Rule of 3 (2019) - full transcript

Alison's world is turned upside down when her husband suddenly dies in a car accident. First it's revealed that he was murdered and then it becomes clear that Alison was not the only one mourning him.

- is he here?
- Yeah.

- I just realized
that you're not back

until the day before
our anniversary.

- Glad you reminded me.
I mean, I knew that.

- Mm-hmm. So, you have
something romantic planned?

- Not yet, but I plan on
planning something romantic.

- Well, for the amount of
time you're gone for work,

you better, or don't bother
getting on your return flight.

- Speaking of flights,
I need to go.

I'm gonna miss mine.

- Ok, here.


- Mmm!
- And now a funny one.

all right, love you.

- Mmm. Love you too.

- Be safe!

- I'm not going to the airport.

Take me to
montgomery street, please.

- alison whitford?
- Uh, yes. How can I help you?

- I'm afraid I have
some bad news.

Your husband...

♪ ♪ ♪

- sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm, uh, detective strickland,

and I'll be working
in conjunction

with our accident
investigation division.

- All right.

- I first just want to say
how sorry I am for your loss.

- Thank you. I appreciate that.

- I'm gonna need to
ask you a few questions.

- Yeah, of course.

- When was the last time
you saw your husband?

- Um, last night,
around 7:30.

- Where was this?

- Uh, at home. Dominick called a
cab to take him to the airport.

- Newark?

- Yeah. He was--he was
heading to panama.

He works in
the mining industry.

His job, it kept him
out of the country

for probably two thirds
of every month, so...

- Hmm.

Mrs. Whitford, your
husband's accident happened

on the east side
of the city.

- That's in the opposite
direction of the airport.

- Do you have any idea why
he'd be in that part of town?

- None. No.

- And, uh, where were you
last night at 8:30 p.M.?

- I was still at home.

- Alone?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm sorry, why is this relevant?

- we have reason to believe

that your husband
was struck intentionally.

- What?

Wh-- w-what are you saying?

You think that...
You think that dom was murdered?

- There was a witness
at the scene

that saw the vehicle, uh,
speed up prior to hitting him.

- What?

- Unfortunately, they
were unable to provide

a description
of the driver.

- Oh my god!

Wait a minute.
What do--

am I a suspect?

- Excuse me?

- That's why you asked

if anybody could confirm
that I was home?

You think...

- Oh, no, this is
just a procedure

to rule out the spouse.

It's nothing to worry about.

- Ok...

- ok, now, I apologize for
having to ask you this, but...

...Were you guys having
any marital issues?

- No. No.

- You positive?

- I'm, um, I'm a marriage
and family therapist,

so I think I'd know.

- Well, too bad we didn't
cross paths a while back.

Maybe I'd still be married.

so, you have no reason to
believe he'd have an affair?

- No, not at all.

We've been married
for less than a year.

And we were apart so much
that when we were together,

we would, um,
we would joke that...

...That we were
still on our honeymoon.

So, no.

Why, do you?

- Do I what?

- Have reason to believe
that he was having an affair?

- let's get you home.

I'll be in touch if I
have any more information.

- Thank you for seeing me
without an appointment.


I'm dominick's
wife, alison.

- Dominick?

- Whitford.

- Uh...

- You may not have
received news yet,

but the reason that he
didn't make it to panama

is, uh, well...

Because he died.

- Oh, I'm--I'm so sorry.

- Thank you.

I--I'm just planning a
celebration of life for him,

and I was hoping that
you could help me

with some--some contact
information for his coworkers.

- Your husband's name
is dominick whitford?

- Yes, he... With the
central american division.

- Let me look for
his personnel file.

- Thank you.

- this has everyone
who's ever worked here,

and nobody by that name
has ever been employed by us.

- I'm sorry,
that's impossible,

because dominick,
he has worked here for years.

- There are a number of mining
companies based out of the city.

Is there a chance you may have
confused us with someone else?

- Uh, I guess
it's possible.

I'm so sorry to
have bothered you.

- No, no. You were
no bother at all.

I hope you
figure things out.

- Thank you.


you gotta be kidding me!

- stay away from my husband!

- Look, I don't know
what you're talking about!

- Don't lie to me!

I know you're having an affair.

If you don't end it, next time,
instead of slitting your tire,

I'll slit your throat!

- Who is...

- what's that?

Answer me!

Answer me. What is that?

- That is my wedding photo.

- Why is dominick in it?

Answer me.

- Because he's my husband.

- Don't lie to me.

- I'm not.

- Dominick is my husband.

- Ok...

- He is!

- I think that you're
a little bit confused.

- I'm not confused.
- Stay there! Stay there!

How did you get that?

- Like I said,
dominick is my husband!

- That's not possible.

- We've been married
for 5 years,

and we still are.

- Dominick whitford?

- Dominick mitchell,
the person in this photo.

- Ah! The detective,
he said something about...

Dominick having an affair.

- What detective?

- The...

- What detective? Answer me!

- You don't--you don't know?

Dominick was hit by a car.

- No! Is he ok?

- No.

- He...

He's dead?

Oh no!


- How is it even possible that
he was married to us both?

- Someone from the special
investigations bureau

is looking into it,

but I'm pretty sure
one of you said "I do"

to a fake identity.

- Well, I was married
to him first, detective,

so her marriage
must be fake.

- do you have any leads on who
the driver might have been?

- Nothing concrete.

- Well, what about her?

- You think
I killed dominick?

- She attacked me and
threatened to slit my throat!

- Well, if you
wanna press charges,

that's a different

- Don't tell me you're buying
this whole naïve widow routine.

I mean, she's--she's just
trying to throw you off.

- I loved dominick
more than anyone.

- Just be assured I'm
looking into every angle.

- And when are you gonna
ask for her alibi?

Because I was in here
for less than 30 seconds

before you treated me
like a suspect.

- I didn't kill him,

I swear.
- Look...

Marla is gonna get the same
line of questioning as you did,

as soon as I have a chance
to speak with her one on one.

I know this situation has come
as a shock to the both of you.

It's one thing to lose a spouse,

but to have a bombshell
dropped on you like this...

