Rule Number One (2008) - full transcript

An action-thriller that follows the events that occur after a man calls the police to let them know of the mysterious presence in his house.


These two men

Which one do you think is a cop?

Actually, two of them are cops

Don't run!

The one in front

is plainclothes

over there!

Therefore when you can't differentiate between

black or white in this world

don't ever guess

What is it, sir?

You didn't put on your safety belt, sir

I am used to putting it on when I am on the main road

It's very dangerous if you don't put on the safety belt while driving


Sorry officer. I will put it on now

All buckled up, officer

Why are you driving so fast?

It's my son's birthday. I was thinking....

of going back early to celebrate for him


Tomorrow is coming soon

I had to work late.....

I'm late

Have to work overtime even on Saturday?

You have to ask my boss that

Excuse me, driving license

Officer, I just didn't put on the safety belt

don't have to get a ticket, right?

Be careful the next time

What is it, officer?

Your tail lights is broken

I'll get it repaired tomorrow. I am rushing for time

You are driving this late

no tail lights is very dangerous

Do you have any screw driver?


What present are you giving your son?


What present are you giving your son?

I am busy these few days

got no time to buy him a present

Aren't you afraid that he will get angry?

Officer, you are only working for a salary

don't have to be so uptight

asking you not to be so serious

a small cop

only knows how to give out tickets


arrest me

arrest me!

Isn't it fun?

Is that where you live?

Your girlfriend?

Or wife?

The guy that you shot

it's the one that we've been
looking for 3 years

Now you have killed him

The boss would be very happy

The thing that I am most happy about

is seeing you alright

Last week when you regain consciousness

the colleague help you to make a statement

Here is your statement

do you need to alter anything?

No, sir

The report is accurate

Are you sure?

Yes, sir

According to the reports of the doctors

when you discovered the deceased

she is already dead for 3 hours

Perhaps you are wrong?

No, sir

I personally saw her sit up

I understand that at that time

you are under a lot of pressure

and you were shot 5 times

and was force to kill in self defence

I heard that some colleagues after the incident

would have a sickness called

(Aftershock trauma)

would see illusions

Sorry sir!

I do not have that sickness

I really saw that girl sit up

Then, you've seen a ghost

Li Guo Chiang, due to your injuries

I will temporary transfer you to

a department where there is only light duties


is it because I didn't alter my statement?

Thank you. Just put it on the desk

You're welcome

Why are you here?

Didn't you get out of the hospital last weekend?

Why didn't you call me?

Let me receive you from the hospital?

Be good, your friend is here

Let go


How are you?

Li Guo Chiang

I am Harold

I am from the same school

with May that we are teaching

Saw her carrying so much test papers

offered to send her back

Got to go now

May, see you in school


Right, have you eaten?

You just got out today

I will personally cook this meal for you

Just to celebrate

What do you want to eat?

What is it?

My hand

You..... I won't be able to lodge a complaint against you next year

Are you on early shift?

From now on I have to sleep at 9 pm

Then your hand would be safe

Sorry to trouble you

I am Officer Li Guo Chiang, just transferred here

I am Officer Li Guo Chiang, just transferred here

May I know where the boss is?



Anyone here?

How did you get in?

The door is not locked

That's strange?

I just locked it

OK... follow me

It's been a week. Every night it's the same


I thought I was mistaken when I heard

but when my friend came here yesterday

he said he also heard it

I am not a superstitious person

but last month

a girl was drowned here

I still remember it was Saturday

I was standing here

When we pull her up

she is already not breathing

That girl was only 8 years old

Listen.... listen.....

Did you hear that?

It's been a week. It's always the same every night

Are you scared?

Not because it's the first day at work and....

and you want to kill your boss, right?

Sorry Sir. Li Guo Chiang reporting

no need

We are not "Special Force" but "Miscellaneous Force"

I am your boss, Officer Huang


get to work

I've checked. Nothing sir

Maybe the uncle in maintenance was right

There are "dirty things" here

maybe it was that little girl that drowned

Calling mummy from here

Come, take out your shoes. Go and have a look

Any discovery?

It's a water pump, sir

I know that

I mean is there any other discovery

Every day, a woman will drop lots of hair

There is about 500 here

therefore, it will clot the water pump

The police department received about 185 phone calls everyday

robberies, affray, murders, kidnappings

take up 180 calls

The other 5 calls will be strange happenings in homes

We the "Miscellaneous Force" will come over and have a look

but you must remember

Rule number one

"There is no ghost in this world"

Next time you take a bath, be careful of your hair

will clot up the bath-tub

When did you learn how to repair toilets?

