Rufus-2 (2017) - full transcript

Rufus is a dog but turns into a human with a pendant. He meets a girl named Kat who asks him to go out. Kat is a cat who can also turn into a human as well.


(birds chirping)

(dog barking)


Here, doggy, doggy.


(dog barking in the distance)


Here, kitty, kitty.

(computerized voice on radio)
There are fourdogs
and two cats nearby.

(brakes squealing)


(electrical whirring)

(dogs barking)


(electronic chirping)

(computerized voice on radio)
There is one dog nearby.

Is this on?
Oh, hi.

Um, if you don't know me,

I'm Manny Garcia, and this
top-secret blog was--

Was my idea.

This is Paige,

my girlfriend,

and the blog was
her idea.

The journalist in me insists
this phenomena be documented.

Although our experience
is still only known

by a select few,

one day we may need
to tell our story,

and if print media
is going to ignore us...

then we'll go digital.


Anyway, the reason
we're doing this blog

is because it's been an
entire year since...

Manny, Manny, Manny,

Hey, Paige.

Hey, did you know that
hot dogs

aren't made
of actual dogs?

They're totally
fine to eat!

Can you
believe that?!

Can you...

... since that
started happening.

Rufus, buddy, relax.


I got a little excited.

See, this is
our new normal.

Rufus's magical
amulet broke

when we were
tangling with some thugs.

We thought it would
never work again.

But that was
only partially true.

It works.

As long as he doesn't
get too excited.


Oh no.

Free ball!

* Ho **

Or nervous.



Or angry.



Stupid squirrel!

What is it with
you and squirrels?

I have many moods.

That you do.

Even though the amulet
works most of the time,

it got way too hard to keep
the truth from my parents.

So, Mom, Dad,
my friend Rufus

and my dog Rufus
are actually

the same person.



It's a win-win.

I get to eat people food
and dog food.

Oh, sometimes...

your shoes.

Rufus makes life
really fun.


Or at least interesting.

But I'm not
sure our neighbor,

Mrs. Rumstitch,
would agree.


This last year, Rufus
has been really good

at making friends.

Rufus, take it
to the doghouse.

(boys cheering)

But he's still not
so good with the girls.

Hey, Rufus, did you happen
to see the cookies

I brought in
for the bake sale?

They were right here.



I can't believe you shared
that incredibly deep

and personal story
with me, Darla, and...



But whatever.

I'm just glad to have
my best friend back.

Me too.

But not as glad as I am
about this hot dog.

I really
wanna eat it.

Okay, I'm gonna
do it.

All right, ready?

Oh my gosh!


(school bell ringing)


Later, guys.

I'm off to my Questioning
Journalism 101 class.

My question is...
(recorder beeping)

... what's
the 101 for?

Wow, Paige, you're like
German Shepherd smart.


You'll always be
a puppy at heart.


Oh yeah.

Enough scratching.

See you at lunch.

Man, Paige is great.

Yup, strongly agree.


I wish I could find
someone like her.

Come on,
just have faith, okay?

Somebody will want you
just the way you are.

(maniacal guttural voice)
You have no idea how
right you are.

Rufus is very wanted.

At least that magical
amulet of his is.

Soon it will be mine.

(laughing maniacally)

(speaking in high-pitched voice)
This voice machine makes
everything sound so evil.


(typewriter dinging)
Scott, get in here.

You cackled and then
bellowed for me, sir.

Yes, Scott.

Now that we know where
the dog's been hiding,

it's time to get our
hands on that amulet

so the big plan
can unfold.

Don't forget,

I have the best
in the business

working for me.

Rufus will be
no match

for our
newest operative.

(laughing maniacally)



I haven't seen you
around before.

You need
a tour guide or--


Oh... okay.

I'm just gonna go do that
thing I was gonna do.


Hey... can I have
your pudding cup?











How can you say
no to a face like that?

my name is Kat.

I'm new to school and that's
why I've come to you.

You were the new kid
in school last year.

Ah, a little investigative

I like the way
this one thinks.

Hey, Kat, you know, I was
the new kid last year.

We'd be happy
to show you around.

Tell me about yourself,


Well, Kat, I'm a dog.

