Rufus (2016) - full transcript

Manny has moved to a new school, and it's not easy to fit in. After wishing he had more friends, Manny finds a mysterious collar and puts it on Rufus, the family dog. Suddenly, Rufus turns into a boy! Manny's not sure what to do, so he enrolls Rufus in school. When the other students notice Rufus's silly dog antics -- chasing squirrels, eating without utensils, asking for belly rubs, and catching a frisbee with his mouth -- he immediately becomes the most popular kid around. Manny is jealous of his new best friend but eventually learns that a dog's loyalty to his owner always comes first.

Find it.

Alas... it has come to this, Mr. Chang.

What a dreary setting
for your final stand.

How long have you been running?

Are you not tired?

Be reasonable.

Give me the amulet and walk away.

I'll even pay you for your troubles.

A king's fortune.



You see, I am not a cruel man, Chang.

I have no wish to shed blood.

But do not take this to mean...

I won't.

So nice of you to drop in.

I think it's fair to say, Mr. Chang,

the amulet is finally mine.

Time to let it go.

As you wish.


Find me that amulet!

Hello there.

Manny Garcia.

Nice to meet you.

Manny Garcia, gosh, oh golly,
it is my pleasure

to, uh... make your acquaintance.

Remember, Rufus, you only get
one chance to make

a first impression.

Blow that and all your hopes
and dreams wash away.

So I gotta nail this.

Okay, Rufus?

I'll try...

Manny Garcia.

Oh... sorry.

How about...

yo, yo, yo,
Manny G is in the house?

Manny G is in the bathroom.

And he's been in there all morning.

At the moment,
this house only has

one working bathroom, Manny.

I need to get in there.

Sorry, Dad,
it's just the first day

at a new school, in a new town.

I gotta perfect my Manny mojo.

Your mojo will be fine.

Just be yourself.

"Be yourself."

That's all you got?

Son, I gotta go.

"Be yourself" is not bad advice.

You're a wonderful young man.

Look at this face.

Who wouldn't want to
be friends with you?

See, even Rufus agrees.

Manny Garcia, Sagittarius.

Hi, I'm Manny.

Rhymes with "fanny."

Ah, definite nope.

Whoa, lots of new faces.



New school colors take Taft.

The old cobalt and white are out.

Red and blue are in.

Where do you stand,
student on the street?


Don't have a strong opinion yet.

I was in Texas until like last week.

You're new.


Paige Prescott.

Ace reporter for "The Taft Tattler."

Ah, Manny Garcia, ace... new kid.

Well, welcome to Taft Middle School,

Manny Garcia from Texas.

Hey, one more man-on-the-street question.

Our spring dance is just
around the corner.

Theme is still open and
suggestions are welcome.

What gets you up and moving?

Uh, I guess my dog, mostly.


Hmm, K-9 themed.


I shall suggest this to the committee.

Interview over.

Well, here we are.

School sweet school.

And the new colors look good.

You're gonna do great.


And, um, anytime you wanna
interview me, I'm there.

Manny Garcia, I think you're
gonna fit right in at Taft.

Yeah, I think so.



Now, that's front-page material.


Sorry, Manny, we're not
moving back to Texas.

Connecticut's where
our jobs are at now.

How bad can it be?

I was blue!

Okay, the whole school
saw it happen.

I know it wasn't an ideal
first day

but it'll get better.

It was embarrassing.

Okay, I have no friends here.

I wouldn't say "no friends."

Yeah, you've got the best
one ever right there.

And he's been stuck inside all day.

Come on, Rufus,
I found a cool park near by.

Whoa, boy.

Whoa, hey, boy.

Okay, easy, easy.

Can you get it?
Bet you can't.

Come on, there are rules
to this game, all right?


There she is coming up.

Looking to the left,
looking to the right.

Can Rufus steal?
Oh no, he can't.

Garcia gets it.


Got ya.

And goal!

Rufus, where are you going?

No, no, no.



Dude, you're a soaking mess.

Mom's gonna kill us.

What's that?

A necklace?

What, you wanna wear it?