Just know I'm doing
everything I can

to come up with
some answers, ok?

- Ok, thank you.

- Why don't you head home?
I'll be in touch.

ok, I'm gonna have to
ask you some questions.

- what are you doing here?

- I figure we
could compare notes

and try to figure out
how this was able to happen.

- No thanks.

- Why not?
- Because you attacked me.

- I'm really sorry
about that.

I was just trying
to save my marriage,

or at least that's what
I thought I was doing.

look, I just--I don't that it is
a good idea for us to interact,

at least not for
the time being.

- The thing is...

I don't have anyone
I can talk to about this,

at least anyone that
can relate, except you.



- all right.

- Thank you.

did you have
a big wedding?

- Uh, we
actually eloped.

- Us too.

- Hmm.

Did you ever
meet dom's parents?

- No, they died when
he was in college.

- he told me it was
just a few years ago.

Did he ever talk about
an estranged brother

living in oregon?

- No, but he said he
had a sister in florida

who he never spoke with.

dominick brought me
the same statue

back from a trip to panama.

He probably bought them
online in bulk.

Do you want a drink?

- Isn't it a little early?

- Yep!

- Dominick has the same
bottle at our house.

He saves it
for special occasions.

- Dom would kill me if
he saw me doing this.

His precious
40-year-old scotch...

- well, it feels like
we should toast to something,

don't you think?

- To karma.

- I don't wanna
toast to that.

- Sorry, I...

I guess I've had
more time to process.

- Listen, I'm upset
with dominick too.

- I'm more upset with myself
for being so gullible.

- Were you ever suspicious
he was cheating?

- No, not for
a second. I...

And I'm a couple's therapist.

I listen to people talk
about affairs all day.

And then yet, when it's
right in front of my face,

I don't see it.

- Yeah, well,
that's because...

You were in love.

To love!

- No, I'm not toasting
to that either.

- It's actually
not bad this way.

- so, how did I
get on your radar?

- I found a cell
he had stashed

that had a bunch of
calls to your number.

It took me a while, but I
was able to track you down.

I figured I'd confront you while
he was out of the country,

or so I thought.

You know, he only
tricked you for a year.

Last month was our
fifth wedding anniversary.

- are you hungry?

- Who brought
you the food?

- Mostly clients and neighbors.
Everyone's been really great.

- That must be nice
to have so much support.

I haven't told anyone yet.

- What? Not even your family?

- No, I don't know how I'm
supposed to explain you to them.

It's humiliating.

I mean, not you,
the situation.

- No, I get it.

Trust me, I haven't told
anyone either, about you.

- I wish we didn't have to.

- why do we?

- Don't you think the truth
will get out eventually?

- Maybe, but why do we have to
be the ones to publicize it?

I've got dom's
death certificate,

and I published
an obituary.

If you were to
do the same thing,

then we just pretend

like we didn't realize
the other one existed.

It could work.

- I hope so.

I always brag to
the women I waitress with

how I have the perfect marriage,
the perfect husband.

It'll be humiliating
if the truth gets out.

- And it will be
career ending for me.

I mean, I took a chance,

and I quit my job to
start my own practice.

And now that I'm
finally starting

to build up clientele...

I mean, if this
story gets out,

who's gonna want
marriage insight

from someone who
didn't even know

that her husband
had another wife?

- Well...

Let's keep it
between the two of us.

- Ok, that, I can toast to.

To keeping it
between the two of us.


- Hi! I brought you dominick's
bottle from our house.

I figured you'd
appreciate it more than me.

- Thanks.

- What's that?

- Just packing up
some of dom's things.

- Are you giving them away?

- Well, better than
my first instinct,

which was to burn them.

- I bought him
this shirt.

I can still smell
him on it. Try it.

- I'm good.
- Seriously. Just--

- you know what?
I don't want to smell it.

- Ok, sorry.

- It's fine.

- Can I keep it?

- Uh, of course.

You can keep whatever
you want of dom's.

So, why are
you here?

- I haven't been able
to tell anyone yet

about dominick being...


- Well, if you want,

I can find you
someone to talk to.

- Well, I have
someone: You.

- Oh, I really don't think
that I'm your best option.

- No, you're my perfect option.

Not only do you understand
what I'm going through,

you have training in
this sort of stuff.

- Ok, and I--
I'm flattered,

but I really don't think
that I have the bandwidth

to deal with
anyone right now,

except for myself.

- You know, I--I couldn't
sleep last night.

I just lay
awake wondering

what life will be like
without dominick in it,

if I even
wanna find out.

- Hey, it'll get easier.

- I hope you're right.

I really do.

- I am.

- I always loved this
jacket on him.

It's so cool.

are these for
your house?

- No.

What is that?

- Dry cleaning receipt.

- why would he
use this place?

It's on the
other side of town.

- here you go!

- Ok, that's $27?
- Yes.

- And my husband and I,
we just moved.

Do you mind checking what
address you have on file?

- Yeah.
- Great!

- I have apartment ph-303,
1435 carnarvon street.

- That's the one.
Thank you.

- Why would dom have
keys to a fancy place like this?

- I have no idea.

wow! Ok, 303.

- This way?

- Yeah. Dom was killed only
a few blocks away from here.

- Do you think this
is where he was headed?

- That would be my hunch.

maybe we should
call the detective.

- we'll just take
a quick look and go.


- Ok.

- Hello? Anybody home?

- Whoa!

that's not a bad view.

- Yeah, this
doesn't seem like

the type of place
dominick would live.


- What?

- It's dom's watch.

- And these are
definitely his clothes.

- Just his?

- Uh, yeah.
Looks that way.

- Hmm. Kind of looks like he
just moved in here on his own.

what's that?

- Looks like a safe
deposit box key.

- Did dom have one?

- I have no clue.

- I wonder what's in it!

- Are there any banking papers
in there that go with it?

- No, I don't
see anything.

- You keep looking,

and I'm gonna go check
the rest of the place.

- Ok.

- You know, I was thinking that
maybe he's just renting a room.

- Oh, I don't
think so.



- Put your hands
above your head.