I mean, I'm hum--
I'm-- I'm not--


He's a dog person.

I'm human.

Loves him those dogs
that Rufus does.

I'm a human.


Not a fan
of dogs.

Not a fan of dogs.

What's to like?

They're simpletons.

Needy, dirty.

They've been known
to eat their own barf.

Well, maybe they're just
being practical.

Don't wanna waste food.

So, Kat, let me guess.

You're more
of a cat person

because of your name,
so it's like...

That's a good one.

We should go out.

How about tonight?

Actually, I'm sorry,
but we have plans--


I-- I would love to go on
a date with you, Kat.



Meet me at 5:00 by
the big cat city sign.


Did you see that?

I got a girl
to like me.

I gotta get her flowers
'cause that's what you do

on a date, right, you get
flowers, right?


Did that just




(cell phone beeping)

It's Kat.

I've made contact
with the target.

How was he?

As dumb as you'd expect
a dog to be.

His human friends
were even more annoying.

But I've made arrangements to
get him alone.

I promise you, the dog's
amulet will soon be mine,

and then it will
be yours.

(cell phone beeping)

I will never get used to
these stupid human bodies.




I don't know, guys,
what if I mess this up?

What if-- what if she realizes
that her date is really a dog?

Ha-- she wouldn't
be the first girl

to make
that discovery.

Figure of speech.

At least I got her

How do these look?

Think she'll
like these?

Well, that is
a tomato plant.

And the, uh,

are rotten, so...

Not a good start.

Guys, I'm gonna
mess this up.

Easy, Rufus, okay?

We're gonna show you
what to do.

And what not to do.


Do dress nice.

How bad do you
think this is gonna go?

I have to wear
a leash?


I don't go out
without one.

And the girls
like it.


Do pull out her chair.

Do make sure
she gets served first.

Oh, sweet.

Do not eat
her food.

What if her dinner
is better than mine?

It's not.
It's not.

Do smell good.

Do not smell her.


Man, there's
no way I can remember

all these complicated
human rules.

She's gonna guess
I'm a dog for sure.

She hates dogs.

I just wish there
was some way

you guys
could come with me.

there is.

They're coming
with us?

Uh, yeah,
it's called a double date.


I know, I couldn't believe
it either-- it's great.

You don't mind
if we join, do you?


I mean, yes,
you can come with us.



I like you,
you smell nice.

(clearing throat)
(clearing throat)

Uh, I mean, I'm assuming
you smell nice

I'm not sniffing you.

That'd be weird.

who wants dinner?

Let's go.

What... is... this?!


I've never seen so much
beautiful, enchanting yarn.

Uh, Kat,
do you knit?

What's knitting?



That looks
kind of fun.

Here I come.


Kat's right.

Yarn is awesome!

Yeah, yarn really
gets everywhere, huh?

Yeah, apparently.






Norman was here.

Norman was here!

Norman was here.

Norman's great.

No, no, no.
You're gonna love him.

No-- this guy.

He's always
clowning around, right?

Rufus, calm down.


Oh, that was
a dog thing to do, huh?


Do-- do you think
Kat noticed?

Do you think
she knows I'm a dog?

I think you're okay.

No way.


What's up?

I smelled you on
5th and Main

on the fire hydrant.

Dude, you hit


Uh... have we met?


But Norman's told me
all about you.

How hard is it
to refresh a water bowl

on a regular basis?


I'm sorry.

What are you thinking?

I hope you like
this restaurant, Kat.

It's one of my favs.


Captain Foamy's Seafood
Treasure Chest.

It's cheesy
but fun.


Oh, yes!

I think
she likes it.

(computerized voice on radio)
There is one dog
and one cat nearby.

(metallic clanking)

Once the power of that amulet
is finally mine

I shall be the most
powerful human on earth!

(laughing maniacally)

Yes, sir.

Our hunter is nearly
in possession

of Rufus's amulet.

The plan is now going
to the next phase.

It's time
to begin production.

(laughing maniacally)

So many fish.

Bad Rufus.

Yar, mateys.

How be ye enjoying
your grub?

My fish isn't
as fresh as those.


Now there be a joke
I haven't heard before.