How do you feel on your 1st day of work?

Is your superior treating you well?

What is it? Nothing to say?

Keeping quiet. OK, then don't say anything!

Are you sick! Anyhow pulling out your gun!

I am here for deliveries

Be careful your gun!

If you are not careful and shot me

you will have to pay a lot for my plastic surgery

Cigarettes, wine.....

Salted fish, chicken fried rice

I didn't order

I know

Smoking and drinking is bad for health

That's why I ordered rice for you

It's a famous restaurant

Pay up

You are so fast in drawing your gun

but paying up is so slow.
Don't feel like paying?


It's large bill

Wine $308

Cigarettes $290

Rice is only a few dollars but add it all up, it's over $700

Keep the change, right?

If that's the case, I am leaving


Why, whenever I come here

you always listen to this kind of music.....

Full of craps

You got to go to school tomorrow. Go!


I am going now. For you!

Go, go, go. Going

It's fun


He's here. OK

Officer Li, don't think that I sit in wheelchair

means that I am a crippled

don't always rely on guess work

Hey, you've drank. Don't drive, okay?

Don't worry

Not only can I drink

I can even race

In bed number 4

stayed an 80 over years old granny

She got throat cancer

died 3 days ago

When granny was here

Loves to watch TV

After she died

The television switch on and off by itself

All the nurses on this floor

was frightened by the TV

Thought of putting all the patients

on the 2nd floor.

Will be much safer

What do you think?

Is granny still here?

Where is the meter room?

Over there. Follow me

We've asked someone to check the switch

They say it's okay

Look! Look! Look!

Come over here

Don't be afraid. Look

I am very sure

that the TV over there

it's the same model as the one here

therefore, when he switch the remote control

both TVs will change channels at the same time

If you are afraid,

shift the TV further away

Why did you lie to her?

Say what?

That TV is not even plugged in


Saying that man's remote control

is able to control both TVs

Why do you lie?
Why do you want to bluff them?

Even lying is an art

Furthermore, we can't see things on a superficial level

If we don't accept this type of cases

how will other policeman go out and catch crooks?

Don't you feel that our jobs is very meaningful?


It's very meaningful to an old fox like you

Say what you like

What, got nothing to say?

You have not spoken in 6 years

Drink more to boost your courage

Don't misunderstand

I drove by and saw the bar

thought of coming in for a drink

You also don't misunderstand

I opened this bar

not because I am waiting for you here

How are you? Haven't seen you for a long time

Still OK

a little fat

a little older, nothing much.

Not bad. You maintained yourself very well

Always does skin care?

It's the lights

Do you still dance?

Dancing is dangerous

especially with you, Officer Huang

but you must remember

Rule number one

"There is no ghost in this world"


Mummy, I want to go home

Don't leave me alone

I want to go home

You're back?

Have you eaten?


What happened?

Tell you a secret

in this house

there is not only just the 2 of us here

Hey! What are you doing?

Why did you pull out your gun?

I just wanted to tell you

I am having a baby


When did you know?


Actually, I've cooked a lot of dishes

to tell you when you return home


Inspector Liu

I want to alter my statement

No good at Miscellaneous Affair Department?

I joined the police force to be a policeman


Not what?

That Officer Huang

have waited for someone to take over his place for a long time

Inspector Liu

are you saying something bad about me?

Your favorite egg-tart and my resignation letter

How have you been?

It's the same

How's your diabetes and uric acid?

All very high

This theatre have been built for many years

apparently there isn't anyone coming

but all our stuff

have been kept very well

That day...... those bad guys came and mess things up

I am so angry

Bad guys?

I don't even know them

As you know, this district is old and not new

Frequently, there are people who came and steal things

You know?

They love to steal posters

because they are valuable

Not bad, this place is maintained very well

But uncle, have you ever thought

that nothing last forever

Yes you can't just hold on to it and never let go

Why not?

I want to stay here. I want to keep watch over my stuff

I want to keep watch over my home

No one can touch my stuff

including you

You all are a bunch of crooks

only knows how to cheat uncle like me

You go! You're not welcome here!

Go! Uncle..... cool down....

Don't be like this, we.... really have no bad intentions

Nonsense. Are you guys really policemen?


I made the call. I am the property agent

My client bought this old theatre

but when the contractors came to renovate it

said that they saw some strange "things"

Let's make it clear. I am here to help you

Who is your colleague talking with?