There, now you're the coolest
dog in all of Connecticut.



Oh man, wet-dog smell.

Come on, Rufus, we gotta go home.

I can't believe I have to go
back to that school tomorrow.

What a first impression.

Let's get some sleep.

Don't worry, you can keep
your new necklace on.


Go to bed, boy.

Come on.

Good night, buddy.

You're a good friend.

In fact, in this town,
you're my only friend.

I just wished you were the
kind of friend who could

talk back,
be there for me at school.

Maybe make my life not so
generally... lame.

Manny, rise and shine!

Okay, Dad, I'm rising, I'm rising.

Rufus, are you ready to start
our day?

Rufus, are you awake?

Ahh, whoa!

Okay, who are you?

It's me, Rufus.

I've always wanted to try out
this people fur.

It's clingy, I like it.

No, you can't be Rufus.

What did you do with my dog?

I'm a boy now.

Wow, isn't this awesome?!

Oh, wait, I got an itch.

Oh boy.

There we go, okay.

Ooh... ooh!

All right, yeah,
that's the sweet spot.

Wait, a little bit, a little bit.

There we go, okay.

You can't be Rufus, you can't be.

I would like a treat now!

Was it that thing, the necklace?

Is it magic?

I would like one treat, please.

And, oh man, I did say
I wish you were a kid.

Mm-hmm, duck, chicken, jerky..

I'm not that picky.
You gotta give me that necklace.

I have to turn you into a dog again.
Whoa, no, no, no, hey, hey!

What if I wanna be a boy?

You can't be a boy.

You're a dog.

Hey, Manny.


Hey, Dad.

I'm up, I'm very up.

So up.

Stop goofing around with Rufus

and let's get ready for school.



I'm a boy again!


I got thumbs now.

What am I gonna do with you?

I can't leave you here...

unless you give me that necklace.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, no, no, no!

Hey, hey, hey, no,
not until I've eaten pizza

and learn how to play the piano

and pee standing up.

What am I gonna do?
I can't take you to school.

Why not?

I mean, you wished for a friend

you could take to school, right?

Well, here I am,

your best friend, right?

So take me to school already.

I guess I could pass you
off as a normal kid.

Would it work?

Oh, yeah, I'm very normal.


Where.. where.. where's my tail?

Wait, wait, where's my tail?

How.. how will I know when
I'm happy?

I can give you the thumbs-up.

Problem solved.

These people furs are tight.

Why do you guys wear these?

If we don't wear pants,

we end up in the people kennel.



These might fit you better.


Later, Mom and Dad.

Don't wanna be late on my
second day.

Love school.

Yeah, later, Mom and Dad.


Okay, we made it out okay.

But if you're gonna be a
normal boy,

you gotta start acting like one.


I can be normal, Manny.

Oh, hey, Larry!

What's up?

How's it going, man?

Yeah, oh...

All right, all right,
sniff you later.

FYI, the generic kidney and
trout you're feeding Larry

is giving him gas.

Um, good to know.

Spend a buck.

I'm sorry.

That's what I'm talking about.

Sorry, Larry.

I've been watching you for
years, Manny.

Dog years.. do you know
how long that is?

I can be normal...

A squirrel, a squirrel!


I want the squirrel,
I'm gonna get you!

Just get away, just get away!

Dude, you're human now, get a grip.

You don't get it, Manny.

It's a squirrel.

Buddy, I get it, okay,
but why do dogs hate

squirrels so much anyway?

If only you knew the evil
behind their bushy tails.

The stories I could tell you.

The things dogs have seen.

This is gonna work but you
gotta blend in.

Okay, no chasing squirrels,
just don't be weird.



Oh... you're not doing

what I think you're doing,
are you?

What, aren't we going for a walk?

This is what I always do
when we go for a walk.


Did you not bring a bag?

This is awkward.


Your cousin.

Yes, he's, uh, visiting...

from somewhere for, uh,

I don't know how long.

You have cats, don't you?

I smell cats, do you smell cats?


Seems weird.

But they don't pay me enough
to care.