Eight years of Juilliard
for this?

So, Kat, are you
new to the area

or just our school?

I'm from... around.

Around here
or somewhere else?



(glass shattering)

(cats meowing on cell phone)

I have to take this.

I can't talk right now.

I'm right in
the middle of something.

You have your
own fries.

Eat those.
Hers taste

No, they don't.
No, they don't.

(cell phone beeping)

There's a complication.

The humans came
with the dog.

No, they suspect nothing.

Well, you know how
humans are.

Even dumber than dogs,
if you can believe that.

Still, I may not be able to
get the amulet tonight.

(electrical chirping)

Something's up.

Gotta go.

(electrical chirping continues)

That's no
dog catcher.



Maybe a little dessert.



Stop being dramatic.

Oh, it's this
people leash.

It makes swallowing large
chunks of food

really difficult.

Uh, I gotta
get it off.

Not a good thing.

So... Kat's not exactly
chatty, is she?

Wait, do you think
this date's going bad?

Do you think she noticed
I ate her food?

Wait, should I have
sniffed her tail?

Should I have
sniffed her tail?

Oh no, this date
is going bad.

Do you think she-- do you
think she noticed I'm a dog?!



Yar, there be no dogs allowed
inside Captain Foamy's!

Oh my...



Mr. Pirate Waiter.

Oh... oh...

I'm just gonna
get the check.




Don't you
scallywags be returning back

to Captain Foamy's
any time soon!

Dead men
tell no tales!


I hate pirates.


I ruined the date,
didn't I?

Don't worry about it,

She didn't see it
so it never happened.



Uh... we-- we had to
leave the restaurant 'cause--

To come find you.

We thought maybe
you needed some help.

With my phone call?


Maybe you didn't have
like a good signal,

which you did
because the phone rang,

so obviously signal
was no issue.

Solid service
in this area.

Oh, hey, look,
it's Paige.

The pirate didn't seem
to want us to come back, Kat,

so I had them, uh,
wrap up your meal.

Shiny and crinkly?


And here's your
doggy bag, Rufus.



Wait, wait, wait.

So they don't let doggies
in the restaurant

but they have
bags for them?

Come on, Captain Foamy,
pick a lane!



Are you all right?

I think so,

It was the mail truck!


This is exactly why
the K9 population are not fans.

Rufus, you saved me.


Well, I like you,

I wouldn't
wanna see you get hurt.

Hey, look...

the food's still


I like the tie
back on.

I won't ever
go out without it.

Maybe this turned out
okay after all.


(dog barking)

The pet store!

Oh, this place
is great.

Ooh, look,
Power Puppy Kibble.

I love that stuff.

(clearing throat)
(clearing throat)

Uh... I mean...

my dog
loves that stuff.

Not me.

Why would I eat

I'm not a dog,
nor have I ever been...

(clearing throat)

... a dog.

But they do have some
really yummy things here.

Yes, they do.


Are you seeing

That amulet looks
just like Rufus's.

(crickets chirping)


(buzzer blaring)

(conveyor belt whirring)




Hey, hey, Mr. S.

Look what
I have here.

Your first batch of
acorn butter.


How does it taste?

Well, let's find out,
shall we?


(stomach growling)

Well, it's, um, diff...


... different.

Well, Scott, once we have
the amulet's magic,

we will transform
the acorn butter

into an irresistible treat.

People will have
no choice

but to turn
to me for more.

And with me
as a human,

no one will
suspect my plan--


Look, Scott.

My acorn factories are
already built

through out the world!

Yes, it'll be good
to be a human.

Now all I need is Rufus
and his amulet

and it will be
squirrel domination!

Go ahead, Scott,

with another taste.

About that
becoming human thing.

What's up with
the dog boy?

How goes your scheming to
have that magic amulet of his?

Oh, it goes very well,

Our hunter is
right on top of that amulet.

Soon its magic
will be mine.

(laughing maniacally)

(school bell ringing)



I like that.

And I like that.

And I like...

Why not just
get your own cow?



Hmm... mmm.

Oh, isn't she

Hey, Rufus,

we get that you like
Kat and everything

but... we're just
a little concerned that...

I mean, we really don't
know much about Kat

and some of her
behavior is, um, well...