- We didn't break in!
We have keys!

- Keep your
hands up!

- I'm sorry. I'm just
gonna show you the keys.

They're in
my pocket, ok?

- Slowly.

- Please...

- Where did you get those?

- Those--those are dominick's.

- Why would he give you
keys to our apartment?

- You--you're...

- Are you his...

- I'm his wife.

- For how long?

- What?

- How long have you and dominick
been married for?

- Nine years!
Who the hell are you?

And women chatting,

- I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

But I got some answers.

Dominick volberg,

born, uh, April 22, 1974,
in madison, wisconsin.

- So, she was married
to the real dominick?

- If by real, you mean his
birth identity, then yeah.

We've been
able to confirm

that both the identities
you two married were fake.

- Have his parents
been notified?

- Not yet.

- What? They're
still alive?

- They live in palm springs
with dom's sister.

Do his girlfriends
still need to be here?

- Ok, just 'cause
you showed up first,

doesn't mean we
weren't married to him.

- Actually,
it does.

You can't legally marry someone
that's already married.

- You think you were
a better wife than us?

- I think I was his only wife.

- Ladies...

- I can see why he'd
find someone else.

- Well, you clearly
didn't fill the void.

Ok, let's...

It's been a long night.
It's emotional.

Let's all take
a breath and relax.

- How about instead, you
tell us that you have a lead

on who might
have killed him.

- No, but I am starting to think
it had to do with money.

- Really, why?

- He helped keep the
lights on at 3 households.

That ain't cheap.

You know, we can't connect
a legit source of income

to any of his identities,
real or fake.

- So, you think
he was a criminal.

- Well...

he was a con artist
in his personal life.

Chances are he was a con artist
in his professional life.

And in my experience, hustlers
often have a best-before date.

- cheryl!

Cheryl, just a second! Wait!

- What?

- Look, I--I know that we didn't
really get off to a great start,

but we just
wanted you to know

that if you ever,
you know, want to talk--

- you know what?

I'm really
not interested

in forming some
pathetic widows club

with my cheating
husband's mistresses.

- I wasn't
his mistress,

and you were barely even
still married to him.

- What do you know?
- He was staying in the den.

He wasn't just sleeping there.
He had basically moved in.

You two were

- Even if that were true,

it doesn't make you
more of a real wife.

- Maybe not, but it
makes you less of one. And--

- hey! Just a second.

Ok, we--we don't
have to interact,

but we were hoping to
get on the same page

in terms of

- Meaning what?

- Would you be willing to keep
this whole bigamy thing quiet?

If word got out,

it could be very damaging
to my professional reputation.

- And why should I care
about your reputation?

- Fair enough,
but what about yours?

- It doesn't affect my job.
- Ok.

But I'm sure you're
not doing backflips

over the notion
of having to tell people

that your husband cheated
with not only one,

but two different women
behind your back.

- ok, fine.

- So, you'll
keep it to yourself?

- Yes, is that all?

- We need to decide what
to do with his body.

- No, we don't,
because again,

I'm the one that
was married to him.

- Dom wanted
to be buried.

- That's why I'm
having him cremated.

- You would actually do that?
- I actually would.

- What did dominick ever
see in that woman?

- You know what?

I'm just happy
that she is willing

to keep our situation quiet.

- That doesn't mean
she's not a total bitch.

- Sometimes, people, they--
they act like they don't care

as a defense mechanism.

- Why are you
defending her?

- I'm not defending her.

I just know firsthand
that, you know,

grief can make people do and
say the most horrible things.

- Do you think the detective
asked her about an alibi?

- Yeah. I mean,
he asked you and I.

- Yeah. Ok, do you want
to have breakfast?

- No. You know what? I think I'm
just gonna go home and crash.

- Oh, come on. You need to eat,
and we'll make it quick.

- I'm so exhausted,
I'm not even hungry.

- Ok, I'll bring
you home, then.

- We live on opposite
sides of the city.

I'm just gonna
grab a cab.

- I really don't mind.
Don't be silly!

- No, marla, it's--it's fine.
But thank you.

- hi, yes.
Is this the tip line?

I'm calling
about the man

who was killed in
a hit-and-run a few days ago.

Well, it turns out
he had 3 wives.

No, at the same time.

And one of them,
alison whitford,

she works as
a marriage counselor.

Yeah, that's right.

She had no clue.

- hello?

Cindy, hi!

Thank you. I...

Thank you. I, uh...
I appreciate that.

It's--it's definitely been
a rough couple days,

but I do plan on fulfilling
all of my appointments

for my regular clients
starting next week, so...

Oh! Ok, no problem.

Uh, we can reschedule.

Oh, I see.

Um, do you mind my asking why?

This is a nightmare.

- Any idea how it got out?
- No, I don't know.

Maybe somebody at the
police station leaked it?

- Yeah, maybe.
Or maybe it was cheryl.

- No. I mean, what--
what would she get out of it?

- I don't know. It seems like
something she'd do out of spite.

- all I know is that
the story got out this morning

to some crappy local website,

and I've already
had 3 clients cancel.

- Ok, well, with any luck,
that'll be it.

- No, word travels fast.
I really doubt it.

- Ok. You need to stay positive.

- I need to make sure

that this story
does not become bigger.

- A reporter called
and asked me to comment,

but I didn't give him anything.

- Thank you.
I appreciate that.

- No problem.
We're in this together.

So, I thought we
could try and figure out

where dominick has
his safety deposit box.

- I didn't know you
still had that.

- Yeah, I put it
in my pocket,

then with all
the chaos with cheryl,

I pretty much
forgot about it.

- Uh, well, don't you think that
we should give it back to her?

- No. Why, do you?

- No. But I...

I mean, I wouldn't have a clue
of what bank it belongs to.

- I looked through all
dominick's papers at home,

and I couldn't find anything.

Do you think there
might be something here?

dom sure liked to
collect things, huh?

- Yeah, apparently,
that included women.

- Hey, this is locked.

- Uh... There's gotta
be a key somewhere.

- Yeah.

So, you waited a while
before you got married, huh?

- Yes, I did.