Okay, Rufus, sit.

I meant in a chair.


I'm not allowed to sit on the
furniture at home.

Uh... okay.



We were talking about themes
of transformation

in Kafka's "Metamorphosis."

You are hilarious, dog.


Thanks but I'm not a dog.

I'm a human boy.

With squirrels,
the key is to get it

before it gets in the tree

'cause once they're in the tree,
it's over.

What's up?

Well, see you later, Rufus.

What's your name again?


Oh, right, Marty.

Dude, your cousin is awesome.

Catch you guys later.

Okay, later.

And it's Manny.

Did I do good?

Yeah, really good, Rufus.

Oh, so we can play ball now?


We've got more classes.



He's got a ball!

Ball, ball, ball, ball...
Here, boy!

♪ Don't stop ♪

♪ Doing what you're doing ♪

♪ Every time you move to the beat ♪

♪ It gets harder for me ♪

♪ And you know it, know it ♪

♪ Don't stop ♪

♪ Doing what you're doing ♪

♪ Every time you move to the beat ♪

♪ It gets harder for me ♪

♪ And you know it, know it, know it ♪

♪ Don't stop ♪

♪ Doing what you're doing ♪

♪ Every time you move to the beat ♪

♪ It gets harder for me ♪

♪ And you know it, know it, know it ♪

♪ And don't stop ♪

♪ 'Cause you know that I like it ♪

♪ Every time you walk in the room ♪

♪ You got all eyes on you ♪

♪ And you know it, know it,
know it, know it ♪

♪ And don't stop ♪

♪ 'Cause you know that I like it ♪

♪ Every time you walk in the room ♪

♪ You got all eyes on you ♪

♪ And you know it ♪

♪ Every day it's the same ♪

♪ All the games that you play ♪

♪ Back and forth round and round ♪

♪ Kinda like it this way ♪

♪ Don't stop ♪

♪ Doing what you're doing ♪

♪ 'Cause every time you move
to the beat ♪

♪ It gets harder for me ♪

♪ And you know it, know it, know it ♪

♪ Don't stop ♪

♪ 'Cause you know that I like it ♪

♪ Every time you walk in the room ♪

♪ You got all eyes on you ♪

♪ And you know it, know it,
know it ♪



Hey, don't go behind that tree!

I got you, I got you!
It's just a squirrel.

♪ Every time you move to the
beat it gets harder for me ♪

♪ And you know it, know it,
know it ♪♪

So you're telling me there's
no sign of that amulet?

I'm sorry, Mr. Black,

but we've searched everywhere.

I have devoted countless years

to finding that amulet,

unthinkable sums of money..

I will not give up!


But it's gonna take a miracle.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


Sorry, sorry!

My friend here has a real problem

with squirrels.

Hey, what's that?
Rufus, wait!

A miracle indeed.

Dude, dude, you gotta
rein that in, okay?

Squirrels are not worth
getting run over for.

Squirrels are evil, Manny.

They have big plans, terrible plans,

plans humans couldn't even comprehend.

Sure, okay, right,
evil squirrels, whatever.

Tell you what, I'm hungry.

How about a snack, okay,
your choice?


I love Power Puppy Kibble so much.

Okay, whatever,
if you want Power Puppy,

I'll buy you Power Puppy.

Oh, sweet!


Oh, kittens!

I love kittens!

All dogs secretly do.

The problem are cats.

I hate cats.


Maybe she'll see us.


She's a girl from my school.

I met her on my first day.

Oh, so she's a friend.
Not exactly.

I mean, I'd like her
to be but I'm afraid..

Hey, Paige!

What are you doing?

Well, you said you wanted
her to be your friend.

Paige, over here!

Hi, Paige.

No, no, no, bad, Rufus.

I'm Rufus.
Uh, hi.

You go to my school, right?

You're Manny's cousin.
Oh, right.

I wanted to let you know
that Manny's afraid to..

Afraid I'm covered in kittens.


So cute.

Yeah, you think that...

before they dig their claws in.


So, uh, what's the news at school?