Do you understand? If you chase me away now

then there would be no one to help you

So, don't have any ideas about this place anymore

I said before, I am here to help you

I don't believe

You and woman gang up together to cheat me

That woman is not here to cheat you

but to help you

I don't believe! I don't believe! I don't believe!

I won't let you people to mess my place up

Quick, run!



Quick, shoot!

Did you hear me!? Shoot!

Don't let her touch you!

What actually is " Rule Number One"?

What do you think?

It is a very good excuse

Society now talks about logic and science

This kind of stuff is exactly the opposite

What the "Miscellaneous Affairs Department" needs to do

is to hide the truth

This is called lying

You can treat it like I am saying nonsense

Actually, what we saw

in the theatre

if the facts got out

and let people know that there is ghost in this world

What do you think would happen?

Will there be any kids going to school?

Will there be anyone playing the stock market?

Property market will collapse

You and I will have no need to buy houses

That is why I am telling you

"Rule Number One' is very important

If we don't have "Rule Number One"

this world would be chaotic

It's very simple

if those "things" are to touch you

you will be possessed

when they got bored

they just need to touch someone to possess them

but when they leave the body

the body will just be an empty casing

An empty casing! Your soul will be gone!

Tell me, what should we do?

We can only take our gun and kill them!

This is not my first time

but we got no choice

if we don't kill them, they will go around possessing....

just like viruses

We have to stop them from spreading

I know that those that I've killed are


but you have to remember

when we are caught

killing those who are possessed

we have to take full responsibility of the consequences

There are many types of ghost in this world

most of them are sad spirits

they are trapped in the dimension of their sadness

but some portion of the spirits

because of sadness, hatred

they will be on another step of their journey

Human Possessions

until their destination is reached


Why do you want to quit?

It's been 19 years

want to have a change of environment

Someone you know?

Old lover?


From the moment you entered, she's been looking at you

she fancies you

Of course she fancies me

she's my wife

but we're divorced 6 years ago

How about you?


She is called May

A teacher

The first rule of dancing

is to hold your partner's hand

and never let go

You said dancing with me is very dangerous

Yet you still dance?

Don't you know that women loves sad dramas?

The first time may be sad dramas

but the second time is happy dramas

Then I will have to cry and laugh at the same time

I've quit

I've heard it too many times

No, I really quit this time


shall go to a place

open a dance studio

We did that the last time but the result was

No, it's not the same this time.....

This Friday

is my last day of work

Why don't we go to

or to...

to that place we know

We'll start from there

Won't leave till we meet

You're crazy

I said we won't leave till we meet

It's fun...

Are you sick? Calling me when we are at home

Yan Ni!

Yan Ni! Are you alright, Yan Ni!

Wake up, don't frighten me!

You're back?

What time is it?

It's almost dawn

Mum made soup today. Drink it up

I went to see the doctor today

The doctor said that the baby is healthy

Really? Shouldn't be so fast

to know the sex of the baby, right?

It's a boy

Mr. Li, it's your turn

Nurse, let him go first

he seems more serious

Who is more serious?

Mr. Li, how do you feel?

It's a bit itchy

Don't worry. Casting is like this

Afterwards, we will break the caste

then it won't be so itchy


Hey, what is this?

You did it yourself?


Nurse Ho

who did the caste for Mr. Li?

It's Nurse Kwok from the bio-engineer department

Help me to call her and ask her to come over


Doctor Kang, Nurse Kwok is no more with us

She hasn't been to work for 2 weeks

Hey, "Telephone"

help me check a number


Right, check what is it

Youtang Weiwen Road Number 86

Xifan Building roof top

a body was discovered

Colleagues who are nearby please assist

What's the situation?

The deceased is Lin Shao Yu, 16 years old

High school student

Cause of death?

Don't know

The body have been out in the sun for a few days

will know when the autopsy is done

Any discovery, Officer Huang?

Just joining the crowd

You've been drinking a lot?

Murder, none of your fucking business!

It's suicide

Don't get in the way

Just because you are from the Miscellaneous Affair Dept

you think you got the right to every case

Let me say it one more time. It's a murder


Officer Huang, you aren't crazy are you?

Any idiots will also know that this girl

was kill by a psychopath

and was carried here

Who is stupid enough

to commit such a difficult suicide?

Very simple

Hang here and lift up your legs

Suicide right?

I think that you're not only stupid but down right crazy

Why don't you use your brains

Why? Haven't caught anyone for a very long time?

That's why your brains have gone rusty and unable to use?

You bastard!


I am drunk. Excuse me


Is Kwok Xiao Lan living here?