You hear all kinds of horror
stories in my line of work,

so I just wanted to wait till
I was sure I'd found the one.

Turns out that
I am one of three.

- Dom's actually
my second husband.

- Really?

- Yeah, I got pregnant
right after high school.

He wasn't the greatest guy,
but he proposed.

I always wanted to do
the right thing, so I said yes.

- So, you have a child?

- No.

I lost the baby.

- Oh, marla, I'm really sorry.

Is that why the marriage failed?

- I miscarried right after
he died in an accident.

- Oh my god!

- I'm a two-time widow.

isn't that
a collector's item?

- Not anymore!

come on!


I don't bank
with these guys.

It's a bank contract
for a safety deposit box,

in the name
of passmore.

- Was that
cheryl's last name?

- No.

Dominick passmore.

- Well, let's go
find out what's in it.

- No, the only way you can get
access to a safety deposit box

is to have a
matching identity

with the name that
corresponds with passmore,

which we
do not have.

- Follow me.

- Wha...

So, how do you
know this guy?

- He made a fake id for
a busboy at my restaurant.

- And it held up?
- Oh yeah.

He claims he can get into
bars all over the city

without a
single problem.

- Marla, duping a bouncer
is one thing, but a banker?

It's a totally
different level.

- You'll be fine.
Trust me.

- I don't know
why you think

I'm the better choice
to pull this off.

- You were so calm at the
dry cleaner's. You got this.

- I hope that
you're right,

because impersonating the
fake wife of a fake person

is still very real fraud.

- It's just I haven't got your
name on file, mrs. Passmore.

Uh, in fact,
mr. Passmore's application

states that he's single.

- Really?
You know what?

We've--we've only
been married a year.

And knowing dom, he just
hasn't updated it yet.

You know? Um...

Um, this is our wedding photo.

- Uh, that's--
that's very nice.

- Thank you.

- But I am legally
not permitted

to allow a spouse access
to a safe deposit box

if his or--or her
name isn't on file.

- Right.

And you don't think
that you could just maybe

make a--a tiny exception?

- If he can come sign
the appropriate paperwork...

- Normally, that
wouldn't be an issue,

but he's
stuck in panama,

and he desperately
needs these documents

in order to close a...
Well, a huge deal.

- I'm really
very sorry.

- And when he does,

he's gonna need a bank here
to do business with,

and I just know
that dominick and I

would be so very appreciative
of you and your branch

if you could just help us out.

- If you could just
give me a few minutes,

I could find the
appropriate paperwork

to send down there
to get notarized,

and then sent back up.

- Unfortunately,
that won't work.

The deal is very
time sensitive.

And if it...

If it doesn't
happen today, then,

between you and I,

dominick could lose millions.

- Do you have a second
piece of photo id?

- Yes, of course!
Of course!

thank you.

I appreciate it.

- Thank you!

Was there anything else
I can help you with?

- No, this is--this is perfect.
Thanks again for your help.

- My pleasure.
- Ok.

- so...

Anything good?

- Um... Depends.

Do you like cash?

- Ah! How much is that?

- It's $30,000.

- Oh my gosh!

You have no idea how
much I could use this.

I didn't know how I was gonna
keep up with my mortgage. Oh!

- Well, I think that's
gonna buy you some time.

- Especially if we
split it two ways.

- I'm ok with that.

And here.

There are also
these credit cards.

- "dominick passmore."

- and all these

One for dom and one for each
of us with that same last name.

- I don't get it.

- Marla, I think
that all of this

is in case he
wanted to disappear.

- so, you think the
detective was right

when he said he
was in trouble?

- Yeah, I do.

- And he wanted us
all to go with him?

- Or just--
just one of us,

and, uh, and he
couldn't decide who.

- Hmm.

I would have gone,
had he asked.

What about you?

- No.


oh my god!

oh my god!

- hi!

Come on in.

- so, how are
the girls?

- Good! Good.
Emily's 7, and sophia's 4.

- Hmm! That's cute.

And how's gabby?

- You really care?

- No. No, I don't.

you still playing?

- why are you here, alison?

- I need some
legal advice.

- Well, the city
is full of lawyers,

none of whom, besides myself,
were you once engaged to.

- No, but I need
someone that I can trust.

- You do remember
why we broke up?

- Oh, the irony is
definitely not lost on me.

So, you really haven't heard
of my current situation, then?

- If you're in trouble again,
you need a criminal lawyer.

- No, that's not
what this is. And...

I definitely need
attorney-client privilege.


- $4 million.

- Oh my gosh! We're rich!

- I talked to a lawyer.

We have to go to probate court
in order to access the funds,

but as long as we agree
to split the money 3 ways,

then it should be
pretty straightforward.

- I'm good with that.

- I'm not.

- Ok. How would you
propose dividing it?

- I wouldn't.

- Sorry?

- I'm the only one that
was actually married to dom,

so I'm the one that
deserves the money.

- This isn't fair.

- No, what isn't fair
is that I paid his bills

while he
earned an mba,

I spent holidays
with his family,

put up with a

who never thought I was
good enough for her son,

all to find out
that my husband

didn't think I was
good enough either.

This is more
than fair.

This is justice.

- What did
the lawyer say?

- That cheryl being
married to dom first

and being married
to his real identity

gives her stronger
legal claim to his money.

- All of it?
- Yes.

I mean, he thinks that her
attorney will likely argue

that we were little more
than live-in mistresses.

- But that's not true!

- I know, but all that matters
is what the judge thinks, right?

- Ugh! You know, I don't know
what I'm gonna do without dom.

I can't afford
to pay my bills.

I need my share.
I deserve it.

- Ok, so he suggested that
we reach out for a settlement.

- No! Definitely not.

Agreeing to less means we
agree to being lesser wives.

- Who cares?

So, what is the harm in at least
asking her what she can offer?

- ok, fine. We can
talk to cheryl.

- Great!

I think it's best to have a
lawyer reach out to her, though.

The less we have to deal
with that woman, the better.

- Good thinking.

You're smart.

Oh, gosh. Ok, I gotta
get back to work.