Any big scoops coming up?

Page one is you two.

From out of nowhere, you guys are

the two most popular dudes in school.

Okay, popular twins, catch you later.

My goldfish gets grumpy when
it's hungry.


You are the best wingman ever.

I have no idea what you're
talking about.

I don't have wings.

It just means if you look good,
I look good.

It's win-win.
Oh, it means good.

The point is you rock.

The target is coming your way.

We're ready.

Thanks to you,
I've got the town eating out of

the palm of my hand.

I love eating out of the palm
of your hand.

Know what we're doing today?
Chase squirrels.

Yes, we're gonna chase some squirrels.

What a.. what a great idea.

I got this.

Why am I the only one
who wants to do that?

I feel like.. I feel
like you don't get me.

I smell garbage.


Manny, did you know about this?

The dance.

Oh yeah.

They used my suggestion.

They're going to the dogs.

I guess Paige really sold it.


She's the best.

You should ask Paige to the dance.

I don't know.




Where's Rufus?

Uh, I haven't seen him.


He chewed my patent leather shoe.

I can't even find the other one.

Ugh, that dog!


You ate my mom's shoe so she
still thinks we have a dog?


Right, 'cause that's totally
why I did that.

You wanna know what else I did?

I pooped behind the couch.

Why wouldn't you ask
Paige to the dance?

She's really pretty.

Yes, she is.. whatever.


Manny Garcia.

Hey, Paige.

I was just talking about you

with my...

um, dog... yo.

Yeah, dog, that's funny.

What's up?

Well, being the school's
top newspaper reporter...

okay, only newspaper reporter,

I was wondering if I could
score an exclusive interview

with Taft's most interesting
new student?

I'm pretty sure I can arrange that.


Have Rufus meet me after
school tomorrow

on the quad.

Wait, what?


I wanna interview Rufus.

Oh, right, Rufus.

Popular guy, class clown.

The big dog.


So you'll set it up?

Yeah, I will.


I mean...

who would want to interview me?

I'd interview you.

You're almost out of popcorn.


Paige wants to interview me?

Yes, you.

Yes, you.

Are you mad about something?

Uh, you sure?

I'm not.

You sound kinda mad.

Like that time I chewed up
your baseball glove.

Okay, it's a little
annoying that you...

I got this.

I like to do things a lot.
Like play catch.

Time to wrap things up.


Thanks for agreeing to do this
interview, Rufus.

Oh, of course.

I think newspapers are very important.

You do?

People need newspapers
to do their business.

I've been doing my business
on them

ever since I was a pup.


Someone gets it.

So, Rufus, over night...

you've become the most
popular kid in school.

How does that feel?


Because you're the new kid?

Because I'm new at being a kid.


You are funny.

Is that your secret to making friends?

Uh... sort of.

I mean, when I see someone new,

I kinda just bounce around
them 'til they smile

and then.. boom.. instant friends.

Works with everybody.

Well, except cats.

Dogged determination.

I like that.

Now, Rufus, the whole
school wants to know,

will you be taking a special
someone to the dance?

Well, Paige, turns out I've
been meaning to talk to you

about that very subject.

So, guys, best in show,
you know who to vote for.

The big dog, am I right?


♪ Let's make some noise ♪

♪ You throw your hands up ♪

♪ You throw your hands up ♪

♪ Make some noise ♪

♪ Your body's stomping to the
beat of ♪

♪ Beat of... ♪

Oh, hey.

Yeah, let's go dance.

♪ Raise your voice girls and boys ♪

♪ And make some noise ♪♪

A real human dance.

So cool.

Yeah, cool.

I mean, there's music and friends

and they're gonna announce
best in show

and.. ooh, ooh..

I'm pretty sure I know
who it's gonna be.

Congratulations in advance, Rufus.

And the best part is my big surprise.


Who told you?

I'm gonna... go get some punch.


Yo, dog, this is your song.

This is my song.

Come dance.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Roor ♪


♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪


♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Go ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go, go, go ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go, go, go ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ All right ♪
All right!