... peculiar.

So we just think
after what happened

last year with those
bad people,

we should be careful.

Ah, you guys don't
have to worry about that

'cause... Kat is nice.

And nice people
do nice things.

Look, she even gave me
her leftovers.

Her fries do
taste better than mine.

No, they don't.
No, they don't.

Oh, which reminds me,

we have another date
tonight after school.

This time she told me not
to bring you guys,

which means it must
have gone pretty good.

Actually, Rufus,
we think that you should--

Get more flowers.

I was thinking
the exact same thing.

I'll get the good ones
this time.


Hey, Mrs. Rumstitch.

I have a date,
I need some flowers.



You're the best,
Mrs. Rumstitch!

We should've come
right out and told Rufus

we saw Kat wearing
that amulet.

He doesn't
do well with subtle.

I doubt that would've
convinced him anyway.

I mean, he likes
every person he meets.

Yeah, but for all we know,
she's not even a person.

What do you mean?

I mean, with that amulet,
she could be a dog or a--

I know things haven't
gone the way you wanted.

Some kind of animal catcher has
been following us every step.

But I'm meeting
with the dog soon

and this time his friends
won't get in the way.

The amulet
will soon be yours.

(cell phone beeping)

(Kat gasping)

(electrical chirping)





Kat is a cat!

I'm kicking myself.

I mean, it was
so obvious

that she's
after his amulet,

and now we know
she's trouble.

This is last year
all over again.

We've got to
somehow show this to Rufus.

I have a plan.

Come on.

I've got a date.

I've got flowers
for my date.

Hey, what's up?

I got a date and I got
flowers for my date.

Do you know that?

I got flowers,
I got flowers!

Hey, why do you
give flowers on a date?

I don't know.

Maybe because they
smell nice.

Wait, so I can't
sniff her

but she sniffs these?

So confusing.

They do smell nice.

Really nice.







Let's go team!

(girls cheering)

(girls screaming)

(all groaning)



Mortimer, tragedy
visits upon us.

The Winter Witch
has cancelled spring.

Spring is cancelled
and that's your energy?!

Do it again with passion!


(all shouting)

Yes, yes!

That's the energy
I'm looking for!




We never mix
the inert reactant

with a catalyst

because, as per Heisenberg's
uncertainty principle,


You never know
what's gonna happen.


(all shouting)

(explosion blasting)

Yay, chemistry!

Class dismissed.





I'll take that.

What have you done?


Got ya, Kat.


You trapped that stupid cat.

Guys, I was
chasing it everywhere.

Rufus, we have some
important information,

and it's gonna be
hard to hear.

Kat is a... cat.

A kitty, a feline.

Specifically this one
under the crate.




Wait, that cat is...
my Kat?


She was
wearing this.

Looks just like mine.

We heard her say
she wants your amulet.

Look, Rufus, we don't know
what's going on but--

We're pretty sure
it isn't good.

I think I know.

You guys just made
this story up.

I mean, if Kat
really was a cat,

why would she name
herself Kat?

I mean,
my name isn't Dog.

That's because I named you

when we got you
from the pound.


I'm from the pound?

A story for
another time,

but let's stay
on topic.


What about Kat's


And, guys, even if
Kat was a real cat,

there's no way she'd be
this mangy fleabag.


Now, I have a date
with Kat and...

I don't know, you guys

are just gonna
have to deal with that.

Yeah, Kat's a cat.

Like I wouldn't
know that?



These are good,


(computerized voice on radio)
There is one dog very close by.

Target acquired.

(weapon whirring)

Here, poochy, poochy,

Here, poochy, poochy,
poochy, poochy.





I can't believe
you did that!

Protect our friend?

From you?

I'm not here to
hurt Rufus.

I'm one of
the good guys.

I'm just here to get
the amulet.

I only hope
I can get there first.

Rufus, where are you?

Could you please
explain just what's going on?

I'm a cat.

We got that.

Clever name,
by the way.

So what part
don't you get?

The beginning, the ending
and pretty much

everything else in between.



The beginning.

Dragon magic
is real.


When the dragons left
this planet centuries ago,

they gifted these amulets to
their friends, the cats.