I'll--I'll give
you a call later.

- cheryl, hi!

- Where's your sidekick?

- We agreed that it would better
if I spoke with you on my own.

can I come in?

- No.

- Ok, um, so,
marla and I,

we're willing
to concede

that you have the
stronger legal claim.

- Thanks for telling me
something I already know.

- But if--if we
take this to court,

it is gonna be expensive

and it is gonna be time
consuming for all of us.

So if you're willing
to make a fair offer...

- I'm not giving you a cent.

- Why are you
being so vindictive?

- Because you shouldn't be
rewarded for being gullible.

This isn't
your payday.

This is payback for
marrying my husband.

- Oh! I trusted you!

- Marla, what are--
what are you doing here?

- Then you go behind my back
to make a deal to cut me out?

- That is not
what this is.

- So, that offer
you just made me

to split everything 50/50
is off the table?

- She--she is lying.
- Ah!

- I never offered that.
- Then why are you here?

- Because there is so much
tension between the two of you

that I was just hoping
to have better luck

convincing cheryl
on my own.

- And did you?

- Well, we're about to
get there. Cheryl...

marla, I'm sorry.

How did you even know
that I was here?

- I was just driving past and
saw you getting out of your car.

- So it was just--
just a coincidence?

- Yes.

so, I guess we're
taking her to court.

- No, I really hope that
there's another option.

- There isn't.

- I just lost two more
clients this morning.

And another couple
that's getting divorced

is threatening to sue me
with malpractice, so...

So if I can't
control the situation,

I could lose

marla! What... I thought
that you had to work today.

- I, uh,
called in sick.

- Are you ok?

- I'm pregnant!

- oh! Uh, how
do you know?

- Well, I was late, so I--I
took a home-pregnancy test.

- Wha... Um, I'm...
Congratulations! That's--

- thanks! You're the
first person I've told.

- Uh, how--how far
along are you?

- Just a few weeks.

Um, I would have conceived the
night before dom left my house

and, well, came to
stay with you.

- So, it--it was planned.

- Yeah, we'd been trying.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

- 'cause, uh,
it's funny, dom...

He always said
he didn't want kids.

- Well, I guess it would
have been too complicated

to have kids with more
than one of his wives.

- Of course.


Hey, carrying
his child,

that would make your claim
on his money far stronger.

- Oh yeah!

Oh, I hadn't really
thought about that,

but I guess you're right!

- Hmm...

- Can I use your restroom?

Now that I'm expecting,
I have to go all of the time.

- yes, of course!

- Thanks!
- Of course.

- hey!
- Hey.

- It just dawned on me that I
was so excited to share my news

that I completely
disregarded your feelings.

I'm sorry.

You know, sometimes,
I just, pfft,

forget that you were
married to dominick too.

- It's, you know,
it's--it's fine.

Uh, I was--I was
thinking, though,

that you should probably
make a doctor's appointment.

- You mean to prove
that I'm really pregnant?

- No! No, not at all.

Just--just to make sure
that everything's ok.

'cause you did tell me
that you had a miscarriage

after your first husband
died in an accident, right?

- He was actually

- What?

- It's ok. He wasn't
that nice to me anyway.

Not like dominick.

- Uh...

I'm sorry. I...

Anyway, if you...

If you do wanna make
a--a doctor's appointment,

I'm happy to go with you.

- Thanks!

Oh, I had an idea
how to convince cheryl

to give us our share without
having to take her to court.

- How?

- Well, if cheryl
and dominick

were having
marital issues,

which it's obvious
they were,

what do you think
the chances are

that she was
with another guy?

- Probably pretty good.
- Right?

So, if we can
get proof,

we can use it
against her

to keep this from ever
having to go to trial.

- You mean
blackmail her?

- No, encourage her
to give us our share,

what's rightfully ours!

- Marla, I just... I don't
think that that is a good idea.

- Ok. Well, now
that I'm pregnant,

I can probably get all the
money if this goes to court.

But I'm thinking about
what's right for you.

- even if we did, how would we--
how would we prove it?

- I still have the keys
to cheryl's apartment.


- ok, we don't know
how long she's gonna be,

so let's just
get in, get out.

- Ok. I'll check to see if the
computer's password protected.

- Ok.

- It's not!

- Great! Check her emails.
I'm just gonna go upstairs.

let's skip the drink
and go upstairs.

- All right!

- um, I need to take a shower.
You want to join me?

- Sure.


What are you doing?

What are you doing?

go! Now!

- mmm!

- let's just make
this quick, ok?

- The sight of her makes me mad.

- I could have you arrested.
- You won't.

- And what makes
you so sure?

- Because certain
people will realize

that you weren't a
devoted spouse, but a cheat.

- Like the judge.

- Or like the wife

of the married man
you're screwing.

- We went through
your friend's wallet

while you were...
Preoccupied in the shower.

- You know what?
I don't care about her.

I'm single now.

And I'll just
tell the judge

that I was with him to
help me deal with my grief.

- That won't work.

We found emails to prove

that you were screwing
around for months.

- With more than
one guy! Well done!

- What do you want?

- We want our
fair share.

- Fine, I'll give
you $100,000 each.

- One third.

- Ok, $250,000.
That's my final offer.

- You know, cheryl,
what made you think

that this was a negotiation?

- You don't want to
fight me, believe me.

- Actually, I do,
because I don't like you.

- Marla...

- You know what?
I'll take my chances.

I'll just explain to them

that dom pushed for
an open relationship.

At this point, I'm thinking
it's not a tough sell.

- That might
be a problem

when everyone finds out
that I'm pregnant.

- You're pregnant?

- Yes. And I'm gonna
get every cent.

- You may be knocked up,
but it's not by dom.

- You don't know that.

- Oh, I absolutely do.
He had a vasectomy years ago.

- You're a liar.
- You're pathetic.

- Marla! Hey!

- Let me go!
- Hey! Hey!

- You'll regret
screwing with me.

- Watch yourself!
- Move it!

- I just hate
her so much!

- Marla, what
were you thinking?

You can't do that! Especially
if you really are pregnant!

- Oh, you're gonna
believe her over me?