♪ Go, go, go, go ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ In the house on the street ♪

♪ On the block off the leash ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog,
dog, dog, dog, dog, dog ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go, go, go, go,
go, go ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go, go ♪♪

Manny, did you see?

I made a dance.

It's amazing what you can do

when your knees bend the other way.

Being a human boy is even
better than I ever dreamed.

Yeah, awesome.

I'm sure your date loves
the dance too.

Probably gonna write a front-page
article about it.

"Dog Dude Designs Dumb Dance."


This move has been really
hard for me, Rufus.

Somehow you've made my
terrible life even worse.

And ever since you've put
that necklace on,

you've been...

A bad dog?

A bad friend.

Hey there, Manny.

Your date just left.

Um, you're standing
right in front of me.

What are you talking about?

Rufus is your date.

Oh, news flash.

You are my date.


Rufus asked me out for you.

Turns out I've been meaning to
talk to you

about that very subject.

Will you go to the dance with...

my best friend Manny?

I would love to.

Rufus did that for me?

He said you were too
shy to do it yourself.

Oh man.

I think I just stepped
in a big pile of...

Manny Garcia and Paige Prescott,

come on up!

You're best in show of the dance!

Whoo, that's right!

Give it up for your royal couple!



Now, don't you two look surprised.

I thought it was gonna be Rufus.

It was Rufus' idea.


You know who to vote for.

The big dog, am I right?

The big dog!

And you guys know who the big
dog is?

That's right, my boy Manny.

All right.

But what about me?

That was his idea too.

And vote for Paige too 'cause
Manny really likes her.

So how does it feel to be king?!

Right now,
I don't feel like a king.

I feel like a low-down dirty dog.

Thank you, everyone...

for this very kind and
thoughtful honor.

But... after the way
I treated my friend,

my best friend,


no way I can accept this.



I also cannot accept.

If you read my three-part series,

"The Shameful Sham Of Class
102's Homeroom President,"

then you know I find these
popularity contests

objectifying and demeaning.

On the other hand...

tiaras are kind of cute.


Hey, Rufus.


What's going on?

Paige, I can't explain it to you.

You'd never believe... me.
Rufus is a dog.

How could you possibly know that?

A reporter's instinct.

And he told me.

Oh, and also...
I'm a dog.

That would be D-O...
A dog?

Told me about the magic necklace,

your wish and everything.

Of course he did.

Look, I owe Rufus a huge apology.

Can you help me find him?

You go that way,
I'll go this way.

We meet on the other
side of the library.

Thanks, Paige.

Rufus, where are you, boy?


Hey, Linda, did you walk the dog?

Nope, did you?


I haven't seen him either.

Maybe he's eating your wedding dress.

It'll match your shoes.

That's not funny.



Rufus... Rufus?


Rufus... Rufus?



He's not here.

We lost the dog.

This move has been hard enough
on Manny.

If we lost his dog,
he'll hate life forever.

Remember when we had Rufus tagged

with the GPS chip

and you thought it was a
waste of money?

I may have been wrong on that one.

He is at the school?

Let's go!
Give me the keys!

You drive too slow!


Rufus, buddy... you there?

Is that you?

Look, I'm sorry I was being
such a jerk.


You're not here for the dance,
are you?

Let's go!
Hey, let me go!

You're coming with us, kid.
Where are you taking me? Help!


Help, let me go!

Let's go!
Let me go!

Help, please!

What do you want?!


What's wrong?
Manny's in trouble.




those men just took my best friend

but why would they...

They're working for the squirrels,
aren't they?

No, Rufus.

This is why.

All right, I'll bite.

What do you want with me?

With you?


Nothing at all.

Think about it.

This magic thing, this amulet

must have incredible power

and be crazy valuable,

so someone must be looking
for it.

Rufus, we gotta find Manny
right away!

I can do that!

But not with this nose.

Follow me.

Rufus, wait for me!

Where are you taking me?

To a place your dear Rufus

won't be able to resist.

We've gotta find that dog.

Manny will be crushed!

Get a grip!

Do not go soft on me!