Like you do.

But one of the amulets
was stolen,

to be used for evil,

passed from hand to hand
throughout the ages, unseen.

Until it showed up on
Rufus's neck.

I was sent by
the elders.

Who I presume
are cats too.


My mission is to
retrieve the amulet

and keep it out of the tiny
evil hands of...

the squirrels.



Squirrels are evil.

You didn't
know that?

I think Rufus may have
mentioned something

once awhile ago
but I didn't believe him.



Can a little squirrel
really hurt Rufus?

Understand this--

the squirrel we are dealing
with is evil in ways

that make me
arch my back and hiss.

You've met his
thugs before.

Last year, when Rufus
first found the amulet,

if he or any of his minions
apprehend Rufus,

then Rufus is...

(dog howling)

... doomed.


Rufus, Rufus!

Rufus, no!

He's gone.


We find the pistachio eater,
we find Rufus.

You have no reason
to believe me

but I wanna help.


And then you're gonna
take Rufus's amulet.

Then he'll be
stuck as a dog forever.

But at least he'll
still be alive.

Isn't that
more important?

Dog or boy, he's...

he's still
my best friend.

Let's do this.

All right, everyone,
keep your eyes open.

The shells!

Go this way.

Come on, you mutt!

Now get in there
and sit!

You're not
going anywhere.


You're about to
make me very wealthy.

Ah, my new operative
has returned.

Welcome, Mr. Biggs.

I see you possess what
I've pursued over many years.

Please let me hold it.

Of course, Mr. S.

It is an honor.

But my price
has doubled.

Well, that's rude.


The nuts
stop here.

Rufus must be inside.

It's locked.

To a human maybe.


I'll never get
used to that.


Do you think she always
lands on her feet or...

Yes, I do.

We should
split up.

I'll go that way.

You are a shrewd one,

But, lucky for you,
I'm in a generous mood.

Now give it here

and your reward will be
beyond your wildest dreams.

(laughing maniacally)

Scott, would you
be so kind?



At last!

At last, I'm finally human!


Weird to be on
two feet.

Takes some
getting used to.


But my voice?

I-- I thought it
would be different.

Scott, hand me my
voice amplifier.


(speaking in guttural tone)
Wonderful, Mr. Biggs.

You've come through.

And you will be
justly rewarded.

(speaking in high-pitched tone)
Scott, hand Mr. Biggs
his reward.



(laughing maniacally)

The squirrel surprise.

Never gets old.

Hey, get me
out of here!

My butt's stuck!

May I?


(buzzer blaring)


Goodbye, Mr. Biggs.


I mean...

(chuckling in guttural tone)

But, Mr. S.,
I came through for you!

You can't do this
to me!










That was nuts.


I never did
like him.

What should
we do with the dog?

(speaking in guttural tone)
Acorn-mash him!

(laughing maniacally)

I just love
the way you think!

And all dogs love to
go for rides!

We've gotta
get to Rufus.

Looks like a plan
is already in place.

At your command.

Do it now!


Nice shot.


Ah, visitors!

But you're too late because
I already have the amulet.


(laughing in guttural tone)

(buzzer blaring)


Can we get to Rufus
fast enough?

I got Rufus,
you get the amulet.






Hang on, Rufus, we're gonna
get you out of here.

Time to go
old school.


All this over
a bonehead dog.

Well, they can't
stop me.

I'm human as long
as I have this amulet.


Nut so fast.


Oh, my tailbone.

Ahh, you people...

Not yours.

Wait, no, no!


Never was.

Ah, nuts!

Gotta go.


"Nut so fast."


Yeah, not my
best work.


Ah, got it.

Come on!

(buzzer blaring)

(machine powering down)

We got the amulet.




You saved me.


And who's
going to save Kat?




Okay, kids, I now have
one priceless amulet.

I wonder how much
I can get for two?

Now hand it over

or kitty becomes
acorn butter.


Trust me,
it's a terrible way to go.

It tastes like
old gym socks.


I'll-- I'll give you
the amulet.

Rufus, no.
Rufus, no.

It's okay!

It's okay.

Kat's life is worth way more
than me being a human boy.


Everybody loves
a hero!