- No, not at all!
It's just...

You know, dom,

he never expressed any
interest in having children.

- Maybe not with you.

- ok, look, if she's
still willing,

I really think that we
should take her offer.

- No! No way!
- She called our bluff.

It's not like we were gonna
show the video to anyone.

- Says who?

- We took that
video illegally.

It's inadmissible.

The only thing
it's good for

is getting us charged
with extortion.

Do you get that?

- Ok, fine!
I won't use it.

But I'm not
accepting her offer.

- well, I am.

- So I guess it's every woman
for herself, then, huh?

- Yeah, I guess it is.

- Ok.

You can take a cab home!
I know you don't mind.

- unbelievable!

- ah!

- Alison whitford?
- Yes?

- I have a message for you.

If anyone ever
sees that video,

you're going to be reunited
with your fake dead husband.

- and you can forget
about any deals.

- here you are!
Sorry about the wait.

- I mean, she said that
she was gonna make us pay.

- I never should
have hit her.

- No, this is
not your fault, ok?

Cheryl, she's--she's
taken this to the next level.

- Do you think she'll
send him to my house too?

- I don't know, but you
have to be careful.

- Ok, you should
call the police.

- And say what?
- The truth.

- I can't prove
cheryl's behind this,

but she can prove that
we've been blackmailing her!

- Now we have no choice
but to take her to court.

It's what dominick
would have wanted anyway.

- What do you--
what do you mean?

- He made all three
of us passports.

He never had a favorite.

He would have wanted us all to
get an equal share of the money.

I know him.

Listen, I gotta
get back to work.

- Yeah.

- I don't know,
call me paranoid,

but I don't want to be
alone at home tonight.

Would you mind if
I stayed at your house?

- Oh, of course!
Sure, yes.

- Thank you. I'll be by
right after work, ok?

- Great!



- Alison, I can explain!

- Save it!

- I only wanted him
to scare you, ok?

The last thing I wanted
was for you to get hurt!

- You know, I don't
want to hear it!

- You didn't give me
any other choice!

- What? Ok, so let me
get this straight.

Sending a thug to
my home to threaten me,

then pretending it was
cheryl, that's my fault?

- You were just gonna
let her get away with

screwing us over
and taking our money!

I had to convince you
to fight her in court!

I did it as much
for you as for myself.

- Oh, you...
You're crazy!

- Don't say that about me.
- And let's see.

Who--who would
have outed us, then,

to the website
about our story?

I'm guessing that
was you too, hmm?


- Alison, please!

- Don't touch me!

- We need to
talk this out!

- We don't need
to talk this out.

In fact, I never want to talk
to you again, you psycho!

Don't call me that!

I'm not psycho!
You hear me?

I'm sorry! I'm--

I just, um... I spent time
in a psychiatric hospital,

and I really don't like
when people say that about me.

I'm not well.

- No, no, you're not.

And you stay the
hell away from me!

- Alison, please!

- You stay
away from me!

- Can we just talk--
talk a little more?

I just don't have
anyone el-else.

- ok.

Cheryl, look, bef--


Look, I, um,
I just want to talk.

- I could shoot you
and claim self-defense.

- I know. And I'm--
I'm so sorry.

- Well, I don't care
about your apology.

- I want to accept your offer.
I don't want us to go to court.

- You should have thought
of that before extorting me.

- And I promise you, no one
is ever gonna see that video.

Don't worry.

- I'm not worried.

I showed the video
to the detective.

- Strickland?

- Yeah, I think it was
the highlight of his year.

- what did you say?
- The truth.

You broke in,
shot a sex tape,

tried to blackmail me,

and then the two
of you assaulted me.

- What? That--
that was marla.

- That's not how
I remember it.

- so, are you going
to press charges?

- I could be persuaded
to forgive and forget

if you and marla were to sign
off on any claim to the money.

- so now you're
blackmailing me?

- Now, don't you
just love the irony?

- You do know that marla,
she's never gonna go for this.

- Well, then the two of
you can be cellmates,

and you can help her raise
her fake baby in prison.

Oh my god!

- take these downstairs.

you came to
turn yourself in?

- How much
trouble am I in?

- I'd say a
class 1 felony

typically falls into
"a lot of trouble" category.

- Right.

- Well, let's
put a pin

in your lame extortion
attempt for a sec.

I got a lead on
your husband's killer.

- Really?

- Come with me.

We found the car
that hit your husband.

- You did?

- It was reported
stolen the day prior.

The thief, uh, swiped
the keys from a valet booth

when no one was
paying attention.

But, uh, we got
her on video.

- Her?

- Yeah. This woman
wasn't just stealing a car.

She was getting
a murder weapon.

she look familiar?

- I mean, it's not
a great picture.

And given what she's wearing,
it--it could be anyone.

- Yeah, I mean, you put
a wig and some sunglasses on,

that could be you.

- you don't actually think
that I killed my husband?

- Thought crossed my mind.

- What, just because
I'm a woman?

- Your husband took cheating
to a whole other level.

Gives you motive.

- Uh-huh.

What about marla?
What about cheryl?

- Ok, as far as I know,

neither of them
bludgeoned their fiancée

after finding him
in bed with another woman.

- ok, so,
first of all,

it wasn't just
another woman.

She was my best friend.

And second, I didn't
bludgeon him.

I hit him with
a tennis racket.

- Yeah, till you
fractured his skull.

- Ok, I-- dom's murder,
it was premeditated.

And what I did, it was more
akin to temporary insanity.

And it was a very long time ago,

whereas marla and cheryl,

they're both permanently
insane right now.

- Ok, fine. What's your, uh...

What's your case for cheryl?

- Well, for starters,

she's probably the angriest
person I've ever met.

- You haven't
met my ex-wives.

- and she was
cheating on dom herself.

Not to mention, pretty much
every time I see her,

she has a gun
pointed at my face.

So, there's that.

- Sounds like you've
given her some legit reasons.

what about marla?

- Oh, marla!

Did--did you
happen to know

that her first husband
was also murdered?

- Still unsolved.

- I know!

What a coincidence.