Come on, Rufus, don't lose the scent.

You can do this.

Find Manny.

Go, Rufus!

I don't like the looks of this place.


You drag me into a creepy warehouse

in the middle of nowhere and
think I'm gonna worry?

My best friend will find me
wherever you take me.

Oh, we're counting on that.


This is a trap and I'm the bait.

Clever boy.

But children should be seen...

and not heard.

I understand a certain
K-9 with a very...

I found him!

I found him, Manny's in there.

Oh, I smell my favorite snack.

Power Puppy Kibble.

My nose is never wrong.

It must be in that huge
barrel of dog food.

Shh, Rufus.

They took Manny knowing you'd
come for him.

They're expecting you and the amulet.

I got an idea.

Let's give them something
they don't expect.


Eight years I've been hunting
down that amulet...

across six continents.

But now I'm not pursuing it.

It's being delivered to
me on a silver platter.

Or should I say a golden Labrador?

Excuse me.

Are you the owner and/or proprietor

of this property?

May I ask who's inquiring?

Paige Prescott, ace reporter.

My paper's doing a feature:

"Wild Warehouses Of The Westside."

Who lives here?

Why live here?

Could I get a quick comment?


we have no comment.

Now, off you go, little girl.

This can be a very unsafe place

and we have work to do.

Now, Rufus!

There it is!

Get that dog!

Hey, you okay?

I'm better now.

Don't worry about it.

I'll get the rest, you go find
Rufus and let's get out of here.

Here, Rufus!

I think I hear him.

It sounds like he's over here.



You're not going anywhere
until we find that dog.


Or I'll make you stay.


Hey, hey, hey!

Turn right here!
Okay, I'm turning, I'm turning!

What is this place?


Rufus, come.

Rufus, shake.

Look, man, I'm sorry about
what I said at the dance.

I should've known you would
never hurt me.

Whatever I am, boy or dog,

always remember, Manny...

I just wanna be your friend.


You do not lick my face.

So have we kicked enough butt here?

Violence as a means
to resolve conflict.

Children, what are they
teaching you in school?

Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh...

gym, math, his-history..

I wish I could end this in
a more civilized manner,

but I want that amulet in the
worst possible way.

Now, who wants a doggy nap?







Now give me that amulet!

Sorry to crush your dream.

Oh no.

No, you can't leave me.

You gotta be okay.

You're my best friend.

My best friend.


It didn't even hit you.

Get up, you big baby.

Oh, Rufus, you're okay.

Come on, buddy.
You're fine, Rufus.


He may be okay but the amulet
is done for.

I guess Rufus is stuck being
a dog.

Not just any dog.

My best friend.


Oh, Rufus, is all right.

What a relief.

Rufus may be fine,

but something else here sure isn't.

Hello, police.

Manny, are you all right, son?

Yeah, I'm better, Dad.

Better than ever.

We barely escaped before
the authorities arrived!

If you let me live,

I will do everything in my
power to help you

fulfill your master plan.

You failed me for the last time.


Get it, boy, get it, boy,
get it, boy!

Get it, boy!

Get the ball, get the ball.

That is one happy hound.

So nobody legit will run your story?

"The Crazy World Weekly"
was very interested.

"The New York Times," not so much.

The story of a lifetime.

Pulitzer Prize material.

And no one believes
a single word of it.

If I hadn't lived it,
I wouldn't believe it myself.

There'll be other stories.

You'll get your Pulitzer.

Do you think he misses being
a boy?

Rufus said it himself.

Boy or a dog,
he just wants to be my friend.

And, you know, who knows?

Maybe he'll be a boy again someday.

Stranger things have happened.

Get it, boy, get the ball!

Come on, come on, Rufus!

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Roor ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Ho ♪

♪ Roor ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Roor ♪

♪ Go ♪

♪ Roor ♪

♪ In the house on the street ♪

♪ On the block off the leash ♪

♪ Ho ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Roor ♪

♪ Ho ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Roor ♪

♪ You think you're top dog ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go, go, go, go ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go, go, go, go ♪♪