I need you for something.

Get up, brother...

Please don't die!

Bhavaninath Thakur is being so atrocious, sir.

He executed this in the time
I was out of town.

Aren't we supposed to be loyal to the man
who was gracious to give us the lands?

We've been living here
since 2 generations.

Here you go, bro.

Tax receipts we've been paying
to the Government since the last 30 years.

Take a look...
Get stay order for the cancelled G.O.

- File a case.
- Okay, sir.

All the farmers will sign.

We can't lose these lands and live
like slaves on the Telugu land.

It's time they change treating
Telugu people as inferior to them.

If all the Telugu farmers protest...

The whole world will be surprised.

We're ready to die...

But we'll never leave the side
of Virendranath Thakur's family.

There's nobody at Thakur's place.

But I found this letter.

Dharma, you've done a lot for us.

This world will prosper only when
the lives of farmers will.

We will forever be grateful for your help.

Forgive us for leaving without notice.

What is it, dad?

Did you seek blessings from the temple?


The train to Delhi will leave
in another 15 minutes.

Come fast, dad.

Dad, Dharma is calling...

Come fast.

I'm waiting.

Hey! She's in the Delhi train.

Ask Bikshu Patel to take our men
with him and kill her.

Search all the places railway stations,
bus stand and airport.

Take me to the police station.
- Okay, sir..

Hello, Control Room...

Cut my brother's left thumb
and preserve it.

It will be useful in the future.


Crush his body in our paper mill machine.

Sorry, brother.

Why didn't you both answer my calls?

They are doing it on purpose, sir.


Go that way.
We can't miss them.

Don't leave any compartment unsearched.

Search every compartment.

Why is dad cutting my call?

Did you find her?

No, brother.

Go search all the compartments again.

What are you still looking at? Go!



Are you at the railway station?

Yes, brother... I'm in the train to Delhi.

I'm really scared.

Don't be scared...

Do as I tell you.

How are you doing?

We searched the Delhi train.

- We didn't find her.
- Fools!

Search all the other trains then.

Kill her as soon as you find her.

- Okay, brother.
- Alright then. I'll leave.

We'll search all the other trains.
We won't let her go.

Guys! She's in the train to Andhra.

Catch her!

Sit down!

What's wrong, dear?

You don't trust me?

Did you think I couldn't save you?

No, brother.
Dad said...

Where's your father?

Dad is on a important...
- Hello

Mr. Reddy...

Did she take the direct flight to Andhra?

She will get down at the next station.
Go get her.

She can't escape.
Okay, brother.

Dharma will find her somehow.

He's really smart.

Put your intelligence to use and kill him.

Start the vehicles!

Thank you.

Look, dear.

No one can harm us once
this train reaches Andhra border.

Why are you crying, dear? Hmm?

I'm also coming to the Andhra border
with you.

I miss father.

Your father is always by our side.

I already asked the cops to track him down.

You don't worry about it.

- Daughter! Daughter!
- Mother!

- Oh no!
- Careful.


Come dear.


Stay here... I'll be back in 2 minutes.

Guys! Kill them both and parcel
their bodies to Andhra in the same train.

You can't just parcel me...
I'm like a wounded lion.

I'm not dying anytime soon.

I'll hunt you down and kill you.

Come on!

Kill him, guys!

Climb on top of the train,
go and kill her.

Brother, I'll call an ambulance.

We'll get down at the next station
and rush to the hospital.

I'll be fine.

I'll go to the hospital only after
dropping you to the Andhra border.

How could you still be thinking
in my best interest?


Like you said, he's the God
that saved your lives.

They killed him brutally.

Dharma isn't dead.

You are Dharma.

2 years ago, just like they described,

I saw you at the railway station
in a pool of blood.

Sorry, son.

It was very selfish.

I was in a pretty tough situation
back then.

Forgive me.

But I don't remember anything they said.

You don't remember anything?

Then come with me.

Dharma is going to have food.

I'm going with him... Aren't you coming?

I'm hungry!

Tell me if you remember at least now.

Is she Niranjana Prasad?


Forgive me, brother.

Forgive me.

I only told them that you are dead.

Please forgive me.

Forgive me.

Give me a minute.

Bhavaninath Thakur had all the Telugu states
searched for me when I was pregnant.

Your dad said ‘My son promised
to keep you both safe.'

‘Let me keep that promise.'

He convinced me to stay
and treated me like a Princess.

Overcoming all the obstacles,

I gave birth to my son on this land
like you wished.

What's his name?


People usually create history after
they are born and raised.

But your birth itself is history.

Don't be scared.

You don't have to live in secret anymore.

Dharma isn't dead, sir.

Arjun Prasad is Dharma.

Your brother's daughter is also
in that Telugu village.

She also has a son.

Start the vehicles!

Ask all our men to gather
and inform the police.

Let's burn that place down when everyone
in it is still alive.

Let's go!

Brother, look over there.

How dare she hold her son in her arms
and come to this palace!

Their bodies should turn into pieces
Shoot them down immediately.


Hey! Are you Dharma
or Arjun Prasad now?


I'm the Arjun Prasad that cussed you badly.

I'm also the Dharma that shoved
you into the police jeep.

Hey, police!

I'll tell him sir.

Don't just stand there with the guns.

Shoot everyone down!

It's the Minister's order.

Sir, you are no longer in power.


Sir, phone call.

- Who is it?
- Bhavaninath Thakur.

You're a central minister...

But I don't have power like you.

Tell me, Bhavani. What's going on?

So arrogant, huh?

I was told I'm no longer in power.

It's not just the Minister post.

You're no longer a member of the party either.

- What?
- Hey!

Arjun Prasad was gracious enough to donate
2000 crores as party fund.

Entirely legal money.

So what?

He only asked for two things in return.

First, take away your Minister post
and suspend you as a party member.

Second, Get the G.O that
you cancelled regarding

the agricultural fields is approved again.

Hey! How dare you do this against me?

Who the hell are you?

Moron! Hang up the phone!

Sir, Sarojini ma'am is here.

Send her in... Go fast!

Police force disperse!

You fools!

What are you waiting for?

Go and kill them!

I'll take care of them...

You go inside, dear.


I'm having my food!

Why did you jump on me, idiot?

You spilled my food.

There's petrol all over him, burn him.

- What is this?
- Burn this dog.

He's the one who burnt
your husband and son.

Now it's turn to burn him.

Burn him!


That's my son.

They killed my son!

Oh no!

That's my son!
They're burning my son!

My son! They're killing him!

Heiress to the Jameen Palace...

Mrs. Niranjana Prasad!

Please sit.

It's not just a happy occasion for
Mrs. Niranjana Prasad alone.

It's a memorable day for all
the Telugu farmers in UP.

Do you know what this order is?

Cancelling the old order and making us
the rightful owners of our lands...

It's the government issued G.O.



Whether you remember your past or not...

You will always be my son.

This village needs you.

See you, son.

Risking his life...

He saved many lives...

Today, he saved an entire village...


A big salute to him.