And then,
earlier today,

she had some goon
from her restaurant

come to my house
and threaten to kill me.

- Hmm. Thought you
guys were tight.

- Yeah, we were, until I
realized that she is crazy.

You seriously need
to look into her.

- I did.

She's the only one
who has an alibi

for the night
of the murder.

- Oh.

So, you just--you think
it's either me or cheryl.

- I do.

But my money's on you.

- alison...

- I need to speak to graham
about a legal issue.

- Uh, he's out,
but he shouldn't be long.

- Ok, I'll come back.

- Or you could wait inside.

clearly don't
need the money.

- Well, that's the
thing about money.

You can always use more.

- graham! Hi!

He's narrowed down the list
of suspects to cheryl and I,

but he is
leaning towards me.

- Did he give you
his reasons why?

- My history of not
reacting well to infidelity.

- Well, he's got a point.

that said,
one could argue

that I got what I deserved.

- One could.

Look, how much trouble
am I in here?

- Did you kill your husband?

- Well, that depends.

Are we still covered under
attorney-client privilege?

- Yes, but that was
a rhetorical question.

- No, graham! No, I didn't--

of course I didn't kill dom. No!

- Ok...

Let me put a call
into the da's office.

It might take
some digging,

but I'll see if this
detective is just fishing

or if he's actually
convinced that you're guilty.

- And if he is?

We gotta put you in contact with
an actual criminal attorney.

But in the meantime,

you are to have
no contact whatsoever

with either of dom's widows.

Not only is marla
a loose cannon,

she's infatuated
with her dead husband.

Imagine how she'll react

if she finds out you're the
prime suspect in dom's murder.

- That's a good point.

- If this detective is right,

and it was either you
or cheryl who killed dom,

and you maintain
your innocence...

- Which I do.

- ...Well, it's pretty
simple math who the murderer is.

- and the woman driving
the car had long red hair?

- Yes.

- But you didn't get a
chance to look at her face?

- Sorry. I was a bit preoccupied
trying not to get shot.

- Ok, well...

- There is a witness.

- Yeah, I have
her statement.

- Ok, so then why
do I get the feeling

that you don't believe me?

- I'm not questioning whether
someone fired a gun

in your general direction.

- Ok, then what
are you questioning?

- Doesn't it seem like
a bit of a coincidence?

I accuse you of murder,
and the very next day,

someone fitting the exact same
description tries to kill you?

- It's not a coincidence!
It's a pattern.

- calm down.

- Ok, look,
I will calm down

when you stop treating me
like a suspect,

when it's obvious that I was
supposed to be her next victim.

- Exactly.
It's obvious.

- So, you really think that
I had someone almost shoot me

so that I'm less of a suspect
in my husband's murder?

- Yeah, the thought
crossed my mind.

- Great! So I--I just have to
die in order to clear my name.

That's wonderful.

- ok, seeing as cheryl
has a history

of pointing a gun in
your general direction,

I'll ask her
some questions.

- And marla?

Does marla
know your theory

that cheryl, or more
likely me, killed dom?

- Might have come up.

- Then you should probably
go question her too.



Yeah, I see.


Well, thanks for
looking into it. Bye.

That was my contact
in homicide.

Strickland questioned marla
and cheryl about your drive-by.

- And what
did they say?

- Well, marla was at work
with multiple alibis,

but cheryl claimed
to be home alone.

- Well, then it had to be her.

I mean, can't--can't they
check the gun or something?

- Not without probable cause.

- Graham, she literally
threatened to shoot me.

Isn't that probable enough?

- Not for a judge.

Maybe, had they
found a bullet,

they could do
a ballistics match.

- Maybe if they searched
for more than 20 minutes.

- You heard what
you thought was a gunshot.

- It was a gunshot!
It went right by my head.

- Regardless, there's
no proof of that.

- Ok, great! I guess I just wait
around for cheryl to try again.

- I doubt she'd make
an attempt so soon.

- I'm glad
you feel confident.

- I'm not.

Look, I--I'd offer
for you to stay here,

but with my girls...

- No, and...

...Gabby would shoot you.

- Well, she's on a flight
over the atlantic right now

and wouldn't
have to know, but...

But still, it's...

- No. I'll, um, I'll be fine.

- I'm sorry.

- Look, my showing up
has probably caused

enough tension
on your marriage as it is.

- For not believing you.

- You really thought
that I killed dom?

- I didn't not think
you killed him.

- cheryl, what are
you doing here?

- Drop the knife!

drop the knife.

Now put your phone on
the table and sit down.

- Ok. Ok, ok. Ok.

- Go for it.

- How did you get in?

- Oh, I've been
watching you for a while

when I thought dominick and you
were having an affair.

I know where you
keep your spare key.

- Marla, I know
the detective thinks

that either alison
or I killed dom.

- He does. And I'm gonna
find out who it was.

- And then what?

- Well, if you confess,

and I believe you
and I think that you're sorry,

I'll let you live.

- What if neither
one of us admits to it?

- Well, then I guess you're
both gonna have to die. Easy.

Now, starting with you.

- Ah! P-p-please...

- Listen to me carefully.
Why did you do it?

- I didn't. I--
marla, I didn't.

- You're a marriage counselor.
Dom made a fool of you.

- Yes, he did, he did.
And I was very, very angry.

But I didn't find out about this
until after dom was killed.

- You. You were seeing someone
days after dom was killed.

And you acted like you
didn't even care about him!

You didn't care!

- I was embarrassed that he
picked the two of you over me.

I would
never hurt him.

I--I loved him.
He just...

He didn't love me back.

- Ok, so neither of you
are going to confess?

It had to be you.

- What?

- Ok, last chance, everybody!

- Marla, don't!

- Confess or I'll
kill you! Confess!

- It wasn't cheryl, ok?
It wasn't cheryl.

It was me.
It was me. It was me.

- What?

- I saw you and
dom downtown

when he was supposed to
be out of the country,

and I just...

I assumed that he
was having an affair,

but then I
figured it all out.

And for the second
time in my life,

I let myself love.

And for the second time
in my life, I got burned.