What the hell are you policemen doing today?

One hasn't left, another one arrives

She seldom comes back and visit us nowadays

said she is busy with work

I told you before, ask her not to be a nurse

every day facing those viruses

and those wounds

those copse, very dirty!

It's very unlucky, you know?

Now, we can't get to see her shadows

Why are you policemen

looking for Ah Lan?

We've got a case

that needs her assistance

Then I can't help you

I don't even know where my daughter is

It's all your fault

If you didn't allow our daughter to take up nursing

everything would be alright

I felt that that they are very strange

Why are you here?

I had my caste taken off

Why is it so familiar?

I think so too

Kwok Xiao Lan is

the nurse who put the caste on me


Hey, it's me

Yes, what is it?

Are you busy?

No, speak

We had a little too much to drink that day

and said many things. Do you remember?

I remember

That is to say you're not drunk at all?

Of course not

Then tomorrow, we won't leave till we meet?


By tone of your voice, you don't seem to be too sure


Tomorrow, won't leave until we meet

I'll call you again, OK?

Will wait for your call


Officer, Officer!

Come with me!

We found her last week in her house

I said bring her to see a doctor

Her father don't allow

and said, don't let others knows about it

Our daughter is possessed

I heard from others that pigs can chase away ghost

That's why we keep her here

Officer, I beg you. Please save our daughter

I beg you!

Call an ambulance

Lin Shao Yu, 16 years old

She hang herself on a......

clothes stand, 2 meters away from the floor

Autopsy report says she died from suffocation

and homicide had confirmed that she did not commit suicide

was killed by somebody

This is also right

Of course, no one will believe.....

that anyone would use such a stupid method

to commit suicide, right?

On the day of the incident, that girl

had an inoculation

the nurse that inoculated her was Kwok Xiao Lan

which is also the same nurse that put the caste on you

Damn it! Possess one after another..

Most of the victims are females

Right, tomorrow is my last day of work

That bastard have arrived

Officer Huang

there is one more

Li Yan Ni, 16 years old

The decease's parents are on vacation

Suspected that she use the fish tank to drown herself

The way she died....

is the same as hanging from 5 ft

Lin Shao Yu are all very strange

Furthermore, they are friends

Kwok Xiao Lan, Lin Shao Yu, Li Yan Ni....

The one that possess them

could it be the same ghost?

Wei, this is Gillian's phone

How are you?

May I ask, where are you now?

Saint Yiyana Girls Secondary School

Who are you?


How is it?


He has gone to May's school

No, she is not unconscious

but she did not speak

and have no reaction

she is conscious

Is just that she had no reaction to anything

When is the ambulance arriving?

Are you sick? Calling me when we are at home

Yan Ni!

The ghost is here. You go and look for May

Hey, be careful. Don't let anyone touch you!

Madam Lee

Sir, can I help you?

Which classroom is May in?

The one at the end of the corridor

It's fun...

All, don't move!

Lie down!

When the ghost leaves the body

it's like a container without a soul

left with just an empty casing

If we don't kill her

it's like viruses

one infecting another

What are you doing?

The ghost is inside one of these girls


How are you?

Relax, it's okay

It's alright, relax

That bastard!



Don't shoot! Don't kill me!



Why are you here?

Why are you here?

I study here


Be careful!

Quick, get away!

What are you waiting for, Mr. Policeman?

No guts to shoot?




Hey!, what are you doing!?

What's your name?

How come I don't know?

Can anyone tell me?

what your name is?


I don't even know your name?

The dinosaur and I make a very compatible dancing partner

It will never step on my legs

I only know that you make deliveries

What's your name?

But it's alright. I will know sooner or later

I want liquor!!

I want liquor.....

She is Xiao Wen

Xiao Wen

Help me......

Save my baby....

Help me! Don't shoot.....

The phone is ringing, officer

Answer it

Officer Li, I've checked and found that the numbers

you've never guessed

that it's a number for a traffic ticket

The name is Chen Fu Lai

for not putting on the safety belt

one more thing that you would've never guessed

the officer who issued the ticket is


You didn't put on your safety belt, sir

All buckled up, officer

Excuse me, driving license

Officer, haven't seen you for a long time

I was just thinking

how long is it going to take to see you

Isn't it fun!?

That day when I possess the nurse

in the hospital I could've easily killed you

Later, I discovered that when you are dead

there are a lot of fun things to fool around with

That is why I want to have a little more fun

to play the games that I didn't get to play when I am alive

To play them all!

In this world, those little bitches are everywhere

Looks like every one of them is so innocent

actually, they are worse than prostitutes

Be careful!