Now hand it over
or kitty goes swimming.


I'll give it to you.

I'll give it to you
like a human.

A human boy
with a human leash.

I never go out
without one.






Oh, hi.

Nice catch.

Rufus, that was incredible.

Cats and dogs hugging?

Just when it seems like it
can't get any weirder.

It just did.





Even more beautiful
than I imagined.


Thank you.

I've been eating
a lot of raw eggs.

I feel like it's really
making my coat shiny.

I was talking about
the amulet.




Well done, darling.

At long last the amulet
belongs to the cats again.

Mission accomplished.

Let's be
on our way.


Come, Kat.

Time to return
to the Clouder.



Bring the amulet
and let's be on our way.


This isn't right.

You sent me here

because you wanted me
to make sure that

the amulet didn't
fall into the wrong hands.

Well, I've come to know
Manny and Paige.

And Rufus.

And they're kind,
loyal, caring.

Rufus risked
everything for me.


The amulet is already in
the best of hands.

Or paws,
if you prefer.


That's a good one.


A dog
with cat magic.


It could only
mean trouble.

They're not trained
to protect the amulet.


But if I stay near
Manny and Rufus,

I'd make sure they
didn't get into any trouble.


Into too much trouble.

What are you saying?

I'm saying...

what if I stay in school
with Manny and Rufus,

watching over
the amulet as the protector?

As a human?

They're not all bad...
once you get to know them.

You would do all this
for that dog?

That dog
saved my life.


You've still got
another seven.

He deserves it, Mother.

May I add the amulet's
already cracked.

The crazy thing
hardly works anyways.

How can you say no
to this face?



All I ever wanted was for my
little kitten to be happy.

If this is what
you want...

... Rufus may
keep the amulet.

You have a difficult
job ahead.

Be safe, little one.



Thank you, Mother.

I'll see you


I'm a boy again!

Thank you for
rescuing me, Kat.

And... when I called you
"mangy," I-- I didn't--

I didn't mean
that you're mangy.

I just meant that you were
like, um...

that you, uh...
that you're, uh--

Had a wild,
untamed edge.


That thing that
Manny just made up.

Stop talking, dog.




Ooh, you okay?




Pretend that
didn't happen.

Oh, I saw nothing.

Let's go.

So like I said,
this is our new normal.

Though I don't know that
you can call it normal.

Power Puppy Kibble!


You're so cute
I could just eat you up.



Ha, you haven't seen
the last of me!

(laughing maniacally)

(barking rhythmically)

* Hey *

(barking rhythmically)

* Hey *

(barking rhythmically)

* Hey *

* Roor *

* Hey *

(barking rhythmically)

* Hey *

(barking rhythmically)
* Hey *

* You think
you're top dog *

* Roor *

* Ho *

* Roor *

* You think
you're top dog *

(barking rhythmically)

* You think
you're top dog *

(barking rhythmically)

(barking rhythmically)

* All right go, go *

* You think
you're top dog *

* In the house
on the street *

* On the lawn off the leash *

* You know ho *

* You think you're top dog *

* Dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog,
dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog *

* Roor *

* Ho *

* Roor *

* You think
you're top dog *

(barking rhythmically)

* Roor *

* Ho *

* Roor *

* You think
you're top dog *

* Go, go, go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go *

* You think
you're top dog *

* All right *

* Go, go,
go, go *

* All right *

* Go, go,
go, go *

* You think
you're top dog *

* In the house
on the street *

* On the lawn off the leash *

* You know ho *

(dog howling)

* All right *

* Roor *

* Ho *

* Roor *

* You think
you're top dog *

(barking rhythmically)

(barking rhythmically)

* All right
go, go *

* You think
you're top dog *

* In the house
on the street *

* On the lawn off the leash *

* You know ho *

* You think you're top dog *

* Dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog,
dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog *

* Roor *

* Ho *

* Roor *

* You think
you're top dog *

* Roor *

* Ho *

* Roor *

* You think
you're top dog *

* Go, go, go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go, go *

* You think you're top dog *

* Roor *

* Ho *

* Roor *

* You think
you're top dog *

* Go, go, go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go, go *

* Ho **

(dog howling)