- You killed him?
- Yeah.

Because he is a liar and he is
a cheat and he used me.

And he used you
and he got what he deserved.

- No!

- oh my god!

- Oh! I'm sorry!

- It's just a graze.
You'll be fine.

- I'm sorry.
- She's gonna be fine.

It's ok.
It's ok.

Ah! I, uh...

I just got a text
from the detective,

and he--he said he figured
out who killed dominick,

and that it isn't any of you.

Uh, I don't understand.
So--so you didn't kill him?

- Of course not.

- What? Well,
why did you confess?

- Because you were
gonna shoot cheryl.

- So, you--you'd
risk your life for her?

- Yes, I would.
And for you, marla.

I didn't want you
making a mistake

that will ruin your life.

- Too late.

- Marla... Marla, don't.
Please. Please don't.

- You know, I just came here

'cause I wanted to
figure out who killed dom.

I didn't want to
get in any trouble.

- And--and you won't. You won't.

- I'm going to prison.

- No, 'cause you--
we won't tell, right?

- Mm-mmm.
- Isn't that right?

- You--you were just trying
to get justice for dom.

And you meant well.

- Yeah, yeah.

- You know, I don't know
if I want to live in a world

without dominick in it.

- Hey... Think about your baby.

- you know I'm
not really pregnant.

I wish I was, but I'm not.

- That doesn't mean
that you can't be someday.

I mean, you're gonna
make a great mother.

- No, I don't believe you.
- Yes.

- I mean, you have--
you have so much love to give.

And you're gonna
find an amazing guy.

- Yeah, but they
won't be dominick.

- No, he'll be better than dom,

because he will
love you and only you.

But first, I need, uh...

You gotta give me the gun. Ok?

It's ok, marla.

Give me the gun, marla.
It's ok. It's ok.

That's good.
It's really good. Ok.

- I'm sorry.

- It's ok. You're gonna be ok.

Ok, ok...

- I'm really sorry.

- It's ok.

- so, I don't know how
he found the time,

but looks like
there was another woman.

this is security footage

from the swiss bank
a couple hours ago.

- How did you
get this?

- Well, you know how they
say to follow the money.

I kept track of the money
you guys were fighting over

in case one of you tried to
withdraw it and skip town.

Figured she'd
be my killer.

That's why I, uh,
accused the both of you

of being a prime suspect.

I thought I'd give
you a little nudge.

- You played us
against each other?

- For your own benefit.

- Ok, just wait
a second.

If you said that you were
following the money,

then does that mean that she...

- Oh yeah. She withdrew
just under $1 million.

- What?

- Sorry, I kind of
buried the lede there.

She took out
as much as she could

without setting
off alarm bells.

- How did she
access the accounts?

- Well, she had
the account information

and a passport with the
same last surname: Passmore.

- Just stop, detective, please.
Dominick had a fourth wife?

- It was
a fake id.

She probably used it just
to get access to the money.

- Ok, I just really
don't understand,

because she just
shot at me here yesterday.

- Well, someone
with that passport

boarded a flight out
of newark last night.

I figure he either broke her
heart or ripped her off or both.

I'm really sorry for accusing
you guys of killing him.

I hope I didn't cause
too much tension

between the three of you.

♪ ♪ ♪

♪ ♪ ♪

- hey, marla!

- What are you guys doing here?

- We're breaking you out.

- Oh, but I--I'm
here voluntarily.

- No, we're
just kidding.

We got permission to take
you out for a girls day.

- Where are we going?

- I still think we should
have had him cremated

and saved the money.

- At least you can
find comfort in knowing

that he's getting
eaten by worms.

- I'm glad we
buried him.

It's what he wanted.

- I don't think this is
quite what he had in mind.

- pour one out
for our dead hubby.

- you know what? We've wasted
enough on him already.


Detective! I, uh...

Are there any leads on the case?

- Uh, no, but, uh, I thought
I should come by

and apologize again for,
uh, accusing you of murder.

- Oh.

Well, I mean, you were
just doing your job.

- Speaking of which,
what are your plans?

- oh, well, the, uh,
the three of us,

we've decided to split

whatever's left
of the money equally,

so I'm not in any rush.

Uh, but I was
thinking about maybe

trying to
resurrect my career.

- Ok!

- Mm-hmm.
- Good!

- Yeah. I mean, my--my brand
is quite tarnished right now,

but I figure
I could try to sell

the whole "loved,
lost and learned" angle.

- Well, I'm glad to
see you're not jaded.

- Yeah. I guess at the
end of the day, I'm...

I don't know,
still a romantic at heart.

- Maybe we should
go out sometime.

- Like on a date?

- Yeah.

you thought that I tried
to murder my husband.

- Yeah, but I also thought
we had a good rapport.

Reminded me of
when I was married.

- Oh, ok, no wonder
you've been divorced twice.

- I take it
that's a no.

- Oh, uh, thank you.

Um, I'm really flattered,
but I just...

You know, I think
I should probably be

on my own
for a while.

- If you change
your mind...

- I will call 911.

- Catch you later, alison.

- Take care.
- Yeah.

- Any issues?

- Just had to flirt a bit
with the tsa screener.

- And it's all there?

- Minus my cut.

- I'm gonna count it
when I get home.

- You don't trust me?

- You know, when I said I
wanted you to almost shoot me,

you didn't have
to get so close.

- I wanted to
make it look real.

- Of course.

- So...

Did you do it?

- Do what?

- Run over
your husband?

- Well, I could tell you,
but then I'd have to kill you.

(♪ I tried by
ruby velle & the soulphonics ♪

- does this make us even?

- Not even close.

♪♪ you know marvin gaye
said it perfectly ♪

♪ "when did I stop loving you? ♪

♪ you stopped loving me" ♪

♪ walking down
this road together ♪

♪ I forgot
I had planned better ♪

♪ now it's so still
I can feel the breeze ♪

♪ and it's rolling
right past me ♪

♪ and I see us fading to dark ♪

♪ as the sun
and the long months pass by ♪

♪ and, baby, we have tried
to give it all our love ♪

♪ so why are we wasting
all our time? ♪