They don't have other capabilities

they are only good at

using their soulful eyes to look at you

Just touching them a little, they would scream for help!

What is it?

Want me to possess you?

Don't worry, not so fast

wait until I have more fun with you until I am satisfied

Hor... still living in the same old place

It's time I...

Put down the gun!

Put down the gun!

Put down the gun!

I am a policeman

Put down the gun!

I am really a policeman!

You, a policeman? I am the commissioner

Shut up!

Put down your gun!

Lie down! Don't move!

My I.D. is in my pocket!

Shut up! We heard enough!

If you got anything to say, keep it until we are in the police station!

Police Manual first chapter regulation number one

When the suspect is in violation the officer can draw his gun

Number 2

under self-defence or when others life are endangered

then the officer can fire his gun

Number 3

An officer open fire is to prevent the criminals from escaping

under dangerous circumstances

the officer can shoot to kill

My I.D. is really in my pocket!

He's really a policeman

Hey, boss

That ghost

was the one that I killed in the parking lot

That serial killer

He's back to seek revenge

That bastard!


What happened?

Ah Chiang

What is it? Ah Chiang!

You won't understand

If you don't say, how will I understand?

You don't tell me anything

how will I understand

Ever since the day you were discharged from the hospital

you seem to have changed into another person

You smile at me, speak to me

but I know that your heart is not here

Do you know that during these days

I felt so alone

It's really very hard and difficult

You're rushing for time, right?


That bastard make an appointment with us

Chen Fu Lai, 40 years old

On the surface, he is a tuition teacher

but, actually a serial killer

The criminal affairs dept have investigated

his records for a span of 10 years

This guy is really outrageous

having sex with underaged girls

according to his statement

said that the girl enticed him

not his fault

after enticing him, then blackmail him

he is not willing to pay, of course he has to go to jail

and at that time

his wife is leaving him

along with their 5 year old son

with the rights to the custody of the son

Today it's your last day

don't have to work so hard

I am a person with a high level of curiosity

want to have a look

Come, sit anywhere

There is nothing much to offer you here

Will he come?

That bastard will definitely come

Whatever it is

Whoever comes in, I will shoot

If a scout comes in

What then?

It's just like doing charity work, shoot!

Social worker?

Social worker needs to sacrifice, shoot!


He will go to heaven, shoot!


He will understand, shoot!

If it's our superiors?

You shoot first then I will shoot to make sure

If it's Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee is dead

I am saying, "If"


If we are not here, wouldn't it be better?

If it's me?

Sorry then..

And if it's me?

There is no choice

That's right, no choice..


Wei..., where are you?

Why are you here?

Why are you here?

I am asking you, why are you here?

I want to see this place before meeting you

Put down your gun


That is my wife. Look clearly!

She is normal. She is not possessed

Are you stupid?

No, cool down. Put down your gun

You cool down!

You forgot what we said

whoever comes in, shoot!

Put down your gun

Please cool down

Please cool down!

I ask you to put down your gun!

Put it down!

You are scaring me, what is it?

You stand there and shut up!

Put it down!

There is no choice

I beg you

I beg you, please.....

Put down your gun


Today is my last day

actually I can go

I can leave with my wife together

Put down your gun


OK, never mind.....

Just give me 3 minutes

to prove that my wife is not possessed

3 minutes

Remember, don't shoot

What are you doing?

Remember, don't shoot

What are you trying to do?


He just wanted to see us dance


Look at me

After this dance, we can leave

Open...... fire........

that is how the whole thing ends

Use soda powder to rub on it and it'll be OK

It's actually his last day

Sorry, sir

It's not your fault. If it's me, I will shoot too

but you have to keep the whole thing secret

Will ask someone to manage this quietly

Officer Huang and "Telephone"

if anyone ask

just say you know nothing

Remember "Rule Number One"

"There is no such thing as ghost"

It's water?

OK, go back and rest

You haven't slept for 2 days

I am leaving

Officer Li


you are the new head of "Miscellaneous Affairs Dept"



Today it's your last day

don't have to work so hard

I am a person with a high level of curiosity, just wanted to have a look

Sit anywhere, there is nothing much to offer you here

Someone told me a story a long time ago

One day

there is a man carrying a gun who went into the forest

he wanted to capture a bear

but he always thought that bears

are either black or white

but finally......

he was eaten by a bear which was grey in color

Hey, fighting, blackmail,

kidnapping, please call 999

If you want to date me out for a meal

or to pay me money

Please leave a message

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